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Vltnl Questions ! ! . ' !
Of * ny Kchool , what Is the host thing in Iho
world for quieting nnd allaying nil irritation
of the ncnes , and curing all forms of norvou *
complaints , giving natural , childlike refrcih/
ing sleep always ? . . . .
And they will tell you unhesitatingly ,
"Some farm of Jfo ] J/t"
Ask any or all of the most eminent phys >
" "What It the best and only rrnit-dy that
can IKI relied on to euro all discd'sos of the kid
neys nnd urinary organs ; such a IUiffht's din-
COM , dial > cte % retention , ( ir Inability to retain
mi no , nud all tha diseases nnd nllmonta pe
culiar to Women"
"And they will toll you explicit } ' nnd em-
" nuchnlll"
l.h tlcally"
A k thoaamo physicians
"Whit is the most rcliahlo nnd wtreit euro
for nlll liver diseases or dyspopmj constipation
indigestion , l > illiou < moR , malaria , fever , ague ,
Ac. , and they will tell vou :
MandraM or DanilclionfJJt"
Hence , hca thoio remedies nro combined with
ethers equally \aluaWo.
And compounded Into lion nittcn , such ft won
derful and myjtorlotn cummo power Ii developed ,
which It so varied In Its operations that no disease
or 111 health can poislbly cilitor resist Its power ,
Harmless for the most frail woman , weakest lnv
lid crsmallcit chlU to u o.
"Almost dead or nearly dying"
J'or years , and given up by pliyajcianc , of
Uright's and other kidney discuses , liver complaints -
plaints , eevcro coughi" , called consumption ,
have been cured.
H owifii IIOM Marly trotyl 1111
Ytora ngouy of neuralgia , nortonsncHJ , wnko-
fu1nc9'uud varlo i > , diiCHR(8 peculiar to women.
I'rorilorlrnun ontof shape trnm otcruclatlii ( ' , panpa
olihiumatlsm , Inflammatory aud chronic or Bullor-
ug In in s-rc ( uli. K .t hv . * *
" . /nllih'Uin , bind pM onlnf | , dyspepsia , Indiges
tion , at d In f ict , a moat hi ! utrcanca ( rail"
. NUnrul.i ) ) dr to
lla e bcedcund by Hop Illttrr * , jiroof of wlil-h
ran bo f.iuiid In uicty nu slibcrliooJ In tlio Known
world /Uf'Nf / tcnulii w iliout a bunch nf green IIopj
on ira "liko laM Shun all thule ! , polsonoui
utull with "lloii" or "llo n" In thulr namo.
Aa tiNl mli fiiquI ! U i ? , Ti < i M 4wttrt
Aol.Mid. . tun , l > , , ft , Dlutboi , Itnr > ul Aro. . ml I
&ln4tn f Iht MrMliTI Orftul. A f.w drc | * ! mi rt t dtllHMI fltvor
ft * a | tui tf Umptf * . Mi It ftlt lumrarr drlnkf. Trr II. 4
kmra rftoiiiU'MU. X.k Tnr tr < ' itreol't fof U > | ra M
nleb , mutfulund lit WC J. O. It. BIIOUIT ftfcO.Mt.
ei inuAD\\'AY. jr. r.
To the needs el th '
ourlst , commcrclix
J traolcr and now set'
tier , Hostcttcr'aBtO' '
rrnch Illtteralapmi'
llail > adaptoJ , tlnco
It ntrungthcna the
litac'rn the
rnurRlcs to uuhcaltli
( nl Influence ) . Itro
mmcsanil prctento
malarial fever , con-
otlpatlon , cl ; Bpepc la ,
hmltlifully Etiniu-
htcttthokldncjaani !
Ma'ldor and on ilclius
blood. When o > ere
o n in o by fatigue ,
uhcthcr mental 01
phyunul , the weary
. _ _ and dolillltatod ffnd
It a reliable smirro of renewed strength and co retort ,
For Bale liy tlldruggUtx and dealers generally.
Mlkoon the > erandaol
the mansion of wonltl
and In the llttlo cot
MIKO upon the hill wll
IlicrclrohlnK Inllnonco
HldKo'/t Food lllani
Mana o apparent. 1
l notirishlatf , satisfy
In , and Ii pnpiroil Ii
a few mliiutc'a. Ful
directions nccoinjiany
each can for cus'ards ,
nuddlnRf , uto. 1'ut up
'n four Bizcs , 35c. ,
Oic. , > i , xo nu I. it > . c > u. rlzo especially adnptoil
to famllcB. Bold by all ItrugffMs and also by nmnv
Grocers , nidc'o'x Food does not tax tlio Ulircntlvo or
guns. WOOLltlClI & Co. , on label.
Belgian Boynl andU.B , BlallHtoainors
, Germany , Italy , Holland and France
Steerage Outwanl , 820 ; Prepaid Jroui Antwerp , flfi ;
Fxournlon , ? ' 0 , Inoludlug boJdlnif , etc , 2d Cabin , $60 :
Hound Trip , $90.00 ; CxcurMon , 1CO ; HMoou from 6 (
to , (90 ; Kxcuralon 110 to 8100.
tSTeteiVrIght & Bone , don , Agents. 66 Ilroaj
w y N. Y.
1 CaldwcIL Hamilton li Co. , Omaha. I' . K. ( Hod
man & Co. , 2M N. letu Street , Cmtlia ; I ) . I ! . Klin
i all , OmahaArenU. In&n
VBGOR fnt Ktn. Quick , nurt , Mfe , llnnk tint ,
CI I U Altuc ) , ICO 1'ullou el. , N w Yotk.
usr viu7 uo > kua u u u w a
; u I lay i tire I ilr IHH innan merely tntiopliiom vrt
iKudthen lii\otritmrnurn Atc'tl" ' . I UIPMT , Ar&f , .
calraro. l no > e mije Iho tlllfMn of UTS , JCI'll.Kllir
frKAUIXOHICKNEHSaillu.liiiiBi ! lid * . 1 tar.r.MH.-.t-
tniced * tu euro the wor t ciuoi. lUruli o ollteit
/iJloa .1 no roa < n fur nit nnwrorolvhiganirn. t
vuvi ( or a trctutiu nii4 * Kr u Iltittlo of my iatiu
twrCr. ( lltu Kii.rPH * nuil Tint ( Illlrn. It rc *
' -M.IHK fur a trial , and I IU CUIB yL „
" * lit. 11. il , 1.UOT , 19 l' rl St. . . .vr
. ( Brrunic. ) " " ( innn.1
t4l XOTUf > VOLTAIO BELT nnd other Kutcrnio
.III vena nro tent on iu Diiri' Trill TO
faEN ONLV. iOUNO OH OLD , who r "uflfr.
JnK from Huiivoua DKIHUTT. LOST VrriUTr ,
Wijm cj VfKixxuaa , and all these di > rur cf n
rjnaosiL NATVIIE , resulting from ABOOIU nd
Oiiim CACBU. Spwdy rrllef and complete
ntioratlon toIULTII , Viuon and MIKUOOD
uuiairiitD. b nd ot once fur niuitriit 4
ramphlct free. AdoreM
/IKI/L' CO. . Marihnll. Blleh.
, Is wimuiUd to wr r longer , fit "
Jth. fonri neati-r , wi < t iflra Usll -
j Ifillifocllon thin liny utuer Corn. .
i , epedficaUoni and estimates of coet of Uvlni ;
out new or remodeling old lawni , prtdlnir , toddrng.
cUx. will bo f urnlthftd on tppllcatlon. drover and
duler ia all VIilcU of Flower ) , Shrubi , OrritmenUl
ti < d BhuJo Tree * . Jutt Uie thing for Cemetery or
lawn Dcooratlnn. Qtven llouoo and Nurtcry
btit , near fort Omaha. Out riowvrs and FlowerIng -
, Ing moU iu pcti for tale at all suusoin , ofld tny
Jifrillc IgiijorIJvujutUuiidoupoii the ibortent
ootlcc. Ord r * by o l | jiroinpily atteodnl to.
i I * . 0. Eax Vtt Oictha , Kt'a no
Krlcflnon'B DcslRii lor Ullllzlna tlio
Bttn's ilnyn nn MotlTO 1'owor.
l&evr Yerk KvonlnR Post.
Few person's know that the if ell-known
Ericsson hot-air engine , of which thous
ands have boon sold for pumping pur
poses within the last few years , grow out
of Capt. Ericsson's experiments with n
sun motor. The model of Ericsson's first
working sun engine still stands under a
glass case in Iho bier old-fashioned parlor
nt No. 30 Beach street , where Oapt.
Ericsson lives all the year round. The
model is not moro than S inches high , yet
under n hot sun it can work at n rate
which shakos the heavy tublo upon which
It stands. It occurred to Capt. Krricsson
that by turning his tolar engine upside
down and getting heat from a coal fire era
a llaino of oil or gas instead of from the
sun , ho could accomplish moro in this
climate , and the useful Ericsson pumping
engine is the result. A practicable sut
engine , to bo used where there is no coa
3r wood to bo had-and plenty of sen , has
aeon a problem upon which Copt. Erics
son hns boon at work for twenty-five
( roam. His studios na to the amount o
lieat radiated by the sun have boon of the
inost exhaustive description , and the published
lishod results have led Capt. Ericsson in
to controversies with French and Italian
scientists as to the heat of the sun , the
French savans contending that the sun is
not so hot as Capt. Ericsson estimates.
During the present summer , Capt. Erics
son hopes to determine by methods which
can not bo questioned the exact heat at
the surface of the sun.
The solar engine , ns n practicable
working machine , was finished last sum
mer and worked regularly in the back
yard of No , . ' ! ( ! Beach street. Similar
onginca can now bo built whenever there
is any need for them. Capt. Ericaon
, 'ivcs the following description of his first
"This mechanical device for utilizing
.ho sun's radiont heat is the result of ox :
) orimonta conducted during n series of
.wonty years ; n succession of oxporimon-
al machines of similar general design ,
jut varying in detail , having boon built
during that period. The loading feature
> f the sun motor is that of concentrating
.ho radient heat by moans of a roctangu-
ar trough having a curved bottom lined
on the inside with polished plates so ar
ranged that they rolled the sun's rays
toward n cylindrical heater placed longi
tudinally above the trough. This heritor
it is scarcely necessary to utato , contains
the acting medium , steam or air , em
ployed to transfer the solar energy to
the motor ; the transfer being effected by
moans of cylinders provided trith piatoiifl
and valves resembling these of motive
engines of the ordinary typo. The bottom
tom of the rectangular trough consists of
straight wooden staves , supported by
iron ribs of parabolic curvature secured
to the inaides of the trough. On these
staves the reflecting platca , consisting of
Hat window glass silvered on the under
uido , are fastened. It will bo readily un
doratood that the method thus adopted
for concentrating the radiont heat does
not call for a structure of great accuracy ,
provided the wooden otaves are secured
to the iron ribs in such a position that
the silvered platcu attached to the eaino
reflect the colar rays toward tlio
heater. The trough , 11 foot long ant )
10 foot broad , including parallt'
opening in the bottom 12 inches wide , is
sustained by a light truss attached to
each end , the boater being supported In
vertical plates secured to the truss. Th'
heater is O.J inches in diameter , 11 foe
long , exposing 130x ! > .8 = 1.274 suporficia
inches to the action of the reflected solar
rays. The reflecting plates , each li inches
wide and 20 inches long , intercept a sun
beam of 130x180 23,400 oquaro inch
section. The trough ia supported by a
central pivot round which it revolves.
The change of inclination is niloctod by
moans of a horizontal axle concealed by
the trough the entire muss being so ac
curately balanced that a pull of five
pounds applied at the extremity enables
fv person to change the inclination or
cause the whole to revolve. A single
revolution of the motive engine develops
moro power than needed to turn the
trough and regulate its inclination so as
to face the sun during a day's operation.
The motor is n steam engine , the work
ing cyliuder boirig 0 inohoo in diameter
with nn 8-inch stroke. The piston rod ,
passing through the bottom of tlio cyl
inder , operates a force-pump of D inches
in diameter. By meant ) of an ordinary
crosshcad secured tq the piston-rod be
low thu steam cylinder , and by ordinary
connecting rods , motion is imparted to a
crunk shatt and fly wheel applied at tin
top of the engine frame ; the object ol
this arrangement being that of showing
the capability of the engine to work
either pumps or mills. The average
speed ot the unginon during the trials last
summer waa 120 turns per minute , the
absolute-proemiro of the working piston
being thirty five pounds per equaro inch.
dipt. Ericcson concludes from the
work of Ilia engine last summer in pump
ing water , that the nun motor of the typo
described will bo a valuable machine for
tropical countries where coal and wood
are se.irco. From the Jiout obtained
from aolar rays for working his engine ,
lie bases the calculations which led him
to fix the degree of heat at the surface of
thoaun atl.HOU.O 10 ° Fahrenheit. Thia
year's experiments will , ho hopoa , die *
poao of aomo doubts aa to the oxaotitudo
of .those calculations , and also enable
him to take into account certain factors <
which have not boon considered ,
The famous builder of the monitors is
now in his 82J year , but is aa active in
mind and body as a man of 00. IIo has
lived for the hat quaiter of n century in
the big house in Beach street a fashion
able neighborhood when bo moved there
devoting hia whole day to scientific re
search and experiment , assisted by hia
secretary and some draughtsmen and
machinists. Ho never goes out during
the day , but takes a stroll every ovoning.
His health is excellent , and his interest
in scientific matters of all kinds uu
JIorsford'H Acid j
Advantageous In Dyspepsia. d
Dr. 0 , V. DOIIHEY , Tiquo , Ohio , says : i
"I have uaod it in dyapepaia with very iii
marked benefit. If there is deficiency of i
acid in the stomach , nothing utlorda moro i
rol'of ' , while the aotiqn on the nervous
system ia decidedly beneficial ,
Gliolorn Phenomena.
San Francisco Chronicle.
Bo far there is nothing in the cholera
the couth of Franco to alarm any ono
this distance. It is confined to the
two cities of Toulon and Marseilles , the
latter Jiavinc n population of y20,000 ,
the former 02,000. It haa been in Ton-
Ion for a fortnight and the deaths for the
twenty-four hours ending at 0 p. m , June
24th were but four , while at Marseilles
only two deaths had occurred , Both
places are closely quarantined by land
and ten , and , though it may spread from
any ono of ten thousand who got out and
sway beforn the ( juarantano , there is yet
autu'n'y f it snylng that a singly owe I
has occurred outside of these two cities
All Italion and Spanish cities are quaran
tined against them and the general alarr
will probably keep the epidemic withi
narrow limits , while recent discovoric
in what may bo called the science of zy
motic germ diseases may bo trusted t <
reduce its evils within the infected citic
to a minimum ,
The remarks of a local contomporar
on Sunday , and again on Monday , tha
wo of this city have nothing to fear from
the approach of cholera by way of Yoke
hatna , because the steamers on tha
route roach hero by a northerly circuit
are , wo think , mie-loading. The circui
is not northerly , but southerly ; and if i
wore northerly , that would not inauri
vessels from Japan against cholera all th
way over the ocean if they shouh
happen to take the germs of the disease
aboard oud those should develop into at
epidemic on any part of the trip. The
summer voyage from Yokohama _ to San
Francisco is through soaa on which the
temperature averages higher than between
twoen Now York nnd Havre orLlvor _
pool , and for a good part of the distance
as high as on the Mediterranean between
Egypt and Marseilles. The cholera ha
bconat least during thrco seasons brough
acrots the Atlantic in the months o
April and March the first time to
Quebec , in April. 18-18. The Atlantic
temperature in that month , as far north
as the gulf of St. Lawrence , is lower
than oven the winter temperature of the
Pacific ocen between hero and the Japan
sea. _ *
There is no data by which wo can to\ \ ' ,
how low a temperature is required to kil'
cholera germs. NVo know , however ,
from the history of it in 1840 that it wai
in St. Louis as early as February anc
March of that year and that by the middle
dlo of April it had assumed a frightfu
epidemic form at St. Louis and most o
of the river towns on the Missouri as far
up as St. Joseph. In ono day in the
month of April , 1849 , out of a total pop
ulatiou not exceeding 350 , it killed over
thirty people at Kansas City. Wo know
also that in 1850 opidcmio cholera fol
owed the emigration from Missouri
across the plains to this state and that ir
altitudes COOO foot aboyo sea level i
raged among the trains in the Rocky
mountains and down to the Humbolt
desert. From the 20th of September
; ill the close of November it took on a
'orm at Sacramento as terrible ns any
over reported from the crowded cities o ;
Asia. But curious enough , though the
icoplo of that city fled in every direct-
on to the plains , to the mountains am
; o SanFrancisco-tho epidemic did notany _
where but at Sacramento become serious
and there were no signs of cholera aa an
coidomio in any part of the state
100 feet above the sea. Ant
yet * the Hooky mountains
from Scott's Blufla to the Humbolt , an
strewn with the graves of thoao who diet
of cholera in the spring end summer o"
1850. San Francisco was then a place o
about 14,000 inhabitants , all cotnprorsct
within the area now bounded by Stockton
Pacific , Bush nnd Montgomery streets
Cholera was hero , but only at a milt
epidemic , at the same time that , out of a
population not exceeding 4500 , it wa
sending from thirty to fifty victims to tin
grauoyard daily at Sacramento. Botl
cities were very filthy , and in SacramonU
the water and air were exceedingly bad
A dry , frosty December put an end to it
But on the plains it appeared again in
1851-52-53. Doubtless a hot , humid atmosphere
mosphoro is boat adapted to cholera , bu
for all that it has assailed the driest am
coldest climates , nnd coldest winters hav
failed to destroy the germs loft from th
preceding summer. From all of which i
would seem that wo are not secure agains
its approaoh from Japan , should it develop
volop into an epidemic there , and tha
prudence requires a close watch on the
vessels entering this port during the summer
mor and fall months from Asiatic port ,
that are infected with this plague.
To make a salad that I'M certain to ploasi
all tastes you need only USD Durkoo'a
Salad Dressing. Nothing equal to it was
over offered , nnd none so popular. It i
a superb table aauco.
An Army 1'okor Onmo.
From the linltalo JSxpross
"Did I over toll you about my arm ;
poker experience ? " naked a small-sizot
City Ilall ofliciul with a very proininom
forehead , of n reporter of the lixproaa
Saturday , No ? 1 thought I'd told
everybody. It wao in ' 08 when I wna
lirat lieutenant of a company ot cavalry
then atatioued at Fort Lyon , Colorado
Wo had been lying idle for wooka , nnd
were tired out of doing nothing , whei
Ben Smith , our paymaster , came aroutu
with aix months' pay.
"Did ho ever play poker ? Well , I
gucaa Jiot. Jt would have boon all hia
commission was worth , on account of hia
rcsponaiblo position.
' 'Tho evening wo wore paid oil'nomo ol
the ollicera got up a game nnd inyitod
mo'to como and join them. I'd novel
play for money , nnd i know that moat ol
them were old linnda ot the game , but I
wna juat fool enough to go in with them
and I Inat every cent I had.
"When 1 got up next morning 1 felt
'blue , ' 1 can toll you. 1 hadn't paid my
tnuaa bill or settled my post-trader's ac
count' I hadn't oven squared up with
my atrikor. 'You blamed fool , it serves
you rigbt/ was Baying , when I mot ono
of my companiona of the night before ,
the regomontal quartermaster.Yoll. .
John , ' nays ho , in a confidential sort of
way and in a low voice , 'we're ' going to
have another game tonight. You must
como down. " I told him I'd donated all
the money I saved for the present and
did not wish any moro experience. I fi
nally agreed , however , to try once nwo
on condition I should never bo naked
again I borrowed 800 of the , quarter
master and wont down to thn rendezvous
vous a little after sundown. I pitched
into the game recklessly , aa I waa in a
hurry to lose my money and have it ever
with , but the moro recklessly I played
the bettor J came out. 'Bluff waa no
name for my game. Wo were playing
for 92.50 blind , $5 to oomo in. ' Ono
hand , I remember , I scared 'em all out
but the quartermaster in the start by not
drawing a card , Ho thought I was 'bltif-
linp1 and ho raised mo $10 , 1 'saw' him
and raised him $ BO. II o studied ever
his cards n moment and throw up his
hand , llo had a queen full. 1 laid
down two duces and raked in the pot.
"When the bugle blowod for reveille
next morning wo were atill at it. I was
way ahead. I had my six months' pay
buck and several hundred dollars besides.
But I had had enough of poker playing ,
taking the two games together , and have
never tried it since , "
Blltorrt were prepared by
Jr. J. 0. 1) . Slogert for lil ] > rivuto USD.
fhoir reputation Ia such tu day tlwt tuoy have >
lecoiuo KQUurally known ni tin bast nppctlz-
UK tonic. Jtowuru of counterfoil.- ) . Ask vnur
Ijrocor or drupgUt fur tlio gonulnn nrtirlo
numifuctured by Dr. J , O , Jl. Slonort &
is said the Sioux City snloona willet
ot around the law by moving to the
Vf braku nide and hiring a atcunuhip to
n isfcr the thiyi'y fie * . of c1 ir c. u
A lionrr Boll of Men Vlio Ilnyo Con-
tnlHitcd to Knrluh CltiflmmtUlut
Few Who Are Illustrious
Botno Peculiar discs of MII-
Cincinnati special to the Chicago Daily News.
Cincinnati calls ft long roll of men who
have contributed from their wealth to
enrich the city , but among the names only -
ly ono ia illustrious , only ono man ia en
titled to the honor of being called n bene
factor ; that man ia lloubon II , Springer.
Ho haa enjoyed hia wealth by giving it
away. While in full possession of hia
faculties ho has seen the nip numcnts of
his munifiiconco rise about him , Ho has
given in secret and without stint , finding
itas thopoiitlotnonofjthocloth would say ,
"Moro blessed to give , " etc. Ho has al
so given publicly , but without ostenta
tion. No man was over turned from hia
door hungry , and no worthy charitable
organization ever wanted assistance and
applied to Mr. Springer in vain. As
much aa it is possible for Cincinnati people -
plo to revere anything , they revere thia ,
their benefactor.
But of Cincinnati'a ' ao called benefac
tors. Ono of the high schools of thia city
ia named from a childish man , who gave
about $50,000 to endow it. Ilia name
waa Thomas Hughes. Ho was a shoe
maker ao much given to hia cups that it
bccaino impossible for his wife to live
with him. They therefore lived apart ,
and several years before hia death she
obtained a divorce. Tommy's love turn
ed to fjkato when the the docroo'waa' '
granted , and during the rcat of his lito
ho vraa haunted with a fear that Mrs.
Hughes would some day inherit his
wealth. Ho cared no moro for educa
tion than doca a jackdaw , but the en
dowment of a school ho believed would
afl'ord him the boat possible way of depriving
priving hia wife of oven a chance to get r
Fraction of his fortune. The divorcee
wife died in penury , and the Hughe
High school still grinda out nn anuua
grist of boy nud girl graduates.
Four or live years ago an objcuro man
boarded nt ono of the principal hotels o
this city. Hia landlord know that h
was wealthy nnd that waa an nsauranc
always when the time came for inakin ;
out the monthly bills. The boarder wai
a bachelor and save to the small cotori
that nightly played poker in his room h
was a comparative stranger to everybody
in the city. Even the bell boys of tin
hotel did not know his name , and ono o
the waiters in the dining room spoke o
him as "tho man who once gave mo
too. " It occurred to this obscure gentle
man ono day that unless ho did aomo
thing to rcscuo his name from oblivion
his remains , from nhecr lack of idouti
lication , might find their way to the dissecting
socting table. A few houra later th
Oincinnatti papers announced that C. W
West had given n contingent of $125,001
to build an art museum. There waa ;
specification in the gitt that the city rais
$125,000 moro and build the museum
The city "hustled , " the money wa
raised , the museum ia now in process o
construction and C. W. "West is horaldec
as u benefactor.
About fifteen years ago a man namot
Tyler Davidson lay dying in thia cily
As hia brother-in law , a millionaire , Mr
Henry Probascoleaned ever the bedaido
Davidson whispered , "When 1 am gun
uao a couple hundred thouaand dollars o
my fortune ' in having constructed
bronze fountain , to be located in. Fiftl
Street Market apace. " Thia Davidsoi
whispered and fjppn after died. Hia in
atructiona wofooral , , ahd the millionair
brother-in-law , who waa his solo heir
though under/no legal obligations to d
ao , carried out the wishes of the dyin
man. To-day no ono ever speaks of th
Tyler Daviilsori fountain , though th
name ia cast in relief on the ornament
It isjcnown aa the Probasco fountainam
the words "Tyler Davidson" are lookoi
upon by the present generation aa th
iiamp of the designer or maker. Th
millionaire Probasco never gave n della
of his own wealth. As Mayor of a com
munity of sybarites in Cincinnati
wealthiest suburb , however , ho throw a
little boy conductor of n street car inti
jail a few nights ago because the boy hai
insisted upon the millionaire paying hi
faro. Probasco had lost his ticket , ant
after paying the boy 5 cents had fount
the lost property. Ho then demanded
return of the five cents , at the aamo time
proffering the ticket. The boy iiiaistet
that ho had punched hia trip-slip , which
called for 5 cents , and that if ho returnee
the nicklo ho himself would loao it. A
$5,000 damage suit for false imprison
inunt is now pending against the choleric
David Sinton , the wealthiest man ii :
the Ohio valley nnd a resident of this
city , hitched a string to $50,000 aboul
six yeara ago , and oll'ored it to the city
in the shnpo of n bronze forum , to ba
located on what ia called Fifth Street
Square. The gift was accompanied with
n voluino of provisos Arhich no body of
non with any dignity could accept ,
mid the common council rejected it ; but
David Sinton was at once enrolled among
ho "Cincinnati benefactors. "
Joseph Lompvorth , who owned acres bo
of houses iu thia city , gave a- few lots to
ho school of design , and just before hia
leatb , n few months ago , asked the
ruatecs of the school to give them back
o him , stating as n reason that ho con-
omplatod doing something better for to
hat lujthotio institution. Longworth'a
larao is handed down as blest. Ho is a
Cincinnati benefactor.
Flloa ore frequently preceded by a eonso of w
weight In tha bock , loins and lower part of the
nlxlomon.cftuslnjj . the imtlout to suppowo ho has
some affection of the kidneys or neighboring
organ * . Attlmea , syiu toms of Indigestion
are present , aa ilatuency , uneasiness of the
stomach , etc. A molatcro like perspiration ,
producing a Aory disagreeable Itching portion.
laxly at night after getting wurm In bed , Its f
very common attendant. Interim ! . External >
and Itching Mies yield at once to the applica ;
tion of Dr , Bosanko'uPllo llomady , which acts 15
dlroctly tir-n the parta affected , absorbing the
tumors , Blluyinjr the Intense Itching , and of *
footing ixmnitnout euro where other reme
died hftvo fulled. Do not delay until the drain
OH the syntom produced permanent disability ,
but trv it and bo cured. Sclirotor & Becht. > r
"Trado supplied by 0.1' Goodman. "
Old Amly'H Trouble ,
Vrkansaw Traveler.
"Wuah somebody woul' kick mo all
over dis town , " said old Andy.
" W hat's the matter ? "
"Matter iiuff tor dribe or po' man n
rasv , I had er ton dollar bill whu ) I'd
wuckod or month fur , au'or feller gin'
nu ono o' doao advertisement counterfeit
tills.Vall \ , I wont out tor do picnio tor
joy myso'f an * cut or aplurgo 'mong de
wimmon. Thought I'd make or mighty'
ireasiun for or vridder "oinnn whut I'sp
eon fur or long time wantiu1 tor marry ,
ler Httlo boy como or prancln' 'roun' an'
mulin' out do counterfeit tea dollars I
ib it tor him , 'Thank do gonnorman
or such or heap or money , ' said do lady.
'Nober mind , a'J , case I'ao got plenty o'
lit. Lea' all go down hcah an' git some P )
co-cream and Q oda water. ' Wall , or , j (
ouk o' wimmon folVa xvont down wid mo } | , ( )
' da hjt dort'n an * g > r ed dust , h , Uu
When doy got up I said tor do man ,
'what your bill , sah ? "
" Three dollars , ' says ho. "
" 'Qimmo do change , ' s'l , an' I flung
down er ten dollar bill. Ho tuck it up ,
turned hit over an' said :
" 'Whut yer tryin' to gin mo ? Dis
heah is rank counterfeit. "
"Good Lawdl I 'guntor git sick nt do
stomach. I had gin that triflin' chile do
good money. "Mis Wnahin'ton , ' s'l ,
'Whar's dat sweet boy o' yourn gone ? "
" 'Nober mine do sweet boy , ' said do
ico-cream man , 'I want pay fur dat
swcot stuff whut yor's nil been puttin'
orwny. '
" 'Keep on ycr ahirt , ' s'l ; 'yer'll got
yor moneiy. '
" 'If I doan hit '
git mighty quick , say
ho , 'yor'd better take offyer shirt nn' par
ycsao'f. '
Ho commenced tor take off his apron ,
an' , cuttin' roun' do corner , I flow. Do
win * whistled In myyeara 1 wont so fant. '
Airter orwhllo 1 sneaked back an' hung
roun' do suburbs. Seed do 'oman %
boy , an' I wont up tor him an'
said :
" My dear little chile , lommo see dat
money whut I gin yor tcrday.1
" 'Muddor tuk it orway from mo , ' soz
lie. 'Said she would keep or part o' hit
fur mo , but yonder she ia apondin' it wid
dnt preacher. '
" 'Thinkin' dat aho had uaid my bill ,
I walked up tcr do stan. '
"Madam , s'l , ' 'did you pay my
bill ? '
" 'Huh , yor noedin * think dat I'so
made outin money , ' says sho.
"Jos don do icp-cream man came outen
ilia tent an' kicked mo roun' acan'lua.
Now , 1 wants some stout , active young
feller to finish do job. Er fool nigger ia
do biggca1 fool 1 ober seed. "
Of the many remedies bcloro the public for
Nervous lchIity ) ! nnd weaknesn of Neivo
[ Jeneratlvo System , there is none equal to Al
len's Brain 1'ood , which promptly nnil perma
nently restores nil lost vigor ; it never falls.
51 pkg. . 0 for STi. At drupimts.
Fruit Near the Ground.
Some persons strive to have fruit pro
duced aa far from the ground as possible.
They scorn to think that there is an
advantage in having it near the sun.
They delight in trocs with tall trunks
and branches that extend upward. They
are constantly cutting off the lower limbs ,
so as to secure very tall trees. They
trim pear stalks so that they look like
Lombardy poplars. In buying trees of
a nuraery or from traveling dealers they
aoloct the tallest.
If they have grape vines they take pains
to train them very high from the ground.
In some cases they allow laterals to run
into the branches of trees. They con
struct trollisaea six or moro feet in-height
They endeavor to fix the largcat vinea on
the highest wire or piece of wood used na
a support. They train currant arfd gooa-
berry bushes iu tree form. They en
courage blackberry and raspberry conea
to attain a great length , and are at the
trouble nnd expense of training them
with stakes and twine. They have
frames for supporting tomato vinea , BO
us to have them grow like trees. There
ia one advantage in having fruit at aomo
distance from the surface of the ground.
It renders it leas liable to bo gathered by
boya or picked by fowls. Every other
consideration ia against the practice.
Largo fruit , aa apples , pears , and peaches
are difficult to gather when they are on
tall trees. They are liabjo to injury in
falling after they bccomo ripe. Nu kind
of fruit ripens aa well at a long distance
from the ground as it does quite near it.
The temperature of the air is higher
near the surface than several feet above
it. _ With grapes and tomatoes , raised in
thia latitude , it is important to mnko all
wo can out of tha short season. The soil
stores up heat during the day and gives
it out during the night. The nearer the [
fruit is to the ground the moro benefit it :
derives from it. Fruit within a foot of
the ground has tbo benefit of moro heat
than that which is several foot removed
from it.
A CARD. To all who are eutforlnft from earors
ncl Indiscretions of youth , nervous weakness , early
decay , loss of mnnhooil , etc. I will semi n rcci.c | that
will cure you , KHEE OF C1IARQK. This great rem
edy was discovered by a mltsloncry In South Ameri
ca. Send elf addressed envelops to HKV. JOSEPH T.
INHA.V , Station D. Now York dy e m & cod
The Girls nml
Clara Hello , in Cincinnati Enquirer.
A girl who haa juat returned from
London tolls mo that , in the health ex
hibition there , ono of the exhibits was
meant to depict the horrors of tight-
lacing. A waxen figure waa subjected ,
for the purpose of divulging the aocreta
of the ladica' torture chamber , to a com
pression to the pirth which a woman may ,
with proper aelf-reapoct , measure around
the waist. The sufferings of the dummy ,
inaudible , save for the creaking of the
machinery , which , in the forcible com-
preaaion of the waiat , might well bo mis
taken for groans , were quito terrible in
their realism , but the female spectator ! )
laughed instead of being instructed.
The fact ia that the old curmudgeons
who take corsota as n text for sermons
against us are loft very fur behind. In
juriously tight squeezing of the waiat ia
rare , indeed , nowadays. "Tho coming
man and woman , " says Die Lewis , "will
juat na largo at tlio waiat as nt any
other pnrt of the body. " What an old
fool 1 Did ho ever BOO a Fiji Island wo
man ? I havo. She had never boon '
Bomproaaod by so much as a * calico wrap
per , and yet her waist had a goodly taper
it. Pretty soon Lewis will bo de
manding logs aa big nt the ankles as at .
the oilvcs. And when that sameness of
ultimo ( is produced by bigness of ankle il
rather than amallnosa of calf , I hope ho
irlll j bo satisfied , for surely the owner or
.vou't. ( '
I/otter / from Senator H. O , Nelson.
ALBANY , N. Y. , April 4,1883.
On the 27th of February , 1883,1 ras
lakon with a violent pain in the region
the kidneys. I suffered ouch agony
hat I could hardly stand up. As Bonn
possible I applied two ALLCOOK'H Po-
ous Plasters , ono ever each kidney and
aid down. In an hour , to my surprise
md delight , the pain hod vanished and I
as well , I were the plasters for a day
two aa n precaution , and then removed
liom. I have boon using ALLCOOK'S C
Poroua Plasters in my family for the
ast ton years , and have always found \
hum the quickest and beat external of
omody for colda , strains , kinks and alU the
heumatio n ( Tootions. From my oxpori- ant
nice 1 believe they are .the best plaster wh BCD
the world. 5
dc >
Didn't Want to Stop , bywei
[ Vt. ] Free lYass. ggl de tlei |
"What are you Blowing up for1 ? yelled senor
freight conductor to an engineer on of cha or
ur Vermont roads. "Why , wo'vo run in a
vor n book agent. " "Drat it all , then , cau (
fhy don't you keep on ? Wo can't ' kill can ir.
im unless the whole train runs ever Olt ;
IndlCH , attention ! In ( in Diamond
Jyes moro coloring Ib chun than in any
uowii dye , and they pivo fa ter nnd moro ? "
irilllimt color ? . lOe , at ull druggist ! . Kvrjyj j „ . " ,
uiily , prnlroH Uiem. Well * , Klclmrdsua & Co , I
Juih'jjl n , Vc. Ciu
rr CD71E3 wjnar action. It ia n B&fo ,
ALL OTtlEU MEDI- auro nnd speedy euro
Cn 3 PAIL , M It nnd hull *
acts DIHEOTLT , dred have
and AT ONOE on Y been cured
the KIDNEYS , * l by It when
LTVini and HOW * phy lclnns and
T.W. rootofllltt ftionda had
them to a healthy slvcn them up
t to dto.
and a "SPECIFIC. "
Jt CUIirs nil HlnraKrn of tlio Klilnryn ,
Jilvcr , Illnililcr nnil Urlnnry Orrrunni
Droimy , ( irnicl , Dinbrtcx , Ilrlfrht'it
JllaciiHr , I'nins III llioIllicitI.olny ,
or Milr , ICclcntlon or Non.ltc-
tcntlun of Uflur , Norrotm
niHcnsrfl , ] ' * cinnlo AVrnldirHHCM ,
li-xc-CHMps , JniimllcCf llllloii nrfH ,
JlrrnlncUt't Soiir.Stoinucli , DyHprii-
eltt , C OIIN 11 p a Man nnd 1'iloN.
Send far Illustrated r.implUct of Solid Tea.
UmoiUaU of Absolute Cures.
1'rcn Iiluncr , It. I.
'To SMOKERS of Blackwell's
Genuine Bull Durham
Smoking Tobacco.
This Special Deposit Is to Riiarantco the
payment of the 25 premiums fully described
In our former Announcements.
The premiums will be paid , no matter how
small t the number of bags returned may be.
OjRet JJlaeJutelft Durham Tabaern Co.\
Jiurtiam. tf. C. , tlav 10 , 1881 f
p. jEr.i > } ,
Cashier Jlnnk of Durham , Durham , If. C.
DEAR Sm--Wo Inclnra you Sll.9ai.00. which
please iilaco on Special Deposit to pay premiums
for our empty tobacco ha-n ( to tn returned Dec ,
15th. Voura tnily , J. a CAlllt. 1'rcfldent.
Offire of the Ban * of Durham , } C. , Itay 10 , IbSLj
J. S. CAim. E-iQ .
l-ritt lllatkveWt Durham Tobaeto Co.
DrAn Hrn I hate to ncktiowledtro rccrlpt of
SlI,9Von ) from you. which wo have placed upon
Bpcclal Dcpwit for the objirt you itite
H'ours truly. V. A. WILEY. Cashier.
NOEC pcnulno without picture of liTJLL on tlio
pnclin 'c. ,
nyfieo our other aunounccmcnta.
[ Chartered by thcStateof 111' .
fjnois for the express purpose
ylof Eivinrjimmcdiatc rehctin
.all chronic , urinary and prl-
ivate diseases. Gonorrhcen ,
/Gleet andSyphills In all their
complicated forms , also all
diseases of the Skin and
Blood promptly relieved and
perrnanentlycured by reme *
dies.testedin nFortiiYcnrt
, Speciall > ractlcc. Seminal
Weakness. Nlnlit Losses by Dreams , Pimples on
the FaceLost Manhood , jiusltlvely cur lT/.er
isnocrpci-lincnilni/ : appropriate tc.r.eav
3 at once used In each case. Consultations , per
sonal or by letter , sacredly confidential. Hcd-
cins sent by Mall and Express. No marks on
pacicage to indicate contents or sender. Address
OgJAMES.No. 204WasMnglon SL.Chlcago.lll ,
Will pnrliy Iho BLOOD.-rcfru.
lit u the LI VCR anil KIDNEYS.
unil I'.nsToiu ; Tin : HUAI/TK
nnd VIOOH at YOTJTIf. Ui9-
prpslii. Want of Appetite , In-
l.uck ol hlreliRtli ,
curuil. HOIILS. niusclcaaiul
wri" * i ecelvu ncwlorco.
J-.nlnciiS Itic inlnil aiitl
niiinilk'S llralu I'on-cr.
Snlli rliiiftraiu vuiniil.ilnti
J > iirviitl irto lliplr tc"tlll
Hnil InDIl. IIAKTEK'S IKON TDNIO u tatn nnd
ijii'cily euro. ( lUusiiclcar , licMllliy Liimploxiiin.
1'rciiuont attempts at riiiinti-rfiltliiK only add
totliuiiopuLirltyoriliuoilnliiil. Ituuutcxiicrl-
ineilt ( TCtlllU OllIOIN M , AMI III ST.
7HBnlyourniltlri'oto'Jbetr. llurt r Twl Co
jSt.lxiuls. Jlo.tor our "B1U3ABI 1JOOK. '
il-ulluf uud useful luformatloa , frea
" " ' " ' '
wr' ' r1"1" 1'15" ' " '
rrirn ! < _ s rT i-y Klilluy , bpinu nil ) l.\\fl \
lumliARi. . . . wm
rit ltd tin Ami rlcu Hint it ruls tlirKltrtrliity nnil nmir.
u'llstii IhionKh thiiLoily.niid c.mboifcharKcd In an lir
itunt ttr tliui'allnit.
SI.OOO Would flotBuw It.
DB. IIOBKii I was alDloteil with rheumatism and
surcd by usloff u belt. To any ono alHIcted with
.bat dlsoaso , I would ear , buy Uornc'a Klectrlo Belt ,
Any ono oin confer with mo by writing calllae
uiy etoro , 1120 JOouglaa itroet. Omaha , Neb.
„ „ „
MAIN OFFJCK-Oppoalte postofflce , room 4 Fren-
/arForsalgatO. F. Ooodman'g Drugstore1 1110
arn m m , Omaha.
Orders filled 0. 0 D
Di .Tanner
Corner 10th nud Capitol Avenue ,
In all their forma.
YOUNO MBK. nho are sutlerln ? 'rom the ffe < .ts
Youthful Indiscretions , weald do well to a > all
hemseltcsof this , the uriatent boon everUUat the
Itar of uuflerlnz hununlty. Dr. Tanner win suar-
o to forfeit J600 for e > cry casa of Seminal Weak.
or Trivate DUvaao , of any kind or character
ihlchheunderUkcsand ! fall ) to euro.
MIDDLK AOKD MKN-Many nieu between the
of SO ana CO , are troubled wlih too frequent
cilre to evacuate UiolilaJdcr , oltcn accompanied
yafllght tniaitlnR and burning eousatlop , and a
of the < ivatcui In a manner ( hat the )
lent cannot account fort On examining the urinary
epoIU a ropy fvJlment will often bu found , and
Limctlinis srtill particle ) of albumen will appear ,
the color will ba of a thin , inllkbh buv , again
hanging to a daikand torpid apprarauctt. There are
mny : m n who illti of thu dlltlculy , Ignorant of thu
Him ) . It IB the tecond ttaxo of leminal weakncud.
Tanner nil ) cuaranteu a pcriect curu In a'l euch
, aud ahcilthy rutoratlon ol1ho Genlto urinary
Call or ftJdri'-sj tt above , Vr , Tanner.
Notice U hereby gl\eu tint the co-pariDcnhlp
ervtoloro vilittag btt ccn I.Zemaniky andH. Shu-
urruitn : It licrcby dltiioli cd by mutual consei t. The
uilucas u ill bo carried on by S. tihUKcruianwho will
i.uuic all tbo Ilim'a llatlUtlci
, .ll J ' ; J , . .t . * L ta > AK.
Owing to the increase
in our business weve !
admitted to the firm
Mr Edwin Daviswho
is well and favorably
known in Omaha.Thig
' *
will'enable us to han
dle an increased list
of property. We ask
those who1 have desi
rable property for
saleto place the same
with us. The new firm
will be
213 South 14th St.