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Minister Ferry Vipronsly Defend
His CMucso Policy ,
And Claims Hia Course is t
Europe's ' Benefit
Great Preparations in England
for Gordon's ' Kelioft
Twenty-Fivo Hundred French
Troops Keady to Go to Ohina
Oaceres Stirs Up the Inhabi
tants of Lima ,
Ho Eaids the City in Eegular
Cowboy Fashiont
The Dally Cholera Iliillctin Gcncrn
The China Itov.- .
I'ATIIS , August 28. Minister Terry has no
intention at present of summoning parliament ,
Ho says owing to the Chinese tieachery it has
been Impossible to treat her like a civilized
LONDON , August 28. A Shanghai dispatcl
of yesterday says : ' 'Tha MiiiRcn forts , below
Fee Chow , vvoro silenced Tuesday evening.
To-day there Is a heavy cannonade between
the 1'rench fleet and Kiupai forts , which are
situated at the northern mouth of Min river. '
The Times aispatch dated 'oo Chow , 2 p ,
M. , Bays the Kinpal forts nro destroyed. A
later despatch from the Koo Chow correspond
ent of the Times snyp , "I have just leturned
from Xinpai. All defense s nlong the Min
river nro gone , The Chinese troops bolted.
The French ilect cnn bomlurd but occupation
of the mainland is impossible.
SHANGHAI , Aug. 28. Chang Li Tung , n
Tartar general In the province of Kiuang See ,
is appointed high commander for the north
and south. Li Hung Chang retains the gov
ernorship of 1'eo Chi. Tso Tsung Tang takes
command of the troops ,
LONDON , Aug. 28. The British man of war
"Canada" is ordered to bo rondy to sail for
China , Sept. 9. The Droadnaught ia com-
m'ssioned ' for the Medeterranean. Several
other othnr iron-clads can proceed on short
notice to China or J''gypt.
Admiral Courbet is ordered to Haiuon after
taking Keelung.
PAIUS. August 28. The following ia Admiral
Courbet a report of his operations on Min
river up to last evening :
MIN ItivKii , August 27. 0 p. m. Our ope
rations against Mingen forts have successfully
concluded. All Chinese battorieai were de
stroyed. Wo have shattered their cannon
with gun cotton. The attack on Kinpar will
bo made to-day.
HIE CANTON MOB. KONO , August 28. The French con
sul and Fiench merchants expelled from Can '
ton last Saturday by order of the viceroy ,
have arrived hero. The mob at Canton in
vaded tlio Catholic cat'iedeial ' Wednesday.
The budding was cleared by the efforts of for
eign consul * , who induced the French bishop
and missionaries to leave Cantun. [
LOXIION , August 28. A dispatch which
loft Shanhai at 5:10 : a , m , to-day s ys , "Ad
miral Courbet began to bjmb.ird Kinpai ju-
terday. The heavy cannonade still con .
tinues. ,
LONDON , Aug. 28. Tin 1'siis coriespon
dent of thu Times says that Feiry , in a pri
vate conversation , fomlaincd : | with much ve-
hoinonce of the strictures of the Times re
garding Courbet's conduct at Fan Chow. The
French press showed no such spirit when the '
ICnglieh bombarded Alexandria.
The Knglish press by urging on China ii
siding aga'nst ' Kuropo. The confidence It
gives the Chinese may next be turned tiga mt
Kngland. Commercial nations are naturally
imoisy at our action , but once resolved on re
dress , wo miiot deal blows which will toll.
Ferry disavowed tlio policy of colonial con-
< | uest. ' 'My whole duty , ho s-aid , "is to
linish tiia enterprise 01 iginally ill conceived
nnd ill managed. Wo want peaceful occupa
tion of Touquin and wo want to cnfoice on
China the respect she owes us , Kuropean in
terests need not bo alaimed at this. Wo are
acting for the civilised vvoild ,
PAIHH , Admiral Courbet's ollicial report up
to UIH evening is as follows :
MIN IlivEii , August 28 , fi:30 : r. jr. The
principal luttciies on Km 1'ui channel have
Leen destroyed , nnd wo hope to destroy all '
the other forts this evening. The line of tor
pedoes barring the piitronco to the river are
being fished up and explosives seemed. Gun
boats are nblo to leave the river by another
channel , Tlio Ospio was dispatched to guard
the telegraph cable.
Aug. 28. Twenty-five hundied
troops have been placed in icaditiczs to pro
ceed to Tonqtiin if requited , Admiral 1'oyron ,
jninUtcr of the marine , has telegraphed to
Admiral Courhot that war supplies for the
French forces cm bo obtained at the arsenal
at Saigon , French Cochin China , Operations
against Lang Sun are suspended on account of
the interne heat. General Nogi-ier will retire
liao Ninh. It is stated that Dalta is in no
dnoger ,
CllAniLLOH , I'eru ( via Galveston ) , Aug. 28.
In Lima yei > tJday theie wa a storm of bul
lets for over six hours. Gacores entered the
city with his rabbi ? , yelling and filing , Tlio
nieht before ) all the government troops vvoro
withdrawn in the cimrtel and palace , ami the
entry of Cnceres , although not unexpected ,
was somewhat of a surprise , JIlx men cap
tured the cunrtol and the chinch's of Mcrcedo
and San Aujufctin , from which they kept up
fusilnrtp. They also nttnckod tlio Gu&d.i
nupe railroad station. About a hundred an
fifty persons were killed iti Mercadoris an
liodegoiis y street' , nnd near llio palac
squares , whore the lire was the hott ( " > t
1'itially tin1 government troops made n sortl
and diovo out the mob , Ctceros wns accom
panled by about ninety horsemen. Tiny np
pennnl lo h.xvobaen travelling all nlqht , am
woto not In a condition to fight with troop
well fed and fresh fiom tlieir beds , Threi
hundred jirisonrrs wen- taken ,
Cneeros escapixl. A Geinian , thopropileto
of a cigar store , wns killed vvhllo looking frnn
his balcony. All teloeiaph wiroi nro cut fo
miles out of the city , and no trains me run
Nothing ocvurixl nt Clmiillo.s. Thocablo stal
is nil light , lloavy guns weio heard fi r som
houri" , but no news ns to the locality of th
firing wns icccived up to 0:30 : n. in , All i
quiet this mm nlngnt Lima. Dead men am
horses are being removed , a"d pools of blooi
cleaned up. Tlio light in San Agustine churcl
proceeded with closed doors. Cacsras is said t
have 1300 disciplinid troopa , who were to hav
attacked Callao , These m.iy Irotuin. Las
night theie vvoro no guauls in the street. Al
wcro iu the ciiattol mid the palace.
General Mellot telegraphs from Tonquh
that he lost four men while icpiilsliig tin
pirntes nnd bhckllngs who i illaged the vil
iageu along the Jted river , and massacred th
inhabitants of the Fiuiicn pamtoiis at Sentaj
and Hong lloa. With the aid of gnnboitu
Jlollot etatPs , ho succeeded In diiviug then
into the moantains.
HOVIE , Italy , August 28 Tlio followinr
shows the pi ogress of cholera in Italy for the
twenty-four hours pastBergamo : , tint tern fteah
cases ; Hologni , two deaths , ore fresh case
Cambosso , six death" , seventeen fresh cnsts
La Spe/.ia , eight deaths , nineteen fresh cases
Milan , ono fresh case ; Naptl" , Unco deaths
i'aiula , iivo deaths , two fresh cases ; Turin
iivo deaths , seven fresli cases. In the province
of Cunno , ' tvvcnty-sev en fresh cases are re
ported , of whi h twenty-seven nro in tin
town or litifc.iz. Tweuty-ono of these cases
ate already fatal ,
TOULIN , August 28 There were two df'aths
from cholera hero last nizht. At Mourll , out
side the city , Iivo fiesh cases are reportoJ , am
ono instant death. The tmnpsiaturo had fal
Ion suddenly.
I'.vius , August 28. Four deaths fron :
cholera at Toulon to-day. Two nt Lnseyno
and five atMarseljIos. The reconl of cholerf
in tha Toulon hospitals for the 21 hours cndct :
this evening : jAdmitted , 4 ; diud , 1 ; under
treatment , 87.
I'AIIIS , August 18. Deaths from cliolora
in departments of southcin Franco today , ! ! 1 ,
TOHONIO , August 28. Aldermin V. C
Donlson , major of the governor general's body
guard , has accepted the comrtind of the ex
pedition of Canadian voyngors to bo sent tc
the telief of Gordon , at Khartoum ,
BKRU.V , August 28. The report that Ger
many has propoed to the powers that quar
antine of tlneo weeks bo established at Suez
For vessels from cholera countries , is untrue.
P.vniH , August 28. Tlio Republiquo Fran-
: aise subjects liismnrk'n colonial policy to an-
ulysis and dcchus that Franco has no reason
to hud fault.
LONDON , August 28. The government is
expediting the departure of the increased rein
forcements of the Egyptian staff.
At Woolwich the force has been increased
and additional hands engaged to put the trans
ports in readiness rapidly. Orders were sent
to Plymouth to hasten the fitting out of the
transport 1'oenah , It has been decided Ic
increiso the expedition for the ro'iel
af Gordon to 7,000. Seven hundred iova :
scouts will ba dispatched from the West In
dies. The r.-st of the troops go from Gibral
tar , Malta and Cypress. Four hunched u.oro
river boats have been ordered.
The Paris papers doubt the report that the
[ ' 10 ch have lauded at Keelung and captured
.lie forts.
UKHUN , Aug. 23. The empeior was ilnown
'rom Mi hoi-jo this morning. He will bo pre
sented from talcing active exercise for several
CAIIIO , August 23. It is reported lint the
i'ac.dlnh tiibes were again defeated by the
DI : COUHCEL iiirrunxs.
BFHLIS , August 28. Uaron do Conrcol ,
[ 'Vouch ambassador , lias retuined from ] ter-
.in. It is temi-ollicially stated that Conrcel's
isit to Ilismnrck was for Ilia purpose of in-
orminghim that tliu permanent oceupation of
lum Chow and Formosa is not contemplated
> y the Fiench government , and Kuropoans
hei o have nothing to fear.
LONDON , Aug. 23. Thocommittoo'anpoint-
'd by the merchants engaged in trade with
ho east obtained a 1 " ! , ' . " . 1 opinion on the
ight of Franco to prevent vessels cauying
nunitions of war from entering the treaty
ports of China , Their counsel holds that nu
ll war lias been formally dcclaied , Franco
las not the right to pi event hucli entrances ,
V Complicated Suit AgaliiHt a Nun ,
ST. LOUIH , August 28. Miss Louisa N.
Baylor , sister of Mrs. Chautcau nnd daughter
f tiio late George 1 ! , Taylor , educated in the
iider of St. Frances do Sales , two years ago ,
nnounced a detorminalii.ntobecomo a nun.
'rior to this she conveyed her property of
100,009 lo her slater Ida , then unmarried ,
inder a written agreement that she expected
0 take monastic vows with the order of St ,
'Vancos do Sales , Should she not do so on
ntoilng and afterwards Eovoring her cjnncu-
ion with the order , tlio property was to bo
estored to her. Some months ago Mrs , Tay-
9r left the convent and announced that bho
ail withdrawn from the order nnd asked
> r n restoration of her propoity ,
1 or sister , suspecting tlio sincerity of her act ,
lemurred to giving back property and Miss
'aylor brought suit to recover. Afrs , Clian-
eau reconvf-ycd the property nnd in a short
line afterwardH Miss Taylor transform ! itall
u Uoboit McNicholas as trustee for use of the
onvent of Visitation and Miss Taylor ro-
ntered the convent and took the black veil ,
'ho plah.tilF.i now ell ego fiaud and collusion
g < ! nst the officers of the convent , and
hargfri them with iiilng undue influence with
Hia Taylor and enterintr a n'hemo to obtain
Toperty nnd seek to set nsldo the deed by
I'lilch It was convejed and also the deed by
Inch It was tinnsfcriod to McNicholas.
I'rlvnto Jlcnry'H ItoiualiiH.
NKW VoitK , Augiiiit 28 , At a consultation
f coroners thu morning It was decided hefoie
xhumliig the body of private Henry , of the
ireely expedition , to auk his hihkr , Doia
tuck , of Lincoln , Neb , , for proofs of her roe
itionship , I
The Old Falilo of tlic Frogs and Their
King BiWht to Mind ,
Olovelaiid the Log King of the
They Glamor for His Withdraw
al From the Ticket.
Hondrioks' ' late Letter Thought
to Be a Sly Triok ,
Written for the Purpose of Oust
ing Olovolandi
The Independent Alter Orovcr will
ii Sharp Htiok IVM Ho With
draw V
Comment nil HcmlrlukH Iicttcr ,
Special to Tun lin. :
NEW YOUK , Aug. 23. To these wbo nro
on ho insitlu of democratic politics in this city ,
llcndiicks' letter to a Dubuque democrat I
full of Blgnificaucolien read between the
liuos. To burin witb , tha question ia asked ,
why , if ho wcro entirely loyal to Cleveland ,
should ho write any letter at nil to n promi-
ncnt democrat whom ho must have known
was hostile to Cleveland , nod thcroforo use
any advantage against him ? Or , if ho felt it
duo to courtesy to nuswcr n coriespondenl
whoso \ery letter must have implied bcliol
that Ilcndricks was willing to bo uittruo tc
the head of the ticket , why should ho hin
dlo the matter so openly and carclosdy ? Why
should ho not have wiitton guardedly , eo that ,
f hia letter should fall bcforo the pubio ! eye
t would not bo n complete document within
itself without reference to the letter to whicl :
it was a reply ? Cleveland's friends nro far
Tom pleaded at Hendiicks' course
in this mutter and n belief in in
Miniated that the tail of the ticket
iiul knowing that twonld bo published. They
Mint to thu fact that it makes a very mild defense
fenso of Cleveland , admitting thu truth ol
; ho very charges which ha\e led to the talk of
jetting Cleveland elf the track , 'jiingsout the
lact that this question , being agitated in dem
ocratic ranks and that there is a belief among
, ho managers of that party that unless Clove-
aud is withdrawn the defeat of the ticket in
November's election is sure to follow. Wlillu
lis letter reognizos these us existing fact ) , he
nildly depiecatesjtho bringing of scandal into
, ho canvass , gently expressing hi j opinion that
, ho
and cooes gently , na a Bucking "dove his belief
, hat the democratic p irty has a ehanco to
win. It wns given out when Hcndricks went
east that it was for the purpose of winning
over John Kelly and Tammany to tlio sup
port of tha ticket. Ho has returned to Indi
um and Tammany is , if anything , more out
spoken thin over bofoio. Cleveland's friomh
low say that having proved faithless to Joe
McDouald in the Caicago convention , ho has
iroved equally traitorous to Cleveland , and
.hat his communing with the Tammany chinf-
; aiu were with a view to securing Cleveland's
retirement and his own elevation to tha first
> Inco on the ti ket. A lively row in the dem-
: ratic innlcs is vciy probabjo This letter of
leudiifk * , it is cbaigid by prominuiit doino-
rats lioio , redacts hi * friend
of having Cleveland's 11:11110 withdrawn from
ho ticket ami substituting that of tome clean that would uot only unite all dem-
> cratic factions in Now Voik state but would
retire the united support of the independent
lenient of the east. Ko ly. while nppauntly
ulking in his tent since the convention , has
icon one of the most active woikers in the
Icinocrntlc Gimp , and the stakes played for an
ndic.ited above must bo seemed or ho will
lot siinpoit the ticket. The knowing ones
rom the 1'acifio eoast ilemocratio delegation
Kelly's followers now believe that with him
ilnced at the head of the ticket , Now YoiK ,
Jhio , Indiana , and the Pacific coast would bu
icmod for the democracy. It ia also H.iid
hat the reconvening of the domociatie con-
or.tion would not bo necessary to carry out
velly'n plan of remodeling the democratic
icket , ns thu claims of both Thin man and
lendiicka were favorably passed on in the
( invention by the democrats of the country.
ml either would have received thu vote of the
( invention had it not btc'ii for tlio misiopro-
entiUtons of New York democrats , George
Villiam Curtis and Hclmr/ the background ,
'ho two latter worked /ealouslv for his
oinlnation , Incited by the Now York Indo-
cmlenU' party , wnich has slnco acknowledged
s total nnstaka and now itnonncex its pet ,
'levoland ' , in woids that cannot bo minundor-
: oed
riio New York Independent Tnlkn
pochl Dispatch to Tin : Jii ! : : .
Nis : YOUK , Aug. 28. Tlio Independent to
ny published an editorial against Cleveland's
ection , doling n follows : The immoral- !
en of a IIKUI'H private life are niatturH wlilch
oconocin the public , when that public with
10 kuowlogo uf ties3 ! immoralities la askeil to
nike him chief magistrate of it gi oat nation.
I debauchee , known to bo or to hava Ix-cu
leh , is not the inun to do elected to the olllce
f piexidcnt of these United State * .
THIS ONJ : PACT Hiioui.i ) in : FATAL TO HIM.
The people should not and no bolleui thuy
ill not so dis iacithomsoli > s in the sight of
! od and man , and defy the imp.iratlvo man-
nto of Bound inorala as to bestow thi.i honor
n any ; such base prolligate. What Is our
'hrlstiaiuty woith , and wiiat Is our boasted
IvilUation woith if such u black stain in the
haracter of a candidate for thu presidency in
i the popular estimate to lie deemed a matter
f no special consequence. What ti slraiin (
poctaelu eueh a law if elected would
> reaent in the pailois uf the White houao ,
What opprrtuuity it would give lo Morinoi
| mlygamiot < i to nicer nnd laugh thorn nt th
efforts of the general Rnvcrnment to Mippresi
monstrous nboinlnitiens in the territory o
it vvnuld ! H > to the young rcrn of the country
What n barrier to thojniceo'sful teaching o
moi.dity from the pulpit , or the pint
foini. or In the hill * of congress. All ( 'ccen
people , not to ay clnUtiaii pooiile , would ha > i
to hide tholr heads with n jirofonml fcn o o
uliiino and disgust , Xnt Isol I The majority
i f voters of this country will not and cannel
npprouiof any tuch be.wtly ami lioatlioiiisli
stiuidard of morality.
Iowa G.iccnlmok Convention.
Dm MOINKS , Iowa , August 23 The
greenback state convention mot nt 11
o'clock this morning with a very small attcn
dniica , Gillette , chairman of the stnto committee
mitteo made a speech denouncing both the re
publican nnd democratic parlloj. and the plat
form ? . Temporary officers wcro elected a1
follow * : chnirnino , Sanfonl Kirkpatrlclr , ol
Wapello ; seciotary J.tR. Sovcivtgn , of Greene ,
and W , O. Davis , of "Davis. Klrkp.itrlck
undo a PioeeH oNhniling the convention to do
nothing to jeopardize Mm Intcicstsof Weaver
in'tho M\th and "calamity1 ! Woller 'n fourth
district. 1'ho committcej
following vvero ap
pointed ;
Ciedenlinla First dllrict.T , K , Clnrk.lTriv
V , third , If. Blank , fouith , Win. U. Jlno ,
o'f Clinton ! fifth , Knh Clark ; ilxtli , M. A.
Derby , seventh , D. F. llogeis ; eight , .T. ] t.
Dota ; ninth , C. S , Spocr ; tenth
ilninoi Cumiuackj Eleventh , W. O. Adam ,
.Stale central committee : First district , .T. M.
Holland , of Henry ; Third , M. S. Hitchcock ,
of Buchanan ; Fourth , H , NVollcr. of Cldcasaw ;
Fifth , L. S. Wood , of Linn ; Sixth , A. Itnnuov ,
of AlbinSeventh. ; . ! . Bollaiige , of 1'olk ; Kighth ,
, T. L. Brown , of Taylor ; Ninth , y. H. San-
dera ; Tenth , F. ( J. Leo , of Hamilton ; Kiev-
oiith , J. Sovereign , of Grceuo. The conven
tinn reassembled at two o'clock. The committee
mitteo on cit'dentials ropoited roprc < entatioii
from blxty-slx counties , three hundred niul
tan rt'prcsentalivB8 , The temporary
organization was made permanent.
The i platform was read nnd carried with
Great npplauso ] It arraigns both old parties
is cotrui t and dishonest , denounces tha na
tional banking system , eulogizes Geneinl But
ler , nnd urges mi alliance of the grocnbackers
in the several states with such party ns shall
enable them to control the electoral voto.
Daniel Campbell , of Monana , wns nominated
for elector nt largo. Other electors
vvero nominated ns fellows ; Fiist disttiot
A. S. Hunter , Keury. Fifth , George Cnrtor ,
Iowa ; Seventh , II. S. WIlcov , 1'olkj Eight ,
J. L. Brown , Taylor : Ninth , Dr. J. B. Hat-
Ion , Montgomery. Hon. K. L. Burton. Wa-
iiullo , wns nominated for the supiomo judge ,
_ A motion Was made to nominate a full
tic' et to which an amendment wns moved to
nominate only I ho candidates for secretary and
tieuiiter. Great confusion ensued and after
a heated discussion the ] amendment wns
adopted ; 223 to 88.
J. F. Dooley , of Keokuk county , wni nomi
nated for secretary of fstate ; George Darr of
Union county was nominated for stnto treas
nrer. The convention then adjourned.
A. Glorioiif ? Harvest for the Country ,
ntl the Best Kvcr Known.
MILWAUKKK , August 23. S. W. Tolmadgo
presents the following figures as a final osti
nato of the wheat crop ol the United States
for 188 J. . , : c
Figures tas d on offichl rojkta made .with-
n .1 few days Jjy the state agricultural depart-
nents and statistical agents of the dilfeient
statei nnd [ territories. The report shows tins
: otal piodnction of winter wheat to bo 3SO-
103,000 hjsheli ) , and thu total spring wheat
50,000,000 bushels. Total winter and spring ,
033,000,000 bushels. This makes a total
ield for the conntry of fully 23,000,000 bush
els more than over bofoie. Wo
irodnco KiO.OOO.COO luisheln moro than last
ear'c crops , and SOOOUJOO ( bushels moro
han the avciago crop for the live yeam
L'ho departments all agrco in regarding the
ina'ity ' to be superior , and where it has been
meshed they say tlio yield has moro than met
.iinir calculation" . This applies especially to
lie spring wheat sections of Iowa , .Dakota ,
Nebraska , Minnesota and Wi e3iiBin. Th
[ iiality ot spiing wheat was never better. The
piing wheat harvest has been later but , the
h.i wqathcr has been uioit favoiuble , anil
; rain is being e.irod for in excellent condi-
.Ion. The spring wheat yield for Iowa is
15,000,000 bnsliplH , NnbrsiHka 31,003,000. Tlio
vinter vvlvjut yield for Illinois ls3JUOO,000
jushels ,
WASHINGTON , D. C. , August 28 The fol-
owlng hiuclal | cxaminei-s of tl'o ' pension ollico
vcro iipiioiuted today under thu pension act :
lllnois , G. M. White , .las H. McCoy , D. H.
ilclntyro , ,7. F. Allison , W. H. Woodward ,
V. I. Fanlk. Iowa , S. W. McKldorv. .T. O.
ilcKen/.io. Nebraska. W. L. Vantlcrlipanil
i total of twenty-ntnu from thu other states of
lie union ,
Chnnnissionor Loiing of the agricultural du
i.'irtmeut , has ishiied a ciicular to collectors of
iiiHtoms , containing regulations for the impor-
itlon of neat cattle. J'hu rules laid down nro
ery stringent , and provide for ( strict qnaran-
no and ngid inspection of all imported uni-
, Minn. , August28. A frame
eiicinent on llast Side was burned today.
'wufamilioi including a number of children
iccnpied the upper aptrtments. All chil-
ronwero rehcued by JAIIICH Cnrraii , who
iircw them out of tlio window to ciowds bo-
nw. Two W'imeii [ limped to the ground and
fcaicd ( with slight ill j urea , Curran thinking
child wab still miHsing , and inching back
ute llaines and wax HO badly burnsd that ho
viil piobubly die , LOHS on building small ,
No Glioloru at DCH Molncs ,
DEI MOINKS , Aug. 2H , Word reached this
ity today that It was reported at ISap'oy [ and
'eisia on thu Milwankoo road , that them had
leen eaten of cholera in this tlty , Jt is n
al o rumor , tliero not being a ninglo case or
nything that could bo construed In that
I'/iuriiiaclHlK ,
MIIWAUKIK : , August 28. The American
'harameeeutlcal asHociatlon voted to meet thu
lecond Tuesday in September , 1885 , at 1'itts-
iiny. The day was devoted to discimuion of
Jay-Evc-Scc and Phallas Atlcmpt to
Beat Their Record
But Fall Fnr Short of It After
Several Attempts.
Phallas Only Succeeded in Mak
ing a Milo iu 2 ! 17 1-2.
Jay - Eye - See's ' Quiokoot Milo
Made in 2 ; 12 1-2 ,
But They Will Try it Again at
Minneapolis ,
Ollior Items or Interest In tlio "World
o ( Sport.
Grcnt llnccH Against Time.
NKW YOUK , Augiidt 28. The morning was
fine , wind light and the. conditions for fust
' 1'nrk favorable , 'llio
limo at 1'iospcct man
ageroffay Kjo Sco nnd I'halltn leporttho
track excellent and the trotters nro fit for
the task of reducing tha recoid. Kilwartl
Bithor will handle bath hursct. Ho i
specially coulidcnt that I'hlllas will lon-cr tha
stallion rocoid of 1:13J. ! : Thu trials will uot be
mndu until 3 o'clock or later ,
1'noiU'KCT I'AUK , August 28. Aftern wnim-
ingnp milo in 2:23 : , L'liatlas came up and
got the word for his fast trial , The wind
was against him , nnd 1'hallas was
liardly ready for the wonl. Ho went the
niartor in 35 seconds , the half in l:07j' : , thu
tliroo-quaiterrt In 1:11. : tlio milo in 2:18J. : An
other tiial will uo mano.
NKW YOUK August 23.Tho long expect'
ed tunl of .lay Kyo See and I'hallas to beat
, heir reco.-ds of 2 O/ ! ) / and 2 13 rjjpwtlvaly ,
took place today nt I'rosprct park , Brooklyn.
Tlio weather was delightful and attendance
i,000. Gnu of the judges paid the track hnd
been worked so much that ho thought the
elasticity hnd been taken out and Bltlurs the
driver said ho believed the track was not
quite ns good as Monday , but considered it
Fast When Phallns camu out for warming up ,
iio called forth inncn ndmiiatiou by his free
action. Pools sold 2o to 10 that ho would
not boat 2 15. Thu warming up milo was
nadu in 2 23j. Ho w.vs then taken back to
, ho stable , and after rubbing down wns again
inrncsscd to a foity cirht pound nulky. After
, wo attempts liithera nodded for the
word , and 1'hallas wont oil moving steady ns
clock-work. Ho was followed by his naming
nato hitched ton sulky. The first furlong
ivos slow , but Thallas seemed to warm up ax
lo'moved on. Passing the quarter pole , how
ever , ho caught wind , and his strldo i-eomcd to
ihorten , and Hearing the half it wns plain that
its record of 2:13J : would not bo approached.
[ n the stretch Ilitlierg did not force him , and
after ho had finished thu judges hung out
Jny KyoJSco wns now brought out and wns
-cceived with n round of applause. The wanti
ng heat wns given In 2:211. : Phallas then
nado n eccond attempt to benthisown lecord.
The qnirtor was tiotted in 'ML Midway ho-
.vvccn the quarter and the half ho broke nnd
settled quickly , but'nt thu upper turn wont
nto the nir again. Near the distance stand
10 made two or moro skips. The time of this
lent was 2:201. : Jny Kyo Scu was now
ishorud in for the ( irat nttoiupt to beat hia
record. Betting was oven against his beating
i:10. : and S75 to ? . )0 In favor of 2:11. : D.wo
Tedeonashis luuniug m.ite , hitcheltju
ulky and following a few lengths behind.
Thu first quarter vvnt. made in 33n. At
ho upper tinn the brct-zo wont wrong with
lim and he seemed to labor , The half wrs
lotted in 1:011 : ; three-fourths in 1.3"4 , and
homiein2:12i ! : : riiallas then tiotted a third
mat in 2:17i , breaking ns he crossed the v\iro.
I ay-Kye-K < 'o tiotted the necond licut in2ll : |
-uaiter,351l'alf | ; , liOSJ.tlircc-fouttlm , 1IOJ.
iitheia was very much disap-
iiiinti'd. After weiihiiig ho said
o the Assoc'nted 1'rcss conisondont | ) :
'This ' is lenible. 1 did not think it v\oud !
urn out us b.ul un tlilp , but the track \ \ as
vithnut ohirtlitity. It was nbsohitcly dead ,
ml it cupped billy. Pliallns p nticuUrly snf-
eied from the latter defeat , liesidu.i the wind
van dead against ns ,
Mr. Busby , when asked about Donncr'n
lUjing.lay-IIyo-Ste , said : 'That is al ] over
or the piesont Aland H , however , will bo
cc-pt in actlvo training and even i f. layKyo -
leo fails to beat her iccord now , the will In
wo or thieo weeks hcnco bo mnt to licat her
wn recoid1" Jiiy-J5yo-Seu and I'hallas leave
STo\v Yoik for Minneapolis tomorrow
101 n ing ,
SAHATOOA , August 28. Tinck dusty. Milo
-maiden thrru year olds Boreas won , Chi-
ook ilil , Norcna3d ; time , 1:15 : } .
M Ho and live furlongs nil iiges Sovereign
at won , Freda 2d , Clenaim 3 > 1 ; lime 2:5 : : i.
Milo and n furlong -all ages Kuclid won ,
laster 2d ; time , , 1:58J.
North American handicap steepln chase ,
nil courfco Jiovrrwyck won , scalper 2d , Dis-
urbuucoitd ; time , 5:31 :
HP. mum
Sr. LOUIH , Aug. W. The fall meeting of
Iio St. Louis jocky club , which wn ; to nave
pencd this nfternoun wus postponed on as-
omit of the ruin.
iiiuuiiro.N IIIACII : HACK.
BuianroN BKAOII , Aug. 23 , Tlio track i
n good condition. Tlmo-quarter milo nnn
vinnerHMnrklnnd won , Manitoba 3d , Hpar-
aeus 3 < 1 ; time , 1.17i' .
Milu and furloiifr , selling iillowaneos Kd-
vln A , won , .Jim Nrlson 2d , Ll//io Miller 3d ;
lino. lifi'Ji.
Milo and quaiter All ages Ars nlo won ,
, uvant2d , llemy B. 3d ; time , 2:151. :
Milo All ages Floionco Al , won , Bulls
lead 2d , Caniiioitd ; time , 1 : 15 } .
Seven fiirlongHMalilonn , all ges Periloiw
nm\ \ . Jennings i'd , J. W. Wliitu 3d ; time ,
Bteeplo chase I'lill course Mlcapitnn came
n first hut wai disqualified for running out of
oiirso , unil the nice was given to ( Jcorgo Mo-
L'nlloch , Cytlonu2J , Jtoliuk 3d ; time , 1:37 : .
Tlio Our ,
Wont'lMTKIt , MIIBH , , Angnst 28. The boat
eco between John McKay nnd Allieit Hamm
tor § 300 took plute in this cityonLaku ( , | uln-
Rigtmond. and nltrncted largo crowds of spec
tators. The rnco vvas over the old college ro-
gctla course , milo and a ha f nnd tctin-n , fully
tliroo miles , nnd wns won by McKny In 2 = 12.
llnso Halt
At Bo'.lon ITnionsfij Wilmington i ,
At Boston. Boston S ; Detroit 0 ,
At New York. Now York 10 ; Clov eland 2.
At Now Yoik. Athletics r > ; Brooklviu I.
At rhiladclphliruiadclpiliai 0 ; Muffnlos
'AlSt , l'Aiil.-Hl. 1'nnl 7 ( Minni > ajoll 3.
m At Imliannpolix , Indianapolis Louisville
Atllaltimorc.Bnllimoro 5j Molropolltins
At lltchnnmd. Virginia 0 ; Alloghany fi.
At lYuvidcnco. I'rovldonco G : Chicago I.
A K1G11T l''OK Sl'OIIiS.
A IJloody lUttlo for onico In n Mcxl-
can Itordor Toxvn.
Special Dispatch to TUB Br.K.
PiKiniAS NKQIUVH , Jtox. , Angnat 29. The
report is cm rent hero , backed by lollablo testi
mony , that u n torrillia fight is in progress nt
Kio Orniido , a town of 1000 inhabitants , about
forty-live inllai rnst of hero , on the Itlo
firande. Local politics have been at fever
heat notno wceka. The present
crisis is owing to the disputed election of
n judge. Three men 1m o been killed nnd
a nunilxT wounded. Ono party ii strongly
intrenched and both sides commanded by
otllci'M of experience formerly , of tlio Mex
ican army. A majority of the inhabitants
of the town nnd a great number of sur
rounding riinchora nro In the light. Troops
have left Los Yogas for the sccno of the dis
turbance , ( iront excitement prevails hero and
no doubt Is expressed of the truth of the state
ments fmnished.
Now HninpMliIro Votcrnng ,
WIKIIN , Aug. 28. General Sheridan had a
most unthutinxUa reception hero upon the oc
casion of his visit to the encampment of the
Now Hampshire Yotcrnu association. Can
non boomed forth hia nrrivnl , bands plnycd
"Hall to the Chief , " and from fifteen thous
and threats : went forth a welcome cheer.
General Sherldnn made the following short
address in rcsponso to the wnnn greeting :
Comr.ulos I have heard that cheering { to-
fore , 1 did not come to make a speech but to
meet yon all and get close to you again , I
am proud of the troops from Now Hampshire
who fought under mo in thu war nnd of those
comrades who served by mo , I havu always
retained for thorn thu tondorost soiitimcnU of
Friendship. I cimo to this reunion to sea and
ehnko hands with yon all , anil the talking
must bo done by the governor and others who
como already primed. I am glad to sea this
gntheting. It Is very interesting to mo nnd I
will bo glnJ to see all who will call upon mo
it the elect ) of these oxorlsos , I thank yon
[ or your kindness nnd will always retain the
memories ol this occasion.
At thu close Sheridan was loudly cheered.
Iio wa followed by the orator of the day , Mr.
Hay ncs ,
The Pioneer Missionary of Gnlltornln ,
MO.NTKKKY , Cain , , Ang. 28. The Him-
dreth anniversary of the death of Padre
Dunlpcrosorra , the pioneer Catholic mis
nions of this state wns celebrated today with
all the imposing ceremonial observances of the
Koman Catholic chinch. The llluitrlous
chnrchmant lorn nt Mnjorca. At the
ngo of 11) ) ho took the VOWH of the Franciscan
order. Ho came to Mexico in 1750 , whore ho
remained seventeen years. Ho wits then np-
icinted president of all the missionniios of
lower California , Ho eamo to upper Cnli-
'orni.i in 170U , and settled in this place In
[ I'i70 , whoio ho founded the San Carlos mis-
hlon and caused to bo erected llio San C'arloH
nonnstciy. Five thousand visitors vvero
ircsoiit ,
A Kciluctlon In Ciittlo Slilpnicnt
Cini'AUO , 1)1. ) , August -Soniothiug of 'a
eiiHation was caused today by the receipt of netter
ettor from CommmMimer Fink to joint agent
Moono , of the eiist bound freight jtonl , author-
zing reduction in tlio rate on c.ittl'j to twenty
1'iiln per lunulnil , tlio former latu bolng thir-
y cents , and on diessed beef to 32 , former
.ite 18 , The cuuso ausignod it tliat'sonio lines
n the pool have been cutting rates and it was
bought best to teach thu nlTi ndera u lesson ,
Complaints of cutting on grain and hay pro-
iuctarc also ficqiu'iit.
Only Ono AVcck'H HiiHpontjIon of Coal
Spicial Dispatch to Tin : Bcu.
NKW YOUK , August , 28. Wnll street has
eon full of conflicting reports respecting thu
irobablo Rtisi > enslon of mining operations next
ninth by the coal companies. President
Sloan of the Laekuwanna says there is no
ruth in the leport that the coal companies
1'iviinyiecd to tuo necks' KiiBpeiihiim m b'ep-
emlx.T. Only ono week's suspension has been
Ictidcd iiMiii. | There is no danger of a rupture
nthoconl combination ,
'IIio Vets at
CIIIOAO.O , August 28. Tlio lennion of vot-
ran soldiers and s.dlors of the Northwest was
nueli interfered with today by rain , but in
.ho . ufternoon , when ( ioncial Logan visited
ho ciimp , there were about six thousand pen-
iio present. Legan was generally cheered ,
Jonsllerab ( ; < ) interuHt was maiiifestod In thu
soiiipetitivo drill for militia companies ,
L'liis livening tlio "night attack on Fort Mulli
gan" took pluco.
Tlio Union 1'aulllc.
Deci l Dispatch to Tim BKI : .
CiiK'Ano , August 28. Chailes Francis
Adams , president of the Union 1'ucilic , today
said the biiHlncss of the road was goodlinnd
the outlook piomising. Ho said tlieru was
10 change In the relations of the Union Pncilio
with thu Central Pacllie. Thu two companies
( irefriendly and woiking in haiinony ,
Tlio Xnnla Hank Hnlil lo bo all Itl ht
WAHIIINHTON , Aug. 58. The comptroller of
.lie curiency IIJH received a telegram from
Dank Examiner 1'MIIs enylng that tlio nlfaira of
thu Keeond National bunk uf Xonia , Oliio ,
were not HO bud as represented and ho has
caioiis to believe it will meet nil domamlii ,
J'ho comptiolliT says there does not appear to
, o nny ncccHHlty for n iccoiver.
L at Anotlior Fair ,
INIIIANAPOLIH , Ind. , Aug. 28-Gov. Hfii-
drieks will attend the Ohio State Fair at Toledo
edo , Sept , 1st ,
The Slate of Traflc in Cattle ani
Grain at Chicago ,
Wheat Unsteady , and Closing 3-4
to lo Under Yesterday.
Oorn Weaker f" Trading Gen
eral ! ' W iot ,
Oats Eulo Firm * Pork Shows
ILittlo ; * go ,
A Good Demand 1 ] ittleofBost
Gra (
Hoga In Fair Donmnil , But Prices
Finally AVcalccr.
Special Dispatch to TIIK UEF
CIIICAOO , August 28. There wns n stronff
openlug on 'change this morning , but prtcci
pindually receded , and closing transactions la
wheat for the day \vcro lie under the top
prices of the day.
Tradiug during the first half hour was very
active , ami October option roeo to82jjclbut
only n few trades were made nt the highest
point. Then a decline of 1 to Igc followed.
At tha decline the market ruled quiet , rallied
tjc , nnd closed on regular board J to Ic under
yesterday. On afternoon board prices again ,
fell oil Jc , closing nt 70J for September , 81 for
October , 82S for November , nuil 81 for December -
comber , Kcccipta of wheat hero today wcro
lonpcr , but nt some of the othnr western
nmrkets , the receipts show n falling oil.
ruled weaker , and trading WAS only moderate.
Thu market nt times was very quiet. Rc-
celjits were larger and the market weaker ,
quickly declined 8 , rallied J , then sold off to a
point Ic under yesterday , and closed within 3
of inaido prices. The weakness In wheat and
the rnlny weather had some effect on corn.
On the afternoon board prices again rccoedocl
1 to j | , nnd market closed nt 51 § for Septem
ber , 493 for October , 4DJ for November.
rnlcd firm throughout , closing nl 23i foe
Angnst and September , nnd 2Gj { for October.
showed little change , closing at 27 CO for
August , 19 00 for September , 18 00 for Octo
ber nnd 12 C7i for jcar.
ruled a ehado easier , closing nt 7JO for August
and Septombar , and 7 CO for October ,
Tncro wns n good demand for the bo it na-
livoe , which sold quick nt strong prices. Second
end clues were rather neglected , but Bold
equally ns well as yesterday. Native grasbcrs
vvero Blow , Int no lower , hpre were heavy
receipts of Texnns and territorial range stock ,
with sales at about yesterday's prices.
Stockcrs and feeders wcro scarce , and demand
slow. Covva nnd bulls were scarce , demand
fair. First class natives were U CO to 7 00 ;
second class , C 50 to C 25 ; common , 5 25 to
n HO ; cras'ors , 3 8" to C 00 ; cows and bulls ,
225 toil 25 , foedora. 350 to-I 25 ; stackers ,
3 00 to 3 CO : good to choice shipping , 1,200 to
1I50 : pounds , C 'JO to 0 CO ; common to medi
um , 1,000 to 1,200 pounds , 4 00 to 5 SO. Ilnnga
cattle brisk nnd stronger ; Montanns , 1,1501 bo ,
; > 30 ; Montana Texans , 1)95 ) pounds ) , 4 75 ;
Montana Texans , 9'J7 iiounds , 4 72J ; Wyoming ;
1051 pounds , 4 50 ; Wyoming , 1U02 pounds ,
1 20 ; Moutami COWH , 1,011 pounds , 3 OU ; Wyo
ming Tcxans , 910 pounds. 4 00 ; Wyoming1 ,
1,131 Iba , 4 50 ; grais Texnns , 700 to 100H Iba ,
3 3U to 1 05 ; wintered Texnns. 40 0 to 4 ? C ,
ShipncrH vvero out in full force
nil secured about all the best.QMixed and
uediuin made little or uo advance , culling at
! 25 to ( ! 50. Light sorts neglected and slow
tit 5 75 to 050 : grasseis , dull 500 to 050.
i'ovvard close prices vveto rather weak , and
Balcsmcn who ( lid not accept pilccs early in tha
moinlnghad to take lois at noon , There
were fewer left over than Wednesday , tha
maiket closing quiet at thu weakness noted
abovo. Light 150 to 200 pounds , 5 75 to 0 55.
Adara'ti Fall.
WATKIITOW.V , August 58. A largo portion
if the bmino/'n part of the village of Adams
unrned tliismorning.Iticluding fourteen ttoreff ,
AdaniH collegiate institute , many law nnd
other ollicca. Loss S2CO 000.
W' '
V VJ -
\ :
. Dana Hay
ton ; M. Dclnfonlnlnc , of Clitcngo ; and
Jtode , MIIw nuUee. Never sold iu bult.
287 , \Utw
recognzee "i. -