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    OMAHA PAUA J ftE-FRIDAY , AUGUST 29 , 188-1.
Omaha Offlco , No. 010 Fftrn m Kf.
CAnncllUlufr. ) Office , No 7 I'cnrl St ,
Street , Ncnr IJrorulwny.
Kew YorlcOfllce , Koom 05 Tribune
Building. ertrjtrornlag , except Sondi } < The
tal ) Monday morning dally.
Oat Tear . tio.03 I Thrco Uonlhi . fJ.CO
BlxltondU . . . . R.M | One Month. . . . . . . . . 1.00
Per Week , 6 Cents.
ruins rojrriiD.
DaeYeir . $2.00 I Three Month * . ( CO
ill Months. . 1.00) ) Onoltouth , . , . 20
American News Company , Sola Agent ; , NewsJcal-
Ml ID ths United SUtoj.
A CoramnnleAtlons rotating to News and EdllorUI
Biatleri should bo addressed to the KDiroa or Tin
AH Baslncw Letters and Remittances should be
uddrcised toTimlUn Pmusmxa CoMrAnr , QMAIU.
Drafts , Chooki and 1'ostoITlco orderi to bo made pay.
able to the orJor of the company.
B. nOBBWATE.R Ell tor.
A. II. Fitcli , Mnnojrer IXitlr Circulation , P.
0. Box , 488 Onmhn , Neb.
Tn13 campaign proven wlmt women
can do in politics.
LAMB fcols as if ho had been attending
a sliccip-slio.iiiiig convention.
THE market quotations of firecrackers
remain unchanged , notwithstanding the
Franco-Ohincao war.
Till : fusion that ia doing hero and
there may cauao considerable confusion
before the campaign is over.
Tun question now is whether Jim
Laird will hanc on to Diwos" coat-tails ,
or Jim Dawos hang on to Laird's ?
AH long as Omaha is misrepresented by
railroad cappers and bull-dozers in state-
conventions aho will always bo ignored.
THE recent performance at Boyd'a
opera house has produced enough "lush
kickers" to form a first-class ballot troupe
A FEW more such days as yesterday
Trill put our immense corn crop beyond
nil danger. Corn Is king In Nebraska
and Iowa.
TIIE Douglas delegation , under the
magnetic influence of John M. Thurston ,
was a big cipher as far ns .achieving any
results arc concerned.
IF any man in Douglas county ever ext
, t > octs to got a state oflico , ho will either
Jiavo to move out of the county or have
Thurston removed to the remote end of
the Oregon short lino.
WIIY didn't Fred Nye see that the
poultry interests wore protected in the
zopnblican platform ? The aggregate valve -
vo of poultry in Nebraska is more than
that of the wool interest.
HON. FRANK RANSOM , who two years
ago was squarely nominated for attorney-
geuoral , and counted out by the notori
ous Brad. Slaughter has again boon
slaughtered in about the same manner
and by the same influences.
THE republican platform prated about
civil service reform , and the republican
party of Nebraska puts np n man for at/
tornoy-gonoral who is utterly incompe
tent and has no moro fitness for that
place than ho has for chancellor of the
ntato university.
thority upon the subject , aaja that the
cavalry force of the Chinese empire
amounts to 87,000 ; infantry in tho'field ,
195,000 ; Infantry in garrison , 320,000 ; to
tal , 602,000. The army is deficient in
tactics , their drill being a moro burloeque ,
and they are equipped with inferior
ED\YAHI > F. MCDONALD , who was nom
inated for prcsidtntial elector , hnn de
clined the honor as ho cahnofc vole for
Cleveland under any circumstances , because -
cause ho consideru him mentally , politi
cally and otherwise unfit for the olllco.
And on the top of all this ho predicts
that Blalno will carry Now Jersey by
204000 majority.
THE high llconso eyatom Is worlsitij
Tory satisfactorily in Illinois. Be.
fore the Harper law wont intc
effect IllinoU had 13,000 ailoour ,
This number has boon roducei
to 9,000 , nearly one-third , including thi
worst places , having boon closed up. Ii
Chicago there has boon a dooroaso of 551
saloons. The average license , bofon
the passage of the Harper bill , was $52
and the revenue to the state amountci
to nearly $1,000,000. The prcson
liceneo is not loss thin $500 , and ia soim
W places moro , and the revenue amounts t
more than ? 4COO,000. This is mud
bolter than prohibition , which moans n
license , no revenue , but frco whisky an
Ho responsibility.
TUB ro-nomination of Governor Davrc
liy acclamation ia especially grateful t
tlio Jtvpubllcuu and it will bo ratified t
the polli ) ai heartily aa it was iu the coi :
venlion. Omaha Republican.
To the fag-ends of the republics
party who vote as they are dictated to I
John M. Thurskm and Captain Phillip
and to the peculiar constellation of ligh
fingered gentry who have gobbled up
million acres of school lands , tlio ronoin
nation of Governor Dairea will cloubtle
1 > o very grateful. But if the nominath
& ratified at the polls as heartily as
was in tbo convention which recoivi
Governor Dawoj' speech of acooptanoo
ailently as they would a funeral sonno
vo fear that the 4th of November w
be A very chilly day for tha Govern
und his admirers.
The ticket presented by tlio republi
can elnto convention to the suffrages of
the people of Nebraska is not such as wo
can honestly commend as a whole It is
not the product of the republican party
nor even of the majority cf the conven
tion , although eanctioncd by it. The
candidates , with one or two exceptions ,
do not in nny sonno represent
the high order of intelligence , approved
ability and experience in public affairs
which are demanded from executive
state ofliccrs. Indeed it ia conceded on
all hands thatif , this were not n presi
dential year this ticket would bo snowed
under by 10,000 majority. The evil
qcniua of railway monopoly haa again
wielded its baneful influence in forcing
upon the party candidates who have
shown a lamentable want of executive
discretion , and candidates who are known
to bo utterly unfit for the
responsible duties woioh they are to as
sume * Under the leadership of John M.
Thurston , of the Union Pacific , and Cap
tain Phillips , of the B. & . M. , the con
vention was literally whipped into blun
ders , which the republican masses will
never condone. If the railroads of Ne
braska , whom these political bosses rep
resent in republican conventions , must
dictate who shall bo exalted t'J the posi
tion of governor , auditor , attorney
general , nti'l ether state of
fices they should at leait have
the decency to put up men of brains
instead of dummies nnd small-bore poll-
tiding. If the ropublicul patty has ab
dicated in favor of the railroads itohould
not invita disaster by asking the people
to ratify a choice that would reflect on
their intelligence and self-respect. There
aro' wo are glad to say , two or three
names on the state ticket that all classes
oE republicans may join in supporting.
Of those candidates , as well as tlioso
whom wo cannot commend , THE BEE
will take occasion to speak at an early
day. _ _ _ _ _ _
The domocraticstump orators are claim
ing that the democrats have done moro
in congress for the soldiers than the re
publicans havo. This is an absurd and
cheeky claim in the face of the fact that
the democratic obstructionists are respon
sible for some of the most important
pension legislation. General McPherson -
son , secretary of the republican congres
sional committee , proves conclusively , if
any proof is needed on this matter , that
the democrats have in almost every ins
tance arrayed themselves against any
measure tending to benefit the
union soldiers and sailors
of the late civil war.
Going back to 180(5 ( , MoPhorson shows
that the republicans sustained and the
democrats opposed the provision in
connection with the fourteenth amend
ment to the constitution "that the
validity of the debt incurred for the
payment of ponalons and bounties for
services in Kuoprcssing the rebellion
shall not bo questioned. " The republi
cans ratified this amendment by n party
vote , and put themselves on record at
the start as intending to maintain
their position on pensions and bounties.
When in the second session of the forty-
fifth congress the bill for providing for
.ho arrears of pensions came up , the
democrata voted against it. During the
late session of congress the republicans
proposed an important amendment to
extend the provisions of the Mexican
pension bill so that they should also include -
cludo Union noldiors and widows. On
this question the vote was , yeas 31 , all
republican , and nays 27 , all democratic.
On the final passage of the bill four dem
ocrats voted with thirty-throe republicans
in favor of it , and two republicans voted
twenty five democrats against it , the vote
having boon 37 ayes'to 27 noes , The
bill wa& taken up in the house on the 2d
of July , five days before adjourn
ment when filibustering was re
sorted to under the leadership of Gold
smith W. Hewitt , a democratic repre
sentative from Alabama , to prevent con
currence in the amendments of the sen
ate. This fillibustering was participated
in chiefly by the southern democracy ,
and as n result of it no action was taken ,
nnd the bill remains undisposed of. Thus
it will bo soon that the democratic minor
ity , in the days immediately following
the war , can claim no credit for early
I pension legislation. The majority ol
their party voted in opposition to the
arrears , bill , 'and for the failure of the
pension legislation recently in the house
the responsibility is clearly with tin
southern wing of the parly.
BANK failures nnd robberies are no1
confined to this country. Such thingi
occur elsewhere , but In no country d <
the thieves escape so easily as they do it
the United States. In Franco they troa
bank thieves as criminals. One of tin
directors of the burated bank of Lyons o
Loire has boon sent to prison for fivi
years , and in addition hui boon fmci
20,000 francs and deprived of his civi
and political rights for ton years. Th
manager was sent up for five months cm
fined 8,000 frauci. The ether director
were fined in various amounts. Some o
these directors not only did not profit b ;
the failure , but were losers. Is over the
in less they were punished for nogligonc
in not exorcising a proper vigilance eve
IS , the affairs of the bank , which woul
it- have prevented the robbery and failur
a of the institution. A small section c
French justice ougtit to bo imported iut
E8 this country for the benefit of diahonot
in bank officials. Ih this connection th
it remarks of the Now York Mull and Yv'j
ud jtrcta are very timely :
as What the country needs is the hoav
n , fining , if not jmpmonmont , of some c
the worst offenders among our ban
ill directors who net do
, only not direc
ior but do not try to find out what the
bin's officers uro doing. There are eon
kinds of official negligence that are moro
aggravating and moro injurious to the
intercuts of bank depositors nnd share *
holders than the boldest and most open
LONDON , with Its population of1,000 [
000 , hkca precedence of nil other great
cities in its list of periodical publications ,
which number nearly WOO. Theao have
an annual circulation of about 1,017,000-
000 copies. Paris , with n population loss
than 2,000,000 , , Issues I55IJ periodicals ,
and those have an annual circulation of
about 1,100,000,000 copies , so that in
fact the citizens of Paris are moro liber
ally supplied with daily nnd weekly
provender than their British ncighbars.
In fact , it is estimated that the journal
istic products of Paris amount annually
to almost one-tenth of ths entire issue of
the globe. Now York nnd Brooklyn ,
with a population nearly equal to that of
Paris , produce 587 publications , with an
annual circulation of nbout 515,000,000 ;
Berlin produces 53G ; Vienna , 482 ; Mad
rid , 253 ; Brusnol3,233 ; Rome , 1213show-
ing a gradual diminution until St. Pe
tersburg is reached , with n population of
GG7I03 ! , and a newspaper issue of 103 ,
and Moscow , with a population of G01 ,
1)01) ) ) , and only 57 periodicals.
VEIIMONT holds her stale election on
next Tuesday , nnd will give the uaual re
publican majority of 20,000. Although
the Vorinontcrs were disappointed bo-
cauao Edmunds was not nominated for
the presidency , they have become recon
ciled to the party choice , and remain an
loyal ns over. There ore no "indepen
dents" in that state.
TIIE Bartholdi statue people appeal to
the people of the United States for
8125,000 with which to complete the
pedestal. If money is not forthcoming
within thirty dajs-work will cease. Why
don't Dome of the FNow York millionaires
contribute this needed money , and say
no more about It ?
WHEN Bon Butler was a member of
congress , ho was at the same noting on
a committee before which there was im
portant legislation affecting the Ur.ion
Pacific , of which company ho was the
paid attorney. The anti-monopolists ev
idently had forgotten thntlittlo fact when
they nominated Mr. Butler.
THE most absurd thing in the proceed
ings of the republican convention waa the
insertion , by the brass-collared editor of
a paper owned by the Union Pacific , of a
plank to regulate railroad tariffs and rail
road management.
THEUH are a good many offices in Ne
braska to bo filled this this year , but the
supply was not sufficient for the demand
of the republican convention. About
every ether roan in that convention
wanted an oflico.
The Piltsburjj Sunday GMia an
nounces that it will no lunger uu-jport
Cleveland , but will glvo aid nnd comfort
to Butler. J'hiladclphin Record ,
Now that Bon has got the globe , what
moro does ho want ?
Tin : tearing up of the Sixteenth street
pavement should have been postponed
until after the state fiir , which begins
next week. It is hoped , however , that
Contractor Grant will havo' the work
completed before the fair opens.
TIIF. Germans appreciate the efforts of
Qhurch Howe in their behalf in the re
publican state convention.
TIIF. imbeciles , nincompoops and small
potatoes are well represented on the re
publican ticket.
IT was a cold day for the Germans and
LONII LANE waa not lout ; enough to
got there.
THE Hwearing train was pretty well
crowded. *
As USUAL it vrns the state against
A. lfuifcioim Mini In KntriiHteilVltli
the Vote Power ,
John Swhitan's Paper.
Both houses of the New York logiela
turo , 'at the last session passed a bil
limiting to twelve houra the daily worl
of the drivers and conductors os the home
cars of of the street railway corporations
nnd this bill was vetoed by Goy. Cleveland
land because it was "class legislation ; '
because if the men "work fewer hour
they must receive loss pay ; " and bocaua
"it does not prohibit the making for an ;
number of hour's work , I think ; and i
it does , it is an interference with the em
players' ns well as the employes' rights.1
t Surely , it is late in the day for any mai
to put out such claptrap as this. If 1 *
was "class legislation , " the statute booki
are full of it. The eight-hour law o
congress is of that kind ; BO is tin
ton hour law of this state ; BO is the pro *
cut lion law ; so is the proposed law ti
protect working children ; so are man
laws , national and state , than wo couli
uivo the title of in this paper. "Inter
foronco with the right of contract ! " say :
Cleveland. So are the factory laws o
England , whore contracts are moro sacroi
than creeds ; so are the factory laws tha
have been enacted in half the states o
this union ; so are the nntl usury laws ; s
are the anti-Chinese laws of congress ; B
are moro laws than Olnvoland could roa <
during his whole term of oflico. "Fo we
hours of work , leas pay , " says Cleveland
though ho ought to know that it is a fundamental
damontal law of political economy tha
wages for such labor are increased , if i
aflectod at all , by a reduction of hourt
since a reduction of working tim
makes an additional demand fo
laborers. It was argued by Karl Reube
in this paper last week that "wages ar
regulated , not by the number of workin '
houra , but by the competition , the auj
ply and demand of working liauda ; the '
wages , the market price of the arlic'o
labor , will rise with its increase. " If
Cleveland hnd known anything at all of
this great quoitlon , or of the facts
brought out by modern experience ) , or of
the wngos nnd the hours in the principal
industries of Now York ( repeatedly
given in this paper ) ho would never have
put to print BO flippant n veto in the In
terest of the street railway corporations
Tl it vote , like the ether , shows to what
subtarfiigcn ho will resort when nny
workingman's bill is brought before him.
Under his management ho must dis
approve nil such bids , whether pasiod by
the state legislature or bv congress the
national eight-hour bill with the rest of
Hod Bwlndlcrp ,
Kansas City Journal.
There is n swindle perpetrated upon
the people , to which farmers are especi
ally victims , which should bo put a atop
to. Wo refer to the lightning rod ped
dler , the wuroa ho disposes of and the
manner in which ho puts up his light
ning rods.
Wo start out with the declaration that
there is not ono in ton thousand light
ning rods put up correctly though nearly
every farm house in the wcat has its cop
per lightning rod , steel or iron attach
ment , ornamcntad with spear heads ,
brass balls , or vanes. A lightning rod ,
too , when not properly put up is n great
deal worao than none at all. It is well ,
then , considering how many farm houtcs
have such attachments , that the people
should know how they are jeopardizing
their lives nnd property by keeping up
the means of n sudden nnd dreadful vis
itation , or buying the moanu for such a
disaster by purchasing rods from light
ning rod poddlara and allowing thorn to
put them up.
It is well to have a house protected
against a sudden stroke of lightning by
moans of n rod , but it'o of the first Im
portance to know how to put the rod up
ns a moans of mfoty nnd not as the way ,
or avenue , to invlto certain destruction.
A lichtnlng rod should have wires con
necting with all the motnlic surface or
part of n roof , and should bo run into
moist ground with n motalic base of , at
least , ton foot of oquaro surface. There
are no need of the glass insulatois that
poddlara sell along with their rods , for a
rod with proper ground connection nnd
projecting above the highest point of a
house , can bo stapled along the side of
the house without fear of the electric
current being deflected into the house.
The current socks the best current , ana
that is afforded by the lightning rod
properly put up.
Houses surrounded by troeu , or having
higher buildings in proximity , nrd safe
so safe that lightning rods can bo dis
pensed with. But when a house ia iso
lated , or occupies n commanding site , it
is safest to bo guarded , with lighting rod
protection , but after the style and man
ner prescribed above. All farm buildinps
in a prairie country like Kansas , lor in
stance , are exposed and should bo pro
Ono house is as much exposed as an
other when isolated , or not surrounded
by trees or some moro commanding ob
ject than the building itself , and the lia
bility of the house to bo struck can not
bo divined by any pretended electrician
or anybody else.
Wo have hoard of vendors of lightning
rods presuming upon the ignorance of
the people by assuming to discover elec
trical currents in the vicinity of their
houses. The method of these charlatans
is to walk over the land with a crotched
hazel bush or stick in his hands , and
when the npox of the divining rod turnou
earthwards , then a powerful and dang
erous current is said to bo discovered ,
which , if not connoctes with the upper
regions by n lightning rod , invitua an
electrical dischnrgo jeopardizing thuhouso
in the event of un electrical disturbance
in the atmoaphor.
This is all nonaonso. All houaos are
are liable to bo struck , but isolated ouea
are moat likely to bo It is proper and
good ncnso to protect nil houses by ono
or ns ninny lightning tods as passible ,
but each rod should bo sunk into tin
ground several foot , and into moist grount
at thnt.
Cumins county luta a good fruit crop this
A Grand Island firm is ( hipping green com
to Colorado.
Bo.itricu li s brightened up under the influence -
enco of the electric light.
'Hie Dodge county sent contest be ivocn
1'Vemont nnd Contorullo will bo Bottled Sep
tember let.
Tlio editor of the Genoa Enterprispattomp-
ted Biilcldo Inst.weuk. It was his lirft gem in
tlio campaign. > '
Iturglnra raided the Btoro of / . G. Smith ,
in Fremont , Satiaday night , /ml made a
haul of 8175 worth of clothing./
Ilov. S. H. Henderbon , pai jrof tlio M. K.
church nt Hauling * , fell fjftm n bridge at
Crate , last Monday , rcctiwrtg serious injur
ies. /
Thos. Itiggs , the Frtmont barber who
thrr.itened to annihilate Mayor Cleland , bus
hud his gory thiist sit Ded by being bound
over to tlio grand jur , ' ;
Mrs. Urian Farr/f Uciitrlco. illed Buddcn-
ly at her homo laa Tuesday. Death
poaed to have boa\ caused by heart i
Shu wns nbout Ityyoars of ago ,
Grpeloy counM will hold a special election
oalction Septeiyoer 8 , to vote on a proposition
to haw SlU.lHV in county bonds to pay out
standing road aud briJgo fund warrants.
They hav ? aw.mled a contract at Hastings
for the oroeiion of eight businets house * , 22
by 80 , Uvv Hones in height. The Trust and
Loan company are putting up the build-
inge ,
The p. k M. railway has opened for busi
ness wveral stations on ! tn new Concordla
branch , which N built from Odell in thij ktito
to ConcprUia , Kan. , a distance of 72 niflcs.
All of tbo btatioca named nro In Kansas ,
f The corner-stone of an Kpiscopal mission
rnmch was laid at S.uiteo agency a fuwdaja
* inea witb .Mamnic ceremonies. Deputy
( , r4iid MantortillforJ , of Canton , D. T. , had
cliargo of the omcUi'n.
The electric light company of Lincoln has
coiitiacttHlfortwoiixty-horBO power enginus
and two steel boilers and other fixtures to put
the plant In first-dais tlmpo. An eogluo and
boiler hou a will ba built at onco.
Ir ; ,1' 1''oss. "f Crete , baa made n frco
gift of lOTacivj of adjacent to the city ,
to the Nebraska Sunday School assembly
association , on condition that § 10000 bo
' 'IS'/i'Jftl10 ' M' ° atioii. TJia land ia valued
at 90,000 ,
riiol'lattsiiioutli Journal reports that Dr.
L Upton KMieclfully declines the chair
priiiclplosaml pratticolu tlio state university ,
toniered to lam by the board of regent * last
I'lUUy. lie has also resigned hi * duties in
the Omaha medical college.
? ° 'itJacUfortIl ' ° Wncoln wator-works have
been at , and a Iwnd of § 20,000 has been mada
ami bijmeil . for thu comi.letiu . , , of tno worlrs by
lecemlH.r 15 , and falling to do the work by
that date tlw builder forfcito 850 per day
thereafter until all is done.
One YoorLws , lu jail at Pawnee City as a
train wrecker , attempted suicide on the 21st
uj Hanging himself with strips torn from his
u u clotlie.1. . When diieoverod ha waa Iiuen-
ir rftsuwiUted.COUr8 ° ° f * " hourhe ww'd ' y
8 ; J1'.9 P,11011 ' leader ay : Rev. Father Tar.
? ! , , np 1ijifr"1ndM tant pastor of the Ko.
t i S " ' cl'Vrcl1 ' at thU place , met with
'Usurious 1
accident last Thursday in attempting
- the western train. Ho was thrown
on the platform nnd badly bruised. Foley , the man shot in llio head at
Tac'tfnii omo two weeks ngi > in getting on
lic-Iy nt Dakota City. Smco tbo broken
ills of skull that prrifod un nnd In his LrAlii
lavobscn removed the pfttalytU has left his
imbs nnd his recovery now ii assured ,
Thci o a'o now eighteen dally papers in the
tale. Crela has the joungnst nml Nebraska
Jity tha oldest. Omaha 1m ] five , including
mo Gctm n ; Lincoln three ; Nebraska City ,
Motttmouth and Frfmont two each ; Grand
Wand , Hasting" , ISoalrica nnd Crete one
A sneak thief pot into the residence t ( MM.
joJman in Lincoln latt Ftidny night , nml
tumblrd into that laJy's chamber before Mio
vas fully itsleep. Mrs Godmnn gared at the
trangn apparition for n moment nnd then
shnt "If her mouth BO loud and long that the
ineak skipped. Ho did not know it was
.Tndgn .InmM Tufts , who first located In
S'iobrM in 1807 , ( lied nt that place on the
7th , aged 55. At ono time In represented
Jakotn , Dlron nnd Cednr counties in tha ter
ritorial leoislainre. Ho lef e the ntalo in 1800 ,
going to Dakota , \vhero ho was elected to tin
eghlaturo and w.-w chosen speaker of tin
louso. Ho afterward went to Idaho , where
ic was also ppcaker of the hon e , nnd later
vent to Montana whcro ho filled the Kama po-
tition. Later ntjll ha was secretary of Mon-
, am > , nnd on relinquishing that place ha went
east , whrobe pa'Mid the greater portion of
lis time until ! rut November , when bo return
ed to Niobrara to die of consumption.
1'rcp.irations for the G. A. II , Reunion nt
Fremont nro progressing rapidly. The Tri-
juno says the tents aru larger than w s antici-
[ ) ated , taking only fourteen to a block in-
itciw of twenty.accorditig to the original slip-
position. They present n pretty and pictur-
ustpio sight with the 1'latto jn t beyond for a
background. A fort which will bo known as
Fort Donchon has been erected on this aide of
the rintte , snd is located about 000 foot
south of the camp , and west of that line of
COIUBO on the river Imiik. A now liberty
polo fiftyfectinhcighthaHbccn raised , and tha
Stats nnd Stripes , for which the gallant Me-
1'hersan gave hislifa on the battle field , floats
proudly nt its heal. The wood is being saun
in steve lengths aud when it is nil piled will
make a mountain of oak by itself. Fifty tons
of hay is already In stuck and five bundled
more can bo procured if teedad.
"Where nml How IVo Kcmombcr.
M. Allen SUrr , M. D. . in Scionoa Monthly.
If , now , wo talco models of four brains ,
nnd on the first mark out the location of
the various nroas connected with the
various aonsory organs as determined by
the anatomical connection of the white
nerve threads ; on the second mark out
the Ipc.itinn of the various areas which
physiologists have shown to govojn
various sensory organs , on the third
mark out the various areas whoso disease
produces disturbance of action in the
various sensory organs , nnd loss of mem
ories of perceptions by thoao organs ; and
on the fourth mark out the various areas
which wither after discaso of the various
eonsory organs wo shall .find that upon
all four brains the areas belonging to any
organ coincide. Wo may therefore conclude -
cludo that each class of sensations
and each class of memories has its own
definite area of the gray matter on the
surface of the brain. Memories of objects
seen are located in the posterior part of
the occipital region. Memories of sounds
hoard are located in the lower lateral part
in the temporal region. Memories of
motions in the limbs , and of touch in
those limbs , are located side by side in
the central lateral region. Memories of
speech are located in the frontal region.
It is therefore a mistake to speak of
memory as a single faculty of the mind.
It is really an assemblage of distinct
memories which wo possess , each kind of
memory being as different Irom the others
both in its nature and location as are the
different organs of sense through which
the original perception camo.
Ills Imclr.
"Did yon over play fnro ? Well , ' .
should nay I did , " romnrkod n passenger
in response to his companion's inquiry
"Now I'll toll you of the wonderful istroak
of luck I had the very luafc time I tackloi
the game. That was last \vuok , in a
place on couth Clark street , Chicago
Most wonderful thing. After playing nl
around the lay-out tor awhilu 1 struck
the queen , and what d'yo s'poao thu olc
lady did for me ? Well , sir , eho came
out twelve straight times a winner nml ]
was on her every time and doubling my
bet every turn. Wonderful , wonderful
wasn't it ? "
"Wonderful is no name for it , " roplioc
the ether ; "but what puzzles mo ia how a
man could have thu nerve and good sense
to drop the gauio after striking such i
winuor. How have you managed it ? I
must congratulate you. "
"Congratulate mo ? What for ? "
"Why , on your luck in playing on a
card twelve times winner , doubling your
bots. "
"That's the CUBS of it. True , the
queen won twelve straight times , but ' .
was playing her to lose , you sac ? Doublet :
my bets after every loss clear up to the
limit nnd coppered 'em. Dropped § 010.
Say , can you lend mo a quarter ? "
Smoke Seal of North Carolina To
A. Tcrriblo Machine ,
Chicago Herald.
"You didn't know I was an inventor ,
did you , boyal'1 ' inquired a drummer o :
his companions on a P.inhnndlo train.
"Woll , I am , though , liavo got a big
thing , too. Got it right hero undoi
my soat. It boats the Ivncly motor nl
to piocos. Do you BOO this little box1
What if it isn't bigger than n hnt box1
1 tell you there's power enough inside ol
it to blow up the boiler of the locomo
tive ahead there or knock this train from
the track. It's powerful and no mistake ,
and dangerous to handle. Killed twc
men in Indianapolis only last week. Not
long ago it tackled a big clothing house
in Philadelphia nnd absolutely ruined it.
A week before that it wrecked a otoamor
on Chesapeake Bay. The pilot had been
experimenting with it for several months
and finally got careless. No trouble
about power power enough to knock
the earth off its axis. The trouble is to
apply it. Now I'll take the lid off nnd
show you ; oh , you fellows needn't jump
off the train. I know how to handle it ,
and there ain't any danger. "
"What do you call it. "
"It's a storage battery , the moat per
fect and powerful storaco battery ever
constructed. Iliad it made in Now Jor-
soy. Before taking the lid off I'll turn
the box over nnd show you como back
here ; I toll you there's no danger ana
show the lubol. "
The box was turned over , nnd on its
bottom the trembling drummers saw this
inscription :
" 2 qts. N. J. applo-jack. "
Who Una Cold Fool ?
The poor fellow whoso blood docs not
circulate vigoroujly , whoso liver ia half
aaloep , whoso stomach is in poor order ,
and whoso digestive apparatus has gone
back on him , can never make his foot
warm until ho puU his stomach , blood ,
liver and digestion into good condition.
Ho can do this by the aid of Brown's
Iron Bitters. Of this prince of tonlca ,
Mr. W. 0. Fuller , of Montgomery , Ala. ,
eaya , "I took Brown'a Iron Bitters for
general debility and am greatly im
proved. "
lie'Sets.i CrowdJoT NCRPOOS to Work
Burled Treasures.
STAIIUSVILIE , Ga. , August 24 , In
Tune of this year n negro came from Aln-
jam Montgomery , ho saya to a neigh-
jorhood nbout nine miles south of Cov-
ngton. Ho worked a short time ns A day
aboror on the plantation of John Dukes.
Jo soon mndo known to the negroes
on the place and in the neighborhood
tint ho had been directed to this place by
\ spirit to find 17i bushels of gold , that
i ad boon buried by n band of robbers
about 7o years ago. lie said the place
was on a branch road nbout 100 yards be-
owtho Oovington aud Monticollo road ,
and nbout 10 miles from Covington. lie
ircmiaed the owner of the landono-fourth
if the gold. To negroes who would as-
i-.t him ho would gtvo n liberal
haro. After much praying ,
many incantations , and much
ceremony he ( selected the precise spot for
ho digging. Ho cat near by with an
open bible , beneath which ooveral horao
shoes wore placed and a white rock hid
on the open pages. Ho neither spoke
nor allowed any ono of the laborers to
speak within a curtain distance of the ex
cavation. The men are working night
and day with great earnestness. The ex
cavation is about 10 foot square and
nbout 20 fcot deep. The dirt is lifted
nit with n bucket. The men are not nl-
lowed to chow tobacco or stop work
during the time allotted to the work lest
it may cause the had spirit to overpower
the good spirit under whoso guidance
they are working. Tills bad spirit nas it
in his power to move the gold if nt any
time ho gaiuo ascendency of the good
spirit. The man has infatuated so many
negroes that there are many standing
ready to fill the pieces of thoao who nro
tired. The excavation is 'about six feet
through washings from the field ; then
soft rock is struck , which continues as
dorp us the excavation has boon mado.
The disintegrated rock has no appear-
unco of over having boon disturbed.
The faith in the Voodoo doctor
seems to blind them to the foot thnt had
any gold over boon buried there this
rock would show signs of disturbance.
The owner of the land forbade them
working longer , but they untreated him
BO earnestly that ho consontcdto letthom
go deeper. They are willing to go 80
feet deep if the doctor says so. This
portion of Newton county was settled
about 05 years ago. There is no tradi
tion that money was over buried hero
nor that it was infested by a band of rob-
bors. The grandfather of the present
owner of the land Bottled the lot upon
which the excavation is being mado.
There are ether families in the neighbor
hood who have lived there continuously
from the firat settlement that never
hoard of money being buried. The voodoo
dee doctor is a black negro , with high
cheek bones and retreating forehead.
Ho goes barefooted , and with his clothes
very much worn. Ho appears to be
about CO yoara of ago. llo has never
lived in the county before so far as is
AH csntcstants for tlio 2. " > premiums aggregnt-
ing above amountollereil by HUcknairsUur-
bam Tobacco Co. , must observe the following
conditions on which the premiums are to bo
awarded : AH bti s mu ° t bear our original
03ull Durham label , U. S. Itevenue Stamp , and
Caution Notice. The bass must bo done up
securely in a package with name and nddress
> f bender , and nu mbcrof bags contained plain
ly marked on the outside. Charges must bo
prepaid. amtestrloieaXmvtnlierSOth. Allpack-
nges should bo forwarded December 1st , nnd
must reach us at Durham > io later than Decem
ber lath. No matter niicro you reside , bend
your package , advise us by mail that you hnvo
done so , nnd state the number of bags sent.
Names of successful contestants , with number
ofbags returnedwill IKS published , Dec. 23 , in
Uoston , Herald : New York , Ifaald ; Philadel
phia , Times ; Durham , N. C. , Toliacco riant ;
New Orleans , Times-Democrat ; Cincinnati , 7.V
qutrer ; Chicago , Daily Ketrss San Francisco ,
GironMe. Address
DURHAM , N. c.
Every genuine package has picture of Bull.
X3-Fea our next announcement's *
K * , ols.ot Ooaaa.3pa.ixy.
The steamships ol this well-known line are built ol
Iron , In watertight compartments , and are lurnlsh-
ed1tn every requisite to make the pasaigo both
jale and agreeable. They carry the United States
and European mails , and l ave Now Yorha Tlmre-
daj s and Saturdays lor PI ) mouth ( LONDON ) Cher
bourg , ( I'.MUS ) and IIAMHUMQ
KUoa : First Cabin , Sf.S . , ? 5 and S76. Steerage , $20
Henry I'undt , Mark Hauscn , F K. Monrcs.M. Toll ,
agrnUIn Omaha , Oronow leg & Schoentgcn , agents In
Council 131u3a. C. n : IUC11AK9 & CO. , ( Ion. Pasa
AgtB. , 61 Broadway , N. Y. Cbas. Koimlnski & Co-
General WcstoJn Agints , 107 Washington St. , Cnlca
Tno uio ol the term " Oho
Lino" in connection with th
corporate name ola grcatroad
corn-eye an Idea ol uut what
required by the traveling nub
llo a Short Line , Quick Tlnii
and the beet ol accommoda
tlous all ol which are lorn
bf d by the greatest railway In America.
And St. Paul.
It own ) and operates over 4,600 mUcao !
Northern Illinois , Wisconsin , Minnesota , Iowa
Dakota ; and as ta main lines , branches and oonnec-
llona reach all the great business centres ol th (
Northwest and Far V > est , It naturally answers th <
description ol Short Line , and Bast lloute between
Chicago , Milwaukee , St. 1'aul aud Minneapolis
ChicagoMilwaukee , IA Crosse and Wlnona.
Chicago , Milwaukee , Aberdeen and Hlondola
Chicago , Milwaukee , Kau Claire and Stlllwatcr
Chicago , Milwaukee , Wauiau and Merrill.
Chlcngo , Milwaukee , Beater Dam and Oshkoib.
Chicago , Milwaukee , Wauknaha and Oconomowoc ,
Chicago , Milwaukee , Madloon and I'ralrledu Chtcr ,
Chicago , Milwaukee , Ouatonna nud Falrlbault.
Chicago , Bclolt Jancit i'lo ' and Mineral Point.
Chicago , Elgin , llocklord and Dubuque.
Chicago , Clinton , Hock Island and Cedar Ripldr.
Chicago , Council Blufls and Omaha.
Chicago , Sioux City , Sioux Falls and Yankton
Chicago , Mllnatikee , Mitchell and Chamberlain.
Rock IiUnd. Dubuque , St. Paul and MInneapoIlr.
Davenpoit , "iltnur , St. Paul and Minneapolis.
Pulliran S copers and the Finest Dlnlnz Cart In
the w .rl.l are run on the main lines ol the CHICAGO ,
attention Is paid to rtasuougera by courteous employes
ot the Company ,
& . S. UKimiLL , dent Manager.
J.T. CLARK , Oen'I H.ipt.
OEO. U. 1UCAFFOIID , Ain't. Oral. Pa Agt.
Claanlcal , Bdentlflc , Commercial and Art Depart ]
menu. Both eexvs admitted. Tuition low , ,
ingclieap , Ustot society. FuUy equipped laoulti
XfTAddreu Jor partlcuUrs , Rer. W. W. UaribA
D. D. Pjejldent. orProt.0. U. DM Itleto , Sooretau
tbo Facultr BeUeruo , Neb , Jy .mo tab
033 *
Authorized Capital , - 01,000,000
Paid-up Cnpitnl , - - 100,000
Surplus Fund , - - 70,000
A' , W. Cor , Farnam ana 12th Sis
FEJUCK MrornT , President. I SitcliK. IKxmg , Y-P
UtN. 13 , WOOD , Cuhlor. | Lcruni QUASI , A ,
Frank Mnrphy.fUmuel K. Rosen , B c. P. WcoJt
Ohatlea 0. UoWl , A. I ) . Jono , Lather Drake.
TfMisict ft OcuctU Banking Buslnrsa. AUwSo
hkvaany BinUnjf buslnon t tranuct ro Invited
call. No tru'.tor ban1 br < o or sxall the tianatctloa ,
It will rccolvo out CMcf jl Attention , and no ptomle *
tlwaya courteous treatment.
I'.tra particular attention to business for ptrtle *
teil Img out > ld 3 the cliy. Etahingo on all the ptln-
alpal oltUj ot the Unltol Stitoj at very lowoot rt .
counts ol Utnko and B nkcra tocclvoJ on laror
olOerttfleato ol Deposit boating 6 pel Ota
ail : lls Foreign Exchange , Oonnty , Otl
S , W Cor , Farnam and 12th Sts ,
Capital , - - 8100,000.00 r
O. W. HAMILTON , Pros't.
Q. 3. CALDWEL1. , V. Pros't.
M. T. BARLOW. Cashier ! )
3. S. OALDWKLI. , Q. F. Sumr ,
0. W. HAintToir , M. T. BARLOW ,
Accounto cotlcltoH , ami kept out *
Joct to night chock.
Cortlflcntou of Dopoolt Isauud pnv
ablolnS O and 12 rnonthc , bearing
Intoront , or on domnnd without In-
Advancoo made to customers en
approved oocurltlooat mnrkot rate
of Intorost.
The Interests of customers are
c'oooly guarded and every facility
compatible with principles of
oound banking freely extended.
Draw olght drsifcn on England.lro-
land , Scotland , and all parts of Eu
Sail European Paosa o Tickets ;
Unitecl States Depository
Cor. 13th and Farnam Sts.
The Oldest Banking Establishment
in Omaha ,
GrsanUed In 18B8.
Organized no a National Bank In
PttCKFrxfl S15O.CO0
Rzuun Eoruna , President.
JOUK A. Cr.aiuimjM , Vluo President
A GIOTUS Koo.vrzs , 2J Vloo Picaldent.
A. J , I'OPl'LHTOn.
F. n. DAVIT , uuhiir ;
77 tl. U:3rcun , AssltUci Cashier.
B TrausiL",31 j ; < ineiM b.Mittlnsr bualiAj. Inuce time
rcttlQ xtc3 bearing Interest. Druwa drafts on Baa-
Kranclsoo tail principal cttlei In the Cnltid States.
Also LonJoti. Dub'.lu , EJlabiueh nd the
citlcaol tbe continent ami > 'uro [ > o.
Cor. I8th aud Douglas Sts.
Capital Stock. - -
- 3150,000
Lability of Stockholders , 300,000
Fje Per Cent Interest Paid OE Deposits
Ojeaoears to ZDlx-ootors
JA11E3E. BOYD Pro nt
kH-HKNNETT yico 125.'i
\V. A. PAXTOX Managing Director
jonNE.wtmuu , .cU
j. w. aANKirrr , MAX MEXEU ,
a ths olJ Btand 1117 Inruam street. Orders by
giaph solicited anil promptly ntteotod to
Melalic Cases , Coffins. Caskets , Shrouds.
ETC. , ETC. ,
1OOO Farnam St. , - OMAHA , NEB
Telegraphlo orders prompUy attended to. Telephon
No , 821 ,
H , K ,
111 North ICth Street Omaba
JA , H. PEABOUY Jtt , jj.
Residencei No.1407 Jones St , Offloo , No. 1500 Far.
nam St. omoo hours 12 in. to 1 p. m. and Iroin2 ta
B p. m. Telephone lor olllce 87 , residence , 125.
Jill Dongln SL Omaha , H b.
Galvamzea iron Cormcaa ]
OTDomtt Wlndow , Flntals. Tin , Iron and BUU
ItpoflnjriSpeobfi Pateit MetaUlo akTUzhtrpaUnl
adjusted l atchet Bar and Bracket Bhelring. lam
b nnenl agent for th above line ol goods. Ire
Oiestlngi reaolng , E lu Udee , YermdM , Iron IU ,