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An Unnsnal Number of important
Nominations Made Ycsterflay ,
John A , Kasson , of Iowa , Ap
pointed Minister to Germany ,
Alonso Taft , of Ohio , to bo Minis
ter to Russia ,
Postmaster Franois , of Troy , to
Go to Vienna's Court ,
Eiohmond , of Ehode Island , to
Portugal Byors to Eonie ,
A Nuinljnr of Now Nebraska Appoint/
merits nml Confirmations ,
. July . John A. Kasson , cf
Iowa , en\oy extraordinary anil minister plon-
ipolentary of the United States to Germany.
Alpbonsj Taft , of Ohio , envoy extraordin
ary and minister plenipotentiary of the Unit
ed States to Hus ! u.
John M. Fiaucls , of Now York , envoy ex
traordinary and minister plenipotentiary of
the Unltnd States to Atutra Hungary.
Louis Richmond , of Hhudo Is and , miniate
resident and consul general of the Unitei
States to 1'o-tugnl.
Samuel H. M. Byeri , consul general to
Home , Italy.
Ransom C. William * ) , consul general to
Wait ] McAllister , jr. , of California , Unitrd
btatctf judge , distiict of AlasVa.
Andrew J. Lawis , of Illinois , clerk of the
United Stntes court , district of Alaska.
M. O. lllllyor , of California , manhal of the
United States court district of Alaska.
Frank Sperry , of Now York , associate justice -
tico of the supreme court of Dakota.
Sevvard Smith , of Iowa , associate justice ol
the euprcine court of Dakota.
.John Jarrett , of Pennsylvania , commis
sioner of Mior.
Miner W. Bnice , register of the land olHco
utNtobrarn , Nebraska.
P I'ostmatterM William F. Stone , of Sutton ,
I Nebraska ; Milton J. Hull , K-'gar ' , Nebiasko-
Charles C. Wilson , Sterling , Nebraska.
lUguter of the land office Edward S. But
ler , Koligh , Nebraska.
l Keceivor of public moneys William B.
' Lambert , Neligh , Nebraska.
WASHINGTON , JulyI. . The conference
committee in charge of the consular and dip
lomatic appropriation bill , concluded its con-
Mderation of that measure at 4 o'clock this
morning , with the exception of the senate
rfmendment appropriating S-50,000 for the
.Nicaraugan water way project. No agree
ment wcs reached on the entire bill The
house conferees refused to agree to that fea
ture of the bill , ntid the senate conferees con
cluded to consult with the other meml eis on
dlho senate bill for expressing their decision on
, /fAho amendment. They also requested that
J they bi allowed till to-morrow rudrning to
tf make their repoit. The senate conferees ref -
f . ceded from tbo senat i amendment providing
t for appointment the commission to visit and
ascertain the best modes for securing moro
intimate international and commercial rela
tions between the United Statoi and Roverrl
countries of Central and South America.
HKNATf ! .
, July 4. The senate was
\ ailed to ordir at It o'clock. After prayer by
Jiahop Andrews the declaration of indepen
dence wax road.
The senate further insisted on its amend
ments to the deficiency bill , and reappointed
the Hamii committee.
The bill paused grant ing a pension to the
widow of General Ord ; also a bill increasing
the pension of General Frank I1. Blair's
whlow , nnd ono to authorize the president to
appoint General Averil to the position of
colonel in the army and then place him on the
retired list a ) of that rank.
The senate then went into executive session
and when thu doors re-opened took a recess
until II p. m.
' The house met at 10 a. in. in continuance
of Thursday's scstion.
Tbo conference report on tlio bill to consoli
date the bureau of military justice and corps
of judge advocate * ) wai agreed to.
The homo then resumed the consideration
uf the senate amendments tu the Mexican
pension hill , but tlio want of a quorum was
dii-clohod , and after several roll calls a call of
thu homo w s ordered.
Mr. Brewer , of New York , inoyod at noop
that the housi go into a committee of the
whole for tlio purpose of considering that
( 'reat etato paper , the declaration of indupon-
dence , and that th * important document bo
now read for the Information of the members
not absent from thn poit of duty.
The speaker movud the motion WM not
Koll call followed roll call in monotonous sue-
nncci-i-'lon on motions to adjourn and-for calls
nf th house until 1:30 : , when Mr. Handall pro-
/ySnVJd the conferanca repoit on the general
deficiency appropiiatlon bill.
It annouucdda'i egreement to all tin amend
ments in controversy ezce ( > t two or throe.
Mr. Calkin * moved the house receJo from
it ) disagreement to the * moodmunts in contro-
ternary , apropriuting ] ) small HIIIIII for iiaving
Ktreetu and public buildings , in Des Molnof ,
St. Liula and ( Jraud IUiid4. | Lost yuas l > 5 ,
nry 11(1. (
Similar motions in regard to amendment
making appropriation to reimhurio Kx-1 'real-
dent JIuycH tuu amount ptld lor expensed of
commisHlun opnointnd to go to Louisiana in
1877 met a similar fate ,
The report was itgrojd to and Kandall ,
BnniiM uud Calkins were re-appointed con
Mr. Willi * presented the cunforenco reiior
on the river and harbor appropriation bill.
Agreed to. The hillai it p.medtlio housoap-
jiroprlatod 8leHfi : ! 00 , an agreed to in the
conference. It appropriates 618,809,700.
Mr , McMtlltn Nubmitted a confeienco re
port on the bill introduced bv him limiting
the time within which the prosecutions may
be instituted against po oim charged tvtih
violating the in tern 1 ravenua lawn. Agieed
to. An agreed to , the bill i luceii the tlmii
within which oiteudcrH may be pr.secuted
fromtCvo to three years , when the penalty ii
Imprisonment In tlio penitentiary , and to twc
year * in all other cases. Filibustering Againsl
the Mexican pension bill then continued , un
til -1:45 : , when the housa took a recess until
9 run.
_ WASHINOTON , July . At the ovonlmr ee '
sion the hoiuo resumed the consideration ol
the Mexican pension bill , and in view of the
ttrong opposition to the meniuro , Inith on the
part of those who thought that the granting
of iho service pension wii * inadvisable , and of
these who wem opposed to the restrictions
lilacod upon it by rnnate. Towmhond , who
had charge of thu bill , proposed that the con-
atn aineiuliuouts bo non-concurred in and
conference ordered.
Mr. Hewitt ( Ala ) objected. *
Mr. Shelley suggested that the bill bo laid
aside and the house proceed to the considera
tion of the private pension bill , nnd Calkins
asked Townshond to comply with that sugges
tion , at fame time complimenting him on the
pallant fight ho made for the Mexican pension
His FondncBB lor Actresses nntl
Yachts Hli I'rlvixto Hox.
Inter Ocean New York Dispatch.
Taking supper last night at 1 ) elmcmlco'a I
was stuick by thu appearance of a young man
who , while affecting to enjoy plover * ami
champagne , was lo to the delicate flavor of
ono and I the tparklo of tlu other in the al
t > orbing delight i" watching n bright-eyed bru-
notto p y her knife and fork. The young man
wai about 2M rears . old and rather Spanish
. . . _ _ . . .
* !
1 i - - -
looking , by virtue of an ohvo comideqioii ,
black muHicho ami very dark eyei. His face
was shrewd , his manner suave , ami without
bordcilngon dude or Hwclldom , ho was well
With all this it was hard to ptacu him. Ho
was not n society man , though his hands were
brown you must know it is now "tho thing' "
for gentlemen ti affect tan nnd sun-burn ; in
deed , 1 kuowof ono pojched-faco youth \\Iiu ,
nt the risk of n sunstroke , has been browning
himself by boating without a hat but the
wide-awake , practiced catch-ine-if-you-can ex
pression of the young diner forbid the sup
position that his sole occupation in life was to
bore aid bo bored : also , his manner , though
smooth , was authoritative , and though ho were
no diamonds ho somewhat ostentatiously gave
the waiter n $5 bill.
The pretty brunette was evidently "ono of
th ] profession , " and had made the mistake of
supping In public with too much of. her stnge
complexion on. She ate , too , after/ the pecu
liar fashion of women with prettyjuands and
bed breeding , that is , with as mucn display of
vvhito fingers heauly loaded with diamond
rings as the opportunity afforded.
Said a ftiond at the sale : "That young man
is Mr. George Gould , the eldest son and heir
jf Jay Gould , and his companion is ono of the
Union Square company. "
"J ho at nil Hka his father ? " I asked , know
ing my informant was old in tlio winding ways
: > f Wall street.
"Yoi , and no : ho ha the nuno sharpness
rod quickness to i-co and seize an opportunity.
When his father goes away he looks after his
justness , and on oncoccaslon whenMr. Gould
> nd his partner , Conner , were both out of
; own , George made a cloverstroke that netted
; he firm ho\eral hundred thousand dollars ,
vhich so plea-ssd his father that ho gave him
; hat beautiful yacht 'Fanita * for n present. "
"Then ho is fond of water ? "
"Yes , he finds his principal amusement in
, ' icthinpr , and generally takes a party with
lim , miido up of friends and pretty actresses ,
vhoso society ho has a pa sion for , and ono
> vbch ! resulted in the breaking of his engage-
nont with tbn daughter tf John Jacob An tor.
! \H to other faults ho hns none , for ho never
iraokes , drinks moderately , and was ne\er
known to play for mon y. George Gould is alert
lort of Baron Cbevrtal ; more polite tovomon
, hnn men , very reserved , obllgtug-r-when the
security is good nnd likes to travel oufrea
lasics , of which he always has a goodly sup-
ily. Ho always wears on his watch chain a
ittlo gold badge which enables him and who-
ner IH with him to ride on the elevated roads
minus tlcketa. "
This morsel of gossip reminded mo of a > iit
[ paid to the Grand opera housa a short time
IRO. This place of amusement belongs to Jay
jould , and in being Rhuwn over It thn box
vhich is the especial property of Mr. Gould ,
fr. , was pointed out to mo as French in its
.astn and arrangement.
It is largo and luxurious in its hangings of
lead gob ) , mosaic floor , and hand-carved
) anels. In place of chairs there are divans ,
oft as down can make them , covered with
Mental tapontriea and Persian rugs piled
ipon each other to form easy couches , with
: ushions of lace and satin to easn thn head and
houldors and fur rugs to Hoften the floor to
ho feet. A superb jar of limegos is kept
illed with roses to iwrfunio the air , and pans ,
ivery one of which is n marvel of wrought
yory ami lace or satin ( tainted with Wattoau
igures , lie ready to thu hand.
Opening out of this box is a dainty smok-
ru ? room , furnished richly , but plainly , hung
nth portraits of theatrical luminaries , and
upplled with the latent dramatic papers and
nag7ines. ! Here cigars that cost $1 each | Usi
ate smoke , and if anything moro exhilarating
n renuirod it can bu biought In from Twenty-
ourtli street without the audience bcin ? the
, Ipcr. Ono of thn moxt interesting features
f the bov I'H tbn door that gives direct access
o the stage , Tliii door is kept locked and
ho key rejiosej In the vest pocket of the lively
ieorge , who , with the ingenuity of a fiiian-
ior , ImH arranged an embroidered curtain
ver the said door in such n happy manner
liat when he wishes to join in tha gayetlefc of
lie green-room hn can , by touching n tilver
neb , reduce the lights illuminating the bril-
iant-jewolcd lanterns pendant from thn cell-
ig , and inaka his exit without his placet of en-
ranco being observed.
Printers' Wanes to l > o Reduced.
HAMU.TO.V , Ont. , July . The prupiiotors
f the newspapers and jou ofllcea are arranging
or a reduction in printers' wages from : > ! H to
0 cents per 1,000 cms , to take effect Monday
text. Thn reason , for reduction Ia hard times
nd small buiiness ,
LindlCH , Attention ! In the Diamond
) yes moro coloring Is given than in any known
lyes , and they give faster and moro brilliant
olors. 10cat all druggists , Kverybody praises
horn. Wells , Klchardnon & Co , , Burlington ,
A. Bliooti-r'rt Calniully ,
Gi-AllK.MOW , 1'a. , July 4. Last evening
tl\i\u \ \ Patrick Connelly , a "shooter1 for a toi-
ixlo company , was fillini ; a hhull with nitro-
lyceriiu it exploded , blotting Connelly into
iinuto picccx. '
In anitlior column will bo found tha
louncomont of Meaxri. THOS. COOK & SON
ourlst Agents , 201 Broadway , Now York ,
slatlvo to tha very complete arrangements
ley have made for touru in Kuropj the
aminj Spring and Summer. "Cook's l iccur-
onlst , " containing maps and full particular * .
'Ill ba mailed to any address on rocolptjof 10 ,
anta <
The Latter Goes Into Effect Yesterfla
With Promise in Iowa ,
No Saloons Open Yesterday in tli (
Capital of the Stato.
Everybody Putting in Small Lot
in Kegs and Quarts ,
The Houses of Ill-Famo Alsc
Oloso Up "for Good , " ,
Only One Woman Known to Have
Kept Open House ,
Other Items of Interest Prom OiirVIr
tuouH CitiesOvortbo Ktvcr.
IN lira xoiNix ,
Special Dispatch to Tun BKK.
) is MOI.NKH , July . The new ( inhibitor )
law went Into elTect at midnight , and the
amount of beer nud spirits passed over the
city bars was tremendous. A vast number
of epirit flasks \voro also filled , and the breweries
eries were exhausted of beer and ale by city
and country order * . No disturbance * occur/ei
last night. Noun of the saloons opened to
day , and Marshal HnlfnorBnys ho believes hit
can keep them closed. A wholesale denier
tells mo ho boliovea tlie law will reduce
drunkenness matorally , but thinks the whole-
Salomon w 11 have
for small lots ; these will bi for medicinal ,
mechanical and culinary purposes , and whoru
customers nra prudent and reputable hey will
be supplied ; otherwise ) not. Ho thought the
wholesale men would bo moro circumspect
than the pharmacists.
The law prohibiting the keeping of houses
of ill-fame Is also in effect , and all the known
places have closed Mid the women have left
the city , except in ono case the women owning
her property. She hat sent away her inmates ,
and has offered her house for sale.
The Grand River Tragedy.
MoiiKiav , Mo , July ! . The list of the
drowned and narlnualy wounded in the Grand
liver bridge catastrophe in increasing as the
work of clearing away the wresk progresses.
His now estimated that twelve men were
drowned and as many moro /atally injured.
The names received tins moining are : John
Lonp , drowned ; ItobertBakcr , Bounded mort
ally ; James Young , shoulder crushed ; 1'latt
Young , leg biokon ; Fred Young'a body was
taken out jestcrday ; A. Fiiber , drowned ; ] ) .
Hoywuod , cut on held ami internal injuries ,
cannot liver Ward West , hips and back badly
L'utj James Bruce , temple crushed ; J. B.
liionsoD , leg brokeu and internal injury ; John
A. Dillon , drowned ; Oeorgii Brown , thigh
broken ; 1'lul Beck , engineer of the ill-futed
train , brain badly c-utihed ; JameH Dick , fire
man , hips crushed and both arum broken ,
- mmot live ; James McLord , hipi crushed and
Internal injuries , died since JameH llog n ,
back and hips hurt ; Archibald Hill badly
bruised ; Abraham Webb , of Ounningham's.
anil John Lmiga , of Summer-spraihod-
nnd badly bruised hips and back ; A , Jj. Short ,
nf Summer , rib broken and iutoinal injuries ,
rhreo more unidentih'ed bodies have boon re
covered bydlvoiH. Portions of this bridge
down represents the center span to 1m alvmt
lf)0 fnet Joug. The Btructnro is wnat is oallecl
in railroad parlance , false work , and was furty
feet from the water to the track. The cause
nf the accident has not yetbflou clearly estab
lished. Tno engineer wan backing the train
in on thn b/idge , and on checking the speed
Lo cross safely the wbolo train was brought al
most to a ttop in the center of the structure.
\Vhon extra steam wa put on the frail bridge
began to totter , nnd soon sank beneath its
l > omlerous weight The cnpinoor saw that
nothing could be done to prevent thn disaster ,
ind began sounding the uhlatle , which ua
: ontinued until the engine struck tbo water ,
liut for this alarm not a ulnglo occupant of the
sight cars would have boon saved.
Clio Slnsor'a Matoriibl Parent Demi
Xluirshy I'roslrAt'cd
\VIth Urlof.
LONDON , July 2. Miss llmma Tlunsby.tho
Vmerican singer , in completely prostrated by
jy grli f over the sudden death of her mother ,
Urg.aiio A. Thursby , which occurred at the
amily resldenco in Grlmeicy wiuaru , Now
1'oik , last Monday. Miss Thursby had en
raged passage on the City of Uoiye , which left
Liverpool for Xow York last Saturday , nnd
A-JIS , in fact , on board of the steamer and
waiting its departure from Liverpool on Sat
urday afternoon , when Hho received a cablo-
jram from New York announcing with cruel
brevity that her mother was dying. The in
telligence cawed a great shock to MXH | Tliurs-
fur when she left New York , fie woeka ago.
lier mother was in good health , and uocmod
likely to HMIfor many years. Mies Tlmraby
fainted on reading the dispatch , and when eho
was brought to consciousness hn wax still suf
fering ID severely from the shock that the
ihip'd surgeon strongly advised againfct her
: ontlnuing the voyagu , ejpaciallv as the lady
wai in a htato of great mental CAcitotnont ,
wnucd by her nnxioty for further newn from
homo MiiuTImrivby took thu Hurgoon's nd-
vlco and wax removed to it hotel in Liverpool ,
ivhero she Is still resting. On Monday nlio ro-
: oived another cable , which announced her
mother's death , and thn bad news brought on
mother attack of nervous prostration. MIHH
riiursby ia to-day loiniiwliat bettor , but will
| > robably not ha abla to resume her journey to
Ainci ICH until ni'it Saturday. f
riie Gold and Hllver 1'rlznn to lie Con-
tcatcd tor at Fort ftenvcmvorth.
o.v , I ) . 0. , July 3.-Gen. Shcrl-
Ian hat received from the United Htatos Mint
it 1'hlladelphia tlio gold arid illvor medals
vhlch will bo offered BH prizes at the biennial
Hie contest to bo held at Fort Leavenworth ,
m the 1st nf October , and will bo participated
n by the bout injuksincu nf the iiovernl inlli-
tarr divisions. The hsndsomMt inodtl In thn
to bo nwa le < l to the best klrir.Jhor. It Is o
solid gold , and conUtns o\or JlOOuortlm
inotnl. The medal hangii from a handsomely
engrave < l pin , Dwhleh Is ln crlbcd with th
word "Sklrmlilior. " The fM of tlio meda
roprotiant ) n private noldtor In ckmnalpn
form , lying pronn nivon the Rround bohlud n
rock in the act of firing. In the distance U a
range of mountains Un the rovonn Is A
laurel wreath , with n phco for tlio inscription
Tut * U n now prize , and linn novcr been con
tested tor. It will bo awarded to thoollicc
or Boldlcr who makes the bott RCoVf In Ultini l
style , ninnliit ( acroia the range and fltlng n
thobttelor'rf uleual. Tbo first khot litobo
llred otnudiug , the poeond kneeling and the
third lying Upoii the ground.
Tlioro nro tlx other prlres for regxilar nurks
mitnshlp U > the mombora of the team win
thai ! inako the bott score at 200 , T.9Q and ( WO
yards , The I'unt priro 1 n Bolld old modal
worth about 8100 , upon the face of which 1
the representation of an oaclo carrj'lng a rlllo
and n wreath In it talent. The words "Pirn
iirlzs , army marksmanship , 1881 , " arc upoi
the faco. and n wreath , in which the Insult *
tion will bo written , on thn rovcrso. Tlio * rc
end nnd third prlre * are alike , moileh of nolli
gold , worth about S1K ) , and bearing upon the
face the head of a Itomati warilor nnd the
words "Second prize , army marksmanship
1881. " The fourth , fifth and sixth prizes ate
allko silver modal ? , upon which nil infantry
soldier Is represented In the act ot tiring frou
a kneeling position , The m dais were do
feigned by C..1. Yolkmar , of Shorjdan's stair ,
and were executed at the United States Mini
t 1'hlladelphla , under orders from ( Jon. Sher
idan , The prizes will bo contested for by
twelve ollicera or soldiers who shall inako the
host record In the division teams-t\\o trom
the Division of the Atlantic , tliroo from the
Division oftho , Pacific ! nix from the IMvU'on
of the Missouri and ono from the Corps of 1'u-
jlnccrs. At the contest two years Ago , the
first prl/owns won by S'rgt. Charles Barrett ,
llattallon of Ktiglnoora : the second by Sergt.
0. II. Clark , Troop M. Int Cavalry : the third
iy Sorgt. A. W. Jamns/rroop 1J. 8th Oavalrvt
.ho fourth by Sorgt James laly , Battery O.
: st Artillery ; tbo fifth by 1'rivate A. Harrlng-
mi , .Mattery U. 1st Artillery , and tbo iKth by
Hrst Lieut. W. It. Homer , 5th Artillery.
CnuKPH ABtonlNlunont ,
"Completely prostrated for days with indi
gestion and bilious fovor- The effecta of two
jottles of Jlurdofk JlltxxlIlittcrt astonished me ;
vlsiblo Improvement right off.1 Mr. Noah
latoa. Klmlra. N. Y. -
* Foreign KruRinonta.
PAIIIH , July . No death from cholera a (
ilarscillej last night , There were f'no at
LONPO.V , July 4. The riines , referring to
.hftroubl-t botwcon Francs and China , Hays :
'Tho complications wherewith thocoutedt ba-
ween China and Franco threaten thn trade
f tbo United States of America.Knglund
nd Germany , will bo of a most serious char-
ct"r. It will bo difficult to prevent American
nd Hnropenn adventurer * froni engaging in
Im strife , nnd thua raising dohoitu Intorna-
ional questtocH. Wn nniHt ho | > I'ekiu will
gain IiavH to bow to tbo iouvitablu and yield
liis time without reserve. "
NKW YORK , July 4. The Journal of Com-
nerce , nf Saturday , after alliullno1 to these
republicans" have renounced tholr party
lUglanci ; because of a nomination Dg.imst
hlcb they earnestly protested , will say :
There is a similar uprising Withintho , party
ow in opposition. Better the mou among tlio
ejnocra s feel that they have too long cub
nittedto dictatiim to the wnnjt element
n their orgam/.ation nnd that their most gro
lous inittakpH have como from ohr of dis
niou and Its influence upon their'BUCCCH ? In
unpaigns. Already they have permitted
m threats of Mich men Kelly and Ms nd-
lerontu toprojudlco them in meajlirfs and
loirduty at the coming convention.j
el was oflllotcrl witlvkl'luoy"
suffarod intensely. T was induced to try
HUNT'S [ Kidney and Liver ] REMEDY , nnd
before I had used two bottles I was entirely
tiroly cured. Richmond HonshaWj Providence
idonco , R. I.
Tlio BpnnlNti-KiiHRlnn Mnttorfl.
fAWHD , .fuly 4. The budgets of Cuba and
1'ortirUiuohavo been reduced two million
LOMWX , .Tnly4. A conflict tooklilnoo be
tween the .lowh an < l Armenians n Tillis , in
southern Hussia. The Cossacks reHtort'd order.
Per Nervous nnd PhyBicalDobilityronrt
The Science of Life ; or Solf-Proaorva-
on. " Warranted as advertised or money
The Travolluc
H an irrcsistablo follow , brim full of utorlos ,
okea , courage , sclf-assnranco end erlt , Ho IB
ery taking wltlial. Jlmilock lilomt llitttj-t are
very taking medicine ; they take everywhere
nd wo nold everywhere.
Nowswpapor O > rr < iii > n dent in
HAMILTON' , Ont , July ! . J. Dillebaugh , a
ewspaper correspondent , wai committed to
rial on the charge of conspiring ugalmit thu
Ignlly of thu queen In aidinc and abetting In
ia destruction of public building * ) . Ball wa4
Care for the Children
Chllilr'jii feel the debility of ( ho dianplni ;
e.ihoiiK , even moro than adults , and Iliey bo *
oino floss , pccvlKli , and iiiiroiitroll.iblc.
I'hi ) blood should bo cleansed and the system
nvlgorutc'd ' by the use of Hood's BrsipnrlUa. : !
"Lust Hjirlng my two children \vcro vaccl-
intvd. Boon after , they lirolai all out \vllli rim-
ilng sorc.H , MI dreadful I thought I should IOHO
hem. Jlood'x HarHaparllla cured them com-
ilctely ; and ( hey have bom healthy ever
Inco. I do feel thut Hood's Karnnparllla
avfd > ny children to nut , " Mud. 0. I *
otf , West Wauen ,
Purify the Blood
Hood's Harg.iparllla \ characterized by *
three pDcullarltlcs : Ivl , the cinnlrt nation of
remedial .u'cnts ; &l , lim jr / " " ' / ' < " | / 3d , the * tit Kecurlng the aclho medicinal
qualities. The result laiuncdlclno oJ unusual ,
itreiiKtli , rffi'i'tlng curi'M lilllicrlo tynkiiown.
Bend for liook containing additional ovldfiico ,
"Hood's Harnaiiarllla tones up my Hyutcm' .
inillli'S my Mood , sliariiuns my iiiipi'tlfo , mid
* eems lo niakn mo over. " J. r , THoMrHO.V ,
JtfRlHteroj Jeeiln , Lowell , Mass.
"Hood's Kirsaparllla bent * all others , and
svuirllill uel'lillllKolil. ( " I. llAllltl.MJION ,
I'M Uank Street , Nuvv Vorlc City.
Hood's n Sarsaparilla
Bold by nil drucRlstH. $1 ; six for $ ' . . . Made
onlytiyO. I. HUUli & CO. , Jxiwdl , Mass.
IOO ° Dosos.Ono Dollar.
Fiirte Details
Gale at Pmnont ,
A. lintKO Amount of Prnporty Up.
stroycil Hull Htorin in
Hnll County.
The rromont ITer/ild of Thursday give * the
follow Ing details > f the stonu of Wednesday
night , a iirief account of which appeared it
Tut : UKK specials :
A little after one o'clock UHH morning the
forvo of thu storm reached Fremont , ami the
nc'iio that ensued for the nt half hour beg
gar * description. The awful roar of the torn
pnt , the watercinning down in pulid shncts ,
the trifn breaking and falling In.MMirvctionn ,
rtxifs of buildings , and awning * , nnd loosi
boards and shingle * and nlmnitt o\orythiug
Imngiimblo that was mft\ablo flying througli
thn nlr andclaxhlugaitaiiifttrAch other , all to
gether mtulo n regular pinileinoniiim ,
The daiuuco seemed to luuolxvn done by
something like a turnndo , which in coma
[ ilaccs came In two gustt , a few inlnntM
upatt , and In other places , \\horo the damngo
waa the worst , thorosopmed to bo no cessation.
I'ho worxtwas over In lost than a half hour ,
but the torrents of rain \\hteh came \\lth the
wind continued falling fur BOIUO tinit1 , flooding
iiinuy cellars , and doing much damage.
The st rni seemed to como from a'ixilnt a
llttlo north of west , and dnrlnc the galu
xhiftod a little further to the noitli ,
The grontekt disister wa1 * to th county
couit house. The eutlio building , \\ith the
exception of the south wing , was unroofed ,
OIMI part being loft nnumg the treet on the
north side , another portion on thu south side ,
nnd ono lar o piece was blown rlonr acnwn V
street ngoinst J. ] < . FrickV olllce , hieaUug
ovit the windows. Vo bollovo no damnga wan
.lime to apeak of [ n the interior of the linlld-
ing , but it willctiitn peed deal of money to
[ ml our court hotHo in goiMl Miape ugaln.
Thu tin roof was blown otf from the now ad
dition of Kno's hotel building , nnd a good deal
of brick from the top of the south wall
.lirown to the ground. Wu have not learned
the estimated damngo , but it must bo heavy.
The walls of the now normal school build-
ng , in course of o > ect'on ' , wcrii damaged to
the extent uf about 810 } .
It. Kittle'rt brick waruhouto , near thn Sioux
rity & 1'ncifio depot , was completely deuiol-
shod , and daimigo done to the extent of $000
ir SStO. t
Shade nnd fruit trees were damaged to the
RJeatest extent ovir known. A largo number
if thu trees nil over town are either blowi ,
lown and mined completely , or have brnnchos
irokcn off. In t'lO prk fnllen trees and
tranches block th'-i way , m > that it would bo
liflicult to drive i < - wagon through this morn-
ng , though the damage wan not nearly as
rout as first rtported. A largo force of men
vlll clear the park in thapo for the celebration
Mr. Cronin's barn , at Uut west end of
'ourtb , was blown down , Will Brown's barn
vnrt mo\ed from the fouudatiou , A stable in
orth Fremont waa blo\vn \ away , and a tpam
f horses and the manger left intact.
A wast amount of damngo was done at O.
V. Hodgo'a illusory , ou north Bioad street.
] t. HOIIRU estimates that fully one-half of
is splendid crop of apples was blown oil the
reei , but the injury to small fruit wan mi
early so great. Some of hU fine large fruit
recs were broken off , and other damaged
Nearly > all the anmkostackH in town took a
umble , nud in tlio lumber sards comldcrablo
amago was 'dojio by the lumber being wat
ered about and broken upj ) \ * thu wind.
Ono peculiarity of the storm was that in
nany placen Iti ( orco Deemed to bu downward
the limbs fif tro Hiuul clothen on the lines
falllnR Btraiglft't ' < i tlin'gr'oliiid. This WM iinly
in isolated caniM , show ng that the tornado
current was In Benin manner diverteil , result-
lug in unaccountable freaks of , Hjo wind.
Sonui of the tmaller frame buildings wrecked
'com to hn\o literally collapsclj , n though the
jurrimt was ulwvi ) them , clouting a counter-
nirrcnt , moving in another direction. The
itorni was moro of the luturu of a tornado ,
mp Iheie can bn little doubt thai our abund-
inqo of trees extent saved our
: ity from moro horious damage. SV Inlo these
iavo in many places been badly wiecked , wn
ould much readier cjiatii them than many ( if
.ho icsidences which they have proteetol , di
verting thu forcii oft tha gain and carrying it
ibovu mobt of the buildings in the city , With
.he exception of the damugo to KIIII'H hotel
md thn court housu , and to Prick & ,'s
aw oflico , from the roof of the latter falling
ipon it , thu actual IOHA ix very limited in thu
: ity.
Samuel Andorion , for a long time a trusted
jiupliiyo in H. J. Leu's hardwarn store , died
.ory hinMcnlj- just after th * storm this morn
ing. Himself and hirt wife had been up
luring the storm , a d a nhort tin HI after they
nad retired again Mrs. Anderson was awak-
anrid by hearing him hteathing hard , Mho
tried tu nrouxo him without &UCCOKS nnd im-
inedlutelr called for nH'idtaneo from the neigh-
Ijors , but Air. Anderson grew worsn and ox-
jiired in a few ininutex ufter their urrlval ,
flu ) cause of death Is BtippoH d to bn hoart-
llnoaHt' , the Hidden attack being piobaldy
: mmgit ! on by Ids c.NHitomcnt ( luring tbo
tlorm , Mr , Andorcoii leaver his wife and a
ittlo diinglitor six years of ago , and had a
argil circle of warm frinda-aud acquaintances
vlio wilt deeply Bynipatbisu with them in their
md bereavement ,
"Wind nnd Hnll at Wood It Ivor.
jrand Inland Times.
Ju'lgn W. A. Brown eimn down from
.Vood . HivcT Monday and tnlls thi ) Timoa that
Sunday's storm played huvoo with crop * and
iiiildlngK in that ticinily.
Tint hall storm lasted a cimtldurnhlo time ,
ho ht'Miea were largo and tint wind terrific ,
'ho wind blow from the north-east and nio\od
outhwett until in thn vicinity of thn Haiti )
iver , when it eemod to turn i-astwaid , lip
o the hour of Jndgu Hrown'H arrival , th * en-
ire damngo was nut ) < no\\n , At Wooil river
ho wind blew the new largo Hhnpbuloiurjng to
ohn O'Conncr from Its foundatlnus , blow off
lip shed of Ladeloy'ri liorsoimweratthn doiiot ,
itiroofed Dood's edliU-i , brnku of fruit tiues
.nil knouked out ulnrlow glnssiiN generally ,
[ udgii J'rou n , who is a rnnoy gardener , had n
Ipautifnl lot of . .tomatoIneH about two fcit
ligh and in full'bl'iHMim at Sunday noon-lxT
blu night tint ono was left standing , „
KKAHNKV , Xcb. , July I. A MIVCIH wind
lurm , accompanied by rain , pud hull , swept
iver this Hectlou early thla morning , ICeporlH
mm tlui north part of tlio county my Uut in
L fnw localities Hinall grain was entiioly cute
o pieces.
linmeiiHo crowds of people lire III town to-
lay tu tnko pail In celebrating th" Ith at the
invilion. SpoecheH ere madn liy A. A.
'onnor , ( leorgo I ; . M aitln nnd W , It ( Jnt'iio.
' of firuworkK enl\oim !
I'o-nigtit a largo display \ >
ho occasion , c
Cirr , July > . A rjclonMi
* opt through the douthern pnttof the city a
about U p. in. It came from a little north o
west nnd panned to IhciMmtheast. Tno Catho
lie bell Inner \\asb1onn down and tlio walls n
the church wf ro so badly niptiired o-s to render
dor tbo building unsafe , The lilitn glaxi
fronts in Wall's auction house , Lyons gin
toro and Kearney's grocery \\tiro blown in
Many tnxs wont down and thn streets were
filled \\lth bran lies WTPiichol from others
Thn Sioux City house stable ws pnrtlnlly m
nnifed and th > fionti of Slnttnr'a lUery Ubh
anp Shcnkbcrff \\holeRrxlogrooeryworc
partly demo uhed. In Davis1 addition two
final ! iinllnUhed buildings \\creblown o\cr.
The now Hpiicoiial mlsniou school on the vcl
wt damigo WOH done In the south pastern
suburbs whom the plow factory and alargi
brick Imlldlnif were entirely destroyed being
raided to the ground. The liws to the company
In 815,000. The paokiiu homo of James I' .
llongo k Co. KiilTrn'il a , lo s of t\\o thoui > aiul
dollorri by tbn blowing down of the smoke t > tack ,
wrecking of the \enlilatorc , corn criln , etc.
1'rtrtlrn who saw the storm wo t of the city
say i theiit wan a roguUr
CI.OIM ) ,
wich moved with preat lapidlty Khing out
muring sound directly upon the city , but the
lllutlfs seem to ha\o brolion _ lt up so it scat
tered or juinjie * ! over the business purl of the
ctlv , but gathering pnrt of its la > it force as ( I
struck the cantom suburbx. That the storm
Is Hhown in UN lilouinc over several
iron tanks ot oil workx , whllo n lingo pile ol
empty barrels in front of the tanks was tiudls-
tuilmdi So far as known no ono is hurt ,
thoimh it is a mlnirlo that the Hying ; brnnchcf ,
bouul , etc. , did not hit some ono. The day
was xhoucry and blunt'y , but Qafter thoatorni
ItwasuMm , with theather about cool
enough fur overciats.
hUMMEH Kl'O Ill's.
TlitHO Unll.
At Mlunoapolls afternoon game Bay City
10 ; Miunonpolis 1.
At Minneapolis Minneapolis .1j Bay City
At Toledo Toledo 10 : Washington 0.
At Toledo allvrnoou game Washington
L'i Toledo 7.
At Columbus -Columbus 3 ; Baltimore 1.
At Washington-Nationals 11 ! ; St. Tallin
Unions 1.
At Indianapolis morning Indijnapollrf ,
in , AllcRliiMiicH 5. Afternoon Indianapolis
1 , Allegheuies ! l.
At Cincinnati morning-Cincinnati ) * 1 ,
Athletics L' . Afternoon Cincinnati II , Ath
letics I.
At St. 1'atil morning-SoginawH 8 ; Ht ,
1'aul . AftcrlioonSagiuaws 'J : St. Paul 0.
At LouisUlln morning LomMlIo 5j
Unioklyn . Afternoon Louisville Oj Brtiok-
on 2.
At 1Mroil-letroit3 ) ; New York 4.
At Washington Union Nationals 8 ; Cin
cinnati I.
At Boston mornlnB Bobton Unions 0 ;
vaiwM City 12.
and Sulky ,
First rabv for two-year-olds-fi "furlongs
L dy Waynard won imsily , CJold Bend mo-
end , Doubt thiid ; tinio not taken ,
Second race. Columbia stake , sweepstakes
for all agoa mile and threo-ipuartcrs Sturtew ,
Lucky 0. , Kroeland , Blazes , John Davloj.
Andrain , dim. Monroo. John Davis and
Lucky B. Rot out to make piico , wan no
change in position" until mlle had been run ,
when Andrain took lead , Gen. Moaroo and
Freeland clone up : coming into ptrp.tcb Ftoq-
land clew with. Alulrcaii , and race wiw bin
tweon two to end. Freoland won , Andtean
second , Gen. Monroe third ; time , H:07i. :
Tlifnl lace Sheridan ftukeH jweepstokus
for three-year-old foals of 1H81 , milo nnd a
( jnatter. ' Starters , ( 'enoral Harding , Billy
< iilmoie , Koscluiko Lallln , llfchaid L. , Bob
Cook and Bub Mile * , filtering the stretch
liicbnrd L. led , ICosclnsko necond , General
Harding thiid. These tliroo made acloso
riieo to thn eighth polo whom Kosclm < k drew
out and won easily. Bob Mllna kocond , General -
oral Harding third. Time , 1:12.J ! :
Fourth race 1'ureo ? COO ; winner to be Bdd
at auction ; uillo mid a furlong : .loo Stalks
won by a bend ; Centroville , ucond ; Breech
loader , third. Time , 1:581. :
Kifth race--I'urno $700 ; throe-quartern of a
milo hoatii , tliroo in five.
Kitst heat Sahara , after a driving finish ,
won by half a length. Niphon 2d , Nullio 1'ey-
tou 'id ! time 1:18 } . Third hont After a driv
ing finish Nelllo I'eytou won , Bonnie Bird M ,
Nlmblofoot llil , Revolt , dlHtanccd : tiuioljIHif ,
Fourth heat -Xo auction or Fionch pee HBoUl.
Nelllo I'oyton never headed.
The Oar.
SAIIAIOIIA , .July 4. The iiitor-collrirlato
ingatta vvas postponed till to-morrow owing to
thn strong wind and rough water.
TAIIA , Out , July I , A boiler in Itodgor'n
taw mill exploded to-duy , deinolithlng the
building. Win , Walker , engineer , VVHH
killed , D. Donnott andn workman , iiaini ) un
known Injured.
I'KHTII , July 4. At the elections to-day at
ICccs Keinet , for members of the Hungarian
diet , serious liotH occurred. The rioters
were dispersed by the military , IIorrRay , it
member of thu lower IIUIIHO was arrestnd.
HoK.tcm ICauos.
BOSTON. July I. In the regatta on the
the Charles river to-day tlirni inllcn with
turn , the raeo was won by Jacob ( iandaiir , of
St. houis. Time , L'lsW ) . UoHinor , nt the
I'lnsoof thoraco , declarud Caiidauru fonn'd- '
able rival of lUnlon. ( ianilaur alto won the
thrco-milo race for single BcullH win king boats.
Time , 22"l : > .
The liest dry hop yeast In the world. Dreail
railed liy this yea'.l Is lllit. ( | white and wholo-
omo like our ( irandmolher's delicious bread.
pntpincu ei THI
Price Baking Powder Co. ,
HanTrsof Dr. files' * special riavoilDu Extracts ,
Olllcano , III. Et. Uoiilo , MO.
Tbatis the Twenty-Four Honrs Wo
Blow Aliont ,
Wo Hoar of Its Pyrotechnics
Principally From the Country ,
Eaoos that Would Not Otherwise
Take Plaoo , Tnko Plaoo ,
While Extraordinary Casualties
Otherwise Ooouri
Twelve Men Eosouod From the
Missouri Bridge Calamity ,
How The Fourth wn.9 Ocleliratod nt
Various Imr or nnilSnmllcr
Tlio Glorloup ,
Nr.w YOIIK , July 4. The fourth of July
wax celebrated to-day In the usual fashion ,
with booming guns , tiring | nstol nnd the dii-
chugoof other Bxploslvps. The morning was
cloudy and threatening , nd to\\-ard midday a
< hewer of rain fell , Thtp was succeeded by
ithor tliuwora , fog and cold weather. INcnr-
ilon boats weit ) lir akpn. The parks were
quickly < lopopulated. J'Mght veterans ot tha
war of 1812 celebrated the indeptmdenca day
> arado and dinner. The Society of the Cin-
: iunatl , at its anntnlmcetlnif to-day , elected
the old ofilcorn. The annual banquet was then
enjoyed. Washington's xtatuo in thn river on
ho xtdu of thi ) park wai unveiled to-day In the
irexenciiof a largo number of spcctitors. The
tatuo in the gift of tlio public schools of thu'
ity. The Anti-Slavery flocinty hold" its first
emt'Ccnteunialeolebirttion hereto-day. After
ho acclnl rnuulou Dr. L 0. J. Whitney was
lected chairman and Hamilton WilcoK sec
AT oiiiOAno.
CincAHO , JulyJ4. The weather was bvercnst
md tluealonlng nearly the entire day , which
n a measure prevented Rival crowds front at-
ending the out-door Bimrts and excursions
iHiial tu the national holiday. Otherwise thu
ay WRH observed in the ordinaty manner ,
vith , however , a Rinallcr number of casualtion
n the city than usual , '
CuiCAflO , July The day has baen ono of
xtraordinary quiet in view of the near ap-
iroacli of the democratio national convention ,
.nd the situation hero contains very little ofj
nterost. The California delegation is the only ,
uo on the ground , with scattering delegates
rom Michigan and Jowa. To-morrow will
wituetn the arrival nf the New York and
MaB achusetts delegations , and on Sunday n
treat number of marching club ) will nnlve ,
vhen ,
vlll probably reach its height. Chairman
iarnum , ot thn natlonnl committee , arrived '
o-day , and among the other moro notable arj
ivalrt were Jlonry Wattersou , CoiiRiTSsman
'VankHurd , Congrosmnan Wm. 11. Morrison ,
ndi'Vancls Kcrnan.
Knto ShclljM Mctlnl
DOONK. Iowa , July 4. The gold medal au-
hoilr-ed b > lo\ya at t\w \ nluotOonthgeneral as-
embly wa .ttwlay presnntod to the bravt-
Cttto f Shelly at Ogdon. In the absence.1 of ;
Governor Hhouimn. Mr.'Wtclker Oivoniilf ; (
irlvatu secretary , made the 'presentation in n
ery felicitous speech , which was responded
J'rof. John J\
o on bthalf of Kato Shelly by
Jurran. of Angus. Tliero was a largo crowd
n attendance. The weather was lion and
) gdou Wftu proud over the qvout. \ , '
falum or any Injurious. Mibstiincea can bo founa
n Androwa' I-oarl Baklns rowdor. , i poy-
velyPUnE. IJoliiKcndoriiCil.aiitl testimonials
ec l irom ucliobeialiti as H. Dana llnyn.ltos-
on ; M. Delafoiilalne of ChlcaKo ; ami Guktuviui
lode , Milwaukee. Never sold In bulk.
Uu ' -
St. , Cincinnati , 0.
vurw liiiioriliuMi n , re Al > e . "irluturjv .J-fvpr. Kldia-y auJ
Jriury Troubles , lllooil and Hkln JHnruwii.
vlio urn Hiiirurlim ' ' 0 > tliu t'T/lliln rlU-cts of Nerv-
ou"a id JMiy.lcuT JleUlllty , Ix t WwiliouU , \ ' 0111 h-
ul I ndlsi-ri'tluiis , Hulf-ttbuw , or KIT ° ' 'I1"
mil who now Units Ills iicrvfs v eul 'awl ,
clvlous ilrvaniii , ami iioclurunl i-inJwIonM , I
atpil , niniielatvd , vveiik. im-liiiiclinly. absi'ii
i-d , ( lull. ll tliH , uml lltiilt His Ilfi ) " burden.
t i-iil-f Im annranleftl < i ttvrrv ca * , 6S
oifr riIIIHIIUN u"t iiilekly | anil euro iiormanMiUy. .
naI'ntlonlH trcuti-d In all liurls of tla world.
JMl. UIVri'H , lim Ltiimiiltlnit | iliylclon , iNiiiirad-
- ' '
> .U.