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JL A-- * . Tl V
They Are Without A Rival.
; H
Have been Awarded One Hundred and Eighteen Prize
Medals at all the prominent expositions of the
World for th j Last F'fty Years , And
Enteefl ft flu GrotiOKt tiling
All examination of these magnificent JPinuos is politely requested
before puichasing my other instrument.
General Western Representatives.
P. S.-Also Gen'l Agt's for KNABE , VOSE & SONS ,
WHi. . W'ZRXG-IOI'T ' ,
Proprietors. Supeilnondent
Celebrated 'Anchor ' Brand Dufour Bolting Cloth
" \Ye are prepared to furnish plans and estimates , nnd will contract for
the erection of Flouring Mills nnd Grain Elevators , or for changing
Flourinc Mills , from Stona to the Roller Syfitem.
22rE3pecial attention given to furnishing Powder Platits for any pur
pose , and estimates made for some General machinery repairs attended
promptly. Address
RICHARD 8s CLARKE , Omaha , Neb' ' '
Tlio Womnn "WhoLoft the lUbe o
tlio Doorslsn AMowcil to
Dcpnrt ,
The woman nrrcslcil for lcaing th
babe on Mr. Jonning'a doorstop , ami
whoso story was told in yesterday's BKI ;
hns boon allowed to go on her way
leaving the bnbo to bu cared for at th <
Homo of the Friendless. The mystorj
sutroundihg the mittcr is by no moans
cleared up. The woman still stuck to
her story that a stranger gave hot the
babe to hold n few minutes and then ills
appeared from the train , where they
wore. For some strange reason she did
not make the matter known to the con
duitor or anyone else , but on reaching
tlio city , disposed of the child by leaving
it on a doorstep.
The action of 0. H , Adams , who acted
as prosecuting attorney hero , caused no
little comment. As soon ns ho learned
from conversation with the woman that
ho had known her relatives in the east ,
ho seemed to take n great deal of.intoreat
in helping hot out , and wanted to dismiss
the case. Ho took her to his homo , and
although Judge Aylosworth had not entered -
torod any discharge , Adams refused to
prosecute the case any farther , saying
there was nothing to it , and the woman
wont on her \ray from hit house to the
depot , leaving the matter still pending
investigation. It scorns that the woman
for the sake of her own reputation ,
would have 'insisted on having such n
showing made , and would have cleared
away all suspicion of her being
ho mother of the child , or of her hav-
ng criminally boon a party to the aband
onment of the child. So fur ns the invcs
Ration proceeded it does not appear that
.hero was any assurance that the woman
who wai arrested gave her rijjht name , or
residence , or the real tacts in the caso. At
ho best it scorns n very loose way to linn-
lie a matter of so grave importance , the
aw making the abandonment of a child , a
loniteutlaiy ollenso , whether the child
s abandoned by its parents or by someone
ono to whom it has been confided.
llic Druggist Gives tlio Marshal the
Skip , but Delivers Himself Up
Aa we briefly Jatalcd in yesterday'a Bnu
. N. Etupio , the drugt-ist oil upper :
Broadway , had boon arreatedfor running
mortgaged goods , and that ho had 03-
aped from the marshal. It appears that
Mrs. McAllister had a chattel mortgage
on Emplo's stock , and it is claimed that
10 shipped several boxes of the goods in-
, o Nebraska. It was on this that ho was
arrested , and the bond being fixed at
S200 , ho hunted about to got signers ,
faster Bros , had a claim of $1-12 , and
Cmplo applied to thorn , and rep-
oaonted that ho had three trunks
Hied with goods valued at least
at § 300 which ho would turn over teas
as security if they would go his
> ond. They got out an attachment
luiotly and then waited to see thotrunks.
lo , supposing that they wanted to see if
! io accurlty was ample , wont to hia room
i company with ono of the Fosters ,
horilF Guittar and his deputy' Clatter
uck , who had the attachment papers ,
'ho city marshal went with Empio to
oo that ho did not escape. Only ono
runk was shown up and that was seized
n. Then , in leaving the building , the
ght being put out , Empire started back
0 lock a door and improved the oppor-
unity of escaping. Ho was not found
util yesterday morning , when ho ap-
oarcd at an early hour at Mr. 0 latter-
uck's houeo and delivered himself up. .
'ho Judge raised the bonds to $500 , and
1 default ho was taken to jail.
Silver Hnut < ; liinj.
Yesterday noon some colored boys
wont into J. Winans1 c-ndy store at 805
Iain street , and bought some candy ,
yirp. Winans gave them change and
vhiio she was doing so they aaw where
ho money was kept. Shortly after as
ilra. Winans and her little gill Bertha ,
were eating their dinner in the back [
oem they heard a noise iu the store and
u looking out saw the same colored
> oys leaving. Investigation proved
hey had stolen n cigar box containing
xitvroon two and three dollars.
Mrs. Winans1 immediately sent
tor daughter for a policeman , and on her
vay up Main street found Ollicor Dunn
who in company with Ollicor Bates , or-
pated four boot blacks in an'alloy where
hey were playing "crapa. " Ono of
hoin , after they were identified by Mrs.
Vilnius , acknowledged they stole the
nonoy and divided anioix , ' them. On
jeiug taken to the city jail they stated
: hey were from Kans i City and St.
oo , Seven dollars in silver were found >
n the colored quartette. ,
The Greene county fair has boon post-
toned to Oct 1.
The town of Sibloy now'chirgos § 15
.id costs for a pluin drunk.
Sioux City is talking up an opera
louse on the atock company plan.
Cedar Uapids oxpccta to have a debt of
$82,000 by the 1st of November.
The Davenport oat meal mill is BO
rowdod with orders that it is kept run
ling night and day. >
Not a convict was sent to either of the
tate penitentiaries in July , while twcn-
y-ono were discharged.
The Kcokuk canning worka now om-
> loy MO persona , and last week put up
! 0,000 cans of tomatoes.
The little daughter of John Murphy *
of Wilton , was strangled to death by
wallowing a button , recently.
Up to date nearly 2(5,000 ( more porkers :
lave been sacrificed at the Cedar Itaplda
lacking houao this year than last. .
A young farmer named Henry Shafer
lung himself at Htito Center for some
unknown reason , last Saturday.
The corner stone of a now Presbyter-
an church WPI laid at Marion last Sun
day. Tlio building will coat § 10,000.
John Dann , a resident of Sprlngvillo ,
Joss county , was thrown out ot a buggy
aat'vvoek , sustaining serious if not fatal
Mrs , Caspar Worges , of Clayton , was
recently robbed of § oOCO in cash and
about the BMUO amount In notes , mid at
last accounts thcro was no clue to the
In Doa Moincs the price of telephone
service Is to bo increased CO cents n
month to subscribers who ixro ll'too-quiir-
tors of a mile or moro nway from the
central oflico.
A. S. Garrotson , of Sioux City , has
contracted to furnish post olllco accom
modations for the city for four years at
i rental of $2,200 n year. Ho will put
up a now building for that purpose. |
Colonel Lowrio , of Boone , will como
into possession of about § 10,000 bv the
recent death of hia father , who loaves an
estate in Pennsylvania of 8100,000 , to bo
divided among four children.
The spiritualists in camp near Clinton
were visited by burglars the other nlcjht.
The spirits failed to protect the sleeping
desciplos nnd several were robbed of
sums ranging from $10 to $450 , besides
watches , etc.
.ludpo Given , of Dos Molnos , has given
a decision in a habeas corpus ciso which
is opposed to Judge Pholps' opinion , lie
holds that justices have jurisdiction in
cnloon cases , nnd that the costs ol the
case are neither penalty nor debt.
The mayor of Dos Moincs is opposed to
pugilism. Two follows , Haley and Lew
is , had arranged a match for list Satur
day , but they were notified that they
would bo arrested if they attempted to
tight. Dos Moincs is certainly not n
metropolitan city.
Davenport hns paid $30 per year per
gas lamp , and now that the contract has
expired a reduction of $10 per lamp is of
fered , but the city will advertise for bids
from grs and electric light companies.
Cedar Ripids pays $30 , Clinton $21 , Dubuque -
buquo $25 , Council Blulla $20 and Burl
ington $25 per year.
Andrew Koppy was found dead in his
room nt Davenport , on Friday morning
lait. Ho lived with his son. Ho was
Found seated on the floor , with his arm
resting on the bed , nnd had npparontlX
lied without n struggle , Ho was in his
J3d year.
Wolkor Given , of DCS Moincs , hns
nought suit for $10,000 damages
igninat the Western Union Telegraph
iompany for neglect to deliver n moa-
ingo wherein Mr. Given was offered n
uurntivp position on ft Denver nowspa-
tor , which ho lost through the tclo-
; raphic delay.
A bold robbery was perpetrated in Dos
Sloinos last Saturday. Two men drove !
ip to a store on Walnut nnd Fjfthstreots.
Duo got out nnd told Mr. Lounsboiry ,
iroprietor of the store there , that the
nan in the carriage wanted to see him.
Mr. Lounsboriy wont out nnd the man
ingagod li'm ' in n conversation on busi- ,
'or a few minutes , nud while that wri
[ olng ken the other robbed the money s
Irnwer of its "contents , amounting to
? 225. After accomplishing this feat ho
nmo out , got into the buggy , and drove
apidly away.
Yii Old LeniUillo Character Dr.
Dagsott niul Ills .lumping
\VnlklnR-Stlck. :
joadillo Domocrat.
The widely published accounts of Lulu
Jurat , the magnetic girl , who is wea
ring such a furor at Wallork'a theatre , in
Sow York , has caused a good many old
iniors to recall an odd character who )
lourishod hero in 18.80 , and was known :
is Dr. Daggort , IIo pretended to bo a
cgular practitlonor , but made n specialty
> f peculiar ailments , and had a oort of
illico and alooping-room on lower Cheat-
lut atroot , below the old site of the Cap- :
tal rosturant. All his pationti were
iinong the sporting classes and ho do-
otcd the bulk of his tiiuo to patronizing <
ho faro and stud-homo poker games of
ho city. Ho was probably n broken-
lown sport himself ; at least ho had the ,
irs , manner and language of ono.
The doctor had a very remarkable
lower ho was fond of exhibiting to his
rionds when ho felt in the humnr. It
coined to bo a sort of magnetic attrnc-
ion. A favorite demonstration iras to
lake a cano dance up and down by simp-
y moving his hand , hold open , palm
.ownward , several inches above it. In
hia position the cano would stand por-
cclly erect , and as ho moved his hands
lightly up and down , would follow it in
scries of spasmodic jumps. It was an-
rdinary black thorn stick , -which ho said
JB brother or some relative had cut for
lim in Ireland. IIo would also tuko a
notal napkin ring , whirl it around sever-
1 times on his little flngor and then
aiflo hia hand , finger downward. The
ing would apparently ndhero to the ,
ln < { or at ono eido and had to bo shaken
uito briskly bofor it would drop oft" .
The doctor novnr attempted to explain
IH ! remarkable performance beyond oay-
ng vaguely that it waa "mesmerism. "
) n ono occasion ho was in the down-
taira front room of the Texas House ,
larlan and Chapman were the proprio-
era of it then , and there was quite a
rowd in the ploco. The doctor gave
mo of his cane-jumping manifestations
o the bewilderment of everybody , and
hen walking over to the wopdbox , rubod
ino of the sticks smartly with his open
dim. This done ho replaced It on the
tile In the box , and rcquhsted some ono
irosont to ask the negro 'porter to fix
ho firo. The darky poked at the sieve
moment , and then approached the box
nd picked up the Identical stick. IIo
Iroppod it instantly and jumped back
rith ga surprised expression. When
uostionod ho couldn't exactly toll what
van the matter , but could not bo induced
o touch the wood again. A number of
looplo , still residents of the place , saw
ho incident and remember it well.
Daggct's numo does not appear in the .
liroctory of 1881 , and the probabilities
ire that ho loft his camp in winter of ' 80.
rVhat became of him nobody knows.
lia manifestations were just as stated ,
md there yras apparently no trickery
ibout them. If it waa jngolry It wa ?
vithoutany visible apparatus certainly
afflos comprehension.
Clio Greatest Political Mooting In the
JIlHtury of I'AKO County.
SIIKKAKDOAII , Iowa , August 23. Pro-
jably the largest and moat enthusiastic
lohtlcal mooting in the history of Page
ounty was hold Thursday , under the u
luapices of the Blame and Logan club of
.his city. The dawn opened brightly.
L'lio clouds which had boon pouring ram
ipou us for three days had vanished , but
it 0 o'clock the sky atain ; became over-
last , and by noon rain was falling. At 1
> . in , the sun came struggling through
ho clouds , and with it came the sturdy
opublican voters of Page county those
vho form the rank and lilo of the party
ho farmers. A 1:30 : , headed by the
jornot band , the column formed nt the
Dpora HOUEO and marched to the Wabash
Icpot , to moot delegates from the south. [
Hotiirning.tlto column halted at the G ran
Central hotel , Where were the speaker
of the dap , the Hon. W. P. Hepburn
member of congress from this dtslricl
and Col. Sanford of Mnrshnlllown , n lif
long democrat. .Again the line move' '
and CAiuo to n halt nt the speaker's stand
After music nnd prayer Judge Stocktoi
Introduced Col. Sanford. The fnmllin
fnco of the great lecturer nud trnvolo
wai greeted with n round of npplnuso
Stating nt the outset that ho should no
mnko n political speech , ho told the ns
sombly , In Inuguago that could not bo
mistaken or distortedwhy ho should vet
with the republican party. It Is bocaus
that party has nlwnys been upon the side
of righton nil questions that divldi
this great land politically. His twenty
five minutes talk was listened to will
rapt attention , nnd when ho gnvo way to
Col , Hepburn n storm of npplauso gnvo
back the answering sontimunt fron
the throng. Colonel Hepburn launchoi
nt once into the issues of the day , Tlu
labor question , the civil service , the tint
were handled in , \ mastorfr.l way. The
records of tlio two parties wore placet
side by sido. The ono had kept ovorj
pledge , the other had forfeited every
right to confidence. Ho concluded his
speech with n scathing review of Ton
Hondricks' record from 18oO to the prea
out time , nnd referred to the brief rocori
of Cleveland , consisting ] mainly of votes
of bills of vital Importance to the labor
ing men and mechanics of Now York.
Ho appealed to every republican prcsonl
to do his duty on the -1th of November
for Jnmos G Blaine , the greatest states
man of the ngo , nud John A. Logan , the
gallant soldier. After music by tlio band
the assembly dispersed to meet again nt
7.30. Promptly nt that hour the column
formed 180 men in line each
In _ full Blaine nud Logan
uniform nnd bonring nloft
the regulation lamp. Under the com.
iiinud of Gen. 0. V. Mount , the line of
inarch was taken up to College Hill ,
tvhoro stands the beautiful Western Nor
mal College , thence to Park's hotel ,
thence to tlio stand , where n vast multi
tude had already gathered , conspicuous
for its absence of Democrats. Col. Snu-
ford again opened the spooeh-makiug in
liis happy vein. Ho was followed by
3npt. Mitchell , of Nebraska City , in n
rousing nnd truth-telling speech. At its
jloso Mr. Hepburn wns called for. Al
though very hoarao , ho made himself
loard nil over the grounds in n rattling
on-minuto speech. This is the first lie-
lublican gun in the Page county cam-
> aign. Before the ides of November the
ohd ahot will roll along the lino.
The Scat ofWnr.
Fee Choo , about which place active
iporations are now going on , is one of the
wo treaty perU of the province of Full-
coon , of which it is the capital. It is
iltuatcd on Ltho Min river , twonty-IU o
niles from its mouth in latitude 20" 12'
lorth longitude 119" 301 onst. The city
s surrounded by an amphitheatre of hills
it a distance of four miles. The town is
inclosed by a castellated wnll of nearly
Lon miles in circumference , outside of
irhich nro suburbs stretching up into the
lulls the whole commanded by n fortified
light 000 foot obovo the plain. In the
nty proper is another hill crowned by a
onspicious watch tower. At the town
tsolt the rivpr is crossed by a long bridge
n granite pillars , partly covered with
ihops. Fee Choo , which contains half n
nillion people , has good chops and houses
md n main street with residences for
lublic functionaries. Largo quantities
f cotton goods are manufactured and the
ity has hundreds ovonsforthoproduction
if porcelain , while there nro extensive
oad mines in the vicinity. The district
iround Foo-Chow la well known for Its
laclc ton , which la procured there 25
onts cheaper than nt Canton. A largo
lommorco Is carried on with the niari-
imo provinces of China , Japan , and the
\ > o Chow Islands , the principal oxporto
icing timber , tea , paper , bamboo ,
irangos nnd ( other fruits , spice , copper
nd corn. The trndo reports for 1874
ilnco the imports of Foo-Chow nt 1,332-
187 pounds ( sterling , nnd the exports nt
,397,320 pounds sterling. The River
illn , on vrhich the French are operating ,
3 formed by the junction of , three
tronms In the neighborhood of the City
f Ycn-ping-Foo , whence it flows in n
outlmcstorly course , passing along the
outh fneo of Foo-Chow. Its upper
ourao is narrow and rocky , nnd abounds
it rapids , but as it approaches the city
lie channel widens and the current bo-
omoa slow and even. Its depth is veiy
regular , and it is navigable only by
intivo boats of a small claas.
ucecHH of Od-oiiorndon in K
It will probably surprise most pcoplo
a bo told that in England co-operation
as made such headway as to induce n
autious journal like the Spectator to
redict "t nit long before the century is
ut the whole of our working clais will
e in association and will have the staple
r.idca of the country in their hands or
mder their control.1" Yet the statistics
f the movement seem to show
hat such n prediction is not idle
xa goration. At present there nro
ver 1,200 societies of working-folks ,
lumbering 000,000 members. Almost
11 of them nro heads of families , nnd
hey therefore represent 2,500,000 poo-
ilo , or one-twelfth of tlio whole populn-
ion of the kingdom. These societies
IOSSCBI a capital of $15,000,000 , nnd
uako n not profit of $10,000,000 yearly ,
iosidca this they have a wholesale so-
ioty , now in its twentieth year , which
in a capital of $200,000 does businoqs of
ipwnrd of $15,000,000 , with n not profit
if $100,000. This concern has branches and
lopota In Scotland , Ireland , thla city ,
France , and Denmark , nnd owns three
argo steamers which ply between Kng-
nnd and the Continent on the company s
luslnoss. And the constitution of thla
.Iroady great union pledges it to the pro-
notion of the practice of truthfulness ,
ustlco and economy in production and
ixchange (1) ( ) by the abolition of all
also .dealing , cither direct or indirect ;
2) ) by conciliating the conflicting inter-
ists of the capitalist , the worker
md the purchaaor , through
m equitable division among them of the
und commonly known as profits , (3) ( ) by
irevontiiiK the waste of labor now caused
jy unregulated competition. " No Bocl-
ity la admitted into the union unless It
iigrocs to accept these principles as its
julding rules of business ,
There Is thus established a system
ivlnch promises in good tiiuo to aolvo the
nostdiilicult oconomio problems of the
Ho Cot Jlln Well Cleaned ,
Kincardine Htundaid ,
A woll-diggor In an ojacont town-ship
ilayed a great trick an the neighbors.
When ho had dug about twenty foot the
well caved just as ho came out. lie then
liung hia coat near by and wandered
iway. The neighbors found the coat ,
md , supposing the digger to bo at the
Bottom , cleaned out the well , and , nnd
when they got through the man himself
Irovo along with cribbing , Moro than
irayora were said thoro.
I Till EKE
One of the Best and largest Stocks in the United State ?
to select from.
Where They Can Enjoy Pure Air & Water !
And all of the good ami pleasant things that [ go to make up a com
plete and happy existence.
The town of South Omaha i tuunted south of the city of Omaha
on the line of the U. P. Railway. nnd it is less than 2 miles from the
Oinuha post oflico to the north line c i the town site.
South Omaha is nearly H miles north and south hy 21 east and
vest , and covers an area of nearly foursquare miles ,
The stock yards are at the extreme southern limit.
Nearly ISO lots have been sold and the demand is on the increase
Phe yards are being rapidly pushed to completion.
The 500,000 beef packing house is progressing finely.
The § 30,000 Water Works are finished and furnish an abundant
upply of
The 13. & M. and Bolt Line Railways have n largo force of men at
work and will , in connection with thoU. P. Railway , have a union depot
tear the park at the north end of the town. Suitable grounds will be
burnished for Church anil School purposes.
Now is the time to buy lots in this growing city. They will never
> o cheaper than they are to-day.
at the Company's office , at the Union Stock ? .
Assistant Secretary.
0. F , GOODMAN ,
Double and Single Aclmg Power ana Hand
Engine Trimmings , Mining Machinery , Bolting , HOBO , Brass nnd Iron Fittings ,
nt wholesale nnd retail. HALLADAY WIND-MILLS , OIIU110H
Corner 10th Farnam St. , Omaha Neb.
r. H. MILLARD , President. WM. WALLACE , Cashier.
Capital and Surplus. S5OO.OOO.
Flro and Bnnrlar Proof Safoa for Kent at from 95 to $50 per annum.
Aio the Cheapest , Most Durable , Smallest in Size and Lightest in.
Vtli no Hay I'reesnos of any Uml can the amount ol work produced at tiicli little expensi- . ( ten tons pi lux
ndovoi tolo U railroad box c r. ) aacaa bo Jon wtb | tbo Eitol liujiraveJ Machines , Wanontoa or
ale , For llluitrated now circular addreau ,
OEO , EHTEL & CO. Quloy. Illlncli.