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The Question of a Caiiaisu Leaflci
Still a Foggy Profilem ,
Caucusing and OuBsine ; Fail tc
lte Accomplish the Objeoti
t. The Question Still Hindng on
. New Tork Delegation ,
A Cleveland Victory the Evident
Eesult of Yesterday ,
As Indicated by a Meeting of the
Empire State Delegates ,
aSHt Sist
ix But Kelly Still Belligerent and up
9 to Tricks.
Tilden Sends an Ambiguous Tele
gram to Barnnm ,
Which Only Emphasizes His For
mer Ambiguous Letters ,
A Rumor that Eeily Will Name
Sammy as a Dernier Eessort ,
Ilio Scones In and Around Demo ,
crncy's Headquarters at fe.
Chicago ,
CHICAGO. July 7. The Bconos of activity
about the 1'almor houao , which is at present
the great national political center , were re
newed early this moiuing. By S o'clock the
main corridoraJJ of the hotel and thorough1
ftaroa loading up to it ware filled with great
masses of people , which by their very num
bers made progress of the cable cars and car
riages \ery slow and at times well nigh im
possible. In the dining rooms and cafe ? in
the vicinity of the hotel was an army of men ,
Jiats in hand , waiting their turn for Beats at
the breakfast tables. In fact the crush has
now become so great as to inako comfort a
matter of faint possibility and the discomfort
has been greatly Increased by the fact that
the headquarters ot thu party
instead of beinp divided and.scattorod as was
the case with the ropu ican national conten
tion. Still the crowds to be accommodated
are much greater than at the first con mention ,
duo largely to the presence of the great march
ing organizations , some of which resembled a
full marching regiment by their number , and
while it seemed probable last night that all
had arrived on the scene of action , this morn
ing witnessed the arrival of additional posts ,
\ delegates , clubs , parties and individuals with
out limit , and as they moved directly upon thu
hotels these places became , as the day wore
on , inaccessible to every one except
STALWART rusimis.
The national executive committed hold a
session this forenoon aud arranged tor distri
bution of tickets and seating of delegates aud
alternates. The national committee will be
gin its sessions at noon to-day and the meetings -
ings of the various state delegations began at
1 o'clock. . Ohio is the only state whoso meet
ing is postponed as Into as 3 o'clock. The
reason assigned is that some delegates ha\o
not yet reported , but it is expected that a
warm contest may occur in the delegation and
it ? session Is postponed , it is claimed , partly
owing to that fact. The Now York delegation
wont into sessional 11 o'clock aud the Interest
which centres in its action appears to actuate
every one In attendance upon
the convention. The out and out
supporters of the Now York governor are
greatly encouraged at the action taken by
Kings county delegation , last night , in decid
ing to support him. They oven go HO far a.s to
nay that the nomination is practically settled ,
for of goes Kings county to goes the state nnd
the whulo convention.
are working haid to off-sot the adverse effect
of Kelly , Faulkner aud the other organi/ed
At the Grand Pacific hotel McDonald talk
is the loudest. Karly to-day another Indiana
club , strong in numbers , came swinging into
the hotel , waving the McDonald banner and
cheering for their man. The Indianaiis are
tilving hard to impress others that ha is the
most available man and will heal all strife.
Among the delegations arriving at the Palmer
housu this morning were a number of Mary
land men and the remainder of
the delegates from Minnesota , West Virginia ,
Virginia , Louisiana , Tennessee and Mississ
ippi. The nuartors of the various states presented -
sentod the view of wearied man Bleeping in
chairs , after a night of vigil. The principal
work of the national coinmittoo will bo to
narao n temporary chairman , William F.
Vllas of Wisconsin , and Governor Hubbard
of Texas , are the two gentlemen most promi
nently mentioned.
At the caucus of the Now York delegation ,
the first ba lot gave Clo\ eland , -ll > ; Slower ,
1"J ; scattering , L'l ! ; r.ocomi ballot , Cleveland
17 ; Flower , iUjHoattering 3. Tammany ia now
making an elTort to break the unit rule ,
Tha Now York delegation have boon In BOS-
nloii since. 11 o'clock , and are , at 1:45 p. in. ,
still ouduavoring to como to some agioemont
It Is reported In the lobbies of the hotel , that
a vote taken showed 47 foe Cleveland
land with the rest divided among
Flower and Bayard. The Connecticut delegation -
gation this morning agreed to cast 112 votes for
Cleveland , and Vermont will also vote as a
unit for him ,
A strong point ii being mada ( or Justice
I'iold that his opinion In cases involving con *
tlltutlonftl questions present sound donu
cratlc doctrine aa to the limitation
of the powers of government am
that ho nomination would attract strong republican
publican suppoit.
1:15 ! p. in. The national committee wl
pro ont tlio nnmo of liov. Hubbard , of Texan
lor the tctnxnary | chairmanship of the con
vontlun. _
CaiCAno , July 7 * The exciting oventof th
day was the struggle In the Nc-vv York delcga
lion and the heavy vote polled in favor of th
unit rulo. It was argued that It would fore
the Tammany opposition into n clogocornor
but notwithstanding what apueared to bo
famous victory of the Cleveland followers
very few of the leaders were willing tocoi
code the untrammeled success of Cleveland i
allotlng. owing to the fierce nature' of th
trugglo and the failure of n portion of n tick
gallon to como out openly for the majorit )
candidate. It had been acknowledged that f
the caucus had ended with a certainty tha
New York would cast her full vote for Clove
and , a mifticlent western nndsouthoriistrengll
iVimld bo at hand to make his nomination
euro. The fact of the lack of unanimity It
the delegation is now being used by the
friend ) of other candidates in pushing their
claims for recognition.
liowovor , are In high feather and claim a * :
osult of the day's work that the fight had al
ready been won and that it onlv requires
m sitting of the convention to seal the victory.
Tory few of the states winch pel footed their
organization to-day took a test vote as to their
presidential preferences. A portion of Penn
sylvania is known to be for Randall , Delaware
for Bayard , and Indiana and Kentucky for
McDonald. It is given out tint Connecticut
will cast her twelve votes for Clev eland.
to day took a vote and will on an Informal
ballot givoCleland 21 , Bayard S , Tildon 2
votes , and one blank vote was cast ,
was addre od by General Faulkner , of New
York , who presented objections to Cleveland' *
candidacy. A reply was made for Clovelaiul
of the World , who frnoko at length and with
great earnestness. The impiosslonon the del
egation was favorable to Cleveland ; while
there was no formal vote , it was understood
the vote of Georgia would bo caht for him.
Vermont Instructei their chairman Jto cast
tbcir vote as a unit for Cleveland.
Massachusetts is
hut in the event of his defeat , it is believed
the delegation would bo divided rather evenly
between McDonald , Thiiniian and Bayard.
It is contended that the xplit in Ohio delega
tion in in a measure healed. It is declared
McLean will bo chosen for chairman unan
The adherents of Thurman are making this
move , but it is claimed at the eamo time that
Thuniiaii has 27 votes in the delegation.
New Hampshire 1ms instructed its delegates
for Cleveland. A threat which has boon
vaguely niadu heretofore of an attempt to
w as received with gi eat vigor thia afternoon ,
and it is now believed that a Tight will be
made in the convention , which will bu
led by Tammany and its conceded. If
it wins it will seriously complicate
the situation , and leave the Cleveland oppo
sition in Nevy York fieo to act. While thu
lower campaign appeared to hae ended as a.
result of thu caucus this afternoon , his sup-
Dorters contend they are not opposing Cleve
land , and that if the unit rule is defeated ,
those who went over to Slocum will return to
Flowers , mid make it a rallying point for his
supporters generally. A caucus held to-day
in John Koiley'ri room , with the tolo purpose
of organi/ing a campaign against the mat rule ,
contends that the national convention of 1863
ordained that the unit rule could be dispensed
with any time at the option of any subsequent
nationaf convention. As n result of the
caucus , it is declared Massachusetts. Iowa ,
Kansas , Delaware , aud other ntates have de
cided to support the proposition on the floor of
the convention. The Massachusetts delega
tion held a meeting thisafteinoon , which was
addressed by
in which ho said : " I will suppoit the nomi-
ueo of this convention , no matter who ho may
The delegation mot at 3 p. in. John K.
McLean was unanimously elected chaiunan ,
1 { . S. Shield member of the committee on cre
dentials ; Durbin Ward member of the com
mittee on permanent organisation ; M. D.
Shawmemborof committee on rules ind order
> f burliness. A fight then occurred on admit
ting J. O. Converse on a proxy of L G. Ber-
npid. Comcrso was admitted by 20 to 1 ! )
victory for McLean men. A. J. Warner and
il. O. Convert nominated for committee
on resolutions. Converse won by Til ! to 18.
This shows the real strength of the two fac
tions for the convention. W. A. Armstrong
was elected by acclamation a member of the
nntiohnl committee , Jacob Mueller was ie-
eli ded vice president by acclamation.
Chicago , .Tilly 7. The democratic national
committee began its session at noon to-day ,
Chairman Barnnm * presiding. States were
leprosentod as follows ;
Alabama , If. C. Temple ; Arkansas' . John J.
Snmptorj California , ( James T. Fnrloy ; Colorado
rado , T. M. Patterson ; Connecticut , William
H. Barinim ; Delnnnio , Jgniatus C. Grubh ;
Florida , Samuel I'uliston ; Georgia , Gooige
T. Barnes ; Illinois , W.C. Ooiidy ; Indiana ,
Austin H. Brown ; Iowa , M. Ham ; Kaunas.
CliM. W. Blair ; Kentucky , H. D , McIIenry ;
Louibiann , B , F. Jonas ; Maine , II , Wilson ;
Maryland , Utitrrbrido Homey ; Massachusetts ,
Frederick O. Prince ; Michigan , Hdward Fun *
tonMinnesota ; , P II. Kelley ; Missouri , John
( J. Pr.ilher ; Nebraska , J. .Sterling Morton ;
Nevada , It. P , ICeattmj ; Now Hampshire ,
Alvah IfollowoyjNow Jersey , Oiustes Cleve
land ; New York , Abr.iiu S. Hewett ; North
Carolina , N. W. Hanson ; Ohio , William W.
Armstrong ; Oregon , A. Noltner ; Pennsylva
nia , William L. Scott : Hhodo Island , .1. B.
Bnriiabyj South C'aiolina , J. W. JJauson ;
Tennessee , Uobert I1' , l.ooney ; Texas. F. S.
StockdMoj Vermont , Biadloy B. SinnU ; Vh-
ginlo , John S , Barluur ; West Virginia , Alex
ander Campbell ; Wisconsin , \Vm. 1' . Vilus.
Mr , Barnes of Georgia nominated Augus
tus O. Bacon , of Gcorgiafor , temporary chair
man of the convention. Mr. Stoukdalo , of
Texas , nominate-d Governor Jtobert B , Hub-
lurd , of Texas.
Mr , Martin , of MisnisBJppi , nominated Chun.
K. Hoolcer , of Mississippi for temporary chair
man.Tha committee proceeded to ballot with the
following rcault : Whole number of votes cast I
37 ; Hubbard received 2' ' , Bacon P , Hooker (
On motion of Mr. Prince , thr nominntlon o
Mr. Hubbard was niftdo unaniirou" .
On motion of Mr. Hewitt , Mr. Prince wn
oli-ctod temporary secretary of the convention
The following were- elected a'slstaiit cecre
t rle : Keel Merritt , Illinois ; Goo. W. Guth
rle , Penniylvania ; G , TJohninn , Iowa
Holwrt M. Bashford , WlMconsin ; Charles W
Vallandighau , Missouri ; * Mlchncl J. Barrett
Now Jersey.
The follonlngwero elected lending clerks
T. O. Walker. Iowa : The , S. Potitt , of hous
of represontatlvo'i ; Nichol.-vi M. Bell , Mis
souri ; James U. Jforriion , New Vork ; Ansoi
Optianhelm , Minnesota.
Ollicial stenographer , Kthvard B. Diekln
son , NuwYork.
Sargent at arms , Hichard J. Brichl , Lull
an.i ,
The coinmllloo docidwl to rcoummcnd to th
convention that the rules of the last ( em
ocratio convention govern this body until oth
e vviso ordered , subject to the following modi
ticaUons : that in voting for candidates fo
president , no Htato shall be allowed to clmug
its vote until the roll of Utos has boon called
ami each state has cast their vote.
As a result of a long discussion , the com
mittee decided that uudotichcd coupons wouh
not bo accepted for admission to the couven
turn hall.
The coiniuitteo adjourned until ton o'clocl
to-morrow , with no anticipation , however , u
Imviug any busine" < s in hand ,
CHICAGO , July 7. The New York delega
, \on \ met at 11 o'clock , and continued in sea
sion four hours , ( treat interest centered in this
neotlng as having \ory important boat ing on
, he final action of the convention , and the
mil-way in ft out of the room in which the
H'ssion hold was filled with a throng of
loople anxious to eecuro early tidings of the
esult. It was understood that at n meeting
ate last night Tammany decided to insist
on a tvvo-thiids majority for the enforcement
if the unit rule , and thy question was whether
: hat number could bq mustered. There was
a long and excited discussion the tenor of
which hai not yet been learned. Humor * of
, ho results of thoi balloting crept out from
, imo to time , but could not be verified.
The following is given as the ballots to-day
or the presidential preferences :
1'iist or informal ballot : Cleveland , -ID ;
Blower , 23 ; Thurman , 1 ; Bayaid , 1 ; Tildon ,
Second or formal ballot of the changes :
Dloveland , 47 ; General Slocum , 15 ; Bayard ,
; 1'lowcr , 1.
It is undei-btood the Flower men compll-
nonted Slocum and Bayard with the view
hereby of winning the votes of King's county
n the convention. The vote on the ouforce-
nont of the unit rule stood , it is stated , 01
Another account has the following addition-
1 points : Having failed to break the Clove-
aud column the next move of his opponents
van to smash the unit rulo. It had nlioady
een decided by Kolloy's followers that this
liould bo attempted as alaitiosort , When
lie motion was made to cast the 7- votes of
S'ovv York ns n unit for Cleveland it was met
nd the real fight was on. John Kelly ,
enatorGrady , and others threw themselves
ito the breach. They attacked Cleveland's
vailabilitv' , and intimated thAt a bolt might
ccur if Cleveland's nomination was forced
pen them , but finally cooled otf and haid
; ioy did not moan it. Then they declared
lie unit rule was an injustice * , and that they
rould not ba bound by it. Grady declared
lint the state had no right to iiistiutt the
elegatc ) from districts. The Cleveland .nen
igisted that the stnto convention appointed
be delegate ? , rial had authoiity to instruct
licin upon any and all questions. It vyas
rgod that every delegate who was attempting
o break the rule had voted for it in state
onvontion and promised to abide by it.
For over two hours the exciting discussion
as continued and then the Tammany dulo-
ates asked for an adjournment , that they
light have a chance to consult. This was
ranted , and n recess was taken. A few mill-
tos afterwaid Senator Grady and General
pinoln , nfter _ a hurried talk with John Kelly ,
dged their way through the crowd , and wore
shored into Chairman Manning's private
loin , where a long consultation with a viovv
0 a compromise of differences failed to result
1 an agreement. When the delegation as-
embled theru was
ongand excited discussion. In thu meantime
wo more names had been gained for Clove-
and , and ho now had 1 ! ) at his back. It was
naliy agreed that the state shculd vote as n
nit , but the anti-Cleveland men Insisted that
n explanation of the vote should be given to
10convention. This was conceded , and note
oto was thru taken upon the final motion
mt the cliuir shall announce -IDdelegates
: NewYoik are for Cleveland and -'A for
ayard , Flower and Slocum , but that under
10 instructions of the state convention , the
J votes are cast for Cleveland. This motion
as adopted , Cl toll , the Tammany nnd two
, hera voting against it.
CHICAGO , July 7. The following state del-
gallons compjetod their permanent organl/.a-
ons to-day , and the coinmitlomon lierouith
amed will bo repotted to the convention to-
lonow ,
Chairman , not chosen ; 11. M. Lome , vicu
loxideut ; J. J. DIscall , secretary : F. J.
lunie , resolutions ; Milon Searlos , notiliea-
on ; Lawrence Orchor , permanent organlza-
on ; member of the national committee not
et choion ,
II , H. Trimble , chairman ; 1) . M. Hoiris ,
redontiala ; K. H. Mayer , resolutions ; N , B.
iyatt , permanent organization ; F. Braniiiiu ,
ce-prosldent ; Daniel Farrell , secretary : M.
1 , Ham. member of the national committee ;
. G , Kumo , committee on notifications ,
Hon. Joslah ( i. Abbott , chairman ; J , W.
ovcney , ticcrotary ; B. F. Lowell , resolutions ;
ohn VV. Corcoran , credentials ; John W.
iimmings , oigani/ation ; J Ion. James K. Ks-
abrook , vice-president of the convention.
llckleyll , Coxo , chairman ; Chnrlea Hun-
cker , heciotary ; Malea in Hny , rcgclutions ;
Libert 8. Patterton , crscan'.zalions ; H , B. Al-
en , credentials ; W. L. Stewart , vlco-prcni-
eiit of the eiinvcntion.
A. IS. Hubbard , chairman ; ) ' , H , Bailey ,
ecretaiy ; Silas Haie , credentials ; W. H , Bur-
ois , organization ; D. C. Gldiluys , ruiolutlons ;
4 , 0. Alexander , vico-prcaldent of the con-
ention ; Will Lambert , secretary of the con-
entlon ; O , T. Holt , member of the national
oiumittea ,
Wade Hainptoii , chairman ; W. St. Julien
.Tewey , ccrelory ! TJ. F. Yoomnin , ro olutioin
1) , S. Henderson , pernmnont orgauiziUon : C
H. Snlicr , vice lirosldi-nt ; ( } . J. Pattemon
credentials ; 1\ . Da sou , national e'omnut
CluulcsH. Chase , chaininii ; It. T. Htm-
deltr , secretary ; W M. liii't , vleo president ;
P yon Tucker , pcrnianent orcniilration ; D.
H Hunting * , rMomtioin ; Jamo * F. Knnson ,
credentials ; Kdimind Wilson , unlional com
' \flf-CONSIN1.
\ - .
Ocnernl Bropg , chalrmnn , It. M. BNhop
pocrotnry , A. K. Delaney , oreanizallon ; J. ( i.
Jenkins , rosrnutions ; .1. N , Morrow , creden
tials ; J. L. D-tolittlo , vieo president for the
stales H. M. Bashford , secretary for the stale.
JtAIlU.AVl > .
John Lee Carroll , chairman : J. M. ( .iiynn ,
re olullonsj A.'P. Uorlmin , national commit
John F. Ilotiso , i'h air m an : If. J , Lynn ,
secretary of the delegations Albert T. McNeil ,
platform ; John Slack , credentials ; L. A.
Champion , permanent oruamzatioii ; John L.
Williams , > fco jiresldoiit.
0. W. Pottin , chMnnnii ! L. Pope WnlKcr ,
resolutions ; II. - C. T.nnpUns , criHlentials ;
Jo cjh Johnston , organization ; C. L. Scott ,
vico-presidout ; Johnp Cllsby , secrelnry of
comimlleejT. C. Clerk , ne-crt > tary of conven
lion ; moml ; -j.'ational committee nut
chosen. ' ,
Chairman , J. C. UurUoj secretary , W. A ,
Klchnrdx ; ciedenlialc , Amos Aldricn ; organ
isation , J. D. Ilaiirahan ; resolutions , .lames
A. Brown ; vlctj-prosident of convenliou ,
Franlt If. Ba'coin. J
F. Jf. Waller , ch'airmati ; Charles H. An
il rows , soccctnry ; 'D. ' , M. Itead , credentials ;
John C. Byxboe , b'rgini/itioii ; A. K. Burr ,
resolutions ; Joshua-A. Perkins , vice-president ;
W. II. Shields , secretary ,
( ! ou. K. H. Lawlon , chairman ; 13. P.
.low oil. resolutions- ) ' . K , Simmons , crcden-
ialj ; W. T. McArtliutj orgnniratlon ; Patrick
iValsh , national committeaman ,
John JL Palmer , chairman ; W. H. Barnes ,
ecrotary ; A. J. O'Connor , credentials ; Win.
\ . J. Spr'ks , permanent organization ; Win.
t. Mjr/Ison , resolutions ; H. Corning Judd ,
lational committee ; A.F. | StoveuHOii , notilica-
ion ; Anthony Norton , * v ice-president ; 1 ieury
lubons , convention Hocietary.
special Dispatch toTiju BEE.
ClliCAfiO , July 7. W1'10 * ' Georgia delega
ion General li"alkiicrTf Now York , made a
eng Bpeoch in favor of I'lov\er , which v\aa at
entively but tllontly liitenod to , and when ho
md got through , Pulitzer of the Now York
Vorld , did as much for Cleveland , asserting
n round terms that hoSvns positively tlwonly
nan with whom the democrats would hope to
arry the state of New , York. Theno two
[ icecheo drew such crowds to the he.tdquar-
era that a policeman wa called to drive them
way , xo that the delegations might not bo
"What do you Hay 16 the
E Now York to Cleveland"was asked Mr.
' To begin with , " he * aid , "It has no merit.
f auv of them are dtuvllectcd , it is because
'levoland ' vetoed the , V'ovated ' railroad and
liereby compelled rlclrT-S&plo tony \ 10 rents
tide whi'u ' the poor people paia 0 cents , for
hat wax the elfect of the veto ; so that , vvu
hink , the disalfection is like the froth on a
lass of beer very likely to Hubside. "
"At what do you ustimatu thu independent
epuhl'can vote uhlch Cleveland can get in
Mow York state ? "
"I should say it could not bo less than
0,000. Why , every newspaper in Now York
ity , except the Tribune , is for Cleveland. If
o should be nominated ho will sweep the
auntry. Illinois will bo a doubtful state. "
"Con you elect him
"If ho is nominated you will sco Kelly ] on
lie etiimp for him. "
"Yes , but will not Kelly knife him at lust ,
s ho did Hancock , who was his own choice ? "
This question made PitliUor remove his
Igar , spit violently , make a very wry face
nd reply sadly :
"O. I dent think Kelly would do that. "
"What is the matter with Bayard ? "
"Bayard is a great man ; but ho is n tariff
efoimer and Blulno is thu exponent of pro -
ection. It takes very little wisdom to nee
liat if they run against each other the cam-
la'ttn ' would become simply a controverny
ver the taiiff , and that in such a controversy
lie manufacturing Ktates of Now York , Now
eisoy and Connecticut would mdo with the
u-otccttonist. The truth Is , the demociat
louse gave the piexidency to the lojmblicans ,
nd the republican convention gave it back to
he dumociatx. It romalim to bu Keen now
whether tha democratic convention will give
t hack to the republicans , by nominating a
nan who will emphasi/otho tarllf coutroveiHy ,
nstoad of a man HKo Cleveland , who has it
n his power to harmonl/u all branches of
he pa it'1 on that vexed question. "
Thu first ballot showed that Cleveland's
trenuth had not been overestimatul. It re-
ulted 17 for Clov eland , U for Thiirman , and
'J for Flower. Senator Jacobs then Haid that
Mi. Flower's fi lends como bore to present the
uinu of Mr. Fovvcr , not to defeat Cleveland ,
nnd on the Heconlballot ( | , Flower's iiamo was
Iropped and - votes were cast for General
jlocum ; Cleveland had CO , TheTammanyltes
lad hood [ ) to break Clevelaiid'H ulroiigth by
luttingup a man favorable to Brooklyn , i
ailed , however , and Slocum received only the
.he votes before given for 1 'lower. Kelly will
ittempt to overthrow the unit rule in the eou <
ention , HiIs seconded by Butler , McDon
aid and other candidates ,
oted against thu unit rule at iU mooting , but
ant lit votes for Cleveland and ! for Bayaid ,
net nnd decided to vote for Cleveland , 121
jeing given for the Now York governor , nnd
1 blank.
imong the delegates to thu convention dovol
mod a great many Btirprixex , and fuither com-
mealed the situation , Taiumany made Itn
icciiHtomed attack. It went into the mooting
uf the Now Yolk delegates nnd finding Clove
end's adherents In the majnilty , attempted
o repeal thu unit rule adopted by thu Suruto
[ o convention. A lusoliitiou was Hiibmjtted
> y Kolley. and its object was to divldu
Jlov eland's vote. It wax defeated bv n bluaru
'oto of 05 ( o 7 , thu TammanyiteH finding no
riendn niiuing thu Flower or other men. Then
ix ifnolution was offered to
New Hami ) hiri iiistrueted its dologatot
or Cleveland also. The diift wan toward
Clovejnud after the New York state meeting
but Kelly's throat to dcfoit tKo null ruin i
regarded as likely to itijuro very or !
otmly. Flowers' elmiices are iu t injured , m
It is claimed , by the turning ofnsvo \ to > t <
Slocum. If the unit rule is ahohthnd hi * wil
bo brought forward ngaiu. livery Indication
points ti > n
The Thurman luomhers of the Ohio liolrcn
lion mot this afternoon and finally decided to
put Allan G. Thunnan In the Hold. TMi
eompllcates the situation moio. Jolm U
McLean Is to bo given Iho chairmanship of
the delegation ns n reward foe MipH | > rtiug
meet this afternoon , when tinThunuon mot
will present the nmtter to the McLean faction
It In said that McLean would not listen loth
plan , but that remains to bo toon.
IIL-JI.EU'H rmxiK.
"I lll ( tippmt the nominee of this eonvcn
lion , whoever ho may be , " ftld General B. F
Butler this morning in n npcoch to the Masxv
cliUHetts delegation. "If the democratic
party should HCO fit to noniinntii Itlainolnn
democrat enough tt > support him. " General
Butler w.-vs lepljing to ROIUO of the statements
made to the clfect that if ho did not get the
nomination himself ho would probably head n
epanilo ticket and by HO doing draw nwny
< nnugh votes todofoat the democratic nominee.
The meeting of the delegation lasted more
tian | nn hour.
General Butler was Uioro Ihrough it all ,
while Dr. Hall , of Lowell , William Carl , of
Port MaBiiiro , and others burned inccnso before -
fore him and filled him with oily vvoids.
When ho left thn room * Jn > crowd on the corridors
riders clapped their hinds onthuMastically
mnl the general smiled benignly upon them.
The delegation urgaiilrdl by ole'ctlng the
folhmini ; ofhcerH nndmemburs of the commit-
tco : Chntiman , the Huu J. G. Abbott ; mcn > .
tnry , J. W. Covony ; nrgam/atiun , Jolm W.
CummiiiRs ; cre-dentlnln. John W. ;
resolutloii'i , B. F. Butler ; vice-pi opulent for
the state , Jnmos K. Kstabrook ,
CIIICAOO , July 7. In an interview with a
1'i iiioa toportor , Immediately after the nd-
ourmueiitof thocnuciisof thn New York dele
gation this afternoon , John Kelly said : "If the
lelegation does not reconsider itn action aud
itiil insist * upon presenting Clovoland'H name ,
Tammany u ill appeal to the eonv ention. Wo
shall Ktnto our case thcro clearly lAid plainly ,
xud attempt to have the unit rule broken , If
the convention fails to do It , the responsibility
rests with it. Wo will have ilonu our duty ,
" Whom elao can New York present ? "
vsked the lopoiler.
"Slocum , " ropliinl Kelly.
"Would he make a utrong cnndidato ? "
" I don't know. I nui not clear on that
wint. Ho is popular in the Blnto , mid has
nadu strong IUIIH , but whether ho would bu
'or presidents 1 can't say. The fact is , vvu
vaut n candidate who has been enough him *
iflod with the national government , and who
ins had experience enough to bo called n
talesman. Cleveland made n good nmyor
md a good sheriff , but ns a governor ho has
icon sfailnte. . Slocum has made n good
eongiofleman. but how ho would do as pies-
dent is problematical. Wo want a man of
vidu experience and broad views V"
"Aro them any horu who would fill thcho
' '
"Yes , two Bayard and McDonald. "
NEW YtiiiK , July 7. The following is an
intheiitlo copy of a cotninunicatiuu to Mr ,
Sarnuin , fcluirmau of tho.uatioual committee ,
rom Mr. Tildon ;
GKAAHTONE , , Tuly7 , 18SI ,
TII Hon. Win. II. Barnum , Chic.igo , 111. :
I have icccivodyour telegram infoimliig mo
f the disposition to nominate mo foi the
iresideney nnd Asking , ' Will you accept n
nmnlmous nomination from thu convention ? "
mil alho a lelegram from Mr. Manning saying :
'It neoms abnolutely necessaiy that you ( I )
liould answer Itanium's telegram ns soon as
losBiblo. " Your inquiry was explicitly an-
wered in the negalivo by the letter of Juno
Oth to Air , Manning.
[ Signed ] S. J. TILDKN.
W.\HlIlN.roN , July 7. Immediately upon
ho adjournment of the house this afteinoun ,
toprosontativu Handall wont directly to the
epot and took n train for Philadelphia , his
ntention being lo remain Ihoiu n nhort llmo
and leave by the night eiprem for Chicago ,
'lio Ciltic says : "Air. Handall was Kept here
it gioat pononal inconvonicncn and to thu
'real disappointment of his friends at Chicago ,
vhoru ho desired to bo in connection with the
mining of thu plutfoim ; but ho full it was
us duty to be at his post until the naval up-
iropiintum eontrovomy and the bill paH.sed.
Cilli'Aiio , July 7. By nn arraiigemoiit be-
, weuu the Louisville Coiirler-Joiirnal and Iho
Chicago Times , n Chicago edition of the foim
or for thu benefit of Kontuckmns nnd ocen-
iviui ; four orfivu coluuiiiH , inclndlnn Hon.
Icniy Wattoition'H editorial , corrOHpondenco ,
ditoilal parnginphs , utu. , under tbn reKuhti
Dourii'i-Journal head , is being published In
ho pages of the Tiuios each morning.
NEW YOUIC , July 7. Genoial Biintow , ox-
secretaiy of the treasury , vsnx asked to-day If
ID could support Justice Field of the supreme
com t if nominated for president by the demo
cratic convention , Bristow loplled promptly
and emphatically , "Certainly , I would HUD-
ioit Justice yield cordially. "
CinoAdO , July 7. A minor in curiont late
to-night that when thu time for nominal'ng
Bpcochos arrives , John Kelly will present the
name of Tildon , Owing lo the lateness of the
lour it IH Iiiipoi < slblo to get n confirmation 01
or denial ,
A Tlmml-GiiUor 'I'liroltlrd.
] [ fHSM.ivii.i.i : , Ky. , Juno 7. A mob of ( .0
armed and masked men mounted on horse-
iack came from Todd county to this place
lust iiiaht between II null ] - o'clock , took
D , Henderson , colored , from jail and lynched
lain. Henderson wan charged with cuttinv
thu throat of Young Ailumn , nwhlto boy , at
Pmehnw , In Todd county , ! nnt Aijiil. Hen-
eiHon was biuught heio from KlUtln , the
latter part of May , to escape n mob of veil-
{ oance. Adams' wounds weiu not fatal.
VollticR ntnl the Grow IIIK Crops Hav
IttK n XJnU Unvct on Prices.
Special Dispatch to the Buz ,
CWCAOO , July 7. Very few featuresoxcopl
weakness nnd n dViro to ditpoeo of nbonl
ovtTjthing on the H t entered into tn-dny'd
trading. The wliolo list vvns heavy , made (
by uulto free nvi'lpts : nul nil .ontlti * lack ol
support accorded the market by either for-
uign ndv ices or Now Yittk iiuotatloni. Man >
of the brokers took trips tv > far Into the coun
try as the thn t * days mljintnimont would * , < or-
luit them tugo , mid onw notMng but n inng-
nlficcnt outlook for the growing crovs , with
ovoij thing in great abmnla.nct' . Nttitrnnj
they cnmo back fee-Hug very boirlsh , and ini
nuiiiatoly iK-gan to nell thu ntuS. Tlionocn
lug In whont vvns nominally Ic. hnvor ( or July ,
liit othtr options held mi with greater Him
nets. Few outside buyinp ordora cniucil nu
ndvanco of nbotit Jc. , but in Iho morning the
tone w as very heavy nnil frro soiling
The bulk of the morning nossion broke
prices down lo in August mid Ifjo in Soptew
bor from the lowest prices. Thoio was n later
recovery of about } c , Iho close of the morning
( .ositUm biingntcndy nt IJc decline in Augtut
and * , 'o In Septeirtber. Cash wheat was numl-
nnlly HIJc.
iponod gonornlly slondior nnd firmer than
ither grains , but. on the other hand was later
.ho subject of n nioro | irononncod boar raid ,
I'ho entire on the morning session w-nn
{ c , in August and September , with n rcco-
very of jo. tovvntiltlin close , when the market
lecamo n sliailo stondior , though not much
letter that weak. Cash coin HOle at Me.
VITO ngnlu heavy and depressed , with _ the
crowd of Hollers mrgo. J'looiordurs woiogivon
0 the boars , who let go heavily of July. The
May option wan nomlunlly'.WJoliut not wanted
it any price. Karlior dollverioa absorbed Iho
nilk of attention.
KM :
vns quiit and weak at lllo fompot ; ( iOio for
1 illy ; f > 8o August and fiOo for September.
v ere more actively traded in , but worn less
irmly hold , nnd recorded n decline , except in
iptioue , which held their own.
Among the fresh receipts wore about 1,000
roxniiR. Under heavy receipts salesmen con-
Idered It oxpodtont to make fair concessions
nt the start , Hence the avcrngo eiden shown
leeline of from 10 to ICe on nil giod cattle ,
nudnt the i eduction there was a fair ntuady
leinaud ; yet the market closed rather vvcak ;
[ iiito n nunilior carried over , TOXIUIH wore
n ntrouc ( Irmand and sold shade higher nt
ango of 110S ( ) I 80. There wan 1 ttlu or
nothing doing in Miockers and feeders , nnd the
leiuaud for native butchers' stock wns light ,
iwlng to the plentiful supply of Te.xniiH.
3ood to choice flipping , ] , l0p ! to l.HOO Ibs ,
> IU to li 00 ; common to medium , 1,000 to
. -'OOlbs , 5 00 toP DO ; grass Texans , 7f'0 to
150 Ibs , 100 to 5 DO.
1IOG3 ,
The niaikot generally opened fairly active
at about the ninrkut pi ices of Saturday , on-
H'cinlly on chuico heavy best , Belling fully an
ligh. Light BertH vvoro not in UH active do-
unnd as on Saturday , and then they were
nero plentiful. Thuro were larger proportloun
of Hunt among the fresh roeeiiits than nnr
lay last week. Sales woromiido nt I 10@5 10
or xlvips nnd Unowllts , 5"0@575 for mortod
Icbt , nnd D'JO@085 for heavy packers nnd
iliippnrj , < \ -
A'lolont OpiioHltlon lo tlio liiiiidrta-
tlon of Kuropo/ui Ijaborers
in I'oiiiiBylvnnln.
PnTSimiui , July 7. A Hnrlzdale , Pi nnnyl-
ania , special says : The continued wholesale
mportatlon of foreigners into the bituminous ;
oal fluids of Clearfluld , Bedford , Huntingdon ,
elfermm , Cambria , Blair. Somereut and other
ountios has amused must intense nnd ugly
ocling among the nastvo c.illieix. Largely
attended nud enthusiastic mccllngrt have been
it-Id nt which resolutions have been passed
[ enouncing tha course of the railroad nnd
tuning companies for bringing nu obnoxious
element into n coal country. .Secret noJutlcx
.ro being formed to drlvo tlio foreigners from
ho districts ,
tatnl Car CriiHhiui * at Oakland , Nob.
Special Dispatch to THE BEIC.
OAKLAND , .Inly 7. Mr. W. A. Clark , of
jiaig , got on board the " p m. train nt this
station to-day , and just as thu train was puli
ng out ho nndoitouklo get elf again , nnd , ho
ng intoxicated fell to the ground with Ins left
land on the rail , the tear trucks passing over
and lindly mutilating it , Ho wan removed to
, ho St. P.uil hotel where Dr. J. C. Moore pin-
ormed the amputation , loavingu stub and the
.hunib. Nu blnmo is attached to the railroad
company. His condition and habits uio mieh
as to render recovery doubtful.
Hoviovv of tlio Mni-kotH.
LONDON , July 7. The Mark ] < ano JJxpicfrt
n its review of the grain ttado say * "J'Jw
mt weather Increased in Hovontyj ( luting the
week , but the dionght in now npiinioutly
biokon , rain storm being reported from all
[ i.irU of the country. No ciops mo thick , but
weak owing to tha want of rain. They
niu coniidcred to bo of n gi l ivveiago quality.
Thu foreign trndo Is lestiieted by demand be
ing for coiiHiimption only at baioly ] iroviinm
rates. In the off coast caigoos have been liuv *
ing n trilling inqnliy and jirices were Hlightly
iiiwoi. t'oiitini'iital bnyoiri whoBiipportod the
market thu punt fortnight nowhusltatoto buy.
Eighteen taicoes nrtived , noven vvciu cold ,
.hiiiouero withdrawn and twolvn lomalned.
J'liirty cargoes 010 now duo. I'lour in dull
md unchanged , Mai/o , ; i(2id ( ( doarei ; barley
i rm , _
Tlio .Oliocliivv Troultlo ,
Fr. SJIITII , Ark. , July 7 The Choctaw
.rouble is loportod PH Im reusing. Two broth
orsof ( iovornur McCiirlaln and u Hcominuy
ifChoetaux fiiim MiCalluter have joined
, ho Militia. Governor McCiirtatn Is doturm-
tied lo MipprptM the otitlawiy nt wlmtover
cost , MIlu Hoyt , tha bend of thu outlaws ,
vows' ho will kill Govoinor McCurtam and
> olh hU brothoi a , nnd in cndeavuiing to get
, ho Oherukoos to join Ids itnniln d. Ho has
ruined n flag and is oiganl/.lii ( , ' forei H.J
TlioAVcathor To-Ilay.
WAHIIINI.ION , July 7. For the upi -r Blis-
ni nlpp ! valley ; Local shnweiH nnd partly
coudy weather , Hoiithoily winds , lower barom-
, er nnd higher tompi'rnturt1.
ForthoMUiiouri valoy : Increasing clondi-
IOSH and local show 01 d , southerly wind ; sta
tionary tempaatnre.
Scarcely HioSll jhtcHt AUrntlon Pnld
tolhe 1wnt Dnl/nqno ,
_ DmiUQtK , July 7. This is the fourth . . „ . ,
since Iho prohibitory law wai lo go inlo opcr-
ntlon , nnd no far it has had no viaiblti effect
iixw | the liquor inler < t of $ hh city , The
bmvverloH closed Sunday nnd corned to deliver ,
but to-day they nro nil ruining as umial. A
largo number of p.iloons nlfto closed on Sunday ,
but they toi are lo day iif * nly dirvetsing nil
kinds of llin . . from lielmd their
nllll.01'1 lllll.n IIIMII LICIIIT.ll UHIT 11118. So
far lint n iduglr saloon out of ono hundred anil
twenty-nits licmse-d by tFji city h oliMsiv-
iug thu law. ICeyond n disposition lo clsoo on
Stnulnj-H nnd hdnliivs , nnd to txcrciii ) mom
care In telling , thn faloon-kci pors hnvtr deter *
; miiicil to paynonStontion totWlaw. ! Whole
aalo dealers seoin to bona nctlvens ever , , but
packages have wimvetl now Bhr.jn-s and seek
dilforonte-liannols i > f tranxportv.wu.
Sinuv. Cltr , July 7. NotwitlnUndinrt the
boastn mnilftliivt thf Bnloon keepers wouht pay
mi attention to the prohibition l x1 , neArly
veiy 0110 closed on thr Ith. 1 imo evi
dent , however , that thltnvuio nl renco w
furHH < e > curm $ liiiuor nud Injor w iLicenied \ ,
ns every ouo whodoireif ithad ! i V * To
day n largo number of the nan _ jtv\oro-
mimed , mm nil will proVnbly bl cn'od bj-
tu-ini rrovv. A ; lovling briber tinyn his bun-
ness hasdoubletfimma the law went Into effect
Ottun > wn'a Now Aiuwiiitlcuo Connoc -
OrrtJMWA , Town , JulvTho Chicago ,
Milwaukee ! z St. Paul railronduxtenBinn from
Cudar llaplds to Ottumwn , IK ) miles , on
which the last rail was laid JIIIIB 28th , to-day
lint on regular thioiigh traiiif , b th passenger
nnd frei ht. Thin is an imiwrlnnt conl branch
of the Milwalikeo nnd is pnit of Its through
line tonn ] nt City. By Ihis rcnto Ottumwa
nnd all this portion of I own te'curts a now linu
to Chicago , btMili'H n direct route to Milwau
kee and ether pi.lntx in Wisconsin , nlno ti > -
St. Paul. 1'Vom ' this city to Chicago by the
Milwaukco the dJHtanco in justiiOuJlesgreater
than by the Burlington route * ,
Goulils mill IjovviHcH Kir oil Out In Sr ,
ST. Tiouw , July 7. A uotico wnttpnstod up
u Iho Republican ollico to-day that no union
Hilton would bo ciuplovod _ thcro Iwroaftor ,
ml 8omu thirty-flvo comKwitorK | were dis-
hnrgeil. Tills nftoruoon the typographical
inlon took the matter tip and circulated a
iionstur imRtiT rontully berating the man :
igors of the Republican , calling on the- work ] ,
tigmcn to boycott Out paper and threatening'
.o defent every candidate it may hereafter
a MnrkctH.
l'.t.n'N , IllK. , July 7. The checho market ;
nleil dull to-day. Tlio offerings vveru very
iftht. No re'gulnr sales.
Butter wns dull nud tegular. Sales of 1DS-
000 pounds nt 18i@18ic Private sales , of
' ,071 , of cheese , and " "in.HOO pounds of
miter nro reported. Total sales § 77 , W.
'he maiket closed weak.
The K , O.
DKNVKH , Colo. , July" . WoorechalferACo. : ,
3. Coblauch it Co. , W. G. Mortimer , nnd W.
ioblneon , of Now York , bondholders of the
) envvr & HI" Gioudu railroad , made appllca-
, Ion before Judgu Hallotl to-day for a receiver
or that corporation.
TJCSB HourH More " \VnRcs.
PlItLADKU'lilA , July. 7. A delegation of ;
uetul woikeru ftom Chicago , ' Mihvnkee , and
jther cities , In uonventimi here , huva adopted
i constitution and foimed n imtfiVhai union.
dhorter hourH and better WBgoH is their ob-
Imva'H Doinocrntlc State f Convonllon ,
CIIIOAOO , July 7. The demociAtic state
entral committee of Iowa mot hero this after-
loon nnd called thu democratic utntu conv en-
inn of Iowa , to nominate n stntunnd electoral
ickotH , nt Davenport , September 3rd.
OanntiHcbok'a IIiiHlmnd Dead.
BOSTON , July 7. F. L. Pillot , ngod GO , the
niHband of Mine. JanauHchek , the. actress ,
vns found dead to day , from heart dis-
\so , in his apartments.
"What C.IUROH the great null nt Schroter & .
Bocht'H Drug StOrol" The free distribution
of sample- bottles of Dr. Boannko's Cough nnd
jung Syrup , the most populnr remedy for
Boughs , Colds , Consumption nnd Bronchitis
tow on the market , llogular size 50 cents and
Travelers Trouble on Oannila'a Kor-
MlNSKAl'Ol.lH , July 7. The Journarn St.
Viiicont special says : There m great iudlgna-
ion ovpressod nt limorson , by p.uiHeiigors held
IVIT Sunday by the conflict between Canadian ,
custom oflicers nnd the Canada Pacific. The
flilnmd company refuse to pay 517.50 extra ,
> er month required by the custom oflictal. All
i.iins .no delayed nights and Sundays and
lolidays for regular inspection. The ttuvollug
Mibhuaio jiiotesting loudly.
$1OpO. Given
Ifaluiuoraiiylnjurloiisinbsainecscuii , bo founit
In AndrowB * i'oarl BalcinR 1'owdor. Is pos-
fice-fveiliromHiicli rhemlstsnsH. Dana lluys.JJo * .
ton ; M. Dclafimtulne . of Ulileaco ; nud Qiutuviw
Jiixlc , MHnuiikco. Never told In bulk.
2Sr. aasi & 201 K. Water 8t ) ,
Because e emrw
2- * r
5eeaPer )