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    8 OMAHA DAILY BEE-THURSDAY , JUM 24 , 1881 ,
Thursdasy Morninc , July 24
Ywtordny afternoon four yonnp recnworo
nrratod by the pollto for being ( malicious per-
Bonn ,
Dodge. It brought everything tip Blind
ing but nothing was broken and the truck won
t xra under way itqntn.
Tlio U. & . M , band ( com PlnlUmouth ser
enaded thu H , & AL headquarters in this city
this nttornoon , and j.layod e\cral line selec
The nun of ycclerday brought Iho juice nut
of l ho firomcn and many of them wlshpil they
could tland in the nliAdo nnd too the jirocotiiion
pass instead of fntnithlng fun for the million.
Whllo going to the fire lost night , Jim
O'Brien , drhrr of the hook and ladder truck ,
inndo n mis-piny nnd rnn Into tlio oion ] cnr
tracks on Thirteenth ctrect nt the interjection
Yesterday ovoningtho v aitingfircmcnhadnn
opportunity of wclug hoiv the Omaha llro do.
pnrtment go to a fire. Some of their uycs
stuck out in great * ha | > < > as the IIOFO carti How
down Douglas ntrcet like n eliot from a gun ,
Drcxel k Maul yesterday received a tele
gram announcing the death of Washington
Humphrey * ! * , u ell known In tliin city , In St.
I/onio , nnd nlno saying that the remains would
nrrivo fin tills Zcliy for interment tills
In pollco court yostcnlny monilntf two din
turbcrnof the peace were flncd$5oach and cosU.
One man charred with vagrancy pleaded not
guilty nnd his caoo was continued. Two nmall
boys , nrrestod for vagrancy , were released
and told to nln no more.
Until August l t wo will olfer n largo lot
of FUIINMTUMK at crroatly rtxlucod pricoji tocloKO
imt patterns. Will include in thin Halo many
desirable goods In every department of our
business , CO ntrlos chamber flotft , 1T > itylet of
lurlor aotfl. A largo nunibor of easy chairs ,
patent rockers , odd pieces , Ac , , k } . CIIAIII.K.S
SlllVElilcK , 12X ( ) , Ii0S.tl2JO ! , 1'aruam t.
Yoaterday ovoningnnalarm of firu was turned
in from bsx 51 , corner of 1'lovonth and Capi
tal avenues. The departmant rcsjinndod
promptly and soon extinguished the flames
which wera in n little one-ttory frnmo build
ing owned by Hich ICImball. Tlio Tire wan
caused by n gasoline ttovo nnd the building
wai damaged to the extent of ? 50.
Several of the bu inosH men of the city
have suggested that the stores bo closed
this afternoon for a threo-fold reason. On
account of the liromon'o tournament , the cir
cus and the base-ball. Thin would give the
omploycx of the stores an opportunity to visit
whichever place they doulrod. The scheme
proposed is to close at t o'clock in the after
noon and not open until to-morroniw morning.
The management of Iho U. 1 * . ball club
have posted a notices In one portion of the
grand eland stating that thu section indicated
is reserved exclusively for ludlex with and
without escort * . No attention in paid to this
and all classes of men nro allowed to croud
into that section , and there they nil , chow to
bacco and iitilrt | the julco upon the lloor for
ladlui dresses to mop up , smoke vilocigarnand
clgarottCH , nnd pulf the Binoko in the Indies
faces. Thia is not all. Ycxtorday afternoon
half drunken men occupied reals In the section
and jabbered away , to the dlrgust of all. Ono
of the managnmont of the club wan spoken to
lint made no effort to nbato thonuisanco. Now
if the Hoction Is not reserved for ladies Itwouli
bo well to take down thu sign.
The Oinulia Cricket and Atlilello
A mooting waa hold at the Millard Ho
tel Tuodayovoning for thopurpoao of oloot-
ing a president and oflioora for the Omaha
Cricket and Athlotio association , and
ether matters. Mr. Moldrum in the
It was proposed by Mr. Tobin. that
Councilman Ed Loodor bo elected pros !
dont. Carried.
Captain Troloar propoaod that Mr.
Bergoach bo elected vice proaidont. Car
It waa proposed by Mr. Troitarhko thai ,
Captain Troloar bo elected secretary anc
manager. Carriod.
It was proposed by CaptainTrobar Urn
Mr. Triatachko bo elected treasurer. Car
Mr. Tobin proposed that the following
member * bo appointed a committee ti
toke the general management of the asao
ciation : Messrs. S. A. Woods , Willtan
Bracoy , Wm. Martinovitch , I. Thomp
son and J. G. Hitchcock. Carried.
Dr. Lanyon proposed that tlio aboro
association bo formed into a joint stock
company and that the committee draw
up the regulations respecting said coin
pany. Carriod.
John lluuor , of I'Jattsmouth , In nt tha Mot
N. A. Spooler , of IlastinfM , teat llio Metropolitan
ropolitan ,
George Hurkf , of North 1'latto , in ot th
W. J. KIliH , of Tokamah , jj rcglstrred n
tlio Metropolitan.
CJ. W. llavvood , ofLlucoln , is stopping g
the Metropolitan.
0. K iruiuiieiiof ] Harington , is inmrtorc
at tin ) Metropolitan.
.1. F , GraveH , of Superior , Null. , IH regls
teml at th Mttroj > olitaii ,
0 , P. JOH ell , and wife , of Haxllugu , nr
otoiipiDK at the Mftrojxilltau ,
N. 0. OstiTiious , U , uf ] { . It. Lralcoman
Tv'owr York , is iu tlio city , ( topping at th
Metropolitan ,
Mn. M. D. 1'loak has removed he
Bakery from 214 North Sixteenth to 31
North Eighteenth , near Wiomon * Ore
are always well patronized. Why ? Because
cause customers find everything first
claw , deicious and superior to nnythinj
el e of the kind in the city. Call and b (
refreshed. Barker's block , Fifteentl
etroot near Farnam. j22.-lt
Cream Soda at Boll's. j
Choice location ; desirable neighbor
Tiood ; lots can bo bought for400 on loni ,
JXtbraiku fuel Co.
J Miuight Session of that Body Last
NiEbt ,
Tlio Boiml Aflcr HeiM-lnR Iloportof
a Special ConunlttoolloiitscH to
Accept tlio Ixinjj nnd
IxnTcn\vorth School
A special mooting of Iho board of
dtleation wns hold last evening. Mom-
> ors present , Points , Oonoyor , Gibbon ,
Spccht , LivcBoy and Copoland. Mr.
iong cnmo in later.
In the absence of the president , Vico.
'resident ' Points called the mooting to
jrdor. The first business was in regard
o the accoptan co of the now school
Mr. Oibbon , chairmnn of the commit-
oo appointed to ozamlno the now build-
nga , reported that in aomo things the
ontrocts had not bcon complied with.
Omnha , July 01 , IRS I.
Mr. President. Your special building
lommittoo , to whom was referred the
matter of investigating the conditions of
ho now buildings , before their final acceptance -
coptanco by the board of education , em-
) loyod Mr. J. Douglas , an expert and
) uildor , whoso report is attached hereto.
After a careful examination of the said
export's report , your committee came to
ho conclusion that it will bo for the boat
ntorcsts of the board that the buildings
until the work
) o not not accepted
done according to plana
and specifications , and as agreed to by a
written contract , signed by F. S. Pot-
in and the president of the board. An-
mxed hereto you will also find tv report
ignod by J. O. Salisbury , who wan re
peated by Mr. Potvin to investigate the
onditions of the buildings at the same
imo Mr. Douglas made the invostiga-
ion in behalf of thn special building
ommittoo. You will find that Mr. Sal-
abury , in hia report , corroborates near-
y every item mentioned defective in
Mr. Douglass" report.W.
W. A. L. Gnwo.v ,
MK. DOUCJLAH' iiKronr.
Board of Education Gentlemen : Ilav-
ng examined both school buildings
uilt duridfj the summer of 1881) ) ,
rom plana and spocilicationa made by
Icasra. Dufrono & Mondolshonn , archi-
octs , 1 submit the following report that
lioy do not comply with the said plana
nd specifications.
The piano call for pressed brick
himnoys , and at the least calculation
liuy tire about 12,000 brick , making al-
owanco for the block brick , the difference
would for both buildinga bo $108.
The plann call for three laps of slating
while it shows but two laps , making a
hortago of thirty-one laps all round , or
loarly one-seventh of the whole amount.
in the north and south buildings the
lock joists are not of th-t required
strength. The rafters should bo 2x8 ,
whereupon they arc but 2x0. Rafters
which should Imvo boon 2x10 , seine of
thorn are 2x8 and the difference in lum
ber would bo about $10 for bath schools.
Under the present condition it
is liable to fall in the
event of a hoary snow. The roofs leak
n both buildings and will rcquiro flash
ing to keep out snow in the front gable
it sides. Difloronco to stairway in south
Building , $15.
The difference In the glass called for in
.ho plana and specifications and that put
n is $7 80 loss than it should bo.
Difference in second c.iat in janitor's
room in both schools la $22.
Difference in nutting in joists in floors
in basement halls as per spocilicationa
in both schools , $100.
The plastering on the collar ceilings is
no good. It has boon frozen and is dam
aged in north school , 830.
My view of the outside brick work is
to lot it go.
In 45 of the collar windows there has
boon no rollers put in as plans and spec !
fications call for , and single glass nt Sl.W
each , allowed for bolts and locks aa pui
in by contratora the duniaco would bi
The front door-jambs in both schoo.
buildings arc poor jobs , In regard to
the sine of the chimneys , would rcfor i
to the board. .1. DOUOLAHS.
Mr. Salisbury , Mr. Potvin's foreman ,
made a statement that ho had lookoc
over the buildings and found that the
King it Dolowaro school building is
$ lt'J ! f > 0 short of what the plans and apu-
cificationa call for and tint Loavonwortl
school building is short § 08 CO.
Mr. Potvin was present and offered to
give a bond of $10,000 to insure the roof
The board could not BOO that a bond 01
$10,000 would atone for the loss of lifo
in coso the roof should fall.
In regard to the chimneys Mr. Gibbet
stated that last winter the gontlonmi
who pnt in the heating apparatus calloc
upon him anc' stated that Mr. Dufrono
had had solicited him to accept thoehini
noys , but that ho would not accept them
and if the board did not have the cliim
noys properly built that his company
would certainly withdraw their bond.
Mr. Uibbon favored having the chimneys
properly built if the board had to slant
the expenses.
Mr. Dufrono aroao and stated that ho
had not solicited anybody to accept the
chimneys as It was nothing to him aa it
had boon taken out of his handr.
11 was moved tlmtt ho report bo adopt
ed. Question called for the members
voting aye and nay. Gibbon , Conoyor
and Long voted aye and Points , Oopo
land , Sproht and Llvcsoy voted nay
Motion lost.
Jplovod y Oopelaid , that the secretary
and president bo authorized to draw a
warrant for $2 (00 ( in favor of Mr. Pot-
vln , louring $ lf , 03 still duo him. Spocht
seconded the iro'ion. Question called
for. Spccht aid Copoluud voted aye ,
and Points , Long , Gibbon , Livespy ant
Connoyor voted nay. Motion lost.
Mr Gibbon imvod that Mr. Potvin bo
formi'l'y ' informed of the action of the
board this utening , and as soon as ho has
completed tlio work according to the plans
and specifications , report to the board ant
receive his money , Conoyer seconded the
motion. Question called for. Three
voted in the alternative and three in the
negative , and the chair declared the mo
tion lost.
Mr. Copeland offered the following
resolution , seconded by Spccht :
Resolved , That the building commit
too employ a competent export to do
tormina what is needed to make the
Long and Leavonworth building eafo am
that when Mr , Potvin carriej out the
ocommondations of the expert n final
tfttomont bo mado.
Mr. Long moved to ammcnd the
motion and substitute "our architect * in
ho place of the 'export. " Amendment
iccoptod and seconded.
Another amendment was made to sub-
tituto the word complete instead of the
word safe.
Mr. Long moved that the order of Mr.
I. P. Lehman bo aacoptcd and the
president and secretary draw Mr. Loh-
mann an order for $102. CO. to bo charged
o Mr. Potvin's account. Motion lost.
Moved and seconded tht the plans for
ho lllartman school bo accepted ,
Moved that the Bocrotary bo author-
zed to advertise in the dally paper for
proposals to build the Ilartmnn school
) uilding according to plans and specifi
cations. Carriod.
Board adjourned.
Another Kltilno ami IIOKIUI Club
Kormcd in This City bait Kvo-
nlnjj by Kntlmslintlo
Yesterday evening n numborof Irish
Amoricansassomblcd in the board of trade
rooms for the purpose of forming an
Irish-American Ulaino and Logan club.
The mooting was called to order by II.
O'S. Hurk , after which John Grooves wag
elected chairman , and Gen. George M.
} 'Urlon , Bccrotary.
The chairman stated that Iho mooting
was called for the purpose of organizing
an Irish-American Blaine and Logan club
n Douglas county ; that , at n previous
mooting of Irish-American cilizonsn committee -
mittoo of nine waa appointed who wore
nstructod to interview their countrymen
with a view to the organization of such a
club and if in their judgment it scorned
advisable to BO organize , to call
mooting for that purpoco.
In purauanco of such instructions the
commit too called this mooting , nnd the
chairman waa expected to make a report
on the situation.
Col. 11. O'S. Burk , chairman of the
committee , stated that ho waa instructed
) y tlio committee to report that a great
number of the Irish-American citizens of
Dmalia , without regard to previous party
politics , urged that on Irish-American
Blaine and Logan club bo organized with
out delay , and that , in view of auch wish ,
lie committee recommended that thia
mooting proceed to organize such a club ,
and to the end that ft speedy organization
jo effected they respectfully submit a
preamble and constitution for the consid-
irntion of the mooting. The report of
lie committee was adopted and committee
The constitution adopted is withheld
till another issue. The following officers
were olcctcd :
President , Col. Richard O'S. Burke :
vice-president , First district , Charles
Manloy ; Second district , Gen. G. M.
O'Brien ; Third district , William II.
Muluhay ; Fourth district ; P.F. Murphy ;
Fifth district , William White ; Sixth
district , John Groves ; Seventh district ,
John O'Koeffe ; Eighth district , Pot Mo-
Cardlo ; Ninth district , Michael Cody ;
secrntary , John Quinn ; treasurer , John
B. Furay.
On motion the mooting adjourned to
moot at the call of the president.
The Union I'aolllca do tip the Evans
vlllcs by a Score of ( I to 5.
A crowd of about 800 people gathorot
at the bajo ball park yesterday afternoon
to witness the second game of ball bo
twcon the Evansville club and the Union
Pacihcs. Ir was an exciting game anc
considerable money changed hands on
the result.
The Union Pacifies presented Rock
well and Bnndlo for their battery and
the Evansvillos had Crewel in the box
with Decker behind the bat.
In the first four innings neither clubs
made a score. In the lost half of the
fifth , Walsh , of the homo team , croBsei
the homo plate amid tremendous cheer
ing. Tn the sixth inning the Evans
villes piled up five scores , which was al
they made during the gamo. The garni
remained this way until the eighth in
nlng , whoa the Union Pacifies made
throe runsloaviug the game five to four
in favor of the Evansvillca.
Whoa the Uuion Pacifies wont to ba
in the last inning the excitement was in
tense. By a field throw from first base
two men crossed homo , boating the visit-
iug club by a score of 0 to D. As the
boys made their last run the crowd rose
in their scats and yelled with all their
It was a hotly contested game at every
point nnd was won on n bad error.
Following I'H the score :
PlnvorH n mi j-o A K
MuKulvy , ! M b 0 1 4 l c
lUmlln , o 0 0 fi 1 2
Uvvycr , 1 b 1 u C " 1
Hnecd , r f I a ( ) 1
KunUhousiT. c f
Whitney , 8d b 0 1 ( i
Wnlnh , HH 1 1 ; { o
Caviuturh , 1 f . . . . . . . . I 0 2 0
Uockvvell , p 1 0 0 10
0 : 27 14
1'hyprs u 1 R ro A E
Sander * , rf 0 1 0 1 n
ThonipHim , 1 f
Hu.irilHH , 1 II 0 8 {
Decker , o 1 1 0 0 0
Veivcli , 1 b
Hnpau , 1 > It 1 o 8 4
Kilferty , ! lb I ) 1 1 ! a
Cniwulf , | i 0 0 0 8 0 0 0 0
Totals fi C 23 IB h
i ii : t 4 r. r 7 s
Union 1'acllio 0 ( I 0 0 1 0 0 : i f
i\nuitiii0 : o o o o 0 n o o 0-5
Huns I'nrneil Union I'jicltiol , Kvaimillo 1
Twii-bano liitB MolCulvy. Dwyrr , Kneed
Total l'flw-8 on hits Union 1'aclfia 10
Kumsvillu 7. '
I'lrNtb.iBBDUdiior * Utiluu Pacific fl.llvanit
villa f > .
J 'ft on bane Union Pncitio C , KvanivllloD ,
1'ai'oil ImlN Itainlln 1 , Decker 1 ,
Struck out Union I'acllio 4 , J\ans\ili : ! 1
Duublo plays- Hoard , II Kan and Vuwh 1
and 1 lagan and Vcacli 1 ,
Tuna of gauiu li hours and 6 minutes.
Unipiie Htrock of Council lilutf * .
The Pioneer Boot and Shoo makers ,
wish to inform the public of their reraova
from 1221 Fatnam street to No. ail
Eleventh street between Farnam and }
JIarney. Give them n call. j23 4t / !
Dr. Edward G. Love , the present Analytical Chemist for the Govern
ment has recently inmle some interesting experiments ns to the compara
tive value of baking.powders. Dr. Love's tests were made to del ermine
what brands are the most economical to use , and as their capacity lies iu
their leavening po\vdertcst3 were directed solely to ascertain the available
gas of ench powder. Do. Love's report gives the following :
Strength :
Name ot the Cubic Inches Gns
Baking Powders : per each ounce of Powder.
"Royal" ( absolutely pure ) . - . 127.1
" " . . . . ' ' *
"Putapjco" ( alum powder ) . I'-'o.S
"Rumf orcl's" ( phosphate ) fresh . . 122.5 *
"Rumford's ( phosphate ) old . . tf2.7 *
"Ilanford's None Such , " fresh . 121.0
"Hnnf ord's None Such , " old . 81 35
"RcdheudV . 1 1 7.0
"Charm" ( alum powder ) . _ . _ . IIG.'J *
"Amazon" ( alum powder ) . . 111. ! ) *
'Cleveland's ( short weight 1 ox. ) . 1 1 0.8
"Sea Foam" . : . 107.9
"Czar" . . 10G 8
"Dr. Price's" . 102.0
"Snow Flake" ( GrolF's , St. Paul ) . 101.88
"Lewis's" Condensed . 98.2
"Congress" yeast . _ . 97.5
"Pearl" . „ 93
"C. E. Andrews & Co s" ( contains alum ) . 78.17 *
"Decker's" . 92.5
"Gillet's" . „ . „ . S1.2
' Bulk" . 80.5
* Iu his repoi t , the Government Chemist says :
"I regard all alum powders as very unwholesome. Phosphate and
Tart ric Acid powders liberate their gas too freely in process of baking
or under varying climatic changes suffer deterioration. "
Dr. H. A.Mottthe former Government Chemist , after a careful anc
elaborate examination of the various Baking Powders of commercerepor-
ted to the Government in favor of the Royal brand.
MERGELL & EOSENZWEIG , Are j 11 j i ) i cl I < f < TV
in any branch ,
On Short Notice
8TOUE 1515 Donslas street , Omaha , PAINTING DECORATIN , ;
oer o _ raT a tauo fl
T * -
- 4-3 < D
oerQL 03 o s I . ta a
03 n r I J3 DO
co o
QL 03 oa O
oa UKADY ST. , DAVENPORT , IOWA , U. S. A. Established 1878 Catarrh ,
IDoafnofla , Lung and Norvomi Diaoaaoe Speedily and Formancntly Cared. PatlcnU
JOurod at Homo. Write for "THE MEDIOAL-MISSIONAKY , " for the Poonlo.
"An nonorahln Man. Flno SUCCMB. Wonderful Cures. " Hours 8 io C.
Guilty of
The jury in the case of Edmund
Henry , charged with murder iu th o first
degree , for the killing of Plggott at th o
atock-yarda laat May , wore out about half
an hour , when they brought in a verdict
of manslaughter. Henry listened to the
vordlct nervously , while a smile , child
like ami bland , brnko over the face of
his couiuol , Mr , N. J , Burnlmm. Mr.
Burnham cxpreaaod himself OR very well
satisfied with the verdict and will make
no effort for n new trial.
Absolutely Pure.
Thli ixiwder norrr varlM. A manre ) of prreneu ,
trengtu and wboIcnomenMS. Moie oooomlr al ttian
thoorduury klnduand cannot bo * dd In coo petition
ith tlio multitude ot low toot , thorl weight alum or
| tnwHi < r > Holdl Ollly In CUM , ROYAL
Ladies should reflect before using ani
preparation that isappliod to so delicati
surface aa the akin. Any cosmetic wil
at firat impart a beautify ing effect and no
apparently injure the akin , but in a vor
ehort timu little blotchca and diacoloai
ttuna appear on the fttco which conclu
aively snow the poisonous drugs in tha
composition. It can bo eafely said the
more than two thirds of the face powde
contain these injurious ingredients. Puz
zoni's medicated complexion power is no
only absolutely frco from all dolotoricu
matter , but its principal ingredient is nn
active curative for all diseases of the
skin. It has stood the test of years. Soli
by nil druggists. mo-oodyl
nrspeclMa win Posltlvelynot bo Inserted
unless paid lu advanoo ,
TO LOAU-If ouev.
MONEY' to Inin In muni of | :00 : and upwards on
Improved DouglanCo , farm * . U U 1'atttwoi
ti Co. , Kutl CKtata and lean ogsut , IStli and Furnaui.
M ONBVTO IXA ! ( Th lowc l r toi of intorci
Ai-tnnr , * IVMtflt 161.U
\ f ONKY TO LOAN In iuin nf KICV. anil upward
111 O. F. DvU anj Co. , IU > ) KdUto and Loan
\\7ANTKD-A Hioond baker at once , at Iho I'M ,
t > ton hotel , luqulra for thu Htcword , 77J2tp
\\MNThD-Ksprrteiioed itltaladv for notion * .
I Ouiiiiin-Aiiinlcaa preferred. laimlra 803 H.
I8th trut. )7i-2j )
WANTEI ) AfiHiJg.rl furciienl liotuework at
1720 Cut itrect , ' 5 , 70S 2p
bright , actl-e boy , about 16 jears
T old , with noiua txperlonc * at the printing
rade , atThalliv coiupotlnir room , tf.
WANEKD- good glil. until funil ) and good
wigea. Inquire ai 416 t'mcDjiort Itritt.
777 Id
\\AtiTEU-Oirl In lamlly of two. Oood placolor
TI a good girl. In t U. J , panan & Ca'a.
\1TANTED-One or two young men to Mtdt In tut-
W rejlng , by II. Hohwer , Engineer and turreyor ,
611 Farnam itreet 743-7Sp
\Tf A N Tit L "YounTmTn" n aT ni rity to wll
goodn n commlolon. Addrcsi "Merchtnt , "
Omaha pootolBce. "M 23
\\rANTnn-A ( , -"o < l klichtn plrl t northwttl
V V corner Hamilton ju 1 ur , i.uith Omtba ,
ANTED A ( food elrlfor renmt housework In
W a ( mill Utrnly , at 1718 Douslu St. 7M-23p
\\7ANrKU-Altmilocook3143 12th Bt.
V > 710 2Cp
Y17ASTKII A cap bl Rltllor ncnernl hotuo-work.
V > Call at ntlck icildmco , cotnor 11th ml fierce
St. JIr . D. 8 D nlRcr. 727-23p
- to orlc lor small family 1B18
DouglaiSt. J B Smith. f SB 23p
-A flret-o'aM b ker Immodl t8lr. Ira
MlltonberRcr , North Bend , Neb. 710-23p
\tTANTED-Aliritl cl M blackimlth , ot
M ilcntamls maehlna forglmr. flood ftjoa anil
texdy employment will bo Riven. Addrcsi Fremont
"ounilry and Machine Co. , Fremont , Kcb. " 17-26
A\rANTKt ) Few persons to learn book-lccplnir.
PoMtlons "September. " J. fl. Smith , Ifilfl
iouglai St. 007-2lp
\-\7 A > TTKI-Ono nrst-claw lirad laundress and two
\ \ avUt&nti. Alao two fctub glrU. Apply at
ho Couons. 670-
WANTED- ( or general liauiowork , 61.1 south
ISlh street. 010-28p
A \7ANTKD A competent girl for general bouso
\ \ work In smttl family ot aJtilU. Call at 43
'Icaunt Ktio t- Oli-tt
WAKrni ) Immediately , to Canvassers at 003 N.
13th St. C03-3p
WANTKD A good girl at 25U Douglas street.
W PANTio : Olrl at 1510 bherman a\enuc. Mrs.
J. : M Cfliltumin B41 * tf
\\7AN1 HD-Sltuatlon br confectioner and pistrv
> T man. Good icfcrcncc. Addrcta "I ! . 1. " IIco
olllc- . TOj.iilp
\\rANTKU-Kinplojmenl by n ccntloman ot hull-
T i os experience , lleil catato or nther olllco
oilt ptctcrrcd Mcro nominal salary will bo arcci
tod. Address "D. " lice clllco. 770-25p
I \ ANTED A situation as dry Roods clerk. Four
V jcars' experience. Speaks German , Danish ,
Norwctflati ann Hiijliih. lletercnccs can bo ghcn
AdJrcaa "II. 8. " Oimlia Dec. 747-23p
VVAN1KU Aictltion b > a > s laiv book
T ) kcepor. Addrois" 3"lJcu olllcc. 45 tt
'AM'KD Sit latlon bv a young chambermaid
Addrcw "L. \ , " Ceo olllco. 7 0 23p
WANTED situation ly a joung man In some
business ; has hid experience In drv goods
epcaks English , German and Bohemian. Will work
fur email wage ) at 11 o beginning. Address 802 south
ISthnlrcct. JOStl'H 1'Ol.CAH. 7Sl-23p
A good ttcady boy of 18 j caw , goo.l . habits am
trusty , not afraid to work , uould like a { .option
an helper In butcho Ing. . Hai uorkcdntlt a jear
Address ! 211 < th ktrcet. Lien Ucltoii 733 25p
'astllon Inostorohya jounglidy o
ple.ifant adilross , good education aid undoubt
ed references. Wlllln ; to accept moru nominal salarj
( nr drat thrco months Addrces MUs Oldbam , Be
offlct. 7l)3-2Jp )
AV oung married man ants situation as hook
Vccpcr , In wholesale establishment In Omaha.
Addrcsa "C. " care Boo. 890-tt
WANTED 1'irt of atmall house , or thico room
nnfuruUhcd. Oood local tj. Kclerences ghcu
"D. V. " Bee Oltce. 709 23p
DUKsSJIAKINO-Ladlea to learn cutting and fit
ting by the Taj lor sjstera. Emplojment fur
nli > hod , tlioso who luarn thoroughly. lira. Corbctt
1013 Howard. 7iO 28p
\l AM'hU Ihc oadrcBs of James and Clurlo
Vl Oralc , gardeners , ( lata 6 , Lincoln , Nob. ) bj
their father. Win. Cra g. D. I'alconer , Forfai
Scothnd , N. U. 741-23
WANTED-S-J.OOO on tlrjt-class city eccnrity.fcr I
j ears , at 0 per cent. Address Box 0/0 Tost'
office. 700-tf
VV7K olfor In lots to suit purchaser , eight hundrei
IT choice lowauteeri. Ono hall \earolds , balano
tw o and throe ) ears old , and a good smooth bunch.
21D-lin STltANGE BUO'S , Sioux City , low.
"I17AN1E1J Boardera to know the St. Chirlos He
T tel on Harney St. , between 12th and 13th wil
6 < t up the bone tabo ! board for $4 00 per w eek of any
houaa In the city of a corresponding urico. 233-tf
FOR UXHT--Ucuseo and Lota.
,7011 * HDNT A tlvo room cottage northwret cor
J ? Capitol avenue ana 25th Btrcetn ; city water. In
qulraat 2il8 Cipltol avenue. 771.25i >
F [ KENT Ten roomed house ; furniture fo
n sale until July 31st , 1721 Douglaj. 770-tf
FOH HENT Private f jrcily have tvva unfurnlshet
rooms near high school , suitable for two lilies
or nranlcd couple. Use of kitchen. "S. L" Be
IJ OHHENr House of 8 rooms , hall block south
of tha U P. depot Inquire of M. Lee , Qioccr
i.22 and.Leavenworth. 7J6-26p
FOH KENT Hous of flvo roomn , modern Im
provements , Dne location , 2J20 Chicago street.
Apply uext door. 705-23
7011 HENT A store on 18th and Dorcas. Alai
. ' Hooma. II. Hedlngton. 760 23p
I poll HENT Newly furnished room ] with board a
1 1403 Cess M. -
FOH HKNT Nice ntw 7 room cottage , Juet off re
street car lino. $25 per month , i'otter & Cobb
1610 Farnam sticct. 748-tt
FOK KENT Nicely furnished rooms wlthou
board 1814 Davenport St. " " "
fioil HENT A now Ihc roomed house. Inqulr
SSlOLliieagoBlreet 760 2Jp
FOll HENT A new 8 room houio. Inquire of Mrs.
E Uoddis , 25th between Daveuportand Chicng
streets. 713-2p
FOIt RENT Nicely furnlnhcd rooms for frentle-
muu , at (128 H. 20th street. 714 23p
IjH > ll HENT August 1,1SS4 , the lauc stnre build
JL' log now occupltd by Haincs Hro's , Nos 1313
1316 and 1317 Hamey street. Apply to J. 8. Mo
Cormick. 71S 23p
FOH KENT Two furnUhcd room' , central.-loca
to ) , tultiblofor light housekeeping. Furnltur
tor fale. Addroaa "Housokcepcr , " Bse otllce ,
FOR HUNT-With board Iirgo front room with
bay window , gas and bath room , at No. 1718
Dcdgo street. 40.2tp )
ITHJltllKNT 1'ivo roomcottaga withamplcgrouod
JP on corner i2d and t'arijam. a , H. Uoanu & Co
721 tf
TTIOHHEVT Houieon Hamilton jtrcct near Irene
JO Flvo rooru , well , cistcin and cellar. Inquire 01
premises. 023-23 ]
BWIl BEST New IIOUPO seven roorrs near High
Kchool , 0 , F. Davis & Co. , 1503 Farnam St.
FOH HENT-Uouigacd stable. 20th and Hirney
Sl.'i. Wni. L.Mxnroe , 6th and Douglas. C016 |
FOll IIFNT IIou o and largo barn. ettlU fa
FO horxcs , nn noith 2JthSt. Wm. L. Monroe ,
t.lfphono 331 , Otliand Douglu. 725 20p
F IOR KENT Furnlehcd rooms 1810 Dodge Street
FOK .KNT A five room ooltase , oor , Shertdau
htreet and I'opplutou avenue , 81S.W per month
Marker 4 , ilayno 457-tf
ilOlt KENT I'uinUhcd , with hoard , 181 !
1 Dodite street. Mi-23p
J7\OH HE.Vr A nicelyfurni hed front room , milta
1 Mo fur two gd'itlomcu. Heaionable rent to right
parties. Irqulro 1010 Dodge street. H3 2J
hKNT-Ktablu Inr rout utilli tor 4 cones
ipOll 1 00 per month. 1310 Farnam ttrect.
IpOltllBNT Six room oottaje , flno location , bv B.
' T I'd. mil , ti. K , oor. 15th and Douglas. 017-ti
HKNT I'loiiant lurnlshod rooms to rnt to
FOH gentleman , 1707 Catm vtrctt. 60vOp
ITXiJl II * NT TWO new 0 room homes , very com-
1 pUto onubbck from 1'Aik ate. carl. AMLij ,
1507 Farcam , KJ tt
IIK.ST Koon.n la Cruunses IJIcxk. O. M
FOIt . 512-tf
, - < OIt HENT In bhlnn'i2d addition , now lio'Jtu , 4
1- 1 roouw , part of douhl hou , full lot 81101 iwr
month. Apply room 21 Onulm National lUnk llulld
T7V > K HENT Furni hed rooms at S27 Dodge Bt.
J.1 437-lmp
T7\OIl HENT. A turnUbid back parlor for two tx.r
I1 ion at 1011 Dxlgo meet. '
July 7 , U.
FOH RENT One grind square piano. Inquire
cfE.lholm .odEilck on. 440 tf
FOIl KKKT-.Vew house lullablu for h M or ' , n.
lly biirdlng hoiu ,26 roouu. i .v .n-n
& M ) n * , )3th and Farnam 420 U
FOR KENT One good tlx ro m boow | 26. p r mo. 1
a.iLllltctoock , iij.u
FOR RUNT MoaM 5 rooms good repair. NlCO
yard , cittern water , ntnt lift per month 1411
'ark ' Wilde ate. Apply to Jno. W. Dell , DrutTRlrt.
Oth St. 185-tl
1TOR RENT Rooms In . ! National Bink
1 Building. Most detlnblo otllMs In the dty
uppllrd with hydraulic elevator and heated by tf m.
Apply at Bank eta tf
FOR SALE A stock of general merch\ndl o In
Fllloy , Oago Co. , Nob. A good opening for any
one wishing to engage In tmrintsf. For particular *
rite to "L. & A. , " Fllley , Nib. 704-23p
IpOd SALE-Ulack mlth and waion ( hop , tool * ,
etc. , and houiejidjoinlng. Two je rs loise with
illvllrgeof nvo-il.HOO.
For Kichango A grocery builncM , well located ,
doing a first rate business. Will excbango for city
oil or property. Morse ft Bmnner. 74S-0
I poll SALE House ot 4 rcotnl , with lot 33x132
1 feet , near U. 1' . and D i M , depots 31,200. Small
> a } mcnt don n and $20 per month. BEMlS , agent ,
6th and Douglas streets. 744-28
Irton SALE OH IUNT : CHEAP-A new upright
1 piano at 84 ! N. 17th street. 711-24p
IflOIt SALE At a great bargain , the Scott rest-
1 dence property , juit cast ot 1'ratt'a In Hanscom
I'lace , Thin Is a very Heslrablo 7 room cottage and
will bo sold at a sacrifice. I1AHKEH .It ttAYNE.
712-tt 13th and Farnam.I
IT OIl SALE Oil THADK A B year old Kentucky
-T horse 16 | hands high , gentle and kind , trots in
3 minutes untrained , also a now line sldo tar top rar >
rltgo , C , J , Canan , 731-1 mo
OH SALE A flno driving horeo , nniind and kind.
X1 Any lady can drive him. Also a Dally & Mcadlm-
bcr top buggy and a Concord Hirnoss , Will pell to
gether or separate , at 2i7 a. 13th St. 004 tf
SALE-Ornccry biwlness In ftooJ
JL' pajlngvvell , Will rcqu'ro ' raiiltal of abouttl.OOO
For particulars address ' -W. W , " thlsotllco. 030-lm
I poll SALE-T o full lots , lth three llr tc ! . ,9
houses In good repair , on 3 W , c.rf. 18th and
Canltol avenue. Hcnta for ? 2tOO , per v ear
672 tf (1. H. DOANE.VCO
FOll HALE Boarding houio.furnlturo and Ilxturixi
all complcto. Imjulru at 210 S. 10th St
FOll SALE The American House , South Honil.
Neb. Thu leading haul of the town Will Fell
with or without furniture. Oood > ju lncm. OooJ
reasons given for selling. Call on or nddre < i ,
\ 035-28p OKO. II. UcCAIN" , 1'rop'r.
| 10ll HALK House of snvcn rooms and lot 00x140
1 ( cot , north 13th. nearSpruco street
0 D-i3p ' UIIAS. JOHNSON .
FOHSAIjK AcholeadairyandRtock tirni ol iJOO
acres , 20) ncrcs under cultivation , " 1 mllci trnm
Hihcr Creek , Nob. , on U. 1 * . lUIUay , Uoud liuuse ,
o cam and lee houses , barnp , corral ) , ito. , or dalr-
Ing and stock ralsdig I.vid Is will uatoicdand all
choice Krass and pra/log l nd , with plenty ot ranpo
ftdjolnliiK. 1'or ealo clieap. 1'ottirV Cobb , 161&
FarnamBtrcct. S71-tl
FOH SALE Desirable lots 85. down , $5 , p > r mo.
H , C. Patterson , 13th and Farnam 675-23
FOll S\LE-Knilne9 ( now and second hand 10 h. p.
10 h. p. and 20 h. 1 . portable and etatl mary ; & \tu \
boilers ot any size and etylc. KlchnrJ t Clarke , U , 1 *
U Y. bet 17th and 13th at i. Umaha. 619-tf
FOll SAIiK A ptli tlngolilfn suitable lorasmill
newspaper or jub olllco. Will boll for cash or ex
change for Omaha City property. Address' X. ! < J"
lice otllcu. -l tf
Foil S.LK A to * choice youni Lnffsy and work
hont's. Maine & UarKtr , St. llarj'a > \ cue
barn. 453tf
FOH SALE Largo lot on Park avenue. Alao hotigu
and lot near ht Mary's avenue. Inquire 422 Con-
> cut street. 437-lmp
SALK Three of the best lots In Hanscom
place at a bargain 11 sold loon , i'otter & Oobb.
1615 Farnam. 031-11
TTlOIl SALE Cheapest house and lot In Omaha , In
-T Pottcr'd addition , S rooms , well , SOD barrel cis
tern , on t o lots , 100 feet front by ISO test deup , for
82,050 I'otter & Cobb. 1616 Farnam eticet. 4 1-tf
TPO11 8ALK Cheap lots In Shlnn'8 2d odaitlnn.
J ? KlrkwoodandrialnUew. Potter & Cobb , 1615
rarnam ttrect 423-U
'OIl SALE Two second hanJ pianos , at Edholm
& ErlckaonV Mania Store on 10th St. KOO-tt
FOR SALE Two open seoonil-nonil buggies raid
ona delivery wagon , cheap , at 1319 Iluuey St.
i/ANTED T o blacksmiths at onto0. . AJ
T Turnrr& Co. , cor. 10th anil Haruey. 77S2 *
A bank book and memorand 'm book b
J tween tno U. ' * . depots and residence , 1131
North 18th street1. ! The books cro u-clcsn to any ona V
but the owner ; The Under will bo suitably rewarded
by lea\Ii g them to Iho U. 1' . Freight olllco or Com
mercial National btuk. E. B. Wood. 7/0 21
Aj oung widow wishes to correspond with a gen
tleman who U traveling , going ta Montana or
California IU > traveled ; or w uM keep house tor a
gpntlinaii. Corrrspoiulence receive I until the 20th.
Addrem lire "A. It K " Fiemont Ncb. 762-2ip
BOAUUINO IIOUSR Good board and lodging al
812 north llth street. Also one furnished room
for rent. 703 28p
rr\0 THADE Choice residence In Council Blulls
JL Iowatwo blxaks from Post otDcc ) for Nobrask
land or stock.T. . A. H. " care Beo. 729 28p
OMAHA , NEB , July 21st , 1834 'Iho partnership-
heretofore existing between tbo undersigned , Li
this day dissolved bv mutual consent.
K A. KELLY , M. D.
731-23p CUAIILES A. WILSON , H. I ) . '
STUAYED OH STOLEN From City Hotel , cui >
roan cow , flvojeirs old , right horn half brolcn
off , A liberal reward will bo given for her return.
Fred. Wlrth , proprietor City Hotel. 078-23u
rpAKEN UI'-Last April , red and white yearling
J. heifer. Owner can h.vo same by calling at 11.
Uelbaus , cor , 24th and Uason , and paying chargeti.
JIUUHAY hugood pasturing. Spring water ,
350. tf
PHIVY vault' , sinks , imrl cesspools cleaned wltk
eaultary cleaner. Matl > factlon guarantctd by F.
O. Abel , ( nucco.eor to J. It. Smith , ) box 378.
Tlie Pioneer and Still Ahead.
100,000 NOW IN USE.
Fa t jujwrseillng the largest o'd fashioned
andrantia It lion the > lnipltiit and trust oBlcioiit
etovo burners In ths world , and with new Improve-
nifnts the easiest to operate. Absolutely late * itb
Its iiattnt reservoir , now In u.o the mcoad evaeou
without a tingle aco'dvnt.
d for Catalogue , Prloa Ll t , Etc.
UVltli VA.FOK SroVB CO. ,
CUulcal , BclentlOc , Commorclal and Art
menu. UHh MietadinltUd. Tuition low , i
Ing cli p , U t ol ocl t.v. Fully equipped faculty
XiTAddrow for particulars , ll < ir. W. W. Hantw
D. D. I'ruldeal , or I'rot. O M , Do Illot * , Becr t rjr
cl tb Faculty , U ll r e , Neb. . ly uc.Zg