Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, August 06, 1884, Page 4, Image 4

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O naollBlnir.Offlo8Xo. | [ : 7 I'cur !
Btroct , Ncnr Krohrtwaj' . I
Now YorkJOrtlco , lloom OS Triton
Fnblbih d < * r rrorntnfr , iorj > t Sunday
on ! ) Monday morning d/UIy.
mis BT Milk
Qn T r . 110.00 I Throe Months . t
BliHanms. . . . . . . . R.oOn Hontb. . . . . . . . .
Pet Week , Cent * .
tin WRIUT mi , rrrugnxn EVitrJ WIDITISDAT
T l 8 1-OStTAID.
CwYottf . ? t 00 1 Three Mouth ! . . , . , . . !
EU Month * . . 1.00 1 Ooo Month .
American N.wsOoraponjr , Sole AKOOU , N wt < !
n In the United SUtes.
to NOTTS Mid Rdltc
natters ihouM be aJdrcMod to the KKITOB or '
Alt Ba lnew T.ettors an < l KemlituieM thouU
ddrewed to TDK On Putuinina OOMMNT , nvi
Drafts , Checks nd Pontoffice orders to b made ]
bit to the order of the company.
A. H. Filch. Manager Dally Circulation , P. 0. I
TtiE land speculators at the ntato ca ]
( A ! arc as quiet as mice.
BKKAK up the divos. They arocoi
pools of vice , and resorts for crooks ni
THE democratic party without i ]
Irith vota is like the pipy of Unml
Kith Ilainlot loft out.
IT is now Tory definitely announce
that Attorney General Powers will n
IIB a candidate for ronominatiun. Th
-la end nowa but Nebraska will aurvii
the calamity.
TIIEV have eoino muscular politic )
kickora down in Alabama. The ind <
pondcnts made a gallant though almoi
hopcloea Cght in Mobile and ITirminghan
This ia a healthy condition of affairs.
Mn. BOVK'H proxy ou the natioui
democratic committee has returned an
an oration to the "extinguished loader1
ot Boyd'a ' opera house is now in ordoi
Nr. James Orolghton will take pleasur
ia presiding over the grand demonntrj
WE are not at all nurprised at the prc
nounccd preference- Alias Stisan I
Anthony for James G. Blaino. A horri
old bachelor like Grover Cleveland , wh
prefers a buxum widow to a youthfi
and handsome maiden like Suean , is nc
fit to bo president of the United Statw
KVEUV well managed buaineaa houa
has its monthly balance shoots and it
quarterly and semi-annual inventory. Th
city of Omaha , in its corporate alT < iiraha
boon at loose ends for years. There i
neither inventory nor balance shoot fron
which the corporation managers coult
obtain such information as a prudeu
fcutlnoM man would require in the con
duct of his affiirs , The city has valti
title iit real estate which is hold by private
vato land grabbers and railway compa
nioa , end there is a lamentable lack o
eystora in the management of Its chattel
and movoaWo property. City offidali
Incur debt for building materials , furni
tnro and supplies , and there is no chocl
apon reckless expenditure , oxtravaganw
and waste. This state of affairs should
not bo allowed to continue much longer.
8omo measure should bo devised by the
council to enforce economy , order and
No license to sell liquor should be
granted to disorderly houscH. This ii
both the letter and the spirit of the law.
Had it been carried out from the start ,
when the high license law wont into of
feet , every don and dive in Omaha would
have closed its doors long ngo. filayoi
JMurphy is on the right track in refusing
to Krant license to an infamous resort ,
and the community will sustain him.
There u no doubt whatever as to his
right to reject an application for licons-j
when ho knows the applicant to bo dis
reputable and his resort ia notoriously a
disorderly house. There Is no no-
cesaity whatever of n protest from
dtisens against licensing such dramshops.
The supreme court of this utato has passed -
od upon this question in two or three in.
fltancei and ita ruling has always boon
that the power to iasuo license is entirely
discroctionary with the licensing board.
The board was created by law for the
protection of communities and law abid
ing people will sustain it in the exorcise
of.itfduicrotion fortho suppression of.dons
and divos.
TIIK flurry over the Toraa cattle fever
In western Nebraska and Kansas , has
aubeided and there ia a fooling of great
relief , not only in thia state , but Ia the
whole country , that it vraa a false alarm.
There U really nothing strange about the
appearance of disease among such vast
herds of cattle M are grazing on the
plains. Jt would indeed bo strange if
great herds of cattle mingling together
and exposed to the Inclemency of the
weather and changes of climate , should
always remain healthy. They combat the
severest winter storms without eholter
and often without food , and suficr the
torrid heat of summer without -
out a wholesome or oven
a suflicient supply Of water.
And when in the perpetual struggle for
existence some animal , alllicted with do.
cease , mingles closely with the healthy ,
Itia but natural that among the thousands
that como in contact with the doseasod
animal como of weaklings are In con.
dltion to take the infection. Just as
Boon however as the proper precaution ia
exercised and the
doseasod animals are
either killed'or Isolated , the danger of
contagion is averted and the ravages of
the 'plague" are confined within narrow j
General Butler is still laying low n
keeping his own counsel. His refusal
oomo lo the front and Jhiow down I
gauntlet to the "Plumed Knight" n
Sitting Bull , of Buffalo , Is ciiialng dis
foction among his ardent mlmirors. H
Bon Butler ia a man of brai
and ho does not loci disposed to pi
monkey to pull anybody * cltcfttnuta i
of the fire. He ia yet in a brown atu
over the qront political conundrum of t
dm Onnoral Butler carry any one sU
on his anil-monopoly or his labor pli
form ? The anti-monopoly cry ia mail
directed Against railroad extortion uaui
ntion of land and the control of Ir it
tn res.
The labor question covora high wng <
short hours and the general bottonno
of workingmcn. This question ia a vn
largo and a very important ono ; it co
coma every man in the country direct
or indirectly. But ia there any dofini
party iaauo in it ? In it not matter
economic arrangement dependent' on tl
prosperity of the country , crops , produ
tion , trade , and very largely indued i
conditions that cannot bo regulated by tl
action of congroaa or Icgtslatun
The working men of this country a
all voters ; they have a direct influence
shaping the government ; they are belt
off in that respect than any others on tl
foco of the globo. The American go
ornmont ia aa nearly as possible a govori
mont by the people if the poop
will only take an interest in thojr ow
welfare , voting intelligently for the
own good and not HulToring thomsolv <
to bo led aaido by political intriguers tin
designing knaves. The workmen of tl :
United States have the right of combim
tion and con regulate their own action t
\ very largo extent.
But the workingmen are not united i
mpport of any party or candidate an
irobably never will bo. Every party i
.ho liold makes them fair promises an
ivory candidalo from Blaine t
Saint John assures thorn thn
10 ia the workingmon's [ friend
All the party platforms exhibit th
nest intense interest in the welfare o
ho workingman and each promises hiti
ii h wngcs and perpetual prosperity
Jut the intelligent workingman who dee
lot expect to pull himself to heaven Iv
us bootstraps , knows that no man o
wrty can insure him higher wngea bj
> latform r osolutions , and no prcsidon
: an guarantee prosperity , that depend
iponso many conditions which are ontirolj
) oyond his control
Mr. Butler's nomination aa a labor can
lidato will affect the contest to the ox.
ont of dividing the interest , but hif
lootion , if it wore possible , can hardlj
Hoot the Interests of the workingmen ,
xcopt aa a protest against present polit
sal parties. Like the prohibition can
idate , the labor candidate would b <
ho embodiment of a now idea in politi
al affairs , if , indeed , it can bo calloc
low , seeing that wo already have .it
ffoct and substance in the woll-knowi
laUonal formula , "Tho good of the
lany. " But every man with a thimble
M of brains must see that
ion Butler has not a ghost of a show to
ocorao president in 1885. The anti-
lonopolists greonbackers and working-
ton may shout and work for him but
icy will not carry the eloctorial vote of
single state. But oven if they could
irry the states of Now York and Man-
ichusotts they would accomplish no good
ithor for themselves , the country or the
idow Butlor. At beat they could
rovont a choice by the pooj-lo and throw
o election into the house. That would
mply make Grover Cleveland president
id John A. Logan vice president.
/hat advantage would that bo to Butler
id hia supportois ? It aooim to us that
10 contcat might as well bo squarely
lught out.botwoon the two old parlloa
id lot the country decide which is
i hove uuproniacy in national affairr.
THE attempt of over-zonlous republican
ipora to counteract the influence that
ay bo exerted by Harper's Weekly and
J present editor , Qoorfin William Cur-
i , by reproducing cartoona and cdi.
riala that appeared in Harper' * illiu-
ted publications during the warporiod ,
a moro waato of time and apace. Thnro
hardly a leading newspaper in the
untry to-day that can look back to
rfoctly conaiatont political career of .
isrter of a century. Wiao men change
ola udVer. Nowspapera are conducte
men and unleaa men are inspired they
0 liable to err. If-tho Harpers of to
y are to be lampooned for odi
rials and cartoons they publlehe
ore than twenty years ago the Now
) rk , Chicago ana Cincinnati dailies tha
e quotum from the musty files of 1801
d 1802 would hardly enjoy a reproduo
m of what they published during th
me period or tlnco then during the
mpaigns of 1872 or 1870. While wo
not approve the courao of Goorgi
m. Curtla aa a aupportor of the demo
itio ticket in view of his personal par-
Ipation in the nomination of Ulaiuo
1 Logan , wo cannot approve the coatee
1 stupid abuse to which he and the
: > er ho edits have boon subjected.
KKLIV diapatchod a shrewd
itician to the interior of Now York to
ertoin the exact state of facts with re.
d to the presidential outlook. His
icrvationa are presented to the public
oogh the Now York Star , and tha
ior sums up his conclusions in the fol
ing brief but significant editorial
ho views of our special correspondent.
Jo found in his letter from Saratoga ,
> li hodthis morning , make uncpm.
nly interesting reading. He has been
ting the western and central counties
ho atate in the interoat of political
motion , audjila well-coualderod con
clusion is that the country will bo mn
to ondnro another four years of ropul
can rule , nndorHie leadership of Blnii
This Is no trilling estimate. Hisbai
onjv careful/study of the situation af
conversation with the rcprcsontati
men of many localities. And really
fiooms that something very unoxpecl
must turn up to avert Democratic din
t r in November. "
TIIR thirteen chapters on Union Pac
which wo have reproduced from 1
Now York 7YniMaro a most intercut !
compilation of facia with which t
readers of TIIR BEE are for the most p ;
familiar. The stupcmluous frauds tl
comprise the annals of Union Prtci
from the day it was controlled by croi
mobilicr frco bootora to the reign of t
railroad wreckers by whoso manipulati
the bankrupt Kansas Pacific was cense
dated with the Union Pacific system , 1m
become as familiar to the people west
the Missouri an household words. Thi
repetition would havoboon superfluous c
cept that they fully confirm what has be
charged by Tiir. BKK , and recklessly d
nounccd aa malicious and false by t !
subtidizcd monopoly press , and notal
the Omaha Jlcpubltcnn. Coming fro
ono of the moat influential and rcliafc
journals in the American motropoli
thcao chronichlos of fraud'and dishonos
will bo accnptcd as indisputable fdcto 1
all candid and disinterested men.
TIIK Sioux City Journal echoes 01
sentiments with rrgard to the fast mr
service when it indulges in the followit
comment :
The so-called fast mail train runalr
from Chicago westward has boon in ope
ittion for several months. How mar
people in Iowa and the northwest a :
conscious of any material advanta ;
therefrom ? The initial hurrah is all ovi
ind forgotten. The fast train itself
forgotten. It will puzzle nine out of tc
porions , if they will thoroughly canvai
: ho matter , to find a single particular i
which they have boon benefited by th
lo-callod fast mail train which runa en
) f butnottoward Chicago. Even the Oh
sago daily morning papers , for whom th
'ast train servos the purpose of n spocit
iarrior , have ceased their lavish laud :
ion of it. Probably it was too ovidcr
hat they wore the only interest special !
) onefited. On the other hand , ther
iaa boon little attention given by th
lost oilico department to the connection
if mail routes and to the readjustmoti
if timetables by which the mailsmight b
arrlod more rapidly.
OMAHA is becoming famous as a groa
enter of reform. The following compli
lent from ono of the loading dailyics o
ricked Kansas City will bo appreciated
The people of Omaha got rid of the !
( layer recently because ho was in th
labit of getting drunk and accoptin ;
iribes from gamblers. But they are no
ot content. They continue to advanci
n the path of reform. The chief o
olicohaa ordered "Mother Hubbard1
rosseaoirtho street , and all person
rearing thorn will bo arrested. Thi
.oxt . thing will bo an order prohibltini
ulioa from using paint and po ardor.
_ Mr. Blaine has gene back to work 01
lis book. Volume I was for the purpos
f capturing the nomination. Vblunv
I will probably ba for the purpose o
itching the election. Mr. Blaine soomi
} have learned a now use for the hlstori
il pen. Chicago News ,
If Blaine is as successful with the sec-
id volume of his history as he was with
ia first , his venture as a historian willet
ot have boon in vain.
OAHTKK HARUIBOX , the spread eagle ro-
irm mayor of Chicago with 12,000 sa-
ons at hia back , has gene to Albany to
ijoct some reform into Cleveland's lot-
r of acceptance. Carter expects to be
10 next governor of Illinois , but hia fig-
es are decidedly imaginary.
GOVEIINOU DAWKH ia in a aad dilemma
'or the school land swindle , but Glen
ondall doesn't mind it much. With his
joty beyond the roach of the atato ho
n afford to bo called a knavo.
MKN of foreign birth who desire to
ito at the coining presidential election
Nebraska must take out their doclara-
MI papers within the next sixty days.
AND the villain still pursued her. Here
> ro a policomsn'a alar and she were a
other Hubbard.
LINCOLN ia atill wrcatling with the
itor works problem and Holly's direct
CLEVELAND'S nightmare is Butler an
Prohibition In Maine.
item Advertiser.
rhp Maine legislature pa ed in 185
bill which was the original "Main ,
uor law. " Additional legislation , al
ys in the supposed direction of groato.
ingoncy , has modified the original act ,
Uho prohibitory principle runa through
these unaotmonta. 11 is now sought to
orporoto the prohibitory idea in thi
idamontal Uw of the state , and citizen ;
to vote on this proposed constitu
ual amendment in September next.
: or thia long period of trial , the opera-
t ) of the prohibitory law in Portland
so unaatisfactory to its friends that a
amltteo of the Law and Or-
1 league presented an addreaa
other day to the mayor , declaring
t the law ia "very imperfectly en-
sod , " and asking that the officials may
"constrained by the courts" to do
ir duty , if nothing elae can move
m to see that the law is carried out.
roovor , the leading republican newsier -
ior of the city assorts that the , non-
prcemont of the law is a "notorious"
t and a "public scandal. " Hero ,
refore is cumulative evidence that
inbition ia u failure in the rno ropolU
8Bll5\ ! Yet lnn few weoka the
era will bo asked to give the priucl-
a Bolomn indorsement by ainendiuK
constitution to give it room ,
'heae ' frank admissions of the breaking
n of the law are neither new nor
msing. It has been a subject of vo-
lent dispute for a generation , whether
ubltlon war successfully applied In
no to tha liquor traffic. Citizens of
state who aflirraed that the law was
unforced , have been set down as
falsifiers or deceived. Party linos' h <
boon drawn , the republicans , with ]
lilical sagacity , committing thomsolvo
thd sidp of prohibition. A license 1
man is thoroi generally , picsum
to bo a "rummy , " or a rept
lican backslider. Legislatures , hi
aivon as n rule , what was aikcd
the way of moro rigid enactments , thou
it IB not ninny yearn ago that , an reporl
the committee which was engaged
framing an act supplementary to the p
hibltory law , sat round a table having
It whiskey ns well aa drafts of a propos
"reform" enactment. Aside from
body of conscientious prohibitions
there has boon n larqo force cf politii
prohibitionists , afraid of the "balance
power" nionand _ moat vociferous defo
dcrs of the liquor law.
Public sentiment in Maine is undoul
odl against an unrestricted aalo of liqu
but it has not boon committed to tha pi
hibltory principle with sufficient zeal ni
determination to insure an onforcomo
of the present law. What Is true
Portland is true of any considerable to ?
in the state. There is a slight difllcul
In procuring liquor , and occasionally d
vices ot an amusing sort are used for or
witting officers who appear with scan
warrants. But It would bo safe to co
tract to obtain liquor , in any quantity t
to a barrel and at an hour's notice ,
p'acoa of any importance throughout tl
With reasonable qualifications , it
prudent to lay down the principle th
laws above the level of public convictii
on given subjects are really hindranc
to the end in view. A stringent liccn
law could bo onfoicod in Maine , bccau
the ntato practically accepts that dour
of restriction ; but aa the Portland jou
nul mentioned says , it is a "notorio
fact" that the law which in theory BU
atantially wipes out the liquor traffic
puraiatuutly disobeyed by ofllcora at
private citizens alike. A the matt
stands , if there were ksj law. the
would probably bo loss liquor in Main
The excessive stringency stands in tl
way of enforcement The muHlplicatit
of statutes simply result in now mothoi
of evading the prohibition. The ado
tion of a constitutional amondmoi
would probably do no moro'towards'pu
ting an end to Bales than reading the ri
act. The politicians , however , hai
gene BO far that they dare not atop.
Tlio Significance of It.
Irish World.
The great mass mooting in Now Yoi
in which the Irish-Americana of the mi
tropolia of America entered their prote :
against the nomination of Grover Clovi
land , ia bound to bo productive of fa ;
reaching results. For years the aomc
cratio party has boon accustomed to lee
upon an Irish-American as having n
right to vote any but the democrat !
ticket. Acting on this the democrat !
party did not think itself under any obli
Cation to take Irish-American sontimnr.
into consider.xtion. Over and over ngtii
: ias it placed in nomination for state an
local ollicca men who were known to b
mti-Itish in their sentiments. The nom
lation of Chat lea Francis Adams for Gov
irnor of Massachusetts ia a case in point
IVhat the democracy of Massachuaott
lid in nominating Adams 1ms been don
n a moro or less insulting manner ii
ivory state in the union.
Democratic voters of Irish oxtractioi
oiled up democratic majorities. Thi
vaa what was expected of them. ! N
natter who was the nominee or wha
ras the platform , the Irish-America !
rotor was given to understand that "hi
nust ; " to use the wordi of Senator Kor
mn , "bo found fighting in the fron
anks of democracy. "
Now , the Irish-American mass-meotini
n Now York has served notice on thi
lomocracy that for the future it will no
10 safe for it to rely upon .thia kind o
mquostioning allegiance. ' It told thi
leniocratic loaders that links of thi
hains that have so long held Irish' '
Lmcricans in political bondage have beer
loltod in the white heat of indignatiot
oat has boon aroused all over the lane
y a presidential nomination that hai
con dictated by a contemptible factior
f pro-Anglicans , who , though they have
over caet a democratic vote , have forced
> ur million democrats to accept as thoii
tundard-bearor a man who has rocured
10 nomination bocausa ho was accopta-
lo to the pro-Anglican faction we speak
L *
Wo fool sure that the protest of the
: ish-Araericana of Now York will gather
irco and otronRth as it travels from the
inka of the Hudson until in every state
atwoon the Atlantic and Pacific it will
3 echoed and re-echoed. The old-timo
aliiiciauti , who are always wisa after the
rent , will probably deride this atate.
iont , They will tell you that Iriah-
muricans have alwsya voted the demo-
tttic ticket , and that they alwaya will ,
voti auch a demonstration the
pnotcr meeting in Chickoring Hall
ill not convinoo thorn of the
intrary. Some of them are predicting
int long before November ' 'the Irish
) ltora will aeo the error of their ways
id vote for Cleveland. " So thoroughly
nvincod are they that Irish-Americans
0 political plaivos that they cannot bo-
ivo that Iriah-Amnricans who have
thorto acted with the democratic parly
ill refuse to aupnort a candidate who
.s . been nominated to pleato thopro-
iglish faction who call themselves in-
pendent republicans.
If the predictions of these pollticans
verified , the democracy will bo justi-
din ignoring for all time Irish-Ameri-
1 opinion. But no ono who knows
ything of Irish-American sentiment bo-
vos that this prediction will bo veri-
Down AVIth the Tyrant.
LouU Glfc
ft is not often that the tyrant man at-
npts to regulate the eccentricities of
aalo costume ; and atill mere rarely are
efforts crowned -with success when ho
attempt it , so there is good reason to
ievo that the Omaha chief of police
i undertaken quite au extensive con.
ot in forbidding ladies to appenron the
sot in a "Mother Ilubbard. " But
icr undauntnd or ignorant of the pro-
us failures of greater and abler men
n himself to regulate women's fancies ,
issues his edict and proposes tn "run
any woman who ventures out of her
n yard in ono of these extraordinary
inents. His reasons are said to bo
fold : 4tlt scares the horses and is
Bcont. " Asto the first it is goner-
admitted that ho is at liberty to
HO of matters that may be projudi-
to the public safety , and so not only
right to speak in this regard ia con-
ed. but his duty to the public is no-
wlodgod to extend to "Mother Hub-
Is , " velocipedes , circus processions
calliopes. But the ladies of Oranlm
not admit hta authority
judging of the second point
n that , so far as matters of decency
concerned , thoj are quite aa coupe-
judges as any old chief of police
over lived. So there , now ! In
oquonco of thi * firm conviction on
part of the Udios , there is to be
made , the courts of Omaha will ring
with nrRumenU pro and eon , and ape
mciu of the "Jlothor Ilubbard , " bo
IQOIO and belted , will bo exhibited ur
iho apootatora will bo uncertain whott
they are in a court of law or n droaami
or'a oatabliahment. '
AVnroti Ootulorr.
The Chilian government 1ms doclai
a war of extermination against the cc
nora. It offers a reward of ? 5 for ore
condor killed. The hunting of this bi
of prey has , under the circumstances , 1 :
come a profitable business , though
scorns doubtful , if ono con&idora the i
tounding powers of the bird , and ita we
dcrful Imbita , that tlio gnvcrmnpnt c
or will over succeed in destroying t
species nt any pricu. A eouthorn papi
tn speaking of the matter , says : "Shoi
Ing the condor on the wing ia almost o
of the question , for it sails at an nltitu
far beyond the roach of the human 03
and roosts on peaks immaasuroably abe
the clouds. It has been aeon at altitud
of 20,000 feet. It haunta the wht
slope of the Andes not only Chili , b
1'oru , Pfttaponia , and Bolivia. Latter
the birds have ao increased so aa to foi
a veritable ecourgo nothwithatandii
the fact that the female lays but tv
egga at n time , mid that condor huntn
line boon a regular and lucrative callii
for more than a century.
" * "
Don't Shy Tliat Urlclc.
Oxford 1'cgistcr.
It would bo hard work to ahy a bri (
into Nebraska without hitting n coi
( < boom. The vroods are choc
full of 'em. In the First district cand
dates are thicker than sinners at can :
mooting , and rant over thu misdumuano
of opponents till the rankest partisa
bltiihcB for very ahamo. In 01
own dominion , about every other mn
who has hold down n publio ofl'n
for moro than ono term believi
ho was especially designed 1
oirry away the honora of U
Hastings convention , and U
bleeding scalp of Jim Laird. Up in tt
big Third , it ia estimated that there ai
1)5,000 raoro candidates than voters , an
thd returns are not all in vot. Evci
man , woman and child la several times
candidate , besides those who cannot I
accommodated in Iowa , and have sign
pod their willingness to become martyi
in case a successor to Vol. cannot bo d
cidcd upon within the narrow limits <
Nebraska. Gabriel ought to blow h
horn at onco. The crop ia ripe.
The total valuation of Aurora conntv
Yankton "points with prldo" to her ne
lOBt oU'lCO.
Beadio county's assessable wealth foots u
? 1G18,013. !
Iroquoln expects to tiay ottt $75.000 fc
[ rain this full.
It is estimated that Hand county has ncarl
.0,000 iKipulation.
The total assessment of Charles Mix count
The bean crop of Buffalo county la csti
nated at 1-1,000 bushels.
A flowing well of water waa struck a
iiwell , at a depth of nine Icct.
There are twenty-nine paloons in Sinu :
'alls ' andona vinegar factory.
The a sefwd valuation of Brown connt1
IIM year will foot up nearly 3,000,000.
Fargo hag nineteen passenger trainB arriv
aff and departing from her depots daily.
A herd of Buffalo was aeen near Ipsnicl
Mt week and six of thorn killed by ono man
John Gill , of Now York , is planning t <
mid a railroad from Jeadwood to the coa
The Deachvpod flouring mill hai a contrac
3 supply Indian agencieawith400,003 poundi
f flour.
Yankton seems to have gene ripht to worl
help itself. A pork packory is being built
ad canning-works ore talked of.
It will take 110,000 pounds of twine to bind
10 wheat lone In Ransom ] county. This at
vonty cents i > er i > ound amounts to S22.COO.
The Northwestern railroad company ie
nmtlng upon the shipment of 15,000fOO
iiahols of wheat this year , over Ita Dakota
Ivislon.of CiK ) inileH.
The first furrow was plowed in Ransom
> unty in 1881 , and the hrst crop harvested
11882. This year ninety thousand bushels
wheat were required for seed.
About 110 hands are now employed on the
sper quarries at Dell Rapids. About $5-
0 is paid to them monthly. From ten to
reive can of paving blocks nro shipped each
In nno week recently forty-savon govern-
ent claim * , amounting to 7SiO acres , were
1 on at the United States land otlice in
irzo , and liaal proofs were made on thirty-
c claim * , or 5,700 acres.
The cattlemen of the UilU section have do-
riutnod to ueo o ery vigilance to lirdvunt
B raviiguj of prairie fire this full , nnd S450
ward ha been otlond ' 'for the the detection
any party setting out fire. "
From the prfBent appeararca of the trops
3 railroad rnnuiiig into couth Dakota will
vo ID double up thtir rolliug stock this Ml
orilur to move the uurpliM jiruducts of this
[ iou to the eastern margin.
Governor Ord way in IIM Bismarck spcec
i ) ether evening mill that four years OR
icn ho came to the tenitory , there was in
; tone or buck In auy publlu building In tl
iltory. JSow the territory IIUH got ton gao
"t'al ' Public buildings , which have cos
V Milwaukee capitalists will make a nov
lorlmont at Aberdeen this fall. An nrto
n well hss just bicn completed that flow
DO gallons per mlnuto. Another well wi
made largo enough to run a mill capable eKing
King 200 Imrrolls of flour a duy , and th
> erienc of iirtecian well iviwor ua a pvrpo
motor will IMJ madp.
Ibout 2,000 j > eoplo ate rutllcatlnfr in thi
tonal park. The rate at ths hotel is $5 IK )
Eobert B. Horrlo recently bought Uioherd
rumphrey , Kukcndall & Puniphrey for
i't/3 '
I / *
liowifaif Oeorgall. Waterman , proprio
of the Mountain Trout home at Kvanston
ided with | K > i on , on the 29th.
. new town-sito hai been laid out In Lara
county culled Wolfenry , and corner lot1
going like breath In a Cheyenne news
rank Dt-wait , the defanltlng'cashier of th
t national bink of LoaUvlllo , has been
tn a ten yoais' leaie of a cell Jn the I a
l > enlt ntlary.
Buck" Buchanan , thu wire stringer of the
fmono company , at Cheyenne , was te\cra-
tockul the other day while lurched on the
of a polo. When Buchanan had amended
ueana of the "climbers" he loaned forward
itch the telephone wire. As he did no
stomach touched the electric light wire
be received the full forcoof th current ,
wing his hands wildly Into the air , and
glnp partly around on the pole , ha toppled
and fell nearly h ad foremovt a distance
wut eighteen feet , to the ground , striking
gruat forte on hi * head and shoulders ,
rolnt at which thaito ctmo contact
his body was acr-wj the right side of the
mon , ai.d U buruud a hole through hia
In ? mid Into the llo h for an eight of fan
Ills injuries from the fall are quite at
us as thotse sustained by the shock.
now Methodlrt church wnj dedicated In
or , on the 28th.
) first frost of theeeuon viiited Colorado
igj Thursday morning ,
touiptny U about being orgaiii/ed at Duo
i build cd opentto a crematory iu taat
t !
iier fiuftlly dbposed ofhr SSy/OOro * C
funding bonds nt par , after raiting the In
from four to Ix per cent.
lifln Bullet , lloper A. I'ryor and others h
formed.n catllo company under the la * *
Oolorntlo , with A capital of $0,000,000 I
stated that thay will operate In Colorado.K
Bas , Wyoming nd , Nebraska.
Five of the Utci who recently attacked
cow c mpi in the western part of La PI
county , hmo boon cnptured with conntilcri
stolen property In their iiogno ion. The i
diets and cattle men will endeavor to en
the whole gang before they reach the rcsei
Thn crop'-cut on the Silver Link vein , tli
mllei ffrouj Onrny , M'hlch wns In 1 100 feet ,
the vein nt n dlxtimcoof 1.100 feet , and n
depth of about ] , COO feet , recently. '
strikuh a Ido from fighti-cn luchns of a
cnpprr , worth milli rm tn OUMcounty.wh
citizf us arc jubilant.
The Weitorn Tolpgrsph company , wit !
cnpitnl stock o' ' SlW.Ono , tiled their cartlllc
of lncoriK > r Mon. Tim Incorporators mid
rectors urn Mr. A K. Touialin , of Bostonr
MCCTK. A. A. Hobinson , ( ! . 11. llatrlo ,
Wilder , .T. F. ( led < tnrd , of Topokn. 7
Tournltti Is vlrr proildnnt of the Atchlaon , '
pcVa it Kanta Ko rallrotd ,
( illpln county , during thn first six nvmthi
the i > rn'pnt year , makew \ory goodshowli
From 7,00 tons of smelting so'd. ' . n2' , :
wcro ri'criNeilj ffnm 0.935 tons of tnilimrs P
§ 104,180 wern paid ! fililpmtints made throi
the banktt foot up { $23,000 ! gold from I
Orworv n > lnn nhlpnped to Aroro for rell
mont , $1,822.20 ; malting a total product ( r
n'l ' fonrpes for the six months of 81,201,0
Thn outlook for the remainder of the yeui
bright as over.
Anmni ? the Colorado ixnd Ni-w Metico in
tnry To i"va i n which were turned over
pro'lnnutlnn of thu president to thi secret ?
nf thu intcrinr. undnrlho irc ntnctof congr
nt no lonper nefdfd fur military purpose * , i
Fort Si-dpnlcV , 01 < 1 Fort I rwis , Pa ( (
Springs , thu cnmp on Wliilinlvnr , nnd mi
portions of sectioiiH 0. 10 , 14. 15 , lf > utul
aii'l tlin north half of eerttons 21 , 22 nnd !
t wrship43 noith , ringu ! ) , wet of tlin N
Me.vlco principil mer'di r in Colo'ado ,
were CTibrac'il in the military rr orva'ion
the Uncomvahgro aiiitnniiicnk , ai d rlarcd
an uicuticider dstttd March 12 , 1R84.
Mnnfmin'ii wool clip this year promlsos
-1,000,000 pounds.
The premiums to bo paid at the terntor
lair aggregate 811.COO.
Tt ia atitod tlmt the new strike recanl
made In the Trapper mlnn. nt Lion Citr ,
now yielding between § 5,000 Mid § 7,000 r
The Adams directory of the Union Pool
has been substituted for the old ofllcers of t
Montana railroad company at thu roce
election In Butto.
The Inter-Mountain congratnUtAs the pt
p'o of Butta on the close of the "Undo Ton
DaMn" dramatic season , nnd says : "T
bloodhounds and donkeys carried off t
donors of the evcnine , the colored gentlem
i close second nnd the whlto trash distance
It was difficult for the audience to tell xrhci
3r Undo Tom's Cabin or the Tower of Bal :
tvas being performed. "
The _ cattle round-up for Lincoln county
low iinlnhed , nnd It Is now estimaod th
ibout 30,030 calves have boon branded.
Shipments of beef steers will bo mai
, his Keason much earlier than over bofor
> ro ldedthero is rain peon. Ifingoodcondittc
irices will bo fair ; if in poor whnpo the vci
mttoin of the market may bo expected.
Kvh member of the Ancient Order of Ur
ed Workmen has an insurance of S2..00 c
lis lite. There are ISO memherB of thn ordi
n Las Vega' , making thu tofal insurance c
hq lives of the mombora S2fX,000. Besldi
his the amount of the insurance in tt
anks of Select Knights will reach ? 15D,000.
The disease among the cattle about Sacn
lento is still spreading. It is of very mil
Dn nnd although liJO cases have been n
orted HO far , there has not been a sing ]
J. W. Pott * , of LM Angelas , has been 01
erlmenting in raising bananas , with sue
aceeeH that he feels confident that thu frui
in bo extensively and profitably raised i
aat locality.
The season's honey crop in Ventura count
'ill bo the largest ever galherud roachln
robably 1,600 to 1,600 tons. The are 9,00
DO colonies in the county.
The Sharon case ha reached the beginnin
f the end in the San Francisco courts.
Railway Appointment.
ST. LODIS , August 5. U. A. Holbrook. lat
nera' ' eastern passenger agent of the Chicag. .
Northwestern railway , has been appointee
aihtantgenrrtl nabierjgor aeent nf the Chi
, go , Rcclt Island i Pacific with headquarter
Chicago. The appointment takes cffec
o 15th prox.
Onr Immigration.
WASHINGTON , August B. Tlw number ol
imigrantH arrnod for the year ending Jtim
wi-ro 509.834 , bsing 82.490 lesa than the
ccf ding year and 200,680 le R than this yeai
dcd .Tun. ) 30,18S2.
< T170 S-rofalons W-cr liroko ont on my body
until my limit a oiiu ma u ol corruption
no of thoie Uloers were not lew than one and one
I Ic-chcs In tlUmtter. lha ajgo rough , rigged , ai ,1 ,
mindly dfod , the cavity open lo the bone ana
id ullli Pllcnsivo inottir Krerythlni ; known to
tnedl-ttl Idcully was tried In Vila. Orvdually thom
m Itsi-lf.becams disease' ! , and tha eufferlnj : IwRan
; . .rn st Buno Ulrors began to take the place rf
hlih'rto on thf surlacu I became a mrro
> ck. tour months at a tlm could not rot my
ids to mv hed licaus ol extreme Borenuea
lid not t'irn la bed. Know net what it as to bo
hour even 'rco from pain. Had u-ason to look
inh ( lt cl ! asftcu'jc. In ( lie tunnu-r nf 16SO
: rten jfarjef thle wretched exUtcnco , I bcwon
] Cutlcur * Humedief , and after two icam1 per.
cut me of Ihom the U > t ulcer has he lcd. The
ad dlsotie Ui euocumbod. All over the breast ,
are once was a mosj nf corruption I ) now a health !
> . My elRht has Increued from one hundret
t enty.tbrte to ona hundred and Dlty-sU ixun <
1 the geol work la tl'l ' ( rolnij on. Ic | mjeelf
r man , and all through Cutlcnn * Ileme le .
. . . . . Gurtom House , New Orleajiu.
KOrnlo before United Statcj Commlwloncr.
J , D. ClUWTOkll.
Jcrofuloue. Inherited and Contagloui Humori
thu remove too meet proilflo cauko of hum r
jrlDjr , to clear Ihe ikln o ( dl DBurlnf ( blotcbc *
InRTorturci , Humlhatln ? Eruption , and !
o Korw i caused Iby Inherited Scrofuli , to purlfi
beaut fy the. Kin , .nd restore the hair .o th
ri ! ? < > 0i'iHU"iia ! rcm h11' Cu'lcura Ilesolveot , thi
"load -under 1 and
, Ciittcun and Cutlcnra H n
great Bkla curei and Ileaul liter * , are Infallible.
Great Blood Modlomos.
ie half has not bwjn told aa to the ( treat curative
Bin of the Cutlcura lUmedlea. I Iwve paid hun-
; of dollar , tor medldnuj to cure dleeaw * of th
( ceot Cutlrura , nnall boxM. Wo : Urge boxes
, i0.1' * ; ' . < y'i < r t bottle : Cutlcura Boap
OuUcor * BhaiinK Heap , Uc Hold by all druL
astern Gofnice-Works ,
111 DoufU ( 8t Oouh * . Neb.
alvanizea iron Cornices
Donn r Wlndowi , rinUl * . Tin. Iron ud m t
'K ' , 8 f 't' -it nt llfUlllo HkyUjhlT Pitent
l i rUtchrt lUr > ud Jlrck t Btdtui. I wn
nt.r . l atitot for th abov Un
i it * ,
ox *
Authorized Capitul , - $1,000,000
Paid-up Capital , - - 100OOG
Surplus Fund , - - - 70,000'
N W. Cor , Farnam ana 12th Sto.
fa AN * Mokrnr.rroi'lJfnt. I 3iH'jK.RonBaii , V-P
Uw , B. WOOD , Cashier. | Ltmiia DJURB , A
rrdnkMnrjihy.Sunuel E. nofforl , Ben. B. WooJ
Ohkrloa 0. Houeel , A. I ) . Jono , Luther J > r ka.
Ttftnstct Ocncrnl Banking BtwlncM , Allwhf
h \o ny BinklnR buslnosa U tranmct arci Invited
Mil. No matter bow Urge or ntull tha tranwctltio ,
U will rooelro our oarcfui ttontlon , und wo promli
Uw ys oourtooua treatment.
Pays particular * ttentlon ( o bnMnrM lor pvrtlt *
icildln ? outdde the city. Ei hinge on all tha prlo.
clpU cities olthe Unltod State * at rery lowed n4ot-
Aooounta oi Banks and Banken rcoetrod on ( aioi
able terms.
Issues Cntlflcals ol Deposit bearing i per ecu
Buyiand Mil * Foreign Exchange , Couutf , Ctr
and OOTornment eeonntlei
S , W , Cor , Farnam and 12ih
Capital , $100OOO.OD
0. W. HAMILTON , Proo't.
8. 5. CALDWELL , V. PiWt.
M. T. BARLOW , Oaohlor.
8. S. OAZDWELI , B. F. Sham ,
0. W. HAMILTON ; M. T. BAnzovr- , ,
Aooounta oollcltoH and kept oufr
| oct to sight chock.
Certificates of Deposit Issued i nv
able In 3,6 and 12 months , bearing
Interest , or on demand without In-
Advances made to customers OP *
approved securities at market rate-
of Interest.
The Intorooto of Customers ar
c'osoly guarded and every facility
.compatible with principles cf
sound banking freely extended.
Draw sight drafts on EnglandIre
land , Scotland , and all parts of Eu"
Boil European Passa o Tickets
United States Depository
Oor. 13th and Farnam Sts , ,
The Oldest Banking Establishment
in Omaha ,
Organlied in 1806.
as a National Bank In
omcua DiuoroBa.
Ixuuji Kotram , Picsldoal.
JOHB A. CaiionTOH , VIoo President
A auixoa KOOBTOI , 2d Vloa Presldnii.
A. J. Forrtno * .
cltlM In th
130 V.00' 6ublto' Kdtabnnh ud
ts + 1 this continent and . if ji , j
Cor. 13th and Douglas Sts.
apital Stock , - - - 8150.000
lability of Stockholders , 300,000
iye Per Cent Merest Pail on Deposits
O ELoox-si
111 North 18th Strwt Oitmc *
h old rtand liir lunua itieel. Ordon br
jh tolldted uid promptly attested to
tallc Cases , Goto carets , Sbronfls ,
KTO. , ETC. , '
10 F rn m St. , . OMAHA , NKIS
J order * prompfl , attended to. Telcpboor
> lx AMVMIO * Co. , oi tioodon , Oaih
OaihM.ISiS .tt.
JAiJ , fl , PEABOUX M , JA
tn' .
' ' .
Oman hour * | rm. to i p v\ . ,