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Tuesday Morning Julv 8 (
nr Carrier - - - - - - -so * * .
By Mall - - - - 10.00 pe'I
> No. 7 Pearl street , Near Broadway.
See J. Roiter'a spring gooila
There will bo nn adjourned mooting of
Fidelity council , Roynl Arcanum , this
Mra. Mary Achtor , mother of Mrs. E.
S. Stockart , died yesterday morning at
JIuscntino ,
J. W. Rodofer is fitting up a fmo onico
iu Casady's building , the improvomonU
being great.
Justice Schurz presides at the superior
court during Judge Aylcnworth'a absence ,
A good substitute.
The insanity commission wni called
upon jjt'storaay to examine the mental
condition of Sarah S. Mclntyro.
Clay Plainer , in n visit to his farm
few milca from the city , got his handa
very badly poisoned by some wild plant.
Yesterday wan hot , hotter , hotlcntot ,
the mercury climbing up to 95 in the
shade , and roosting there moat of the
The casea of the two pickpockets , ar
rested by GOOBJO Edgar , will not bo
heard until Judge Ayleaworth's return
from Chicago.
Friend Olalk' , the Herald's no-shadow
man , is trying to organize a base ball
nine , and has got as far along as to got
himself a cap.
The building occupied by Bokcmpor
as a ealoou , on Main street , and which
waa injured by th'o recent wind ntorm ,
ts'boing repaired.
In the police court yesterday , Jerry
Birry , W. T. Murphy , P. Orton , S. Mc
Lean and S. Bates wore oacb fined § 7.CO
for not practicing prohibition.
George Stookort , while feeding one of
the job pronses in THE HER ] ollico yes
terday , got his hand caught and three
fingers given a rather hard tqucczo.
About a half a block of sewerage has
been laid on Broadway , and work lias
been begun also on Mndison street ,
leading from Broadway to the creek.
It is said that the little innyor in going
to Chicago , has an idea that "Butler and
Vanghan" will bo a very good ticket.
There is ono nt least who wouldn't ob
Nolnri's temperance billiard hal ! was
yesterday having its front painted red. It
has always boon supposed that temper-
t anco drinks wore not the kind to paint in
town rod.
Sam Talloy , the man who attempted
suicide at the Rock Island house by cutting - ,
ting his throat , haa boon adjudged in
sane and taken to the asylum at Mt.
Edwin Southwick has lately had the ,
ontlro interior of his homo ro-paporod
and ro-dccoratod in a voiy attractive
manner , Peter 0. Miller having done
the work in very tasty manner.
H. E , Romon , the Broadway laundiy-
man , while driving in Omaha Sunday ,
had a runaway. His carriage collided
with Si Danforth'a carriage , smashing
both vehicles somewhat. Mr. Romor
and three ladies who wore with him ,
There will bo another entertainment
at the parlora of the Y. M. C. A. this
evening , the programme to consist of lit
erary and musical exorcises. An unusually
enjoyable occasion is promised , special
pains having boon taken to prepare a
programme which will prove really en
tertaining to all.
Prohibition lawia taking hold elsewhere
oven if it ia not enforced strictly hero.
Avoca's six saloons have boon closed.
Carson had two , but they have dried up.
Henderson had two , both closed. Macedonia -
donia has lost its only saloon. Hastings
had but ono. It is closed , and all the
saloons in Rod Oak have shut up.
F. Wcstcott , who recently opened a It
.trunk manufactory on South Main street ,
is kept busy with orders , and seems to bo
building up a largo and prosperous bun
iilcas. Ho has recently boon making
no-mo very fine sample cases for the
travelling men of Smith & Orittondon ,
J. Mueller , and other large houses.
Young men desiring to road the daily
papers and search for general Information -
tion , should often visit the rouding room
of the Y. M. 0. A. , No. 12 North Main
street , open daily except Sunday. This
room is chociy aud well supplied frith
reading matter from difl'oront jurh ol
- the count/ . Special attention will bo
nhown to atr.vrgeia. The doorj are open
frco to n'l ' and all arn invit ; J to conio.
A week ago- last Sunday night i\
stranger stopped ot Mr. Btraher'a houco
and rckod permission to leave a bundle of
clothes there until the next day when I'o
would call for them. Ho has not bcou
seen since , and fearing that there might
bo something wrong about the clothes ,
Mr. Straher yesterday turned thorn over
to Justice Abbott. The clothci are very
old , and very muddy , and were enclosed
in a now gunnysack.
Max Mohn line nearly completed hiq
enlargement and improvements of now
furnishings of the Crcston house , making
it ono of the largest and best hotels in
the city. Among the improvements is a
fire-alarm , which extends to ovuryroom1
BO that all guest can bo awalcncd by a
simple turn of a crank. This iu in addi
tion 13 tbo regular electric call-boll. The
now furnishings of the hotel are very attractive -
tractive and comfortable in all respects.
It was reported that a young lady work
ing for Mrs. Russell , who keeps n board
ing houto in the northwestern part of the
city , attempted to sulcido by poisoning
but was kept on this sldo of the river by
an emolic promptly given. The reason
for the not is not stated.
A fisltco hns boon stolen from Mr.
Ferguson's family lot in the cemetery.
A clue haa been got to the thief and il
is to bs hoped that it may bo Bucccsafull }
followed to conviction and punishment.
There has been so much thieving going
on there that it is time Iho miscreants
were brought up short.
Messrs. Judd & Smith , who are manu
facturing the ulcclrio bell , have already
thirty agonls on the road in Nebraska
and Iowa , and the business has doubled
itself the past week. There have boon a
great many so-called electric bolts offeree
the public , but no ono can examine Dr.
it is ono in fact as well as name , and the
success it is winning is really marvelous ,
The races begin at Omaha to-day. On
the opening of Iho races hero a largo
delegation of Omaha citizens , with bane
of music , came over hero , and iu return
for the compliment a number of the
citizens of Council BlulFs expect to go
over there to-day. It remains to bo
seen whether Council Hindu will return
the compliment with interest , or settle
the debt at fifty ccnta on the dollar.
Council Blufl'i ought to send over a
rousing delegation.
llcv. .1. G. TjOiiicii SjiealtH Out , llolrtly
on the New IJUAV Ho TerniB
tlio Council " 'JL'lio
Wnlc. "
At the Baptist church Sunday nighl
, here was a largo audience to hear the
pastor , Rov. J. G. Lemon , who had an
nounced that ho would speak on the now
prohibitory law , which ia now exciting no
much comment. Mr. Lemon hold the attention
tontion of all closely , and handled the
oubjcct as usual , without gloves. Ilia
illustrations were apt and tolling , and
the points made very clear and forcible ,
oo that there was no question where ho
Ho clioao as his text , "Woo to him
that buildoth a town with blood , and es-
tabliahoth a city by iniquity. " ITo Bait
ihoro was little use to talk to those who
were determined to bo guided by whal
; hey deemed expedient , neither by whal
, hey doomed right. The question should
lot bo whether a certain thing would
mild up a town or not , but whether it
was right or not. If the liquor business
vao right , men ought to bo allowed to
ollow it the oamu as dry goods or grocer-
oo. If wrong , it should bo prohibited.
As n matter of fact , thouuli , it did not
juild up a city. Some a aid that the gos-
> ol only should bo preached , and that
practical nnd political , questions should
bo avoided by Iho pulpit. Beforu the
war there was the n.imo cry , and histori
cal ovonta ehow that the ministers apoko
rords of wisdom , nnd gave truer kno\vl-
idgo than the politicians , on the quos-
iona then ponding. So it would prove
n regard to prohibition.
The speaker gave facta nnd figuroa of
ho ruin caused by drink. The 7CO.OOO
drunkards marching to destruction , 100-
100 of which yearly dropped into drunk
ard's graves , If the money working .
uon spend in th < < i city was saved , instead
brown nway for drink , although it
might for a abort period aocm to work >
against the intercuts of the city , and in
aver of Omaha , yet little homes would
soon bo built bora from , theao savings ,
jrocoiy bills would bo paid , braina would
jo cleared up , and in a abort time this
city would advance materially nnd finan .
cially as well as morally.
The caao had got so bad that all agreed
Lhat something must bo done. All agreed
that much of the criiuo came Irom drink.
Admitting that there must bo nonio rem
edy , the question remained as to what
remedy ?
Some said "high license , " bub high
li'conao had boon tried , nnd otill the work
of ruin wont on. Practically licenses did :
not lesson the evil , nnd thooroticnlly it
did not tend towardprohibilion. ) License ,
dimply implied that all wcro ulnvcs , with ;
no hope of over getting froo. : >
The quoitionvns , could the law ba enforced
forced/ / They Bay , becnuao it novur haa
boon , therefore il could never bo , but [
thii concluaion did not nocoanarlly tollow ,
ovou though the proinioea were admitted.
The goal could not bo reached in a day
or two , but ntill it was not to bo therefore -
fore concluded it could never be reached.
had boon tried in isolated ntulus ,
where prohibition had not only ( to con
tend with opposition within its own bor
ders , but also contend niunst ; ; the influ
ence of other ctitcs , where there was no
prohibitory law. There were violations ,
in thia otato , of tlio law against horse-
jtealim ; , and yet if horflo-atcnling wax
licensed in Nobr.iaka und other states . ' n
would bo st'll moro dilllcult to enforce
that law against it in lown , nnd otill ovoa
under nuch olrcumatancoa lown ahould
not feel diBcourajtod , but rather proud of
having auch n law.
If prohibition did not strictly prohibit
itill it looked toward that end. License
did not. In passing through the forma
tive period there would bo loss drunken 70
ness than under u license law , and nil
the time the work would bo toward H
certain end absolute prohibition. TJ > o
unuaal amount of liquor sold on tl-o
Fourth did not discourage tno sponkur.
Ho thought the unusual activity of the
liquor power indicated that it felt the de
struction coming , as a Bimko hit on the D
head , writhes furiously , or a man dying
In the struyulo gives the strongest blow
at the last. License dpadonod tlio conaci-
once , Kvon if prohibition wnsnotperfectly
carried out , yet it wri n success. In
Mntno there were leO towns in which it
WBI absolutely cnfu-ced , 200 towns in
which liquor could bo had on the sly , and
100 in which saloons were open , but still
less liquorjuold tlmnuuder tliulicoiiaulavv. 2
In Kutiena the snmo condition ciiatcd ,
In larger citic-a ( ho sale was curtailed ,
oven if oomo liquor was nold. Hoports
from various parls of thia etato were fa-
vorablo. Kvoiy atato that adopted pro
hibition strengthened orery other pro
hibitory atato. In a recent rip through
Nebraska the apuakor Juid learned that
many tompornco workers there , diasatia- -
ileed with high lioonsu , wuro looking to
ward prohibition und working for it.
There was no doubt to lih mind but
that the law could bo enforced , but
wouldn't bo. llo believed that in time
U would bo oven in the face of the noda
water ordinance passed by the missing
link , sometimes called n city council.
The influence of adjoining license states
was a difliculty to bo ovorcom" , but all
should aland by the right for it will final-
Iv win. The first abolition candidate ,
Uirnoy , in 1810 received only 0,000 , votes
and in 1881 ho received 58,000. Twelve
years later Fremont received 1,311,2-10 ,
and four years later Lincoln wns elected.
All ahould work vrith their party , i !
the parties were true on this question. If
not , they ahould work independently. It
ahould bo made the supreme question ,
and when n national law was given , prohi
bition could bo enforced strictly , oven in
the largest citiei. Kvon now prohibitior
could bo bolter enforced than license , ant
if all stood together nnd got n nationa'
support it could bo literally enforced ,
nnd then the flag would bo cleared ol
both the stain of negro slavery nud drink
Yoatorday the saloon men , hearing thai
the saloona in other places inthoBtato
were opened again , tologrnphcd to Sioux
City , Dubuciuo , DCS Moinefl nnd other
points , nnd soon they were passing the
word , ono to the other , that the naloonn
throughout the Btato were boini ; opened ,
nnd that the prohibiloiylaw was nowhere
being obeyed. This seemnd to cause
much jubilation among them but otil
those who have kept closed during the
past few dayu could not bo persuaded to
run the risk of opening.
In ether respects the condition ol
affaira was not changed yeatorday , and
the moat of the saloon men are -hnnging
on the damp edge , waiting to aeo
whether they had better jump oil or not.
Biiahnoll Bella railroad ticketa cheap to
all points.
Simon KatUnan left for Js'cw York last
J. W. MeMnin , of Huston , wn.satthoOgdon
] ' . L. Tngorfioll , of Sandwich , 111 , , wai al
the Pnclfic yesterday.
Adntn Gibson lottirnod fiom a fem
moiitlia stay in 1'eoiinylvnuin.
Judge Ayloswm thin elf for Chicago to at
tend the democratic convention.
Mrs. S. .T. Morrii , tlio milliner , hai been
uniting in Avoca the ji.-ist few days.
.Terry Myora I'H back from Minneapolis , and
Blinking linnds with lilrf tunny old friendt here.
M. G.KurkonndT. W. Myers , o Glen-
wood , tarried brielly in Council Bluffs yoster
Mrs. 0. O. St. Jnliii started last evening for
Forgo , Dakota , to visit her Fistcr , who is
quito Hick.
T. N. 1'arkor , who owns ono of the finest
fruit farms in the west , located near Omnhn ,
was In tlio city yesterday.
Uov. Vnthor MeMonomy loft yesterday for
Colfax Springs , where lie will upend three
wcelcfl getting real , health , and enjoyment.
Will Owings , cleric InJ. L. l < ''8'lia ' < i
gene on a week's uiit to hiH former homo in
Marshall town , lit ) having been away four
J-'iank Ashton , the young bicyclist , who it
making hit way to San IVancisco , left hoio
ycsteiday , after resting withfriendn for
several days. Ho expected to icnch Columbus ,
Neb , , last ovi-ning.
Mnjor Anderson wa'i in t'io ' city yesterday ,
nnd it In Raid was trying to tear down Bomo of
llio political fences which Gcoigu V. Wright
lm been putting up. Anderson secum to feel
that if ho cannot gut himself into congrot-b. ho
can keep somebody elect out.
As predicted in Tim BBB , the city
council lias boon so ashamed of the orcli-
lance it'passod roco.itly , to prevent th o
shaving ot assessment certificates , that
t has not published it yot. Jual
why the council ohould pins such nn
ordinance is not veiy plain , that ia ,
.o thoao who are not on the inside , and
t still aoomS'Btrangor ' that the ordinance
i not published. It appears to hnvo
eon pnasod aa a sort of monnco to a cor-
nin contractor whoso certificates they
are holding back , and yet the ofliciala
know that the publication of the ordi-
innco would make the public roar. As
t cannot become n luw until published ,
.ho matter may dlo in the pigoon-holo.
Such legislation in laughable indeed.
iR lor Nothing.
Until further notion wo give to each
wontioth customer his purchase , what
ever the price or value of the oamo may
10. Our ciwhiur will keep an accurate .
record of every transaction , nnd when
Iho twentieth sulu of any amount ia made
lie purchaser will bo presented with the
saino. Wo have adopted for the present
hio system of advertising bccauao it
ivoa our patrons instead of the nowu
npora the five per cent , nhich it coal I
is. Clothing retailed at wholcaa'-j '
iticos. Ilnta retailed at caao prices.
I'urnishing goods , trunks , bags , umbrol-
ia , oto. , utc. Every twentieth customer
n-oaontod with his purchaso.
Itoal Kstato 'J'rmiHlbra.
The following transfers were filed for
record in Iho ollico of Iho county clerk ,
July 7 , 188 J , nnd reported for THE BEK
by P. J. MoMnhon :
Elizabeth Bochtel to Francis Grass ,
lots 3I , H and ( i , Smith's sub add. $500.
William Miles , Jr. to William Milca ,
A nw I and B i awj , 11. 75 , : t8 , Sf.OOO. .
Ashbol S , Avery , l nl. fo ,1. T. Span -
loy , lot 1 , block 2 , Walnut and Park , n.\ ,
1(1. ( 77 , ; )8 ) , ? 1,800.
Total aalca , ? 0,300.
Whont-No. 1 milling , 76(380 ( ; No , 3 C5@
; rpjoctod 50.
Corn Local pitri > osn3 , 40 ® 15.
Onta For local purpose * , : i.r > © 10.
lf : y-10 00@la 00 per ton ; baled , 00@GO
Kyo 10@J5o.
Corn Muni 1 ! ' > < ) per 100 pouuda.
Wood Good Bupply ; pricoa at yards , 0 00 ©
Coal Delivered , hard , 11 CO per ton ; soft ,
00 per ton
Lard I'atrlmnU'a , wholesaling at 9c.
Flour City Hour , 1 G0@3 SO ,
Brooms U ! )5@3 ) 00 per doz.
Cnttlo Uutctior COWB | 3 75@4'2j , Butcher
Bteara C0@5 00.
Hogu 1 OOCa4 ! 25.
Quotations by J , M. Ht. John & Co , , com-
inlsaion inorclmnts. K18 llrondwny ,
Poultry ] , i\uold hem , 7c ; epring chickens ,
J5@3 00 per doz. ; Iho turkeys , 'Jo.
IVuchcd A bus. Ixix , 1 00.
Oraugea o 000 00 per box.
Ijoinous C 00 per box. , '
Itanauaa 3 OU@3 00 per buucli.
Duttor Creamery , 'Me ; rolls , clioico 0@10c.
J-'IIRS 13o l iiloiou. .
Cherried § U CO PIT btmhul.
Vegutnbloa 1'otfttoM. 1 DOS2 00 jior bbl ;
onions , 70c ; cabbnco , COo per doz. ; npploe.
bu box , 7 c@l 23 } Uoaus , 1 M@2 25 lior
bushel. 3
All hats at cost from this day , J. J.
Auwcrda" & Co , 0
The Uars Not Ilnrrcd ,
The saloons nftor being closed light on
Sunday opened out ngain yeatorday , and
wont on with the selling of all norts of
drinks na usual. There wcro about a
dozen out of the fifty-six saloons In the
city which kept cloned yesterday , how
ever , and their proprietors say they pro-
poao to keep closed ) until they BOO what
in going to bo done by the prohibition
ists. They say they do not want , to tnke
nny chances.
Mrs , H , J , Hilton , M. DM
222 Middle Bro dvty. Council BluQo.
O.Tleo , llntn Street. Koonvi 1 and Shuprurt ft Xfo-
Million' ? Klo k. Will practice In 8tat > .ud cJml
I'ractlco In State and TcJcral Courts.
Collections promptly nUomlod to.
Koom 0 , Schugart's Building ,
B. Eice M , D.
or other tumors removed without the
knlfoordranlnpo blood.
Oirr hlrty years practical cxncilcnco t Offlco Nft
I'cnr trcfc * , 0 tuill ! Muffs
fiTConcnltatlon trco
ICE ! ICE I ! 1C ® ! ! !
For pure river Ice palror.Uo the blue wagons sat
isfaction guaranteed. Lcruc orders at Xo. 45 South
Main etroet.
Telephone No. SI.
O. 1C .atXx fSttroo-t ,
NOTICE. S | > eclalertlieirentii , SMO ns tx t ,
Found , To Loan , For Halo , To Kent , Wants , BoarJ-
Injr , etc. , will be Inserted In this column at the low
rate of TEN CK.VT8 mil UNK for the Drat Inrertlon
and KIVC CKtfTS PKR USE for mch gnbowiuent n-
wrtlon. t itre advertisements t our oBlo , No.
Tourl Street , near Droadw v
XA'AXTBD A fliyt-clawlirick moulder. Apply to
> C. Stroub , on rol to V. lid 1) . Irntltuto , or to
JI < c Mohn , Ore-ton llouie.
X'AFTIIDIly a inimlctl man , ftjed 19 , * ltuatlon
> in grocer ) ixj counter man or traveling til'-
m -n. llml 1R years -x | > rrlctieo. Flrst-rlim refer-
otic" . A'lilrost ' "J. B. , " 101S BrofcJwny , Conncll
I'ANTBU A situation In hotel Mtchtn. Call or
V aUiltws 1120 Sth Memio , Council muffs.
: D A dilution by n tinner. Call or aj-
drcis liatbtli tiuontic , Oouncll ItlufTg ,
I'ANTED. A troojnlter at Ixjulo & Mctrxcr 6 ,
V 526 Urondnay , Coiinll Uluds.
\\rANTKIJ. Position ni enprlneer or fireman , by
> experienced hind , c--Xiiblo | : cf J doing hlsriwri
< -c ) lrln .Strictly tcmpoiatc. Addrosa S. , IrR !
otllce , Co
WANTKU Kho hundrcJ pieces ol
eccoud hand carpet nnd tno hundrnl heating
etmci. A. J. MAKIir : , , 325 Ilroadnay.
0 LD I'AI'KHS I'or ealo at Bui CIUco , at 15 ceuU
a hundred.
txrANTKlt Kvcry body in Council Mlufls to take
YV TimllRx Delivered by can lent only twenty
ccnta n vtuuk.
Full SAIiK. A KfWcn opportunity to pot Into n
legitimate and tirolltablo business nn caiv
t rmi. A cll Mtikbllthoil bakery in Council IllulTs
for rain. Oeoil reasons for selling. Addrcs C. H.
J. , UKK olllce , Council V.hifla.
FOlt HALi : Orwlllrontbv September l t , to n
family \\lthout chlblrcn , n now bouse , with
banii clatcrn , etc. l.nqulro of Frank Cook , room
0 , ShUKart'a block. 4 HIM
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clasH WSROJ by celling tbo "Chauiiilon Bosom
Ptrccthcr and ronlnc lloird. " Uclalla nt SI.OO.
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forpaitlcnlare C. B. B , & I. Co. , Una office , for one
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H.H , HORNE & 00 , ,
Wo nwlfo a nrneially , nt nur EASTERN factory , of FINE HAVANA
YARA 010ARS. All Cigars sold by us are of our own manufacture and warranted
as represented.
OPERA HOUSE CIGAR , HOUSE , | 552 Broadway ,
SMITH & TOIjlJEll , ARts ,
7 and 0 Main street ,
urtalus , In Lace , Elllr , Turcoman , Etc , Oil clothsMattlncs | , Linoleums Eta
hoioest and Best Soleoted STOCK in the WEST ,
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place to buy CARPETS , Curtains and House Furnishings in the
Mail Orders Filled Promptly nnd with Cnre
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Perfect Fitting , Best an J Cheapest. Flno Mnen Collars ar.d Cun. !
Wo ; 73 , Fourth Streo-fc - Ootinoil Bluffs , Eowa.
Furniture and appointments all now. Nos. 203 and 210 Broadway , Council Bluff
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Waves three inch part 65c , Ooquetts lOc each , Switches
$ lto $ 0 each. Kair ornaments given with every pur
chase , All kiniis of hair work promptly attended to ,
Waves made of Jjadies' combings at 50c per inch ,
P /JFS. / J. J GOOD 29 Main Street
Nos. 217 and 219 S. Main St. , - - COUNCIL BLUFFS ?
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Broadway , 1 < Heila at all Hours.
Council Bhids. f I Turtles a Specialty.
Ventilated Three Inch Fart ,
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Coquetis , 12ic each. Switches , ( all long hair ) $2.00 SI.00 , § 8,00
and upwards. Hair Ornaments Given. AAvay.
No. 337 Uroadtvay Council Bluffs
Metalic Caskets ami Woodin Coffins of all Kiiuls.
3XTo. 3. HM * . It/Tiviix f3t. , Ooxx.3o.oil
501 Mnin Street , Coujicil Bluffrf.
SAMPM : CASES a specialty. Shawl , Tourist , and Trunk Straps.
Twenty Years Experience. Repairing Neatly Exec iitcd
108anJ103 South Uth Street , Omaba , K < iraska. 'Corrc pondcnco Bollcltod. "
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J.TLB. 1
MRS , S , J , NORRIS , 105 Main St