Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, September 20, 1884, Image 8

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Silk Department ,
Black Silks.
Black Surahs
Colored Silks
Colored Surahs.
50 pieces New shades and colors
in colored gros grain , silks Unit
were imported to sell for $1.00 , our
prlco will be 76c.
50 pieces of the best shades and
quality colored gros grain silks very
heavy and pure/worth 81.35 a yard ,
our price on this sale $1.00.
Colored Ilnd/.mir silk all good
shades , will bo sold for $1.4:0 a yard
arc worth $8.40.
40 pieces party cold brocades at
$1.00 , 51.85 , $1,50,82.00 , , 82.50 ,
former price ? $1 50 , § 1.75 , $2.25 ,
00 pieces very finest twill surahs
that wa will close out at 51.85 , act-
nal value $1.75.
Our Black Silk Bargains.
Are innumerable ; at no time were
the goods so cheap as now and wo
cannot hopeto duplicate the same
goods at near the prices.
85 pieces fine black groa grain
silks from Hulstond , Humus & Cos.
auction , silk "made especially for
them" 7 oc a yard , worth $1.85.
15 pieces extra fine and heavy
black gros grain silks carefully
made and finished in Lyons , Franco
for Ilnlstead Ilaines & Co. were pur
chase by us for about half price and
will oe sold forijjl 25 a yard , wor.h .
Saturday Mornine : September 20.
.Seventeen momliorj of tlio Itljou Opern
Company nro quailercd ut the OOOH hotel.
Chief Clerk Griffin yesterday received
the appointment of , T , S. Greenwood us postal
clerk from Omaha to Ogdcn.
Tlirongh tlio worklnga of llio Btieet
Hwccpor tlio croiHlngj UHIII | the paM'd Btroots
are now pa nblo nfUr antln.
A wagon filled with garden truck wan do-
molinhod on Sixteenth ntrcot ye terday morn
ing by colliding with a hua\ior vehicle.
The Douglas county uxricultural society
dlsbui-Hod tlio Hum of $587 inpioininms award ,
odto exhibitor ut ita fair last week.
The Thuntbii Hose company will hend a
delegation to tlio Dakota Territorial Firemen' *
tournament , to bo hold at Aberdeen on Octo
ber 8th.
The IndiesIntoreHted in tlic fair for tlio
cut'fit of the German-American school will
meet Tuesday afternoon to perfect urrango-
inenU for holding th' ' ) H.iine.
At tlio setsion of the United Stiles court
last uvenln , ? , tliroo juJgemenU amounting .in
all to § 3,000 , woio rendeiud ogahut Dlxon
County paitj dvfoiulant.
Spiritualist Society moots on Sunday , nl
12 and 7 p in , , in St. Courgu'n Hall , corner of
.Fjirnaiii andKonrteontliHtructs. Insplnttion
lectuiuH by Alra. lilkhup all ituiU'd.
At the corner of .Tones uiul Ninth stioot
ipon tbo sandbtono tiavoinunt , tbeio I a largo
pool of water which win canted by Thursday
idghtV rain. There bceins tobonlownput in the
imvement nt that place ,
B Deputy Manlial Gulp , of IS'cmulia county
cinionp to Oninha yesterday , having in hid
custoJy cnoDingloy , of Schuhoit , cliargod
ivith sellliiB' clgara without lirbt having
jirocuied the govermneiit llcenao ,
Wednesday night lnuglara entered the
olorii uf Grotmak k jioelunko , corner of
Twelfth Htrcet aad Capital nvonue , nnd cat'
Tied oil about 1,000 cigaiottcx and $10 in uitili.
They ellectcd nn entrance through tlio trim-
flam over tlio buck door ,
Thomas Koteinan , u tcction hand on tlio
Union 1'jicilie , mid hU time , amounting to
830 to Fioil Weiss , uud then cuum to town
nnd collected tbo inonoy. When \VeieH found
lie had been 8\vindled haHWuro out u warrant
for Nutuman'ii arieit but tbu latter waa not
to bu found ,
Thurfday Coiintablo 1'dgorton rold tliu
drug Moro on Dodge btrcot formerly owned by
J , D.St. Hillif , to tbo firm of Itlcbardnon liCe
Co , , of St. Louis , Mr. SI , llll'iii' ' heaviest
credllorn. Thu ( inn \U11 inn tbo pluco unti
they can diiposu of it to mhAutago , The
price paid w aa SSP7.
An uilinnwii vciinar , bmtd wefct , was
nearly n < pbiUtcd ! iu Ilia I1. & M. depot it
thin city WcJni'tday tight , Kbo wanted U
B'eo ; > but tbo light boUu red her , so tbo bleu
out tbu gai nnd lay down. Had not tbo
Match'/i an < ! iwa\er l what hal ben ilono
hliovoild bo in that land whetw they nee <
no n > B nolthur ! ) ht of iho tun.
Tinted jiarcr iu now used to liavo tli
inittlmuiea j'llntcd ' nppn for contUnlrg p IB
'one convicted in pulice cnurt nnd H-ntcncti
tolinjrhin liiict im bieuit and wntir to th
county jail , FKIIIU inUlal.iu ha\o been mad
nn account of the pper Inlng nil nllko , Iu
every brrnd uod wutir ) liiuiur will hercufif
get Mi full i ilium
Tn * fed ! wad h PI d ( ill n end rlrsf tfkei
\Vulnmls'j buiglary , linvd ba < n t'lioeil t
Co en * p : wctheii , en tutli Tintli fctuel
CrowningBargai s
1(10 ( pieces full 21 inch Cashmere
I'rinccsso blnck silks manufactured
fora failed Now York importer and
secure 1 by u * . They cannot last
long , see the width arid price.
10 pieces f nil 8 4 inch Princoso
black silk at $1.00 , never before
sold under 88.8 5.
(5 ( pif-ciM SM inch same make 01
silks at $ I.)0 ! ) , for this sale actually
worth 82.50.
10 pieces new shades Arcadia vel
veteens will bo oll'cred on this sale
for 50c.
00 pieces beautiful colorsArcadia
velveteens will bo sold now at 75c. ,
usual price 81.00.
50 pieces very choicest quality
double twill black velvets for full
costumes at SI.50 a yard , usually
sold for 88.00.
Bleached Muslins.
3000 yards fine bleached muslin
jio dressing and heavy woichfc full
yard wide , 1 (5 ( yards for $1,00.
5000 yards best Lonsdalo , fruit ,
.lill and othrr bleached muslins foi
Scouts ynrd actual value JOc.
( JOOO yards Wamsutta bleached
nuslm lOc.
7200 yards very fine brown inus
lim 5c.
8000 yards very best brown mus
lin O.Jc.
8000 yards best \ bleached mus
lin 8c
5000 yards heavy brown muslin
0.c.These }
These are all 2 to 4c a yard under
usual prices.
50 pieces very best quality 9-4
bleached sheeting , fine and heavy
reduoed to 25ca yard has never sold
less than 32.c. }
200 pieces extra quality crash
toweling at 5c a yard , usual price
vhcro they were "soaked" by the boy MarIn -
In , who claims tint ho WHS hired by unknown
larticH to cmry the goodn to Cohen's. Ho got
< j for tbo job , ut leant tlmt Is what ho eaya.
There will bo a grand republican rally in
the Sixth ward , thin evening on the
corner of L'Otli nnd Ginning Htreot , Able
poakern have boon Kucun d , also the service of
lie U , I' , band , lilnino and Logan organiza-
ionn of tlio city at Jnrgo are rcupoctfnlly in
ked to nttond. A booming time ia expected.
! eo. It. liatlihun , president lilainonnd Logan
Thu brotherhood of cariionlorH and joincrH
old uwoll-aUonded ball atFulconor'n Hull last
'hursday night. The imislo WUH furnlahed by
he J'\irt Omiiha bandaiid u very enjoyable time
uii Imd by tluiso ) ) ie ent. Mr. 1C. Ji. Kgan
ctod OH chief floor mnnngor. Ho WUM ably
nthled by Messrs. T. ( ! . dill" , K. I1' . Davh
nd William Nolion , The dancing was kept
p until early morning ,
A train of omigranlH , with qntto n uum-
er of liomMi > nhscl ( through thin city eastward
esterdny. It HCCIIM that the country [ i *
ot just what they expected to lind nnd they
ro going back to the land of their fathers.
on with noruiand tlncw , and ulio aionot
fr.dd of woik cnn make it go in [ thin western
- From some nnwauantcd Huinx'o the ini-
rossion has gone out that one or moro vacan-
ovist upon the pnliea force , and acting
Uyor Murphy In dally besieged by miinoions
pplluanti denlroim of potiitioni in thin do-
nrtmont. Thu fact ia that not only are there
0 vanmdoH on the force hot the I'.xtreinn
reliability in that the number now employed
ill be materially decreased In n Blunt time.
, liiii : ( s AloWndu nnd A. C. HrndtlcliK ,
liit'fs of the departmeiita of Albany , Aow
rork and Now Haven , Conn. , respectively ,
rrivod ni the city yestritlay. Those gontlo-
len liavo been in attendance ) upon the nation-
1 convention of lirn ongineorH ut Chicago , aud
ave been uiiling Si , I'aul , MinnoaiHiII.i , and
tber wcHtein cities , nnd dropping down upon
iniaha wcro ynttordny nhown about the city
y 1'iro Chief mid > leroino 1'ontzol.
I'eter 0. Kyear , the gentleman who was
treated on Monday last on tha ulliiUvh of 0 ,
1'ecn , the u' oiit 'if FrnlcnliHini , of Chicago ,
Imrglng him with UMibiv./.loini'iit an their
genl , U taking [ irolimlnniy btsps to commence
ctlou for ( lainiiguii ag.diiHt hit former umploj
\ * . Mr. thinks bo ban been gnwhly
nallivated In thU mutter , and on lu-anmt of
itn want of kmm leilgo of thu lawd , lia.i boon
ulMu/.ecl out of ipiito n sum of money ,
Thu torni Thursday night was o hard uno
Shuitly uftci lOu'cleck the rninbrgan to fall
n torrcntn and cuntinucd to do to , ttpasinod
cally , until after II o'clock 1'ridny morning.
Ibolltflitning ll.uhcs were almost IneeHsant
indof great billlianoy. Mud \\aa washed
low n upon many of the pn\ed ttreets in meat
inantilloA. The telephone Leila kept up a
3-rntant riiiRing nnd the telfgrni > h wiri'H
worked very badly anil it wan n hiuardoua tank
nn operator to undertake to ii'ceUoor
fiend a metmago. On this urcoimt the telu-
graph ropurt In tlin morniiiK pupcrj wan
Honiouhat meagio , No Korloun damage haa
bc4'u reported ,
The meeting of the Second Ward Clo\e-
land and Hendrlcka club , which was htild in
nHperV hall Thumdny night , wan
ono of the l.ux < fet held tince
( hi ) opening of tin campaign. .Mr ,
K. K. Morunlty , thu prfnideiit of tlio club , oc <
copied the clulr , uiul upeeched were nmilo b )
0. r > . Montgomery , I'Uq. , Sam Kuipiii , ( iisorgt
Hinea and John In ( la , the latter in Huhrml
nn , Mr. Montgomery dwelt partlculurlj
upon it'publiran inlsnilo In Kebrnilia , Afle :
circling tinea Uco-piesidonU the nuutliig ad
| umed to meet in the eaino ball on Tlmrailo ;
ii'uht ' , and' rcsohcd to meet them on oacl
Thursday night will the cauipa'gii was over
In desirable Merchandise largely from the auc
tion sale of the immense jobbing house of
Jf % M
. . . . . .
J J.J.U.JL11UM X/0. VJltlj JL li U I ! Ji.UAJ.L8jl
Where half a million dollars worth of goods were
sacrificed , added to our recent Cash purchases in
other quarters , at our own price , makes this offering
the greatest ever known in Omaha ,
600 pairs 11-4 White Blankets , $2.90 a pair , actual
value $4.00.
500 pairs 11-4 White Blankets , $3.60 , actual value
100 pairs 10-4 White Blankets , warranted all pure
wool , for$4.5O a pair the best bargain in the lot
80 pairs Mission Mi'ls California Fine White Blank
ets , a. little "mussed" and soiled , will be offered : on this
sale for $10 a. pair , reduced from $15 and $20.
60 pairs very finest quality Mission Mills Blankets
in red , pinkandblue. A great bargain at $12.5O a pair ,
worth $20.
600 six pound Bed Comforts , $1.50 , worth $2 ; 3OO ;
six pound Bed Comforts , $2 , worth $3.
North In lie City Ho AVill
'olii tlio Show.
Major Frank North , who , until his ac
cident nt Hartford , Conn. , had boon
travelling with the "Wild West" oliow
thin Boaaon , came down ivom Columbus
yesterday and took rooma at the Paxtou.
Mr. North was accompanied to Omaha
by hia daughter Stella , who will attend
Brownoll hall during tlio soraing school
oar , and who waa dotainnd by uicknesa
rom attending thin institution when the
chool year opanod.
Mr. North ia fast recovering from hia
njury and will bo permanently restored
rom its ollecta. Ho thinks now ho will
lave Bulliciontly recovered in the next
ix weeks to moot the show in Cincinnati
\nd travel with it during the winter oca-
on. For the proaont , hoivovor , ho u
till iir the care of a phyaician and prob-
, bly will foraomo time to como. Mr
Vorth , during thn narration of hia
roubloa incidentally remarked of the
eve the Indiana , travuling Mith the
how. On account of hia injuries ho was
oft at Hartford mid mot the company at
Mbany , Now York. The bravea gave
lim a ijrand reception and hold a pow
wow. When ho told them ho waa going to
OHVO the show they signified their inton-
ion of doing likewise mid nothing could
lisauiido them from their determination
> nt the promise that ho would join the
how iia aoon aa ho was iiblo.
1'olico Court.
Kvory morning after a rain the police
: ourt roon ia crowded with apectatore ,
uid such waa the caao yesterday.
Among the prisoners yesterday waa
no , Peter Mason , who waa charged with
listurbanco of the peace by drunken-
ices. Ho waa to bu married yesterday
loon , and had when nrrcstcd his mar-
iago license , and also a wedding ring
vlueh ho hud bought to place upon the
inaor of tha blushing brido. The judge
ook compassion upon him and lot him
nil'with 81 aud coata.
J.imos Daily waa charged with drunk
enness , Ho fl.iid ho hud only gotten
out of j il last Friday , and if the judge
would lot him go ho would go duvrn into
Sarpy county and not return again to
nuha until spring. The judge aonten-
ccd him to tifioon tiny a in the county
ail nn broiid end water , but suspended
.ho Hontonco provided ho did aa ho had
agreed nnd loft the city.
Milea Mullen was charged with being
vagrant. Ho denied the allegory and
dotted the alligator. Uo said ho hud
boon in Omahn , oil'and on , for upwards
of thirty yours. Ho wag hold until his
ca o could ba investigated.
Philip Corhitand "Huck" Burns were
HI charged with being vagrants , They
both denied thu charge and tried to provo
that they were all right. In this they
fniled and the former was sentenced to
ten daya in the county jiil on bread and
water , while the httjr got fifteen days
on u bimihr diot.
ilmnoiThoiims was charged with being
a biiupiuimid nh'iraoter. HH had hia right
Imiid in a idiiigaud waa u Hurry aight , Ho
eaid ho canui from Kaueue City Tiiuraday
morning nnd had $21 ! Uo waa pounded
by smut ; fcllowH and robbed of most of
hia mniipy. Ho * iiid that his pi\ronla
wcro all dead , ( [ evidently having been
well Mipphml with parents at ono timi )
At I'ns ' polnthobrokodowucomplotely and
hia loud eubj , like the exhuuet from a
steam engine , shook the old court house
and caused a tear to trickle down the
cheek of the stern and aeomingly unro-
lontless judge. The work waa done , the
judge's heart of Sioux Falls granite had
become na sandstone and in a tremulous
voice , expressive of great emotion , ho
bade the poor follow to go nnd nin no
moro. Ho slipped outbohind the corner ,
took hia hand from the sling , lipped his
hat over hia eye , slapped himself upon
the breast and in the language of Chaa.
Parsons exclaimed , "me toughy , " and
atoorod for the noaroat aaloon to liquor
up.Joe Shedolhank was charge with larceny
cony for stealing n pair of shoos , pair ot
pants end a veat from Fred Tuckonhagen.
Uo said ho took the things when the
owner was away , but ho did not intend to
atoal them. Ho waa only going to wear
them no that ho wouldn't look BO tough.
The judge gave him ten daya in the coun
ty jail on bread and water to reflect upon
hia evil doings.
An ImlU-Cr-cto Girl ,
A girl named Emma 0. Burlinganio ,
living nt Crete , Neb. , disappeared this
week from the homo of her parents in
that place. It in not known where she
ia hiding , though it is auspecUul that she
ia at present in Omaha. Thu iirl is
ubout Bovmiiuen yoar.i old , of medium
height , dark brown hair , blue oyea , small
u3At on right cheek , when combed
down over horforhnad almost touches her
oyea , a Li bang. When aho loft homo she
liad on a durk hat , nnd red plaid striped
dross. Mr. E. S. Abbott , tha well-
known lawyer at Crete , or Mr. E. Brong ,
of the firm of Nester A. Co. , will gladly
receive any information about the mis
sing girl.
A ItcoklCHs Driver ,
Mr , Joe Croighton ia the most reckless
driver in this city and it would bo a good
idea to appoint u coachman to Hteor hia
vehicle through the crowded atreots. A
few weeks ago ho drove over a woman at
the corner of Sixteenth and Casa atreoto.
Tholady wasquito severely injured. Thura
day night ho waa driving up Sixteenth
street and Dr. Summers , accompanied by
his wife was driving down. They mot
between D.ivenport otrcot and Capitol
Avenue , and Orcightou drove his buggy
agaiuat the dootor'u and both cnmo up a
standing. The doctor wna driving a
aplrituit team and it looKed for a few mo
menta af if thcro was going to bo serious
trouble , but they wore finally depurated
and Croighton drove oil' down street ut a
breakneck wpeed with one nxlo HO bad ) }
sprung that the wheel atond at an anglu
of forty-livo degrees. Fortunately tlio
doctur'a buggy waa not injured beyond a
few scratches.
COKYKI/li Wediiftd.iy morning , Septem
ber 1" , 1881 , to Mr. nnd Mrs. 11. 11. Cory
I'll , ut their homo on California near Seven
ti'onth btreet , a son , WILLIAM H.MU.AN.
Thu numerous fiiomU in Omaha und Ne
braika of those Ideal famtllea , the CuryelU
aud Aruoldx , will congratulate tnem upon the
ad\eatUalo\Iughumeof this lint born lit
Uo tuelvu piumler of tliu luiuao of Coryell ,
and join In wiihins ; that the little fallow of
whom they are all b > > proud may grow up to
ba at biavo , honorable and tuccawfnl in grap
pling with the world ax hll father , aa comtly
and high minded a * hU gnuul father , M ten
der-heal ted and alfcotloimta iw hU mother
lu.d gniiidmother , ai musical vnd talented 119
hii Aunt Fanny , on lunJMIMUI ai hU Undo
lid , and an gen a ) , coulUl nnd IHIIIII\V | | a both
cxttmublo branohei of relationship.
Thoa. Keen , of the Illinois Slate lloguter ,
BprlngBeld , 111. , calUd at TUB 13KK otlico ye -
terdsy , ,
Qernmn and Kronen.
Anyone desiring to gain a practical
knowledge of either or both of theao
languages , should call on or cddress Mrs.
Wescott , r > 0t Main street. She is a thor
oughly competant and experienced in
structor , aud haa the beat recommenda
A FnlHO IJeport.
Yesterday morning a man rushed into
Drexel Maul's undertaking
establishment and inquired if
they had there the body
of John Jack. L'pon being answered in
the negative ho utiid that Mrs. Jack had
got tired of living with John and had
decided to put him out of the way.
Thurday she purchased some poison , and
last night she gave a good big done of
it to her husband and that ho had died
from the cllecto.
This , h-jwevor , is all that has been
heard of the affair nnd all efforts to find
the parties or have the above statement
verified have proved fruitleas nnd it is
doubtlea. ) another cock nnd bull story
invented by oomo crank who haa nothing
else to do but imagine that sumo ono haa
been f 'iilly ' dealt with.
Absolutely Pure
Till * rowiiornotcr vorleo. A rattrvol 01 piuonci
( trcniith anil wlioleunmeuoo" . lloio i > c romlcal tha
tlio ordlmrj kin < l < , and cannot bo > M In computltto
with tbo luultltiiJoel low weight uluta o
ihoiiihatiiiowiU'r" BoM nnlv in CAII IlOVAIi
I1AKINO rfm'm 11 CO. , lOd W&ll htrcct , N. Y.
' -
G-iDghams , Cheviots , Etc ,
.500 j arils Now Dross Style
Giii litims. very b st ipinlity Amos-
kong , Renfrew & ( Jo. , on this ? nlc Si
cents nynrd. worth LUJc.
0,000 best heavv Cheviot
Shir'iug ' will bo sold Cor 8.4yholc , -
< alc price is lUJc ; nlwnj's retail for
loc. At S-'c ' a great bargain.
0,000 yards best new calico oc.
1.500 Best Scotch Ginghnin that
we do ao wisli to en iy over will be
closed at 10 yards for 51.00.
. ' { ,000 yards best Domestic Ging-
hnms , bought at auction very i-heap ,
will ba closed nt oc n yard.
Dress Goods Bargains ,
8,000 yards dark Tartan Plaids ,
Wool Cashmeres , Garnet Armoures ,
etc. , will bo closed out at lOc ayard ,
real value iJ5c.
1 000 yards double width Cash
mere , Illuminated Serges , Ponle ,
Ueigcs , Shooda Twill at 5c ayard ,
worth JJ5c to 50c.
50 pieces now style plaid "Ladies'
Cloth , " Suiting Flannels , H yards
wide , imported to sell forSl.i-5 , but
our price is Ooc.
Black Cashmeres.
We secured two lots of : 00 pieces
Blade Cashmeres , 75o P , yard , al
ways sold at $1.00.
50 pieces Black Cashmeres , 81.00 ,
always sold at $1.J5. }
These are the linest makes of
French Cashmeres known , and are
great bargain.
Men's Underwear.
100 doxen Men's Fine Merino
Undershirts and Drawers at 50c ,
reduced from 75c ,
00 dozen Men's Fine warm white
Merino Uundershiats and Drawers.
50 do/.en all-wool scarlet shirts ,
75c. worth 81.25 and 81.60.
80 dozen scarlet mixed sliirts,75c , ,
worth 51.25 and 1 50.
00 dozen blue mixed shirts , 75c ,
worth 1.25 and 81.50.
1,200 pairs Men's all-wool Soxs ,
35c , reduced from 50c.
Red Flannel ,
2500 yards of red twilled flannel
made of soft merino wool that we
will sell for JJ7ic , abtual value
be 50c.
3000 yards California fine lambs
wool , red twilled Jlannel very soft
and now reduced to oOc. a yard ,
last seasod sold at 75c
S , F. MOBSE & 00.
Napkins , Napkins. jJ (
Hole1" , Restaurants , nnd for private JF
1000 do/.pii Gorman
bleached linen napkins at SI.00 a
down , never showii under 1.25.
GOOdoren , an immense stock 5-8
German dnmnsk napkins warranted
to laundry and wash perfectly , have
less thnn § 1.75 but
never om , on , T
this \villbol.a5. . I
200 double satin damask
nnpkins that have ahvaj's retailed
for 2.50 , will be closed out at § 1.UO
Towels , Towels ? .
The best value we ever showed.
100 dozen largest size assort * d
styles nnd borders knotted fringe
German damask towels 50c each not
more than six to each customer.
Ladies' and Child's Hose.
Fuycrsof ladies' and children's
hose will find this sale to be of great
importance , among the bargains we
secured are 12 do/en child's all wool
hose 25c , worth 35 to 5Uc.
(50 ( do/.en child's seamless fine
cashmere wool hose at 50c. , actual
value , 75c.
50 do/.en ladies' seamless all wool
cashmere hose 50c , real value is
Kid Glovas.
75 dozen 3 and 4 button kid
gloves 50c worth 31.00 to 81.25.
100 dozen Foster , Courvoisier.
Alexander and other best makes of
plover in all good colors various
sizes , ronneed to 75c a pair , worth
$2.00 to 82.50.
We cannot enumerate one-half
Hie bargains we have in connection
with this sale. Our aim in supply
ing the people of Omaha with Dry
bloods at
Has always been appreciated , and
we will spare no clFori. to give you
oods at prices unheard of.
D , B. BEEMER , Agent , OMAHA , NEB
T ? X t
JCo. :
Buy your Fine Bronzed Hardware at Home for
less than Eastern Cities Can Deliver it.
Send for Our 250 Page Catalogue , only one issued in Nehraaska
Couritor , Hay , Stock and Railroad Track ,
Orders for Mie Indian DoDartmiMit j.iven for Buit'ulo Scales ex
clusively. Scale
1405 Doiiglns Street , OMAHA. . NEBRASKA
ft *
tao .2 s m
m o 2 § " *
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