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Offers n largo Hat of Real Estate
for Sale , Including the following
described property.
n. Schftllor offers lots notrlUnf Q-
. oim'a Park _ fr
It SchMlern 111 tell ols on CAM
and California ftfootn , KOO to _
f11. . 8cli lIc7KvTtwo of the Dnoat /
IU lot In city , on C&vi mrc t. _ U
. llcr will sell lot n ear Saun1 nnf\
Cll.8ch street , on street earn (47) ( ) _ 1 UUU
11. Schallcr offers 4 acres near U. o rnn
. 1' . track , Jjlj _ O. ) UU
/ - \ 11 Schaller has In Darker'a null- i nnfi
\J * dlrl loniUhSthoii89MidlotS3) ( ) L UUU
11. HchUlcr will ncll onS.llth St. , ) rnA
C . houto and lot (68) . _ A i\l\J
, Scnallir will nell near Low ave- I eft
CK . lot 12iQ (00) ( ) * . 'JOU
. Schallcr haa lota In some ol
Cll. now addltlODS to the city at
r"l reduced rates.
C U. Schallcr lui for fwlo property
> pa ) Inc a rental on purchase ironi
10 to ' . ' 0 per cent aud of increas
ing v Hio
OIL Schullor oilers lot on fuming rff \ \
. street , C7JX270 resilience (0 ( ) O UUu
ll. Schallcr has lor stlo ono ot ou
Caas street , west S2J.
Cll. Bcliallfr 1I1 ncll ono block In 1 C.\\ \
. lloyl'g addition , 1UUU ,
. ikliallcr odera a fine business QIZ A OH
proccrtvftt & \J\\J\J\ )
. Schaller will soil 12 , ISO acres
Oil. a body fitock farm
. Schaller For ealo 10th street , Afr \
Cll. house , lot Oflx200. U , U U U
OH. Schnllcr-Ilarnoy ttrcct , lot 47 f f\\\ \
x20 , line residence , 10 rooms. UjUUU
ll. Schallcr hna for wlo on eoutb
0 avenue , i lot and residence.
. Schallor will ecll 1.120 acres , 2 QO
KOCHhouses , 2 largo barns , windJO )
wills , scales , cto.
. Schaller-Dodfto Co. farm , 2NW CCrf \ \
acre ; , houics , Imnsand valuable \J\J\J\J\J
K. Sohallor oners flomo of the greatest bargains
i In Heal Kstato anvwbcro.
Be ! ! or Purchase
Dii had 36 year1 oxperlonco In dealing
In HKAL K.STATK and may safely bo con.
suited as to Investments and on contem
plated Imprcn cmonta to the city. 113
nvtcnslvo Eastern and Kuropoan con-
ncctlons *
Pamphlets and Mips ol City Issued
free. Call at the Milliard llotei and get
a H. IIOWELL , President.
C. R SCIIALLEU , Vlco-Prosldent.
The GENUINE BOUI.UKR and Colorado coil. An-
thraclto , Iowa. MissouriIllinois , Kansas. Coal Yards
Bridge Stock Yards.
OFFICES 117 a 11 Street and Hlllard Hotel ,
I 821 South 13th , between Jackeon and Jones Sts.
Job Work n RooQng. Guttering , Kto. , promptly
15th & Dodge Streets ,
On thin lift for banrami , and If yon wish a lot In any
pattot Omali.i Want to runt house have jour
iioiiao rentoJ buy a house sell the ono you have
want j our papers made tltlo loohod up , and any
thing relating to Heal Eatato , u" > and > '
No. 21B l,7fO Homo of flvo rooms on half lot ,
5-ro | at time of ealu , and < 25 per month.
No. 215 32,000 1 lacro and 4 room brlckhomo In
Park I'lice , cash.
No. 2'J5 $1,630 Homo of six room * on lot BSxIDO ,
Park 1'laoo , on e sy terms , $500 , and 820 per month.
No. yiO-ll.O 0 Hou o and I t In Io ! ery Hill.
Good cistern and well. One-half cash and tlmo
'ilJ2.300 \ Good six rriom house on corner half
lot , ono block from 13th street , south of U 1' . depot.
Bran nen- Bold on ciuyy terms.
21781,800 House of 4 rooms on f'lll lot , Center
itreet. Good well , cistern and walks. Half cash
and tlroo.
197 81,000 House of two rooms on half lot , lie-
gan'a addition. Ono half each ,
20 J1.800 House of four rooms on full lot , on 15th
etreet , nouth Omaha , one half casn.
b2-tl 800 House of flvo rooms on full lot In Pjr-
Kor'a adiUlun , one block north of 840,000 uchoul
house , smith front , Kocxl well , clstcin , &aand a bar
gain on easy terras.
70OJ Corner lot K. V. Smith's addition , two
good dwellings , south and caat front , on car line ,
cheap and on easy terma.
40 14,000-Lota 13 and 14 , corner Farnam etreet ,
and near court house , two | ; oed d\v Illiia | on lot ,
but U biwliif ta property. A icie t bargain.
And lota of bargains all over town. Call at office
And examine our Hat ( or Improved proper/ .
And In all first claa Ins'de ' additions , and K wo fall
to Hilda lot to suit } on , out of our uxttnalvo lint ,
thrn Omaha duel not contain one.
Omaha Vlnw U on rhu loud to the harraoki , and 1
that plat BOiith of L. \Vlllliinn' renldenco. Wo soil
iits f rom 4 Unto 43' 0,310 or more down at time nl
aloonil monthly laments. > > oj down and we will
lid you a houie nn the lot.
JIa th ine U went oltlio High School one mile ,
nd we are selling lota ono tldrd down and inonthh
iiayiurnta. Tliln addltl'in U gradeil anil Iota are J310
to ? flOO each. NowUthelline to buy , while pricci
ara low an i terma ea y.
Tabor I'laaala on Farnkm itreet and It a choice
addition , with only twelve loH lult , and they are til
a < i Kfxxl lots aa tliero aru In tk addition , I'rlcea JI7 (
nd $650.
Lota 01 Fhcrnvm avenue , ra t and west fonts
Ore-half block 111 Wiloox'a addition , cheap and cad >
term ) .
iiTlion't fall to call for bargains at the olllco ,
Cor. 15th and Dodge Streets.
ouorxsrAs HLOCK ,
Corner Ifitli and Capitol Avenue ,
oavrja-Ec t , - - axraaos.
U Ml their forma.
70UNO MKJJ , who are suffering from the eftrcl *
of Youthful Indiscretions , would do well to > nll
themscheii of lhl , the Rreatcot boon eer laid at the
MUr of suffering hunnnlty. Dr. Tanner ll n r-
anteo lo forfeit | 50J for every case of Seminal Weak-
new or I'rhnto Ulseaae , of any kind or character
which he undertakcaand fills to cure.
MIDDLE AOKD MRS Many men between the
aeesofSOano BO , are troubled with lee frequent
do Ire to evacuate the bladder , olten acxsoiinmiiled
hyasllght amaitlnR and burning Bonaation , and >
ncakcnliiR of the system In A manner that the p *
tlent cannot account for. On examining the urinary
bo found , and
deposits a ropy todlment will often
soniotlmoa ! particles of albumen will appear ,
or the color nlll bo of a thin , mllklsh hueagain
chanfrinRto ft dark and torpid apptaranco. There are
many mm who die of this dltnculy , Ignorant ot the
auso. U li the ooootid BURO of lemlnal weakncw
r. Tanner will guaranten perlcct cure In all . uch
tei.and ahoalthy rostorallon ol the Ocnlto.urlnaiy
Runs. Call or address aa above , Dr. Tanner.
the changes that , Inn towyoara , Imvo
takou place in tlio manufacture of
Improvement after improvement hao
boon made , until to-day the clothing
ollbred by Schlank it Prince , 1UIO
Fnrnain ntroot , is equal in every
respect to the boat
Custom Work !
While at the same time the lowncsa of
price of the fine grade of clothing
they handle is no loss astonish-
,111 ? than the
Perfection of Fit !
1210 Farnam Street , 1210
Gcnsra ! Deilonln
Have for aalo 100,000 aoroa oarefnlly Delected landi
In Eaatorn Nobraalca , at loir prloo and on i'My terms.
imjirovca raring for Bale In Douglaa , Dodge , OoHai
PUtte , Curt , Cumins ; , Sarpy , Wasningtoc , tlerlok
gaunderg , and Butler Oountloa.
Taxea p&ld In all parta of the Statt , '
Money loaned onlmproved farmi.
notary 1'UDUc always In offlco'
tas Meal Inslituiu
Chartered by theStatcof Illi.
noia fur theexpresspurposn
of civingimmcdintc rcllctln
all chronic , urinary nnd prl-
'vate disccses. Gonorrhoea ,
Gleet andSyphilis in ell their
complicaird forms , also nl'
dibensca of the Skin and
liiocd promptly relieved and
permanently cured by rcmc-
. beminal
V/eRltns . tlTqht Losscaby Dreams , Pimples on
( lieKacc.Lost Manhood.imaHlrrlyeunil 'I'liert
ia nu I'.fiwt'ttm'ntiiHit Th : appropriate
ctonrc used in each case. Consultations , pcr-
lonnl or by letter , cacredly conlidcntial. Iie I-
clnes sent by Mail and Express. Nomarkuoi
MctaKc to indicate contents or sender. Adaresti
rt JAMESNo. 2b4Wa3hlngton Si.ChcagoIII !
The Steck is a Durable Piano ,
WIde-Awake Agents Wanted E * rj where for
by jAmr I'nrton , Ihn mrntr t Moeraplivr of tinKO. .
An Icuant voluinu altM IUIKI'K full PIIKIIllumi atloim.
l'rlraiuilyl' 0. lie crllnWcliariMli'r A book furriery
wuuiuu. JlLL'u. > i-lb.'ilJ.3l & 2C Jlajl.ou bL.Cllleaco.
Srlangor Havana
Oulmbachor , Bavnno.
Pilsner Bohemian.
Kaiser Bremen.
Budwoisor St , Louis
\nhnuser St. Louis ,
Best a „ Mihvauke .
Schlitz-PilBiier Milwaukee.
Kruc's Omaha.
Ale , Porter , Domestic and Rhine
121 KnrnninSh
A IctUa ol carlIm nce , crating nurroai
AeWlltr , premature dectr. etc. . ti&vinic iriM 10
lan rv linown remedy , lits dlfcoTtna n ilmr <
nmai of Mlt-oure , nlcfi ho will Ksd 1'ltUU to
The Citizens Righteously Indignant at
the SlacK City Government ,
Tlioy nro Tlrcrt of IleliiK Flooded by
the Crook.
Tlio rain of Sunday night caused an
other overflow of the creek , at the same
old place , on the head just nftor it crosses
Broadway. During the night the tvalor
awopt over the banks and aprcad so tlmt
many yards were covered nnd collars lill-
od. This has happened several
times this year , nnd those
living in that vicinity have
had their rationco tried to beyond the
point of onuuranco. Last spring Mayor
Vaughan promised that if the people
would only elect him ho would mnko the
improvement of Indian Creole the lirat
and chief duty to bo performed. How
well that promise hna been kept , ( ho
irmrslus and mud puddlea canbear _ wit
ness. The mayor Buys that it is not his
fault , but the council's lack of support of
his administration. Aid. James , who
BDoms to bo the only aklormanic represen
tative of the ward , the other nldorman
being . -.t largo most of the tune , says that
it ia not his fault. Ho has hnd n
aurvoy made of the crook , but the engi
neer never reported the aurvoy , and the
other alderman do not acorn to be inclin
ed to do anything for the Fourth ward.
The other uldorman toll the citi/.ons that
they should make their complaints to the
alderman of their own ward. Thus it ia
that while the citizens botncon Hoods are
drying out , they got no protection
against the next ouo , and no oiUlafuctiou
: or the old ones.
Yoatorday morning a delegation of the
indignant ones were hunting up the
ifliciuls , and making ouo last appeal for
lielp. The feeling was very bitter
nnd the throat was madp that if some
thing waa not dona within twenty-four
iourathoy would oraanizo and take oomo
action which would bring the city govern-
nont to a realization of what ita duty waa.
L'Jioy propoao among other thiiiga to not
only refuse to pay taxes , but to enjoin
the city from spending any more money
on sewerage on Broadway until aomo way
a provided for running the sewerage oil' .
They 'do not propose to lot all the drainage -
ago of the city bo poured down upon
.heir premises.
Yoatorduy morning another break was
made in the embankment on Union avo-
uio , along which the Union Pacific
runs ita dummy train. It
scorns that the Union Pacific ,
not content with having gobbled the avo-
uuo from the city , paying nothing for it ,
ots it servo aa a dam to keep water back.
Thia was broken through and the water
allowed to run off , and preventing the
trains from running. It ia understood
that the break waa not purely accidental ,
but as was the ciso a week ago it was
liclped along by indignant citizens.
BricknoU's ditch is still clogged up.
There are some bridges which stand so
tow aa to prove obstructions , and a dam
haa boon put in near Stewart's packing
houso. The citizens insist that the hiiad
of the crock must bo cleared at once ,
that the banks must bo raised nnd the
water given a chance to run off in aomo
other way than through their houses.
In other parta of the Fourth ward there
is hardly leas trouble on account of the
fact that aomo parta of the strcota and
some lots are filled up , while others are
atill aa of old. Many fills have been
partly washed away , and great puddlea of
water stand breeding malaria , cholera ,
and death. Those who have iillod find
their heavy expenditures to have availed
little , on account of the places still unfill
Mr. Couch , whoso residence is at the
corner of Eighth street and Sixth avenue ,
is ono of those. Hrt has spent over
$1,500 in filling up his lots and making
needed charges to conform with
the grade , but much of the dirt has been
washed into Sixth avenue , which the city
ins left unfilled , and his now mada
'round haa bcon so honey-combed that
Sunday night part of the collar founda-
, ion of his houao gave way , doing much
A few daya ago a few wagon loads of
dirt were hauled in at the eamo corner to
i.itcli up the incline loading from the
illod port of Sixth avenue to the unfilled
lart. Sunday night HO much moro was
iwept away that it will now take twenty
oiida to make it BO that a team can paea
Ono gentleman in taking hia wife homo
in a buggy Sunday night got stuck in the
mud right near Bayliaa Park , and actu-
illy had to wade out , and lenvo the
buggy standing there all night.
Such instances are common in tlmt
part of the city. The collars alony lower
Main atrcot are Hooded. Several lots
are allowed to remain unfilled hero , and
lots , too. owned by such notables aa
Judge Aylosworth and Pat Lacy , who are
abundantly able to fill them.
11 fill KHtnto Traiml'orH ,
COL-.VCIL BLUKFH , July 28,1881.
Joppo Nielsen to John N. Horn , sw }
aw. } 'JO 7712 , $2,250.
D. 0. llankoll et ol to II. II. Smith ,
efc " tie } 20 70 41) ) , Sli32.3C. :
0. , II. I. , fc P. 1C. U. to Byron Spi-ing-
or , nw | nw.f 2 ! ) 7 < iIII. i . § 'M > Q.
Herald Printing Co. to Alonzo Jay
Hart , part lota 2 and. ( , block 10 , Hyatt's
aub. , § 2,000.
Total sales , $5/J12.'IO.
Financial Advice.
NKW YOIIK , Juno 28 , 1884.
W. II. Vaughan , Mayor. From pres
ent indications I am convinced that
Council BlulI'd can place her bonds bear
ing five per cent interest in the near fu
ture , if not now , at a premium , Ia it not ,
therefore , unwise to ibauo any bonds
boar'nir ' a higher ruto of interest.
S. M , iloi'KINH.
The regular meeting of the Blaine and
Logan club will bu held this evening at 8
o'clock ut the nllico rooms recently oc
cupied by J. M. Palmer , corner Main
street and First avenuo.
T. B. BALDWIN , Proa.
IS , II. QUELL , Sec.
The genuine Cleveland hats will bo on
sale at Motcolf Bros. ' by the Sotli.
RGovernor Merrill has contributed ono
thousand dollars to thu Dua Moinea Y.
M. 0. A. building fund.
Judge W. W. Williamson , of Dos
Molncis , ono of the mostprominontgreeu-
backers in that section < f the state , hna
declared his intention of voting and using
his inllucnco for Blaine and Logan ,
Dick Heady , ono of the worst aums
of Atlantic , ia under arrest for attempted
rape on the little fivo-yoar-old daughter
of Mrs. Mulholland. About five weeks
ago ho made a aimilitr attempt on the
tivo-yoar-old daughter of a Mrs. Wilson.
A Dexter dispatch of thoL'Hh aays :
During the storm of last night , lightning
struck and killed W. K. Leo , a promi
nent farmer living four and a half miles
from this place ; also struck the Normal
school building , damaging it to the ex
tent of $100 or moro.
Louis Howard Johnson of Marshall
township , Taylor county , committed tni-
cido recently , with a revolver. His do-
mm tie relations had been pleasant and
ho lenvoa n wife nnd ono child. Ho haa
boon very despondent of Into. Ho found
the weapon with which ho committed the
Says the Davenport Democrat : At
DCS Mpinos everything in the way of a
saloon ia said to bo closed tight , but per
mits nro allowed to cover a multitude of
drinks daily. Milwaukee beer is import
ed by the carload , nnd moro prescriptions
nro issued in n single day now than in n
month previous to the 4th of July. A
commercial traveler in this city yesterday
day , had ono of these Dos Moiuos pro
icriptions which requires the taking of
Lho medicine "thrco times a day or as of
ten ns desired. "
Following close on the ( \\rroll county
defalcation cornea that of Mr. Kmg , the
: ounty treasurer of Taylor county. There
mvo boon rumors of a ehortngo in his ac
counts for aomo time , in f.ict it WAS
ihargod last fall when ho was a candidate
'or ro-oloction , that ho was using the
county funds to help his friends. Mr
lung ia ono of those "good follows"
who generally help his friends and ex-
ravngantly handles money regardless of
whom it belong ! to or how it is to bo ro-
ilaco.l. Ilia ahortngo ia not fully known ,
nit the amount ahort la said to bo from
S25.0CO to St5GOO : , Mr. King Ima turned
ever all Ilia property and hia bondsmen
are said to bo good for the full shortage.
fliixt Ilallronil Vnrn llln Fninoiin
Itliln IJCO'H L"iM Uituli.
National Tribune.
The writer called the attention of Gen.
Sheridan , the other day , to a story that
s going the rounds of the newspapers ,
o the effect that when ho and S > , o. Lin
coln worn going to Siiidusky on their
iahing excursion last May they boarded
ho limited express on the Pennsylvania
ailroad ; that the conductor refused to
ocognizo their passes ; that they refused
o pay ; that ho threatened to put them
off , and that they finally paid and re-
) ortcd the matter to the president of the
nad , who wrote thorn an apology and ro
unded the monoy.
The general laughed and said it was a
'cry interesting atory , but waa not exact-
y true in aomo of the ccsential points.
"Wo did go to Sanduaky , " ho anid
'that much ia true and wo did have
lasses ; but wo d'dn't board the limited
express or any other train on the Ponn-
ylvania road , for that line does not go to
Sanduaky. Wo went by the way of the
3 , ltimoro & 0hio ; the conductor didn't
cfuso to recognize our passes , but ac
cepted thorn nnd treated ua with the
; reatcst courtesy. Ho didn't threaten to
mt usof.and I didn't pay him'any monoy.
! didn't write to the president of the
oad , r.nd didn't receive an apology from
iliu. Otherwise the story is truo. "
Getting back to army reminiscences , I
asked the general if it was true that ho
icvor issued an encouraging order to hia
aoldiers before an engagement , or a con-
; ratulatory ono aftor.
"Only once did I do auch a thing , " ho
oplied , "and that was when I waagrcon.
[ t waa nftor the battle on Missionary
llidqo , and then I congratulated the
> oys on the good work they did. But
hero waa too much of that sort of
bolishncss in the war , and I didn't care
about ( sharing it. My soldiers didn't
need that sort of thing , you know , and 1
don't bolicvo in bumcombo in or out of
hia army.
" 1 know that the men realized as well
as I the importance ot their duty ,
and they know that I believed in
.hem ; so , you see , it wasn't necessary.
L'hey shared with mo the joy of a
victory , and wouldn't have fult bettor
about it if 1 had issued n thousand or-
[ era. Then , ngain , you know , the larg
est number of buncombe orders vreru ia-
uod by uiiBUcccaaful commanders to
cover their failures and divert attention
rom defeat. "
It may bo aaid of Sheridan that , while
bw goneraln wcro so much talked about
luring the war , ho never blow hia own
lorn. Ho waa never what ia HO called a
'paper general ; " never announced what
10 was going to do , mullJJnovor boasted
iftor ho diu it. After hia last campaign ,
which crushed the tottering rebellion , ho
would have bcon pardonea for at least
ouo triumphant pean of victory , but ho
did not nvon takupart in the grand review -
view ut Washington. IIo modestly un-
( addled his horao and took the cara for
I'uxaa without so .iiuch as a word\jf farewell -
well or congratulation to the country ere
o the army he had so successfully com-
The general tolls n very interesting
itory about that last campaign against
Liuo , and the incidents of the surrender.
It will bo remembered t at ho headed
off Leo nt Appomaltox court house , and
captured cloven trninn of supplies which
yore waiting for him thero. When Leo
bund out that ho had no stores or am-
nunition for hia army , and that his ro-
.rout waa cut oil' , ho sent a llag of truce ,
which Ouster received and conducted to
Sheridan. The two armies laid on their
anna waiting for Grant , who waa on hia
way to the front.
In the meantime Sheridan and nome uf
lis stall'started to ride ever toward Ap
lomuttox court house , when they were
ired upon by a regiment of rebels , half
concealed among aomo ur.derbruJi. The
general and his party waved their hats
toward the place where the shots came
from , and made all aorta of demonstra
tions to silence the unexpected and mya-
torious attack ; but to no purpose.
Finally the confederate oflicor who
wrought the tUg smd Major Allen , of
jhoridnn'a tull , rode over to aeo wliut
.ho matter waa.
They found a South Carolina regiment
whoso colonel , in a grandiloquent tone ,
informed them that the war wasn't over ,
and that lie and his regiment did not
rocogni/.i ) the authority of General Leo
to make terms for peace , "Jio Gawd ,
air , " exclaimed this gallant Johnny ,
"South Carolinians never surrender ! "
Tilt : LAST ( IA r OP IKK S AllSIV.
The two ollicers ( rode back to General
Sheridan , who , with his party , had re
tired under cover , and reported to him
the situation. The general called Ous
ter and told him there was ono regiment
over in the brush which hndn't gn
enough of it , nnd it would bo well fo
him to go ever there and "snuir it out. '
Ouster ordered his bugler to souiu
"forward , " and at the head of n regimen
dashed ncrota the interval which lay between
twoon the two nrmloa , which < voro drawn
up in long linns nnd stood nt rest , 1 <
wnn n beautiful Sunday morning n per-
feet spring day- and the sight of that
regiment , with Ouster's long tawny halt
BS their banner , dashing nt full gallop
across the fu-hla , evoked cheers from botli
Meantime , Sheridan had roach od the
court house , where ho mot Gon. Gordon ,
recently senator from Georgia , and Gen ,
Wilcox , who hnd boon his classmate nl
West Point , but whom ho hnd not soon
for ninny yoars. Wilcox has since boon
a door-keopcr of the t'nitcd Stales
While this party were sitting on the
steps of the court house , chatting fa
miliarly ever the situation , heavy mus
ketry was heard in the distance. Gordon
looked up in anxiety nnd nUrm , nnd
nskcd ono of his nids to rldo ever in thai
direction and find out what it meant.
"Novor you mind , general , " said Sher
idan. "It's nil right. 1 know what it
means. Custor is ever there having aomo
fun with a South Carolinian who never
autr t'doro.1
liv.rd' n insisted on Bonding the ofilcor
to atop tiii' light , but before ho got there
.ho coloni'i had presented Cutter with n
cry-much buttered sword. It was the
ast gasp of the nriny of northern Vir-
UK si-our. "INJUN. "
I showed the general another nownpa-
lor atory , which represented that ho waa
amiliar with several Indian langnngo ? ,
uul that when ho wont among the rod
nen lin never required the services of an
" 1 wish It waa true , " ho rcapoudcd ;
'but it'a only ono of the in my fictimn
hat have been printed nbout mo in the
wpers. 1 don't know why people got up
huso ynrna , " ho aaid , "mill it'a
very provoking to bo compelled to con-
eea tlmt ono lacks nccomplmhmonta that
nro universally attributed to him. The
only Indian language 1 know ia the Chi-
look , a dialect that ia used by all the
.ribea on the Northern Piicilic slope , a
aott of court langungo which ia used in
; reat councils. All the tribes understand
t , and converse together in that exclu
sively when they meet in great pow-
VOVTS. 1 learned it when I was serving
aa n lieutenant up in Oregon before the
wnr , and have lorgotten moat of the
vords ; but thoao dialects are easily
ncked up when ono has once learned
horn. "
TllKTUl'l ! STOllY OK THAT FAMOI'H Itlltll.
Referring to the poem of "Shoridau'a
Hide , " I asked him if ho had over mot
the author.
"Yen , " ho replied ; " 1 know him well.
. first mot him before the battle of Stone
liver. Ho waa a guest at the
tora of Gon. lloaoncrana , and staid with
is a good whilo. "
"Do you know how ho happened to
"Yea , I have hoard him toll about it n
; rcat many times. There tire n number
of stories floating around but 1 will give
you the true one , aa Read told it to me.
Tames K. Murduck suggested the idea. "
"Murdock the elocutionist/ / "
"Yea , ho waa an actor at ono of the
Cincinnati theaters nt the time and n
; roat friend of mine. Ho lost n neil at
ho battle of Missionary Ridge Murduck
lid and came down there to get the
jody. The cnomy occupied the place
where the boy wna buried , and the old
man remained there a gueat at my head-
quartcro. IIo used to ride the bluck horao
Itichard , that was afterward called Win
chester , nnd became very fond of him.
Things were very exciting down there
md Murdock saw a great deal of war.
Sundays lie always recited poems to the
troopa around headquarters and there
was a good ono of Browning's that was
a great favorite with the ooldicrs ami
wo never lot him oil' without reciting it.
t was the ride from Ghent to Aix you
remember it.
"Well , after the battle of Cedar Creek
hero naa published in Harper's Weekly
a atory of my ride from Winchester , and
a picture of moon the black horse Ricnzi.
Uurdock saw it and took it up to Road ,
uggoating that it was a good thoino for a
loom. Murdock had just seen nn otlicor
rho wan there , and guvo him a dcscrip-
ion of the affair , nnd Rend jumued at
ho idea. IIo dhut himself nn in hia
oem , wrote the poem that afternoon ,
md hia wife make n copy , and Hunt it
ever to Murdock'a house as soonna it wna
.ono , to HCO how lie liked it. Murdock
vns very much pleased , nnd thut night
end the poem nt the theatre between the
"So it got into the nowapaponi , where
first nnw it. "
"It in said you have the original mann-
cript ? "
"No ; I never saw it. "
"How did Read happen to paint the
) icturo/ / "
"Ho did it on nn order from the
Jnion League club , of Philadelphia ,
'hey sent him down to Now Orleans
where 1 was Htationcd , and I Bat for
or him thoro. Ho waa going to R > mo that
all , and could not finish it but made
seine sketches and than completed the
lictura nt Komo. I never had n copy of
ho picture , but ho afterwards gave mo
ho sketches , which I atill have ut my
louse. "
"Who were with you on that ridel"
"Tandy Foraytho and Col. O'Koofo , of
my ataff. Foraytho ia down in Now
Mexico now , lioutommt'Colono ! of the
[ fourth cavnlry. O'Koofo waa killed ut
oatllo of Five Forka. "
All forms of blood diseases cured nt
Siloam Spring , Mo. Kidney nnd liver
diseases speedily relieved nnd cured.
Address : Ruv M. M. Thompson , mana
ger , Albany , Silonm Springs , Mo.
Tlio Mnroli of tlio Trnlrlo Jo .
The Albany ( Tex. ) News unyfi the
march of the pruirio dog is a standing
throat against the future prosperity of
tlio grazing districts of that atato. Draw
a line from Rod river south to the Col
orado , BO aa to run about the woatorn
lines of Throckmorton , Slmckelford , Cnl-
alum and Coleman counties , and it
marks the front of the greatest immigra
tion nrmy over dreamed of by man ,
From this line woat 250 miles every
square milo ia invested by thceo devour-
iiitf postu. They thickly inhabit n auc
tion of country 200 miles long nnd 250
miles wide. The advent of the white
man into this country has but increased
thuir numbers , ua man hus destroyed thu
wolves , badgers , rattlesnakes , panthers
and other animals which prey upon thu
prairie dogs , They eat the grans in the
summer and the grass roots in winter ,
and the consequence ia that what was
but a few years ago the finest grazing ru-
giou in America is fust becoming n vor-
duroleus desert. The prairie dag is mi
grating east , nnd within a your or two
haa advanced hia frontier about five
miles. Unless soon cheeked hia ravages
will become enormous ,
Ono of the Boat and largest Stocks in the United State ?
to select from.
J. H. M1LLARD , President. WM. WALLACE. Cashier.
Capital and Surplus. S5OO.OOO.
Flro nnd BurylnrProof Safes for Uont at from (5 to 850 per nnnum ,
Whore They Can Enjoy Pure Air & Water !
And all of the good aud pleasant things that go to make up a com
plete and happy existence.
The town of South Omaha is situated south of the city of Omaha
on the line of the U. I * . Railway , and it is less than 2 miles from the
Omaha post oflico to the north line of the town site.
South Onialn is nearly IJ- miles north and south by " \ east and
west , and covers an area of nearly four square miles ,
The stock yards are at tno extreme southern limit.
Nearly IfiO lots have boon sold < \tid the demand is on the increase
The yards are being rapidly pushed to completion.
Tlio 500,000 beef packing house is progressing finely. , l !
The $30,000 Water Works are keeping pace with the other im
provements , and thellotol and Exchange Building will bo erected at ouca
The B. & M. and Belt Line Railways have a large force of men at
work and will , in conned ion with theU. P. Railway , have a union depot
m-ar the nark at the north end of the town. Suitable grounds will be
furnished for Church and School purposes.
Now is the time to buy lots in this growing city. They will never
bo cheaper than they are to-day.
" Apply at the Company's oflico , cor. of 13th and Douglas Streets
over tlio Omal'fijSavnig's Hank.
M , A. UPTON ,
Assistant Secretary.
Double and Single Acting Power ano Hand
Bni'luo Trimmings , Mining Machinery , Bolting , HOBO , Brass and Iron FiWri ? i ,
( ft nt wholesale nnd retail. HALLADAY WIND-MILLS , OHURCEL
Corner 10th Farnam St. , Omaha Neb.
rlho Palace Hotel of Denver.
Oor. Seventeenth and Lawrence Sts
Ilooms 75c to ? 2.00 per day , Social lUUt hy the Month.
Don ducted on the American and European Plans.
Board $7 per week.
Tlie iteanuhlpii of hl > well-linown line are built of
ron , In wator-tlicht oompartuientu , and are furiiUli-
( xlwlta oicry ri im ito to make tiu ! i > ass ie both
afu nnd aurecaUle. They carry th Unltud t to
and iur"pu : u niallj , and Iwe New \pikilliun-
dayn and Vutnrdayii for Mymnutb ( LONDON ) Cher-
UoW.l'AIIISuud ( ) 1IAU11UMU.
H tf : Flint Oaliln , IS , B wwl TB. 8toer | { e.2i
Henry 1'undt , Mark Ilatucn , K .K. Moorcs.M. Toft ,
( .Kuntaln Omaha , QrunowleKiiBctioeiitKeD lceaUlu
Ouuucll Ulull < i. 0. JJltllVUAK ! ) * ( JO. , Uim. i'uli
A < U , 01 llrowiway , N. Y. Chas. Kozmlimkl ti Co-
( laneral WwiUuu A | [ > nU , 107 WkuUlugtou bt. , Uhlca
' Rtitrit rldln
Hide * ui eaiy one per-
ouaiwlthtwo The Hprlnc *
corry ,
oliby .
- -
ler < - Iltmry Tlu k n