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News of the Day in Lanfls BoyoBfl
tbc Sea ,
Progress of the Attack at Fee
Wolseloy Goas to Egypt to Plan
the Eeliof of Khartoum
A Keqiuest For Canadians to As
sist Him ,
A Eumered Alliance Between
Franco and Germany ,
Other Notes From tlio Other Sltlo of
the World.
XhoWarln China'
LoN'DON , August 27 Uispatchcs oflo [
day from Shanghai , to loutor's agency says :
The French loss in the bombardment of Fee
Chow was Eoven killed and 14 wounded. The
Chineselman of war , YangWan was exploded by
a torpodoaftcrit'firedivbront'sidonttho French
torpedo bonl , The boiler of the latter was ex
ploded by hand grenades thrown from the
Yang Won nftor which the boat sank by the
Volta to prevent being captured by the Chi-
neso. The i'ronch expected to occupy the
heights commanding the I'agodn anchorage.
It is reported that seventy-five thousand Chi-
ucso troops are in the vicinity of Fee Chow.
According to reports received at Sontag , 8,000
Chinese troopa Invaded Tonrniin , and had
nn engagement with the French. In this battle -
tlo it is asserted the French were annihilated ,
while several thousand Chinese were killed.
LONDON , August 2" . The Times' Fee Chow
dispatch , dated yesterday , says : There has
been heavy bombardment of the Miustnn forts
by the French iloet since daybreak this morn
ing. The forts are believed to have boon si-
Icncad. No attack has been mndo on the Kin
3'ai forts.
Ho.vo , August 20. The French out
ward mail bout stopped here to-day and trans
ferred her malls to a neutral atoamer.
An immediate attack is probable on Woo
Sung , in order to clear the entrance to the part
of Shanghai.
PARIS , August 27. It is Pemi-olTicially nn-
nouncnd that Admiral Courbet lenve.s the
Min river and will occupy Formosa , which
will remain in the hands ot the Kroach until
China pays the indemnity demanded by
LONDON , August 27. _ Circles interested in
commercial relations with China are debating
the advlsibility as presenting n memorial to
Karl Granville , secretary of foreign affairs.
This would urge the foreign department t
co-operate with America and Germany in icp-
resouting to Franco the serious injury which
will ba inflicted on trade by interfering with
Chinese treaty ports.
1AB1S , Aug. 27. An official report from
tno bombardment of Foo-Chow Saturday , was
received from Admiral Courbot ns follows :
Foo-CHOW , Sunday Morning , Aug. 21. A
good beginning has been mado. Wo opened
riro yesterday nnd in four houra 0 Chinese
men-of-war and 12 junks pank , nnd the Krupp
battery commanding the arsenal was silenced.
Our loss is ( i killed , 27 wounded , The licet
sulieicduo serious damage except that tha
boiler of a torpedo boat burst. The Chinese
losses arn heavy. During the night the fleet
was beset by burning wrecks ami logs. The
torpedo cutters will cloir all this away to-day
and afterwards wo bomqard the araonal. Wo
hall not leave hero before the 'JUtb or 30th.
Ono of our torpedo boats sank a largo
Chinuao cruiser. The vessels which took
patt iu the action were the Volta ( which
noistcd my flag ) the Dtigaay , Trouin , Trium-
phantu , Villars , Destaing , Aspict , Lyn and
Vispore , with two torpodj boats. 1'rivata
telegrams received in London report the Chi
nese forts on the Min river are holding out
well against the Frunchlbombardment. The
French gunboats are still iniablo to pass down
tha river. Chinfiso authorituj are confident
of the stngth of the forts'
PAULS , August 27. The minister of the
marina telegraphs to Admiral Courbet the sat
isfactiou ( if the government nt tlio brilliant b -
L'iuuing of the campaign in China and wishing
him success ,
LONDON , August 27. All newspapers ap
prove the dispatch of Gen , Wolsoloy to Kgypt
to asHiimo chief command of the troops there.
The official announcmont of his appointment
enye : "Preparations which have been in
progress eomo weeks for the expedition up the
Nile , resemble in a great decree thee adopted
in 1870 for the 1 ted Hivor expedition , wnicli
gave \Volselay an experience which no other
ollicer possosao ? . Tliern is seine reason to
hope that Mai. Kitclmer'.s mission to Don.
gola will shortly afford moans of opening
communication with Gordon again , but tlio
government nro of the opinion , having regard
for the approach of the cool beason , that no
timu should bo lout ,
CAIUO , August 27 Major Kitchnor tele
graphs from Uongoln that a spy brought in a
jeport that Gordon gained agioat victory over
tha rebels Augtut 11. Two rebal leaders wcro
killed in th engagement.
OTTAWA , August 27. The gover nor-gcncrn
has been ordordd by tlio homo government to
hocuro the hervicos of liOO Canudiau voyager.ito
go uj > the Nile to the relief of General ( ioidon
at Khartoum. Tha class of men lequired are
tlioso whoso constant occupation has been run
ning limber on the Canadian rivers , They are
needed to take ilal-bottom boats up the Nilu
and In milling portages around tlio rapids , and
will Imvo to sail from Queheo tlio ICth of .Sep
tember. It N inlonded to take UQO mon from
thu Ottawa district ,
The governor-gor.oral has written to Iho
militia department asking for ths names of
Boinu militiit officers whoso services can bo ob
tained to take chnrgo of tha contingent Caun-
dlan voyagers that will ho sent to tha relief of
C iI'AiUH. August 27. The trial of the direc-J
torj of tha bumpia Lyuns et Lolawlilch {
failed two or three year * ago , was concluded [
to-day. M , Savony the ox-deputy , nnd at on
time under secretary of otate wns sentenced ti
five yoaM In prison , fined 20,001) francs and t <
Bulfcrsuspeusiou of his civil nnd politica
ights for ten years. M. X.ilcnski , manager
was sentsnced lo five inonlhs In prison nm
fiuod 8,000 francp , Thi rent wore only finci
amounts ranzing fnnn 1,000 to 10,000 francs ,
M , Savony , chief offender , has fled llio coun
Sr. I'BTKUsiiuiin , August 27. The ministry
marine has Issued to feveral now societies a
| > lan for n Russian polarcxpedition. The idea
Is to h vo several Inrga parties stnrt for
Jcnnotto Island , nnd jirococd entlrnlv on fool
acrois the ice , leaving largo depots of provis
ions in the rear. It la thought that there nro
many Islands iierlh ot .Jcanelte that can bo
VIIKNA , August 27. Tlio sugar trade in
this cily Is ceasing through n crisis. The
failure of the great firm of It. Wcinrich caused
a panic on the Bourse yesterday. The failure
was duo to a rush in speculation. A year's
respite was given the firm , nud it is hoped that
it will light itself. These interested in the
firm nro doing their utmost to support it.
LONIJON , August 27. Advices from Calcut
ta state that famine is inevitable , owing to
drought. The authorities nro taking no steps
lo provide relief.
LONDON , August 27. General Wolseloy will
slnit for Kgypt Sunday , nnd proceed to Cairo
t > assume immoiliata command of the forces in
Kijvpt nnd direct operations for the relief of
BERLIN , August 27. Germany has submit
ted n proposal to thu powers lhat Ihero should
bo at Suez a strict ( ptarantino f three weeks
For ships from cholera ports which passthrouch
thu canal.
I'AIUS , August 27 , Adi patch from Berlin
, o Mntlu asserts that the France-Gorman alli
ance is arranged Frnaco to obtain certain ter
ritory on condition of not opposing Germany's
claim to two ports on the North sea. Both
countries ara to assist cash other in acquiring
CONSTANTINOPLE , August 27. An under
secretary of foreign alfaira is under arrest for
using seditious Inugunge.
THI : ui'FEcr OP Tin : WAU ON INDIA.
LONDON , August 27. A Calcutta dispatch
says the war between China and Franco thus
: ar had little if any effect on Indian trade or
the money market. It is bcliuvod the elfect
will bo only light unless prolonged.
BEIU.IN , August 27. The fever from which
the 1'rincess Victoria , wife of Prince William
of Prussia , is sufTerinpr from continues with
unabated severity. The princess passed a
restless night.
. . ' ' . .
LONDON , August 27. Advices from Madeira
state that Derko Nachtigal , special German
commissioner for the west coast of Africa , had
annexed the coast line south of Cumoroons
river as far as Bnlloona. Ho also hoisted tlio
Glerman flag at Thellmba and at Little and
Great Botausea.
LONDON , August 27 , Gladstone started for
Edinburg today. Ho wns greeted by largo
crowds nt the railway stations. At Warring-
ton Gladstone addressed the puople. llo
said the government would do its duty , but iu
a considerable national issue the crisis of tha
isuo depended upon the action of the conn-
try. At Kdinburg preparations ate made for
a grand welcome oftuo prime minister.
BKHUN , August 27. A meeting of thothreo
nnpcrors , each attended by his prmicipal mill-
btere , has been definitely arranged.
WARSAW , August 27. The police of this
city have posted placards in public places , an-
louncing that Iho c/.ar will airivo nt tha end
of the month , and giving the people permis-
ion to decorate and iUuminata the houses on
ho occasion.
CAIKO , Aitstust 27. General Wolseloy's np-
lointment is due to the Rtalemont Hint ( Jeiitjr-
il StepliRiison's present plan of the campaign
via the Nile is impracticable.
BERLIN , August 27. 1) . K. Couriel will re- <
.urn tomorrotv from his conference witli Bis-
narclc nt Vurzlii. His visit followed the invi.
.atiou given at his own reipiost and the great
est Kignilicnnco is attached thereto as nlfucting ,
; ho 1'iiinco-Chinoso difficulties.
PAULS , An ? . 27. Lo Paris' Berlin corro-
pendent attributes the attitude of Germany
ownrd JCngland and France to Germany's deigns -
igns upon Holland. Lo 1'ans has leasous to
iclievothat China will notd clare warngainst
France. M oasnros will bo taken , the paper ,
says , to provision the French fleet in event of
Cugiiah ports being cloaed , aud the French :
vill work the ininq.s at Kclung until China
iayn the indemnity demanded.
BRUSSELS , August 27. Tlio Burgomaster
las issued nn orper forbidding clerical moot-
ngs the Hame day ns libernl mootings.
E.verciHlnf * the Navy.
NKWl'ORT , Aug. 27. The president carne :
ashore this morning with Secretary I'lnllips
and M'easrs , IMIlloriiud Tiffany and made sev
eral calls. At ten o'clock the north Atlantic
quadi-on got under way and proceeded up the
Kty where the torpedo experiment und mun-
itivois took place ; the president going on the
Jisjiatch nnd Secretary Chandler on the Al-
ntrois , Tha exorcisoa will last Hovcrul hours.
To-morrow there will bo exercises nt the tor-
> edo station , . '
A Nest of Anarchtata llaldcd.
BKIINK , Auguit27. The palico yesterday
aided the houses of certain well known anti-
chists lu this city , and made suvoral arrest ) . '
? hey secured n iitock of highly inflamatory
ilacards ready for posting. The Swiss govern-
ncntol dcnouncos thomoasurui of increased
tringcncv euforcod against the anarchists.
Duo HillH AVnn't Do.
Nr.w YOIIIC , August 27. < Tudio Wnllncoto.
lay in the United States circuit court , decid- ,
d the caaoof M nrlow vs. The Texas < t Pacific
ailroad , that the coinjiany must pay Its Inter-
hi in cash upon income nnd land grant bonds .
or 1882 and 1883. The case Involvoi SiOO , '
LENOICE , Ark. , Aug. 27. Todny Joe Bay-
ml , colored , aged 18 , wan huog in the presence - .
once of three tliou and people for raping a '
white girl named J then , nged 11 , In .lunuary
last ,
State oftbo Grain and Liyc stock
Marmot at Chicago ,
The Market Exporionoos aud In
fusion of Lifo ,
The Grain List Rises an Olosos
Strong ,
A Similar Movement m the Live
Stook Market ,
A Day of Good Sales and Good
Prices ,
L'nrlr , However , Obstinately Itciniilna
nt Old Figures ,
Glilcno Markets.
Special Dispatch to TIIK BKE.
CHICAGO , August 1.7. A great deal of lifu
was infused into the wheat market to-day , and
other cereals also were more tlmii usually active -
tivo lu sympathy.
Speculative trading iu wheat wns on n rath
er extended scale , and there was a marked increase -
crease iu the amount of outside business , The
feeling was stronger and prices higher , influ
enced largely by a reported decrease in the
visitlo supply , the New York statement ehow *
ing oven n larger reduction of stock than did
the Chicago statement. The Chinese war
news also scorned to hnvo soiro ollcct upon the
course of the market. Marly trading was nt
nn advance of jj to i'c ' , then cased ort i to fie.
then rallied , and cloned on the regular board
? to le over yesterday. On the afternoon
board the feeling was again stronger , nd
trading progressed nmld considerable excite
ment. Va ties rose J to gc , the market closing
at OJc | for September , S2J for October ,
83Jc for November , and 85e for December.
was in fair demand and mlcd stronger. The
market opened j@Jc higher , then declined ? ©
lo under free offerings , but rose again and
closed JCjc ? nbovo yesterday on the _ regular
board. Ou the afternoon board prices ad
vanced : } @ 3c , closing nt 53J for August , 52jj
for September , 50 for October , and I ( > i for
ruled strong and higher , closing nt 2jij for
August , 2JJ for September , and 2GJJ for Octo
was unchanged for the year , which closed nt
12 75.
was stronger , closing nt 7 EO for'August and
September , 7 02i for Octobei.
There was an active demand for all sorts.
Prices ruled a eluido higher all around ; first-
class chipping and export cattle ( i BO t7 00 ,
fiecond class 5 fiOto ( i 25 , rrasscrs 3 7 > to1 00 ,
cows and bulls 2 25 to 3 20 , stockera 3 20 to
3 80 , feeders 3 75 toI 25 , Toxaus 'i 40 to 3 3D ,
Montana and Nebraska Toxaus 3 75 to1 80 ,
good to choice shipping , 1,200 to 1,300 pounds ,
j 00 to G CO ; common to inodjum , 1,000 to
1,200 pounds 25 ! to 5 75 ; inferior to fair cows ;
- ' 20 to 3 00 : medium to good , . ' ! 00 tu 3 ! )0 ) ;
range cattle , ftiiner at 2 08 ; Wyoming , 1,108
lonnds , ! S. " > ; gra s Texans , 700 tolCiO pounds ,
UO toID ! ; Americans 00 to 5 25.
There was a sharp demand for the best.
Heavy to' strong , lOc higher , best making
-lOfefi 50 ; 1'hUadelpliias , 0 ( i5 ; medium , ( i OU
@ 0 20 ; common gr.-merrt. fi 50@5 75 ; light
orts were not wanted and slow , making ( i CO
@ (53j ( for the beat , G OOf"1.1) ) 50 for graanors.
flarket closed steady , with fewer in the pens
unsold than for any day this week ; light , 150
o 210 Ibs , 5 75@ .00.
"Whoso Head IH In Dauber ?
WASHINGTON , August 27. Under llio con-
rncl for furnishing postollico envelopes ro-
ently annulled by tbo postmaster-general ,
md previous contracts , envelopes supplied
vero required to bo of certain exact dlmun-
ions. It appears upon investigation that tin-
sizes rsqulrod were difTurcnt from tlioso kept
n stock by the cnvclopo manufacturers in gen- The elfoct of the requirement was to
irovont the great bulk of manufacturers fioiu
jiding upon tlio proposals , IH uxtunclvo and
ostly changes in lh > ir machinery would bo
required for the mnnnfacturo of nizos which
would not bo warranted by the profits from the
inntrnct fnraeinglevoar. Therosullnt the last
etting was to limit the number of bidders to
six firms. To obviate this difliculty the pro-
) oaals just Issued for the supply of UICHOCII-
velopes provide that Mzos tnuv l > o slightly lar
ger than llio dlmontloiH given hut no smaller ,
.hus allowing all manufacturers to compute
'or the contract. The Critic says : "It i sorl-
usly intimated that collusion cxUted in Urn
xMtollico department witli the contractors ,
md that Postmaster-General Grcshnm is at
STowport to consult with the president bo-
'oro taking final action in the promises , ami
t is not improbable that the Iiuud of a promi
nent postollico official will roll in the biukct. "
WASHINGTON , An ? . B7. The Swain comt
narlliil is postponed until Novumliur 15th , us
ho chief counsel for the accou-t'd it uiiablo to
ippcar before that time ,
Theconiptroller telegraphed to thu hank
'xainlniT to take jchurgo und upo'i
rho condition of tha Xuniu bank ,
Highway CoiiiiiilHslonarH ol Illlnoln ,
SrniNopiiai ) , III. , Aug27. At thu meeting
f the highway commiHftiowr } , state conven-
.Ion , which assembled in Springfield on the
2d of last April , it wai ordered that thu con
tention would meet a ' .iin ut the aforesaid
ilnco , 'it such tinio in may bo fixed upon in a
c.tll of the ( permanent executive commtltoo ,
nnd naiil committee were authorized t.i call n
meeting of the convention accordingly. In
pursuance of such authority , Raid committee
hnvo called s id convention to meet nt Spring.
Hold on Wednesday , Sept 21th , at 10 n. m ,
The member * of said convention will consist ol
0110 deli'giUi'from each boardcotnmlRsloucKi oil
highways iu towns In conn tic * under township -
ship organization , to bo eolcctcd by the com
missioners , ami ono from cnch hoard of comity
commt siouorn in counties ot under township
organization , to bo npixlntod by said board ,
The several committees of tha convention ro
requested to moot at the State- homo in
Springfield on the day before thn coincution.
Arrangemcnta will bo maJo with the nevcral
railroad * lending lo Springfield to carry dele
gates to nnd from the convention nt half furo.
JJy older of the committee. ( Signed )
II. A. STKVKNS , stcrotnry.
Tlio Xnrf.
Track heavy Tlireo-quartors mlle for two
year olds Troubadour won , I'ogusus 2d , Till-
lymnn.1iltimoi:184. : :
, nil ages ilond heat llel eon Soyor.
uipn , 1'nt and Hcochcrbrook , DOMIO 3d ; time ,
1:17. 1'uwo divided.
Three-quarter mile three year old lion-
winncM Annlosto won , Lnrnmlutn ! ! d , Inspector
specter 3d ; time , l:18i. :
Mlle nnd nn eighth -OcorRo I * , [ won , I
obo and IJlnntou ran dead hoht for second
place ; time l:0o.
nmaiiToN unACii HACEC.
UIIIOHTON lUuaii , August 27. fast
three-quarters mile nil BRIM lion Thomp-
KOII won , Col. Morris 2d , Harriet 3d ; tnno
IslSJ.Mllo nnd n quarter fiellhi ( ? nllownncoi
Logan won , Jim Carlisle 2d , Tony Poster 3d ;
Iron I'ler handicap mile all nges Little
Fred won , Marsh llodon 2e , Lady Loud 3d ;
lime 1M II. , .
Milo and furlong-nil agesMus ; Browslor
won , Bnrnoy 2d , Wave o1 Light 3d ; tnno
' Savon furlongs maidens-all ages Adonis
won , .TannottnTiido 2d , Yorktown Sd ; tlmo
1 : 821.
llurdlo rnco milo nnd iv half six hurdles
Nimblefimt won.'Compnnlon 2d , Charley Ba-
dcr 3d ; tinio 2:53J : ,
llAliTKOHD , Conn. , Aunust. 27. The fourth
day's races at Charter Onk pork opened to-
"first raco-2:23 class-King Wilkes won ,
Judge Linvis 2nd , Butterfly 3d , Walnut , 1-Jnrl ,
Cornelius nnd Bessie wcro drawn InJ0x d'a '
tancud ; time , 2:211 , 2 32o5 : nW o,2o.
" ' -
'Clnss 2:28 : purse 51,000 divided llolf
won , Little Dako 2d , Uollo Shaokett 3d , Ham-
blotonian Last , fourth , Polly B nnd Windsor
Mdistiiucod ; time , 2:201 : , 2:25 : , 2:25 : | .
While the pacers were exercising on.tho track
for the 2:17 : class n serious accident occurred.
.fames Golden was driving I'rinccss down the
trrick , and "Knapsack" McCarthy was driving
GoorRoG. up tha track. Both were goimr nt
n rapid pnco on the homo stretch when they
tried to pass each other. Bnth drivers pullc.d
in the eamo dircction _ nad the result was
the horses ciimo in collision. Botli
horecs wont into the air , and foil flat on the
ground. George G. got on his feet and walked
n yard or two nnd fell dead , Princess was fa
tally injured. George G. was buried within
the grounds , in view of tha people , and the
haml playing n dirge. George G. win owned
by Frank llussell , of Boston , nnd had a 2:17
record. Princess wns the property of linns
Penn , of Pitlftburx , nnd had n record of 2llt : | .
Hach was vnlued nt about ? ? 5,000. , McCarthy
driver of 1'rincps ? , wai t hi own from his sulky
and sprained hit ankle. Tlio disaster loft but
two pacers to compote , ixrtl nfter Bussio had
taken the 1st hont and Lor'uo the L'J nnd 3d ,
the race had to be poutn ZL'till tomorrow on
account of darkness. The time of ho..ts paced
wns ! : % ' , 15:20 : ? , 2:2CJ. :
KAUINI : , Wis. , August 27. M r. Case
authorized the followiug stntenicnt with rof-
ereiico to various rumors that have been afloat
is to Homier or any ono else buying Jay Kyo
See : "No ono has nn option from mo to buy
) r authority to soli Jny Uyo See. Ho is not
'or sale. "
HAiiTKoni , August 27. M nud S. ' reached
Uharter Oak nt noon in chnrgo of Hair. Slio
vill bo trained for an effort to lower her 2:0' : '
ucord before being retired from the turf.
OL'lio Oar.
IlAiiTronn , Aug. 27. The vinglo scull race ,
, wo miles with turn , and for n hundred dul-
art n eidc , bctv.'oen .f. U. Quilly of Spring-
iehl and W. J. Shea of this city , was won by
Shun by three lengths ; lime , not taken ,
I'riHtry without nutter ,
The American tie Ima buua aubjoct to
nero unjuac nbuso from foreign writers
; han any other of our distinctive ) pro
ducts , it'wo excupt , tlio recent tirade
against the American hog. And yet wo
cannot say that it liao boon altogether uu-
deaurvcd , because of llui villninoun com
pound , thick , hard and heavy , that in too
often to do duty aa a. "cruat , " nnd
ivhich by courtesy 5a called "pastry. "
Light , tender , flaky and digestible pio-
cruat and nil kindn of pufltry can bu made
nnst readily by the uao of lloyal Baiting
Powder without any butter , or with half
ilio usual portion , if preferred , or with a
small quantity of lard or other Hhorloniny
is desired , rio-cruut lliui made is inoro
wholoaomo and digestible , bcHidua more
economical and caaior rupnrcd. la ad
dition to oavlnt ; all the butter if desired ,
one-third the Hour ! M alsu dispcnflod with ,
aa the crust la rolled tliut much thinner ,
llio leavening qualiti",1 ! of the Key al
Baking Powder nwulling It to the requis
ite thickncaa. If drippings or lard be
used the Royal Baking Pov/dur removes
any unpleasant taste , rendering the crust
as short , sweet and pleasant aa if made
From the Jincst butter. Those -who
know thu appetizing qualities of the gen
uine hoino-inudo American plo will ro-
loico that by the uid of Royal ISuking
Powder in the pastry it can bo made
quitu aa diegoatiblu au . la delicious.
CINCINNATI , 0 , , August 2(5. ( Four inoinbcrrf
of thoLytlo Grays , looul military company ,
were dishonorably disrfinrgiid today for
- owardicn durlug tlio coiut house riot ln t
March , The cnon were tried heforo court
nurtlil. ( iovcraor Iloadluy itjijiroved the
Hlalno HUM Itucovorod.
BAH HAIIIIOH , Me. , An/uHt 27. Blaine
down bUiirj to-day in his usual health ,
Alted Discovery of a Cholera Casein
The Authorities Endeavoring to
Discover the Sick Man ,
Inhabitants of an Italian City
On Account of a Kumorofl Quar
antine ,
Dooroaso in the Death Bate at
Toulon and Marsollos-
Tlio Dlsuuao 1ms KvliTcntly Him KB
Kaco In ThoHO CltlCH.
Cholera nt Toronto ,
Special Dispatch to TilK BII : : .
Tono.NTO , August 1 ! ? . A local paper pub-
lisliod mi account of .llin arrival of a cholera
sttickcu iiuiniRrant in this city at an early
hour this morning. The individual was
( loathly si elf , and had symptom * of cholera.
HonUtod that ho arrived iu Canada by a
Kuropoau voasol , and came to Toronto by
train. Tlio hotels refused to admit him , and
when last seen ho wns looking for n doctor ,
There Is great excitement over llio report , and
the pitblia hoallh authorities aio making n
dillgont ( oarch for him. The laxity of quar
antine regulations in the St. Lawrence river
make It quito evident that Infected immi
grants could OIIHIj- ! lines thi-ougli from steam
ships into Laku Ontario ,
HOMK , AuRiist 27. A false ropoit ; ot
abroad in the Cirlta Vet-chin yesterday that
the government wns about to establish ip.'ar-
untino against thai city. This created excite
ment among tonrista mid vlsitorn of nil classes ,
Kightoou hnudrod persons of ! ! _ sorts , includ
ing even the hotel waiter * , bosoigcd the rail
way stations * nnd took freight trains by
storm. Kivo hom-s were pont In parsing over
the thirty-eight miles to Homo.
TOULON , AufUHt 27. Two deaths from
cholera hero Inst night. The condition of the
city Is improving ,
MAIISEIU.KH , August 27. No deaths from
cholera hero last night. The health olllcca
will close September 1st.
TUHIN , Aug. 27. King Humbert nnd Prinio
Minister Doprotis arrived yesterday at Busco ,
a city of 10,000 puoplo In llio province of
Cuciio I'iodmont. They vlsitod the cholera
patients at the hospitals and left § 2,000 for
their relief. Tha Italian peasants in the
cholera dialricls repel the doctors nnd jirofer
to trust in charms and superstitious obser
vance. The peasants are profound believers
Iu the powerful ollicleney of nrocossion. There
was a furious tumult yesterday ah Luco 1m-
cause the prefect prohibited n procession. It
wan necessary to call out the military to ( pilot
the disturbance. Several rioters were wound-
MAnsnii.Lia , Aeg. 27Tlio public sub
scribed 600,000 finncs for the cholera sufferers.
Tout.ON , August 27. No deaths hero from
cholera since morning. Two deaths from chol-
er.i at I.ourves today und one nt La Hoync.
Thorce rd of cholera in Toulon for llio Ul
liours ended tonight is , admitted , discharged
7 , deaths 2 , under treatment Jli
MliltHKir.LKH , August 27. Four deaths IK.TO
today from cholera ,
" KO.MI : , AuRiist 27. Cholera record In Italy
for the past twenty-four hours : Deaths
38 ; now cases 78. At Ln Spogia fur the pabt
thirty-six houra there wcro seventeen deaths.
of tlio liivostlK" " " " l t <
III IlllllolH ,
ClUC'Ano , August 27. The Broodorti Gn-
/otto will tomorrow publish llio results of tlio
invosllgallon as to the dixtilhulion < < f the cat-
llo sold by the man named Kplor hint winter ,
From which is supposed the recent cases of
plouro-pnoumonia origina'i-d. 1'urchanort
were miulo at that sale by M. 0. Clark , of
CJonova , Ills. , D. A. nnd S. II. Trip ] ) , of I'o-
oria , I'orlor YatoJ , of Spiiiigfleld , I'Vaiik ' ( Jus-
ton , of Normal , Bovlf , of Virginia , 111 , mid
Itnwlingn , of .InckHonvillo , li'rom UICHLinfcc -
Lion wna can led to thu lu'nl of Koofor at Sterling -
ling , 111. , ifnlm Uuyilnt Klmhurst , and O. ,1.
Bailer , at 1'ooria. In all these herds there
wns sickuoHH and thirty- two animals died or
hnvo boon killed bocaUBO nlfrutcd with plenro-
pneumonia , Of thosn which died before the
infection wns made ] > ubllc , the dincaBO was
variously stated as a Hoviiro cold , pneumonia ,
plcuro-iniommmla , lockjuw , ami hopatizutioa
of the lungs.
A conslduniblo number of other animals , ei
ther of tlii < oiiglnal herd or of UIOHO iufctituil
by thorn , hnvo been sick with thosymploms of
lung trouble , but rcco\orod. Dr. ranscn , state
veterinarian , loft for JCImhurtt to-day for the
imrpoHi ) of killing cilovc.n heaJ of cnltlu on the
farm of John Boyd , bolicvcd to bo affected.
The llrisode.ra'jiixetto ( oxprcMses a hnpa
thd vigoroiiH moaHiiios instituted will huvo the
elfect of ( tamping out tlio disease beloio it ho-
coiiion wiileHioal ] , butwarni cattle owners of
the necessity of vigilance und the prompt
ipiarantlno of suxpcctud nntmnlH for KOIJIO tiinu
to como , biicautifl of tlio Imtidloim natiiro uud
slow duviloinent : ] ) of this dixciiKO.
WAHIIINOTO.V , August 27. Dr. Salmon ,
chief of the bureau nf anlmul industry , hax
hubinitti'd a report to the criinmiiisioiior of
agrlculturi ) relulivo to thu invcHligntion of
plouro-piKMiinonla ainung ttm cattle ol Illinois.
Jliih'iH found eight cnxes in the vicinity of
Chicago , two near Sterling , four near I'ooriu ,
one near Springfield , two near Virginia nnd
ono nnnr JnckHonvlllo. A uiimbor of reported
can-s hnvo not yetbe n trucod.
Dr. Hulinoii further says : "Jt In impnsiiiblo
to getiixpvri'jnced men to nsilut mo without
moving them out from my work in New
York , and thin 1 do not want to do uulem
absolutely noccHh.'iry , Men who lutve had no
ixporlones with plouro-pnemnouln would
( III UHulOHH. IllinOJH llQH good I.'IWH
and the otato vcteilnurian mid * lho governor
will inane a proclamation on tlio ; uubject , and
direct the JRolntion of infrctod herds nnd tli
slnuphtfir of dieft cd animals ,
1 Khali soon direct niy attention to othir
states Iowa , Missouri nnd Kentucky ho
ti'celvod nnlmnls from llio Infnctoil henl * . I
telegraphed the governor of Kentucky a few
daysngo with regard to tlir > animals thai wont
there Vfv Imvo not been nblo to decide which
of the animals brought it lo the Virginia sale ,
but ouo that cnmo from Dye , of Ohio , won
sick from IntUmmatlon of the lungs. I sup
posed the troubla nt the tlmo to
have been thn roonlt of exposure.
This most llkjly tlio origin of llio ( liscn. e ,
nud if llio tuspiciun makes
the matter J tlll worio. Dntius Iyo is the
most axtcnitvo speculator In Jersey cows in
ths country , nnd has wilt cattle Into nearly
pycry lienl lu ihe wost. If hli iiont i In-
Ilictod the di < o.iso must liavo boon spread to
nearly every U\to in Ihouiiion , lnhall invo -
tignto UiU maltur ns snon 1x1 poasiblo , mid if
the infection is traced to Ohio will move nil
my men that will como. 1 thould consider
thii n last recoil. In the mcantimo 1 shall
Indulge with the hope thai Ihis will not prove
trim. I will itar positively this diioaso Is
not the re.Milt of * ciofula or exposure to Inclu-
ment weather or llkn OHUKCR. It Isconlngiotm
pleuro-pncumoulit , and I nm ju > l as ccitain of
it ns 1 nm that such a dUcnio minis. "
Actim ; Coniniiajidncr Carman Ims rofunod
llio request ot tlio AInb.uuacattlo linn to Im
port n number of Jersey cntllo for oxhibillou
nt the Now Orleans ux position.
nnd Other Coiu-
merolnl Troubles.
NKW YOIIK , Aug. 27. Sheriff Davidson has
tnkou pOMWiion of the Bnnkers' & EorchauU'
legrapl olllco on a judgment for Mr. Ihicb-
ling for $70,000.
NKW YOIIK , Aug. 27. The report wns clr-
luted today that the sheriff had taken pos
session of the Bankers' fi Merchants' Tolo-
prnph company on a judgment for $70,000.
Tlio mipcriiitc.udont of thu company snyn the
report Is untrno m > fnraa ho knows , I'reaidont
Dates , of tha United Telegraph lines , tinid hu
hnd no knowledge tif nlTnirs , but even if Into
it would in no wnycfTcct the working of tha
United lines ,
NKW YOIIK , August 27. The nhorliT today
took posesHion of the sain nnd ollico furniture
of the Banker * ' and Merchants' Telegraph
Company on a judgment for § 70,515 in favor
of John A , lioohlii.g & Sous , for wire fnru-
ithod. Tlio otlicurs of the tolcgraph compnny
say the nboVn story is not true. The Kveulng
Test says : "Mutters are now In nbnyanco , nnd
thu sale of the property will l > a delayed , ns It
is uxpected tlntt nHOtllemout will tnko placo.
The value of the property levied upon uudor
the execution is snid to bo Insiilliclcnt to eaaii-
fy the judgment.
CINCINNATI , Aug. 27. The Timos-Star
Xonia , ( O , ) npccial says that the Second nati
onal bank closed Its doors Ibis morning. No
particulars ,
I/ATCU. There wns n , run on the bank yos-
tor.hty , but the paymontH were mndu so
promptly that confidnnca was restored , and
ninny renewed thuir deposit * . The cashier ,
Ankonoy , has gene wivit. The bank to-day
IH lu llio hands ot an olliccr by the
comptroller of currency. No htitemontof Its
ooiulltioii is made yot.
Cnshinr Ankonoy had been engagnd
in grain tr.insnctinni with It. M .
Smart , to whom the bunk , through Ankcnoy
recently made largo advances. Smart t'avo n
mortgage tn KCCIUU tliU inonoj- , but the direct
ors were notified nml demanded Ankonoy's res
ignntion. Ho wont went next day. nnd this
caused tlw run of yesterday. The stock-
hplilurs nro rcFrtrdnJ | itHbolii ) ; nblo to moot nil
liabilities though llio uinouuc h not yet made
l > ubliu.
Niw : Yonic , Atisunt 27. The cor ospondont
of thn suxponiled Second National bank of
Xonia , Ohio , says the 6U9pcr.u'on will Imvo no
effect in ( inniicial circloa Jioru , Its nccountH
lure nro small.
Special Dispatch to IhoG lobeDemocrat. .
ST. .Tortin'ii , Mo. , Auunst 2. " . The wholesale -
sale drug Iiousu ofV. . It. I'i'nich it Co. wiis
today turned over to the preferred creditors
of the linn , roprcFOutlngaltngothornbnut SHy
000 of the IndobtpdnosH. The firm IH com
puted of Col. W. K. I'onlck nndhisBon-in-hiw ,
L. Hnritnon , of Omaha. Their cntlro lliibili-
tius lire about SliO.OdO ; niHoti not yet known.
Tlio failure is anld to bo owing to tlio presanro
brought to bcir upon the firm by Dr. Diilln ,
of this city. The liouso has been o.mharrnBHod
Hoycrnl years , but struggled manfully ngainst
Koveru oildii.
NKW YORK , August 27. Schodnloa in llio
insulvenl assignment of the firm of Howe k
Uenmiin , rnilluing materials , show the total
nctind liabilities to bo . ? ! I'J,00 ( ) . actual assets
LANOAHTEII , 1'a. , August -AKHiRiimmils
in bankruptcy were filed on account of Abra
ham Bitnor and llio Lancaster watch factory ,
lliliuir has been mnnagor and principal stock
holder of thn watch facto.iy , and n largo real
cntnto ownnr. The estate in heavily titicum-
buied. Linbilitiea of Iho watch factory consiKts
nf a mortgaged IndobtenoHS of § 50,000 , and
other diibts aggregating § 27,000. Tlio mana
ger claims to hnvo stock on hand which cist
Iho company SfiO.OOO , In addition to reul ostato.
The watch factory IHW had n prouirious and
unprofitable oxlstenco for cloven years. Over
$ IUO,0 ! 0 has been Invested in the concern since
i : , Pa , , AugtiKt 27.Tho com
munity was startled this iifternoon by Iho an-
noiinceinunt of the defalcation of Samuel Hob-
orlH , Into paymaster of Cliorlon 1'arriuli & Co. ,
coal operators. The amount is liotwoon ? 50-
000 mid S7ri,000. UubertH hai been the confi
dential clerk of Churlcx 1'arrish for twenty
yuan , llo IM widely known throughout thu
stito. Ho tninsferred his property , which in
cludes stock In the Hod Ann Coal company , to
1'arrinh , and the latter nuthoii/.cH Iho Anaocl-
ntfld IVubs to state that u Hcttlomont has boon
effected. ItoburU hml sunk Iho inomty in
hoiisolioldoxtravagancoii and rolluioiw objects.
llo was Hiiporintondcnt of a Siinday-echool ,
Iloruccntly re iKiicd all nflicos for the purpose -
pose of going lo Kuropo. ] lo Is prostrated uw
ing to tlio exposme.
ArrcMt of a IMurtloror.
ST. LOUIH , August 27. Tlios , .T. Chapman ,
the alleged murderer of Iho wealthy bachelor
farmer , Nicholas Huboit , near Charleston ,
111 , , v-iu urri.'ilod at Poplar Blnlf. Mo. , yes
tnida ) ' . llnln now en route for Cliarloaton Ii
ciiHtoily of deputy fhorilf'lohiiHnn , Chapmni
formiily lived nt 1'opliirJllulf. Hostartei
for that plucn , wharu his wife now is , Immedi-
u'/Jy after the killing of Hubert. Ho does
notackuowlcJi , ' . ) or dimv tha murder.
A Itnnkriipt. Country ,
CAIUO , Aug. 27. Huronrs are cnrront that
J2gypl has nutilled I'higlund that flh is bank
nipt xlno.i ynnlordayund miubhi to moot cur
rout exjicnses ,
Mil' in Uiimulti ,
TourHMoinII , AiiKUHt 27. Lleutonant Oreo
Jy lift for iMiiiilrcul to-dav to uttoud thttmcct
ing of the British
ThsOklahaiiiaBooDier Tell His Woes
to a Reporter ,
Ao Claims to bo a Muoh Injured
Man ,
The Oow Boys Wanted to Assaa"
sinato Hihi.
The Trials of a Sqna fc in
dian Torrit ) S4
' e-
( D
How tlio Military Autlio , . lltclnsctl
to Kccoent/.o Civil ere , '
Font SMITH , Ark. , August l { \.n associa
ted press reporter today visitcij tain D. 11.
L'ayuo and his Oklahama followers where they
ux ) held prisoners nt tno camp of Linutonant
Jackion nnd a detachment of the ninth catAl
ry in the Cherokee nation , opposite Pert
smith. Payne said :
'I first went to Oklnhamn- five years ago ,
when informed by able lawyers that those
lands wcro opened to white settlement , nnd
ocatcd a colony. Since then I have boon
uovcd sftvon or eight time * by the militia , I
pout last winter at Washington [ city and
earned the Cherokee outlet , was open to sot-
leiuont , nud thn title was not in the Chore
" : ces but in the United State * I
_ f five hundred and settled Itock Falls four
idles south of Hunnowoll , Kansas. General
latch on August G ordered us out. I told
ilm not to bring his soldiers ns wo were wili
ng lo go inlo court to have the question net-
, lcd , anil nskod him to lay the matter before
In secretary of war. Ho refused.
The next morning nix coinpaniofl of Iho
fliitli cavalry nrrived , accompanied by Indian
\Kont TuftH. nnd his clerk , n Chorokco Indian ;
irrestod J" . B. Cooper , editor of the Oklahoma
3hief , in charge of the colonists , nnd others.
Most of the mon were absent at the tlmo.
The cattle men nnd
and threatened to assassinate us. The cow-
joys toro down our ling to use for a saddle
ilnnhct , but Captain Moore secured It , and a-
ittlo pirl came to us with the flag wrapped
iround her , nnd ft pistol in her hand. We
voro taken to General HatchV camp and
lock Falls was burned. Wo wcro allowed to
ret our clothing nnd furniture bn Mr. Cooper
est some valuable papers nnd his clothing.
iVhilu nt General Hatch's camp I
or any place designated for trial if released ,
md ottered to put up fifty thousand dollars se
curity for keeping my word. But Gen.
iinith said his orders wcro to take mo to Fort
Smith , and ho intended doing BO. Deputy-
Marehal Williams served the writs on us , and ,
wanted to take UH to Wichita courts for trial.
Lieutenant Gardner , who was in command ,
refused to turn us over or recognize the civil
minority. About sixty soldiers guarded IH
an fur us the Clmnrron river. The olficorM
seemed to fear the cowboyswould'nttempt ' to
iiKuamuato us. Half the soldiers returned and
thereat are within. Wo want fo pot our ,
matter before the courts of tho- " country , for
wo believe wo have the right to locate homo- '
Htcads oa Ihoao lands , and intend to keep on
irying until the matter ia properly adjudica
ted. "
August 27. The fifty-fourth
innual meeting of the British Association for
ho Advancement of Science opens hero to-
lay. The weather is line nnd cool. It will
> o olio of tlio largest and most roprcsQiitatiru
nootlngs ever hold. At 1 o'clock the ireneral
committee met to nrrangu the business for the
association. _
GnrJioId'n Old Ilcglmcnt.
SANDUHKV , O. , August 27. The forty-sec-
oml Ohio , Gmfiold'H Kogimcnt , held a Reunion
it Lakcsido yesterday and today , and voted
, o moot there next year on the last Wednesday
if August. Since the death of Garfield , no
iretideiit hw : boon elected , the vica-presidont
iresidlcfr. About 200 me.mlxirs sutvlvo.
J.ipt. Hubbel of Cleveland U pre
idliiB vlco-prosldent and C. 1C. Hcnrjr , secro-
tury. No special action was taken thin year.
Letters were received from Senator Sherman ,
llenurnl Morpau , Mm. Gaifiuld , ex-Governor
Foster. Major McKinley , Amos TowiiBeml
md otlicrs ,
S1OOO , Given
Ifnluinoriiiiyiiijurloiis tiibsinuccacun L > 0 found
hi Androwii Jonrl JJalcliiK Powder. Is jxw.
\vnterfjV (