Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, July 08, 1884, Page 2, Image 2

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AM. OTUEH WEDI. suns nntlfpocdycuro
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acta DIRECTLT dreds hnvo
and AT ONCE on l > ccn cured
Ihc KIPN3BYB , by It when
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them to healthy given them up
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and a 'SPECIFIC. "
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JXHcnnp ) I'nlnH In tlio Hnrli , J.oln/i (
< ir Mile , Itclciillon or Niin-ltc-
Icnllnn of IJrlur ,
Jlsrn eN , I'Vniulo
llciulnrlic , Sour bliiinncli , l ) * ] > rii-
rln , Co lint 1 1 > a I 1 n n nnd i'lliiN.
l. 5 JIT
Send for Illustrated Pamphlet of Oolid Ten-
tlmonlnla of Absolute Curcu.
HUNT'S itu.mi : > r co. ,
Pri > > l < lrnrr , It. I.
A victim of cnrly Imprudence , causing ncrronj
Kctlllty , pirmnturo decay , elo. . liatlnif Jnni In
ln every linpnn remwly. liasdlPcnvcivd ft dlrnplo
cneaax of cell-cure , vhlcli ho will sosd illlih tp
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A U , M liVK3f " rttherr-Kfc. NewVorfc
Chartered by thcStatcof III'
_ nols for thcexpresspurrtoM
Tofclvinglmmedlate rcllclln
{ all chronicurinary and prl-
Jvatc dlsecses. Qonorrhcea ,
IQIect nndbyphilla In nil their
complicated forma , also alt
diseases of the Skin and
Dlood promptly relieved and
permancntlycured by reme-
. diestestedlnnl'orr/lV [ rJ
, „ „ 1 fyirelKirracttcr. Seminal
Weakness. NiRht Lessen by Dreams , Pimples on
the Knce.Lost Manhood , fioafftfcctircilricrt / )
isiincxperlmrnidiit * Ths appropriate t . .r.edv
tsatonce used In each done. Consultatlonstper-
nonal or by letter , sacredly confidential , r.lrri-
iclnes Bent by Mall and Express. No marks on
liacicace to Indicate contents or sender. Address
iiri.MMESNo.20Wri3hInfllonSi.Chicf.oolll ,
"Will purify the EU.WWU.i
laio till ! UIVCR mid KIDNEYS ,
nnd VIOOK of YOUTlt. Uyv
pepsin. Want or Appetite , In-
lIxeEllon , J.iieh or Mtmintli ,
mill TlreiiruulliiK absolutely
enroll , Honri. nitisclc'Sand
nerves rvtclio now force.
JjiillMMis Ihu mind and
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HenilrournildrfntoTlioDr. Ilnrl r i l To.
SUIxJiils. Wo. , for"BllKAM HOOK. "
I'ullof Btraaeouad useful lalormatloarua.
To SMOKERS of Blackwcll's
Genuine Bull Durham
Smoking Tobacco.
Tills Fpcclnl Deposit Is to Runrnntco tlio
payment of tlio 2S premiums fully tlcscrlbcu
In our former announcements ,
Tlio premiums will bo paid , no matter how
jmall the number of bnRS returned umy foe.
Office lllact-ireWi llurhnn VXnrrfiCa f
JiurAam. H , C , Xw 10. ! < f
* * < W.l'/fl ' tn//iir ) lin. / > r 'im , If. C
DEAH HniWo IIHIOKO you Ull.snoiiu. hch !
vleanoi'lncc ' tin Hi clol Ii'i -lt to pay iirciulitnu
Inr ournnrty toliacco lnp to ! nt.imril Hie ,
IStli. Xcuru truly. J B UAltH. I'rwlilcnU
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Hi-Ait Hill -1 uavo to m.knn l ilki < nwlpt o (
from joti. whicli i lnve iilaad iil'on '
'r. WllluV. Cashier.
Kone rcnnlco nlthotit i-.i tuw o ( HUI.lion tlio
tTfKto our nthur uiilinunccincnta.
thri u on Horllck't Food. " write uundreds o
Krattul mothera. Mother's lalllc contains 111
ttarch. An artlfldal food for Infatita thoul.
coutata no eUrcn. The lx t uud luott uutrltlou
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"rulir dlicitul anil Butrllloui. " 0 , V , Bjllii ,
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"V iiiluoer la prnoiocltf II iixiloi It ;
tkllf .11.01. ' jr. 0. Cekurn , M. U. , Tret , A. T.
Will b acnt bi mall on recdi't of rrlc in lUrnpi
HOIILICK'M FOOD . . . CO. , Hnclnr , WU. "
- - -
: or 7
Will cure Ncrvouincw
I.uiubngii.ltlieuiiiatUin , l' i
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trie lull In Ainvrlcu 'lint M-mln Urn Clccirldtr anil niui
nctl n tlirouKlulmbixK- tunlwrnhaj-Kul lu ail Ii
81.000 Would Not BU" It.
P > . nouu l was allllotod with iheumatlim an
cured by luhig a belt. To any ono ufHtcted wit
that dUtase , I would Bay , buy Ilornu'i Kloctrle Ucll
Any cue can coalsrwltti too by wrltlnt ; callln
at rey store , ldODouflat titet , Omaha , Kub.
WAIN OfflCK Oppoelto ( icetolHrv , room < fret
tec block.
taTcruUatO. V , Ooodnuui'i DiusKtoro' 11 ]
( oam bt , Omaha.
Or Jtrt flUcd 0 , O P
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icmMs to euro tuair < 1) . ' u e
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imtat ( in * Li , > r- it 4 I' f O ira ! < uv *
. .J3.T ' .uil f T U" - I >
" -
The National Sabbaiyreate Wrest
ling Witt Dlsagrccmenis ,
Iilvcly 1'nrilBiin Tills ntul Compli
mentary Itcsolullons Tlio
WAIIIIVMOS , July 0..lust proUous ts 1:30 :
o'clock Sunday morning , Uio nonato being null
in session from the proceeding nlfiht , n men-
unco wns received from tno homo ntinmtncing
an nerci'mont to tlao conference report on the
fortification bill , nml that the speaker had
signed the bill. The president of the senate
Immediately announced his own signature
Another mea'niro from the homo , announc
ed tlio fiiml adjustment of the sundry ch 11
lilll by the ro-coiflloii of the houjo from its dls-
agreements to the clauses relating to the coin-
iwnsatlon of United Htalou attorneys nnd mar
shals , but with sundry reductions In the
amounts appropriated by the senate for the
lees of thoROolilcors. The sonata conference
submitted their report concurring lu those pro-
) O9ed reductions.- The report was agreed to
ind the bill lin.illy deposed of.
The sonnto tliun , at 7:10 : a. in. Sunday , took
n roces till 3 p. in ,
At 3 o'clock the senate won again called to
order , nnd nt 3:30 : wont into oiozutivo session ,
and when the doors were ro-oponed took recess
nt intervals till 0 o'clock.
Shortly niter C p. m. Hnlp submitted n con-
fcronca report on tha dolicloncy bill , which
hhowbd among other tlilngn thut tha house had
reccedod from Its disagreement ai to the com
pensation of senator's clrrks.nnd that nil other
disagreements on the bill had boon adjusted
by mutual concession. Tha report wns
agreed to.
Hennto then took n rocns imtll 8.IO : p. in.
When tlio senate to-assembled nmessafro was
rcceivud from the house Announcing the passage -
sago of n bill milking temporary provision for
the naty. When the bill had boon road
Conger Inquired whether this wni meant to bo
the wiping ut of the Amorlcon navy. Ho
\eryunwllllfiu to consent to the passairt
of such a bill. Who wan it that opposed the
lossago of the regular appropriation bill ? Tlio
wintry had n tight to know.
Halo explained that the sonnto Imd no pow-
r to enforce It-i bill upon the house. The
IOIISP had dotormincil by n yen nnd nay vote
lot to appropriate any money to build now
misers. The bill now before the sonnto ,
hough mongro nnd Inadequate , ho thought
ad bettor bo accepted.
Conger was not willing to nssumo the
osiionsihlllty for the failure of the regular
pproprlntlon bill. The weather was noc un
comfortable nnd the wanderers would return ,
'bo excitement of the present week would
xhnunt the element of hostility nnd reason
vould again resume Its sway. "Lot us stay
lero , " said Conger , "for the honor of the
ountry and tlio dofoncoof our nniivo land. "
Uoforring to the action of the house Halo
wan proceeding to show iti action on the now
rulsar bill had boon taken with deliberation
and ns , lie may say. "with mnllco oroponNo , "
vhon chair called lilm to ordor. Halo linked
lardon of the chair. Tlio chair said ho could
lot mt there without defending the house of
oprosoutatlvus. Halo said ho ( llnlo ) wasnot
licro to abuse the hounn. The chair stated
ihat Hulo could not succeed without the con-
out of tlio scnato , Hn'o ' lopllod : "I nwait
ho action of the senate , " llowas permitted
o proceed. "Tho man who supposed" Hiid
10 , "that for the next 25 years America can
'o on in it cnrolotia , roclclosn und itudofundod
ondltion ns she has for thu lost 25 yearn , intone
no deplorably blind. "
Bayard said if fcWO.OOO.OOOpublicmonoy cx-
lOiidod on thu navy since ISC ! ) had produced
0 navy , it wits for those who spout the money
1 account to the people who had furnishwl
lie monoy. This was neither the day nor the
our for iiartis.ui diminution , but ho bollovod
ho time nad comu wliou the work nf restoring
10 American Hag , both commercial mid aim-
d , on Iho high teas Hhould bo begun.
Tlio umondmont wan agreed to continuing
lie appropriation for engines , machinery , etc. .
f monitors. Th < > bill then passed. At 11
'clock Allison called up the diplomatlo nml
.oiiMilar , appropriation liiJl and moved the
ouato recede from its ntnomlmont , tha onlj
no in controversy , between thu two houses ,
pproprlntlng $250,000 for the Nic.nraupinii
vntor way projowt. Jlosaid ho made this mo-
Ion bccaiisa ho believed the IIOUHO would not
greo to the amendment. Jlo rccrattod ox-
Bodlngly that ho wns obliged to innko the mo-
ion. The amendment wns put on after ma
il ro consideration by the Homita in order to
ccompllnh n great public purpose. The do-
nils with reference to this amendment were
well known to those in tha housu.who had Ilia
espoiiblbillty for tlio passage of Urn bill , The
louse ' thus knowing its responsibility had do-
ib'oratoly refused to agree to the amendment ,
tfillor ( Gal. ) npoko in thu same ntrnln. The
notion to recede wan agreed to , which dlspoH
od of the only inmalninj. ' subject of dilforoncc :
on the bill. The senate then wont into executive
ocutivo session nnd when the doom rooponoi
idjournod to ton o'clock Monday ,
At 0:30 : Sunday morning the house won con
Llmilug Saturday'n session and Mr. Ityni
inovi'd the house rocuda from Its dlsagroomon
.o tha point of tha sundry civil bill In con
irovorsy ( that relating to the change from foi
, o thu salary Hystoin lor court ollicialu )
Agreed to , and Mr. Humx , from the confer
enca committee on thu diplomatic and con
Midor appropriation bill , reported continual
disagreement on the point in controversy ( th
clnuso appropiiutlug S250.000 for the Is'lo.u
uigun wutoi1 way ptojoct ) , nnd u long ilobat
At its close W/ibhbiirn moved ( ho IIOIISQ rt )
coded fiom Its dixngrcement to ilia count
imoiidmonts. Lost.
The house nt 7:20 : took n recast ) until
When the houna mot nt it o'clock , on me
.ion of Mr , lUmlull , It , took u furlliur reccn
m'll-Il0 : ! In order to un'ablu the I'niifcionc
cDiunilttois to anhcmlilo nnd take action o
.ho tippropiliition I'llls.
At 1:30 : no tonseronco reports bring rind )
Mr. lirowno ( Ind ) look Iho flow with nspoei
In mippoit of thoMimutu iimoiidniontH to Hi
Mo\ie.iu poiiKlon bill.
Thrcu uiimitis spcochoH on the same nl < l
were made bylironilo ( I'n. ) Doiitt'lla. J. 1
Taylor , ( Ohio ) and Miller ( I'omi. ) the lattt
of whom nuked unanimous coiibcnt for th
passage of the iill | to Iiicrcuxo tha ralo of jioi
slons to wlilowH of ilccoivnod ooldiera from 8 t
ifl'Z iv month
Mr. Tumor ( Ky. ) objected.
The lioiuo then nt G o'cloc
took n further roccsn until 8 p. n
After recosa Jtandiill jircsonted the confnr
once report un the ( renural dolicloncy bill. Th
bill as agreed tonppropnatos O/JliO lli , liein
S-7-lBl'.l lu excess of tiio amouiil. carried b
the bill ns it passed the IIOUHO. Randall nal
tlia Bonato npiuoprlatod $150.000 for ualario
und oxjioiisoH of uKcuts of the InUirnal rovcnu
nllico. The conferees agrovd to lix tlionmoun
ut $80,000. The seunto receded from th
amendment to reimburse the amount paid fo
the oijionso of tha commission to Louisiana I
1U77. The touato ulio receded from th
amendment for the payment of claims grow
lug out of the improvement of the Fox am
WlBcoinIu rlvern , The amendments inaklni
appropriations to pay the Harlau & Holllngi
wortii company , William Cram & Sons am
John Koach ( or the pro of the double turrotei
uionltorB , were stricken from the bill. Th
senate bad increased to $00,000 the appropriu
tlon for fooa of district kttornoys ; the amoun
fixed UJKIH by the conference was $70,000 ,
The appropriation for fooa of marshals wa
fixed nt $10,000 , a Incronno of 815.000 eve <
the amount originally provided la the hoiu
There was some objection to yielding to tin
senate on the Hum of $27,000 for the p.iymon
of collators' ctorlcu , but thu report was ugrcei
to without division ,
A disagreeing conference report on Un
imvul appropriation bill was submitted am
agreed to ,
Mr. Itaudall said thu commlUoo on boll
ildes won determined and there was but oni
, vay open , that ttipimrt may bopro\ldodfo
tumporoiily. Ho tiion suc/gostoif / nblll muk
lug toinMirnry | provision for the naval uor\lci
for bl.x months ending Douemhor 31 t , 18bl
The bill appropriated ono bulf of gums ap
| > ro ; < ilatod for utrvico tlio fiscal year ondlii ;
Juno HO , 18UJ , excepting npproiriatIouH ] foi
special ocouu survoya and for pmclmjo am
miiiiufActure of torpsdoed. The bill also pro
vide * that under tha heading "Increase of tlx
navy'1 iu uuld net in lieu ull tmriigrunha then
under nnd preceding the howling of "Nuvu !
academy , " there U nubstitutud for coullutilut !
work iiKjn tlio three uovcruUu nnd one illn
patch boat , V.t'O OO , lor steum iiuvclilnerj
m > \ bollora with necessary littlnys of tha ami
lor Borrluo under contract with John Jtoncli ,
1120,000 , for ciulpmont outfit of aint > , "
( ' ( ) ' ) ; for iiaUratiou outfit of tame t-au.WH ) ; foi
I ' ' V't ' f H " , . , ' It '
iirlhor provides that nothing contained thoro-
n shall on conntruod as uproprUtingmonsy
or ot nuthorlzlng continuation of work upon
loublo lurretod monitors Monadnock , Arrow ,
\tnphltriUi and 1'urltion nnd the unexpected
lalanco now remaining of the appropriation
contained In paid net for engine * and machin-
ry for said donblo turreted monitors chall bo
ovorod Into the theruiury , except such part
hereof ns may bo required under existing con-
ractn made for engines and machinery of the
hrco last named monltori ,
A nharp dobito followed the reading of the
ill ! and it thru passed. The conference re-
> orton the logMallvo bill was ngrood to. Ap-
iroprlatlon committco was granted leave to
It during recess.
Calkins announced his resignation M n mem-
jaroftho appropriation commltteiJ , and Kas-
on Ills resignation ni member of the ways and
loatu committee. The following committee
haiigoo were announced ! To V o members of
voys and moans coinmillco Urowne ( tndlnnn )
uid Heed : .Tudlclary I'nrker and Valentino
n place of Urowno and ItooJ : Agriculluro
" "unston In place of Ochiltreo ; 1'ost ollicos niicl
> est roads Ochiltreo ; Minufacturos nnd on
.Illltlo Smalls ; Labor Fnnston ; Patents
Chalmers ; Presidential Election Chalmers In
ilaco of Parker ; Aipropriatons ) ! in
ilaco of Calkins ; IHnklng and Currency
Coan In place of Hooper ; 1'ubllo Jtulldlngs
, tul Ground Llhby ; Commoica Honlmrnin
ilaco of l eng ; Shipping McComas In place
f Iiong.
Hlicock offered the following resolution
which wan a loptod nmld applauna on both
Idoi of the houno : "That the .thanki of the
lonso nro duo and nra hereby tendciod Hon.
lohn U. Carlisle , speaker of tha house of rop-
osontatlves , for the ability , fairness nnd tlio
trlct Imtiartlallty with which ho has dis
charged the arduous and responsible duties of
its oilico during the present Hessian of con-
; ross. "
HifiNi.vo nans.
N , } ) . 0. .Inly 7.Tho President
irrivod nt his room In the capltol nt 11 p. in.
Sunday , his cabinet nnd private nccrotario.i
itccompanying him , nnd remained until after
nldnlglit. Ho flgncd tlia fortification nnd
test otlico ni > propriation bills , nnd n number
f private pension bills ,
\VASiiiNinoN , .Inly 7. Tlio first session nf
ho forty-eighth congroi" ) is expected to nd-
ourn to-morrow , It lin oxtonaod over n , no-
toil of EUVCII months nnd four days , nlthough
lie actual working time will not exceed one
mndrod and stxty-fivo days. In that tinin
hero have buan Introduced in the senate ,
J3G7 bills and 07 joint resolutions , : md in the
louse , 7C07 bills and 231 resolutions ,
Of those CG Honita bills nnd 10 senate rcsolu/
, ioiw have passed both houses aud became
awa by executive npprobntion , nnd 02
louse bills and SI ! house resolutions
iao become laws in the same manner. Throe
louse bills : > lso became law without action
jy the president , nnd ono was returned to the
louse with his veto.
Of the measures introduced in the senate
GS bills and 17 joint resolutions were in-
lolinltoly postponed and six bills laid upon the
In the house 11 bills nnd 3 joint resolutions
were postponed indefinitely ,
A majority of the measures Introduced in
loth houses related to matters not of general
mportauc ; , such os bills for private relief nnd
tensions , erection of public buildings , bridg-
nf tivois and other improvements ouly of
The following measures passed both houses
,111 ! were signed by the president in addition
, o regular annual appropriation bills andrUcr
ind harbor bills , Hills ! to loduco rate postage
in newspapers nnd other periodical publlca-
ions hccond cla-w when eont by others than
mhllshcr or IIQWH agents , to onu cent for o.ich
our ounces ; to provide civil government for
Ylusku ; to extend duration ofcoiu-t of commisi-
toners to Alabama claims until Iocombcrl88j ;
o prevent and punish counterfeiting
n United .Status of bonds or
thor socurilioi of foreign governments ; to
.rant liftoun days loiuo of nUsonce , with pa1 ,
n each year to letter carriers ; to authoii/othe
'eciotvry of war toolfer a reward of &W.OUO
'or the loicun of tlioOrueloy Arctic exploring
.tarty ; loestablisU n bureau of labor Htatiitics ;
; o make all public roads and htuhwnys past-
oads ; to nuthori/.u lojjlslatiiroi of IllinoisAr- , Ijimliiana nnd Tonnoasea to Hull or
oaxo certain lands appropriated for school pur-
lofce.i ; to remove certain burdens from Amer
ican merchanU niarlno.
To establish n bureau of nnlmal lndut > tr >
nnd pro-jent the exportation of diseased cattle
ind provlda for thu extirpation of pleuro pno-
nnonia nnd other contagious diseiuos amonf !
lomcstlc nnimnls.
To make it felony for ony porwon to person
into any ollicer or omjilityuo of the United
Uatos , acting itudor nuthority of the United
Jtatos or any nupartment thurcof.
To lepoul the teat oath act of 1SG2.
To amhorl/u the llttlug out of an cq)0ltou [ ) ! !
'or the relief of hioutouaut Gruoley nnd party
n the Arctic sera.
To limit the time in which prosecutions may
iio boguu ngalnst porsins for violation of Inter
nal revenue lawn to throa years.
To relieve from the charge of desertion cor-
Lain BoldierH of the latu war who , after having
served faithfully until tlio clonu of the war ,
left their commands without leave.
To provide In states of the Mississippi
river a branch homo for volunteer soldiers ol
tha late war , and for soldiers of the Mexican
war and war of 1811 ! , uhosi ) disabilities won
not Incurred in uorvico agaluut tlio United
Slates ,
To provide for Iho disposal of abandoned
military reservations
To rO'Oigani/.u a corps of judge advocate :
of the army
To cstablitili a bureau of navigation in tin
trniiHiny dopaitinont.
The following measure * ) linva boon incorpo
rated in the H'pilar appropiiatinn bills am
bccomo hws : To upiioint it inninilsgion U
\liiit tlio Hovcral coimtriit ! ) o' ( Juntral am
South Amcilca to collect Information an to tin
licst mode of Hccurlog moro intimate intcrna
tionnl and commercial lolatioim between thusi
uiuntiiuH and thu United Ktutcx.
Topro\Ido that horaultor all osllmatos ol
appropriation nnd ontimatos of dcflcluncios ii
tlio nppiupmtloiirt intundod for uonciileratlon
of congicfis slnll lie trancinittod tocingreHi
tluoiiHli the tucrotury of the treasury , aud ii
no other mannoi.
To proxlilo that tha number of deputy col
lectors of tha iiitauul roveniio , gnngdis , HtorO'
ki'flporn ami clerks employoit in the Intel un
rOMinii ! ) nor\li'o hhall not bo incioatioil.
To cruato a bo.nd of pension nppuald to bi
niipolntcd by the uci-rotary of thu inturiur.
To pro\ido for thpnppolntjiiantof it tolcn
tlfio commlsHlon wliich may , in thu name o
the United States govornmout , conduct a na
tional ciuifuiuncu of oh' in I'liIIadol
phi'tin Urn autumn of Ib8l ,
To aithorln | tha president in case of throat
oniid or actual opldumic , to use the unexpended
od bahuico of appropriationa not to oxcoei
$100,000 in aid of state nml locM boards o
otherwup in his discretion , in preventing am
HitpproHMiig tlioBproad of the name and main
taining quarantine nt points of danger.
To admit to tha government hospital fa
insane inmates of the soldiers' homo win
are now or may hereafter become liuano.
To provide it shall not bo lawful for tin
head of any executive department or anj
bureau , branch or oflico of the government ti
cause to bo printed , nor for the public printer t <
print , any document or matter of any chara
tor whatever , except that which is uuthorizod
bylaw nndnocoBfary to administer the nublli
business , uorfor any bureau olllcor to ombraci
in hit annual or other report to bo prlutoc
any matter not directly pertaining to tin
duties of his oflico as proscribed by law.
To provide for the appointment of ft Mis
url nvur commlsiion with powers and dutlej
similar to those of the Mississippi river coin
To appropriate S3,7W,000 to pay rebate tai
on tobacco ,
Vlio Fourth at Spring-Hold ,
Correspondence of The lice.
The celebration at Spnuyfiold , Bnrjij
county , was a complete BUCCCBS in over )
The were nbout thrco thousand people
in attendance , the number being onlargot
by puoplo from adjoinini. : counties auc
from Omaha uud Lincoln. The prows
sion wna lud. by tlio Woojiug Water cornet
not band. The ragmulllu brigade , led bj
Jonca1 battery band , of Richmond , precinct
cinct , created much tnornmont , na tUd
uho the torchlight procession of Iho came
brigade in the evening.
The oxorciaea wcro hold in n apaciout
uinphithoatro , covered witli willow boughs
: jold upby an ingenious net work of wirca ,
DID cxurcisea in the ninphitheatro were
' ' rsjt- ' ' Mi JU'jlo l y the W't' * ,
cornet band , Jones' Battery band
nnd the .Springfield glee club. The era *
tion by Hov. J. W. Shank was a masterly
ol' ( . > rt , delighting the largo audience which
listened with rapt nttontion from the bo-
; inning to the closing Buntonca. The
oration in Gorman by Mr. Schnoko , of
Omaha , was equally prized by those who
could understand the Gorman language.
Dno of the most intorcsUnc ; features of
, ho occasion was tlio barbecue. The ox ,
fine Durham weighing J,300 pounds ,
wn.s donated by Captrin J. 1) . Spearman.
It was nkllfully ! roaitcd by Sir. N. Hick-
ots , of Council UlufFs , and the TOO
lonnda of roast beef waa disposed of by
the crowd , together with two 100 pound
roast pigo donated by Mr. Arthur Spear-
mnn , who has spent several days of hard
toil pro bono publico.
The nporto In the nf tcrnoo'n were great
ly enjoyed , notwithstanding the extreme
lioat. The fireworks in the evening were
first-clans and quite extensive.
Tlio committco who managed the whole
alf.xir acquitted themselves nobly , and all
ftgroo that this haa been the finest cele
bration over held in Sarpy county.
0. E.
llcmaining in the Omaha postofilco for the
weekending July 5 :
\\'oBtovor k Wostover AVllliams K.D
Worthlnfc K White M A
Whits 0
f. K Cm
Furtlior 1'nrtlculnr" ) of tlio Dlninoiul
Itolibcry nt Ilullnlo Pcrpptratcd
on Oinnlin Pnrtics.
From the Buffalo Titnes.
Diamond robberies are few nnd far
between in liull'alo , and never before has
a woman been nrrcatod for a crime of
this description hero. Miss Margaret
Taylor , n pretting serving maid at the
Mansion houao , is now in jail charged
with the oll'enso of grand larency , having
been arrested yesterday afternoon by
private detectives , and hold to rcwait
further investigation of the caso. The
story of Iho crime as learned last night
with much difficulty byn Times reporter
is very interesting , and shows how easily
a young woman , whom hardly any ono
would suspect of being concerned in such
a deed , can hide her supposititious guilt.
It appears from what the reporter was
ablp to learn , notwithstanding the
reticence of the hotel people and the de
tectives , that Dr. Charles E. Strasbergor
and his invalid wife caino to ] ! ulFilo
and his invalid wife came to Buffalo
from their homes in Omaha , Nob. , on
going to the Mansion house , wcro assign
ed to room 107.
1)11. ) bTUAKIlKUOint
is a portly man , weighing about 225
pounds , of excellent personal appearance
and pleasing manners. Ho wears cyo-
glasses , talks tluontly , and is : i splendid
Gorman scholar. His wife is an estim
able lady , who has boon an invalid tor
fourteen years. Her aliment has thus
far ballled medical skill , aud cho is al
most wholly untiblo to cat any food. How
she has boon able to exist is a wonder to
her husband and frionds. Dr. Stran-
berger and hie wife wcro on their way to
Avon Springs , N. Y. , to sco if the
treatment' thorp would prove beneficial to
thu long-suH'oring invalid.
On the night in question the doctor
and his wife retired as usual. She placed
between the mattress and the bedspread
covering it a small bag containing some
diamonds and monoy. The bag oho had
boon in the habit of carrying with her
vrhorovor she wont , concealed beneath
her clothing. Among the contents of the
treasure roccpticlo were a handsotno diamond
mend cross , a pair of solitaire diamond
earrings , splendid cluster ring in the
form of a diamond , a small diamond ring ,
and $010 in monoy.
at the least calculation over § 2,000.
Mra. Strasborgor left her watch , chain ,
and some other trinkota on the bureau in
the room.
When oho arono in the morning she
dressed hastily , found the valuables on
thu bureau as she had loft them , and
Packed her hand-sachul ready to start on
to Avon. Aftev the train had started
the doctor hanponcd to think of the di-
mends and casually uskod his wife if fiho
had thorn. Mrs. Stroabergcr pub her
hand to her side and screamed :
"Heavens , 1 haven't got them ! " aud nho
fainted away.
The station of Darien was aoon reached
nnd Dr. Strasbergcr sent a message to
Manager StaH'oro , of the Mansion house ,
telling him of the loss and where the
diamonds had been left. lie looked at
the place indicated , but the bag had been
removed. Meanwhile the doctor went
oil to Avon with his wife aud saw her
safely circd for , after which ho returned
to BulFalo on the first train. Ho was
disappointed when ho v/aa told at the
hotel that
of the misaing goms. The hotel people
had made inquiries of everybody about
the place who was likely to know about
the theft , but all denied any knowledge
of it. The Omaha man was not content
to lot things rest in this way , and the
next day wont to John Byrno'u detective
agency and told his story to the colonel ,
Detectives wcro at once put on the case
and suspicions wcro found to point toward
Margaret Taylor , who had boon in the
room shortly after the guests
had loft. She was taken by
Detective Ilagor to Colonel Brynes' oflico
and there charged with taking the pre
cious bag. The girl denied all knowledge
of the existence ot the diamonds , and
kept up her protestations of innocence
for over an hour. Mr. Strasbergor im
plored her to return the gems , and prom
ised her § 101) ) and a splendid silk dross
if .she wunlddo so. Still she maintained
that aho know nothing about the missing
stones. . The doctor told her that if his
wife lost the diamonds the shock would
kill hur , but Misa Taylor said in a cool ,
otf-haiui " 1 don't know
- way : anything
about your diamonds. I'vo hoard unough
of this talk , and "uosa I will i'o back to
the hotel."V
A few days afterwards tho' diamonds
\\ero returned aa mysteriously as they
were taken. A lady mid gentleman oc
cupied the name rooms and Sunday night
WJiit to church. TJwy had learned nbuut
the missing diamonds and when they returned -
turned were much nnrprisod to find them
in a bureau drawer in the room , where
they had certainly been put by aomo ono
during the abccnco of the couple nt di-
yino worship. The gentleman took the
jowela to the manager who found that
they were all there , but the 5010 in
money was still missing.
The detectives continued at work on
the case , and on Monday they arrested
Miss Taylor on the charge of stealing the
diamonds and money. The case was
well worked up by the detectives , and
they say that they hayo sufficient grounds
on which to base their action.
Patent ModlclnoH ,
As a rule , have the reputation of Impoiing on
tha credulity of the public in the shape of
adroitly concocted advertisements , nnd other
de\ices to catch the eye of these who are suf
fering. But wo desire to say that Swlf I'a Spe-
clfic ( S 8. 8. ) la a decided exception to this
rule. This remedy la manufactured at Atlan
ta , Ga. ; and In our treatise on Blood audtikin
diseases we give the endorsement of many of
thu prominent people of our City and State ,
It Is true wo are spending a largo amount lu
advertlsinggfor wo think it our duty to human.
Ity to do so. The wonderful development In
the treatment of Cancer alone , would make it
our duty to hive it known to every sufferer in
the world. Wo linvo ollices for free
Consultation at Wo. IBOAV. 23d St. , N Y
1205 Chestnut St. , Philadelphia , and at tlio
homo oilico.
Treatise on Blood nnd Skin Diseases mailed
Tun SWUT Si'Fcmc Co , . Drawer 3. Atlanta
Ga ID'J W. 23d St. , N. < aad 1205 Che.t'
nut St. 1'lilln.
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1 ,
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Seminal Weak-
n BSpernisorr.
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that follow tm *
poqiieoco of Soil.
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The uicntoxtonsUo manufacturers o !
103 S. Tenth Street . OMAHA , NSD.
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r.KI.T n > i otUJTjViU---
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I OTMSU ft. j > .B'i < - 'y _ rti. ! f nrj.l
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j f tii < 4
Owing to the increase
in our business we've
admitted to the firm
Mr Edwin Davis , who
is v/ell and favorably
known in Gmaha.This
will enable us to han
dle an increased list
of property. We ask
those who' have desi
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saleto , place the same
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JLJ : ! l )
213 South 14th St.