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Owing to the increase
in our business we've
admitted to the firm
Mr Edwin Davis , who
is well and favorably
known in Omaha.Thi&
will enable us to han
dle an increased list
of property. We ask
those who' ' have desi
rable property for
saleto place the same
wfth us. The new firm
1W 1 "
i n
C17 St. Chnrlos St. , St. Lonls , Mo.
A rrt l r r 4o l M M 4l t CollM'i , ht li f l T > t
tncittdln tb trfclftttrtitmcBt ef Cniowtc Niivni * . Bun
ftnH KtMiD Kun.Mlhio o ? elfitr I'kjiltlit la BU lx li
M Mir rift" > h. ml lf oil iril4 i < lit >
Nervous Proitrallon , Debility , Menial nm
Physical Weakness ; Mercurial and other Aftec
tlont ot Throat , Skin or Bones , Blood Poisoning
old Sores and Ulcers , > r > ittatM itb ntl.r u.i
iufff itf n uif.i ifleatlfla i > rlttlr > l , fl ' * ly rrttKUlf ,
Dlseaics Arising from Indiscretion. Excess ,
Exposure or Indulgence , vith iro.iotf m r thi
follo lri * ' ftfti ntnotiiaeM , drlllktr , dlmntii or ilb
ttd dfpftt mitmBrf | ime1rnn t. < * f , tl > } .lFtl dftfaf
At rilftnlo lh * net tj or frmulM , fAnta'tii efld in .
rendering Marr-lAKe Improper or unhappy , an
ffrmikncltlr rnrrl , tmphltl < 34 r R * < l"Hlh * fcboff , Ifn
In .MlM rntont * . fr.ln tor l > 1rM , r < n aUkllcn fclvf
fceeor l > y mail free , an Hntitf 1 Writ * tor uctilcni.
A Positive Written Guarantee
tire In .11 r M CUM. llrdlclnei unl M.rjwher * .
I'amplileti , Encllnh or Oorman , 01 p gn . d * '
criblnaabovodlieaieMnmaloor fein l , I'llEB
JMWMIH , H p1Hf . llluilr.1'1 In rlolb mtmiln4ln !
MVsmintf eriiuite. m > | | * r turn , SV. Tbli Uol
tonuloi ll > eurloni , Aouijtrtil or Inqil.liln > it tt
A tock of rcM | il ; tr > ( to ill , Unllti.
> ui n f'ci" l < l l > / III
The tenrmhlpi ol thti well-known Una are built o
Iron , In wntor.tlRht oampartmont * , and uro Inrnlnl
( xlwltti o > efy requisite to nuke tbo tiamiro bet
afo and agreeable. Tlioy carry the United State
and European matin , anil I-at o Now York * Thurt
dajsandnattirdajifor I'lymnuth ( LONDON ) Choi
bourK.lMltld ( ) vnl 11AMI1UMO.
lUtcn : First Cabin , $15 , W5 and 176. SleeraRC.IS
Henry 1'iindt , Mark llannn , f .11 , Slonros , II. Toll
Mftntaln Omaha , Groncwleif & fichncntKcn.dgcnUli
Cjuncll ninffj. tt II. IIICHAP.D * CO , don. Pas
Ats , Bl llrovlwar , tt. V. Clmi. Koimlrnlcl A Co
( leneril Wistoin AainU , 107 WMihlnxton St. . Chla
OnoxpocUl feature o
lltdgo'i Kooil , In con
la It ntiitrM actkr
upon the how eta. Ko
.V thl rcaHim/ Is fpe
tlall } aJa | ted to tlioni
Heannim when bowi
t'onb c nro to fro
I u o n t , Itomembir
ldo' ( Food In an ( l >
and TKIKII preparation
laving tutu In ti-o lu
thirty yearn In Eii lani
nd America * . It l a iicrfsctly nato and nnurlshlnf
let for all condition ! . In cans , 35u , 6fc , 1 2am
1 76. Sold by ( IrusKhtu Htnd to Woolrlch Jt Co ,
'almor , Maw , , foriiaraphloUrce ( ( ) .
Tn tn noolilnl th
nurUt , coiuinercli
traveler and DOW tc
tier , HoBtottcr'flSka
tnncli Hitters tapeou
llarl > adapted , elnoi
It Ktrfngthcna th <
Ijracn the phjulca
Bvn cncrgloalo uahcaltl
F ' fnl jnllucncoi" . Itro
mo c anil jirevcnt )
malarial ( over , eon
etlpdtlon , dyepcpsial
hialthliilly ttlma
bladder amloiiilchc !
nnv ell as purllloK the
Mood. IVhen over
o u in o by litlifiie ,
whether mental 01
pb ) ical , Iho wear )
and debilitated Hiitl
rollablu nnurrn ot renewed ntrenith and cnmtort ,
nile br > ll ilniL'trI tH nnd doalurn gcnuruMv.
Aa rmlUnt rrttlilrclott * ftf iiquUluflittrt owttM < HTtrn
* ! nl1 , nit * UtRprfiifc , X > litb * , ttjtt tcl AfiM. nl fctl
lt rJ H of l * > HVntlTH UFf ) . A rt diepo lurirt * dclkl i fl T >
N | l M of rl i > t ( it4 , * aJ u * U ! ! urlui * Tfj It.
j. v ; .
jtftntntrA.Y if. Y.
\VHIrmrliy Ibn nLOOD.Tcpm.
1 itu tbu LIVER "ml KIDNEYS ,
mill iii-HTdin ; TIIK IIIAX.TI
mill VIOOll of YOUTH. l > > -
pcliflhtVaiHOfAppuUIC , jii-
dlKi'Hltoii , I nok nt Ktri-nRtli ,
and 11''I'll I'fcJlliKnl'soliitely '
ciirud , llniiffl. nniscli'snnit
liill\i > iii llm inliiil nmi
nnpnlloa Ilrnln I'tiwrr.
Sutfi i uiKlioiii eoinplulnti
iii-Liillirtn thi'lr ux will
nnd In UH. JIAHTKH'H IKON TONIO n t > ntn nnd
rprudy inro. ( ilvi'i u i lenr , liciillliy coinpluxlon.
l iciiitunt ultrinptH nl LonnttrfiHIiiK uulyndil
to tliupopnl irlly < if thu orlclnul , l > u nut cxperl-
uiunt fiutlliu OnmtNAi AND llrST.
Hiui < lyimr ihlri'i5lo'lh" Dr. llnrturMnl CVi.
St.I ul . Mo.lnr onr"DKKAM 11OO1C. " ,
I'ullol ttraijcounj useful luformullouIroefr j
A victim ot ontly imprudence , cr. 'ini ; nervous
lohlllty , iirniiiAturn duo/ , rte . li&nnir irim lu
lalucvury t-rown runirdy , littdlRruvonHl n nlinn'q
iiictC' VI Liilr-vure , wuicfi ho will Bii-d 1'lUUi Co
W3ielliiWilTc'riiM AiMnwH ,
Ji II KKKVKK. > - * ii ltiamt w New Vnr
, ( Uvnt0.voi.TAIO IIKI.T nnd otlirr Kuornia
M AinuM.iTH in.i eonl nn Ul Doya' Trial ' 1O
HEN ONLY.QVHQ OU OLD. Mini nr nuffor-
( nit from NKHVOUH imuiLiTy. I IST VrrAUrr.
WiBTimi WriKxribu , nnd nil tnoso dUennwi ot n
I itiiioNii. NTUUK. rvcultltiK from Aucsu nnil
Oriirn < uu . Hm | > dy relli-f oml nimplul *
rutoratlon to ilr.iLTM , Vioou mill Hinnooii
uuiniNTKFrt. b * nd at ouco for IllUAtmtvii
I'uniililrt trro. AUnreia
fOI/l'AH'mi.y _ _ ; CO. . mumlinll , Blleh.
inlrt r.traiimil r r . Hook In * .
Iprvous Debility & nuu ru lou LN.r.
* 5K& _ _ w' ' l cun NeiTouinrM ,
'i-n5 t5R5r y' ' KusIli1tiei % .
- ftrrVoin r.riT" J KtdiiiHpliio * nUrcr \
WKTWP DElL-j-dd i a i , ( iout.AMI < in .ll.rt
fl ' ' ' ' ' * ' 'Ol"fl'
SSJfCHi * .Miuif'i I' TO' . .
Vj T . l'lli' E'liri r , linnutrnrjr !
OamhAKUv.Viola. . . . . Uterietc. Only MlrnlllloMJo
Irni Melt In Aimili.tilmi w-mutliD KlcHrlcllr and III K > th roiirli I tin Uuily. and un Iw ri cliarut'd In an tu-
tULOtlirth iwUiiiu
BI.OOO Would Not Quu It.
DB. noRM I was amiotej with rhounutlim and
jured by Uilng a belt. To any out anlloted with
that dlttiaev , I would lay , buy llorno'i Klectrlo Dolt ,
Any ono can confer with me by writing calllnir
a | my tor , 1120 Douglai gtreet. Omaha , Nub.
MAIN OKFlCB-im Douglat Htnut.
IVKoroaleatO , f. Oocnluiiu'i Urutf Otoro * 1110
araauiMt. Ouuhi.
( rdfr filled O O D
Health is Wealth !
. K. \ > Vt'Mt'H NXIINS AMP IlllilX TllItTUI < T , D
rilitfed tlxclJo fur ll ) turla. DKcluixf , Conuil
ion ! , I1U , Hoivou * NiurulxU , Hodanbe , Nirxiii-
To l ration caused by Ilio mi ul nlcutuil nr luhncco ,
Vakelnlnwi. Mental iloprrMdun , Holtenln ol Iho
> r ln rxxiltlnv In Inwnlty and ! adlii | [ In mUury ,
omy and duath , 1'reu.atura Old Ak'D. lUrruno'B loin
I I'oKorln cither tx , Iinoluntary Io o and Hptr
mtuili ra rauted by otvr exertion of the lialn , nil.
bang or orer imlulu'iitsi Kucli l i ronulnfuii
montn'i trcatir.tnt ? 1 CO a bnz or nls t > uxim lui
, tcntby mall ] iri | ldou rwoolpt nf | ir.c .
\\KOUAUANlii' \ : Bl.I10XK3
TH cure any < * . With nidi order rurvlvwl by II
( "r U l.nid * aoooiU | > uuli > 'l ' with 00 , e Mill KnJ
U * puirlianer our vilttcii liuorintoo to rotund tin
money II the trratncntd t not iti"tacuro. Oiur-
n'rvi \ * uvoaly \ by JOHN 0. WKHT CO .
) , uu . i f tc : ila . . . "n Jt , tL-c s , Ii
TbeOrinin ftlieFacltiDgBnsiDessanf
How It Is Carried On ,
A Trnclo tlmt Gives Employment tc
a Ijnrgo Number of 1'crnonn
Its Profits.
Itotton HcrnlJ.
EAftTTon7 , Mo. , July 15 , IRSt Vorj
few nro awnrovhon they purchaao a til
box of sardines , tlmt in eplto of the ( jnu
cly nnd nttrnctivo label it hours , with id
Ifronch inscription and Napoleonic head
thcso "little tishos piled in ilo" nro no
the clupca enrdino from the coast ol
Sardinia nnd from other parts of tin
Mediterranean son , but are nothing tnon
nor loss than n Yankee herring caught of
the cowl of Maine , put up in cotton
seed oil. The imitation , deception 01
fraud ( whichever you may aoo fit to torrri
it ) is BO complete that the imported
sard In o is rarely , if over , unod ni a hori
d'cuitvro , but in its stead wp have the
little Maine herring garnished with
numerous slices of lemon , quite ns Invlt
ing to the epicure and with a flaroi
as highly esteemed. In fact , the
day of the imported aardino hat
passed , and niuo-tonths of the
sardines now oaten in this country come
from Maino. How this was all broughl
about may bo told as follows : For some
titno prior to 1875 , a Now York firm ,
Messrs , Wollf & Ilotuing , were ongagoc
in experiments endeavoring to product
an article similar to the French sardines
They hnd n room fitted up in their ston
which no ono was allowed to cntor , excepting
copting the two members of the firm one
the Frenchman who was engaged in tin
experiments. On account of being un
able to secure exactly the fish thoj
needed , it seemed ns If all their labor nm
olibrta were to bo of no avail , and thoj
worp considering the question of aban
doning their project when Mr. Wei if , on <
of the firm , visited Eaatpprt , Mo. , and
on ( seeing the small herring caught ir
that vicinity , which was then used foi
farming purposes , ho felt that at last hi
liad discovered the long sought for fish ,
As the rosut of his investigations in 187C
lie established a factory in Eaatport anc
commenced canning. Since then then
have boon eighteen other jcanning fao
Lories established in Eastport , two n1
Kobbinston , seven at Luboc , with oni
moro in process of erection , three a
Joncsport , nnd ono onch at Milbridgo
Lamoino , Bass Harbor , Brooklyn and
Caindon , besides ono nt St. Andrews ,
N. U.
for the manufacture ot the sardines arc
: nutht ; in the waters of Passamoquoddt
jay nnd vicinity. Largo weirs are built ,
juing constructed of piles driven firnilj
in n depth of water not exceeding 20 feet ,
while the space between the mlcs is filled
with brush interlaced with the rails which
Biirround the piles. A largo opening in
.ho enclosure la loft , through which the
icrring enter at high water , and n drop
uoino is used to close the opening when
.ho weir is well filled. Just before low
vrator the fishermen enter the weir in a
let boat , and , with n hugh scoop not , take
.ho fish out imd ; deposit thorn in the
joat. The fish are offered for sale by
, ho hogshead to the boatmen of the different
factories about Bovonty'-Cvo in
ent - num
ber , each factory employing from two to
six boatmen and the bidding commenc
es , whiclijiit timesnlmoat rivals the stock
exchange ; in fact , it is the aardjna ex
change. If only n few of the weirs have
fish the bidding is spirited , and a high
price is obtained for the haul ; but , if fish
nro plenty they do not bring so high. , o
price , and tin bidding is attended with
loss excitement When the industry first
started ? L per hogshead was need
; oed , fair price , within the
nst two years , as high
as ? . ' ! 0 hns boon paidfor nhogshoad. After
the fish had boon transferred to the boat
of the highest bidder , n start is made for
the factory , n small signal flag being run
up to the top mast , to show the owners
nt the factory that fish are on the way.
When the wharf is reached the fish nro
hoisted from the boats nnd placed in
largo tanks partly tilled with salt water ,
to preserve them until they nro nil cut.
FJOIII these tnnkn they nro taken In
largo bankets to the cutting room nnd de
posited on the long rough tables , where
they nro sized by the cutters , nnd by n
doxtorlous ewcop of their largo knives ,
nro quickly decapitated ; the ontrals being -
ing pulled out by the minio movement ,
llio operation is performed with ench
quickness that those skilled in the bus
iness will cut sovcnty-fivo n minute.
Ench cutter Una n box which when full ,
is carried to the foreman of the room ,
and the cuUorreceives a tin ticket ntamp
od with the company's initial and nmount
to bo pnid. Theeo cultora nro mostly
boja and girls from 10 to li ( yenra of ngo.
uud , in having wnat they term n "good
week , " they earn from § 0 to $18. After
being cut
This is douo by placing them in tubes
and calling them thoroughly , after which
they nro washed in sovonil changes of
water , nnd then placed in low , flat bask
ets , when , nttvr being carefully drained ,
they are hoisted Into the ilaking-rooni.
The flaking is done by woman. The
tbkus nro of "tviro , nearly thrco foot long
by 2 feet in width , nnd the fish nro
spread on , euro being tnkon that space is
left between each fish to avoid trouble in
biking. When a fluke is filled it is
placed in the racks which stand in front
of the mouth of the ovmi. The mnn in
charge of the even takes them from the
rack and places thorn on the skeletons in
the ovon. Each skeleton will hold four
flakes , nnd it is revolved by steam power.
Thu oven will hold forty flakes. By the
time the laat skeleton is filled * these on
the first ono nro baked sulUciuntly , nnd
nro removed to the racks , their places
being immediately filled with flukes of
friiah fish. From the rnoks men tnko
thorn to tables , where the packers , who
nro women , place them in tin boxes , ac
cording to their size , the smallest being
used for oil nnd tomato sardines , the
medium for mustard nnd mnrinoo sar
dines , while the largest are packed in
oval cans , and uro called "son trout. "
Into onch box ia poured oil and the vari
ous preparations of aplco , lemon , vinegar
sugar and mustard thai are usud ,
The total capital employed islGP,350. ]
Employment is given to 2,000 men ,
women and children , nnd about 810,000
is disbursed weekly for wages during the
Hoaaon. In addition to packing sardinon ,
some of the factories cm lobsters nnd
blueberries in their euanon.
extends from April ID to December If ) ,
leaving four months of the your for close
time. In 1877 about 1,000 cases , 100
cans mch , wuro packed , while In 1880
about 100,000 eases worn packed and put
on the market. In 1877 the price of
qunrtor-ojla was 810 CO , while in Decem
ber , 1683 , they wuro sold for $5 HO , the
latter year btiing the hardest over known
in the business. The actual cost of n boi
of tUbso salt water herring converted in
to passable sardines is about 6 cents ,
lipsidoo packing oil and mustard sardine ;
most factories pack "Hussian sardines. '
They also manufacture pomnco which if
sold to futilizlng companies. When fisli
nro abundant the factories run from 1
o'clock In tJio morning to midnight. The
largo concerns pack 2f > 0 cases daily dur
ing thcso hours. In the busy season the
wages earned by women who pack flake
nro from S10 to $18 per wcok. Thr
wharf mon earn from ? ' ' to § 15 ; senior !
from $15 to $ . ' 10 ; can-makers from $18 tc
? .10j senmors ? 10 to $10. The price ol
packing per case varies oioh wcok nnd ii
governed by the price of fish , which mnj
bo 85 per hhd. the first of a week ami
$25 the latter part of the same wook. A
fair average ia from 85 50 to ? 50.
UroRNOd I'cnplo dnn't
dingy or faded things when the lOc , nnd gtiar
nntood Diamond I > ; o will mnko thorn peed ni
new. Thsy are parfoct. ( tot at druggists nnc
bo economical. Wollo , KichnrJson & Co.
Burlington , Vt.
'lsTl IjIVItITIK3.
The Iiclpalc Flro Department.
From the lionton Transcript.
A couple of days in Loipsic convinced
mo that the only feature that 'would in
terest the , unmusical tourist is the fire
brigade. I had the honor of inspecting
this wonder in charge of a mighty oflicui
with nn American friend to net ns inter
preter. This is my first glimpse of the
German fire system , nnd it has pursuadod
mo that aside from the good discipline
enforced it is little less than n roaring
farce. All the mon and apparatus are
stationed in ono house , n protontioue
brick building located near the confer ol
the town. The fire alarm telegraph h
an unknown convenience , but they havi
a system which they Boom to regard as
ita equal , a man in helmet and rubboi
coat , nrmod with ax nnd saber who par
ades up and down the sidewalk befort
the building , on the lookont for smoke ,
The lower floor of the structure is divided
into three apartments , ono occupied bj
the horses nnd the others bj
the apparatus consisting ol
three or four hand engines , r
steam engine , a fire escape , n few exprost
wagons and hose reels. All these machines -
chinos are BO hopolosaly jammed togothoi
that it is impossible to roach these in the
background until the others have loft the
house. The upper floors of the building
contain the and n smok
ing-room furnished with settees and long
tables , where nt almost any hour of thf
dny the Loipsio firemen can bo seen hard
at work drinking beer or sleeping off its
ofTecta. 1 hnd some difficulty in finding
out just what occurs in that
house in case of firo. If at night it
ia something like this , if wo translated
our guide's remark".correctly : When the
man on the aidowaik sees the fire , smello
smoke , or in nny other way becomes con
vinced that n conflagration Is in progress ,
ho gives the alarm to hia friends in the
Hmeking room. When they are con
duced that the Bontind'a observations
nre founded on fact , an electric boll Is
Bounded to reuse the Bloopers in the
dormitories. The horses nro harnesaod
and conveyed nround the building to the
npparatus rooms , the hand engines nro
attached to the express wngons , the mon
board the latter and in five minutes
the guido assured ua the brigade
was ready to move. Ho probably
meant that the vanguard sot nut at the
exfctratlon of that time. Inasmuch ,
however , na thrrholo brigade attends
every alarm , f -e must bo nt lenst
twenty minutes difloronco in the time of
the departure of the first cngino and
the firo-escnpe which stands against the
roar wall. In foot , it must bo lively
about that engine house for at least half
nn hour nftor the receipt of an nlarm ,
while the various machines are getting
under way. I informed the guide that
in America the firemen took only fifteen
seconds for getting their machines from
the houso. His reply was the Gorman
aquivnlont for "toll thnt to the marines. "
It ia no simple matter for a Gormnn to
wink in fifteen seconds. The saddest
feature of the Loipslo brigade to mo ,
however , was the sopming inefficiency of
the firo-oxtinguishing machinery. It
would bo a discouraging task to water n
lawn with those hand engines ; in fact ,
they might have dlilfculty in fulfilling
satisfactorily the role of face perfumers.
Thuro is just ono point where this fire
Burvlco seema proficient , nnd this ia in
regard to discipline nnd organization.
The physique of the men is capital. Al-
logother the brigade might bo compared
to the Prussian guard , nrmod with pop
guns. _
Pllon nro freriueiitlv preceded by a senee of
Weight In the back. lohiR and lower part of the
tiliiliinimc.Miaiii ) ( } the patient to riupposo hehna
aomo aifuctlon of the kidneys or neighboring
) rf'aiw. At times , ayin toius of ImiigobUon
iiioiiresojit , as tiitupncy , uneasiness of the
stomach , otc. A moistcro lilto pornpiration ,
producing u Aery disagreeable itching pnrticu.
luily nt iiljjht nftor Kottlup warm in hod , its
very common attendant. Internal. Kxternal
and Itching PHoa jlold lit once to the applica-
tlon of ] ) r. lloBiinko'u 1'ilo Koinody , which aciv
dlroctly un the lurta niroctoU , absorbliiR the
tumors , allaying the intonno ItchliiL' , mid of.
foctlnu D permanent euro whcro other romo-
dioii have foiled. ] ) o not delay until the drain
on the RVHtoin iireduccvi jienniniont dlaabillty ,
out trv It and do cured. Schrotor ft Hoditlit
"Trado auppllad hy O. F Goodman. "
rhoricnanntry ot Two Illoli blatora
Tlmt Will Knit In a Court ofLnw.
ow York Herald ,
Two marriage notices , of which the
ollowing are copies , were printed in a
ocul newspaper published in Now Ilo-
hello on the 12th iust. :
MoNALLY W YLKH-At Now llochelle ,
n Juno 39 , 188t , by William Plnkney , Kiq. ,
ustico of the I'o.icp , Fred , O. McN'ully , of
L'hlcago , III. , to Lydla Lyon Wyles , of Mima-
NCtWYLK3 On June 30 , IBS I ,
t New Uochelle , N. Y. , by William I'luknoy ,
Nn. , Justioo of the 1'eac * . Henry W. Wat-
Ing , of Detroit , Mich , , to Mary F. Wylen , of
iliwgachusott ] ,
Mr. 0. E. Keno , of Now Rochelle ,
eaterday made a motion before Judge
* lilla , holding special tonn of the Win-
olwator county court at White Plains , for
ho appointment ot a guardian nd litem
or the two young wives , and the motion
was granted , Mr. William 11. Duckor , of
Brooklyn , being chosen guardian. The
> etition , which was aubmittod with the
notion , sots forth the desire of the young
vtunon to legally annul their marria td
with their respective husbands.
Theao marriages were oem audacious
and romantic , and illustrate the danger
surrounding young girls who are allowed
.o form casual acquaintances , The
Rinses \Yylns are daughters of the Into
llpnry ] N [ Wyloa , of Worcester , Maes ,
> yilia L , Wyles ia 18 years old and Mury
F. is 10 years of age. Both nro very
pretty , accomplished nnd wealthy. An
older sister ia the wife of their newly up.
pointed special guardian. William II.
Decker , who rosldoa nt Huguenot park
New ilochello , during the summor. Thi
young ladies have a guardian nt Worcester
costor their mother nnd father boin |
dedd who haa boon looking after the !
education nnd estate. During the las
season they have attended n youii ]
ladies' seminary in NVorcestor. Whil
there they made their acquaintance o
their rcspectivo husbands , who were at
tending n military academy in the sami
town. Neither party know anythini
about the other's family or circumstances
but nevertheless the friendship formci
without the knowledge of the guardiai
or family of the girls progressed unti
the school commencements were over
Then it npponrn the young ladies , whc
were invited to spend their vacatiot
with their siitor at Now Rochelle , too )
the two young mon from the militnn
academy with thorn and introduced then
into their slater's family , where they wor
received hospitably.
Mrs , Duckor allowed the young mont ! <
remain nt her house for moro than n fort
night. They were their cadet uniforms
and cut qnlto a fig uro in and nround NOT
Hochello with Mr. Decker's horses nn <
carriages , which were placed at their dla
posal. Every dny the young mon am
young ladies were out driving , mnkinj
the dust fly behind them nnd nttractin
general attention. As Now Hochollo ivory i
very cosmopolitan during the summer
nobody appeared to know who the par
ties were , and Mr. Decker did not , there
fore , know what was going on.
On the morning of Juno 30 , after th
} oung mon had been enjoying the hospi
tnlitv of Mr. Duckor for about a week
they took the young ladles out to ride a
usual , and the young wives state that 01
this occasion each of the cadota in ado ai
olTor of marriage. MoNnlly proposed t
Miss Lydia Wyles nnd Walling to Mary
nnd each accepted. The young men 1
then soorna wont to Justice Pinknoy'
ollice and made application to bo mnrriei
on that Bamo evening. The hour was fixoi
at nine o'clock at night. At the appoin
ted time the quartet appeared and won
married. Justice Pinknoy said ho hai
no reason to ask nny questions. All par
ties Boemod to bo respectable and o
competent ago to contract the marringi
That evening it seems all parties won
homo as usual , keeping their marridgCBjt
profound secret. They all retired t <
their respective apartments and then
were no grounds to suspect the relation
ship that existed. The young mon remained
mainod a week after the marriage , rldinf
out as usual , and then departed for thei
homos in the woat. Before their departure
parturo they paid for the printing of the
wedding notices. About four daya afto ;
the publication of these notices thei
were shown to Mr. Duckor and thi
scene thnt followed can bo imagined. Thi
young ladies admitted thp mnrriago bu
a.iid that they regarded it ns n "gooc
joko" rather than a reality. The parent
of the young husbanda were immediately
communicated with , nnd there were tw <
storms at the other end of the line. I
appears thnt McNally ia only 1C yean
old , nnd \ \ ailing only 19. The parent :
of the boya were astonished nnd oxprosa
od ad cairo to have the legal knot untie (
if possible.
Stepa were then taken to dissolve thi
marriages. The petition states that thi
marriages were contracted "througl
force and durcss"and that the petitioner :
looked upon the ceremony as "all in fun' '
and "n joke , " and are willing to havi
them dissolved. The marriages wil
probably bo annulled.
The finest mayonaiso dressing for al
kinds of salads , cold meats , rnwtomatoos
pioklod salmon , cabbage , otc , is Durkoo'i
Salad Dressing. It is , besides , mon
economical than home-made.
A Xiivo Poultry Car.
Now York Commercial Advertiser.
The invention of an extensive poultrj
shipper in Indiana is so designed and con'
structcd as to enable the shipping of live
fowls any distance by rail without nny o !
the drawbacks attending the handling ol
"crates" and "baskets , " which are the
bane of the express agent ovcrywhoro.
The car is not unlike a stock car in gen
eral appearance , having four or five docks
or floors far enough apart to accommo
date standing poultry. Ench dock may
bo separated by portable partitions into
compartments , or the length of the car
may bo thrown together. Each compart-
nont ia provided with a main door , which
ocka oa hereafter dcacribod , and each
door has n sliding door , which locks inde
pendently , for use in transfer. A simple
contrivance of r : > da nnd staples locks
with a lover crank every door nt once ,
md n storm-curtain protects the fowls in
Dad weather. A feed nnd water trough ,
which holds feed and water for n trip to
ho aoabianl , nnd will not allow the lat
er to aplaah out , topj elf the complete-
icsa of the invention.
ITtnli Hulplnir Beds.
Salt Lake Tribune ,
Mr , Dickcrt has gene down to Millard
iounty to wcrk hia sulphur beds. Ho
ma n patent rulinin process of hia own
n volition , nnd ho proposes to ship n car-
oad of refined sulphur to St. Louis very
soon to teat the capabilities of the bust-
teas. The quantity of sulphur ia prac
tically unlimited. The question to bo
determined is , whether it can bo ra
ined and transported to market nt a
) rofit.
Younpr Mon.Mlddla Aged Men and All Men
vho sulfur from early Imllxcrotloiui will find
Allen'd Drain Food , the most powerful ln\ig-
orunt over introduced ; once restored by tt
here IH no relapse. Try it ; It never foils. 81 ;
0 for § 5. Atdrurglstn. (
Gordon's I'oHttlon ,
OAIIIO , I'gypt , July 29. A merchant who
eft Kantalu June Itlat anya brlnro Btartintr
ui road A loiter from UenuralGordon to the
tludlr of Kiwaola , datcul June llth. Accord-
ng to this Ciordou Ii anfe audjbiul abundant
iroUsIonK , and ammunition , lie was nhort
if money nnd wns raiding fundu by Insulng
inuiU , Ho was homtnod In on nil sides by
rebel * . An goon as the Nllo rene hm Intention
vas to equip Bttan.ors. At Kanaula the mer
chant xayH were pro\l lens sutlicient for five
nonths. Thd population of Kaddurlfho atntoa ,
myujoiood the Mulull.
No well regulated household ihould bo with
out it battle of AliK'Hturu HlttorH , tlio
world renowned appetizer nnd Invlgon tor.
iiewaro of counterfeit ! . ASK your grocer or
trugvlttfor the gonulnu article , manufactured
> y J. U. H , Siorurt & Sons.
Wlde-Awake Agents Wanted Everywhere for
i ) Jnmri I'nrion tinmnlott ( Itloirraiihrr of thioprc. .
Aiirliir. > iitt liiPiiiior Miiur | > Mriill luwulutlinlluiit.
nn untnt'u ) Hex iihoW liitMiirn AlHiukfun trry
tuinan , J. U. LiirMllK'irj .si i
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