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( M r\ HE OMAHA DAILY BEE * / . *
f / The Hoosicr Caudate Fires the Firs
CaiiiDaigii Quo.
The Good Democrats vs , the Very
Wioked Republicans !
Butler Handles Monopoly With
out Gloves at New York ,
And Gives the Public Good Food
for Thought ,
General Political Motes from
Various Places ,
District nnd County Conventions hi
f Nobrnsku Democratic Can-
iNiiiANAl'OUH , Ind. , August 30. The cam
1 > gn in this stito was formally opened by
both pmticHt. day and a hundred Bpccchen
were delivered in towns nnd cities in alt
parts of Indiana. In this city the republi
cans did not hold n meeting. The democrats
had a large street demonstration , consisting of
uniformed club * , carrying torches and trans
parancies. Speaking took place from n bt.ind
in the circle , where Governor Houdricka ad
dressed an audience numbering several Ihous-
The campaign on behalf of the democracy
opened here lonight by a lar u meeting which
wan addressed by Hon. Thos , A. llondricks ,
the democratic candidate for vice-president.
The tollowiog is a synopsis of his remarks :
Fellow citizen ] J appriciato the privilege *
nnrt the lionor of nddrcssmg you , and I recog
nize the duty of s-peaUing frankly and wit * out
concealment or exaggeration of any mateiial
fact or opinion. May 1 first nsk your attention
to the necessity nnd importance of rexenuerB-
form. The power to levy and collect taxes ia
among the highest and most responsible of the
attributes ot government. It ranks with the
right and faculty of taxing private property
for public use , and with the right and power
of transferring the cui/.en from the pursuits of
private life to the duties and hazards of war ;
it tikes from n man that which i his and ap
propriates it to public ilio ; it ECI/.CS upou the
earnings of la or as well as upon the accumu
lations of capital To every man , the inquiry
is of _ personal cancsrn and the answer is of
public convenience. How far may a govern
ment go in the exeiciso of the power to tax
tlio people ? Kreely u < > d cheerfully wo answer
that there shall bo no limitation uor restraint
on thi ] side. The absolute and entire nrnin-
ji'J tenancfl of public nutnority wllh its functions
' nnd authority unimpaired , whatever the gov
ernment can do , nuil of right Hhould do , the
tax-payers will furnish it the means to nucom-
r'.i'h. lioyund this it Is the province of pri-
1 vato right to invailo which is usurpation.
K Tln > government economically administered ,
fch.ill be Bupnurted.
* * * * * * * *
V s , it is the fpiastion of 5S.,000,000 of un
necessary taxo-i iu ona year. The ucuurnnla-
tion is constant. In n speech recently made
at Hichmoud , Mr. Calkiiif , ttio candidiite for
governor , boasting of the achievements if his
party , made the st tam-nt , which I adopt
without examination , that "tho _ rernblican
party found an einp'y treasury. Now it lias
t , surplus < > f SlOOjOUO. That is an enormous
> um of mouuy ; more , 1 beliovn , ttinn half the
p'vpei1 currency of tha country. ICstimatiug
, < > oik [ kjlation nt 5 ' , t03JO ( ] it is § S dollars f r
uncii mJii , woman and child. That great
sum of money Una idle in the treasury. If it
had lieen lefc with tlio people it would be-
coino the willing nnd active servant of labor.
It would Btinmlut 3 and strengthen old and do-
velopo new enterprisos. 1 1 would restore t. )
lie merchant his market and give the farmer
1 prices again , In the langnnga of tin :
tiryof tlio traasnrj"Jno : _ ( luohtion
? , wlnt legislation is necessary to
ftlic1 people of unneosssnry taxes , " It
wetion of revenue reform. Solve this
JjiSfly conntrvmeu , by reducing the
ffiV up this iniiney not needed by
in the hamU of the people
'els of trade _ and comnierue.
'r will not give us thii re-
upou foreign nations for
commerce. Our own merchant
i"mSAl'riAltii : : > FKO.M TIIIlHKAS ,
owners of foreign vessels uro en-
! by the ppifits that wo should earn our-
, The obituary of our morcluiiv navy
jttea in our tinill'and sliiiping ] laws. ltd
t of entarpri-o nnd duiing that oj-c
Jht wealth to our shorn ! , and pride to our
.e , and that furuiihed congmiial emplny-
Jt to tbousunds of our br.tvu and hardy
alms , is now bmied iu tlia treasury vaults un
der tlioso four hundred millions ol which Mr.
Calkins vauiiti. Thelnmeutiblu condition in
which our war navy and ciust defenicH are
found at the end of near twenty years o [ re
public ! rnleis well de c-ibi-J by Senator
garrison , In his able fpooch iMKered in this
city on the Ulth of Angunt. IIi'ay : "Tho
highest military and imvul authorities of tin )
counliy have again nnd iigum , in ollicial n < -
ports to confrcs" . declared that wo nra with
out a navy , and tlut our coast defenses are
not worthy of the name. We lm\e no gnus
for our ( drips , none for our ciust fortificatuns.
The utter hi'lplefsness mid iiakedncf.s of our
country Iu the matter of ships and coast do-
iijmeii is coiicee led by every
\nierican and known in every foieign
, -it. It i" a hiibject of nm.i/.e-
jent and mortitication tliut , with nlmndant
n nrcus this nation sbouM consent to ticcjpy
so . mtaniptihlo a position among the innri-
ti.un nations of the world. Thera i * moro
ti iu ono South American govormnuul thut lias
a ui-y wilh which OIKH cnuld not copo. It
; , tii i.oensji'l . upon thu hihe-t authority tliat
( 'MM has armored ships that could xnl into
tha harbor of San Krauclsc'i .md put that gieat
city under C"iitnbutiou nt pbsisuro. Who is
, - . / - ! for this rmiaziiig cmiditiim of
tliiiiss ? WJiat party held tlwi relnH of po-
iti- | - , ii ] > ewer while thu navy v/a.s rotting down
nd tha dost fortlficritioiiH were jiassing mtu
( ivu. HKuvica iiroiui. ! :
A im llhwlration , con-Ider our army of
ciit.hiildi'ii. ) . iunv above 110.0UO. Jiefoim in
Ihn civil service requires its reduction , par-
h.His : ! 0,0',0. It seemi to lo constantly in-
ereas'ng. ' Who ran check the eul nud di <
clurienU who hold position * , ami lecclvt
piynieut nitlumt u cful i'miloymcnt | N'ot
the party that created the positions , and np
jiiiinted thalr favor > lp < ti till tlioin. Tlnl is
impossible. Iti-i dillicult for a party to re
form it and protect each other. You have
MM-ti th it even in coiitti and jniies. Tli3 par
tUan friend at the Bame dr k will not b.'coim
nn informer. Ho will rather clu-o
the bonk , nnd il mint remain closed un
til nn ins estimation shall place
another nt the dc-ds. It is nineteen yoarsi > inci
the clo e of thownr , nearly ll\o pre idcntlal
tcniH. purlng all that peihd the executive
nnd dmini trittivo nervice of liio country h IB
been under the coutml mi I ninuagenient of
ono pir-y. Nhould it so eontinue. ( luring the
peiiod 1 ha\e menlimied , the receipts nnd ex
penditures nggrctfiite a sum so uniTinons til it
I liud mysell urn bio to txpress them in words
or luitre.s within ordiu-irv coiiiiirehemicin. I
will take for lllu-tratiou the ytar ended .lime
30 , 1W3. The lecelpts Intothe treasury were
above fllUJ.OOJ.tlOO , and the ordinary expend-
itmeswera above S2lir > , OJO 000 , making I'm re-
eeipts and uxiieiuhtiireH of uli9 year iG3 ( ! ,
because in tlie nimuiei ineiit of n liualnejs si
largo , rn varied HIIIH > comilicaled n misman
agement nud corruption were possible mid
. Should tlio books ba opened ? 1 be
iovo that policy and justice unite in demand
ingn change , mul without it wo need nut look
for aduiiiiistriitiv ) icf rm , but I would not
Imitate the republican party in tlu proscrip
tion of all but party aHherents. I lepea
what 1 fornierly s iil : "Tnat 1 hope never
again to FCO tlie cruel and remorseless pro
scription for political opinions which has dis
graced the administration of the Iat eight
yeari. " Had as the civil service now is , as
wo all know , it has BOIIIC men of ttied integ
rity nnd proved ability. Such men , and
inch men only , should bo retained in ollice ;
but no man chould bu retained on any coiisid
eration who has prostituted his otlice to tin
[ iiirpo.sos of purtizan intimidation or coiupul
bion or who h s furnished money to torrupt
lections. May I nsk your attention to one
ther subject. Much is said about the prob
nblo foreign policy of the presidential oindl
dates , and for Mr , lilaino it is claimed thut he
will bo inore * American and dashing. His
South American iutcifermico was neither. Of
coin-lie wo knowwluit vote this claim is in
tended to reach. I think It will fail. The
vote ii ton intelligent.
* * .
Tlie speaker then proceeded to describe at
ongth the Kntzk t ext ndition case , and its
HDOady Fcttlementby the democrats , a * coni-
> atert with the McSweenoy case under the
In concluding his spnech Ilcndricks made a
iei > onal appeal for .snppoit , saying :
"I cannot express bow earnestly 1 desire
.ho vote of Indiana. Although I did not Want
-ho nomination , now that 1 have cot it the
vote of Induua is the desire of my hear ' "
liutlur at Now York
The greenlnck-labor convention for the
tate of New York , held in New York City
Saturday accented the Indianapolis platform
and General IJntler'it letter of acceptance as
heir platfoun. The American Hag was
adopted ns a party badge. In the evening liutlur made an , the follow-
ni' being a brief abstract.
Ho faid ho would apeak of the results of the
nlbdlreclion of legislation land , 'tho ' adminis-
-ration of ths government as it has wandered
aw.iy Ironi the great fundamental piinciples it waa founded. 'Ibis wmilil 1 e
lecessirj' to n clear mi'-lerftanding of
economic ideas , because of which the "Pco-
> ! oV ) jurty" was founded. He said it was nec
essary to nniyo at a definite comprehension
of the distinction between capital and inn ort-
; d labor. Uy imported labor ho meant that
nbor which in brought hero from abroad by
contract , as in the CiiROnf coolies , or that
convict and pauper labor whuh is sent here by
poverr.inents to get lid of their paupers a < m
ho casfl of Knropeun depoitntio-i of convicts
md panpais by authority of Kngland and
omo other enunfiies. The line was to be
Iniwn between thecu clusses of imported labor
ind men and women who brought themselves
ml families hero by their own uifrgie *
nd own means. liy the capitalist if
iieant a mm who , having inherited or ac-
piired large wealth , lives on the interest of it
vithout doing anything himself to Una it in
he production , As an example of thu latter
iliitH ho included a inan who invested his in-
lerited wealth in railroads or in any other en-
eiprise which ho neither controls uor diretts ,
loc takes part in , waters Htock to treble its
ipparmiteoit , and thus receives onoimmuro-
urns for his money. Ho cln-eed the men who ,
laving irioio or less capital , put it into tome
lonoat industry , directing Hiich enterprise
hemselves , an men of enterpii'e , lonliiug upon
ibeircupitul as engagtd in whatever depart-
in-lit of the world's honest business as an ad-
nnctoiilyof entcrpri-o. ( Jen. lintUr spoke of
ho production of pelroleum , whicli ought teD
) D idinobt free na Kiinlight. UndiT the man-
pnlatlon of the Standard Oil Company , it
Mcamo v ry expormivo to the consumer and
: auaed a limited number to become very rich.
I'tipse men iu the power of their wealth
almost controlled the judicial , legislative and
jxecutivu powers of the ntHoof Pennsylvania.
I'o abrogate the laws which muko mcli mon
) polies possible was the aim and purpose of
ho "poodle's party. " Un'esa ' some Mich re-
nlt was ultiinutefy obtained the nation will
: o down to aim-chy nnd ruin ,
larkneSH and ni ht. and thus the liopj of lib-
rty and eipnlity of lights for all men will
lurisli from the earth.
Tha democrats of litiffalo county .Saturday
nominated S. I'1 ' Heniiiger and .lamoa .Icnkius
or tha legislature ; 1C. 1 { . Watson , .T. K. Gill-
spio , H. Af. Hatch , 10. I'1. Hcimiger and
Clms. Connors delegates to thn judicial coni
onliifn , an I W , L. Green , .linn lioykH. . S.
yolby , .1 , C , Jlorgin unit Thomas Carroll to
lie statu and con retNiunalconventiiiau a dclu-
Mtion favming Nevillo.
1'lnttn county democrats Saturday xo-
ostwl .1. K. Xorth , .1. Ilichloy , Clius. .Modi-
ieo , .1 , 1 $ . Dils'iiiiji , Dr. Win. IMwards. II.
Jjlrich , ( ! . C. C.irngund.r. A , Kehoo nx dole-
MtestD the htata ujiivcntlon instructed fcr
Murton for governor , tj
Coif ax uonnty'd dolecraleH lo the democratic
tale convention are W. T. l'iice , ,1ns. itocs-
er , Kmi'T Davis and Harrv l'h lps ,
The c'lnvantlon ot the l''ifth ' dWiIct
republic .n ) held at Cretn , ma lo a choice on
Saturday iinirnii'g ' , on tlio three hundredth
nd first ballot , nominating MimfroJ Haxago.
Tlio rfjiublleaiiM uf tin twenty-third Huto
cnalorial ilUliict nominated .lolm 1) ) , Skinner
is their c.unliilat < i by aculnination ,
I'Vnnci.H ' G , Hnnier nnminaledor
iiilHiMinil H. M , , ci/cl.Ur / , of 1'liim CiecK.
ur DiatrktAttirnoy at the n-publlcan < -
\cntinn nt the Tenth district hrhl nt Kcarnoi
Salnnlty. There win ln > oiiiMisltlon to eithe :
candidate * , liotli mrtde auto pecchc on ac
cepting the nomination.
GtiNKUAIi 1'Ulill'KUtj M'AV.S.
The defence iu the lllaini' libel suit hnvo
filed ii demurrer , setting forth thil the com
plaint does not eel foith facts sullicient for n
cause of action. A ing will be had Tues
New York | irohibilinnlsts expect 100,000
vote * for St. Joint in the country.
Cleveland was serenaded at Albany Satur
day evening ,
Hcndricks and cx-GovernorPonllltlo willU
pipsfiit nn 1 address the linv.i democratic con
vention nt Davonpott.
Mr , Hlnine ha ? reached home , nccompaniei !
by lien , Hartlson.
Tlio VAIO Of A Yotum Girl , Victim Xo
Voodoo Suiiorutltlon.
Special Dispatch to Till : 15is. :
LtrrtK HOCK , Arkausa ' , August 31- Owing
to the results of "voodooing" which U practlc.
oil to a great extent among a ceit.iin class
negroes In the touth , Misj ICczijh , a health )
and good looking mullatto girl , is uoiv i. rav
ing matiiac , Two weeks ago she bocnmo Mid *
denly ill , nt the placa whaio she wa-tcmplovi
as a servant A relati\e , an old colored wo
man uamcd Aunt Mahaly , Imag'.neJ she wns
"cunjuied" and with the advice of the sur
rounding colored community , had her remov
ed to her homo in Phillips county for
conjuration. The treatment , or
"voodooing" as it is termed
by ita numerous believers of the colored race ,
is ndmliiHtcred with as much sincerity is the
ultimate appojr.iuc.6 of the old fillip /.Ion or
the coming of the golden chariot is viewed
from their supernatural standpoint. The
Yooilimov manipulator of this process , as In
this cas-e , is always an aged colored womau
who has gained a reputation by stories of pre
vious success. After Ui9 girl had bean placad
in her room , Aunt Mahaly proceeded to mix
the Ingredients , n pices of an old shoe , rusty
nails nnd spikes , old tiles und razor handle. ' ,
ludcstonc , moleskins and rabbit's foot , alto
opium and chloroform. The conglomeration
wns [ .then boiled in it charmed
caldron. The conjurer then locked bcroalf
iu the girl's apni tmont1" , and nd ministered the
HuiJ of this accumulation , first byjoxloinal
manipulation , then inteinally in largo doses.
The operation wat kept up until the mixture
was continued. The vender of miracles then
retired to await the effects of the wonderful
agedoy. Within n few houra the spell was
broken. The disease was cured , but reason
was dethronedand thugirl lied from her room
a maniac , alarming the neighborhood and attempting -
tempting violence to herself nnd those about
her , She was at once secured and placed in
confinement. A horrible death will likely
Under Billed lor Oniiilia Uepiember
tim mil ,
Niw : YOIIK , August 31. General Butler
ler left hero at 0 p. m. this evening on an extended
tended tiip through the northwestern states ,
via the Now York Central and Michigan
Central roads. Ho will arrive at Detroit at
2:30 a. m. Monday , and will f peak there ii :
the evening. On Tueud.iy he will speak at
Grand llapids in the iiflt noon and at Muskegon -
kegon iu the evening. Krom Muskegon \ \ < f
will go tt Chicatro aim deliver an address on
tbo lake front Wednesday evening , Leaving
Chicago Thursday morning ho will reach Min 1'riday and deliver an address ut tlu
Minnesota st.ita fair in the afternoon , and on
Saturday ho will ppnk | | at Norcheld. On
Monday evening , September 8th 1m will
sneak at DCS Moinss , Tiuwduy at Omahannd
Wednesday at TopeKa. Kan. Heturi ing lie
will probably dciivcr addresses at various
place.s along thu route , reaching New Ymk
about September llOh.
liutlciism in urc on.
S.U.KM , Oregon , August . " 0. The state cen
tral commitUo of greenbackers and anti-
monopolists met today Butler nml West elect
ors weie chosen. ItwiiB decided to print und
distiiouto fifty thousand copies of I'ntler's
HAVANA , August 30 - The steamer City of
Merida , which took fire in the harb-ir yester
day , was completely destroyed with Hit * cargo
of fourteen hundred bales of hemp , Slf > ,0JO ( in
silver from Vera Crux , nine hundred and
twelve bales uf tobacco and .13" ba s of sugar.
Ilcinourntic- Onus In Iowa.
DAVKNPOIIT , Sept. -Kx-Souator .lames
H. Dooliltlo writes that ho will be in this city
next Wednesday and addrnss the lowatStato
Democratic Convention. KvGuvernor Hen-
dricks in expected.
. .vUy man general than nny
other dlseasJ. 11 h Inslilirms In cli.irnctcr ,
and manifests Itself In running sores , pustular
eruptions , bolls , swellings , cnlnigcil joints ,
abscesses , sore eyes , etc. IIooil'.sSirsnpirllli ; : ;
expels all trace of scrofula from the blooil ,
leaving It pure , enriched , and healthy.
"I was severely nflllcted with scrofula ,
and for over a year Iiml two running ( .ores
on my neck. Took flvo bottles of Hood's
S.usaparilln , and consider mysell cured. "
C. 13. I.OVIMOV , Lowell , Muss.
C. A. Arnold , Arnold , Mo. , bad Rcrofulous
Bores for seven years , spring und fall , JIooil'H
riur aparilla cured him.
Salt Rheum
William Spies , Jilyria , O. , Buffered greatly
from erysipelas and salt rheum , caused by
handling tobacco. At times his liamls would
crack open and bleed. 1 lo tried various prep
arations without aid ; finally look Hood's fiar-
sapiirllla , and now saya : " I am entirely well. "
"My son liail tM iliciim on tils hamU and
on tlio ralvcs of his Irgrt. Ho took Hood's
Sarsaparllla and Is entirely cured. " J. 1 ! .
STAJiTO.s , Mt. Vcnion , Ohio ,
Hooc3ys aSarsaparilla
Sold by all dniKgliiti. SI j six forr. . Made
imly liy 0 , I. IIOHIJ & CO. , Lowell , Mass.
OO Dosoo Ono
The state of Affairs in France and
China ,
Au Effort to be Mndo to Negotiate
at Pokin ,
OholoraMtioh More Widespread
Although Loss Violent ,
The Other Countries of Europe
Jealous of England ,
They Encourage the French Be"
cause It Irritates the British ,
Tlio True litwnrilncsH of
" ' H-AiMiouitiuunt ns Commander
01 tlio Klutrtoiiiu llullof.
The AVar In Clilnn.
LONDON , August : iO. The Tall MnllUnzotte
says : There Is not ihe Klightet.1 foundation for
tin ) report that Ch nit \viilics to cnmatoati
luircomvnt with I'rancc. The Chlnpso con-
aider the Foo'Clioo atfair nsnn act of trencho'V
on the pnrtof Conrbet , win took tlio ad-
v.mtijo ; accorded war ships to enter Chinese
port" . The barbarity of continuing tlio fiio
for hours after the Chlnpso vessel ) closed Is the
cmiso of intense excitement against the
The French naval divic ions of China and
Tominin will henceforth
form only ono
squadroii. The Nationalist states that Ad
miral Conrbot Las full power to opsralongaiiKt
China. The I'niversD ' has n special from Hong
Kong which saya : "French missionarloi have
been nlUclally expelled how. Tlio Chinese
snnpresspd the uprising which menaced the
Christians. "
PARIS , August 30. Gen. Millet asks to bo
relieved from the command of the I'Voneh
iorcei m ionquln , on thoBround of ill-boaltn.
lli.i govf rnnient lins consumed , and Conorul
Hrlerro do Lwlo will succeed mm.
SIIAXOHAIAugust 30. All the French
hayo lelt ; Canton. It is now a artod that
Admiral Lourbot lias left the Min river with
the lutmlion of going to Canton , The Chi-
neeo military cumnundern everywhere re
ceived nnjierial orders to attack all I'Vcnch '
war ships and merchant M-asula which at
tempt to enter loading treaty ports. Those
in port now are ordered to depart immediate-
y. lelogrjins for the Chineea 'Rorarnuicnt
lilies are not accepted unless written in Kn-
1.0XKON , Aug. 31. Ferry , replying to the
note eciit him l > y Granville since the bombard-
nitnluiJioo Chow , renewed his assurance
that I'ninco ' desir-H to limit her operations in
the 0.11-t t. ) that of the iluet. It ij reported
that 1-crry has instructed 1'atornotre , Iho
I1 rench n.inistor to China , to resume nego-
tiitioiw ur l'ekin , pending the result of which
Ouitrbet will romuiti nt uncliJingii nil the I lo
of latson. Should 1'atarnotro i. ill to obtain
a resumption' negotiations , Conrbot is left
with absjlnto freedom to net as ho considers
ciieunmanci-H-wurraul. In the latter cano it
is expected that Courbet will nttaclc C.mtnr.
The coiiHiialr body at ShangJiai. through the
I'roncli ' consul , have been usiur-,1 : that Suaug-
hui will not bo attacked.
. KONO , August 31. A rrcnchvar
ship h.ij arrived to protect tha merchant mar
CAXTO.V , Anjmst 31. The Kronch custom
ollicerj have left the city. The Viceroy fears
mi attack will bo made upon the llogne forts.
An official iowml h olforoil for thn heads of
Frenchmen. f1'-
I'AHIS , Augiint fl. ; Lo Tenuw , Shanghai
eoiret-pondent suys it is rnmoreii that China
lias declared war agaiuat 1'rnuco , and notilied
.lupan. i
Till : CHOI.KIIA IIIX'OOI ) . : , August 30. Seven deaths
From cholera here last night and ono at Tou
lon , The weather is cold.
( KSIVA : , August 'W. Tlio sanitary commit
tee pruiionnces the condition of the city oatia-
PAKIS , August III. Two deaths from chol-
r.i ut Tonlou sineu last night. During t won-
tyfomIIOUM ended at 8:10 : tonight , niiio
lea'.hs from cholera at .Marseilles. In south-
rii cleparlmunti of I'Vanco dining twenty four
inurs ended to-nigh ! , deatln iroua cholera
are 23.
JIO.MI : , Aug. . ' ! ! . Iii'tho vaiioun provinces
> f itnly choloin buIlcthiK for the : M hours
uded In-night showed liO new cases and 31
Icnth * at huspoime. There were 33 froeh
cases and 17 deaths.
Tin : < ; OHI > ON' : : .
LONDON. Augmt 30.Cerlnln particnlnrs
with rofcicnco t , the rulief expedition tip the
Nile liiivij been finally arrangnl. The foiea
wliicli ill procee.1 south to ABIOIIII will bo
c ; mpovd Of 8,0111) ) JJritish troops ; U.fiCO Ivgvp-
Hans and a flotilla of 1 0 river boats. 'J'lio
Ionia will ba mannc'l bylui ) Canadijiia , HOi )
Ivrooinon and iibont 2,000 Kyptinu nnd Nil-
linn boatmen. The unHt of the campaign if
xtiir.atod at W.fiO ( ,000. It | | H ieport ] that
Couerul l.oidVoolnloy , before accepting the
chief command of thu expedition , in itcil
ipon being grunted oyto blanclio ns to tha
stiungth and eipiipnientH of thu foiue. The
otal nnmbtrol Diitish troojM in Knnland at
, hu present timeis 10,11'H , m whom 701 nro on
the ick lint. When all the yeinfoicements
lestined for Kgynt roack there the
total number will bo Jf.,000. The
xuct coiiiini | < ltion < if the force which will take
nut In the expedition to KIinHoum will not
ileclded upon until ( ioneral'Wolhley ' roach-
OH Mgypt Uennral orders Imvo already been
fivL-n , however , to tliminuto from the trnojis
nil men wln o phy iinio rcndc-M it unlikely
lut they uoiild bo nnulilo to' nndorgn the
irivitu'tiiH to which the uxpodition will no
lotibt bu iixpiwoil. Hoveral .Hpeelai currei-
londeiiti leave I.oiidon for lty/it | tonight.
I'AHIH , Aunmt 30.At n meeting of the
xtii'ino lofl. today it was decided t ) present a
iiolcKt to President ( liovy aifulmt the mm-
iinvocation of the chamberH tj.meut in pj-
ial session ut thin juncture of nlfairu.
ACIIIIW' roi.i.owKiw ( ! 4i > Tuinn : ,
LIMA , via ( iiilvcHton , Align * , 81. Over fix .
imidio-i of C.iceriu' followerii have been fip-
nred to date. Among the jijisoneri are sov-
nty L-hiufn unil ollicers. A ijooruo h.m been
> < Niieil that all nruiH and inanitions of 'far
bhall bu given up to the government , under
icnalty uf a linn at the disurotldu < if the nn-
ih'jiitic.tho cutiio unioimtbf the ( in 1 1 < ; otn
the informer It U Rl d decreed that nnyper
son who imy ha\e n ( .icerj-t In hi ling , hliti
or othenvito , shall give notice of ( act t < >
MIC nnthoritlns. lVr. on who h.ivc been or-
deted to quit the country are ghen three day
to comply A fur her drTOO U that all ) 'r-
miiHwhn appoir In pntilia neo'ings bearing
nrnn , without leave of the guvernmi-nt , flnll
be trnnted ns MontPtiTot nnd punished accor
iling t > the military laws.
ST. I'irri'iisiiriKi , Augmt SO Tiicic lin
been nnothor oiitbrotk ngalint .lows nt Du-
brouiUa , near Keene , inVe.itoiu 15ui lu.
An nnti-Soinctic mob pillapod twelve shops
n d twenty hou es. Many .lows woie wound
ed during the riot and one woman killed , The
piliee and clergy weiv powerleiH to qiu'll the
LONDON , August 30 The Time * gi\r n re
view of the recent blue books relating to Mud
iiRnicnu nnd pays : "Thov nro a uoncln l e
disproof ef the cbnrge.i of savngery mid elo-
inentnry barbarism wrought against
ii by the I'rcnch. , '
ItOAlllNil VOll WAIt.
1'Altls , Aueiiit 31 , Mia delegates of tin
nxtremo left v.ill have un nndienoo with ( Sivvj
to-morrow nnd demand that ho convoke thu
Chambrr.'i to deul.irn war iigalnst C'hinn.
Should Urcvy refuse to ncccdo the left wil'
appeal to the country.
Predicament ,
Special Dispatch to TUB HKK.
LONDON , August 31. The final reluctant
-lecision to send Lord Woltolay to the Soudan
country seems to have completely changed the
fiu'o of the Kgyptlnn situation. Months ngo
Bonding him wns talked of nud partially 10
solved on , but it Is said lhat Gladstone
fnun sending him because Wolsoley Is too
thorough kind of a man nnd does not under
stand war conducted on Midlothian princi
ples. MinNtfiul foolishness , however , bo
middled nlfiiirs by throwing up the
Smikini lierbor route nnd plant ,
md launching violently into the Nile project ,
though strongly protested against , that ilm
only way lo cut tbo Gordlnn knot was to cut it
witn Wolsoley's sword. His n.iiil that the
General refiiBed point blank to accept the com-
mnml until given f-ir more independent ac'lon
than ongitally , and eai to blanchinthemattir
ofexenseH. | Much four is expressed Unit
Wolseley under estimates the tiprils and dif-
ficultii'i of his uiidoiLiking. 'Ihero is general
mlh-f in his taking hold of matteiH nnd
conlidnnco in his ability l'i mend Ihem There
is no doint whatever of the si-rlnus nature of
Kngland'H predicament in Kuroponn politics
KPiUleman just returned from liurliu and
nn intimate friend of Hatefelt , Dr. Itil-ch mid
others who understand mutton ! from Iho in
side , says thu feeling in ollicial circles there is
Intonacly bitter ng.itnst Kngland. Slurp
criticisms in London pipers on Kronen opfr.i-
tioiifc in Chlii'i Und no echofselsewhere in Ku-
rope. Tlio cue nt nil rnpitals BSOIUS to be
' 'egg on Iho French" in order lo dispute Kit-
gland's colonial policy , nnd the Trench , under
the stimulus or llaltoryaro willing lo c. rry Iho
P'ut of the nggreesion to its utmost limits.
Thi-ro is Hiiiiill doubt that the
lierliu cabal Jif which I'Vinco
is now a part is hoi -ing the ( piestion of Alex ,
uin'rlaii ' indcmnitie-H over Kin-lands head
ready to make new trouble for her wherovei
tbo state of Kgyptian complicaliiiiiH neem ap-
porlnne. German papois which usually
speak by card , are full of slimier threats thut
Kngland has too long played a Ijrgar part in
the world'n affairs tlmnfsho Is entitled to play
and that the time hss come ti cut her down
until eho gets in tin place that bcnclitn her
real impottancc. The position of Russia ii
this pl n is mysteriously uncortvn as iho nn ;
porn in Huiulu speak through muzzlCD. Tin
French however , expect Unit ItussiniiH wlj'
march Into tin Chi'iem territory on , the Si
berian' bonier. Humor of Eiich action
have already leicbed London.
Tlio Cholera fii Franco run ! Il.ily.
Special Dispatch to Tin : HICK.
NKW Youii , August ill , A Times'London
cablegram saya that cholera is still spreading
in the 1'yinepso villages , but elsewhere In
Franco it abated in violence Bomowhat.
The total nuiiibi'r ol deaths lo dale is II7I ! > .
'flirt-J now departments--Aveipiron. ono of
the most mountainous districts in France ,
Arie e , also voiy mountainous , nnd Tarn ,
well known for its forests have reported
deaths dining the week , while the disease
seems to have died nut in Gard and HautCK ,
Alpos , In the department of Iho I'yniccH
during the week there has been an awful
spread of disease , The lust previous report
named lificun villages which liud been vis
ited , now there m-ci Unity , and there is a daily
incre.ixc. Iteports come Hint llierti have
been great rnviigi-s In the department of
Droinu , but only forty-two deaths have
benn liicnmstntitlally reported from I Ironic.
In loiiclies-dii-Hlione ! , iu which lie Marseilles -
seillos nml Aries , therohavo been ono hnndied
deaths during the week. A nrip of Iho infect
ed country drawn np a week ngo would bu nee-
less now because of the vanlsub.'eqnontKpiead
aiming tlio vill.igOH in various ilepartmunts.
There have been about l-r > deaths in Corsiu.'i ,
and Homo 80 pnrNons nioiii the insane n < y-
him at Aix. In It'ily thu situation is nlarm-
iug , and made dinibly tu by the brutal igimr-
ance of 'iho'pojsanlry , wlm stnno the diKtorn
In Ihe streets and lefime In go to hnspltds. It
seems probable that the dlscaio will mnku ter
rible havoc In Italy befoie tbo year chides ,
ItlHn Up ! Vo HritoiiH ,
Special Dispatch to TUB ! ! IK. :
CIIII'AIIO , August 30 A cablegram from
Londnn KajKi
Tin ) hatred of 1 jigluml which IK always la
tent in Franco , liu ; now bncoino rampant , and
every movement on the pint of the Kngliidi
government furniehos a text for a tirade In
I'lirlo iiapcu ? All preparation for Iho nnlmnn
expedition in Kgypt are In thu minds of ihci
French editorial writers , only added proufu of
the provcibinl perlldy < if Albion , They pay
Gladstone only waited until tlio lorinlnallon
of Die Kgypllan c'nifcrciiccu and the
silliii/ / ; of parliament lo put in
operation a pUu ho had long contemplaled ,
nnd which means nojes.s lliuii absorption by
Kiigland not only of the fertile Soudan , but
of ail I'.gypt ' , Tlio must sumrilioim article
that yet upponied in publinhol In Li : Kninco ,
a paper that him itn ciiciiLttlim entirely amour
lepiiblieniK , and ft Is Hiippo ed rellecU In
Hume dcgieo thu views of 1'irniduiit ( irovy ,
Tliis article calls the ipioon uf ICiixluuil an old
.Ir'.vesj , and apologj/eH tu tbo Jlnbriiws for
term. It Nays bhu U nlimmt con
tinually drunk on I'lii or charry nrundy
mid tlmt her indispiidtluiH , which ,
nrodescrlbod in carolully chosen plirasw , nro j
only thu rcsnll of a vulgar old woman's over- >
indnlgenciM- The artlclo then passeu to n 1
: .i..n. . . . ( ( | the ehnracter of the 1'iincoof
Wnles nnd nays if ho should over succnnd l <
the thronn il will only bo n nhingn of evil.s foi
llio KnelMi people , lor , If ( Jueou Victoria Is n
snlli'h glutton , It is also notorious that tin
1'rince Albert I'dwnrd Ian srtlli h coward ,
Mauler ol' nit Iowa Clilcf by Tw
Special to the lino.
ATIMIISON , Ks. , August HI. The partic
ular * of the immlor of the I own chief Kohin
Wion Iho reservation in Itrown county Imvo
just been received. It npniun lliixt Konhiway
tolltltcd Boinoof the Miimoftota Winncbirjim
to coino nnd live on the Iowa reservation ,
promising to secure for Ihem nn allotment ol
liinil and nmmiUt'i there , Two camps of
Wltiuoliagos enine , lint did not m-cure tlielr
promised fnims , mid luinl feelings resulted.
n the evening of the day the low s reeeivct ]
iheir last payment , a nmnhrr of InilUns hat !
eollncted nt the wigwam ef Frank Oupcnwlui ,
Ismariiodto n daughter of South Wind , ti
Winnobago. Koshlngway nud Houtl
Wind uoro 1 rwout nnd fifiht occurred ,
'i'lio whole crowd weni dtnnk. In the nielci
Ko-hiwrtV wan stabbed in the Imck by South-
Wind , nnd Oupeo'Hwife , the woman it Is said
striking the first blow. Dupto wns lying
on the tloor dead drunk. The wigwam stood
so\or.d hundred from the Nonmhn river.
South Wind and PupeoV wlfocarrled the body
and tluow it Into the river. Tlio perpetrator *
are i > ow in en-tody at 1'idls Cliy , J > eb. , nnd
will bo tiluil for the crime nt nn early day.
The Indian * on the reservation ntogro.Uly o\-
eitotl over the murder , nnd would Imvo made
-luirt work of tlio murderers if the authorities
had not removed tlioin.
Men to InvcHliniito I'or
Ni\v : YOIIK , August 30.A conference lie
tween the olllcers of the American Agricultu
ral nssociallon nnd Iho International Dairy
and Fair nssociatlon nnd lending cittle breed
ers of the country was hold here to-day to con
sider moans to bo taken to nllay the alarm beIng -
Ing created by sensational repot IR on the mib
jectof plctmvpneumonln among catlle. An
ddroRB was adopted , which cays : ' 'When wo
consider the great harm done and little good
accomplished by Hpr adimr these Honsalioual
reports , except as indicated in behalf of men
who hold ct < i tain oll'icos , wo are irresistibly led
ton grave suspicion of Iholr good faith. Fear
ing this Uureau of Animal Industry may do
the ciiltlo industry of the country great and
iriepaniblo harm , a thorough investigation
Khould bo made by the American Agricultural
nssocintion , nnd do nil in their power to ferret
this Btibjecl to the bottom.
KIlnlHterlul Hluj-jtliif ; ] Miitci.
Special Dispatch to TJIK Ui.K.
AnioitA , Nub. , August :10. : Our unusually
ipiiet little city waa Ufirown lii.-i n terrible ex
citement by lv.W. . H. Tibbitts , M. K mm *
islor of this plaep , ami Itov. Langston , ChriH'
llali minister , getting Into nn nllero.ilion in
Iho Aurora moat mntKot , of which the reverend -
end gontemon ! uro partner * and proprietors ,
which ended in TibbltU giving Langston m
everlastlnit Hogging. City Afnrslml .1. llurch
el immediately served out warrants and nr
rested Tibbltts , who walked up and paid hla
finr , while LaiU'stnn sldnpcd linmo. j ist gut-
sid'j.lho corporntliui , nnii'tlnvniarohal '
mildly waiting for him to Hiii.'lc liii- nose in
over the lino.
, O. , Aug. 31. liittj last , night
the last iiuino wjseoenrcil t. > the ngrnoinonl
which ro-oj-tablishrn th.i whisky pool. Under
the now ngrci'iiii'iil , which goon in I'lTect to
morrow , and IM to lie in force one jear , diu-
tillcrn nro not liermitted to go bejund forty
per cent , of their c.ip.-icity. lloni-os not nm-
ning sell their capacity to the pool at iv stipu
lated piico , No miMiibor is pprniitted to buy
iiMi.thomcnpacity. The running cnpacity of
the pool | IM : been Healed down fiom fifty
LlionfiUid to tldrty-fevoii thousand bushels.
The election of olHrern will bo attended to
it a mectlnif to bo called noon.
I < nul Iloacj'ioVaiitN to Coino Ilnck.
Spncial dijpntch to Tin : Uiii : .
Nuw YOIIK , August HI. The Timei' All a
ry iqiurial ! > < : "J'ho friends of Conklilig are
vorkiug ipiietly in Liu inti'iest for ; i in
he United Stnti's
Ounvlcli il 01 'Miiid'T. '
I'KOIIIA , AllKllitill III till' CUM ilgUIIIHl
J'mtr M. liinil uid Mary 1-J. I.aunoii , on
ria' ' at Ijrjwinto\vn lor nmrderof , rno. Ijiiwson
n M.iv liint , the jury this afUirnoon rundured
i vi'iiii'l of | 'iuliy ami put the piiniuhmcnt at
runilLM-n yeaiH in llni pcidtentiary.
All DREW !
piri.f5f3e-l-/---"l3 : ! /
' "
Q > Mm
t in'irn l' imvliin.i | : > is > rscull bo ( omul
i A.clr i'V j' ivarl JmUinK J'ow U-r. I | > s-
. Zi ' ' ( - ' ( ! ; < llillilli1-tliiniiIal9
, i n i , nl I'ui.i " " ! , " 'ivioiyiso > , . - - . ; , , , Hays , llo .
on : .M. jrl""iiiumif , rti'l'litc-it'ii , ii'iu tiUituviW
ii ! l
The SlriKiiiE Miners in Ohio m Ibo
Gnards at tljj Miocs ,
After Mtmlorin , r * . Toral They
Make Tho\ \ . ape ,
Fears That the Mirill Have
to bo Oallotl * - . -
Now York Excursionists Murder
a Bar-Keeper
Booauso Ho Wouldn't ' Lot a Man
Steal a Sandwich *
Capture ofn Hunk Ilollcr lit Sllnno-
HOtn ll < illicry t n 1'ost-
nllluo Ktc.
A Hint In tlio Ilnokliifi Vnlloy.
Coi.UMlil'H , Aug. 31 , Reports eomo from
the Hocking volley that the miners nt Snake
Hollow mailo nn attack on the guards at two
( 'clock this morning and that one gu.iril wns
killed nnd two wounded ; also that there won ;
3000 minetH in number , who made nn attack ,
having come in fnun the surrounding country.
The telegraph lines ara all cut.
L.vmt. Shorllf McCarthy , of Athens
county , sends the following t > Governor
Hondly from Huchtel , which is in the neigh
borhood w hero the riot occurred last night :
"Shooting commenced by rlotern about two
this morning nnd continued about nn hour.
About seven hundred HhoU were tired. Ono
irunril WBH B'lot dead nml two wounded. "
The Columbus guimla rotunioil lira but can
not H.iy whether nny porcouvas killed or
rV Nolsonvlllo Hpeciil says : At throe n m.
the guards on duty nt No. 7 mine were sud
denly Rtirronndcd by a lot of armrd men. In
tha meantime the coal hopporx were discover
ed on lire , The men had their faces blacked.
The telegraph wiraa were cut in noveral places
through iho valley. A Btato Journal renro-
fcent.itivo was fiirrounded nnd ordered to
leave town or sulfur the a innpcpioncea.
COI.UMIIUH , Ohio , August 31. The namoof
the man killed ihirmg the firing nt Snakollol-
low Is Wllli.mi Hare , an elderly man , nnd n
guard residing at Logan , .lucob Life , nleo of
Logan , was sliot in tha leg , nnd anothorgnard
in the hoad.
Tim striking minorH nro concentrating to
night at Murray City , nud the deputy Blierilf
in charge there has aslted the shcrdf for aid.
It in thought that the troops will bo called out
bcforj morning. At all other points in the
v lloy overythiiiR U reported tpiiet. Murray
City is about riti inilns from Kuake Hollow ,
nml not so well giuiriYwl.
COI.UMIIUS , Augast 31.1lio rioters nro
firing on the RiiimU nt Sand Ulvcr unit I ong-
Btrrth mines am ] _ both p'acus ' have called for
help nnd the militia nt Now Lexington have
bcnn ordered lo bo in rctvlinesi fcr mnrching
orders. Owing to the cutihig of wirm partic
ulars nro obtnlnod wilh dilliculty. Governor
: IudlA | ) telegraphed the ahcrlfns of Athens ,
Hocking and Berry counties : "All means in
your c ntriil phdiild bo exhausted to suppress
riotous proceedings and protect life and
propei ty before the aid of the aid of the ntutti
U railed for. "
Coi.t'UiiUH , Aug. 31 , Thoshorilf of Hock
ing ciiiinl.v has just Kent n telegram asking for
troops , 'i'lio governor airivod at midnight
mid the Columbus batnlUon of tlio sixth regi
ment has boon called tu hcadqnartcrx and
will k'avo on a special train for the mining
Ilstrict as Hinin iw the train can bo secured.
Jontimieil firing is reported at Longstroth
md eommunicatlnn by telegraph with that
luint has been cut elf for Iho past hour.
How A Sandwich CixuseU A Murder.
, Nuw YOIIK , Augusts ] . The KmpirrSLnun-
try association Btarted thin morning from the
oot of West Klovcnth Htrcet on the barge
Jnion for Linden Grovu near lilm 1'nrlc , Hta-
, jn laland. On the tiii | onsof thooxcursionistH |
n'.lonipted to steal sandwiuhesjfrom the bar ,
when the bnikoopi'r struck him with n club.
I'ho crowd then pounced upon the barkeeper ,
beating him t'j death with glasses , plates ,
iiitchors and whatever else they could lay
liunds on. The bark was brought lo n Htaml-
ntill , and the captain scut a man nshoro In
notify thoStatim Island jiolicoof the murder.
The police , however , took no action and the
barge returned to Now York. After killing
the barkeeper , the party putted Iho bar and it
waH reported by n man who came nehoro tlmt
the lower part of the baigo looked like a
( daughter pen , an nil were fighting terribly.
LATKII. .lolm I'ohan has boun arrested rs
thnmii'-du-erof ICosli. Many of the Jniin-
drymun nro Bnid to have learned their bunt
nets "doing time'1 in Htatcs piison.
Tlioy Will Stoitl Xo More.
ST. LOOIH , August [ 31 , WhileJ Hhorilf and
posse were nllumpting ti arrest thleveu near - *
Co'.tcrvllle , Mo. , last nigkt they were find J
upon by two thievcH. The HhorilTsti > 3rty re
turned llri , killed ono thief and the other es
caped , The mon were atrnngera in id had
been through the greater part of the country
with a two horne wagon and had robbed
quilo n number of farmers. Considerable
btolen jiroperly was found in their wagon.
Hnnlc llollors Captured.
ST. 1'AUI , , Auiii8t 30 ThiH afternoon tl do-
toctlvo returned from Monica , Wic. , live miles
from L'oltcan lake , with JMward Ma on nnd
Charlen Park , the two young men who on Sat-
inday last gobbed 1'oEt'n hank of 10,000 In
money , which wna nil rccoveied , except # 160.
I'OHtollico llnrslnrlzcd.
KANHAH City , August 30. A Times Km-
porlu , KM. , npuclal h.iyu that the Hafa of the
Kinporia postollico was blown open about .H
o'clock thiH morning. The burglars secured
one thimsand dolhuH in stamps , a enioll sum
in cash ind a Inrgo number ot rogieterod let
ters , value iiukiKiuii. Thcro is no cine to the
Orrtnrod in
COAI , CI.VTIIV : , ! ' . , Aug. 31. To.morrow
the sherilf will read the riot act lo the utrikiny
iniuerrt and order Iheni to break camp and re
turn to their homcH. If they are not disposed
to obey they inuttnuiTur Ihe coiiEequencos.
V \
. , v.Vv
\7 >