Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, August 14, 1884, Image 4

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Omaliix Omco , Jfo. 010 Ffinmm St
CimiicliniitF ; ! * oaioo/.N'o. 7 1'cnrl St.
Street , Near nromlwnjr.J I
Now YorlsJOfflcc , lloom 05 Trllmiu
evttf trornlnjr , except Bandaj * Th
OD ! ) Mouday morning dilly.
RR S 8T Mill *
On 6 YMT . (10.09 I Tiitee Months. . . . . . .W.O
Six WotuEJ . B.M j One Honth . . LO
t'ci Week , 2S Cent ) .
tin WIUKIT Kin , rcrusnso IVXIT WIDHUCAT ,
tnuvs rosrrAiD.
tineTetr . (2.00 I Thtto Months . t t
Us Month * . . 1.00 | Ono Mouth .
American Jfowa Company , UolojAtcntf ; , Nowadca
en In the United Statoi.
& Coinmunlmtloni relating to Nowi and Kdllorli
nattcrj thould bo addressed to the EDITO * or Tin
f BIX ,
scsitnsa tmsBS.
AUBitilno * ! lateen Ilomlttinocl ihou1dh |
addressed to Timlin * Ponusmsa , evAn ;
Drain , ChooU And 1'osto.Tlco orJora to bo made pa ]
ble to the order of the company ,
K. R03ET7A7BK. tUtor.
A. n. Fitch , Manager Dally Circulation , P. O.Boi
< BSo ° iaha , Neb.
IIDQ'IR'S lUrfnircAU SrATa Cr.KrpAt , COMMITTBII , )
T , Nob. , August lltli , 1331 |
The different lines ol railway In this etato will s l
IcUcta to iho delegates elected to the rcpubllcat
stito contention to l > o liclJ at Omaha , Augutt 27th
' 81 , ( or faro for the round trip , and to the district
contentions to bo liclJ at llcattlco , Hastings am
Columlms , August 20th , ' 81 , for one and ono fourtl
faro. The delegate * will present their credentials t <
local agtntsnho are authorimJ to sell tickles upot
such presentation. Oro. W , K. Doiurr
Chairman ,
NEUKASKA has never had a moro proa
porous year in the wny of cropu.
J JOtEVELAND is a good provider. He
takes care of the widows and the father-
are surprised that n wood-cut of
llaria Ualpin has not appeared in "tho
pictorial press. "
ALL is quiet on the Stinking Water ,
but there are active preparations for war
around Hastings.
IIuNar.Y politicians are beginning to
inquire if it is not time to open up the
campaign barrel.
THE coming'Nobra3ka State fair promi
ses to bo the most nuccossful exposition
over hold in the state.
11' the republicans of this congression
al diatrict'don't mind their p'a and q'a
they will give the democrats n walk
GUOVEK CLEVELAND in still in the
woods , while an anxious public and 13cn.
Butler are waiting for hiu letter of ac
THE bankers' convention was opened
with prayer. This was eminently proper.
The bankers certainly need pray ing'for as
much as the political conventions.
WEST is very indignant that
slurs have boon thrown out respecting
liia candidacy. Ho positively osaorts that
ho has not withdrawn from Hon. Butler's
ticket. Ho now fills a long felt want.-
DOUGLAS county never does anything
by halves. There will bo tkroo candidates -
dates for state superintendent of public
instruction from this county , George B.
Iiano , J. J. Points and J. B. Brunor.
They are all "professors. "
HEW YOIIKKIW are beginning to BUS-
poet that the recent earthquake was
caused by Dynamite O'llossa while ex
perimenting in order to uncertain how
big a dynamite cartridge must bo made
to entirely annihilate England.
GEN. LOQAN and cx-Gov. Hendricks
mot in the bar-room of the Fifth avenue
hotel , Now York , and cordially ox-
( hanged greetings. This is just llko
lawyers. They can "chow" each other
up before the bar of justice , and then
adjourn arm in arm to the bar of juices
and take a social drink together.
BEEOHEU'B recent llip.flopa hano couaod
the St. Louis Globe-Democrat to remark
that the Brooklyn preacher is for Bon
Butler on Sundayn , for Cleveland on
Mondays , Wednesdays and Fridays , mid
for Blaine ou Tuesdays , Thursdayo und
Saturdays. According to this programme
St. John is loft out iu the cold.
THEUI : has boon a great deal of sym
pathy expressed for Mr. Guthrie , and wo
wore inclined to join others ill asking
that the further prosecution bo dorppod.
"Out wo imagine that no moro sympathy
will bo wasted on him after the public
roads the letter from lib real wife , now
living at Taunton , Massachusetts. Pos-
ibly Mrs. Guthrie No. 2 , at Omaha , LJ
an innocent person.
EX-SENATOII Siuuoir , of Nevada ,
ahook the dust of San Francisco courts
from his boots long enough to organize a
company to build another railway across
the Isthmus of Panama , with a steam ,
ship line as a aide iseue. The capital la
generously placed at § 12,000,000. With
the Do Lesseps canal , the Eads ship railway -
-way and the Sharon short line , the nock
of the continent will not bo much of n
"barrier to commerce in a few year ? .
THE Bothwell syndicate have completed
an examinatlonof thorouto of thoproposod
Choyenno.Blaek Hille & Montana railroad
in Wyoming. They ore reported as being
enthusiastic over the possibilities of the
country , but the prospeclH of the early
construction of the road are not as bright
as could bo wished. The demoralization
in railroad properties has intimidated
capital to euch an extent that it is extremely -
tromely doubtful whether the necessary
means can bo necured to begin active
work on the road this v ar ,
In the debate over the city println
contract Councilman Anderson declare
that the city could not recede from th
nwnrd made two weeks ngo , and th
parties to whom it was then awarded coul
recover datnagoi for breach of contrncl
This is preposterous. The city of Omah
Is ft corporation , and the mayor and conn
cil as its managers have the same right t
enter into contracts or refuse to enter int
them , aa the managers of any other cot
poration , or for that matter any Individ
ual. When the bids invited by th
council for any work or for any irmtcrin
the right is always reserved to reject an ;
or all bids. The award of a contrac
to any bidder is not binding as i
contract , and no obligation is incurrcc
thereby. No contract for labor , mater
ials or property is valid until it is ap
proved by the mayor and council am
signed by both parties to the contract
The rejection of n contract after it ha
boon awarded is perfectly legitimate
The mayor and council need give m
rcajona why they rofuao to enter into i
contract. They may refuio because tin
bond is not nullicicnt , nnd they may alsi
rofuBo because the award of the contrac
was obtained under false pretenses , o
bocauao upon further investigation it trni
doomed contrary to the intoroats of tin
city to enter into auch a contract.
In this cnso the contract was awardoc
to a paper on a fictitious nnd unstable
circulation. The concern to whom I
was awarded has no clement of potman
oncy , and oven if its bond was good ant
sufliciont , it would have boon an outrage
upon the tax-payers to make it the ollici
cat paper of a city of 00,000 inhabitants
Suppose the Union Pacific railroad should
advertise for bids on certain materials
and the party , to whom preference wai
jivou , waa notified to have n contrac
iroparod for ( signature , vrould the com
iany bo liable if its cfllcors refused t <
sign the contract whan it was presented
Suppose Mr. Anderson should advortisi
'or bids for the erection of a dwollini
louse , and when the bids \roro opened
lie should declare that a certain buildoi
should have the contract. Supposi
iirthormoro that Mr. Anderson had dis
covered that the contractor waa noted tc
10 shiftless , nnd his materials were infer'
or to thoao generally uaod.
3ould the contractor , whoso bid was
accepted , compel him to siqn the con
tact oven if ho presented the very boat
) end ? Would there bo nny binding con-
-racb before it waa entered into by both
parlies ? Only the other day the city
council of Lincoln accepted the bid oi
, ho Holly waterworks company for aeon-
ract to build waterworks , but when the
contract was drawn up and brought bo-
ere the city council it was rejected , nnd
ho council thereupon awarded the conTact -
Tact to the A. L. Strang company , of
Omaha. The Holly company will hardly
attempt to recover damages from the
Ity of Lincoln , nnd If it did It would
imply have a bill ot expenses for their
rouble ,
The republicans of the first congros-
ional district trill moot in convention at
katrico next Wednesday to nominate a
uccossor to Judge Woavor. It is within
lioir power to make a , choice that will
10 ratified by the people. If the success
f the republican party is nearer to their
icarts than any attachment or personal
( reference they will cheese with their
loads and not with their hearts. That
Ills Is n very close district was shown by
ho last congressional election. Out of
3,421 votes cast , Congressman Weaver
ocoivod only 17,022.
The only effort made in this district
against Weaver two years ngo was n por-
onal canvass by John 1. llodick , who
vns not very popular and had no idea of
ucccsa. Had the opposition boon united
on a popular candidate there in no doubt
hat Air. Weaver would have boon ( lo
cated. Judge Weaver is not ns strong
o-day no ho wna two years ngo. Uis
ougrosaionnl career ia comparatively
blank , and while ho may
mvo Inckod opportunity to distinguish
limsolf or moot the oxpcctntion of his
onatituonts , the fact remains that his
onominntion would invite disaster to the
arty. No element or nationality in the
istrict antagonizing him two yearn ngo
vould support him now , and wo know
rhoroof wo apeak when wo say that out
f the I,000 working men trho will cast
holr votoa in Omaha this fall ho willet
ot got ton per cent. There ia n
ispoaitlon among the party loaders , who
nvoaapirationaforcongroaaionalhonora to
encode a second terra to Mr. Wosvor ,
n account of establiahodprocodont | , and if
fioro was a fair proapoct of hla election ,
Ills would bo eminently proper , but wo
o not consider it necessary for the sake
f precedent to jeopardize success in the
It Is our sinooro desire to support and
loot a republican to congress from the
first district , and with this view only wo
would urge the convention to place iu
nomination a man whoso election , if nom-
natod , is a foregone conclusion. That
man ia General John 0. Co win. Wo
now from his lips that ho la not a
andldato in any aonao of the term. Ho
las absolutely refused to allow his
Honda to use his name in thia canvas ,
Jut wo have faith enough iu his patriot-
BUI and loyalty to the party to believe
bat ho will not rcfueo to load the party
o victory thia fall , If asked to do BO by
lie ropublicana of this diatrict. With
Donoral Oowin as the nominee of the
arty , the republicans of all factions can
all Into line nnd make an earnest and
uccoasful fight ; and TUB BEB not only
lodges ita own support but can safety
lodge from 3,000 to 0,000 majority iuthu
istrict. With Judge Weaver aa the
omlneo , the party will enter the cam-
aign ngaintt odds , and the Buz cannot
afTord to aupport him unless the oppoai
attion puts up an objectionable nun.
Gr.onoE I ) . LOHINO , o
the land oflico , haa appointed J. II. Sanders
dors , of Chicago , editor of the Jirccdcn
fJasiltc , John II , Payne of Kansas City
andH. M. Taylor of Houston , Texas
commissioners to carry out the provision
of the "animal induatry bill , " passed b ;
congress. The appointment of n Texa
man on the commhaion hai canned mud
ndvcrao comment among the stockmen c
the west. In fact , the composition of th
commission ia distasteful to Iho origin
a tors and principal supporters o
the law. The middlemen o
Chicago and the Toxna cattlemen ant
members of congress opposed the moaa
uro , yet the men who nro to carry ink
oiled the provisions of the law have booi
chosen from both elements. Wyomin ]
and Colorado stockman are particular ! ;
indignant and will send n vigorous pro
lest against Mr. Taylor to Socrotar ;
Toller. The duties of the commiasiouo
are purely clori cal. Ho haa simply to gat ho
statistics nnd information concerning th
number of cattle bred and fed for tin
market , and the brood moat in uao ; tin
extent of territory devoted to paiturago
the number of cattle devoted to the dai
ry ; the moat acceptable dairy broods ; tin
annual increase of cattle ; the nnnua
consumption of cattle ; the brcoda boa
adapted to beef production ; the ago n
which they nro nont to market ; the methods
ods of oonding them to the centres ol
trade , such na Chicago and St. Louis iri
the west ; the cost per head of transport
ing them to those centres
and the coat of feeding until fi
for beef ; the condition of cat
tie on the faring nnd ranches at varioui
seasons of the year , and the mode o
sheltering nnd protecting them , and tin
percentage of loss in different localitioi
from want of shelter ; the present mode
of tranaporting ana any improvomoni
that can bo suggested ; the various dis'
aasos , contagious and otherwise , tc
which cattle are liable in the western and
northwestern states and territories , and
the annual loss from each of thoao dis
eases ; the estimated value of the cattle
trade ; the number of Texas cattle driven
to ranches and the market from that
atato , and the extent of disease created
jy them and the boat methods of protoc-
: ion.
THK attempt to blacken the private
character of Jnmoa G. Blaine , in rotalia-
; ion for the oxpoauro of Grover Clovo-
and'a indiacrotiono , falls flat and will
mvo no weight in the campaign what
ever. The two-column scandal publlahod
> y the Chicago Times is a very thin pro
duction , not only iu conatruction but in
alleged "facta. " It ia the hiatory of a
scandal that ia said to have occurred
vhon Blaine waa not yet twenty years
old , and while ho waa teaching achool in
vontucky. The publication of thia
scandal , whether true or false , is gener
ally condemned , nnd all decent demo
crats denounce it aaan outrage. The
Chicago Jlcrahl , a prominent domocrat-
o paper , aay :
"Tho attack which democratic organs
are making upon Mr , Blalno'a private
haractor cannot bo defended in any
manner. Mr. Blaine ia a married man ,
with a family of grown up children. In
irivata Ufa ho haa long had the admira-
ipn and oatcom of thousands of people ,
without reference to their political incli
nations. Hia homo haa boon a happy
mo , and his domestic relations , so far as
ho public could judge , have alwaya bo&n
ingularly pleasant. No man haa taken
jreator pleasure in hia family , and people
rho have known him in the homo circle
> oar testimony without exception to the
confidence nnd contentment which
iroyail beneath hia roof. The
ovival of old scandals of a social
jaturo with which hia name haa been
onnoctod cannot injure him in the esti
mation ot the public , but they will cause
nucli pain to these closely related to
lim whoso foulinga it will do no political
mrty nny good to wound. It is n shnmo
.hat . after twenty years of public Hfo a
nan whoso domestic relations have boon
vholly ploasatit should bo confronted
uth idle scandals circulated during his
'outh , and which , whether true or false ,
an have no possible bearing on hia char-
ctor to-day.1 '
OF course the railroads are out of poll-
ics , but Captain Phillips , of the B. &
T. , takoa auch a deep Interest In the
volfaro of Nebraska that ho telegraphed
natructiona to the railroad bosses iu
alino county to fall into line and help
Governor Dawoa in the primaries.
ONK thing haa boon proved in thia
ampalgu , and that ia that it is a who
on that knows his own father.
Tlio Prospect Clearing Up.
t. Paul rioncor Pross.
The atnrs iu their course fight for
ilaino. Every week ainco hia nomina-
on increases the probability of hia oloc-
ion. A great many honest ropublicana ,
> oraonal friends aa well aa factional ono-
nlos of the republican candidate , doub-
od the wiadom of hia nomination , and
romblod for republican success after the
Chicago convention took the decisive
lop of making it. The nomination of
Movoland by the dompcrata , Inobodionco
p the demand of the independent ropub-
icaus opposed to Blaine , added to the
opubllcan uncertainties , while it iutro-
ucod now and unforeseen complications
> n th'o democratic aide. For two or
liroo _ wooka after the democratic convon-
ion it was anybody'a race. The pros-
> oot was full of chaotlo uncertainties ,
'ho candidates on cither aide had bitter
nd implacable opposition , and each was
oufrouted with a bolting minority of
incortain numbers. Party liuoa were
broken and party forcoa scattered ou
UhorBido. In the drift and counter-
rift of complex tendencies , any novel
osult was possible , and the shrewdest
baorvora contented thomaolvoa with
vuguoly looking for the unexpected.
Moro recently this chaos is resolving it-
elf with unforeseen celerity nnd
ho nobuloua uncertainties are crystalliz
ing into definite and intelligible probabil-
UBH. Time , the effective aolvont of roost
uzzloa , has boon at work upon this , and
lie moderately keen-sighted observer may
ilrcady road the answer. Blalno'a elec-
ion has grown mere definite'- probable
from day to day. The events of Iho lai
week ralso the probability to the level c
a moral certainty. The uncertainties c
the canvass nro all aolving thomaolvoa I
his favor. The independent bolt , sincor
In motive , roaptctablo in thp/chnractpr o
its partisans , nnd energetic if not skillfn
In action , proves itself moro nnd moro in
significant in numbers , nnd impotent ii
ofibctivo capacity as the campaign goo
on , The independent movement nova
vrns able to rally against Blaine moro thai
a rcapoctnblo minority of the people wh
opposed both him and Arthur before th
convention. The majority of the Ed
munda men in the convention , includhij
nil the younger , active , working mom
bora , like Roosevelt nnd Cabot Lodge
after n brief season of excusable nulka
liavo coino out distinctly , i
not fervently , for the ropub
llcan candidate. The republican bolter
have gradually boon reduced to the doc
trinairei of the Curtis and Shurtz achool
reinforced by a group of Now Englatu
college profcaaora very worthy gentle
men , but not skillful in the organization
of political effort nor potent in the com'
mand of votca. Wo do not hoar of tin
Independent organization and canvass
which was to have been made after tin
nomination of Cleveland in Now lorl
nnd Now England. It haa been paralyzed
lyzod by the defection of the really cf >
foctivo workers in the indcpcndcnl
ranks , or abandoned In the face of un
miatakablo tendencies on the democratic
side which made it an uaoloss mockery ,
At the worst the Independent defection
cannot do moro than offset n fraction ol
the Tammany defection from Cleveland
in Now York or the Butler defection ii :
_ 0u the other hand , the democratic
difllcultiea Increase as the republican
diminish. The Tammany bolt 13 of c
very dilforont character from that led bj
George William Curtis. It ia organized ,
practical , oflicient. It knows dcfmitelj
what it wants , and haa the moat complete
command of its means. The 45,000 votes
which Kelly throw into the acalo against
llobinaon four years ago are as fully at
his disposal now as then , and the latest
developments leave no doubt of his dis
position to use them against Cleveland.
Butler's definitely announced purpose to
bo a candidate , after his consultation with
Kelly in Now York , insures Massachu
setts to Blaine , in spite of the Harvard
professors and the Beacon atroot bolters.
These specific influences would secure to
the republicans the two great stoics
threatened by the Independent defec
tion without the larger , though loss palpable -
pablo influences which are at work
for the ropublicana and against the dem
ocrats over the country. There are
three of theao , each of which Is worth
thousands of votoa to Blaine and Logan ,
though nil are moro sentimental than
rational. There la nolonger any room
for doubt that Blaine is going to get n
very largo Irish-American vote. This ia
ono of the curiosities of the canvas. Just
why nn Irish-American should suppose
the election of Blaine will improve the
condition of hia countrymen in the
United States or Great Britain is a mys
tery , but it ia a substantial fact , which
will toll tremendously when the votca are
counted. It ia equally true , thoucth
scarcely so inexplicable , that the organ
ized labor intorcat of the country ia hoa-
tlle to Cleveland , and { will divert thous-
nnda of votes from the [ [ democrats in the
largo citico. Some of his wisest nnd
most judicious acta as governor riao in
judgment against him before the
ignorant rnbblo , who blindly follow
the demagogues of the political
labor societies , while the really mlschiov-
oua atopa ho took in obedience to the
domocrstic machine which elevated him
to the executive and nominated him to
the proaidoncy are loat sight of except by
n few of the moro enlightened nnd farseeing -
seeing independents. Finally , the mud
thrown at his private character , mainly ,
for the credit of republicans , by demo
cratic opponent * , haa certainly smirched
him in the oyea of many voters , who
would not have boon influenced by the
other conaidorationa. All thinga conaid-
orcd , Blaine haa moro than a reasonable
probability of success In every state
which has boon considered doubtful , ex
cept Indiana , of which llttlo has been
lioard einco the democratic convention ,
do should have a fighting chance there ,
too , though there is a tradition that
Hondricka cannot bp beaten in hia
own atato. In the light of the
present outlook , it ia impossible to look
for democratic success anywhere in the
north , except possibly in Indiana nnd
Now Jersey , nnd it is impoaaiblo not to
inticlpato Blaino's election by a larger
majority than Garfiold'a. It ia in the air ,
la llalatead aaid of hia nomination. Blaine
may not bo the moat acceptable candidate
to thoughtful voters , nor likely to make
in ideal chief executive of the nation.but
! io ia the diatlnct choice of a majority ot
; ho people of the country , na ho waa the
ihoico of n majority of the Chicago con-
, 'ontiou. Ho ia Roini ; to bo the next
president of the United Stntca. The
loonor people who don't like him learn to
iccopt thia iuovitablo fact , the loaa disap
pointment there will bo after election.
or Bcof.
[ UoJo Blade.
So far aa the two moat prominent can-
lidatos for the presidency nro concerned
ho question is nppnrontly ono of brains
ir boof. Senator Vorhoea of Indiana
ecently aaid regarding Cleveland that
'it ia rather providential that wo have
iominntod n young , vigoroua man weigh-
ng 250 pounda , with a nook aa bit ; as my
.high and a head like a bull. " Mr. Vor-
lena went on to explain thia startling
itatomont by saying , "In caao ho ia
iloctod ho will bo able to stand up
itjainst the horde of ofilco-sookors and
Ivo. The pressure would have killed
londricks or Thurman in ninety days ;
ind , as for Tildon , ho would have boon
muffed out instantly. "
Mr. Yorhoos says nothing about the
nontal qualifications of hia candidate.
Probably no special ones are needed ,
rho ability to stand the strain ot distrlb-
iting offices is all that ia required.
Statesmanship is superfluous ; national
lolicy ia nothing ; all quoatlons of princl-
) lo are relegated to the background to
ionaidor plana for a rapid distribution of
ho spoils.
Nothing could bettor allow the differ-
mco between the two parties. Tno re-
mblicana have put in nomination ono of
ho greatest atatosmon that America has
ivor produced a "man of affairs , " famil-
ar with weighty matters of Btalo , with
mositona of national policy and Intorna-
ional law ; a man known and respected ,
lot only In our own wide land , but in
ivory foreign country with which we have
loallnga ; in abort , the foremost states-
nan of hia time. Ho ia emphatically a
"brainy" " man. Hoiaa Koutloman of
iommauding presence and fine physique ,
jut there ia nothing about him that sug-
osts a horned quadruped. His nock and
joad do not recall thoao of a bull.
Strength ' of intellect ia stamped on every
'oaturo , but there ia nothing to euggeat
I'aurua. Mr. Blaine is mental , not ani-
ual , in temperament nud nppparance.
Ho will make his mark for brains , not
Stnrk.AVntcrlng Statist ics.
ClilenRO Tribune.
The Gguroa of Posr'a Railroad Mannr
with regard to the extent to which fict ;
tious stock has been issued by thorailron
companies of thia country , are sharp !
criticised by the Railway Ago of thia citj
The main fault charged against the figure
of the manual ia , that Mr. Poor boa on
tircly ignored the fact that largo addition
of canital stock have been made by lead
ing railway companies to provide for improvements
provomonts , increased equipment , am
the like , end represents property actual ! ,
in existence. The Pennsylvania compn
ny for instance , within three yoara ha
added aomn ? , ' ! 0,000,000 to ita capita
atock with n very small addition to mile
ngo. The Chicago & Northwestern re
ccntly issued some -$12,000,000 ot nov
atock with which to purchase other roads
and many similar cases could bo cited
This now capital , in the opinion of thi
Railway Agestandafor tangible prportj
and in no sense can bo called "mttor.1
It thinks it waa an egregious and palpabli
mistake on the part of the editor of Poor'i
Manual to charge the entire increase o ,
capital stock and debt to n now mileage
and guessing nt the coat of the road tc
assume that the dilfercnco between the
amount of the "chronics" nnd the coal
BO guessed nt , is "wntor. "
From the statistical point of view thi :
is fair criticism. The editor of Poor'i
Manual has not made the allowance thai
should have boon made for the atocli
properly issued on account of the im
provements , puachaacs of now lines , nnd
similar invpatmonta. _ So far na aucb
stock "has boon legitimately put out it
ahould not bo nddcd to the amount oi
stock to bo charged up against now mile
age , nor to bo used to exaggerate the
suflicicntly swollen amount ot "wnter"
in railroad securities. But nftor nil the
millions have been conceded to the Rail
way Ago for the correction on which it
insists , the essential facta remain un
changed. Poor inny bo wrong na to the
exact number of millions of dollars of fic
titious stock , and that error is a serious
thing for his reputation aa n atnliaticinn ,
but ho la right ns to the real point cov
ered by his figures. As a general propo
sition , the railroads of this country have
not cost moro than their mortgaged
bonds , and many of them not so much aa
that. The rest of the paper issued
againat them ia "water , " or "sugar , " or
"chromoa , " or "bonua"or whatever you
choaso to call It.
Who can show n receipt for n dollar
paid for Union Pacific atock when iasued ,
or for Erie , or for Denver , or for Loula-
villo & Naahvillo stock , or for Wabash ,
or for the Now York elevated roads , or
for Central Pacific , or for the original
Northwestern or St. Paul Block , or for
that of the coal roads ? Who can point
to a single railroad in the United States
whoso atock represents money actually
paid in , unless it bo the Baltimore &
Ohio ? If there ia nny such it Is an ex
ception. If there are instances of full-
paid stock m Massachusetts and ono or
two other stntea in which the law has
boon changed so aa to prohibit the issue
of Block unless paid for in full , they only
prove the rule , for there , in order to
ovndo this law , the Block is paid for
ind the bonds are given as a bonus.
To auch n rodiculoua extent do Ameri
can railroad financiers carry their pas
jion for iasuoinc ; atock without Bayin
for It that many of thorn when they
buy new cara or locomolivcs , or build
now dopola or bridge ? , Ihink Ihoy inuat
print and market in Wall street some
now stock. What would wo think of a
inan who , whenever ho put n patch on
lie old boots or throw awny a ragged
pair of trousers for now ones , added the
: est to hia capital account ? But that ia
: ho method in which the stock of many
if our American roads ia swelled. A
ergo part of the "improvements on
vhlch the Railway Ago lays such stress
IB legitimate objects for the issue of now
took are such aa putting on now cara to
'oplace ' worn out onoa , or ateol rails to
oplaco iron rails. Thoao oxponaea
hould bo mot out of current earnings ,
ml not out of the proceeds of now
Any ono who Ihinks thia method of
inancioriug unobjectionable may find
ho latest illustration of the way it works
n the projected issue of bonds by the
ow York Central to the amount of ton
r fifteen milllona of dollars. The New
fork Central haa boon straining itself to
my the divldonda on ita watered atock ,
nd letting its tracks and equipment run
bwifinto an almost dangerous condi-
ion. Now , to obtain the money for the
inprovoments which will make it aafo
or the public to Iravol on the road , it
inda it necessary to burden the prop-
rty with an additional charge of the in-
orcst on thia amount of bonds. Ono
mpropor issue of chromoB thus loads to
nolhpr , and the Inrgor the nniount of
lie fictitious capital thus created the
lore agonized are the offorta of the own-
ra of iho roads by pool conspiraclea and
Ihor tncnns to keep up extortionate
atoa on travel and traflic to enable them
9 pay intorst nnd dividends.
Tlio Problem of the Auc.
nit Lnltt ] Tribune.
Iu the wrnnkling of parties and in the
hanging conditions of Iho world , ono
icl ia becoming moro nnd moro pro-
ouncod , and lhat ia that it is every year
rowing moro diflicult for the poor man
3 make broad for himself and these do-
ending upon him. It is so In our
ountry and in every other civilized
ountry of the earth. The workingraen
f the United States have doubled in
umbers during the past twenty-five
cars , when the truth ia that no moro
ion are actually needed than were need-
d thon. The reason is that labor-saving
lachlnos have made it possible for 1,000
ion to do as much work now as 2,000
juld perform a generation ago.
if course a vent for all the sur-
Ins labor has so far boon found in
uildlng railroads , opening now
tines , and cultivating now acres ,
ut there is to bo a limit somowhoro.
y and by the pressure will begin to bo
lit , and in such a way that society will
itler upon its base , unless a way can bo
Dinted out of the difficulty. No states-
lanship has reached up to the point of
iggcstlug a remedy as yot. The prob-
un ia onowhlch the finest brain rccoila
afore , bocauao it la evident at a glance
ml Iho occupations which the moro
; nornnt toiler can fill are limited , while
icroacliing upon thoao , In almost every
apartment appears a machine ol iron
Uich when sot in motion can with mo-
innlcal exactness , perform the work of
oni ono to a thousand mon. What ia
10 ordinary man going to do in compo-
tion with thoao tremendous working
ircoa ) Aa for our nation , it ahould aa-
IBS itself to drive now roads
trough Mexico and Central America
id down both Hanks of the Andes ; and
rganizing emigration societies try to BO-
are to every poor man a patch of land
hich will make him a homo while yet
icro ia timeVo do not mean that the
avornmont ahould do thia , but that in
ilf-protoctiou the men of means should
o it , for BO sura an the world , if over the
fides of puupur-poor in their
Uvi : , bigiu 10 b.vwjfl in our
cities , nnd no outlet ia provided for then
property In the cities'"will not bo wort
owning. And the several stales shoul
not hesitate any longer to pass compulsc
ry education bills , and to enforce then :
And the schools should bo enlarged a
that they would hold n closer connct
tiou with the hnnd to hand atruggl
which the poor have with want. Fc
thirty years , yea , for a much longer Urn
it haa been n fashion with n certain claE
to imagine that work in n profession 1
more honorable thnn work at nn anvil o
behind a plow. The first of duties ia ti
impress upon Iho young , that labor i
honorable just in proportion as brain i
mixed with it. Tlio man that shovel
dirt is entitled to only a little moro crcdl
than the mnlo that hauls the dirt away
In increased ntrenglh the mnlo makes uj
moro than the difference in Iho superio
mental organization of the man. Bu
when n man invents a machine whicl
digs aa much dirt us twenty mon couli
with spadeu , then the majesty o
man ia multiplied twenty fold
\Vhoii again n man so train
hia oyca and hia hands that ou
of an almost worthless rough material hi
can produce a gem of nrt which the worh
will covet ; then ho leaves machinery behind
hind ana reaches n point where his com
potilora can only bo with braina na subtle
tlo na hla own. How to lift the groa
surging masses of the pcoplo upon thii
plane , is the coming question ; the quea
lion for Iho statesmen , the teachers , the
thoughtful man in every walk of life ,
Peter Cooper struggled wilh it , Cornel
struggled wilh it ; it ia a something fet
which higher rewards should bo offered
than wcro over ( jivon for any diacovorj
in scionco. Unless it shall bo discovered ,
in leas than n century moro civilization
will bo denounced aa a failure , na n more
device to load intolerable burdens upon
the backs oflho _ poor.
A Picturesque Campaign Promised ,
Now York Sun ,
General Butler will run. Ho will atand
by the nomination of the qroonbackcrn
nnd the nntl-tnonopoliata na hia forinnl
introduction to the people nt largo , and
address to himself on the subject of aa
lively , picturesque and interesting n can-
vasa as over was soon in those parts. Ho
writes that ho ia only waiting until hn
shall have soon Governor Cleveland's letter -
tor of acceptance to declare hia own senti-
monta. Thia ho will do with n degree
of animation and piquancy that will in
terest everybody , for ho ia a moat viger-
ona statesman , full of braina and ideas ,
nnd a master hand in contemporary poli
tics , and a dealer iu issues of the moat
vital description. No empty sentimen
talities for him , but the solidiat and
moat practical facta that concern a
"Iict the Butler Brigade Marcli , "
Springfield Republican ,
What will bo the result of hia
[ Butler'a ] expedition in search of revenge
ind profit by way of an underground alliance -
lianco with the republicans ? Wo ohail
joe. This is n year when parties are
ihifting , nud the enemies of political
organizations nro they of their own
households. The band will play and the
loisy brass bo lifted up , but will the
ipectatora gather only to tip over
Butler's cart aa they did in front of the
Palmer house at Chicago ? At nil events ,
Blaine is happy. So ia Chandler. Lot
.ho . Butler brigade march.
The Voice ot the Pcoplo.
The people , aa a whole , seldom make
nlstakes , and the unanimous voice in
iraiso which comes from thoao who have
iscd Hood's Sarsaparilla fully justified
claims of the propriotora of this great
nodicino. Indeed , thcso very claims are
> asod entirely on what the people say
lood's Sarsaparilla haa done. Send teX
X I. Hood & Co > , LowellMass. , for book
ontainlng statements of many cures.
The burnt district of Ogalalla is being ro
Tbo Nebraska State Sundayschool Assem
ly will hold ita second annual session a' '
Jroto , August 18th to 28tli.
The first crop on the Otoo reservation landi
i said to bo immense. Wheat will nveragi
D bushels to the aero ami corn will fo 15.
The voters of Cheyenne county will decidi
t the next election Avhcthor or not the county
ball insuo bonds to the amount of § 23,000 to
uild a court house ,
The counties of Fillmore , Clay , Thaycr ami
alino , a peerless quartette , have united nnil
> ese to hold a'.district fair at Fairmont ,
iroi . 7 to 10 About § 2,000 liavo\ilready been
ibscribod to make it n success ,
The Oxford Register is opposed to .Tuilp
aslin being promoted to congress on th
round that his services on the bench have
eon of incalculable benefit to the people in
tamping out crime of nil kinds , and ho should
o retained thero.
The reported oil strike in Holt county
1H3C3 much interest in the neighborhood ,
illci'ed oil os'perts assert that the strike is
cnuliio and the article of excellent quality ,
peciwens of the oil have boon eont cast for
A stunning drummer from Chicago fctr
Listings ono day last week , but hii etay was
ostly , nnd the ordera ho recohed will never
0 tilled by the firm ho represented. His
amo in L. R. Lillia. With hia u'st pocket
lied with tx'rfutncd pastuboardH and an im-
laculnto neoktio under hia chin , ho call led out
1 mnku a mash Mcutlng'n respectable young
uly ho smiled an introduction , handed her
U card , nnd invited her to call at his room
i the Lcpiu house. The young lady's father
ext appeared upon the scene with a constable
Ql a warrant. Llllis apologized in the most
bjcct manner , but ho wan hustled to court
nd fined 825 and costs. The obdurate father
ulstod ou further amends , and Lillia offered
) beg the young lady's pardon on hia knees ,
ut before ho could grovel in the dust n yonnc- of pugilistic tendencies appeared and pro-
osod to tau the htdo of the commercial scala-
ag. The i > olicu prevented this , and furnished
Im n body-guard until ho could pack his grip
id skip on the first train. The toul-mouthed
ucal etcapod with n whole hldo and will give
fastings the po by Iu the future.
and MALARIA : - , .
From thcso sources urlso three-fourths Cit
.ho diseases of the human race. " Thcso
lyminoujsiMUIcntctholrcziritciico : jVoi of
t ] > l tltc , Jlowel * oottlvc , Kick Jteail-
ichrfiilliici nrter cutlnp , nvtrnlou to
iicrtloii of body or ml ml , Eructation
it fooilj'Irrltublllty of temper , ' XV < MV
iplrlU , A feeling ofliRvlnR neglected
icniio duty , Jliilue sriuttirIiiK at the
Itrnrt , I > t > before the eye , highly col-
rrcd Urine , CO.-VHTIP.tTlO.V ; nud do.1
naml tlio use of n remedy that nets directly
mtho I.lver. AsaLlvcrmcdlcInoTCTX'M
ir.r.Hlinvo no equal. Their action on the
vliluuys iind Skin Is also prompt ; removing
ill Impuiltlea through thcso three , "ncnv-
ot tlio yitcm , ' * producing ii
He , Eoniul digestion , regular btoola.n clear
kin ami a vigorous hody. TUTT'.s I'irTH
: aiiso no nausea or cilpln ? nor interfere
vllh dolly ork nnd nro u perfect
> old everywhere , a5c. OUlcc.ij Murray St..N.Y.
GHAT ilviie ou AViiisKiui ch ti-cit | in *
inntly touliLoaBr BLACK bytn-Inclo op.
Mention of this DVK. SoM by DtugL'lJta ,
> r tent by ornrcsa on receipt of S t *
umcn,44 Jlitrwv htrri-t , Sr v York.
Authorized Capital , - Sl,000)0 )
Pnid-up Capital , - - 100,000
Surplus Fund , - - - 70,00(1
H , W. Cor , Farnam ana 12th Sic
FnlKK ItuaraY , President. I SiU'LE. Roams , V-P
Ur.t. I ) . WOOD , Oehler. I IitrrniR DOAKI , A
Frink Murphy , 8 mnol K. Rogcn , Bin. B. Wood ,
Charles 0. llouool , A. D. Jones , Luther Dr ko.
Transact Ocncr.1 Banking Business. All who
hiTonny Banking buolncss to tran&tct are Invited
cII. No matter now large or email the transaction ,
It will rcoolvo our careful attention , and wo piornlo
* l aj8 courtooua treatment.
Pays particular attention to business ( or pariloo
residing outeldo the city. Kxshange on all the prtn
clpal cltlc * ol the United Btatog at very lowest Mtoj.
A Mounts ot liaokB and Bankers received on favor
able tcrtns.
lesues Corttflcato ol Deposit bearing fi per coa
Buys and dells Foreign Exchange , County , CIS
and Government eoou/ltlcs
S , W Cor , Farnam and 12th Sis ,
Capital , - " $100,000.0 ®
C. IV. HAi lS.TON , Proa't.
3. H. CALDWELL , V. Proa't.
Wl. T. BARLOW. Caohlor. )
Acoounto oollclto * ' . and kept oub
Joct to sight check.
Certificates of Deposit Issued av
able In 3 O and 12 months , bearing
Interest , or on demand without In
Advances made to cuotomoroon
approved oocurltlos at market rate
of Interest.
The Interests of Cuotomora arc.
c'osoly ' guarded and every fncllltv
compatible with principles of
sound banking freely extended.
Draw sight drafta on EnglandIre
land , Scotland , and all pnrtoofEu-
Soil European Passa o Tickets >
United States Depository
Oor. and Farnam
T/ia Oldest Banking Establ/s/imentf
in Omaha ,
Orsaalzoa in 18C8.
Drganlzod as a National Bank In
Ixauut KOUHTZI , President.
Jens A. Ccnanros , Vlco Prooldenl.
A enjrrtrs KQDNTZX , 2d Vlco President.
A. J.
V H.
Trmsacta a ponortl banking bnslncos. Isau
rtfic ! to3 bearing interest Draws drafta
, ndsoo and principal cities In the Vail * *
i Lend on , Dublin , Edinburgh and th
t ( thU continent and i . > ° V
Cor. 18th aud Douglas Sts.
Capital Stock , - - - 8150.000
/ability of Stockholders , 300,000
? ; yc Per Cent Interest Paid OR Deposits
AME3E.nOYD . . . Pro ni
i. II. BENNETT . Vloo President
f. A. PAXTON . Llanairlng Dirootoi
OHN E. WILUUIt . . . . . . . . CftShl8
lelalic Cases , Coffins , Caskets , Stalls ,
ETC. , ETC. ,
000 Farnam St. , - OMAHA , NEB
olographlo orders promptly attended to. Telephone
o. 21 ]
H , K , BffRKET
111 North 18th Btreet Oman *
the old stand H17 tarnara street. Orderi by
aph (01101104 and promptly atteoted to
lleildcnoe No. 1407 Jones St. Olllco , No. 160 Farm -
m Bt. Olllco hours 12 m. to 1 p , in. and from2 to-
i. m. Telephone for Olllco 97 , residence.
Until offices are lepalrtd from result of Kr > , offlca
r , KOOJ. f , Or lj Ha llok ) ; ' ' * tud'