Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, July 18, 1884, Page 7, Image 7

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We truirantoo the euro of the following named dl
COMJ , or no p y : Khcumatlsm , SorotuU , Ulc r8
Catarrh , all Blood andiklndltcoica , DirtpetwIa.Uve
Complaint , Kidney and DUdder Diseases. Gout , Nci
lfrla and Asthma , Thcsa Springs are the favorite
ceort ol the tired an.l debllltatad , and arc the
Good hotel , livery and bathing accomodatlon both
winter and summer. Locality highly plcturesqu
and healthy. Accessibleby Wabmh railway , a
Krona.or 0. , B , 6 O. , at Albany. Corrcupondeno
elicited , 11KY. M . M. THOMPSON.
Albany , SUoam Spring , Gentry Co. , Mo.
Speclflo Gravity . 1.003
reaction . Netitra
Carbonic Add Oas . . . . . . . ! fl In. per pallo
Carbonate Calcium . 85,621 Uraln
Carbonate Iron . 7,041 !
Sulphatollacncsla . 8Z3S
Sulphate Calcium . 1U8
Chloride Sodium . 7,2flO
Sllllca . 1.6M
Alumlim . . . . . , . , .0,010
Organlcand Volatile matter and lees . 1,4(9
alollds per gallon . 67,174
Wee oftle Peace
Commission Merchant
Ma .83 Pearl Strcot Council Muds , Iowa
As there are many
So-Oalled Veterinary Sureeons
In this city , who are practicing their quackery on
our people , I deem It but Justice to ( ay that I defy
any ot them to produce a diploma , or credentials
ndicatlng that they are graduates ot any \ctcrlnar ;
nstltuto , and I do hereby caution the jmbllj agalnj
eucn quacks , a !
I am the Only Known Gradual e
Office & 125 '
Pharmacy , B'dway ,
T. J. CADY , M. D. , V. S.
At -well-known Establishment
( " D R r n B " tr * v *
. P. F B L BERT ,
209 Upper Broaaway , the
Of Council Jifufla. Notlco our reduced Prlco List.
Wo give
IS pounds Extra C Sugar for ? 1 00
12 pounds Granulated Sugar 1 00
25 pounds Choice Oatmeal 1 00
5 pounds Navy Beans 100
23 pounds Best Bulk Starch 1 00
12 pounds Carolina Rico 1 00
12 pounds Choice Prunes 1.00
' 25 bars Buffalo Soap 1 00
Extra LakeTrout , per pound.- . 09
Lorriliard's Plug per Ib 40
1 dozen Mackerel 15
Colorado Flour , Winter , per cwt 2 DO
10 pounds Ginger Soaps 1 00
< 0 pounds hcmloy 1 9"
B gallon keg Syrup 1 TC
Whlto Fish , per kll 80
Mackerel , per kit 10
Dates , per pound 10
10 S pound cans Stindaril Tomatoes 1 00
All kinds California Fruits
pound Lusk'a Standard i for 1 00
T. T. T.
All grades , according to quality , 15a to EOo per
Wo also carry a full line of Men's , Ladles' and
Children's One Shoes and llcn'i Fine Boota at very
low prices. Also ft full line 01 Tinwaro and general
merchandise. Call on us and bo convinced thai you
can save money ty dealing with us. Goods delivered
free lu any part of the city.
In m word , we are bound to eell and challenge all
audaole competition In this county.
J. P. rlliUEIvT'
S09u .or , Broadway
uroetlngs , llaJUBtradefl , Verandas , Office and Back
KuUlutru , Window and Cellar Guards , Kto.
Ifla SI
J 7. ARMSTRONG , M. D. ,
Until offices are repaired from result of flrc , offl
with Di. Parker , Iluom E , Crelitbton Block 16th
uid DouKHalatr eeb > .
. . , , , ,
Physician & Surgeon
( Formerly of Mercy Hospital , Chicago. )
Nervous Diseases and Diseases of the
Eye nnd Ear n Specinlty.
Fellows' Block , N , W. cor. Htb
And Dodge streets , Onuha , Neb. Ollico hours 10
12 . m . 2 to 4 and 7 to 8 p. m. Sundays 10 to 12 a.
TO. All calls promptly attended.
Bee Hive Photograph
218 North 10th Street.
Uomembprthatmy Photogrtphs
are impeded l-efora Icing c e vered
from the UiK : HIVE PHOTO-
OltAPH STUDIO assuring every
body perfect satisfaction.
Pineal rooms In the city. Centrally located and
near Horw ) railway
lt-15 Douglas St. , - OMAHA , NEU.
TKUH3-K to f iW per day , as per room ,
0. C. OAMI'IIELL , Proprietor. *
oMTico ICth street , first door north ol
n in Boyd's opera houso. Leavi
at office or Saie'a dru atoro.
TcMephone 150.
Two Mnlvoru bullion Start n Silk
A novel enterprise hixs been nddod to
the interests of Mnlvorn , two ladies
Mrs , L. T. Ball and her daughter , Mrs
Lotlio Gray , being the originators nm
proprietors. It may bo properly c.illoc
a silk manufactory , and the details of the
business aa given to a representative o
the Malvorn Loader by Mrs. Gray canno
but provo interesting , especially to the
many ladies who road the BKK ,
Last spring the ladies sent to Phila
dolphin and obtained 120,000 silk worn
eggs. They then fitted up three room
in the second story of their milliner ;
building for a cocoonery. About the
first of May , when osage loaves ha <
started , the eggs hatched and the worm
wore placed on trays covered with tarlo
tin , made for their accommodation. The ;
find 2-10 trays , each about 2k foot square
The young worms were fed on osage
leaves flvo times a day , the last foot
being given about 10 p. m. During the
Qrst six weeks of their existence the ;
change their suits or cast their ekin foil
times , when they are ready for business
and begin to spin. They first spin n
web similar to a spider's , except that
is of silk and stretching themselves
upon this they proceed to envelope themselves
solves in a silk cocoon , which whou com
pleted Is about the size of a peanut.
After commencing to spin they cat no
thing , and within three days have sput
themselves away , completed their coon
and ended their earthly career. A sufli
clout number of the firmest , most solic
cocoons are selected for brooding pur
poses and laid away for hatching time ,
which will bo next about the first of Au
gust. The cocoons intended for
market are steamed about twenty minutes
utos to kill the chrysallis inside , and
then thoroughly dried. They are worth
in foreign markets , where Mrs. Gray in
formed us they would sell them , $1.25
uor pound. The color of the cocoons is
cream , that being the highest priced anc
most sought after. Each cocoon con
tains from 200 to COO yards of throat
silk. They are dropped into hot water ,
which loosens the end of the silk , whor
t Is reeled into a ball or on a spool tine
s ready for use. It keeps three boys
jusy gathering osage leaves for Mesdames -
dames Buoll and Gray's little army ol
a ilk workers.
Real Estate Trnnsfora.
The following transfers were Clod for
record in the ollico of the county clerk ,
July 15 , 1884 , and reported for THE BEK
> y P. J. McMahon :
Jonn F. Handley to John Roano , lot
and 8 , block 2a , Noola , § 975.00.
G. H. Hopkins to A. H. DeGroat.
part ninwJ-13-74-44 , $300.00.
J. II. Burroughs , lot 5 , block 1 , Mc
Mahon , Cooper & Joftori's add.
J. D. Edmundson to John D. Olark ,
ot 12 , block 15 , Burns' add , $40.00.
Total sales , $3,315.00.
COUNCIL BLUFFS , IOWA , July 19 , 1884.
Wheat No. 1 milling , 75@80 ; No. 3 05 ®
70 ; rejected 50.
Corn Local purposes , 40@45.
Oats For local purposes , 3.r40.
H y S10 00@ll 00 per ton ; baled , CO@GO
Rye 40@45o.
Corn Meal 1 30 per 100 pounds.
Wood Good supply ; prices at yarda , G 00 ®
Coal Delivered , hard , 11 CO per ton ; soft ,
5 00 per ton
Lard Falrbank'a , wholesaling at SSc.
Flour City flour , 1 G0@3 30.
Brooms 2 95@3 00 per doz.
Cattle Butcher cowa 3 50@4 00 , Butcher
stoern , none in market.
Sheep 3.HO.
Hogs 1 00.
Quotation * by J. 31. St. John & Co. , coin-
ntssion merchants , 538 Broadway ,
Poultry Live old lionn , 7c ; spring chickens ,
2o@3 00 par doz.j live turkeys , Uc.
JVachcB-ft bus. bcx , 1 00 ,
Oranges fi 0 < ) @G 00 per box.
Lemons G 00 pel box.
Banuius 2 Otog3 ( ; 00 per bnuch.
llutlor Creamery , 20e ; rolls , choice D@10o.
Efgs 14 pot dozen.
Vegetables Potatoes. 150 200 per bbl ;
nlous , 7fic ; cnbuago , 50o per doz. ; eating
pplcB , 1-3 bit box , 7nc@l L'Scooklng 1 00 per
ul ; beans ; lSO@'J.aipor bushel.
from the American Architect.
The Now York Evening Post 1ms con-
ainod of late some timely editorials upon
, ho waste now going on in tlio pine
crests of the northwest , which has in-
ruased BO rapidly within the last two , or
hroo years that the predictions of speedy
xlmuation of the supply , which were
iltnost laughed at two years ago , are now
bought by many to have fallen short of
ho truth. Ono of the worst indi-
ationa of the future of pine
imbor is noted by the North
western Lumberman which says that
ho average proportion of lumber rated
s first quality , which ten years ago was
wolvo per cent , of the product , is now
only two per cent. , and this in the face
f an onormoas extension of lumbering
porations , which now penetrate in
very direction districts that were until
within a few years thought to bo far too
omoio from transportation to bo profit-
bly worked. As all the now districts
re , of course , virgin forest , the only ex-
tlanation of the decline in the proportion
f good lumber must bo in the fact that
ivorything , largo and small , good and
> ad , is now taken ; saplingH , which twenty
'ears hence would bring twenty times
lioir present value , being cut down with
lie rest , and sold for the lowest price.
'ho most discouraging part of the matter
coins to bo that the lumbermen , instead
f growlngcaroful as thostockdiminishos ,
50 1 moro and more reckless and dostruc-
ivo. The profits of the business nro
inormous , a ainglo establishment some-
iraes paying its owners not far from a
nillion dollars a year ; and the toinpta-
ion to kill the geese that lays the golden
gga by sawing up everything that can bo
old Booms to bo too great to bo resisted ,
As the Evening Post suggests that the
arid" , which imposes a duty of two dol-
ara a thousand foot , cqaivalont , proba-
) ly , to thirty-five or forty per cent. , per-
mps does something to increase the evil ,
oth by encouraging the construction of
nllla , and through the fooling , which
ivory mill owner must have , that as the
mpost may bo repealed at ny time , it is
nporUnt to sell us much lumber as pen-
bio to secure the artificial profit while
t Jatt. ! ,
Society nnd Iilfo In the llnoJcwootle-
Betsy llnintltou'a Neighbors ,
Betsy Hamilton , In Atlantic Constitution ,
It hnd boon whispered around that ,
Jack Loftis had flirted Malindn Jauo
Trotman , and was a hitchin' of his ridii
nag up nt our housojbut they didn't know
that when Jack's crittorwns , n chawln' on
fence , Malluda Jane was iuginnorly i
the liouao.
The Trotmaua is not the sort tha
sounds n horn and tolls their business t
everybody , and for that reason some folk
trios to find out their affairs.
Mnlindn Jauo she kop' her sowin * hit
nnd never lot none of the neighbor gali
but mo nnd Calodouy BOO It , and Jake h
cot so ho taken the nigh cut , and gin oh
Miss Froshours nnd old Arminty th
dodge when ho wont to soother , and the ;
sot It down that ho had quit gwino , am
that it was nil busted up betwixt 'om , or
"Mobbo"says old Arminty "alter all ho
hain't never co'tod the gal. "
But when the Trotmans let in to white
waahin * their house and fence , nnd thoi
lot in on the trooa around the house
they kuowod in reason it meant n wed
din' ; but thar wasn't nothin' like fmdin
out for enrtin. So Arminty tuck it on
horscf to go over thar and stay the live
long day. She hinted nnd hinted , but
all she gothorod from Malindy Juno's
maw was that the dock 'lowed lime was
Crflodony was n tollln * it at our house ,
and she 'lowed that when pranmnmmy
Eve was n loavin * so much cu'oslty to ole
Arminty she never forgot ole Miss Trot
man. She loft horsonsp enough to como
ahead of her. They didn't only white
wash , but they scoured and fix up to
they didn't skasoly know their own place ,
but Malindy Jauo was the onlicst gal the
old folka had and she didn't ' git marriet
every day.
To bo aho if they'd had thor own sosso
about it , they never would have picket
out Jake Loftis ; but who in all the lane
could they have picked out for a husbaut
for thor gal , Malindy Jane I
The day was sot , nnd she axed mo ant
Calcdony to wait on her. Cal she como
over to our house , and wo all went to
gothor. She fetched yor yallor buff mua
lin , ( mine's ofl'n the earuo piece ) and
'lowed mo and her could fix nnd dross
alike. So wo wheeled in nnd starched
our yallor buffs so still * they'd stand alone
and ironed 'om slick enough to see your
face in oui , and wo tuck the artificial offn
our last summer hats nnd stuck 'em whar
the overskirt was tucked up to ono side ,
and wo tacked a row of cedar all around
the bottom of the frock and put a piece
under our breastpins and n piece in our
liair , nnd I wisht you could have saw us
I toll you wo was fixt. Aunt Nancy
'lowed : "Gala , for all you do , don't out-
ahino the bride. "
Buddy ho hitched the ateeJs in the
waggin , and wo sot in the cheers , nnd wo
all went , oven to wont soon
so an to ho'p Malindy Jane fix , and bloas
you when wo got thar the house and yard
was plum full. I won't bo sartin , but I
think that everybody that como fetched a.
baby and a bench-logged fico and a Hop
yoercd hound. "Wo'una allors fastens
"Old Scourge" and "Trip , " and never lots
'em follcr.
After I fixt the artificials in the fashion
on Malinda Jane's head and lent her my
neck ribbon , ( it's good luck to marry In
sump'n borrid ) why I takod a poop in th <
settin" room to BOO who all was thar , < am
beheld the o sot the Simmonsos big as
who but they , and I know in reason tha
they was neither axed nor wanted ; am
who should bo piked upon a bench all in
a row but them toro down Freshours'
: hlllun grand as you please , and still for
the first time in they lives , and their
: aces was rally so clean I didn't akaaoly
mow 'cm. They had shorely boon put
to aoak the night before. Their skin
was as shiny and slick as a pooled injun ,
and thar liar plastered down tight with
saff soap , and they looked plum satisfied.
Over in the corner sot the three old
maids , Miss Bunch Beasloy , Miss Patience
tionco Potter nnd old Arminta Ponder
gress. Miss Bunch is as broad as she
Is long , and as good as she's broad , Miss
Patlonco is as lorn ; as a bean polo , and
as good as aho is long , and is funny
enough to make a dog kill hisself a Inuf-
fin" . She wears a short frock to try to
niako her look short , and alf the colors
of the rainbow to makp her look young.
Pap'lows she looks like Joseph's coat.
Ole Arminty was a sottin' right sldo of
'om. jNow there was three old maids as
different ns the elephant and the monkey
and the tiger. So folks needn't say ole
mnidti is all alike. And widdcrs lacks n
heap of bein' all alike too. The widdor
Comings was thar , and you wouldn't have
kuowod she waa n widdor. But the wid-
der MoAliBtor played liahin' for love , nnd
put on n sight of airs. She took keer
to lot everybody know she picked the turKey -
Key and baked the tntor custards and
half moon pies.
Jake ho was the last ono to como. Ho
had his head drippin' with lard and
scented with cinnamon draps , nnd his
now shoos were BO tight that ho couldn't
Bkiwoly walk. I wonder if n feller over
got married without having o.n tight
boots or shoos !
Somojtown boys was out in ' the entry
n gigllu * . Cal 'lowed if she'd boon
Malindy Jane , they shouldn't er been
axed , ono of 'om in perticklor , I dlaro-
member his namo. She 'lowed ho
thought kaao ho lived in town that was
all ho needed. ITo hnd the onshoranco
to laugh at the country boys with their
homo made jeans and all ho was fittlon
fur was to wear fine Sunday clothe * that
wasn't ' paid for. Ho strutted around
mighty bigoty , nnd smoked and chawod
tprbackor nnd took his sweetened dram ,
tied his cravat in the fashion , pulled his
moustache and played with his watch
chain , and when ho laughed nt them
boys ho laughed at his bottors. Ono
good , honest , hardworking country boy
like Iky lloborson , Cap Dewberry or
Jake Loftis Is worth enough of his sort to
build a fcnco from hero to town.
Yes , everybody knowcd when Jake
got thar by the cinnamon draps. Bro
ther Cole was axed to marry 'om , and as
many couples as ho has joined ho don't '
know his piece ; ho had to read it , and
tdoy holt a candle and dript the taller a
inch thick on the po' old man's coat
alcove , and then after all ho como nigh
marryin' 'em by the wrong names.
Calodony nnd iky Iloborson stood to
gether , and I nnd Cap Dewberry , nnd i
when wo tuck our stands , Malindy Jnno t
she ot on tothersido of Jake , and JJroA
thor Cole ho wiped his specks and not in ]
to readin and spollin * out his words.
"Tho couple which now stands afore us 1
for the occasion andbenofit of being jincd I
in wedlock , willpleasa to jino they right 1
hands. "
Old Miss Patience Potter squeaked out
in a loud whliper :
"Lindy Jauo you air on the wrong aide
of Jakoy. "
Then Brother Cole holt up his paper
and read on : a
"Mil you , John Loftis "
"Jacob , not John , " euyn Miss Pa
"Well , then , we'll ' proofed to contiu-
ued. Will you , Jacob Loftis , take tin
'oman , Mallssy Ann "
" Jane " Miss Patience
"Ma-lin-dy , says
a little louder. Then in ft loud whisper
"For the laud's sake don't git 'om mar
ried wrong. "
"Well , " says ho , "flinst on n piece o
light-'ood or hold mo n torch , for 1 can *
soo. "
Some of 'om grabboel ft torch and hoi
it high. Then jist ns fast as ono won
could follow tolhor , without stoppln' to
git his breath , ho wont on :
"I pronounce you man and wife fur
bettor or fur wussor salute your brldi
and if any present has any rejections lo
'om speak now or forpvor nttorwanl hoh
thar tongue you'ro dismissed amen ar. '
Then old man Trotmau slept out am
"lowed " ; "flit yourpardnors nnd go Into
thor house to supper ; the old 'onion's go
a bite to oat in thar , nnd filch ns It ii
you'ro welcome to it. " So wo lockoc
nrms nnd marched in to supper. The
Uiblo wn plum full , nothin' wasn't skaco
nor skimpy. The brido'fl cake was sot in
a block of wood that was kivorcd over
with letter paper cut in fringe to hang nl
around the nigo of it. It had a thin white
wash over it , and was dressed oft" with
little sprigs of cedar stuck in a row
all around , nnd n long stick of pep
permint candy stuck right up in the mid
dle , nnd 1 toll you it sot the tnblo of ]
powerful. They had n taller candle nl
jacli oond of the tnblo nnd n pine lii > hl
in the fireplace. After supper wo sot to
[ ilayln1 kissin' games. Ole brother Cole
liad done nil ho could ho had jinod 'om
in wedlock and ho had ot his supper.
The games was gwino on , and all was
a laughin' nnd havin' fun , some playin'
"William with lee " "
n trimbling , "Clap
in anu clap out , " "All around Iho mul
berry bush , " nnd some \ras "Flshin" for
levi > , " whou Brother Cole knocked for
"Brothoring and sistoring , " says he ,
"lot us unite in pra'r nnd bo dismist ar. "
Alter ho was gene Aunt Nancy 'lowed :
"Thoro nir n time fur all things , and that
ar prayer was very on-timoly. Brother
ilngin wouldn't have done sich a on-
timely thing as that. " _ t
But they soon got in playin' and laugh
in" loudor'u over and haviu' a power ol
Fun , and all looked happy 'cept Miss
Trotman. In coso she vras fuolin' bad
about Malindy Jane n marryin' . The
women folks all had oump'a to say to her
about it. Ole Arminty 'lowed in n religi
ous tone : "Ahl I toll you , Miss Trot-
nan , I hain't never married , and all of
om can marry that's a mind to. but mar
ryin' air a mighty solomu thing. "
"Yos , " aavs Miss Trotman , with tears
n her eyes , "it's n solemn thing to mar
ry. "
"Yes , " says Calodony , "but it's a heap
solemner not to marry. "
"I bound for Cal. " says pap.
Aud that aot 'om all to lauhin' .
"I'rofBflsor"VIi6 Holds the Vcn-
oiiioiis Kuptllcsiii Contempt
The New York Dial.
In a ramshackle dwelling like a bush
man's cabin in the secondary stages ol
decay lives John Snolling. John claims
, o bo the son of a baronet , nnd follows
.ho occupation of snaka catching. Ho is
tall , soniowhat gaunt , very round-shoul
dered , and ageing into the sixties. Snoll
ing talks through his nose , like a Yankee
koo , interlarding his speech with many
sf the slang phrases peculiar to the in
habitants of the great ronublic.
"You have had many narrow escapes ,
probably ? "
"Yes . I've been
logons. fanged eigh
teen times seven by pizanors but np
plied remedies and pulled through.
"How do you act with a snake biio ? "
"Tio a ligature between the wound
and the heart to prevent the poiaon being
taken into the circulation. Once it gets
nto the blood there's not much hope.
NTcxt suck the wound ; keep sucking for
at least two hours , or as long as the
latient can boar it. Apply n poultice of
> ruised onion , and , if possible , tie an
other ligature a little further from the
wound , releasing the ono first used. In
nest cases this will euro. If faintuoss
comes on give n glass of brandy and then
all the nearest doctor. "
"Can you tell by the appearance of a
wound whether it was inflicted by a ven
omous or innocuous reptile ? "
"Yas ; poisonous snakes invariably
eavu two marks , harmless snakes four or
ix marks. This is worth knowing , ns
most persons when bitten imagine the
wound fatal and become demoralized ,
Mid in some cnscn dying of sheer fright. "
"You don't kill your snakes ? "
"Not if I can help ; you BOO , I want
om alive for specimens , nnd hero's where
hu difliculty 1ms ; I have to only stun the
optilo and while stunned make it H pris-
nor. Killing snakes outright is moro
hild's piny. "
"How do you proceed ? "
"Well , I hit the snake a rap with my
lick ; if it's coiled it will straighten out ,
ud when uncoiled it cannot strike.
Vhilo stunned I hold it firmly by Hie
iack of thu head with my cano , then slip
woolud cloth like a hood over its head ,
tnd tie it securely. The snake is then
larmlcss , although it generally does n
> oweiful sight of squirming nnd strikes
icbusly. " "After thnU" "I chuck the
rittor into a box with a front of ] > late
lass , where it usually whips around in a
orritio state of oxcitomunt for several
lours , then culms down and takes its
mprisonmont philosophically. "
"When nro snakes most venomous ? "
"In summer , when they shod their
kins ; you kn < .w they nir blind then and
onrfully sensitive. Whatever comes
vithin sinking distance at that time is
uro to gut nipped. Even a horse's fot-
ock is not Allowed tor pass , though ns a
uln all Borppnls , oxcobtboas , hare a hor-
or of anything hairy. "
"So I've hoard. "
'It's fact. When I was prospecting
n Arizona , whar snakes literally Bwarm ,
wo always laid n hair rope 'round the
amp , The siukos would crawl all 'round
, but would never cross it , The hair
001113 to fret their skins , I reckon , about
lie same as nettles do oursanyhow ; , they
Iwnys keep on the outside of the lariat. "
"Queer ! "
"Yas ; but snakes air queer. In win-
or they hibernate lay up In their ro-
reals almost without life , and , of'course ,
ro comparatively harmless. In the
pring they come put and start in for
nlno months' akirmishing. From this
time out they are pretty sassy , especially
when they ara looking for parluors , Jn
December , when they cast oft' their old
coala , they are fearfully touchy. Being
blind , they curl up anywhere , nnd know
ing their tender condition nir on thu
lockout to protect themselves , biting at
uvorj thing within runch. That is why
BO iniuiy persons are billon ut that sea
son. "
"Do snakes evorchaso people ? "
"Nnvor. They uro cowardly varmints ,
and when disturbed make for their holou.
Jf n person happen to be between the
unitko and ils holu , it will run that way ,
consequently the parson will fancy the
critter chased him , whereas it was only
nuJdi # for covtr , bidecart ! , "
A Iilfo3Snvcl by n
San Frnnctsco 1'ost.
Bob Ingorsoll tolls in private , though
a good story at his own expense , bill
ono which wo see no reason should notbo
enjoyed by the world at largo. It scorns
that while Ingorsoll was in Cleveland ,
soon after his successful fight for the star
routers , n sort of anti-tobacco crusndo
had boon started in that city nnd n well-
known Boston scientist was delivering
nightly lectures against the use ot tin
soothing weed. The speaker invited
others to nrguo the quslion with him , bill
although the smokers wcro largely in the
majority , the Boston man invariably
proved too clover for the debaters brouglr
ngninst him.
Availing themselves ot Ingorsoll's
presence some of his friends bogged the
great orator to take up the cudgel in behalf
half of the tobacco users , which ho con
descended to do , moro ns n joke than for
any serious reason.
That evening the hall was jammed , and
when the prohibitionist requested an answer
swor to his argumentsHob solemnly nroso
and said lie would reply to the statement
mont of his eloquent friend by the rela
lion of n simple incident ; lie said :
"I was once attending to n mining case
in ono of the wildest nnd most Inwlos ro-
dons of Utah. A murder had recently
been committed by n most notorious thiol
and n committpo of local vigilantes were
watching for him nt every cross-road , Just
after nightfall 1 was riding back to the
town ftom the miuo mounted on n white
horse. The vigilantes had received
information Hint the desperado in
question would pass the vnry road
tlio samp evening , also riding
on n white horse. The posse had
nmbushcd lliomsolvcs in aomo chaparral ,
nnel ns 1imo down Iho bridle path they
ijot ready to lire altogether for Ihoy
wnjto no time on trials in tlutl section.
Entirely unconscious that half n dozen
shot guns were nightiug my shirt front ,
1 stopped my horse , struck n imvtch , nnd
proceeded lo light my cigar. Thinking
that the light would give them a still
bettor mark to shoot nt , the concealed
party hold their fire for a second , lu
that second the blaze of the match ro
fleeted on my features , revealing .they
wcro not these of the man they awaited ,
and stopping out on the road , they coiv
; ratulatod mo on my narrow escape
And so , ladios-and gentlemen , if 1 hadn't
! iad the good fortune to bo a smoker I
wouldn't bo hero now. "
'And you call that fortune ? " grimly
asked the anti-tobacco lecturer , nftor the
applause had subsided.
"Wasn't it ? " inquired Bob , with n
ilnintilF smile.
"I don't see It , " thundered his oppo
nout. "If it hadn't boon for that miser-
tblo cigar , there would have boon ono
, css lawyer in the world. "
017 St. Charles SI. , SI. Louis , Mo.
A rriulir graduate or to Wcdlciil College * . baf lifrn longer
encased ( n the i | > eelnUrcatincut of CnnonicKii.\oUi.HKIM
and ULCOD Diiiiiwlbftti any otlier 1'hjkleUnta fit. Loult ,
M cttjrr I4cn itiow nnd nil old tnMenti know.
Nervous Prostration , Debility , Mental ana
Physical Weakness ; Mercurial and other Alice-
tlons o ! Throat , Skin or Doncs , Blood Poisoning ,
old Sores and Ulcers , ro treated iih unrataiioica
m puon Intuit eleutillo ] > rltieli'lc . Bt'ply.l'rlTMelj ,
Diseases Arising Irom Indiscretion. Excess *
Exposure or Indulgence , * ttrh rroJuco none or ui
ftllowlne ctlcelit iifrtoniQeii , dcbtlily , dlranefi of ilfht
aad defective turmorj. iiliunlri on Hie incefh > ilftldfcny ,
ftrerilon to the toelet/ f fernnlei , confurl of Idfa , eU ) . ,
rendering MarrJnpo improper or unhappy , ar-
laiealed cniclopc , frroto DJ adilrrm. Coniultatlonfttof *
flee orb/ mall free , and IDT ! ted. Wrtto for qucitloui.
A Positive Written Guarantee
plrca In all eurlil eaict. llrdtclnc * icnt everywhere.
Tamphloti , Encllih or Qorman , 04 pagea , de *
crlbiiifi : nbovo diseaaco , in maloor foinalCPll < .
JCO rneci , fine plate * . ItlaitrotrJ In eloitiaod ( lUblodlnff.
Wo , tnoneyar I'oitagej ifcnje.jni'cr ' corcri , 2 ! c. Tlili l ok
eoutftloi all the eurloui , Oouttru ) or luijuUiilTo ont to
know. A took : or grml lutcrrbt to all , UkalUi4 lieautj ,
Zlorplne i are iwuoud \ Hi atiTJca.
nvvr oi'
oiinicliiiK In Union DopolH lit K
Oiiiiiha unil Dfiivoivllli tliioiiKh tiuiiiH i
And till jiDlnls in Hit ! ( > icit : Wcsl
n ( iiiind Union Dupul ul C'lllcu o
ivltli tla-oiiKli tiulim lor
And nil JCuHlurn ( Mtlcx.
Atl'corlii with tlnouuli tniliiH lor Indlaim ; ) .
ollHJlnliin > m , Columbus , unil nil poiutx in
tliihlitll.iast : , At .St. Loull with thujuuh
tmln for nil jmlnlH Soutli.
Klciiiiit Day Coiichi" ) , I'm lor Ciirtt , with Itn. .
din In ; ; Chairs ( HcutH lieu ) , .SinokliiK C'nrx with
Ituvolvlni ; UliuliH , I'ulliiinii I'lilacu Hlct'iihi ) ;
( 'arn nnd tlio fuuioiiH C. II , All. DlntiiK Carii
niiiilully toiuul fninlikn/c : : / > nnel h'uiiHus Oily ,
( JlilciiKOiiml Council Illullii : ( Jlilcntjo nnd DCH
MolncM , ( JlileiiKO , St. Jimepli , AtchlHon mill
Toiltu | ) without cliuiiK" . only tluoiiKh line
iiinnlnir tlidlr own tiiilnx hntwt'un UhlciiKo ,
Lincoln unit Douvur , unil Uhk'iiKO , KUIIHIIS
[ Jlly nnd DOIIVIM'I'lnouuli CRIS hutwcon
Inilluniipollv nnd Council llhiirn , via 1'uorla
Solid Tinlim of Kl < > iiiiit Day Coauhc.s nnd
rnllinan I'liluciiHloiiiiliiK C'nrnaii nm daily to
nnd from St. I.oiiln ; via Ilunnlliul , ( jiilnuy ,
Koolftik , IIiiilliixKin , Ccdur UaiildBuiid Alliuit
I.culoHt. 1'aul und MlnnciiixillH ) I'm-lor C'III-B
with ItccllnliiK ClmlrH to nnd fioni tit. Louis
nnd I'miria , Only nun cliaiiiii ; ofcui-H bctwciin
St. I.oiilfluiiil DvHjioinci , ] own , Lincoln , Nu.
UniHkit , nnd Dunvrr , Colonulo.
It IN also thu only TluoiiKh I , I nil littweun
Hln known ns the Krrnt 'J'llltOI ( ,11 ( Mil
I..JNI3 of Ainurlcn , nnd in univcmUly udinlt
in ! lo ho the
Finest Equipped Railroad In ths World for
all classes of Travel ,
Through TIckclH via tills linn tar Mtln lit Hi'
II , tlcliutujllucalntho Unlltilhtatos
hnd Canada ,
Vke-J'fu. Hit a , AUmccr Otn
Has ono o ! the lartrini ami linett aeaortmciit ol
) | > rluir and Nuiumcr Unoda for bultiniM and Tronnur.
nk'i. All trarmi-iitd Kaarauta < d to lit and trlininod
wltli thu llo t Trimming WVl'UICB-J AltlU-OWKIl
i a toy ileruhuut Tullor in tha city.
tlfCt ,
U lift fill Ml ITHRIM
One of the Best and largest Stocks in'tlio United States
to select from.
Where They Can Enjoy Pure Air & Water !
And all of the good and plensnnt things that go to make up a com
plete and hnppy existence.
Tito town o South Omnlm is situated south of the city of Omaha
on the line of the U. 'P. llnilwny. and it is less than JJ miles from the
Omiiha post oflice to the north line of thu town site.
South Omahn is nearly 1 miles north nnd south by 2 i east nnd
west , and covers an nroa of nearly four square miles ,
The stock yards nro at the extreme southern limit.
Nearly 150 lots have been sold i\ud the demand is on the iucrefiae
The yards are being rapidly pushed to completion.
The 500,000 beef packing house is progrcssincr finely.
The § 30,000 Water Works nre keeping pnce with the other iin '
provements , and the Hotel and Exchange Building will bo erected at once
The B. & M. and Belt Line Railways have n large force of men fit
work and will , in connection with the TT. P. Railway , have a union depot
near the park nt the north end of the , town. Suitable grounds will be
furnished for Church nnd School purposes.
Now is the time to buy Jots in this growing city. They will never
bo cheaper than they nro to-day.
nttho Company's office , cor. of 13th nnd Douglas [ streets
over the OinahniSaving'B Bank.
Assistant Secretary ,
J. H. MELLAED , President. WM. WALLACE Cashier.
Capital and Surplus , S5OO.OOO ,
Flro and Bur lftr Proof Safoj foe Rant nt fromJS5 to 50 pnr annum. M'
.11 II
Double and Single Acting Power ana Hand
Engine Trimminga. Mining Mnchinory , Bolting , HOBO , Brass and Iron
team 1'nckinK nt wholosalu and retail. HALLADAY WIND-M1LLS , OHD110H
Corner 10th Farnam St. , Omaha Neb.
imrlfilvl OOI UL
Tlio Palace Hotel of Denver.
Oor , Seventeenth and Lawrence Sts
Koonm 7fc to $2.00 per day. 8) ) > clil Hates liy the Month.
Conducted on the Amoricnn nnd European Plana.
Hoard § 7 per wook.
0 , F.