Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, August 02, 1884, Page 2, Image 2

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; . , . J < P > * rf lTw ;
IT CUUE9 setlen. It If
AUt > OTHEB ITEDI. and spwdy cur *
cnnsa rAn. , u it And hun
net * DIBEOTLT dred * have
ndAT ONOH on been eunsl
IheKIDNSYfl , It when
UVZn tmd BOW- phytloiani and
JOB , restoring friend had
tb-oa to ft healthy thmnnp
10 die.
and a "SPECIFIC. "
I It Kidney * ,
J.lrcr , Illnddrr and Urinnry Organs * ,
Jlropsy , rn.Tel , Dlnbetr * . flrl-thl' *
Dlntmio , i'nlna In tus > Hark , I < oln-t
or Hlilr , llc'cntlon or Non-ltc-
| Icntlon of Urlnr , Ntrroun
II/irn > rVrmalo Wrtiknrsiiei
I'.xrrn-JCi , Jnumllrr , lllllou-mriwt ,
. Hcnilnchc , HoarHtomach. JUjKprp-
I la , Oonitlpntlon and Plica.
Il.tS AT
Bend tar lllnrtrstod Pamphlet of Bolld Tex- ,
tlmonlali of AbMluto Ourcc.
Providence , It. I.
In u o 31 yews. Ench number the tpeclnl pro
scription of nn eminent pliyslclun , Tlin only
Hlmplr. H fonndHuroJleUlclnciforthop-oplo
taz nuttciiMi. ro . CUBKI. i we * .
1. I' Ycr , Congestion. Infliimstlon * . . 25
2. Wornu. Worm toror. Worm Colic. . . .2J
. llrylni Cnllc , orlcctblnifof ) nf nl . .
. lilnrrhen or Children or Adults. . as
n. llmtnln rv. Griping. lllllou , ollc , . . ( OS
fl. : iiorr | Mprbii . Vomiting , 3
7. Conihi. UoM. UronehUti . . . .
H. fteurnlgli. Trwthnche. KBCcacho. . . . . .35
9. IIiUKlficlics , Kick HoadnchM.ertlgo .35
10. Dy.pepiln. Ulllloiii htomnch. . . . 3.J
* I. Hiinurewrd or I'nlnful Prrlod . 35
12.hllF4. . too Prnfiwo rerlodi. . . . . 35
1 I. llrniin , CoURh , Dlnioult llrrathlnR . 35
14. Hull llhriiiii , rmlpelAi. Knilitloni , .35
1 5. Jlfieumntlo rains . 35
111. Prrerinid ABIIO. Chill , Fcrer , Agues .50
17. I'llei. llllndorlJlWKllnir , . . . . . .Bj {
.1 ! ) . Cnmrrh. aouto or chronic : Infuirnu AO
I > . Wlmoplnc Cough. Tlolf nt cough * . , .no
21. t > nernl Debility. Physical Weakness. ( Ml
7. Kidney l > l.en.- > . .50
at. Nervous llrMlllv. . . . , . l.OIJ
no. IJ-lnnrv Wrnhnr i , WrttlnRthobed .5(1
33. lllioniooriliBllenrt. 1'iUpliatlon. l.OU
tolil by ( lruBgi < w. or neat by tlio Oano , Or sin-
clo Vial , fre of chnrRO , on rrcolnl of price.
Kenfl forllr.llnmnlircv" Poiikon iMn-jt'oGti
( I4lrineo > .l , n ! o lllntlrntr < l Cntnlnune FHI.H.
Addro-js Humphrey * ' lloniaonntlilc Alee *
* < > 4tnnpnlinn Htrrel IVrw Vork
MJlett andbyphills la all their
'complicated forms , also all
dlsentea of the Skin and
Blood promptly relieved nnd
pcrmnnentlycured by rcmo-
, dies.testedln al'orti/l'titrt
JApec/all'racilc * . Seminal
Weakness. NlRlil Losses by Dreams , Pimples on
the FaceLoit Manhood- IHt > ft/cured. T7iere
iatiurjcprrlmmtlntt * The appropriate re.T.cdy
u fit once uncdln each case. Consultations , per-
eonal or by letter , sacredly confidential. Med.
! clnes sent by Mall and Express. No mark * on
package to Indicate conteoU or sender. Address )
iiri.MMES.Ho. 204Waihlngton SI.ChicaBQ.IjL.
WIde-Awake Agents Wanted Every where for
liy James Psrton , the ( etrit hlofrrarher of the a ;
An cleirant volume or 6W pit Kf * . < 4 run p Krlllnitratlo . _ _ _
1-rlcoonlytUO UfK-rilx-iM - - n. A hook forOTI
woauuu J.lC.UaHKlbrrry.9
Tbe Loading Agricultural and UTO Stock
Journal of the West.
. S. SMITH & CO. ,
DON. HOI1T. W. FUIINAH. Hccrrtary State Hoard
of Agriculture , Aiioclata Kdltor.
BUBbCUIlTION ,1'UICK , Jl.OO per year In advance.
108 and 103 B. Hth aticol. - OMAHA , NKH
Jy 2 m&o If
Notion to Contractors and Biillclorn
Scaled propoaaU will bu reoelred up to August 11 ,
t U o'clock m. , ( or btiUdlng and completing ready
for occupancy , a brick sunuol houio , atiovo tno Joun-
datlun , lu Hfitlnxneld , Uarpy oouiuy , Nolrmk * . uo-
to plan * and tnodllottloai of Clevct
arcllucti , Om li , Ncl"Tho brick and cut ttono
ivlll l > o furnished on the ground by the building com
inlttco. All other maUrlil to bo furnUbcd by eon
traitor. 1'lana and ipoclflcatloni otn Lo eien at J
1) . flpcarraan'a store , IntJnrlnKllold , Neb. , orat Cloven
; to to conipleUU on or botcri
the It ill day ol Novomber. 18SI. llio committee ro
ecriothe tight to reject any or all bldi.
Addrcis tlulldlna : committee , fiprlugflold , Nob.
Jly ya-ioke lot
Science of Life , Only $1,00
f ± rb u teJ VlUllty , Nervous and r'nvulnU Doullltj
rrotntitnra Decline In Il&n , Eirors ol Youth , aa th
cntold mlwrles ejultlng Irora Indiscretions or ox
cetsM A book ( or over ; m n , younj , mJdlej ! ( < l
and old. ItoonUlnilSSprMcrlptlons lor ill actili
and cUronlo diseases each on * of which ls lovaluablo
Bo found by tha Author , whoso experience lot &
r * ra Is ( neb M probably never belor * fell to tba It
of any phytlean BOO ptgec , bound In beautlti
Trench nrailla moosMdoOTers , full gilt.rnanml-wi ( )
to bo a finer work n every sense , mechanical , lit-
rary and profoselooal , than any otber work sold In
Ibis country lor HKO , or the money will tx refond > <
InererylnjUnoe. PrlMonlf fl.W by mall , pot
paid , blutrativ * tampU I oeota. BMdnow. Oel
Dedal awarded the anther by th * National Ifedlca
AMooUUon , to th * officer * ol wbloh be refer * .
The BoleoK of Lite should be readbr tee yotug
InsiroeUoa. and by the afflicted lor relief.
wU beotrfl * all London Lanoet ,
There U no member of society to whom The Sel
ect * of Llla trtll not be useful , whether youth , par-
enl.ruudUo , uutrnotoror olorgrman. Argonaut.
Address tba Peabody Ifedloal bstllote , or Dr. W
tt Parker , No. 4 Balflncb Street , Boston Uass. . whc
soar be ooosolted on all diseases reoulr'-jg skill and
ejxperUnoe. CnronloandobrtlnatedUea * , that hav
baffled the sill ) ot all otber pbvt-UCsM dam
epeotaliji Bach tieated SDtwees-nCflL roll ]
ttt-rat ao lottMic * CaUore. TUVCCI C
I l-r * . ORIGINAL . i 1
M P QOUUO fit CD'S lf V
is DECWKD nr
Royal Havana Lottery I
Dravra at Havana , Hubn , Kvcrj12
to 14 Days.
TJCKCTS.n.00 , . . . HAI.VKS. 11.00.
HutjeJt t ) uo inanli/ulatlon , not controlled hy the
tpartiMln Interett. It U Uiu falrcut thUiK 111 thr
> "crlntcrti Uon nd ptrtloajan kpnlr toBHIIUKy
O0..tieo. AKcoU , VIM Mroao r. N V. city.
H KAUU ft CO. . slT VTsJnut Louli. Mo-
ft Vito\i \ Lobrtno. L.p. , M Wrandcttt , Ktn.
ifui&o i wly.
Bold Bon'n
Hy hot > ( of Iho White IIouso b v iwrished-
Anotber Y\M \ c ptur l th t boon }
Some n y th t the fond hopon I chorulied
Are dumped throUKh the theft of * peen ;
While other * roUlI the bas sUnder
Th t y boom WM blown op to the sky ,
tcnuKO of my muTelloni candor ,
And the fuel that I port ft cock-eye.
. thought that some friends In convention
Of my frMikncm would prnlncdly po k ,
Jut , mlfiUklnu my honodtMntention ,
They cruellv cbiUtoncd It "cheek. "
for my eye , why , I think 'tin conceded
By o'en the most coniumato dunce
Tli t I'd keep It-ln Mich It Bore nocilod
On lilnmarck and f > ltid tone at once.
four yws though will nuio.kly PM o\er ,
And I'll ho patient till then }
[ Jut I ppm.inn the o now in Iho elm or
That tlipy ftlnt f oen the Ut of old Hen.
Uoanwhiln I'll take ca t for n "llRhlhowo ,
And rollnqulnh my pM lon fnr jaw ,
f I cannot go into the Wlilto Huiiio ,
I'll try to crow over the caw.
Ulack walnut fit air rods IIMOM placed brasi.
Persian dcalRn * nro tupemedlng the Japan-
Iron candlesticks now decorate parlor man-
l .
Lima lace paraiol covers fell from S3 to f 7
Capototui are made of dnll jet In skeleton
( feet.
Dirntd not car tains are i > tetty for bed
x > m .
7 ho no west table mati aru of embroidered
Diimatk luathor paper for walls Is a recent
Ublna plates look ptclty on litllo green
Brooklyn girls csrry whistles with which to
jnal the ttreet cars.
Titlifn nrn now made in tlio scarf form In-
lead of boingnquaio.
A bigs * bedstead forms a mrst effective
contrr-pleco to n lady's apartment.
Largo .Tnpam-sn fani are now mounted as
crrom , with lacquered stands.
Whitfl globes are no longer tifod on chando-
lors , bolng replaced by colored.
Velvet accessories to wa h fabrics nro very
npularj collar , culfn , buttons , nnd vest.
Tlio lottst crnza in fashionable society Is ex-
> cnsivo smelling bottles , some costing S100.
A twelve year old girl has opened a. shooi
ng gallery In Nevada. She is nn expert shot.
The woman market is down 'now In Tunis ,
Urica. Wires only bring ? 20 to $120 a
Among mantel novelties are mlniaturo ca-
lodrals in fincy wood , with o clock In the
Light feather trimming and groups of fealh-
rs are used upon dremais of tulle or equally
iln tissues.
Itisthoyountrman whopopi tV > o question
y mall who imwt anxiously nwaitn n letter of
The "mannish" woman of the period np-
warIn walttfoat and dickey , a cadet cap and
auntlet phnoa ,
Among tbo dainty handkorchio In are these
f the sheerest cambrto with a narrow tinted
iordor of the faintest blue , pink , or red.
'Tis nwcot to dlo for one's country , " as tbo
Irooltlyn girl said to her 'lover when she
acklod the fifth plato of rcttiurantico cream ,
Tlio young ladles of H town near Ibis city
_ _ nvo resolved to boycott any young niun
who goes out between the nets at the tbo-
White pineapple silk-kerchiefs , embroidered
n gold , and edged with yellow lixco , arc
raped over oorsagos of inurbn , batiste , nnd
The newest black lace drexso * are liberally
supplied with pendants of jet thrown in
mong tbo flounccH and drajtcrie-t. This is a
rent Improvement.
The dainty llttlo flower-pouches now in
oguo nro seen upon every evening nnd garden
.mrty toilet whore natural or artificial ilowers
ate used an garniture.
A woman of Greenwood , Mo. , Is reported
to bo cutting bor fourtli set of There's
a woman In .Rochester who I * expecting her
fifth set from Philadelphia.
A Macon woman was lately fined $2 35 for
trlltlng bor husband on the bead with a bed
lat In a quarrel about blackberry pie. Tlio
text day she stole all his money , ? 1U , and left
or parts unknown.
Whlto diamonds are so common and the
mltatlons eo good that they hnvo ooasod to bo
eslrablo as a mark of distinction. Ladles nro
low beginning to look for the real yellow dia-
nonds , which are much moro rare and moro
beautiful in themselves.
A pretty fichu called the Marie Antoinette ,
i covered with lace rufilea made over a double
'loco ' of tulle or gnu70 , nnd cut bias and
minded. Thqsa are made both In whlto nnd
ilack laco. lrichus fnr evening wear are flat ,
orming a kind of pointed collar , of old gui-
> uro or other rich laces.
Pressing iiacliH ore very pretty made In
Mother llubbard tityln ; a plain yoke with the
required fullnofn sbiirod on , leaving a little
uillo at the top. Tim slcovrs are cut very
nuch llko n shirt Blouvo and gathered In
tround the hand with n narrow iiilllo , The
y ko may ba trimmsd with narrow velvet
Ibbon or braid , and largo ribbon hews fasten
hem together in front. The dollcito French
1 innrU In plaids or stripes nro lovely for thaso
Upon some of the latest 1'rench bonnets and
round hati ( or mldsummar wear , and made of
cool-looking nuhoi loosely plalto'1 ' , are vprnys
of hawthorn , rngand siilnrs , hnrobol'H ' , fnur-o'-
clocki , thlstlo blooms , whlto clover , elderberry
blofHoms , mid senwoiid or wood IUDSSOH , with
ntratuo looking limed * , brlsht colored , wnn-
dcrlng in and out ami t the ftowors , moss , anil
grai-sos. Snails , 'rwdlslion , munhrooms , nents
ofinlco , and tomntnrH green nnJ red- have
ft'no their place t > n the top of my lady'u fanny
garden hat.
Very useful to tnlto the place of rambrta
and other wooh ( IroaeCB are those of ttiesnro
thcHoboinfcxco'Iont for wear in every fonse ,
cool , nntoHnlly soiled. woBliing well and most
enduring. The nhwlo of the unpatteriiud
usioru In not nlwa ) s bocninlng , nnd to obviate
.Ills Ilowers and tiny palms or geometrical fig-
urei nro worked in colored atlks on Iho
tirfoco. This rullevos thu monotonous huu of
.ho inntoriul nnd silk or velvet of one plain
mlnr may bo introduced ns n trimming If
ilcsirod There pro few tunning pattern * to bo
teen , The most uro email and Isolated.
Bho Can Lift It.
The ulectrio girl in various ways
The most astounding strength displays ;
There's ono tiling uha won't lift , wo know
A hunvy mortyago vvhirh I owe.
owe.Poor DIclc.
A mun in Detroit pulls tooth to slow musio.
He Is a good btump orator ,
A colt without eyei- , toil or ears has been
exhibited to a favored few in Hiiupon county ,
Ky , It Is on a fat woman's leg.
Tight panti are going out of fashion. The
number of tight men in panta will probably al
ways remain just tlio name , however.
Do not tell a man he Ilia. It li vulgar
Bay that hi * conversation suggests to yout
mind a patent-medicine advertisement.
There are fashions llj , t never change , and
as usual , a hen anything under eveiity-fiv <
years of age PUHI < as a spring chlckeu nt al
seaside resort * .
' 'What's that thing ! " ask'd a man who WAS
inspecting n violin st-re. "That ? Oh , that'
u fd on violins. Wo call It a chin rent.1
'Glmmu one1 ! exclabmd the visitor. "S'pos
It would work on my wlfot"
The youiuc man from the country snd hi
plrl WAS drlftlne rlowly into an lce-cr sm
stlnnii , when the following mot his eye : "Va
nilla , Chocolate , Louion und Btrawbcrry ice
uuam , $1.50 par CU1 , " Ha turned ami fled ,
A Georgia wonder such ns showmen call an
electr'o ' girl , U simply a woman who can
wrench broomitick from the hands of a ma
or throw a strong man fiom clmir If heal
tempts to sit down before the chorco nre done
A man In Norriilowu has been fnnlod t
often that bo wouldn't read Dlahio'a letter un
til ho looked at tht bottom to ivcceitnln If I
contained the rldur , "l ) > o Jouoi' Ciwt.Imi
Bltt rs Fur ale by all drugglsU"Nonls [
town Herald ,
Mr. KvwU , isys tbo New York Tribune
pan being remonstrated with on account of
Is long sentence * , replied. "Hay what you
/ill , there is only ona claw of the people real-
r opponod to long sentence and that is the
Imlnal clana. "
In ono respect this season has lx > en the most
ackwnrd for twenty yoirs. The summer is
lalf gons anst no bugologlst hni discovered a
ow brand of Inocct that eats half an ncro of
/boat nt each meal. It Is pretty tough on the
armor when ho Is obliged to raise crops to
oed the same old bug or worm year after year
There are honot ( formans In Now York ,
ho , when their countrymen land In CoAllo
arden on their way to the great west , toll
bom that the train docs not stop anywhere
jcfore rsachlng Chicago ; and then the sellooch
mmterant six yards of saussgo , KO that he
nay hnvn something to cat ou the road ,
Louisvilla Courlcr-Jotitnal.
"How do you like the miach pie , Alfrodf
iked a young wife of her husband a few days
( tor marriage. "Well. It Is pretty good.
iut " "But what ? I mpposo you started
to say that It Isn't ILK good as that which your
mother makes. " "Well , yes , I did Intend to
that but " "Well Alfred
ay , , your
motl'sr mido that very pie And sent It to mo. "
fall AiierlltraM.
A man at Snow Hill , Mil. , noticed some
ices posting in and out of n rmall hole tinder
ha eaves of his bouse and told n carpenter
hat if ho w. uld remove the boxing ho could
lave all the honey stored there. The man U
tow going around hrgglng people to kick him ,
Hid when they decline be kicks himself. The
: nrpcntor found ICO pounds of nice honey
stored fimgly away , and calmly took It home
with him ,
On tlui bCiunp.
Now the raave and blithe stump-speaker ,
Mounts the ro trum , nil aflame
With ambition like a seeker
After never-ending fame.
OJKH ho wide h s thorax throttle ,
P ends he fur each hearer's vote ;
Then ho pulls n mii H block bottle
I'nitn the p'icket of his coat.
Without oven saying , "What'll
You lale ? "
A French woman who has been a widow for
Inoty-clx years Is still living at Auberlnc ,
'iho claims to bo 123 yours old ,
A black porch of extraordinary size wai
ituctht the "thor day out of Polecat crock.
Randolph county , N. C. Its weight was II j
HXinds ; its length 32 inches and elzo of the
ead around tlio gills 1C inches.
Another "blue grotto" or rather series of
! iroe largo grottoog eighty-seven metres in
ength , has been discovered on the Dalmatian
Bland of Buoi , lying to the southwest of Lis-
a. The cave Is doncrllwd by Its discoverer ,
Inron Kamsonnot , Htutrlan secretary of lega-
lull , aa surpassing the famous Oapri Grotto.
Twenty-throe porpoises were recently
caught In ono haul at Capo May by the
oata of the Capo May Porpolso fishing com *
> any. Ono tug and throe boatu surrounded
iio school not moro than 100 yards from the
bnro , about half n mile abovn tbo Stockton
otol. Fully -1,000 peoplu were on the beach
t the tlmo , watchlnir the exciting sport ,
. 'hroo sharks , ono measuring thirteen feet in
ength , wore captured at the tlmo.
Sir John Lubbock hia taught his do ? to
oad , n French savant is trying the fame ox-
crltnont with n cockatoo , nn Americnn reptile
ollector has a number of lizards whom ho In.
tructa in music , a Germnnprofotsor taught n
rane to do everything but talk , a Boston lady
plvlngnhlgh'ar education to a number of
pideis caught nnd tamed by herself , nnd
ihyslilologlsta and vivlxectionists purpose the
raining of two or throo'gcneratlons of doga In
rdcr to make their descendants produce ar-
Iculato sounds ,
"Bowaor" Witt , n colored boy of Greenville ,
fa. , died nthort tlmo ago , need 1C years ,
'on months after birth his flesh commenced
wasting awny , nnd though hn inhroa cd In
Inturo it was in the bones i nly. lie grow to
ivo feet In height , with a well developed head
ml nock , but the rest of hl body was strictly
kin and bono. When hold in front of a
trong light the process of digestion could bo
ibeorvod In his body. Ho had never walked
or talked. This cose of atrophy elUted
nuch Interest among the medical men ,
The King of Prussia recently \lsited
leedlo mnuufnctory In bis kingdom In order to
ice what machinery , combined with the
lumim hand , could produce. lie won shown
a number of superfine noodles , thousands ol
which , together , did not weigh half an ounce ,
tnd marvelled haw such mlnu'o objects could
> o pierced with an eye. Hut ho was to nee
that in this respect even something still finer
and more perfect could bo created. I ho borer
that is , the working-man whose business It
s to bore these eyes In these noodles asked
or a hair from the monarch's head. It was
oadiiy given and with n smile , tie placed It
U once under the boring machine , made a
lolo In It with the greatest care , furnished it
with n thread nnd then handed the singular
noodle to the astonished king.
The Kansas City Journal tells this story :
A singular occurrence took place yesterday on
the county bridge at Argentine. Kas. , which
was watched with great interest by many. A
urge number of swallows congregated togeth
er , ns if holdlntr n convention , most likely on
ho condition of the bridge , ns a number have
milt tholr nonts i mong the unsafe timbers.
Bo that ns it may , a dtsputa eemnod to arieo ,
is suddenly two of the largest birds , ono from
each party , singled thomseiveti out from the
ithora , and regular combat eiiiued over the
r ging Kaw liver. Finally one of the birds
received a wound on the wlnjr , causing It to
all Into the river , whore it struggled for romn
.lino. At lost n number of its comptmonn
cmno to the rescue , mid by their nisUtunco it
nt xnfoly to terra linna , nnd drying itn
ronthors coon winged Ita way south ,
A Btolmi Kins.
nm KXCUHI : .
As I budo her good-night ,
Could I help just niio stealing ?
The HIOOII'H mellow light ,
AH I hula her good-night ,
On bar face slionu BO bright ,
ThoKo rod lipi rovealinif
As I budn her good-night
Could I help juit DUO stealing ?
To take only one
And . " "
tlune.iy "Good-nlghtl"
( How quickly 'twas ' done ! )
To take only ouul
Next tlmoha'il got none :
Korl don't like it quite ,
To take only ono
And then " "
sny "Good-nightl"
Sunkcy will sing after proper
° est.
A Ohtiitman was baptised into tha Motho-
littchuith at AVhito Plains , N. Y. , re
Since the war th * colored Baptists In Texas
bave grown from nothing to over ( XX
General Booth of the Salvation army in
tends entering London at the close of his pro
vlncial tour at the head of 100 brura
There are nevonty Congregational churches
In the whole Washington Territory and the
Btato of Oregon. Twenty-one f these are In
Oregon. There are in all thirty-eight mis
slouarles ; eighteen have been added doting
the T oar. Twelve of these missionaries are u
work in Oregon.
There Is n now guild now connected with
St , 1'aul'a Kplscopal church at Sacr rnento
organized bv twenty-soven of the lounge
gliu of the church. It Is known as tltgulh
of r-t Margaret. The work nt present U can
fined to sowing.
Iios Angeles has made tl e following In-
i ejtmenU within the past t > -cart : Jifotho-
dlst } J30OOn- . K. Cliurch 8 utti , $25 000 :
Baptist , $25.000.1' K. Chunb , 934,000 : dm-
grtgatlonollsts , 830,000PrnbyttirUni , BIO. .
UHj Lutherans , * 1,000. Total § 168,000.
Tbo largest orzan In the world has juit boon
completed by Wulok of Ludwlireburg , ami
placed In tbo cathvdral church of Hlga , Tno
mstrumont monMiroi thlrty-Mz feet lu widt'i ,
thirty-two foot from back to front , and sixty *
fifret high. It cuutalus no IMS than
GSM pipes , dlstrlluted auioug 121 Bounding
stop- .
A religious orgtniiallon , ( ailed "Tho Hol | .
nan Band , " has taken a new tlaparluro In tha
way of iKlvfttton methods on the Pacific coast.
It has boon In uxlntauco only about a year ,
and 1U olflcws now claim for It memburthlp
of wwiy thousand * , It wu fuuudod by Ituv ,
teorge Newton , formerly a Methodist preach-
r , and more lately of the Salvation army.
Hattlk SnMI , n 13-rear-old girl living In St.
ohnsvlllc , N. Y. , is the originator of an in-
Arestlng schema to build a church. The
Episcopal society were attempting to ralsi
money to build n new church , and Hattietook
t great interest In the new church. She con-
oivod the plan of obtaining aid from the
talesmen nt Washington , and she wrote lot-
ers to nearly everybody whoso name appears
n the Congressional Directory , asking each to
ontribtita n fo\v bricks. Her plan was so
novel and herletters were written in such
hlldish ingenlousnes * that the responses wcro
arge. Among the contributors were Presi
dent Arthur , all the mernhsrs of the cablnot ,
Jon. Shnridan , Vlce-Prmldent Edmunds ,
Jpenker Carlisle , many of the senators , and a
nrge number of congressmen. Now she pro-
ioes to nell the nntographi which accompan-
od the contributions , nnd will bo able thornby
to mro than dupllcato the sum she received.
In ami One of tlio Hammock ,
A beautiful maiden Is beaming
In a hammock beneath the trees ,
Like jewel In filigree cot ;
As she sways In the summer brcezo ,
Her gossamer garments are gloaming
With the skirrmer of goldnn fleece ,
Like a butterfly caught In a not ,
Her sweetheart Is standing beside her ,
While Cupid Is near with his darts
O , tlio frollsomo , rollcking pott
And who could resist the sweet arU
Of beauty , and would dare chldo her
For snaring susceptible hearts
By moana ot tbat ravising not ?
His hands on the hammock are resting ,
For dear Is the burden It bnars ;
Though perhaps eho'it a fickle couelto
Who thinks of the hearts she ensnares
As merely the moans of divesting
Her mind of the many small cures
Which 'round her are weaving a not
Ho bent to bestow sweet caresses ,
But twisted the rope up above ;
The treacherous hammock upset
And rumpled the maid like n dove.
No moro will that youth pay addresses ,
Or'ovor attempt to make lovn
To a girl when she swings in n not.
Her doyo-ltka fluttering cntrallcd him ,
But she withered htm with her glance
A look that ho'Jl iixvcr forgot ,
Buttlmt _ which most madly appaicd him
Was the sight of his white duck panto
Tattered nnd torn like the net.
As the joke won aa weak ; ni the coffee there
were no grounds for hilarity.
"Because It wag shorn of its hair after it fell
nto the bands of the Philistines.
Votes on railroad trains are no Indications
of which man will bo elected president ; but it
makes a difference whether the train Is golntr
to n prlzo fight or a camp meeting.
Why U this butter like Samson ? " nskod
, ho young man at the foot of the table.
Bverybodv except the landlady woa about to
say something concerning its strength when
iho propounder of the conundrum , who
taught a class in Sunday-school , gleefully rem -
m rkod :
The Gonnnn religious rcct known M the
Dunkards ro sure not to pnt in the letter
"r" is adding to its numbers in some of the
western itntos. At n recent camp-meeting of
the denomination , held nt Dayton , O. , those
good people consumed sixty fat cattle , n ton
of bread , COOO pounds ot butter , nnd 100J
pouniU 6f coffee every day. Religion and
the "flesh-pot * of Egypt" are , however , not
always irreconcilable.
"Thatsnttlo it , ' , said Sam ChniHn , nn Aus
. 'on of our having boor for dinner on Sundays.
Wo can alford to have U from now on. Heron
n this paper I read tbat the clergy are filled
with alarm because libernlum is creeping
into the churches That dime I've been cut
ting on the plato every Snnday goes for beer
from now on. If the preachers are kicking
about liberalism I'll quit being liberal. Texas
The entire Srlvatlon Army of Rochester
was captured bv the police of that ilty last
. The " " and "
Sunday. "hallelujah lasses" "shout
ing Tommies" were engaged at the time in
making a public nuisance of themselves by
beating tambourines and indulging in similar
devotional oxerclies. The army had formed
In "holler" square with a view to receiving
cavalry in front of the court house. When the
enemy's skirmishers were teen advancing
under cover of clubs. In a very few moments
tbo entire Army , consisting of eighteen war-
tors , male and female , nlt r tholr kind , bad
aid down their arms and delivered themselves
up as prisoners of war. The police , unable to
mderstand the essential difference between n
ilaln , nocnlar disturbance created in the name
> f religion , "ran in" tbo "Tommies" nnd
.ho IASJOS ,
One of our divines has not been preaching
politics in vnln. Ho visited the Sunday-school
econtly and ( poke upon the lesson nt eomt
ongth. Then ho sumnad it up rupldly , nnd
when he had explained tbo characters of
various men , some good and ttome bad , ho
naked :
"What were the bad men called ? "
Nobody auHWorcd , the scholars all open
Ing tholr months and looking blankly nt
"Corao , now , " enid ho , impatieitly , "what
vect , clas , or party was it that I have been
telling you about ? Don't you rememcor the
sentence beginning 'Woe unto you ? ' Now
what were these men culled ? "
A little fullow un thu back scat rniflod bis
baud and the leather smiled ou bun. "That's
u nice boy. Now tell us what they were
called. "
'Democrats " ho and the
! yelled , speaker
said ' Lot us now eing No. 47fi. "
Bill Illinium , RI IX
( Whiehu Mule Drirtr. )
Hitch up the old stugo-CLuel ) , you boys ,
Dun Miimilng talio the whip :
Geoigo Williams , you get up behind ,
Thvio'jl bo jolting sure thu trip.
Tom Nast , you paint the harness up
And give friend Puck the tip ;
Wu'ilcitll It Independent conch
John Kelly , none of your lipl
It's tha same old Democratic hack ,
But no piu'sougeru we'll git
[ f they sea the sumo old vehicle
In which old Tilden sit.
3o rive her a touch of Reformers , point ,
Supplied by the Cobden Club ,
When wo ot thor shell have a load
That will sink her to the hub.
CltiveUnd's hlmiolf a heavy load ,
With his vetoed bills and elch ,
Making of law the i > oor man'a goad
Andcrlngin * to tno rich.
Then Hendrick * , he's no slouch for weight ,
Now he's oil the fence.
He hat brought bis old Peace speeches along
( I wish bound some sense. )
But cheer up boys , I'll bring you through ,
And get to thu Whlto House yet ;
Bill Barnum's driving these hero mules ,
And he means biz , you bett
Q. N.
Marie Roze will not appear upon the stage
thin saason.
Theodore Thomas's orchestra at Long
Beach U proving u great H'lcceaa.
Lilly Langtrysailod for England on boarc
tbo Arizona ou Saturday morning last.
It is announced that Jouetfy , the pianist ,
will appear lu concerts in Chicago next sea
sen ,
German opera In London , under tha direc
tion of Herman lllchtcr , has been a financla
Mme. Theo will arrive about August 25 to
bogiii ruhoartals of "Madame Bcnifucu" at
Mr , Lewis Morrison and company are trav
ellug through the noith-wcut pre-cntlug "A
Celebrated OM" nnd "Tho Duke'n Motto. "
Thu Sltml and Limpaoj opera troupe , fron
Mexion , numbering sixty pop o , opened li
San Francisco last WeJnotdny In "Aida. "
Mist Hecklu , the toprano singer , will fulfil
an engagement at Cincinnati at the sutnuie
concerts during her vacation visit to tha
city ,
( lllmorn'a band and the Seventh Regiment
Band , of New Yuik , will elvo ooacerU daily
.t . the second annnal Southern Exposition , to
pen at LuoUville in Angnst.
A oomody drama , successful In the south
entitled "Our Colored Friond" will be pw
luced at Tony Pastor' * theatre August 11.
larry Myers is the colored friend.
There are now over thirty light opera com-
> anos ! sincingnll over the country , nnd as yet
ho season not commenced. To what ox-
ont they can multiply In numbers and still
; ain supK | > rt for each troupe is one of the
iroblcms in musical management.
Tha latest fashionable affectation In London
s to have negro minstrels , who hnvo for years
jocn confined to the the variety shows of the
metropolis , appear at select parties In Eolcrxvo
where the banjo and the bon o are moro In
'nvorthan the violin or piano.
Mr. Gyo announces that ho has pccurod the
'ollowlng ' aitlsts for his season of Italian op *
jra In the United States next season : Mmo.
AlbnnI , Mme. Fursch-Madi. Mile. Tromolli ,
iignorl Galossi , Moil I , nd the French singer
M. Castclmary. Ho Is trying tn obtnn th *
service * of Mme. Nllsson , but the wants
3,000 in ovoninc , which is rather moro than
lie desires to pay ,
The William Theatre , Berlin , N built on
part of a garden. At th did of each act the
ludlenco go out into a garden until a boll
rings to glvo notice of the next , Tlio second
act of "Trovatoro'1 is compressed into twelve
minutes , and a recent visitor says that the
audience evidently expected moro of it , for no
one stirred. A notice , ' 'End of the Act , "
roeo out of the stage , and In two minutes the
exodus was complete. Each tlmo the entire
audience wont out in loss than two minutes
nnd refilled th house In less than three. The
eating and drinking was not done hastily at
the bar , but leisurely at tables. The waiter
in a few econds would cover a table with a
cloth , knives and forks , plates , etc. , nnd
people had n series of llttlo meals between the
nets , while the others wnlked about until the
bell rang.
"Why Doth He ?
Why doth the little country boy
Tear madly at his pants ?
Unthinkingly ho sat him down
Upon a crowd of ants.
The Hutchot.
The fashion for wedding presents among the
truly tony is changing nnd the demand is now
for rare novelties In beaten brass and copper ,
parlor ornaments and clocks ; und antique sil
verware modeledjofter ancient patterns and
Franklin was muried at twenty-one. Mo
zart at twenty-five. Byron , Wahington ,
We lington and Bonapart at twenty-seven.
Pool at thirty-two. Wadsworth at thirty *
three. Wllberforce at thirty-eight. Luther
nt forty-two. Addison at at forty-four. And
old Parr , for the third time , at,102.
One of the latest applications for a wife
which has found its way into print is from nn
Idaho hotel keeper , who wants "a good , honest
woman" tw a wife , and offers a good , comfort
able homo for such a ono. Ho describes him-
( elf as a bachelor of 32 , and the owner of n
aotel , stables and n ranch on ono of the few
routes to the Coourd'Ale no gold fields. Ho
says ho Is doing n fair butlneis nnd wants to
; ot married , but cannot find a girl of any nso
within n radlui of three hundred miles ; to he
wrote to the commissioner of immigration in
Vow York City to procure ono at Cattle Gar
r. Jay Bush , of Eastan , Md. , fell from a
julldlng several weeks ago nnd was severely
ujured. Ho has not been nblo to leave his
jed since. Mr. Bush nt ths time he was hurt
was engaged to bo married to Miss Julia
Booth , of Monroe county. Now York , and
the wedding day was fixed. Miss Booth , ac
companied by the brother of the injured man ,
went to Enstoii to see him about a weelc ago.
After her arrival it wns determined that the
marrlagn should take place in order that the
lady might properly remain nnd nurse Mr.
Bush , and on Monday lost they wore married
by Bav. Mr. Little. Mr. Bush waff obliged
to remain in bed during the marriage cere
Among the exiles In the Island of Sagha-
lion , Eastern Siberia , the following custom
prevails : If n man winhcs to got married he
applies to the governor who forthwith selects
ono of the female prisoners whom tlio candi
date for holy matrimony is expected to
"keep comp ny" for two or three days. If nt
the concuslon of this term the male party de
clares to the governor that the lady selected
it not to his 'mind , he receives twenty-five
blows with unstick and another bride is cho
sen for him and so on. The same course is
adopted with the female prisoners who are In
search of husbands. These matches nro term
ed "official mnrrlageB , " or the "governor's
marriages. " They nre without religious cer
emony ,
It la announced that Mias Kate Sutro , the
daughter of the builder of the Sutro tunnel ,
who is now In Europe , is engaged to be mar
ried to a German professor at Borlin. "It
seems , " says the Virginia City Enterprise ,
"the professor saw a photograph of the young
lady , and although he bad never soon the orig
inal , he fell in love with the picture. Iio
wrote several letters , none of which were
answered. At last Miss Sutro became so an
noyed that f ho mode a largo package of the
letters , not one of which had boon answered ,
and sent them to her father , who was lu Spain.
When Mr. Sutro went to Berlin he saw the
professor and was so agreeably impressed with
him that headlined his daughter to answer.
A correspondence was then opened iwhlch ro
suited ns announced.
Iho proof at the pudding Ils not In chewing
the string , but In having nn opportunity to
test the article direct. Schrotor a , Becht , the
Druggists , have n free trial bottle of Dr. Bo-
snnko a Cough nnd Lung Syrup for each nnd
every ono who is nfllictod with Coughs , Colds ,
Asthma Consumption or nny Lung Aifoction.
Tlio Olilof Mourners.
NEW YOIIK , August 1. The democratic
national executive commltten to-day decided
to Icnso the hoiii" No 11 , West 21th street ,
for headquarters. During the meeting iv gen *
oral discussion on thn plan of the campaign
took pluco , nnd the following advisory cam
paign committee to the executive committee
was appointed : Senators A. P. Gorhnm
( Md.M.W. ) Ransom ( N.O. ) , B F. Jonns
( Tin , ) , , T. 8. Burbour ( Vu ) , Hubert O.
Thompson ( N. Y. ) , A. A. Browne ( Ind. )
Hereford's A old I'Jiosplmto.
Imitations and counterfoils hnvo ngain
apeared. Bo euro that the word
IoRHFoiio's" ia on tlio wrapper. None
are genuine without it.
The Oliolorn.
LONIIOH , August 1. The report comes Irom
Cardllf that a man died of cholera on tbo
French steamer Graville. from Marseilles , at
anchor in Peuarth roads. The body wad
thrown overboard. Another man on board
Is very ill.
MAIIBKILLIH , August 1. Eleven deaths
from cholera here last night , two at Toulon ,
Fugitives are returning In Increased num
bers. The city Is.becoming more animated anc
shops .
toopomng. x
"What causes the great rush nt Schroter &
Becht's Store'r ? ' The free distribution
Drug i . _ t TT11 ! - _ _ . 1 t _ _ . _ , !
now on'the market Hogular elzo 50 cenU anc
"Ho Blio\vcd JIliiiBoll a Coward. "
From the Kentucky Btato Journal.
"Lizo , why didn't yor lot Bill Thomp
son take yer homo from the ball las
"Kase Moll ho done ' '
, , gene nn' awow'c
hUo'f a coward , that'a why. "
An' how did ho do dot , LIze ! "
"Why ho had two razors in his pock
etc , an' 1 says ant ouny foiler whut carries
rios inor'u one razor to a ball wid him am
a coward an' ain't no gon'Jomau , I does
Flr-Ht OlubH InBiirniicc.
lunura with the Jliomai' f.ltttrie ( hi. It
the ihea [ e t uiul bust method of luauranro we
know of , liy its u o you are euro to e8C l > o
many grovlous nchfs niul Jiatna. I'ollcleu nre
obtainable i f all dxugghtii In tbo form of bottle
tle * at 5J cenU and 1 each.
1206 Farnam Street , Omaha , Neb.
Stylish Suitings in florksorews , Worsteds and Cheviots
B3i9 Aii inspection of our Goods and Prices , tells the story.
Propriotora. Suporinnndont
Omaha Iron Works
Ml and Grain Elevator Machinery
Celebrated Anchor Brand Dufour Bolting Clotb
\Vo nro prepared to furnish plans and estimates , und will contract for
the erection of Flouring Mills and Grain Elevators , or for changing
Flourinc Mills , from Stein to the Roller Syotem.
UST'Egpecial attention given to furnishing Powder Plmt3 for anj- purpose -
pose , and estimates made for seine General machinery repairs attended f
promptly. Andres
EIUHAED & CLAUKE , Omaha , Neb ,
. , . ,
Reina Victorias , Especiales , Roses in 7 Sizes from $
to $120 per 1000 ,
Grapes , Thistle , Lawrence Barrett , Caramels. New Stan
dard , Good Advice , New Brick.
C2UO _ * t2
TO cn o s
tn < n3 5 P
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