Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, September 03, 1884, Page 7, Image 7

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1515 Farnarn St.
FOU 8ALK 10J HcK nt roMilcncoon Fariium St ,
ten blocks Irrm postolllce , corner lot , 07 ] ( eel
eoath ( rant , Just on new itrxlo , hounu 11 room * , with
'CUrj rmxltrn Improvement , (3,000 cash , bianco on
four ) ears'tltuo , lurgaln ,
1'OTTEil & COHn , 1016 Funnm St.
T OIl'SALE 201 Thrco flno brick ronldonccs on
JL1 21tli street , between DoJfrn ami Farnam All
modern Improvements , cast front , tuul as Inxestmoot
will p y 10per cent net Ono lull cash , balance on
long time.
rOTTKll 4 , CODIl , 161S Furnara St.
TTlOUSMiE 195 Flno residence on Mt. 1'leasnnt
J ? ruemie , IS blocks oil Park a\cmio , 1 < rooms all
modern Improvements. Lot to ( cot south front.
, ' Bargain. I'rico 87.000.
1'OTTKK & COU11,1615 Farnam St.
FOK SALE ISO Homo nnd lotonGcorsh n\c-
niio , ono-hnlf block south of Mt. U.iry'a a\enuo
Blrsct car line , full lot. liouso now , 8 rooms. Cheap ,
J3 , 00.
1'OTTEll & COUn , 1615 rarnarnSt.
I poll SALE-172-1.12xUt feet cast front , on llth
' street , near Arbor , with house 6 room * , stable ,
out buildings , shade and fruit trees Will l ) sold at
a bargain. I'OTTElUt COBU , j66 ! Tarnum fat.
FOR SALE 10)-South ) and cast corner 95x150 ,
nlthaK room houso. new , shade and fruit trees ,
girden , llowors , etc , on Charles street , Snlnti'sSrd
additionS2 600 , Ilarnaln.
1'OITEU , t COlin , 1S15 Farnam St.
FOIl SALE 1M House 8 rooms , nice lot on 25th
street , one half block north ot St. Mary's lucmie.
I'rico J3.400. Easy terms.
1'OITEU & C011U , 1515 Farnam St.
IriOR SALE 140 House 7 rooms In duo repair , on
' lull lot , south front , on Douglas street , near
2Sth.Frica ? 4000. ; Hasy terms.
I'OITIIK & COU11,1615 FarnamSt.
\ 141 Flno house , 10 rooms on 21st ,
lull lot , corner south anil cast fronts , ouoblock nil
street car lieu , nice grounds. 1'rlco $7,500. Eaey
terms. 1'OITEll A. CO11U , 1515 Tarnam St.
SALE 164 Half lot , good locnlity , small
FOR , Imn , etc , 1'rico SI 000 , one-half cash.
IMTTKR & COI1B , 1510 Farnam St.
] rOK * SALE 103-Tjro houses , 7room" , and loU In
Horbach's l > t addition , comparatively now ami In
Rood lhapo. I'rlros { ' . ' ,300 , 2,700.
1'orrEU & conn , isir. Farn&m st.
FOR SALE-lM-oo.l homo , lot 15x135 on Mam
llton street , barn , outbuilding , $3,000 Has )
terms. rOlTKIl & C011II , 1510 Farnam St.
[ T < OI ! SALE-171-Lot south front OOxlOS. 5 room
J1 cotUiro , bisldvs closet * and hath room , many
kinds ul fruits , shade trees , eta , $3ICO. Easy terms ,
rOTTKll.1 COllll , 1515 Farnaui St.
IT OR SALK-Ixits In lIlllsUU acJItlons , best In the
I city for residences.
I'OTTtlt &COBH , 1615 1'aluam St.
I 71011 SALE tots , vacant jtnd Improved , In all
1 parts of the cltr. Call on us. A. CJIIU , 1010 Farnam St.
SALE Lots at Intersection of Farnam street
and Lowe luomio , ttfrom $100 to t. > 00 each , $26
ca > h and ? lo tier month.
IMTTEH & COllll , 1510 FarnamSt.
1011 SALE EDO acres U miles south ol Union
stork jimK Will sell 80,100 , 240 or 320 acres In
liodv. land Improved , homos , barns , orchards cto ,
etc. llargaln at from 8l.r > to 8.ri5 jwr acre. Terms
> cry easy. 1'OTTEU A. COUU , 1515 Parnam St.
FOR SAtiK 50000 acres cl land In Chojeiino coun
ty , Nebraska , nt 83.00 per aero.
1'OTTER i. COUU , 1516 rarnam Bt.
7 011 'SAI.K-0,000 acrol ot peed land In Gospcr
county , at5) 60 tier acre.
I'OTTIUI i. COUU , 1515 Tarnaiu Etrcer.
T710R HALE-Soveial sections In Dawson county at
a. $060 for aero.
aero.1'OITEU & .COUB , 1515 Farmm St.
| T\CU SALE 10 000 acres of desirable land In Dou-
JL1 glas. farjiy , Cuttlngi Nance , .Mcrrlck , llufTalo ,
iearnoy , Thaxor and Lincoln counties.
I'OTTKR & COUU 1016 Farnam St.
; r
mMm l B&BiJUJLi * * r vJ
They Are Without A Rival.
Have been Awarded One Hundred and eighteen Prize
Medals at all the prominent expositions of the
World for the Last Fifty Years. And
An examination of these magnificent jjPianos is politely requested
jkeforo purchasing any other instrument.
JP .
General Western Representatives.
P. S.-Also Gen'l Agt's for KNABE , VOSE & SONS ,
RA „ . .
1206 Farnam Street , Omaha , Neb ,
Stylish Suitings in Corkscrews , Worsteds and Cheviots
n inspection of our Goods aud Prices , tella the story.
< > r Unit llody nt Imd
'H Session ,
At n mooting of the city council IRS
evening , a petition of the barbers , no
coinpnniod by nti ordinance to close Ih
shops on Sunday was roforrod.
The property omiora of Avenue A
presented a petition that the avenue bo
nnrrowod to the width of Oakland Avon
uo. lloforrod.
A resolution was presented for the
drawing ot nn order on the water fund
'or $112,833 in favor of the water works
company , in settlement of its bill from
January 10th to Sopt. 1st , 1883. Ho-
'orrod to the city attorney.
A report in favor of postponing the
laving of Market street until next
pring was concurred in.
The question of issuing sewerage as-
sossinonU was brought up and discussed
it length , but action deferred until the
icxt mooting.
Adjouriiod until Friday.
'ho ' ICxnniinntlnn of tlio Conlhlcnoo
Moit Again Postponed ,
Yesterday the cases of the two follows
rrostod last Friday as confidence men
amo up before Justice Abbott. They
skcd for a continuance , claiming'that
hey wanted to got some witnesses from
) akotn or some ether plnco. It was ox-
loctod that Justice Abbott would insist
n their taking the evidence of the vie-
ims so that ho might go home , and then
ivo the defendants time to got their
witnesses , but the defendants would not
onscnt , and the continuance was granted
liem until next Saturday morning. The
day scorns in all cases to got continu-
, ncoi until a witness gets tired out , and
I ho can bo niado to disappear , then
hero is a wonderful anxiety for a speedy
Shipments ot Stock.
The following wore the shipments of
lock from the union stock yards , Sop-
ember 2 :
C. M. OolrlcliK , 22 cars cattle , -193
oad , Chicago , by 0. , M. & St. P.
Thomas A ; Co. , 10 cars cattle , 335 head ,
Chicaco , via C. , M. it St. P.
0. F. Carl , 8 cars horses , 10(5 ( head ,
Tipton , P. , via C. * N. W.
A. YOIIIIK Girl's Dement In How Itwns
OcciibloiHMl Some Fo\v niul
Stnrllinj * Truths.
The St. Louis express , on the Now
York Central road , was crowded ono ovo-
ling recently , when at one of the way
stations , an eldorlv gentleman , accompa
nied by a young lady , entered the cars
and finally secured a seat. As conduc-
.or approached the pair , the young lady
arose , and in a pleading voice said :
"Please , sir , don't lot him carry mo
my to the asylum. I am not crax.y ; I am
a little tired , but not mad. Oh ! no in-
leod. Wont you please have papa take
mo back homo.
The conductor , accustomed though ho
vas to all phases of humanity , looked
vith astonishment at the pair as did the
thor passengers in their vicinity. A few
vords from the father , however , suflicod ,
nd the conductor passed on while the
oung lady turned herfaco to the window ,
'ho writorchanced to bosealed justbehind
lie old gentleman and could not forego
lie desire to speak to him. With a sad
ace and a trembling voice the father
aid :
"My daughter has boon attending the
ominary in a distant town and was sue-
coding remarkably. Her natural quail-
ies , togr.thor with a great ambition , plac-
d her in the front ranks of the school
nit she studied lee closely , was notcaro-
ul of her health , and her poor brain has
icon turned. 1 am taking her to a pri-
ate asylum , where wo hopushe will soon
0 bettor. "
At the next station the old man and
n's daughter loft tha cars , but the mci-
out , so suggestive of Shakspoaro's Opho-
a , awakened strange thoughts in the
and of the writer. It is an Honolulu
act that while the population of Amcri-
a increased thirty par cent during the
ocado between 1870 and 1880 , the insan-
ty increase was over one liundrcd and
hirly five ptr for the same period.
Vvolers by rail , by boat or in carriages
1 any part of the hind Kea largo and elab-
rate buildings , and inquire what they
Insane asylums.
Who builds them ?
Each state ; every county , hundreds of
mvato individuals , and in all cases their
sapacity is taxed to the utmost.
Why/ /
Because men , in business and the pro-
CBsiona , women , at homo and in society ,
and children at school overtax their inon-
.al and nervous forces by work worry and
care. This brings about nervous dis
orders , indigestion and eventually mania.
It is not always trouble with the head
hat causes insanity. It fur oftnor arises
'rom evils in ether parts of the body.
L'ho nervous system , determines the
statutes of the brain. Any ono who has
loriodic headaches ; occasional di/.zi-
loss ; a dimness of vision ; a ringing in
10 cars ; a fovornh head ; frequent iuua-
or a sinking at the pit of the stomach ,
should take warning at once. The
stomach and head are in direct sympathy
and if one bo impaired the other can
never bo in order. Acute dyspepsia canoes
nero insane suicides than any other
mown agency and the man , woman or
child whoso stomach is deranged is not
and cannot bo safe from the coming on
at any moment of mania in someone
ono of its many terrible forms.
foTho value of moderation and the im
perative ncccsjilyof keeping the stomach
iM' t muHt therefore bo clear to nil. The
least appearance of indigestion , or mal
assimilation of food , should be watched
us carefully as the first approach of an
invading army. Many moans have been
advocated for meeting such attacks , but
all have heretofore been moro or less de
fective. There can bo little doubt , however
over , that for the purpose of regulating
tha ttomach , toning it up to proper ac
tion , keeping its nerves in a normal con
dition and purifying the blood , Wurner'u
Tippecinou The Best , excels all ancient
or recent discoveries. It is absolutely
puroand vegetable ; it is certain to add
vigor to adults , while it cannot by any
possibility injure oven n child. The fact
that it was used In the day of the famous
Harrison family , is proof positive of its
merit , us it has so thoroughly withstood
the test of timo. As a tonic and rovlvi-
fior , it is is simply wonderful. It has re
lieved the agony of the stomach in thou
sands of cases ; soothed the tired nerves ;
produced peaceful sleep and averted the
coming on of n mania moro to bo dreaded
than death itself.
No , 15,365 , ,
Now OrloniiH Men Win I'AMB nt tlio
Cnpltnl I'rlro of $75,000.
Kugono OaudiiiB , warehouseman for
Messrs. B. Onorato & Co.for seine time ,
a a good nnd trusty worker. lie was
comparatively happy nl his homo , No.
21 ! 1 St. Peter street , nnd in his walks ho
passed n plnco in which the tickets
of The Louslnnn Stnto Lottery Com.
pnny nro displayed. IIo had pur
chased tickets in partnership with his
fellow-workera. During August , ho saw
displayed ono tlmtpnrticulntly struck his
fancy No. 15lti5 ! whether it was the
peculiar placing of tlio 5's , or the magi'
cal placing of the ! ) , oven Gnudtus is nt n
loss to explain. But that particular ticket
ot haunted him ; pooped out enticingly
from the window , boirging plainly to bo
bought.Tho day vras cloaoat handandJ8till
it hung in the window. Ita comrades
were dropping oil' , nnd when the last day ,
the 12th , arrived , it vrns almost to bo pit
ied for its loneliness. Gaudius each day
glanced hastily to BOO if hia little friend
was still in plnco , started several times
to walk boldly in. and buy on his solo ac
count ; but the old trammels of the part
nership nrrnngcmomt hold him , until tlio
last moment. Ton o'clock on the morn
ing of the 12th ho hold safely in his solo
possession one-fifth of the coveted tickot.
The revolutions of the wheel nt the Acad
emy of Music brought our No. 15ol5 ! ns
drawing the Capital prize. The fact was
published and came soon to the oars of
Gandhis , who yesterday was poorbut to
day , by the investment of n dollar , ranks
nmong the "bondholders. , ,
Ilo called at the ollico of the Loulsann
State Lottery with Mr. JJ. Onorato , nnd
was promptly paid in full. A reporter
wanted to know what ho proposed to do ,
and ho nnsTrored that ho would buy n
nice homo for his family , and that seeing
them placed beyond the roach of want
and in comfort would bo as much Imp pi .
ness as ho desired. The balance of his
money ho would try and invest profit
ably , nnd would himself continue to play
his modest part , unspoiled by prosperity , .
lie signed Ilia name neatly to the receipt .
for the money , and wont out of the
ollico of the Lottery as happy and con
tented a man as the Crescent City now
contains. Arcw Orleans J'icayiinc ,
Hearing that another fortunate holder
of a part of the lucky number 15,305
drawing $75,000 in the August scheme
of The Louisiana State Lottery , was on
hand to collect his money , n reporter in
terview eel him. Mr. Louis Seymour , the
fortunate gentleman , was found in the
ollico of the Lottery with two friends ,
Ilo hnd presented his ono-fifth ticket ,
nnd was awaiting the making out of the
check for the amount it called for.
While appreciating fully his fortune , ho
was perfectly cool and pleasant.
Ilo told the reporter that ho was u native -
tivo of Memphis , Tenn. , andsorvod in the
Confederate army in the battle of Shiloh -
loh under Genls. Albert Sidnny Johnson
and Beaurogard. Ills health , Impaired
by army service , has grown much worse
of Into years , nnd lie came here to bene
fit himself. As his moans were limited , )
ho wont to work on the buildlngo of the
great World's Fair to bo hold m Now
Orleans next winter. Ilo stuck to it
steadily for nearly five months , although
it almost counterbalanced the good done
him by the genial climate.
Ilo was n firm believer in luck , nnd
never failed to purchase a ticket in the
Louisiana State Lottery. Ilis experiment
in purchasing No. 15 , 05 has confirmed
him in his belief. lie was pleased with
the country nnd the people ; was delight-
oil with everything , nnd hoped to enjoy
liis good fortune. Do had now formed
many distinct plans for the future , but
would rumaiti nt for time
ease some ro- )
cuparating , not forgetting always to try
his luck in tlio lottery that had proved
such a bonanza to him. Xfciu Orleans ?
J'iciiyunc , August 10.
Montaiin Slock MitlfcrB , i <
Pioneer 1'rCHM.
W. D. Flowers , president of the More-
land Hinch Stock company , Montana , is
in St. Paul , looking up n market for 2- ,
300 head of horsea , ranging from four
to six years of ago , and from ten to ( if-
teen hundred pounds in weight. Thcoo
lie expects to ship East in car load lots '
on consignment for sale , making St.
I'aul the principal objective point , with ,
Chicago and St. Louis as collateral pnints. ,
The stock embraces Messengers , Ham-1
blotonians , Cleveland baya , English M'
draught , Norman and Clydentlalea , all
from the range. Tlio Moroland range is
to bo stocked with five thousand head of
Polled Angus and ( Jalloway cattle. The
latter are especially recommended by
good authorities as specially adapted to
the high nit it udo of the lower Gallatin
ranges , whore the Moroland ranch is lo
cated. Mr. Flowers says the shortage
shown at the Juno round-up in his sec
tion will bo more than mndo up on the i
record by the result of the autumn [ ;
round-up now in progress. The grass
this season has boon a little short but
moro nutritious than usual , and promises
to euro well for winter feed _ . The stock
outlook throughout the territory ho says ,
is full of promise for a favorable winter , a
Ammonia m oljtulnixl In Jar o rimmtitloB by 1v
clio putrefaction of the urlno of nniinuln. Jin- "
lycli i > cdui Jlntanmca.
Uvury honm'koopor can tOHt linking nWllOM
containing this dmL'UHtlmr drug by plttcin a
can of the "Jtoynl" or "AmlrowV 1'iarl" toj ' :
down nn a hot Htovo until heatud , then romovfl \
tlio cover and mnell , j
Dr. 1'rico'H Cream HakinK 1'owdor does not
contain Ammonia , Alum , J JUKI , J'otatih , Jlono
I'hoHjihatiiH , ( prove it by the ulmvo tout ) , It
In brojiarod l/y / u I'hyHician nnd Choiniut with
Hliuciiil regard to cloanlinoaa and healthful-
HUSH. m-o-w-Um
Tiio Muloaf J < 'ariillon
Han Francisco I'njicr.
Probably thw most choorloiB light sta
tion on the California coast ia the Faral
Ion light. Four men und an nrmy inulo
are the accredited government forces at
that place. The following story in told
about the mulo. "IJo has boon nt Foral-
Ion aovoral years. All his work consists
in hoisting up twice n year the provisions
brought over by the lighthouse inspector
in n Btoamnr. lie has learned the sound
of the whistle , and when he hears it hides
to nhirk work. At the last visit of the
inspector the mule hid , and had to bo
hunted for two hours in the rocks before
ho could bo found , "
Prlxnto llonrj-'H itccnrd.
Font Brroitn , August 21 To th
Kditor Now that so much interest
felt in the subject of the Grcoley cxpodi
tion nnd its sad ending , the history o
ono of the actors of the drama will 1
interesting to your readers , besides giviii ]
additional justification for his sunimar ;
execution by Mr. Groo'y. ' I'rivato Chns
B. Henry , who was shot nt Capo Sabin
for theftwould never have boon nccoptoc
as a member of the Ltdy Franklin Ha ]
expedition , had his character boon a
well known to the authorities who organIzed
Izod it as it was to spmo of the members
of the Seventh United States cavalry
Ilo joined troop G , of that regiment ,
under his proper n.xmo Charles Duck
In tlio fall of 1877 the regiment campoc
at Fort Buford for n while
after its rotum from the Nor
1'orco campaign , during which time Buck
employed his spare time In forging
chocks for n considerable amount on tin
post traders Leighton nnd Jordan. For
some unaccountable reason ho was nol
punished for this oflouto. Doing em.
baldened by having escaped punishment
for his ollonso nt Ituford , ho ngaiu engaged -
gaged in the same business while the
Seventh cavalry was camped nt Camp
Sturgis where Fort Meade novr stands ,
during the summer of 1878. lie opor
ntod this time on the field traders , Fane
hoitn and Roberts , and was again detected
toctod , tried by court martial , convicted
and sentenced to bo dishonorably dis
charged from the service , with n forfeit
tire of all pay and allowances , nnd to bo
confined nt hard labor , under charge of
a guard , for ono year. lie
served his sentence , I believe , nt
Fort Monde , Dak. Ho again enlisted ,
und'T the nnmo of Charles B. Honry.nnd
was assicnod to the Fifth cavalry , from
which ho was detailed for the arctic ex
pedition , where his conduct was in keep
ing with his former acts. Ho was n
plaueablo notor , ready of speech , and
could easily impose himself upon unsus
pecting persons. Before starting on the
expedition , ho sent to his friends in the
Sovotith cavalry the following cards :
"Chnrli'i U. Henry , Special Correspondent
Chicago Times , l.nily Frniiklin liny Expedi
tion. "
The world lias lost but little by his
death , and n knowledge ot the man's
character will render the justifiable net
of taking his llfo moro clear to the minds
uf the doubting. SEVENTH OAVAI.KV.
Tun VOLTAIC UKI.T COMI-ANV , of Marshall ,
Michigan , olfer to Bond tliuir celobialml KI.KO
nto-A'oi.TAic HKI.T nnd ether KI.KCIIIIU Ai1-
i.lANi'KH on tiial for thiity dnyH , to nion
young or old ) nlllictoil with nemnia debility ,
oss ot vitality anil niiinhood , ami nil Idmhocl
.roubles. Aluo for thomnatlimi , nomalnln ,
i.irnlyais , and ninny other dinoaiex. Complete
estoratlon to hualtligor \ nml manhood uunr-
mtocd. No ilak Ineuiiml , as thirty unyii'
.lial is nllowiHl , Write them atonco for illua-
.rated pninphlut , fieo.
No KcAHon for Slmino.
S'evv York Sun.
" 1 should think you would bo ash-
unod of yourself , to fight with n little
joy half your size , " said ilady on the
"Do 1 look ashamed ? " asked the boy.
"No , you do not. "
"Is oidilor uv my eyes black ? "
"No. "
"Eny bitou outer my no.soV"
"Certainly not. "
"Is mo oars chawed ) la dor onny mud
lown mo nock ? Is mo coat torn , or mo
luspondors busted olll"
"No. "
"Woll. I han't got nuthin' tor bo
tfshamod of. If I should fight with a
bigger boy'n mo I might havu cause tor
bo oraahainod. "
A Ilo Nulled.
Competing Insurance Companies have
oen circulating unfavorable reports , in
cgard to the condition of the State
nauranco Company , of Dos Moiuos ,
Auditor Brown , of Iowa , has juat giv-
in this company a thorough investigation
and is now doing the .same to all Iowa
nsurancs Companies ) and publishes the
ollowing in his ollictal statement. j'Tho
Company haa an actii'il paid up Capital
if $200,000 , and ia financially sound , and
oliable , ono of tlio strongest Companies
n the State , and is justly entitled to the
ionfidonco of the public. This Compa-
ly has a surplus as regards policy holders
f 8200,812.18. " This ia after ruling
jut over-duo farmers' notcn , judgmcnto
md interest , ollico furnituroaml auppliim
257,000. Those assets nro good for at
oaat 75 cents on the dollar , which would
ivo the Company a aurplus of about
100,000. You can rent assured that the
Company is solid , and thuao unfavorable
tones told and published by compoti-
ors are told and published to get away
ho business of this popular Western
IlHiiifiiiHlieil | InlhrilH.
s'ovv YoikiTotirnal.
The infancy of great men is nlwayn
nterestiiig. Bon. Butler , upon his own
ihowing was a puny baby. Ho took his
lap ' through a apoon. It was nol until \
10 grow to boy'd outato that ho took to
losiing nil the marbles ho could lay his
mnUB on. The Plumed Knight , from
ill accounts WHH a bright infant , His
magination was marvellous. From ' his
mrliost moment ho bossed the family.
Black Jack was not exactly n pretty pap-
loose , but it was prophesied that ho
ivould mnko a spoon or spoil a horn. Ho
lias spoiled many , Cleveland was
chubby little chap , rather fond of the
irls but honest as'daylight. llendricks
was n fighter oven us a toddlor. The
prettiest baby of all was little Johnny
Kelloy. Jlo was n Jove.
"It KnookH the
and everything in the nature of erup
tions , blotches , pimples , ulcers , Hcrofu
lous humors , and incipient consumption ,
which is nothing moro nor less that
scrofula of the lungs , completely out ol
tha system. It stimulates and in vigor
ales the liver , tones up the stomach , reg
ulates the bowels , purifies the blood , ami
builds up the weak places of the body.
It is purely vegetable compound , and wilde
do more than is claimed for it Wo refer
toy/- . J'luvi'H " ( joltitii Muliutd JJIn-
* vncl : i./
I'ntllolllrot are r | > ulred 'rnm ' roiult ol nro , ollice
wilhlir. 1'arkor , HoomO , f tlxhtau lllock IMli ud
DuuKlauMta. ( ( . ,
Ono of the Boat and largest Stocks in the United States
to select from.
Where They Can EnjoylPure'Air & Waterl
And all of the good nnd pleasnnl things Hint Ego to iniiko up a com
plete aud Imptiy existence.
The town of South Oinnha is taunted south of the city of Omnlm
u the Hue o the U. P. Railway , and it ia less than 2i miles from the
.hnaha post ollice to the north line c f the lown site.
South Omaha is nearly 14 miles north and south by 2J ea = ( t nnd
vest , and covers nn area of nearly foursquare miles , t
The stock yards are t the extreme southern limit.
Nearly 150 lots have been sold i\nd the demand is on the increase
Pho yards are being rapidly pushed to completion.
The 500,000 beef pocking house is progressing finely.
The $30,000 Water Works nro finished and furnish mi abundant
supply of
The B. & M. and Bolt Line Railways have a large force of men at
work and will , in connection with IhoU. P. Railway , have a union , depot
near the park at the north end of the town. Suitable grounds will be
furnished for Church mid School purpose ? .
Now is the time to buy lots in this growing city. They will never
bo'cliuiiper than they are to-day.
B-ST"Apply nt the Company's office , at the Union Stock ? .
Assistant Secretary.
Double and Single Acting Power ano Hand
Kn"gino Trimmings , Mining Machinery , Bolting , .
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