Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, August 27, 1884, Page 5, Image 5

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/ -Specials will Poaltlvelynot bo inserted
unless paid in advance.
TO LOAN-Monov.
MONK7TOLOAN tntumiot 1300. and upward
0. F. D vli and Oa. , Heal Estate nJ Lea
Aeents. 150S FtrntmSt. 838-tt
"IV'ANTBD At once , two Rood carpenlcr . In
I T quire At 1013 llarne ; St. MB 28p
T\TANTE1)-A chance for a jnu to gtt
> proodpitjlnjr. situation at 4Z1 80. ictli strict.
W ANTF.D-Oood girl for kitchen vtork. OooJ
wages 50t 1'lcrco street , cor. 6th. 43s-26p
lTANTED-DlJliwasher and IXnlnir room girl ,
> 101J Itarnty. 487 t |
17ANTKD A flrst-clasi barber. Good wagci paid ,
T raxton Hotel Bnrbtr tbup. 490-f-
WANTED-Wttlt r girls at the C nilcld House , at
once ,
400-20 |
" \\7'ANrKD Exiicrlcnccd salesmen to carry llncsof
T Women's , Misses nnd Children's Slippers , on
commission In the West , In connection with other
lines ol boots and Blioos. Hclcrcnccj required , Ad
dress "Slipper Manufacturers , " Havcriilll , Mass.
437 20n
" \\7"ANTED-Oood girl for general housework , 10th
T ) and Mason , Mrs. F. a. Buth. fiOlOp
WANTED-GIrl Immediately. Apply at 1814 ! )
TCDiiortstiott. 600-27p
TlMNTKD-Coinpctciit assistant In an olllco.ytmng
? I man with best of rclcrencei , and city acquain
tance. Address "Merchant" Bco ollico. 510 27
"TT7ANTEr > A Rood stout hotsofordcllverj wagon.
11 Address "A. " Bee ollicc , stating price mid
where can bu Been. 4S4-tf&
T\7ANTEU-Scpt. 1st , a man to drive dclhurj
IIatfon ami wolk about Cornmlsslon louso.
Must bo a iood salesman , ictho and not atrald of
work , In short.Ja "live man. " Address "A. " Bee
cilice. 4S5 tf
"Tt/ANtKD At Fremont , Neb , one Rood butcher
IT and tuo shop tenders , during the ro-nnlon. Ap
ply lit ouco to MOKItIS & IHKnKNKll.
< 05-SO City Meat Mtrkct.
. , , , . . . . . „ ! ) District managers to represent us In
Tt every county In Nebraska and Western Iowa.
Inducements extraordinary $60 wceklv . 1 * . F. Col
lier , 57 Darker Block. ' 4C4 80
"TIJ ANTED Clothing salesman None need apply
Ti except thoroughly ospctlencod men with irood
.rclcrenuea. LockUo\ , Sioux ilty. Iowa. 403'K ;
\7ANTED-A flrst-clasj dining room girl at the
> Occidental Hotel , corner 10th and Howard.
400 tf
I7ANTEO Three dining room girls at SI.v en Ho-
> tcl , South 10th at. 411,27p
Tl/'ANIED A first-class cook , man or woman ,
Ti woman preferred. Inquire at No. 012 Douglas
Street. 283 tf
or country , to take nice , light and pleasant
work at their own homes ; $2 to $5 a day easily and
quietly made ; work sent by mail ; no canvassing ; no
stamp for reply Plcaso address llcltablo Mnf'g Co. ,
Philadelphia , Pa. 847-lui
8ITDAT10M8 V/ANl'liD.
"ITlfANTED A position as houickcepcr In a private
I i family where one servant is kept hya lady who
Is Illlnc to niako hcnclf useful , vvagcsnot such
an object as a quiet mco ho ae. Uefcrencc4 ox
( .hanged. Address till Sept. , 1st , " 31rs. M.
ollbe. 600-28
"VX AMKD A joung Uian wlslios omplo.vmcnt m
II traveling ealesnuii. Gents' Furnlehuig Goods
or Groceis epcclaltlea preferred. Tour 3 oils'exper
ience. H'st references. Gocu salary expected. Ad-
drees "L , " care Bee cllic. . 403-28p
WANTED Situation by a first class ( Ocrman )
baker. " 11. H."thisolllce. 478-2ap
WANTED A good book-keeper desires situation.
Letter frnra expert. Good reference. Address
"J.S."leo office. 477-20p
WANTED Situation tij llrst class broad and cake
biker. Address Elkhoru Valley HOUEO , Omaha ,
A Youngmarrloaman wants situation as book
keeper , in wholesale establishment In Omaha.
Address " 0. " care Beo. 896-tf
' .NTED Bakers , none other need apply.
5lO-27t Joseph ( iarneau Cracker Co ,
WANTED To rent , hvr September 10 , a small
house or rooms for light housekeeping , con
venient to BKK ollico. AddrosaS. Bus office. tf
Small family wants a hotiho of about 6 rooms ,
A ina good neighborhood. Parties wishing a
prompt rcroainoDt and careful tenant. Address
with locition and lowest rent , "Tenant" Bee ollico.
rvjv , "IT/'ANTED Nice pleasant ro5m with board In prl-
\2 VV vato family by young gentleman. Best of ref
erences gl > en. Address "J. E. M. " Bee office
60 } 2Sp
"IT/'ANTED Tlio aciiutlntinco , a lady not over 21
V V j tars ot age competent to teach v olce culture
.and p'uno. Must he passably good looking. Address
"Mujlclan" Bee olDcc. 6C8-Hp
T\f ANTKD Room mate pleasant , congenial and
V V gentlemanly by young man , three blocks -om
I'ostoillce. Mco room. Address "J. E M. " Bee
otlico. Gll-23p
TT/'ANTED Ahouso of 8 or 0 rooms , with stible
VV and modern conveniences , incllalhln partof the
city. Address T.II. HTANlON , U.S. A ,
431-27 Omaha
TWANTED rurnlshcd room vilthin tnrco blocks
Vi 'I Hee office , by two gentlemen. Address "W.
A. C. " Bee ollico. 48J-tf
\17ANTEn Room and Hoard by gent' , wife and
Vi chi d of 4 vcais. Address , stating terms , "VV.
W " Bee office. 4 J-28p
Avtidovof 41 will correspond with a worthy gen
tleman. Object matrimony , Address "It B B. '
Bee office , 403 SiSp
lANTKD To exchange , a line residence lot ,
i > ( inside ) , 21 blocks from street car * , for n coiner
lot , pu ) lie iiillorcncu In value. Win Fleming 14th
And Uuiub" . 430 30
TTT ANTED Two or three furnished rooms , ron-
VV vent ntly located , fur lighthomckcupiiir. Ad.
drees , lUtlLg terms , "A. B. " Dee office. J22 28p
ITANTRD-raitner with $ . ' ! 01 cash. 1'rontable
V cltj hiislncss , 1' . 0.1)0X702. ) 421p
81 600 on real estate security. Address >
dress "B. " No , D. Dee ollico. 379 tf
TlJANTED-82,000 on flrct-clasi citv Focurlty.for D
tT'v tars , at 0 per cent. Address Box 820 1'ost-
oltlco 700-tf
f\TANTED Boir.l for gentleman , wife and two
small elrU , within easy nach of the biisinotH
portion of the city , itood accommodations dchlrcil ,
or * blha good price will bo pa'd. Adilregs "W. "
Room Ho. b , postolllco Dulldlng , 491-29
roil RBHT nouoes aua tots.
RENT Mceiyfurnished oriin'uinlsbed rooms
1 without board 1814 Davenport St. 10Mp
F OR RENT Nlwly furnished fiont room suitable
for two iicntlemen , 1023 Dodga St. M7p
FOR HENT First floor , consisting of four large
rnoiis , cltv water , large yard. Inquire at No.
1709Burt treet < 405 25p
HKNT Furnished rooms , with or without
board , at 1721 Dauglas itreot. 403-2 p
TTIOR RENT Furnished south front room 1001
J ? Farnam utruet. 494-2Sp
RENT A good house of f iur rooms on N.lDth
FOR , l t house north cf Grace , east side 400 27p
RENT Uense S roomf , well , cUtern , cellar ,
FOR garden. Inquire of 1'aulsen & Co , , 1611
Farn m MS SOp
T71O11RKNT House S. E. cor. 10th and PaclflcHts.
JL1 O en Whalen. IXl-2p )
FOIl RENT Nicely furnlihod front room , 710 IDtli
Blrctt , near Webster , 6C5 2Sp
ORRINT : A cottaze 4 roarns , 10th street , half
a block south o' ' Mdtou llogcrs. M. Lot , Urocer ,
and Lcavenworth , 492-1
OR KENT Twofurnlshed roomi for light touce
keepln"Boemer'dBlock"cor. 8th and Howird.
HENT A six room house In good repair. Inquire -
FOR at Grocery store , U , E. cor-ar 10th and
CuroliirSt -H8.28
RE.VT-ByF. W. Boukal.houseof 3 roonuat
il per month , Inquire on premises , 1226 south
llllntrvet *
OK RENT Plea-ant furnlthed rooms suitable
f ir gentleman , 1019 FtrnamSt.
TVTKVVSKPSOFOSIAnA-Bemls has reduced price
-L > for nest dtya to I ! from 110 beretofore.
F OIl RENT -Two roomJ , JiOOiand (5,00 | > er
iu tli ( 19U Webster strett , 42Mf
17011 * HF.XT Furnished room * and board , 5112
1 I'tlfnrnlt street. 4:3- < |
17(011 ( HEM Furnished rooms 105 North 1Mb .
17(011 ( HKNT A HTO room cottMjo In eowl li ftll
Inquire atg413 Cipilol avenue. xm- '
17 0ll KENT A brick coltAjo. Inquire at Ueo. II.
Peterson's 10th 8t , nc r depot. SS2 tl
ti > OU RKNT HOIKS ot 10 norni with moilcrn Im
provemcnK BedlnrdSoucr , .t Davis , 322-tl
17 < 011UKNT A largo second floor and l > it emonl.
Inquire 1113 llarncy strcel 190 If
IOR RKM' Ilou o of ilx riKinu. Ull J ck on.
X1 liKiuiro of T. J. FittrnorrlJ , 0(4 8. 17th slrcet , or
Bee ollico.
* pOR RENT-Mcely furnished front room 1816
Dodge street. llft-tf
FOR llENT-Onoof the flneitrcildonMs In the city
11 rooms , furnacu , hot and cold cold water baths
water clo'cts , grate * , etc. Kvcrvlhtng first class
throuRhout. $70.00 per month. Bwkcr & Majne ,
13th and Frrnaiu 112 tt
IpOK RENT Hou * > 6 roomi good repair. N'lc
yanl , cistern water. Rent 120 per month 1411
Park Wilde ve. Apply to Jno. W. Bell , Druggist ,
10th St. JgftAl
T7IOR HENT A two itorv frame hulldlnif iultblo
JL1 for business. Largo collar , upstairs lulUblo for
rosldcnoo. Innulre on premises , corner 20th and
PIcrco SI.
170R HEVT-Furnlshod roomi with hoard , 1812
JL1 Dodge. B16-lmp
[ 7\OH \ RENT Two flurulshed south front rooms ,
L1 222 N. 10th St. 870.1
FOR HENT Six room cottage , fine locution , by S.
T. Pelcrsen , S. E. cor. 16th and Douglas. 617-tl
1011 UK.VT llooms In Crounse'a Block. O. M
Hltchcoek. 613-tl
FOIl ItKJJT Ono crum square jnano. Inquire
olEJholin and Erickson. 410-tl
"I7\OR \ HENT Ono food ' six ro m house (25. | > cr mo
JL1O.JI.Illtchoock. 28S-U
\ SALII Uarbcr shop , 4 ctalrs 30 } south llth
Ir\OU ' , Inquire at i03 or 110 north llth St. H ,
Jurall. 513-aSp
T70H SAM : FlnoBldohirhUKcy cheap nt 0. 1) .
JL1 Thnvcr's 4f. tf i
V8ALU UlRar , tobacco , confectionary store
FOIl ilx furnished roomi attached. 1'rlco $100
A barcatii. Applj to H. JIannwclIor , 307 S. llth .St.
l01l SAM : Cheapfurnlturo tori ) room house ,
JL1 and lioiiao for itnt. Furniture compkto ana
icany now , house rcntu for $26 i er month , possession
given on or bcforo fecpt. Itth. Addtcsi " 0. U " euro
lee otlico. 476-3Up
SALK For Sl.OCO , 88 , contalnlui ; half
IflOll ' acre. Only four blocks from north end ol ISth
street railway. Terms casj. IniUlro | ot Dr. J. H ,
1'eabod } , 14U7 Jones street , 471-30
SM.K \ Hvo thousand dollar stock of pcncr-
IJ10K ' , located in a now town on the B.
& M. lUilroad , In southeastern Nebraska , country
well eettlid and hit ; crops. A io3d chance for n man
with small to niiko $3,000 a vcor. Address
M. " Lock Box 20 , BrownvIllc , Xeb. 472-2flp
TT\ oil SALK 200 acres of land , UO acres improv oil ,
JL1 3'Jncroa hay , 3 acres bog putmo,7 acres cuUI-
dtnl timher , 3 acres natur a timber. Uocd sprint :
later K ° ° Jliouso and other Improvements , will bo
old on voryeasv terms , If sold noon. For other In-
oruiatlon Inquire i crsonall.v or bj mail of Wm Ciair ,
Forest Cit.v , harpy County , Neh. 461-lm ,
FOIl SALE Or rent , &n old cstti.llncd groco-
r\ boots , shoes and qucenannro busineas fur Kilo
or to rent , In ono of the host towns In Neliratka.
Goods and buildings aio new lluslnc-o ever $10,000
itTi ear. . \ u i o on acaount of old ngo. Ad-
droiro ( areUee 4575
[ 7011 SALE Or will oxclmiiRo for liKlitBinglo open
I ? wagon , ntwohcrflOcoveredwaKon In Rood order ,
uitahlo for vegetable , milk or grocery delivery.
Vm. Fleming & Co , 1101 Douglas street. 433-30
F Oil SALC Piano , cheap , Crounso's Bloek ,
L OIt SALE A oakery doing a good busineis In a
1 ? thriving town. Good reason for selling. For in-
oimation , see "J C. 0. Steam bikcrr , 20th and
Burt streets Omaha. 4362ip )
SALE Wo Oder for sale
150 Choice 3-year old Feeding Steers.
160 Choice 2 jear old feeding Steers.
100 Yearling Steers.
Abuve all good Iowa Cattle
4S-lm ( Hloux City , Iowa.
FOR SALE Ono billiard and one pool tnblo. In
quire at theMerchant's Exchange , N. E. corner
Dodge and 16th street. 405-2p
FOR SALE Two and one-half acres and house In
good location , only $1,050 , Uere is a chance to
obtain a homo at a bargain McCAOUE ,
? 15 tf Opp. P. 0.
FOR SALE Flour Mill oneap , on easy terms ol
payment , favorably located within fifty miles o ,
his city. Good opening. Address P. O. Box S418 ,
St. Paul Minn. 207-lm
FOR SALE Cheap lots , $5 down $5 per month.
II. 0. Patterson &Co. , cor. 13th and Farnam.
FOR SALE Graded Durham Cattle 7 jcarllns
heifers ; SO two J ear old heifers ; 61 thrco } ear old
cows ; 4 four year old cows ; 2 pedigreed Durham bulls ,
I and 4. ono la a show animal ; 2 seven-eighths Dur
ham bulls , 2 veara old. Above except n few are gra-
leu stock and show their breeding plainly 2J cahos
> y eald bulls , out of above cows , as are the
1 } carllngetcers ; 17 two year old steers and 78 three
car old steers. K. P. STEIN , Mindcn , Neb.
JD2-lmi >
FOR SALE At a greit bargain , the Scott real
dcnce pro | > erty. Jut cast of I'ratt'a In llanscom
Mace , This Is n very 'loslrabla 7 room cottage and
vill bo soldat a sacrifice. DARKER & MA.YNK.
712 tf 13th and Farnam.
FOR SALE A choiceilalry and stocK larm of 00
acres , 205 acres under cultivation , 21 miles ' -om
Silver Crock , Neb. , on U. P. Hallway , Good house ,
: i cam and Ice houses , barns , corrals , eto , or dairy *
ng anil stock ralsfng Land la well watered and all
choice grass and grazing and , with plenty ol ran
adjoining. I'or sale cheap. Potter & Cohlt ,
Farnam street. C71-tf
FOR S ALE-Eiiirlnos now and second hand 10 h p
15 h. p. anil 20 h. p. portable and stationary ; also
lOllcrsof any size and stylo. Richard & Clarke , U , I'
I V. bet 17th and 18th St . Omaha. MO-tf
FOR BALK A mlntlnofllro suitable lor a tmal
newspaper or Job ollico. Will sell for cash or e\-
change for Omaha City property. Addrosj' X. / . < J"
Bee ollico. 403-tf
FOR SALE Two ecoond hand pitnos , at KdhoU
& Erlckson'A Mimlo Stora on 10th St. EOO-tf
FOR SALE Two open second-nand bnioilea and
ono delivery wagon , cheap , at 1319 naruey St.
FOIl HAT , ] ; A clean stock ot Hardware In Central
Nebraska. Address "A. B. " Bee Publishing Co. ,
Ocnlia , Neb. 081-lin
I poll SALE Leaving on account of 111 health
1 housn , barn , fow.erica and 2 la's. Also Iwo good
residence lots. Apply T. K. Parfltt , Qis olilco. 13th
and Farnam. BbS.lm
F OR SALK-40 desirable building lots , tor trade
1 or cash. Call at A. llMpou 1619 Dodge St.
rrUICEN UI1 Thrco oows , one all red , one red with
J. white Btrlp on back and one red with a white sUr
n forehcail , taken up August 25 , by O I' . K Wilson
at Ult house on south 10th , 61l 0p
TO LEASE 10 ocrei of Ian J , fenced for garden
purpose's , thrco inlleiS. W. of P , O. Inquire F. P.
Foi > dike , 013 H. 16th tticct. Wi tl
TX ILLoOcrata bargain for 10 ( Uls only. An
TI east front rcildence lot Inadeilrable facility ,
convenient to street car. Address P. O. Box 806 ,
T OST OinlBcatf pin Kinder will bo rewarded by
J leavlng nau.o at 1121Dougl 8itreet. 48 ( ' . ' 7 p
IJEIISONAL Hie Inly from Portland , Indiana ,
1 whu railed nt Ii22 Farnam street , who diws the
oil cameo painting , pleaio caU igaln . 40r-26p
/"VNE PRICK Furniture ( Store , 10th street , ) > etween
V/Burt and Cutnlng. 473 30p
gentleman would like a lady with ( SCO ready
_ kca has partner ami traveling companion , In a
paving budnehiadaptcd to a lady. Addren " 0 II.
N , " city 44S-Wp
FOIl K.VCIIANdK , LAND-eiOarrt'N unimproved
land In eastern Nihraika , ru'table ' for btook farm
lo ex hange for ktock of grocerica or general mcr-
cliandlne , Address "R " lie ) ollleo. 444-lm
Red and white spotttxl 8 vear old row
STRAYED be paid by U , U. Ilobblu , 221 ! Dodge.
rpKKN Ui' A brown cow , 7 or 8 v ears old. OH ncr
1 can have sam by calling on entries Berthdls ,
Cummg Htreet , O'Noll'u PUoe , and paving chariivt.
MURRAY liaa good pMlunng. Spring water ,
OIUVY raulU , ilnki and ooispooli cleaned wllli
I unitary cleaner. SatUfaotlon ( ruarnnteed by F.
U Abel , ( suoetmor to to J. M. . Hiulth , ) bo 878.
00 ] Itnop
Aii Old Man Itrnt Out of SI IO l > y
Oanjiof. Confliloneo Men lit
This City.
On Monday afternoon John llolntrom ,
a specimen of the gonnino rustic , from
Door Ledge , Montana , was meandering
down town from North Fifteenth street ,
when ho wns accosted by n gentlemanly
looking young man who pretended to
know him , and who represented himself
as n son of Laird , n largo banker In Mou *
tana , well known throughout the whole
Tliu nll'rtirs of llollstrom were familiar
ly talked over by the pretended Laird
who taid ho was doing n good business in
the city and had a line otlico on Mth
street. After some time spent in talking
over business matters the Montanian was
invited up to the ollico by the banker's
.son. llollstrom kindly accepted the in
vitation. 11 o was takpn up the stairway
of the Central II nil building , near Four
teenth and Uodgo , and escorted into A
suite of rooms in which were several well
dressed gentlemen leisurely taking their
case and smoking. After talking over
their business prospects at great length
ono of the men presented n lottery
scheme and showed what a great amount
could bo won from small investments. It
was finally agreed thnt all should
buy tickets in the scheme , the drawing
to take place at onco. The price of the
tickets was $40 each , but this was subse
quently raised in $140 , the winner In
the lottery to receive 81,000. When the
granger had deposited his money the
men were suddenly called away from
their ollico , but said they would return
yesterday at 12 p. in. The Mnntauian
waited until the appointed time , and
when they did not appear ho reported
the matter to the police. An olllcor immediately -
mediately wont to the room , but did not
find them or any ono who know thorn.
llollstrom is an old man who has been
living with friends in the city for sometime -
time past und has formed few if nny ac
quaintances. It is said ho thinks ho has
boon reported to thcso rascals by those
who do not live by any such moans as
wcro used to swindle him out of his
money. The curious part of the whole
altair is that llollstrom laments the loss
not only of his $140 , but also his chance
to win the § 1,000 , which ho places at
several hundred. Ilellstrom loft last
evening for the cast on a visit to friends.
The U. P. Bniul'H Sociable.
The Union Pacific Band mot for a so
ciable time at its hall on Fourteenth and
Hurt streets , last evening. Messrs. Ed-
lolm & Erickson , Max Meyer & Bros
and their clerks , invited to attend , were
nearly all present. Tno first mentioned
Irra presented the band with its annual
; ift , in the shape , this year , of a most
beautiful solid silver pitcher and goblet.
The present was then rallied of by the
members of the band , Alfred Toozor win
ning the prir.o. The party broke up after
partaking of refreshments and discours
ing several strains of sweet music.
O 111 corn Klcctccl.
The Deluge Hose company hold a
mooting Monday night for the election of
officers , which resulted as follows : 1. S.
Ilascall president , Gus Williams vice-
president , Richard Wiborg secretary ,
Otto Ncidweicsor treasurer , Fred Plaog-
ing foreman , William Baxter first assist
ant foreman , and John O'Byrno second
assistant foreman.
Fred Piliegng , the now man in charge ,
waa presented with a beautiful badge by
the monitors of the company.
County's Grain Acreage ,
The assessment rolls for 1881 show the
number of acres in grains and fruits as
follows :
Wheat 3,308 , corn 00,437. oats 12,437 ,
barley 070 , meadow ( i.2 ! ! ) , rye 1 , ! ) ( > 7 ,
millet 1,951 , potatoes 7,833. Number
of fruit trees , 2,104,218 ; number of
grape vines , 40,720.
OH ing to the abaauco of n majority of the
members last evening , the council adjourned
without transacting any business.
At thu session of the United States court
l.f-t evening two dru 'istH from Toiiuira , Sow-
aid county , plead guilty to not complying
with thu lovt'imo law , and were fined SL'3
A complaint has Ixt'n fili-tl against .Tamos
Davis nf J'onca him with
, , chaiginsf pcitton-
atiug aravL'tiuc officer , Ills case will come up
for examination before United .States Commis
sioner Anderson to-duy.
- The ladiodof Cracs chipel Mill ( , 'U'is a fr-
tivnl this oveulng in ISrunner'H block , at the
end of the red ear line , the proceeds to go to
ward paying off the debt now existing against
the chuich. Ice cream nnd all the delicacies
nf the neason will bo orvod by the l.tdiex ,
Kvcrybody Is Invited to attend.
'iciith stteot seems to ha [ gaining an tin-
cnvlablo notoriety of Into. Last night Mr.
William Jackson , late of Curning county , was
suddenly commanded to halt us hu readied
1'iercn Btieot , and WIIH requested t hand over
what ho had. Fortunately ho possessed only
Nuvt'tity-fivo cunts in money and it silver
watch , which ho deemed it prudent to hand
over to the roliburs. Mr. Jackson congrntur
lated himfcolf that ho had only'nailvo
watch nnd a small amount in money , but he
is Ntrongly of the opinion that Cumlng county
la much safer than Douglas.
Marshal CummlnKf returned lost evening
from his chicken-hunting expedition.
Mrs , Minnie Lalller , n'utir of MrB , I.lirown
left yesterday for Cheyenne , which is to bo
her future home. It was with much regret
that shit left without Maying farewell to each of
her friends , individually , but she had them in
kindly remembrance. All In turn will w ! h
the ) biidu of n woofs duration u happy lionuy <
moon and a long life.
At the Metropolitan Hotel : John Ifcrr and
W , If. Nye , I'luiii Creek , Nub ; It. T. Cooper ,
Seward ; , J. 1) . Crrns , HidingsV. ; . T. BearleH
and wife , 1'latto county , 1) . II. Yanline.
( irand Island ; ( Jeo. 1) ) , D.ivls and wife , Fre
mont ; K. Hurvoy and wife , Waterloo ; J. W.
Hall and lady , Klkhonij H. V. Frank , K.tlr-
field ; Clux. K. Verity , Wisneo.
A Ilrokoii'Dovvn Hlock
NMV VOIIK , August 20. The World of this
morning Bays : William J. Jlntclnnson wan
not lit hla ollico yesterday , Ho Is tmld to heat
at Ins cottagn at Henhright prostrated by his
maultold misfortunes , ft is IMS than three
yearn ngo nmc Ifiitchmson nmJo two million
dollars in the Hannibal & St. Joe corner by
hit peculiar transactions as broker
for John H , Duff , which were con-
sidcroi BO fraudulent that he was
expelled from the stock exchange , After
inakiitft n-ititntion to DnIT to the amount
9" > 0,000 , hu had Ml nrWr fortune < > f $1.210 ,
1)00. ) Yet in the lulef period line'1 ' that tltno ,
lltitcliiinMiliMMiepJeiiMl in i 9iit1injf ni'.trj
all of Hint v nut num.aml alter pitying lil indebt
ciltii"u , ItH ilii-lftifdho will not Imo ivdolUr
Ho owes nearly S'JOU,000 on the ttroet , and it
In doubtful If ho ran liiniidntotlii o rlaiini
without the M l taneo of hii vtifo , vvho ha a
largo fortune In her own right.
Tlio Honnlon nt OlilcnKO
by ( Jencral IjORati Ycstcnlny.
O , AugUHt 20.Four thouiiuul > et-
crnrm of the late wnr , iUi three thnuiAiid of
friend ? , particii it d in the opening oxer
rises of the reunion of soldiers and vallum ol
the northwest at the driving pntk this after
noon , Governor Hamilton , of Illinois , deliv
ennl the address \\elcoiiu' , followc < l by tton-
era ! Logan , who WAS accorded an enthusiast !
reception. The Rcnci-al oulogiral the unsel
fish patriotic moti\o * tbnt had Impelled the
Milniitecri < , and paid MI vloqucnt tribute to
their achievement ! , detailing nt some lengtl
the cervical of the men from Illinois and men
tlonlfR the record of the regiment command
ed liy himnnlf at the outbreak of the war. Ha
concluded as follows :
"What I was ns n Boldier | yim nrndo mo
You did the oik. You bmved OIB lninlhip- < ,
and to you 1 gratefully nucord the honor , l.nt
ns teach the lessons of patriotism to our eliil-
dicn , and let It be undiirxtood by all tlint an
Amorlcan cit'ri'ii is entitled to protection
where oxer our Hag tloatn , nt homo or abroad , "
The other speakers \\oio Mayor Hnriisnn
nnd ov-Govcinor Oglesby. Aiile.uingfoatiiro
was the battle liMim nf the republic , Ming by
Miss Alieo Mitchell , the voleiaiis joining in
: lie chorus , Is'amfng the Fncinpment iu
lonorof the lamented Col. Mulligan was the
iccasion for a genciid comniendatloii. The
re-union ondn .SnUinUy. TOMIIOIIOW there
\\ill boa grand io\iew.
Tlio Army mill Xnvy i > f riilnn ,
China has two trpnrnti' annhi * . The im-
lorlnl nrmy in known under the 11:11110 : of thu
\rmyoftho Kight Unnners , 1C is divided
n to olght corns , each bclng distinguished by
> pcculiai banner. This nrniy nlmost
onus it mlliliiy caste , for it is composed ox
chifhely of the descendtnts of the Muntcluiw ,
doiitgoliang , nnd Chinese rebels , \\lio , in
liOl. invaded China nnd dethroned tbe impe
rial family. During peace thu men of this
: asto nro allowed to conduct ntiy common
msmesfl , being forbidden cnly to leiuo the
city without a poimit from the command'
iiC ( ollicor. The olllcers cscel their
iicn only in gyinimsllej. According to the
3hinoto notions , no man Is lit to ho nil otlicor
mloss ho is an athlete , This army numbers
ilO.OOO . men , Of these , over one hilf arcsta-
ioned in 1'eUn and the lest in a few largo
vovmcinl cities. This military cavln can by
ui ino.1119 be regarded as n tegular cnny. Tlio
eeond , or provincial nrinv , Is called the Aiuiy
of the Great Banner. Kach of the eigliteoi
irovinces of the emiiri | < is obliced by inw to
ceop a certain number of eoldiorc , and their
iggregato , according to the ollicinUtatistles , Is
iSu.OOil men , Theiu ure eighty generals andover
ever 7,000 olliceis , The piovlnchil nimyis
competed chiefly of mercenniicshilo the mn-
ority of thoolliceiB ure of the military estate.
L'hcso two Ainilo" , amiiuntiiig to 800,000 moil ,
ni > all the foreo the Celestial empire has to le-
y on in case of war.
Tlie Imperial Guard , about 18,003 strong , ! H
ho flower of the army. Uf thu guard inlan-
ry 0'JOO mo provided with mur/lo-loaders
ueseutod b the czar of Russia ; the others
ire armed with flint guns , lauces nnd shields.
Half of the cavalry , about U.UOO men , inn
armed \\ith Chastepot rillcn. The artilleiy
las thirty-two lironzu guns , bought m llnssiit ,
md a few mortarn. Tiioro are 1,750 educated
irtillorymcn. Tlio army of the governor of
Shjily.about 80,000 etiong , is also reorganized.
The men nro instiucted by English ami Kiencli
illieers. The army has hreceli-loading lilloi
nnd Krupp stool cannon. Accoiding to Ger
man wiitors , up to 1871) ) Kiupp had sent to
China ICO he.tvy guns and 275 hold guns. The
irmy of the govoinorof Khnn-Xu nnd Slmn-
.Ico. 10,000 strong , Is said to bo supplied
with all the modern arms hud to bo
drilling nccording to the piinciplej of
Moltko nnd iluntoliTel. ( This army fought
successfully against Ynkoob lieg , and indeed
| iio\ed itself the best discijilined aimy in
ohlna. It is obvious , then , that in China
Jiero are only about 120,000 men properly
armed nnd drilled , whilu the rest of the sol-
Hers can bo regarded only IM undisciplined
md unarmed reserves.
As to gunpowder nnd arms the Chinamen
apparently have an abundant supply of their
O\MI. Then ) arc eight excellent arsenals , di
rected chiefly by Kngli-shmon. Thu nrsennl ot
Ilan-Xin , fur instance , turns out daily U.liOO
KinndH of powder. At the arsenals of Nan-
; in nnd Shanghai the Amoricin guns of Hi'iii-
ngton nnd Speuier arc mimufacturod. At
.lie Koo-G'how ursenal Mih-marino minus
tro piopaied. At the Lan-Choo nrcenal
cartridges and niniH are inanii-
'acturcil. The foit.s are found nt the
months of the great riven " 1'xi Kiang , Min
and Yung-tso-ICiang , to protect the great
cities. Canton , Fee Cliovv and Shanghai. In
the interior of the coi.ntry all the largo cities
are nlso defended by forts. The capital city
of I'okin is , of eourso , the most strongly pio-
tcctod. It it defended by l''oit ' Daku , amply
[ irovided with Krnpp cannon , and is sur-
i minded by Btone walls 10 to 70 feet thick and
about , P ) feet high. Nine gates luid to thu
city , and thesu nro defended by cannon
mounted in the minieioiis to ei/ / ) ,
JIIK ri.KEI' . _
China hai tinea sop unto fleets. The Can
ton Meet cornel l's t eho gunbuat' , of which
nin were made in Knglaud and ro In ch.ugo
of Kng'ish nflicois. Tha J''u Kiang lltet m
composed of si < c gunboats and a few traiiHiort |
vi ssuls , These ucin madat 1'ou Gh iw nnilor
thu mipervlsion of Kienchinen , ThiH fleet is
in excellent oidjr , and it n in chargi of
Chinumen , Tlio iShsnghuI Heel is compo oil
of nine gunbonti , two frlgateii and
trnuKpotl ves o H , All of thpsu weiu made by
thu Chinamen thomBolves and nro nther in-
sigmfieunt , Itetently China hoi got from
Kngland eight iron-cl'ds , nrmcd with guiii of
the largest edihre. Thu slrniiKest und most
elfeetlve part of the Chinexo fleet In inade ii |
of thirteen unall gtmhoats , named niter the
li-ttors of the ( iieek ulplmbot , of 1,11.0010111
di paciincnt. ! They aio built of ntucl ,
anil iiii ! propelled by twin KCIOWH
driven by compoimd engines of , altogether -
gothor , U.tiOO indicated homo power- They
each enirv two twenty-nix ton tin-inch breech-
loading guns , mounted up'.n centio pivots , one
forward nnd ono aft. Kach of these heavy
guns ( jomnmndi a nuarly all round fiio , The
vhargo nf the gun IH 1KO pounds of powder ,
thu weight of tlio projectile ' 100 poinuN , iini ]
tlu < peimtrativo power equal to jincrvlng )
Inclu > 4if wild , unbacked Iron pjnto , They
carry besides In ou < h fuur forty-fpnr pounder
breech loading gun * , two nine-pounder hreocllr
loading'giiiix , twicN'ordenfeldti arid four Gut-
lings , nnd , ( nrthorinore , two ttoanl cuttorj fit
ted with star torpedoes. The > ossols nio also
armed winh n formidable steel knife cdgo Hjnir
or raui ,
Anxlouu f FlKiit McCoy Or , Slilllvni ) .
, Mas . , August lifi Dominick Mo
C.ilfroy , of 1'lttnbur ? , nlloglng grosily unfair
treatment in the fight witli I'eto McCoy at the
theatre last night , ISBUCH n challenge. Ho
aays : " 1 hereby clinllenifo I'eto McCoy to a
glove competition of four or nix rounds with
small gloves , under Marquis of Qiieonsbury
rulcH , for 31,003 or $5,000 a side , and gate re
ceipts , the winner to take nil , and the match
to ho decided within six weeks , in Now York
City , wkero wo can both bo nsmirod of fair
piny. If McCoy lifelines to accept this chid
lergu , I Hhiill feel disappointed , unless I cm
nfciiro 11 match with John Hullivitn , whom
I hava heretofore b'tried in all my chnllongox ,
but who , after the trim-faction * of Monday
night , I am prepirod to mental any time or
jilaco for any nmoun' < > ' n n'rshn ' may deslro , '
Kir. ) .
I'liiUDKM'lllA , AiiKUit 27.A djspatch ti
the I'rcHt from Scranton Hiys : The fire whlcl
broke out thi < morning a confined to tha
mill nnd yit'd of .lohejih Ahiidey. LOBHOS ca
tlinaUd nt g7f > ,000. JiH'iranco 7,000.
"I was nil run down , and Hood's Sar
saparilla proved just the tnodicino 1
needed , " write hundroda of pooplc. Take
it now.
A Mnrnlinl AttniilitH tn irrost ( Juv-
ornor Ireland , ofToxnH , lint
( ips ( Si-Rtnl Out ,
(5ntisTns , August 2t ! . A News Au lii Pitjs that I'liited Stales Mnnhnl Tracy
arrived In the city today and cntoied the
govomor'n ollico thli nfteriiiH > li bent on tin'
eirand of arresting Governor Ireland under
thu vvarrntit Issued in the Vrnnnois miscegeiia"
lion case , Tincy introduced the subject ,
saying "Governor , I suppose you know what
1 am hero for1 The governor made n suit
able reply , Tracy ndtl he URretted Iho
necessity ho should have to poiform inch
nil olliclnl duty ns the nrrest of the governor
of Texas , nnd presented his warrant ,
Governor Ireland nt this juncture
relieved Cot. Tr ey of some tteptilatlon np-
pun-lit by saying ho would plvvnyn submit to n
process legal on Its face , nnd would nnsner nl
court its tpquireil , hut ho considered the marshall -
shall of the eastern district of Texas had no
authority to serve a process hero ( out'ido of
his district ) , thnt the proceedings nt Gnlvc.ston
vveiovlthollt a nhndovv of fact upon uhlih to
IKVSO the case. This beltiff si > , while ho undone
no resistance to the writ , nnd
would nnswor as any citizen hoiild ,
lie would hold Tracy nni4 others vvho
had interesleil tli'insolvei iu the mailer ro
iiKiusible for Ihcir roiulucl , Tracy referivd
the goturnorto the I'nitcd ' States stntuto on
the viibject , vvlileh the goveinor dcelnies ho
liad nbendy examined , and he BO inpUiiied
their tenor thnt Tracy , without making tha
urest , , left thu evrutivo ollico to roinnlt
I'nited States Dlstncl Altornoy Kviiu
taking his wmiantwilli him ,
In n couple of hours Tracy letnrnod nnd in-
roniUHl tluigoveinor that ho would note -
Cillo Ihe wilt , silling llial he had consulted
with .liulfjo llv nns , vvho veib.dly condemned
, lu < proct'cdings in miong InntJiiiige. In mi-
s 'er to a iilicstlon benrliig tin tha case sub-
uiltcd to livnns by Tracy , tie ! fonner fur-
lishod Tracy n < > iitten opinion , dcclnung
.hnlTincy , ns United .State * innishnl of Iho
instein dislriclof To\ns , bad no nuthotity to
11 rest aciti/en losident and found In thewcsl-
iu district under a wut Issued by the United
Stales cummlttioner for Iho eastcin diniricl ,
except in Hpeei.d cases. Kvaus do-
dales that the rhaigo ' of viola *
Ml ) of section "yMO , tovi'-ed statutes
if the United States is not ! t special case. ICv-
\ns onteis into detadx , citing authority to BUB-
uin Ids opinion that 'I'rney could not lawfully
eivolho wniranl. 'j'racy his Infonnod Iho
'overnor that ho would it-turn to GaUestim
Vletnvvhilo tha governor awaits the next move
n the celebrated e.iso. It is undei stood that
ho proceedings by Kianyois will be dis.
11)1 ) INmiKlUIH
Mll.VVAUKKK , August 2t' > . At the HC9MOII of
ho national relail dinggisls , Mr. Kliul olforod
aiosoluliou to the effect Unit the association
voulil | iledgo co-oper.ttion nnd l > rotoction to
iroprictora who adoptyil the Campion plan uf
oiling goods , nnd would frown down all non-
eciet or trmto ir.nik goods calculated to simu-
ute legitimate goods and deceive lliu public.
V Ion ? and linn dixcitfcsion followed , but the
esulnliou was ndopiid after the words "non-
ecret"vveie ktiicUon out.
The tlnrty-KOumd annual meeting of the
Amcilcnn i'haimacuntieal assoiiution began
tills nftt'i noon , President W. S. Thompson ,
if Washington , dohveiing the addrit-s. _ ! ] !
he evening the druggUt nnd pliannac'iHts
voro given a icceptton nt the I'htnKington
A ll\K \ Out by the Noriliorn 1'nolllo.
SAN Kn.VNCi'-co , August lli. ! A Chronicle ,
rortlanil , Oiegon , special m > 8 tlio Northoru
Pacific lins issued leleRraphic circiilais today
nnuaiiiiciug they would carry RIIIIM lioin all
liuinlH on llirir line in WiiBhinpto.i leriitoiy
to Diihith , MinncapoliH ami St. Paul , nt eisht
liillais ) mrton , tin' jtaino H3 the piesant rates
to 1'oitlaml. The circular nlio sttateB that Ihu
r.ilo of HOVCII dollars nnd cisty ccnls can bo
secured via thelakon to Iiivi'ipool or ( ilimgovv ,
ihiiH giving bolter tliiuiiRli utlea to shippers
Jmn via thu Horn.
UntUAOil TeloplioncB.
CINCINNATI , August-li It I'M claimed thai
iimtrmiicntH of thu JJoli tclrpliono company
( mvonot been li-leil for luxation for four
years. 'J'liu iimtiinnenlH i tlio jiroporty of
.ho 'lincrican Dell tulophono cciupuny nnd aio
leased to tlio local companies at the ratu of
twenty dolfarit per anmini for each instru
ment. Tliu li'li'lihono officials heio li.tvo boon
oiled to appear bcfoio tbu county auditor Kri
lay nu\t.
"What wo learn with pleasure wa
never forgot. " Alfred Afcrcivr. The
Following is n cnuo in point. "I paid out
iiundrods of dolhtrs without receiving nny
benefit , " aaya Mrs. Emily lUionds , of
McBridcs , Mich. " 1 had female com-
plainta , especially 'drngfjing down,1 for
ever aix years. JrR. . V , Piorco'a 'Fa
vorito Froicription' did mo more good
thitn any medicine I over took. 1 ad-
viao every sick lady to take it. " And
so do we. it never diaappointo ita put-
roiia. Druggists still it.
I 1'V-iil IJellor.
How cheerful a man looks when lie la
saying thcao words ! And what n de
lightful thing it in to help to make him
fool bettor ! And what a privilege tc
know that ton thousand people all ovoi
the I'nitod States are to-day saying , " 1
fool butter , " because they are usin }
-own'fl Iron Hitters' ' Mrs. J. A. Ed
son of 118 Medford St. , Chelsea , Mass ,
writes that she nuH'ored with kidney dia
ease und blood troubles , nnd that she
used . ' 5 bottles of Jkoini's Iron Hi tarn
As the result of this treatment eho suyu
" 1 fool bettor than 1 have for u loin ,
time , ancl I believe I am cured. "
Tins AVoutliisr loilay.
WAHIIINIJION , August 27. 1'or the up )
MlHHiBBippI vnllciy , Konorally fair , followed bj
incruaHinf'cloudincHH and localHliovvorH , In tli
northern pnrtion , Niiutliorly VMiidn , Hlight HH
in teiiipoiaturi' , and luvvor barmnulcr , K < >
the MiiiHiiinl valley , fair follotvud by iiicrra
in cloiiilluesH nnd HliovvorH , Hintlierly
wini'H ' , luglici tomporutiiro and lower baioin
T MllliiI.riii < iiiOriiiificlr | , , ( InvoiCntirt ,
( 'K'liiiK.l'uildliiKi , , ! < , , n > ili'llfiilfly mill nut *
ili'iillyui tbol'rilll IVuin ulilch Hu-y KIT nmilc ,
Price Baking Powder Co. ,
Chicago , III. Ot. LotilB , Mo.
Dr. Price's Cream Baking Pov/dor
Dr. Price's ImpuHit Yeast Coins ,
licit Dry If up Yrinl.
Chemists of the nntiou clmrgo the loynl ? Unking Powder Cora-
liiny : with the usoof the powerful drug AMMONIA 111 their
Powder ; Unit no nrticlo of food should be tainted by this nnsnfo
drug ; Unit it is unfit for tipncnrnnci1 in tiny humtin diet ; thnt its
long continued use in nny form will dernngo the blood ; thnt it
jsonly found in the nnturnl food and drink oi ! man ns nn ncci-
dontnl impurity.
That NATURE ABIIOUS nnd expola it na an excrement.
That in a Baking Powder it 1ms not oven the virtue of neces
If the charge is unjust , would it not bo nn nctof of justice to
themselves , as well as u polite concession to n deeply interested
public sentiment , to answer the chnrge ? To nnswer immed
iately ? To answer honestly ? Oily evasion won't do Oily
dignity , oily plausibility , oily non-committal won't do. Rid
icule won't do. Come forward iu n manly way and give the
public evidence that justifies its use.
Per Cent of Ammonia.
nuil STRONG combination of PURE MATERIALS , entirely free from
AMMuNIA , which is conlninod in almost nil other liakinc Pomlora , in-
cludliiR the "lloyal" in which I HAVE FOUND AS111GU AS FIVE
I'ER GENT , of this unnceccssnry substance. "
Chemist , Laboratory , Wheeling , W. Vn.
June , Hth , 1881.
Every houaowifo cnn try the "Iloynl' or nny brand of Baking
Powder , by placing the can , top down , on n hot atovo till heated , llo-
inovo the cover , and if there oho will nmoll AMMONIA. After which
alio can change it or Prieo'n , that has nothing base in it.
They Are Without A Hival.
Have been Awarded One Hundred and Eighteen Prize
Medals at all the prominent expositions of the
World for the Last Fifty Years. And
Iij tlie West Lift Pianists ,
Most Perfect Piano
An examination o these iinignificent JPianos is politely requested
before iHiiclimring nny other instrument.
Genoiul Western Representatives.
P. S.-Also Gen'l Ag'ts for KNABE , VOSE & SONS ,
ov ot BTaicri.TnnsT.oLAH
llkIRandlSJ01Urn vBtre l j * \ M- _ L. _ _
C I | C80 fuiulitid ( irmioc iriHrMUD ' > Vat fTlafltA
1409 aniiy 1411 IDodeekSt , , i . rd } iOmaha' Heh