Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, August 09, 1884, Image 4

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Omnlm Oflloo , No OtO FArnmn St.
Oounoll Biuff 'O.Ooo.No. : t Pearl t
Street , Near Ur iulw y. | ]
NoW YorkJOITloo , Itoum Q3 Tribal
l"abllsh d ertrj1 n-ornlng , exocpt Baodtyl t
enl ) Monday , morn ! Dg daily.
' iu IT MAJU
On * YCM. . . . n .M I Thn * Month ! . . . ) . .ft
BuUon < na. . . . . . . . 6.00 I One Month , . . . . . . . , t
UKI rosrrim.
ie T M..M..HOO I Three Uoatha. . . . . . .I
tUtfonlta. . LOO | Ono Month. . . .
Amtriaui N w * Company , BoUrlfenVNsr d
il In the United BUtei ?
A I Oonmaatalloni reUMnc lo Htin tad Kdll rt
ftaUonstwuMb * addressed t * h Kmoi or Zi
trtVurt aqf lUmllUnSH riontdl
ddrased to Tin Bn rii f.untv Oonrixr , nxiti
DttRi , Cheokt aal poitoSae erd rs to be mad * ps
Me tot > MOfd r ( Uve eompaar
S. B03HWATHR. .Editor.
A. n. Wteh. M * ic r Dally ( XroaUUon , r. O.Bji
463 Ot ah * Neb.
TUB street cleaning oontraotor ough
to git to work with his tcrobrnng brush
SIWATOH MAADKK&ON is at Xfovrpor
Datonfng to nluutho wild wavca are oay
Ing. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ „ _
Tnn rosiarmUoa of Jy G > uld ai prosl
dent of the Wabsih , baa brought J.y t (
that road. J > y fu-cords J y.
TITEWJ are a Riod many ups and dovrat
in Uua world , uf which upper Farnim
, Rtroot ftflnrda a otriking illustration. Jim
f Kynor'o oong of the obovtl brigade La
Load from morning tilt nl < M.
young and good-looking ; , ooraos out for
Cleveland. Thia M no off act agairutSueaa
B. Anthony and Elir bothOady Stan ton ,
who have dooKrml fur BUJno.
two wooKa OoiAiia will have a
complete and ooanootod Byttom oE otreet
and alley pavement covering the buainoaa
portion the city. The next thing will
bo to keep the pavements clean.
TUB Keith county achotl land injunction -
t.aif and the consequent diaoluoures
/ have had a be'nuGcial effoot. The atato
I ) > ard of public iinda and bull lings has
decided to call in the leairo and make
now loasja after giving the proper notieo
of thirty daya. Tnuiian admission at
least that the Brat IOMOS were not givun
according to law.
"COLOKBL" B P. BAVAQH , who holds
the important position of superintendent
of the etuto ogrioaltural farm , baa at last
f jund Bomothing to do. Ho proposed to
compile the livestock otatiitioi of Neb
raska and publish them in a catalogue.
This i about all the work that Superin
tend 'Savago will do during hio'tcrm
of office
PAVNB and hia Odshiraa booraora
fcavo been ejected by the , military from
the Indian territory Their ehamios
i have -.bsen doatroypd , and the loaders
among the aquation are baing taken to
Fort Smith M'prisocora . This pula an
1 cna to auph invasions of the Indian tor- .
ritory. Payne hu for eoforal yearu been
creating trouble by hia periodical raids ,
and h'e has humbugged the tquattors out
of many thousands of dollars.
GnjreiiAL GRANT has conoludod to earn
en honest living as an historian of the
war. Ho hw agreed to w te a oorles of
eighteen or twenty war articles for Aho
Century , for which the publishers will
jpayhi.n . 810,000 , Those contributions
to the history of our own times will on-
iablo the * general to duponaa with contri
butions from hit friends , and it is decidedly -
odly more creditable than 'Block gam-
ibliug *
IT'now turns out tht DC. O'Uonnoll ,
of San Pranc'uoo , has been pl yin. { n
hu a praotioil j .ko with hU tw Oninesr
leperu , which he proposal t' otliihit in
the eastern oitiva to il uitrato his looturt-
upon leprosy and the dangbis arising
f from Ohiucso immigration. In no cit >
' wan ho allowed to t-xhibit his lepers , and
i of course he was very indlgnaut at moli
treatment. The doctor made nn-ncrous
jrcvcDgeful threats , ouo of whioh wai
that ho would take his leporB to Washing
ton and turn them lioso
up in the oti-p *
of Uio nation * ! capitu ) . It now opuour
< hat Dr/0'Donnvll has had nolepors
with him , and that he well know that hu
would never bo allowed to exhibit any
eucli poraoua even if ho had hud them.
AB a jiracticul j ike his little garao bus
tprovodquitoBucceAAfrtl * It has afforded
him as wtllas the people of BanFrauoieoo
f INDIANA will bo ouo of the greatest
battle Celde of the proiont ctmpitRn , and
if the people eurvlvo the oratorical ov >
olono tlat ( will swoop over that region ,
it will be a matter of aurpriie to the rest
of the country. They are ia great dan
ger of being talked to death. Among tlie
prominent democrat * win will stump In
diana are Wade Hampton , Oolonol Vilac ,
- Carl Ssbuir , Senator Vest , Congressman
' 'Carlisle , Senator Bayard.Goveriior Qoad
ley. K . nww DidlittleTom lion
drfcke , Senator BUokburn , Senator Veer
S ' liooa , ud McDonald. The
republicau Will send into the Indinns
field Beoatora Frys nd Hale , \V. D K l
ley"bf Tean ylvanfa , Him. "Wrfi. West ,
William SIoKinloy , Don. Buttortrortli ,
Hon. John Bf IltndorBon of St. Ltula
Congressman l rank lUtooclc nf Nd
Yorlr , - Gonsfrfsixtiin t\Vi a nf Virginia ,
JudgoTVMker- l.'Wo , and a h' t of
f othtru , By the time the cam'palxn draws
' to a cloio the ppople of 'Indiana ou ht t < >
Lave a irettycloir idea of the pblitioa !
ANir ro.\oporrf2S AND
With Gonld , Dillon , Field , Sago ai
the rest of the giant monopolists , poti
ing out their moniy like water to oio
their eld Agent in the speaker's ohnir
congress to the presided , the IIera !
< rould like to know h < r it happtru th
an'i.monopoly papora o in support Blaii
in this campaign ugainst ouch a man i
Grover Cleveland ! Wo shall bo glad I
furnish Governor Olevolad'a record o
railways iu New York to thoao papers' , I
show with whit , energy , Uarlesanoss an
zeal John D. Kernan , his railroad con
missinnor , has dealt with the railroads i
New York u'dor the governor's person :
counsel and direction. Otnaha Uerali
The proaont national cnmpaign ! n <
Lo bo fought out on the issue of raonopi
ly and anti-monopoly. It is simply a
issue of republican or democratic supron
ftcy. , No third parly , hovrovcr pure on
j list Its pr nciplea may br , can divert vote
enough from the two old parties in th !
campaign "with the remotest ohanoo o
success. Aibatwoou James G. Blatn
and Grover Cleveland anti.monopollol
give BUtno the preference. His oarer
has nothing in common with the poop !
who desire to plaoo corporate rnonnp 1
under legislative control and regulation
Mr. Blaine nukes no profession of anti
monoyoly , atid ia under no obligations ti
anti-men pdisU for any position ho ha
over hold in public hfoorhis present can
didaoy. Bio is supported by anti-monopol
ists because thuy cannot oonooivo how i
ohaogo from republican to democrat I
lupremsoy , under Grover Cleveland , wil
in any way bring abjut the reforms whicl
they advocate and do away with thi
kbutes from whioh the country issuflfdrin [
it the hands of the confederated monop
The nnli-monopolists will oppose
Cleveland because ho has broken /aitl
rith them and betrayed their confidence
lo was eleotad governor of New Yorl
* o yoara ago on f n tintl-ruonopoly phi-
orm by the active and enthuiiiatio tup
icrt cf nnti.oionopclie'a. Nearly
'Vary ' uffioui ucf since hu
occasion to power baa beori
betrayal of ( he confidence which anti-
aonopoliats ropraod in him. His ad-
Hirers and supporters can moke no justi-
i bld di fjnsa ( tor him. Ho vetoed thu
.vo-oent elevated railroad bill in the in-
arcst of a great monopoly which imposes
urea upin two millions of people in the
tyof NnwYvrk , but ohirks its own
res and evades piymont
i just claims for damages
ustained by private property owners
Vheu the legis'uturo ' of New Yorlt
mpoworod him to ' appoint two
utroad oommisoionoio bo appointed to
'tis ' position the non in law of Hamilton
pwb , n millionaire and 'monopolist , who
i largely interested in railroads , and a
oung and inexperienced lawyer whoso
yrnpUhies lean towards the corporations.
lo appointed as superintendent of pub
ic works a railroad omtraolbr , and
ilaced the canals , which are intended to
iheajxn transportation , under the control
i the railroada with which they ate ex-
looted to compote. Ho lisa approved
bill passed by a corrupt
gislaturo whioh gives the power to the
> tdens & L iko Ohamplain railway com-
any to own and navigate vessels on the
t. Liwrenco and upper Ukos. By these
uts Governor Cleveland has mulhOod
i a great measure , the efLrta of anti-
icnopolists in the elate of Now York ,
ad riveted the chains of bondage , with
hioh monopolies have manacled the poole -
lo of the Empire state.
As between Grover Cleveland and
araos G. Blaine viewed purely from the
tatdpoint of capability and experience
liero con bo no comparison. Intellect ,
ally Blaine 1 eras up above Gluvuland
iko the granite column of the W shint -
' > n monument does above an ordinnrj
jmbstonoin the congreii o ml cemotor ; .
ANOTUEII iuttroiuiur , oni > tnr has boon
dded to the Grover Clovulund ncundul.
c appears that Henry Ward Beuchor ,
ho came nut warmly m favor of Cluvc-
md for the presidonoy , woo tnado sick
igh unto dentil by the rccont n relation
E the BOAudulous rulatioim nf C'cvulniui '
iih Slaria Uulpin. Mf. B echor
loruupnu went back upon the dtmocrut
i cam i late , saying thit ho had 'been '
fcoivid in ilio mm and tht ho would
robnbly now support BMno , This
luiod dismip in the domnoratio camp ,
nd created j y among the ropublioans
L seems that very great importance in
ttuched to the influetioo of the ominen *
iviiio by both political parties. It
liuuld not cause any surprise therefore
Imt the democrats have devised
plan of winning back the famous
'rooUyn ' preacher. They sent his bosom
riend , GOIIOM ! King , to BuuMo to per-
imallr investigate Grover Olovoland's
onduot. His mission has been fulfilled
nd his report made public. It seems
hat the woman in the ouo was a widow.
Ihe was u&fc n good widow either , tor one
aaintainid intimate relations with
llovoland nnd two ether gen-
lemen of cony virtue. Olevil.iid
lobly fathered the fatherless boy in or-
or to shield the other friends of tlio
rldow who were eminently respectable
Carried men. This dUphanoui storj
ras received with evident pleasure by
ho hitherto wavering Bocoher , who as-
Dried that ho hod been wrongfully led
9 mistrust Cleveland. Mr , Beechor do
liros that ho cannot do too much now
o show his appreciatitn of the chivalrous
ian , whose peccadilloes of fifteen years
KO ought not to count at thi * time , The
OTiocrata are hsppy onou more ,
lenoral King's st tument reminds u
f the story of tha man who was on ti | l
3i reduction. The dofcndaut nfututi
tie services of an attorney and plea edit
it guiltv. The proiecutii.ii proved thu
use against him beyond tbo'bhadovr a
oubt. After the prosecuting attorpo ;
ad oondu ltd his argument to thu jijiy ,
tie judge aakud the dvfoudaut if hutmd
tf >
anything to say. Ho had no speech I
make , ho said , but ho would like to say
word or two to the 'jmy. The rcqna
was granted , nnd loaning over the rail Y
spoke to each jutyman in a quii
tone so that no ouo else hoai
him. The jury retired , an
in throe minutes returned , and to th
surprise of everybody announced II
verdict to bo "not gniltj | " The prisoi
or was accordingly discharged , botbofoi
ho loft the court room the judge callo
him up and said , "You are no longer i
jeopardy , and I would like to know whi
yon said tn that jury. " "Your honor ,
roptiod the defendant , "I simply sai
'wo old rakes have got to stand bycac
TUB civil service examinations hav
had the desired effectof , reducing th
number of appUcanU for federal poaitioc
and of securing moro competent person
for the places. Incompetent persons d
no care to expose their ignorance. Th
clerks who are now appolntod to depart
moat places have to prord their compe
AB YET thcro have been no ntops takoi
in Nebraska towards securing for thi
atato the location cf the no * sol lion
homo. The Grand Array of the Republt
in Iowa is making a united effort to ob
tain the prize fur th t otata. Why can
not the Gran i Army iu N braskn movi
in the matte it
TUB Si L'juio ' pi.tolliu isnowopoi
avery ovonii g until 0 o'clock for the salt
uf stamps , delivery of mul , oto. Wbj
sinnot the lm ) ha post-of&ao bo open foi
the ama purpoao until the same ho i
It would be a great convonionoo to c
largo number of busintsi men as well ai
APPLES are oxpoctcd > tb bring from &
to $0 per barrel in Now York thta , fall ,
English and S Jot oh' agents are alroadj
there buying them up in advance. II
they will oomo to Nebraska they oin buy
plenty of good apples at cheaper prices.
HENRY VILLAUD is on deck again. Ho
laa boon elected president of the Oregon
k California railroad. Mr. Villurd is
low ia excellent health and in coed com
lition to resume , his old business of
hoop-shearing nnd lamb fleecing.
AHSCBMHUIKH In Nt\v V rlc City.
The assessed valUe of real pronerty iu"
How York thmyear in 81,119 701,000 a
; tin pt over $40,000 , < 00 ovtr last year.
L'nid incrcaeo ii irregulaily distributed ,
, nd is Urgeot'iu the lower part of th
itj , whoru the produce txchango and
ithur ponderous buildingi have beuu
irooted , wntlo clung Ufiadway from
fourteenth to Foriy-aecond street the
( K-Htice hao also buen rapid. Among
670 ppreona t xed for § 100,1 > 00 or more
aub , 35 are millionaires , while 24 tirma
nd oatatea hold property valued up in
h millioiip. The hoa\iist individual
) roperty holders among the nmn are
Wiilwm B. Aator , Mxerffor 815,272.000 ;
Vm Vaiidcrhilt , $2 182.000 ; A. It Enm ,
U 501,000 ; William Ithin-liudor , $2-
46,000 ; Robert Glot , 82,900.000 , and
arnos Lennox , § 2 110,000. The acgre-
ate valun i f property hold by 103 women
1 ? : )5,842,000. ) Mrs. A. T. Htowart being
redtted with $5,000,000 ; RoDooca Jones ,
2 333,000-Mary ; O. Pmcknoy. $2 COS , .
00 , and Mrs. Paran Stevens $1,488,010.
'hirty-throo railroad and express com-
anios pay taxes on an agtfregato of 8 J9-
36.0CO , tbo Metropolitan elevated rail-
lading wifh ? 9 587,000 , the Now York
lovated ? 8 480,000 and Now York Con-
mi § 8,308 000. F.fty banks ore taxed on
14,358,000 of roil ootato , eight gas com-
anies on 811.723,000 of property , and
inoteen inauratico o jmponlos on 88,231-
uO. From thceo tigurea it will bu Been
iiat the real wealth of persona and cor-
orations ia not shown by the , amounts
> r whioh they are assessed , the Trinity
hurch onrpuration , on the book * for
nly S2 295,000 , owning really 830,000-
00 worth of property , muoh of which
iinda , however , in the names of ot.licr
UIBOIIS. The tax rnto this 'year in (2 2G
n StOO. npninst S2 29 Ustynr. . 82 2Vin
582 $2 02 in Jb8laude253i. . 18BO
iiu total IHC will be iib > ut S25,300.5'J8
gain of $000,000 over Uat > var.
The Ilojj Khrinkaicc ,
U.viof SirCK YAUPH , III. , Aug. 8. Tim
liluii/M jo nt uontur.iii-H o inn i'.iuH in on-
criliH < | Uo timi nf lioif ! T uW Ke tlitually
0'iupi led null i v. ' Facial"off-red turn-
In th "piurorit > j > tmi uitli mb iratniu for
iMy I | > H. I' IB ovidnitly IIILVD lit get
> . Th cxcbni H Ki * > t < at iw.ioMnck | > .
, but It In not iik ly time they ui'lo ' tcr-
In 111. thlrly daya1 | > r. | K > < Hl n' Tlf miiu-
II B oil m n wnulil | u.biliy | l ' \ willing tn
a don't w nt it to niiivoil m the packinc ten-
- \
Too Muuh "WliinUy.
riNciNKATi. Augu.t 7.-II. IJ. Mllkr. a
( uliuuipiilt III tilt' uhlikri'ool oieri-inco I'B '
umlia'i linn Ufii in ihe city two ilays
nt a\ori ft r organUofor thocom nK\ni ' .
lnotrNC'id uiciitlng wnu h M this
lillxr duclur H the o ult a tot 1 faihiro ai d
o c BM lioicle | < The wloU tronhlo KOI m
rctit in two or Oiroo [ wticu licri" , AH iho
fivom \crywhi-ro o'aivonun m
\ or of n ix ) l , The whisky intn tv thu ro-
Jt will imvllnbly can o otor-productlon.
WASIIINOTON , AuRimt 7.-Tn accordancw
I'll ' tlm act of n ig't' ' < < B ( uitlioiiiii g the np-
initinentoC eighty [ M t quarto inani r vr
nnU , to iiurfi'r.ii tin Uutlea of ut ruko f-otn
1 1 iloikB In the j > la e ot iitii-n eiuploytK , n
nc i- > l order lun I ) en itiauuit by the w r du-
inim-nt pr-vicling ill t nald nvigvants nhall
i H'cc cl ty L'xuniimtion fioin tbo m nt
( inp tfiit men iu | lie nru < y ube liavo torvo'l
. 1 imtfoiirytj w , hint wliou * cbiracter mid
nciitllin hall tic tlcm tu t ik charge of puo-
V olit ( tHiiinfc it Ni w homlnn.
NKW LONDON , Com. , Aujunt -Tin
10 tra e wan won by thu AH ut , OVMIIK ! by
yti > ul' . iSli i talvH ilm jirlri for fa tea
mo Mjo din. . , for bHntirst. . on lh courwi.
In Viilett- iktu ! ho pr v f r Iwiiig tlu > lirst
rri\einth vcoml cUn. but the IUv 1
on tiiu futt piUuby limo hililMunoe ,
Mima uf
Nfvruumr HIT , M * n. , \u $ . 8. The r oop-
/n t-i b btkcn u-ztThnuilcy to Omly in-
uiliB a 1'uit.Uo of tli kii ht I II.IB ,
iilltl * , u er l i ( via of , „ ! inii ) , ei > lo B i'
'r ' ! , , lr. " ' ' .juiliiieiit . , icbit.1 i-lililran
Mill \UI1 bo r-vniwul liv Mr. ( ! < e It ; liind
niomtui ttiu a'wri.o . u ; Him ( nation
daiix parade nd ItiowoiUa Iu
Miiokoy niahcH a Monti.
NAP lea , AnpuHt 7. Mlw rv JJackey ,
lughcf of thu Q lifprnia mllliuuut e , | tp.
in lied o r. Ciilonim r.j.r.ii6itaiheof iho
ill UuoM u fnuilly of Coluimi ,
Franco and England have failed
ogroo atytho B jyptian conference. Whi
over may bo the cause of the failure
the conference the general result is th
ngland is again saddled with the onti
burden of governing Egypt. Althouj
Kirl Oranvlllo intimates that anoth
oonforonco will bo called , the chanc
seem to bo that no agreement botwo <
the two governments most interested :
the Egyptian question can bo arrived ,
until Eagland has made herself complo
master of her Egyptian elophan
The failure of the conference ,
la predicted , will make M
Gladstone very popular. Ar
statesman is popular in Eoghnd if 1
thwarts Franco , and If in thwarlic
Franco ho can assert tbo right to plai
colonies vail over the world , ho is a <
counted A patriotic statesman by tb
British. Now -that the Egyptian qnci
tion is for the moment out of the waj
Mr. Gladstone and his mmUtry can d < .
vote all their unorgics to fanning tb
flimoa of popular excitement over tli
tranohiso b.ll to a white heat.
Tha irrepressible coiflict over tb
franchise contiuuas with unabated farj
It Uta drawn out the ablest and moi
vigorout agitators on both sides of th
issue into the arena of debate , and thoi
sooma to bo no disposi i m on cither aid
to yield or compromise. Even Joh
Bright , now in his 73d year , hi
taken the stump for the abel
tion of the house of lordi
Mr. Bright has ooized the opportunit
to make his influence again felt , to lil
his voioo again in behalf of popula
rights , to strike down the priviligisof a
irresponsible dies. Ilia speech at Bu
mingham displayed his old time force an
eloquence. Ho arraigned the houao e
lords with the same glowing impetuotit
that ohoraotorized his denunciation of th
corn laws. Ho demonstrated his goniu
for destruction. Should the house c
lords continue their contest with the com
mons to the bitter end , it would bo a renewal
nowal of lifo tn John Bright. Ho wouli
like nothing bettor than to close hi
: arcor with the destruction of the privi
egca of the poors. I : would bo in bar
nony with the tastes and opinions , it
rith the work that has already made bin
ami/us. /
1 To Iho surprise < f everybody and tc
ho confusion of bin adversaries , Mr.
Jladstonp ia going to ask parliament foi
nonny with whioh to send an expedition
0 Gurdou'a rclii f. His policy has been
ull of surprises and of duvicoa BO adroit
> a to bear thu marks of np > l tical shriiwd-
loss of which even "tho People's Wit-
iara" has scarcely baen suspected hit ! -
rto. A few moaths ngo his m gleet ol
rurdon threatened him with the ever
hrow of his government. Twioo were
S-tta made to cotiauro him for it by
larliamontary vote , and at one time hi
ttitudp set-mod co bo that of a b.fflod
nd baited stHtoiman , hopoleoaly iu iho
oils. But by springing a now question
ipon thu country and a ousing a great
topular clamor against the lord * , ha sue-
eod in putting this 'Fgyptian question
side , and robbing it , for'tho 'tinw , of ita
ewer to'do him harm. By calling a
onference on eastern matters he. has
ron the do as ho pleases in
'gypt , and to make England mistress
iero , with little danger of mtorf et-onco'
om other powers ; and thii in spite
f the utter failure 'of ihs coife1-
300 to oomo to Any.agroomont. H ha *
on a practical yiotory through defeat.
.nd now he fairly takes the weapons out
1 the hands of his ad voi Banes and makes
lorn his own by asking parliament for
10 money with , which to do precisely
hat his enemies haver most roundly
jused him for not doing. Three
tenths ago Gladstone's power seemed
ipplingnow ho is moro firmly seated
ian over before , and the proapect is
tat his earner as a statesman of com-
landing influence will end only with his
Franco and China are still in aballiger-
it attitude. There is oomo talk of sub-
lilting the questions at issue to Anieri
m arbitration , but as yet our givt-rn-
lenthusnot beenoskud to arbitrate. The
luiiisofthu latest difliuuliy between
CHUCK and China are evolved in obucur-
y. The former claims that the require
lento uf the front ? signed wcro n it oh-
rvei in good faith , uud ilMt when the
runch marched to taku possession of
iris Bnd lei ritory awHidrd ihfcin the >
ere KB-silbd by the Chinese troops m d
any Fanoh troops killud. The
hineao ddnird that their troops
ire the liist ( to oio , and olaimud
iat the French were the agnri s ors 01
ur p , so rlelicnto a ppmt ia difliLult to
tilr ; but th Fri-noti inoditi'-d tncir do-
and from lifiy milliois ] to Gvo millinim
dollam , and are pressing payment.
lin Oninese find uvuu thu hitler amount
flicult toraiaoat a momunt's dttnund.
, fai time the French are threatening
i o-Chow , the leading city on the river
liko. Altogether the atTair ia m
id ' shape for China. The look
ouUia'ers la that Franco has b ou
ting in a harth and bullyingman -
ir toward all the powers wllh which
e has hod dealli'gi. ' The Malsgeso ,
0 Chinese and thi Tunisians have uf
to felt he hand. Her course has not
ien piciflo and kind. She has Deemed
itermincd to wreak vengeance on th'o
verul powers she has dealt with whiney
oy objected i her appropriations. How
r all tnis will go and what the end will
1 remains to ba seen. China may bo
oused to the full necessity of bo <
niing a martial nation in accord-
ice with civilized ideas. If to , she can
iry speedily destroy some of thu force
nt against her ; but it is to bo feared
.at BIO is not prepared f T a prolonged
IUT with a great power like France. But
ore French operations to KO too far
ere might bo a reaction whioh would
Ube Germany to interfere. For the
esout the prevailing view is tht aho
is wrougcd China very greatly.
The cholera in 'Franc * has
tontion during the last UIK-I or tour
eeka from the interesting n I Bi > mowhnt
siting attempt which M. Furry is
aVing to procure a revision uf the
msii'ution , a process i dulicato and
Illoult that uhtiougli a mij irity of the
iiiKtituoncios dcairo it , no minister nine *
(7."i ( has been stronp enough to
idurtako it successfully. Gam
itt * sought to bring it about
a ino.vus of aucuiiog the
ibstitutlon of gcnrrtl fur uistriot
pfusun Uil ion , but it had a largo share
causing hia downlall. Why so man ;
constituencies desire it is plain cnour
Th'o prMont constitution is really
monarchical instrument , and has nev
boon submitted to the people in ar
ftirnml and direct way. It wai frami
by an assembly in whioh the royalists <
various shades had a maj irity , and wt
really intended as a sort of prrparatic
for a restored constitutiunnl raoi
nrohy. Tha presidency whic
Mirahftl MaoMahon huld , under
euvon years' tenure , was an otfii
which cuuld bo converted into kinguhi
by a moro change of name , and then r
other change would have been nocoaear
tt is very questionable , howovo
whether there is any good reason for
revision pxcopt the f tot that , after om
Dating from an auspicious source , thoooi
stitntion has never been revised. It hi
worked as well aa any constitntio
oould work in the most logical counti
m the world , in which the ai
of party government is still in its infanc ]
Thb procow of revision in Franco coi
aista in a propoesl from the mioistoi
adopted or approved byt the Bonato , fo
lowed by the conversion of the tw
houses into n constitutional oonvontior
The ministerial programme was submt
frd to the sonaU ) ten days ago , but th
full text has not reached this country.
The Dutch States General has Bottle
the question of the occupancy of tb
thronumtho event of K ng Wil i m
death by formally naming Q teen E.nin
rrgimt during the miuoniy of Prince ;
Wtlhelmina The king is 67 years otc
nut a very advanced Hgo or ono < it whio
suvereigus are tsuppmodto bu nearing th
dajs when ruling is a burden ; but th
occupsnt of the lutch thronn is simpl
a gruBB and stupid man , whoeo cur
alkutiou is impaired by UXCUSSBB I
is { jouerally understood that the king i
incurably ill of a lingoiing eicknosa an
hao acted adviaodly in instituting moai
urea fur the establishment of a rogonc ]
Ho has suni'cd both of his sons , snd hi
oololuir is the little PrincosaVilhe !
tnina , the child of the king's aeo md rum
riage , her mother being oiiouf thodaugl
t ra of the prince of Waldcck. Th
young queen in but 20 yearn old , havin
been born August 2,1858 , nnd is repute
tit bo an auiiablo and intelligent woman
* ith no special force of character or til
tio83 fur the task of regmioy. Hoi
land being u coribtitutionally gnvoru i
country , thu queou will bo thu reprofl'en
Uuvoof the utatea general in ull grea
quostijno of policy , but as the initiativi
of diplomatic actinii lioa largely with thi
thronn and ministry , it will bo fortunati
for Holland if thu ) o ont has tno goo (
6QHBO to avoid compileitions with the imperial
porial neighbor wniuh has eyes upon th'i
country of canals and commote' . Ger
many would Imo to gain a hold 01
do Lind , not only booauso the latter ii
rich , but because of the commercial anc
iiavul udvdiitimoa which would accrue tt
: ho umpire from ita p' < Rscaaion.
The French divorce law passed by tbt
ogislativu assembly cov rat montba agi
vent into force on the 2th f July , and
he first rusulto are exhibited iu thu foi
jvving dispatch from Parie : "Three
houoand aui a for divotoo are already
itfguci. Many noble and urominont fum
es are involved , " Ic would appear Jrom
his wholesale business that the French
ro resulved to < * veogo themselves for
heir JOUR deprivation of the right uf
livorco by dissolving nil the marriages
a the country. Formerly separa
K n between wedded couples waa gov-
rtittd by church canonp , as marriage it-
elf was defined and regulated by the
hurch and divorcee were toldom heard
if. But , with the republic , whoeo lead-
is are anti-cloiical and host Ho to nearly
very form and phaaoof churchitfluenca ,
ho right'of ea < y divorce is secured among
thur immunitits ; ' and the courts will
robaby ba burdened with these trials
ill all tuemismated couples in the ooun-
ry are separated.
A return has just been made to narlia-
ipiit in regard to the operation of the
riah arrears of rent act. According t- >
bia , the sum of 2,570,000 , which was
wing owing to tno laualovds by the
mdlorda by the farmers , ban been wiped
ut under the act ainco1882 Of this
irgp amount Ulster g lined 820,000 in
omissions of rent ; Cuinaler ; 250,000 ;
! . .nnauuht , 1,001,000 , and Monster ,
1510,000. Tuo nationalist papers ,
jiumunting upon this return , state thut
bo laud act has already eocured to the
irmers a permanent induction of
ant exceeding 500,010 yearly. Th *
ish ip of Litnutick , ibo Enl of Belmoro
ud other members of the commusion
hioh has been considurmg the coiidi-
on of education iu Ireland , state thai
10 curtailed rents butler and more
KUlutly paid lost joar than at any titm
ucu ibu Farnell agitation brgan. Tne
ilatioua now existing between Intilordb
id tutivnta , are amiuuble. Primary
ihooliootHblinhod for iho biiiutit 01
10 tenant , arn ov ry whuru appreciated
huuovbruineut hua reBi 1'ud on u largo
iducuon of the furo B in Ireland.
Tbo transportation bill now pending in
10 French nt-naio o'iiliuuua to bo tKe
it jrotof iho miistiottubu feulitiu ntnony
iu Aubtialiau o.ilouis'a * With tlium. ai
etunt , oven federuii ! ) , though coii-
iutuii with , ii aubuderary to thu q tea
nn wl ijh , in their opinion , iuv. ivie
lepernoiml Beoiiiity of every luhahi-
nt. Now Odledonia m the
i t haa been the poiiul
lony for the most atrocious of the cam
l 1'lnBtos in Frai oo. There acu
least a thousand murderers convicted
i Fruiiuh jurien ' with extenuating cir-
imataucos. " Under the olasaiticatioii
the olTcnscB made by the proviaioiM of
owswnt bill , the deportation ot crimi-
tls woulo rino to prodigious proportions ;
r statistics ahnw that ih number < > f
nvictiiiiiH in 1882 was 186,770 , and of
ese 78l 58 , or 4-1 per cent , were ot old
The real fooling of the Australians is
all shown in a recent letter of ono of
itsna to a loading London journal , re-
iuted in part in another column. With
ew Caledonia nexrer to Queensland
ian IB either Now Xdaland or Tusmania ,
is not suspriaing that criminals uncupu
lither , cepeclally aa a atroi g ocean cur-
nit ia favorable to progress in sinnl ! boats
pm tbo French colony to Australia , Trie
uttraliau ulnn therefore ia not to bu
ondored at. The landing uf auqh a
> rdo of confirmed ciiminala in their im-
ediato neighborhood is to the colonmto
run worou than if BO many wild bdaata
ere tuinod loose upon their ahores.
Mr. Pomeroy , the American consul at
ire , reports tht in the first three
ouths f 1834 , 9-19 vfessih passed
irougti the hu. z caiihl Tha total num.
nil passengers was 44,270and of those
1,000 uro put down a "nnlitaty" and
810 AI Siberian convist and ciloniit * .
torynno can form his own estimatu how
ilutttld a commercial bnud thu canal
rms between Europe and thu Orient.
The now propnsitioi H which have just
ten introduced into the Dr z lian par-
iiuuut for uccelurattng the progress of }
ornanclpttion are a fresh token of ti
genuine devotion of the government
the policy of A gradual and compensaU
abolition f livrv.
Nil. 10 fl-l.
From f M Noredadw , July 11. ( Translatlor
Wo learn with muoh JiloMuro , that 01
co-laborer in the j urnallstio field , M
John G. Graff , of the "Tobacco Lo f , "
paper published at 105 Maiden Lan
this City , in the .intoroat of the tobaci
trade , WAS tho. happy recipient on , tt
9th inai of $8.000 cash , " by being tl
holder of * i"kut bearing tho' above nun
bor , in thn Original Little Havar
( Gon'.d & Co' ) , decided by the Key ;
il vanik Lottery Juno 28th tilt.
The money was promptly , paid , i
usual , by the General Agents , on pr
sentation of the ticket. Mr. Graff
consequently highly elated thereat an
boliovua that "Littlo Havana" cigai
arn the best yet , better oven than
journalistic enterprise. We wish hit
A Town Ilnn by.Nalnrnl On . ,
riU1"iirp IM. , correspondence of Lonlsvill
Co ncr-JoLrnnl ,
"Our glass factory nnd our rraidonct
are heated and lighted with natural g < ti > ,
raid Capt James B. Ford , the votoro
plate-glass manufacturer a few days agr
to your eorrcspntident at the Monongahi
la tidtiso , Patpburg.
( | D < ) you mean that the furnaces c
your foundry and the grates of 3011
hotis'B cun-umo only giul"
'Yes. N it.n pound of coal or wood i
c ntumod in Gruighum , whtro the Putc
burg Pint-Glass compitiy have the !
plant. C nnu i u and I'll vlviw you. "
S j to Croightou , twenty miioa north c
Pittaburg , < m tbo Alleghtny river , ando ;
iho Wont PdUU lload , ' on the poop !
s'ylo it , wont your correspondent. AIH
what aaw ho then ? Answer , thu modi
community f the agt-l
Captain Ford , r > hoc rotund form wa
oo familiitr years ago in ho cities ubou
the fall ? , met mo and , withnut cernmony
escoitid me thioiigh the town of Creigh
ton. I will use hia pxpknation wtthou
quottition maike. Throe youta ago , be
liovini ? that a natural fl iw of PM couli
bo tbrained in the valley of the Allegheny
ghony nofth'of PittaHun-h mfficitmt ti
serve the purposed of fuel ntid Ji ht fo
any manufactory , t o hundred acre
were purchushud and a well was aunk. 1
well-defined coal vttn wat on the proper
ty , but coal wns not nrnnttd ; gas wu , am
ans , woo struck at 1,200 feet , iu a tive-incl
b ire. A fitrnum , a torrent of pure hydm
ijen g\t , burst out with a force if 25 <
pouuda to thn fquuro inch , and the eatub
liahraont of ( ilttu-ela'a works nn an ceo
nomiial baaia bicuno a fixed fact. L o
Novombfir the Pitiaburgh Plato-Glm
jompuny waa nrganiz d.
What I saw ia what I wish to ppfal
ibout. No onal , no wood , no cindersIK
ishep , no smoke ( chink of thin ) , nodtbrii
) f a f .ctory t < j ba aeon any wl.eru. Iu thi
uriiHcoa a lurid , uttariy heat , regulatec
iko clock-work. Overhead , n the vaai
vorks. were gas burners nblnz0 in tin
> road day , twciusp , aa Captain Fjrdsaid ,
'it was not worth while to t ko Unto U
urn the burners i-ff and on , as there wet
il nty of ga , and to pparti "
All throuuh thia voat est > tbliihmentwilb ,
; ( rreut whirling tables loided with plate
lata undergoing thu auvural proctoioa oi
olishiug , waa observable the aupremf
oivcr nf the five-inch pipe < f natural
' . Tno great engine thiohbed and
1'ivcd ' m perfect rrgularity all the moch-
nism of the establishment , actuated bj
ho eamo simple , natural power. Nc
oal , no ashea , no cinders , no smoki I
' 'Cume to the house and Til show yoc
IDW we qet along without coal , " said
Japtain F.ird. , ,
Wondorinaly I followed.
In a charming country residoncoof
irgo capacity , with grate and gaaliahts
n every room and hall , and in the kit-
hen otnvo , even , weto nothing but
ringesof gas jets.
"Last winrer , as cold as the winter
raa , we didu'c know what cold wae , "
aid a lady in this dulightful homo
Why should they ? A thumbscrew
n a gaspipe regulated thn temperature
a absolute perfection. We live in a
ist ago. To primitive people , depend-
nt upon coal and wocd for heating
urposes , whether wo get it through
heap stoves , gratep , or costly furnacoa ,
'hat revelation this nature's
a gaa com-
any is _ I am inclined to have a mighty
01.r opinion ot our 1 cal gns companies ,
ith their millions of capital , when I
link of Captain Ford'a fivi'-inoh pipe
uck in thu hills , just beyond the town
F Orvigbtiui nn the Allegheny river. ,
atnro tmB bion q liutly preiaed into ihf
io t piacicil aiid utilitarian tnoihor'a
ir man's protita and luxury. The ( inly
oud thut ariies from this community IB
irniMl fioin s't-ani.
' 'W ilon't need to use this steam at
1. " * aid C.ipt'-tiu F'in "I'ho natural
ts-uip of iho gi-s. 350 pounds lo thu
I'inio inch , will diiiu our engine * , and
i-cm u 10 thu escaping gaa Justus well
r tnt-1 and light. 'Ihiy are doing it
liw u , Mtul wo will BOOH adopt theme
mo mutliod. "
JWO H-rolutous U1 er bro o out on my body
until 111 ; hrnmt was ci.o mm ut roiru | ) ion
mu o' trow Ul.iera Wire nos I M ihxo one .nd one
111. . cbniln ( itini Ur , On < wgy rough , logged , a d
mlnijly dc d the oivlty pp n 10 th buiii
nl l h'T. > iuHo > r n't-r ' Everything known to
enwdl 1 t-iciiliy diri"dlu vilu. Dreduilly th
no ttatill h'0 | Bctan < ttho ( ufft > rin < b < tan
a.fu tt D re Ulcer * livgan to taki the plati'f
n e lil'h no on Ib miface I l came a mrro
e k. rour niontna at a time omildtiol tot my
niH ti mv Im d le'auso ( > ( extreran mrenoaa.
uld lint t"rn 1 > > bed. Knew not what It wan ti bo
hour evuu 'reo from j lo Mad ivoraii to look
' n , Illr.lUelt a acu tt , ' 11 iho luurner n ( 1830 ,
er lo i yari rf ibis writchtxl mlstuiioo , I beiran
uf Omlciirv I'emnlie * , amj alter two > tn' i-cr-
ti-iit n e 01 Iliem Iho la t ul-er lie * heiloJ. The
filnl'uvo linmoruinlwd. All nvrr tne breiet ,
luioiinro wimamaainio-rfuptlonli to * a healthy
I" . My wo'glit hi * Inorraiixl Irn oio hu'rtrwj
d t runty. t tu eu Ki o o huoilicJ amlflitv-tli | > oun'i '
it the guo i win k 1 1 t 1 1 g ilnif 011 i ( eel ruytolf a
w mail , and all tlir.'i'gh i.u'1 ur > Rime lo < .
. ,
Cii-to-n HOIIIHI , NwOrleuni
iworntotxlire I'nlled dlatai Ooujuiljtio
Co * . ful"U , luhirit'U ai.d UoUiTliui llomort
il ihiin roii'Om ti.o inn t prn tflo rat t o ( j uman
Iforiiv toolour iho > M > i o ( iltfuime | ( b'ntd i. | Toctu'tf , Hu inlwlloj : him ! [ . ! . arid Lottii !
iiH . . .e * un l.j | bb < rlln | Cfor l , t.j puify
J'le utl'itha kln , iiHri toi0 i.o lilr w" that
? ) " . , > t'l'"cm'1 ' . " 'Icura Hei lie t he
ur HI , od inir.hf r , . , ( l citl0i r , H UMw a a . .i-
aynathklu cur a.ul . Btiu III i , M iumiibl .
Great Blood Modlcmos.
rhe hall hat nut IHXIII told
u to the itivat curative
ol the Outloura K m lloa. I haveSd bun
dl " ' ol
1" > lhlD' °
Pw U.o . , M
Crt'e 01 ru'Wur. , vm > U ho. . . f < v > : l.rpe b- i
; Cuil } } a IU ) - viu , 1 1 er I. tt'e ' : CuUcura - ar ,
) Cutlcu.a Bha ; lu , a i ; Uo. Bolu by a I diutf !
oiTEa pnua AND cutiiioAii co. , BOSTON ,
.TkVete only * & ShArofl U PropoctlonT
Louisiana St te
"tFedekrreby ctiUfy
angtintntt for M tht ttonMy
Diamngl ota Louittana Stall Lotltry dxnpany ,
md tnpcnon rnnnaal and eatttnt tM Drvttingi
Kemteha , < tndtk9t Oittamt ate conducted ovUA
wnetty , fatmeit. and in pood/a < a ttnrard aU far.
Hei , and IM attttaritt the eempanf to OM ( Ml f < r
By an overwhelming popuiw rot * hi ( ranch' * *
% & & ! & . M.itato cocrtltalto
the only Lottery ever voted on and oo-
dorsod by the people of any Btato.
It never coales ot poctponwu
Its grand slnglo number drawings take
place monthly.
A splendid opportunity to win a Fortunji
Eighth Grand llrawInR Olnce II , In the Acad
emy of Music , New Orleans , Tuesday. Ana
12th , 1884 1 Hat Monthly drawing
CAPITAL P'KIiSE , $76,000.
100,000 Tickets nt Flvo Dollars Kach. Frac
tions , in Flftha in i > rouortioa.
LIST OF nuzha
1 do do . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . * " 10 CCO
1 PRIZES OF fOOOO . if 000
do SCOO 10.000
do loco
S 5 5S2" . ' 10 ow
100 do JOO . . . / . 'f , ' ; . , . 0,000
BOO do 100 . CO.MO
WO do M . 26000
1000 do E& . 25009
Amozni max rzura.
9 Approilmitloo prlroaol 5760. . . fl.Ija
B do do (00 . 4.KO
I do do SCO . . S , M
1987 Prtns , arotmnttcg lo . . . . . . , < 2 JM
Application ( or'ntea to oraba ehoold bo trada only
10 tbo offloo ot the Company In Now Oikana.
For further Inlormation write eioarlv gMna roD
vldroaa. Make P. 0. Itoney Orden p y bo ud
tddnss Roelitorod Letters to
Sew Oift ! rn , I-
PotUI Notoo tnd ordln ry letters byMnU or Ex.
proca ( all turns ol 95 sad npwardo by Czprcos at oaf
utponn ) lo
U A. DAUPfflN ,
NewOrlaaas L .
807 Seventh St. , Wuh ORton , D C.
iathorized Capital. - Sl.OOO.OOO
Paid-up CapitHl , - - 100,000
Surplus Fund , - - - 70,000
V W. Cor , Farnam ana 12th Sta
rjuan Hoarnr , Piertdent. I aut\TS. lUxjnaa , T-P
iu. B. WOOD , Cwhlor. | Lcrnu D&au , A
frank Korphy , Samuel Ii KcyenvBerL B.foo4 ,
marten O. UOUMI , A. D. 'Jones , Luther Orate.
Transact a General Banldat Business. Allwta
lavouy Banking butrtaem trannot are Invited
all. No matter bow lane ot small the transaction ,
t will receive our careful attention , and tr * promts *
Iways courteous treatment.
Pavipartlcnlar attention to bodneea ( or parties
fsldlng outsldo the city. Cishango on all the prin.
tpal oltlei otthe United Statei at TOty lowest rataa.
Aooounta of Banks ud Banker * received on ( avot
Me terms.
IcaneoOerttficUo ol Deposit bearing 6 pet on
Bays and tells Pototm Eiefcacge , OOQBSV. Oil
nd QOTBrnmont worultte *
' , W Cor , Farnam and 12th Sts ,
Japital , - - $100QOO.C0
I. W. HAMILTON , Pros't.
8. 4. CALDWELLi V. Pros't.
M T. BARLOW. Caohlor.
. 8. OAIDWEIL , C. F. Sinrn ,
Accounra ooilattor1 nnd kept aub
> ct to sight choau.
ortlfloatosof Ospoolt loeuod oav
bio In 8,6 and 12 months , bearing
iteroet , or on rlomnnd without In/-
) rost.
Advancoo made to ountomaro on
pprovodnocurltloaat market rat *
r Intoroat.
The Intorosto of Cuatomoro are
'oooly ' guarded and every facility
ompntlblo with principles of
ound banking frcoly oxtondod.
D-aw night drafts on EnglandIre-
md , Scotland , and all parts of Bu-
> po.
Boil European Pasna o Tlokot *
States Depository
OP. 18th and Farnam Sts ,
tie Oldest Banking Establishment
in Otnaha ,
acci3soHa to KODwrza
OrirantiDd tn iscs.
gnnlwd u a National Bant fu
Kourni , Prealdenl.
Joaa A. Ouiomoii , Vice Treildcnt
A. J , Pomirot.
' ' DXTOl Ci0fclM'
H. IfMwnu , Atatottsil O * , . , ; ? '
rsnsaeta a iteuor.l Ixnlrtnu burton. . . hen
iaoat burlnu titvrejl. Dr M. dralte
A Ylotlm of ( trir imr > ruu > noa , evi lag n notu
olllt7 > uoo.etu , h' * p % r uu ! a
via rntrr > novrn reef ci Jj bat dlfctrwd a * Wr ; .
of woioti ba will rjIIUUI S
u NKUvWiaatnama * -