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Tie Death of Sccrclary of Ibii Treas-
iiry , Charles J , Fete
His UmpGoted Demise Spreads
General Gloom
Throughout All the Diplomatic
The Unsettled Question of an
Immediate Successor ,
President Arthur Beoioves the
News at Newport ,
Government ItiilltltiiKS anil Vessels
Fly Xhclr KlrtKB at Half Must
In Token nl IMoHrnltif1.
GKNK\A , N. Y. , September 1 , Secretary of
the treasury Chas. J. J'olgor died suddenly nt
1:53 : o'clok this nftomuou.
4&i GKNKVA , N. Y. , Seplembor 1. Secretary
3 < 'oger ! died nt 1:53. : The only persons pies-
cut were ) Miss Hart , his dcccisod wife's sister ,
lr , Kmpp and seine law n'sociites , his
family physichn , Ur , A. B , Smith , nnd his
colored servant , James. Dr. Smith nud Cap
tain J. S. Low la loft him but n few minutes
previous. Dr. Henry Foster , who had been
hero two or three times M consulting physi
cian , nrrlvod on the I : ID tram and wns cons
% eyed to tlio Polger mansion by Dr. Smith.
Airs. 1'nist , Iho secretary's sister , nrrived by
the s.iiuo trnin , After the thrcu last named
had entered the dying nnn gasped twice or
thrice and nil was over.
Secretary Folfjer's two daughter * are in the
Adirondacks. The elder is in very feeble
health. His son , Cant , Clins. V. Folger , Is nt
Alexandria , Vn. All had boon written to
come to Geneva , tuolclegraphnotbeing earlier
teforted to ns so sudden a termination of the
father's malady was not apprehended. Capt.
1'olger will nrnvo tomorrow.
The secretary roturnnd for the last time to
Geneva Wednesday evening , the iiOth ult.
Ho callep his family physician next morning ,
who gives
of Iho ciso great feebleness of the heart's
action , congestion of the middle lobe of the
right Inner , nnd capillary congestion of the
lironchiil tubes , torpor of the liver , albumin
ous discharge of urine , showing diseise of the
kidneys. The doctor was informed that the
secretary had had hainoulngo of the lungs
three time's of late , before his rctuin. Tlio
first was while out j.itchinp ; with frends nt
New Yoik , on which occasion ho discharged
about a quart of blood.
Secretary Tolgcr rode out daily until nnd
including the 29th ult , siae-o which time he
I'pt his room , but did not wholly nbindon
othciol work. Ho continued t ) answer im
port mt letters and telegrams up to yesterday
nud seempd reluct int to give up , jet ho was
by in moans unconscious of
He entrusted to his persona ! friend , Captain
Lewis , the final messages to his family nnd
otlict directions of a confidential nature.
Within a few moments nfter the secretary
expired , telegrams announcing the sad event
were dispatched to 1'reside-nt Arthur nt New
port , Assistant Secretary Coon , TrankSparry ,
J'olger's private secretary , lion Thomas 0 ,
Acton , assistant treasurer , at Nan * York , and
Judge Andrews at Sjtacuse. General gloom
pervades the people of Geneva over thu sudden
removal of their beloved townsman. Men of
all parties nnd nil conditions of life alike , join
in expressions of sorrow. The first.
displayed were above the entrance to the
quarters of the Ifith separata company , Pol-
ger's corps , N. G. S. , N.Y. , at tlio Geneva
national b ink , nnd upon the largo Cleveland
and Hendricks binner suspended across Sen
eca street. The secretary will bo interred in
Geneva , by the side of his wife , who died
BOV en years ago.
The first "novvs of the death of Secretary
Polger received in this city was conveyed in
an associated press dispatch from Geneva.
Coon , who is the acting secretary , ho imme
diately notified the chiefs of thu bureaus in
the treasury drpartment and invited them to
meet at his office this evening. As the novvs
of the death of the Secretary spread about ,
it wa * received with a general expression of
regret. The olliciiils of tha treasury depart-
in' ' it especially wore shocked by the sudden-
j , s of the ovent. The generally expressed
n" ion of these olhcara was that Mr. 1'olger's
( K.ith was
nun ro
"lie sought to supervise all the details of the
servko instead of leaving the merely routine
routine work to his subordinates , " said ono
jiroinlnenl ollicial , and all others who wore
spoken with on the subjeet ascribed the Secre-
tile's illness nnd de-ith to the same cause
Traosurcr Wjman saij that for BODIU time be- s
fo.-o Folger loft thu deiiitmi ] < nt ho hid boon
tompl'iinintf nC a pain in the region of the and diliiculty in hie itlnng. Tlio wateh-
men and other omployeH of the department
on duty to night , us well as ni'n ' > i oihcials ,
whoheiul tha HOVH fxprossfd tlen.arrow
and spoke of Tolgcr's uniform Kindness to
thorn. At the meeting in the hocie
t uy's othca tli s evening tliero wern present
Jlr. Coon , whei piiiiidnil , Comp'rollei J iw-
rence , CommisHioter ill hnson , Tie nrer S\rj-
iiian , CoimnlfBKiiiei llvann , ruintli Auilitm
Jicaidsloy , .Siijtervising Inspector Hell , Ccn- ! JJuinont , Blip-rvislrig Inspector of stnain- -
boitn , I\Ii. JMiinmo , chut of hun-an of Btiti--
tlo. Hr. Alexjiidei. fifth iiuJitor , and Judga
.j > Crowell , acting sixth auditor.
" * &
1 Mr. Coon on calling the mnoting to onler ,
announced the death of S i retary I'nlger , nnd
nt.ited that ha had called tha nlheialn together
to julviso with him as to propei action tu ha
taken , Ju the
an executive order to close the department
could not bo had , and ho wait doubtful of his
authority to close it informally , oven for a
day , llo said tint if thuro were no ob-
Bt iclo.s in the way ho would
to morrow and also on thu day of the funeral.
Judge Lawrence , firit cuntrolle r , .Iinlgo John-
Eon , the commissioner of customs , and Mr.
Alnxander , fifth auditor , gave it as their
opinion that the acting secretary had the
nuthoiity to eloBo the department Informally.
Mr. Coon , after hearing from thesoaivisorn ,
announced that ho would issno an nukr clos :
ing the deinrtniont to-monow Informally ,
and stated that ho had already ordered the
draplucf "f the building. Ili afterwards in
formed the reporters that when the depart
ment is informally cloned all mail and ox-
presi matter U received M usual but that "
nothing is sent out of the denirtincnt , and
nothing goes on record ns having boon done
on that day. lie said that the relations of
the treasury dvpartim Itt with the Mttc. urn
world vvoro utich that It was important th it ,1
it bo closed as seldom as possible. HP
thought that by the direction of the pros !
dent the sub treasuries und outside ImreauH
of the diipartmeut could bo closed fur it
couple of hours nt least on the day of the
fecretary'a funeral.
Mr. Oiinnuixm receiving the news of tin
death of tlio Kecretary. notified tlio pustmasUi
gi neral , wlm 11 tins only cabinet olliu i in HIB
city and both sent
Informing the latter Unit they li d recelvid
the new J i/f tlio death of Mr. Koltfor.
Aesibtant Sdcn tary l-'rencli , of tlio tr < atury ,
has been In 12'iropo ' for homo tunn. Hu b
encole-vveii Mr. Coonai the only a slhtini
of the Kectetiry here , and ha h 11 bci n nctiii-
secretary Bliico Tolfitr left , Under the lavi
lie vi 111 continue to net m secretary , tinlnH tin
ptcfiideiit Bhould inuko anotliHr iippniiitinent ,
for ten da\sfrom to-day. The death of i
o. > blnet olliw r durliiB Ins term of ollico hav
5a thlj c untry Web tor died vUule aecrr
lf\ry of ulato , and two secretaries of war , UolJ
1ms nndUiwhnr , and two
Urnvvn and Howe , have died whiln in olhoo
1'olcer Is tha first secit'tary < > f troixsuty who
died while holding offiou.
Assistant Stcri'lary Coon xald tint ho had
received several letters rectntly from Secretary
1'olgi'r , In w Inch the latli r vi role rAther dw
pondiutly , In ono , alluding to the burden of
tha work In the department. The furetan
siul tint while ho v\as about u olt i ? , tl ! ! ho
would piek hU trunk and return to duty if ho
( Conn ) felt that lee much wns laid upon him ,
In aimthor ho remarked that he- was
"IS \ M ! < < KIUILV rLIdllT. ' '
While the third loiter closod.abruptly with the
remark tint hi' had sot out to write at length ,
but felt lee vv ea'c and hstles' , othei lcttor ,
suite locoived , were dictated to an auunnni
sis and whllo containing cleir directions con
cerning important departmental mattei * , also
come } id Inn intolllgi nee , Inserted by the wri
ter thrt the Ktierotwy wn a very ick man and
callable of only the snmllost physical and men
tal exrrtlon , In one loiter , acting Stcntaiv ,
Uoon'tt as advised tnsi-iid a c.iblo mo'svKOt < i
Assistant Secretary French , asking him to n-
turn Immediately. Judge Kronen was then
on his way to Liverpool ,
In ii'gard to the question of filling the va
caiicy by n temporary appointment , Air. Coon
Bubnnttid the question tu tinattoinej goner
al. On the do ith recently of bhth Auditor
1.1 1 , the attorney general gavf his opinion
that \acaucy occurring b } the death of the
head of a bureau
expiration of thu ten days , either by temporary
ary designation or permment appointment ,
and that such designation if mule
could bo only fur ton dajs. It would follow
therefuu- that the \.aevicy in the treasury
may bo ti mpornlly filled liy an appointment
fin ten d.aj s from tlio ITth inst and muet be
pcrmanontly hllud not later than thu IMh
inst , Sund ly not being counti'd.
A mooting of llm heads of the tie isury bur
eaus will bo hold toinonovv to draft appropriate
priate lesolutions of respect tu Folger.
IfuMoiiT , 1 $ . 1. , Soptemhor I. Viosidint
Arthur reci iv ed the ti legr.un nnuouncing the
death of Secret uy Folgoi at five o clock and
was greitly alTcctcd by thu iiovvg. Ho will
attend the funeral and hopi to bo able to at
tend that of Sonatoi Anthony nlho. llo has
telegraphed his condolences to the f.athei of
Socretaiy Folder and oidered the Hags on all
? ovornmont vessels and buildings in tins vi
cinlty and at 1'oit Adams to bn placed at half
mast until aftei the funeral. The president hail
ntendcd giving a dinner to an Ktighsh admiral
Saturday night but that is now probably In
definitely postponed.
Tlio TttiT.
SPltlNQHHliMasg. : , September 1. Harry
Wilkes and Westmont to-day made two of the
'astcst heals over recorded , at HainixJou park ,
tlarry Wilkes' 2:10 : was equalled by St. Julion
in 1880. Wostmont made Crat mile in 2:14.
In the 2.15 fp icing class Bessie M , won ,
Loreno I'd ; best time , 2.18J.
2.17 trotting race IMwm Thornu was sent
ionic l.imc , and Majolica taking sick after
iho Rocond heat , was withdiawn. Harry
Wilkes won , Phyllis 2dj time , U19f , I''li ,
2.15 , 2:18 : , 2.17J.
Free for-all pacing Wostmont won , Jowett
Jd , Hilly S. 3d ; Fullei withdrawntime ; , 2:11 : ,
-.101 , 2.1SJ. Jewettmado the hrst quaittr
of the second heat in 2.0S time.
The 2 22 trotting race w as unfinished ; best
tune , 2 205
The stallion "Mnvoy Cobb" p.avo an ex
hibition mile trot after the fourth heat in the
2:17 : hotting race , speeding tlm last quarter.
His time for Iho mile was 2.31 ; for the last
quaitcr , 31 seconds.
SlIEEl3ir\i ! ) 13n , Septembei 1. Thoat
.cncJanco was very laigo and the track good.
Three quarters of a milo for two year olds ;
Florio won , Machoro second , Mahtoo third.
Time 1:1CJ.
Mile , for three year olds and upwards , gen
tlemen uders ; Chockmito won , llfca second ,
September stakes for three year olds , milo
and three quarters ; Gonisette won , Blash
second , Uconomy third. Time 3.07. } . *
Milo and five furlongs for all ages ; M onitor
won , Nettie second , Markland third. Time
2.50 { .
Mile and ono furlong ; Frank Runyou won ,
Monk second , 1'iopcott third. Time l:58i. :
Steeplechase , full course ; Bourkp Cochrana
won , Alton hocond , Woostcr third. Time
MINSK \ioiis , September 1 , At the Min
neapolis fair races to-day the attendance was
argo , weather fair and the track very cnppy \
andsloff. The great event of the day was
iho race between thu pacers , Johnston and
Itichball , for &J,00 ( ) , beat two in three. In
.ho hrst lie it , Johnston took the lead and
: ield it to the end , though crowded close by
Kichball , and won by a length ; time , 2:13. : In
, ho second heat Johnston again took the lead
jut broke badly at the head of the strctcK
Uichb ill won in X20f , The third he it was a
iploiulid , Johnston again took the lead ,
jut Jtichball was oven with him at the firnt
quarter. From there to the last it was mi
oven lace at : i very fast pice. Johnston thun
drew ahead for an instant , but Kichball drew
up. and , to within twenty yirds of the Jwiro ,
> roinincd to win handsomely when he biokc' ,
md Johnston won m 2.17 } .
Uaso ]
At Toledo Toledo 1 , Allegh my 2. '
At I'rovicpnco 1'iovi lenco 3 , Cleveland 1.
At Washington Unions Mntnals ti , Knu-
n City 0.
At Now York Chicago 7 , New York C. (
At Cdlunibus Columbus 5. Virginia 1. 01
At Philadelphia I'tnladolphias 1 , Detroit
At Norton Itaiton 7. UulTnlo 2.
At Indi impolis Indianapolis 2 , BrooKlvn
At ] 5altimoro 13 iltomoro TTnions fi , St.
, onis lri.
] ( t Itoston Uniim1) , 1'iltduiig 8 , Uu ton ! ! .
At Jlilivaukee Mihvaukeo ( i , ht. Paul
\t Uurhngton liiulington 2 , Keoknk
At Wilrnmglon , Dolawaru The gaino be-
twi eu the Cincinnati Union and Wilmington
clubs was biuught to a closu In iho middle of
the fomth inning , whim umpire JJutton was
htruek m the muuth by a foul ball and tci
iiuslvhuit. lie was at firnt thought tu bo
Fat illy injured. The score stood 5 tu 3 In
favor of tlio Cinciniiitls ,
' 1 ho C Inna ICoiv ,
llo.v KONQ , September . Tlio Chinese
liavo cut the military road through the French
cemetery at Canton , destroying the mauso
leums and rilling the tombs ,
China jestoi day pild the French consul at
Hong Kong S 7OOU idomnity foi losses Incur
red by the French subjects in the Canton
riots In 188. ) . "
PAIIIS , Septcmuer 4. Tha Kopubhqiia
Francamo Hays : "It H probable
Courbt twill occupy the inland of Formoxa in
Force. This action In nt ccssaiy In order to so
uro the r/ttiiicatlon of the treaty of Tien
Tula and the pavmuit of idamnity for tha
Ijangson affair.
PAHIS , Si pt. I. La 'Matin inakori the fol-
owing statement on diplntnnlio uutlioiit ) :
"BUnmrck ngrced to give Franco the support
anil influence of'ierinany m the attack on
China , on condition that thu treaty with Chi
na ot IhlX ) IMI revised HU as tu enable ( ioriiriuy
ID obtain cquul concessions with J'uuluud ,
America anil Fiance. Bismarck anked tlm
I'ekln govirnmcnt to give- such a conic-cxlon tu
it Shanghai , hut tlm requiet wai refiisid on an
the ground that the consent of all the f on
traetinif paitifrH to thu lu.ity of IhOO WIIK
requtrai ! Jllmn.arcl. al o alms to form a tradt
ing ami miv .il > < t itmn at Onpa Khang Tone , t
oiith nfjlha gulf of I'eUuli ' '
J.ONDOS , 8qit ( mbcr I , Advlcesfrom Chin i
statu that three ( hliifaa armies are m irchintr > <
to invrtdu Tunquln , n fium u ich of the three
Miiiithcrn ( iioviiiccn of ( Jhma , Thu uirny from tlu
Kwang Si numb iM 23,000 ; from Yun Nan
Jii.00 ( und from Kviang-tiin thn Hanu. The
Yun Nun army w ill join the Black llagj at
fj < iokai , on the Tonquin frontier. Thuio are
aid tu bo over 1" (100 BlackflagHuttlmt p int.
I'heseeumbhio'l fmcen will inurch down Hed
ItncT to attatli llungliat.
'JLoNnos' , He'ptembor I. A Tunes Houir
KCIIU dlnpato'i of jiitorday Kiya that the
Crouch aio shollim ' , Kclnng ug.iln. H i pie
sumoil they Iii'i-nd In oeciiiiy the city. It * f <
D itfHothioii will bo of no v.ilue UH it will alisuib
ill their iivailablrthinilnuf jrcowithout afford
nn miv c rrexpondlng atlvantago.
Tin. Kw mj-Si aim } will march into Ton-
J finin by way ot Coo llinh , in compiny with n
Canton nrmj now nt lnng on. Thov will at
tack Han Nlmli Six Ihrimud Trench hold
Hi Not. llnng Hoe , Sontiy nnd llacnliih.
Losoos September I , Admiiil Courbol
will misprint opfntlons In Cldiiiuntil 1'atono
Ire , Trench minister in China , ha * undo n report -
port of iho political situation At I'okm. Jde
criph communication with Shanghai ccues nt
IViinng. The opposition of the pence nnd
war parties I * n aching the pitch of n civil
H ar.
cot itmr ns mWUFTIOVAI \ row v it.
PAIIH , Spplomber I. It Is pond olhclally
ropoilod tint Admiral Courbot haa rociIve-d a
cnrto bhncho iw to his operations aijalust
China. It is stated that ho will not uiidor
take further hostilities fur ton daj s until <
inforciniontH from Saion roach him in sulll-
ciont numbt rs tu onablu him to seio and oe
cnpy sumo of the tiurlheni ports.
Uu AtltlroRne'4 n Vnst OntliorlnK
tht ! Now KnKlniul V\r \ , Con-
Illnltif ; his rcmnrUs to
Industrial ' .
M \Ncm.wn , IS . H. , September I. The
ouith tiny of the Now Kngl ind fair opi nod
vvlth line wc'ather. .Tames G , Ulnine , ox-
Governor Smyth , George 1J. Loiing and
Mayor I'ortman enteicd the grounds nt noon ,
follow i din other coaches by m my distinguish-
fd citizens. IJlainowna received with cheers.
\VhonlhopittywnsBontcdtho piesidi-nt of
the NewIhiglnnd Agricnlttiiid society , George
H. Luring , introduced Ulnino , who spoke iia
follows :
Ladiei nnd gentlemen : It is pleas ml
to find ourselves in nn nssemblago wheio all
bear nnnio of higher honoi than nny pnr
tisan designation , nn iifsembl igo In w liich
Ameiicnncitii'euelilpnnd rejoice in the title ,
as in it ? self-constituting a civic distinction of
priceless vnluo. An agnciiltmnl fair is n fm-
mors pirliinont. On this day nnd on tins oe
CIMOII the mint independent class of cltircns
speak to the world ly word nnd di-od for tint
great fundamental interest , on which the republic
public rests for its secutiy nnd its pros-
It Ins become n trite s i ) ing that ngiicultuio
is the basis of nil wealth , but the full nioasmo
of the stitement nmy bo comprehended when
wo remember that .in this vc ir of grace" , 1881 ,
the total v nine of the product from f nun nnd
flock in the United states , will exceed 53,000-
00,000 , nn amount brought forth in n single
vear , vastly in OXCCBS of the national debtnt
its highest point. Wo mo not in the habit of
consideiing New Lngland ns si edi illy di tin-
tingulshed for agriculture , nnd yet the nnnurd
product from her soil is greater In value thnn
all the gold taken from the mines of California
nnd Australia , in the richest year
of their fabulous Jicld. The
farmer is alwnjs moro successful
than the niinoi in extracting money from the
earth , nfaet most strikingly shown In the his-
toiy of California who o splendid march to
wealth nnd povvoi only fnirly began when the
energies of her people were tinned to the pro
duction of broail for the woild instead of gold
The prodigious cousumptiiii of 50,000,000 people
ple is brought strongly befoia us when vvoio
uli/o how v ist a proportion of oui aggre'gato
product is usi d at homo and Uow small a sh ire
is cent abroad. 'Iho one hundred and some
odd millions of New Knglind farm pie
ducts do not support her own nee
pic , aud the nro compelled
to oscliange- , the fruits of mechanical indus
try to nn enounous amount anuiully foi the
means of subsistence , sci livishly ontp'uncd
from the gi.inarios of the moio fcrtilo west ;
and this fact H but one of many which show
the independence of our ponple , and the vast
extent of our inti rtial exchanges. The scene
to-day has enhanced the interest , when wo re
flect that tluoughout the gorgeous autumn up
on which wo h ivojii't entered , it will bd 10
procucod in countless communities tluoughout
our land , from ocean to ocean , from northern
lake to southern gulf richness of hai v est , con
tentmout nnd happiness of people will bo
shown on fields as m fairs by displajs. as bril
limit as those which now delight our eyes nnd
gladden onr hearts. Nor will autumn exhaust
the inspiring scenes.
When the chill of winter on the northern
border of the union shall make the southern
sun hoem genial nnd welcome , our brethren f
the cotton region will continue the wondrous
story. They invite us to witness the commer
cial emporium of the south , the great triumph
of southern agriculture In the production of
that single plant which has revolutionized
manufactures. They have the finest in the
world which has placed the United States bo-
\ondthe ic.ioliof imagination , nnd has added
incalculably to the comfort , health and luxury
of the human race. Standing aj 1 do in the
face of Now England States , it n nn .agree
able duty to \tend my congratulations to tlio
Now Ktiglnnd farmers on the results of this
year's labor , nnd on the general and moro im
poitant fact that at no period in the history
of Now Knglnwl husbandry has intelligent la
bor boon blessed with moro profitable results
thnn during the present generation.
If therobonny ono who doiK'ts this I wish
ho wers here today nnd could hear what I
have heard and seen what I liavo seen [ ap
plunno ] 1 heartily congratulate the Now
Jjiigland society on the brlllunt success of
this exhibition , and I bog to return my Bin-
core thanks to all Cor thi peiaonnl kindness
and cordiality with which 1 have been honor
ed. "
At the conclusion of Bl HDD'S remarks ho
WHS given three cheers by the crowd , to
which ho bowed Ins acknowledgements
HI mm was then escoitec1 to bin c.arnao : and
hiven dinctly to the residence of 1Uovein
Tlio American AHHiiciiiliiHi < > f Sulonco
at I'liilrulolphM.
PIIII MUll'HH , tScp'cmhor I. Thu thirty-
third meeting of the American ussoci itiou for
the advancement of ECIOIICO opened to ilny in <
the Academy of Muslo befura an unusually
lirgoasse'inblagoof member ! ! , noted spceial
ists , and a fail number of citl/sns. Many
jnrmbeiB w ore uccmnp inied by ladies of their
families. J. P. Lesley pictided. The wel-
cumu to the assocntion In Iwlmlf of
the fctato of Pei.nsjlvama wm then ex
tended by Governor Pattison. Major Smith ,
nnbohalf of Philadelphia next madu sumo wel
coming n marks ,
Tlio addresses were roplh d to by President
Lesley. Or , IMward J. Nolan , of the lucal
Hxecutlve cimimittoo , utatis that delegates
were presc nt from tha prlncip il fcclonllhc HO
cletles of the world anil acknowledgements
hud been received from others mmhlo to ba
present. The } ] chair rood a cablegram fiom
the hcuntilicconciesH of Franco , wishing for
prosponty and extending compllniontH arnica
lilo and frnti rnal
l'ho folluwing was prepared to bo cabled-
"The Aim rican association in HOHjiou at Phil
udclphia , the homo of Franklin , grcctu the
French Congress in session ut BloeH , birth
place of P.ippm , may steam nnd nloctrleity
which join in proclaiming and realising thu
ideas of Hcionco uiiitu nations in good will for
the welfare of all mankind. " After a gi neral a
meeting thu sections mot In roajiectlvo quart
m anil llatoncd to the customary ojioulug ad
l JclcK iili KntCH ,
WAsm.M.ros' , Soptcmbor ! . The post
master general today , acting under pi ov is-
ions of the act af , ulilch rtqmrns thn
piiHtmaster general annually to fix tha rales m
bo paid for gov eminent telegraphing , Ieu l
order fixm the ratua for the lomuindcr of < l
thu present fiical year , us follow * The re
duction ordered is the greatest icductlun
inadu In any ono joar or series of yeflrH.
ItattH pn niiiumted are thoio repm ted by thu
son ito comimtteu on poatolhceM and post
> < U Ustwmtir In their | io tal toNgnph
liill The postmaster thmkH it IH fair to adojit
m fur thu guv eminent tinier.
Tlio Flro llocord ,
Niw Yoiu.Septimbor : 1. The Dally Coin-
merci il Bulletin , of .Soplombor 5 , ropurti the
loss by fira during Anxiut at 10,100,003 , ox
ceedlngany prouous kiiuwn lire rncord of that tl
month and unking a titil of 71,009,000.
Tlm ilu tructi < m wrought by lira this yiar , HO
ir , H &HK'l ( ) , < iO ( ) In OXCOAK tlm eight
months in 188J , the total of which jc-ar WUH In
exctm of any provioiiH } car , nxcopt 1871 and
1872 , tvhoii the great Chiea o und Boston
firt'soiurr d. Ii
ll\BUOfl In Italy.
HOMK , Soptombc r I. At Nica lu , Sicily a
lire btoku out In the sulphur mine. Tn ( nty
perxiiis perishsd. Kin ? llumburt cxuilribot
IH ! two tliousand dollar * to aid Iho dulfcioM of
cholera at Spo la , Hu wilt visit Naples
wlu-ru three cabinet ministers ro illicitly
vKittng the worst qiiarltm , do ttibuting ro-
l.osnos. Heptombor I.- The lumo ! correspondent -
pendent of the Time - ntys the cbolrrt panic
prevails throughout Italy , each town taking
inoaMiwi of protection re'Ranllow of govern
nirmt. The | > est guards proout ti vvcl < - rs en
toting piocmcts until nflor a quarantine of
twenty d.ajR. A'ill.aos liavo cistabll < hod
armed cordons , mid many have rlosod their
to ovoryono. liesult , inanv juris of the
Mil * are prnctlenlly isulitod liom the
vv orld ,
llOMt. September I. The cv uli ncos of a
eholorn pamu throughout llalv continue to
multiply. The popuinco at Cnruoli nttompt
oil todiy to slop the rnilwny service from
Nnplcu. Tlio mob hero In itomo drove a
priest who just nuivod frmn Naples nwny
from the city. All tiavclers nro u-fitsnl en-
trniico Into the city. In BOIUO plac ( s the pop
lar ngilillon began in favor of nlinllshlng local
iiuar inline niul establishing homes of oluoivn-
tloii for tr.avolers snspi'Cled of llln s. In consequence -
sequence of tins plan being forbidden by the
Roveriimcnt the people of ChlU \ ecchinat-
tempted to destroy iallwny .
NArti-S Hily , September I I'urlher
heavy riinfnlU have incronseel the mortality
liere. Horn in cnndlos nro Inn nod oulhertrceti
to purif ) the nil , The statute'of Sm Gennm
wns coined in procession today. Troops
havi < boon unt to Crt-sino , Aboli , and otlioi
towns which refuse te > ndmit i > cuuiis from
The riotiro-l'nounioiiln Sonro In
Toi'tK.lCn . . , September I .Stile Viitor-
inary Surge'on Hnlcomb hns tiled with Gov-
oinoi Gllcichis ropoitof the e-ucs of plouro-
pneumonia which ho has been Investigating
in Illinois. He declaim Hint tlio discaso e\
isls , and that cnltlu has been sold from uf-
feclod herds which have been sent to other
HtnteH , notiblv Kintucky , Iowa , Missouri ,
Nebinska and Texas. Hu did not learn th it any
exposed cattle had In en sent to Kans is , but
in view of the Insullicient measures taken in
Illinois under thoopuintioiiR of the ( pininnlino
ostnblished by Governor Hnmiltim , ho ro
commouds that , until all localities in which
the disonoo exists have been inndo publicIthat
Knntas fhall ( pinrnntino ngamst the world
nnd ndmit no cattle except that they undergo
strict qunrnntino foi the period of twenty
davs. Tin hvo stock sanitary commission
will consulnr the matter. The mooting will
bo hold In Kansas. ,
Munloiiml GrookcdoiiHu ,
NEwYollk , September I. An indignation
meeting was he-Id tonight , Maor lldson presiding
siding , to domain ! the action of the board of
ahVrmon in givIng aw.iytho fianchiso to Iho
Broadway Surf ice r.aihoad. The resolutions
adopted declaru that no fianchiao for a city
rallro id should hereafter bo gi anted except tu
the corporation which should pay the highest
price * for it at auction ; also providing for the
appointment of a committee of fifty citizens
and ti\p ij ei s to bo know n as "ihe citv f ran
chiso committee , " to bo charged with the
duty of piotecling the franchise of the city.
Tlio Austrian Fin ; ; Iitmilt.
PmsiiLlin. September 1. Itepljing to a
demand fiom Governor Pattlsnn , for an
explanation for hit ) conduct iclilive to the1
Austiitn flig at the consul ito , Major Fulton
of this city Ins written a lung letter. He ex-
ciHes himself on the grounds of onfoicing thu
city ordinances vvhilo ignorant at tlio time of
the coroiiuinlal purpose of the llig. Upon
learning the Iruo fact ho saj a that prosecution
was immediately discontinued.
WlLKl-sn Hiur , Pa , September I. Hunry
Xoreovumski , the Hungarian v\ho stabbed his
daughter in beul Monday night ana then at-
temptcll to kill himself , was hanged to-day tea
a ttee this murning by a party uf masked
Hungarians , Thu excitement was intcn < p.
It is the first 1 } aching that ovei occurred in
the county.
A. Former MltiBlnr.
Lova BlHNCii , Soptomhor 1. Frank Pat
terson , owner of the opera houeo hero , Is mis
sing * Detectives are searching for him with
warrants for his arrest. Hu is charged with
forging endorsements of a number of well
known residents of Monmuuth , Conn. , on
notes aggregating over twenty thousand del
Tlio Weather To-D y. " " *
WASIIINC.TON , September 1. For the
Upper M iasiasippi : Partly cloudy weather
and local showers ; higher temperature ;
southerly winds ,
For the Missouri Valley : Partly cloudy
weather and local showers ; nearly stationary
tempoiaturu and southerly winds.
lowft's Stnto TAir ,
Di s MOINUH , Ia. , September 1. The sev
enth day of thu Iowa etoto fair was accom-
pinicd bv fail weather aud an ImmoiiRa
croud. The managi rs of tin fair nnd the
pcuplawlm have barn in altonilaiicu mo mi-
meiiHoly giatihcd witli f ho Niircess of the fasr.
The expositiun ivill cluso tu moirow.
Heavy Wolf-lit KnocUcil Out.
Cor.UJllius , Ohio , Si pl ( mbor I. In the coft
glove contest this evming , Clian. McDondil ,
champinii he iv v-wright uf Cmada.'wns Knock
d out In the fourth round by Bub Karri 1.
l'\iriill ' brnko bn h mil In thu first part of the
last round ,
ilH ol
l'lllIMlll'IIIA ) , Pa , Seplombir I. The
third .annual vtbsion of th'- National ARBI mbly
of the ICnMits of hnbnr c nicludnd tu night.
The n pu't of ( ion < ral Hocrdniy Tajlnr di vol
ojiod all iinexpectcd bil men of 510,000.
Tlio Itlninu Mlinl Hull.
IsniAVIOI.H , Jud , 'Heitoinbor | llli ,
Blnlno'ri nltiirnays have filoil an answci deny-
mgtholiiilh of defi ndant'H ullotrationo. Tin
next step will probably bo u demurur thu
Intcrugatorlcs of the ( lofonsn.
Ni\v \ SniMrsviiir , Ohio , Hijitomher 4.
II is niported that the striking mlnertf have
marehod upon Murriiy City , It ia not known
what theli intentions arc. Murray City Is
fju irdod by the militia
NIlnHon SlK"H witli
I.OS'liON , Sept ( mbor 4. Nllsson has signed
contract with Maplncon to nhif ; in J.'nf-hmd
and Amcilcafor ? . ' , 100 nl ht.
Thorn wax three cholera de iths
duriugthi | past 121 IIOUIH.
The Ii main indiihtrml cullego of
tu 1)3 locaU'd nt CulumhuH.
The renubllran Htnlu convention of Califor
nia nominated pieeldonthd i lectors } estoi >
Culloctor llobi rt'on , of Now Yoik city , and
Pout Master UjbntUon , of Troy , h ivo r ( lgu
oil fr m the n piihhcan tUitu comiulttci ,
Lord ( iormajlo has nt < > rte < l from India fur
Ijondon to fucu thu unit for breach of prninlnu
biiiiiKht Against him byMi H l''urtcniuo ' { , the
A grand parade of the ( ! . A , H. ; nnd civlo
aMueiatloiM in honor of thu Sociuty of the
Army of Wont Viiirmla , W.IH hold yo tcr'luy '
it Cumbtrlaiul , Mo.
The colored people of Now York Inxlhl up-
nit tha iiiunu of KOIIIO colored mini I olng
Koil upon the nt.ito i loctopl ticket m case
o loalffii tliun of Or. Deinck should bo ac-
ccplod ,
A Button ' .elegrnm ntalu4 that thn Toi mi r-
HOKI rare IK tu hu rimed ut Point of PIIIUH on
the iifteniiion of Hop'einbei - ' UJSB roce'lvoi *
lnoHicondH start. Ht.akus , 31,000 a Hide.
Winner takes two thirds uf gate reccipU ,
r OHO third
A llnsy Aflornoon for Itrnrke Tom
Murray Autiln In Court ,
roti r. roniT.
In the police court yostordny nftornoon
Judfjo Denoko ndjadgod Willinm Alex
ander guilty of assault niul battery nnd
linoil htm § 5.00 nnd coats. It appeared
that thia defendant , vrhn ii a small col
ored youth nnd works 111 lligglns'gninb-
tin ; ; house , got into nil nltorcntion with
Wnlsli , n innti twice his al/o , niul administered
istorod to him a good sound boating for
winch ho wns nrrcatetl nnd convicted
Walsh is thu man who hns licon quito
conspicuous in pullco circlua in this city
of Into.
Mike Kollny for the Inrcony of $12
from ilolni O'Noil got 120 dnys.
Tom Murray ngnln appeared in court
and filed a complaint for nsanlt nnd battery -
tory ngninst Park White , hla forcmnn.
1'ark later in the day complained against
Murray , charging him with thu larceny
of § 20 worth of lumber.
A complaint wns tiled against Lowlsfl.
11 ay brook for erecting a wooden build-
mi ! within the lira limits.
Dennis Cunningham was also com-
ulalned against for committing a mm-
nnco.A. Knlish , fromvvhosu atoro a holt of
gouts' clothing goods wns taken , received
a telegram from Fremont that the BUS-
poetud parties lud boon nrrostud nt the
reunion. Constable IJlgorton will start
for Fremont this morning to bring him
niSTllin lOUltT.
Mnrgorot H. , Thomas ! " . , Ida 10 , and
Herbert lllackmoronutitutod suit in this
tribunal against thu city of
Omaha praying for judgment
for $1,000 damages sustained to lots ( i , 7
and 8 , in block D , by reason of the de
fective conslructiaii of the aowor.
Clerk Ijama haa begun work on the
docket for the October term , and will
place his copy in the Lands of the printer
next Monday. His records show that
175 casoa wore diapoaod of nt the Juno
A llcnrty Old Lady.
An old Indy in Ilhodo Island who ia
one hundred years of ago , brings in all of
her own firewood and then splits it to
pieces. Iron In the blood , don't you BOO ?
If your blood ia thin and poor , what you
need ie Brown's Iron 1'ittera. ' Thia prince
of tonics contains the only preparation
of iron that you can take with safety to
tooth , stomach and general health. Mrs.
Chaa. Dugaii , Xinoavillu , 0. , sivya , "I
uaod Brown's Iron Bitters for general debility
bility nnd nervousness and am now
well. "
A Ijoau Sccurcil ami ( holloail nn AH-
Kiirccl Kitct ,
The intorcat which the Nebraska Cen
tral railro.ict achuinu created BOIIIO time
ago has again been aroused aud now looka
something moro than a thing of paper.
The projectors of thia now railway have
concluded negotiations for the loan of
§ 10,000,000 from the Farmers' Loan and
Trust company of Now York city , which
insures the construction of the road. On
every five miles of railway line this com
pany has agreed to loan § 100,000 , to
bo secured by a first mortgage on the
road bed , rolling stock , etc. , of the
road. The managers of this project are
already Cling mortgages to thia olloct _ in
all the \arious counties through which
the line will pass.
The oaat tormlnua of the road will bo
in i ; Decatur and the line will extend wcat
about 470 miles , terminating in north
western Nebraska , in Sioux county , the
exact point not having yet boon dotor-
A GliRHtly Uollo of the Wrculc.
BOSTON , Mann , , September 1 , The headless
body hf Dr. Black , surgeon of the Talhipooia ,
was fuiind llo.itini' in Murktgot Channel.
Senator Van Wck IH at the Paxton
S. T. Smith , superintendent of the Kansas
dlVihion of the U. P. , IH at fho Milhud.
John F. Goad , one uf Wyomlng'H cattlu
kings , nnd family , aio blopping at the Mil-
J. 1) ) . Itiloy and vvlfohno ictmnid fiom an
\tmiJod visit to IhoHiimmir rcsiirln of the
S. Barnaul , proimlcnt ( if Iho ttatu horticul
tural Huclety , and a inembei of tlio state board
of ngrlcnltuio , camoiip fium Tnblo Hock last
ovdiing to icmaiii over the fan ,
T. P. Taylor , Kinorson ; W. H. Dillcr ,
Dillor ; William Duiilap , Duncan ; lion. .1. J ! .
Webster , hlncoln ; and J. 13. Lucas , Central
City , uro registered at the Paxton.
William Sander , Pnplllion ; Hon. A. J.
Woiwer , Falls Cit } ; J. W. L itham and Mm.
Prage-r , Lmeoln ; Juima Boll , David City ; und
I. H. Hungatu , Blair ; vvoru nt the Millard
vest ( i lav.
ViiiilllitrriiiiiiiOi n n if i' , 4-lr , , ( liivnr C'ulirt ,
'i < 'iiiiiil'ii > lilliitiii > Vr ,111 ilfllciilelynml iiul-
in ally in Iliu II nil Ii inn vt lili Ii Ilirylil viiiuilf.
Prfcc Baking Powder Co. ,
Chicago , III. &t. Locilu , Mo.
M I I or
Dr. Price's Cream Baking Powder
Dr. Prico's Liiimliii Yoiisl Coins ,
Jtoit Jiy tlu | > V u t.
V > 'K IIAKI : uur U.NE UUAUI i ,
The Blinkers
Whnt nrnkca n innn fool ns shaky ns
chills nnd forur ? It Is shako , ahnko ,
link , until you nlmnsl rnltlo you tcoth
nit niul slmko the buttons oil'of your cont.
'iVlirit drives chills nnd fovorout ? Urotrn's
roii Hitters. If jou hnvo novcr tried It
ot seine nt euro , nnd don't nhnko nny
noro. I\lr. \ Clms. M. Newell , of Tot-
itiqton , Vn. , onys , " 1 used Urown's
ron Ihtlors last fnll for chills nnd fever ,
, iul dorlvod grrnt boncfit. " It is the
> est tonio known.
H. T. Simmon , Iho contractor , hai Intl for
ovrrililajan qulto IrirRO foico of men nt
vuik un Ninth anil linage , nlirro a , AVniliiR
ovvcrutSiX ) tout liDRlh is lioini * hid to takr
ln l > luciif llio nui ) iiinniiiK iiiutor tha hlulf
it tlio foot uf the trc ( I. TliNfeivvor H uf tlio
aino ill iniotor n > the old ono hut tlm work of
n } nift it is much grril ( r , tlm In uch in sumo
1 icua bi iii'J7 | foot drop.
Throw Avvav , TIIIHRGH
\hoiioiiriio\v niothod is Rimrantood to
itirninnontty euro the worst cnscs of rup-
uro without the use of n kinfo. Send
no lottur stntups for mmpl.lot nnd refer
oroncos. World's Dispensary Atcdlcnl
\8soclation , ( Hill Mnin Street , liullnlu
N. V.
\ \ 'ANTED Dliilns nwmi , lauiulr ) nnd chamber
> > girl at Omaha House , Ilarne ) , between 12th
l mill. 716 0
\ yANTT.O-llutchcr , 19CO Hurt tttcot.
eon r.p
Al'ANIKD A pocd dresi linker on h vo toi > d
\ \ wneiviniiil constant i > niilojmint | h ) npplv Incut
lied nt tin ) nortlrnott cur of 10th and Dodge , di )
ooils nail notion store
703 4p CATlll'ltl.N'l' KltUTCir.
\\7AN1I.1)- 1 ow persons to lotrn book hoping.
\ \ Mgtit s'hool. hltnatloim 1610 Pongta sTcot
TO lip J It SMITH.
\\7\AMKI ) A'good cam ntBcr , competint t p
> point agents. Call on C. 1) Aldirson , Metiu
lolltan hoUI. 707 4i |
\ VAtl1 111) A competent gltl nt 8. K. cor. 25th
niul Davenport 700 Op
\\7 ANTr.D-iloodi1 tout bO)8 at the llarncaii Cracker -
\ \ or Factor ) , 12thanil Jackson. 711 4p
\\7 AN1KD At the Bt.JulIrn , ono llrnt class moat
> > caok , uno that can take charge ol kitchen ,
71i ! Op
\ X/'ANl / UU All experienced Scaiullna > IMI clothing
\i KiUsman , ( lood wages Ion good man. Addrcea
\lthrtfctcnco "II " rare Hi o iHIUo- 71J 0
l AMl'D OooilRlrl tor Roncral house-work 113
> Biiuth 17th Bt. 704 6p
IWAtFI KI ) Chamlii-r iralil , illnlni ; room girl anil
potttr. Apply nt rianturn House , corner 18th
nil Doil u. 701-Dp
\ 7AM KD 1 o cltls for homo nrK , 2116 ( 'inning
> Y hi. 0. Ujcrlf. V028p
\ \7AN1KD Ono illnlntf room nml ono kltchon K\t\ \ \
> > nt An ntlo lloUl , 1215 UoiiKlHht 700 B
ll ANlIll ) A nooil ttlfl ' "f Kiniral lioiiscwoil , .
TT ( Icrinan or Ilohcmtan | in-c-rrid. ( Inipilro nt
\\7ANTIII-A lailj to tnKo charRO ot 3 clillilrcn
\ t anil 8i.iitl thorn to iichiiol , ( lee 1 coin | > ciibitlon
or tnnilile AtKlns ? "A. I " care llco olllto.
| ODD 4p
. Clocil nil cunt makim u
WAMI.U , Attho btar Mcrdiant TnllniliiK
loiikiCnliimlue ) , Aib. Oooil pruta aul oanttnnt
\ rk US' " *
\\7ANTKH-200 Tianm ami 28 men for H , 0. & . 1 * .
> r.allnaj ncirnlciitlno Ntb. J.'A 'hirncr ,
turnerTuitli anil Harnt > . 0311 }
T\7AN1RU Clooil man to tko l lf Interest In a
YA KooilpajliiKlmilncsB. AUilruss "Ilurl'Mlio of
A Lompotcnt girl fur Rcnoral houiio-
WANTKD MnstboaKood cook anil laiimlreia Mre.
J. 41. Tlmrston , ! ! 42Q Harnoy .St. (176 ( tf
ItfANIKD Aladyol cultnroanil refinement to
> (111 ( rcipoiiBlblopiwItlon | iajlug$70pernontli.
Aililro s' I. V. It. " thU olllco. 077-4p
' i:0 : A lioy v\lio understands taking iaro
uf liorsoa. Ai'Iv | | at 2103 CumlnicSt 070 4
"IITANTKU Girl ( or Roneral houao work In a small
tt famll ) . Applj tollenrj Dltzon , on ICth 8t
ictnecn Mason anil I'lcrco Sta. OS2 Tip
NTLl ) A neat Kltlto take care of clilU'en.aml
doseiond work. Call llobert l'urvlf 211 H.
14th 8L "
KI ) Immediate ! ) , a first clasi chamber
maid , who can wait on table at the Occidental.
2 Ofltf
\\rANTii : ) 1 Irst and ( eeiind Llrl for 1'urt llobln
\\non. Uood wagej , small family , 217 N. 10th
street :
\\rANlKD Ihrco isootl women cooliH and ulrlH
\ I for ceiicrallioufewiirk. Steady omplojnieiit. 217
N. llth ulroet 050 8p
tlTANntll-NursoKlil Inquire at Hrs. N J.I'll
YV helm , 2111 Chlciifo St. Oil f.
li ANTIJIl SowliiB machine ImniUat the Onmlia
hhlrt Faetur > .
1514 CiillfornU Ht.
015 5u
\\rANmi ) OniaarjtoIailleH ] ami two Kuntlo
\ \ inenoinvimierHtorawork of merit. AcMriim I' ,
> . hox.W.AtheiH.Neh. OCU |
H'AMl'.U Dlnliig room Klrl 1017 Cailtil ] nTu
} \ f > &l Ip
, \ eiiKlnu , 20ju r ' i > | iorleiicc' , ( tool rufcrimii ,
tntUfiu i Ion Kuatautkiil AelclrctH 0. " lieu ollleu.
001 ip
L * AN I l.ll-.SItuallon ns hmik heepcr 1 > > ajconi ) c-
I tint limn Can K'VU ' referencv. Aclilriss "W
V " lieu olllrs J1 i\ \ >
\ \ , AM 1.1)-A hltiiilloii hv a vomit ; man , apolS
Vt Can ruailand vrrito Aillini ; to do any kind ol
w irk. AddremJI JUcliun , liem mt hmise. ( I3H 4 |
\\'AMhl ) 1'Mlt'onan ' liiinaKer and bujerln ilr )
\ > KII idn and fane ) cooda or erim rr , is fully competent
potent 20 ) oarsoxiioiieiicu ) I out of rrfeienco
and security "J " lluo olllu1 ,
11 * AN I CD Situation tu cook bv a Iran anil "If
\i In hotel or luitiutant No objection to K" "
theooiintn , Addrenn"K O,1 , llco olllcc BsJ 0i |
AITAN1KI ) A H tuition liyaoiniK manlnaiiri
V r vato family tu lake care of horiies , etc lias hat
oxperlenco. Addrenu" ! : K " Ileo olllco e i
A position M clerk In Ilarduariio
Wholesalolioiuo , have had tuiicaracxpcrl nu
an proprietor. Itcforciicos Klven. Address V A '
; married man wantn Bltuation as book
. keeper , In wholctialo eitabllithuioQt In flnmha
Address i'O1' care Hoe
KLHT--HOUUOB ana Lotn.
HUNT House , Ii rooms , west side Haul
IJMIU , U couth of lllcknr ) . lledfoul , Houer ,
Iavii 7HU.
I/OIIHIINI Stand prlvlluKcl ( ino block lout
' of fair ground I usimahlo terms. Appl ) l
C'rli ket I'ark my afternoon , _ 710 Op
J OHIIKNT A trainicottnuo coiner lltliami I1.
1 illlc Mritts Aiil ' '
| | ) ftt I'otertoii'nclotliliitfjloi
HUH 10th utreut. 70S tf
Olt HKNT Nicely furnUhud rooms prltatofani
ll/lUUC'hlcan'ont. tOI-fi |
KNT Ueilralilo furiiUhcd rooma ( ornerlflt
and Capitol ave1. , ono Mock from 1'ott oirce.
" 05 O.i
T'Olt 1'KM 'llueo fniiilshi'd ' ruoiim sultibTeTfo
house kiephiK , Vo. 314 N. Iftliht 071 0
tr A nlnu room house. InqulroTlO lOt
Ht. 072 5)1 )
FOH HIINIA nicely liirnUhiil niaiii muthfioii
vultahht fur luut'intUnien I'ib 1 MnlcuvHt , 4t
hoiitu mirth ht Mar > u uvt , out tl l J. tOJ 0p
J , lH 1II.N1 Konr liliu IIIOIIIM un same Hour , Inr
' n ehcdor unfiiriiialiud ulth latli room hatine ; ho
and ( ) ld Hiiter , : omer of .Mh on Hurnc-j Call a
I. Olt fllCNT II mo u I th fj rooms In treed ri | a'r.o '
1 'i'Mstreet \ , latHeenClark and ( iiuie. 070 5i |
FlOH Ith.S'l'-l'urnUbu , ! south trout room 130
Karnam street. 494 4
17 OUHKNI Tvio or three l rt.o | ilea vit chamber
1 lojiiisin sultu or tipiratil ) tu gn tleinan sn
wife V11& California Bt , Oil tl
' 1 iirnlnlieil leiiim. three blocks freii
1 I * 0 317 . llthbtreet. Itefureiicea reuiliiod.
dill lip
IfOn IlKNT Mctiyfurnished or un'iiinlaboj rooiu
1 without board 18H t > avvupoit tit. 10. S
FOR Itn.VT Feoinci door above store. Oood ! >
\nfit \ locality. ln < | iiro | tt 1403 Dauglaj street.
riOlt IlKNT At87onopp ! nntroom , tnltalilo for
ono or two ( rcnllcracn , at 2KO Hamilton ntroct ,
nrth Omiha. B234p
? HEMT-T o largo and sunny unfurnished
noms. Alsonowuprlghtpiano , 814 N.KihSt.
_ 035 Ip _ _
011 IlKNT Furnished rooms 1021 Capitol TC.
7011 UENT lloinonllh six lar o roami , * 1S CO.
1 O V. Da h A Co , U03 rtrnam H' oj7-tf
7011 HKVT l o nlcclv furnlihcU front rooms ,
1 611 north Ifith St , near Cans Ht. 677-4
7OH UKNT Klrnt floor nnd liaiomcnt of a thre
. tor ) lirlck Vuilillni ; Want to cxctntifro for rent
it bontil Hmi o contilns all modcrnlmptovctncnU
U9r\siEt. 679 U
? 0ll 11KNT-A ne\v store corner of 17th anJ Nlch-
1 olai Sts , nrar Oil works ; 689 Bp
T/iMl UKXT-ltai room , with or ( without ,
furnished front parlor adjoining , 1714 Calilornla
reel. 623-flp
7OH IlKNT Two roomi , HOOSind $5.00 pet
month , 11)14 ) Webster street 42 } tt
7011 Hr.NT Twofiirnlshcd rooms fo llgh touN )
JL1 VcepliiR "lloomei'a Block , " cur. 8th and llonard.
4SO tf
VTKW.MAI'S OKOMAIIA-llcmlihaircductdpiIco
1 lor next u ra to $ i from ? 10 heretofore.
138 tf
7011 Itr.NT A two ttorjr ( rune liulMliiR suitable
' for Imalncii. Largo celhr , uiwtalrs suitable for
oMdcnco Imiulro on premises , corner SOth and
icrcu St. 933 tl
:70ll : Itr.NT Homo of 10 rionw with modern Im-
. | rmomont . llcdlord , Souer , A. DavK 321 tt
J70KUKNT A InrRO Bccond lloor and luisomcnt.
i Inijlilro 1113 Ilirnoy street. 200 tf i
iOll HKVl-Onoof the nncstrcildencoa In the city
[ ' 11 rooms , furnoCD , hot and cold cold water batha
atcr cloaeU , uratefl , etc. Kvervthliu first olasa
iroiiKhout. $7i iHiKir month. lUrkcr & JIaync ,
3th and 1'rrnim 112 tf
17011 IlKNT Nicely furnished front room 1016
iMoi1 ) iQ street. HO if
JlOltUl'NT Six roum oottigo , flno location , bv S.
? T I'ctcrscn , S. K. cor. 15th and Douglas. 617-ti
11 lll'.NT Itooms In Crounso'a Block. 0. M
JL1 Hitchcock. BIS If
IlKNT Ono square piano. Inquire
.1 oflMholm and Krlckaon.square 440 tf
710K IlKNT Ono good six rosin house (25. per mo.
JL1 ( ) if. Hitchcock. iH5 tt
T'Oll ISAI.K A four ) o r old , ecntlo ; rldlnp ; pony ,
sited bav ir.aro Call 1411 llirne ) itrcct , or
ildriiH"Uharlcii Ileo l olllcc. CPU lop
7OK SALK A homo and lot. Inquire of M. l
. ' Grocer , 22d and Ieavcnworth C97-lm
[ T Oll HhNT Two rooma with closets , furnished or
J unfiiiiilshcd , at H. K. corner 17th ami LCMCII-
orth utrcct. 0.8 lup Q
i 7\Oll IlKNT- on Chicago street , between
L1 Hlh oml inth , Imiulro of John Swift , cor. 16th
lid Chicago. 099 Op
[ 7011 BALK A Hshtllhroo sprlnz uaeon , ncarlj
L' now , with top.'Can ho tern on Caldwell street bet.
lor and Klnp. M. L. I.ano. 0(11 ( 4p
,1011 HALl. 1 Itst elias restauram ot n bargain-
- Applj to 3j7 south llth St. 11. Mannwcllcr.
70ll SAIi-ltubernhoii : cheap. Apply at 317 S.
1 10th St. H Mmnweilcr. 017 4p
FOH S\LK ( lonil nilnlnt ; Interest in Summit To ,
Colorado Ihtrt tau riru clmnco tu invest a Rmall
mount of mono ) . Address CV. . Cralirlicad , Omaha.
I70I18AI.1 : A second Innd htock ol clothing ,
1 buolnand Hhocn , Je\\erctcln ! aood ( location.
\lsoa Khoo slioji.VII1 reigulro SlfiO. Good leisou
or Hilling , 6JOS S. 10th street. Oil 6p
: The frame Imlldlnc ; now occupied by
' the ScntJiwcst rrishvtcrlan church , situated on
Mt Rtiect , betwriiiloavennorth and Mason btrcets.
niiilro | of Jiuiufl 1 nnco , cor. 'JUt and Loavenvrortu
trcilH. 052 Fp
1 7 011.SALE CHiAl' : Illcjclo-a 60 Inch "I'olum-
1 lila " Inquire nt IVbtncr'a I'tlnt'iif * olllco , cor.
Ithamllnrimmsticct 0240
171011 HMi ; A LoxlBoirol tmreo Ojcars old , and
1 iiiiod driller ) waiion Horse very gentle. Call
813 South 12th near Williams. D80 4p
FOU HA1.K Urnc stiiro small capital rcqulrnl.
Contrail ) locateil ilaing n ( 'oail huslncsa Satis-
'actorv ' rca < on plven lor Billing' . Adilross S. S. I.It-
tlcflold , Onmlm Neb. 607-4
SAI.n-Cheap lots , f ) 00 donn ? oOO per
1 month , anil nseUtlng worthy persona to build
nlcollttlo homes. 11. ( J. Patterson &Co , cor 13th
anil Kftinaui. 637-tl
FOU HAI.E Small house anil halt lot , Elm street ,
near Sliornuii incline , south of Or. Chambcra' .
iiiUlro | nn premises. B33-9p
SALI * UnoulJobir buggy cheap at O. V.
Ihajcr'a 0 tf
IriOHSAIiI1 200ncreaoflanil. ICOncrcaImproved ,
' S ncrea 1m ) , 8 acres ho pvstiiio , ? acrca cuUI-
atcil timber , 3 acroa nntur ft timber Oooil eprlnc
water ( 'ood house and other Imirotonicnt8. | will bo
olilon vorj a j terms , 11 solil noon. For other In-
oriimtlon Inquire | > creonalh or by null otVm. . Glair ,
'orcut Clt ) , Harm County , Noh. 464 lin ,
FOU SAIiG Or rent , an old ostabllihcJ K'rooc-
rt , lioot.i. slioi'H and imccniwaro liuslncnn fur sale
r to rent , In oiiu ni tlio hot towna In Nebraska.
Qooilaand Imlldlnxaaronew IlnslncHS in or $40,000
erjear 1 Alshto rutlroon account of old ago. Ad-
lri ) n ( Irnrorv Dealer , care Ileo. " 457-6
[ 71011 SALIC Two eooonil hand iihnog , nt Edholm
U & Krlokaon'a Mr.nlo Store ou 16th Ht. 830 tf
HAT..KVo offer forsalo
100CholcoS } enr old Pccdlng Steers.
160 Choice Ijtar old ctUln ) ; SteerJ.
100 \ raillni ; Steers.
Ab AU all good lown Cattlu
4C8 1m Uloux Cit } , Iowa
HAT.K T o and ono 1mlf acres and houaa
Kooil location , enl ) $1,050 , Here Ii a chance to
nm ahomo at a bargain JlcCAQUH ,
K > tf 0iii. | 1' . O.
1TOH HAM : Hour Mill cticnp , on taf > terms o
iiaiiient , lavuralily loeatid vtitlilnllHy uillea ot
hla city OooJ pienlntf. | AJdrcsaP. U. Box 3418
Ht. 1'aul lllnn. 07-lm
, 011 HAIi : At a Krott li 'ahi , the Hcatt real
1 1 di nco iirniorty. | Just cist of 1'ratt'n In Ilanscoin
lice , 'IliiaUa very < ludlrabla7 room cottage and
will bo noldat a eucrlllco. UAUKEIl & IJAVNK.
712 tf 13th and Karnaui.
\ , AchoIcodalryandBtocit arm of WO
1 acres , i01 ! acroa under cultivation , 2i inlloa Tom
KlUer Creik , Nob. , on U 1' . Hallway. Uoud house ,
i.i cam nml Ice houses , liirnti , corrals , oto , or dairy
ing and etock ralsfui ; I.anil la well \\ateiodanJ all
choice grata and urazlni , ' and , with ( ilcntv ol ran
adjoining For aalo cheap. Totter i. Cobb ,
I amain street. 671-tf
I7 < Ult SALK-Knk'lnc8 now and second hand 10 h. p.
1 Vt h , p and 20 h 11 , portable an J stationary ; also
boilers ut any elio and stylo. Itlchard & Clarke , U , P
U. Y. hot. 17th nd 18th Sttf. Umalm. 649 tf
FOIl BALK A minting odlco suitable lot a email
riewnpaper or job olllco. Will sell for cajli or ex-
channo for Omaha C'lty property. Addrcuj * 'X. X. Q"
Uoo otllou. 408 It
FOll SALE Two open socond-nand bungled Hid
one delivery vtagon , cheap , at 1S19 Iltrney 81.
Q ? 1 A HA Howard for the return of my Jersey
rj ) I U vl" cow ; cream and white , Whlta spot on
forehead , leather strap ardlud neck. N. Uerrlam.
Jl l and Hurt. 091 tf
WO riUDK-U'tll I'Bsorle.I . stock Ladles' , Child-
A. rcn's and SI Uses' nbocu , made bv Kdwln C , Unit ,
II ) rued , Ludlnw , and Heed. Jonoa i. Co , , lor Cloth-
Ini , ' , rurnlthliii ; lloodii , I lor in , Mules or Cattlo.
Lock bov 74 , bluiix Clt ) . lo a 083 fi
f nu fKT Neatl.i liirnllied room ullli comforts of
J a homo ti a ( 'uitluiianlio MiniM lie willing to
loan [ Urdu aliout Three hundred dollaru for ono
jtar lllk'biBt rate of Interest Jiald , bobt of rcfer-
tncu und best u ( uceurlt ) gHon. Address "C. A. D. "
lieu olllro. UJ3-4) ) >
HAY I or prlmo baled hay at lowuit irlfes , ad-
dicia T. i ) . OhAHKHON , Im 8ehlller. Web.
MRS. feUIlHODKU , MaKiietlo llealorlj now lucitiJ
at 18 1 , Cast ) street. UlaunotiU dltcasiairto
rpO LHYbE-10 acres ( of UiiJ , fcncod fer garden
Jl imrpos B , three mlleiS. \ \ ; uf r , 0 , loimlre bV. .
Fosdlko , 013 8 15tll tieet. 60211
I OIt KXOHANOK , I.ANll-040 acres UDlmprovui
1 land In ea'torn Nibraika , suitable fur kl ck farm
to exihaugo for stoc'c ' of grocer us or Kiiueral uier-
clanUUo. Atlilrcsj " 11" Duo nlllco. 441-liu
rp\KENUl' Abrowiicow.7 orbjearsold. Owner
J _ can liavo same by callini ; on Charlc llctttiola
Cuinlnif Streol , 0'NiH'i ) 1'Uoo , and I ) lin > , - charges.
TV UUllllAY lias Kood ( lasturlug , Bering water.
PHIVV vaults , sluks and cvsspuoU cleuiidd vtltu
sanitary cleaner. Satisfaction guarinteod bt Y.
U , Abe ) , ( suoctwor to to J , M. Binith , ) box 178.