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Wednesday Morning. July 9.
The funorftl of Anna Lcmleo Carlson took
pluco July Cth , from Twenty-third and Leav
en worth.
The thonnomotor at 2 p. m , yesterday In
various parts of the city ranged from 101 ° to
105 ° In the shade , ono of the warmest days
oror recorded In Omaha.
ThcrJ is considerable complaint from cill-
roni in the vicinity of the N ! l works on ac
count of the Btoncli arising from tinmo of
co l oil M fuel. It is very disagreeable , an "
Borne of the near residents nro looking for now
Tom Coop r , the colored burglar who wa
captured on Wednesday night last , was nr
ralgnod before JudgoBonokt' yesterday. II
pleaded not guilty and wated oxamlnnllor
His bail was fixed at § 1,000 , which bo Wae
unable to fttrnlah , and wastakon back to jail
' The old boll tower nt the Sixteenth stroo
onglno houno is being torn down. The bol
will bo erected upon a scaffold temporarily ,
The old tower has stood upon its present iti
fora good many years , but the timbers sup
porting It hating become rotlon5t is no longo
The Bohemian band has boon reorganize !
awl Mr. Joseph Uohac has boon engaged ni
loader. It is now a fine musical organization
and the bo'ya nro playing some oxcellon
music. The employes of the TIIK UIK ol
were recently treated to a fine sorouado from
this popular band ,
Monday evening , nt the homo of Hon. Goo ,
O&nfield , on California street , n reception wa1
tendered Mlsa Anna Lowman and MissKmma
Lee , of HastingH , by Mls < Llzzio Cannold
and fllisi , liourvlroo Ingeraol. Tlio otonlng
wan spent In n slc , recitations nnd dancing ,
and proved n most enjoyable rno. The piano
solos by Miss Lee , nnd the recitations by
M BS ( ngersol , were greatly appreciated.
A lady'a gold watch ami plated opera
chain were found upon the colored burglar ,
. Tom Cooper. They are supposed to bo stolen
- property nnd nro In the hands of .Ttulgo
lienoko who wishes parties who have lout
Buch articles to identify thorn , The watch is
an Klgin movement and In worth about ? 35.
There nro n number of soda fountains in
thia city and nlao n number where oxco'lout
cream eodA is drawn , but among them all
there is not ono where a more delicious drinV
can bo procured than from that of George
Tarr's on St. Mary's avonuo. His syrups nro
of their finest nnd his cream is always fresh
and rich and when mixed as Ooorgo nlono
can mix them would tickle the palate of the
most fastidious. It will pay you to walk out
the avenue if for nothing but a glass of
In police court yesterday there were
two disturbers of the peace , both of them were
fined $5 nnd costs. Monday John Thomp
son got into a row with n cyprian named Lilly
May , In Ella Mitchell's house. They were
both arrested nnd yesterday John was fined
$1 and cost for being an inmatu of n bouse of
prostitution and the woman was fined ? 5 und
coet for disturdanco of the peaco. C. L. Field ,
a colored man , filed a complaint against lion-
ry Hubbard , another gentleman of color ,
charging bin with steal lug SO.fiO. Hubbard
pleaded not guilty and was bold for trial ,
Ji , Gillies , of Schuyler , Is at the Metropo
J. Desony , of David City , Is at the Metro
J. M. J'attorson , of Cliicago , In at the Met
f Wlllard W. Snyder , Valentino , ia nt the
I'M. ' I' ! . Kvnns and wife , of O'Neill , nro at
the Metropolitan.
C. W. Smith aad wlfo , of Grand Island , nro
stopping at the Metropolitan.
II , P. Stephens nnd wife and Mlsa LIzzio
Olerette , of Wlsner , are stopping at the Met
ropolitan ,
The many friends of Mrs. lloubon ( laylord
ill regret to hoar that shots lying 111 nt her
ronldonca on Farnam street. She is attended
by Dr. Tilden.
Mlsa Wood , principal of the LonvonwortU
school , nnd her sister Dannie Hail from Now
York , Wednesday , the Oth , on the Auromcn ,
the Cunard line , for a trip to Kuropo.
A Imwii Party.
Monday evening Mr.nnd Mrs.Hickman
gave a lawn party to their employees and
friends at their elegant residence in
North Omaha. There were about thirty
couples present , and as the evening was
pleasant and the moon at full , a most de
lightful time was spent. The coolness of
the lawn contrasted strikingly with the
heat endured during the day. A string
band under the lead of Professor HolT-
roann discussed delightful muslo to which
merry foot kept timo.
Ample and delicious refreshments were
nerved and the young people return to
their homos more than satisfied with the
evening's entertainment ,
It is to the credit of Mr. and Mrs.
Hickman that they treat their employees
as friends , nnd always retain
their friendships and respect after cir
cumstances have soperatod their busi
ness relationship.
. . . . DiiiEOTOiiY to bo issued in July ,
; b4 , price § 4.50. J. M. WOLIT , pub-
'Lor 120 S. 14th St. . Omalia.
The Water Overflow Onsen In the 8u-
lircino Court ,
The cases of Brown and others against
.tho Republican Valley railroad company ,
for damages resulting from the overflow
of ice and water from the Flatto river ,
caused by a gorge against the bridge of
tlio Republican Valley railroad uoar Val
ley atation , in the spring of 1881 , have
been affirmed by the supreme court.
The parties who were injured by the
gorge of ice against the bridge , were
mostly farmers and millers residing in
Saunders county. The case of Itrovn
was twice triedresulting the second time
in a larger verdict than was first obtained.
The judgments obtained aggregate about
§ 18.090. The plaintiff wuro represented
by W. J. Conuell , Kscj , and tliti defend
ant ; by Merer . Pooploton and Thuraton
REAL of North Carolina Tobacco is the
The Opening ofthe July Races at the
Driving Part Yesterday ,
A Fine Field of Horses and First-
Olass Races ,
Horses Driven to Win nna the Dost
Anlinnls Won TliclrKcspcctl vo
The opening of the July races of the
Omaha driving park association took
place yesterday. Notwithstanding the
fact that the mercury marked 102 de
grees in the shade a good nizod crowd ,
for the first day , was present and there is
every prospect for n moat aucccasful
meeting throughout.
The judges wore Mr , A. J. Hancock ,
starter ; Mr. llhoubon Wood and Mr. W.
J. Jnckmnn , of the Omaha Ilorald.
The track was in excellent condition
and th horses sweat out beautifully and
aside from the excessive heat , every
thing waa a ? favorable as could bo asked
The first race was the 2-l.'l : class , with
five acarlors , John Q. , JSudd Dolilo ,
Frank Gray , St. Nicholas nnd Theodore ,
Light Bird being drawn. The horses
wore called promptly at half past two
o'clock and before the drivers \roro put
up they wore called up in front of the
judge's stand and Mr Hancock proceed
ed to road the riot net in good strong
liorso language , lie told them plainly
that no foolishness would bo allowed ,
that the races must bo driven for blood
ind that any man whom the judges BUB-
looted of pulling his horse would bo BUB-
lor.dcd nnd a now driver put up. Also
hat any horse , scoring and coming to the
ciro in the load of the polo horse , bar.
ing breaks or accidents , would bo fined.
Vith these few gentle reminders , the
rivers wore allowed to take their seats.
After two ineffectual attempts the
orscs got away in good shape. Theodore
nmodiatoly wont to the front , but upon
lie second turn wont into a bad break ,
lo squared himself again nnd passed the
alf mile post a good two lengths in the
jad of the field , which was in a bunch ,
rith the exception of St. Nicholas who
ras away back. Thooaoro kept the load
: ntil the throo-quartor polo wos'roachod ,
'hen ho was collared by Frank Gray ,
'ho challenged him for first place. The
ice down the stretch was a very hot
no nnd Prank Gray shoved his nose un-
or the wire n neck in advance of Thoo-
ere , who was second , with John I.
liird , Budd Doblo fourth , and St. Nich-
las distanced. Time , 2:03. :
The horses for the 2:20 : race were then
jllod , and four starters responded , Hap-
y , Mountain Girl , Executor and Allo-
hany boy , Gonornl Lee , Mark Time and
oupon being drawn.
In the toss for position Allegheny Boy
on the polo , Executor second , Mountain
lirl third and Happy fourth.
Upon the second trial they got the
r-ord. Allegheny boy shot to the front
nd load the Hold to the throo-quartor
ole , when Executor lapped him and
amo homo a winner by a nose , Allegheny
oy second , Happy third and Mountain
lirl a bad fourth. In this heat Moun-
tin Girl was very rank and wont into b
lie air on several bad breaks. Time
1 if the second horn , in the 2:43 : class ,
10 horses got the heat after scoring
iroo tlmoa aud wont away in a bunch ,
rank Gray was carried oF ! his feet at the
rst turn , but settled quickly and load
; the quarter polo. At the half-milo
ole Theodore was crowding hard for
rat place , but Frank Gray was footing
10 fast for him and carried him to a
rcak. From the half-milo post homo it
as an easy race for Frank Gray , who
on It bythroo lengths ; Theodore second ,
elm I. a good third , Budd Doblo
> urth ; time , 2:35. :
In the second heat in the 2:20 : class ,
10 horses got olT in as fine ahapo as any
old of horses ever started in. Allo-
liony Boy pushed to the front but wont
ito a bad break on the first turn and
roppod to third placo. Executor wont
i the front with Mountain Girl lapping ,
toforp reaching the quarter polo the mare
out into the air and Executor paused
iat point an 011011 live 'lengths in the
tad. All attempts to head the stallion
pro fruitless and ho came homo an onsy
inner , with Happy aocond , Mountain
lirl third and Ailghony Boy a bad
> urth. In this boat a boot on Alleghnny
oy became dotaohod and made him un-
.oady , which accounted for his being
> far in the roar. Time 2:5'J : ' ] > .
The third boat in the 2:43 : class was
walkaway for Frank Gray. Ho shot
> the front when the word was given
id from the way ho trotted the first
alf it was thought ho would shut out
10 entire field. The second half ho was
ulled to a slower gait , but yet was too
loody for John I. , who was far in the
jar nt the throo-quartor polo. After
oading the stretch. Gray was eased
own , and when ho passed under the
ire was jogging slowly-in order to save
elm I. from the distance Hag , which ho
id. Time , 2:31 : , } . The places in this
oat and the winners of money are the
'rank ' ( ! rny 1 1 1
'liiKuloro. . . . , , . , . .2 2 "
Judd Doblo -
ohn ( J : t a -I
It. Nicholas lia. )
Time , 11:30 : , 2:35 : , 2-Ml. !
Tl < o third heat in the 2:20 : class was a
opltitinn ot the other two. Just after
, hp word was given Allegheny Boy wont
> u" his foot and acted badly throughout
ho heat. When the quarter polo was
reached the horses were strung out in
mo , two , three , four order , but when
.hoy passed under the wire on the first
lalf-milo they had gotten up together
ind were in a bunch. Executor then
ihot ahead , but was collared by Moun-
uia fiirlwho _ gave him a good race homo
ind coming in n good aocond , Iltppy
, hird nnd Allegheny Boy fourth. Time ,
230 ; 1-2.
Executor 1 1 1
Happy . 3 1 !
kloiiutuin ( iirl ' . , . . , , -I It 2
lllffbeny H y 2 4 -1
Time , 2:281 : , 2.-2UJ , 2:3111. :
This concluded the trotting races , and
.ho horses for the 2:35 : pacing class were
.lieu called , There were Uvo starters
iloFaddun , Mattie Harlo , Country Girl ,
Huywood , and Moses , Kimbull being
Irbwn after coming upon the track. The
Irivers of the horses were treated to a
free lecture on eauaro driving by Mr ,
Hancock before taking their seats , In
the toss Mayweed draw the polo , Mosoa
socoi.d c - > l , Girl third. Mattie Harlo
fourth , u < . MoFaddon fifth.
The horses were started with very little
trouble , but Country Girl was unsteady ,
and loft her feet upon getting the word ,
nnd behaved badly throughout the heat.
Mayweed wont to the front and kept that
position until they turned into the
stretch , when McFaddon overhauled her ,
and the result was a beautiful and close
race between the two horses to the finish ,
McFaddon winning by n neck , Mayweed
second , Mattie Harlo third , Moses fourth ,
and Country Girl distanced. Time ,
2:2 : ! ) ] .
In thorccord hoot Mattie Harlo broke
badly on the first turn. Mayweed wont
to the front nnd bullied nil attempts to
head her , winning the heat with McFad
don lapping her in second place , Mattie
Harlo third and Moses , distanced.
Timo. 2OJ. : ! !
Before storting the third heat the
judges announced that they suspicionod
that Mr. Harlo was not driving Mattie
Harlo to win the race and removed him
from the sulky , putting up Mr. Ingram
to steer the little maro. Mr. Harlo pro
tested and declared ho was driving th
horse to win , but the judges were fixoe
in their determination and Mr. Ingram
mounted the sulky. After getting th
word Mattie Harlo wont into a bad broa
nnd waa left n long way in the rcnr bn
upon getting level again closed up th
gap rapidly. In the meantime Moywoo
and McFnddcn were pacing neck an
nock. At the one-half milo polo McFad
: lou wont to the front nnd kept it to th
finish , with May wood second and Matti
llarlo third. Time , 3:31 : $ .
In the fourth heat Mr. Hnrlo was agaii
put up behind Mattie Harlo , nnd the rac
between the horses was a very close an
axciting one. McFaddon waa the winno :
ivith Mayweed second and Mattie llarl
McFnddon 121
Mayweed 212
Mattie llarlo 4 3 3 3
\Ioaoa \ 4 dls
Joiinty Girl dia '
Timo2:2i : > i , 2:301 , 2:311 : , 2:31. :
felNOlt NOTES.
The races throughout were oxcollon
md created considerable excitement.
The starting of Mr. Hancock was very
latisfuctory both to the horsemen and
ipoctntore. .
A largo delegation of Council Blufld
looplo in carriages nnd headed by the
3avarian band , came over and were in
ittondanco at the races , which fact added
the afternoon's enjoyment.
3Early in the afternoon the canvass cov-
ring the wheel of fortune took tire from
cigar butt which had boon thrown upon
t , nnd for n. few minutes there was some
xcitomont in that locality. The can-
ass waa lowered and the tire extinguished
ot , however , until a largo hole had boon
timed in it.
During the racca no attention was paid
} the drivers' colors and each were any
alor ho saw fit.
Hunt Barnes , the veteran horseman ,
rove Mountain Girl in the 2:20 : raco.
The Musical Union orchestra brass
and furnished the music , nnd it was un
nubtedly the finest over hoard upon the
To-day's races promise to bo very ox <
ting , aa a first-class field of horses will
art in each raco. Following are the
imea of the nominators :
3:00 : CLASH.
Kthain Alien , by King 1'hili'i ) , b s , liy A.
liumpson , Um.ihn.
Kthel , by King Philip , bin. by C. W.
inlth , Uunonoo , III.
Itux , by Orion , b g , by J. W. TROD , Urbana ,
Ned 1'owoll , by ( ieorgo Wllkcs , brg , by
nyetts Smith , MnryHvlllo , Mo ,
2:20 : CLASS.
Urbana ISello , niro C ! on. Washington , b m ,
f J. W. Jgon , Urbana , Ohio.
Princeton , formerly laii 1'almor , b g , liyN" .
olland , Kraiiston , Ind.
Frank H , , by Lommauk , b ( , by K. 32.
cker , Columbus , Kan.
Karry 1'ulling , by Mcnelaus , b s , by A. S.
ling , Minneapolis
Mnfrglo II. , by Iron Duke , g in , by Perry
iluiBon , Luadvillo. Col.
Kmory's Alexander , by Robertson , b s , by
' . K. McIIonry , ( ieuesen , III.
Magnet ; by Magnolia , b H , by A , C , Smith ,
emer ,
ntrics for the July Fireman's Tour
nament Coining In
The entries for the races at the Fire-
en's tournament , which opens in this
ty JulyJ--d. nro coming in thick and
at and among the number are notice-
lie some very swift teams. A grand
mo is lookqd forward to by the fire boys
id there is now no doubt that their
ighost expectations wiil bo fully roal-
The Waterloo team , the champions of
twa , the Yaughan tofin of Council
lulls , the Nebraska City , Fremont ,
rand Island and the Tluiraton team , of
lia city , will enter in the froo-for-all
osa race , and perhaps ono or two other
lams will send in their names before the
itrics in this contest close , on the night
uforo the tournament.
The Pacifies , of Grand Island , Nobras-
a's of Nebraska City , Clelandsof Fro-
lout , Hustings and Kearney , and the
lolugo toitm of this city have entered tlio
.iito hose team raco.
The Decatur , 111. , coupling team ,
liampions of the world , will contest with
10 Thurston couplers ,
The Sotrard , Nebraska Citjr and Fro-
tout hook and ladder companies and the
'ionoers ' of this city have entered the
ook and ladder contests. The finances
f the tournament are in excellent slmpo
nd the committee expect to bo able to
xiso a § 200 prize for a free for all hook
nd ladder race , in which event the At-
intio company , the champions of the
orld , will ontor.
A Correction ,
'u ' the Editor of THK UKK.
In yesterday's issue of the Ilorald , I
otico in the proceedings of the board of
ducation an "Item" stating that 1 had
iftdo application as teacher of drawing
nd penmanship. This is not correct
Ir. Editor , as I only offered my services
o the board without compensation , as
tatod to the public in n card on July the
rd , But the board has plenty of money
n hand and for this reason employed a to
ally unlit teacher at a salary of $1000.
The teacher , a young lady and the pot
if Mr , James , is not able to tench drtvw-
ng and penmanship as I am ready to
irove. Although this young lady was
ast year engaged as teacher of penman
hip , she was tumble to write the di la
nun for the graduating class of the High
chool und as the consequence , I had to
rrito them last month. Why is it then
hat thy board insists to hare this same
inquulitlod teacher another _ year ] Be-
lauso as I liavo stated , she is a pot of
tfr. James. Raapoctfully yours ,
TliG Assessed Valuation of Donizlas
Connty as Placed by the Com
missioners ,
An Incrcago of Over Ono Million Dollars
lars SI n eo tlio AftHCHsmont of IHHi ) .
The board of county commissioners
have finished their work as a board of
equalization nnd the report has boon
prepared by the county clork. Tlio
figures given below will show the valu
ation of the personal property nnd real
estate as fixed by the commissioners.
It wilt bo soon that there has been an
increase in the assessed valuation of
property of J884 over that of 1883 of
$1,083,805.92 , or nbout 10 per cont.
It will also bo seen that there are in
Douglas county 1273 dogs , in the city
of Omaha there nro Ml dogs. The
Fifth ward ia the dog ward , having ! )2 )
canines within its limits.
The figures are appended as carefully
copied from the county clerk's records :
1'crsonnl Property.
No , DogH
" 0
TOTALS.81,00'J.OO. , . § 3,229,911.85 1273
Union 1'aclfio It. 11. Co ? 355,721.8C
0 M. St. P. & 0.11. K. Co 08,08321
Omaha S. W. U.K. Co 71.125.0C
Dmahn & Hep. Valley K. It. Co. . . 0,102.00
TOTAL S504.033.00
iVoatorn UnionTol. Co S 9,001.00
TOTAL ? 3,743,035.75.
i Jtcnl Estate.
Lands Lots Additions
; .S 8 ! ) iiGO S 390,175 5 120,000
. 190,760 180,150 541,100
' ' 1,017,380
tli . JJbb'.aco 751,025 030,030
th . 118,185 000,815 U ,115
th . 108,555 302,805 410,100
laratoga. . . 4.08,805 19,090
' 'lorenco. . . tlH5 , ! 17,710
Jnion 114,1-10
elTerson. . . 110-lCO
'lllchorn' ' . . . 09,560
1. Valley. 1)0,125 ) 2 205
Vntorloo . . 73,150 11,205
iliicago 160,1130 4,755
lillard 101,800 11,130
ilcArdlo. . . 101,335
251,070 52,820
V , Omaha. 221775 90,005
Total.S2,193,7CO ; 81,035,3-15 § 2,081,235
'otalroal estate valuation § 8,310,310
'otul amount personal property 3,713,035.75
Grand total 812,053,375.75
'otal real oatata for 1883 ? 7,330 950
total personal property for 1883 3,038,559.83
Grand totah , . .8100011,50983
irand total for 1881 , . . § 12,053,375.75
Irnnd total for 1883 10,009,50983
ncroaaofor 1881 S 1,083,805.02
'ictory Grasped From tlio Ghicaeo
Rcsorrcs by tbo Tenth
of tbo V. P's.
Yesterday's ' game terminated In a man
or different from any that waa ever
layod on tbo Union Pacific grounds , and
if t behind it disagreeable remembrances.
About 200 people dared the broiling
in and wont-out to witness the game ,
ho Chicago Reserves won the toss and
nit the Union PaciGcs to bat. For the
rst throe inningi but ono player , Car-
ill , reached the 1st base , who rnado a
cautiful drive to the center field for ono
use. Ho reached third , however ,
'here ho died , Rockwell and Jamison
aing out on fouls , MoKolvoy being put
ut at first , by Ilillory'a assist to Crosby ,
ho replaced Graham in yesterday's
In the fourth inning D ivy or reached
rst on called balls , reached third on
'unkhausor'i ' two bagger and came homo
n Whitney's drive to right field. Funk-
onaor crotsed the homo plato on a
ussod ball by Young.
Sautry , for the Chicagos , led oil with a
use hit followed by Leo , who made a
The Chicago sluggers in this inning
wo Rockwell terrible punishment , and
hen the third roan was put out had
iled up seven runs. In the fifth neither
do scored , but in the sixth Funkhauser
as again allowed to cross the homo-
lute. In tko seventh inning the Ro-
grvos increased their chances by adding ,
tro inoro to their score and whitewash-
ig the homo team. In the eighth Dwy-
r and Funkhauaor again crossed the
omo pinto , after Bandlo had gene out
ir Ilillory'a assist to Crosby , liyrd hit
i high ily to left field , which was caught
iy Jovno , who cut off Whitney in his at-
empt to steal homo. In the last half
Cane wont out on Rockwell's assist to
landlo , who throw the ball to Funk-
iiuuor , shutting oif Young at first.
In the ninth innings Carroll was called
afo at first base on a close decision , and
ras allowed to score on Rockwell's drive
o right field for two bases , which the
/hicagos claimed was a foul. After Car
ol ) , Rockwell and Jamison had scored
n this innings and when the bases were
ull with Funkhausor at the bat the at-
ention of Dugan , the umpire , was called
o Lee , claiming that ho had stopped out
if the box in the delivery of the ball.
) ugan called time and after the box had
icon examined by him , decided to give
ho homo team n base each.
To this the Chicago's objected , and
ftor calculation among themselves
ilanagor Olarkj c tiled Dupangher , the
aptain , to ono side and immediately
hereafter thu visitors were called ia and
ho came was ended.
ThatDugau consciously ruled partial
s thought by no ono , but that he allowed
lis judgment to bo swayed by his friends .
lanuot bo denied , aud ha choao a most 2
injudicious time for declaring a foul by
Loo. The pitcher had boon admonished
( several times not to stop out of the box ,
but jiis position was not aeon by the
nmpiro when ho made his ruling. The
spectators expressed their disgust several
times at his rulings , and especially so at
his laot ono.
Below is the score :
n lilt ro A. K
McKclvy , 2d b 0 0 roe A.I I 0
Handle , c I c 0 0 o o 0
Dwyer , us 2 0 o 3 4
FunkhotiflBT , 1 b. . . . . . 3 2 U 0o 0o
Whitney , 3d b 0 1 1 o o 0 0 1 0 0
Carroll , r f 1 1 0 0
Jtockwoll , p. . . . 1 0 3 3U
Jamison , 1 f 1 1 U
Totals 8 G 20 18 0
Players n lilt ro A K
Snntry , 2db 1 0
LOP. p 2 0 0 -t 1
Whiteloy , of 2 1 ! 3 1 0
Hillory. 3d b 1 0o 3 0
Hupngnher , us 0 0 o 2
Kane , rf 1 1 3 0
Crosby , 1st b I 1 10I 0
Tovne , If. . 1 0 10t 0
Young1 , c 0 1 t 0
' Totala H 8 21 14 D
Union Pacifies 000201023 8
Chicago Hoaerves 00070020 * ! )
Time of game Two hours and five mln-
Passed balls Jamison -lj Dandle 1 ;
Younf ? 2.
Wild pltch-Hockurll.
Two base hits Funkhousor 1 ; Whiteley 1 :
Hilleryl ; Crosby 1 ; YorniRl.
Huns earned Chicago's 3 ; Union Pacific's 1.
Total bases on hits Union Pacific's 85 Chi-
cairo'a 15.
Umpire Dngan.
The Turner's Fcstlvnl Which Takes
Tinco In This City This Week ,
The Turner's of this city are preparing
for a big event , which they anticipate
eagerly this week the binunial festival
of the societies of the Missouri Valley
Turner circuit , and which opens Friday
The programme is as follows :
Friday evening reception of active
Turners and comlora at Gormania hall.
Saturday morning , 10 o'clock , parade
through the business streets.
Saturday afternoon , prize turning at
the base ball park , followed by a base
ball game between the U. P. and an
eastern nine ,
Saturday evening , grand ball at Gor
mania hall.
Sunday afternoon , picnic at Hascall's
with out-door and distribution
park , - prize sports
tribution of prizes.
Sunday evening , business session at
Turn Hall theater.
Monday , excursion over the city.
The societies which will participate are
those , Kansas City , two classes ; Atchiaon ,
two classes ; St. Joe , Topeka , Marysville ,
Loavonworth , Council Bluft'd , Fremont ,
Lawrence , ono class each. Tlio Yankton
society will send a , delegation.
The Kansas City and St. Joe societies
( rill each bring a band.
Excursions for the "passive" members
will run from several points to this city
3n Saturday and the festival will bo the
largest that the circuit has ever had.
A Card , ot ; Thanks.
I desire hereby to condor my most
heartfelt thanks to my employer Mr.
Prank Ilamgo for his generous aid in my
recent troubles in consequence of sick
ness of my whole family , my own , and
leath of my beloved child. His goner-
jusness will bo ever remembered by mo.
( V.STMAS In thla city July 8th , at 7 a. in. ,
Frank , HOU of Mr. and Mra. Harry Aat-
nm8. Aged C months.
Ftinoml to-day , July Oth , at 10 n. m. ,
rom the residence on Statu street , near the
: ometery. Friends invited.
Absolutely Pur ® .
This powder never"varies. A marvel of puren ss ,
Irength and uholcBomeneat JIoio economical t > n
bo ordinary klndAnd cauitot he 8 jld In competltioa
rith the multitude of low tc t , short weight alum or
Jioephate powdtrs. Bold only lu cans. 110VAL
arspoclaiu vrtu Posltlvolynot bo lusorted
mleas palt lnadvanco.
TO LOAN-JflonoV.
VfONHY tolom In funnel 500 and upwards on
LV1 lmi > ro > d Douglas Co farms. H. 0. l > ntt non
: Co. , lletl tbtato and loan agout , 13th and Farnam.
IV/TONEYloaned / on chattels , notes bought , cut rate
LV1 tickcU si/ld. / A. Forman , 81U B. 13th St.
03 ! ) 1m
[ Vf , ONEY TO LOAN-Tbo lowest rates of In to test
LV1 Uoml. ' Loao AKimar , 16th tt Doui-U Ut-tf
ONKY TO LOAN In Burnt of tSOO. nd onward
LV1 0. V. Davis and Co. , Heal EaUte knd Loan
F rn m Bt. 895-tl.
.D-A barber , 700 U. lOto street , Omaha.
\17ANTKD A ctrl for ctneral hoiuowork at the
> > GurminU Housa ; 019 B. 10th Hi. 471-1 p
\17ANTEU-A stoBu t y about 14 years old t bea
V 7 l'rc room. tf
A girl. Apply at 1718 Cwu street. .
\\7ANTKD A UicrouKhiirtctleal boot k | > er desiree
sireo book * to oiien , cl iu btUiico or ftljiut
Ucrehtnt vhoito in'.utu dots not Juttify wnloi |
neut cl peruikuentluMk.kreuer , cuohmotbelrbooks
* jltten up it snull expense. lt ! i iderenoni Ad.
: r < au"A.O. H. " Ute BU enYUeOX , 4SO routh
ISlh. i'S-ll
MEBGELL & ROSEflZWEIG , Are prc/parod to do wor
Practical Painters & Decorators OUTSIDE In any branch THK , CITS
, On Short Notice
STORE 1515 Dowlas Street , Omaha , TAINTING DECORATIN , ij
WANT r > nnvfrstn 1 to 10 to tttenl nfflct
Dr , I. W. Waltc.N' , W. corner 14h ami Dixlj
_ _ _ _ _ _ _
IXfANTED Two or 3 responsible mon to asaum
M control of our aoi In the Htato of Nibrasko
Ihciegco-'B ro tale and r rentable to liarullem
wlllberiovcn sAtlRtactory by calling RtSlBsoutl
Hlh&t. 47Bi
W ANNI'.D-CIrl for general homework. 82i
north 20th itrcct. 48'J-lOp
TtJAN I ITh-A Kood'glrl for housework In a tmnl
T T family. Must bo able to to conk. Oootl waec
ftniUtoady | ) laco. Inijulro 2415 Datcnport atttet ,
7ANTKU Twenty men for gfJing , 218 noitl
t > 10th ttroct. _ 434 yt |
V\7A.STKD Olrl who l n good cook , washer am
T i Ironcr. Liberal pay allowed. Iniiilro ] Routh
cast corner 20th and CallfornU Sta. 4SQ 10j
\\AI rKD Urst-cUiBglrllor Rcncral lioueowork
tl ( toed wage" , snull family. Ajiplynt otico. 81 !
south letli sttect , 4th liouao bouuth of Loavcnwortli
4M-8 _ _ _
" \ " 7AN'iiD : Laundry aud Clmrebor girls at tht
VVjllllatd Hotel. 4WB
WANTED A girl to do general hnuicunrk. Ai ]
ply at corner Park WIIUa\ciiuo and Kclm St. ,
south Umaha. 462-Sp
" \\7AXTED Imnicdlately , a good ditchcn elrl ;
It also a second girl , it northwest corner Hamil
ton and Pitr Sts , north Cunlm. Good wngcu Khcii.
VSfAN'I ED A good girl to co to Tort SUInov ,
V > Neb , and ono to go to HUlsdalo , Iowa. 217 N.
10th strcut. 4C-2 Sp
O UliVKYOH WANTEO-A compet nt surveyor can
O procure a luofltableiltuation at once , by annh-
Ing to mo. J. T. CLAUKSON ,
410-3 fcldnoy , Neb.
"IT/ANTED Three girls for the Slavon House , S.
10th street. Goodnagea. 4H-pp
WANTED A No. 1 butcher and eausago maker.
Jos. liith , 1'alaco Market. 415-tf
WANTE - A mn aa porter and runner , t Ar
cade Iljtcl , 1216 Douglas St. 420-8p
WANTED A good laundrcbJ at 1015 Capitol nc ,
WANTED In a family of three , a competent cook
and laundrcsa , ono \\lio llk a cow. Wages $20
per mouth. Apply at 809 Park a\cnue. 405-Op
J A woman to do general housework t
l r co Into the country for tlio summer. 2204Vch -
itcr street , 402-9
TTNTED A good second cook nt ones. Steady
V r work and go d wants to a sober , rcllablo v.htto
nan. Address "Perkins House , ' riattsmouth , Aeb.
, } ANTED First class girl lor ircncral house-work
Apply Sir. J. U. Shrc\e 103 S5th street.
WANTtD-A girl for homework. Mra. W..W.
lllngham , west BlJo 10th street , * th liouoosouth
if Leavcnworth. 379-3
WANTED A competent girl tor general houno-
work. Wagea 820. a month. K. W. cor 18tn
ind Oat onport. 314-tf
I \ CANTED A good ftctlvo woman to do dining
M room work. Wages jl per week. Apply a
12 DouRlasSt. '
WANTED--A girl lu family of two , 10C4 Farnara
St. 283-tf
T V country , to take nice , lliht andplcasant work at
: iclr oivn homes ; 32 to $5 a day easily and quietly
mdc ; work tent by mail ; no canvasiioc ; no stamp
> rreply. I'lcaso addiesa llcllullo Mao'l'g Co. , Plil-
Jelphia , Pa. 149 Imo
D Olrl at 1510 Sherman a enue. Mra.
J. M. Counsman. 843 tf
rXTANTED-Girl for housework nt 2227 Dodge St.
rV 781-1 m
rrrANTED Situation in a drug store. Six yearn' '
r V experience. Small salary , llofercnce. Apply
R. T.'f Ueo oiHcu. 470-8p
iTTANTED A fituatlon to do anv kind of work.
V Steady habits. Age 22 years. Apply "F. "
eo office. 469-8p
Young man with experience In grocery and
V clothingbuslni-ssseeks a position , can speak the
: andlnavian and German aud English languages ,
eferencca can be gh on. Address ' 'K. Q. " Bee olllco.
IIJANTED Situation in private family by B com'
FT petcnfd girl. Answer thia evening until nine
clock , 217 N.lBth St. 33-8p
TITAJJTED Situation as foreman on farm , am a
r V practical farmer , can Shu rclcrenco , am strict-
temperate. Adurcss "J. E. A. " Jleo office.
. 3s7-12p
1 Voungmanledman wanta situation as book
X keeper , in wholesale estabUsbmoDt in Omaha ,
ddrcsa " 0. " care lico. 896-tf
TTANTED A few first-class table boarders at No.
IV 1718 Dodge street , 45fl-12p
" \7ANTED-A gentleman Intending to tra\el ,
n wishes a young lady for companionship. Make
polntment lor Sunday , 13th. ACdresa "F. C. H. "
ilsi ollice. 4iO Bp
offer In lots to suit purchaser , eight hundred
I T choice Iowa stein One half > ear olda , balance
.o and three joars old , and n good Hinooth bunch.
219-lm dTilANuU IIUO'S , Sioux City , low a.
-U Hoarders to know the St. Charloa Ho-
tcl on IJarnuy St. , bet neon 12th and 13th will
t up the best table board for jl 00 per week of any
> iMO In the city ot a correapondlp" price. 2Sti-tf
JPOn RKNT Houoofl and
710U HUNT Furnished or unfurnished largo front
1 rooms , 1511 Cuss fctrcct. 422-8p
710K UKNT Nicely furnished rooms without
. ' board 1814 Davonpoit St. 16Mp
iNT : In Shlnu's 2d addition , now houboT" !
' rooms , part of douhlo home , full lot , $11 OJ per
ontli. Apply room 21 Unuha National Bank Build
g , 4CO tf
IlENT 'fouso of nix rooms on Johnson St ,
near tit. Alarm's a\o. , and 26th , fifteen dollars ,
pply atZHOHarnoy St. 407-9p
I OIl KENT Two root furnished for Hunt house
eciil Bdcraer'8 lllock , cor. tth ana Howard.
poll KENT Ntatly fitted up btoro room 22i66 at
1 III8 south llth St. , opuoslto Paxton Hotel , dcsi-
blo location , imuedlte jiojacssion. 4SO-12
71011 KENT Furnljhcd rooms. Incmlro at 107 S.
1 lithSt. 481-9
pOU KRNT-Wtth board. larRO front room with
1 bay \sindow , gas and Imth room , at No. 1718
idgo Btrutt. ' 4ftM2p
UNT A rhe room oottagti , oor.
1 direct and ropploion avooue , 18SO per mouth ,
irkur k Mnyne 457 tf
roll HI'-NT-OooJ storu on 13th and Hickory. (13
pcrinfltuh. AlBorooios. v. Ba > ai < o. 455 12p
pOR HKNT Funilalictl front room , up-stalrn ,
1 nultabio for man ami wllo. Call on Chtmbcrlaln ,
} u & MutBhall , 312 N , 10th utrtoc. 461-tf
poll 11ENI Kurnlihod tooma 1818Uodgo Street.
! -HS-llp
IlKNT Three furnl hed rooms for tiouae-
eepK nn email family , wlni rau board the
, ncr. luiiulro at N , W. corutr 18th and and Cum-
IfBlreet , 416-Op
7 OlllKNT. A furnished back parlor for two per-
1 sous nt 1011 DjdgoBtrcct.
TVUHN ailKU rooms 1721 l > oi la Ut.
IlKNT Ono | cr > ud i iuar plauo. Inquire
of Edholm and Eiickeon. 410-tt
KENT Hoiwe aud large barn , nall ! for 80
! \\onct. \ Ai.relot. Wm , L. Monroe , Cth and
juglan , ttlephoimSDl. lH-llp
7 < OIl IlKNT A fl e room brick cottage. Inquire
1 John meet , ( to and Hickory etrett. 410-8
p01t lli.S'r : A klx room homo , cor. Din and 1'ierxe.
: 1 Inijulro 1S12 liaicnjiott strtt't. 41S-p
7MI11 IlKNT Two choice BUlUi of oiBco room * In
* IlrOH nil block , nppotlte Ihixtou Hotel. Inquire
.room No. 7,2dllooi. 420-llp
7\OU \ KENT A nicely furnUhed room In a fine
_ ' hralthy locatkui , at , bOfl south Ibtli , neir Leaven-
orth ktrect. Apt ) > ou pruuiUci or t > 1'auleon
9. , 1513 Futuiiu ttrett.
jUuTllENT-r'urulihcil rooinj , flrrt hni
. ' the Herald ottlco. Ale a five iv.u t houne by
Line i > &rtU , 4i7-llp I
FOU KENT-New houw sulUMe for h tclor fam.
' 18' 25 romi- l Mo
' ? - location
, i' , ,
, 13th nnd
jne Karnam. 4i6tf
TTiOll HE.VT CIIKA1'-A now btlck cottn c B rooms
clt > ' MJorlinilm0llcrn Improvements
L , , corner of
( tin and Hlrkorj.
I poll HUNT A furnished room lit 1318 J&ckson St.
I poll RUNT Single furnished room 1017-Chlcae
1 "treet 400. , ; '
OR KENT Thrco rooms , 314 N. 18th street.
FOR RENT Two now six room cottaptes , two
blocks from l' rk a oino cars. J2.GOpor month.
372-8 AMi:3 , 1507 Farnam atrcot
Foil RENT Two unfurnished rooms suitable for
light hou'o-kceplnu , 1017 Chicago. SS4-tf
Foil 11EKT Ono good six room houao 825. per mo.
O.M.lIltchcock. las-tf
P011 KENT House 6 rooms good ropilr. Klco
, .J"1'0'8'11 ' ' water. Kent $ > ( > per month 1411
I'arkMldo lOtnSt nvo. Applj to Jno. W. Bell , Urueglst ,
17011 ItKNT One store lu Urounso' Block , U. M.
I * lllti < ltii < kf Ir . flon tf
I poll IlKNT Six room house on street car line and
. . , ! jomonlcnt to business. Address immediately , >
" 0. \ . " Uco olllca.
I poll 11KM 1'Iano. Jnimlro at Edliolm k Krick-
1.1 " . " "KXr Koonisln Nebraska Natloni.1 JUauk
JL1 Uulldlne. .Most dcslrablo olllscs In the clt\ .
Supplied ith hyuraullo eloxatorand healed by steam.
Apply at liank. 023 U
FOH RENT FtirnUhed rooms on the north-wist
cor. 13th and Capitol a\cnuo , formerly Crelzh-
ton House. 139 tf
] MOK SALK A pill ting ollfro aiiltnlile lornVmali
JP newspaper or Jon olllco. Will still for cash or 01-
cbango tor Omaha City property. Addrcs ) ' X. / . O"
lice olllco. 408-11
FOR SALE A good confco'loncrj" . cigar station.
er > and now depot. Apply or nddresa "A , C. 11.
care Tlrrell an J Cook , city. 476-llp
FOR SALE Ono of the best Business Lots nnd
Building in Tda > nah , Neb ( country scat ) .
Address C. W. CouUln , Tok mah ; or , Wlrt &
Duguette , Wholesale Kanoy GrocersCouLc'l Bluffe.
FOR SAIiE Special Uargala , house nnd two lota
\crjchotpforcash. J. II. Cornea , Charles St. ,
bet Irene ana Jainei. 483 9p
FOH SALK A to * cbolcu } oung buegy nnd work
hortej. 31.1no & linrktr , St. Marj'a 'atenua
barn. 453-tf
FOU SALi : .Spi-cUl Hargaln. Corner lot , 6flxU2 ,
street car line , 2 houjcs , 18th and Uraco btrceU.
FOH SA1.II Largo lot on Path avenue. Alf o house
ami lot near St Jlary'a aiuuuo. Inquire 422 Con-
\cntsttutt. 4i7-lmp :
OH SAI'KCIIFAr 20 acres fine land S. W. of
city. Will sell In S acre Piccea. $130. per acre.
Potter & Cobb , 1015 farnamSt. 333-9
I Oit SALK An established business , paj ing well.
JL1 Will require about $ I,2UO. Good reasonsfor sell
ing. Inquire nt 217 N. 10th rtreet. 404-Bp
F OK SALE Boarding housefurniture nnd fixtures
all complete. Inquire at 210 S. 10th St.
TI OIl BALK 133 acres Sarpy county lands 12 miles
JP from Omihn. Will take Omaha property in part
pa > ment. Call ou or and rets M M Tarisu , t apilliou.
F IOR SALE Lots ? 5 down , J5 a month 6 per cent
interest. AM 1:3,1E07 Fatnam. 371-7
SALE Throe of the beet lots In Ilanacom
place at a bargain if sold eoon. 1'otter & Cobb ,
1515 Faruam. 931-tf
FOH SALE Sheep , a lot ot line Colorado grades
containing of 600 cues , 2 , 3 and 4 years old ,
about COO ) cartings aid BOO lambs. The ewes will
shear about Q pounds. For further Information ad
dress Mlday Co. , Ifaiglor , B. & U. K. H. , Nob.
031-1 mp
FOR SALE A nice cotta * ) an i full lot , half block
smith of Milton Rogcr'n residence , on 19tu street.
Inquire of M. Leo , Grocer , 22d and Lea > enworth.
Ij OR SALE Cheapest house and lot in Omaha , In
J ? Potter's addition , S rooms , well , 300 barrel cis
tern , on two lots , 100 fet front by ISO fet deep , for
82,060 Potter A Gobi ) . 1515 Farnam etieet. 4a8-tt
T710R SALE At a bargain , BU cord a dry hard wood.
1 ? 287-9 Boggs& Hill ,
FOR SALE Cheap lots In Shtnn's 2d addition ,
KIrkwood aud rialauow. Potter & Cobb , 1613
iamam street. 42S-tf
FOR SAtE The Omaha Bakery , established 1874.
Contains a good stock of Fancy Goods and other
futures , wagon , etc. Location first-class. Cheap for
cash. Apply 610 10th street , bet. Jackson and How
ard. 794-lm
FOU SALE Two second hand "pianos , at Edholm
& Erickson'H Miihio Store ou Iflth St. 890-tf
TTtOR SALE Two open nocond-nand buggies and
X1 ono delivery wagon , cheap , at 1319 Harney St.
STUAYED OR STOLKN Juno J3d , a blue black
horee , wlutoetar on forehead , hlud feut white ,
itull lump on no.-e ; fibout ten j earn old. Suitablu
rev ard Hill bo paid If returned to Blue Darn , 16th
itretit. 4.47-Op
TRAYKUOH STOLUK-July 3 , n black inaro
about 10 3 ears old knee sprung In front a d ono
jyu bad. Suitable reward will bo paid for her re-
.urn to Blue Barn , 16th btrott. 44S Op
LOST-Arcd Irlali Setter bitch pupaboutO montha
old , Holid color. Liberal rouard nlll bo paid for
icr return to Wi couth 2l > tb struct or for In lor urn-
.Ion that will le.d to her recovery. 251 Op
\A71I.Ij ghe eco pupil piano lesions In cxchango
I > for Sewing. Address -'U. 3 , " this olllco.
TUKEN UP May 24th , 1881 , ot my place , 1 homo ,
JL eonel color , and ono pony bay mare , black tall ,
> rand mark on hip. Owner can have e.vno by pro\-
° B property nnd pajlng charges. Phillip Caeaiily.
TUKEN UP-On ho 24th Inst at Pries' I iko , near
JL. Florence , alight bay mare whlto on face and legs ,
1 j ears old , lightly shod , branded on left quarter.
) nner can recover by paying for this advertisement
, nd othei charges and proving ownership. I'rlts
Jro8.riorciice , fJeb. 203-laBw
MUHRAY has good pasturing. Spring water.
. 3S3.U
\aults , sinks , and cesspools cleaned with
PIUVY cleuncr. Batlslactlon guaranteed by K
1. Abel , ( euccoMOr to J. M. Smith , ) box 378.
The Pioneer and Still Ahead.
100,000 NOW IN USE.
it superseding the largest o'd fashioned stores
I'raiuta It ban the simplest wid tnont etllcloul
o burners in the world , and with new luiprove-
cuts the emlekt to operate. Absolutely iafu with
n tmt reiiiru'ir , now lu U'o the i-scond reason ,
Itnout a tingla accident.
TS nd for Catalogue , I'rloe I.i t , Efc.