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Saturday Morninp , July 61
fly Cunlcr - - - - - - -SO < > ento r > r'Trtc
Dj-lUU - - - - - - - - J10.00 pet yo
'No. ' 7 Pearl Btreot , Near Broadway.
See J. Roitor'a spring goods ,
Iho city council ia to moot this oven
The "boja in blue" moot Monday
Chief Walters reports the fire alarm
boxes aa working bettor , but still there
is a great chance for improvement.
P. H. Wind's carpenter shop on Vine
street haa boon burglarized and tools
taken. It is located near by the city
The city officials were noticeable by
their obsonco at the Irish picnio yester
day , although they were specially in
vited , yet there is no local election near
at hand.
A goodly number of the members 01
the G. A. R. loft yesterday morning for
Glen wood to celebrate the day there ,
taking with them martial music , am
going off as if bent on having a glorious
J. J. Anwcrda & Co.'s show windows
attracted much attention yesterday 01
account of the patriotic and tasty decor
ations , flags and bunting being arrangec
very handsomely , the border being ol
flags and the center a largo national
George Edgar , who was acting as spe
cial policeman at the circus grounds yes
terday , caught two mon picking pockets.
Ono was a negro , who was wanted on
other charges , the other n white man.
They were lodged in jail and will have a
.hearing to-day.
Tbo residence of A. Blake about two
miles from Shouandoah was burglarizoc
a few nights ago , a silver watch boinj
the most highly valued article taken. The
thief is suspected to bo a man who workoc
for Mr. Drake last spring. Ho was
tracked some distance , but not caught.
Council Bluffs lodge No. 40,1. 0. 0
F. , has installed the following officers
for the ensuing year : Grand Representative
tativo , D. 0. Blqomor , acting as install
ing officer ; D. P. Talbott , N. G. ; 0.
Schickotanz , Y. G. ; E. B. Gardiner ,
Sec. ; S. S. Keller , Troas. ; Thoo. Book
man , R. S. to N. G. ; N. A. Taylor , L.
S. toN. G. ; 0. J. Eostland , Cond. ; J.
B. Dufflt , Warden ; J. W. Rich , R. 8.
S. ; N. H. Smith , L. S. S. ; John 0.
Daughorty , I. G. ; Robert lloyd , O. G ,
J. n.-Bliss , R. S. to V. 0. , andF
Lamb , L. S. to V. G.
An Interesting Chapter in the His
tory of tlio Planner Family.
For some time there has boon pending
in the courts the case of Plattnor vs.
1'lattnor , which haa attracted much at1
tontion , and excited much comment.
Judge Lyman , in the May term of the
Fremont county court , had the
before him , but reserved his decision
until a few days ago. The Shenandoah
Reporter gives the following history of
the case and summary of the decision.
The suit was brought by Mrs. Ella
Plattnor against her husband Henry
Plattnorr for alimony and allowance for
the support of her throe children from
her husband's estate of 172 acres , sit
uated about two miles south of Manti ,
Fremont county. She alleged-os a cause
of action , brutal and inhuman treat
ment , charging that ho led her
a life of terror , causing her at
the peril of her lifo to sign away her
dower in the estate which ho fraudulently
assigned for the purpose of disinheriting
her and her children , after which ho
throw her holpeltos and pennileis upon
the cold charity of the world with three
children to take care of and provide for.
That ho then betook himself to Ohio ,
whore by false statomenta ho obtained ,
of a court of that state , a divorce from
her. That at Bluflton , Ohio , ho married -
ried ono Ella Hauuonstoin , with whom
ho is now living in a state of bigamy , in
utter disregard of his lawful relations
and obligations to her and her children.
Henry Plattnor , the defendant , entered
a general denial to the allegations of the
Elaintiff , charging her with infidelity to
or martials vows , cruelty , hearthfess-
ness and desertion. The case came
on to bo hoard in equity as the
May term of the Fremont county cir
cuit court , before his honor Judge
Lymau. After receiving testimony and
hearing the arguments of council , pro
and con , his honor reserved his decision
in the case. On Saturday last his honor ,
after mature deliberation , rendered his
decree in favor of the plaintiff , Mrs.
Plattnor , allowing her $2,500 , osalimony ,
out of the estate , beside 872 a year for
each ono of her throe children until
they roach their majority , setting astdo
the tale and assignment of the estate as
fraudulent , and making the judgment
a first lion on the citato for the benefit
of Mrs , Plattner and her children. The
judpment is hailed with delight
by the former neighbors of the Plattnors ,
who are acquainted with all of the fsotc
in the case , and who look upon Mrs
Plattner as an outraged and doeplt
wronged woman. W. P. Ferguson , of
Hheuandoab , and J. L. Mitchell , of
2fobra ka City , were counsel for 'the
ulaintirr. Mrs. Ella PUttner who , with
tcr children , DOW reside at Nebraska
City. Goaigo II. Castle , of this city ,
and Thoruell & Draper , of Sidney , were
counsel lor the defendant. Henry I'latt-
rter , who now resides at Blulfton , Ohio.
The Hauneniteiim , to whom 1'lattnor
fi ifcnt'd his farm south of Manti were
with him in the action , and
flip iudginnnt hulda sgaiutt them os wtll
tut win , Thn dnfondant haa ninety dayi
in which ( n filp A bill of exceptions , give
v'nrl and appeal the caio to the supreme
xmrt , _ _
Ml bats at cost from thla day , J , J ,
Auwerda & Co ,
Bnt Mas ProyifleOy the Prohibitory
Law ,
Many Saloons KunnlnR us Usunl.
The prohibitory law , with all its lioavy
penalties , wont into effect with the opening -
ing ot the Fourth of July , and much cu
riosity and no litllo anxiety has boon felt
and expressed as to what would bo the
result hero. It has boon conceded that
Council Blufla , situated BO near Omaha ,
was in a very unfavorable location for the
enforcement of the prohibitory law , and
bonce not much stringency waa expected
hero. Still , many thought that possibly
the saloons might close to-night , for n
short time , at loaat , until it was
soon what was going to bo
done by the anii-ualooaislB ,
aut aa ono of the saloon men remarked
irostorday : "No , that wouldn't do , for
f wo closed up once they would never
ot us open again. " Others thought that
everybody would go over to Omnha , and
; ho city would bo deserted. On the day ,
and especially the night before , there
was a largo amount of drinking , and on
every side thooo wan hoard , "Como , lot's
take a drink ; it's your last chance , you
know. " Jt didn't provo the last chance
by any moans. With the dawning of
the day most of the saloons opened as
usual. The boor wagons wont the rounds ,
delivering the kegs an if it was any other
Fourth of July. The customer who ,
leaning ever iho bar , called for whisky ,
boor or wiuo , was told they didn't have
any , but the smile and the wink
was sufliciont to explain that
a rose by any other name would smell as
awoot , and the customer calling for
"Dutch buttermilk" gets his foaming
lager , or calling for "peppermint drops
trots something stronger. In other plac
es everything wont as called , and there
was no mouthing or winking , but cut
and out defiance of the law.
Ono thing was evident. There was as
much , or more drinking than on any pre
vious Fourth of July. Drunken men
could bo aeon on every corner , and many
} rcaths were strong.
There was much bitter talk yesterday
about informants. It has boon conjee-
; urod that the law provides for half the
iines to go to the informant , would cause
many to act in that capacity ,
and much hard fooling has boon
worked up against such , so that throats
were quite open and above board yes
terday , to the effect that any ono in
forming or starting prosecutions would
bo most severely dealt with.
A little incident which occurred yes
terday , was passed along from ono to
another , calling forth remarks which
Indicated that possibly there might bo
oven scones of blood growing out of the
affair , unless cooler judgment and
wiser counsels prevailed , Henry DC
Long , ono of the old and well-known
citizens , and who is n staunch temperance
man , was yesterday making the rounds
of the saloons , noticing who ere
drinking and what they were
drinking. In ono place ho was put out
incoromoniously and had ho been a Hot
loaded man there would have boon eori-
ous trouble probably righttlionandthoro.
The prohibitionists on the other hand
propose to have the law obeyed , and express -
press thomspluos as strongly determined.
The following will bo posted on the
streets to-day :
$10 lUiWABD.
A reward of $10 will bo paid for such
evidence as will lend to the conviction of
any saloon keeper in Council Bluffs for
violation of the prohibitory law.
A reward of $10 will bo paid for such
evidence as will lead to the conviction of
my druggist in Council Bluffs for viola-
ation of the prohibitory law.
A reward of $10 will bo paid for such
evidence as will load to the conviction of
t keeper of a Rambling house in Council
Muffs for a violation of law.
A reward of 810 will bo paid for such
evidence as will load to the conviction of
ny keeper of a house of prostitutiou in
Council Bluffs for a violation of the now
aw.In addition to the above reward the In-
brmor will bo entitled to one-half the
no imposed for a violation of the pro-
libitory law ; which fine will bo $50 to
A reward of $10 will bo paid for sucli
vidonco aa shall load to the conviction
[ any city ofllcinl or police ollicor who
lall fall to perform his duty in the on-
orcomont of the laws relating to liquor
oiling , Rambling houses and houses of
By Order Executive Com.
Council Bluffs Alliance.
toy Celebrate the Day TO Music ,
Orator ? and Feasting ,
I'lunlu Port Ionium.
The celebration of the day by the
indent Order of Hiboriuns proved quite
n enjoyable success. A goodly dolota- (
ion from Omaha oamo ever with the
liberian band of fifteen pieces. They
were mot at the depot by n reception
ommittee , and escorted to a place in
10 procession , which then proceeded to
10 grove soleotod ior the exorcises , n
loautiful spot at the head of Glen avenue
ivhoro a largo number of citizens , young
tid gold , with wives , swoothoarta ,
tiildron and , all were gathered *
A largo platform had boon erected
i a iloor for dancing. Tables ,
> ountifully spread with food and booths
ro/Idcdwith temperance drinks were
> laced in shady places and liberally pat-
onized , A shooting raugo , swings and
araes of all sorU were provided for.
The band of tfco Omaha society of the
Ancient Order of Hibernians discoursed
woct music. They won much praise ,
nd they certainly did play most excel-
The formal programme opened with
muiio by them , follawod by the reading
if the declaration of independence by
il. J. Griilin. Instead of being au unin-
cresting mumbling , ns is too often the
sue on such occasions , the old aiid iinpor-
Ant document , so necessary to the day ,
was road by him with such a full , clear
voice and so much expression that it com
n&ndud the attention of all and was carefully -
fully listened to.
After another selection by the baud ,
tbo orator of the day , E. H , I'atjjo , of
Chicago , waa introduced byltor. Father
McMcnomy , who served as president of
the day.
Judge Pargo was not in the best of
voices , and ft was with difllculty that
many could hear him. I Hs oration was ,
however , ono containing much thought ,
clad in his usual finished diction. lie
opened with a picture of this land four
centuries ago , touching upon the discov
ery Columbus , who was searching for
a way to the western shores of Asia , and
did not realize the richness or the im
portance of his find. Then the two
cnnturics of adventurous gold-seekers ,
and oven at the end of thai
time there were only two permanent
colonies. Then the coming of the
pilgrim fathers , who began to settle , no !
for gold , but for homos and freedom. II
waa because of this first permanent foot
ing of this country being based by these
religiously inclined pooplo. that it waa es
pecially fitting that this day should bo
observed by religious societies.
The sneaker compared this govornmonl
to the planetary nystom , and then ho was
at homo , for science , as his friends know ,
is his hobby. Ho gave facts and figure *
about the relative positions , sizes and
distances of oil the planets , and the draw
his comparison to a finish by making the
government at Washington the sun , and
the states the planets.
The speaker then glowingly pictured
the troubles and struggles which the na
tion had passed through so triumphantly ,
the revolutionary war , and then the late
war. An eloquent and mind word-paint
ing of the scone of the signing of the de
claration called foJth much applause. In
closing ho urged the thought that hero
there ought not to bo , and in fact there
were not any Irish , or Germans , or
French , but that in the enjoyment of
this liberty , all were Americans.
A hearty vote of thanks were given
the speaker , and after moro musio by the
band the crowd scattered through the
jrovo , gathered in groups about the
Ladles , and formed in sots for dancing.
Tlio Democrats Win In the Political
Shoot The Oilier Scores.
Yesterday was a great day for the
sportsmen , who spent both forenoon and
afternoon at the driving park. The
greatest interest was manifested in the
political match , as it tras a side shoot
between the democrats and republicans ,
The democrats won ; the following is the
individual and total score , thoio being
ton birds each :
DEMOCIUTH W. D Hardin , 8 ; 0. T.
Stewart , 3 ; 11. S. Ryan , ; J. F. Bred-
beck , 7 ; P. J. McMahon , 2 ; M F. Roh-
tor , 4 ; J. T. Oliver. 4 ; W. G. Oliver , 8 ;
J. N. Rowman , C ; George C. Brown , 0 ;
A. Guibort , 4 Total ( SO.
REruntit'ANH 0. W. Thompson , C ; J.
H. Kuntz , 4 : H. A. Woodbury , 4 ; A.
Boroshclm , 4 ; B , Sargent. 5 ; Mark Dur-
yoo , 2 ; F. 0. Phillips , 15 ; D. T. Stubbs ,
3 ; F. P. Jones , 7 ; Bert Evans , C ; George
Ferguson , 3 Total 54.
The same individual scores Were considered
sidorod in the settling of the contest for
the championship badge , and Oicar Koo-
line shot in addition for Iho badge , ho
Rotting 0 out of a possible 10. W. D.
llardin , W. G , GHvor , D. T. Stubbs and
J. N. Bowman lining on 8 each , and it
was decided to postpone the shooting
off these ties until some future date.
There was also a match between" the
clubs , five member of each , stho follow
ing being the score out of a possible ton *
Stubba 8 , Hardin 0 , W. G. Oliver 10 ,
Bowman G , Thompson 7. Total 41.
oiw OLUII.
Hoffmayor 7 , Boroshoim G , J. T. Oli
ver 8 , Mullis 10 , Campbell. Total 34.
Rickmon 7 , Motcalf 8 , Farnsworth G ,
Harlo 9 , Kilos G. Total 30.
There were a number of shoots of
lessor Importance between different mom-
bora of the clubs. The matches were
shot with live pigeons , but considerable
sport waa had shooting at clay ones also.
Bushnoll soils railroad tickota cheap to
all points.
Another Prisoner IJOBOS IIIH Kftbcta
" \Vlillo Under Arrest.
Youtorday John Swinger , whoso caao
woo given in yoatordav'o DKK , called at
ho oflico of the city jail to got the of-
beta taken from him when arroatcd.
Dho arroat waa inado alx vrooks ago , it
> oing a case of assault , and after much
ntorcating litigation , the caao vtna dis
missed. Thursday , at the time of his
arrest by oflicor Dunn , ho hnd $1.05 ,
which vns takou from him , together with
and button-hook and
a pockot-knifo - ,
; hose articles credited on the books , in
tfbrshal Uuauolla's hand-writing. From
the city jail , Swinger was taken to the
county jail. Davy Hottazwho was then
ailor , and deputy marshal Quannlla , es
corting him thoro. After his discharge ,
mnlyinc for hia change and other ar >
.fcios , they could not bo found. Mottnz
claimed that all ho had taken from such
persona ho had turned ever to the Gua-
lollas. The Guanolloa o'aimed they had
not received Swiugor'a money. It was
uuggcstod that perhaps it had boeu taken
, o the county jail , and turned ever to
ailor Schontz , with the prisoner , but the
attor know nothing about it. Swinger
after vain toarch for his property , sat
down in police headquarters discouraged ,
and gave the ofliciala present the benefit
of his opinion that "tho papers are just
about right in saying that things are
jadly mixed hero. Dunn told mo that
when ho nrrosted mo I had $4.05 mid
when I faakod hero I found out it was
only $1 05 , and now it looks as if 1 wasn't
going to got ovou that much not ovou
ny jackuifo. "
Tlio Touts Crowded with SlgUtH and
Yesterday Darrott'a big show waa on.
of the loading attractions o ! the day.
1'ho street ptrado waa vlowed .by great
crowds who lined the utrouts , mid the
OI ( H were well filled at both the nftor-
10011 and evening performances. The
street parade was ono of the best uhown
lero , and the performances gave general
satisfaction , especially the equestrianism ,
liarrott hnving a number of well-known
stirs i' < the line , including Madame Dock-
i ill and Mr. Hubert Whitjioy. The other
ring performances were pUo good , and
the menagerie contained an unusual
number of sights well worth ooeing.
\Vhoftt-No. 1 mllllaff , 75O80 ; No. 3 C5@
70j rejected CO.
Corn I < ocAl pnrposwi , 40@45.
Oats For local purpose * , 35@40.
llay-SlO 00@12 00 per ton ; bnled , GO@GO
Com Meal 1 SO per 100 pound * .
Wood Good supply ; price * at yard * , 6 00 ®
700.Coal Delivered , hard , 11 CO per ton ; soft ,
5 00 per ton
Lard Falrbank' , wholesaling at Ojc.
Flour City flour , 1 C0@3 30.
Brooms 2 05 ® 3 00 per doz.
Cattle Butcher cowa 3 75@1 25 , Butcher
tcors 4 C0@5 00.
Hogs-4 00@4 25.
Quotation * by T , M. St. John & Co. , com-
mtaiilon merchant * , 538 Broadway.
Poultry Live old hem , 7c ; M > ri g chicken * ,
2 25@3 00 per doz.j llvo turkey * , 'Jo.
1'taclic * j bun. bcx , 1 00.
Orange * 5 00@0 00 per box.
Lemon * C 00 | > cr box.
Banana * 'J 003 00 per bunch. _
Butter Creamery , 20c ; roll * , choice fl@10c.
J''Kgn 13o po * dozen.
Clierric * 52 CO per bufliel.
Vegetable * Potatoes , 1 C0@2 00 per bblj
onlnns , 70o ; cabbngo , COc per do7. . ( apple * ,
1-3 bu box , 7Cc@l 25 ; Beans , 1 C0@2 25 per
bushol. _ _
nninls ha * returned from hi * c.ttturn
T. ! , of Stout City , ii upending
n few day * In tlio city.
llov. O. T. Conger , pnstor of the Baptist
church at Rhonamloah hai resigned.
Uov. Father Merle , of Xeob , and Father
Boniface , of Atchtaon , wuro h ro yeoterday ,
and lit altcmlancu at the picnic.
\Vm. Wcrdner , a well-known farmer of
Uim county , startud last evening to look after
the settling of an e.stato In Ohio.
E. Rice M , D.
or ° thor tnmon removed without the
knlle or drawing o blood.
Over hlrty years 'practical exporlcnoo Offlct No
Tear trcct , Council Bluff !
CirConcultatlnn tree
Mrs , HJ , Hilton , H.D. ,
322 Hlddla Bro 4v < i7. oonnoll BlnDi.
ICE ! ICE ! ! ICE ! ! !
For pure river Ice pntroclte the blue wagoni i t-
Ufuctlcn guaranteed. LC TO ordem at No. 15 South
Main street.
Telephone No. 81.
NOTICE. BpedM ft vertlstmcnts , no M tool
Found , To Loin , For Bale , To IUnt , Wint § , Bourd
Ing , etc. , will bo Inserted In this column t th low
fl ot TEN CENTS PER LINE for the flnt Insertion
Mid FIVE CENTS PER MNK ( or ewsh mibeequent n
Mrtlon. L ttTe KlrcrtlKmenU ftt our office , No.
re tl Street ,
WANTKD-FUo hundred pieces o ( fintclM
tccond band carpet and two hundred hcatlnf
ttoves. A. J. MANDKL , 36 Broadway
OM > PAPERS For tale at Bu oQlco , at 25 ccntt
a hundred.
"ITTANTED Kyery body in Council Bluffs to tak
TT TniBn. Delltcrcd by carrier at only twent
conUi a week.
FOR SALE. A golden opportunity to get Into
legitimate and profluhlo business on ca
terra * . A well established bakery In Council Bluf
( or sale , ( lood rcusonn lor telling , Addruai 0.1
J. , Br.x cilice , Council Dliids ,
FOH BALE Or will rent by September lit , to
Uratly without children , a new house , wit
bam , cistern , etc. Enquire ot Frank Cook , room
0 , Bhufpirt'i block. 4th
AGENTS Ladlca and gentlemen can make flrs
class wages by selling the "Champion Bosom
Strtcther and ronlng Uoard. " lleUllg at SI.00
Any lady can do up a line shirt without wrtnkl
and RlrtM It M nicely aa the bestlaundrlcscan , Addres
( or paitlcuUn 0.1) . 8. & I. Co. , IJRH. offlco , ( or on
j. n. TATK. WAIIRE.V wnm
Practice In Btato and Federal Courts.
Collections promptly attended to.
lloom 9 , Sclitigart's Building ,
Offlco , Main Street , Rooms 1 and Shugart & M
Mahon'i Block. Will practice In Btato and edei
Taught by PROF. SCIINOOR Tuesday an <
Friday evenings from 8:30 :
to 10:30 : o'clock.
F. H. MARTENS , Prop'r
New aed Beautiful Attractions
Dry Goods
Having just purchased in Eastern Markets very caoice stock o
Spring and Summer Dress Goods , Ginghams , Table Lineu , Crashes , etc
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