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OMAH.A l AUA * SEPTEMBER 4 , 1884.
* - " 7'
Omftlm Office , No. 010 Farniun St.
C0iincliniHfTrt ; onico , No 7 lc rl "St ,
trcct , Ncixr Hromliva } * .
Now York Otllcc , lloom OS Tr'iljnno
Published avery trornlnRi eiccpt The
enl ) Kondiy morning dill- .
On I Ye r . J10.WIThrc lfontrn , $3.00
VlxUontU . S.fW | On < \ Mjnth 1.00
Pet Wnk , 15 Ocnla.
WMToar . JIM I TTireo Month . t CO
bUKonths. . 1.00 | Ono Month . JO
American New * Company , Sola Agontf , Keiridoal
CM In the UnltoJ SUtos.
A Oommnrlcwtlons relating to Kowi and Kdltorli
nattcn BhoaU bo addronscd to the Korroi or Tni
All Bnilnom fatten 'and llomlttinoca thonld bo
AddrctM-1 to Tim HIM Ptrousnmo OOHPANT , OMAIIJ ,
Dralta , Chocks and Fostofllco orders to be niada pay
bo ] to the order o1 the company.
A. H. Fitch , Mnnacer Dally Circulation , P. .
O. Box , -188 Om.ihn , Neb.
THERE ia an uauaual stir among the
restaurants. It ia the oyster.
Tni : Franco-Cliincno war la creating
considerable agitation in American DOW
ing-circloa , aa it ia feared that owing to the
rise in the price , ladion will have to Book
aomoothor stimulant than ton. The price
of confjroBsional "cold tea , " however , wil
not bo affected by the war.
Tun West Ohoalcr Village llccon
says that "tho Philadelphia Jiccord is n
curious paper. It insists that pooplu
have some rights which railroads ough
to consider. How docs it expect the
corporation officials to become million-
ires if its ideas should bo carried ouU"
THE city council of Philadelphia has
passed an ordinance requiring all telegraph
graph poles to bo taken down and the
wires put undorgroundboforo January 1. .
The ordinance will probably bo enforced
but the Philadelphia papers very proper
ly suggest that the city council sot the
example by ordering the police and fire
alarm wires to bo burled.
SITTINO BULL has an eye a sort o
bull's-eye , as it wore to business. IIo
has hired himself out to n syndicate o
enterprising showmen , and ho will make
a tour of nil the principal cltloa of the
cast. As a aide-cut ho will sell his auto
graphs at ono dollar each. lie lion nl
ready disposed of hundreds of them at
that price , and ho may yet bull the auto
graph market.
Our in Colorado they have a peculiar
way of resenting impositions on convention
tion delegates. The republican convon
tiou has boon called at Colorado Springs
and thu Denver Tribune tenders the fol
lowing advice :
Don't pay a cpnt in Colorado Springs
If the batata insist on their present pro
gramma of theft force the convention
Bomowhoro else , or take your grub nn
camp out. Colorado people have done
the latter before.
A RAILROAD is to bo built from Morris
Minnesota , southwest to Columbus o :
Kearney , on the Union Pacific , making
a through line to Duluth at the head o :
Lake Superior. It is to bo called th
Morris & Southwestern railroad. The
articles of incorporation have boon filed
and the capital stock is iixod at $10,000 ,
000. If this road is actually built , ou :
enterprising citizens should take eomi
.stops towards inducing the company to
connect with the UnionPacifio at Omaha
BEN. BuTTKitwoiiTii
, commissioner o
patents , has accepted a ccngrossiona
nomination from the republicans of hi
district in Ohio. Mr. Buttorworth ha
boon In congress before. In 1878 ho defeated
foatod Milton Saylor , who had boon tin
democratic representative for the Firs
Ohio district. Uo was ro-olectod in the
zamo district of Cincinnati in 1880 over
Samuel F. limit. Uo was again nominated
atod in 1882 , by acclamation , but shared
in the defeat of the republican party ii
Ohio , resulting from the liquor prohibi
tion amonduianta. Mr. Buttcrworth was
appointed commissioner of patents it
October of last year , and has made a
very cfliciont oflicor.
The New York Evening Post recently
published a letter , purporting to bo signed
od by Green B.Ilaum
| , directed to a gov
eminent clerk and elating tlmt.his silence
on the subject of contributing to the
republican campaign fund was equivalent
to hia expressed wish to resign hia clerk
ship on or before March 4ih next. Of
course Mr. lUum promptly denounced
the document aa n forgery , although it
waa hardly necessary for him to do so What
surprises us , however , is that auch a
paper as the JJvcnlny J'osl would allow
itself to bo BO easily imposed upon , aa
the forgery of such duoumenta is an old
and thin political dodao. a
SBKATOU VAN WYCK lias purchased
the NtJ/ra&lM City Ncwa , and TIIK BKB
feels as though it had company. Omaha
Jlejwblican. |
Senator Van Wyck may have purchas.
od the Nebraska City News , It ia ono a
of the oldest in the
papers atato , and a
great many other persons have purchas to
ed it iu their day , The Honator may
have purchased aa many aa ten copies atone
ono timo. Uo lias purchased the Ncwa It
just aa ho haa purchased the Jlcpubll.
can from the newsboys. The BKB has
not been very lonesome in this state , and
even if it had been its Circulation en
ables it to fight a lonesome battle with a
good deal of effect. It is not so with the
Union Pacific organ , which has to depend -
pond upon the country weeklies with
the railroad brand to give circulation to
its utterances.
The teachings of people who have no
n spark of moral manhood in thoircompo
flition ixro alwny pernicious. With thorn
success is the highest aim in lifo , no
matter by what moans or methods it maybe
bo achieved. In business und in politic ;
they delight in gaining advantage by thi
confidence game , nnd whun thcai find n man whoso manhood re
volts against their duplicity nnd trickery
they cry out , "Go to , thou
fool : " The kind ndvico of th
Omaha Republican , whoao editor belongs
longs to the clasa of lopora whom
Tfo have described , strikingly illustrate
the low level to which the politics and
politicians in this stnto have sunk undo
disreputable leadership , Llko the vcn
omous spider that invites the poor nn <
unauspocting lly to walk into his pnrlor ,
the Republican gently whispers into
tilt. Ransom's oar that n splendid oppor
tunity is now presented to distinguish
himself. The Republican says :
If young Mr. Frank Ransom , of Oto
county , desires to bo of benefit to th
parly of which ho is n member , nnd from
which ho has every ronaon to expect con
sidornblo favors in the future , ho wil
take emphatic measures to diacounto
nance , denounce , nnd destroy in oflecl
the ridiculous nnd malicious lie now be
ing published in TUB Bcr. to the effect
that ho was nominated for attornoy-gpn-
oral by the Into republican convention
nnd afterwards "counted out. " * * *
Mr. Frank Ransom owen it to the
party , to himself nnd to his political
ambition to do the fair thing nt this
juncture. Ilia vote in the convention
was n splendid compliment , oven if it
did fall short of n majority. IIo may
profitably express his gratitude for that
compliment nnd linprognnbly fortify him
self for future contests by announcing
aa publicly os'possiblo his hearty acqui
escence in the result of the republican
convention , nnd hia deprecation of the
effort made by the democratic papers to
create opposition to the republican party
by placing him in the nttitudo of a mar
"Young" Mr. Ransom , of Otoo , is not
a sucker , if you ploaso. Ho has had hia
oyo-tootli cut , nnd is too old to bo caught
by such chad. Mr. Ransom is a good
republican , but ho knows only too wol
that ho has twice boon cheated out of n
fair nnd honest nomination by a gang o
corporation henchmen , of when
the editor of the Jlcpublican
the most supple nnd unscrupulous. To
acquiesce In such villiany now would
provo Mr. Ransom a moaner man , If any
thing , than the rogues who counted liln
out. This is not nil , however. Mr. Ran
aom might ncquiosco cheerfully and sub
misaivoly were it nut for the fact that th
candidate whom John M. Thurston , o
the Union Pacific , and Captain Phillips
of the B. & M. , forced upon the party by
by their disreputable tactic :
is utterly unfit for th
position by reason of incompotoncy. I
is n pretty time now for the Ilcpubllcai
to shod crocodile tcara ever Mr. Ran
som's defeat and promise great things fo
his future , trhon it is notorious that iti
editor vied with Thurston and Phillips i
doing the dirty work of the monopolies i
the convention , Perhaps if Mr. Ransom
should repent his decency , and don tin
brass collar , ho would stand n chance t <
bo counjkod in the next time. Wo imagine
agino Mr. Ransom , who knows moro Inw
in ono day than Mr. Loose will know in
ton years , can make ft living without becoming
coming a lick-spittle or cat's-paw to any
railroad corporation.
Mayor Murphy's recommendation to
the city council that the ollico of city
auditor should bo established , is very
timely , and is heartily endorsed by Tin :
BKB. There ia no question aa to the no
cesaity for such an office , There is no
rlty in America of the same population
as Omaha that entrusts It is vast interests
to aucli n loose system as that pursued
hero in connection with the city resour
ces and financial affairs. In every department
partment of the city there is a general
looseness in the manner of doing bus'
inoss , nud nny oflicor , inclined to bo
crqokodor dishonest , hus abundant op
purtunlty to increase his income nt the |
expense of thu public. Supplies of til
kinds are recklessly purchased by this
ono nnd that ono nnd the accounts nro
handed in to the various committees ,
who have no knowledge or moans of
finding out whether they nro correct , h
As n rule they take everything for b
granted , and probably not one bill out n
of a hundred is oven questioned. Some b
day it will bo discovered that this method p
of taking everything for qrnntod is a very T
dxponslvo way of transacting business , k
This city certainly noodn an auditor to al
examine every hill , to file RI
proper rocoiptu , and keep n perfect check
on the treasury. At present the city
clerk is compelled to act in n triple ca
pacity. Ho is clerk of the city council
and is required to keep the records of
ita proceedings and handle all its multi
farious papora. IIo is a sort of comp
troller who issues all the warrants and
bonds , amounting this year to ever half
million dollars. IIo is expected to
have supervision of the entire license
system , which includes the issuance of
licenses to liquor dealers , oxprossmon ,
peddlers and a host of uthorr , nnd be
sides all this ho is called on to keep
record af the public property and of fail
the leases and rentals , and other matters
that are too voluminous for us
enumerate. Still another
important duty that ho is required to
perform is the making out of thu tnx list , but
in not possblo for any ono man to do
justice to so much work , and no assistance -
anco can be given him without violating
the charter , as the law limits his income
and makes no provision for special clerk will
- „ „
An auditor would relieve the ovorbur-1 In
dened clerk by taking oil his han < ' .a the
business that properly belong * to an aud
iting department , A first-class auditor , that
with proper clerical assistance , would
lave to the city thousands of dollars
annu ly ? , Such an officer would onabl
the city to have ita affairs
conducted on business principles , just a
tiy business houao would manage its
fairs , Omaha , it must bo remembered
has moro than doubled its population
since the adoption of its last charter , am
consequently its affairs have bocom
much moro complicated than they ' .vori
n few years ago. Hence it fa necessary t
make some provision for the propo.
handling of this increased business , nnd
this can bo done by an auditing depart
merit , which will bo the moans of intro
ducing systematic methods in ovcry citj
The Indiana at the Poplar river agency
In Northeastern Montana are roportoi
to bo on the verge of an outbreak. None
ono will bo surprised nt this news when i
is known that these Indians , about six
thousand in number , are actually in a
starving condition. They have had only
half rations for the past year , nnd lately
they have boon so reduced that they havi
been compelled to kill and oat their dog ,
and finally , to keep themselves alivo.thoj
have killed a few range cattle. It wa
only when they began feeding upon tin
cattle that the facts of their condition were
brought to the attention of the author !
tiesnnd now Major llartxcommanding a *
Poplnr river , has called for reinforce
ments. Ho fears an outbreak , nnd needs
forces to keep the Indians in a starving
nnd dying condition , and to protect the
range cattlo. It seems to us that th
proper thing to do would bo to allow
thorn to feed on the cattle , and lot the
owners seek compensation from the gov
ernment , which is responsible for th
situation. Necessity knows no law , and
the wonder is that these Indians hav
not gene upon the warpath long ago ,
The Piogan Indians nt Blackfoot agency ,
also in Montana , have boon treated in a' '
similar manner. They have boon wast
ing nway and dying for n year for th
want of food. The deaths average on
daily out of a total of two thousand
Game has entirely disappeared , and thol
only dependence is upon the sheri
rations. Governor Crosby protests in
the name of the people of Montani
against keeping the nation's wards withir
the limits of that territory in such a pit ! '
able and starving condition. Human
ity nnd justice demand tlioi
immediate relief , nnd ho calls upon
the secretary of the interior to take th
responsibility of ordering the issuance o'
full rations until congress moots in Do
combor. This deplorable state of nllairi
is duo entirely to the action of the demo-1
crats in the house of representatives
who , following n cruel nnd falao polic ,
of economy , withhold proper appropria1
tions. The Indians have certainly give :
to the white man concessions that ough
to entitle them to human treatment
accordance with treaty stipulations.
SENATOR VAN WYCK'S bold and scath
ing arraignment of the board of publii
works and buildings cannot fall to arous
a deep fooling of rosontmimt among th
people of this state , irrespective of part ;
or nationality. The indictment of the ufil
cors implicated by connivance or indilfer
once in this infamous conspiracy to defraud
fraud Nebraska of the patrimony of ho
school children , renders the candidacy o :
Governor Dawoa and Secretary of State
Iloggonfor ro-oloclion perilous to ropubll
can success. Such grave and indofonsi
bio accusations demand at thu.
hands of the republican state central com
mlttoo prompt nnd dociaivo action. No
candidnto resting under ouch clouds
should bo permitted to remain on the
ticket. It would bo an insult to the in-1
tolligonco and a reflection upon the integrity
togrity of the republicans of this atato , to .
ask thorn to endorse by their votes ) the '
most ilngrant bolrayal of the people's
trust' ] { Although this a presidential year ,
the republicans of Nebraska , if wo do not
mistake their temper , cannot bo coerced
or whipped into the support of candidates
who are branded by their conduct as un
faithful guardians of the most sacred
Tin : saloon keepers association of Ohio
has IW.OOO members and it Is proposed
by the democrats to distribute § 350,000
nmong thorn as a starter. Every member
bor ia expected to induce at least ono re
publican to vote the democratic ticket.
Tills will chnngo 33,000 votes at the
least calculation , if everything pans out
all right. The money to carry eut this
grand achoino is to bo furnished by the
browcra , and the distribution will begin
on next Monday , the object being to capture , 1n
turo the state at the October election. n
The Standard ell company promises to K
contribute largely to the scheme. in
The fact should not bo overlooked that 11gl
the republican managers will also bo on glT
hand with plenty of ducats , and off-sot
the work of the saloon-keepers. However - olri
over , with two big party "bar'Js" on top , ri
the great state of Ohio will certainly
provo a profitable field for these ward jrol
politicians who always have a certain IV
number of votes for sale for future deliv IVr
, but who , when election day comes , all
to hand ever the goods.
TUB atato election in Vermont has re
sulted in about 20,000 majority for the
republican ticket. This majority shows
ft alight falling off from that of the
atato election in 1682 , when Barstnw , re
publican candidate for governor , received
30,830 , and Kiton , democrat , 14 , > 1GO
When the returns are all iu the figures
probably show that the republicans was
have a majority equal to that of 1882 ita
1880 , out of a veto of 05,098 , Hancock
received but 18,310 , thu republican ma
jority being 27,201 , The indications are
Blalno will carry Vermont by ottj0 | Jn
least 25,000. \ JCh
How Clnnn Encountered the 1'Jnro-
pcnna nnd Suffered Detent ,
The first war between England nnd
China broke out about the question of
opium , In January , 1811 , the ships of
the English fleet were ordered to attack
the Rogue forts which defend the river
approaches to Capton The Chinese
troops fought well nnd offered nt some
points a stubborn resistance oven at close
. quarters ; but the forts were carried , ono
after another , nnd either destroyed or
occupied. The following demands were
then formulated ns representing the terms
on which the English govorninout were
prepared to recognize ft satisfactory set
tlement. The recognition of the king of
1n England ns nn Independent sovereign , an
apoligy for discourteous treatment of
\ Lord Napier , nnd the right to trade with
any post where an imperial custom-houso
was maintained , formed the chief points.
But although Kcshon consented to these
terms , na well ns to the aurrondor o Hong
1R Kong , it was only with the _ intention of
Raining time , as his instructions from the
Emperor Taoukwang did not allow him
to mnko concessions to the foreign bar
barians , but urged him to got rid of thorn
by some stroke of diplomacy.
Several wooka further delay ensued ,
and in February , 18 tl , the rnmaining
fortn of the Bougo were attacked and car
ried by storm. Koshon was disgraced
and summoned to Pokin , while in the fol
lowing month the foreign settlements of
Canton was occupied by an English force
and the town placed under the command
of the guns of an English licet. Even
this discomfiture did not destroy the confidence -
fidonco of the Chinese , who forthwith
formed a fresh plot to annihilate the En
glish merchants nnd their defenders.
The men-of-war were compelled to engage -
gage and to destroy the fort on Shamcon ,
as well as eighty war junka and fire rafts
in the rivor. The arrival of Sir Hugh
Gough aa conimandor-in-chief , and Sir
Henry Potingor ns minister plenipoten
tiary , was followed by the dispersion of
all the Chinese troops in the neighbor
hood of Canton , the putting of that city
to ransom and the resumption of negotia
tions for a definite treaty. Many months
of further delay ensued and in Juno ,
1842 , the acono of action was transferred
from Canton to the Ynng-tao-kiang. At
laat , on the 29th of August , 1842 , a treaty
of peace was concluded in Nankin , the
old capital of the Minga.
TUK toncuA Aitnow ,
The second war arose out of the seizure
of the lorcha Arrow at Canton. Admir
al Seymour occupied the river forts with
out opposition and called upon the Chi
nese authorities to make reparation for
the insult to the English flag. The Chi
nese official declinodcomplianco , although
the penalty of his recalcitrance wns the
bombardment of hta town. But nt thia
point the hidden dangers of the under
taking were unexpectedly made clear
The Chinese , far from being cowed ,
showed the most striking determination
and with each success more nominal than
real , their courage revived. Admiral
Seymour found himself compelled to
evacuate the position ho had aoizod , and
sent elf a request to the Indian government -
mont for the services of 5,000 troopa.
The character of Chinese as opponents
was shown by an attempt to poiaon nil
foreign rcaidonts nt Hong Kong ; but ,
although this plot was discovered and
disappointed , months wont by without
the arrival of the expected troopa , in
consequence of the Indian mutiny , and
the Chinese remained and felt them
selves to bo the masters of the situation.
It was not until the end of the year 1857
that Lord Elgin found himself supported
by a aufticiont force to justify his pre
senting an ultimatum t6 Yoh. This
move wfts accompanied by nn ndvnnco of
the fleet in the direction of Canton , and
by the occupation of the Island of Honan.
The French government participated in
these proceedings , and its representative
Baron Gros , acted in concert with Lord
Elgin , wnilo French marines fought side
by side with Englssh blue jackets.
The attack on Canton followed , nnd
resulted in the capture of that city and
also of Commissioner Yoh , who was sent
at a later period to India. But the oc
cupation of Canton produced very little "
effect on the central government , which
felt itself secure BO long as the foreigners
were kept at a distance. Lord Elgin
therefore announced his intention to
proceed , to Shanghai , where ho would
negotiate with any delegates the emper
or might appoint , but in the event of no
delegates making their appearance ho
would continue his journey to the neigh
borhood of I'okin. The notification was
made to the first minister of the emperor ,
who , howevorrofu8ccl to make any direct
reply and completely ignored the subjects -
jects mentioned in Lord Elgin's commu
nication. Thu English representative
was thus loft with no choice save to pro-
cued to the north , but the efficacy of hiu
proceedings was weakened by n further
dulay in the arrival of the English Hoot. a
The Bi'lf-confidunco of the .Chinese was
thereby restored , nnd during the int-r- biA.
vals the forts at the mouth of the 1'oiho A.A
was much strengthened and their garri
sons strongly reinforced. Tht-eo forts , sr
known from the muno of a village as srL'i
Taku forts , were eventually attacked L'iF
and captured. In many respects their in
construction and armament oxcitcd sur inhi
prise and admiration , while in others hiL
they were extremely defective. hiD
TIIJ5 yitEATY. 8l
The capture of the Tanu xorta brou ht T.OB
the imperial government to a moro yield OB
ing frame of miud. Two commissioners tilbe
were appointed on the arrival of the first bem
Kngllsh vessels at Tientsin , and after nu m
merous delays , negotiations were begun \ \
aa much earnestness aa OhinoRo ter oin
glvorsation would allow. The treaty of in
Tientsin was eventually drawn and ca
agreed f upon. The principal concessions an
obtained by this instrument were the
right to have a resident envoy at Pokin ,
and permission for English subjects to
travel throughout the empire. Five
other ports and the river Yang-tao-kiang
were thrown oputi to foreign trade , the
I'hcso consessions were made to apply tu
foreigners by subsequent treaties with
other powers. Unfortunately the Chi
nese government had not oven thonloarn-
to nuke a virtue of necessity ; and
when iu 1859 the envoys of England and of
Franco appeared at the mouth of the
Puhio and requested to be allowed to pro
ceed to Pekin , they were met with ob son
jections and counter suggestions that
were tantamount to a refusal. The Taku
forts had to be reuttackcd , and on Euro of
pean expedition marched to Pekin. The
destruction of the summer palace is still Pa.
remembered. The treaty of Tion-tsln
not only ratified in the capital , but
stipulations were immediately put into
uxecution , .
The principal effect of these wars and , dii
treaties was that they placed the rela- DUO
of foreign governments with the to
"hineso government on n footing which nd
made a friendly understanding possible.
The Celestials so far s'oatcd their preten
tious as to ndmlt t'nat there were other
independent j governments in the world
besides theirs , and that they wore entitled -
titled to certain rights nnd consideration.
The disturbed state of China herself lent
weight to these opinions , nnd while the
imperial authority was being reasserted
to n great extent with foreign nesistnnco ,
the Tsung-Li-Yamon under the guidance
of Prince Jvung , had an easy task in
showing that an agreement with the
European powers was essential to the
well being of China.
No , 15,365 ,
Now Orlonns Men "Win. Parts ol tlio
Capital JL'rizo of $75,000.
Eugcno Gaudins , warehouseman for
Messrs. B. Onorato it Co.for some time ,
is n good and trusty worker. Ho was
comparatively happy nt his homo , No.
231 St. Peter street , nnd in his walks ho
passed a place in which the tickets
of The Louslana State Lottery Com
pany are displayed. Ho had pur
chased tickets in partnership with his
fellow-workers. During August , ho saw
displayed ono that particularly struck his
fancy No. 1C,3C5 whether it wns the
peculiar placing of the 5's , or the magi
cal placing of the 3 , oven Gaudins is nt n
loss to explain. But that particular tick
et haunted him ; pooped out enticingly
from the window , becrging plainly to bo
bought. The day was close nt handnndlatill
it hung in the window. Ita comrades
were dropping off , nnd when the laat dny ,
the 12th , arrived , it was almost to bo pit
ied for its loneliness. Gaudins each day
glanced hastily to aoo if his little friend
was still in place , started several times
to walk boldly in and buy on his solo ac
count ; but the old trammels of the part
nership nrrangememt hold him , until the
laat moment. Ton o'clock on the morn
ing of the 12th ho hold safely in his solo
possession one-fifth of the coveted ticket.
The revolutions of the wheel at the Acad
emy of Music brought our No. 15,365 as
drawing the Capital prize. The fact was
published and came soon to the oars of
Gaudins , who yesterday was poorbut to
day , by the investment of n dollar , ranks
among the "bondholders. , ,
Ho called at the ofilco of the Louisana
State Lottery with Mr. B. Onorato , and
was promptly paid in full. A reporter
wanted to know what ho proposed to do ,
and ho answered that ho would buy a
nlco homo for his family , and that seeing
them placed beyond the reach of want
and in comfort would bo as much happi
ness as ho desired. The balance of his
money ho would try and invest profit
ably , and would himself continue to play
his modest part , unspoiled by prosperity.
Ho aigHed his name neatly to the receipt
for the money , and went out of the
ofiico of the Lottery as happy and con
tented n man as the Creacont City now
contains. New Orleans Ficayunc ,
August 15th.
Hearing that another fortunate holder
of a part of the lucky number 15,305
drawing § 75,000 in the August scheme
of The Louisiana State Lottery , was on
hand to collect hia money , a reporter in
terview od him , Mr. Louis Seymour , the
fortunate gentleman , was found in the
office of the Lottery with two friends.
Ho had presented his one-fifth ticket ,
and was awaiting the making out of the
check for the amount it called for.
While appreciating fully his fortune , ho
Tras perfectly cool and pleasant.
_ Ho told the reporter that ho was u na
tive of Memphis , Term. , andsorved in the
Confederate army in the battle of Shiloh -
loh under Genls. Albert Sidnny Johnson
and Bcaurogard. His health , impaired
by army service , haa grown much worse
of late years , and ho came hero to bene
fit himself. As hia means were limited ,
ho wont to work on the buildings of the
great World's Fair to bo held in New
Orleans next winter. Ho stuck to it
steadily for nearly five months , although
it almost counterbalanced the good done
him by the genial climato.
Ho was n firm believer in luck , and
never failed to purchase a ticket in the
Louisiana State Lottery. His experiment
in purchasing No. 15,365 haa confirmed
"iim in hia belief. IIo waa pleased with -
; ho country and the people ; was delight-
oil with everything , nnd hoped to enjoy
his good fortune. Ho had now formed
many distinct pinna for the future , but
would remain at ease for some time re
cuperating , not forgetting always to try
his luck in the lottery that had proved
such n bonanza to him. New Orleans
I'icuyunc , August 10.
ItcriilnlsconccH of George Fox , Lord a
nnd hady IJnltlinoro and
AVHlliuu I'ciin.
EASTO.V , Md. , August 28. There wns
largo gathering of the Frionda here today
day from all parts of the country to celebrate -
brato the 1200th anniversary of the Third /
Avon meeting house , ono of the oldest in A
America , Tno mooting house is still as ( I
solid aa a rock and stands in an oak
grove about a mile fron this place , The
Friends have built a now ono and moved clot
into it . ot
to-day. otSu
Tlin cnromonies were hold in the old en
houtowhore , after n prayer by Samuel J. ail
Lovick , of Philadelphia , Robert R. tlio n
Dixon. of Baltimore , road a historical th
sketch written by Miss Sue B. Kemp. an
This gave , among other things , an Inter el.lie
esting account of George Fox's visit to lie
the mooting-houso , and the legacy of cai
books ho loft it. Lord nnd Lady Balti nu
more once visitnd It in company with this
William Penn. The mooting was nearly nl
ever when they arrived , and Lady Baltimore - (01m
moro was very much disappointed , bo- tary may
causa they wanted to hear the mechanics Co
and husbandmen proach.instead of Ponn. .lu tor
Once the question of heating the house 001
waa under discussion , and most of the IUI
friends maintained that religious zeal by
should bo enough to warm the worship- me
. At last stove form
pera. a wai purchased. At
(1) ( )
first mooting there was no fire in it , '
and ono of the Friends called it a dumb me
idloc and laid his coat on it , The next etll 1
mooting ho did the same thing , but there State
happened to bo fire in the stove and the rtai
coat was burned , much to the amusement "An
the congregation. mete
Dr , Barker road a poem on the anni A. to
versary , written by Misa Susanna Dickin A.ul
, a sister of Anna Dickinson , once a rai
member of this mooting , Addresses
were made by Dr James C.irroy Thomas , j ' I
Baltimore , Clement Diddle , of Phila I
delphia , Lydia II. Priceof Wet Cheater , thu
. , Edwin II. Ooates , of Pennsylvania , [ Ninth Kir
Samuel J. Lovick , of Philadelphia , and D 1 :
Rav. A. W. Lightbourn , of this place. A
In the post thirty years there have
been many remedies advertised for the
of kiduoy and liver troubles and
diseases of the urinary organs. Of only B
can it ba said that ' 'it is never known
fail , " That ono is HUNT'S [ Kidney
L W.
A Stop in The Itcght Direction.
Wo are much gratified to learn from
an authentic source , that the board of
Cavalry Equipment of the United States
army , comprising experienced and nblo
cavalry officers , haa concluded to recom
mend for exclusive use in the service ,
the specific veterinary medicines made
by the Humphreys' Medicine Company.
This determination has been arrived nt
only after n most thorough and exhaust
ive examination of the subject , The
above board of officers , In the line of
their duty , applied to this company for
information upon the subject moro es
pecially referring to two points , the rela
tive loss of stock and the cost of treat
ment. The Humphroya' Company
simply referred the Board to various
horao-railronda , express , nnd other largo
stock owners for information , nnd the
result of the inquiry was such that the
Board has recommended these Specifics
and the recommendation haa been ap
proved by the Quartermaster General
and the General of the Army , and they
are being duly issued to the various Cav
alry regiments , posts , nnd light Bat
teries. Now , wo have every reason to
believe , from the known character of
the house supplying the vortorlnary
medicines , and the general reputation of
the Specifics , that the experiment , if
auch it can bo termed , will provo ontirloy
aucccssful. Covington ( Ky. ) Common-
ivcalth. DAW It
STATE oorriNas.
A feature of the York county fair will bo
tlio encampment of n bataliou of thu Nebras
ka National Guards. The batnlion u 111 con
sist of companion A , 13 , 0 and K , and It will
bo In camp days ,
An attempt was made to break into the
Fremont poatolh'co Friday night. Tlio burg
lar wns scared nwny by ono of the clerks
sleeping in the building.
A woman's suflrogo convention ii in pro
gress at Fremont.
Cloyd Wostfnll , son of D. C. Westfall of
Glcncoe , Dodge county , wns drowned nt
Schneider's mill , Wednesday , the 21th. Ho ,
with several other boys were playing on nnd
around the bridge which spans the dam just
nbovo the mill , and ho vsa lying on the level
bonm on top of the bridgo. Losing his balance -
anco ho foil about fifteen feet to the water ,
striking n brace in his fall , which left a bruise
on liia back.
Franklin county has a floating debt o S48-
A second telephone wire has been strung
between Omaha and Lincoln.
Work has been commenced on a $4,000 brick
school house at Wakofiold.
The Grand Ledge Knights of Pythias begun
iU session ntTccumseh , Tuesday.
The contract has been let for n now brick
hotel at Norfolk , 66 feet on Main street nnd
71i feet on Fifth street , three utorios. The es
timated cost is between § 12,000 nnd § 15,000.
Prom these sources uilso tlirco-fourtlia of
tlio diseases of the human raco. Thcso
3yintomsiiulIcntotliolrcxi3tcncoT.oi)3 of
Appetite , Jtowelg costive , Klclc llcad-
clic , fiillue niter entliifj , aversion to
rxcrtlnii oflmcly 01niliul , Eructntlou
of food , Irritability of temper , I < ow
spirits , A feeling ufliavlng neglected
jome duty , I > lzzliic < i8Z'1luttcrliiffnttho
llrnrt , I ots before the eyes , Highly col
ored Urine , COXSTirATIOIV , mill de
mand the use of a remedy that acts directly
ontho I.lvcr. AsnLivcnnedlcInoTUTT'S
1'IIiI.S have no equal. Their notion on the
Kidneys und Skin Is also prompt ; rumoring
nil linpuilties through these three "scav
engers of the y tem , " pioduclnff nppo-
tlto , sound digestion , regular stooK a clear
skin and a vigorous body. IVTT'S I'lr.r.S
canso no nausea or gilplng nor interfere ,
with dally work nnd are n perfect '
bold evcrj'wlierc , ! ! 5c. Ollico. 41 Murriiy b t. . N'.Y.
_ * _ . . . . _ „ „ . _ „ _ _ _ _ in
stantly to nULossr IJLACK uyablnglo np-
pllcatlon of this Dn : . Sold by Di-ugglata ,
or sent by express on receipt of SI.
j Office , < 4 Hurray Street , New York.
EKKAS , Joint resolution u as adopted by the
Legislature of tlio State of Nebraska , at the
-jlehtcotith Session thereof , ana approted February
S7th , A. D. IS&t.proposIng an Amendment to Section
Four ( I ) of Arllclo Three (3) ( ) of the Constitution of
Bald State , and that Bald section as amended shall
read03 follows , to-wlt :
"Section 4 The terms of otflco of members of the
utgUIVure shall Ijotwo jcars , and they ( hall each
receive a salary of tl > rec hundred dollars for their
sortla B during said term , and ten cents for every
mlle they shall tmel In going to and returning from
the plico of incctlti of the Le'l3'.i'ure ; , on the moit
usual r.mto. I'IIOMDKD IIOUKIKH , th"t neither mcin-
bcrsof thd I.rpialaturo nor employes shall ricelvo
any pay orpcrqulsiUs other than ihelr salary and ECi
mllcago. Kach session , except special Bcsslnni- , shall Ci
10 riot lesi than tlxty ilajs. Alter the expiration or CiPi
'orty dnjs of thopession noblila nur joint risolutions PiK
the nnturo of bllN shall bo Introduced , unless the K
Governor glut ) , by special message , call the atten
tion of the TcrNlaturo ( to the neces'it.v of passing of
law ou the subject matter embraced in thom > s Ko ,
and the Introduction of bill * sball bo restricted
thereto , "
Tholallotsat the election at nhlch said AinPiid-
rnuit shall bo submitted shall bo In the follonln ?
form. "For proposed Amendment to the Oaii'titu
tion rclat'ngto ' LcgUlatliu Dopartuent " "Aualmt .
proposed Amendment to the Constitution relating
Li'Uhtlvo ( Ilenaitmtnt. "
WnmiKtH , a J mi retclutlon wa ? adopted by the
I/egblaturo of tlio i-ta.o of Ncbraaka at the Kl 'h-
tceutb Session thereof , Mid npprineil February tbth ,
, I ) 1SSIproposing an Amendment to Section ma
) of Article I'he (6) ( ) of the Coibtitirlon of said
state , and t'.iat said diction aa amended shall read an
Jallous , to-ult :
"Section 1. Iho Exccutlto Department shall con
(1st of a Governor , Lieutenant Umernor , t'ccictary
State , Auditor of I'uUlo Accounts , Treasurer , Tbo
Supcilntciidcntof I'ublio Instruction , Attorney Gen
eral , Commissioner nf 1'ublo laiidannr' Hull HUBS ,
and Hoard of raihtay Commissioners. I'ho olllteru 20
mined In this section shall each hold lib ollico for
term of t o years from the IItst Thursday after
HrstTiiOid y In January next alter his clcctl n
until hU nuccessor U elected and iiualliled , 1'ito-
VIIIKD IIOUKVER , that the first election of said olhcera
shall bo htld on the first Tuesday iucccedlntho | first no
Holiday In Not ember of 1880 , and each succeeding
election Blull bo hdd at the same relatho time In
each e\en jcar thereafter. All other olliccrs tint
may be provided for by Uw , under the piovisious of
! section , shall be chosen In such manner and at
tuch times , and fhall hold their olllces for such lengtn
nftlmo as'may be provided bylaw , and shall per-
tounsurh dutlesnmlreceho such compen tlon aa
bo provided for by law. The Governor , Secre
of Btato , Auditor of I'ublio Account * , Treasurer ,
Commissioner of 1'ubllo Landsind IlmMIng * , and At
torney ( ienoral , shall reside at the eat of go\ eminent
during their terms of ofilco , and kc p the public records
cords , boobs and paiKm there , and the olliccrs herein
named flnll perform such duties as may to required
law. "
The ballots at the election at which slid Amend-
it eball be submitted shall bo In in the following
: "For proposed Amendment to Section One PhoA
of Article Khv (5) ( ) of thu Conttltutlon , entitled , Phoof
'KieciilhoDcpirtment. ' " "Afralnntp opened Amend , of
munt to Section One (1) ( ) of Article Kho (5) ( ) of the Con- too
itltutlon , entitle ! , 'Kxecutlve Department. ' " Qln
Therefore , I , James W Da oj , tiotirnor cf the
of Nebraska , do hereby gl\e noticeIn accor
dance ultb Section One (1) ( ) Article Fifteen (16) ( of the
Constitution , ami tlio provisional an act entitled ,
Act to pmUJo the manner ol proposing Amend
ments to the Constitution and submitting the same
the i r lectori of this State , " appro * cd February 13th
I ) . < ti77 , tlutsald prnpatoU Amendments will ho
submitted tu the ( piallllod totcriof thli St t for
railllcatlnn or rejection at the ( leneral I lection tu bo
on the -Ith cUj of Novcmbur , A , U IBS I.
* - > V' witness whereof , I ha > o hereunto net
bKAL v mj hind und causM't1) bo ullUcd the >
- ' - " Uroat Heal of the State of Nebraska. (
Done at Lincoln thU J'tli day of July , A , U , 18C4 , nr
Eighteenth 5 car of thn Slate , and of the Indn-
jHiiideiicucf : tbo United Statoi , the Ouo Hundred and
) Iho Uatcrnnr : JAMES W. DA WE 9.
Amur : EIIVABD ! ' . HOUUK.I ,
i3-me 3m 1-cw beorotary ol State ,
A , SHIPMAN , M. D. ,
Bellevue , - Nebraska.
InunoWyeirii. Each number the special pre-
ncrlptlon of nn eminent | ihy lcl n. The only
HlmplP. flu Co nnd Hiiro Medicines for the p oplo
LUT rniscirii. NO . ccrtEi. rwci.
1. lV er i ConRostlonInflnmatlont.ZR
2. Wnrniti Worm Fever , Worm colic5
a , Criliu ( 'ollo.orlocthlnRof Infants
I. Illnrrhen of ihlldrcn or Adulu , .2. %
ft. IH enlnry , ( Ulplng , IllllloiK Colic , t1S.
II. diolirn Morbin. Vomiting , . . . .2iV
* CoimlK.i-'ol'l ' , ItronchltK .25
N. iVMirnlglft , Toolhfclio , I nccacc . . . .2. %
9. llrn.lnrhct. Sick lletulncliei.erllRO .
Ht. llfponiln , llllllnus Homnch , . 2. %
11. HiinitrrmFi ! or I'nlnfnl I'rrlod. . 25
12 , \\nlloi , tool'rofmo I'crlocU . v .25
I.I ! rniin. Coimli , iJimcult llrcnthlnir 25
Knit hlii iMini , rrynlpcli" , ' "iptlotn , 25
llhrmimtlitti , Kncnnmtlo 1'nltiR 25
III l'for nnd Astir. Chill , Fever , Agues ,5 ( >
17 rilri. llllml or lileedlnc . A < >
l ! > . Cninrrli. ncnlo or chronics Influenza 511
311linoiilnir CiMigli , violent cough * , . , .nit
21 ( Jrnernl Mobility , 1'hyslcal
27 lUdnoy | ) l rni * . . . 5I
2H Servant Debility . t.OO
'III. llrlnnry AVrn ) < nc . Wetting the bed .ni >
32. Ill'oninorilio llonrl. 1'nlpltntlon. l.OU
Kold by ( IniKRl'U , in-sent liy the Cnip. Orpin-
Kin Mnf , fron of chnrgp. on receipt of frlcc ,
Hrnd rnrllr.llninplirpvii Ito'ikon llicito < &r.
(144panoM ( , nl o lllintrnl'dl CntnloRiin fllKtj.
Adilre < i , Iliiinnlirpvn' llonicntintliln Alcd *
MnnCo. . X09 Fulton Street , ftcw Vork. ,
Health is Wealth 1
guaranteed fMicclflo for Hysteria , 1) zzlnojs , Convul-
( long , Fits , Nervous Neuralgia , Iloadacho , Nervous
Prostration cau'cd by the use of alcohol or tobbacco ,
WakcfulDcss. Mental depression. Softening of the
brain , resulting In Insanity and leaping to misery ,
decay and death , 1'rcmaturc Old ago , Uaroncss , loss
of power In cither BOX , Involuntary Losses and Spor-
rrmtorhom caused by o\orcxcrtlontof the brain , self-
abuse or ocr Indulgence , Ihcli box , contatng one-
month's tieatment Sl.COabox.or six bottles for
$5.00 , cent by mall prepaid on receipt of price ,
H euro i ny case. With each order received by U9
for six bottles , accompll'had $5 00 , wo will send
the purchaser our written guarantee to refund the
mcncy If tlio treatment does not effect a euro. Guar
antees Issued only by JOHN C : WEST & CO. ,
jy 23-mi.o-ry 02 Madison St. , Chicago , III.
( nrroRK. ) " ( ArrKB. )
. .ItEClUO-VOLTAIO BELT nnd otherELncrnio
lit AITMAVCFS nro gent on SO Days' Trial TO
MEN ONLY. 1'OUNG Oil OLD , who are suffer
ing from Knrivous Dcnn.rrr , LOBP ViTALrrr.
WASTiitn WRAKKESSES , nnrt all thono dfuenses of a
rciisoNit. NATUUE , resulting from ABUSES and
Groin OiUsns. Speedy relief and complete
restoration to nr.iLTM , Vtoon nnd IIANUOOD
uuAruKTEFD. Bend at once tor Illustrated
Pamphlet frt-c. AUnrcsi
TOIVTAK' mj/r [ CO. . MurihaII.MIeh. _
tTTILtibopaldtoany ono who will find a particle
i V of Mercury , 1'otash , Iodine , Arsenic , or any Poi
sonous substance In
"I have cured Blood Taint by the use of Swift's
Specific after I had most signally failed with the Mer
cury and 1'otash Treatment.
F. A. TOOMEU , JL D. Terrda ,
"Swift's Specific has cured mo of Scrofula of 12
years standing. Had soroj 03 largo as my hand , and
n cry ono thought I was doomed. Swift's Specific
: urcd me alter physicians and all other medicine had
'ailed ' ' It. L. HIGH , Lonoko , Ark.
( Jj f A A Aft would not purchase from no what
5P1 V.UUU Swift's Specific ban d no for me. It
cudro mo of Hheumatlsm caused by malaria. "
ARCHIE TlIOMAb , Spriogflcld , Tcnn.
Our Trcatlso on Blood and Skin Diseases moiled frco
applicants to
Drawer 3 , Atlanta , Go.
N. T. Office , IBS W. 22d St. , between Bill and 7th
Avenues. Philadelphia office 100 Chestnut t.
C17 St. Charles St. , St. Lenis , Mo.
A regular graduate of t-wo Medical Collegei.bai been longer
Qc gedIa tbeapeclaltrcatmcDtof CHUONIC.NIBIOUB. Bum
nml ULOOD PiBKAiEStban unr other Pfcjilclan la Bt. Loni %
u city rH'f ' how ntid all old rfU nn know.
Nervous Prostration. Debility , Mental and
Physical Weakness ; Mercurial and other Affec
tions of Throat. Skin or Bones , Blood Poisoning ,
Old Sores and Ulcers , &ro treated with unparalleled
Bucceii , on IntctL ftlentlllo principle ! . Safely , rrlT t lj. *
Diseases Arising from indiscretion , Excess , '
Exposure or Indulgence , * hi < rh produce omeoftha
following cffccti : oertoniness , debllitr , dlinDem of light
ad defective memory , plraplei on the fs , pbjilcal decay.
vcrilon to the tocitij of females , toofunitn of ldiaitet L ,
rendering Alarrlago Improper or unhappy , * ra
rtcrmaneiil/eurcd. l'fttnphet(3a ] ( pageionlbo above , lent
laiealed envelope , free to anyfttMrem , CcRBUltatloaatrf
tiee or bj mall free , an J Invite J. Write for quciUoni.
A Positive Written Guarantee
glrei In atl corxble caies. Ucilletnes icot ereiyvbere.
Famphloti , ncll > h or German , < M pnce . ds-
erlblnc nbovo diieaaea , ia inalo or female , FilEC.
n , flopplattlllmtrate'l In elotU and ( lit blndlnp
Wcn-.oiicj-cr I'u.tnge ; nine , v-aj r cotcrs. ' 'ic. Tlili book
eoDtaloi all tbo curious , doubtful or InquUItlTe want t *
know. A book of great Jntcret to all , ilt , 4tli. Uc&utr
- ty U * ad\Ics.
Erlaiigor , . . . . . . , itav&ria.
Cnlmbaclior , . Bavaria.
Pilsner . Bobemion. ,
Kaiser . . . Brflmon.
Budv/eieer . St. Louis.
Inlmusor . St. Louis.
Best d . „ . . . .Milnraukep.
Ichlite-Pileuer . Milwaukee.
Krus's . Omaha.
Ale , i'orter , Domestic aucl Rhino
Wine. [ | ED. MAUKER.
iai Vnrnnm St.
loading Agricultural and Llvo Block
Jj ( iriial of the West.
H. . SMITH & CO. ,
nON'KOBT. ' W. FOHNAS , Secretary 8l Board
of Agriculture , Aa ociato Editor.
JUBSCnilTION I'KICE , Jl.OO per year In advance.
U.njjj . OJilIi ,
'honU AMaruoaOo.,01 JXndonCt h
Auota , J3tM,50 , lj
lestcnester.N. T. , Capital OOO.tXX.O
) > Icrcn nta , ol KewuV , N , J. , OrHUl 1.376.COO.CC
llrardFlre.FhUadelrbla , tpltal. . . . l.TOO.WO.O
Itcmen'i iund Cat t l . . l39tlt.
thrl\e on Ilorllck'i rood , " wrlto hundreds of
raUful mother * . Mother's milk contains no
urch. An arUficlal food for InfinU should
xmtalu no etarcn. Iho beat and uaott nutriUoua
food in bcaltu M g ) g B H }
dlcknwn for
f torch und rwiulroa no oookluir ,
lleoomineiidui by 1'byBlcUuii.
UUrhly IxneflcUl to Xurelnp
SloUieni ui a drink. 1'rlco ! ( )
- . - , _ _ audtftceuU ly Ilrlruirfl | t * .
Send for Book on tuoTreatineutof Children , frcj.
* 'r4llv dlicited led GutrUlaui. " O , tr > ZfaUnr.
tt. / ) . . ilUalcl * . M i.
"Xlal k til iL.uoulJ U dilrid.H'.HSiU ,
SlUten. i'a/iui.
"Nd bc U D y IB rrooouaclarf It aiwflor 10 * 07 *
lblo ( eiltol. ' K. i' . CUurn. It , l > Trot , Jf , T ,
Will bo tent It mall on receipt of price In etiuipi.
IIOHMCH'- , rOl ) CU , , Kurlne.Vlu. .
Vta lloiiucn'o Uui ESTOAOT or UALT'if