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of a Car CrowflGit
Many of Them Burned to Deathi
and Many More Injured
Only One Narrow Window Open
for Esoapei
.Horrible Sufferings of the Unfor
tunate Victims ,
A Mass of Burned Trunks , Legs
and Arms.
Sickening Dutnllt * of the Horrible
Col. , August W The News
Greeley , spociil sajs : 'llio burning of a circus
oar nine miles north of Groaley was attended
with indecriablo honor * . The burned car
was next to the engine i n a train of seven
teen cars , containing Orion's Anglo-American
girciis which left Collins about midnight for
Golden , over the Groeloy , Salt Like & , Pacific
cificroad. . The triin was nearing Windsor , a
mall fltaiion necr Greeloy , tunning about
twenty five miles an hour , when engineer
Gvllepiicst discovered the car to ba on firo.
lie t oversell his enginn , and throw open the
whistle vaho.
HIXTI MKV warm is rite <
nnangad in three tiers of berths on cither
side. The forw ard side door w'oscd , and
the men in bunks were sloeplui , against it.
The i > ur side door vvm also closed , and the
man who woke diecoveroA the lower unoccu
pied berth next to it , containing rubbish , to
bo on lire , filling the car with smoke , and cut
ting oil escape in thit direction. The only
means of egress w.n through a small window
between thn c ir nnd the engine1. John L'ltie ,
Kdgorton , Mr. Corson , and IHoaer Millet of
Iowa , crawled through the opening
and tried to pii-s in water from the engine
tank. Owing to suffocating gases it was dif-
iicult to arouse iho uleupeM. Some were
kicked and hrui ed in a ehoc'ving manner , nud
pitched out of the window. The ecroaim of
those nn ible to ijit through the blockade was
terrifying. The
and the erica of the burning uetims outside
who were Waiting in ngony on cactus Leds ,
caused the wild bensts in tlie adjoining cars tj
becjme trautio with teiror , nuking llio eceno
api'ling ' The perfo iiKjis who ociupied the
re ir cars ga/'id with wmto faces on the aw fid
p ° cticlo. In t'io midst of the contusion two
or three lioiiic souls wno appo ired to be eriUAl
to tlio occasion , bravely cue their way to their
oompamoiis to hnd them already
Albert Ijako , in charge of the anim I's , nnd
his friend Kent , wnlked over the cactus in
their bare feet , pouring buckcti of oil o i the
bbstored unfortunate , wrapping them in
blankets Au o'd I'.tcific coast tailor
luuicd MoUondd , formerly of IVirepaugh's
show , was terribly burn d , hu fle < h lumjing
in tluudf. Tim rand ring ctieaof the men on
vli s piir'o , tilu biuolhtjio i
the roir of the Hani's ; the howling of the am-
m ih m ido the scene tefriblo bi-y md descrip
tion. The odor of ro tsting il sh nnd the dis
tant cry of coyolea added to the general horror
of the ecene The voices of the dying prevv
faint r and soou cea > ed. Meantino the engine
returning with Dr. Jessie HartiJ , presi
dent of tlio state medical as oci vtlon. Many
of the rescued in being pulled through the
small windows had limbs broken , joints dmlo-
cated , hands nnd feet were burned on * . ] toasted
tiunlcs of bodies were found in one place , legs
in another , and piles of roistod and shnvole-d
care uses were pulled out of Iho ruins. At
d iy light a flat ctr carried the chirred Indies
into ( Jreeloy for into incut. County coinmii-
aioncia buried the remunsin a
iaoB cotri.v bv.IM ITET w IDK.
nnd tun feet lo ig , in Greoly Cenuttry. Itev.
lr. Heed , ef tin 1'ri-sbylerinn church , con
ducted the funeral servico. The corniit r em
pannelled a jury who were un iblo to lonrn the
causn of the lire , as thu managers with thu
remamdir of tha umipiny lot imnicdi itcly
for Golden 10 nil the afternoon ongijjcment.
It is impossible to got a con.plo'o list of the
dead , an miny were nngigKil but a day or
two , and their mines were unknown.
Ji N\ru , AiiKiist 21) ) . Tlio iiamoj of the
ilcad us far as Jo trued , ao as follows :
Ale * . MoLoi d , AlonticclloVis. .
Thomas AliCartbv , Indeptiidcsjice , In.
John Kelly , New York City.
Oth > M known as Soverthorn , Andy ,
1'ieii hy , Franlr , George , .Smithie , and ono
unknown. The following is a Jist of thu Ruf-
for K by the circut car fuo , now at St , Luke's
hosnitil , in Um city :
1 , . K Kairbanks aped 22 , arms , legs , fnco
and body b idly burned.
Alb rt Harden , aged 17 , logan , ICis , ;
aims , frfco and billy buiucd.
Tb imas Gel Ion , aged 17 , Detroit , Mich ,
vary bidly burned on bick and legs ,
tSlX. J. Xirninornun , aiail 18. St. Louis
Mich ; arms , legs , back and /aco fearful ! ;
-n. 1'riuk King , Munuininco , Mich ; bull ;
Michiil ArcGlonn , t'venty-oight , Halton
Michigan , faoi , hinds billy liiimod.
liiijli ODoiini * ! ! , fifty-six Xevv Orloan , L i ,
badly burned ii'imit face , arms , hands and
baulr , will probably die ,
A nunibsrof thu rescuu 1 ones agree that in
thccir were tvyo birrdU of guoln3 ( > vhl cli
\foto oxplodud t'illiar by su irks from the en
gine or from naked torch with which the men
were accustomed to light themsulvei to bad ,
I1O.VOKS TO Till :
Two of the N'omliiooH for Pnsl ( loiiH on
* the Hiuto Tlulcnt Soronailcil.
Diapitch to Till ! 1'KK.
ASIIL\NI > , Nun. , August S9. About fiv
Jiundii'd citizens of Ashland formed in pro
cmaion on Silver street this evening , headoe
iiy the Ashland cornet b ind , and marched t
tTicTridenca of tlio lion. 11. H. ShodJ , ro
uShcan nominee for lloutenint-govcrnor and
xteiidedcongritulations. lion A. U. 1'ul-
er spko in behilf of the citizen * , and Mr ,
hoJil rcKponded In nn able nnd hnppy man-
er. There is grcit rejoicing over bis noinlna-
on.SKVTMID , Aug. 29. Hon. Win. Ice gvas
rcnadcel by the largest number of people
vor gatheroJ hero on inch an occasion. The
Mumod Knignt club consi'ting of ono him-
red men in unifoim , hoaiUd by Iho Quick'
.op . coinot bind , nnd nccompinled by a dole-
ntion of citi/ens reg.irdle < s of pirty nllilli
ions to the number of live hundred nn clicd
o the rcsidoncoof the next attorney general
; Nebraska. Mr. hecao was called for nud
responded in Ins usual manner , Music follow-
patter which speeches were made by Kx-
ieutennnt Govesnor Cirns , Judge T. 1 *
'orval , Hon. 1) . C. McKilUp , T. U. Sim-
ions , editor of the Nebraska Ucporter , nnd
tbur le-vding ctlizens , reg.vrdlesj of parly
tilth. The name of Hon. .lames Iiiird being
lontionod It was grouted with a hearty round
' clioers. The republinns of Suwaul county
ro thoroughly in narnost and tno nomlmtion
f Mr. Loeso h f really added to tha w ido-
) rcad onthuslism on every bind nnd Ihls
ounty will roll upa rousing majority for the
opublicin ticict this fall. As wo send oilier
iiticU of the city are geicnading Sevvard
ninty's favorite candidate.
ixlo of n Girl as u Sluvu
N. Y. By a Cubixn *
pecial dispatch to Tin : UIIK.
Tnor , N. Y. , August 20. The Siratogn
orresponde-nt of a local papei tells of the sale
fa slav oin Saratoga Tiiojdvy. The girl Is
escribed ns having been the property of a
ealthyCubrn family. Shs was sold in Iho
-gular way , save that the dnto of the bill of
ile , which was drawn up by a Sara-
> gi attorney , was Havant Juno 28 1881 in-
.cad of Saratoga August 20 1SS1 ( Iho latter
ping the actual day of Iho transfer of the
irl ) . the payment of price lixed at § 1,200.
'he girl has a light complexion , is comely , and
nly wenty years old. Kho has been in
family that owned her. Her purchaser is u
idower of Ion yoirs , with no children. Ho
to ba nurried m Havana in October , and it
s sidd _ tint ho intends presentiu g the girl to
is bride as her maid.
A Warm "Welcome IIoiuo.
peIal Dispatch to Tin : Hiv. .
KCAIIM.V , Nob. , August 29. The band nnd
10 citircns of Sheltou greeted Joseph Scott
candidate for land commissioner , as the tiaiu
nlted nt tha depot at Gibbon. Hosts o
iimdi congratulntoJ him. On arriving nt
Cearney the band and inhiihitants , tcgardless
f political ptcferonce , welcomed him homo.
Ion. A. H. Ootinor delivered nn address of
volcome , to which Scott feelingly replied
hort speeches were undo by Miill iliuu and
'atn , after winch a ( joneral Imid-hliaking and
efroshmenrH were in ordon The enthusiasm
vas unbounded.
Crcmntcil In a Sleeping Car.
Co. , _ Aug 29. At eleven o'clock
night tha train beloi ging to the Anglo-
Vmericnii circus.M ile * Ortou , proprietor , Mt
'ort Collins for Golden , vii tha Greeloy , Silt
aku ft Pucilic toad. Forty inmut'S later ,
bon nrar Greely , the sleeping sai in
eventy live men unplojed ns roustabnuts of
ho circus vveio f.alcep , caiuht bid iml was
vholly coiibiuusd. Ten men peribhed , two
vere i-.erionsly nud five eligiitly buinecl Thn
ire will commuuicited from the opan torch
vith which the c\r was lighted to a ninntity
f g. eohno which was being carried ill thu
amo car , causing nn explosion. It is impo i <
> le to leim the names at present. It is beloved <
loved tint the emp eyes of tlio circiu aio en.
irely rouponsible tor the accident ,
Alt IIHiiolH Aleatory.
ST. ] .ouib , August 2'J Fuither informa <
ion from O'Fallon , Ills , is tj the effect that
llrs. Crother died between nine and tin
'clock last night , aftpr repeatedly Billing
.hat she killed MIH. Conine , but without giv-
ng any reason for the deed. It teems lo bo
veil knoivn , however , Hut bho entertained
jid feelnus toward Corinac , grown.g out of
ouloti'y and that she had eeveral times
lire itened to kill her. She was a woman of
IS years , and wife of Thonm Ci other , a coil
nlner. She hid been dlvorn d from two hus
> ai ds before innrrjiug Crother. and had lived
_ \ery unhappy life. Mrs. Connie is the
vielowed sistei of U. J. Vancourt , owner and
iperator of the coil mines near O'Fallon , a
lolitician of some local notD. Shu was n vnry
uglily esteemed lidy who lived a retired life
i short ilistinco from tovrn , and It doesn't UP'
> anr tliat she kiiuvvMrs. Crnthrr WHS an cue
ny. John A Lehman , n son in-law of the
mcide , sajs ha never knew of unv trouble bu-
'Ween ' iho women and regal da the ulfair as
cry inj. stei ions.
Yellow J.irk in Nu\v York.
Nl vv YORK , August i ! ) An unknown
lilor wai found imcinticious in thu street
iVidnesdiy. Hoilinii in the hospital of jel
ow fever. Tina Is the hr. t c mo lie-ro
_ and P.1ALAFJIA. '
1 romlliesobourccg iiiUo tliico lourlliiof
t o iliscises of tlio liuinnn nuo. Uli so
j iiiptomalndJcato llioli oilstone o : r.oai ol
Apiitdle , Jton.lH ciiNtI\c , hlcit Ifonil-
v. In , fullnoiS nftiTcntliifT , nv tr lou to
exertion of Imilor iiilnil , I riictntlnn
of fooil , Jrillalilllly of tcmiicr , J.oiv
BpIrJN , A , ft olliifi of Jill-vine iirKlftcil
iiiiHotlnty , nizzlticsSjI luttciliiKnttlio
Html , J > oU before ! io cyi n.lilfrllly < ol-
Jiril irlt o , < O.VITIJ'A'rjor niul do-
ma-id the use otn lomcdy thnt nets illiectly
un tlio J.lver. Asa WverinodioInoTrJTT'H
l'rr < r.SJia\oiiociiial. Tliclrnctloiinntlio
nil Impuiltles Uirougli tlicso tlneo 'mnv-
.fici of tlie > t in , proilucln npp-i.
tlto , sound dlKOStlon , r < ( 'til u Btooln , a t It ir
BkiniiinlavlKoiousbody. TJ'rT'.s 1'inr.S
eiuso no imuicji orf"lpln nor Jnturlcro
fvithtlilly woilnn < laioiipi-rrect
GHAT Jfviu on M'HiHKi its clinnieil In-
Bluntly to n ( inossr JiLAric liv u hlnglu up-
plication of llilH Jli ; . hold by Diii Uti ,
or sent by ospross nn rruelpt of 31.
OllicoMinray Btiout.Kevv lorlr.
ThcFrciicliSliil Firius AWayin llic
Min ivcr ,
The Nest Move Probably au At
tack on Shanghai ,
The Duke of Edinbure : Heartily
Roooivod at Dublin
Ouba Quarantines Against Ohol-
era and Yellow Povor ,
'ranco Does Not Want so Many
Englishmen in Egypti
riio Cliolora , Kcccml for tlio Day
Other Foreign Xous ,
Mauling the
I'AIUS , August 29. The olliclal report concerning -
corning the I.angson affair , from Gen , Millet
commander of thu French forces at Tonquiu ,
raisoa the valor of Col. Degonno , who is in
coinmand of iho detachment sent to occupy
Lingson , but says ho acted too precipitately.
DC gcuno was under orders la occupy LniiRBon
loaccfully. When lie found himself con-
'ronlcd by the Chinese , the general of winch
said ho received no orders to surrender , Do
; enne ought to have asked further orders from
IiMot by telegraph.
I'roncb newspapers are oxullint over the
success of Admiral Courbot in destroying the
lafeiisos along the IJivcr Mm between Fee
" . /how and the HOX
Losnov , August 29. Thu Timei' corres
londont at I'oo Chow telegraphs that the
'oreign settlement is quiet. In the city the
natives bcom friendly.
SIKNOIIAI , August 29. Tha Trench lle-ot
las dnstrojed the ron.nining Chinese works nt
Kir P.ii channol. Tlipy are b lioved tobivo
eft Iho Min river to-day , but their domination
rriuains uncertain. It st'Uns probable that
, liey will como to Shiughai ,
LONPOS , August 29. A Too Chow dispatch
expl tins that the forc'ignori' qu irtors , looted
Liy the Chinese since the French descended
the tivur , is the ono ii < jar the arsenal.
Tin : siiANaiiAi itoosTn.3.
SHANOHM , August 29. The 1'uropoin resi
dents of Sh mghai remain unmolcstoil. Many
fidneso , hou aver , nio alarmed and loiviug
the city .mil foreign bcttli'inont. The cluot
matjidtiato and consul issued placards urging
tb'j unlives to rpnialn , ns the French have no
| irCEcnt intention of nttackins ; Shanghai or
\Voo Song. The ChincHO nuthoi itie'S ln > ro received -
ceivod an impoitinfe tolegfnm fiom Pukin , the
liurport of which is not precisely known
fhcro are reports , however , that China n du-
iiroifcMifcomin. ; to an agrfemcntwith Frinco.
The \iceroy of Canton ordtred all Ficnthinen
to leave his prov iuco imtuodi itely.
LOVDOV , Atixust 29. The tteamor I'.jper-
nn/i , from Maiscilles , b.w arriveil at Cardilf ,
with cwo caos of chalera , and his been qu ir-
, .1' , August 2p Two ele-allu at Ahrpril-
lei"and five fit Toulon list night. AtFchs-
fono , ne'ar IJiognollcs , five de.itln occurred
yo'touliv. Tiio Froucli are pstahli hing n
coal de-pot at I'ondicheriy , comt of India.
NAPIW , August 29. There is much un
revonablo _ opposition to the transfer fif
cholera pi ionts to the hospital prevailing
among tlm iiopuUco. Torciblo opposition was
yosterd ly olf-nd in the person vv ith tlio ills-
ease was being convoyed to the ho&pit il.
Four of the. riotera wounded and nthoiviho
inaltroatod hcvoral policemen. At the h uno
time crowds of women afsailpd the infant's
school for fear tin children , if thuy became
unwell , would bo taken to the hospit'il. The
Ijvndichnb asked the archbishop to help en
lighten the people.
LlVklirooi. . August 29. The failure of W.
T. T Sutchlfe , commission niorch mt , in nn-
noimcod. Liabilities 80 000 to 100.000 pounds ,
mostly in London cirgecs. Loiscs in Liver
pool are light nnd all covered.
August 29.- The clergy hav _
Gt.irteil a mon-ter demonstralion in ever } '
church in favoi of the tumpornl power of tha
pope. Ainoni , ' the lust signatures to nn ad-
dri-33 foi tins objnct are the leading prelates
and nobl-H of Spiln.
LOMIO.N , August -Oernnny has pro
Inbited tlio dep irlurp from Ivlel of two ro
ci ntly launched Chinese mon-of-war. The'r
cummandeM and ciow return to Chin i ,
P \ltis , August 29 Figaro In an oilitorlnl
comments upon the inuuaso of Kughsh
triops in l'gpf. from m tboii iud to fourteen -
teen thou and moil , nndFa.s an ovpl inatinn
H nrcfssary. If it Is tlio design to stop the
jn sago of ' the ] 'Vench through thu Sue/ can il
inevuiito'f an Anglo-Chincso allmneu , ] > 'i-
giro si > s Franco kcojis 51,000 troops in Al-
ioii i and Tunis who are in ready to crews
i'lipoll and bd/o Cairo vvhun KO ordeied.
1'AHis , August 2'J. Owing to belter fooling -
ing prevailing In consequence of tumors tint
Cliinii was disposal to eut'r into negotations
for the settlement of the Toiiquin ipie-stlon ,
routers woio quoted before tin opaiil ig of
the COUIHO thid moruinn' ac "H francj 87J ecr
mcTEMronvi , rowi'ii ov Timroi'K.
M\iim > , August 2'J. The chrjcy have
started n.monhlir demonstration in every
church in the country in favor of tlio tumpoi a !
power of tlm pnpn. Tlm firtt siifnaturcH ti
addroji on this subject mcludo the lending
iin-I ites and nobleti of Spain. The movement
hai grown out of the speech of Sewn C'ldol ( J
Mon , , minister of ngrlciihiiru and commerce ,
in tlio d ( | ) iitlt'H souio weeks ngo , in whit h ho
npoko dfllghl'iDgly of the rastoiation of the
temporal jiovv er. _
IlAl.ltAX , August 2U. Advw'H fiom I'orlo
llicn uro that > o sels arriving llioro from Hull
fax end Lunenbcrg will bu iiiiaranlined hfleui
days. The Hp inlah o JIIHU ! liuro sent a dm-
putch to the governor of tliat islind that there
is no contugloimlisuiso nt cither port ,
August 21) . The Duke Kdlnburg
vith the Channel Kltct is visiting Dublin hnr-
or. The Duka w * < well rcfiv ed , Thousnnds
ock to Kingstown to > i it the fleet nnd the
M'nlngi made htillinnt with bill , Hrovvorks
nd Illuininiitng. The rrenimin .lourml
T marks that mirh oceurrencos ni this indicate
iow loyal the Irish might bo if only nccord
d their just right * .
limits , AuRU t Stl. ! It M n intended to
nisi' a corps of old soldiers for colonial sprv
co for ( tcrman col nial linns which toqiilro
illltary protection , and who will provldo
unds tor the corjis. Such ( in otvanbitum is
cccssirv to the Pmniiati inllitiry sjstim ,
hich will not allow the regular troops to bo
ent abroad ,
ST. Pmnsncno , August 29.Alphon o
'aft the now Amoricnn minister arrived from
'icnnu loJny.
A suoAit VAii.vnr.
VlKN.VA , August 21) ) . An Hher largo sugar
nil Ins f.llod. Liabilities exceed Wcinrieh's
ho lolled for 3100,000 Monday.
C.MltO , August Jlk'-lVauds nmoiinting to
! ; 0,000 were dlscoMTCtl In the nilniitrv of
nance. 1'oroign olllcials of high standing
re implicated.
llorrlbto fctnto of An'alrH An In-
illiiiiTrllio ftarvlnn to Dentil.
, Montnnn , August 29. Governor
Crosby Btatea that a ppsclnl aifcnt stnt by him
t inquire into the condition of thu Picgnn
ndlatis has returned , or.d found that of those
ndiam about two thousand vvoro dj ing from
lie1 oltccts of gradii.vl starvation , at the rate of
no n day. The men nnd women nro gtnnt
nd spiritless , tlio children emnclnted. All
ro to woikonod by the lack of sulliciont feeder
or the past two years that dreadful eulfcrings
n < l death will occur shortly. The appropri.i
ion for this only ieri"ltn the ngent to
istio two pounds of beef and tlircn ponoda of
ad Hour ] > or week , an amount entirely Inndo
unto to suppoit well people. The governor
iporU nn unuatur.d nnd inhuman stito of
Inngi existing nnd calls upon the secretary of
lie interior to nstuino Iho responsibility of
mif full rations until congress moots.
1st ) C110II11\ IOWA.
August Sl' ' . Tha surgeon
cneral of the niiiino hospital Rorvico rocclv cd
lettc-r from the , secretary of llio state bo ird
f hu dlh of lotva saying tint the health nlhco
, t Canton reported that the dlseaso tccontlj
iroveleiit there was disscntiry and nothiiiK
nore , and the poison who ori in-itcd tlio report -
port of the i usloncn of cholera was imsin
nnned ns to the facts. The only contagious
.iucauo in the distilct is whooping cough.
\VIieie.iliotils ICninvn.
W.wmsmov , Aug. 29. Since dipt iln
lovvgato left hero two jeirs ago to csc.ipo
> rosccution for cmbc/zlciiicnt ns an ofliccr of
ho United States Signal bervico , after nuk-
ng hia escape from custody of the marshal ,
hero Ins been frequent Inquires by detectives
fa to tlio amount of rowaid olfcied for bis ro-
: aptme. Keceiitl } a detectivoc.inio lic-ro vvitn
.he luforin ition thit ho know HovvccitoV
vhorenbout .mil could produce him if money
'iioiiuh IV.M uifuruil. lie , however , could not
iml that uny toward could bo paid. Tins in-
01 in ilion was to tha cltect that Honcnte has
, mcu last spring been In Houtliorn Mutyland.
COM , Ct TTI.II , P.i , August 29 The co il
ind iron pohco 1m o made no arrcxti tmcu
L'uosd.iy , and the striking niineu Invo grown
loldc-r Novioloncebia beoa olTurcd , but a
lumber of lion union inlnurH e ly th it they
i vo bouu threatened. Bip ads of strikers in
JOI'B and on foot were out hi fore duyliglit
bm inoriiiiigtoiiitorce-iit mm unionists on their
vny to work. They were not successful , h .w -
ver , in perfiiidit'g ' the workmen to their
ionic's , and in ono in two instance ! , weio given
o undorNtiind thuf if they peisistod in their
indentions there would bo tumble.
Good Ijitclt" Coiiili'tiiniMl.
Ci DAK IlAI'lIH , low.i , Aug. 29."Hood
jiick" Mibstituto for lager , inaiinfuetund bj
Zihristi.m Miignus , a brewer , wus this nftrr-
iiioii condemned ai Intoxlcitlngby a Jnatico
if the Ponce' . Thn Inpioi wns aualj/c'd by
_ 'rof. Pope , of the low i Agricultural Colh go ,
ind foiin 1 to contain tliroo and bfty-foiir him
Iredths pure nlchohol. This wan regaided IIH
a te t c.iso.
Our Glorloiin Navy.
Niwroiir , Aug. 2' ) . President Attlnu
lined with .lainen Uoidio Jionnctt List night.
5lxteiii ) giiCFts wi ro present. 'Jhu war HIPIS !
Ins niormng inocjedfd to Fen , win ro they will
nai envre. 'llio iiroMilent in on thu Despatch
l Been tary Chiindler on llio Allmlrnss.
That Tired Feeling
Tlie warm weather has a delillll itlng effit ( ,
isiiclilly ] upon those who mo within iloors
most of tlio time. The peculiar , > i I common ,
toiiiilalnt | knovvn as "that tired feeling , "
Is tlie lesnlt. This feeling c.ui be until ely
im-iinmo by taking Jlond'n Hirsiparllli ,
ivhleh gives new life and Ktrength to .ill
Iho functions til the body.
"I could not sleep ; had no appetite. I
took Hood's hirs ip.irllU anil soon liegin lo
slup Nouiiilly ; could get up without tint
Hid and languid feeling ; : mil my apiietlto
Improved. " It A H.VNi'OUD , JCent , Ohio.
8trciif/thvn the System
Hood's Kirsijnrlll.i h ilmncd rl/Pil 1J
three pecull ultles : 1st , the romtitnatlon ot
rcincill il nucnts ; 2d , tlm jiropnrltont MI the
priiies * of HI airing the nctlvo incillcln.if
qu illlles. 'J Jio result is a mi dlelno of unusual
htrciiKlh , ( Ucetlng cures hitherto unknown
Huul for book containing ndilltlonnl ovldunco ,
" Hooil's 8 irsanarllla tones up my hy tcm.
pm Ilk s my lilooil , Mi irpons my amietlto , and
fei ms to m ilio mo over. " < l. r. lnourHUN ,
JCi glslur nl De'cils , Lowell , Mass ,
"Hood's Hirsapirllli beats nil oUiem , and
N worth Its vvuiglit In Kohl. " I. DAituiKuroN ,
1JO Waulc atrcet , Kcw York City ,
Hood's f Sarsaparilla
Hold by nil ilrucelsta. $1 ; nix for $5. MkdO
only by 0.1. HOOD & CO. , Ixiwcll , Mass.
IOO ° Doses Ono Dollar.
Lively Blow Strikes Evansyillo
Indiana ,
Sondinc all tbo Vessels in the
Eivor Aground (
loportod Sinking of a Steamboat
With Great LOBS of Lifo ,
A Severe Fire TJpsots Portland
Orocon ,
The Criminal Booord for the Day.
IimlorH , Uoliltory and Vnrlous Other
HorcAH Gels In lilH Work.
Ilv\\a\nIK , IND. , August St ) . At nine
its inoiiilng the most destructive hurricane
ver hem bioko upon l.vausvllle , doing a
aiunfit of not lesj than n quarler of n uni
on dollars In Iho city [ and vicinity. Houses
voro blown down nnd roofs carried away ,
'hreo or four stores \vero badly injured ,
'liounimls of shade trees were torn up by the
nets and other injury 'done. It is Impossible
t this hour to rive the nmnunt. The dam-
igo will probably fall short of tlio ligures giv-
n. The heaviest individunl lo < er is J. IT ,
[ oclker , whoso now foundry wns almost
holly demolished. Tlio steamers Josh
'horp and Silver Hotn were badly damaged ,
'ho ' former wns almost w locked , Several
hurdies tmffoicd seriously and ono now
cliool IIOUHO wns blown down.
J3v\NsvniK.INI ) . , August 20. The most
rrific wind , r.un and iiaii norm over Known
ifilod Kvansvillo this morning at eight
'clock , lasting over an hour , the wind blow-
ig a hurriciiip. The Silver Horn withslciin
p had her cblmnojs blown overboard , but
In ) boat was not much danngod. The nlcnm-
r Two Slnlcs wnn blown from hrr miHuings
nd landed on the upper coal dock , but not
amnced. Josi ill V. Thorp had just nrrlvod
ml IMIUIC ! ! . She broke nil her lilies nnd
rifled lo the upper 1 Hiding , losing her cluni-
ieys nnd narrowly eectped being burned She
vai bully \viecknl , Tlio bar in front of the
liy is full of buge'S , nni'ing ' Ihem n Iransfcr
iiigeloided wltli height cars. The feirv
oiitvvasb'own ' on tin b ir hnrd nground
limy IIOUSCH wire demolished iiiofs nnd
h mm js blown down , htieits full of fallen
h ido life-H , but no liven lost. Nothing is as
ot heard fiom other poiuls on Iho river.
OSM TIIHI.I : ri iisoss HUIIV iK. .
ClllOMH ) , Aug. 2 ! ' . A d lily Now Hvaus-
illi * , liKliuni , Hpicid F.IJS the htcamcr Itul
nout , the transfer ste unor which leaves hue
18 o'clock every morning , wan i-ttinK by iliu
lorin Ihreo miles this hide of UencU isun ,
ilovvniK bnr barg mid oiii lo the li ink , blow
ng luir cliiiiiiiovf oil and tfij lng her idmosl
nutiiitly. It JiriM > theio v\ire over
hirty pi oplo on tiphint jum in K tlneo are
ted - * ' the
epoi Bjive-d-allVw8bnynamed 1'aug ,
k mil the pilot'vfclnrwmn ashore. This
TIIIHIion is rtc-jM froiii n man wlu > cinie
in > by land. All tnjjiwiies nro dow n mid m ist
if the oo.its mo ciiirt'hd so an to ho unnbiu to
; o to the Hieno of Jlvivvreck. The passoi/gern /
letertid tlio biigo niYn eais for thn boat , nnd
tKeems that moht , if not all , wi 10 hut.
Tin : sTrAJiru's" LOSS iiotim'U.
32V.SSMII.K , IMI , Aifuiifltr" 2 ! ' , fJepor's
lint the tiansforHti'mier Itoflhoul wax ttutik
Ins foroiKion by a hunicine , ut lloiulorsOnV
ow head nnd twonly HVCH lost is not geuuf'
.liy endited nmoiig river meu. 'IhiMioitls
.irolmbly damaged nnd nshoiu. Tlm liver m
no 1 > w to bo il ingeroiiH , nllliongh the Btorm
ns terrific' . Nothing but rumors yet.
Tlio loss of the traiiHfor ntuamir IJelmont
mil the drowning of 10 lo 15 poinons n eon-
irinod. Thu ImrricinolliH forenoon capsi/rd
ho bimt nt Stinley's landing tlneo miles
bovn HondcrHuii turning hercoinplotely over
3ho WIIHgoing lo HcnJernon , wiili a cnrKo ,
nntalning JIVM ngurn of the li'imsvillo tC
> ra hvillo railioul. Tin boat seiiiated | from
hobirgonnd nil on tlm Intti r were saved ,
mil ullon the boat escept loin or live worn
ost. Amongst Ilia hmt 1110 C.ipt dn John
llt Liur-iLyon nnd pister and Sdlio Ilry-
nl leachiM boie , and their motlior
Mrs Wooilward , of Huiiderson , nnda liulv
nd bale , with siileln I , with a mid in it
ii'irKccl ' "Mrs. Hattie Alnrrny , Ciookhuld ,
The bodies of llio llireo Intli r vv urn found.
DID teligraph and telephone to Hemlorson is
HUB AT rilllllANI ) , OHIIIDV.
I'oiifl AND , Orignn , August 2' ' ) A hro tliis
noinimr di lroyed KtrowbndgM'H block. I > OHH-
x , II j ; IMvvuidx , fiirnitnro de.dur , blJ > ,0 U ,
iibined fnrSlii.OOl ) KinouA , Aliu belli , gon-
ra ii.erchandiHe , S3l,000 ) , inmired for U.tD.nOj ;
, Ht.ruvvbiidgo , 510,0.0 , euvt.rcd by insiir-
Tincsroiiii IK IIIIMHM.
CIIICAIIO , AngiiBl2) . A Duly NOWH , Gar
ni , Ills , opeei il says. A MIVCIO wind and
nin utorin vihltud this place this inornliig.
ioveral b llilingrf vu'io duinigtd , and lorn
hronghoiit the country WIIK d imnged by tin
vliul. Tlio dwelling i f Win. Xflglor , a farm
ir was struck liy lightning nnd contmmid
I'vvoof his children wi ro dangerously Klnicked.
Urn , John H ilfer , in the huiine at the time ,
wi.s iiihtantly killed.
Jlsc-iN.VAll , August 21.I'rlvato diHpitch
.0 tlm ownern of tlm htrainer llelmout hero
'ay ' thai fomlonii lives wi ro lost by the mnU-
Hiig of the buat near Iivunsvillo , iiidmnii , to-
A HI MC , 1 ' _ _
JJoso.v , Aug. 2'J. The Hteamnr Itosn Stnn
JlMli , plying bitwein lioslon , Dovi r landuii/
I'd Itiiiuham , was mink J.ut livening In xighi
of bci wharf liy iiL'illi.sion ' with the tug Wtdy
A. ( Jove. Tlio haibor WJH crowded wiln
pulling crnft. Them was no time fm cither
boat t > J Hignil the oilier. AlLlioutrli tlio KUui-
dish wont down m lens than six iianiitiHiift-r
D wia struck co excellent VVUH the dircip-
llnii of her crow and piomnlnoKs of aid fiom
Mirriiunding VOI-HI Is lliut all of tha 101 pa cn-
( , ' < ! i aboard were mm d "without oven getting
tlulr feet wet. " 'I he Hteamor co t ? ( ,0JOO. (
Huio.v , Dakota , AugiiHt 27. A cyclone
[ limed cant of this illy to-day , ilealroymg
sir * * " ' t i't t" > * * i'I "
iirything in it * jiath , M-\fral Inmdrrd frrt
I le. 'I ho ftnnn furniid thrco mile * nottli of
Ids citv and trn\ i Ird In a roiitln a < t rly din c-
ion. Thn rcstdni ees of .lori-ph HloiKlgood ,
Iuiinn Conk and Itiorgn P Co k worn hov\n
o atoms. Mrs. ( < eo Conk 'Hid child wi to
irrn d POM tal hundrud foil nnd cons ikriblv
riiKcd , but not fnlilly liijnted , Points in
outh D.ikotn report lu\ingsoon the Btorm
ising but no results were Riven ,
A SCU'JOtl ) Af ( IDkNT.
Clttrti.o , Am ? 2'tTlio ' seAffoldlng on the
iow Hoard of Trade bulldim ; on which wme
Ix workman , gi\o way today. Two men
ell a dlxtiincoof .SO feot. One WAS killed , nil'
th-r f tnlly mjureil. Tour others fell n short
'istanco and niannge-d to tntheniseUis. .
ouiiiN\ii itKcoitn.
\ KID KllltSll.
A l ) ily No , Vatulnlli , 111. , spicial says
hnt Oeorge Mattock nnd I'rank Hooper ,
god 11 niul In , ipiarrelcd nt a church picule
n Coid ( count ) jestonUy. Hooptu nUbbcil
ilatlock fnlnlly in the bnek nnd tlnglu
MISKOUIII VAIIU , In , AiiRiist Jll-O. C.
todgen , a wealthy ciittlo r.u ir , whiln iidlng
long two mile's lust of hero Inst night , wns
ndcbiilv set upon by two well nrnieil men
, ho had been ill ambush , nnd robin d of 9SOO
: i money and \nlunblo piiu-rs nnd jewelry.
imioomo Arniu.
OsK\toos\ . . August 20 Oeorgo .rones ,
paloonkeupi r , shot a colored mnn named
Viljiam Leo in the fnco In an nlti ri.ition.
Vhisky WDS the cnmo. Piiuniit nctloa on the
itt of ijhcrilf IJnrr nndaids checki-d .m infu-
inted mob.
SmtnVFroirr , August 2D. Herry Johnson
coloied ) Miitonced for the murder of Inn wife ,
us hanged to d ly liiHido tlio p irlfh j ill. Ac-
ciding to the law of the last loginhitmo only
ftreu porsniii were admitted totliooxe'Uiitlon.
olmsoii iidndttod josterday that hu killed
labnilnCiilennn In Ited Kner ptiinli four
ears ago , being hired to murder her by another
eglii woman.
iir nius'r our TUB MONM.
Pin'siiuuii , Augmt i > . A locksmith mined
loineman entered the ollico of a monuy
liangor nainud MontKuuei - today nnd
. .ibbed him In the nccU. The a'slstant pio-
eoileil to open the t.afn , Niijijxising his \Ictmi
as entirely disabled , but Ivaiier nunngodto
each the w itulow , smnsh the glass and nliout
help , " lioriiomnim Hod without tliemoney ,
lo was captured Inter , nftor aiolout
trugglo. Ho baa lived a long time. In Ainer-
OrloniiH AVonmii KlllH her Nou
Born Balio and lhro\\H IL
In a Well.
Ipecial Telegraph to Till1 111 r.
OKI I\SH : , Xi n , August 23. The deid
oily of , i new bom girl fully dovulopod wns
mini nt the bottom of a well back of the
liloimhoiHo birn thin moimng. It is sup-
ioHcd to hava boon killed by Its mother by
IIMIIB of a blow on the brad and droppeil
ute the mil three d } sngo The Hiiiposid ]
iiotlurnnd inmdeicss workodnt tlm hotel
nd li ftVi dniHilny for hoi old homo. Bho
vill bo ninctul tomglit.
Lit AnsjroHHlvo OiiiniinlKii Cor Itullrr ,
I'nii AID irill.v , 1'a. , August ri ) . At llio
onfuonco of the nation d greenback labor
.ueleirt with Genual lluller atVHHnnin
irovetoday , an iiggiessvie * 2 llll'lK'r | ' waxfde *
idcit on. ( iiiiFral liulli t vrtll nmka four
nero Rpeccln-1 in Hie tta o. nt ( I'hilridfi'phla ,
'ittahurgund two other pluvus ot to bo du
ll mined. "Kroiii IHAW until tlm nlitn i ( > nveii-
ion , Sjuptenibei IS ; ut lleilefnntu will ba dn-
oled to ) > eifueling' llio orgimi/ntloit nnd
Ihng up llio local tickets. At tint time
bo sioikingi | : .UU.HH will bigln. A ted i NO
na icenleaf waa dielded on ns the Duller
i id go.
A Virginian Split.
PriKitsiiimi , Va , Anguit 2 ! ! . Two n pub
c-tn ci ngresMoii'il conventions .ire being held
110 ted ly , to nominate a iiindidnto for con-
le-is frniii the Fourth rongreHsIonal diHlrict
fA'lininln. A convention was culled to bo
eld at tlio court hoiiso nt noon , but pboitly
i fore that hour the anti-Brady faction
oltid , and letind to the acadoiny of music ,
loth conventions h iv o ollictcd temporary m-
an/itinnx. ! Two HOPunto congressional
oiiiiiiations will Im miido. The convention
f tin antl Itr.idy faction is now being ad'
iCK-ed by lion JMfmrAllin and Clovornor
lamcion. ijenatoi Mahom is in the city ,
PAIIIH , August 2i ! 'llio Itipublnpio I''nm-
Uho pruiHcw Admiral Coiir'eit' ' ) aitiiteuoes in
tiding thn gunboatx elf the Aim river tin
Hth.July biforn lioiilllitii'i begun , tlniH en
bling tlio guiib nil < n o cupy a I ocition or
ho blind sub ) of the formldaulo fuits on the
ink of the liver.
( ! > nuial Millet , ioinnianii ! > r of the Krencl
on i" , telegraphs that neent riconni/anci
howcd a miivi input of tlio CblniMO tovv.iu !
in < Si. Ho docs n t beliiuo , i sulous
attack will lu made iijion Im position , but , if
n , bo in piopared to meet It.
LQNI o.s , Aiuimt < ! > . Tlio Iliilisli tddp
rarl liuucoiibln Id , from Olisgow for Ban
'i inc.iico , was binned at tc.i , urn ! burcriw
andid ia'\'uliaraiKi. |
PAIIIH , Aug. 2l. ! Five deaths fiom ihohra
it Minn illes to day.
MAIIIIHI , Aug 2' ' . A iiinrantitio | of ten
I > ys his boon Orftabish ] ( d at nil iSpuiush port
ugalnU vessels hum Algon i.
Itovii , Aug. 'MAn nvungolicnt letter nl
, ln ) Pope iiaiiiNl ) the action of the Freud :
> i vcrninent in adoiiting tlio now divorce law
n i cndy for prninuhfutinn. The Pope lemindi
I'raiuo tliut ho hurt nho.idy fteiiiontly | ad
nonishid hei ptopleng.iinst lnws i 'intr.irj to
, be iliurch piisxidhy tin ir in Iris. Hoinutructa
the bldhoiH | of the various diociMrs IIH lo the
LOIIUO thuj should puiaiii ! in nidi i to iimln-
1 vn tlm pnncipliH of tlio cliurch in ien' id to
the saciamont < f iminiazii.
H\vAS\Aug 'J ! ' . Tonight the hloamer
city of Mi inlan , fiom V'erv Cnu , Angiibt ! l ,
for Ni'w Vorlr , is in the liailurou lu. ! I'rob.
ably ic will hi a totul louu ,
l.nvnnN , August li'l. Advil ° s reieived by
loaillng Cln < a IIOIIHCH HI Lundoii , flow their
branehiH at Km Chow and Sh inuhal , show
that no lire ui is enteU ine 1 lluu of u n.itivo
upriiildjr , ItiiBinofH prnuidri IIH IIHIIU ! , In
l.ondon piuiiiiinisim vuMrU in Clilnosohiaa
which ndviiiKcd to wnr latin JUVD fallen to
day to niiinlnil latis CJiini.d cominciclal
coiifiilenco piovailK wild in uuly Betth.'inont
of the Kiuncj Uhincbo ilillicu't'ii ' ] it looked
Ton lolo /lui'iilciin.
, Angint 2i ! , A tciriblo nieident
ccldi nt oicmred today at HlackNtoiiu pit
"oar Paruluy. KOVIII pernouswi ro kllhid.
Lively War fo Rales Inaugurated in
'iokots ' to Ohiongo lied to
Fourteen Dollars
Philadelphia also Trea to
Obeap Eatos , % .
'wolvo ' Dollars From That Point
to OhioagOi
IcniH of IntorcRt Concornlnp Knll-
road Alattcrs.
Down Uo 'L'lio lintcs.
YOUK , August 29 Tickets to Chicago
id nil points west uru ncllinp tcday lielow
'Ridnr ' rated. Tlio rate l > y the Now York
'cutnil ' to Clm'-iRo , excepting by ono train , iff
iv otity dollars. By the Wett Shcro nnd 3)rlc ) >
IS fiO ; the Centralallowing pgents a rebate of
tv only per cent , which allows tin ; tickets to be
DH low as Stli. This cut his boon
no West Shore , whoso ngentsnto telling tick *
, sntU
loportcil Out In llntcfl li'roiu Phlla-
( Ii'lptiln ,
1'illl.AliKl.rillA , I'a. , AuiH8t ? 11 ! ) Ollici.U in.
irmatlon was ticeiul today tint mm of the trunk lines was KolliiiB largo blocks
'f ' tickets to nnd from Chicago at , twelve tlol-
, rj. It is Billed in railroadcircles tint this
as thought to bo the im option of nioro ex-
mlvo culling. The reid charged with the
ITon-io vv ill bo inv cstlg.vted , and if it docs not
iond it , of course other * will follow cutting ,
ml war in passtngor rntt-3 will bo actively bo-
Tn.liincllon Grantcil.
NEW YOIIK , August 20. Judge Kartlottiit
10 Hiiprcino uiurt today granted a prelimma-
' injunction restraining Alfred Sulky , pn-si-
, ut of the C nnocticiit construction cotnpi-
anv from dimiofllng of cert lin stocks nncl
iimls of the Central lovya llnilroid compiny.
Inch ho hadrecelvid in payment for cei-
ieoa pnrjormcd under contract between theao
Tlio Knellsli On Tlio AVatmsIi.
. .IINHON , 28 Tlio Knolish holdi ry ot
Vabinh railroad bond' , formed a commiteo
nd opposed President Jay'a echomo of ri-cou-
Arrrstcd For Complicity.
rilll.MiiinilA , - ! ' ! . , Auffint 29 The
ithoonor .lillia HivKer , on board f which Capt.
"AWIS wasalltgid ti bniniirder dnrti\edheio
odliy. Theodore KraUnu , n Norwefrun boy ,
Anly onoYeiiniininif of the oupnal crow ,
I nrrostcd immediately. Ho HSJH
did not see LOH die , but
obit's the Htory nH previously published ;
.old him by the man at the heel. Ho beluwcit
he ciptuin was killed by mita Walker .nil
itoward Gome ? Ho was tnkoa to Now 1 rk
.y the federal olluor' .
mill *
Dlalno'H Libel Suit ,
lens , Aupiist 2' ' ) . In the Bin
ilbol suit nguiiHt the Sentinel the fifteen days
time allow id the dofen o in which to answer
ixpirod today , and the nttnrnovH _ for Mr ,
ihoi maker i ntoring nppoiianca. This action
' H neci"xary to cccapo default. The do-
piiso will now hive its own time iinlehB the
ilaintiir's attorneys secure an order rciniirinfr
in iniinedinto answer. In the latter cafe it
ia customary to grant ten days furth er notice
DivcrH lO.xiiiniiu ) tlio
ViNFVAiin HAMN- , August 2l. ! Tlio wreck
f the Tallniioosi wa oxamincd by three
iverH. 'I lie loik in Iho hull is eighteen foot
ing and on to ) ) tha cut in the deck is 74 feet ,
'ho cut extends downwards 18 or 20 feet to
lie ttnnd in wbt h the steimer is becoming
mbedded. Caieful coarch was made for
nidus , but none werif ound.
Wu MHiiAimr , Pa. , August ? H. Latar de
velopments in iko it cortuin that the amount
itolenby Koboils W.IH about SJIOH.OOO In
iddltlon to Bpacnlatlon , it is liurned that
JtobortH h IK hjpoUucutLd bonds and socur-
. , y-c n.-DAI < IHG POWDER
' TAMqoUUOTOfilSi/
r %
'ItL'M- '
Ifnlum ornny injurious tubnuneiscan U > fouiiA
In Andrews' Joarl Hakintc 1'ov/dor. Is p < -
IvclyPURE , lleliucniUrieiintnIti .llii > oiilaUi
reci-fv cd Irom bitch clicmlst-J as S. Dana llnj . Ilo * .
ton ; M. Dcla'ontiuno , of Cliliasjo ; rtiiu utistnvn *
llode , Jlllvvniikco. Never wild in l > Utu.
-297 iai.ltJ.iSHK. wa
.01 P
[ t e \
tU.I l
* > K.