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    I HE H.H
The Great Political Campaign
to Take Form ,
Eooruiting Olansj Marshaling
Foroas Every Wherei
Hondrioks Rs-itorates the Anoiont
and Exploded Dogmasi
And Passes Opinion on lltho
Great Labor Candidate/ '
St , John at Houio Butler on
His Travels
Nc\v T'catiircH of the Illaliic-Scntlncl
tiihcl Suit Callfornla.M Oainpalmi
ConuncnucH I'oliticnl
luin of Kyory Variety.
IxiMAXAl'oi.l.s , 1ml. , September P. MX-
Governor Ilendricks addressed S,000 people
a' Jhmcio to-day. In the course of hU
speech ho said : It is now twonty-fivo years
that the republican party has controlled the
administration and executive affaira of this
country , and it is of the first importance that
you and I should consider the question
whether that is as long as ono bet of men
ought to continue in absolute control , in other
words , the question is before us , cniiltl not
there bo a clinngo' ! 1 ask your ntteution only
to the last nineteen years during which that
party has coutiolled tin administration
and executive nlfnirs of the country. I
could not find figuro3 or words to express to
you the enormous sums of money that
have been collected and the euorinousi sums of
money thnt have been paid out. 1 will refer ,
by way of illustration , only to one year. Dur
ing tlio last year , as icported by the secreta-y
of the treasury , the collections and expendi
ture ? amounted to SGi3,000,000 ( , The history
of those transactions are found in many thou
sands of volumes and they were recordeiiiby
many thousand moil , men belongim ; to ouo
party only. No democrats have bean allowed
to participate in any of the allaira of the coun
try. 1 speak in substance. An occasional dem
ocrat may bo allowed an ollice , but fi r
the great purposes of administeiing the af
fairs of thego\ernm nt the democrats hn\o
been excluded and to you men thoipiO'tion is
pronented now , ought there not be a change ?
Shall they be open.d ? Shall tharo he an op
portunity for us to know has been wrong
in tlio records of tha country , so that we may
know whether it is well or ill ? I do not claim
that one political party , in the lirst place , in
its organization , is probably any mcio honest
than any other. If wo had no political par
ties in this country , and were going to estab
lish two political patties , and were to run a
line through this crowd , and thu men on that
aide were to bo of ono party and the men on
tliia side of the other party , the chances would
bo that there would bo just
a < < many honest men on one side as on the
othsr.and as many ropuoi , perhaps , as on the
other ; but suppose this p.irtv comes into
power , and it becomes established , that it is
going to retain power twentv years , and have
tlio control of the otlices , the cjntrol of the
money and of tha country , don't yon too that
all the rcgnua on this Mdo would gradually
come over and join the Btivng Ma and giadu-
ally push honest men OH this tide until they
would take control of the dominant
party themselves I don't expact , Gcntlnmcn ,
that all men in ollice should be turned out. I
do notdusira that where a republican , gov
erned by his conscientious coin iction , liaslK'on
inollicaand has proven himself to heatiuo
nnd honest man iu the administration of that
ollice , I do not nek that ho shall belurneJout ;
but 1 ask that honest men ahall bo placed in
ollico sulliclontly numerous to give the people
of this country information in regard to their
alfairs. Tha lepubliuans , for tlio hiit nineteen
years , have said to every democrat , you shall
have no voice in the control of the attain of
the government. They have seen fit to ocuupy
that position with n cruel proi-ciiiitivu policy ,
excluding every man tint did nut an't'ee with
them. What do you think , my eiuntry.nien ?
Shall it be continued any longer ? [ Cries of
"no : " ] Mr. Calkins lepublican canilidato for
governor , in a speech a weeks ago , said wn had
S100,00ai Oil in the treasury. He said that by
way of bravadoi-ii ( ) . What i iht Ins the gov
ernment tu 8100,030,000 of th ? peoplt-j money
that it has no occasion to use in the adminis
tration of its ulfture ? What would be the of-
fest if tixes were minced eo that money would
como hack into your pockets and into the chan
nels of trade ? lim't yon know that it would
"timnlate enterprise ? Don't you know tint it
would gjve.employment to laborers ? Send the
money into the channels of trade | and wheat
wont Pell nt a bogging market for i > 2 cents , 7-
cents and 78 cents per bushel.
o County
Ki.vllNir : : , Neb. , September ( ! . The antimonopoly -
monopoly convention for the Twenty-sixth
senatorial district met here to-day and nomi
nated K. C. Calkins for feaator. His iiomin-
ntion was endorsed by th democratic conven
tion , accepting him , not as a democrat , but as
an nnti-monopollst. The judicial convention
of tlio same party alto mat and nominated
.lohii Hard for judge of the Tenth dUtiict and
Thomas S. Nightingale , of l.oup City , for
prohecntiiig attorney. Stirring speeches wore
made by .Mr. CalKins and L. W. lireono.
Dciiiocriitlo County Conventions.
1'AW.VUK Cirv , September 0 , The demo
cratic county convention assembled to-day and
elected delegates to thohtato and uoDgroashin
nl conventions at Omaha ,
The following delegates were elected to the
state convention : C. T. KdetA. . AV. Hloum
field , It , W. ISuwman.C. A..I.Moss , .T , ( i , ] '
Hildohrand , .
Congrosiional delegates ? .f. W. McCaHlaml ,
J. (1. i' . Jlildobrand , 1) . C. Str.itoii , 1) . T
Meeker , Charles llnmphioy.
State delegates are hi favor of Morton fi r
governor and ( fovcrimr Duller for fusion can
didate for coDgrem. The democrats and anti-
monojiolisU are slronply in favor of fusion.
The Cleveland boom increa'es daily. 1'ull
dolegatloin will RO from hero to all conven
tions ,
I' , September 7. The democracy
of S.trpy county iwsombled hero to-d.iy nnd se
lected dolegnte < to tha congressional , judicial
and stile convention" . The convention wns
well attended. The fallow Ing resolution wns
unnninion ly ndoptod :
Hejolvod , That the delegation from thi
county to the state comcnliou bo Instructed
to n o nil honorable mean * to hn\o the name
of lion. S. F. Itnrtull placed upon the elector-
nl ticket.
The doleznteo to Ili3 otnte convention nre :
lien Jlolmnti , lion. ,1olin ( j. ( tojs , li.irtVil -
eon and ICdgnr llownrd
Ul.Atli , Neb. , Septsmber ( i. At the demo ,
crnlic cunvoutum to-day the following delegates -
gates were elected to the so\oral convention * :
To the state conxontioni L' . 11 , Ulnrk , , lee
.rohnsou. Frank Hiilnniau , 1'otcr Ilammany
Senatorial : Samuel I ! . ' .Jlover , W. 11. I'm-
mer , W. C.Deaton , Win. Stolteuberg.
Tnird judicial ilistiict : A. M. Dewing , W.
H. I'ntmwotth , K. M. Stonndfield , lien. Xcal ,
1' . ( ! . Cooper , H. Schoder , .jnliua Lund.
To the senatorial convention : F. M , Fram-
worth , George Slch , F. It. lUvie , W. Lysou ,
F. ! ' . Bunlick , .loo .lolmsou , and M" . U.
The democrats of Lancaster county made
the following nomination ! ) :
Lexislativo ticket. Senators. W. 15. Mor-
rlsion , A. .1. Sawyer.
IJoprojentatives. Henry Simmon' , Henry
K. Jjewi * , A. S. Tibbets , .1. V. Wolf , .lames
Lodwith , ICugeno
DKLIQATKS : TO THI : HTATI : rosvKxrio.v ,
Goo. llngensick , Win. McLauglilin , 11.
llolemberg , John McManigal , K. 1' . Child , W.
1' . 1'ryor , K. T. Iluihon , 11. H. Edwards , A.
W. Krvim- .
C. F. Lidolph , A. . 1. Sawyer , J. V. Wulf ,
M. .Oppenhoimer , M. Montgomery , H. .1.
Whitmore , .lohu M. llurks , U. S. Jlaloney ,
Jr. , ilndgo Crooke.
Tlie following resolutions were unanimously
adopted :
" \Ve tha democrats of Lancaster county in
in convention nesemblcd , do hereby instruct
the delegates to the democratic convention
to use all honor.ible methods to eecute the
nomination of lion , J. Sterling M tirCoii for
governor of the state of Nebtaskn , and we
do pledge our earnest and cordial suppoit to
bccnro his election if nominated. "
Resolved , That the Uw enforced by n re
publican legislature in this state whereby a
monopoly ot convict labor is given to one
linn mid placed in competition with the hon
est labor of the st'ito and Lancaster county
thereby madon peiral colony , is detrimental
to the bast interest of tha state , and particu
larly to Lancaster county.
Uexolved , That we condemn the action of
tin board of commissioners of public lands
and buildings in not awarding the contract for
erecting the main part of the capitol building
to the lowest tC'iioiiribEe bidder , whoiehy
they would have saved to this psople of the
Itesolved , liy the democracy of Lancntor
county in convention assembled ! , that in JIou.
1' . I ) . Stmdevant , our present stUo treasur
er , \yo recognize an able , ellicient and honest
ollidal , and wo most earnestly lecomni , ,
the state convention hii renomimitioii. ml t
oroi : .
NKI.UASIC.V CITY , September 0. The demo
cratic convention met nt Syracuse jes'erday
md every prf cinct was represented. The con
vention was called to order by Hon. Hubert
I'ayno. secretary of the central committee.
On motion Mr. i'.vyno was elected temporary
cliaiinran , William Clnrv bocrotnry and Ji. ] ) .
Marnell assistant. This organization was
made peiiuanent. The following resolution
was then adopted :
Fii.MONT : , Nebraska , Siptomber ( I. The
lemocratic convention for IJoilge county met
! iore to day and elected the following delegate t
to the state convention : W. L. May , Geoigo
] j. Loonds , X. W. Snrills , James Murray , M.
H. Hinmanat , John Farrcll , H. Williams , N ,
I'nscnl , George C. Laiid.
lelcgats to congreiiiimal convention : John
H. Sherwin , Louis Spear , .1. JJ. Smith , C. J ) .
Jiardnnier , H.H. Ijoosehi.'ii , John Uomberj. ,
Michael Kyan , Ashley Park , John Dehmcy.
The delegates piesent uro to cast the full
vet J of the delegation.
A resolution was unanimously passed to nso
all honorable means to secure the Humiliation
if Judge Gustavo lieiioako , of Omaha , for
stati auditor.
Kei-'olvoj , JJy the dcmocraoy of Otoo cnun-
; y. in convention assembled , that the delo-
; ates selected by ttiis convention to represent
his coiioty in the democratic xtato eonvnn-
ion to b hold : n ( Inrilin September 11 , 16SI ,
; onnd they are Inrflby instructed to cast their
vote as a unita for W. 11 Alnnger. f'ir the of-
ice1 of attorney general uf the ntato of Nobras-
; a ; and that they also ba and are hereby in-
Cincti'il to cist their vote as a unit for the
loniination of .1. Starling Morton , for govcrii-
ir of this stati' .
Tno following doloifales wore elected to the
dilforent conventions :
Stato-J , S. Morton. 1) . Maconlnjf , T. W.
I'oiter , Itubeit 1'ayne , I , , JJnyatt. . ) . Vf. Ka-
ton , M. Jiauor , JO. Munii , .M. 1) . Campbell ,
md ( .i. W. Covell.
Congrensional W. A. Cotton , I'M Sheldon ,
siah Modern , F. Harney , Dr. Sliirmer , I ) .
Stranb , .1. W. ICIddoo , Harry Cox , W. T.
Janaila , CI. W. l''i.spr.
Judicial H. It.Wodohou-o , D.T. Hnydcn ,
A. 1 ! . lirown , William Hawko. T. J. Jnckson ,
L. Kimo , ilnniSH M.cAleor , C. M. Hubner ,
lohn Stcinhart nnd Ji. I' . Davis.
The following gentlemen were nominated
tnr the legislative ticket :
Senator Loui.s Huetel ( repiOM'iitative last
term ) . For representatives ICugeno Mnnn ,
J. W. Morris uud Klii'rt 1'ayne. Cominis-
hioner W. T. Sloan.
Secretary Lincoln and his wi'e have gone to
Washington with the remains of Mrs. Harlan.
The chief of police of tjnincy. 111 , , was BUH-
jioiuU'd by the mayor for oillcial irregularities.
The Jacksinian political club perenaded Gov
prniir Cleveland nt Albany on Saturday even
Alderman George Kolxtrtson , n pi eminent
citizen of Burlington , lowu , died hiiddualy ,
The Iowa commission of the Now Oilcans
World's fair will meetnt Cedar Rapid' , Sep
tember 10.
About 8 000 bushels of wheat wf re discovered
in a New York wnrchousa to bo In a damaged
condition ,
Assistant Postmaster Iforgus , of Alvin , III. ,
was nrrestod in Chicagu Patmday fcr iitling
re 'istorod lottery ,
TJiii colored citiwns of Niw Voik hold "ft
meeting Hiturday night to'diecuss tliu political
Union J'ai/is ollicers In St. T. < mU < l ny
the repmt that the eompnny s ollices in that
city me to be elo ed.
The Second Xntional lunk of Xonln , Ohio ,
has made good its unpaired capital and has
been authoiized to ic. < muo bu ine. < s.
The ] J. C. It. fi N. , railroad have applied to
the Stock K\clinno for the listing of $ ltl.5 : ,
0U0 of the new ft per csnt bonds.
The srh'dulo of a.silgnmont of C. M. lla ctt
A Co. , dealers in straw goods , New York ,
rhw their liahllitios to be 5111,000.
C. C. Comsok ( , In the Grand Itnplp. * ,
Mich. , district : has been nominated for con
gress by the democrat * nud greenbackers.
J Jit N ropoited from Hixt'iii that Wet t , candidate
didato for vlee-proidcnt on tinKtitlrr ticket ,
will be tnken elf nod llomlrlcks Mibstltulcd ,
L. H. Wellcr wax renominntod for coiiRropi
Saturday by the democrat * of the Fourth
Iowa dlstnct. _ He Ins nNo ircoivitl the
gi eenback nomination.
Throe hundred of tlio cNcurfioning scien
tists from I'lnladelphia to Long Draneh Sat
urday wcrn entertained by lion ? . Isaac Lon ,
Geo. W. Childs and U. & Grant.
The Now York KvcnlngTo't doisnot taken
very hopeful view of the railroad situation. It
considers the chances olim for adjusting the
new percentage between the trunk lino1.
The trustees of the city of Geneva haxopa's-
ed resolutions of i egret at the death of Secro-
taiy Folirrr. Most oftho state ollicers , mid
possibly Governor CloM'land , nro expected to
attend the fnncra' ' ,
1'hil Thomps'in Jr. , the Kentucky congress
man rendered famous HOMO months since by
the shooting of his wife's paramour , was de
feated for nomination Saturday by c.Gov. .
Jos. IJ. McCrowy.
The bank statement showf loans , increase
Sl.-iniOOU ; Hiifclu. docrenso 8210,000 ; hyal
tnnders , decrease § 80,000 ; reserve , 81,071,000.
The bankers now hold SilO/i 10,000 in excess of
legal reiiilremenls. [
The imports nt the prt > of Now York for
the week ending Sntmday , wete S7 , ! i5,0t,0 ,
of which S2.-i : < ! > ,000 was dry goods and 85-
fi2i,000 ( general merclmndise. Total imports
since January , ate S'JOj.IV.Il.fiOO against $ , " > 30-
753,01)0 ) for Ilia sn'no peiiod last jear.
A laree a . emblago witnessed the match
race at Charter Oak park , Hattford , for SJ-
.r > 00 n aide , between Maud Messenger and
Hipley's I'ldl Thompson. Uoth had u record
of U:1M. : M aud Ali'siengur won in three
straight heals. Time , 2:10M7.1 : } , 2HI. :
At Ohieago Saturday night the liolice
arrested Johnny Files. Tommy Cliand-
ler , principals , and six or eight nbottors of n
recant l ri/.e light , nil of whom v > ere admitted
ball. Jere Dunn who figured prominently in
the alfnir , could not be found by the police.
The Sheopshead Hay races Saturday wore
largely attended and a fine piogrnmmo was
presenteJ. The race of the day in which tlio
winner belt the record by one second was the
autumn cup , three miles. The starters woio
General Monroe , Drake Carter , Levant , IMue
Gra H Belle , Fosternl , Competition , Kiln
Warliehl and Bushwhacker. Blue Grass
Belle led the Must two miles , with General
Monroosecond and Drake Carter third. Gen
eral Monroe then went to the front , closely
m-essa'.l by Levant and Drake Carter. At the
ncad of tha htretch than- was a general clos
ing tip. After a tight fctrngglo Drake Carter
won easily by six lengths. General Monroe
second and Levant third. Time , fi'JI. :
Tim demncrnts of Neligh held "a grand
rally" Saturday night , lion. Jns.V. . la\is )
and others addressed the meeting.
During a small riot in a Lincoln brickyard
n week ago the foreman was ttruck in the face
by n laborer. The injury , nt first thought to
be trivial , is now decided danzerniH. Tlio
man was in a critical condition Satin-day.
Lincoln is excited over the discovery at the
corner of F and ( Eighteenth streets , ot a bun
dle of woman's clothing saturated vylth blood
aud perforated in places with what is
mppoaed to bo bullet holes. Tno matter is in
the hands of n detective.
A rousing republican mass mooting wns held
at Lincoln Saturday night , iu which public
adilres'osi , profuse fireworks and boundles en-
thu-iasm wer > ) the prominent features. ( ! .
M. l.ambertson and J. H. C.vldwell werj the
orators of the oeca'ion.
Valparaiso wn i the cceno of a grand r.ipub-
lican rally Saturday niudit I1' . A. 1'ni-soni ,
of Lincoln , Jmhie Wright , of Wahon , Senator -
tor elect C. A. Day , of Saunders county , I1' .
A. Soovillo , candidate fop representlive ; ! from
Valparaiso and John Scolt , candidate for
comity commissioner were the speakers. Much
| 'OIUKN. : ;
In Spain for the 1I ! hours ending Saturday
night , there 12 new cases of cholera and six
There were four deaths from cholera at
Marseilles France , for the twenty-four hour.s ,
cmhiig Satmday night.
London advices from Cairo , Kjrypt , are that
.hat the rapid fall of the Nile increaves tha
'ears that Wolsoley's plan for reaching Khar-
,011111 will ] > rove -v failure.
The dominion commissioners appointed to
report on Chinoju immigration h ivo returned
, oToronto , and iccommond legulation if not
Admiral Miot cables the French govern
ment that he has soixed Sossandava bav ,
Madagascar , without resistance. The French
still oicupy Tamatave ,
Two hundred fresh eases of cholera were re
ported Saturday in Naples. Deaths , however ,
showed a slight diminiilion. The supply of
melts in the city is exhausted ,
A Hong Kong dispatch to the Times Bays
the governor of that place his received orders
to enforce the provisions of the foreign enlist
ment act. The governor has notified the
Fiench admiral of these orderis und the latter
will respect the measure.
At Glasgow , Scotland , immonto demonstra
tions in favor of llio franchise bill occurred
Saturday. Soianty thousand persons matched
In procession , bearing banners insciihcd with
Btingirig legends altacking the house of lords.
The column was ten milnslong'
Hainan telegram : Fur the past twenty ,
four hours to Satuidny night , Italy , now cas-es
of cholera , "M'.t ; death * , l&K. The epidemic in
the province ot Genoa is confined t < > Spe/.ta
and its vicinity , HIS of the freuh cases and
( i'.l of the deaths reported above were in the
city of Naples ,
Advises from Capo Town stale that thocom-
mandnr of thationnan tmnboat Wolf , has- ta
ken formal pu'eession In the name of the tier-
man Kmpiru of all the west coast , of Africa ,
between thu eighteenth and tuenty-i-txth de
grees , south latitude , with the eimrln excep
tion of Wnlvirch hay , annexed to the liiUixh
posEofcsions a faw weeks u/o , by thiMiulhoriticH
of Capo Colony.
At the rt'hoarf.'d of the ballet "Syhra , " in
the opera homo at Madiul , Spain , Manager
Matwir lebnked Scnorn Vullef for making it
wionghlep Haying : "You dauca hko u chick
en. " After the puiformance , thohiisband of
the dan-iouso entered the inauager'H box and
di'inunijod nn apology , Mnssar dnniedthatho
inniilted the ludy , whereupon the hnsbaiid
utluggei inln Masnar'n heart.
Aplliog Praspccl for Ilaly Under
Ibc Dealh seal of Cholera ,
Panio and Anaroliy Among the
Foar-striokou People
London Exoitod in Anticipation of
a Dymito Outbreak ,
A Times Sensational Article
Creates tbo Direst Anxiety ,
A Ghastly Narrative of Canni
balism at Sea ,
Miuldoncil with Hunger and Till rut
a Party \Vrcolcotl Seamen
Kill anil I itt 11 Companion.
Cliolora I'nnlc In Italy.
Special to 'line BKE.
TiON'DON , Septmubar 7. Whaiovor tempo
rary lluctuatioiH of disciiso thcru mny In1 ,
tli-re H mi doubt but Naples Is now in for nn
awful struggle with cholera , nnd thcru in no
dinner for question thut Italy's visitation wilt
ticllp-e in
nouuoim AND .MOHTAUTV ,
the record made liy the south oC Franco. In
spite of the nrbitinry mid costly cpinrantiiio
precautions taken , tt is n noteworthy fact that
nil point of thel | tnlinn border.receive.theldiaeaso
from refugees from France. Income of the
cilloj of thn north the viruh'iico oftho diseu ; < els |
such nsliasno parallel in French citioi. Fewer
reports urn received from them , but these portray
tray a horrible Htnto of allaim. Disgraceful
stories of
corni1 from nil parts of the country. They far
overshadow the worst incidents reported from
tin ) poorest ipiatlors of Mar * el HIM nud Toulon.
Kverytthero lha belief is prevalent that the
dficlors epnwl the poison , having received or
ders to kill the people , and ln-nco the poor
liiilu their nick and mob the doctors in the
streets In ono cnsu they oven attacked n
hoipital priest and poundqd him no.iily to
death. A public nillcinl in C'auip O'uasso
lied to Koine and bociuue
from fright. The- terrified nud cowardly vil
lagers h.t\e taken tlio law int > their own
h.uidHand established all suits ot ridiculous
quarantine" , which llio government haH to
break up by force , and often by violence. The
result is absolute ruin to all bmincsin the
kingdom , and the extensive providence of
liad feeling. _
Dyiianiito Scare.
Special Dispatch to The ! ! IK. :
LONDON , September 7. The Times pub
lishes a hODBulinunl story concerning an al
leged revival of dynamite plots against the
Knglish. crown. According to the Times , o
constnnn nnd increasing Iraflic has boon 'ar-
nngcd between the conspirator , - in England
and the United Stitoj. : "Hlo Times alleges
that the authorities hive been com
pelled to set up the must , extra-
i4diunry precautions for the safety
of the iliirercnt members of the royal family.
The impression coiuoyod liy the Htnsntional
publication is thut thti dynamiters hnvo sue-
urodud in collecting in Knglaud n vast amount
of oxplohivcH ; that the near future will wit
ncsj the most violent outbreak of dynamita
outrage ? 'hat hnvo over occurred in Ureat ,
Blitnin , and that the conspirators will direct
the attack straight against thu
throne itselt. Iniiuiry nt the deUctivo head-
'inarterii , Scotland Yard , caused a Binilo of
derision and the Htatemout that theio was nut
the leant truth in the publitation.
A IlorrilHo Tnloof tlio Scu.
Special dispatch to Till' BII : : .
LONDON , September 7. A case of misery at
sea which po exceeds in ghanlly horror the
cannibalism of tlio ( Jreoloy expedition , is
brought to light by the arrival at Fnlmimlh of
the Cicrman bnrk Monlcziimn , from Itangoon ,
having on board the survivors of the wreck of
the yacht Mignontee ,
wnmccn i.vriu : INDIAN < H'i\.v : ,
June llth. Captain Dudley , two Hcanion nnd
a lad named -ulcer got into a small boat.
For provisions they hul : inoiely a jew turnl ) K
and no vyator. They HiibHilcd for live days on
the turnip * , and on tlio liltli they cniight a
small turtlu , they liad been terribly tot lured
by thlrht , and on the eighth day their sutler-
ing becamoNo maddening that they
iuN : : milNKiNi ; lim.VK ,
which practice- they continued until icscucil.
liy the twelfth day there was absolutely nothing -
ing left to oat in the boat , The b y , 1'aiker ,
was the weakest and it wan evident that he
was slowly dying. The others liiiiigerlngly
watched his symptom * of dissolutionOn the
twentieth day after the entire party had been
without n particle of food for eight < la > s , thu
captain hastened young 1'arker'n ile-ith by
opening a vein in his nriu. The three Hurvlv-
ors eagerly
ni It gushed from his arm , and cut his llei-h
from liix bones and ate it uncooked but with
some decree ) of moderation , the captain hoop-
ing posjoxsion of the earc.its unil serving out
to hiirsolf and sailors only such daily rations
as weVo necosjary to prolong their xvretche I
ixlstoncQ in thi-i wav until > lnly , when tln-y
WCTU Ncen nnd rescued by th
Ifiir MojcNtj'H Navy.
LONDON , .Soptomber 7.In rusponto to the
demands of the press to stiongthon the Jtritish
Holt in ChinoHo waters , n communliuu | hns
beau issued by the admiralty to despatch tov-
ural corvettes and composite sloops to China ,
The Army and Nuvy ( j'atto , however , de-
clarCHthat the admiralty if tryinir to throw
dust , in the oyei of the public to c mceal the
fact chat tlioro is not a Ninglo vcsael ready to
eoud through the Sue/ canal that would he
ublo tn ( install ! an attack by the weakest
I'Vench iron clad under Adndrul Corn-bet. If wan a xliip 1 tally , It snys , the admiralty
would ba unable to man her without calling on
tion of siii'li utter naval ell ) Moasilltnke
jears to remrdy.
It N ri imitrd that Chinese npents In ( lias-
( jiiw't l.irrpi > ol nnd liondon arc Irving to ar-
innpi1 privateer eoiumi i > ii'iislth tlio object
ol priymg on Vienchcommpicp.
iM on Iliulrr.
IsniANAi-otis , September . In an Inter
\ low this afternoon , ( inventor llcndiicks wa <
nskcd : "Whaldoyou think will ln > the n.
milt of Uutlcr's i-invajsr1 "That Is dllllcull
to answer. Imtlor is n xi-ry dniiRorous man
bofnro nn amlirnco nndill \ attract 'argelv.
nndero the rlfction held today Itutloroiilii
Imvo n eoinidcrublo votn , lint the
proop-i't troeR on straiiily. The people do netlike
like to throw nwny their votiM. The cettainly
Hint hit i-lcclion 'n Impnnsiblo under any cii-
cnmstnnco ? will'di lei m ny of hit admirer *
from voting for him. It it also Impossible for
him to elfect ni pei feet nn Ion HI the
old partio' , but Itutler is a remarkable man
nnd his bett friend" admit that hi is noiy
good one. " "If the Chicago con\cnlion had
jilmnil \ our nnmo nt llio head of the ticket
think you , it would have had his support ? " " 1
know it , 1 know it. "
St. itdlin at llottte.
OI.ATHI : . ICaiHits , September 0. ( lovernor
St. ilohn letntncd home to-day for the lii , t
ti'ae since his nomlnatlun for thn pi'esliU'iiey.
An elFort was made to lender him n reception
irrespettivo of politic. * , but the mayor nnd
council lefiMid to have anything to do with it.
po the management of the reception was eon-
lined almost exclusively to his personal
fileuiN. The ex-governor met nt the
( Input by a delegation of citizen * and a band
of music and fiom thence taken to the public
sipiaro , wln'ii' nil addre of wt'lcomova
made by Mr. Pitcher and ro pomlo.t ( e liy
St. ilohn. Uoth spercl.iM wern .very briof.
The imml'er of people prcsout did not -exceed
four Immlred , inchidim ; women miiLjchihlrcn.
St. .lohu is Mihlretsiug < | inlo a lar cVaiuliouco
at the opera house to-nlghl .
Iturlal ol .Si'iintoi * Antliony.
inrsi'K , I ! . 1. , Septcn lior Cii Vl'l.ii fu
neral of Senator Anthony was holft at noon
to-day. The tur\ Ices were Boloinn nnd ini-
protsho. They wore attended by dNtiiiEiiihb-
ed representatives from ovury branch of the
senate and house , and by humliedi of fileiulu ,
including President Arthur , the strgcant-at-
arms of the general nsRomhly. Services wore
conducted by Kov. Mr. Slicor , assist od liy
lte\ . Huntley , cha'laii ; of tliOBcnato. At the
conclusion of the uvuling of the cervico of
the dead , the choii Hang "Hist , Spirit , Itest.1
lov.Voodbury ! thnn pienchod n Hcrmon ,
niovlin ; ninny to team. A prayer w.i th on
offered , anil the icinnlmi were then berne to
the cemetery nnd placed in thu ton b.
Kami Hall Saturday.
At Columbus Columbus , 'J ; Virginia , 3.
At Toledo Toledo , ! l : Allegheny. 10.
At Wnfhington ( I'nions ) Nationals , , 1 ;
Kansns City , ( I.
At I'hiladolphia-Philadelphia , li : Detroit ,
( i.
At ProviJonco Provhli nco , 3 ; Clovflaml ;
At Cincinnati Cincinnati , I ! ; Molrnpuli.
tlll'S , Id.
At Indianapoliu IndianapoliH , li ; liiook-
lyn , fi.
AtWilminRVui , Del. ( Unions ) Wilming
ton , " ; St. hciulrt1. .
At jMilwankoo Milwaukee , 5 ; St. 1'aul ,
At Uotou-J5uliaio , 2 : Hoslon , 1.
AtNuwArork-'NowVork , 2 , Chicago. . ,
Tlio Colored ltriliihllcan : .
Special iTifjiatch to TUB llltlt.
Nr.w YOIIK , Suptoinber 7. A conference of
colored republicans from v.iriou * parts of tlio
country.was hold nt the Fifth Q-t4 uchotci last
night for the pnrijose of taking decided and
un.-iK'isteil action iintho aid of the republican
ticket The meeting was piivnlc , but it is un
derstood that tho.plans foi thu work arc already
Tlio RIorfy Loiter SlyRlory.
Special dispath to The lii ! : .
Lovnov , SepU'inlMT " . Kenwood Phillip ,
now in London , says that the authorship of
the forged Moicy-Chiiii'i-o letter Is nt far from
i-elth'ineiit IM over. He produces a litter
from ( ieorgc Hlim cvoni > rating him fiom all
participation in the crime.
Tjncro Ijald Up.
Xiw : Yoith , Hoptembir (1. ( Unnk state
incut : Loans increase , $1,1.11,030 ; Specie do-
asu , . ' 'lO.OOOjle'fiil tendur ilucronm , . l/JfiS.-
000 ; depoMts increan , SSllLfiOO ; circnlatioii
decieaso. il.'i71lUl ( ) . The banks now hold
is'IU,510,000 ! in exces < of legal rcipiirenients.
Tlio Mlo TiinililuH.
CAIIIO , Hi'iitciober ( ! . Advices from Wndy
llulfa rtnto the Nile has fallfln so much that
hunting boatK up the cataracts is suspended.
Wo doubt ! f there Is , or oan he , a Rprcllli !
remedy for rheumatism ; hut thousands who
liave HiilTered Its pains liivo : heen greatly hen-
I'llled by Hood's Snrsaparllla. If you hi\o ;
failed to llnd relief , try this great icmcdy.
" 1 was alllleled with ilHMimiillxni twenty
years. J'revlou.s to IBSJ I found no relief , lint
grew worse , and at one lime was almost helpless -
less Hood's Snrsfiparilla did mo iiioru good
than all the cither niedlclno I ever hail. "
II. T. ilAi.roMShli-Icy VlllaRi' , Mass.
" 1 had rheiiiii.-illsin Unco years , : md got no
relief till I took lloiid's Harsapaillla. It has
ddiii ! great things for me. I leeoiumenil It to
others. " I.r.wiH Ilriui.VNK , IllihJcfonl , Me.
Hond'H Sarsaparllla Is characterised l.J
three pecnllailllcs : 1st , the rtimlilmttton ol
remi'illal agenlHj 2d , tlio jirojMirtloni 3d , the
1irucr.w of Kceiirlng the active ini'illclna/ /
ijunllllc * . The result Is lunedlclno of minsiw' '
Ktreiigth , eircctlng cureH hllherto niiknowii
rii-nd for hook containing additional evlilcncn ,
" llood'H riarsati.'irllki limes up my Hy.slem.
purllles my liloml , hliiirpen.smv ajipetlle , anil
t-eeins lo'inrdio llio over. " .1. 1' . TlluJII'HO.V ,
Jteglslcr of IftH'Us , Lowell , Mass.
"llood'x Sarsapaillla beats all others , nml
lswiiilhUs\veiihtlnioil. ; ; | " ItAitniMiiuJl ,
l.W DanliSticcl , Now Voik City.
Hood's c Sarsaparilla
Hold liy nil druggists. ? l ; dlx fur $5 , Made
only by C. I. HOOD & CO. , Lowell , Mass.
KOBDosos.Ono Dollar ,
' of Hat : Importation.
WA-O.IIXIITOX , September ( ! . The Irriuury
ilepallmenl leeelved a letter to-day from Dr.
Hall , I'niled Statehonlth ollieer nt London ,
imcrting that th ( < exportation of rags into this
eonnliy from England Is fraught with great
danger. Sinallpoha sny , Ins been for
Memo time prevalent In Ixnulon , where largo
iiuantiliea of rags nre collected and shipped to
Aniprun. Large ouaulltles of continent il rags
are forwaided to London for shipment. These
i.igs undergo no process of disinfection pro\i-
OIH In ovpoitiUlon , nnd nre very likely the
ngeiits to convey the infection of cholera or
email-pox if collected in Infected bcnlltio.'i
'lwcnty-thp'0 bde < ol r.igs were reecnth1
shipped to Now York by the I.ydiniiMonircli
ipon repriwontnllon that they had not b en
collected ill any infected district , but Inve tl-
sation hhowcd that they caino from Dunkirk ,
I'rancc , whom cholera has ju t broken out.
Large ipiantlties of continental ragj are now
.leiiitf forwarded t > America by way of Hulln
imro ilnngciinis port to ship from 'than either
Liverpool or London.
A Sensational Itnnk I > 'nlliifo.
Ntw : Hnt'Nsnu'K , N. J. , September ( > . A
, iig run on tha National bank hero , the police
eoping back the crush. The bank thus far
las met nil dcmnniK It is rumored that
.here in a deficiency of $230,000. No one
loubts tint Cashier Charles S. Hill commit-
led nuieido ( inventor Abbott has appointed
Mr. C. M. Slack , county clerk , to the place
being vacated by Hill's death. The bank
Htoppod payment nt 12:15 : p , in. The run
WHS ttcnioiidims nil the day nnd the snr-
| ilns wns exhausted. Hill committed suicide.
The deficiency is from $200,000 to ! ? 2C.O,000.
Money was expected from New Yiuk to tide
over ttie crash. Director M. C. Martin has
[ icon sent for. Hill's speculations may impli
cate others. The oillcial result of oxamina-
linn in unknown. Hill was buried this nfler-
Ni\v \ YOHK , September . The Tnmmany
hall lenders from vatiouB districls lit Id a con
ference with John Kelly in Tnmnmy hall this
evening. Kyery assembly district wns ropro
sentcd. John ICnUy , in opening the meeting
aid ho wns desirous of learning the feeling ot
theRe present and llio feeling of the voters
about the democratic nomination for the pros-
Idoncy. hich district WHS heard in turn.
While the majority of the genthmien iiresont
tinted Clovolnnd was the favorite iu tlmlr re
spective districts , they t-poko without enthu
siasm. Several dularcd that the people wen1
for Butler. No formal action was taken , but
It was tacitly decided thiiconimitteo on organ
ization , which moots Monday night Khali pre
paid an address and a Hones of resolutions
which shall he sutnuitleil to the general cum
mittee Friday for discussion.
t 1're.ilorloUH KolatPH tlio
Henry Kxcoulion.
IsniANAi' , Ind , , Septpinber li. Serg'l.
Julius Fiodericks of llio ( lively expedition ,
is In the city visiting his brother. Hi' eonob
er.iles Sergeant Hrainerd's denial of the hlorj
of ad\i-ii ! < n of the pailv , nn.l gives purlieu
lars of tha shooting of Henry , tinder Greely' .
orders , Haying llio senl-nco as cxceulcd bj
hhii-clf , ami fiorgo.tnti < lirabierd mid Long
Tuey hhot llcmy in thu luck two balls taking
elfeit , pro'iiKing ' instant death. I'liey Wi'ii
compe ltd t' ' > do this , bicnuso Henry was
strong and active , and had lie up'ctcd their
iiiti'iiunns , ho could easily have killed them
Fredericks' oxpoiience wns not ( satisfactory t <
him , and so ho Intcndrt milking niidther visi
totiia Aictic region as FOOD as possible.
Ttio Itlnlnc-Sontinul Tjlbol Suit.
I.NlilASAl'OUH , September ( ! . Another stO ]
u-ni ti Icon to-day in the federal court in tin
Itlaine-Sentinel matter by filing the follow
ing : The defendants move the emit fur n
rule against the plaintiff herein to answer In
tcrrogalionx under oath as recited and filci
with the answer of the dofeinJanls and Ihnl
thn com t shall innlco such rnlo returnable a !
such timu as may bo deemed by the court ti
ho reasonable for the pun ese of tmch action
by the Htatuto provided and required. The
arguments could not bo heard on the motion
to day ; as Judge Wood goes to Fort Wayne
on Monday to hold court and the mailer will
probably not be inh : < ! upon for several days.
'I ho pluinlilf'ri counsel has not lofiiKed to
answer tlio mlerroxatlons.
Klooily l'r < ) HiiM.'tlvi | ) for tliu KIMI-
iciolry .lOlroiioiiH ,
Special Dispatch lo 'I'm : lice ,
ClM'l.v.NATI. Spptember 7.A prominent
i-eiuhlican ] fiom IContucky , who don't care to
inaku himself thn target , for pistol practice by
liaxing hisnamo amr-imced in the same con-
neetiiin ilh thu following , said in u conversa
tion hero to-day that thu election in Ken-
Lucky nevf. November would surely bo u
lilomly alfair ; that the ni.'grorH hud leasim to
Imliove tlnit the dcmoc'ats welt ) pi-cpating to
iidoptand eairy one a powder mill lead policy
lo carry the congieHbional distiicls Mid htate.
Ho na ) H if they pers'st ' in the s''hemo and
itteiupt to curry it out they will meet with
i existence' .
Kilo 1111(1 Illl'MHCIIllCHH.
CA.SMAIIAIIA , N. Y. , September fi. The
national convention of frec-thinkcrx listened
, 'i-day to nddrcsaes py o.x-Keverenil Samuel
I'ntnam , 1'iesidont lirown , Mrs. Clara Wat-
sun , Mrs. Hannah Stem us , Colonel K. Bil-
Ingf , of Iowa , nnd l-'x-Itoverend - J. H ,
liiirnhim : , of Michigan. The last named
jircachcd from the text Blessed nro the pure
n liver , for of such Is the kingdom of man. "
IMlHHiiurl Itlvor CoiiiiiilBHloii.
Sr. Lofl , Mo , , September ( > . 'ih ; MIsH-
niil river tinprovemont commlssiun hnvo of-
fi ctcd organization but will not commeiica
[ iperation this year on account of thu noarnoHM
of winter. The plans for ciurying out thr
work weru ngreed upon , _ and wrio identical
with thoHi of the MiKsissippi iivercomnilxsion ,
The headiiiaiteiN | ot tli'j coinniixslon nro in
this city.
Specie ImporlH ,
Niw : VOIIK , Keptemlinr II. Imports of npe-
cle to the poic. uf Now Vorl , for tno week endIng -
Ing to-ihiy , wenIOlIOli ! ! , making a lota
cilice ( ii'.t of ' ' .
January , 8IU,0'J'.lOOj ugninbt
I0ii7,000 ( ) for last you- .
Another K.\ peril Him HI tlio I'nlo ,
Coi'iiMM < tiN : , Septoinborli. Another Dan-
h polar oxpedilion will xturt for the fro/.oi
north next Hummnr , proceodirg by way ol
Finn.Intel land. It will bo under control ol
llavjurd & G&mel.
Saturday's ' Session of llie Chicago
Board of Trade ,
The Corn Pit , the Center of Un
usual Activity ,
1 lostloss Antics of the Great
i 5 * .
C * * BB A Fever of Exoitoinont
on 'Ohango ' ,
at and Provisions Loom Up
Sullen nnd Dull ,
l < 'orclK < t ' .MiotiitlonH Indlcalo thnt ,
Mnroponn Qraln Markets nro
and Dull ,
Special Dispatch to Tin : UKK.
CllH'Aiio , September t . The corn pit on
change to-day has boon the sceuo of the wild-
at uxciteinont. At the opening n few scalpers ,
mnong whom wenKldridgo , Singer anil
? onnsclnian , had the tomeiity to eell short nt
5'Jio , but the folly of this soon became appar
ent , for instead of dropping the market
climbed steadily upward until ngain of nearly
li cents had been recorded for September anil
October. The shorts then were thoroughly
Frightened. The Adams crowd tried to cover
and keep n number of brokers buying alt the
morning , but could not * got over 1,000,000
liufhoK It It oUlmatad Unit the tnatkot is
vorsnld nnywheto from5,000,000 to 10,000,000
Imsholn , and what socina to mravato the cane ,
is thnt 11 Bijuuezi * is being oncinoprcd in Now
Vork. Hutchinaon ii now credited with being -
ing long n couple of million bushels or so , but
Insiders declare tint the loader nnd front of
the deal is Sid. Kent , who is Raid to hnvo the
Now Vork and Chicago niatkot under his
thumb. HiMsimn of the hoivlest shippers in
Chicago or New York , and many times , * v
millionaire. There is no danger of his running
short of funds or of n corner onginccrod by
him collapsing. So long as the shorts thought
no one but llntclilnson was behind corn , they
wore not frightened , for the know "Jhitch
would never sp.tee/.o the boys for morn than
thrco or four cents , but Kent is n horse of another -
ether color , anJ experienced traders say there
is nothing to prevent prices being worked up
to 70 cents. At the cloro to-day , however ,
thurowas n reaction of nearly n cent , caused by
tlio unloading of tailors , BO that the clo-ju was
only l.J over hut night's figures. The wheat
crowd was lifeless nud priccH fell elf about 1
cent. Counsolnun bought on the bottom L'l-
dredge bought October and sold November ,
Oilfoiil sold nil dnyn t any figure , Scott Lynn
biiughl Provisl us were in n worao condition
than wheat , nnd Clmrlio Scrgor is said to have
pitcovcrud n spear of grats fchoiitiug up in the
middle of the pit.
London Wheat dull : corn dull , CRid. .
Cargoes oil the const ; Wheat nud corn quiet.
Cargoes on p.issago ; Wheat and corn quiet ,
but , stoady. Weather in Kngland nnsottloil.
Livcrdool. Wheat dull ; corn dull , 5sId. .
OIF coast ; Wheat not much doing ; corn no
business. To nrrivo ; Wheat nml corn not
much doing. Wheat and corn for the United
Kingdom and continent dull.
Another UOHI , Won to tlio Standard
Special Dispatch to Tin : Hue.
Nnw YOHK , September 7. The Car Drivers
mid Conductors association has about 7,000
momheis on thu roll throughout the state , of
whom ' 1,000 are in the city. The proaeu
political campaign possesses considerable inter
est to them , and they have given nnmistaka-
bio evidence of their position nt n largo moot
ing tonight. RcHoliitlnnti were enthusiastical
ly adopted , denouncing Cleveland's action re
garding the car drivers and conductors bill ,
and cordially Inviting all men irrespective of
politics to aid- thorn by work nnd ballots in se
eming the election of Hlalne nnd Logan.
3 IQunuliIni ; an Unholy Speculation.
Special Dlepatch to Tin : line.
CI.KVKLAND , September 7. SergcantsHrain-
ard nnd LOUR and 1'rivato Council , of the
Greoloy expedition , having been Tilling an en
gagement at n dhna miincnm hero. lirainnrd
delivered n lecture on his Arctic experience
and the others Hat on the Bingo as part of the
exhibition. The secretary of war , learning of
this fact , has cancelled their leaves of nhsencn
and IIIIH ordered them to report at once for
duty at I'oilsmouth , N , II.
Ifnlumorn'iiy injurious fiiUManccscan bo found
In AndrowH1 Pcurl Unkinu Fowde'r. ! i s.
lively PUREi Jlt'Intf endorsed , rindU-itlmonlaltt
received irom oualiubi.'iiilstsajH. iMnallaya , Jius *
toil ! M. DehilbntJiine , orl'ttlcaKo ; and ujttavi-
isode , Milwaukee. Nevereuld Iu bull : .