Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, August 09, 1884, Page 5, Image 5

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You have for years BLkOKMNBD nnd UNDERVALUED PURE ,
the "Royal. " By b'aoklmefl , alleged "Qovjrnmout Choraisla" who do not
exiHt , nnd under the gnrb of "nbsohitely pure" you hnvo forced into nn-
anspecting fnrnilico n powder which contains the active drug AMMONIA
Eminent physicians nnd chemists condemn it1) ) use in nrticlefl of daily
food. You cannot longer evade the issue , AMMONIA. Tbo public will
compel yon to defend its use.
Every housekeeper can prove the truth of our statement * by placing n
can of the "Royal" top down , on a hot stove uutil h ° atnd , then lemove
the co\vr nnd fiinoll 'AMMONIA. " This to < t will show that the
"Royal" contain * AMM > NIA ; that DR PRIOIC'B CRBAM BAKING POWUEK
does not contain Ammouiu. The ? Btrength of our powder can bo provot
by the coneumer'd reliable tent.
In 1 > . ' POWDER" IS
8UPEKI011 to the "Eouil Brtkin Powdor" IN EVERY RESPECT.
U. OODEN DOKEMU8 , M. D. , LL. , D. ,
"Prof , of Ohomnitry and Toxicology in the "No * York Bjllovuo lloapital Medioal
Colloio. '
C.A.WILSON , . , . .
e , Utxilca ! CViUcffo of Ohio.
And otber Dteeaeoi of the Anna and Rcotnro.
Boyii's ' House. ' *
Opera . asMs
ore od and wtf
. eeMcnoo No. 1407 Joaeg St. Offioo. Nn. ICC
mUtroet. Oifl < xj houm ISni. to 1 p. m. . and
SI it I'nuiiii f ir a U.i B7.
Krlnuger , Bavaria
dnlmbacner , . . . * Bavana
Piloner . Bohemian.
ITaiBor Bremen.
Budv/eiaer St. Louis.
ibihauBe/ . . . . .St. Louia.
Beit a Milwaukee.
Bchlitz-Pilsner Milwaukee.
ixrofr's Omaha.
A ] vPorter. Domestic and Rhine
The BcboHstla year oommeooea on thi
First Weteflay in
The oourtK ) ol tmtrocfcon embraooi all tbo KI non
tory and higher bran ho ol a flnUhod education
BWertnoo of Kellatlon h DO otnta-Io to the admlo-
ton of ya-an : ladka. PupUa are received at any
Hmo of thu year.
Inclnd'ng B < x > nl , WoaMnff , Tuition In English cud
Frractl , U33 ot bo ltf. Piano , poraecoloa ol
Five Montha , - $150.00
E5.TUA CF7 ABOE3Drawing , Pi'.stlne. Oormft
Harp , Violin , Cuit rnnd VouaiMu-ic
lU.'orcr.cwHie . requ red from alt ( xir-vms onlcnnwn
to the institution. Fur fuither umttmn pp V
tfct , .LAUY BllPaltlOIIj
V 111 cure Kcrvounws ,
wumliftpn UheaiuatUm. l'ar.
Kldnc-'y. Spliio tint Liver
> llHuntOout.tlimi .Heart
poll u.'FisMi'cliiH.'rahinli ' ,
/ < I'llcH. UplUiKT. | Imrolencjr ,
0ombTU" l'ioldp i furl , et < - . Only K-li-ntltlcK ! to
JiToBcIl n ATIIHI tc * li t K-i.rt the Klwtrli itv and rnuB-
Hltim throiirhtlifboily.anli-anbei\'chc.retdU > anU
fftantby th imtli-iit
8I.OOO Would Not nu It.
OJ . Uuasis i wiw > atiilotod with ( U'iim rtm and
v Bil d by using a t lt Tn any one afllctid with
th > t dlee&ee , I vronlcl tar , bny'o Klecti . o Belt ,
* with * * v ftt" calllo
any rtn * * vi r tr roe
a | ay store , li 0 Douglie ttreet. Omaha , Nob.
ii MAIN OFXIOB-HJ3 Douglas Strwt.
IVForealeatU. f. Uoouuiaa'a DngBtxm' 1110
roam Ut , Omaha. ,
[ VOrden fillfid 0. O O '
James MoalbaU
Chartered by theStateof Illi .
nula for theexpreiapurpone
ofcivinglmmcdlatc rclfellr.
all chronic , unnaryond pri >
vuto dlecccca. Qonorrhcea ,
Gleetand yphifls in all their
complicated formd , alto at'
diseases of the SUn and
Ulood promptly relieved and
I'Ml * M JOTif' l t > i > * clatI'racUrf.-8cmlntl
Weakness. NliiIH LxMtealiy Drcnmi , Pimples on
The appro } riate i
Mlfr u ot ones Uicdl-.i cHChcabe , Consultations , per.
MOiul or Ly letter , tscrcdly confidential , Mcd-
--ia-3 jent by Mull and Express. No marks on
fr poticit to indicate contents ) or tender. Adoresi
* o. 2U4Waihfnoion 5i.Chlc jjoIIJ ,
About V.W1 heart , nvwMy onu amltwiyein r.U
. Will ho t Ogillla about Au u.t Zatli. ID.
Jy DO into Ita 0 l.ll , Web
6tal & Monroe fits. , iUlo : co
- " "
S. S. Mitchell , of Burnett , ii at tha Metro ,
llowa-d B. 8mlth > uil family have goco to
Spirit Ltko ,
I. M. T yor ! , of Nebraska City , ia at the
T. L. Crandall , of Bancrcft , ( a stopping nt
thuMctr poli n
M. Pier & Son , [ of Newark , N. J. , are at
th ) Metrop ilKan.
Tev. J.V. . Ddnol ? , of Shollsbunr , Ia. , I'D
at the Metropolitan.
.T. 1 * . Tfobimo" , of Framont , ie quaitered
at the MotropolittD.
John J. Mo mil and a party of frlandu start
ed for Spirit L ka to-day.
K. 0. Buker an ! wife , of Aahlaiid , are
regiatcro I bt , the Mo rex > lit n.
A. G. Ki gilm'v and w'fe , of Fonca , are
etopp ng at tbe Motropo it ID.
Mr. T. P. Wihon and Mils Minuio Wilcon
lofcyteterday foraUlt nilh frKnJa atGr nd
Mra. 8. N. Moal'o und Mliti Joolo Ponder-
ga&t have gone to Kockford 111 , on a visit to
We regret to lenrn that Mrs. Anly Borden
hoa been quite akk for tha fast week with ma
laria fever.
lov. , A. V. Sbcrrlll , paator of the Vlrut
Congrcgatl.mal church , went , out to Plum
Crotk yeatorday.
Mr. Z. Thomaaon , Bupariatendent of the
Ogsllulu land and cattle company , with bead ,
quarters at Ogallala , came down to Omaha
yeatcr lay.
Mr. George Dickinson , general rnanagbr
of the Sperry olectriu li ht company , left lor
Grand Inland again to-day. Gaor o iaya ho in
looking after tbu corn crop mighty close juat
now and uxpucti early returna for hu p iia .
Mr. L M. Jilioom , m inagcr of fie Wo torn
Uui iu Telgipb ompauy , In thU ci'.y , lafc
on thb noon train for a short trip out over the
Mr. Uharloi H. Townsend , of Loutavllle ,
Kentucky , la in the city. Chailey in ont of
the b-ut uatured and most popular traveling
niQiinpm the rojd anl hia many frienda in
thin city are always pleased to ueo his trailing
Ilov. Dr. Potter , who hta been elected
bishop < > f Nobranka , arriteil in thlaciU yen-
torday , and in thu gueat of Hon. J. Al Wool-
worth. Ill wilt toinaln hero a few day , and
thi n wilt t ke n tip through the weat. It is
notdoliuitely Itn w.iMyet Wiuth = r he will
accept tliH i pi-o > pnte.
E. M. F I.oflang , T. Iliy , T. H. MacCoy ,
Pluiu ( Jiiek ; T. M. Brewer , Bloomington ;
Ji hn El ie a id N. t * . Sjwncor , Beatnios V.
\V. Ilarino-i , Hon lK > ac Powers , Dak tiCily ,
u , d M. 0. Tixilo , New Caul , weio ot tia
Mill rl ye tGid y.
Migi E1U J. ( J opirand Mill FltzoalnVc
of Chicago , Brrlvo 1 In th's dty from tha west
this nft'-minn , and ara tno guoati of nlr. and
Mrs L M. Ilhcem at tht-ir nutilpnce , IQ'G
South avenue. Theae young ladlea hue rauny
rl ndtf In Omnlu who ivtll rojo'uc at meutlug
tliehi once in re.
and MALARIA. ' _ , , (
From tbcso sources urlso tUroo-tburtbs ot
Ibo iliioascs of tlio human ruco. 1 ln-sq
% ltf SSSSS
aclie , fuUiieii ft rentji fri > yer joii to
exertion of l > oily or mlnil , KmcUUou
of fnod , JrrltnljlIHy of tcraier. Low
plrlti , A r.-clliiff tei
! nme / itXf UHiieM , 'lMtlertnir at the
Bltnrt , I ot before tlio even , hlclily col
ored brine , CO.VSTIPATloaiJ find do.
mnna the use ofa remedy thnt ncfa illrootly
< m the Liver. AB aUvur moiIlglnoTUT5PS
PIMUJ Imvono oiu i ! . Tiiclr actlonon the
Kltlnrva imfl Bkln la A'so prompt ; rcmovlnrr
Oioao ( rnT-
all rapui-ltloa throiinU lirop
> .
miscrt nt the y Um , produclas nmv
tit , mmna ( llsostlon.n B J 'r. SS 'i *
' ' " r M
-iklu uuil a vlsorous body. T y fT'H l' *
OTUHO no nausea or E IP'- ' * nnr lutcrfuro
nrlth dally orlc and ni o u p Tfcct
Mnrr Bt. . ! < .V
GHAT H\in on WHBK''US clmnucit In. .
stoutly tan Uixisgy Uuicic byaMnnlo up.
plication oftlils I > TK. B M by UruccIaU ,
orBentliyoxprosaonrPL-nlptuf J }
uraoo , /Hurrny fitroi-t , w i orlr.
. 3)3 IVith itreet , trftwoen rVnamand liar
I ner , will with the % M nf Kiurdlan ip'ritu ' , cbUlnlnB
I any one iflwioa or the | > am and prvmiiA , and the
certain oydltlon In the fntura. ISoit and nboct
uado to ordtr. Perfect titlil action icuarantved ,
Almost Total Dtslrrctioa liy Fire o
the Omalia Lard Riflatry.
A. Gallant'-Fight ' by the Firemen
Fails to Save the Property-
on Dntldliifc niul Machinery
' $15OOO-Oii Mtnok , Prom $15 , .
OOO to $ ! BOOO ,
'Omaha ir a again rialtod Iftat night by
the devouring element , and ouo o !
vno most dcstructivo loaioa known for
eotno time followed. A very few minutes -
utos after midnight , 0. II. P < ) no , who
vrorka In.Bojd'a packing houseon com
ing out of. . Charlie Schrotu'n oaluon on
third and Ohcetnut atroota , discovered
fl imca ahooting out from the building
ownod'by the Omalia Lird Refining com
pany. Ha immediately ran to the pack
ing house , bnly a block dintant , find
turned in x
from box 15. liy this time eovora )
others appeared up < n the soeni-
and a line of hoar , kept n
Cho packing house f jr omorgoncita ot
this kind , WAS soon ploysng upon the Ore
The ihinos when first discovered wort-
m the northeast corner of the building in
the third otory and it was trbaily impi 9
eiblu to roaoh thorn hy rnenna of thu up-
plianccs at hand. Oharloa Sohrote , when
it woo seen the buildim * could not be
saved , broke in the doora on the east aide
of the building and carried out the boohs
and paporo belonging to the company.
The double dojru on tliio side worn alto
'orcod open , and the b irrels and boxnb
of lard on the fiiat floor were taken
out and pcourud on the embankment
The fire companies soon appeared and
> eg n to throw water. The flames kept
ooutinually incro tiling and BOOH the
juilding waa a eimplo mnoa of ( ire.
Streams wore thrown from every Dido of
ho building and into every atory but the
lames could not bo oubducd and the on-
y conclusion to bo roaohod was that thu
jiiiiding and it ) oontonta would bo a teal -
al loss At ono o'clock the
and the tire was burning with unabated
ury. On the west eido of the building
was a high embankment , looking directly
roctly into the third otory and from it ,
otroams were thrown into the burning
mildinp. Two lines were ploying from
ho n < u'h , two from the east and one
rom the north , but the fire niaifitiiiripil
ta away A ppur track of the B. & til
> aaeea within thirty fuot of the builainy
and a o witch uiigiuo run up to ii
ilayed a sun-am for nome time that did
ifiuciivo sarvico. When it wao aeon UK-
; TO upptir Btorioa and aontinta could note
) o cavud the firemen turned their attun-
ion to caving Ilia goods and machinery
n the 1 > wer one. Every stream thai
could bo naed was turned on tbo iiro , but
t seamed na if
.ho building should becomu a total IOEB
and the fire atill raged with unabated
'ury. At 2 o'clock everything iiil trnma-
) lo on the third etoty hal changed to
aahca , and the contents of the second
were not much different. About this
; imo the joiata on the third Seer loosened - '
od from the walla. and ' the
south aide of the building bulged
out ev > r > l inched. Thf
iremen who were playing on the flaraen
rmu trial biuu w > ta uiueiea to get uiu ui
.ho way of the threatening walla The
fire had Dome what abated by this .time ,
and the boys who had been prevented by
hointmso heat from enteringtho , build-
ng ecaled the laddern and made their
way into theNsocondlBtory. The fire eoon
after was brought under check but .not
until after everything in the second and
hird eto ies had become
TIio building destroyed was a brick
structure about foit > by fifty fuot on tno
l roun ( ' , three otoryi high , with uflit
li'o roof. It WPS almost on the bink
it t to river and immediately und r ihe
lulFa It wan unud exo'uoively ' by thn
jud Refining company for the purpoao
hut ita immt ) lndicitt'pind , was arriuii > id ;
and l ted ihnrufor wall tlio btst nuchit-
iry nnd nppliinciH.
On all the fl mra of the building
anl in dill-rent form was sored ,
nd it C3ura"f. with thn tire tire * ly n-
Uruvatoii the flimra. The water thrown
ute the biiil'lintr < iv the
in out on til" "r.iuiui ( I H r an ! fl > wed
1 i n ( ho B & M. track to tno river.
? no wh' < io ! Biittiiua nf this toniporny
tjvrttn wriFi covered with a thick coating
o' hrd oil which had tactped from thu
iercos and been foictd out with the
The building with ita contents cost the
company about $ 0,000 , which was cov
ered by about a thruo'fourtha inaiiniri'-o ,
The value of the contents of the building
could nut bo di finitely ascertained Imt
light. At times it ban had § 50,000
worth of htork in It , but Mr. Kvuna and
Hr Bed think i ( nontonta lut night
did i.otfxc < ol ( ? 25,000and mi ht bo as
ow as ? lo,000 , This wao also
mt to wh t orient the , .atnckh'ildors at
ho fire did not know. Itia nntcon ldurod
; h t the building and oontonta will bo a
xital IOBI , aa some nf the maphinery and
etock in thn lower building will bo saved ,
though doubtless more or less damaged
l > y waUr and cinders. Oow the
lira originated cannot bo atctrtaintd.
No fire is need in the building proper in
which the ( Uines were tiret seen. Thu
onyine which furniuhpa the motive power
Tor the refinery is situated in n amall
lU'Uto ' built for that purpose about two
rrtds north of the main building.
The fire wan not communicated from it
tn the refinery as imjin had htten U'od
fiuco worked clniBd i.tB'X o'clock , and
the I'njjinn and ita h < U'H nro slill uiond
uiitouchud by the iUmua. U prob
ably waa
as no other thvory soema reasonable al
the pna nt time.
Tlio dcstroynl property wan nvmnd bi
JmneaE Hiyil , .1. M. Bovd , .T. T.
Evant , B R Purr'y ' and A O Buchan
an , who formed Miuinmtlvoa into a nor
pnruto body for thn oiirp'tno of curryliu
on the buomem of n fining lard nu
minufacturiiiK lird oil. The wotka
rf ihl ciinpany wn % clnnely contirc'nd
j with Mr .l > imo B Uoyd'a pork packing
the burned building woadis-
t n frnm h
t renly rod . Mr. Bojd was erronoaujly
n.tii.U by telephone nhottiy After th
nro naa uiscovon-d , that hia packing
houao WM on fire and wa
scon on the ground , Mr. Kvana wn
Idi protont , but their directions were o
no avail and they were compelled to BCD
their property changed to ashes without
being in the least able to prevent it.
The U , I * , and I ) . & M. nt I oKKcrlic ds
IVIillo a Hlnppor AVhlsiloti for
Ilia Immbor-Wlitoh In
Hidotrnckod in Unmtm.
The Badger lumber yard , of this plaeo
last April ordnrod A cailokd of lumber
rora Atlanta , Goorgift. The lumber waa
shipped finally from Dolling , Alabamr.
About three weeks arrived at
Omaha where it bft einco boon
standing On a side track. Wo under
stand the oftcnt of- the Union F ciGo
Lldtlroad oJinpanv has written a letter to
.ho owners of the lumber informing them
the , B. < t M. Go. refused to rccuivo it
anloF&tho U P. Co. would reload the
the lumber into a B. & M. car nnd alto
prepay the freight amounting to $110 to
Omaha , but that the B. & M. would re
coiro it at Council Blutfc. Wo understand
Further that the B. & M. Go hno ni.-idt
it a rule to rocuivo no local freight
from other roads at Oinulu , but
Council BlutTs. Wo want to know
vhethiT such a ruin g can bo eufurctd
under the ! . > ? Is it not the kwtul
duty of a railway company to icooivi-
irolyht at nuy nnd all ehipping points oti
ta lines , nnd forward to Ha dusUnutioti
without dulii ) ? Can this shameful duluj
HI caused by a contest between then
corporations for hridgo toll ? Or is it tin
policy of B & M. U > make the shippet
ill the inconvuuieticj uud cspunso poss !
ilo in shipping ovorothor lines and thuo
'circo him m the future to ship ever itb
own.Tho B. & BI , ohargca the * hpppr ! $3
'or every day a car u uard after itn ar
rival ut ito destination and after a reanon
able time for unloading , but a railroad
company in thia case deprives the ship-
> er of u carload of valuable lumber for
thrto wcoko by refusing to forward it
with no fi'iir of a penalty. Jt h on no
count of such continuous abuaoa the poo-
do call f > r n , rohef through proper legis
iktion and the representative f the pt-o-
ilo who shuts his eara to thrir fries wil
ind ho has dug hia own political gravi
ute which ho will diaappuar from public
lotico forever.
A CARD.-To nil who uro lufforlne 'r m orron
nd IndKcrotlnna of > outb nervuua woakneii' , can )
ec-iy , 1-B8 ol nuinhoud , eta , I nil onil n reel ) *
ti t elli euro jou , FllKd UP OdAnOtL Tills croi
ciuedy HM dloorneit by a rnltoloucry It. Boat )
America Kcmi iclf-addruitwd nviojK ) tokBV. Jo
cru T. IMVAX , WUtlon U , Now York.
Apnvalocp feru"coot nbout Ff y repuhli *
n' r in vi-rious ia-ia of Min ouri was ml
t tt. Lo its yt-e erday nfc-ri eon , to didctiiH
prnuiicnbil tv < > f u itii f ; nil < p , q it on | w-
tical clrnirn A in Mi Houn on un i i ( > iM.nd-
lit sin to ticket ng.i i HE the w ca'l ' d 'i ! . in
> n Deui cr.i y" n t o comini ; election. A
nil interchange of vlovs was b.-v1 , tuid thu
vtiuli inattrVIIH Trier ed to ( HI.comti.i t o to
nui tic to und ru ort to iho Mate !
The TCx-/'onl. aoi-i.f itrnnlon.
DALAS , T XAB , Au n-t 8. Tli < wnn th
art U y if ihe confederate reunion , tx Guv.
o nor llu ibnrd on ucr < ; il ( fit oration m the
war holduiff iho vftt tti'dienci ' for two hunni.
Vco mine co waa apixiintod t' < tncmora izithf
VtU ouri legi Utnro 10 app oprinte funds f. r
h reuiovnl f the rein mis ot ( { . mr 1 I'm-
t > oti8 , Colon 1 M.t. . i dish nnd w .btlii'j coufe t-
r to foldiors buri d i i Jl-xi o. Colom-J
Wylie , an ox-nni n soldier , rend an dl o < > /
hanka in l Iiilf of un on Bolniar guo la. Thu
next ounioti will t e held at Fort Worth. A.
niKt ng < f tx-confed rtt > piiuo or ? wiuhcld
n .InimponliUud. An rr aniu tion w a pec-
cted , thu object be ing to * 1 K > lc after the
rdvex of tha coufodi-r..Ui on the Ulund.
Itoach , the'ahip builder , arrived Into la < t
ilgtit oti tlie scene of hia Hcnrched ahi | > vurJ.
iu nc..tod ih ? lu B will nut exec d ? GOOiX' :
bat war H will o o i ia tha morn n ? < u iisua 1
iid that the low i < c nfmed 10 f'.im < bu ! !
tign wli. lj will ba le laced itnmmliutely. No
auuizo vutu doiio to a y vfsreh inthn _ courjt
f co H ructl n. Alt the nifii will be tm-
> l > oed i g there will bj inucb work to bu
one at once.
tn . . V utinn.
This IB pro-ominou'ly the vacilion
mourn , whtn thousands took root and re-
roation. But to these who sufTjr the
ttpruBsmi ; olfoctsof suuimor dubdiry , the
iaa rooablo oymptoma of ecrofuli , the
ho torturuaof bilioujtioeo , dyopopaia or
iclc hnadachos , there is tiuro pain than
ileuauro in leaving homo. To such we
iy. give Hood'ti Sariaparilli a trinl. 1
vill purify your bl MX ) , tone up ana
truniithou your body , oxptl every tni'1'
f scrofulu , onrrr c'b liouitii-a * , and p "hi
ivi ly rii'ii dyspapBia or Rick ht' Hil > "
'alto i' before you go , and you will enjoy
our vacation ' 'i"1 > " ' f"1 ' .
n it. lit. ui L'i > ir , <
AroiBTA , Afi' . , A-RII r. P. liltlno arnvod
t tli < tun tcr groiiii'ld ihin f o oun , ail ' wiu
vcoivod by timnUv t Ailjnt iu O ner 1
itxmi ami conducted o I hn go 'ITU rM . .t . ,
wiin h wa < no ivcd hy tliu governor IK |
IIH nilj t n if''iiir ] . After n i iiitrnitucttcn
o the H all ofli or * ivid a f o v mi iu\ \ . * chit ,
llnii u was driv ui Huny. llu rettirutd to Jtar
HI bar ill H
Dynpepsia is ono of the toughest of
isoiiHea to wrestle with. Many people
mvo tried ouch a variety of alleged remo
lies for it , without success , that they
nil ! hardly bjliovo dyspepsia cm bo con.
[ tierod. But the record of UrownV
ron Bi'tors thowa thousands of cures ol
his disease. Rnv. Jan , ' McCiirty , ol
' "or S 'photis/in Dikotn , s y , ' 'BrownV
rjxi Bittora cured mo of eovoro dyspep-
JAY-KVE-SKU ArjpiMl'r ,
no Falls to Boot Ilia Ovm or Maud
H.'rt Tiiui. Hutu.101 Very \Vo ) ,
r > , Aug. 8. Too great event at Iho
rno u ti-riay was the u1 tempt of .layl'yff
t lower hid rec ril of 2:10 , He made a milo
In 2:1 f , the fuHt tuvir paced nvi-r thu J uf >
fill 11 iwlc H' d t ( I'liil to M ud rV I ait t tnq t
BH'X yiiarnld The trxk wa not in the IM.-B
n ii I * condition , Ii Ing rutcil hard. 'Ilia
co il air uinl light lin-n * worn nho tinfavornhle ,
uii'l ' Mr. Casu < ! no I to allow a fcoml ir u
al homh tliolitt uh.Ha WBH lu ilia Innt | > vB'
Hibld LUUll.tlUU.
iltmocra'M nf the Huvcntli M'enouri con
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fiiro tuo o int'iii ,
"The brtt ia the chuHp st. " Thin is nn
ild a'lugi and the cetunce of witdotn
The boat medicine , nnd the only nitre
cure for disfAHo * of thn liver , kulniji.
HI d bladder i the old nnd rdiHblonuNT'H
[ Kidny and Livci ] RKUKDV , T'hjei-
ciuns endoreo it hi bly und preaoribe it
iu their prao'ice.
Ladies should reflect before usinR a.n ;
preparation that isappliod to eod lic ti
surficv oa the akin , Any oosmotio tha
at first irOpftrt a beautifying iffoct ana not
flpparontly injure the skin , but in a very
short time lUtlo blotches and duooloao
Uons appo r on the fnco which ocnclu
lively show thd poison > U9 drugs in thai
composition. 1 > cn bo My said the
moro than two ( Mrdi of tbn face powder
contain thpso injurious ingrodienta. I\B
coni'a medicated oomplf xlon power is not
only abau'uroly free from alt dolotoricttr
matter , but its prlncljxil ingredient is an
active enrativti for all dieowis of the
skin. It has Blood the teat of yean. Sold
by all druggists. mo-cody 1
The KfBt < uni Ulnband.
Augxiftt 7. The Kcyitonc
club of thin > Ur , a m mb r of the Uni m M
c-iatiuti , dinhft. tied this oveuiurf to.auro uf
ln k of fiuanclal aupi ort ,
AmmonU It obtained In In'RO qunutlllcs by
th puttvfMtlnn Q' Iho utlnoof Aiiiinoli. /
Kvoiy h"U eke < i > er cnn test bikini ; powders
containing thia di ciiatlnfT diug ' y pliM-Ing a
cnoltho"Ko l"nr "AudioW Vc l" top
down nn n h t ntovo until hinted , then romov/
th" onvrr niid euioll.
Dr. Pnoi'a Cream Ukim ; Fowdw di > on n < H
con ftin Ammimi , Alum , I In C. Potivh , Bcno
I'hoFphMwt , ( P'O\O it by the nbovo tflst > U
In i ppnrod l > y a 1'hynkin'i end Coaiiilut with
to doAuliabRa and healthful
A Ilnwvlih
SciiNKCTADY , N. Y. Augu-t 8. Tl > ro WM
rnnivxc unuiit l -t n gut by the uroct ot
our yuuni ; n on In a disturb tn o Mlththo S l *
Vitiiotirny KifUon biindrod tnin f jliiwod
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, hrow thooitlo > ri into thtitntm1. TlirottA
wi TO m 'lo tit burn to iho nnny' < i burruckr ,
Tlioro Hm fr < nf a m < t to-niht ) nod thu JH > -
led Mm ukiiig pcc ut oiii ,
The rfllco hvld by the Kidnoyo is one
of importance. Tiny act as natures sluice
way to carry oii tlio extra liquida from
.ho syatom , and rith them the nnpuritiis
> , ilh thoao that are taken into the atom
ach and those that ( \rofoimcd _ in the
jlood. Any clogging or inaction of than
irgana is thortforo important. Kidney-
Wort is Naturu'o tilioiont aeaistunt in
cooping the kidueja in good workinc or
der , strengthening them and inducing
loalthy action. If you would got well
vnd keep troll , take Kidnoj-Wort.
HolRtornna O < innri H nc
VEila utHH , Atigimt S. I'ho c'ngreiH of
ho twohiiiipH to-dity ontliiiio'l the ilNciu-
Ion of o ininilLitH to report on tha bi'l ' to ro
\iMiht conHtitutton. Kuithcr Hicntw of a
llnouler'y ' thuactii iccurnn ) . U u | bin wai
obliged t'loo ho ttibnnTjio ilifciwiinn
vai declared cluifl , and a shuw of'h > tiiiH |
o l lei ) feAt Una p hit the tumult in-
croi-B d. .lillbo R nvcnilid thn tribnnn on
Htwinii ud tomitkuai < | itu h , butw iip'-u\eiit d
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onuio H aft iwauli lOH.itue I > tsa a t anil roc-
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rinisi n bi 1. Barod-t'ri uimni'ii ' nit 'nr ' ion-
v king the COUB itiio t H e.inVly w s rejected
iy U3 tn 28G. Tl > utcii | > ui Jir ) : dit at d 8 x o'
IIH | ar iaiana q ti't ' > d ili6BtBxjoi , af er laving
n n H p O" at againvt tin- act ! > n of contra 8.
Tney aJJoUM.ed w thont < loiiu nther biutno-B.
< iii Ql'a i-plmto
Drank With fodi Water
a deliciouo. All druggista have it. It
B rofreahini ; and cooling. Try it often !
During ba tw nty four hours endivl nt 0
oMiwk la-t night t eio vi-m tucnty-Iour
by choler. nt MaraoilleH.
"Whnt caneea the great rush nt Schrotur &
Bocht's Drug Store1 The free distribution
if sample bottloH of Dr. lionnnko'n Cough and
Lunjj Syrup , the most popular remedy for
Coughs , Colds , Consumption and Bronchitis
ao w on thi market , Ko&ular Blzo 60 cents and
* ' ° °
A lira last ni ht , nt Dabncjup , Io\v . in thu
wnreh UBO ind lumber y rd of thn Key City
Fumitnrd c mpany cftuncd u losj of SB.UOo ;
insiimnoa SO.0-0.
Iho proof A tbo pudding to not In chewing
the utring , but in having an opportunity to
todt the article direct , ijchrotor & liocht , the
OrWgiHta , ha > o a free trial bottle of Dr , Bo-
lanko'a Cough and Lung Syrup for each and
every ono who ia afflicted with Coughs , Colda ,
Asthma Cou umpUon nr any Lum ; AffooUon.
ThoAWomthor To-day ,
Wv8iiiNOTOKt Aucrint 0. For thu Upper
Mlfl iss ppi Valley : Slightly warmer , f ir
w nther vuiiablo windu , Rrntrnry southerly
For the Mimominloy : Uenwidly fair
wt < a her , followo I in thi Bnuthc n portlimH by
itiu o g tig clotidino H hnd lmi J m us , touth
( I H o ly wind * , uud a si gU rise in Utntern' '
T7SET ) .
Vnnlltn.I mon.OrnnBc , r te , , flavor Cnhrs
Cr iiin > .lliid lnir > , < bc.iii dnlleiilelyund mil
irullyui ( UoiVult from \vhlcti Iliryiu-onioln
minxio ft THI
Price Baking Powder Co. ,
Chlooso , III. 8t. LoulB , Mo.
11111111 OF
Dr. Prlca's Cream Baking Powdsr
Dr. Price's Lnpuliii Ycnsl Gems ,
licit Jlry Hou Veu.t.
O.A.TIT . : u-x-
Ulawlcil , B.kntinc , Commorcal md Art Depart
miin * . II th otiUKadmitted Tuition lim ,
ln'rlih'p , IK-HI of Boiiutv Ku'y ! tinlM | wJ facult )
tifTAililre-sfor | nlculara , HOT.V. . W. Ifarrht
0 II l''o < lil'ii * . > > r l'r f , 0 it , 1)04 nlots , H.iireur >
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trill Poeltlvelynot
inlaia palU in advance ,
\/rOHEYTO / TXAN Inwmiiof | 3W. nd upwuc
VI O. Y. Davli anJ Co. , Iloal Kita'.o * ud Loa
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I'M Pitok MeUirlok , Yanktoli , . T , , box SWI.
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WANT n-A fto 4 cook' , 101S I timer stroot.
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Toll UF.NT-
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SALE.1" ' *
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