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A Caustic Eoview of Monopoly
Rule and Corporation Press.
Kcr.ilnll'H Iiiiiul GrabbliiK Synillcnto
September 18 , 1881.
At the Salltio county fair , hold nt
Crete this afternoon , Senator Ynn
"Wyck delivered an address which con-
cludoa us follows :
Hcsidcs theoretical nnd practical agri
culture , there are other matters of equal
importance challenging your considera
tion , questions above the routine of daily
life , important lor your own interests aa
well as the prosperity of the nation. The
arrogance and exactions of corporate
power need to bo chocked. For twenty
ycnra the public domain has boon spoli
ated by reckless and improvident legisla
tion , by unwni ranted demands and base
concessions of the land department , too
often sustained by infamous it not cor
ruptly obtained opinions of attorney i
general , and what is far inoro revolting to
thu American citircn , too often sus
tained by the courts in defiance of ex
press statute. Until now , the only
eltart is to rescue or withhold from the
hands of the spoiler about 100,000,0"ob
acres of land , hold much of it in defiance
of law twenty years from aottlument and
not earned by the terms of the grant , yet
boldly defying the power of congress to
retain -what has not boon earned , arid
threatening , if congrois tiara act , the
courts will bo invoked to aid the robbers
nnd , from past conduct , will probably
sustain them.
We boast of our freedom and the
power of the ballot box. You know
that U ! ) of every 100 of our people do
niand these lands should bo restored to
the public domain ,
Such a demand , oven [ in England or
Cermany , would bo at once rocognl/.ed
and respected , but in free America it
will probably bo spurned and despised.
Heie the people are long sutlering and
much forgiving.
Those whom you elect to high posi
tions not only betray their trust , ignore
your wishes , but have the audacity to ask
re-election at your hands.
What happens in the nation hai a
counterpart in the state. To illuntrate ,
the adjoining status of Iowa , Missouri
and Kinsas liavo by legislation fixed the
rate of passenger trallie on railroads at
thrjo cents per mile. In this state the
people have almost unanimously de
manded the regulation of passenger and
freight traftic. How have they been an-
-awered ? With all your bo&stod power it
cennot bo dono. Railroad cappers and
attorneys and editors somehow can use
the people for their own destruction.
Stop for a moment and ask yourself
how such things can bo and why the people
plo are willing to place themselves in the
hands of such tricrtntora. "Can ouch
things be , and overcome us like a sum
mer's cloud , without our special wonder ? "
The railroad managers have been com
pelled to recognize the universal cry of
the people , but not to your benefit ,
You remember a few years ago you
and I were denounced as demagogues be
cause wo demanded that corporations
should bo controlled bylegislation. They
then assarted railroads could not bo more
controlled than farmers , that as well _ fix
the price of corn and hogs by legislation ,
that railroads wore private property , see-
condly , they claimed the imnagomont of
railroads was so intricate and obtuse ,
common mortals should not attempt to
invade the sacred domain , only the finan
cial priesthood , these men who could
change water into million ! ) ofgovornmunt
bonds , or gold , with a government fiat
upun it , surpassing thu miracle of 1800
yeara ago when water was turned into
Now the corporation attorneys and
editors and convention manipulators say
corporations should 1)3 controlled , and
there can bo no rest until they are , but
tlie matter of control should bo left to
their tender management. They think
now the legislature will not have the
ncctssary time but by all means u com-
Prom the gr wing temper of the people
plo they fear it may bo difficult to pur
chase a legislature but a commission is
their darling project , that they can own ,
as they have in the past land thodopart-
inent and attorney general nt Washington
an'1 in the states.
A commission by all moans. Then , if
appointed by the governor , how easy
they think so little friction. The B. A ;
Al. would recommend ono , the Union
Pacific another , and the third to bo ap
pointed by the governor of course would
bo neutral.
Tell mo will you , how would the rights
of the people be protected/ /
Or if the commission shall bo elected
by the people , take the mode of selecting
aa would bo indicated by the lust ropub
hcan convention.
A gallant captain heading the force of
ono rail road , an eloquent and shrowcd
lawyer , nnd politician heading the other.
A facetious and wily editor of u rail road
organ , president of the convention , a cap
tious snarling editor of another paper
whoso life has always boon prolonged by
the patronage of a great rail road , was
in ado chairman of resolutions and actuil
tly prepared ono. "That for the umfica-
ion of our party , that for the consorva
tton of the peace ( who proposes war1) ) and
prosperity of the state a statute rogula
tinu' our rail roads &c.
The day nftor the said editor had ex
haustcd himself in the oilort ho had remaining
maining vitality sudicient to endorse his
own effusion by wriiing In his paper that
the platform including this resolution
was vigorous and original. Undoubt
edly !
For saying which you and I have been
denounced by the ssid editor OH doma-
gognee nnd blatherskites ,
Then a convention thus manipulated ,
would nominate rnilroid commiHsionera
and under the spur nnd whip of party
dictation , you would bo left the Tonly al
ternative of , shall 1 say free men , to rat-
if 7 at the ballot box the decree of cor
porations nnd forgo the chains to bind
you more securely to their engine.
liciiuinng your attention , not only
farmers , but as citizens , is the matter of
gross irregularities if not deliberate fraud
in the minagomcnt of the school lands.
A subject far beyond nnd higher than
party or partis-unship. Beciuso alluding
to this nt n similar unthcrint ; in Ihirt
county , 1 was charged with hostility to
Governor Driwes. The meanness of this
insinuation is evidenced when it hns
since appeared that Governor Dawca , by
his vote ngainst the le.wiii' , ' , protested
ngainst the mismanagement or friud an 1
have doiii' .
13ut it will bo nu unfortunate day for
tins nation when the nets of public of
ficers nro not open lo criticism nnd noccs-
nary censure. You will best secure
the interest of your party by honestly ,
nnd by fearlessly arraigning wrong nnd
wrong docra , even of your own election.
You will injure a party far more by con
cealing than by exposing such criminal
conduct. There should bo no considera
tion for personal friendship nnd party
Defences of the school board have al
ready been printed , yet they ohow more
conclusively the negligence or criminnlity
of the board.
1 congratulate the people of Saline nnd
Fillmore counties that die governor nnd
atalo treasurer voted against the consuma-
tion of this villainy.
It is occasion of rejoicing to the ntato
Llut fraud inKcith county \HIS prevented ,
but that wnsdno to outside hostile action
nnd the board only yielded when n man
damus had boon issued compelling them
to desist.
A lengthy statement of figures hns
been issued having no bearing on the
charge showing tlut originally wo had
nearly 3,000,000 acres , and that the
board had not stolen or suffered others
to appropriate nil of it.
That the landa had boon appraised nt
an acreage value of $3.50 per acre cer
tainly , but why in 1881 when lands nro
desired nnd increased in value should n
whole county of 80,000 acres bo assessed
at from forty nnd not exceeding seventy
cents per acre , this mystery is not ox-
Another sample in Lincoln county in
1880 , when land could with didiculty bo
sold at nny price , appraisements being
from SI to § 3 nnd § 5 , in 188 1 when lauds
tiad doubled nnd trobbled in price in the
eamo county , lanua were appraised at
from 40 to 70 cents.
The school lands were honestly man
aged in former years , but that only Inton-
jitios the crime of this now dispensation ,
by inaugurating this now phase of fraud ,
which was consumated fortunately not in
[ vieth , where a mandamus was obtained
; o restrain the crime , nnd when the board
enow it would bo impossiclo to prevent
exposure , defeat and disgrace , they with
drew the leases.
The board had as much knowledge and
lonosty when they withdiow the leases
is when they issued them. I mean , of
courao , the guilty members of the board.
Look a moment at the facts which were
well known to the board , and priatod as
; heir defense in the Lincoln Journal
September 5.
Watts , Doproist nnd Stollo were ap
pointed appraisers in April , 1884. Stollo
declined to net , as ho belonged to anoth
er ring not having the confidence of Ken
dall , as nppoara by the Lincoln Journal
of September 12.
Apparently no one manipulating the
school lands except two rings , and they
control the board. Kendall in the inter
est of one ring and Stollo of the other.
Stollo attempts to thwart Kendall by
withholding the assessment , and Kendall
checkmates the Stollo ring by ordering
; iew appraisers , and issuing leases for
80,000 acres before the watchful and re
vengeful Stollo and his ring know any
thing about it or had an opportunity to
Does not that prove the crime com-
[ ) loto against the board I no adroitly nnd
quietly managed that ono ayndicato was
not allowed to bid against its rival ? Call
you this honest ?
MAUK OTHKU r.u is.
Juno 20 , county clerk notifies Kendall
ono appraiser will not net.
Juno 2 ! ! , Kendall fiends by mall in-
stuctions to county clerk nt Ogallnla to
appoi nt now appraisers.
Some days thereafter county clerk ap
points new appraisers Watt , Dopreist
nnd Hughes.
Hughes , in place of Stollo , could not
have been appointed before July 27th ,
possibly the 28th , yet the same record
shows that the oath , which is required by
law , was taken by Hughes , April 115th ,
two months before ho was appointed.
On the 28th day of Juno , the same
day or the day after his appointment ,
Hughes swears that ho "carefully ap
praised the value of the improvements
thereon. "
Thcso facts were before the board.
Can any further proof of their villainy bo
needed ; if so , it is furnished in same
number of Journal.
On the 5th day of July , at
the county clerk milled
the above sworn appraisement
to Kendall , which ho received , not before
the 7th possibly the 8th the very day the
board mot and JGSUCH leases to 08 per
sons for 80,000 acres.
Neither the people of Keith county , or
any other county except the ring , head
ed by Darn , could possibly have known
that the lands had boon appraised , much
less the value thereof.
Not oven ttio vigilant Stollo had the
least knowledge or suspicion. This hot ,
undue nnd criminal huato was only to aid
the ring which lay nearest to Kendall's
heart ,
The secretary of the Western Cattle
Insurance Company , the chief operator
residing atOmuha , nnd the 08 mon in the
employ of his company , were the only
ones cogni/.int of those rapid evolutions
To show the Intent and extent of the
crime , ouppoeo the same board , or the
guilty majority themselves , owned 80.0CO
acres , and desiring to Icaio nt the best
tenna , sent mon to appraise carefully ,
who reported their value to bo from
forty to seventy cent per acre nnd the
land not subject to taxation , whim they
welt know land no bettor and subject to
taxation was Belling from § 3 to § 1 per
aero , would they accept smilingly p.uch
nppruisomont and go through the farce
of leasing at three cunts per acre , not
ns much as there would bo taxes on other
land/ / Would they lease it the day after
appnUaoinent to n pyndicato which had
been ploting nnd scheming to procure a
low valuation , witU no opportunity for
competition' No man on earth , no
partisan however blinded , believes it.
The board know other pnrtioi dcnlrcd
these lands , for applications had pre
viously boon mndo in person nnd by
lottnr to the land commissioner's ollico
seeking to lease them.
Another confession of guilt is the plea
that the Invr 13 defective nnd needs
nniendini ; , if that be so , the greater the
need for \itjilanco , for n nprinkling of
honesty , nnd business capacity. Suppose
that the law had boon silent as to details -
tails nnd merely directed lands to bo
leased without nny guards or protections ,
would ( hot justify tlio criminal conduct
of the bowl. But it is not true that the
law is dofpctive. It requires nil lands to
bo oll'orcd for sale before leasing. Before
silo It must horuhortised in newspapers ,
and before being mlvcrtiscd must bo
carefully appraised , then n book prepared -
pared by commissioner , containing n
complete list of the lands , with the up
prnismcnt , and deposited in ollico of
county treasurer. All this before adver
tised for sale , then oll'orcd for sale , then
ollVrcd for lemo.
'Che law is plnin nnd sulliciont. No
legislation framed in human language is
n barrier against men willingly nnd do-
hboratnly nro determined \iolato it.
Tlio Lincoln Journal satisfied its rend
ers that the board was criminal when it
admitted that the opinion of the attorney
general wan wrong when lie hold that the
land could bo leased before being o lie red
for sale.
The admission of guilt is still stronger
when the name journal oxlonuntos by
saying , the state can aull'or no loss because -
cause the state can have the leases de
clared illegal in tlio courts. "Mostlamo
and important conclusiion. "
But why did a board of state ofllcors
issue illegal leases ?
It soouu some of the conspirators have
unloaded on possibly innocent parties , nnd
now the state must bo asked to supple
ment the ciimo of the board by inflic
ting n lawsuit upon and stealing from
innocent purchasers.
If a villain forgpa the nntno of Mr.
Kendall to a promissnry note , the Jour
nal would say no crime in that , a harm
less transaction because if the note ia n
forgery it cannot bo collected , therefore
no wrong done.
We have quite enough of that in this
state whore innocent parties on the Den
ver & St. Joe , upon public lands have
boon compelled to suffer. It is not hon
est , the government , state and nation
must bo held responsible for the nets of
its officers.
The action of the governor nnd otato
treasurer in voting against leasing is a
condemnation of the board. The
unanimous action ot the board in
August is a , condemnation of its
action in July. On August Hh , after the
hind exposure by the mnnduinus suit ,
they unanimously decided on motion of
Governor Dtwes , that "advertisement bo
given , that said lands bo subject to lease
after thirty days. "
Why did not the board In July know
that secret leasing of the schocl landa was
a fraud ?
What becomes of the boasted opinion
of the attorney general ?
August 23thon _ motion of Gov. Dawco
it was ordered that the school lands in
Keith county bo re-appraised , "dooming
the Instappraiscmont too low , und that the
lands bo advertised for sale , nnd that the
notice of leasing bo withdrawn until after
the salo.
It seems in August tlio board have no
trouble in finding that the law requires
honesty in the management of school
lands. Did they not know as well in
July as August that the lands wore ap
praised too low ?
The action of the board in August is n
complete acknowledgement of the im
becility or criminality of the board in
Wo look in vain for any vindication.
Certainly the largo arrny of figures show
ing the entire 3,000,000 has not been
stolen is equal to the defense of n vigor-
orous thkf who claimed great considera
tion because , while confessing ho stele
the saw null , ho had previously restrained
himself from stealing the mill dnm.
A few papers having succeeded so ad
mirably in establishing the guilt of the
board , the people are now impatiently
awaiting the explanation TTIV ! from
Sl. > 0,000 to § 400,000 hai during tlio last
two years been on deposit in a few banks
in this atato. In what banks deposited ?
Who interested in the said banks/ / Wheth
er any interest was piid on the deposit ,
and to whom' '
These may bo hard conumdrumo , but
the dofendura of the board are evidently
equal to the cincigoncy.
A Htntuo ol' Gonornl KeynoliUi ,
Pllll MinrillA. 1'n. , Si ptombei 18. Tlio
Bt.itno of ( Jon. John 1'iilton lloynnltls , who
waa IcilloJ at the batlloof ( iellytbiirj ; , wiiaun
\eiled in front of Iho clly hull to-ilny. The
( irnnil Aunv jiarailed In honor of Ilia event ,
anil thi'iutilery Hiuiil | firoil a Hnlntii. Aiming
tlioxo jireHonl Moro ( Jon , John H. Knnntof
Ohio , iiiiUnnnl commninlor-in chinf of the
( iranil Army , nnd 1'nxt Cominandou-in-Chiof
Hartninft and liench ,
Thn Null Family ,
UMOMOW v , Pa. , Kopti mber 18. Miss Annie -
nio C. Nnlt , ilanghlei of Iho l.itu C.ipt , Null ,
killoil by DnKeH , ilioil Hiiildi nly list iil 'ht , it
is fiiiipi | ) . cd of clioli ia inorhiiH. H in K ild thu
entin family been Hcriously ill nnd at
lacki il with HpthiiiH , II In recoiled Uioy ha\o
bean polenncil.
A hccund dispatch from Uiiiontnwn JftijH
then unit that th < Nutt family had In en
poisoned in nntriio. Aiinio Nntt dloil fiom
choli-ia muruus , caused by oaliiiK nmipo
pear * .
and Ht , ' Jolui ,
Sr Lous , September 18. ( eori ( ) Hosnv r ,
the oaiiiiiiaii nrmiil here UIH innriiinR , lie
nnil J. A. HI. .lolm deposited thn remaining
JM > 00 uith John A. Oill < n , editor of llm
I'ortt-lJHpnlch , thi'raco to ho three inllex with
turn for fcl.OOU n sulo on Cmvn Coeur l.aki1 ,
near thlH cltj , iSopl , "Kth , JSoth mon are In
good condition ,
GiOHlinin nnil llm TiciiHiiry.
W \sni.M.rov , September IS. It in now
known hi yond doubt , thai .rmlgoOroiihnm can
ha\o the Iroasury portfolio It ho wlnhon It.
lli.i liOBil.incy in cum d l > \ bin ileelro to con
clude iinc'stih'attMnH iiirouly began nnil Ining-
in. do fiirtln r n forum In the | im. ollico ilrpuii
mint. It It kninui thu pri-milcnl would bo
gratifnil if Jinlga ( iruniuniMiulil uccupt thu
p'ne ' < and HOIIIO of 1m fin niU lislnno hu limy
jot bo imlucrd t" likn tlio position.
'J'lio Chlnii Ituw.
LOSIHIS , Kopltinbei 18. 'J'ho 1'all Mali
da/ntlo b > M the fighting near Klnpa ! furls
be-low I'oo Chuiv yi Hterilay ! greatly nxuggi r
ati'd. < inly " 01 Kie-nch troopi lauded und
defiMti d a fi'W Ullagi rx.
A illBnutc'i from Hong Kong to the Tiiiied
H-IJH , "Tlm Tri-nch m , in of-wur Atlantlo bmid
oil the ii-gnlui Jlong Kong tiailmg junk und
throw It * i union , gmu and unimiml lion ou r
board. 'Jim ineiclmnU of Hung Kong urn
gisatly initatio ! attlia ac'luii of the Trench ,
Elaine's ' Oration and Orat'on ' at Wor
The Now York Sun's ' Vindica
tion of Blaino.
Effectual Slaughter of the Mulli
gan Letter Lies ,
Puerile Assaults on the Plumed
Knight in Wisconsin , .
Progress of the Scurrilous Sentinel -
nol Suit ,
Cranky Itclford TnniH
lIomlrlekH1 Serious Injuries
Grcslinin niul ( lie Cabinet
Blulno nl "Worcester.
, Mnsi. , SoptoitAior K , T. (5.
Blaine : ml\id in this city frcm } lo ton lit
noon tn day. ] lo cuinos to nttuul the .niinml
fnn of \Vorco8liT Agricultural society.
1 lo w ill be tlio gnc'st of the 6'qciely anil Con
gri'ssnmn W. M. Klco during1 1m stay in linn
city. Thousands of people Wt\o in waiting nt
the Hlallun , anil lined the toulo to the fair
grounds. The saluta wai firoil by a
section of buttery ] J , timing tboiumnl. The
usit Is cntiiuly mm-parlisnn , tinlecoptiim
coimnitteo being composed of inoiubois of the
ngriculturnl society and represent ilillort'iil
polltleil parties. ,
Tlu > parly w ere met nt the junction of Klin
and Agricultural sit cots near the fair gi omuls
by the marshals and a cornet band , and es
corted to the tent of the president. A largo
crowd gn\o Ultimo ahoiirty welcome. At the
the tent ho was mot by the trustees ami mtio-
duce < l by President 1'latt. Thei u was a largo
galhc'ring of gentlemen representing the city
and county pre-ent , Lunch wai peru-d in the
tout , and thcro was a \ cry ijloisant , informal -
al , social inten iow which laUcd until tune
for ftpt. ilJng , wheu the party adjourned to the
judge's hland.
Dlamo then spoke na follows :
Ladies and Gentlemen : I am sure that under
dor this rich and prosperous stito you \ \ ill o\-
pect fn in mo to-day nothing but wet da of con
gratulation , and if there bo any 0110 spot \\ith-
in the limits of the United Staluj which may
clnllenjjD all others in prosperity , content
ment nnd general happiness , it must bo
Worceslei in the tnto of MnssacliUoetts. [ Ap-
plaiiHO. ] Wo are in the habit , in oui mind * ,
\\ithouilooknig closely at figures , to think
that homo rich ( lections of Kuroj > o tuo fai mnro
populous than any ecctions wo lia\o in Una
country , but in the great United Kingdom of
Gient Jiiltiin and Ireland thcro 13 not as
dense a ] > opnlation ns _ inhabit Massachu
setts f i din thu point to the tea.
There is not in the ciowded kingdom nf liol-
glum , not in that hive of mdtintiy , Jloll.u.d ,
so demo a population as you ojn thin ground
leprc ent today and when you come to com
pare the comfort , thrift , ( jcnoral prosperity of
tlio cntiro people , there is not poclnpi on this
circling gloLo a community : IhU can aland
comparison. Out west on llipr'i ' ) lioh lands ,
that "l.uigh a crop when , ticW , ilwith a hoc , "
in tl ! it ' onnndlesa continuity of / > ace , in
which tlia.igiicultiirnl distiict stictcliris from
the cioflt of thu AJleghcmos to the giant plains
it will bo a surprise to them.if It la not to you ,
that tins county of Worccbti r out of 1,700 and
odd counties th it nriko ilp all of the
states , that this county of Worcester h the
liftoonth in the whole United Ktilen In
the Milno of its agiicullitral product ; nnd
whit is moio Biirptising , th it , standing in this
high lank in agricultural industry and
agricultural inoducts it stands still higher in
inuclianical indiistiy and product m.umfac
tmos , foi in that list -Hnds tenth in
the United Statas. So that , when you coino
to ostimalo tlio li\o thoiisiud nnil luo hun
dred millions of product innmifactmo in a
fcinglo year in this United States , you can eco
what miiHt bo thu magnificent piospenty ; > f
this county , that it Hliould htand fifteenth in
0110 list and tenth in .mother. Gontlmnon ,
Jus county has been long noted nnd long
icnown. It is the county best known In the
Htalo. It is widely Known thioughont the
union , and if it were to bo presented , or if
any county in thin country weio to bo pro-
Hontod as the 0110 exemplar , the ono illustra
tion ofhat free indiutty , and fiuo
hihools and fico education could clo ,
thoio would bo out ) \nico in fa\oi
ot presenting the comil > of Worcosloi as that
exemplai. [ ApplnueVouru ] HomotiiiiCH a
little jealous ol you in Massnclm eellH , hut ,
pt iliaps , it is only for vour guparioi prospoi
ity | lnnn'hteij , but onUldu and beyond that
joalouny , I am here to Kay , on boh df of the
Htato whioh was a pait of tlio old common
wealth , that foi thu county of Wo i coiter , for
the Bt ito of Mnsf.Hmssoll-i , no othei fooling of profound reHpoct ,
admiration and honor. [ Knthusit.4ticclieeiH.j
Thanking you , gentlemen , fur that \ery cor
clntl nndhospitubhi reception vhlch bus been
m.ido BO ngroeablo to-day , anil \ \ flung you
an abundant incn aso of the gieat piospenty
win h surrounds you , I hid you a cordial f.uo
\\ell , [ Applause. )
Drum on tlio Mulligan Vi
Ni.w YOIIK. September 18 , The Sun says :
A paiagraph reprinted elsewhere from the
columns of the Trlbuno shown the \iow which
the iinmidiato fiiomls of Mr. ISIaino take of
thodlncoveiy of the I'mhcr litter of October
21 , 1S71. Thuy Hay that instead of Iwlng sup-
piufibid by 3\fr. \ ltluinutlhU cvlnbratod doiu-
mint has bcon HiipprvHHOd foi < ight yeaiH by
Dlalno's acciihiiH , Without illscusHlni/ that
point wo again cill attention to tlio fact that the
production by Mulligan and Klaher of tlio letter
of Oct. "I , lK71fmully and fully exonerates
Mi. lil.dno from tlio charges tlial ho withheld
part of the content * * of tlio pacKagu obtained
fiom Mulligan in .lime , 187i. ( Ku > ry docu
ment in the lot had b ( on accounted for except
thin ono , The cliargo that Mr , Blnino tun-
lie-red with thu bundluof pJpiM rusted unlely
on Inn failure to i cad tlio 1'iahcr letter of Oct.
iil , 1H"1. Jt was un Mulligan'rt nchedule.
lilainu Bind liu ciiiild nut ( mil it , Why ho
failed to find it H now aiipaiant. It nan ulill
in the p JHSCHHIOII of Mulligan and l''i h.r. It
novel panned into Dlamo'H hand * ,
Ho , told the truth about it.
Ho told the Until when ho minted thu House
that IIIH oxlilbit covoied ouiry ncrup and
Hciimption that ciiinu fiom Mulligan. Now ,
wo nrointeiestod to fco wlutlnir tlio now spi-
pern which haul nigged ii aiust Mr. Jilumu this
Hxcial | charge of iliHlioneittv will retract it
and uNilogi/u. | They hate wronged him in
this lUHpictut leant. In this roupact , lit i aut ,
they ewe him and thonmohe-f afninkand
manly admisiloii of thociior.
IIIK "riuin NK. '
Thu Now Yoik Trlbuno nays : "It in most
humiliating to tint American juoiilo that after
all tliCKO JC.IM of ecjndul and difumation , it
Khould now bo found tint boiiut of them have ;
bet n bofiioled by a lurpcrlilcu Wjiren J''nthcr
into HiiHpictin or hiliuvlng civil of an honon d
and worthy Htatennien like Mr , lilaine. IX-
po cd t tc'iiijititinn every hour for thirty
> ( .uii , alilo to HO ! ! his influence at almost any
time for millioiiH , ho gctn lleccod liy
a 1'inlier becniKu hoMll nut ho dU
hoiioht or will not \oluntarily lot IIIH
iiainu l j tirnlnlu d , lli.i neriltos liavo lieon
lution-il. Thu p.uty boliiud him hatt
liuilu thociaudeit p it of thu hutoiy of tin
nation , Vut thoru aio found men of thai
name nation \\hiwould distort thonoiiUol
tin otato.iinun mVhor than doubt thu knuveu
uhnllifi < f < l him : ho would | JIclio\oibo ; noli.
Ci'iivutod hnr , Mtdhgin , rather thin the in-
iliBiiftnt , Tin * loiter tssltictly tnn'of Mr ,
OAlil MNV ,
Xho Sliuiilrroiifi Conminacy nl' ( lie
irnliiHt Itlnlno Altllt
1)1 1 > lHUO\TJ K
IMMN.iiHH , Snptmnbcr is-In the
I'tiiled States distiu t court thu afternoon the
attouieys fin Mr. Shoeimkrr til.-d i bill of din-
coxery In the Dlnino.Srntlucl libel fiitt. The
lull tx-glns by citing thu fuel of lUaiiin bring
ing iiilt ngainst the Sputmel and ivpoilingllio
otiglnal complaint in the suit , tha Sentinel's
nusurr , and the oiviiiiii-tn\ing | intcriog.ilorioi
nnd the reply of lllimn'H attornejs. The bill
then otates tlmt after tiling thn intcirogato
lie * Shoemaki i'attorueji , on tlio lilh of Sop
trmber , mined the court for a rule ngaliiM
Ulune tonnsuor the panic ulthlii n spocihe I
time U ) bo lived by the court , niotlim
was nrgiutl on Soplombrr II and o\er-
ruhd. The bill then gm s on In my that
inoidrr that certain defonio justiliratinn
ploadiKl by Shoemaker in iy bn obtained It ill
bonocMsniy and miteiial for the oiatois to
clunv and pro\o tint Hlalno hid illicit ivla-
lions with and Boduced the person whom ho
afterwards mniiled , the icsiilt of said intercourse -
course bung the bit th of a iluld in about
three months after snid iminigo. The bill
ioen on to say that tlm oiators are mfoimed
nntllH-llnxo that the maiilage of Hlalno and
11 in i lut Htau\\ oed OLCIII red on or al mill Mirch
H'.llh , 1M11 , in I'lttsbmg. I'a , Hut the mm
rlngo was cando ! tint ly ariiugod , rocn tly
performed and hastily lucomphsliml , that mine
no license \\ni issued by aiiyouthnrityfoi such
inniilngn , none being leipmed by thn laws of
IVmiH } h nni.i at that linli. tint no public
or olhciil recoidas l > i pt foi ( lie MIIIIO
reason , that ono DO an , \\lio olllciatoil
at the pime maimo hns hren juairf , mid that it any \ nite \
niomoranda 01 moid of the nniriingo wn
made , the same was lost 01 dostro\id. The
pirticular ofliich mnirlage in fully kuoivn
to lllnino. The Mil tin n t lies tint at the
Hiino time befoie thodiitoof xnd marringo ,
Iil iino uns .1 piiifosuoi at an instltutoof Icitn
Ing at Drillorhhmg , Ky. , that Minx KUiuwood
\\usanlnstriictiessina fun ilo school at the
s.11110 place , nud that they there becimonc
< 1U ilntod. Both \\oro unniariied and that
lilnlno addressul Mil's Stanuood isanmtor ;
tiiat he gamed hci ronfidoncu nnd illultieln
tions onaued. That a chort time In foio saul
marriage , Jacob Stinuood , a brothoi
or undo of llainet 01 HOIIIO othir
poison or permits unktioix n to the oratorj \ is
ited lilaino. charged him uith liemu' the
um o of Mi ! < s Stanuood a eonilltlon , and
tluviteued him with pcisnnaliolenco unless
ho married her ; tlmt lilaino nrulono denial of
the charges , nul in con eiiuonce ot boiug
thuatimd ngieed to many her ; that one 01
moid persons \\cro IIIPWnt at the interview
hotween IMamo and the rolati\cs , but thoio
petsous are unliiiown to the oratois , Thu bill
then states th it aftei marrngo Miu Blame
wont to Autjusti , M aino where a child was
hoi n about. I into 18 , 1S51 , and tint end child
was recogtn/edatd acknowledged bvUlnme as
IIIH son. The orators fin ther Hay they lm\e
n good and % alid dcfoneu us stated in their plea
of justification , tlut the facts stated in tni'ir
aiiHU'n nio true and thit thosimo i in bo fully
established by the. answer of lilaino to the In
Lorrogatoiics horetofoto pniiounded ] , all the
circumit.uices being fully Known tn him and
a full and complete disco\eiy of raid facts
from and bv lilaino is to tlio orators
in their detente in aid of mich other testimony
as may be procurable. Vnlesn this is
done the era otH iinnot so fully
tct out and completely show and
piovo the facts nocsHary to theii defense. The
oratoi-s therefore pi.iy th it a full and complete
disco\erybo mauo hy lilaino in relation to
ho facU heretofore stated , and to tlmt ou'l
ho bo summoned to misuer the H.UIIO imdor
oath. Tito bill closes by asking that a writ of
silpoent bo issued out of chincory for lilaino ,
nnd that lie bo oidcicd to ansucrtha interio-
Limit's tint the proceedings be stuycd
until Hiich a time us lllumo miy
nusuor ; th it in case fails to auor the
said lull , 01 fully and truly to answer tlio in
torrngiitoriCH , furthoi proceedings will bo pci-
[ letuidly st lyodand ie lrained. The mil was
lot filed until 7 o'clock , and the com'tadjourn
ed without taking uilion.
They llixxc their Innlnua i'or AlniHO 01
Siptomber IS. Tomonow
Tad I' his imoeiiitos ill issuean ad-
IrCHsto tlio Wiscoiihin IndepoudontH. Tlnoo
> f the Mulligui lettori ) are gi\oo. The next
ict of Mi. lilnlnu which the cdilroxs touches
ipon is his support of the bill to chiiigo thu
n'oxennnoiit loin foi the * li 1,000,000 aihanciJ
, o the I'.itilic i lilway fioin the lunt to the
suLond mortgage , ( Jontimiiiig , thu nildiejj
tuiichi s ut HUIIII hngtli upon Mr. Jtluine'H
Little Rock railroad Htock and s ijs "If it IH
not absolutely diiiinnstratid it is itleaHtmado
xiry piobible , that the b7 > ' ' , OJO I.illliItock
jciu Is w < nt from lilainu to .losnh OiiMwull ,
Ins fiiiind and coorKoi in Little Itoek ami
ithu alfaiiH , from Cald\vell to Scott , and from
Scutt to the Union 1'acihc , anil tlut thu lil ,
1 OJ uish found its way hick to Mi. Jllaino by
Lho Himo circuitoiiH routi , " The addiorH
iiiotiH | from Mr , Illame's speech in COIIKIISH in
Api 1 , 1870 , showing the manin-r m which ho
tin iino ou in r of the bondrt. It n c Mints tin
will kmmn facts tint bee iinn publlu before
the cotigicHKlontil conimittuo in Ih7 < > , and Mays.
"Ills difondirn nay that u member
of congichs u outlthd to inalco inveslmoiitri in
iniluuy tttodc and bonds ulth peifict pro
prioty. " Tlio addreHS conclmlcs as follows
"What would he the < Ifoct of Mi. liluno'H
. Itttiim upon thu i arty itsoll. What would
bo lU i ( feet upon tlio countij ' lloai in mind
that all these lottcr/i upon which the churges
m iinlv depend for tin Ir support \\eio writtun
toOIH porson. Dc.ii m mind that Ml. lilaino
was an able , eiicigutlo man , actively engaged
mills pmnlo luminous ( ulmteur It na ) all
the time lib as in congress. If IIM lettois
to olhi r moil with wlimn bo did
biiHinuss weroexposi il , aswciu the h tteiH to
1 i > hc'i , what uonld ) ou expect to xou' A to
( old of tinth , purity , nnd honoi , oiuioula-
tinii of jobburv , cocriiption , nnd disgiacu'
Thi't M a iiiphtiou for \ou to IUIHUOI. As for
usui , heliiivo that if thu ruuird of Mr. Itlaino
\\urn fully spread bufi/io thu iieoplu , and wuro
nndorktooJ , then ) would lo just as little lil > o-
lllioi.d of his hi ing elected president an of Ills
hi ing inado 1'ojiu ,
Tlio Tripurnii ) Tniiilili ) .
Gun Ai.O , Scplombei 18. 'J'ho gem nil man-
iigeu of all wostein railways held atiuthur hvo
, ending at ono o'clock today , and
ailjonrnod till four this afternoon without ac
complishing anything touatd the settlement
of the NibiasKa ipiiisliini , 'Ihls \ vimudu
the solo topic of to-dayVt delirji rations. Three
oi font new propositions \\iiro m/gustid
which , howovur , vaiiod only slightly fiom
tliuso herclnforu put foi ward. Onu miggustloii
today was that tlio ituhjuct be rufi rred to thu
priKidenti nf the dilforont rinds , but
tliU nan dofuntud , Jtuis tlien sug
gcstnd that the iniiitlng niljumn foi cixty
days and leave mattcirf In statu ipio Thin
was alto dufoatod. Win n the HI salon adjoiiinuil
iiopniposiliun of any kinil was pending and
al four o'clock mgotliitioiH will h ivo to brgln
entirely allow. 'I his morning for thu ! ir t
tiinu the Union 1'acllic. inch hid niiiaiiiod
nuitial un all proportions looking to ulnoga-
lion or i ontliiuaiico o | thu tiipartitu UKICU-
mi nt , voted lulco with the Miluankoo
fit. 1'aul nnd Koik Inland roads lor pupi tmi.
Him of thiililpuillteaun < inent. 'J'heli micr ol
the liiirlin ton tn lid thitt the the til-
p u tlto ugrooimnt mint | ; n as n
condition for any further nogo
tUtlon. and , if this U hold tti , It is bollivui ) :
thu pnitent sBHsion will adjourn without fin-
tlier action , Thugamial fiuglit and passin
goi Pgcnts worked all tin ) morning on the de
\tinU coiiuocU'd nith thu furnutiun of thu uou
( illfnrnlt pool , and Ilia 10 iwlftMMmttnt of
the tiiiineotitini'ntfll a .iH Holl. Itwiimn-
timmied till * morning tlmt Mr. Untimiwo'dd
n it ngntn ai copt tli" p iMtion of anminlimuiiier
of thn traimeontmrntiil a < oeiaUon , nnd a now
appointment will bo mndfi.
TI e session thh aflernnon A\as of hott ditr
nlioii mid \ \ undjourned until lo-moriow at
11 o'eloi kuthout an attempt al thn coml I-
crution of any iii-w pronosltl , n. Tlu > nifcling
'f the ixwh interested in thu smillwcslern
umber jmol was hold this afternoon and on
notion of the HurliiiRlou it was decided toiin-
npiltltoly dissolve the ixiol. Tlio voids
igrrisl , houinci , to astabluh itud maintain
. \\el\oeenlraleiniteidofciglit8en conta M
cilledforby tholarlir ,
Tlio IMutliorn
Xi\v : \ YOIIK , September IS The atinml
m otiitif of tlto Not them Vacilic railroad is
iow In Fi tslon , Tlio annual report for tha
ymr ended JuiioIM ) , issi , uho s the oltnings ,
I cluiling leceip's from leiscd nud hr.itich
roads hive bnpn Slii ! ( 1,1,57. ! oporatilig ex-
lomes 7,177,751 ! net eainlngs , S.l n,8JOi
snrplm otorall livett dnrges and expenses
'orthojeir St,0"iTi'i5l. ( ( This nmiiiint lo
rdlier \\ith the surplus for the > oir I'liding
.limo.r.ih . , 18M in nil S''JO'i'ji'l ; ' hn be-on
used ID piy fet equipment as nuthoriri-d in
n tlie plan of orguiir.ntion.
riiose figures do not include
oc < ipts from laud Giles , Thn nniount left
iMilhiblo for fnttiro mos is S3hlK ,00 ( ) .
The following diiectiiM worn elected for
s.sI'rodcriok | Hilling * , Charles II , Wnght ,
tobott I'art.1. . W. r.dls , A.ltnlmout , .1. Jj.
Shnelcpolo , llnntnmin 1' . Ohciinv , .lohiison
LUIngUoti , John O. nullelt , T. 1\ Oakes , K.
i. KolBton , ,1. II. Hall , X. I' . Unllouell.
Alesirs. Hull and llillimoll iepii" > cnt the Ut-
ogon tiani-contiiic'ntal couiiany. There was
no opposition ,
Olllolnl l < 'l | > iircH Kroin Atnlnr.
I'oiiTiAMi , Mnina , Seplombcr 17. Tlio foi-
liming 1m o boon leeched diie'ct from the
socretaiy of state :
AIHUST.I , Sept.lSI give you the footings
iflhoolofor gintmor : Itobio , 7S.H'J ; Kcd-
mm , filUWt ; II. 15. iatont,137 : : ; Kuslcs.l.l'JO ;
W. A. Kitou , ! )7 ) ; scattering , 10. This compi
lation ts madu from the clerk's returns lo Ibis
ollico , excepting the towns of Houlton , Sher
man , Klngmin , Now Portland , Newport ,
I'.istpott , Watorboro and the plantations of
3-istlo Hill and number II , Washington Co.
I'etmiH from seven touns and two planla
tmns are fiom othei sources , but il id believed
will bo substanti dly coirect. All cities , ho\v
) \ur , anil plantations of tha state ato'included
n the aboNoeoinpilatiim.
( Siguod ) .TOSKIMI O. SMITH ,
Secretary of Stato.
TUSKIO\\S | ! the lopublican plmality lo bo
1 ( > , > 1 nud the gain in or 1889 of 'JO.OHO. The
uaiotity is 15,111.
Ilnlfnid'H OliuiiKO or llonrt.
WvsilisiJTOV , Siptumber IS Congicss
man llelfoul , the ' 'tip ro.iring led bonded
loostei of tile lioeldo1 , " as his constituents in
Colorado call 1 mi , has uriltxn a letter to the
democratic coiigrespioniil commilleo , inhich
lie aimoimees his deteimin ition to run ngainst
the icpnblicin nominee for cougictu us an
iiidopeiident domocratio anti-monopolist. Hoi-
Fold h is been a lifo-inng republican. JIols
tliu intimiitu fiioiid of litant and Conkling.
and his jomiiik' the dumociatii : ranks .vill do
much lo impiril upublicnn HUICISH m his own
etale. Hi ) write ! to thodeiiiaeiatlocoinmiUeo
nslilng that ducuniouU lie pnnt to Colouulo lo
aid him in bis fighl , and Unit npcakorn maybe
bo aiHignod to ttuiup the ntatu against the 10
publican miniimo , His ixquestM will bo
granted ,
'JCho XoivSoltllcro' Home.
Dvviov , Ohio , September 18. Tim
boird of nmiageiH for disabled \olim-
tin soldic'rs nirl\iil hero this morning and 10-
\iowed 1,000 volor.insdr.iMii In hut ) on C < n-
tial Uratich campus. 'Jho dolrgatioiiH from
Aikansas , K.iiisis , MNsoini , Iowa and No-
Inaska , hero to prchiint theii clainn for tlm
wi stern In. inch accompinied them. After thu
inspection the boa id mot in memorial hull and
roiohed logixo each state a h df hour and
city ten minutes to picsont its inducements
for tlm locution of such blanch in then statii ,
The nftci noon was cimsnm > d in the trnnsso-
lion of legnlai biiHliKsiand the inspection of
Lho homn. The et ito comimttus will bo hoard
Lo.morrou. fi {
Under in
XkW MIK , N. .1. , Seplembei IH. At the fair
to-day ( i encial Duller spoke foi ton minutes
to a largo uimd. Ho said ho hid ne\ei
thought of talking politics at a fair , and do-
yutid the mostiif Ins speech to aihising farm-
is to ruise Koiglinm und ptoduia nnd IOHMJ
thn t tilth. ilion of Kiain to the great stales of
.linwist. Thu spiecb WIIHiuinly ihcoiod.
In thu oiiing at npi uu in Ni wark
i uowd of 10,000 people listi urd lo a polilicil
nldiossby tJuiiiral ItntleiUio thru proceed-
dtolhe Acnlemy if Mn-io , wheio he fol-
ouiil Seiuitoi ( liady in a brief speech tow
cnmdod aiiu'ionee.
ItllHU Bill ) .
/At C'incinnili CiucinnatiK 'I ; Athhticw ( i.
Toledo Tolodos 17 ; Mi tiopolitans li.
At SI , LouisSt. . l.oiiii 0 ; Alleglnnoy I.
At Clmeland Now Voik'.l ' ; Cleveland It.
DotioitDi'troiti d ; 1'iovideneos II.
At Coliimbus-ColiimbiiH , ' 'j lialeimoru f > .
At Louisvillo-l.oulsvillo , 1 ; Jliooklvii , ' - ' .
At liniralo Jiiiliiilt ) , < i ; J'liiladolphia , ' . ' .
At Chicago. Chicigo 17 , HoitonO.
At ImlianapoIiH Jiidiniiapolisll ; Vngini-is
At Washington- Unions , Nationals , I ; SI.
oiii 2.
lilnlno KoBuliuH Now Voile.
NKW Yoilh , Soplember IH lilalno arrlvoe
hero on n Irani OUT the Now York , Now
Haven li Haitford road al 11 o'clock t ' night.
Ilocaino on u reunlai p.itsongur train , h.iMiig
duliniid tlio olfer of a special turn from tin
rnlboad company , Chuiniiim 1 ! . T. .limes , of
tin1 republican nnllon il lommittao , Hi nutoi
Warner Millei , Colhelor ItoliorUm and l/\-
( joi < nor ( Joinell mil HID tialn at the station ,
3Ci'Viliilliniry. ( (
] ! IIUSHI.IH , Soptomboi 18Hands of cill/i ns
paraded the pilnclpal M" ntcis of the city lasl
i > \ tiling , The loyal pilaco was the ccntro o
atliacMon and luforo it multitudes gathc'iod
Thu Iiing was honied and the ciy of "Vivo L.
Itupiiblnjiiu , frcijuently hoaid , Lihc-ia
papiMiippaul to the peojilo to leinaln call )
and IIHO only lawful incuim to combat the ulu
cation bill ,
Italy Olioloni Itiillclin ,
KOMI , Sejiti inborlS , IJiilletlnof tlio lta\a
gcs of cholor.i In Italy for the past -I hours
Naplim ( I'roviiico ) ! M cases , 17 doatln , Na
plod ( City ) 507 U.IHUS , 'Jri.i deaths , Other L'nn
mces , l"f cases , 08 deiHis ,
Hunk la tlio
Hi' . KOLIS , Heiitunbci 18. The steamer Da
kola wan sunk m tin MIUBOUI ! rltur ma
I'nividiiieo this morning , on hu trip up tha
stream. Her fielght list was light. She wu :
uilutd nt 'J 1,000 ; Insiifi d foi ! jI5COO.
Dontli ol'u I'liiiiiliiiiiit Imuyer.
C'liicii.o , Soptoinber 18.L' . C. Larued out
of the oldi stand beht known numbers of the
IJlinoH bar , died at Lake 1'oiust last night
Ills unidi nee of lute jeais Inn been nt l'ro\
Idence , U , 1.
A TalOKrapli Coiiiimny In Trouble.
NKW YOIIK , Soptombi i 18.- The Dankcrx
and Merihants'Tilegraiili company , upplieil
to the Hiiprenio couii for the appointmout of i
rocoivei , A nuiiibiu of cioditou appeared in
com I to oppotu the application ,
'i ' ! Business at M
Yards ani on
Oaltlo Active and T J - -
on Natives 11 < fri
t *
Hoes Light Reooipts ,
niand , Higher Priced
The Grain Markets Again Very
, Aotivd
Fierce Exoitouiont in Oorn , With
Better Prices ,
Onto JVToacrntoly Finn V'orkUmost
Nominal niul Imnl Firm mid ]
\rri.E. .
Speciil Telegram to TUB DKK.
Cmi'Aiio , SeptemliDr W. Thcro were lers )
thin 150 cars of 'JYvnunml territorial rwuger *
ninongIho fresh tocolpts nnd about 200 cai
of ittti\r3 , nmking the hon\iet rim ef llto lot-
tei for nny day Ihia wool : . Tito mnrkot gen
erally was fnhly nctl\o but prices were ng.iin
undo lowei on common niodlnm native ? , of
vhleh there win n largo supply nnd these sorts
ire stiong ul2"i to 1UOlower tlinn last week ,
lust solid fully lini-liul nntU es nro steady but
tot quiet as Bluing as joslorday or last \ \ eok.
J'horo is an ncti\o demand for ntoekora i.ud ono
ir two of the Hoteuliting linns sold out yes-
erdny. O\or 1,000 bend of jeirlings mill
slockers hn\o bcon ( old within uday or two.
Stuck calxes nro nlao In good doiniud , ship
nonls jc-terdny witching o\cr 1,000 bend.
Host rnnge calllo , i tthiT Tc\ait9 or westerns
no making fair prices nnd in good demand.
Uecolplrt of w'esturns und Toxnns todny
ivas KomowhU bi-low the n\erago of
,110 past fowdnjw. Coin fed nntius OhO to
i 10 ; rnngo c.iltlo nro nro ( tolling nt nbotit the
'ollowiug' Toxaus 753 to 8 , " > 0 pounds 'A 7i" > leI
I 22 , DOOto 1000 pounds I 10 to ICO ; Wye-
nlng , Montana and Nebraskns ) 25 to u 50 :
rnnxo tailings , inelndlug cows nud bulls 2 50
10 : i 75 ; good to choicu 1250 to 1250 pounds
! 10 toll 50 ; common to fair GOO lo 0(0. (
nlos ' .ill Toxnii' , 751 pounds , nt ! t iO. 51
IVtnna tisrt pomids , at I 10 ; 210 TON.IIIS , 10U1
poiinili ) , nt 000 : 211 Col , Toxans. 10J1 pounds
it I s' ) ; 200 Col , TnxaitH , 1015 pounds , at 1 N"t ;
JS Col. Toxnns , 11111 pounds , nt 5 00.
light , fail demand , ami puces again
strong nt 0 lo lOc higher , making nil advance
of 20 to ! ! "io for Ihu piat two dnys. The pans
woroucll cli'.inud out nt mt oaily hour , the
moikot closing steady. Sales : Skips and RIass
art * nt 1 50 to 5 25 ; assorted light at 5 75 to
510. Tin ro was nil improved demand foi
light BoitH. Common to medium pickeiH madii
0 60 to 5 75 , and tjcstlieaw ( iOOto OIU. Light ,
lee to 200 ibs , : . ro to o : io.
The giain matkets woie again vciy acliu' ,
w till a stiongcr toiui m all markets. Outs-nU'
orderHWernmuro immcrous for wlitfnt. Tlio
mnrkot opened eaeier. 1' i ices full oil 4 lo J ,
Ihon lulcd lirmnnd ttoiily for imliilo , then
steadily advnneed llo li under good opcea-
litlito demand , divi.stoJ idiino Iiynn advancing
tendency in corn. Liter it eased elf triflu
nnd closed on the rcgulai bo ud , J higher than
yesterday. Oil the atternoim board the feeling
was ngnin firm , nnd pnci'j ro u J to K closing
at77fjfor Octoboi , 7DA to 7U ! fm I\oMJinber ,
nnd bOj for lceembor.
i onx.
'I ' ho e'NCitemont in corn again nut fierce anil
litgh lo-day. Canh nud September moved up
from OS to ( > 0 on Iho rflgiihu board , nnd then
to Iil on thu afternoon board. The afreet w.13
full iu nil futini'H nnd the > y we'll ) corrosond- ]
mgly Btrong. The fliorts in ulu frantic c'lFotti
In ii co\or , and niatun illy nided in nduincing
IIIICCH. The closing llguros of ltn [ day were ,
11 for Soptemboi , ol for October , IC | for
No\emhe i ,
ruled model ntely lit in , closing nt 25. } for Sep-
Li'inbei , 25A foi Octobci , - . " > ! foi NoxcMiibor ,
2'J ' fi-r .Mny.
dmosl nominal , closing , il ] ( ! 75 for Scplcm-
bci , 17 00 foi Oclobar , 1125 foi Iho year.
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was firm , cloHing nt 7 ID for Soptoinber mill
7 UJ.foi Noember. .
CiiAHioin : , Mich , Soptrmber 18. Samuel
Robiiuoii , mayoi of tlm city , \\.ii fibot by a
tramp at .about lO.oO ii'i lock last jight. Tlio
man was first dlscomcd by Mrs. liobinaon ,
pecilng into thi' window. Mr. Jtnbm.son , who
hud lotned , W.IH callul , nnd wont out nnd or-
diiid Iho follow off the prcmUiM , After
walking nwny about ton fcot , Iho follow fiicil
IwoBhol" , ono of which took eiruct in Mr.
Roblnson'H breast , jusiing downwnt 1 anil
lodging ni'ai HID lift lung. The alarm WAH
imeii imnii'ill.itoly , nnd n great many citizens
and the ollu CM began a , KO.irch for Iho ns-
h.iHHin. ] lo was found about 1 o'clock urar the
( irand Trunk depot , when * It is thoiiuht ho
pnrpiMod I iking n limn which was nearly due.
On hid jieiKon was found n nuor mid a ro-
\olvci. At I o'clock the prisoner wan taken
to Ah' Hobinson'H hoiiao , nnd identified by
both him nnil liN wifo. Mi. Uobiusou'H cnn-
ilition Uiiy cntical nnd his rucmeiy doubt
ful. The prlhoniir denies the crime aud UlkH
xi'ryhttlo. Ho given liU naiuo ns J. Moirn ,
of Detroit llo hero on the f > o'clock p.
m , tinln yCHtoiday from lint tie' Creek. There
IH Hliong talk of lunging him. nnd f liouhl tlio
caHO jirovo fatal thoio would baumall chnnco *
for Inn life' .
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