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The War Of Words wife China Re
placed by Something More
Forcible ,
The French Bombard Fee Ohow ,
Thus Opening : the War ,
The Ohinoso Minister Interviewed
on the Situation.
The Effect of tin War Upon Eng
land and America ,
The London Times Censures M-
Ferry for His Course ,
The Uomtiixrilmcnt Im&tH Prom Two
to Klfllit , and n Grout Amount ;
ol Damage IH Done.
A Cliuicso Olllcinl Inti'rvlow'cil.
Speclnl Dispatch to THE BH : .
PAUIS , August IM. Colonel ScheiiK Ki Ong ,
his been interviewed. In reply ton COUCH
pendent ho said the ruptuiu between Fianci
mid China was now completed. He avoided
lion ever , compromising himself by g.ajing
that \viir was declared.
"Our interview with M. Ferry yesterday , "
said the Colont'l , "was n mere M it of coiirto
sv. The nttitudu of tlio French preimci ,
Iherefoie , was pefectly courteous. As to the
cause of the rtiptnru nothing H Bimvlci.
France lnisted on the payment of indemnity
for occurred nt hang Sang. Chint , not
acknvvledgiiig heisclf responsiblelefusi
indemnity. "
It was geiicrnlli'supposed China had
admitted her liability in pnnciplo by offering
to pay Fiance a am.ill compou-atiim.
"Tlio ptinciplo up m which Chin i lias taken
her stand , " lophcd Col. Scheng , "Is intact.
The sum offered a\.as iiieiily iiieuit ns a conso-
1 ition for the \ \ ictims of the misundci standing. '
Ho added tint the. statements published re
garding the ei.ismuof the date of tlio evacuation -
uation of Lang Sou ia the Fomniei tieaty
were perfectly truo.
Nothing whatever wn * known at the embas
sy of the mystciioiis instructions which , ac-
eoidiiis to the 1 ondon Moiinug Post \\at"
telegraphed from 1'cKin to Berlin. Being
asked about the report of nrbitiation , Co ) ,
tacheng himltd inciulnously , nndl'.ha interview
onded. In reply to an in < | Uiiy , Piice Ilohcn-
lahe , Oemi in Ambassadoi at Paris , declnted
that Cionnauy had no iiitontion of taking .my
part whatevci , in Fi.mco China ipiauols.
LONDON , August f3.A ! desnatch from
Shanghii this 11101111111 ; says : "Admiral Cuor-
bat announced Ins uitcnlion of homlurding
the arsenal at Fee Clioo today. The French
consul in this city Ins lowered the flair. "
Advicas from Pekm of jesteidaj'state that
Uovernnis Quinati nnd Quango ! received im-
penal oideu t. ) march their forces into Ton
< ium.
A diipitch to tha Times , which left Fee
Choo at _ ' : ! . " > p.m. today , says : " .Hostilities
began thin afternoon at two o'clock. "
P.vms , August 23. Tno government has
received no news from Fee Clinu to
day , hi Fong Pee , Chinc-'e minuter , lias not
yet loft Pans.
LONDON , August 2S. A Timrs despatch
ftom Fee Chow at seven o'clock this morning
Eajn : At limn o'clock last nieht Admiral
Courbut ofhcially announced he hit ! received
ni Jei fnni Paris to make repiisals. The
The ISiitihhica cnnfciil left list : night and
reached the Jliuh-h giiuluata at midnight.
LONDON , August i ! . " > . The meichants and
underwriters of Loudi > u hold a nitctinc ; to
consider tha bearing of th" Franco and China
ditliculty on neutrals , as 1'iimo mnmtei Fn
rv had announced thit the bombardment of
Koo Lmi would not a stito of war but
himply.i in'MiH of furtlieiing the negotia
tions with China , Tlio inqutiy raised
in th' ) iiiuotinc : was whothi r
Admiial Courbot would not admit I'nglish or
Oerman ve wls loaded with nms into Fee
Chow , Ommeutral vessel , it was stated it was
now enrouto to tint port with acaigo of
dyniumto ordered by the viceray. Tha meet
ing resolved to nrga Kill ( ir.iuvdl , se.ire.tary
nf foreign nlf lirs t ) pieis Fiance to define her
intention regarding neutrals.
.NO JiKHnucno.NH.
PAIIIS. Autrnst 2.t. It n somi-oflicially
fit.iteJ as Fiance has not do
chred war vesaelii going to China will
not be 1 to restriction * which would
1)3 imposed in netuil war.
It m repotted Li Fong Pee was inntmttod
by an HMioiiaI ] decrco to settle tha dispute on
the bsst terms pinsiblo.
A Chinese ollicial telcgi im states the
French ma dash ions of M'ttlunent. This
iwsejgo Kent , houavi r , befoia it was an-
nonnced the Fri nch Ind began filing on Fee
Oh'ioiitli o\ lock this afteinoon.
LONKVJ , August L''J. A .Shanghai dispatch
ilatol nt mx o'clock this momng nays : JtU re
ported thut the Fiench have captiiied the
Chmesi Hi et nt Fee Chow and that two
French bouts wne Mink , A tikfjiam from
Pekm announce * that Li Hung is instructed
to mike piclhu advances ,
The IXchange t'llogMjih company , on au
thority of the Chinibu imhiviy , htates ttwt
Foolliou was bombarded bthe French
this morning.
LONDONAngu t 20. The Kastsrn Teh-
graphic ci/inpiiiy has given notice tint , nw-
ing to hosuhtioR nt FunChow , telegiams to
that point will bo accepted only at ttio Komi-
er's itik. Such tuligiains niiiBt gn fiom
Hb mghai to Fee Chow over the Chinese lim.
UIPAiaU'.K Ol Till CHI.NK I SliSISllll.
I'AlllK , Aug. 2't , It IH ropoitod that Fe
Fong J'oo luuvid n dispatch of two hundieil
winds from liispivernnu-ntin couM'iienc | < of
which ho iippntid I'rlmo Minister IVny that
hu h id postponed his lopaituri * for I'aris , La
I'.in bjllevin thut tlin object of the diKpatcti
was to sound La Fong JVi concerning a
chance for KiibniutiiiL'tlK ! imarrul to arbitri-
tion. This evening J.o Fung Pee loft Paris nt
s o'clock ,
TTow'rfll , SEWS W villl.l HVHi IS I'AHIS
LONDON , AiiLfii t 21 A dispatch fmni
J'UIIH dat < > d .Satunlny , h p , in. , Btutc-- that tin
Chinese \inba ulor l.i 1'olig Pnso has just
di imtteil foi Bpiliti , Ho dvo prpllmlnaty
omet foi lowering the flag over the i minima
ily. this evtnmg , shorily niter the ipceipt of
n dupateh from Pokln. The dispatch slated
that tin biiinliiidnirnt nnd naval immt
at Pee Clnnv listed until nightfall , and wns
answered by the foils alotur Ilia met. The
hung refilled in sev cio lo sos on both sides.
During the aflornoon I.i 1'onir 1'a-o had re
ceived n long dl'pat.h from
I'ekin , nnd had sontrht nn intu\iovv with
I'romler Ferry. The Uo diplomats wort
clo-oti d together when the news of the attack
on Fee Chow anived , nnd while the limit-
vnrds weie imging with thociles of Ihe newsboys -
boys spiling special editions niinouncing tin
fii-t. Tin street in ft nt of the Chinese em
bassy \vns IhioliBed w ith people , nnd it was n
malttr of ourpiiss that the \ellovv Ilig wns
still 11ing over the building. Hut within tno
minutes nfter thoministi rflcniriago had driv
en up to the lnmu tlio tlag had disspptaiod
and veiy soon tin ro.illei I/I Tong Pee and Im
staff wore on tin Ii wny lo Berlin.
At the Chinoie legitlon in London it is la-
possible to obtain any trustworthy infm in-
tion , but from hints thiown out by Dr. Mo
Cartney and others it is evident that the
long cnutinnancfl of hostilities is oxpoetad.
The elicit "f news in eoiiinierrml mid tinincial
ciicles Is thus fui small , but it should bo noted
that the news.arrived only a few momenta be
fore Ilia closu of business.
Stocks WPIO steady niil POIIIO Aim-tic in
tecutities improved. At Uoyd'fl , shippini ;
inerchntits and brokers nuMously dispnssid the
piostlon e'f extra premiums for man in
uiBur.uc on , i"count of war iisks. It
AH di'.uleil that extra premiums must be
laid on ves < ola and cargoen bnund for Chi
le o ports , but that no extra premium would
je enacted In ci'oof lioniewuid bnund ves-
cel * Common to fan I'm Chow Ua advanc
ed id to < { pei pound , and further Is
'xpectod. Tea m.ukot m London is very
inn nnd the amount of tea nlloat is veveii
Million pounds less tliu was itiLomlnir
ata coirf > .pondiiig time last joai Tea * , otln i
.ban . that from Pee Chow , lem.ain unalteicd
n pric , .as do opium ilco , Indigo nnd Chi-
ic-su silk , Trade in nil these commodities is
piiet nnd merchants engigod in Chiue o trade
eemed dispiaod lo ipiully nwnit develop"
Tin : rniiTicvinw 01 THK w vit.
Political circles , however , nio intensolj ex
cited ovei tlie beginning of hustilitUs in
\Viit"ii. Lord ( Sranvillo has again
mged the Chine-ogovtinmcMit to ) > ay BOHIO
kind of tin indemnity ti Fi inco for tha Ling
Son incident , but the Chinese council ot
mandarins steadily refuses to lecommind this
to theimperi d government , and the impio <
sion heie is that China hopes and expects to
embroil England and peril ips othei Lnropoan
poweis 111 the impending qnatrul.
Diplomatic notes are being oxch mged at a
a lively rate between London , Paris and
\ it is .not at nil cutain. that the
wholadllhcult > in ly not bo settled eventually
by Ameiican mediation. The general opin
ion among bimncs ] nion m L < m Jon is that
China will succumb when the suows are
applied in on nest.
111 ! IONDON TIMh.S O.V fill' hill M10N.
Thi Times Pa-is dispitch today contains
the surprising statoincnt tint Chint admits
tha violation of the tre ity of Tien Thin , China
steadfastly miintams tint the Lang Son uf-
fatr was due to a mistake or something w orse.
'IheFioiuh command advancing without no
tice , the Chiiieso wore taken bv smpiiso. The
Chine-e commander had im eiders to snrien
der and was obliged to d ( fond himsilf. Col.
Ti-iheng , an attache of the Chinese legation at
I'.nis siv s tint photogiaphed copies .f iv.'io
tie ity , wish theoiigind data of ev iciiatm
ei > sod were t.ent to I mopean
pmeis. Uo explicitly nllcces th it
Ameiiciofreie-dand Fianceiefu edmediation.
Franca nominally fight ) to extmt an indemni
ty of 815l > , 0 1,000 for lostos diuctlv duuto iU
own wrouqful act , but renllv in eider to extricate -
cato the Feiry Mmiatiy fiom a f i'sa ' position.
The country ii flowly vvakmg up , and per
ceives itself to bo committed without consul
tation to viai , probably on a gigantic
The real Bitiiitiou H far moie coolly and
< irrecth estimated m Img'and ' than in
J'laiui. The bi lief is general licio tint noth
in w ill iniliii e Chin i to yield but an attack
on Falun. There n much anuoty ie ieitiiig
the Fiench ti atineiit of neutral vessels load
ed vut'i ' munitions of wai
ami pioceoding to Chinese ports.
Ni w YOIIK , August 21.- - \ London cable
gram gives the following additiona1 detail of
tin ) bombaidment of Fee Chow
In .ueoidinee with instUKlions of tlio
French govimmi nt , adimial Courbet t d.a\
fired the hist gun in tint Fi.uicn Chun ivvai
by the bomlaidment of Fee Chow. Actmd
ing to dlspatchi s from Hone Ron ? , the Fromh
fleet enleied the mouth of the Xnn imr tins
morning nnd piociedect up cautiously to i
point in high as heavy voxels could gi > with
out serious d imjer ot grounding , then gun-
biuU hleamid ii | M within
unco of the eitv , nnd at 2 p. in.
si I to vvoik shdllng the city. The squadron
of Chinese gimbo.uH were lying tiudi i the
walK of Fee Chow and th-y n'turned the firp.
AH they hid the French gunboats will in
I ingc , tliu l.ittoi withdiew imdei cover of the
guns of the mam cquadron. What diunagi'
if any , was mllctul by the French Hhtllx , has
not been asci itamed. Tlia bumbaidiiient w as
continued about two and a half IIUIIIH , and
Admiral Coin bat intimates that a many
slu Us vveia tlnown into the city , as the gun-
nets manning the mortals were not long in
getting the rangi
SH VNOIIAI , August 21 The Fee Chow m
senalva destioji'd aftei three hours bom
baulmotitln Cotitbi ts'eqnidron .Sovin Chi
nese gunboits weio Mink and two escaped.
The Kmopean si ttlement in uuduturbi d. Tlio
French fli ot sustained no d.un.igos.
PUHSJ , August 21. The bombardment at
Fee Chow Ixgtinuttwn oclock this aftcinoon
and cai'ed at S p , m. Only one Chiucao bal-
taryroplud. Ttio re'poit that two Flench
vessels woia sunk during tha ongiufi inont is
not confirmed ,
Sll VV.H vi. Aug. 21. Of the Chinese mm
ofwai , w Inch f'Nc.ipi d the j'lonch bumbard-
mi ntnt l''oo Chow , one was stranded anil had
IK r baik broken , the other mat wltli no mix
hap. Tlio French recomnieiKid filing ted ly ,
dii ecting their thots against tin pagoda ? . Thu
HiirmiHcil obict ] of thoroaewod attack IH t
entirely oblituate the jihue- . I'rench ti.ans-
ports uio xholhng the village * on the heights
mound .
Ure'i-limn to Ke-hluii Outnhcr I , AVItJi
JlilHOIl IIH JllS SllCCChhOr ,
Span > 1 Dispatch to THK lin.
CHIOAJO , AuRiiiit 21. The Washington
Cntic says : 'I'tintnuttei-Cji'iirial ( Ireshi m
will iI'slgn h'x ' position , t ) take affect Octu
bei ] , anil will accept the jiiKdodilp made \u- < I
c nit 1 > \ the ia < igniti n of Judge Drmniinuid , I ILitt'in will succeed to the pobtmasb r-1.
generalship. :
General tail Ates a Large Audi
( toe in Cliicago ,
And Makes Souio Tolling Hits on
the Democratic Party ,
The Orangemen of Canada Issu
a Circular Against Elaine-
Prominent Tammany Democrats
Declare for Blaine (
Uimrlimia Goln Ovu
to Uiitlor.
A Democratic ; Soe-csHlon.
Dispatch to Tin : HKI : .
YoilKAugust "I. It was openly stit
od last night in the looms of the demociati
ft.itoionimittco tint ex-Senatoi Thomas F
( Jrady , onoof tno loading lights of tiunmanj
hall and Kelly's fellow workei , h d gone ovc
to the ranks of the Hhiina and Logan lopubli
C.IHS , and would bo found working in their m
ti rests during the eimpaign. Tins is buei
mi the general lepeit he h id n long con
fenncewith Stovu KIKins. It is understooi'
that ho was negotiating with a view of tutu
ing over the tiunminy vote la the robnblii ins
as far as the piexldi ticket is concetncd
( ! r.ady does not admit the statements.
Tlio Oranizcmoii AKiilimt Itlnlnc.
Siecid to the Tin ! Ut. :
Toito.N'To , August21 The following ap
peal Is made to brethren in the Unite !
States , pissc-d at n met ting of Oiangoiniu ,
held in West Toronto , Wednemlny iii lit. i
copy of which , it is believed , will bo sent ti
the dilfnrent Uraiige ! throiighoul
the I'nited States :
' We , cill/ens of Toionto and mombera ol
the lojal Oraiige association of British Jso
Amoiica desire to addiot > s our brtthion and
'ollow Canadians in tha I'nitod ' SUtos ns ti :
the stand thny should take in politics. Wi
belie voitis the duty of , our brethren strenu
ously to oppose , both by their votes nnd in-
Ihiinc'O the uleetion oflames 0. lihiine. ttio
icpubliean nomlnea for pi evident , as vebo
liovoheis the enemy of Kngland and tliu
friend of the ilcin igoguo Irisli , and the off.
spilng of the Kuniish church.
Blnino nnd Ijo nti Club nt Arlington ,
Special Disp itch to Tnr lii.i ,
AlliiNf.ioN , Nib , August 21. A young
ncn's Blnino and Logan club was oigani/ecl
leio Satuid.ay night. IX T. Staples ad
hessed tha people , particulaily the joung
nen. II. Dodendorf vias elected piesidi > nt
uidil. K. ( iillesplo , fcecri'Ury. '
waihoieos took p irt and m.ido souiu nppio
iriata loiind bundled is our
Iio nn At C
CHICAGO , August i ; ! . The demoiiBtiation
.o night maiking the leturn of ( ! en. Logan to
us homo was into of gieat magnitude' . The
( publican torch beating organisation of tin
city made their first appearance in tins-cam
> aign and the aggregated marchers nuiiileicd
ibont five thousand. In addition to tha
orgmi/ations , nnifoim bodiej wcie piesont
icm n nnnibei of the neighboiing cities.
Ion. Logan arrived from Pullman on a special
i im , landing nt tlieTwtntj-sfcoii'lhtioot do-
iot at ! t o clock. The advent of the tiam wa > -
imouncBtt by tin hung of aitdli ly and a bill
i int dNplay of hioworKs. Amounted escort
v.u in waiting , and , the distinguished puty
i ivmg enteicd cairiigis , the c dvacade took
ip its line of maidi ncithw.iid on the
Michigan boulevard to Lal < e Paik , whoie
lands h id been erected foi the speakeiH of
ho evening. It was 10 3H o'cloi ! r befoio the
astrf the marching escoit had rcsached the
loint of u'mlc/ume , nnd lien. Lo .m W H i s
.orted to the i-pe.iki is' stand. ' 1 ho crowd then
n the park bail hwi lied to about : > ( ) , ( )00. ) On
hr htjnd wi n ( ieu. Uplcsln , do\ . Hamilton ,
Ion , .loseph MiMill , Chus 1 ! , F.irwell , Win.
'enn Nixon. Congieshman Davis , Dunham ,
Ydams and an ( iii.ij of vice-prusiilents to tlie
lumber of fully two himdieil , C ! < n. l egan
vas nc ° ived with t' cheiring and
ddressd the audience. The eubstance of his
emiiKs wan a rovie-w of the failmo of tlia
iinoci.itiu paity to ncjumplifb fin incial Kg-
slatmn foi tha country dining the twentj-
our yi Mi they \\oio in power.
The si < akci tin n wniit on to dcclaro
.hudcmociatio . iiirty lud Hsisti'd evtry _ ad
ancu m finanei ) and i veiy iniasme touching
In hecmity of human lights. It had opposed
hi omancipition of the slaves and the homu-
teul laws. It had left the doc-
rnio \olunlary cxpatiiation m such a
hapo that citl/qns ot fun ign buth vvi reeled
el/ed nnd forci d into the aiiniu of foreign
; ovoinmonts until the ifpuulican congnHH
avu them the s.imo jiioliction whicb IH at-
iirdnl to the native lioin citl/ens , Ju all
he it-forms of tlio civil sivic3 institutid b >
ho irjiublicnii party , opposition has been
hull ii by a ga-at portion of the demoeidcj.
Speaking of the demociitiu idi a of end
erv ice n form , he declared th it it m < ant , liu
iipnu'od , to replace union soldiers with ox-
unit di rates , mid civilian republicans with
ivihan dtmocials.
J lo did not think tint a compai HOII of the
idiiiinistratinnH of the di iimcratu nnd rep ib
le in par ties would loault to the ciedit of the
Then followed an e\pl ination of the beu < fits
f piotec lion , tno udcluss being com IndeJ by
wonts of commendation for lilamo.
The ciowd was NO gloat abmit the stand oc
uplcd liy ( ifliierul Logan that speakers jiro
e > ded to occupy the aduining | pi itfoims and
ddresfed portions of the ciowd from the m
Linong otheis wcindoni Oglcxl ,
iiiveinoi Jfaiiillton and Benntoi Collum. Tim
cene in and about the jiaik during tlio spe il.
ng was undo brilliant by an iimoi'iiiK display
f pyjolti ides The Dpi nixing continued until
1 HO , at which horn tin1 , ' | . crowd begun
i dispi 10.
ISullcr DoiniicrntK ,
JiosroN , August 23. At a mciliiii. , ' of ( hi
einiicratiu wtatu convention today , tin resig
ation of Col. C. 0 , Wood worth , a IK ar per-
cjiial file-mi of ( ii m rall'utlor , und momberof
tliu committii at largo , was aei c-pteil , and IIIH
liliui immi diately filled by the elu linn uf 11.
] Cool. , nmyiii uf Nurtbumiitoii , Tin Fiisig
nat lun nfj Lclsuii auNo . '
tain n w a- nci > ptud.
The Turf.
M vnT < . v it VCE- < .
SMIATOI v , [ Vugmt 23 Kqult\ flake * 2
year-olds thren ( | iiartors of n niilo-Olorv
' ' nnd llait ltd
won , 'IVnstoiio'Jd , llarrifrnn . I.U1.
Morrisy utikesi two miles Hen. Mnnrct
won , Compe-nsation 2il , Vorft I'd , Tuna ! 1.
3S\ \ . .
itile and a fur'ong all nges MonimonU
won , L. 2d , Slu-nanitoftli ? d. Time
1 r.'i.
Three quartern of u mile ) lm banco won
L iramlnt.i''d. Ualaxy 3d. Tnno 1 10J.
DECnu AI.H , August 2.1. At the Driving park
tn dii ) tlio mati n race botwpon thn famous pa
cent inhtiston , owned by Comnioiloii' Kltson ,
and Kichlull , ownul by J , S , Cnniiilx-ll , foi a
w.igcr of S.\00 ( ) a kido , nccilirod. The weather
was cool niul dour nnd the track fast , oxiojit
a poilion of the back stretch , \vliuh was toft.
The attendance was 5,000. Johnston wns the
f.iviinto in the pools before the oH > ning of the
race at twanttivo ' to ten , mid a Urge amount
of money was'wngercd , .ho friends of Kiclibill
c-1 liming that Johnston could not go three fust
he.ats. I'he ivsult proved that they weio
mmtikiMi , as ho vvns novir ncaded ,
pacing \ rv oloso to the "lilttlo lliown Jug's"
2 US , 2:114' : ' , 2.12i , which nio the thtoo
fa test boats on record nt Chtcngp. It v\ns
the gi opinion that if Jiihiistnii had been
driven nit in each hunt hocoull have Inviten
tins. The owner ( f Hichlmll Sijs hu horne
was out of condition , Johuntou in nach heat
pi sd tindir UIP wnontu jog , with Hich-
tidlonlv n llttlo inaldo UIP distince pole.
Tune , ' . ' .f. 211f , 2Kl | .
Following this event woatho exhibition by
tin paciiu ? mire Minnie It. , hitched to u
wagon , with the running horse , Fuebrnml ,
which accompanied tlio pacei Westmont
when ha paced o\ci thia course in 212) .
The oihibition wns to boat 2.05. In the
first the time WAS 2.07. In the sicoml
belt tlio mare bioko and re turned without
going mound , The third began with
much pumise , 'J he tpmter Jiolo win reached
in 30 eecnmls , at the late of two mi mites ami
a h.ilf , The next quarter vun slowt'i , the
tin ee quill ter inut lieiiig rpnched in 1 Slsf ,
einiiing hump tlie mare wan tiioil very peicep-
tibly , Lomploling the mile In 2 O'L
MosviotTil PAIIK. August 2t. ; Fipo hand !
call swi epstakes , nil ages one and one-Hix
tjonth of n mile Little Fred won , Markliind
2d. T.ittlr third ; time , 1:5SJ. :
Three nil irteu of n mile , two yonr-olds
Rolling Pruscott wou , JCrror 2d , Dahlia thinl ;
time , 1 11) ) .
| ] Fico handicap sweepstakes , one nnd threo-
sntcelhs of u inilei Ki'grot won , ( Jlioll.i 2nd ,
rhuiles3dtinip,2:114. ;
Select stikeg , twa year-olds three' quaiti TH
of .iinilc , Goanooii ; Wanda 2d ; UtriP , 1 HIJ.
Handicap sweepstakes nil ages ono and n
quartoi milea Louisetto won ; Daike Cnitor
-id. Bob Cook 3d ; time , 2:15)i. : )
One mile selling Joe Mitchell won ; time ;
lr : > 2J ,
Handicnii slceplechaso Bhoit co'irso Qne
bee won ; Lcho 2(1 , Pawnpo 3d ; time1 , J.2C.
Base Ball
AtP.nltimoie 13altimoro , 7 ; Alleghoney , 3.
At Washington - ( Unions ) Nationals , 10 ;
Wilmington , > . *
At New York Metropolitan , I ; Athletic ,
'At Philadelphia Philadelphia , 5 ; Clevo
hind , 1. _ A
At Louisville Louisvillo.iOj Toledo , L
At Cincinnati Columbus , ! : Cincinnati , 3.
At Providence Chicago1 ? 3 ; Piovulcnco. 7.
At lioston Detrolsjirof using to submit to
llie decision of tno umpird the R.UIIO was foi
'cited to the Bostons. Tno scorn stood 7 to 0.
At St. Louis St. Lbnis7Unions ( ) 1 ; Ciuein
latl , 2. f m
At Boston Boalona 7potroit9 ! C.
At . . Minncapolia--iIil > 'rauVep " i ) ; Minncapo-
j . * * * * rr * " r-TK
( At St. Pntd-St PaulC ; Wiuona ! * *
Suliiiniln ; ; I > Intoli.
DID Oitciiviit ) , Moinc , August 23. The
nile shimming match between Piof. Thomas
tiley , Chuiiipion of Anviion and C pi. llen-
y SinipsDii , cbamiii ] > n of Kiiglaud , icsulted
n favor ol Kiley , who made tlio diatanca iu
J.i.H ) . yimpson' Umo was 23 10 ,
Tim Our
UnsTov , August 23. Arlnlesof ngnoment
vill soon be signed foi n scnllerB nice bolween
nek lierko , of Lngl.and , and .lobn Kilram , of
ioslmi. notorious as pu-
rilisU Tin contest will be for X,50l ! ) n sidi ,
> est nml best , about Seiteinbci | 10 , mar I'hll
dolphu. It is pioposid to wind up the low-
ng match with a boxing cncountor foi a sum-
ar m ilch.
A Steamer Knpnrlcd AHlioro.
LMUNIV , N. II. , August 21 This has been
roiiyh diy on Like Wiimopi'so.-rr. It was
heiethat the st amei Jamas Bell ,
rein AllonIJay | camp meeting had been nhhoro
bho hid about l , < IM ) PKS-I n ois. I'articnlaiH
ire not obtain ibliat p-iw nt , but it IH not beloved -
loved th it any pi i > > ons vvure lost or injmul.
Ttio Dentil itocori ) ,
Clin v n , AuKiist2l The Voiy Itev. Pat
ick II Tiifj , pislor of sc FatrlcK s Citlio ?
c thiiich m'lhis cil > , died tonight ot hoai
i-i HBO.
Us lctlms tn bo mlscrablo , hnpclcsi ,
unifitscd , aiiddi'iircshoilln mind , \t-ry lirlt.t-
ble , laiiKtilil , ami drowsy. It is a ( INi-asu
which does nut get w" llf 't81'II ' reqiiires
careful , persistent rittentlon , and .a lemeily to
throw oft the causes ami tone up the < llgi" < -
tivo oigans till they iieifonn Hulr duties
willingly , llooil's Harsapulll.i has proven
Just tlio rcrmlrwl iciiipdylii btiiidrcils of cases.
"I havot.aKi'ii Ilood'fl Sarsajnrllla for dys-
IIPJIS ! i , fiom which I havosufTeml two ji.irs.
I tried m my other incillcliii'i , but none proved
so satisfactory as Howl's Harsap.irlll.i , "
IIIOMAH COOK , Uriish Jllcctrlo Light Co. ,
e v VorKClly.
Sick Headache
"Tor the pail two years I have been
anilitnl with bO\ero be.idacliPs .and ilvspep.
hl.i. 1 was Iiidiireil to try JIood'H Susii.i- |
nlli , and have found great relief l
full ) leeoininenil It to all. " JtltH. JI. P.
A.N.NAiu.i : , New Haven , Conn , > jj
Mis. C. Hmllb , CamlirlilECpoit. Miss. ,
.11 ho. 8ho took Iloinl'H Hirsaparlllil and
found it the best remedy bho ever usuil.
Hood's ' Sarsaparilla
HeM by all ilniKBlsti. l J h'x ' for 85. M.'do
only by 0. 1. HOOD & CO. , Lowell , Mass. ,
IOODososiOnoi Dollar.
Ex-Qiieen Isabella of Spain Looking
With Longing Eyes for Alfonso's '
Demise ,
King Oholora Nuuiborintr His
Victims by Thousands-
The World's ' Conference of the Y ,
M. 0 , A. at Berlin ,
Tlio Nllo KlHiiB Oilier
N MV ,
nr.Ai > \ TO i ii t. At toNso's siiohs.
Special Ulspntch to Tim llKr.
I.OSPON , August -I. Tn-meiidous
lion bus been enmod at Mnitiid by iiimoinof n
plot designed by e\ Queen Kabplla torment
horsclf upon the throne of Spain , Kliitf Al-
fonso's huiff nlfeclion n Ritlintvoi c , dea-
pile ollici d ooutindictumi , nnd tn event of Ins
deith , II U most Unit Xonlhi , the u
imblicnn leader now nndei sentoneo of death ,
would bo ublo to iniike u coup d'etut whli h
might overthrow nuuruchy and establish u
Spanish icpnblie , tjucen Cluistmo Is iitipop
uliii iimon the Bpaniaids , nnd there aioiimuy
ulementH in the nntlon which would bo tioub
U some in event of tin present ) kind's death.
Kx ( , > iieen Isnboll i is theiefore HCi'kliif ( lo ally
with heisolf nil lho e loval to the dviniHly
which she iipicKints , with viewof huviiiK
liersolf pioelulincd ii' ent when Alfonso dies.
CJi'iienu MartliKv de Campos , lute mlnistei of
wni , mid Senor apistn , Into pilme minister ,
urc snid to ! uhhettitiK the eipteon m IIPI
design , nnd the ainiy is bi Ing worked upon to
mnko it nnxlllaiy to n'hi'ine. Anolher pait
of Is.abulla'H project is to iinito Ihe buiirtion by the nmrrinpu of Alfou
sii's oldist. daughter , the ilifiintii Miuiii. .0 the
sou of Don Uailus
\irmmvs viutn-vi vititin ) SON IVKAVV.
Diepitch to THK I\KV. \
LONDON' , AuRiist ll. ! It is rnmorod that
Queen Yictoun u iifiiiin worried by the bo-
liavior of lii-i Eoii-in-l.ivv , the ( Jratid Duke
Louis of lIcsHU-Dainihtiidt. Acconling to Uio
Inlast report * , the festive wldownris FeeKmg
still anothei m itnmomilinlure , notwilli
standing the troubles brought nboiit by his
morgaualic marriiifii' with Mine. Knlomiio.
HVVVKV , August 21. Thoio were seven
teen di aths from jollinv fuvor the past weiilc.
AlUN , August "I. The Vronch transport
Avoyrim was wiee'kcd oft Capo Ciiiadofin.
Two Inuidied and eighty siv ollicem nnd ciow
reached Aden. Tlncu hundred roll lain at
LONHON. August 23. Advices from Anno-
iiin stuto that ii seiieiiis iipilsing hiiM oecmrcd
iitUeisim. The leaders n fuse toniknowledLe |
the authority of TniKey , and the governor is
tumble lo bung them to tci ms.
rill ! NIl.i : IIISI.M. .
ugual2iTho | ; Xilo fltdl cnntiu
lies to rife. ICight stonmers will a uend tlio
river to thn biHtcataiact to-day. Col. Col-
villo will go to DoiiKoli It U teported Ihat
the lloners of Jjl Mulidl nr dying at the
rnto''ofthii * V ty h . day from some iutostlnnl dis *
T- " - f- f. j ia *
onscj 4 > ,
ODUSA , August " 't Tlnrli on ] iei auts in
thu ullage of Aiidie'owl.n , neir this city ,
vieie atticKed vsteiduy with Hymptoms
eimdar to these of linderpest. Two patients
lave died. Tioops luvo foimod n couloii
iround the village.
l-Klisi 1 1 ririv 01 ii wi.
Sr. PlTl'lisiu in , , August L'.t. Thobittei-
less ng.unst th .Ic'WH in the Kiisiian piovin
; ns is inoieiisiiig1. An olitbreik is lepoiled 111
Cuts , owing ton iixuL | that thu Jews had
tolen a Cbiihliin child. A mob assaulted
he Jewish quaitti and made thre.iUof _ a
; mnssaeio of HID .lows. The i inters
ml ) desisted when Uio child was found. I'm-
he outrages are feared in .Soiitliein KiMsi.i.
lEriiNi , or un. ivvit AMI mi'MtouVII.IIVM. .
I'KHM' , , August 'J.I The cir and impcioi
vill unit early in Ki'i > toinhc r , possibly at
iti ttin. An envoy fiom Ihe RiiHuimi court
villairive nt liibelsbiug to miiKo nrrnngo
nonts foi the mi ( ting ,
HUSH coNsi'iitvn HUM.
Di in IN , August ! il. ! Seeiitary Contwall
nnd Captain Kei vun vvi'io tried jomllj on un
ndii tment fm "cnnsiniaev and eoliiitiiig"
[ 'bis is the second tnal in this case and it w as
mutpuniiil to next comiiiisKion nnd the piismi
era d t nt bbi rty on bad.
Nl.vll.u , Aujf. LM. I'hi Irinl of tha bind
if liiHghni In piogri'HM him lesiillid in tin
onvietion of four pilmini lit , iipnn whom BOII
i-iii o in oiumiieed todav. Darmet WIIK
oinlemneil t ) dtiilh and Munpiitit to hfi
ung soivitudo. 'Ihootlici two , Dullmrry und
liaienfjei , were Hontenci'diCHpocliycly to oighl
mil ten ycaib' imprisonment , l'ianiiii' | , tin
iftb piiHoncr was aeiiilttui'l | ,
i HOI I in.
MAIISIIMI. August , _ ' , ! Tin ) u port of the
i.iv.igcs of clioli m inthosouthi riteli piitmenls
if 1 ' 'run CD duiing Uio past tuenty-foni bums is
n H follows' Hem mil , iiimsdi atlm ; Vmpo , twu ;
Anlu twilve.
ItoMB , August ! MTho dally bullntin of tin
cholvra In Jtnly IH HH lollows : liei amo ,
lime deaths and Ihiiloni ficsh c.i ib ; Capo-
b.i.srio , foil i ile.ilhhandeight.fri shixisi nCuriiu ; ,
two dcathn nnd tlnrtiui fichh irin-H Cinoa , im
ili/.itl | and liftH'ii firMi c-.ihPH ; Carrara , fmu
deaths nnd bvo ficxli c JSCH , Naples , no ilcathi
mil DUO fn-fh ease ; Pniina , no eleatiis nnd mia
Tiei-li CUSP ; Coscn/a , no limths und ono fionh
case ; Tin in , Iwo deallm and no Irtt-li UIMS ,
Porto Mniui/lo , tbrco dentlm.
I'AiUs , Angst 12,1. I'niirdc.itlis from iholoia
it Toulon last nipht , and twoat Alaini lib ) ,
The giivornmi lit intunls to bin.ik up the c-uinp
near Toulon , and dutnbule the true ] H iimoug
other KlatimiH ,
Owing to tin appparanco of cholera nt < ! o
mtva , Di. CoHtello ndviKio thn imini dialu In-
hpt'itinn of traullerHut l/il'liine , the lust
ruilw.iy htution on the frontier.
1/iNiinx , Angii t2i ; Tliohteiimi r "Haniet.
iimio , " fiom the .Mi diterranian , at anchoi in
| .iiue'h Knylup , IH ll > ini ; u yellow ling. It in
can d Ihat thoio is choloia on lyiaid.
S | cl&l Dispatch to Tin : Jii r.
I'.MU-i , Annual , lil. The totil mimber of
Imtlis frmii i boli r.i m Vrance has been ! ! 'J ,
5.0. ! ThcHi ) figures have boon toilet ted fiom
; il i itli H und vlllageHln fdtien dcpartiiionlH
and ean Itiisted as the most cortoct possi
ble. Cholorn has now nMiimciI ft phase the
dutingulsliiiiR char iclen tics of which ntn Its
swift spiond , unli nco of Its nttncks , and the
Hliorl duration "f tlmebifoie death relieves
the siilfi rer. Up to August 10th there was no
rase of de.ath noted omckcr than four hours
after the lint nttnrk Then- have been numer
oin doallis occurring within threij hours , nnd
one is inputted of n priist who died on Ihe
nllni nt SI Cloinent'.noirToulo'io Inst Sundny
itter only Iwohom < Illness. It is interesting
to unto th it ns the pnr sts fast until nftcr mnss.
The ilnnpir ihnlntisos from an e i ply stomach
iiKotding to the aeceplrd the 01 y of ilinlii.i ,
lso\oinpbtld in tins cme. ' 1 ho most irmarka-
bli Kiiresd ot the inalndv rerintlv bis bei u In
tlie I'ji MHOS diipntalrs I'pto ' \upi t 1ft
only tliu e iilaees were Infected ! now tlieia nro
fifteen. Tlio otitlin'iik In Hwit/crlnnd , owing
to the ddfi i oiiio in climate and Uteneis of the
vnnsoii , Is not 1 knly to wotl serious ravngos.
Unfoitmintily tliiMoudltions in ll.aly are not
Ihe y.iiueas in Swil/ciland. In llnlv tliero
has nlmidv been fully three hundred deaths ,
nnd the plague mcioucs in violeneo a-s it
Ul m IN , An ? . " ? . The stnwivvny lauded nt
Wnleifiini , lieland , fiom the xtiMiiuhlp Ox-
niimiin' , fiom I.ivcipool to Hnltiiiioip , and
taken to the infirmary ill with what was sup-
pusod t be Asiatic choleia , ilioil today. Xono
cnn indueid to bniv the coipse , aUliongh n
wnitl is otfeiod. The jmy is nnible to
agieoiipim n votdlcl in the eir-e.
MMIHMMK . Aug. l.l. ! Ton deaths from
cholera in this city today.
Hi III IN , AuRttstli-Tho ! ; vvoild's eon vent ion
of the Young Mens Christian association d-i-
\otodthogio.itorpiitof jtateiday IP u dis-
I'liBHiim of to | lies relating to tlie piactleal
winks of the association in leulung and in-
tbirmcing > oung men. The fust tuple wns :
How to win in tain classes of young men , who
hive herutofoirt furnished but few mcmbeii to
the nstoimtlim" Inteiesting papers were pro
sautPil by Vm Oosteiwjrk , of HollnudV. ; .
( ! Pntton , of Knglnnd , nml Knccaisto. of
I Inly , The Ki-cond toplo wns ; "The best
moans of spii > adlng among the young men a
doi'lx i knnwledKe of the great doctrine of sal
\atioii. 1'npern tollowfd by delegates f i oni rug-
land , Oeimuny and Holland , 111 the after- train was provided and tlio
dclegites weio taken to Poltsdnm , where
Homo hours were xpcnl In vibltiiiR varUna
toynl palace's nnd other objicts of interest.
The moriiing session to-day weio given to n
pomldot.itiou of further topltK be. u ing specially -
ly upon UioanoiiH illumes of religious work
foi young men. I n the afternoon the meeting
was confined to delegates only nnd tliumibjerts
of immorality and ttinpernuce wei-o dimfsed.
Not far fiom sixty Anioric in dolognles Irave
taken | > nrt in the convention , Among the ns
Hociatloii men from Amciica vvho have
been In attendance uro the following : Hic'haid
O. AIon < i > , Itoboit U. JSlelmincy ,
Thnmns K. Cieo , V. Von .Sclilnem-
bii'h nnd H. Tb me IUilleiof the intoriin-
tlon d cominiltec' of rs'ovv York ; ( ieoige A-
Hall , stiite nicritaiy of Now York : Ii. W ,
Mulhall , stnto sc-ci otary of Indiana ; Hev. Di.
.Tame A H Ibookennd W. C. Douglas , of I St.
iuis ; Kev. Di Thoinpson. of KHIIIIIH C'ily.
( Jen. O. O. llowaid , uf Omaha ; Kov. Dr.
linniH , of Halifax : Kov. AloVieat ,
of Montrr.d ; I' . K Foster , of Wellington ;
N , 1) Dodce , of Newbuiypoit : Piofn. D.avis
nnd Kendall , of Ciete , Nib. ; .lobn Field , of
I'hdadolphia ; Hev Di. A. ' , ( iordou , of
Ilostmi ; liov. Di. Welch , of Auburn ; v > .
A. Hanford , t-pe-iotaiy , N < nli'iu ' ; 11. ,1.
.McCoy , sicritnry , Sim Prime ! c-o ; ,1. U.
Stitrot | > , Men tury , Imlfido , and Dan P ( els ,
C levoland.
Hi in IN , Aupikt 21 - Thn f mtli dav of the
win lil 'n convention of the Yming Mun s Chris
li.iu AKsocmtii H WDM dovnlotl to vari ms u'llg-
ions osoicisi s , and n cunfciflnco of loligioux
nolle. Thot.iieMi 11 IIIH ting was held in the
oiiuip , and the eonvi iitimicbu'ed. Addiess-
< > \\iicili-hxcioil by Count liniiifctoilT nnd
Ii neil Itollinrcll , of lUibn , Mr. tieorgo
Williams , hondoti , tlio I'm cicmds JnHon , of
St. PotorBbiirff , JJr. Schoir , of Kuvr York , Jr.
Welch , of Auburn , Cnpt.1LpRiro antr , of
Svi'edon , Unron Sphleambach nnd others. " The
icsult of the nit'cUng will I ni to gicatly
stu ngthon the Asdoc.atum in lniooan ! [ ) conn
Ii IDS ,
PAIIIH , August lill , Tin oo per eant renlea
.Ills morning bcfoiu oponingof tlio
Bourse , woio buoyant at 77 fr.uicil ' .15 centimes
for .u count on n port Ihat IjiFong l'oo.Chinot > o
muiistui , would eonlinuo nogolmlions with
tlio Kronch govornmont.
Throe percent rents opened this mnriiiiig nt
W francH IJ centum H for account but since
have fallen to 77 finncx il-'i contlmeij.
rill. IIUSSIAN ni.lM.
Si. PKIFIISIIUIIU , August 'Jlt.-Tbroo iron
el UH start iinmcduituly to iein force the KIH
man Hoot in Cli'iiesu ' wnteis.
TlioVoutlicr To-Day.
WASIIIM.KIN , AugiiMt llFor ! thn upper
Mississippi , Ihientinlng local rains , busk
southerly vinili < , be'coming variable , Btationniy
empi inline , falling followed by rising ba-
Hiinotei , For the AlisHoiiu valley , clo.iiing
mil guru rally fair winds , shifting to north-
wostcily , slight fall in temperntiiio , highi i
StlOOO. < Ulif , * > ni
Iralim or imy | i m u iiiii-'t.ncesciii bo fotinii
In Androv/H' J'tarl linking I'owdcr. Is JKIS-
liu ly P U RE. Jti nu < iiitun i a , unit ii stlmoninls
ixei Ivi il Iruiii > " ' 'i > hciutstfii.if 1) inn Ilnys , Ilos
ti.t't M Hi I liintaitie , ot CliliiiKO. u'l'i uilatuvii <
llodi , Ne\cri-"li | 111i \ \ , . . .
Hanging of a Mrxican Rapist in Lan-
caslcr Conniy , Nebraska ,
Ho is Taken From the Officers
and Promptly Strung Up
The Postmaster of Oroto Identi
fied ns Ono of the Lynohors-
Great Excitement in Oroto p .J
Lincoln Over the Affair t =
Tlio Coroner's .Iury Find aVcrrti - .
Accordance " \Vltli the Facts 2'
RB Stntctl.
Special Dispatch to THK UKK.
l.lMOLN , Aug. 21. The body of Lucinna
Pnddlo , tlie Moxiaiit lynched in High
land precinct in this county , \\ns bi ought to
Lincoln this morning by Coroner Iknchloy
and Dimity Sheriff IjMtiw , who went out nnd
cut it down. H was placed in the undertaking
rooms of tinmen Henton , with hnnda nnd feet
bound and n roMt around his neck. Itias
viewed by thousands. Thn dece.ise-d was n
man nboiit thirty j oirs old nnd besides the
protruding of the longuo did not present an
ummtiiral nppoar.ince. This aflornoon the
.inn w vs si MMoSKD :
(3ian KiiBign , foix'nmn ; Al. Itoarh , D. V.
Honglnml , Hal Winner , John Stho und P.
Coursoy Kichniila.
The ev idonco showed Hint word had l eii
sent to thn Hlipiilflioru that Ann llango , the
i.iviihcd girl , wan djing , nnd It would be noe-
cssnry to have her di'diirntion , nnd
Accordiiiplv City Marshal Jieach , Judge Par
ker , Slieiitr .Mellcl ; and Prof , llluedborn of
tlio Free Pioss , started for Highland Pn-cinct.
Fiom remarks made on the eirs the sheriff be-
eamo coiuevv hat alarmed for the safety of lux
ch irgo , and Messra lllticdhorii and Beach got
otf Uietiain , at Dcntou , nnd Parker went to
ItniiU to see if
The' lirst party went lo Mnry Cobb's nml
look n can luge ncmss the country. When
neni the couso it was decided that Mel ick nml
the prisoner pliould jiroeend to the honso on
horseback. They did so , but were stopped nt
n shott distance , nnd whcio there \voio no
men to bo ween befoip tlio
THI : cou.v riKi.ns WHIK FULL OK mm.
M click and the pnsoner mailo haste b ick to
the carriagp , pursued by the mob. The liist
named took refuge in n barn but were soon
ovprpovveiod and the prisoner taken from the
ollicors. Ho wus convoyed to tlio bediide of
the dying gill mid in answer to questions by
Judge Puikei she
Tn fact he confessed to Sin iilf Molick before.
Ho was then placed in u wagon and taken to
the elm tioo under which the iapa had been
connnitlcd. Time w.i- , given liiin to piay , but
ho wanted to spenk.rlbn poivilege was de
nied him and he was then
.and left hanging until cut down last night.
Tlio vcnlkt of the jury wns that l.uciann J'.i-
dlllo cnmo lo his doalh by hangint ; , nl the
hands of a mob , the names of whom arc un
known ] except J , W. Crnif ? . This man is the
postmaster at Crete , and in said to bo the
l.KAWIl Of Till ! r.V.VCMEUS.
Ho WLS not masked or disetiibcd , but took a ,
piominont part boldly. The oHiccra nrooxon-
erntod In ovtiy particular by the public , for
they made n bold light ng.unsl overpowering
iiumbeis , nml the general opinion hero is Hint
it Nerved the Mexican li ht. Ho will bo
buried at the expense of the county nnd a
HubhCiiutioii is bung taken up for the girl'n
paients , who nro in pom circiunsUnci'3 ,
Asjocialnd Press Disp.alch.
1IMXI ) v , Aug. y. ! . A Mexican named Lu
ciano P.idillio , sent to the ntnto prison of Ne
braska from New Mexico , served out IIH !
toi ma month ago. lie wan liberated nnd
last Saturday ravished n thirteen year old girl
liflcen miles \veat of Una city. Ho wna nr-
losled Monday ntlionlrice nnd brought back
here. His victim was horribly mutilated and
fears ate cuterlaincd Ihat she will dio. The
Mexican vv.ia Inken lo hc-i homn this afternoon
for idontilualioii. Uefmo reaching their des
tinalion a mob captiued tha vvholo party ,
took the MDX lean bi foi o tha gill , who poei-
tivoly iilcntilii d him. 'J'ho oIlieerH were put
undei giuiid nnd the Mnxlcnn taken to the
idi ntlcal spot vvlicro ho i-niiiinitti d the I or line
nnd hanged lo .i tioo. He was given five
niinutoH to pray , which ho did , nnd made a
full e-onfission of his cilme. There Is great
oxtiti inant in the neighboihood. The action
of the mob is geneially approved ,
Tlio I.nillana VctorniiH In Camp at
Furl Wnynp.
FollTW vh , 1ml. , August 23. The second
end day of the reunion of Ihe Northern India-
nua veterans diow an Immense crowd of people
ple to the eity. Tlio grand civ le and military
paradi took pla ° o In the afternoon. It in inti
mated that from 8,000 to 10,000 soldicra wt-ro
In lim , befcides various other military oigani-
/iitlniirt. The manufacturing Interests of the
city weio well represented in the parade ,
which wna nearly two milen in length. A
grand army camjifiie is In progress tonight at
i .imp Allen , It is entiiuatod that 20,000 people
ple wcic on the grounds HUB afternoon.
Ora/cd l > y Drink.
Cooi'iBHrowN , X. Y. , August Ul. This
inoinlng Fenninioro Cl.iylon , of Mlddletown ,
shot and Killed his only son , aged two yea IB.
Cluylon has ilollrnui tromona for sovera
days prioi to the miudor. lie [ took the boy
Into tlr van ! and shot him through the heart ,
saying 'lie IH now in hnaven and butler oil "
Ho t lien went into tholioiiee and tried to kill
his wife und mother , but they secured tlio
weapon , but not until they had given him
HOVI nil blowM upon the head with u base ball
bat. Clayton wna airested , llo in n farmer
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