Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, August 07, 1884, Page 2, Image 2

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MVIN'O. ' him to bent n retreat after a oneffzix
wcillclne , combining Iron will
lo Ionics , quickly nml romi
VurtK lTi > r > rpsln ln < llRrnllniiVrnl
Impure llloocl , ninlnrluJlil
nml Nrurnlaln. .
U Isnn unfiullntr remedy fo
JUilncj * nnil l.urr.
It In Invnlunblo fur litantci peenl
Women , nnrt nil who lend Kilcntnt ) ! '
iinMnco conMljiatlon other Jron mtalci
llcnrlcliosBinl imrlflos tliPlii)0lMliii )
Ilio nptictltc. Rids the lmllnUnn of to
lle\cs Heartburn and JJclcliIng , nvdttr
muscles nnd ncnrv
Tor Intermittent reacts. Lassitude ,
Encrn'i Ac. , It liiu no equal ,
m Tlic genuine lins nliovo trade mm
crossed icU HIICSOII wrnj | icr. Tnfcu no
fnikr.nuwMiimrAi. . < o , HAMmai
ni < fni/k/
'VOLTAIC nni.T end nt"r KL
. . . _ ICM nro otnt en : Dnjs' Tr
HFN O.NLV. vOtimi oil OLD , who nrn
. , IXWT Vn
{ ni { frum Krnvoua URMI.ITV
\VJLITIIQ VTRtKXKwaa. nna nil Ihnno U rruu
I'EUJIOXAI. Kiniim , rrsuHlDK from Ant.r.i
Oritnn Uiu * - fli < Hiljr i-ollcf nml rot
rw > u > rixtlnn tc ITPALTII , V'onn nnj 3ti
nuinnNTnri ) . llpml at onua Cor Illtu
I'&tnpliU t frto. ActorosB
VOLTAIC "na.v t ; . . niitrnimii , r
Health is Weal !
RiiauntCMl nix-cltlo lor UyitcrUk , l,7tuc'C ! , (
hlona , I'lts , Ncrvou'KcnracK , Hcadaohv , >
1'roatratlun canned by the Ud ululcobol or t
\Vakiliilm * < < , Mi-ntil iltpr < r lun , Holtcnlnc
liriln , rn'iiltloii In Ingttnty nn > l leading In i
ileciy and ilcntli , I'rcinaturo OM ARC , Barronc .
oll'aer n cither BCX , Involunlaty I/O.-WH an
matorh'n i-auuol ty over eu-rtion ol tlu bial
I'ach tiox contt
nbuBo or over indulK'iioo
m < ! nth' trcattrcnt f I ) box or KX ! bo
t&.OU , ecntby null prepild on teoulpt cf price
To euro any case. With etch order receive 1
fnr > lx Inioj. accompanied wlili S\OJ , wo 1
the purohiBir our wtltUn Ruaranteo to relu
money If the treatment Ji * not effcol a euro.
tailnt Irtiiui ouly by JOHN 0. WET & C
jt 602 Maolion tit.Chlcagi
, crn-ing n (
A victim of oarlv imormonco
ftoblilt ? . prcmnloro dec * ? , eta. nsnne in >
rnTT known remeuf. lit a dltcofnrra nf
of B .i-uuro , vatoh lie will c d ITlll
To SMOKERS of Blackwel
Genuine Bull Durham
Smoking Tobacco.
Tl\Is Special Deposit Is to jniarantoo
payment of the 25 premiums fully dcecrt
former announcements.
> u our
The premiums will be paid , no matter I
email tbo number of bans returned may b <
Offln niaehnirt Dortiat ntorro Co. ,
JHirftam. ft. C. . a 10. 1604.
Oufttcr aiimk nf Durham , / > r om. If.
BlBi-We inclom ) you IIJI50.W. w
D * n -
iikawi | ) l oo on BpocUl Duxirit to pay prcml
tobacco baim to l rthirnei }
Ulh. Xonin truly. J. H GMUt. lYonlde
of ( DinieDurham ,
Ihtrfnm.N C , ilay IV , IKSL
J ,
I > mn Hin--I have to
from you. which hav
None cenulne without rlcturo of HUMjon
l > arkuKv.
tVBoe our other announcement * .
Wide-Awake Arj nls Wanted Every whe
LBi ry-WiUlfllpSv > ! . Hi'iiralijlu , I
&rf.BrK Sa.ote.iS2 ,
IMiTi' ) Auno. I
iri" ) i ll in Ainpiltit
titlUni tlirouirli tlu.ti
x tu lollrnt.
SI.OOO Would Not Duv It.
afElotod with rhoumM !
mired byuiag t belt. To any one tflllofe
Out dlsewe , I would B JT , bur liorno'i ) lllocti !
Any one can conlor with me by writing
| mynioreli OI > ougUiitroet.Omaba , No
MAIN OFF10K-1tn DouglM Btrcut ,
k error tale at 0. T. Ooodmu'i DcovHtoi
cnkoxbt .Omaha.
F Order * filled 0. 0 D
( Faculty IMxe , Uedlcal ColliKe of Onto
And other Dbeowd ol the Anus and 1U <
' House.
Boyd's Opera .
eve od fttvl wtf
filKKEKU BLOCK , / \ - , _ t. _ -IW
ow. , , w ,
I > loUtlom , Eta , promptly
Imported Be
Erlantjor , . , lit
Gulmbacher , Br
manor . . Bolit
Kaiser > < . . . . . . . . . .Br
Rudwoiaor St.
AnliaQrfer. . . . . . .St.
Best' . . . . Milw
BisUWPilsner . , . . .Milw
Kruz'a 0
. Ale , Porter. Domestic and
r ) . > .
.1213 farm
IMS , Holfls a Reception aoilii
ilcfl lii Tbonsanils of Peep
Her Sploudid Apartments at
villo Orowdod all Day
Curiosity Seekers ,
Btr , Ulillr Tell * How llo Mm
Grcnl Trnltcr RII In UiOJI
I.oaJor , August -I.
In the center of luxurianlly fu
niwrtrnontp , turromidcd by n pi
ot lazy Camilla RoldieM , and wait <
by two grooms -who athflod lie ;
want with tender solicitude , Mnut
"Quocn of the Turf , " was fount !
Qlonvillo driving park ycstorday.
did a princess on her throne rccoi
dovotcd attention , Dlankuta
coloro , auitod by their various
nu33uu to every changing brcc
uvory alteration ill the lompi
were arranged about hor. She 1
been subjuotod to a bath , the TV
which hnd been placed at the tc
tun > to exactly nuit the iiioon'H |
Yesterday wn hnr rccoption cli
from morning nntil night she wa
upon by the curious ones who fn
BOO hnr in her wondotfvl porfo
of the day boforo. Just nn the
entered hisr ninrtmonto n c
dashed up , containing four
ladies , none of whom would cone
luavo until thca had patted the
upon tha ncuk , nnd called hi
iiBinoa. Hut their devotion war
boaidu that of the two groom
could not have bcoti nioro iiasidu
their duties had Mr. Vundurbil
watching their every action will :
uloccopo. It hid boonwhijpcrud i
hit Muud would bo taken nwa ;
Dlovnhud nnd the rumor eery
vho began arriving as early s ! 1 o
Imoat before the great trotter had
d hur oycs , and continued to comi
ark. Uno party even insisted on
pen her by the light of a tiny litl
orn that her groom procured toe
Aeioii. It is boliovcd that botwoo
elit nnd dark uoc Icsa than twon
undrcd people called upon the
'ho latter looked upon the who
cding very modestly , and wh :
ynoaiuo of two hundred eyes di
jst to dispoao of an extra ullmva
rain that hnd boon fiivon her in c
ration of her remarkable achiuven
lie day boforo.
Seated in front of the Konnard
is thoughts buried in n morning
lie reporter found Mr. William
f Cincinnati , to whom belongs thu
C having driven Maud S. the fastc
ver tnado on the turf , and of ree
o Mr. Vanderbilt's great trotter tl
f Queen , which had boon snatchix
or twenty-four hours before by Ju ;
oo. Mr. flair has been at the Kc
early six weeks ovoraincoMaud
roui-ht to the city. Do ia a man <
lender build and of very taaty dm
itelloolual forehead otands out wo
pair of bright black eyes , while a
ark mustaches bristles over and pa
lidca his mouth. Ho ia a perfect t
nan in his manners , and greeted 1
tor cordially. While somowhaj [ i
ogarding the prominence yivoa h
iamo in connection with
n Saturday , ho was not at all ave
alking about the event. Ho was
: the performance was not a surpr
im. "Yes , " ho replied , "somi
ut not all together a surprise i
3eforo I brought her out I was a
fraid aho had not boon worked
nough to do a real fast milo. I
dinud during the three days pro
tie trial , and the mare had had q
out. Yesterday morning I brougli
ut on the track end drove her a m
:18 : , nnd then put her back in tin
) lo. In the afternoon , half an hot
ere the crucial teat , eho waa drl
mlo in 2:27. : Then nho xros again
a the utablos and groomed , and
ho came out for her fast heat she \
nagnificont form.
"ilad you any means of knowing
ou were going to beat .Tuy-Ey.
ccord ! "
"Yos. I kept the time all tin
iround. Ilnro'd the way I mad
nntinuod Mr. Blair , drawinj
logant guld stop watch fron
"Thia is just exactly as it stood
hn milo waa fminhod. " Ttio
minted to U0 ; ( > JI.5. "I hav
hanged them ainco the milo waa
d. H of ere hitching up 1 fastono
vatch to my button holu , and it 1
ny lap all the way round. So [
tut how each quarter waa being
md brforo I passed thowirol was
hat the record had boon broken
era 1 brought Maud S , out I waa
led that if aho did not. do bottc
2:10 : aho could do it on Monday ,
waa dutorminod to drive her field
old Mr. Kdwarda to a ay that she
> o driven a fait milo. 1 did not
brco her very fast to the quarter
MH\ was satisfied when I reachoc
L wanted to roach the half milo liVe
\Vo did roach it in 1:011 : , and I w
ident the record would bo I
From there to the wire it was
} uostion of endurance.
"How deco Mr. Yandorbilt fee'
the ovonU"
"Vory happy. Ho hoa teleg
for her to coma to Saratoga , and si
bo Bent to him on the afternoon
Sboro train to-morrow. "
Mr. Blair will auUt in placii
queen in her own private concl
then roturu to Cincinnati. By thief
of Mr. Yandorbilt'a promise the
driver will receive 10.000 for hit
Saturday 5,000 for lowering Ma
own lime , nnd $5,000 for buathi
Kyo Seo'a record. Maud S , \
placed in her cur this morning ai
grooms will go with her to Sn
The car will bo attached to train 1
on the Lake Shore road leaving 1
iiU5 : p. m.
lleo Xotmfor
Atueilcan Agrlculturiat.
How to tnauago robber boos. .
flloto of a honey flow nnd especial
bast-wood honey harvoat , beea i
clined to rob. Lot a hire bo 01
live minutes at ouch a time mid u
( if hungry robbers are ready to
of the
tipon any exposed portions
A part of the honey crop is usual ) ;
thd hiven at thocloaoof the hftrvc
tha tuk of removing it is attendoi
" " Bomotimu
"unple B ntues and
loaa , The queen breeder inuit n
ily open hives and handle coinbi , i
robbers Iroublo or not. When examining
boca in preparing ! thotn for wintci ; rMi.
bora nro often pattlculirly troubl
To eave themselves from these
nnccH , many boo keepers have a
tent , in which they can perform th
of the apairy. This consists of n
frnmo work covered with niu8 < iuit
ting , easily cnrriod rom place to
nnd sot over the hivoa ( hat are
opnued ,
Grading , crating , and shipping
The first grade nhould consist o
perfect , white combs , and it is _ th
tor'n ojiinion that , in many ins
there should bo only this ono grai
comb-honey. Some boo-kcopors n
second grade or unfinished section
if the apiary is rightly managed ,
will bo but few of these nt the cl
the Benson , nnd it ia bettor to oxtr ;
honey from them , and keep the
until another season. Honey that
dark for the first grade , ahould m
general thing , bo stored in section !
m usually moro profitable to cxtn
Before crating'acclions should bo e
clean of propolis. A small crnto is
urablo , it is moro rnsily handled , a
liable to bo 'dumped , " while it ser
enables the retailer to sell n whole
of huncy nt onca. Sections thin
placed only onp tier high in all
crates , UOCMIBO if any combs of the
bocomco injured , the honey _ dripa
and soils these of the lower tier ,
buo-kccpcra make n shallow "di (
heavy inruiilln paper , and place it i
bottom of thn crate , then if coml
injured the "diah" catches the 1
and provonb tbo soiling nf other >
All hunoy crates should Imvo ghtas
least ono of their hides.
Kniull lota of hunoy should bo m
express , and largo onei by freight ,
pro'.s matter is nucrsiarily hi
rapidly , and when there is n hrgo
[ ipnoy to unload , itia apt to bo
> fi'in a hurry. When n largo
: umoy ia sent by freight , the con
should bo notified in advance , BO t
may eoo to the unloading. Small
should not ho atackcd up in n tn
light pile , in n car , but built i
ohapo of a low pyramid. If nccoi
> o had to ono end of tha CAT , plni
lonoy there , aa it will bp protect
.hrco nides from tumbling dowi
upon the other it can ba built up
light of atftirs , which will protly o
ally prevent any crnto from rocoi
tumble. Always. , handle honey
caro. _ _ _
"What cnuBOH the great rush at Sck
Uoclit'B lrug Stororr The frco dlatri
if aamplo bottloa of Dr. Boaanko's Cou
jtmg Hyrup , the moat popular romi
) ouha , Coldn , Consumption nnd lira
now ou the market.
Surroiiniled by Urlof and Sort
Man that ia born of woman is ami
atoca and few in the hill.
Ho risoth up to-day and Hour
iko n rag wood , and to-morrow or tl
f ter the undertaker In a him in th
) fX.
fX.Ho gootL forth in the morning wa
iko u laik. and is knocked out ii
ound and two nocoiuls.
In the midst of lifo ho is in debt
.ho tax-collector pumioth him win
10 goes.
The banister of lifo la full of snli
nd ho alideth down with considi
Ho vralkoth forth in the brigh
ight to absorb ozone , and meotot
) .ink teller with a aii ht draft for $ !
Ho cometh down at eventide and
oth thA wheelbarrow in ? ia path aii
wheelbarrow risoth up and smitott
to the earth , and falloth upon hin
runneth ono of its legs into his oar.
In the gentle spring-time ho pi
on hia oummor clothee , and a bl
trikoth him far away from homo ,
illoth him with woo and rhi
ism.Ho layoth up richoa in the bank ,
ho cashier apoculaioth in margins
hen gootli to Canada for Ilia hoaltl
In the nuium he putloth on hia v
loutora , and a wasp that abid
horn tilioth himself full of intense
He nittoth up all night to got t
urns from Ohio , and in the end lot
that the other fellowa have t
Ha buyoth a watch-dog , and wli
cometh homo the watch-dog trcoth
and sittoth beneath him until
Ho gootli to the trot , and botlo
nonoy on the brown mare , nnd the
{ bldii K with a blaze fiico winnothl
flo marrioth a rod-headed hoiros
n wart on her noai > , and the ne :
icr paternal ancestor gootli under
ow itaiots and great liabilities ,
cometh homo to live with hia bi
ftlho proof -1 the pudding lu nut In cl
ho string , but in hnvitiK au ojiportur
out the urtlcle direct hclirotor < c Boc
JruraUts , Imvo a free trial bottle of D
anko Cough nnd Lung Syrup for oac
every ono who la uflllctod with Coughs ,
Asthma Consumption or any Luu ? All
Hho AViia Afraid Uo'd Htop ,
vluciunittt Merchant Traveler.
A young woman from the countr ;
suing her cr-swootbeurt for broa
iromiso , and the lawyora wuro , aa
Hiking all sorts of inquisitive into
.orica ,
"You nay , " remarked ono , "th
defendant frequently Bat very clo
you ? "
"Yos , air , " waa the reply , witn
"How cloaol"
"Close enough , so's one cheer wi
Jio Bottin * room wo nuodod. "
"And you say ho put his arm a
you ? "
"No , I didn't. "
"What did you say , then ? "
"I said he put both arms n
mo. "
"Then what ? "
"Ho hugged nio. "
Very hard ? "
"Yea , he did. So dum hard \
cotuo purty near hollorin' right out
' Why didn't you hollar ' ? "
" 'Cause. "
"That's no reason. Bo explicit , ]
BocauHO what ? "
" 'Uau o , 1 waa nfoorod ho'd sto |
The court fell otf the bunch and
bt ) curried out and put under tli
drant for purpose of roauioiUtion.
tiio llnlilei-H.
Kan. , Auc. 5. General
thu hfailijuartoiH from tills c
tha field jeitonluy , the camp bulne' I
Cue uUloa bouth on ChoUn ! kU rivur
lx cntnp&nlua uf the ( Uli cavulry ' are
trutnd. Ilia futura movoin'enti are n < i
public , l > ut thcrn N no iloubt from th
tortviird bluwa will fall thick and ( M
tlio lint Intruder in 1 udluu Urrltory liTho
The Pronident of the Cain'
Mass , , IHro Ins. Co. , recommends
SarnaparilU aa a building up uid oti
cuing remedy ,
HKIiUNQ NAMK8 roil A Ijl' .
The Novel Avocation of n. Mnn
Says the I'tilillc ig (3 rate fill to
News ,
In the roar of a cigar store in 1
avmiuo yesterday , anys the New
Sun , n man was treading a small
which constantly turned out shei
names , Donling in * namas wai
m < vn'n All around hini
shelves laden with cardboard box
of names on shoots like these li
printing. On the edges of the s'
wcro printed ntrips bearing the
"lawyers , " "doctors , " "drui
"grocers , " and ao on through tin
list of avocations , "
"I advertise a mil ion nam fl , sa
man , "but L don't suppose 1 have gi
OB many as that. 1 know tint sooi
I bey in collecting thorn I supposed
a million , but when I counted them
only 05,900. However , 1'vo got a
many moro thnn that now. Win
they for ? They're for sale. I sell
to business men , men who want t <
out circulars , publishers vrho are at
journals nnd wmil to introduce
widely , inventors who have some
they want to bring to the notice of
tain class of persons and BO on. t
stnnco , n man who has invented r
faucut got from mo the names of br
and enloou-kecpora , another man w
signed a now form of memorandum
cnmo to mo to-day for the naincii c
the lawyers and physicians in my i
tion , nnd the proprietor of a mi
acndemy up the Hudson came in
yrstcrduy and got about nil the na
havo. I print them , as you see ,
half nu inch apart , ao that they c
cut off nnd pastop on wrappers , o v (
er nowspapora.
"I get these namei in nil D
ways. For inutancc , the Sun keoj
busy every day cutting out nnd co
names. I copy nil names of bu
firms , householders , elhVmls , nnd p
Kionul men from the Sun , which 1
found to bo very careful m rccpi
names , I found that out becau ;
colluding is stlf correcting. I ( ; i
name of the BhoriiV < if a county
western slate out of the Sun to-da
instance , and tn n month or two I ate
to run across it again in the local
of that neighborhood , or in son
ficinl document , nnd that gives
chance to GOO whether or not i
correct the first timo. But aftc
most of tny names come to mo in
ways. The oflbial lista
licenses granted , legal
inouu , directories blue t
lista of morabarohipa of clubs , as
tionsand corporations nnd in a
rooro ways than I can think of in a I
[ renew my lists constantly and
midsummer I throw away these I
i.ivo had for n year ; not all of then
ill that I think are unreliable , eu
louscholders , for instance. The
ilonty of clomnnd for names. Men
wnnt to appeal to a largo circle of pc
] uit thin little don of mine full etude
udo , saying that they wouldn't
tnotvn what to do but for mo.
xro usually surprised at the loir pr :
: hargo , but I have low prices , not
AUSO I clo not properly vnluo my
ervicos so much ns bocsujo thori
ithora in the business in .Now York ,
ho competition ia lively. "
Ammrmla ii obtained in large quautit
.ho putrefaction of the urine of animals ,
; ycJpctlitt litilg f.'ta. , ' , \ \
Wfory houjT S'per ran test baking po
Mtitninlng USf disgusting drug by pin
" " "Andrews' Pearl
: nn of the "Koynl" or
iown ou a hct stove until heated , then r
, hn cover and gmcll.
Dr. Price's Cruam Baking Powder do >
: ont in Ammonia , Alum , Liaio , Potash ,
? hoBpbatos , ( prpvo it by the nbovo test
a broparcd by ul'hyeicmn and Chemist
cleanliness nnd heal
] > cclal regard to
anas. m-e-w
The Knd of G < uur D'AIcno.
Denver News , .uff. 6.
Aloxnndcr M. Ooohran , of Tin
uras in Denver laat evening on hia r
lomo from the Caiur d'Aleno count
"What do you think of that cour
10 waa naked by. a News reporter.
"It's a good country and lota of i
jet away frorrf. 1 waa up there 1
: ouplo of months and took up two cl
L deeded them away to a tondorfoo
waa willing to pay mo for the filing.
"Are there any good mines there'
"None that I know of. I kno
: hroo mines which nro sunk ninety
deep , nnd there was no more trace o
.o bo found than ou the plains. It
t great fraud. And it waa too bad ,
\\iion I was ( hero not less than
[ ) Rotilo were on the field , and ncarl
of them busted finnnciiilly. Why
men there begging for bed money ,
men , too , who had never known wl
was before to want for a dollar ,
, hey ull managed to got out o
camp , until to-day not a
iicn can bo soon about the once ft
region. "
"Wan there over any gold there ? "
: ho reporter.
"If there was the present gone :
ioa not soon it. The excitement
; otton up for railroad purposes , an
jreat measure they succeeded 1
iaught thousands of people , and BO
tnem old minors who had passed th
many llurrlcn. They all aoknon
.hemselvca as rank suckers ! "
Mr. Cochran ia ono of the mos <
cessful minors in the west , and has
valuable propertioa at Tin Cup , the
of the recent rich strikes.
Drank With Boda Water
ia dolioious. AU druggists have ! ;
in refreshing and cooling. Try it
A Flfiht With KnKlou.
lrrom tbo lon\er Kopublicau.
Mr. H , 0. Collins , of Denver , I
present engaged in gulch mining
gold pUcers of Douglas county ,
peculiar and somewhat startling t
turo the other evening. After tup ]
Saturday evening Mr. Collins , a
his wont , started out to explor
neighboring hills. Approaching i
cipitous clilV ho felt that his soul's
would f > rover remain ungratitiod '
ho sealed its stoop sides , ThisaftG
sidorable dilliculty , he accompl
Upon the highont point of the r
summit ho discovered a huge
perched ; loaning over with much
culty to hia surprise ho saw four
renlly very young but % vi.v '
birds , which although but recently ,
od , were already the size of a largo
on , He was about to place his hai
the neat to seouro them when i
moat savagaly attacked from abi
four monster birds , which ho a
rccogni/,9d as specimen * of the na
bird in nil their uative freedom , an
bo found to his cost , in all their
strength and vigor. Like R fla
quarter swooped down on him , and
bonks and talons struck and bruise <
considerably about the. bead aud
forcing nini 10 oeat
aided lyrciug hit Lin Kctinrr ; for perhnpi . fif.
teen minutes. Hastening I
cimp Mr. Collins obtained the nasi
of another miner , and the two ,
with clubs , returned to the scene i
tlo. The old eagles had disaop
but an invcn'igHtion ' of the nest ( lit
the cause. They hnd removed tl
the young during his absence. Th
mnining ono ho secured by placin
n , brown brimmed felt hat nnd lo
it down the side of the clilT with
to his companion. The onglot i
in c.imp , the pot of the boys ,
thriving wonderfully. It takes.ibo
small rabbit per diem to furnish hit
austnnanco suitable to his rapidly
ing capacity. Mr. Collins has nam
bird Orovor Cleveland after the ni
standnrd-bcaror , nnd tha onglo will
py n pruud position in Iho rank a c
rejoicing host of the Ccntnnnial sta
the twelfth dny of November next ,
the nowa of thu election of his nan
by an overwhelming majority shall
been received.
UnruiliiioiiH Honor * .
TKIIIIK HACTK , Iml , AttRimt H. J
l/amb was uniuiiinoufly ru-nnniitiatL'J f
RteM in thta ( Fifth ) district , by tliaduai
convention at lluckvillo to-day.
JAKb'H HE. '
How T\vo Wlltl Mon of tlm
West Died Willi Their
Boots On ,
Portland Orcgunlan ,
On Big Spring crook , in Mo
county , a few days ago , lUttesnnku
nnd his partner , O'Fitilun , two dci
ioea nnd reputed horao thieveattei
to run u amull pUce called Luwistot
incoting with some opposition tin
: larcd they would clean out the
ind commenced ( mooting at ovcryb (
iight. There wure only three gi
the town , nnd they were placed it
inncls of mou of undaunted courage
jscd them with such good effect th
jf the aupposad horsj thieves won
lawn in short order , O'f
leing ahot , through
through , with n Winchester rifle
[ Uttluanako nerved in hko man
ihort time nftcrwards. Both
ihoncd great pluck. O'Fallon ,
joing shot through rotlo back ti
lartucr and naked him it ho was
fakosiidho waa. "Well , " said C
on , " 1 nm nnd I nm u dead
jut I will otay with you. " At that
nent ho fell Irom his horae , then i
limuolf upon hia knees , took dclit
um with a Winchester nt a young
mined Smith , nn outsider , who wn
ng to got nway from the frncaa , nnc
lim through iho head killing hit
The citizens aim that there woul
nero men killed if thn thing was
snded quickly , and ahooting from p
> f all sixes commenced in earnest. C
en took-jivo shots in the body I
10 fell tha second time , nnd th
aiscd himself on his side and cent :
hooting until ho had not strons
upport himtclf , nnd after lying dev
tept shooting aa long aa there waa 1
lim.lUttleanako Jake , after he wan
hrough the body , kept shooting ;
iia right arm was broken by a ball ,
10 changed to his left hand , and
; another ball broke hisrigh
md , supporting himself by the othe
cppt shooting ; another bill strucl
ihin , carrying away half his jaw ,
W fell to the ground , rjiaod hipsol
iia side , and kept shooting. From i
ieea ho could not support himself
ongor , and fired lyinu ; Hat on the gr <
fhoro were niuo balls in him befor
; ave up. Just before he drew his
iroath ho made an cflort to draw hie
ol again , but had not strength em
.nd it fell by his side.
Malaria's Mighty Ilost.
What a host of unpleasant sympi
ndigeation ; lame back ; aching ji
ileopleasnoBs ; vertigo ; weariness ; no
letite ; cold foot ; pains in breast ;
weats ; chills and fever. Malaria t
11 these. Brown , s iron bitters c
hem all out. Mrs. F * A , Glenn ,
acovlllo , S , 0. . says , "I had a aorioi
ack of malarial fever , nnd Brown'a
Bittora restored mo to good health.
AJsewSortof Breach of 1'rom
'hiliulolphia Timoi ,
"Ia doy n bill of excitement hyai
'ko Proasor ? " asked n colored mi
liatrict attorney's Clurk Jerome y
'A bill of c.icitomont ? you mean
> f indictmonii
"YPB , aah. "
"What i * the chargoJ"
"Broach ob promieo , sah. "
"Wo don't have breach of pn
sasea here. "
"Dis man ia charged wid borr
'o' dollnhs and u half nnd not piyi
jack , " explained the colored visitor
'Oh , you mean faleo protons
" said Clerk Jc
> rcanh of promiao ?
"I'spoaoao , sah , but I'eo nllus
) b do 'pinion dat when a man bori
nonoy an' promised to pay hit bad
lidn't dat ho wn * guilty ob brer
jroimse , said the colored man , sci
ng his hor.d. Clerk Jerome fen
> ill of indictment against Isaac Pn
solorod , charged with falsa protons
ransaction involving $1 DC ,
French Grape Brandy , distilled
; ract of Water Popper or Smart-'N
Jamaica Ginger and Camphor Wat
sombtnt'd in Dr.JPiorcp's Compoun
tract of Smart-Weed , ii the best po
remedy for colic , chole.-a morbus ,
rrhooa , dysentery or bloody flux ; al
break op colds , fevers , and inflamir
ittacks. CO cents. Keep it on
3ood for man or beast. Mon' '
Tbo Dear liltte Brute
Cambridge Tiibunv.
A fashionable young lady at the (
Union , In Saratoga , gives the loll
iccount of her silver poodle ; "U
duiay , he is. So nice and clover ,
lias his tooth brush and keeps j
still when the maid uses it with po
He likes to have hia hair oilec
combed , and takes a shampoo witl
i'oct delight. When lie goea to be
lays his head on the pillow and gc
sleep like a tired b y. It's lots of
caring for the brute , though. Ti
one thinu ; I'm thankful for , he's a
dressed in the morning. "
The Tcrrlblo Drain
Which scrofula ha upon the system
boarrostod , and the blood must belied
lied , or serious consequences will <
For purifying nnd vitalizing c
flood s Sarasparilla 1ms been found
rior to any other preparation. It i
every trace of impurity from the 1
and bestows new lifo and vigor upc
ory function of the body , enabling
entirely overcome disease.
fit7 St. Clmrlc St. , S ( . Ion ! *
A tt fular * r1oat9ftft o Mt jlf ( | Collect hM1
enotFCtlu Ui i > etHltn muli1 f CniioMC Ntr
Una IIWH i > Iiur utMh . .nAN * * oiinr 1'hf.lflia la
w f Vj r Pf" * how Nti'i nil elli .Urtit * know.
Nervous Prostration , Debility , Her
Physical Weakness ; McrcurUI and olh
lions ol Throat , Skin or Bones , Blood Po
old Sores and Ulcers , ttnte.l * ith ti
tare'nnli.oi 'liniliic i > rlnehl ! < . tutr I'H
Diseases Arising from Indiscretion.
Eiposure or Indulgence , iitii tr aure ,
( olloolnt ci''i | iM > < in ne. < , lUUIilr , lUmnti
HIM ! dtfeftlvr memnrr , flniblra on the fiitfi > hTi
nvr < li > nlot& > ofMj ol rriutlrt , ronfu l < > or
rinderlna : Mnrrliga Improper or < mh >
.trmfttitnU } cuml. rhaph ! < i < 3 > | iffilcn the i
{ n irtlM tu\Hfl | * . frrMu liny fcrtrtrcs , . Contult
nee cf If mMl fr , und Ir.vlu.l. n tIM rar until
A Positive Wriiren Guan
Kirt In fcll car M0 f . IfrdMne * icnl ever
IMmnhlMi , Enallnh or German , 04 pi
criblnc l > eve diseases , in raUoor foraal
tnariiCFi , Bnd > ' tf . llln lt ; t In tlolhtnlfl
NKnumeyort-oMtgfll anir.tii r cnur , 25 ? .
Cfinutni M the rtrloni , .Innltful ( > f IrmuMtli
> no , Jl took er tiii I'.iunt . . UeiJi !
lUiilnuil > io jroiu u.J If lm mavlc
' " wrlto lmu <
thrives on Ilnrllek'i rood.
uritctul mother * . Motliir'B tullk ccni
ttircli. An artlflclnl fooJ for Infante
tarcli. TUo btut ivnil nigst i >
ronlnln no (
food In hralth M H 0 13 g
{ hr. . & Awii'vtK ran S H ( j 1 n G n F' ' )
ttorch mid n'.iulrni no i
Hlifhly lnni'ttchi to
- ilrluk. 1
II eJ3W > tWJniinr.cint . llynl'li
. ol 'Ullili
I5rud for lioolt ou Iho Troalii.cnt
Knfltf dlB neil iinl niirllloui. " tf. H' . I
1' ! > . . A'HlalclI. A J oeslrf J , n . > r.
Flui U nil ttmt couM 1 > J
Stlttjn , A'ltdi * . . .
* onn Ioff II tupfridr I1
In tire >
So ticMfner
iMng mint. ' K S tvf.m N. If. n 7Ve . . '
mill on rrtvlpt of rrl n in
\ \ 111 In srnt hy
HOIir.H'K'S I'OOl * < ' ( ) .i SJtirlnc
t 'U8it IlonLicn'H l' v EXTIJAOT or M
TLo stoamslilpn o ! tlili wcll-Known line nro
ron. In wtt r-tlght oouipirtmonts , nml ara
dw-ltti a\vry rcquisitu to nuka t'ao pnjsi
afo unit a rccalilu. Thcv carry the Unltoi
ml [ Our irciD mulli , nn > I l a\o New Yorke
! a > 8 nml sAlnrtUjH for I'lymoiith ( LOXUOI
lourff. ( l' Uiaft'iil HANUUMO.
lUtei : Klr t Cabin , M5 , ? . > and ? 7n. Stoei
Henry I'linilt , Mark HanMin , r' U. JIoiicx ,
contain Omaha , Ornncwlc i .SiJiijfiitu'cn.r
J-mucIl BluI ( < . 0. U : RICUAK9 t CO. , Oo
L ta , HI Brovlmv , SI. Y. C'btw. Kozmlnsl.
lencral Wcatoin AinU , 107 Wasbln ton SI
( 'O.IH.
4 < nlco to Contractors ntul ISn )
Felled proposal ! ) w 11 bo recc'tv a < \ up to Au
1 12 o'ciojk m. , lor bihUllnj : iinl co nilctli | > |
nr occupanry , a titlck Mohool home , above ' t
atlun , In Sprin llclJ , Parpy conivy , N'ebiR' '
otJiiiR to plant and spccltlnxtioiis ol Clo c ;
rol lucta , i nii'liii , Kcl ) . The hilck nnd n
illl be furntttbuil on the froun'n tiy Ibo buildl
ilttcu A'l ' other material to bo lurcUhcd
rartor. Plain ttMl ppec4GcilIon8 c'tnbopci
) . Spe.irmixu'BBtcro , 'nSprlnKfiold.Nob ' , ere
lroi > . Omaha. lUillJInjr to be ccinplctcil on <
he l&'h Oay ol November. 1SSI. Tlmcomm
or > ethu ilfilit to reject nny or sll
< \ Jiltcsi HulHllne cx > uimttcc , S
Jly V0-uiJo ! lot
fthliH/i&KA LfiND A6 tiC
Dcilers to
llive lor ula 100,000 ( area onrernlly select *
i Eastern Kubiukk. t low price nd on eu ;
improvea luua tor e lo In Douglu , Dodffo ,
latta , Hurt , Cumin ? , Bupy , WMnlngton ,
lundcrfl , ind Butler Oountlea.
Tuxes pild In 11 parts ol the 8tU , *
Money loan&l on Improved Urma.
oiary. I1 w yi In
' result of Arc
o eo are 'repaired from
Parker , Hoom 6 , Ciclghton Bloc
t > i tr oti >
IVTFIKRKA1' , Joint resolution wnadortec
' Lcglelature uf tbe btato of NcbraacU ,
' ' ( thln-i th .Sj ? lon ttiercol , anu apiiro ed K
761 , A. l > . 18S.Jiiropo3iDir n Amendment to
ojr(4)of ) Ar Ic'o ' 'hrcca ) ol the ConbtUi
itdbta'i- , aid that said suction as musudi
culas follows , to-wlt :
"Sfctlon The tenni of cttlee of member
irgUU uro shall In two \raiB , ami thovth :
eCLUo n salary of t > jeo hundred drl'ars ' f.
ur\li HduriuK gild lorm , tnd ton ccntu f'l
nllo they shall trael m eolni ; to and ictun.l
he 1 1'to ol , aru\ng ( \ of tlmcfi \ a'ure , on t
isual r.m'o. I'KOMIIKD nouyAKlt , tnat nelth.
i.rscl Ilii 1'pihlaturo nor emi > loee shall
than ihcl * Bn'r
nv pay nrp iuUlti ) ) other
ullcagu. Kiel ) illusion , tucopt HpccU' sesaioi
o i. ol IUBJ than kilty dayn. Alter Ilio explr
Drty duyx n ( the t ctalou nohMi nur joint UHI
f the nature ol bill , uball bolntrouuctxl , ur
lovrtnor shall , hy epaclal mtBiaee , ca'l the
Ion ol iholAirUluturo to the necis-itv of pa
law on the subject matter embraced In then
nd the tutroduutlou of tllb eball bo rei
lieruto , "
Iho ballots nt the tlectlon at which t > ald .
icnt aliall bo submlttoj tlmll bo In the fc
arm. "Tor propwod Amendment tothe O
Ion iclat'iiK ' to LegUlatlro Dci. rtutrt " ' ,
ropotu I Ameidm i.t to thu Conttltutlon I
3 I i bbth a ! cii l tmcnt. "
WiiKXK.ti , J > jlu rejclullon was adopted
* k'UUturo ol th Ha'o ol Kobraakn at th
setith Hcpslou thertof , Mid > ppro\ed Feb'ut
' . D. : Si83r.ron < 8lrff au Amti an ent to Beet
lofAr < lrl Kite ( li ) cf tte rotetliutlon
lute , kndthat saldiection < u ammdoJ tball
"Section 1. Hie ritcuthc Uopirtment el
itt | ol Governor , licu'cnaiit-OoMiinor ' , > (
if State , Auditor of Pul lie Acot-ULti , Tri
| i > p ilntendentol I'ubllo Initruction , Attorn
ml , Commlsjloner of 1'ub la 1 aiids aa/ Bu
nd Board of > tilluiy CommUrlonera. ilie
limed In tbljBJclknshi1 ! t cb Inld Ills oil
he tor m nt two ytara from the first Tinned
heflrttTntxdty In Jmuiry next a'UrhUi '
nd until hi * nuoceiuor U elected and quail jed
iDKOiiowmtM , trattho flint elootlon of said
hall be hi Id on the llrst TucsJay luceeealngi
loudly In November of IKoB , and each tuu
leotUniulullbe h M at the mime relative I
och c\en ) f r theioaltor. All other ofllce
uaj be provided for by Itw , under tbe piovl
bU section , shall be chotou In mch manner
uch time * , and > hall nold their otlloea fortucl
' b provided by law , and in
> f ; tlme m .may
O'lnnuch UuUcsatiJrei-eUu such coraptni.
nay 1 provided for by Uw. The Qovemor ,
I'ubllo Aorountii , Tri
ary of Htat , Auditor of
; oinmls louer of 1'ubllo Laudiand Uu litln * ,
orney Oeneral.ebUI rraldu at tbe cat ol cove
urlng thi Ir tcrron of otllco , and IC D tha pu
onls , booVitundpaiwrt there , and the otScor
uniej ihall p rloim tuch duties u in iy I o ri
Uw. "
ly The billota at tbe tloctl in at wl ich B Id
nuut thill be lubmlttoU thall bo In In the fc
AmenJmunt to Scctn
firm : " or propose J
I ) of Article rlv(5) ( ) of the Ooiutllutlon ,
hiccullvel > ep rtiiient. " ' galnttp op- sod
aunt to Suction one ( I ) ol Article Ifite (5) ( ) ol t
'Exu-utUc lleparlmtnt. ' "
tltullon. eiitUluJ ,
aiieroliire , I Junes W l u oa , OoV.rnor
itate ol Nebraska , do liernhy viva notlco.h
lancu itb Section Un ( l ) Article HltoenMI
: on tltutlon , and thu pruvldoiuol au aet ti
'An Act lopr < vlde ibo wanner ol proposing ,
nenU to the Conititutlou and sulmitilnu tl
o theKIectottoltllj EtaU"appro > cil Fehrui
V.I ) . ' 877 , llutuldprniuied Ameidmoiui
ubnilttiHl to the qnaUdeJ votrn of thli
aiitlutlon or rejection > t the General I lee tit
ieU un tht 4tb day of November , A , D ISiL
r- * . In witneaa w hereof , 1 h e hoicu
( HXIL. I ruylunU and cauwd to be a til
, ' ' re t B al of the Hutu of Mebrtu
Done at LlooMn tbU 13th day ol July , A , I
he Eighteenth > enrol th > Hla > eand ft th
xitulruoecf the United btitei. the One Hund
By the UO > ernor : J AMEa W. DA
Arrtar ; Knur ARC V , KOUOBN ,
Jy O-toe 8m l-uw eecietuy ot I
Owing to the increase
in our business we've
admitted to the firm
Mr Edwin Daviswho
is well and favorably
known m Oinaha.This
will enable us to han
dle an increased list
of property. We ask
those who' ' have desi
rable property for
saleto place the same
with us. The new firm
will be
213 South 14th St.
\ (