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Oniftlm Oflloo , No. 010T rnni {
Council Bltttri4OTlcoN' ( ; < t. 7 1'cnr
Street , Nonr llromlway.J |
Now Yorfc OIllco , Itoom 00 Xrlt
Published ererr n-prnlnp , * ioopl Sand * } *
enl ) Monday morning dally.
raws IT Mlru
Oni Ton . . . .110.00 I Thre Monlhj . . . . . .
BliUomns . 5.00 ( One Uonth .
Per Week , K Oento.
TUB VIIUT sn , rusuunH ) ITUI ? WIDKUB.
_ MUMS roarriiD.
On _ Y ar . . . . . .fZ.OOl Throe Month ! , . . . . .
Six Month * . . 1.00 | OnuUonth. , . .
Amerloan New Company , SolelAjrentf , Now
* lt In tht United SUtos.2
I Jooatturoiroiitci. 2
All OommnnloAHong relating to New * andEdl
matters shouU ba addrenod to tba Enrroa or
Alt nnrlnon Tjfltton and Ittiolttanoei shoti
tidrenod to Tni HUB FuiiLtsiiiifo OonrAKT , q >
Drafts , Cheek * and Pontoffloo orders to b _ mad (
able to the order of the company , j
B. nOSBWATER , Editor.
A. II. Filch. Manner Dally Circulation , P. 0.
483 Q < n ha Neb.
Sr. JOHN and Daniel compose ralli
scriptural .toixin.
Bovt IYELLV IB iiiakiug ready to fa
bohiud Hen Duller.
la this to bo n Thuraton campalgi
a DIaino campaign in Nebraska ?
Mn. LAIKD was received by the (
boys of the Stinking Water with a b
THKUP. is to bo another primary c
tion Boon , and John Sahlor is on doc
utfial. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
VALENTINE'S still-hunt is very s
but it is not still enough to surprise r
body in the third district.
THH independents , from Now York
Massachusetts , nro kicking ogain. Taro
are disgusted with the leadership of I
Tnii receipts of the post-office dop
roent for the year 1884'will bo about !
000,000 leas than in 1833 , owing to
reduction of leUcr-postago from throe
two cents. The poat-otlico author !
regard the showing as satisfactory.
CHUHCH HOWK positively declincf
accept thooflico of lioutonnntgovcnnr
year , but Mr. Mono , of Morrick coui
has elected himself to the atato com
tion , and ho will bo there ready to
cept the oflico.
TUB numerous gradinc contractors
this city should give the preference
Omaha laboring men. When the he
supply is taken care of , Uion it is t
enough to provide for the outsiders '
como hero to ook work.
HON. N. K. Guiana , chairman of
committee on spi-akors , has boon co
spending with John M. Thurston f
speech before our Bloino and Logan <
the night of August first. JJcnlrioe
lias John M. Thurstim secure- -
monopoly on Blaiuo orations in Nobra
or has Mr. Griggs invited him to ina
the battlo-ground for the congrossio
contention which takes place in Beaten
on the 20th of August ?
governor of Dakota , finds himself
twcen two fires one from Bismarck
the other from Yankton. Although
was aworn in at i'ankton , the old c
tal , ho would not commit himself on
capital question. Ho concluded not
meddle with the matter , but to li
to bo Bottled by the next
islaturo ,
TUB Union Pacific whistle at the el
is n uuisanco that ought to bo oupprcg
Thcro is no good reason why a whi
that can bo hoard for ton milus fihoulc
blown at six o'clock in the morning ,
aovcn o'clock , at noon ; at 1 p. in. at 0
m. at midnight aivl at 1 a. in. What r
has the Union Pacific to wako up
thousand people- midnight and t
againat ouo and air o'clock in the mi
ing ? It ought to give us a rest on
big whistle and substitute ono of 11
moderate tone.
The Douglas'cuuuty republican cor
committee mot in this city yesterday
called the primaries for August 8th
the county convention for Augunt 1
Jicpublican , Sunday , July 21th.
This is all that has bcon made pi
BO far about thii pretended meeting
the county committee. Now whore
this committee moot , and when die
moot , and what were its proooodl
Why such secrecy in an affiir ia w
the whole party ii interested ? Fori
ly in times when the party was mine
with a view to success the mooting
county committees were called forthrc
the press , and loading members of
party were given a chance to appeal
the mooting with a view of oxohanj
opinions about the proper '
for calling thu primaries and convent
Why was this convention called
August llth when the congressional
trict convention does not moot until
20th , and the state convention not i
the 27th ? Why was it called for Mom
which of all other days is the most
convenient for farmers to como
Omaha ? Does it not look upon its
'as a political job put up to provonl
-hoiicot expression of the party ?
loarn'on what wo regard as good aut
ity that John Sahlor was at the bet
of thu sudden departure.
Are wo to have a repetition nov
' . the liifimous frauds of hat spring ?
' republic us of Douglas county going t
Bahlcr and Thuratou again pack pt
rlct , destroy ballet boxes and bull-
and browbeat conventionr ? If BO , t
nco a few republicans in this county
will not submit to ouch jobbery
lM.iV WYCK AXD VT7 / < ? .
. When the traducers of Senator
Wyck are cornered by an cxposur
their stupid falsehoods they act like
boy who makes faces at the schoolmr
when she has turned her back ,
other day when the senator was acci
of trying to force the Union Pacific
the hands of n receiver by a rcrcmp
resolution that would compel that c
pany to pay ' 'WOO.OOO.OOO.wMoh it c
to the government , " the BER cflbclu
disposed of the absurd charge by quo
the official figures which show that
principal and accrued interest of
Union Pacific bonded indobtodnees ,
cured by the government , amounts
the aggregate to thirty-three million )
stead of $300,000,000.
For this gross perversion of facts the
publican simply pleads the baby act
disclaiming responsibility for the f also
exaggerated figures. As if to nddjin
to injury , the self-convicted tradi
returns to the attack in the follov
fashion :
Senator Van Wyck proposed to fc
the Uuion Pacific to pay a cor
amount of interest at a tiino when
corporation was not paying dividci
when its stock waa tumbling like an r
laucho on Wall atreot , and when talk
the necessity of a government rccoi
for the road was tifi in o ery street <
coruor from San Francisco to Now Yi
What had gone before makcsnodilfuroi
The Union Pacific may have boon pay
lividcnds on watered stock it may h
bcon loath to comply with the just
mands of the government ; butat the t :
when Senator Van Wyck made this \
icular onslaught it was paying no d
donda whatever , and wan probably
near a collapse as any corporal
over has been and lived. Had Sunn
Van Wyck's injudicious and ill-coin
orcd advice bcon taken , it id prosumn
.hat the government would have lost b
> rincipal and interest.
The idea that Senator Van Wyckco
> y a simple resolution in the senate ,
stroy what waa left of the Union Pa <
railroad , after it was stripped by Cri
tlobilior construction thieves , and .
Gould and Sidney Dillon stock jobb
s preposterous.
The tumbling of Union P.iclfio sto
waa the inevitable conHequonco of re
ess inflation brought about by the c
aolidation of the bankrupt Kansas P.u
with the Union Pacific.
It was impossible for the Union Pac
consolidation to continue to pay eighl
.on per cent dividends on millions u ]
millions of Kansas Pacific stocks wli
Gould and Dillon had bought at live ce
on the dollar. 11 WAS unreasonable
expect the Union Pacific to moot
lonost obligations to the government
eng as it was in the hands of frocboot
and railroad wreckers. Senator 'V
Wyck'a clljrtwaa simply to annul
llogal consolidation and stock water !
and to compel a proper account
of the earnings of the r
in order that they should not be diver
as dividends into the pockets of the V
street gamblers , while the governm
was paying interest on the railroad di
Now suppose ho had actually driven
road into the hands of a receiver , wo
that have destroyed the road or any f
of it ? Receivers were appointed for
Brio railroad some twelve years ago , i
; ho result was that Jay Gould waa c (
polled to disgorge § 9,000,000 , which
lad stolen frcm that great corporati
A receiver for the Union Pacific wo
00 no detriment , except to the man v
iavo been plundering -the people i
robbing the stockholders. A Union '
cific receiver would bo charged by
courts with the duty of having the t
01 the road honestly collected and hem
ly disbursed. There would bo no ine
rings and no spoils'to divide. There wo
bo no perquisites for political buinn
and organ grinders , and there would
no vouchers paid without actual son
rendered. A Union Pacific rocei
would , therefore , bo no detriment to
ntockholdura or creditors. Had A
Wyck driven the Union Pjcillo into
liand of a receiver ho would not h
boon guilty of a high crime.
But Van Wyck comes in for ovoi
more serious charge than seeking to
troy what Gould and Dillon have
already wrecked. Ho is arraigned
the Omaha TUcjiubllcan as a doublo-d
ing demagogue , who ia ploy lug a
monopolist oil ono hand while way d (
deep ho is doing the bidding of the i
road managers. Coining from the ofll
organ of the Union Pacific , which
years had an editor on the railroad con
ny'a payroll and its manager as a p
nor in the bridge transfer , this is do
odly ungrateful. Van Wyck did ,
deed , oaya the RcpuWcmi , "introdu <
bill requiring the Union Pacific to
taxes on its unpatontcd lands , but I
was merely a sop to the grangoro , i
the distinguished senator deserted it
soon as it was born. With the exc
tion of this a bill 'to reduce tolls on
Atlantic cable' and several 'attempts
do the ridicuously impossible , Som
Van Wyck has absolutely no record
an anti-monopolist. Four years ho
boon in the senate of the United Sti
posing as a representative of the farn
and the farmer hai not made a dollar
of it. Nor can the friends of this i
man point to a single act , speech
thought in all his record which has b
calculated for the benefit of the prod
era of Nebraska. "
The producers of Nebraska do not 1
to the Omaha Kfjmbtlean for eympa
and advico. Nothing could bo n :
malicious than the above tissue of fa
hoods , and when the issue cornea
yean hence they will say throuch
ballot box whether or not Van Wy
work U satisfactory to them. 1
Vuu Wyck'a record in the soi
it not , made up of u
froth and fury ia evidenced by
f-ot that ho hay been commended t
aud time again by the loading paper
the United States. Ho has not le
latcd merely for the farmers of nnrnJtlfft
but for the producers of the w
co'unlry , and not alone for the produ
but for all cUsso * . Ho has chnmplc
every measure tending to destroy r
opoly in all iU forms , whether it wa
imposition of $2 00 a thousand on lum
the evasion of taxes by
roads , the forfeiture of
grantn , or the creation of Amcr
landlordism through foreign syndic :
Instead of making a farce out of
Atlantic cable bill , it iaa matter of re
that Senator Van Wyck by his persia
effort had a clause inserted in Mai
and Bennett's Atlantic cable cht
which restricts the toll to twenty cot
word. That cable system has just 1
finished , and the result is that all
Atlantic cables will have to reduce t
tolls , and can never again raise tl
This is the first instance on record of
telegraph monopolists being restricts
congress to a fixed charge , and A
Wyck certainly deserves the credit eWe
Wo might dwell at length on VanWy
anti-monopoly course , but this will
fico for the present.
Tun BUK'H telegraphic corrcspondon
Chicago is altogether too cntorprii
when ho claims for TUB Br.r the creel
being the first paper in the United Sti
to publish the Cleveland scandal. '
BEE has won a reputation for onterp
itcond to no paper west of Chicago ,
! c docs not propose to claim credit ui :
'olio pretenses , oven for the aako of
.orioly. The Cleveland scandal first
lenrcd in the Buffalo papers , and waa t
.clographod to the Chicago Tribune ,
ro-tclegraphcd to TUP. BER by its Oh
50 correspondent. And this brings u
the absurd and what wo consider un ]
fossional practice of loading western
pera of taking credit
nowa which on itn face sh
was cither purloined or purchased fi
the great dailies of Now York. Chic :
St. Louis , Cincinnati and St. Paul pa ]
contain ao-callcd special cable dispatc
'rom all parts of the globe. It sou
; randiloquont but ridiculous for
Pioneer Press of St. Paul , or the In
Jecan of Chicago , to insert in their
igraphic columns , "A special cablugi
'rom Teheran Your correspondent
nterylowod the Shah on his views ah
.ho adjustment of the Russo-Porsian c
" in another " cal
; roversy , or "special
! ram"from Constantinople that "Y
.orrospondent in n confidontiaJ intorv
irith the Sultan , " etc. Now , every
.clligont person knows , or ought
enow , that no paper in Onic.xgo , St. P.
3t. Louis or Cincinnati can afford
uxury of having a special telegraphic c
oapondent in Tehernn or Constantine
> r other places in the old world. Tfc
ire less than half a doz3ii papers
America , and they are in f
fork , that maintain a staff of <
respondents in Europe. Wo vent
to say that not ouo of them maintain
sorrospondcnt in Africa or Asia oxc
n times of war , as recently in E
Even the Now York Herald , which
, ho most enterprising paper in Amor :
dlies chiefly for its special cable newt
ta bureaus in London and Paris. ' .
ipecial cable dispatches which appear
.ho . Chicago , Cincinnati , St. Louis <
it. Paul papers are cabled specially
tfow York paper * , from which they
mrchased and re-telegraphed to
vostcrn papers. Ventures have b
nade by Chicago papcra to have tl
> wn bureaus in London and Paris ,
.hoy wore soon abandoned as too exp
ilvo. Now would it not bo moro cred
ole and sensible for the dailies that p
ihaso their cable specials from the IS
fork Herald to credit the Herald i
at it reap whatever advantage may
lorived from thu enterprise , rather t !
, ry to impose on their patrons where
.ho face the deception ia solf-ovidc
[ 'or our part wo are willing to ad
.hat TTO cannot afford to maintain a a
) f correspondents in every town of An
ca and all the capitals of Europe , 1
ind Africa.
Editor of THE BEK :
In the midst of the jumble and jar
] f words and ideas attendant when
residential election and the oxcitom
which it creates , the electors of the at
ire liable to lose sight of matters iin ]
tant to them and which relate to tl
liomo or atato government. I trust t
four paper , always alert upon tl :
things which subserve the interests of
itato the people and which ti
' .hrough wise laws to good governnu
will , in its pointed way , arouse the pie
io mind to a careful consideration of
janstitutloual amendment to bo subt
, od to the electors at the ensuing oleol
'or their adoption or rejection. I Ml
x > the constitutional amendment ( tee
lion laws of 1883 , page 377) ) relating
.ho compensation of members ot the '
ature , the length of the legislative i
lion , and the introduction of bills
lawa after a stated time.
The change in compensation isfi
M 00 to $5 00 per day. The present
nuniiratlon is entirely inadequate ab
lutliciont to pay board bills. While
Mlico of legislator should not be sou
for gain , nor made in any sense n lut
tivo ono , yet , the state as a simple act
justice , should m ko the reward iu j
ment for his services , at least roasonn
tair. The change in this behalt to
per sojaion is uot out of the way.
The second chauuu iu the length of
leaiiim from 40 to 00 days is obviot
necessary to thoio who have been mi
bora of the loglslature and tried
Utend to their duties and alto to tl :
who have boon attendants upon that
ily and watched its proceeding * . Fc
lays are altogether too funr in which
transact intelligently , thu legislative b
mRS of thu state.
Thu third change sought to bo wrou
in thii amendment is so far aa I kno
new feature in constitutional leghtlati
While extending the session of tbo le
Ittturo to sixty days it restricts that bo
except In cases of emergency , IA the in *
troduction of bills utter forty days of
term han expired thus giving ttf <
full days for malurc consideration of.
prorioudy introduced. Ono of the g
evils of 'legislation consists in the h
action taken on measures at the '
'aat ' moments of the scision. Evnryll
is in confusion and the clearest and c
at minus are liable to overlook tl
features of a measure which are t
vicious and ought to bo eliminated ,
fully estimate the evils of the last h
of a legislature , it must not
forgotten that bills , especially If bi
in their character , nro introduced U (
and oven on the sixth day from the
journmont. These are then rclerrot
committees , thus keeping the mom
of the several committees at work on
subjects referred to them after daily
journmonts , every hour not absolu
consumed while the legislature is
scnelon. The result is at the heel
the session no ono can say ho kr
fully the nature of any of the billa w
have not boon before him in the c
mittco-room. To remedy thla was
object of this provision or clause of
contemplated amendment. If adop
it seomti to mo adequate to roach
euro this deplorable curse of hasty li
lation. It will or ought to save
state treasury thousands of dollar ;
each session , to say nothing of the p
benefits directly and indirccting f
well-considered laws. CITIZE :
July 28 , 188-i.
"Tho Producer" Getn Hla KJCB O ]
Chicago Herald.
Wall street is in a hard row of stur
The big operators like Gould , Sago ,
Keen are in the financial dumps ,
little operators are cither in and pinter
or out and afraid to go in. The bro
are curtailing expenses aud trying
weather the gale. Everybody i as !
everybody wh&t the matter ia. Expli
tinns are plenty , but unsatisfact
Thuro sootns to be plenty of money. I
ro.-uls and other business enterprises
fnirlyprosporous. The wheels of itu
try go round and round , but the tic ,
are comparatively deserted.
A party of gamblers once opened tl
"layout" in a small western town. '
roulette and faro were quite attract
and the natives flocked in. The bai
per cent waa largo and the gamblers reIn
In wealth and luxury. Business men
hoarders of cash became enamored , ai
veritable craze for gambling ensued. 1
tunes were loat and families and fi
ruined , but as one unfortunate fell t
another took his place. The gamb
became riotous in their prcspe
and extravagant in their hut
They embarked in speculative on
prisca , which swelled and grow wnni
lully under the magic touch of their g <
laden hands. Tiiuy and those v
whom they had associated fancied th
solves securely rich and powerful. 1
soon the customers of the gamb
houses began to decrease in numb
Bankruptcy and tragedy in the t <
naturally produced a bitter popular i
cimcnt. One business man after anol
[ xpcriincutcd , lost and quit. Firat
Joalerwas discharged and then anol
until nearly all had disapiioai
[ n a few weeks the busy , crow
saloon waa empty savp of the ]
priotora and a few chronic and banki
hangers-on. The enterprises in which
gamblers had embarked began to dn
The "wind" escaped from them
they demanded money money or th
of utter collapse. Then the desps :
sports , wondering why the country
going an rapidly to the dot ; * , brought
their .hoarded gains and attempted
stoui 'the ti'do. They began to gar. .
for each 'other's money , and occasion
ono more deeply Involved in specula
or mere unluohy than the others droj :
by the wayside a ruined bankrupt.
The "producers , " having learned
lasting lessons of experience , had
turned to their legitimate callings ,
greedy gamblers , at first inflated
made aggressive by their unnatural gn
bad suffered reverse and collapse n
the unexpected withdrawal of the "
iucers' " patronage , and entered u
; ho work of ruining each other.
This is a big country , and some pec
ro slow to learn. But there are ind
" " for Wall et
: ions that the "producer"
iaa become tired and that the parly
otg gamblers who have thrived upon
in the
iontributionft are now engaged
nirablo work of eating each other up.
Cho PlftiiH of the Projectors Am
Capital for Success Aasureil.
Denver Republican.
Hon. John Dillon , member of Pai
nent , and Mr. Houry Dillon , hisbrotl
who lives at Castle Rock , Colorado ,
rived at Denver yesterday from Ui
rvhere they have been for the past
wrecks on a mission which ia of great
Uirest to the Irish people. These gen
men went to Utah in company will
number of Donver'a foremost 1
litizens , whoso intentions _ are
buy a largo tract of land in U
uid locate upon it an Irish colony. II
John Dillon does not intend to in1
money in the project ; ho was ain :
: nado a member of the purchasing c
nittco in order that ho might have a ]
lonal knowledge of the location wl
the colony is to settle.
The prominent Irishmen of Color
who made the trip to Utah and wl ]
nonoy it is expected will bo u
n establishing the colony are. Time
Foley , Uyan & Burke , M. Bola
I' . S. Condon , Robert Morris and .
Parker , of Denver , and M. J. Murpl
jf Lsadvllle. These uontlomon , with
linglo exception of Robert Morris , in
i trip to Utah , and all except the Dil
brothers returned last week.
"Tho site determined upon is a n
nificent tract of land situated soutl
Salt Lake City , " said Mr. Condon t
Republican man yesterday , "but
raugeinenta for its purchase are not
lompleto. The tract contains 100 ,
jcrea , and with proper irrigation fa <
' .lea can bo made the finest ngriculU
and in Utah. "
"Why was not the purchase comp
> d ? " was asked.
"For the ainglo reason that the ws
rights were not guaranteed. Two
> wn the land and a company control
water franchises. The agent of the h
jwnera said ho would bo on hand to
t controlling interest In thu water pri
leges , but ho failed to brino.f n t
with him , and the members f u.o o <
inittee did not wish to buy the land u :
they know beyond peradventure that t
ivould experience no troub'.u inirrigat
the land. "
"But the sale has not fallen throug
"Oh , no ; another meeting has b
irrangid to take place iu Denver , i
; ho chances are largely in favor of
purchases being made. "
"Is thia colonizing scheme in the
icreat of the poor people of Ireland ? "
"It will be of great aid to evicted ]
tin * in etcarintt a homo , but the col / * *
will not bo nitulo up entirely of such i
pie. ThVcolony will bo open to sol
ment , _ from homo and abroad , '
intention ! s to make the colony &s thr
a possible , and to do this , the u
nationalities the hotter. "
JJ'What U the price of the land ? "
"About $300,000. Add to this
SIHO.OOO asked for the water right
50,000 for incidentals aud the total '
of putting the colony on Its foot wil
in the neighborhood of 8500,000. 1
amount of money has been guaranl
and will bo forthcoming on the very
that the final arrangements for the j
chase are completed. "
"How will the colony bo conduct *
"Similar to other colonies in the w
InTRrigranta will bo assisted until 1
obtain a footing , and they will bo allo
to pay for the land as soon aa they <
No finer spot in the world could be
lectcd for such an enterprise ,
climate is the most favorable , and ov
body knows that the land in that rej
of Utah is the richest and moat proi
tivo In the west. There ia no ret
why the colony should not bo mai
great success and prove not only of b
fit to the investors , but bo a life !
help to thousands of poor people
would otherwise bo unable to sci
homes. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
"What causes the crcat ruth nt Schrot
Bccht's Drug Storo'r The free dlstribti
of Rainplo bottlon of Dr. Bos.inko' Cough
hung Syrtip , tlio most popular reinedj
Coughs. Colds , Consumption nml Bronc
now on the market Regular elzo CO couta
A Bnttlo AVllh BUunkH.
I'ittsburj ? Loader.
While looking for a lest cow this nu
ing , William Sechrist , of GarSdd , &
suddenly unon seven full-grown polec
who were hidden in the thick undorbr
and so absorbed in eating stolen chick
that they did not notice hia approach
til ho actually trod among them. '
brutes instantly attacked Sochrist , i
is lame , and sprang upon his legs , ah
der. % back and head , ocratching , teai
and biting like seven fiends , and at
tiino emitting the overpowering , sid
ing stench for which polecats are nol
Feeling that it was a atrngglo for 1
Sechrist fought the animals withdoapi
tion , and although a cripple andunanr
ho succeeded in shaking off six of tl
aud , tramping them down ono after ant
er. _ Sech'iat then became faint from
terrible stench and reeled and fell ,
which the seventh escaped into the
ilerbrush. Sechrist managed to d
tiimsolf out of the horrible atmospln
and after vomiting freely waa able
wait homo. Everyone is astonished t
tie. escaped with only acratchta , althoi
they are many and severe.
The finest mayonaioo dressing for
kinds of salads , cold meats , raw tnmatc
pickled million , cabbage , ole , isDurkt
Salad Dressing. It ia , besides , m
economical than home-made.
She Dhln't Take The
Philadelphia Pr ss : A young Ii
who raovea in very good aocioty rctun
from the aeaahoro yesterday in a very
dignant frame of mind She made a <
on a West Walnut street family , i
there mot half a dozen girls fricnda
whom aho explained the cause for
indignation. "I waa on the aido-w
about 7 o'clock in the evening , " she a :
"and a great , horrid man with a bl
moustache aaid 'h'm.1 1 paid no att
tion , and whatdidthobrutodpbuttot
equiro round and Bay , 'i'd like to 1
you. ' Of course , I paid no attenti
and then he came closer and aaid , '
give thia diamond ring for a kiaa , at
aamo time drawing a beautiful ring fi
hia finger. "
"And did ho kiaa you and refuse
give up the ring ? " queried the girls
chorus. "Goodnesss Bakes no ! " was
reply , "I felt BO anqry and hurt tha
walked away without saying a word ,
any rate , the ring waa a solitaire , i
you all know that clusters are the o
correct things to wear nowadays. "
"Ho was a beast , " said the girls , "i
you were perfectly right. "
Hear Him.
" 7 ftd ntw. I wai nflllcted with sick In
ncbn nuil general debility , but Jitmloel : 11
Hitters , brought about un immoilate linpn
munt In my general lioalth. I consider t !
thu best family imidicltio In tha mirkt
Adolph Lalliz , J3ulT.iIo , N. Y.
The Mark Luno K.vpresH Ilevlow ,
T.OKDON , .Tnlv 23 The Mark Lane
prtm in Us weekly review of tbo corn tr.-
, } : Thu weither last week , owing to he
thunder stnrim anil co'il nights , win dt
niontul to the wheat cr ] > BPiiurally ; never :
k'Bi there are BOtnn BpUiiiJi 1 liolild of wl
which phcm- the iinost npporuancfM ntil
Uvorof nnavcrogo jield. Sales of Kng the i.vt week : 27.-193 < iunrtor8 nt
It ) , against 23,731 the i
responding week . year. Voreign trail
etAjjiuit nuil nrlcoH HIM unchanged. In
on" coast trailo littlu In Joins. Kight can
urrlvorl during the week , five cargoes v
eold , nix weru withdriwii. moo remained
hixtcun c.irgoa nro duu. The l > roktm weal
u dtoailiutwa to tlin trade , Klot
i > s ilepraisoil. Barley Is qulot and star
Mitlzo , especially Anitrlcan , is firmer. (
H dull aud weaker.
Collecting the Whisky Tax ,
WASHINGTON , July 23. Some time ago
conmiitnluner of internal revenue issuoii
oidur providing that on ami after Sapterr
1st , IBS I , the collection of the tax on whi
, iy aeidBaineut would bo discontinued. Str
ellortH have elnco been mails to have him
aclml the order , but without avail , and to-
he notified tha petitioners that tha orlg
order would bs enforced. Under thu rul
the tax will bo collectud on tbo day It co
due , and if not paid tha property will bo
.rained. „ _
and MALARIA : _
From these bourci.-a nrUo thrcc-icmrths
tlio tllioosca or tlio huinnn moo. Tlic
jyinptoiualnJlcatotholrcxiBtcnco : r.nit i
Appetite , Iloweli cosllte , lcU Ilesi
ache , fiillnci * nrter cntlnunverilnn I
exertlnn ot boily or mind , 3 ructatlo
at fooU. Irritability ot temper , J.o
spirit * , A. fi-cllnff of having neglect )
nine iliitr. l > ttiluei3l'JiittcrliiK at tl
Heart. Dots iJcforo the ryen.lilnhlyco
rnl Vrlne , COASTII'ATIO T , mul (1
manj tlio use of a remedy that acts direct
on tbo I.Ivor. AsnMvcrmeillclnoTCTT
VI 1,1.3 liavo no o.iual. Tliclr action on tl
Kldncyi mul Skin Ualioiirorant ; roinovh
tlirco "ten'
nil Impuilllua through tucjo
rn er * or tlie irstcm , " produclni ; npr
tlto , bound digestion , ri'KularstnoM , n clo :
sVliiiuulavlRoroasboily. TD rT'5 1'll r.
CAUSO no nan&ca or { itipln nor lutcrfo
vlth daily \\ork uud are a perfect
fcjMcttnwhtrr.a.lo , oUlfe.j ljt u rn > y ji it . .X " ]
ORAT llxiu o WniSKPB * chanced
etaiitly to n CiLossr liwcit l 7 a yitiBlo n
plication of this WTli. Hnl l by UrugsUt
oraent by oxproiisonrooiilptuf 91 <
Uftlcu , < i Murray 8trith > nYork. .
4 % J * A.
There is no medium tliroi
which disease so often nt dts
ayslom ns byConshpntionnnd tli
is on other ill Hesh is heir to m
apt to be iiegWtel , from the i
matorinl incouvenienco may bei
medintcly felt from irregular act
o the bowels. When there
not regular notion the ret
tion ot dociiyed and eflbto n
ter , with its poisonous ga
so n poisons the whole system
being absorbed into it , causing pi
fistaiii headache , impure blood i
ninny other serious nllrtctions. Bl
mediuiely relieve , and one bo
positively cure or relieve any casi
' \Vas troubled for a year v
torpid liver and indigestion , and
ter trying everything imaginr
TERS. 'J ho first bottle revived
aud the second cured ne entire !
J. S. "Williamson , Rochester ,
x t
OF , kelia Ourroug
St. - Oma ]
1617 Dodge . ,
N Summer Beso
Of the Northwest , Detroit , Mln
A country oj WOODS ANU LAKES. .00 mlltn
ot tit Paul. Tnroo tralnii dally on the N I' . K. .
1th 30 Day Excursion. Tickets at about one
An elegant house * lth ticcnmmoditlons foi
nuost8. R. R. COUBURN , Proprlol
l4TaE.ii ) rot cmcumwaivi.'dj FULI. PARTICULA :
TUa Loading Agricultural and Live Bl
Journal of the West.
H. S. SMITH & CO. ,
HON.ROBT. W. FUKKAS , Secretary Slate D
lit Agriculture , Associate hdltor.
SUBSCKII'TION U'RI .E , ! (1.00 ( per year In adva
100 and 103 S. Uth Stroot. - - OMAHA , ]
jy 22 ir&o tf
Royal Havana Lottery
Drawn at Havana , uba , Every
to 14 : Days.
TICKETS , 82.00 , HVI.VES.8
mibject to nu manlimlatlon , not controlled h >
pa < tif ln tntcrcet. U is tbo lalrcbt thing Ir
nature of chance In existence.
Fur Information end particulars apply tnSHIP
CO. , Gen. Aurnu , 1212 Broadua\ Y. city.
K. KAl'B&CO. . 417 Walnut street St. 1'juis.
or Frank Lobrano , L.JD. , 20 Wyandotte , Kan.
jym&o & wly. _
MARK n ORUT jv.i - | nn JC HJ
LISH KiuinDT. An
unfailing cure for
Seminal Weak-
' no4iS ) > orm torr.
hew. , Impotenoy ,
nd all DiaoMoa
that follow aa a
Bequence of Self-
Abuse ; calosaof'
In the Back , Dlmn ; a i Vialon , 1-romi
ind xaay other diseases that lead to |
gumption and a Premuturo Grave.
BawAnn of adiertuements to refund money ,
Jrug lats from whom the medicine Is bou do
refund , but refer you to tha manufacturers , and
requirements are such that they are teldmn , if i
sotuplicd with. See their written guarantee. A
of ono single package of Dray's Specific will com
the moot Hkcpticalof Ita teal merits.
On account o countei/eltors , we have adopted
Yellow Wrapper ; the only genuine.
jCSTFnll particulars in out pamphlet , which w
sire to nend free by mall to every one. jcyThe
clfloUedl Ine i eold cy all druggists aid per p
t e , or six packages for { 5 , or will be s ut fro
mall on the receipt of tha money , by addressing
Sold n Omaha } * J . Jy 19mJ
Science ot Lite , Only $ ! . (
ity , Merrons aud Physical Debt :
Premature Itocllua In Man , Uiroraof Youth , an
intotd tnlflorlM osultlns from Indiscretions erA
A book for every mm
ind old. It contains 126 prescription ! ) for all a :
and chronic illsonjon eachone of which Is Invalni
3o found by the Author , whose cxporlencn toi
roara IB snob as probably never before fell to the
of any phynlciui ZOO pages , bound In bean
frnnchinnslln raaogsedcovera , full glltenaranl
o bo a finer work n every sente , mechanical ,
erary and professional , than any other work eel
this country for 12.50 , or the money will be refoi
In every Instance. Price only SI.00 by mall , r.
piIJ. Illustrative sample 6 cents. Send now. (
medal awarded the author by the National Hoc
AaeocUtlon , to the officers of which ho refer * .
The Sclensa of Llfn should bo read br the yo
Instruction , and by the afflicted for relief ,
will bcnoftl all. London Lancet.
There Is no member ot society ta whom The
ence of Life will not be useful , whether youth ,
tnl , tmardlan , Inrtructororclerfryman. Argonai
Addreu the Peabody Medical Inttltuto , or Dr.
II. Parker , No. 4 DulBncli Street , Boiiton Mm. ,
mar be comnltcd on all diseases requlr'ng ' skill
eiperlenco. cnronloandobitlnatodlcea tbat 1
bamed.tho skill ol all other phyii'lirK I c
I ( | > eda1)yi tMoo treated .
without an Instant * failure. TUVCCj C
Removed to 131 N. llth St.
0. SPECET , PE03
1111 Doufla * BL Omaha , Neb.
Galvamzea Iron Cornice *
i JTDoriner Window ) , Unttli , Tin , Iron and Cl
Itionrtf , Srethf PaUnt HctalUo Skylleht , tat
idjojtuj lUtchet Uar and linckit fchclUrp. I
lb venoral agent fpr the above line of EoodK ,
, ITcnolng , lialuttndet , V raodu , Iron 1
IT I _ j * f-f k
united States Depository
Oor. 13th and Farnam Sta.
The Oldest Banking Establishment
in Omaha ,
Organljoa in 1808.
Organliod aa n National Bank In
omoiu DUBCTOM.
IIn i Kotnrm , TiMldent.
JonK A. CRiionroii , Vlco Frrnildeot
A QUBTCJ Koorrn , U Vlco Preildtnt
A. J. PorrwrroH.
F. II. DAVIS , Cuhlet.
T7 n. Uiaqum , AnlsUnt Cublci.
TranMcii ponor l binklng btulnMi. Itjao
MttlDcitos boirlnf ? Interest Dr n drullj o
Fiknclaoo Mid nrlnolptl cltlei In the Unllej
Al o London , bublln , RcllnburKh nd Ib , ut
UM rf this continent nd JIM . .
Authorized Capital. - gl.OOO.OOU
Paid-up Capital , - - 100,000
Surplus Fund , - - - 70,000 - "
N W. Cor , Farnam ana 12th Sta
FaAns Monrnr , President I BAH'IE. RCOSBB , V-P
Bin. B. WOOD , Cashier. | LarniR Diu&u , A
nmnoTous :
Frank Marphy , BAmucl E. Ilogcrs , Bin. B. Wood ,
Charles O. Ilouaol , A. D. Jonoe , Luther Druko.
Transact a Ocncr l Bankinc Buslneso. All who
hivonny Dotnklni ; bualnesa t trannct arc Invited
call. No matter how laroa or mull the transaction ,
It will rccelvo our urolul attontlon , and wo piomlno
ilwuj-a couitooua treatment.
FA } 8 particular attention to btulnem for pirtloi
residing outside the city. Kxh ngu on all the prln.
olpal cltlAi ot the United States at Tory lowOTt tos.
Aooounta ol Banks and Buikeri rocclrod on f vor
able terms.
Issues Oertlflcate o ( Dopoult hoarlng 5 per oen
Uuysjnd Bolls Forolxn Kxchan o , Oounty , Ct4
and Government Boour.tlei
S , W Cor , Farnam and 12th Sis ,
Capital , - 5X00,000.00
O. W. MANHLTOK , Pros't.
8.8. CALDWELL , V. Proo't.
M. T. BARLOW. CnohlOfJ
3. S. OALDWELL , fi. F. SHITD ,
Aooounta solicitor1 and kept sub
loot to eight chocic.
Cortlflcatoa of Deposit Issued iiay
Qblo In 3,0 and 12 months , bearing
Interest , or on domnnd without In-
Advances made to customers on
approved oocurUlos at market rate
of Intorost.
The Interests of Customers are
c'oooly guarded and every facility
compatible with principles of
sound banking freely extended.
Draw sight drafts on EnglandIro /T
land , Scotland , and all parts of Eu /
Coil European Ptiosa o Tickets
Cor. 13th and Douglas Sta.
Capital Stock. - - - 8150.000
Liibilityof Stockholders , 300,000
Fire Per Cent Interest Paid OE Deposits
rAME3E.nOYD . Pro
. . M. UENNICTT . Vice PrcsiJent
V. A. I'AXTON . i an xing Director
lOHN E. WH.UUU . Caahlw
' . w. GANNETT , MAS sisxnr. ,
ho-nlr AMtumca Co. , ol ix > ndonOMb -
Ametl 3E iWt.O
ntcne terN. Y. , CapltU 000.000.0
dtiMerciuuita , of Mevuk , N , J. , Capital 1,1176,000.03
Itrard Fire , Fhllacclthla , itlll. . . . 1,500,000.01
rtremea'a Fnnd Cai til 1.1N.J16.
> the old etand 1417 larnam street. Orders br
laph solicited and promptly attented to.
111 North Iflth Street Omana
fletalic Cases , Coffins , Carets , Shronfls ,
ETC. , ETC. ,
000 Farnam St. , - OMAHA , MKIJ
'clutrraphlo orders promptly attended to. Telephons
io. in.
JA& 3. PEABOlJy M , ii ,
lU ldeno No. liOT Jon Bt. dlBoe. No. UJ
rnanStrMt. Ofllw hours l in. to 1 p. usw > a
nili p.n. CiU.UH for oiflo * 9T , H ld