Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, September 19, 1884, Image 4

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OAHncU'HIttfTd Omue. No T 1'cail SI
BtrcfltNcr RrontlWBy.
Mew York omcc , lloom OS Trlbum
rMlihfd eTtty WPmlfiT , exctft Sosdliy' Th
oat } tfobdftr mornlbg dallj.
Ona Ti r . . .flo.PO I Three Months . C
BIzMoAiCt . n rvi I On UMith . 1.0
Vet Week , U CenU.
[ ill * WllCtr MM , KTU6RBB J1T5RV V7IMHHIAT.
OnsT r . W.OO I Uiree MctotM . I f.
1.00 | Oti Itwith .
Anwrlwn New * Cnmn ny , Sole Agcnif , No'J I
. .
A Oonnnnnlca' ton * ritallng t n Ncnn nd IMllorli
n ttet9 sh iltl 1)0 addrrucd to the KMica Or Tui
Altnnlnen TrtttdM 'nml nemlttnr.ces sbonld h
WrfWC'lloTunniin 1'DM.intiiHo CoMPAxr , nUAHi. .
Brills , Chwkn and rontofllro ordura to bo made pay. .
blc to the order of the romfMoy.
n. nosEWATER , naitor.
A. II. 1'ilcli , rnnacpr Dnily Circulation , 1' '
O. ] 5ox188 Oiniilm ,
I'rolilliltloii Gonvcii-
The electors of the Pccond Conprosfioiml
district , uln itiloml toolo fur tlin iioininccn
of tlio Prohibition pntty nti' roqucstoil to pond
r'prc3CJitnllvcs ( ro mt-ct In ilolcftntocontention
in the city of Ifnstinpi , TiiCMiny , September
30th. 1881 , nt7iOii. : ! in , for the piirpnno of
Doininrxtiiiff a cnndiihito for cotifjrrsH anil for
the tiuiisactioii of ftich ( itlicrlnisinois ni may
como biforo the conxcntiim.
3'ach county I1I bo cntltldl Io onodoloRnto
for u\cry tlion.iainl popnlatloii. Central coin-
iniltrrinon from the \nrloni counties moiir rd
to call coinuutioiH for the election of delo-
Da * M City , Sept. 15 , 1881.
WM. WOOUIAK. A. O. WoiF.r.NiiAimini.
I , O. llEiiio\v. llK.NM. SBMIOUU ,
11. W.I.OWK ,
Committee on Cull.
Tlio Campaign In tlio Hccoiul DlHtriut.
Captain .T. H. Stickol'g nppointmonto :
Soptcmlrer 27 Aurora , Hamilton county , 2
o'clock , p. in ,
September 29 York , York county , 1 ! o'clock ,
] > . in.
September SO Sow.ird , Scward county , 2
o'clock , p. in.
September30 Ulysscsc , Uutlcr county , 7HO :
o'clock , p. m.
October 1 D.i\ld CitjIhitlcr county , 2
o'clock , p. : r.
October 1 Jlmng , Uullcr county , 7:30 :
clock , p. in.
October 2 Oaceoln , 1'olk county , 2 o'clock ,
1 > . in.
October 2 SIromsbum , 1'olk county , 7:110 :
o'clock , p. m.
October II Friend , Sallno county , 2 o'clock ,
] ) . m.
OHIO'S ndvico to Mr. l.Iaino : 'Como
west , yonug man. "
A .UNCO candidate in ono who makes
the gin go down as cnaily .11 corn juice.
Tar wild goeco hnvo nlrcadygono south
to Bpond the winter. Thin is an indica-
ion that vro shall have r.n early fall In
this part of the country.
Tnu Mormons of the seventh ward of
Salt Lnko City have voted a tax of ono
per cent on the Gentiles , with others , to
build n Mormon school. Thin ia tax.v
tion with n vongonnco.
SINATOII : VAN WYOK in the matter ° f
the school land business io evidently to
give Governor Davroa the benefit of the
doubt , but Rffggon , Kendall nnd Powers
nro left without a loop-holo to crawl out
" \ViiKN the farmers can get not moro
than thirty-fivo cents n buahol for their
wheat at Hastings and points beyond in
the Republican valley , they cannot bo
deluded into supporting the railroad can
didates for legislature und for congrens.
IT ia enlimatod that water diminishes
nt the rate of the thickness of n nheot of
writing paper n year , by sinking into the
great cavities in the interior of the oaith.
In 15,000,000 years every trace of water
will have disappeared from the face of the
globe. That will be n very dry season for
tlio prohibitionists.
Tun old democratic mosa-bauks who
have no higher nim In opposition to re
publicans than to put n democrat into the
place of n republican cannot comprehend
why the UKK should refuse to support J.
Sterling Morton for governor. With
them any democrat is bolter than n re
publican. With us un honoat democrat is
bolter than n dishonest republican. But
when wo are naked to support n dishonest
democrat who proposes to bo what every
body knows ho in not , and n man who
lias not hesitated to corrupt legislators in
the interest of railroad monopolies , wo
cannot in decency ask republicans or
anti-monopolists to give him suppart.
THE Nebraska business is the great
Louo of contention in the tripartite pool
mooting. Tlio prospects nro tlrnt the
terras of dividing this business will not
bo agreed upon. Meantime the Burling ,
ton intimates that the
tripartite muat go.
In this event a lively railroad war is
.likely to cnsuo. It will bo the aamo old
atory of cut talcs for n few days , then
the matter will bo patched up , nnd the
producer and shipper will bo taxed to
makouptho losses. Jf the tripartite
pool would ngroo to carry Nebraska
wheat to Chicago fora little loss than
one-half of what the farmers receive for it
here , they would bo doing a moro eensi-
bio thing than spending their tirno in
devising methods of bleeding the
producer of the last cent. They
might also find it to their advantage to
make A rate on torn which would enable
our farmsra to ahip a portion of our im-
raenso crops to Chicago , but at the prcs-
cnt tariff n shiprer who would under
take to send a carload of corn to Chicago
would find that the corn would hardly
pay for the transportation. Tltoro is
something redKa'ly wrong when agricul
tural products are not worth shipping.
The fault lies principally with the railroad -
road , whose extort'ona'o tiriffi scarcely
/all short of balug robbery of the pro-
ducere. <
' JblXKlt.
General Crook liiw proved himself a
good nn Indian educator an he S an In
diftii fighter. This U shown by lite ad
in ( ruble mMiBgeinent of the Apnches 01
the San Cixrlca roncrvntion , He fin
gained their confidence nnd respect b
exhibiting his qualitos aa n bnve aoldic
in fighting them and convincing them nf
wards that lie WBH K man of his word
Crook then taught them the value o
monny find how to onrn it , mid the ;
have followed his sdvico and instruction
and gene ( o work at farming and and
othcs labor tliat will improve their con
ilition. Hitherto the Bqu.iwo have dom
nil the work according to the In
dian custom , while the fcstivi
buckn have roamed at largi
and done nothing but hunt. Now thii
order of ttiinua is almost entirely
reversed , no the cquaws mere
ly nttond to "household duties , '
while their louls are earning at :
honest livelihood for themselves nnd
their families by the sweat of their brow ,
General Crook has certainly worked n
wonderful reformation among the
Apaches , who wore said to bo the most
warlike nnd untamable Indians on the
continent. Thcro in not in Pennsylvania ,
aayn General Crook , n village of the oauio
population moro peaceful and law-abid
ing than the 5,000 Apaches on the San
Uarloa reservation. Truly , peace hath her
rictorien BH well as war. Thcso Indians
ice the advantages of a peaceful and In-
lualrioun life , thanks to Iho civilizing in-
luonco of General Crook , and they now
rant schools , and better facilities to cul-
ivato the soil and raise stock. It is
oped that the government will speedily
upply their wanta and encourage thorn.
General Crook has always advocated a
boral policy toward the Indian. Uo bo-
ovcs that the red man ought to bo given
fair show ; that ho ought to bu assisted
i every way to become self-supporting ;
mt ho should bo given every opportunity
> acquire an' cdtfcation , and to become
n individual property holder
: id n citizun of the United Statcn In the
ill sense of the torni. If this policy
ere adopted and practically carried out ,
o believe that in ten years the nation's
ards would no longer have Io bo aup-
lied with rations nnd clothing by the
) vernmonf , and wo would no longer hear
' Indiana starving owing to the false nnd
ucl economy of n short-sighted demo-
ntic congress. If thia policy ia not
lopted the Indiana will forever remain a
jrdon upon Iho government , nnd the
idian agent and the contractor of sup-
ios will continue to have a soft job.
Tin : board of education recently do-
dcd to purchase 1J2 ! foot square ni n
to for n school building ouWcatFatiiam
reot. The propcrty.aa wo nro informed ,
as bought at full vuluo upon condition
lal the owuor would grade the lots nt
is own expense , before the ground was
irnod over to the board , At n special
cotlng hold a few days ngo , the board
reed to take the lots in their present
ndition for $175 loss than the original
irchnjo price. The established grade
noes the lots thirly-two foot above
0 utroot level. The quantity ot onrth
bo remove. ! is estimated nt 520,000
rds , which nt 18 cents per yard would
ot up $3iOO. ( If the lots wore left five
six foot nbovo grade , which is ns high
they could conveniently remain , the
Bt of grading would still bo about § 3- ,
0. Now , it scorns to us , that the board
s noted very hastily to say the least , in
iumlng the cxponao of grading for
7" . The purchase of a school oito on
cli high grounds , is n questionable on-
rpriso nt best , unless the owners of the
jncont property are nil ready to join
coming down to grade. But even
they do , the investment vould bo in-
dicious it the board has to pay for the
COUNCILMAN \Voomvoimi still refuses
resign nnd continues from day to day
act nn n contractor with the city in
onvioUtion of the law. If our wild
: itost nguinst his oflicial misconduct to-
line unheeded much longer wo may
ro to take otopa to vindicate the law
: ough the proper channel. In his case
) ro is not only defense of his own
ligations , but ti continuous nbuso of
wor , i > hereby contractors for paving
1 compelled to purchase materials from
jodworth which they would prefer to
f elsewhere. Acting ns agent of Col-
, do sandstone nnd voting himself the
itrncts for such material whenever the
iporly owners fail to designate asphalt
granite is bad enough , but when by
tuo of his special rales over Iho Union
ciflo ho destroys all competition in the
ivory of Platte River sand ho bones -
nos doubly culpable. It is an outrage
the part of the Union Pacific to cor-
it our council by the granting of spo-
1 favors and privileges to which nil , if
C , nro by lawontitled. It is worao than
outrage for Councilman AVoodworth
take advantage of his relations with
) Union Pacific to the detriment of
rkingmon and contractors.
I'm : KtlntsltH State Onctlur ami
ilncna Jinctory for 1881-85 . has
it been icsued. If other cities' nnd
TUB ore treated as shabbily no Omaha
n this work , wo venture to say that
) clKirta of Mr. Wolfe , the publisher ,
1 not bo very much appreciated. The
istrations of Omaha nro simply horri-
. Some of them , particularly the
oet Bcuni'H , have been taken from old
Jtogrnpha und make Omaha look moro
a n country town or n mining camp
in a city ot 00,000 people , The on-
.vings nro miscnbly executed , and ore
thing but botch work. Mr. Yolfo'll
temonts concerning nemo of Omaha's
noipal institutions are a little wild ,
r In8tansewheii _ ho tells that the
ion PaciDcTBhopa employ over 3,000
men ho is making n i/ross exaggeration
The shops never employed over 1,500 o
1,800 men in Iho busiest seasons , and a
present tlio force is probably not ov >
SCO or fiOO. Such miiBUtenientn a * thi
do Iho city more harm than good ,
TOM lli.xi'iucKs ' IIM nindo nnollie
speech. The dispatches tell us that "hi
tpoko of this glorious nation , " Then
WAB a time * , however , when ho did no
apeak in that patriotic strain , It was ii
Indiana , during the war of the rebellion ;
when ho sympathized with eoceuion. .
prayed for peace , nnd urged everybody It
remain nt homo instead of going to the
front nnd defending the Union , Had
the ndvica of Mr. Ilcndrickn boon fol
lowed , wo would hnvo had" no "glorious
nation" for him to talk about. Mr. lien-
dricks , in his last speech , nt 1'ooria , do-
mauds n change in the administration
simply became "tho republicans have had
it for twenty-livo years , nnd that wna
long enough. " That is nbout the only
reason that ho ndvnnccs why the republi
cans nhould bo ejected from power. Mr.
Hondrlcks , however , will probably have
to-ivait twenty-five years longer before ho
sees the democrats in possession of the
White Ilotmo ,
THAT must have boon nn affecting scone
nt Skicrnivico when the royal tripartite
pool broke up , and the crowned heads
bade ndiou to each other. Wo are told
' .hat Kaiser Wilholm frequently kissed
; ho czarina nnd the Grand Duchess Ma-
ia Pnulovina , but wo nro not informed
rhnt the czar wna doing nil this time.
Jo wni probably kissing somebody else's
ioltor half. Kaiser Wilholm , not natis-
iod with smacking the ladies , embraced
Hid thrice kissed the emperor of Aus-
ria , the czar , and the Russian grand
lulics. As n royal kissing match the
ikiornivico nociablo will take its place in
listory ns the most successful nffair of the
ind that ban over occurod.
Tin : democratic Kilkenny cats will
ontinno to make each other's fur ily in
ongrcsa. Sam Randall has boon nonii-
ated , and the high protection wing of
lie parly will have its cjininpion. John
! . Cirllslo will bo returned from old
[ ontucky , and ho will champion the
uiso of the free traders. Each of these
istinguished gentlemen hai his staunch
jppurtero , and meantime Morrison , vho
as been rcnominatcd. hopes to lake n
and in the circus and make a specialty
5th hia horizontal bar net. So wo will
: o ro-cnacted in the next congress , if it
i democratic , the came old irrepressible
juflict that hn3 bo u going on for aomo
me , disintegrating .tho democracy nnd
landing it on its head.
THE Great Eastern , the largest vessel
i-or built , will ba ono of the attractions
tNoiv Orleans during the World's ox-
osition. The achomo of the managers is
> charter the big ship and have her
ring over fromEuropo n cargo of articles
ir exhibition free of charge to the ox-
ibitors from fairs now being held at
ondou , Manchester , Edinburgh , Cork ,
urin and Copenhagen. The Great
astern made ono visit to Now York
any years ago , when she was visited by
indrcds of thousands of persons. She
awa 2C foot and the Now Orleans papers
y she can como through the jottiea and
ivo four feet to sparo.
CONOIIESSMAN Pu.scY , of the Ninth
wn congressional district , is entitled to
o bolt as a champion mud-alinger. His
tack on his opponent , Judge Lyman ,
11 act as a boomerang. It was notonly
tmanly , but it was n very childish ap-
al for support. Mr. Ptwoy ia desperate ,
cl it need surprise no ono to ace him re-
rt to the moat disreputable methods ,
hen the votes are counted on the 4th
November ho will find that ho has
jorod in vain.
THK JlcpitMlccin labors under n rnia-
ko in crediting Wisconsin democrats
th the nomination of the rebel Marma-
ike for I'ovornor of that state. In bo-
If of numerous indignant Badgers
rrabouttTiu : BKK corrects the mistake
informing the Jlrjmblican that Mar-
xduko will bo the next governor of Mis-
iiri , where such men thrive and prosper
the sunshine of nn overwhelming dom-
rntic majority.
I'm : editor of the Omaha Herald finds
lit with Lygan's grammar. Mr. Lei -
i would have no trouble in convicting
) editor of the Ilcrahl of frequently
irdorlng the Qaoen'a English.
Mwanl llennott of Fremont has contracted
n reMdonco to cost nbout $18,000.
.ichtnitiR struck the ntabln of Andrew Xo-
p , In Hint county , on the 9th , KllliDR tuo
> ca uvhiod nt § 100.
UarRoiprty of Moimoiiltofi from Oron-
y , Itu8smlm\o tin neil at Beatrice , and
1 go fnrmmfi in that ucinlty.
euc-ral Tlmyer BOOS e t tins week to take
nip in Iiulmim and ndea\or to capture
etnto fur Bl.iino nml J.opau.
' . W. Io\o. of IVnnont , has sold lui Out-
county ranclin of 1'JTO .lores to comt > 'par-
i from England for 828,000 ,
'ort KobiiiMin , Clmdron , ISushC'reik , CJur-
i und nc\oml other towns not down on thu
p , want the county sent of Sioux county. te
Tomunt jicoplo are tnlUm ; of n plank road to
i Saumlrih county , go tluit furmora can
into town with their product * in .ill kinds ftr
.u'athci. . .
' "
Ir. mid Mm. Joel V.uc.'ll , of l < "reinont ,
I rclobrito their Rolilf n wedding Sqitcm HIre
' . ' : < ! . The ouut ttill Iw apiiropnattly rew
( bratoil nt their homo. w
k larci- laud of horse-thlcvo * u ith con- 0
TftUo pluuilei brpnUfMti'il x-Hhlii nuoll- at
ihstanoBdf tlio ofliocn oflietttu-a la t tl !
il. , auil ilinafipi'anvlith thu ilew drojis. 0\
lut at Dr'iUim How. Caster cnmty , the lit- 0as
ilniighterof Mr. Harihay full Into n it til n
'nty ' eight feet deep ami wn reacu-il al- f ,
st uniiijurod. Her iwwpe w.n niir.iuiu
i. ric
'ho ItUinc City Imltpcndont fay * ' "N. so
u linen , of Oniiiba , member of tliu tirm of cli
iiobauKli , Jlerrlnmn A , To. , purchm-sd Mar- ca
Lean gun ol team Tuesday the
, price
" ' " ' ' " * " " " " ' "v i11"- " de
il TM IIIR 3t6 ? ,
l <
) wigo county is making great iirDpimtloiii
th county fMir.ithlch beeliu at JVemout „
M > er Ut The i-\lnbitlon of the products " '
he county \tilldoubtlM i bs a fine one , us
Dodjre IIM no wiiwrior in fertility of w > il IXTM
the flLtyrpriw of her farmer * nnd lm inf
Juilffp Crawford at Stan ton , has pntnnct <
I'eUr JVUnon , vho plciidnl Ruilty to In
( itsallnif , to two year * in the | H'iiltontliiry ; an
rbfttcnor M. Krum to nix yews in tat jm
on for an MKftult with intent to commit rapi
on Anna Soveiin , on llip oevonth of Decem
AILj-rt iitr ; , of Ilofting ' , had nn attack o
HIP "dark Iini e" thr ntlicr nifllit , jumped cu !
of In d aud IcajK-d thnmfjli n second ntory win
flow , IniidlUK on tlia fidewnlk twrnty feet I *
liiw. He tora down a tilpphonc wlro am'
broke a tiilwtlk plnnl : In liin fall , but It woki
him up , JIlijvmt and bock em sprained.
Hrnry Mucncli , SR < oeiatpd ullh Henrj
Jlnet4Rrold in the cigAr buBinc * In ] "remont
Imn rkiimcil the country , Inking with him all
HIP nMUInblo ftwetg of the linn. cnnnlnlinK < > |
? I3 c-aHh on hand , nnd about * 300 which be
be collccte-d f nun firms around town wltli
whom they had dodllnpif , nnd o\or tc\cn
tli..n nul of llm best cip.irs thf > y had hi tlio
iiiiiiu' . Tlio ninawny l n inarnoil man , his
v. fo nnd two children being nt present In
llloomltiftton , ID.
The lilslng City Independent M iii fftvor ( if
n clianue in depot agents it nccuxes the
Union J'ncific company of burdening that
community with a cowboy depot ngont. who
can I letter tliruw n rawhide luuo o\or n long-
horned loxnn Rlccr thin throw n check stup
nroutid the Imudlo of a .Saratoga trunk , nnd
wlin is fur bolter calculated to ho punching
cattle mi fngcbrush plains than punching
tlckotfl to Omnlm nnd Stronmbtirg.
Tlio llnnlngfl Gn7otlo-.Tounial bon < ting1y
B.IVH : Omnlm and J.liicoln nru coiiBtiiilly
liaiplng nbout their cnp.iclties for entertaining
state nnd congicsslonnl convcntluti * . Let
thuin point to n time when they or cither of
them could entertain fiio com ontious in ono
day , n ? J ( suitings did ycsterd.iv. We had the
iintl-inonup. contTMilonal. judicial nnd county
conventions , with the democratic congres
sional mid judicial , besides a match game of
bnso ball , nnd It was nout ncry good day for
: on\ontiona nnd tilings , cither.
riio Anti-Monopoly treasures Supported -
ported by Him In the
VFAUNKY , NUM. , September 10 , 1881.
Uox. E. llosEWATEit. Dear Sir : In
Fin : BEE n low days since , you ask the
lucstion , "What has William Neville
vor done to entitle him to consideration
t the hands of the monopolists/ / "
The last oflicial position hold by Mr.
fovlllo waa as member of the house in
lie legislature of 1877. At this time the
nti-monopoly movement scarcely amount-
d to moro than nn unorganized protest
gainst railroad Jjossism in politics ; but
Ir. Neville , at that early duy , introduced
nd ably advocated at least four impor-
int measures which were directly in line
ith the legislation to-day demanded by
10 anti-monopoly party.
I refer to House Roll No. 8 , journal
aga 12 ! ) , "A bill for an act requiring
jrporations to pay attorneys fees and
images in certain cases of appeal nnd
lange of venue ; " House Iloll No.M ,
mrnal payo 145 , "A bill for an act to
rotect individuals , merchants , .compl
ies nnd corporations doing business or
ving in Nebraska ; " llouso Roll No. 77 ,
mrnal paqo 107. "A bill for an act to fix
10 liability of common carriers receiving
roporty for transportation ; " also House
.oil No. SO , journal page 178 , "A bll
ir an act to define monopolies in the in-
crnal tradn and commerce of thia state
M ] to discourage the formation and con-
nuance thereof. "
The general scope of the legislation
reposed by the above bills is fairly indi-
ited by their titles , but I may bo per-
itted to add that No. 8 was intended to
imedy the injustice done by corpora-
ona in carrying put their well known
) licy of defeating just claims by the
earing out process , and provided for the
lymont of attorneys fees , damages and
sts on the recovery of a judgment in a
so which had boon appealed or removed
the L'nlted States courts. House Roll
o. 44 contained provisions to prevent
scrnninaticn between individuals doing
isincss at the sumo station , by difference
rates , drawbacks , etc.
Mr. Neville canvassed this part of the
ito and showed himself familiar with
0 extent , nature nnd danger of the
uaos of which wo complaint and which
) seek to correct. Hs procured the in-
notion on the 29th of July against the
livery of the leases to Keith county's
,000 acres of school lands , and provent-
the consummation of a fraud the nn-
ro nnd extent of which Tnu BEJJ seems
fully appreciate./ '
If Mr. Neville's anti-monopoly record
gan with his nomination for congress
atill might bo sincere and entitled to
r cordial support , yet wo might not
reasonably fool that wo were taking
no neks ; but I submit that his record
1S77 ought to convince all sincere and
r-minded men that ho ia sincerely and
heart an anti-monopolist , and ns euch
serving of their support. Without do
ing to provoke a controversy , I may bo
rmittcd to aak for the anti-monopoly
: ord of ( ho opposing candidate , or laho
bo taken altoguthcr upon trust ?
Very truly ,
Divided Democrat H.
icaifo Herald ,
rt'hnt can a party which is agreed upon
y one thing , a consuming desire to
laoss itself of the offices , hope to ac-
nplish ?
n figuring on tuo result in November
corning politicians will remember that T.
1 democratic party is not united , and
t it stands for one thing in ono state
I for another thing in another. Its
st ardent supporters cannot observe
diesunsiens in its ranks without tlio
vest fears as to the result. Some
at political victories hnvo boon won
large masses of men whoso objects
: o not the same. It is possible , of
rso , that the various democratic fac
ia may bo able to overcome their op-
lents , who are none too well organized
msolves , but it must bo confessed that
outlook U not very favorable. The
ublicans are in possession , and that
es them strong rallying powers. The
nocrats are on the outside , nnd tlio
doucy with such quarruh 0,3 theirs la
ncroaso rather than to diminish ,
n Philadelphia and Now York thcro
domocratio uowonapors which nro do-
their utmost to prove that their paity
1 their candidate nro opposed to tarill'
> rm. Moil or newspapers disagreeing
h them nro denounced in bitter terms ,
jr in Kentucky nnd in several other
: ea ( here nro newspapers which take
opposite view and assume to road IT3li
rybody out of the party who docs not li
BO with them , In New York there ia tlu
amocratto organ which insures that
r'ornpr Cleveland if ho becomes prcsi-
it , will bo bound by the rules of civil p ;
nco reform , and that ho will make no
ngca in subordinate ) ofiiciah except for D
se. lu Cincinnati there is another DDi >
locratic organ which denies that asser- Di
i and openly announces that it would
support a candidate who would not
ido the spoils among the victors. In
v York and Boston there are republi-1
caii newspapers nupporling Cl
which are opponod to Hendiicks. hi th
firat-tiarnBd city a powerful organiisntioi
ia nominnllysupporting Clovelnnd , tlioilsl
it is on record as denouncing him aa who !
ly unworthy ol support. In Ohio onose
of democratic stamp speakers are tellin
the fsrmors that they will secure the res
tottition of Iho duty on wool and anothe
ro infdrmiun them that they oppose thn
fomi of taxation nnd will continue to di
so ?
Just whnt the eflectof those thinga wil
IM it would bo dillicult to any , but tlift
they will not improro the party's proa
pect of success is certain. If they do no
crutso it.1 defeat it will ba bocnuso the do
niniul for n change is greater than tin
concern as to what a change might bring
Olicatji "U'licnt but Dear Flour ,
Chicapo 7 > ewi.
Thu nortlnveotoru millrrs n short time
since "legislated , " throuph what they
call tLo Millers' association of Minne
apolis evidently n parliament with ab
solute power on the price of wheat.
They beg.iii by netting the price low
enough. Thus they established 77 cents
as the price of No. 1 hard wheat , do'-
livcrcd at Minneapolis , as compared
with $1.11 one year ago. Woboliovo the
price hai sinca boon still further re
duced. For No. 1 spring wheat they
otarted out with agreeing to pay 02cento ,
nnd for Ho. 2 Bprjng 09 cents.
This means that farmers within a ra-
iius of t'50 to ' 100 miles from Minneap
olis will roccjvo from 52 to 58 cents n
bushel for their grain on the railroad
iracks , and in a leas ratio as the market
Iodines in this city , which it has been
loinq for pomo time.
( Now it stands to reason that with this
snormous decline In the price of wheat at
ho principal milling points thnro ought
0 bo n corresponding decline in the price
if flour. But this 11103 unfortunately
or consumers , ia not the case ; for where
-3 the Minneapolis wheat legislators paid
51.14 thia time last year and this year
mt 72 to 78c , in this city their patent
irand of Hour (251bs ( ) which sold last year
t $1 to $105 ; this year is selling at 95c to
si , and this is the quality which is now
mrchased by the great mass of consum-
The householder is In vain asking how
t can bo that , while wheat has fallen -12
outs per bushel , n bat ? of flour which
est $1.03 last year sells for ! )3 ) cents to
1 thia year. The Minneapolis Hornleg -
ilators will not , of course , admit that it
i a question of the absolute power of
lieir parliament. Still , it would puzzle
lie most astute of them to dcmonstrato
! iat the law of eupoly and demand has
nything whatever to do with it.
Modern Definitions.
ittxburflh Chronicle-Telegraph.
$1 : "Thief ! " $50,000 : ' "Defaulter ! "
lOO.OCOr "Shortage ! " -500,000 "Cana-
ian tourist ! " $1,000,000 : "Brilliant
" IMntto Iliicr Placers.
lonvcr Tiibnne-Ropublican.
The recent discovery of rich placer ter
tory along the Platte river , in the near
icinity of Montgomery , has been thor-
jghly prospected , and in point of value
equally rich with those brought to light
jout the uamo time near Breckenrldgo.
hat the Summit county territory has
sen more thoroughly developed is prov-
i in the quantity of gold taken out
uring the past two months ,
[ any of the tests niado here
ore taken from gravel near the
rfaco , which comparca very unfavor-
y iudecd with , that deeper down near
id-rock formation. Near the river
lanuel , below North Star Mountaina ,
rgo nuggets existed in all the material
far found , and the only material
tango that was noticed as ono follows
> wn the stream , is the gradual displace-
ontby a finer quality of gold which
elded hundreds of colors to each pan
orked. That the Brcckcnndgo
ciko will over eventually include all of
o Mount Lincoln district , few deny
ho have at all acquainted themselves
ith the facts aa brought out during the
seks experiments. Many inconvon-
iicics have heretofore prevented theme
mo character.of prospecting , that has
Into gained a foothold , that will result
noon exposing a concentrated gold
jalth heretofore unknown in the placer
? Kings of Colorada.
The largo extent of territory located
ithin this bolt , and favorable to the 1m-
eiiEO water rights tributary to the same
: inity , v\ill accommodate n working
rco of many hundred men for yeaia to
mi1 an item ot no email importance in
Iculatiiig the real worth of this gi cat
ning enterprise , which promises to
lipso intrinsically the undertakings of
y company yet organized for similar
rpocealn the otftte. Delinito stops will
taken to open this treasure field of
alth , and the magnitude in devolop-
mtu will excel any placer enterprise
w being operated thia side of the Pa-
ic slope , for the company are sanguine
it the richness of the ground will war-
it thn expenditure of an extraordinaiy
u of inonoy.
Jersey Ijnl > orcrn.
N. .T. September lh. Tlio state
ACiitionof thi'National lalmr jiarty iJiet
i morning. Two hundred deletf.itf } proa-
. W. h. llojio of Monimmth
do temporary chnirmnn. The committee
i appointed and recess taken.
Ilrandi n m atiioliitelr pura
tea t ran top do n on u hut top until h .
jve the coier anil mudl A clirmut will nul bo r
uj toilouct Uie | iru > nco or nnimonliu
Ui i UI I
ll.iUlllll.Mli9 1US HCVCR IILIJIUTIUMO. ! .
i minimi home , f > r o qi , irui of n century It tin Al
L tile i > ruumtr * ' icilnblu I. I
IUKCK * ur
i Price's ' Special riayorlngExlracls ,
4 Blur lfltior L _
Price's Lupulin Yeast Gems ' 1
> r LIlit , llc-ilthy lliYa.l , Tl Ikst Dry IKy
1r tln Hit , \\uJ. !
CACO. . 51. LOUIS.
will Posittvslynot bo
nnlersrald inaUvaneo.
TO LOAIf-Konev.
rno LOAN Eight hundred dollirs on flrit morl
J twe. A. J. I'On-LKTON
B7S ly ! )
lonned on chattels Ilillrnnd TIkct
MONKY and void A. Foreman , 213 S. lit )
718 tf
ONKT TO LOAN In outos of f u. ihd cnwari
O. f , Dv.lj nnJ Co. , Ue l Ktt.vtu tad LCI
ISO ! FitnMii St. 2(8-
OVA Inniis ujftilo on approve J stciirlly , int'
Doni/h-i etrcot. 812-lm
" \ \7ANTBD Onoil IcmMe cook at Uc Cary llausi
> V a.V. . cor. lllli ami \cniiort street.
ANTii ; ) IiMiinlrc" , S. W. corner llami'vaml
wANTii Wajrcs ? 03 jicrcck. . 107-20P
-\VANTii : > Youni : plrl of 14 in W n.w , BIO \VftI
> 1 mitht. between 6th ( VmlCth. 109 lOp
YVAMKU A good irirl lor general hoiuo work
i BUCK ! mates 19iO rarnntn St. 11220 ]
\\rANTEO A compctont wonnn to cook ami ilc
IT ccneral houso-work for family ot two. Apply
700 south lltli St. 033 10p
, T17ANTiu : A girl for second wcrk SOI N. lotli
Btrctt. 070 ISp
"I V'ANrKU A seed rclliblo boy about 15 jcars ol
ftiro , that Ihcs with liH parent ) , to work In
store. Address "Business" postolflco. 003-18
, J ) A barber kt 039 H. 10th street. S.
i T Cornfield , OS7-18 | )
TyANTCO-'Thrca sir'sat the Slatou House , H.
VT loth street , Omaha. Os8 lOp
T\7ANTED A Gcraiati.womiii cook , at the Farm-
I crt House , cor. 14th anil Hartley. 035-iDp
T 'ASTHD Tlitcoactltomcn with rccomiiicnilv
T > tlons , 0. W. cor. 16th and Farnan. OSl-ISp
V\TANTKD ( Ilrl for Kcncrnl house work emnll lam-
I > l\y \ 1415 norih Ittll. OsU-lf
WANTED A sowing girl at 1C.17 Ho ard.
' 8313p
"VA ANTIID A coiiipctoiit plrl for central nou e-
M uoilcand to taKe clmrto ol ( urnlslitd roouin ,
south-nest corner 16th and Cipltol ato. 090 20
TX ANTED An experienced Bohemian dry floods
II ealeanian or saleslady. Unit como \\ell tucom-
mended and speak Kiiplisliduontlj. Ajiply at New
York liy ) Qoods ttoro , 1310 12 Karnamat. 817-10
w ANTKU A good bread and cake baker at the
\ ( cnca Bakery , 413 S 13th Btrctt. 0-18p
WANTKD-Womnn cook lit Southern Hotel , at
once , corner Oth and Lca\ctmorth. 053 ISp
TS7"ANTED-A responsible patty to act as trcasur-
i > cr for ndramatlo company , fat particulars ap
ply A. S. Trcloir , city. D84-18p
\17ANTED-Coat n-aVcrs. Ocod orkmo only
it need apply. G. Kratner , Kcainoy , Neb ,
V 7ANTED T OROodBOllltors for Art 1'ublfc.v
IT tlons , Issued In ports , i ddrcsa I1. O box 1211
Council lilull , ? , Iowa. U17-20
Wrt.NTKU Six table boarduii c 010N. lOthSt.
\\rANTHlJ-A Rood yirl for ! ho'scwork In
> a family ol thiee. Must boa itood washer and
roncr , nnd haiofood reference , 513 3. llth street
\\T ANTHD Imraoil latch , a ilrot-clasa white batlcr ,
IT wapes clihteco dollars per week the jcir
ound. Adilrc s or telegraph Louia liajcr , North
'Utte , Nebraska. OJ3 l p
\\ANrKW A middle .ificd lady ai house kotper
! for > farultt with 4 ihllJrcn , also ntccondcirl
oio to Sidnij Neb. Cdoil wn-jcs and apcrnian nt
ilaco. Irqulro at Max Mi.Mr iV t'o. ( )3i ) > tf
\\7ANTGD-Oiil to doconcral house work Ap-
jlj ti Xr3 ! Jainca Cotter , 1521 hhcrinai 6-c,3
leers north of Orico St i > 28 tf
T V or country , to take nlco liubt anil plonsant
, orl , atthur own homes ; $1 to JJ per d.ossily and
uictlj made ; work ( cntby mail no cai'ua = sini ; , no
tamp for replr. I'lcasa address Uchalde Manl K Cu. ,
'lilhilclpnhk , l'i. _ 603 1m
'ANTliU At Mrs. fhiilip'a 2219 Dodge St. 1' To
good ffirls , first to cook , and assist in laundry ,
ho second fcr up stalls and laundry work In family
f three. German orefcrroa. ! n7-tf
l"\7ANTEI > Olrl for ( teneral liouso work at 430
V > ComentSL Mrs. C. E. Maync. 810 tf
LA7AN1KD ARents to riaimie ino Hell Hafnt
TT rteatlicr t trips. Addrcca or call on Oco. W.
ell , 1120 Ilarnoy street , Omahn , Nob. 530-lmp
Housekeepers position by a lad } In a
TT ( rUatcfarallj or institution , who thoroiiKhly
ndcratandj bowto mike a homo comfortiblo Can
so do all kinds of domestic sewliiK lleliable refer-
ices. Call oa oroddrcss "Houatkccper , " 14 2 Slier-
mnaxenuo. 050-ltp
ntTANTKD A position as clerk in Hardware or
T I WholcEd'o house , ha\o liad ten j cars cxpericnco
3 liroprictor. Ucforcnccs gUen. Address C. A. "
A Vouuj married tnan v..irH3 situation oa nook-
JL keeper , In fiholesalo tGtabllshmcat In Omibi.
ddrLEa"C. " care Boo. sail tf
D An unfurm-hcd rnom and board for
, . ladv andbnH , clcrired to flnd place u hero tlio
imj-.unon'hip uciiUt bo an obcrt ) , ( nljow lady or
nail faiinl.u ) Addns3 : "C. B. " I' . 0. bo003. .
091 10
" \7ANTFD Iloirdand two rooms by a family of
i t four in o pil\ato fainll > . Ktfctciuta cschanccd.
Idrceg "D. U. " Hoe olllce. 105 2lp
1'AN'I CD-A homo for a gocd bo > , aged 11 > ears
T to ( In errand i and attend schcol. AdilrLsshlru.
K. B. , lco ! ofllco. ! 04-1Dp
. Aildres ] Di\U' I'oiicnrn
Works , S010 Decatur St. OJfl-lbp
\7ANTED ? 2,000 on flrst-clun city sccunty.for 6
j ears , at D per cent. Address IJox 020 1'ont-
! ' Cfl-f (
F.SS ? Hoa3 .i aaa Lota.
rOlt 11KKT Furnl.hod jivlor in stristlv private
famil > , Ibtli street , ! 15.0tAddress "D " lieo
TOll HUNT Furniihcd rooms. Iuiiiiro | 205 north
1 lethht. 000 tf
IICKT A furnished ioom71o 10th Ht.
OJ7 20p
_ _ _
UCNT A house with four rooms and kitchen
t 20th St , one block noith of St. Jlari'n
HUNT One furnished rcoui ICH Ucdjo-
'lOJ 20p
nxr A small Juinishcil front room , ItCO
Howard iiticet. 005 2Ji |
10U IIKNT House and barn Sl.m and Uarney.
Win. I , . Monroe , Oth and Douglas , telephone SOI.
US 2lp
H lt Ili.NT-Tuo : . .lccl.i fiirnlBlied front roonn
ill rent tingle or en tultc , S. IJutli I : anil ! ) . .
l f - 114 2-jp
' ° 'illKJir ' I'urnlshidroomor suite of rooms at
317 north 17th etuct. l)71-20j ) >
1011 IIKNT Twounfurnlshed IOOXD nt IMS Cli !
cag ° st- 071 IQn
1011 HKXl' Nicely Iiitiilahetl6ult of 2 rooms sTfl -
N13" ' st- 07t < Mp '
'Oil llK.M' furiiistiwl front ronn uultaWu for
man nul wife or Uogcntlcnioii , 5:012 : HarueySt
> 0It UKM-Jho rooinhoujooii toutii U'tli strut
2U house noiitli of Centre , 813 per mjnth. in-
781tp J uextdoor , or 16JO Doiixl.u ttrnt S
IOK li.NT--urm ! lu.d . rouma modtrii Imiiroxc'J
' uicntu , Inii I : biocl , , coruvr 15th and Uailtul a\u
'urenciufvcn nucd. Cul-so
ion IUN : r l r e leccnd
Btory room . > for
luanubctiirliv. Awll UlJIUtuvi htl MS-sJ
'Oil ' HUM1 rurnUhcil rosm l lfl Doilgo st
oil llENT-I'Icnjantly fiiniUhod
room mitabio
for ieiitl uia. | is10 JWainrtrcct. Mli ISj"
Ol ! UKNT-Uonm furnUluHland iiBfurnlilied In
inol'unriniit-im line1JioUunn and 13th it'itl
< ' ) to Diniun Ojiiiai-Hliain , JO Hi and DoUgo tit.
OH KKNT JMCUJ furnUbrd orim u wrooi
without bvwrd 1811 Da\iuj > it l > t. ltj-i..i ) ! !
Oil fthNl' Moulj IiirtUuml teem 11)6 uurtli I th
st- 7K > lOp
oil llENr Hiiulnhcd room * lUUdFarnainSt Ifi
U LBASi : lOarroi of Ian J , fono J for irarden Ifift
purpowdthuuiuUMS \ \ ofl' o Innulru r 1-
tikiB11N iMhulttitt M'Jtl ft
i fl crocmcottigoliuikneluit ! Io.
latlon. tM | ir month , t , ! ) . 11 .UoyUilrli , liis
ittuitreU } 0tf
UE.VT I'urnlahed roam ISIS Jtehon.
FOtt HUNT Tnoncttly furnished MiIM rf rooms
for ffentletnen , at S. W. wilier SOth anil Pturt ,
onJOth. M7-Ip ! )
l RHHTr-Nlceljr furnhhotl front room nt ! l > Ic
1 for two ( rentlemtn , 1823 Dodge St. Don ' 8i |
T71011 KKVT Home of 0 rooms well nnd cittern
1 ( rood lorttlnn , near treet cars , $17 | > r month.
TjM'JTiTNr Hotel doiiiir ( toad binlnws in The
X1 Iivcl > town of Avoea , N'eb. 1'or ] > rtlcuhr9 Mi-
dress A. I ! . Mnlth , AVOCA , Nob. 87S 18p
TiOll BUNT Sit room h u c In ROOiI repilr on rut
. csrllno. luqulro at grocery store , comer Mth
and Cnmlng SU ! )24-tf
r < O UIM Kir t elm houao by UoJforil , soncr
' A foam 812 tf
KT VurnlMieil room In Heon-cri lilock ,
A corner Eighth ivml UoHftrJSt. 823 tf
7J\OH KHNT-Twoftirnlsheil rooms to lleli tiu o
JL1 Vcejiinj "Uccmcr'a Block , " cor. 8th and Itowird.
. _ _ _ _ _ _ 480-t
IpOH HUNT Atwo ttory Irimo ImlMMg
forlmslncM. l/jras colltr , upstairs suit blo for
rcilJcneo. Inqulra on promises , corner 20th mid
[ Mcrco St.
I RUNT Nicely furnished front roam 1016
' DoJgo street. 110-tf
TilOIlHENT Six roum cotti o , flno location , by S.
JP T. 1'eterson , S. E. cor. 16th and Douglas. B17-tt
FOIl HENT-nooma In Croimso'a Block. O. it
Hitchcock/ MS-tf
fj ort UiaJT Ono grand Bipjaro puno. Inquire
-I ? olCilhohn and Krlclcson. 410 tf
} " 7tOIl KENT One f coJ six room houja . ' 5. per mo. 235.11
IpOH tSAI'R Furnlturo and llxturcg of n boirdlng
homo rlolni ; a pee I business. Bust location In
tonn. It. .Mamnullcr , S07 south llth Ht. 1 0 2p
F OH SAI.U Kino lot , cast front , In block
GoorgU a\cnue. Iniiuiru 1509 Howard strict.
} 7Hll SALK A small , but complete stock ol fresh
' proccrliM , with n ( rood ttndc , in a good locilitv bi
citj- . Address " 0 " lieu olllc. 100-lp
f poll SALE A whole stock of clothing , boots and
shoes , buildings nt co t , retiring from bushier.
Cl II. Tettrson , bOI south Tenth street. llj-Sm
SALK OR TIIADE Hardwire store for Xob.
lands. W. E. Spurrier , W lota Iowa. o w itp
SALE Corner 8th and rurnim , C < M32 feet
now occupied bj City Mills. Apply on | ircml c3 W. J. WKLsIlANS.
171011 SAM : SKty hhcsof Italian Deoi In good
' condition , Mrj chuap , cnrnor south lEth and
Martha. The owner leaIng Nebraska. OSO 20p
FOIl SiLE-Horse , kind and Rontlo , cheap. In
quire atEdholm & Erlckson's Jewelry Store1 , op-
potlto I1. O. Osl ID
FGIl SALE A water power andfitono iturry | with
ten acres of land , 45 tublo lnche of water and
'iO feet fall , with easy facilities for a dam , adjoining
Iho cltj cf I'littsmouth , Cass county , Neb Addrrss
U II. Case , No , 511 south 13th strcot , Omaha , Neb.
SALK Ftiriilturo and stoics suitable for
boarding house. Inquire 15th Jand Jackson Sts.
r. Nc-lson. 91S-21p
FOHSALE Alano8to\o ( Garland ) for sale at a
Imjialn. Inquire of llejn , HOD Doughs .Street. .
Jj OIl SMJ : Holler and engine. I Imc nearly
C1 new teller and cn iiio and Know lo's pump , 19
lorsopower , forsalo cheap. T. S. Clarkson , Solim-
tr , > icb. 022-lm'
[ TICK SAUCentrally bcatcd leaeo on Inn ; time ,
nlth buildings especbllj snltiblo for ll ht manu-
ictnunf ! . AJdre-s A. I ) , DEB olllce. lEMSp
[ 7'OH SALi : Small fotindrjcry cheap , fora prac-
ticil man with a small capital. Address , II. K
! cr. ollice. SS5-18p
! 7 < OIl SALH Northcaht oornur 20th and Cumins
J ttrctt. O. F. Ua\ii A. Co. , 1555 rarnara a reet ,
876 tf
ill ) 11 bALII A choice lot of uiikh tows C\ll on
road ncir Itner'u bricU yard , north part of cltv.
S73 Ibp J.W. 1T.NNY.
7011 SALE One-halt Intoiost In a Rood creamery ,
. ' also nhctecn lots. lor jjarticulars , address lock
ax 503 , Vork , Neb.
7\OU SALE Cheap , a nice cottaRO. full lot , city
- water 5 blocks from the court house. If. Lee ,
rocer , 22d and Lonemvortn. . 857-lmo
71011 SALE A butcher shop and tools in Schuj Icr
- ' Nebraska , w itb a Drat clasj trade and in a uood
cation , object in selling , poor health. Address.
laatper & ilcrbrlelc , acliu\ler , Neb. S31-2J
71011 SALE A now Mall's Saf , a bargain for auv
. ' one \\antlng it. 1015 llarncj St. 700 tf
jiOHSALH A rostauran n a goo location. " ° 0
. north 10th street "M-lOp
JlOIt SALE Grocery in In the city , and Incood Io-
. ' ca ity , doing buitncs * of over Si5,030 n year.
-nt lov , . lor further particulars , address I1. ( ) . bos
o , Ouiahi. 775-13
JlOIl SALi-Cheip lots , ? r , 00 down ? 500 per
month , and assisting worth } persons to build
co llttlo homos. 11. C. Patterson & Co , cor 13th
id Fainam. j,37.t , ,
LK-200 acrescf land UO acres lmpro ed.
3-'acipu hay , 8 acres nojr pvstuio.7 acrcj culti-
.tod . limber , a acres natur timber Good ftvlns
} ter gooJhouso and other lniprocme-its. w 11 bo
Id \erycas\tcnns , lf ildr.oon. 1'or other in-
rinatlon inquire rcraonalh or bj tuall of Win. Chir.
ircstCUj.barp ) County. Xeb. 405-lm.
pOIl SAL ? ; Wo ofler for TOO ! 1
? ? fu\ce \ 3 i l'ar ol1' ' FlcJ' ' " ? Steers.
160 Choice 2 jcar old teutons Stosrs.
100 carling Steers.
Abe > e all good Iowa Cittlo
. . . , STiiANar. BitoTiirns ,
nmf AlntilJrolIiro , ? 'WtaWe loraemil
n fWn'.h' J ± ° " 1 < : oV'l ' sell ' < " cash or .
o oU'c ' y WOP011 * ' Addrosj X. Z. ( . '
- _ _
1U r1" " Tnu ° l
y W5KOn >
T"irania7 Js " "k amlhar1'0"1 r ° a" ° ° W l"rCL
U" llome- roiHi on I'tr liorna.
kit. II. 1' . Jensen hitruamtcil Ilia olllco amlTclT
' dcncij tothu N. U corner 18th and LeatenHorth
ntAYKD Oil KTOLBN-About Augu.t TST
jnlt. cow with ruil fmota nnhcaj .nd nock , bl. . ui
, lLnoJU' > ! OI'aro111 ! ! fo i3 which worn Urcc !
0 spot on lack
and rlBht hlnr.ihouldcr Itewar ,
! H ) gh vn if relumed to 15t | , and Center .St. John
Lr' lUl-ISp
[ lfS"'OIE" ; ' ' . Maifiatlo llealcru now , -cntcd
1 at I8i | , tasa tr t. DlaB-noscj diseasesfrcu.
. ' . . adark bay
iiarD.HithtthUofoie , about 0cars old. Any
irnutloii leading to her rccomy ran bo left at a
ciibuH , tcrihldthttrcct 70 ib
OST On the nay from tlio 83iiafroL'uo. 2Ji | anil
lliriict - ' 'd
, Utonicouer's llall , one Jvlr , ,
an , ' Jlttt'llHB | " " ' M nMojerACo. !
IUaulU , klnKTuna cutspuola cleaned witti
.am Ur ) rliancr. hatl.Hction
f7 ; " ) 00 ' 1 , 8 ' ! '
DOB tf
" "
' ' " " i' "
00 I'l'IT1 )
> , ,
, ,
i l'luul' lr o. nt 1310 Tainani.
Bentluiian and ifuor t o gentl
J. F , ARMSTOKG , M , \ } .
idico Limiti'iJ io Disoithps of the
Myo ami Ear.
_ _ _
H , K/BOJikJiT"
oniECToa m im\m \
111 North Iflth Uticol Uiuut