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Mayor Harrison , of Ohioago , Bag
the Whole Democracy of Illinois ,
In the Face of Morrison , Paluior
and Other Opponents ,
They Fail to Give Him a Tari'ff-
for-Revenue Plank to Straddle ,
As He Has It Stricken Out in
Open Convention ,
And is Triumphantly Nominated
by Acolamation ior Governor ,
AVnrm Day for the Sucker Democ
racy And \Valk-Ovcr for
' Our Carter. "
Special Dispatch to THE BEE.
PEOUIA , ILL. , July 2. Preliminary to the
meeting of the stata democratic convention
which was called to order at noon , the various
congressional delegations mot at 0 o'clock for
the purpose of choosing delegates tc/tho nation1
nl convention , presidential electors , Uombersof [
the state central committee and committeemen
men for the work of .tho etato convention. The
result of thcso couvonlions is.oxpected to bo repelled
polled to the state convoution at its opening
session , The situation as to the probab o
candidates is not changed ninco last night.
It waa undoratood from J. 0. Buck , who was
mentioned in connection with the office of
governor will pleco the name of Mayor liar'
risen , of Chicago , before the
convention for that placo. The platform
not yet written , but as the result of the con
sultation among the loaders , it is reported
aa practically determined to reaffirm the etato
platform of 1870 , which was ono suited to
Tildcn and dealt with the question of reform.
The general feeling scorns la favor of leaving
the tariff question to the national convention.
Mayor Harrison will roach here in response to
yeatnrday's telegram , at 3 o'clock this after
noon. Ho will bo mot at the train and es
corted to the hotel by the Cook county doruo-
cralio club.
PKOIIIA , July 2. The democratic stale con
tention was called to order at 1:30 p. in. by J.
H , Oberly , chairman of the state central com
mittee , and opened with prayer by Kov. G. C.
Bruce , of Pcona. After the reading of the
call for the convention by the Becretary.Chair-
man Oberly spoke at considerable length ,
eulogizing liic democratic p.rty , and arraign
ing tlio republican party in severe terms. Ho
referred to S. J. Tilden aa
"THE . "
which was received witli prolonged cheering.
A remark that if he had not declined
the ro-noimndtioD , it would have been ten
dered him at Chicago next week , was also
received with cheer , mingled with a fov
"noes " References to Cleveland , McDonald
.and Morrison also brought out cheers ,
mingled with cries of "Tilden ! " When the
speaker a ked the question , "Or shall we , in
splto of the declin.tion of Mr. Tildon , nominate -
inato him for president of the United States , "
the convention rose and cheered vociferously.
Henry Clay Council ? , of Hock Island , was
chosen temporary chairman , and Win , J ,
Allze , of Moultrie , temporary secretary.
made a brief address , but was unable to make
himself heard in distant parts of the hull , and
feeling that ho would not , under the circum
stances , bo able to conduct the affairs of the
convention , resigaed the gavel and Oberly ro
-Eumod the chairinanslnp. A motion to refer
nil resolutions to the committee on resolutions
without debate , and resolution for the appoint
ment of the usual committee.1) wcro adopted.
General McClernand presented a resolution
to the elFect that it was tlio sense of thia con
vention that
( Samuel J. Tildcn and Thomaa A Hendricks , )
should bo nominated for president and vice
president of the United States by the national
democratic convention to assembly at Chicago
on July 8th iuslant.
The chairdecided Iho roolution not in order
at this time aa tbo convention was engaged in
the work of perfecting the temporary organi
Thu convention proceeded to a call of Iho
istricts for the appointment of the commit-
tecs on resolutioiiH , crrdenlials , and perma
nent organisation. The call of the first and
nocond districts , in which there nto routustn ,
ciealcd considerable confusion and protest i-
tion. These diatrlcts were passed pending the
report of the committee on credentials. At 2
o'clock the con\eution took n recess till 4
p. m.
On reassembling a report wa ? received from
the committee on credentials that iU work
would not bo completed before 7 o'clock. The
chair announced there was no other business
than thu report of lha cammitteua on creden
tials in order. The convoution refused to ad
journ , and after sumo delay ox-Governor John
M , 1'almor was called and npoko at coneid-
trabln joiiglh on the question of free trade
suid tariff , declaiing io favor of a tariff for rev
enue only , and limited to the necessities of
economical government. Ho said If ho had
the power of him who naid "Lazarus , como
forth" ho ( lha speaker ) -vould way
"flAMUKLJ. . "
f Cheers ] Somebody had said the coinmitteoon _
ddegAteu at largo to the National convention
had chojon him ( Palmer ) as oiui of thu num.
her. If that were true lie would go to Now
York to see Tilclun , Ho would taku nobody's
word for it. This statement was received
with great cheers and the waving of hats and
fans. The speaker proceeded : But suppose
Tilden coulil or would not run , what ihou ?
ICrie * of "CleveUml. " "McDonald , " "Morrl-
on" and "l'almer."J
Tha convention at 6UO ; took a rocoij imtll .
When the convention reaasembled at 1 ,
thu committee on credential * reported in favor
of uittlnif delegation in Wood ford county and
in tlio First nnd Second congressional districts
of Cook. The report was adopted ,
Tno committee on permanent organization
reported Jiuleo Monroe C. Crawford , o
Union , for chairman , and vice presidents f ton
Ach congressional district ; for secretary , W. J
Ml io , with iwls touts.
Jndgo CrAwfonl addressed the convention
S , Corning Judd , of the committco to solec
drlcgatot-at largo to the national convontloi
and committi'Oinon-at-largo of thobtato centra
committco reported the name * mid piescntei
re olntlons that the now committra hold ollicc
until Ji nuary lit , 1S87 , and that herajfto
members of thii committee bo chosen foi a
term of two years.
S. Corning Jndd , chairman ot tlio commit
tco on resolutions read the plaUorm as follows
the reading being frequently intortuptcd bj
apjilauso :
Kesolved , By tlio ilemixirncy of the stale o
illiuois in convention aisomblcd ,
1 , That wo pltdgo ourselves anew to the
constitutional doctrines and traditions of the
ilemocratio party as illustrated by the tench
; ngi and examples of a long line of democrat-
c statesmen and patriots , and embodied ir
, ho platforms of the conventions of 1S7G and
2 , That wo proclaim afresh uur firm oppos.
lion tu centralization In governmental nllnlrs
and to tlio dangerous spirit of encroachment
which tends to coniolldato the powers of the
rovcrnmeiit , and thus create , whatever the
orm , a real and steadily advancing dea
a. That , as declared b.v Iho mlioiial con.
vontion of 187 * ! , wo insist that reform
loeess.iry in the sum nnd Anodes of fetloral
ajation , lo tlio end tlmt capital may bo aot
'reo from distrust aud labor llitly ) burJoncd.
kVodeuouuco the high urotuctivu tarill main-
.ained for mofu than 20 years by tlio repub-
ican parly , substantially aa it now exists , nnd
vhlcli Is levied upon nearly four thou aml
articles , as a masterpiece of Injustice , Ineqnal-
ty'mid false protense. It has impoverished
nany industiies to subtidlza n few : it pro-
libits import ) tlmt it might purch.iso the pro-
lucls of America labor ; it lias degraded
American coinmcrco from tlio first to nn
nferior rank upon tlio hi li goas ; it
lai cut down the sales of American ma"iifac-
urcs at homo anil abroad , and depleted the
eturnsjof American agriculture , nn induslry
pllowcd by half our peop'o ' ; it cosla Iho people
ivu times more tlian it produces to Iho treasury
obstru Is the processes of production , and
raste * the fruits of labor ; it promotes fraud ,
osiers smuggling , enriches dishonest officials ,
nudbankruptshonestmerchiinls. Wo demand
hat all ciutom house taxation shall bo only
or raM'uuc ; nnd , thus demanding , the dele-
; atoa to the dcmocratio national convention ,
io bo held at Chicago thu coming week , are
leroby instruclod to vote as a unit end use
lieir utmost endeavors in favor of an emphatic
UL-laration bylhalbody in favor of a larili for
rcveiHui only.
4. Wo denounce as false and utterly un-
oundod the charge made by the advocates ol
irolcctod monopolies , tliat tariff refonn is hos-
ilo , or unfriendly to homo labor or homo in-
ustries ; that the contrary is tnio is clearly
Qmonelraled by tlie historical fact that labor
nd oRriculturo have prospered most under the
peration of low Inrill legijlalion.
5. We hcarlily approve and cordial ! y com-
nend the course of Hon. W. U. Morriton ,
s chairman of the committco on way * and
ncuns , of the present homo of representatives
i congress of the UnitcdSt-xtes , and each of
10 otlior demucratic representatives from
lia slate , as well as thai of the largo majori-
r of democrats in tlio ewer lioueoof congress ,
i their earnest nnd fnithful effort to brjnp
jout n reduction of the ] > rosout ruinous high
.arilT in the direction of tlu actual ucccsiiiiej
: the government and the restoration of con-
-itutional principles in levying duties on
Other schemes refer to land monopoly ,
pringer's investigations , nomination of Ulaliiu
id Logan , the national currency , pensions ,
vll service reform , labor , prison contracts ,
nd trade-unions , tno platform adding on the
alter subject : "And wo hold that every man
las a ripht to dispose of his own labor tij-on
uch terms as ho may think it will bent pro- -
loto his inserests , nnd without molestation
r interference by others. "
Sections 1. ! , 14 , and 15 refer to tlio record
: the republican party while in control fate
-ate - of Illinois , charging it with cxtrava-
; anco und failure to suppress crime , and con-
1C. While the domooratic party extols nnd
> y orory legitimate means inculcates the virtue
E temperance , nnd by rigid laws would forbid
nd punish the sale of Int ocicating drinks to
ituors or inebriates , it novcrtholesa is earn-
stly opposed to all sumptuary legislation and
ill firmly oppose tlm enactment of prohibi-
iry llrpior laws as being fana iual in emana-
on , dustructtvq to the rlghU of frne men ,
icious in principle , utterly Innfficaclous for
; oed , and frauglit with manifold evils. At
10 conrlusion of the reading , Mr. Judd
loved the adoption of the resolutions , nud
ailed for thu previous question. :
MAI Oil H.vnniSOK ,
who had arrived in the afternoon from Chl-
ago , rose on the floor of the convention nnd
aid that as proxy from the third district , ho
esired to bo heard bufoio the question was
nit to n voto.
The members. of tlio convention rose to
: icir feet nnd cheered na the spanker was roc-
znizedand nude his way to the platform ,
vhen qulot was restored 'ho asked that tlio
onveution pause before adoptiug the resoin-
ions ns presented. Ho would move thai the
.aiiff fmention bo referred to the national con-
enlion which would moot in Iivo days , and
10 had no doubt would act wisely.
The speaker said ho believed that taxation
or protection was robbery. The only kind
f tariff that was defensible waa n tariff for
ovcnuo. There were variant ) shtdcs of opin-
oiis on the tariff question in the demn-
rnlic party , and the democrats of Illinois
lould not undertake to anticipate-tho wisdom
f the assembled democracy of the nation. The
isss.igu of this tariff plank at thin time would
niiatiger tlia success of democracy , state und
ntional , The speaker then prucecdc-d upon
10 nutter of hitsuccessive ) olectionsa-i tuayor
f Ciiicago , changing a lopublican majority
f 8,0')0 ) to a democratic majority of 10.0UO. Ho
iskod his hearer * not to alienate Cook county
iytliis action ,
Ho cloned by moving to strike oat nil that
iart of the platform referring to the tariff.
The motion was received with mingled cries
or nnd against.
HON. w , it , Monmso.v
waa called for and rcco'ved with a tumult of
pplauso. Ho proceeded to oppose tliu
lotion , saying that if what was wanted by
10 democracy of Illinois wan that the
lecessttics of the revenue ehould bo provided \
ir and that thereafter the tux gatherer
liould stay his baud , let tliemilcciara it. If i
liey wanted a turlff for protection , let them
ay MO. The people could not be deceived by
words. Ho liniio tliogontloman that pro-
edcd him would bo nominated and elected
lovfrnor , but that hla motion would bo do-
Joseph Mann , of Dauvillo. opposed the
urlng all tills lima wai very dramatic , the
iieakors Jftlwrlng under much suppressed ox
itcmeut , and the members of the convention
occasionally Interjecting torso expressions o
ISvt.ovfrnorPalmor unld if Mayor Han-font
was not willing tomakon run on tnisplatform
ho should lefiHo the gubernatorial nonilnntloi
It ( ondcmd by this convention.
Mayor Harrison Interrupted the spo kor to
n-vy that ho was misrepresenting his position
His ( Harrison's ) motion was not to strike ou
tin tarill plank , but merely nn instruction t ;
thn Illinois delegation to work In n certain di
rectlonln the National convention.
Intcnsa cvcitcmcnt nnd great confusion fol
lowed , numerous speakers struggling for rec
ognition at the snnio timo.
Finally it was decided to call n roll of couiv
ties on the question of striking out the in
struction to the atnto delegation , as moved by
Harrison , This process was accompanied by
chpprs by tlio Mends and opponents of the
motion , us the chairman announced the votes
of their delegations for or against.
At the conclusion the result was announced :
! or striking out the iiutructton , CM : against
striking out , 623 ; majority in favor of striking
out , HO.
tTho platform as amended was then adopted
vivo voce , nt 10 o'clock.
Oenorsl .T , 0. Black presented the name of
Mayor Harrison , of Cnlcngo , for governor ,
and the nomination was made by acclamation
at 10:35. :
The followim ? are the dch'jralo.s-at-i.irro as
scleclfd bv the committee : W. 11 , Morrison ,
Itlin M. I'ixhncr , J , O , Black aud Lambert
Alternalcs-at-largo Thomas Merrill , M.
3. McDonald , Thomas MclsVoloy and ti , D.
Afler the nomination of Carter Harrison by
acclamation nt 10:30 : , the remainder of tlio
it to ticket was completed n.s fol-
ows : 1'or lieutenant governor , Henry Sutor ,
of St. Clnlr ; for secretary of state , Michael
r. Dougherty , of Knox ; for state treasurer ,
Vlfred OrouuorlT , of Sangauion.
Special Dispatcli to THE BKE , ,
CIUCAIIO , July 2 , Democratic wire pulling
vili begin to boom to-morrow nnd Friday in
; oed earnest. Ono by ono the lieutenants of
.he various candidates are dropping in. Chair-
nan Daniel Manning , of the Now York dele
gation , aud National Comniiltcouinn Barnum
are oxnoctod to arrive hero to-morrow , Bar
ium in tlio afternoon aud Barnnm nt night.
'art of the Now York delegate * will leave
"few " York on n special train Thursday night ,
and the remainder will bo in by Salurday
night , when
A CAUCUS oi" niLEiATia : :
vill bo held at the Palmer house. At thia
.incus the relative strengtii of the warring
actions in the umpire Rtato will bo deter-
niuod. It will bo n decisive vjireliminary
nootina1 , and the convention will guido its
ourso by the result. The friends of Mower
nd of Cleveland are both boasting of what
liey can do at this caucus , but tlio actual
trength of cither'sidu will not bo known uutil
lie meeting is over ,
Tlio Buperiutundent of repairs promised to-
ay to have the convoution hall finished and
cady to turn over to the committee of nr-
angeinenta by Thursday night. The tele-
rnph operators and nen-spapcr reporters are
oing to bo disagreeably crowded by thobo now
rraugcmonts. The telegraph oflico h .3 been
riaccd in a narrow way In the rear of tlio
tago , behind largo pasts , and the means of
igross and egress tumor by comparison with
lie btugo at tlio republican convoution ,
n which the officers and thu national commlt-
-eomenaro to be seated needs onlyafuw finish-
Dg touches. It is a p'aiu structure , sixty feet
eng by eighteen feet deep , wllh an nbntmetit
n trout ten by len feet in dimensions for Iho
iresidonl's personal n e. The only cliangos
n the hall are this stage , the reporters' table
ind aa additional opening at the east side.
'his latter was made by removing n partition
rom in front of the east wing ,
dditional chairs are to bo placed here , facing
iagonally the etngo. _ The obstruction of view
aused by tbo largo pillars will Do removed by
taking diagonal aisles on a line with them ,
'lio alterations will make five additional doors
f entrance when Iho hall is finished. Sergeant-
t-arins Bright proposes making his appoint-
lonta and not till then ,
vill number about two hundred , and all ox-
ept a dozen or eo will bo Chicogo mon.
'hey will bo appointed on the recommonda-
ion of tlio committees and acciialntancos ]
f the snrgoant-al-arms. There is n reception
ominltteo of the connnittco of arrangements
uinbo'iug 12u mombera. There is a sub-corn-
littco for every state and thnsa committees
ro going to under take the difficult task of
i they arrive. Each committee watclics for
lie arrival of the delegates from the p.irtlcu-
ar stnlo to which it Uuccrodilod. Tlio mem-
era will not believe that the performance of
liclr dutloa is well n gh lmpnsalldo on account
f th uncertainty of thoanivnla. Only ono
omrnitton has yet experienced tin 'so dtliicill-
les. It is tlio committco on tlio Louisiana
elegi.tion. These gentlemen have been re-
orted every hour for two days as being about
o arrive , aud the committee has spent the
router part of each < Uy running from ono
epot to another to find them , neiug now
oinpletely used uji. They say tlmt u formal
ccepllon of the delegated will bo impossible
when Iho lush coincx.
tegular Tress Dispatches.
CIIICAOO , .Tuly _ 2. Tlio Louisiana delegation
0 tliu democratic notional convention has been
Announced to urrivo for the last two days , and
ho local reception committco has been in tlia
ookout toreceivo the members properly , but
his afternoon they abandoned tlia effort , It
1 not expected that any considerable body of
olcgates will arrive before Saturday morning ,
when a number of entire utato delegations
vill be here.
Chairman Daniel Manning , of the Now
fork delegation , and National Coinmittccman
iarnnm are expected to arrive to-morrow. The
\cw York dole-gallon are expected to hold it
aucus Saturday upon tha result of which
reat Interest naturally hinges.
Mr. Austin IT , Brown , of the committco on
ho press arrangements for the democratic na-
lonal convention , to-day notified journals for
whom provinious tins been made , und nccom-
lauled llm notilicatioii with a plot of the hall
Imwltigtlio position of the denks allotted ,
Che detks provided , for the accommodalioii of
the rcporteri * will not number as many as were
ilacud in thn republican convention by ono
lundrcd. Tlio ii'signninntu to tliexu have nil
teen made and the parties notified , No clinngo
in the rrnnrcmcnts ( can now bo in.vtc , nor CM
the number uo incrov i-d , It will therefore b
tisoless to annoy the committee with nppllca
tlons for desk privilpges. Kcprenontntivoii o
the press wlmjmvo applied Mid had tlu-lr up
plications registered lm\o licen notified as t >
their ndml'Sion to other p rts of Iho hall.
Theno luunbor savrral hnndtvd , enough to > ill
all the spnco nllottd tor this purpose.
OAI.VK.STON , luly -Vrom Tcidologntos
to the Chicago convention , it Is learned that
extensive correspondence between Iho south
ern delegates IIM been curried on , looking to
concerted action on their part in presenting
the names of eouthotn mon to fill the tempo
rary and permanent chairmanships at the com-
Inp convention. The liiuno of Kx-Govornor
Richard B. Hubbardof Tcxa , has been nil-
proved by a Urgonuinbcrot the corrvsiHimlliig
delegates for presentation ns either permanent
ir temporary presldiiu * officer. The Texas
lolegntlon loaves for Chicago to-morrowmorn *
ng by the Missouri 1'nctlio , starting from
Doiiison in n body.
' aivw us
Chicago Times ,
"Olvotw Butler and wo will beat thu demo
crats PO badly tlioy won't know what hit
hero , " said $ Ir. Jay lluhbell , of ! I per cent
assessment fante , to The Times rop9rtcr last
evening. ' 'Wo will , of course , boat any can-
lldalu they can nunie , but Butler is our cs-
eclal cliofco. "
"But Butler clalini ho can carry Michigan.
our own state ,
"Ho can't cany one nldn of It. Ho claims
io could carry the state because Begolu did ,
mt that victory was only armed nt Dy a pe-
: ullar combination of democrats mid green-
inokcrs that could never bo elfo ted again.
! tell you , " Biid the great org inizor , and hcru
lia voice sank into a whiiper , "wliat the dom-
ocrata want to do in order to win. They
vant to nominate a democrat ono who has
always boon a democrat and who has never
tin afler republican idols. Now in your own
tale politics yqu have nu initanco of It. The
lemocrata put uji Lyman Trumbull , who was
a great part of the lima a republican ,
nud lost badly by the operation.
: n 187tiicy nominated Grceloy , and ho
failed to carry Now Jersey , always a demo
cratic state. The patty can never win ns
eng as jt goes hunting after republican votes
> y nominating a man that it supposes republi
cans will vote for. .Let it nominate n demo
crat like Thurman , or Bayard , or McDonald ,
1110 who has nlwnya been a democrat , and let
ho republicans como to him. Tlio main thing
a to got nil of the democratic votes out , "
"Yes , " said 'Long" Jones , who was a third
o the conversation , "that la why I'm afraid
of Carter Harrison ; ho has always been a dem
ocrat , and will lo p no democratic votes. "
A Solicino to I tob tlio Mnnlin.U an Etc-
vntod Ron. il'orTlioiimimlH of Dollars.
NKW Yonir , July 2. The olllcinls of the
Manhattan elov < ted railroad have been puz-
led for coino weeks past by the knowledge
liat counterfeit tickets were being passed on
lie road In largo number ? , but that , strange
o say , the receipts were not nensibly dimln-
shed. Investigation finally cnlmlimted in
lie orrrol of William H , 1'indar , Iho llckel
agent , John B. Cole , a former employe- the
xjinpany , who had been caught robbing it ami
been discharged , aud August 0. Sputh , litho
Colo's plan was to Idro n score or more-
iKonts , print counterfeit tickets , got his mon
o sell these ; and for each ono sold
) ocket , genuirp ticket. . Ttieso were dully-
ired to him' ' 1 % ! 'would be filed away till a
lundrcd thousand dollar.i worth accumulated ,
vhen hn would destroy thu counterfeiting
ilant and Inro men to pcddlo the rest of the
Ickets near thq chief stallons of the road nt neil
oil net Ion. Tlioplan would hnvo succeeded
admirably bad not an accident led to the dis
Cole had succeeded in getting fifteen or
.wenty agents In his pay. Of the profits of
hu robbery 113 PIT cent , was to go to these
gents , 810,000 in a lot to Spoth , nail the to-
naindor to Cole , Meanwhile , the luttor aid
jpeth $ ' 10 per week , and bora all expenses ,
nvesting S 1,000 of a previous 811,000 uloal in
.ho now enterprise. The police have Iho
milieu of twenty or moro agents employed by
3ulo , and they will shortly bo arrested.
A Mercantile Apprataor'fl Crime.
PrrrsiumoH , Jnno 2. Through irrogulari-
los-iu the rcpoits of mercantile appraiser
foung , the revenues of Allegheny county and
lie cities of I'iltsburg and Allegheny will
nffor heavily , and hundreds of business men
vill oscapo. without paying taxes , not having
> ecn assessed. In making ui tliu report *
many of the prominent firms were loft out
iltogotlier , A lar o number returned lets than
lie necessary amount and otiiera were on the
st who had not boon in business for ye.irj.
A Providence AhHliiimciit.
I'noviDiNOK , July 2 , Clinton H , Woedon
; Co. , banker n and brokers , have assigned ,
Nubilities , 70,000.
Urcnd AVItliout Yoant.
It ia a wtll known fact tlmt bread
lade with yo&st , if aaton before it bo-
omcs stale , fcrnients again in the etom-
ch , producing indigoation nnd numerous
otlicr complaints. Broad raised with
loyal Baking Powder , instead of yonst ,
a cntlroly without tliia defect ; but on
ho contrary , ia ono of the most ofl'ectual
irovontivoH of indiguation or dynpopaia.
} y tha use of the lloyal Baking Powder
ho aacchnrino properties of the Hour ,
vhich nro destroyed by fermentation
vith yeast , nro preserved and the bread
a made moro nutritious. Ton per cent
moro broad ia baked because of this
aving from the same quantity of
The lloynl Baking Powder will also
nakp sweat , white bread from nn inferior
[ uality of flour , n property possessed by
io other leavening agent. Thus , much
lour that is dark in color , or from other
cause ia cormidorod below the finer grades ,
ind therefore much cheaper , can bo util-
/.od nnd turned into a perfectly oweot
uid whoIcBOino bread. Nor can bitter
> road over rotult from the use of too
nucli or moro than tha required quantity
of lloynl Baking Powder ; an , vrhether
used in smiii ! or largo qunntitluH , ita pro
jortions are in ouch exact equivalents
hat they always nuutralixo each other ,
Jroad niado in thia way dooH not require
nixing over night , but may bo prepared
ready for the oven in a tow minutoa ; an
idvantitgo tlmt will bo rendily appreciated
> y every housekeeper. '
of Them Too 111 io Stare in
Monday's ' Spoils ,
Sullivan ruul Mitoholl Eocoivo
$2,159 , Enoh Olonr of Expenses ,
The Boston Boy Loaves for His
Homo in n Maudlin Condition ,
Ho Doolaros His Stouiaoli Qouo
Through from Drink ,
Ho'll ' Moot Mitoholl in the Fall ,
and then Kotiro for Lifo.
Oilier Sport I UK MMlorH llnoo Hall ,
NotcH , Etc.
. _ . ,
TlioFlNttu Kixrcc.
Horn nnumiiiiH HiiAiu : IN TUK HTKAI. ,
NK\V YoitK , July 2. The receipts of the
Sullivnii-MitclioH iir.r.Io Monday night
mounted to Sl'.COS. ' After deducting thoox-
icnso i230 ! ! from thin sum them was left
o divide between Mitchell and Sullivan § 1-
IS , of which each reci-ived one-half. Tlio
liggcst In thu oxpousa accouiit was $1COO for
ho K.mlcn. Counterfeit tickets were Hiild
nitsiilo the garden for moro than two lunirH
iu.L night , aud the losi from this nourco INCH.
Ituated at about $2,000. The counterfoil
Ickcts are mid toliavobePii so similar to the
; etiuitio article that it was.iniiKmsiblo to detect
, hem In the rush , Neither ot tliu two PUR ! '
Ists wan too sick to-day to take hU sluro of
thu receipts. Mrs. Sullivan K'.yn slin i.i thu
> no whopravcnted herhuiband from fighting.
To aaya ho will not bo able to spar for fully
hroo months , but that ho will yet most
ilitchell aud ono of them will bo pretty badly
miiecd ,
Sul'ivnu ' ariivud hero yesterday , accom
panied bv his ulfo nnd a whole tr inful of ad-
mlrurs. Ho loft for Boston , accompanied by
bin wife , his brother , and ono military friend In
the person of Billy OTJrlen. Ho wasn't look
ing \rell when ha loft , and ho wasn't feeling
well. His cyei wcro rod and swollen , mid
there was a deep husklnojs In his voice winch
seemed to como from Homo subterranean
cavern with great olfort. His bauds shook as
though ho had the palsy. His nliiuy tile wns
pulled down _ over u swelled head until his
forehead was in ecllpno. Not oven the street
gumiiiH nsscmbhxl to HCO him stop into a car
riage at the Ashland house , ami at tliu Grand
Central station none \\hii had been swindled
out of SI ! nt Madison Squnro Garden so far
forgot thoniHclvos as to do him honor.
At his hotel to-ilny , Sullivan was asked as
to whether ho had boon drinking.
"It's drink tlmt " ha
boste.d mo , acknowl
edged "I'vo been going it muro or loss for a
year , until my stomach hai gone through.
I'm going to moot Mitchell in tlio fall , nud
I'll never appear in n boxing match after that
No ( ir , I'vo lad enough of it. _ You do the
brst you.1 nn , and gat abused like n dog , I've
had enough.
The champion cnmo very near the verge of
lours n < ho made this declaration. Hut tears
are nothing now to him. Ha wept llko a baby
after hla return to the Ashland Honso last
evening. On his western trip , says a member
of the combination , Sullivan nhvays wept
about tha third day of n big drunk , and at
mare frequent intorvalx'as the drunk proceed
ed. Once , in Han Francisco , when lie had
boon lost to hla fnonds for four or iivo days ,
hu was found in n cheap millor'a boarding
house weeping as though his heart _ would
break over n mat lln-splko , around which his
arms were fondly thrown.
ItllBO llllll.
At Toledo Toledo , 7 ; AlloRlmny , H.
At Cleveland Clavulnml , ! ; * I'rnvlclenco , 2.
BJAt Cincinnati Washington , 1 ; Cincinnati ,
10 ,
At Columbus Metropolitan , 0 ; Columbus ,
m.U Si Lonia Baltimore. Ifij St. Louis , 12 :
AtTerro Haute , Ind. Terre Haute , 10 ; l''t. '
Wayne , 1.
At Buffalo Buffalo , 1 ; Huston , I ,
and Bulky ,
Coi.usiiiUHJnly 2. If nit milo daMi , two
car olds -M r. Jeacr ! w . Faith 2d , Tlueo
yheors M , WaHhliigton > tlh ; time 5i. :
20 : ! race ( iciirgctown 1st , Julia 2d , 1'atxy
Cliukor I , 1'lora WilkeaIth , best time ,
Anotlior Ilniilc HiiHpoiiHlon.
WII.KIHIIAIIIIK , July 2. The Plymouth Sav
ing * bunk , of 1'lymonth , suipendod this afternoon -
noon ; UHhc-tH und Habilitios unknown. It in
rumored tint bank discounted nearly 8100 000
worth of paper , which crippled it for thu pies-
mil , nnd to avoid u inn the door * wcro elosod ,
The dnpofitors urn mostly minors and laborers.
All ram Nimbi tt , pu-sldont Second National
bank of Wilkosbarro , and George 1C. J'mvoll ,
attorney , will to-morrow bo appointed receiv
ers. The appointment of theHO gentlemen
leuvos the Impulsion among the ilupoiilurH
that th'i bunk will bo able to meet all liublli-
lien within three months ,
lilalno A.IIIOIIK tlia HoiiilnurlcH.
WAIIIIVII.U.Y : Maine , July U. Thu coiiimnr-
clnl dinner of Colby university to-day WWH an
elaborate affair , lllainu wai given u most on-
thuilastio irreollng. Intho course of his ro-
HIM 1 < * Im said hu had not horeloforo been in
favor of co-education , but the oyiilonco of the
past few days had mora than half convinced
iilin of ita wisdom , lilalno returned to An-
guntaun the "l''lying ' Yunkoo. "
A Cum far Cliolora ,
LoNiiON , July 2. Advices from Toulon
stale five cases of cholera were cured byln-
lulling pnro oxygen , The effect of this Is Im
mediate and coimistH in restoring warmth to
the system , making the pulse normal , The
Times commenting on the curo.i. tays : "Nerv
ous persona may henceforth trust In the exist
ence of a euro for cholera. Thu academy of
modiclno ought to oiriulro Into the oxygen
treatment. "
UOSIK , July' ' . Tlia guards at Vlntlmhvlla ,
on the Italian frontier , ara stopping refugees
from Marseilles from panning Into Italy.
llLX'JUHEHT , July J. The port of Mangolla ,
on thu Dluck sea , U closed to vo < < sola from
Vionch mndftirrnncanTorti. . At Kiilond an
SMIim such veisols arofi'ibjoct to eight dayi
I'AIIIM , July 2" Tlio gorornor of Jaljro
tolrgraph there la no o | > l'loTilo thoro. Jlo
twoon last night and thU morning' there wcr
Iivo cholnrtJdpaths InToulonaitd two deaths I
Marseilles last night , The rcpxirto of choler
at Lyomi sro dmilod. Tha saiiiCMy condlttoi
of that city l excellent.
Ho Kills Ills llrothcr , In Tmprfaonci' '
for Tjlfo mill Suicides.
July 2. Col. llobort AC.
Oootlwln , conlined in utato prison at JolTar-
lonvtllo , committed imtcida thin morning
by taking p iwn , Mr. Hootlwlii
dissipated man nnd about five yonni go Ills
reUtives placed him In an insane asylum as are
ro tr inii > g moasiiro. Ho was roloaurd in May
JWO. w l few ilaj-R later while intoxicated
killed hln brother , Dr. John Goodwin , at
Ilrookvillc. Tim only rcanon for the liomicido
wes n suspicion tlmt the doctor had been in-
Hlnimental In having-him tent to tlio nsylum.
Ho wss tried for murder nnd sentenced to
> tate prison for life , which nontonco was at
fhmed liy the supreme court. Thu xupronin
court was then ackod to grant a rehearing of
the case , and a decision was given last Satur-
lay overruling tlio application on the ground
hat voluntary intoxication was no lalliattvo !
or crime. The snicido followed ,
A Ntiinbor brNotnblo Mttsiunl 1'cojilo
liOiivo ftir
oUK , July 2. An immcnsa crowd
uscmbled on the steamer Mlbn and on the
tlerof thu North German Lloyd In Ifoboken
o-day. The npeclal attraction was in the
inrsons of a number of iioopla famous In tlio
uuslciil world , amoug them Tlioodoro Thomas ,
Mr , iindAIra Gi-orgo Hen clr \ , Miss Kmiim
nch , If err Scaria Iforr Winkolmann and
'ran Matorna. Thmnna is going to Swltzer-
and to it-st , and will also nttund the perform-
nuco of "I'atisfal" at Dayrouth. Christine
Ndsson also sniletl for Kun > pu to-day. Many
ivnons on the pier bftdo her bon voyage" .
" \Vnnlilniitm Not on.
The houno commltteii on elections has do-
clde < l to rccousidor the action in the contested
ih-etion IOKO of Fredcrldka VH , Wilson , of
"own , and tlio latter goutlemnn will retain
ho seat ,
Charles It. X no , Illinois , cliiof justice of
ho territory of Utah.
.Tno J. Newton , postmaster at Valdosta ,
Francis A , Jonea , postmnslur at liomcnt ,
Chnp , W. Hawert , imstnuistor at Hock
stand , Illinois. _
A O , It , & ( J , Iowa Cut.
8r. LOUIH. July 2. It is assorted tlmt thu
C.,1) , ) . & Q. 11 11 has cut rates to all Iowa
mints to eight cents POP hundred. This ao-
Ion is paid to havn prawn out of certain rolu-
loni of thn Wub.ish to tbu Central Iowa
iool , tlio ] iarticulars of which notbucii ) ititdu
niblio hcie. It is not known whether the
Vabash will meet thu cut ,
AHSOUAK , July 2. It in rumored that
2,000 Arabs attacked and captured Dobbeh
> y nsHiult It Is Bald 3,000 ut tlm gtrrmon
, nd Inlmbilatita wore klllad. The imulr | of
) ougola and n number of olHccrH have ( touo In
ho direction of Dobbeh , with what object it
s not known.
A Ilnilroad 1'roHidont Hilled.
CINCINNATI.July 2. This afternoon as a
rain on the Cincinnati & Eastern road was
crossing a trestle aver a ravine east of Win
chester , W , K McGIll , president of the mad ,
ell from the door of tlm baggngo car lo the
ground , n distance of CO feet , and was instant-
y killed.
A Dead Duby at a Itnuy Farm ,
NKW YOHIC , July 2. Mr * . Word , keeper of
lie uptown nurHory , notified the policu to-day
f the death of Alnbol Louisa IJakor , n nix
uonths old child. This is the nlacu styled via-
oixlay a _ baby farming catabllshment , The
authorities are investigating it.
Tlio AVontlior To-iluy.
WAHHINOTON , Juno 2. Var the Upper
iIiHiieniiji | | : ( iunorally fair east to south winds
and stationary tomporature. For the Mis-
ouri Yalley : 1'air , prccnded In uxtromu nor-
hern parts by local showers , Honlherly winds
and stationary temperature.
Gliolarn's llavnccH.
MAIISIIH.I.KH , July 2. Four deaths from
holera here diirlngtho21 hours onJed at U p ,
u. to-day.
TOUI.ON , July 2. SI < deatlia from cholera
toro bctuoun ! ) a. m , aud 7 p. in. to-day.
Dr. IiiKnllri ot KnnsnH.
Wu.t.lAliHTOW.v , M aan. , July 2. Williams
collegolunconfericd the dcgreo of L. L , 1) .
ipon United States Senator Ingalls.
StOOO. .ven
iralum , or liny Injurious Mibsiunt-escuii bo Joniul
In Andrews' i > eurl Ualtln Voynlor. , Is j *
'Ivi'lrr'URH. ] ! t'Iiiien < lort > eilanltcbllmonlnli
reci'ivcd Irom xuoli cliuinlnliasH. Dnun Hays , Ilo *
ton ; JI , Delafontiiliu- Chicago ; and -
llode , Milwaukee. Novcrmld In bulk.
ta 287. ia'j&i."Jl K. Water8tt
It is Soi .vjliflW . UD in New
York anil Chicago yesterday ,
Wheat Gains Fully a ( font , Over
the Previous Day.
Oattlo in Better Demand and1 with
Steadier Prices.
Chicago Hog Mon Still at Onis
Over the Dookago Question ,
3ie Now York Stook Market Lossr
Aotivo but Strong ,
loportoil ICCBlKimtlon of Manager
Clark , or tlio V , 1' . Tom Potter
Named to Suucood Him ,
HAUCM uuvritrcmi VALUES
Special Dispatch to TUB DEE ,
OIIIOAOO , .Tuly 2. Trading was on a inoru
estrictcd ncnlo to-day , mid value. * firmer.
Vheat closed fully nccnt over the latest quo-
allons of yesterday. Thu feeling In
VA.H Ktcadior , and the BhorU ghoucd nn in-
linntlou to cover. Thu ndvaiica In Walt
.root had a strengthening clTcct. August
[ wed on the regular board at SSJc. , but rose
o-Sfio. on tliu afternoon board ; September
losing nt 87c , nnd October , 88c. There was
moderate trnda in corn , niid tlio feeling was
rinor. The market opened J toc , higher ,
oodlly advanced J over Inuidu quotation * ,
nctaatcd nnd closed at ( Jc. over yesterday.
n the nf to 110011 board puces again advanced
to go. July cloning at 51j ; August at G3gc ;
eptembor at 53gc.
The market wns firmer , and a fair demand
listed. Tlio latest quotation ] were 273 f < W
uly ; 127 for August ; 'M { for September.
Pork Quiet , but firmer , closing at 10 GO fcr o
Thciu wna a fair demand for all good sortu
iy shippers and dressed beef operators , and.
iricoi ruled steady nil around on fair to good
ut cattlo. KcccipU to-day are inodcrato and
irici-H steady with a steady demand. There
H mom inquiry for Htockcin and feeders and
nora business doing , but price ) yet remain
iw Common Boris and imtlvo butchers
lock continue to neil at very low figures.
hipping , l.L'OO to 1.-150 pounds , 0 10@U CO ;
oinnion to medium ; 1,200 to 1,003 pound * ,
10@G 00 , gross Texan * , 710 to 000 pounds.
ooesn10. .
There in Httlo or no change to note In thl *
imrlcot. Trada oprneu quiet and steady , and
irlcvs opened atamt the n ma on yesterday.
iales were at ! 00 to 4 70 for skips and throw-
outs , 0 OJ to C SO for assorted light , and 5 00
a 0 40 tor packers and shippers. Tim market
clojod steady , and about all Hold , Tiia stmgglo
over the dockage and ' shrinkage qucttion ton *
Imies. Thu salesmen seemed Hatistiod with
ho situation , yet It cannot be denied but that
number of hugs are being xold the old way ,
ml that n good many salesmen are throwing-
ut objectionable animals. Light , 160 to 210
bs. , 4 80 to 5 : IO.
jioclal Dispatch to TllH Bleu.
Nuw YOHIC , July 2. The stock market has
men lew ) ivctivu to-day , but strong , although
lore is a lessened feeling of tlio confidence
mt had been fult for a few days previously.
'ho fact , la , that the bulls ara resorting to
10 rumor committed , which sort of tactics
Hiially precedes a break. Trading la purely
irofoisioiial , and the oatildo public has not
ot como In ,
j out with another of his nowspacor bull in-
erviowj , and davoted himself niuinly to Lake
horoand partly to Northwestern , Then it in
nnouncrd that ha has taken up and paid for
ver llftean thousand shares of Lake Shorct
vlthin n week. The stock wont up ! per
cut. , but dropped back - per cent , when the
Vundorhllt luokoiH and the weak short
topped buying. NorthwcHtern common sold
ip over 'I per cent , and lout only fractionally.
inter in the day preferred stock jumped uj
1 per cent. , and fell elf only i per cent.
K attributed to tin ) buying for the pool which
ms been formed It In said , to taku a big block
f stock , and bought over twenty-llvu thous-
ind aharcH to-day , The preferred was espoc-
ully strong , because thcru was no little iloat-
ng Htock in the market , it being hn duo largo-
y for investment. Now Yorv. Central in 1 ] :
) Uttcr tliini yt'Htcnlay. The grangers are all
trduR , llllnoiH Ccntnil Belling Vi better and
lurlinglon & ( juincy 1 | . The tiould Blocks
lave been inoroquiot. with Hinaller cbangua ,
Jnion 1'aeilio waa bulled up two points by the
ivoring of ulna In , and lost onu-hnlf tlio jam
n a very brief tlmo in the afternoon. It m
aid that the now pool In LackawaiuiA ooeo-
lated largo loans again to-day which indicates
v further attack upon that stack , but it has
old up H per cent to-day. The ntory that
11 health JIM decided
H. if. ir , OLAIUC
o resign the general management of the Union
. 'aclflo will received to-day , and nupplamentod
iy tliu Htory tlmt the ploco bad been tendered
"Tom" I 'otter , of the Darlington , with a Btu-
ponduoiiH tiilary , There is , aa usual , no foun
dation for thcBo rumor * .
IMiiilHtor IjOWoH's Condition ,
LONDON , .Tuly 2 , The general condition of
fillister Lowell la liuproved , but ho decided
; 9Ktvoup his uutlciputod Fourth of July
linncr ,
1'rloo of 1'ouoo.
PAHIH , , I uly i. . It la reported that Franco
lomanda COO,000CX ( ) francs of Chlnu aa immu-
dtv for violation of the Fmuco-Chlnoao treaty
t LaDgson.
5eeaW ) { : arjto