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" 86 HAtt He.
Ha offered ma hln heart and hand ,
WhereAt I likughod and sild him nny ;
But found to Ula that when ho wont
llo took my h ppina * nwny ,
And no I wrote n little note :
"Duir , T oic , " It a kc < l , with woet dMlgn ,
"In love Is It fair to thtnio UIIO'D mind ! "
Said hot "It Is ' "
and I'm ch ngod mlno !
She droppsd har gUvc
1'orhnpj In love ;
Ho btoopod to pick it Up ,
She llmhcd and sullied ,
The Artlees child ,
And aikod him homo to imp ,
He nnswcrod ' No , "
And turned to a i ,
And lihuhoJbanonthhor gUnco.
And off howint
For whoa ha bent ,
Ho'd bndly split his panULire !
-Lire ,
It was undoubtedly a very remarkable
trial. From whatever point of view eon-
aidored , it was calculated to attract and
5r attention. The crime sent a thrill of
horror through the country , it was BO
daring and BJ cold-blooded. The victim
was a French gent Ionian , resident in
trcland , and noted as a man of kindly
and charitable disposition ; and the youth
who was arraigned for the terrible deed
most certainly had not the face of a mur
dorer. On the contrary , his countenance
was singularly mild and gentle in cx <
> roesiou , nud in his bearing ho appeared
retiring rather than aggressive.
The trial , to which I ulludo was that of
Thomas Hullorau , for the murder of Qua-
AVO Thitbiult , of Rockwell , on April
28 , 18G2. It commenced on Monday ,
luno " 3 , 18G2 , in the court-houao of
Honmol , the capital of the county of
Hpperary. I have eton it frequently
tatpd that a lcgalgentleman _ of Jiigh
rank , being ezamTned lTeforo "some com
nisslon on the question of laud tenure
n Ireland , said that Tipperary , : o far as
t was o ncorncd , had aottlud that matter
with the riflo.
About the time of the murder of M.
riiiohnult the aucicnt and undying die-
mto between the owners nnd the occupl-
> rs of land burst out with all its old bit-
erness. The rojly ) of the ballot - on the
) no side to the notice to quit on the other
nras , for the hundredth tiino In our histo-
y , making men of all shades of opinion
iang their heads , and pray that that God
vould send us aoino means of ending the
annatural strife.
In the beginning of 18G2 ouo of thoao
periodical waves of agrarian crime awopt
ver Munstr. A gentleman named
TUzgorald was walking with his young
vifo on a road in the county of Limerick ,
vhen two assassins accosted thorn , and ,
vith terrible daring alow him before her
yes. The body of an old mwi named
luGuiro was found fearfully mangled in
fluid Carrick-on-Suir. The
near - - eup-
coed cause for his murder was that head
ad taken a farm from which another
nan had boon evicted. Col Knox , of
irittas Castle , in the county of Tippory ,
roa set upon arf ho was riding ono day , by
wo men , and his lifo attempted.
In these circumstances the govern-
npnt determined to ieauu n special corn-
aiesion ; and it was before this tribunal
10 trial of which I write took place. It
pened in the court nouso in Clonmol on
uno 23 , 18G2. From that little space
lero , surrounded by iron bars , called
10 dock , hundreds of men wont to their
oem for having taken the law into their
wn bands and wreaked on some land-
> rd or agent or bailiff , what was called
10 wild justice of revenge And now
nether act in the over-recurring and
pparontly interminable tragedy was
bout to commence , and all the dramatis
ersonoo were assembled and ready each
ue ifor ! his part.
The legal men , who took prominent
i thin trial were at that day known in
reland as mon of very great ability.
Ind. when I mention their names it will
o seen that the estimate of their coun-
rymon was correct for most of them
vo since placed themselves in the very
rOuc ranks in their profession in the
tngdom and to-day some of thorn are of
rorld wide repute. The court consisted
f Mr. Baron Deasy , subsequently lord
ustico of appeal , and Mr. Justice Fitz-
enrald , siucb raised to the peerage as
jord Fitzgerald and now a member of
lie liouau of lords , The prosecuting
.ounsul were Mr. O'Hagan , attorney
onoral , now Lord O'Hagan , and twice
ord chancellor of Ireland ; Mr. Liwson ,
elicitor general , the proat'iit distinguish-
d judge of that name ; and Mr. Bur-
caul Armstrong. The prisoner was do-
ended by ono ot the abluat men at the
rish or any other bar , Mr. Francis Me-
Donagb , EEaioted by , I think a Mr. John-
When the proceedings commenced the
ourt was densely crowded. The pop
lar mind was in a state of great excite-
icut , and the sympathy of the crowd
tiowud iteolf on the aide of the pris"tier.
ho crime was agrarian. It was another
ct in the long drawn out land war , and
hat was auilicicnt to enlist the masses in
is favor. That this feeling did not
rieo from a wicked liking for crime wua
nado very manifest during those days.
Coining down in the van from the prison
ach morning with Hulloran was another
nan awaiting trial also for mutder. The
hargo against him was that ho bad poi-
oned hia wife , and the loathing of the
) eoplo for him and his crime was us
narked as the lively sympathy they
howea for Halloran. This man was
ubsequently found RUilly and executed ,
'he formation of the jury was closely
matched. I was among the opectators ,
nd , knowing nothing of the inner work *
ngs of the proceedings before mo , 1
ould not see bentath the ourfaco , but
rom the remarks of the crowd nronnd ,
couli perceive that if there woo a atroug
ecling enlisted on the aide of the pris-
) nor there wern also feelings not friendly
M him , but not BO numerously represent-
d. One of the throng , well dressed and
vidently moving in the up'por circles ,
ifter ( urveying the jury , turned to a
oropanion and aaid :
"There could not bo a better jury.
? hey are all country gentlemen all too ,
' . think , in the Oormiaaionof the Peace. '
The other side of the question was not
eng In coming. A rather tattered look-
ni > agriculturalist ejaculated for the ben-
lit of all around ;
' 0hl Wishal May the Lord protect
ho poor boy ! I know every man on the
ury , and he is either a landlord or a
magistrate. "
And this was the state of affairs in the
jourt house. On one aide there was sat-
.faction that the tribunal was composed
if gentlemen of position and intelligence ,
who would know the value of evidence
ind whose verdict according to
t , On the other there was apprehension ,
loubt , distrust , that the men in the box ,
.akon from the same class as the murder *
d man , would not require much pressure
.o induce them to send the peasant in the
lock from whore he stood to the scaffold ,
It was in such circumstances thnt therca
butiuota of the trial commenced.
The attorney-general , Mr. O'ilagan
rose to state the CMO. From the rumor
and Anticipations for days before I wai
prepared to look on the proceedings as t
ilcspcrato struggle on the part of tin
crown to secure the conviction of the
prisoner. I had accordingly pictured tc
mjfaclf the kind of mon who would do
such work n ith thoroughness , nnd the
pictures I had called up were not by an ;
mentis prepossessing. I looked , then ,
Upon the face of this man with great cu
riosity. The wig , that pnculiar and , Ui
my eye , not graceful article of tlrosp.timdc
his appearance strango. But I could not
help fooling that there waa certainly
nothing ferocious or bloodthirsty in the
countenance of this principal character
in the terrible tragedy on which the cur ;
tiia on which boon raised.V0ri the con *
trary , to mo apoko rather of
calmness and bpnpvelonco than of any of
these characteristics which toll of a bad
and malignant disposition. It was the
foco of n man calculated to maka a most
favorable first impression ; and before ho
had commenced to apeak nil my pro-con *
colvcd notions had received a rude shook.
Ho turned to the bench and to the jury ,
and in a aubduod and solemn voice , but
with none of that sepulchral solemnity
which Booms to toll the twelve mon that
their business is to send the pris tnor to
the grave , commenced his statement.
Alter a few fornnl sentences ho took his
eyes from the jury , and resting his elbow
on the ludga of a bunch behind him while
ho continued to toy with a piece of paper ,
wont on to detail the faota which , the
Crown hold , connected the prisoner with
the murder. The ourpriao which I had
felt at his appotiranro was surpassed by
my surprise at the calm and Impartial
dignity of his words. There was no
trace of partisan rancor. There was clear
ly no attempt to strain any ouo point
gainst the unfortunate man in the dock.
Eho fiats were detailed so as to make a
mrativo that would abide in the mind.
I'ho brutal and cowardly character of the
itimo wa made manifest , "out there wr.s
10 effort to raise prcdudico against the
irisonor on thnt account , unless the facts
irst brought the guiU homo to him.
And now for the gist of the statement
Che victim was a Frenchman namedGus-
ave Thiobault. rio had u brother , Ohurlet- ,
'or whom ho acted as agent over some
anded property , while ho owned and
nanngcd soma other land himself. lie
osidcd at Rockwell , in the South Rid *
ng of the county of Tipporary. Ho was
'ouud lying on the road side murdered ,
lot far from his residence , on the nfter-
loon of August 28.18C2. A double bar-
oiled gun was lying under him with the
itock smashed , and also n broken pitch' '
'ork , and his face and head had been
norcilessly battered in. The gun wus
tia own , and its tno charges had been
xlged in his breast. These were the
lircumstances which first challenged the
tttention ot the police. Following up
iis movements on the fatal day , and the
acts surrounding him , it was found that
10 had lefc his homo about noon , having
aken a child by the hand some distanca
town the avenue , and there relinquished
lis little ciurgo to ttio nunjo. Ilu car
led a gun , and was accompanied by a
oroclous dog. It did not appear clearly ,
mt the inference left was that this dog
ras kept for purposes of protection , as
? hiebault had been in receipt of those
aisaivos , terrible to Irish landlords ,
mown aa threatening letters. These
lad ao disturbed his wife's peace that she
nsiated on his taking greater care in his
noveinouts ; and it was stated that ho
aid jokingly , when ho thought her solic-
tudo for him waa needless :
"Mo no fear. If I am killed , you get
nether husband. "
As a precaution ho was also occasion ally
ccompamod by a herder named Connors ,
lo was next seen atanding on the side of
> road , leaning on his pun , his back to
ho fence , in conversation with a man
rho waa facing him resting on a pitch-
ork , and within a few feat of him. This
iew was had by a man named Woodlock ,
ho leading witness for the prosecution ,
nd his eyes , with the exception of thoao
f the murderer , wore the last which saw
ho unfortunate gnntloman alive. Wood-
3ck waa taking a harrow which ho had
lorrowed to its owner. Ho was seated
n the aide of a donkey-cart and drove
lowly up the hill past the two mon
rhen he reached the summit ho hoard
ho report of a gun-shot immediately fol-
owed by another and turning , ho saw
moko riaintr from the spot on which the
wo mon had boon conversing. On this
pot was found the dead body of M. Thio-
lault. Ho swore that Thomas Halloran
ran the man ho saw leaning on the pitch ,
ork. TLoro was other evidence cor-
operative of the theory put forward by
ho crown , that the man in the dock was
ho murderer ; but this was the hack-
> ono of their case , and if it stood the
cet , and wont unihakon to the jury , few
lidccd would be the dayo of the young
nan looking out from the dock.
When the attorney general eat down ,
omo formal evidence was gone/into amid
Imoat broatliloss silenv > . It was not the
videnco now being given that occupied
ho minda of the audinncu , for they did
lot give much attention to it. Almost
very man there was speculating on
Vocdlock what manner of man ho was ;
low would ho give hin evidence ? Would
10 hang Halloran ? And , in the whispers
f the country people atanding immnd (
ho oprobrious epithot"iuforiror"was fro-
iiently hissed with vengeful venom
Vhcn at length the name of Woodlock
ran called there wait an impatient stir
nd a ruurmer. When footfalls were
icard approaching , everyneokwns craned
o got a view of thia man , who wai
uppoaod to hold the balance of life and
loath. When ho got on the witness ta-
ile , and stood out in full view before us ,
hero was not much to be neen. Flo was
man over seventy years of ago. His up-
learanco wes very shabby , lie were an
nciont brownish rod wig. His coat was
usty looking and very old , and his hat ,
rhich he , with great enlf possession for a
nan of his opportunities , laid quietly
[ own beside his chair , allowed that its
iwner was walking ono of the humbler
laths of life. Altogether hia appearance
ras shady. His face was weathurbeaton ,
nd the flesh about hia eyes 'was com-
iressod and wrinkled and gave him a
hrewd aud inquisitive look , Meeting
tim casually , and not under such trying
ircumatancos , I have no doubt he would
ircsent.tho appearance of an intelligent
nan of his class. But the grave nature
if his position gave him an anxious , BUS-
licioua aspect , which did not tell in his
The crown took him in hand very gin *
; erly. Ho was treated with kindnoca
, nd consideration , His aiianorn were
ocoived with smiles and as ho went on
10 was made to feel at every atop that
IB waa putting the right foot Forward.
Vnd so ho was. Hi * evidence * was
; iven clearly , consistently , and quietly.
! 3very word of the opening statement , as
ar an it concerned him , was distinctly
irovod , Aa the examination slowly pro.
seeded I could not help imagining thnt
hia man had hia hand on Ilia prisoner's
lollar , and was dragging him along ,
urely and steadily , until ho brought [
him to Jhocprrtn of the rlctim , and Ue
him to it a spectacle for all mun I > get
He told his tale with deadly precision
Ho was driving on his donkey cart. It
saw two mon in conversation by the sid
of the , faring ono another. Ono o
thorn had his buck to the fence , his faci
to the road. Thut man was M. Thio
bault , Trhpao mangled body was subao
quontly found there. Did ho know thi
other maiif Yes. Eobk round and U > 1
us if you can see him. Standing up , am
looking steadily at the dock , ho pointed
to the prisoner. "Yes , there ho Is , Ton
Uailomn. "
A groan wont up from the body of the
court , These words should certainly be
HallorAii'o death knoll. What advaiv
tago was there now in prolonging the
aiVugwlt ? The law had marked his vie
thuoTid should have him. How did the
prisoner boar it ? I looked at him and
what ! ho took his eyes from the face ol
Woocllock ho threw nn earnest and ap
pealing glance toward the bench on which
im counsel sat. There , ho evidently believed -
liovod , waa his only hope. For the rest
ho appeared calm and smiling. Presently
the direct examination closed and it was
now the time for the atrui glt ) .
Mr. MjDjnagh , the advocate for the
prisoner , waa smiling and apparently
joldijg with ono of the Crown counsel.
It seemed as if ho did not fool that there
was any responsibility on him. As ho
rose ho was still whispering in the oar of
hia friend ; and , as ho draw himself to
his full height they both indulged in a
hearty chuckle. It almost sickened mete
to see such luvity and indifference , while
the creature in tho. dock , innocent or
guilty , must bunulforing something Itku
the tortures of the regions bolow. This
atrango advocate seemed in no haste to
commence. Ho turned over the loaves
of his brief , made a few remarkr ID an
undertone to his junior , and then gave
what appeared to mo to bo a somewhat
comical side glance uf , U < o crown coun
sel before referred to who smiled , shook
Ills hoad'and throw his eyes in U < o direc
tion of the witness. A.I this passed rap
idly but my eyes and mind wore fixed on
this strange advocate.
His facu was white and rather wrink
led , ana it struck mo that it would not
bo out of place oil the shoulders of a
graceful and fashionable old lady. His
attitude and his action were BO exceed
ingly graceful studied. I thought that
they Bouniod finical. The wig concealed
luo lumd so that I could not observe it ;
but the mouth mid lips were a study ,
they were so flexible and nucilo. Aa ho
stood there , a spulo playing over his
fact ) . I thought tiini a man whoso lead
ing characteristic was humorous and very
caustic sarcasm. Suddenly ho shot n
piercing glance at tho. witness , swayed
sightly aud gractfully from side to side ,
dangling his glasses , and then com
menced. Soft us the smile of a mother ,
! ; rt'atuful as the cooing of , a babe , were
Ilia first accents. Thoao who expected
the lichtoning nd the thunder were dis-
appointed. Had Woodlock been his
btothur the touo could not bo more
bland or soothinp. Ho asked aomo
trivial questions of a formal nature , aud
before ono minute had elapsed the look
if anxiety and fear had left the face of
Lho witness , aud succeeded by ono
rather easy and indifferent. As soon as
; his stage was reached a change , rather
slight though , abruptly came over the
nanner/.of the advocate. A v harshness
: repr into his tone.
" \V 8 there not an inquest in this
: aso , Mr. Woodlock ? "
The witness said there woo , and that ho.
iad been examined at it. And then with
lortcntoun gravity and an increasing
larshness of tone
' Djts your evidence hero to-day fairly
epreaent what you told the coroner ? "
The witness unhesitatingly said that it
Without notice and I shall never for-
; ottho _ tone , harsh , grating , and scornful
rhilo the whole appearance of the man
hangedhisjhoad thrown a little forward,1
lis shoulders slightly raisedhis eyes fixpd
in ttio witness and scintillating like dia-i
nonds in the gaslight the counsel called
ut , "Repeat that answer. " And , before
Voodlock could comprehend the change ,
10 thundered at him as if ho were an al *
eady discredited witness , "Look at the
ury , sir ? "
Woodlock started , turned to the jury ,
nd reluctantly repeated the answer. It
raa as if the whole court had been oleo
rified. Hero was a vital issue Jyina cou-
ealed until nowand as yet not disclosed ,
'ho interest that had boon digging was
ovived , and the idea that it was all over
ritli the prisoner was shaken. Words
ould not describe the intense anxiety
hat awaited the evident crisis that was
oming ; Snatching up a paper , the bar-
ister asked :
" [ lad you over n doubt about the
dontity of the man you saw speaking to
Dhiobnult ? "
T.ho answer como promptly , ' No. "
" rhon , " asked the counicl , "why did
! ou say , wIiLii the coroner ankcd you if
fou know the man , ' how coul I I know
inn when I never saw his face ? "
The witness denied over having said
uch n thing. With withering wruth
umn the denunciation and query
"You contaminated ' do
perjurer , you
lony your own words/ / "
Ono can butter imagine than describe
ho oxcituipont that now took possession
if the crowd. The attention of every
ndividual in court waa utrained There
raa n aili nco that no ono would break ,
nch was so eager to catch the slightest
ccont in a contest on which depended
he lifo of a man.
( To bo continued. )
IOWA lihMb.
Anamosa ealoon keepers have all quit.
There is no liquor sold in Ottumwa , but
trunks continue to appear the
The Kirkwood house of Dos Moines
vill not bo ready by the titno of the
neoting of the republican state conveu-
ion ,
The Dos Moines Capital says two
iluggora have agreed to fight in that city
innio time , in September for 8100 and
Gov. Sherman has been applied to for
t ptrdori for Smith , ex-deputy treasurer ,
) f Lao county , who was sent to the pom
-entmry for three years and half , for em-
jczzlemont , two years ago.
In the north part of Mills county the
Missouri river has been cutting in to
ward the bluff all summer. The K < insa
Jity railroad has been removed , but the
iviir ia said to bo reaching for it again ,
For the year ending October 2. 1882
, hero was received § 2,187,0 ! > 3 t-t for tin
nto the treasury of thn ctato of Iowa.
olloing ninomontha , ? 2U2-124 , ! , 4 an"
or tli1 year closing with the 1st ot July ,
.818,000.59 , making a grand tot. 1 ol
aoiiuya received from October 2 , 1882 ,
o July 1,1881,8358,417,80 During
, his time all the money wus paid cut up
m thn various warrants iaaut-u oiot p Ir g
j : 2,02 ,60. In other words over $7-
)00tOl ) > were handled by the treasurer.
A big tramp wont to the Henderson
'arm , north of West Liberty , ou Satur
day nftorno < , and rudely demandcc
something to vat. Mrs. Henderson re
fused to give him anything , whorcunot
ho seized it club and started for her. Shi
ran into the house. The follow did no !
follow her , but ho broVo the glass out ol
two or thrco windows and then started
down the railroad track , It wat
notlongvhowovor , until four or five men
were in pirauit , and , overtaking him , a
light ensued. The trump knocked twc
of them dq'wn with a club , uhoti 0cargo
Jackson Atov a revolver and soi > t a 02
cartridge through hi ! log. Ho gave up ,
wontbaok to to n , had an examination
aud was bound over in $300. The ex
citement for a time was groat.
Cedar Rapids Gazette , C : Mr. and
Mrs. Amory Koyca , of Marion , were
married near 'MoUonnollsvillo ' , O , , August -
gust C , 121 ! ! , sixty years n o. They arc
still in the enjoyment of n reasonable
legroo of health and strength , consider-
'nsr their year * . Mr. Koyca being in hia
34th. year and Mrs. Koyos 70. They are
ho parents of Mrs. Judge Giflen nnd
Mrs. Preston Daniels , of Marion , and
Mrs. Robert Holmes and Mrs. L. K
[ 'arkhursl , of Ocd.r Rapids , nud
of Mr. A. J , Kvyos , travelling sales'
limn for Cook & Frick. This ovouing
at Marion , Mrs. Judge Qiffen will give
an entertainment in honor of the golden
anniversary of her parents' marriage ,
vhich will bo attended by all the surviv
njj children , nnd there will doubtless bo
iiiiiiy souvenirs of affection presented the
.god conplo Mr. and Mra. Koyos cuno
0 Linn county in the spring of 181' ) ,
md have rtsidtd hero over t inco. Vo y
uw people live to calobrato the sixtioiu
otr of married lifo , nnd this cnuplo will
ocoivo many warm congratulations to-
OOAlAlt'JltUIALi ' ,
CoUN'cit. Uturrs , IOWA , August 8,18SJ.
Whuut No , 1 inillluK , 7&l3)bu ( ) ; No. a 05 ®
) ; rojtCtodr 0.
Ooru Jjocftl puriXMivi , 40@ 15.
Onta For local purponw , SJ5@
II y 510 00@12 00 per ton ; baled , DO@CO
Uyc 40@4r.o.
Corn.Moal 1 SO par 100 pounds.
Wood Good supply ; prices nt yartlo , 0 00 ©
Coal Delivered , hard , 11 60 per ton ; lott ,
1 00 l > or ton
Lard Falrbnnk's , whoIoAallng nt PJc.
Flotur Olty Uour , 1 tiO@3 0.
Brooms 21)5@3 ) 00 per duz ,
Oattlo Butoior cows 3 60@1 00. Butcher
.oar * , none iu iniukat.
Slioop 3.50. j
Hogs 100.
rnonucE AND
Quotations by J. M. St. .John & Co. , com-
mlHiiou men-hunts , 5S3 lirondwAV. *
Potiltrv Lho old hen , 7c ; pptmg chlckonn ,
2 25(5)3 ( ) 00 per doz , : live turkoyu , io. )
Fcachoa A bus. b x , 100.
Lumens U ( H ) per box.
Bnnunas 'J 0 Kft3 00 per bunch.
Uuttor Groaiuory , 20o ; rolls , choice 9@10c.
Eggs 1J podozen. .
VegotnbloH- Potatoes , 1 H02 00 trorbbl ;
onions , 7f > c)6rbu | ; cnt > hnfro50o per doz. ; eating
nitiliv , 1-3 bn lint , fOo. cliolo > per hbl 3T
100 ; boaup , lGQ@235 , per busbol.
Health is Wealth !
guaranteed eivcl.lo for IIjBtor a , DizzlUo t , Coiuul-
lopfl , Fits , Noi\ou Kenra K Ittntlaoho , Nervous
1'rosiration cansud by the us ) of altool or tobicco ,
\Vakilulncfs , Mental il pneslon , HoftcnliiK of iho
butn fcDuUlnir In lusontv anil IcadliiK t" misery ,
Jecwy and death , 1'ron aturo Old Age , Darrono-a lota
3fl'oor n oltlirrntx , Involuntaiy Lo-iwa and Sper-
matoih ra caused I' } ' over exertion of thi biaui , self-
kbusa or oter inJulu.iico Kadi box tonitlnsono
month's treatment 61 < > 0 a bnx or six boxes for
55.00 , sentbj mall prepaid on icculpt of pr co.
Tocuroanv case. With each order rorokel by us
forMx b < xes aocompatiletl with C' 00 , wo will nrnJ
the purchaser our uiltten uruarantee to refund the
money If the tn atnnenl d.'cs not i ( Toct a cure. Uuar
inters l uc < l oul > by JOHN C. U'E-T A , CO ,
Jy S02 Uaalaon at.Chicago , 111.
me Leading Agricultural and Live Stock
Journal of the West.
20 Pages { wra.K TiMKAii.j8 ( | ColniDS
H. 3. SMITH & CO. ,
JON nOBT. W KOHNAS , decretory State Board
of AcrloultutF , Associate Kdltor.
iUBSCnilTIO.N' PHI I ! , 1100 per j oar In advance.
108 and 103 a Uth Street , - OMAHA , NEB
jy J2
ron THE cnrr.n OP ALT , DISEASES ov
Hrrnj ! , DOGS. noc 5
IY1H TWrNTV YKAR3 Hnmiliri > y ' Iloniro.
o-rlimrv Hpi-cllli ( > vu lcii ji ul li i
P , hloc 11 JlrrcilrrH. lAvrtv huililo mid
iirfin.-ii. Homo llnllronilt..Iniiiilni iircn.
mil Miiic rniiiiiaiiln. Trnv's lllnn < 'Ur < > ini'i
Diid .MriiniriTlci. and oiliira liauallue Btucl
lllH.rI | .l IH.IIB. . . . „ „ - , _ .
Ilu iiphrpj * ' Vi'lerlnnry.Mnnanl. ( VO pp.
in f i ' l > y "inH on rii elpt of pi Jce. i < i nU
tjy-l'amplilc U sent iroo on oppllcalluu
Cjii'iiur.YH IIOMKOPATJIH ; Muu.fio.
10'J I'uliou hlrci-t , : \K\I VorK.
Vital Wfakuora nnd Prrx
Untlnn from overwOrU0
llccn In n
I * , the inn > * t MIUI * !
tin rcmcily known.
wrco vial of pomlor fc >
Tlie iteamxhllMi ol thli well-known line are built of
Iron , In water-light compartment ] , and are furnlih *
ndwltb every roquuiteto make tie passige loth
idle and agrecablo Thov carry the UnlUxl Uiatet
iuj Kun t > oan malls , ami I avd New Yurka Tlmn-
ilayi aud naturdaya for Plymouth ( LONDON ) Cher-
IMco : Fliat Cabin , t 6 , Wi and 87S. Pleerag , | 20
llenryi'undt , Mark Ilinneu. K ,1 ! , Moorei.U. Toll ,
iKCiiteln Omaha , Oroocwlcif i SoJionlgen , acuta | In
0.luncll UluO . 0. K : UICHAK'J * CO. , ( Jon. I'M *
Wti , 01 Urovlway , N. Y Cban. Kozmtoikl & Co-
Qtneral WuotuJn AdlnU , 107 WanblDKton UU , Ohloa
MO , VALLEY , - - - IOWA
BHi.nil lor Clrenlart. "
rni < r.
one | > er-
IrBBlhen nnd horteq crorillo lolhewr glitihcy
rarry. IC'iually well Adapted to routiTcounrr
roadi and
u-ElrE | |
Ono of the Best and largest Stocks in the United State *
to select from.
SOUTH mm ,
Fine Healthy Homes ,
Where They Can , Enjoy Pure Air & Waterl
And all of the good and pleasant things that go to make up a com
plete and hnppy existence. ' * " ? $
The town o South Omaha is situated sonth oE the city o Omaha
nn the line of- the U. P. Ituilway. nud it is less than 2i miles from the
Omaha-post office to the north line of the town'sito. ' ' '
South Omahn is nearly 1-J- miles north and south by 2j east add
westjimd covers an. nro.i of nearly four square miles , 1 1
The stock yards are at the extreme southern limit. '
Nearly 1 fiO lots have been sold &ad the demand is on the ] increase
The yards are boiug rapidly pushed to completion. ' '
The # (50,000 beef packing house is progressing finely.
The $ SO 000 Water Works are keeping pace with the other im
provemeuts , and the Llotol and Exchunge Building will bo erected at once
The B. & M. and Belt Line Ruilwnya have a largo , force of men al
work and will , in connection with thoU. P. Railway , have a union depot
near the park at the nanth end of the town. Suitable grounds wilbba
fumishca for Church and School purposes. .
Now is the time to buy lots in this growing city. They will never
bo cheaper than they are to-day.
IST'Apply at trie Company's office , cor. of 13th and Douglas | streot9
jvor the Omah assaying's Bank.
Assistant Secretary.
utANur.u-ru En or ot ecoxorvt
, UIO and 1220 Uornoy Strict and 403 A. Kih Blrwl , I fft -
< d .1 > l binij ( ii'iju.ul fnm ngon ainillcatluo. 'iY1cin9i
Wholesale Druggist ,
Doub/e and Single Acting Power ana Hand
Engine TriraralngB , Mining Machinery , Bolting , Hose , Brass and Iron
at wholeaalo and retail. HALLADAY WIND-MILL8 , OHUIU. B
Corner 10th Farnam St. , Omaha Neb.
in . ua
a < O - 03El ) Dln I rg a > * CD * I
' rt O
5 DQ tU
5a ra n Mou tUO