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Tlio Democrats and Greentiacte o !
lliiuoisConucil Together ,
They Will Endeavor to Eun a
Fusion Electoral Tiokot ,
If They Can Settle the Disputed
Claims of Each ,
Candidates for Congress Selected
in Various Statesi
Anti-Monopoly Ticket Nominator ]
in Buffalo County.
To.xna Grconbnokors Organizing for n
| Cntnpalgn lor Butler.
Fusion In Illinois.
Dispatch to THE UKE.
I IClllCAiio , August 2i. Chairman Oberly , of
the domocratio executive committee , was busy
today conferring with the democratic and
Butler leaders , concerning the talked of fusion
in this state between greenbackcrs and demo
crats. It is authoritatively stated that the
Butler managers offered to support the demo
cratic state ticket if they could do go safely ,
on condition that tlio democrats would give
thorn a fair representation on the electoral
ticket. What constitutes a fair representa
tion appears to have been the subject in con-
trover y , at Oborly's meeting with _ | tlu <
leaders. The greenback convention xvill beheld
held at Bloomington tomorrow. The ob
K stacles in the wav of fusion are many. On
the part of tha democrats it is thought tlmt
the coalition might lie construed as a confes
sion of xxcaknuss , while on tlio part of the
greenbaekers the loudens wore not sure of
their ability to deliver the latter , liowex'cr ,
they expressed the necessity of some cooperation
tion , it being feared that unless they were
given aid McKcighan would succeed in dis
membering the greenback organization in the
state and turning the body of it over to the
Anti-Monopoly Convention.
Special dispatch to The Boo.
KKAKNET , Neb. , Aug. 25. The anti-mo-
poly convention was hold to-day and nomin
ated James Jenkins , of Kearney , and J. P.
Curry , of Gardner Precinct , for representa
tives. The probabilities are that these nomi
uees will bo ocdonsed by the democratic con
Missouri Grecubackers.
ST. Louis , August 20. The greenbackers of
thu Tenth -listrict in this state , in convention
at Bismarck to-day , decided it inexpedient to
nominate a candidate for congress , but passed
a resolution requiutmg Geo. M. Jackson , of
St. Louis , to rim as independent , and pledg
ing him their suppoit.
Michigan Fusion.
KAI.AMA/OO , Michi , August 2(5. ( George L.
Vaple , congressman from this distiiot , wan re-
nominated to-d.iy by tha dem cr.itio district
convention hero , and the eieenbick conven
tion at Tlueo Jtlx-ers. Ho received thu unani
mous vote of botli on the tiret ballot.
Tlio Hijventli lown ,
DK.S MOIVKS , Augmt IT. At the democrat
ic-greenback fiuiou convention of the Seventh
congressional district , hold t Indianola to
day , JiidgoV. . H. Henry , a democrat of Des
.Monies , was nominate i tor tha long term and
William K. Uider , of Wintered , for the short
tenn of congress.
Tlio Firbt Iowa.
FAIIIFIKLP , Iowa , August 20. B. J. Hall ,
of Burlington , was nomiiuted by acclamation
by the democratic cougrdasional convention in
the lirst distiict. _
Missouri Democrats.
Sr. Lot'ii , August 2i. ( The democrats of
the Tenth districc of this state to-day noniina-
at d Ialtill L. Clardy for ic-olfction to con
gress by acclamation.
Multcighnn's Convcnlloii.
Bl.OQMlNiiTON , 111. , August 2i. ( The statu
convention of the anti-monopoly greenback
labor party was called by McICeighausill at > -
Kumblo hero thU muriiing. Ic is Ijoliovoil that
all ditfereuces will bu harmonized. Oberly
chairman of the domocr.ttic bUto central com-
rnitteiis here in consultutiou with delegates ,
Booking to effect a fusion.
SIOCKIOV , C.di , August 2 ( > . The demo.
cratH of thu second district this afternoon
nominated Charles A , Hunmer for ci > ngresa-
man , vice Jam11. . Uudd declined on account
of ill health.
New Mexico.
SANTA FK , August 2(1. ( The lepublican con-
xentlon today noininatod iludgu L Bradford
Pricu as congressional dologatt ) . Keprusoiila-
tives of four counties bolted Ihn convention ,
and xvill uominaed Col. Win. L. Hymort-on
iludlciul Convent Ion ,
la. , August 2l-.IiulB ! Vf. 11.
I'to of this city , xvas rt-noininated for circuit
judgn by tha ioiublicans | of thu Ninth judicia-
district at Iridupumluucu ted y. Thu nomiiiul
turn was madu un the second ballot ,
MlHHonri ItppuhllcaiiH.
Sr. JortKl'll , Mo. August 20. The republi-
cana of tins fourtli cnn rotsinnal dNtricc met
btio to-day and ufrxr several houi's seEHion
they failed to makouoininatioii" , but cndon-cd
ludga Jl. S.lICvllv , who is expected to aho
receive tha eiidnrKament of the greenhackcni ,
fiuca llou. Nick Fordo has concluded to maKu
thoroco for governor.
Tc'MIS ) KlllllM-ltOH ,
Aii < ust 21 ! . A
hays the htato greenback ujnvuution convened
today. About twenty delfg.itej weru present ,
t was decided to put a full Butler-West
ticket in the field. Klictors ut luige , J , 1) . |
jtunkln and C. If. Jenkins. Tlio j-Iatfurm I
oppose * tlio Ipjvpof public or sehool land * ii
larger tracts than 0III acre : fax-ors the polic ;
of selling cliool lands in tin all tiacts on loin
tiino ; adx'ocates the n-julation of railroa.
freights Nominations of state ollicorsxxrr
made. It i generally understock that the
gn-enb-ickeM xvil ) support UeoKe Wnshlllgtol
June' , independent candidate for gonor. .
Tlio Northern 1'acino Taking Trail o
from tlio Central 1'aclllu.
NHXV You * . August 2G. Tlio general man
ager of the Central Pacific Is quoted as saying
that ho dooa not see how the Central Pacifu ,
can resume paying dividends for a comidora
bio tliuo. The Northern 1'acifio has taken the
business that male a dividend possible before
Tlio Central Pacific will have to wait unti
this loss is made good by the groxvth of other
business. It 18 reported that the trip of Cy
rus W. Field and others oxer the Noithen
Pacific road has something to do with the syndicate
dicato option on Villard stock. It is reporter
that about 1000 ( hares of Northern Pacific
preferred has been called under tlio option.
The stock market has again lap'ed into dull
ness. The first prices of the morning were
generally loxver than last evening , but this
was followed by a moderate rally , and then
another declino. Without any special feat
ure , this has boon the course throughout the
day. It is oxident that limited operators \xlio
hang nrovind the outer oilgo and pick up a
crumb now and then are anxiously waiting to
discover Home evidence of the leauine manip
ulators of either tbo bulls or the bears. It
matters not which they ehowthemselx-esto be ,
they xvill have a meager following xxhen the
position becomes known.
Foreign exchange advanced Jo and the leased -
sod generally assigned is that there are very
fexv commercial hill ? , and Kngllsbmon are still
selling Krio and also Vana-rbilts to a certain
Tlio 1'nrf.
SAHATOOA , August 2 ( > , Fivu furlongs two
year-olds nonwinnersUarrigan won , Hart
2d , Rapid 3ds time , 1OC.
Holief stakes three-year-olds milo and
five furlongs Modesty xvon , Posvhattan 2d ,
Tola 3d ; time 2:59. :
Milo and a half all ages Freda won ,
Knclid 2d , Xottlo 'J ; time , 2:43 : $ .
Milo non-winners Kosierre. won , Admiral
2d , Kmprcss 3d ; time. 1:48. :
DES MOINKS , August 20. The loxra state
fail-directors have extended the time for ro-
ceiximr entries in the free-for-all trot , freo-for-
all pace , 2:24,2:2S : , 2:33 : and 2:11 : races , till
Saturday evening , August 30th , as the time
of closing was not fully understood ,
MON.MOUTU PAIIK. August 2 ( > . Mile all
ages Duplex xvon , Herbert 2d , Hopeful 3d ;
tmiCj 1:45. :
Mile and furlong 3 year olds Louisetto
xvon Economy 2d , Kichniond 3J ; time , l"i3J. :
Three-cpiarters mile 2 year olds Souci
xx'on , Belinda's filley 2d , Elgin 3d ; time , 1:17. :
Mile and three-quarters all ages Gamble
xx-on , Bob Cook 2d , Heel and Too 3d ; time ,
511. ;
Milo and quarter , Kinglike wonKMonitor
second , Farewell third. Time , 2:114 , .
Handicap sxx-ecpjtakes for gentlemen riders ,
Mile 1'opo Leo won , Bondholder second.
Haledoa third. Time , 1:17
Three-quaiter milo sellingalloxvances , Liz
zip Mac xron , lola second , Joa Mitchell third.
Time , 1:1GJ. The track xx-as heavy.
Handicaj ) Rteujtle chase , full course Echo
yon , Voltaire econd , Paxvneo third' Time ,
5:27. :
Nr.w YORK , August 2B The Woild of
yednesday says the great Jay Eye See trot-
Ling race againct time , which xvas to bax'O ta-
fii place oxer Prospect Paikcnursoyesteidtty
las been jostponeduntil tomor.ow , and the
race xvill then bo of greater interest. If thu
Itlle guldim ; beats tno record of Maud S , of
_ ' :0'Jhe / xvill belong to Mr , Bonner ; if not ,
Mr. ( Jaso xvill continue to own him. Bonner
was in conference with Hamilton Busloy , of
, ho Turf Field and Form relative to the piicc
ilfered for the rival of Maud S , , and it was
definitely nettled that no purchase should take
ilacu within three \veeK.- .
"Noxv tint liouncr has Maud S. , " paid
Uusby , "ho does not especially care ; for Jay
Uyo dee. After the gre t record made at
L'lovidence , 1 was empoxx'eied to offer ncei-
ain sum for tha gelding , mid at Chicago Mr.
2aso drexv up a contract under xvtdch he
vould sell his phenomoual trotter. | lf Jay-
Uye-See does 2:011 : / tomonoxv Bonner xxill get
hnitfusal other for a month , Then Maud rf.
xill be put in training1 , and in three xxeoks
he xvill try to loxver the lecord. If shu fails ,
lay-Eye-Seo xvill belong to Bonner , xvlio
stands ready to meet Casa's terms , xvhich are
lot unreasonable. But as long as Maud S.
tatids at ihu head of the list , ISonner is fatis-
ied , and will not care to add to his stable. "
Hnao Hall
At Baltimore -Baltimore 1 , Metropolitans
At Cincinnati Cincinnati ft , Indianapolis
At Kansas City Union- , Kansas City , 1 ,
Cincinnati 3.
At Louisvillu Louisville 3 , Columbus ) .
At Npxv Yoik Now Yoik 4 , Cleveland P.
At Jtichmond Allcghenyx I , Virginias I ,
Gunm called at the end of the siith lulling on
iccoiiut i.f rain.
At PhiUdelphia-Brooklyn ( i , Athletics y.
At St. Paul St. Paul 3 , Milwaukcu 0.
Klmur Footer , who pitched for the St. Paul
club , broke his arm in pitching thn first ball.
Kiiemls on thu grounds immediately made up
.1 handsome imrsu for liim ,
At St JjniiToledo 0 , St. Louis 11.
At Minneapolis Minneapolis K , Winoim 0.
Orcnt. Dry GondH Halo.
Ni\v : ' 'OlK ! , August 2fi , There was a very
arga Httondancu today at the beginning of the
assignee sale of Halsted , Haines it Co. It in
cluded leproientativos of tlis dry goods trade
rom all parts of the country. Sales today
vero foreign and domestic dross goods. Pi loss
averaged 'J' > per cent of market prices , in
onis iti'tances I hey xvcro aboxe thu current
irice. Velx-ets x.iried from 55 cents to § 1.02 ,
jrocado Hutms from fi ) t ) ! ! . ' centf , check silks
l tn I" cents and colored faille silks 7K cunts.
) resigoods hold rcmarKably well.
OliOHtor CiiHtN Anchor.
] 'ltoviliN'Kmtu : s 2 ( ! . Thu lospiUh ar >
Ivud nt Ncxxport with Pretident Arthur at
loon , and receixed a salute.
II .nr > 'H Itnily.
NnwYoiiK , August 2i.-Tho ( body of Pri-
vata Henry is \humed and xvill bo examined
The Arrival of a Cholera Ship in
Mexico Creates a Scare ,
It is Thought that the Vosso
Oanio from China ,
Latest News from the Seat o :
The French Lay All the Blame
on [ General Millet
Alarming Outbreak of Yellow
Fever in Porto Eioo.
The Corn Crop of Chihuahua Pro
iinitiuicil n Totnl Failure.
Cholera Arrives In Mo.vleo.
GUAUIAS Mexico , August 26. The cap
tain of the port of ( unynms 1ms received
otliclal notice from the minister of war , that
a vessel has arrived at Salinas Cruz with
Asiatic cholera on board. Ho instructs the
captain of the poit ID allow no one to land
From the vcisols arriving from Salinis Cruz ,
or from other ports lower on the coast. The
olllcial notice boars the data City of Mexico ,
August 18. Similar notices have been rece
ived at Mazathm , S-ui Bin * , Altata , Manzan-
ilia and other 1'acilic coast ports. Salinas
Cruz is the chief port for the state of Tohuntc-
[ > ec , and lies 300 miles south of Gunymas on
the 1'itcilic. It is considered unaccountable
there that any person could nrrivo there from
tlio infected districts of Kuropo. It is gener-
illy believed hero that the ves el in question
i from China , and brings the original cholera
jerms. Die now causes great uneasiness on
, ho coast cities , it bejng thu first inforination
of the arrival of Asiatic cholera on this con-
inWABlUNOTON , Aug. 20. The state depart-
c cut received from Mason , United States
insul at Marseilles , a report upon the situa-
'on at that place and Toulon. Since the
ibatoment of the cholera epiilomic hosays the
inances of Toulon and Marseilles have baon
strained to the utmost in cleansing the streets
ind tenements and caring for thu sick and
jurying the dead. The presenca of impend-
ng financial nitn weighs heavily on thu bus-
ness community and even the ordinary re
sources of charity mo seriously curtailed.
The tide of returning fugitives has just sut in.
No description can picture the wretchedness
tml destitution which already exists.
Jto.MK , August 2i. ( The daily bulletin of
the progiess of cholera in Italy is : Forty-four
leaths , seventy now cose * .
TOUI.OK , August 20. Ono death from
cholera in this city today. The hospital re-
> ort is : Now cases admitted , ! ; discharged ,
.2 ; de.ith" , 2 ; under tit'ntmeiit , 37.
MAUSKILLUS , August 20. There were twelve
deaths front cholera hero today.
WASHINGTON , D. C , August 2li. The Ma
rino hospital bureau is informed that yollotr
'over ' is prevailing with great fatility on the
.aland of Port liico. The disease was not con-
ined to recent immigrants from Spain , but al
so atta > ks the Creole population. Governor-
General Marquis lo La Vojw In'clan died of
yellow fo\er after fivii days illness , mid sover-
il Spanich citi/.ens me down with the disease.
Tin : ntANco-c'HiMjsi : WAH.
PAULS , August 20. It is believed aftoi Ad-
nirnl Courbet has destroyed the forts on the
ilin mer , between the arsenal and mor
nouth , ho will join Admiral l.espes , before
veoliiDgmdarriugn : : with him for the occtipa-
ion of that place. There is talk of an oxpedi-
ion from Tonquin into LTnnaval at the end of
, he wet season , unless China accepts Fiance's
I'.iris pa pars indignantly deny the charges
ly the l.oiulon Times , tlmt cruelty was oxer-
ist-dby Adniiral Com bet at Chow , and
ndulgo iniulunt abtiso of ICngland. The
Voltaire and Tempi g.iys : "Franco has no
leed to exculpate itsalf to n country which sot
ire to Alexandiia , Admiral Combot destroy-
d the Chinese gunboats because he could not
veaken the crows by occupying them. "
'ho Soliid and Itopublniuoli'raiiukUo approve
Admiral Com bet's oneigetie course. "All ho
id , " they Kay , "was to oboyoiders in the
lopes of I'lfecting a prompt tottlemont of the
XHting dilliculty. " Ciiii-agimc's paper advo-
ates an alliiint'O between France and Uer-
JiKiti.l.v , August 2 ( > . liron ! do C.iinesl
'Vench i.'mbinBador , returned from a visit to
'aris in response to a summons from the gov-
rnnient , and started for Vartin to confer
\itli jiisnurck. It is belinved this conference
elates U > the Kranco-CliiuoHO dilliculty.
ISllANCillAI , August 20. Aihices from Fee
Jhow to tbo2ltb , leceived nt 0:15 : this oven-
ng , ciinfirm thu ropoits of thu destruction of
ho whole Cliineso lleet. The Fionch lleet
est live mon , ineluding an Amoiican pilot ,
< illcd nn board the heavy armored Fiench
hip Volta. The Fiench lloet was not dam
aged.PAHIH , August : ir > . Lo Paris states that it
H expected ttiat China will to-morrow nrnko
a formal declaration of war against France.
PAIUS. August 20. The Figaro says that
iLMieral Millet will bo lecallud from Tinuin ( | ,
lecausr ho is consideied lerijioiisililo fur all
.he diflicidtios since the Tien Tsin tioaty was
liKiu.iN , August 25.Pi of. IJingscli , llsytit-
ologjst , has bi'en appointed to the diplomatic.
survic'e and piiueeiU to Africa in .September
m Homo political mission , the nature of which
in unknown ,
( I'liiliAl.r.Mt , August 2 < i. Tlio Uniti-d States
Kt amur Koaisargo iecei\od direct orders fiom
Washington to makii u cruise along the iiortl
and west coast of Africa.
A Hi.iaur HIIAKK ,
LONIKIV , August 20 Theiewasau enitli-
riiiaKu of tidily secondb today on the Island o !
Jersey ,
HKl.ufAN IDUCTio.v. : .
IlllL'ssKLs. August ' . ' ( ! . In fthu chamber of
loiuties | today thu Hist clause of thu education
jill was ailopted by a votu of 7H to f/0.
Cllllll'AIII'A'H ( OILS1 C'llOI- KAILl'JIK.
WAHHIKCION. I ) . C. , Augmt 2i ( itomeio ,
VIoxican Minister , received a communication
annotmcing the failure of the corn crop In Chi
hu.diu.i , and anklng him to jmtifv oxpurters o
coin in.this country , who nuy wl h to exp.u
It for seoil to Chihuahnaj to addren the gov
nrnmcnt of that ttato , giving the prices , quali
| und quantity.
K roii KN < nsit THO I < .
, August SI'llio ) authoritlei lm\c
etters fivm cavalry olllcois In Kng
land Inquiring the prospect of bu\ing ultabU
remounts for the Knglish cavalry in Canada
and uhat horses would cost delixeied at < ) ua
\\OLfiKLKY (10MW KflU'T.
l.ON'DON , Augudt 2tl. Oeii'ral Wolselej
will proceed to Itayiit at once to aisumochief
military command of thu forces thcro ,
CAIIIO , August 20. The French con ul at
Khartoum is ordered to rcniiin then1 , even in
event that General Gordon convents to retuin
with the telief v.xpedition.
PAUH , August 20. Great fear is expressed
for the safety of the Catholic mi inniuios in
of a itoiunrkatloChlnn o
Clly , AVIiloli AVas Itonihardcd
By The French ,
Foo-Choo , the point In China where the fiist
attack of the French forces was made on Sat
urday , Auguit 23d , is thu capital city of the
imn ince of Noh-Kion , and ono of the few
[ iorts in China open to foreign tiade. The Chi
nese uauio of the city is Hok-Cin , which signi
fies "happy region. " Foo-Choo ts situated in
latitude 21 ! degrees and B minutes north , and
longitude 111) ) dcgrocn and 20 minutes east ,
almtit 42) miles northeast of Canton , and 375
niles southwest of Shanghai , It stauits on [ [ .t
[ ilain , about two and a half miles from the
north bank of the rlvor Miu , and twenty-fix v
miles from its mouth. An amphitheatre of
hills surround the city about four miles die
taut , and It is protected by ono of the peculiar
ivalls of China , which is seven miles in cir
cumference , from 20 to 25 feet high , and from
12 to 20 feet in thickness nt [ dilTtircnt points' .
Seven gates afford entrance to tlio city propi r
.hroueli this high wall , and over each of the
gates i j a high tower which is jealously guard
ed by watchmen. The whole dlstiict between
.ho city and Ui\er Min , thn island of ,
and the southern bank of tha rlxvr aio occu-
> ied by extensive suburbs , and the liver Itself
s occupied by a largo floating population ,
which lives in the boats which crowd its xva-
, crs. Communication from bank to bank of
.ho . river is afforded bya tnno Hidgo , which
s about a quarter 01 a mile long and is sup-
> orted by10 piers , placed at unequal distau-
ii'H. Across thcHO piers are laid iimnenso
stones , IJ feet square and about -Ifi feet long ,
and over these a grauito pl.itfoiin l-xtcmls.
This bridgu is known to the natives as the
jiidgo of 10.000 ages , and is said to bo Silo
Vfars old. It is lined alorg the sides with
shops , and Is constantly filled with the people
if Fee Chow.
Tlio city proper of Fee Choo is regnlaily
built , but the struptH , though paved with gran-
tu , and in many instances planted with tieo * ,
ire filthy , narrow , and Infoitod with beggirs.
L'ho population of the city has been \-aiiously
estimated by travelers in China at from 1100 ,
000 to 4,000,000 souls ; The moat remarkable
establishment of thoV.ity is thoarseiialsituat > d
about three miles down thu Itixcr Min , at 1'a-
; oda Island , whore the seagoing x-cssels usually
inchor. Itxvas fouuded in 18'ir ' , and h'vs ' been
conducted , under ihu direction of French engine -
no iH , according to Km * p'"n mothwdp. In
870 it employed about 1,00i ) xvorkmnn , besides
iO JCuropean superintendoilt > . Fee Choo in
cnown in China as a city nf the firstclass , and
s the teat of a \ iceroy or Fovpinor-Rcneral ,
vhoso jinUdiction extends over I'oUien
mil Chekiang , the provinca juljoiu-
ng Foklon l- > the noith. 'Iho city is also n
; reat literary center , and numerous gentry
vho Iiavoictired from otlico in ether paits of
ho cmiiire and men of hixh literary attain-
nonts resiiio there. It lias Mneial cotton , pa-
> er and hardware iimtitifnitoricd , bevoral limi-
lied factories for making porcelain , and fac-
.urics of liluo cloth , hcrocns and cuiiibj. Near
> y are pionuctivu lead minus , and aeieat ten-
( rowing dibtiict lies within 70 miles of the
ity. The commerce of Foo-Choo is princi-
mily with .lapan and tin ; maratimo iirovinces
if China. The chief exports nro black teas ,
imber , bamboo , fruits , orange pool , tobacco ,
iota-li , spices , gr.iin , coiipor and lead. The
mpoit.4 areopiimi , which somotiings amounts
o Jj)000 ( ) ( ) , ( ] in valno fora yoai ; salt , sugar
and ICuropoan manufactures.
A Fallen I'rcnciior ,
Sjiecinl Dispatch to TIIK UKE.
Clil.TK , Neb. , August'JC. Ki > v. S. llender-
on , piesiding elder of this distiict , nho fell
.lirou . li tbo railroad biidgo noiir heio yOHtiT-
lay , is reported improving to-day. His in-
uiies nro of a most set ions character , but it is
loped houll 1)0 able , with the aid of a strong
onstitiition , to Hurvivo them.
Rcrolula IsrmaJ , ill < 7 man general than any
other dlseiII FI Insidious In th.'iracter ,
and manifests Itself in running sores , piibttilar
eruptions , bolls , fixxtlllngs , cnlarKCd Joints ,
abscesses , sore eyes , etc. Hood'H Sarsaparllla
expels all trace of Kciofulii from the blood ,
leaving it pure , enriched , and hcalMiy.
" I xras severely aflllctcd with scrofula ,
and /or over a year had two miming sores
on my neck. Took five bottles of Hood's
fiarsaparllla , and consider inyoelf cured. "
C. K. LoviiJOV , I.oxvell , Mass.
C. A. Arnold , Arnold , Me. , had scrofulous
sores for hcven years , spring and fall. Hood's
Sarsaparllla cured him.
Salt Rheum
William Spies , I'.lyrla , O. , Buffered greatly
from erysipelas and salp rheum , caused by
handling tobacco. At tlncs ; his hands xvould
crack open and bleed. Ifo tried various prep
arations without nld ; finally took Hood's &ir-
bapiirllla , and noxv B.iys : 'JI am entirely well. "
"My bun hnd salt rheum on his hands and
on the culvcH of his ICKH. lln took Ilood'n'
Barsaparllla and Is cntljcly cured , " J. II.
BTANTON , Jit , Vcrnon , Ohio.
' Hood's cSarsaparilla
Hold by all driiKulbts. 6 - , six f or $ .r . Madu
only by C. I. HOOD St CO , , Lowell , Mass.
IOO Doses Ono Dollar.
The Record of Crimes and Accident
Yosicrilay ,
Suioido of a Life Prisoner nt the
Stnto Penitentiary-
Eiotous Demonstrations of Strik
ing Minors in Ohio ,
A Warrant Out for Warnon the
Champion Thief ,
Oapturo of the Farmer Who Ter
rorized His Uoighbors ,
And n Ctioluo Assortment orCriinlnn
Notes In Gcnornl.
Hululdont the Penitentiary.
Sjv-cial Dispatch to TUB HKK.
LINCOLN , August 2(1. ( This morning n Hfo
prisoner in the ponitontiiuy named Clintoi
Dill committed suicide. He xx-as sent from
Kcd Wllloxv county iri IbSl for killing a coxv
boy named Sam IIUCAB. Ho procured a
pocket knife this morning and stepping into
thu gata house , xvlioro ho xvas acting as gate
keeper , ho made sovotnl cuts at his throat ,
Tha ( juaul arriving on thu scano. Dill made a
terniiu lungu at hit xvindpipu and severed the
insular. In his dying struggle he tluunr tliu
knife at the guard and then full lucka corpse ,
Dill xx'as-IS yours of age , and loaves axvifo ami
three childii'ii in this city , thu eldest 10
yea ri.
Uui'HTKi , August 20. The minors are com
ing from the BUI rounding country , ami tin
most bitter feeling is evident between the
Btrikersand thugiiaidson duty. When the
new mon were put into the mine today , the
striker * obstructed the road , but were'linully
driNou luck by the PinKerton men. Ono agcil
striker xvas knocked down by the guard an I
jroko ono arm , The guard \vaa arrested and
joundoxor in the sum uf $500.
COI.UJIIIUH , Ohio , Aug. 2i ! . Reports from
liuchtol and other mining towns to-day nro
that all Is quiet xxith no iiidicationn of troubto
is yot.
Pirmni'llfi , Pa. , Aug. 2(5. ( A Coal Centre
special says thirty-four moro _ camping coid
minors xvoru arrested thin morning by special
otliccra McClmo and Jlcliurnoy tor tres
passing on railroad property. They were
odgcd in the Udil I'dlows' hull and xvill bu
, ala n to Washington jail in xv.kgoiH this aftor-
loon. The wives of hftoen or twenty prinnn-
TS came to thu hall with babies In
.heir arms this morning and begged
x bo sent to jail with
.heir husbands , us there is nothing to live on ,
nit a little coin meal. Th < ir request xvas not
; rautcd , Citi/ens are indignant at the whole
lalo arrests which are madu xvithout xvarruuts ,
tndj it ii probable a publla.inuotiiig denoucing
.lie action of thu olliccrs xvill bo culled. Kom-
Hindi oil noxv rocrmtn iiruuxpuctcd to arrive in
camp. A lepoit fiom Staib's mines in thu thild
lool indicain n seiious break in thostriKo.
Jno hundred and lifty men are said to h.uo
; ocio \vorltlila moi niug , and otheni are wuak-
ming , and are expected to go before thu cloao
of the \Vcok.
CAIKO , 111. , August 2I > . Daxid Axcry , ac-
'used of burning xvhunt and killing a man
lamed dago , wan caught noir Khaxvneutoun
enterday. Ho hai been biought here for
! ifu keeping.
Ai.niio { , N. Y. , August _ ' < ! . -W. It. Caulk-
us , the lioston partner ofV" . It. Huiroxx-s in
ho medicine business , is heio for thu purpose
if securing a warrant for thu arrest ot Albert
5. NVanifr , the missing iircsidoutof the l''iist
National bank. The dUtiict atlornuy says
.hut papers hitxe boun placed in Inn hauiU by
hidga Itairoxvs , of Itnlfalo , on which ho xvill
.tonco begin ciiminal ] iroceediugs against
Wai nor.
KoniKHiKii , N. Y , , August 20. It in
stated on gooil aiithoi ity that Warner , ] ro i-
lent nf tlio 1'irst National bank of Albion ,
HSIIM ! notes of thu llurrows estate to an
imount tn UYceod the value of the roul estite ,
[ i , is thought that depositors xvill lealirunnth-
OK. Tliu county funds ( amount not dlvu'ged ' )
were on deposit. A xxarnmt has been issued
'or the arri'ht of Warner , uho is thought to
jo in Canada.
Hi' . 1'Al'Ij , Minn. , August 2l ! . Homo time
letween Saturday night und Monday morning
. 'IK People's bank was robbed of ! $ ] 0OOU.
I'lio robbery is supposed to have bnon corn-
nitted by some ona in possession of tliocom-
ilnation of thu vault * , and NUApiciun reals
ou'ono of the cleiks xvlio IUH left town.
Sioi \ Crn , AiiKiitt'JO. Tl . iin : Dills xi'as
) iiiught back from St. I.onls , xvhtio ho hud
.nken tliu 1 ! ) year old daughter of a neighbor.
Ho was lodged in juil heiu under b.ul of a
thousand dollais. Dills Hx'od In Fork loxvn-
ihlp , this county , but xioloncu was feaied ,
lenco ho xvas lodgud in jail. It in nut decided
whether he xvill bu iudutcd them for mine
.Ion , taken to Nebraska xvhuro he xvas guilty of
ilgmny and perjury by maiiying his child
victim , or returned to St. Louis , xvhero the
child died and bo tried for minder.
Kom : HXIITII , Ark. , August ' ! ( ! . -Captain
' , the Oklahoma boomer , and Knven of
its uHiociatcs xx'ero nncHted at Hock Mills ,
ndi'in Territory , by Gonciul Hatch KomodayH
ngo , and arrived hero in chaigo of Lieutenant
Tuuksoii and a detnchment of tlio Ninth IT.
i , cavalry. They worn not delivered to the
uithuritiuH at Fort Smith , as xvun thu oiiginal
ntonlion , but by directions from Caldwell ,
\iiliKa , hleiitonanl Juckson will take thom to
'ort Scott , KariPan , xvhero thny will bo placed
n cliurgu uf United Sl/itei olllcers.
1'rloHiH In Council ,
) iifijrc , Iowa , Augmt 2i. ( Ninety-su
priuitiof tlio dloi'cso of Dnhuqiie , coniirining ]
Northern Iowa , mo noxv holding thcii annual
eticst heio at rot. .loseph's collego. It is bu
ng eondticted by Id. Itov , ltinhop llnnncssy
ind Itov. I''athor Hill , of the Society of Jesus ,
Niw : YIIIIK , August 2 ( ! . Clara Lnuiso Ki-lJ.
gH , the niiigoi , obtained Indgineiit by default
agnimt ( JeoiRo 1 ! . Hlnnchard , vico-presiatn
of tlio Krio ro.ul for $7,000 damng s with inter
o t from May 18&I , for which \aico \ the sail
ho pild tueuty Inmds of $ 00 each nf the
I/ondon mining compuiy , at the earnest sollci
talion of llhxnch.iid , who XVAS prntldont of ilia
company , lllamhard on July "Sth moved ( o
have default npcmtl and be allowed to defend
as ho said ho had a good defence ; namely ,
that the guarranty ho-had cixen Mi s K oil opt
should not loose Anything by her Inx'fltinoni
did not render him liable until she had suei
the company. Judge Van llrunt to < iay do-
cldod to open the default and allow Mr. Dlan-
chnrd to defend ,
BtntcmontN ItcunnlliiK tlio
lilllly for Her AVrcck.
ugust 2 ( > . Divers xxill probably
examine Iho Tnllnpoosn tomorroxv to learn the
intent of the damage , and ascertain if any
bodies are on board ,
The allldavit of the lookout man of the
schooner Jamas S. Lowell , xxhlch sunk tin
Tnllapoosn , s ys that ho saw the steamer
ahead , n little on the Ice ] > ort bow. He faxv
that the schooner's lighti xvoru burning right
"As the steamer approached , I saw tlmt sin
xvas swinging ncrojs our boxv , nit I saxv tlueo
of the llolltH , g'Oen , and mnsthund , ailil
finally gre > < n and masthead lights" , and then In
ix few niiimouts the xoitols struck. "
Second Mate l''itiorald alio testifies that
tliiistenmor chaiifed her course , causing the
collision. Samuel Kdgett. who was nttlu
xxheol , says thu tchoonrrs courru xvoa not
altered , and jn-t I efora the collision ho saxv
the green light , anil tlum thu led light. After
tha collision both lights went burning brightly.
Dry GcxulH.
NKXV YIIIIK , August 2(5. As > isual to Tnos
day thu general demand xvas light , still a good
quota of orders gixcs fair total sales , hut
unoxcnly distributed. Jobbers are doing
faitly well , as mtny of their customers are attracted
tractod by the auction sales of Ilnlatond ,
lluiucs it Co.'a bankrupt stock , xvhich is ho-
Ing sold at good prices. Exports of domestic
cotton goods the past week xvero largo ,
amounting to 7,035 packages , a larger quanti
fy than for the same period any pr < vious
IMcdnlinn'H llcinnliiH.
.Xr.w YOHK , August 20. Among those who
vi.nitcd McCiuhan's remains were .Slurnt Hal-
stead , Major Lucas , ttato Senator O'Neill ,
{ opiejont.tivo H. 0. ( ! rower of Ohio , John
nun * , ivprCRonting LoTington , ( ) . , where the
imil Interment will take place , and P. A. Me-
< almn , brother of the dead. Two xxieaths
> f lloxvers xvero placed on the casket. Ono
> ore a long satin ribbon on xvhich xvas in-
iciilw-d , "I'Voni ' the Noxv York Piess Club. "
The silver plute on thn casket wan inicribod.
' .I. A. Muciaimn , ( tied Juno'.ltli , 1878. Agisi
U yonii. "
L'lio liouUvlllo Nash-
NKXX YOHK , August 2(5. ( The directors of
.he Louisville , V Nahhvillu Itallroad company
.o-day agreed upon n plan for thn reorgan/.a- !
.iuii of the company. Thu details xvill not bo
nade public until Si ptrinber Ifi. The plan
Mil then be pubbshei' nIHeialiy and inmlta-
leoiisly m Noxv Yoik , London ailil Amsler-
IleHlriiuiivi : Fire.
SIMIAN TON , Pn. , August 2(1. ( This morning a
ire bin nud thu planing mill uf Joteph Hans-
oy at Hydn 1'urk. L'ho ollica and a largo
juantity of lumber xx'orodestroyod. At txvo a
n , the \\aiHjiicadiiigrnpiilly ! in thu dircc-
ion of Main htrcet. Soxurx'al IIOIHCH are in
lamcp , und asxvater is fearce , n largu amount
) f property may bo dehtioyed.
Honry'H Itixlj Will ItcM InVnaoo.
Niw : YOKK , Augmt 2(5. ( As the suiiervis-
irs of ( iroen county refused to dofraj the ox-
lonxos of exhuming the body of Prixatu
Ii-nry , ( foity ilolhus ) , thu remains of the un-
rtunato Antic voyager xvill not bo din-
Virginian FltmnccH ,
KICIISIONII , Va. , August 20. In tliogen-
ral asHiimbly today thu joint committee of
oiifcrence on thu diHagieement upon tha
amendment l > ) thu Itiddjuborgcr debt law ro-
[ iortod defining the tine interest.
ClilcIuiMiixv Kleotlon.
Vom Smirii , Aik. , Augnst 20. Returns
fiom thu ChiclciiMuxv Indian nation { show thu
election of Jonas Wolf for governor by n
mull majoiity. Tlio Wolf party r.hax'0 ten
majoiity in eongrefs.
Itoi'iiixrKll , N. Y. , August --Advices
direct from tteciutary Kolger's homo to-night
lira In tha olfuct that there has been somu im
provumont In l olger's condition.
be foiim' '
In Androxvn * X'eurl JlaVinirPowilnr. Is ( xg.
lively p IH' ! E , Ucliliemtor ; > < " < llinuteutlmoiiliu'n
reel fvtillroiu Kiir'leiiu ! linsH. Jl.uri iluyN , llos
ton ; M , lelionuunc : ! , n ( ' Clilc'.igo , , , nu uiiituvi
Jloilc , Mil'xauUe. Nexersohl In Ii. . . . .
f" 'JtfitsV
Another Qnict Day on 'Change ' , wilh
Stronger Prices.
Wheat Manifests a Generally Up
ward Tendency.
Oorn Likewise Higher , and Closes
Steady and Firm.
The Provision Market Dull and
Prices Higher ,
In l' cl the Kntlro List Tn
Ujwnrcl Turn , nud Closes 1 *
Special Dispatch to TUB UKE. I
CMICAIIO , August 2i. ( The loading. " . >
on 'change today were very quiet , bu | / " " * > r
stronger , and n little inora improved1'
the Inlluciicu of local buying , and a consider
able ) decrease in the visible supply state-
Vlour remains quiot1 nud heavy , with very
moderate x.ilos ,
opened well up to yesterday's quotationo , and
during thu cnily houra ranged very dull and
inactlxo , hut fluctuating Irregularly upward.
Mora or lens strength xvas coutriouted by the
visible supply Htatcmont , which showed n do-
croaBO of nearly 20,000 bushel * asralust n gen
erally oxpoctcd increase of considerably over
1,000,000 bushels. This stimulated tha buy-
lug by house ? , which bought out an ad
vance of V to jj cents on the morning session ,
the outside inngo being fuigt-iinod , and the
narket closing steady at 1 o'clock. The sup
ply statement created coiiHiderablo comment ,
jut the figures generally were accepted. No.
J spring , told at 77i to 778 conta for cosh.
Corn opened rather easier than wheat , being
luotably i conta lower , but oorly figure * were
.mvloxvcHl of tlio morning session. The best
riundft corn had were Uliis , Comttock , Cant-
ii" , MotthoxvB , Mroxvn , Diiver , Adams and
Jukcr. All took considerable and mndo the
general feeling firm , and brought about an advance -
vance of 1 to lj cents , which xvus nearly all
sustained , the morning session closing steady
uul linn. No 1 ! sold at 62ic cash.
uled weak and heavy for cadi , but hold up
inn for futures , especially for May , which re-
ordod a nornml aoJvaLcu of Ic. Cash was m
ight request , theru being a largo supply , and
lily sold up ic. Thu general market was
overned by the other grains and ruled dull
uul inactive.
van in largo supply and easier at Jc decline
or near dulivorings- holding up fairly
veil for long futures. No 2 cash wis quotably -
bly f > ( ic , niut Duller Scptomlwr 0 lie.
ittractod but scant attention , though ruling
inn and recording mi udvanca of Ifis in lard
0 lOc in ribs , duo hugely to the strength m
uuii. The market at 1 o'clock cloned steady
mil firm , though the outside figures weru not
ustaincd. f „
> ss
Wlieat was firm and higher , with morobuy-
ng , closing ut 7t)7Ao ) ( ) ! ) , September ; Tic , for
October , HlUc for Nox ember. Corn was strong-
r and higher , closing at 5 @ 0ic : for Augtut ,
i\a \ for September , fiUic for Uetober10 Ju for
ox ember , and -I2jie year. Oats xvcroathado
tetter , 24 ic for August , 2fi.c } for September ,
( lie , October , 2-lic , year. 2UJc , May. 1'ork
vas Btendy at 27 fit ) for A\igust , 20 00 for Sep-
ember , 1'J 00 for October , 12 CO for year.
( ard wan a shade better at 7 GO for Augrut ;
50 , September ; 7 M , October ; 7 47 J.iNovem-
wr. Short ribs were stronger and moro firmly
iold , ceasing at 1015 for August , 1015 . for
eptomber , 0 82J for October.
There were about 105 cars of ruiigo stocfc
vith the receipt * , among which wcro lt earn
f through Texans , the balance northwestern.
'ho market was generally rather quiet. There
vas but light inquiry for good natives and but
uxv on sale. The great bulk of fresh receipts
voro rangers , among them a number of droves
; oed enough for shipment or thu drorsed buo
Tade. Thu supply of canning stock was
ight and the aenmud rather limited. There
VOID but few stockers or feeders among the
ilfeiing ! ' , but several ear-loads jf fair dairy
calves from the east Hold at strong prices. Na
ive butchers' wtock was scarce and the do-
uaiul light , as butchers could get all they
wanted out of the big supply of rangers. 13es6
natives were C 75a7 ( 00 ; tecond-class , 5 509- .
5 25 : common , ! > 105 25 ; gratsorn,3 80@J 80 ;
cows awl bulls , 2r > lfaiOO ) : ; stackers , 250 ©
jnOfeidiTM ; ) , SOOGfljaij Texans , 325@-i5J ;
Montannu , Wyoming * and Oregons , 4GOnOO ;
daily calves , 10 CO to Iti 00 per head ; good to '
choice shipping. 2,200 to 1,360 pounds , ( XgOCO ; '
common to medium , 1000 and 1200 Ibs , S 1.25(2) )
1.75 , MonUim , 12U ) Ibs , SU74 ; Wyoming , .
His , 81.25 ; Oregon , 117-1 Ibs. 81.10 ; grass , '
D , 700 and 1)00 ) Ibs , ftU5 ( ! 3.7D.
Thu market opened slow with few
Bales and a shade lower than at the close last
night , but later there was Imtter demand
with a slipht lulvanca on the bunt heavy , yet
the general market underwent little or no
change and closed steady with about all eold.
Light wirts remain dull , gratscrs selling at
about whatever salesmen can gut. Best light
hold at a rangu of S5.30@li.3U , henpy ? 5.S5@ (
ti.5'J { , While graasers may be quoted at $5 to
W.50 , light , 150 and 2uO Ibs , $5.
SOIIH of SoldlerH In Council.
PiiiLADKLriiiA , AngtiBt20. Tlio convention
ofthu Sosond Cirand Division of Sons of Vet
erans , was held in this city this morning , .
Kight Htatos were represented , Now York ,
New Jersey , Delaware , Pennsylvania , West.
Virginia , Maryland , Virginia , Ohio and tho'
District of Columbia. The preliminary meet
ing was | > m ate. There are many member *
hero HOiit in an oflicial capacity from other
Btatoj than those mentioned. The total num- .
her pienent is about 100 , drawn from all ranks
and inofessiona.
mmm n
Hwll/.nrliuul anil Homo.
KOMI : , August 20. Negotiations between
Switzerland and tlio Vatican are making fa-
vor.iblo progtujs , 1'apal delogatui at liorno
were iiutructod to make reasonoble conces
sions. '
Smoking Tobacco