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Omaha Office , No. 010 FiirnMn Bt.
Council Btnrra031co , No. 7 Tcmrl St. ,
-Street , Near Broiulwny.
Now York Office , Iloom 05 Trllinno
Bonding. _
Pnbllsbed Terr trornlnjr'except Btmd j < Th
nl ) Monday morning dally.
Oat Tear . 110.00 I Three Months JJ.OO
SIxHoruM . fi.OO | One Month. 1.00
Pet Week , , ZS Cents.
nans rosrrAtn.
One Tear W.OO I Three Month I M
BU Months. 1.001 Ono Month . „ SO
American News Oompany , Bet Agcntf , Ntwtdeal
ll Ia the United States.
AH Cotrmranloallons relating to New andEdltorU
natters thouldbe addressed to the KDITOR or Tni
All Bralnem Letten Und Remittance * shontdtb
ddremed to Tnn Ii rutuimno CoiirAitT , QMAIIA
Drafts , Checks and Portsfllco orders to tOnade pay
able to the order of the companr.
, E. ROSB\7ATER. Editor.
A. n.Fltch , Manager Dally ClrouUUon P. 0. , Boz
4S3 Omaha , Neb.
LOUISVILLE has turned back the hand
of progress by abandoning standard time
double pay. Ho will receive in addition
to his pay as councilman the salary of the
.mayor. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
THE demand for fireworks in the
Omaha wholesale houses has bffOn vary
extensive this year , which allows that
the country propose to celebrate , not
withstanding the financial collapse in
Wall street.
aa it may eccm , it is becoming
ing quite fashionable to indict defaulting
bank presidents for obtaining money
under false 'pretenses. If convictions
follow , a largo number of able financiers
will bo retired for a few years from
active business.
Mucit ado about nothing the ado
which Congressman Valentino yesterday
made about MoAdoo'a speech I'/tila-
dcfphta Call.
As this was the greatest effort of our
Vol's life in congress , such flings are
very cruel.
OUR special dispatches from Chicago
"bring iho news that "a slim young man ,
beardless and wearing well-fatting clothes
and eyo-glisscs , opened Mr. Iloswoll P.
FJowor's boom at the Grand Pacific. "
Mr. Flower has evidently engaged a Now
York dude a dandelion , or a sun-flower
purhaps as a boom.opcnor.
TUB absurd practice of appointing a
special committee to notify candidates
that they have boon nominated should bo
abolished. A note from the chairman of
a convention would bo sulliciont Den
ver Opinion.
What would bccomo of Church Howe ?
If this suggestion were adopted , his occu
pation would bo gono.
JOHN L. SULLIVAN has at last boon
.knocked out. Whisky did it. His ine
briated condition at Madison Square , and
his failure to have a sot-to with Mitchell ,
completely disgusted the 0,000 persons
who paid their money to see the match.
Boston is in deep mourning over the disgrace
grace- that has overtaken her most emi
nent citizen.
THE notorious Harry Hill , keeper of
ono of the lowest dives in Now York , ap
plied to the oiciso oommusionors for a
liquor license for his place the other day.
Objection was made by Ilov. Dr. Howard
Crosby on the ground that Hill kept a
disorderly house. Hill and several of
his friends testified that his place was
orderly. The commissioners reserved
their decision. When did an Omaha
minister over appear before the license
"board to put in an objection to license
being granted to the keepers of low dives
in this city 1
MAYOU MUUMIKY'H first appointment
trill bo a successor to Mr. Joseph Barker
on the board of public works. Our now
mayor , wo learn , is to appoint Mr. Chirk
"Woodman to this important position. Ho
could scarcely make a bettor choice.
Mr. Woodman fanks among our most
enterprising and successful business men ,
Ho is active , level headed and indepen
dent. Ho is eminently qualified for the
placo. If Mayor Murphoy'a appoint
nionts will all bo of nuch n high character
Ha administration will bo heartily SUE
ainod by the community.
There is something unutterably path
etic in the fate of Two Standing , a noted
bravo of the Omaha tribe , who died in
ono of our city hospitals lost week and
was buried in Potter's Field. His
name was a decoration won by personal
valor , ho and another warrior being the
only two left standing at the cleso of a
deiperato battle in which a party of Sioux
-were defeated. Ho came to Now York
with a show troupe , and being taken
kick was abandoned to hii fate. Alone
and among strangers ho passed away to
iho happy hunting grounds of his fathers ,
and the rod warrior found no white man
to give him a burial worthy of hio deeds
and name. Ho was only an Indian a
vagabond in the land where his fathers
n d boon kings. New York JUeroury.
In the days of Fennimoro Cooper this
* incident would have furnished the foundation -
ation for a novel. But the cruel fata
and untimely taklng-off of ono of
Buffalo Uill's Indians does not oven draw
. * tear inthis matter-of-fact age , aud oven
out weat , where the Indian ! known the
beat , an impression prevails that the
lieroio braves of Buffalo Bill's tribe faro
better , lrea more comfortably , and get
more fire-water , than the kings of the
Cannibal islands. Two Standing is moro
comfortable lying in the Potter's Field
ikau hanging in the top of a tioo or
resting on a high hill to bo oaten by
wolves and vultures.
IT LAB generally been auppoaed thai
. -documents on file in public officer , and
jwrticularly the p pe CJei b the cffl-
oca of clerks of courts , rroro always opor.
x > public inspection , and that the CT
tonls of papers so filed were the ro
orty of the public BO far M the ma'.tor ' of
news is concerned. But the supreme
court of MassachusotU takes & different
view , and ono which will bo received with
considerable surprise by the proas of the
country. A petition was filed in the
county clerk's office at Lowell for the removal
moval of ono Cowloy from the bar , and
the lloston Herald published this poll
tion , or the unbalance of it , as a
matter of nows. In doing this it
simply followed the usual custom of
newspapers. Cowloy sued the Jlcrahl
for libel , but ihlpllcrald pleaded privil
ege and the superior court sustained the
defense and throw the case out of court.
Cowloy carried the C&HO to the supreme
court on exceptions and the supreme
court has just ruled that papers on file
in the o (11 ( ccs of the clerks of courts are
not open to public inspection and thai
newspapers "cannot sotjup privilege as
a defense in a libel suit after publishing
an ox-parto statement of a case taken
from file in the oflico of the -clerk , '
although "thoy are protected
from libel in reporting cases actually
on trial. " The opinion of thi
court WAS unanimous. The Springfield
Republican calls this a no w and ingonioui
way of muzzling the press in Massachus
otts. In commenting on the remarkable
decision the Jlcpubllcan says :
If the supreme court refuses to sustain
the privilege of a journal to print an ox-
parto statement from the clerk's record ,
suppose a newspaper chose to print only
ono side of the case , when actually
brought to trial ? This doctrine clearly
renders every newspaper liable for print
ing a list of the grand jury's indictments ,
charging citizens with all sorts of heinous
crimes on "ox-parto statements taken
from papers on file in the oflico of the
When the national republican convention
vontion had concluded its work , every
loading democratic paper and poll
tician in the United States expressed the
utmost confidence in the triumphant oleo
tion of a democrat 03 thosuccossor of Presi
dent Arthur. Thonominationof Tlldonand
Hondrloks by acclamation was rogardjd
as a foregone conclusion , and it was generally
orally conceded that the only work loft
tor the national convention was simply
to ratify on July 8 what the democracy
had resolved upon before hand , in every
state and territory in the union , regard
less of faction. Tildon's
letter of declination fell upon
the party like a thunder clap from n clorir
sky. While it was generally known that
the oracle of Qrammorcy was a physical
wreck f ow were prepared for the absolute
refusal to accept the nomination under
any circumstances. Upon recovering
From the fearful shock every democratic
nock was 'craned to got a gllmpsa of the
man that Now York would put forward as
a candidate , the generals upposition being
that the man named by the Empire State
would bo accepted as the inevitable
choice of the party.
The Saratoga convention assembled
and was heralded abroad as a harmonious
gathering. Grover Cleveland waa rooog-
nizod as the political legatee of the Ci
pher Alloy Mummy. It wai given out
that Cleveland had secured moro than
two-thirds of the entire delegation , aud
under the unit tulo the vote of Now
York waa sure to bo east for him.
Whether or not this will prove correct , it
ia certain that a storm has been gathering
in Now York , which must render Cleve
land's nomination decidedly hazardous.
John Kelly , and his Tammany ,
bravea have dug up the tomahawk
and are flourishing it in a
fierce and warlike manner , while
the anti-monopolists are waging a
fierce war upon the aristocratic executive
of the Empire State. On the other hand ,
the independents and republican bolters
have espoused the cause of Cleveland ,
agd point to him as the only democrat
who can got their active aud undivided
support. While this promised ra-inforco-
mont from the disgruntled republicans
would bo very welcome immedi
ately after the Chicago coiivun
tion , it in very embarrass
ing to Cleveland just now. The friends
of other candidates point , with a great
deal of force , to the fact that Olovclaml
seems to bo moro popular with the inde
pendents aud republicans in his own
state than with the democrats.
The democratic dissensions in Now
York have given an impetus to the
boomers of rival candidates in every soo-
tion of the country. That domocratio
FalstalT , Bon Butler , is marshalling his
million of ragamuffins for the fray , and
his lieutenants swear tlmtrho is the only
democrat who is euro to beat Blaine in
not only the doubtful states of the east ,
but on the Pacific coast. Hoadloy is being -
ing nursed with a great deal of tender
care in Ohio by Johnny McLean , while
Thurman , who heads the Ohio delegation ,
proposes to play the role of Qarfiold.
Joe McDonald comes to the front with
the solid vote of Indiana , but the fact
that Houdrioks heads the delegation does
not augur well for Joseph. The tail of
the old ticket will have his own light *
ning rod hoisted lu the convention. Thq.
mighty state of Delaware Is a unit for
the Chevalier Bayard , who is llablo to
divide the vote of Now York with Olavu-
land , Pennsylvania will present Mr.
tlaudnll upon a pig-iron high protection
platform , Flower will bo on hand with
Ids "bar'l.f Then there are the usual
number of dark horses in the back
ground , each hoping to loom up at the
proper moment oo the only Moses that
can save the party.
At the eleventh hour a number of res
urrectionists are at work endeavoring to
revive the Graminoroy paralytic , and
force him upon the convention oven if ho
lias to bo carried through the campaign
iu a coflm.
Bush aVuxto of unrest and uncertainty
A week before the national convention
would Boom to hardly justify the prcdic
tions made immediately after the nomi
nation of Blaine and Logau that the donv
ocratio party had a walk away. On the
contrary , the bitter and factional contest
that is sure to bo precipitated at Chicago
next week is llablo to culminate in ono
of those magnificent blunders for which
the domocratio party is noted. All eyes
are no IT turned to Chicago. The tally
shoots must remain blank , and wo shall
not bo surprised if the mountain , after
an immense amount of painful labor ,
brings forth a mouso.
Persons who have attended the Guthrie
rio trial in the district court ; must have
received the impression that witnesses
are treated by the lawyers in a manner
that is anything but courteous. They
worry a witness in every conceivable way
and instead of assisting him to toll
plain straight-forward story , as ho really
desires to do , they persist in their efforts
forts to entangle him in his statements ,
and raako htm contradict himself. It
would scorn that the attorneys take it
for granted that the witness goes on the
stand determined to give false testimony ,
and they at once begin subjecting him to
all storts of vexatious and irritating qucs
tions , many of which are otton insulting
and would not bo tolerated by the victim
for a moment outside of the court room.
The vexing and bulldozing of witnesses
are practices that are often carried to
extremes. Some lawyers seem to think
that a witness has no rights which ho is
bound to respect. They are altogether
too presumptuous , nnd'tho sooner such
attorneys learn to bo polite and gentle
manly to a witness , and take it for
granted ho is tcllincr the truth , until ho
is proven to bo owoaring falsely , the bet
tor it will bo fur them , and the higher
they will bo esteemed by the public. An
eminent French writer in a work entitled
"Public Llfo in England , " commented
upon the English methods of examining
witnesses , and the remarks apply equally
< m well to the American method , The
writer says :
"Thoso witnesses are not requested , as
before our tribunals , to state spontane
ously all they know of the circumstances
of the caso. * * *
They only reply to specific questions
which are put to them in turn by the
counsel. This ia called examination and
cross-examination. There are few cus
toms so scandalous in the judicial cus
toms of civilized people. The interest
aud aim of each advocate being to ox1
tract from the witness otatoments ns ftv
vorablo as possible to his own thooryjnny
moans seem good to him in order to ar
rive at his object. Questions the most
insidious , the most indiscreet , * the most
annoying , are authorized by custom. It
follows as a mat/tor of course that the
most cutting manner , the least migivings
are maliciously accentuated. While the
French law takes it for granted that every
man ought to bo believed on his word
of honor , the English law , on the con
trary , seems to assume that every affirm
ation made in court may bo a priori sup
nosed to bo untrue. A dbplorablo legacy
of the times , not BO long ago , when pro
fessional false witnesses made themselves
known to pleaders in Westminister Hall
by fixing a straw in their shoo. However -
over that may bo , the part played by the
unfortunate victim implicated , in no
matter how small a degree , in the case is
almost intolerable. Should his physiog
nomy , his private life , his name , his pro
fession , his dwelling place lend them
selves in the least degree to ridicule for
oquivocno , the enemy attacks him in the
weak point with cruel joy. The public
laugh , the witness gets rod and pale , and
finally loses his countenance. Happy
still , is ho , if the judge docs not add to
Ills torture by omitting some safe and pro
fessional joke at his expense. Neither
the search for truth nor the majesty of
justice has anything to gain by such ox
iiibitlons. "
Tun question naturally arises who is
to bo mayor of Omaha from novr until
the end of the unoxpirod term of Champi
on S. Ohaso , The succession is definite
ly fixed by the charter. Section 11 of
the charter provides that the election of
officers shall hold for two years , com
monoing on the 11 rat Tuoaduy succeeding
their oloctoi ! > , niul they shall hold thoirofli
cos until their successors nro elected and
qualified. Section 10 provides that the
city council shall have power to elect ono
of their own body president of the coun
cil , who shall preside at all meetings of
the council , and in his nbsonco to olcct
ono of their own body to occupy his place
temporarily , who shall ba styled noting
president of the council , and the pros !
dent oc acting president , when occupying
the place of mayor , shall have the same
iiowors as the mayor , and shall have the
same rights and privileges as ether mom
jors of the council.
Snotion 71 say * that when any vacancy
shall happen iu the oflico of mayor by
death , resignation , absence from thn city ,
removal from oflico , refusal to qualify or
otherwise , the president of the council
'or the time being shall oxorclso the of-
ice of mayor , with all the rights , privil
eges , and jurisdiction of the regular
nayor until euch vacancy bo filled , or
such disability removed ; or in case of
temporary absence , until the mayor shall
return ; and during that time ho shall receive
coivo the same compensation that the
mayor would bo entitled to , the same to
jo deducted from the salary of the mayor.
The existing vacancy In the oflico of
mayor caused by the removal of Cham
pion S , Chase , will , therefore , bo filled
y the president of iho council , Mr ,
Murphy , until it is filled by election.
Now , the only way to fill the oflico by
election , prior to the regular city eloo-
ion to bo hold in April , 1885 , would bo
through a special election ordered by the
acting mayor and council , Section 15
of the charter provides that the mayor
md council shall have authority to pro
vide for filling Buck vacancies at may
occur iu the officw of couucilmen and
mayor , or other oloclivo ofil.cs o ! the
city by calling a special election for that
The council having BO far failed to pro
vide for filling such vacancies by ordi
nance it remains entirely optional with
that body to do BO now or to allow the
office of mayor to remain vacant until the
regular election in April next. Ono
thing the council should do without de
lay. The charter requires the election of
an acting president of the council who is
to take the place of the president of the
council in case of a temporary vacancy
caused by his nbsonco or any disability.
It is obvious' that provision should bo
made for any possible contingency.
Ulnlno'n First Campaign.
Washington Letter In Sanl'rancisco Bulletin.
Now that Blaine is the nominee there
Is no end to the good stories that are be
ing related of his boyhood , Congress
man Pusoy1 , of Iowa , who wont to nchool
with him in Washington county , Pa. ,
tolls an anecdote illustrating the spirit
which has not only made him the great
est man in America but at last brought
him within a stop of the white house.
At school the Plumed Knight was
called "Nosey Blaine , , ' in consequence of
his prominent proboscis which ia still his
only homely feature , aud the boys ,
among wjiom ho w always a loader ,
physically and intellectually , were very
fond of making fun of him. Blaine ,
however , never lost hla temper. Ono
day "Nosoy" conceived Ufa Idea of being
president of the lititrary society to which
many of his schoolmates belonged , aild
ho made a rapid canvass of the field
There waslbut ono candidate against him.
who withdraw at once when ho heurd
Blaine was in the contest. Only ono ob
jection could bo urged against young
Blaine , ho was the bout dubator in the
society , the biggest boy and the brightest
scholar. Coming to Pusey ho disclosed
his ambition.
"Why , Nosey , " said Pusoy , "of
course I'll help you ; but you can't fill
the place. "
"Can't ' fill the place ? " exclaimed
Blaine , astonished at Pusoy's ' lack of
confidence , "whynot ? "
"Because you don't know anything
about parliamentary law. You can't preside -
side without a good knowledge of points
of order and things. "
The young candidate , euro enough had
overlooked this qualification , and was
somewhat abashed to reflect that what
Pusey said was probably truo. But suddenly
donly brightening up ho said ; "I'll fix
that mighty quick. The election is to
morrow. I'll commit Cusbing's Manual
to memory to-night.1 '
And Pusoy says ho did it. Before day
light next morning , ho know every im
portant part of Cushing by heart , and
within a week wai an authority
on parliamentary law. These who
remember Blainp'a remarkable mas
tery of parliamoutnay law while
speaker of the house , and the won
derful facility with which ho unraveled
the most intricate questions Of order ,
will easily credit Puaoy's story. His
memory of principles , dates , names and
facts , naturally Strong , has boon culti
vated until it ia more remarkable than
his gonuis for leadership and command.
Corn In Dakota.
The Rural Now Yorker.
\Vi 1 corn ripen in southeastern Dako
ta , is a question often asked , but not
very satisfactorily answered , The truth
must bo told the crop has heretofore
had but indifferent success. There are ,
however , reasons why it has been so.
The greater , number of those . who have
. * * * *
* * * '
tried it have done So * on the eod , imine-
Even wheat , the plant that , always
grows best in Dakota , < | does 'btifc ' poorly
when so treaded. Irf.the ldrfr. 'settled
parts I'havo soon it.grSp oni.old. , groumJ-
and I question .vory.jSw'chi.jwhether it
would not compare favorably with , any
growth in Minnesota , Michigan or Wis
consin. Another reason why it has boon
unsuccessful is the fact that the right
kind of seed has not boon used , Nearly
every ono who has como hero brings with
him some need which ho is sure will ripen
in Dakota. All Imagine they have got a
good thing , and keep the name a "deep
mystery" till well on in the season it
turns out an ignomiuous failure , and
than they exclaim :
"Why , I was euro thai would ripen
that was Canada Smut , " or some ether
sort , If people would give up their own
pot corn , and procure seed grown in the
stnto , plant it on old ground and culti
vate it , I would have no fear of the re
sult. Thin waa my first season here , so
my personal experience ia rather lim
ited. 1 did try some half dozen diflbront
kinds of corn on the sod , What did busf
with mo was a white dent , the seed 03
which 1 brought from Wisconsin. I wat
told hero it was not worth planting , as ib
would bo too latoinripening ; but I deter
mined to plant It , and it turned out just
the reverse of what they predicted. I also
Imd Sibloy's Pride of the North , which
\rii3 much puflcd all over the northwest ,
With tno it waa a failure , as was also a
yellow dent from Nebraska and a white
dent from northprn IOWA. Two varieties
of flint , the seed of which waa raised
hero , did well , but the prairie squirrels
were vorysovcro on thorn , An the result
of my experiments , aud from the experi
ence of older settlers , I have no doubt
an early eight-rowed yellow corn is the
proper kind for thia section , next to
which I should tike an early white dent.
Either of these , put in an old soil and
properly cultivated , would produce a
crop with as much certainty as in any
of the adjoining states.
Illulno as a Hand-Shaker ,
Blaine , says a Washington correspond
ent of the Cleveland Leader , is ono of
the best hand-shakers in public life. Ho
seizes your hand , gives It a hearty uhako ,
and holds it firmly ami rather confiden
tially while ho is talkl'jg. Here at Bel-
laire he waa shaking hands from the bo-
ginniug to the eud of his visit , and
crowds gathered around the depot anx
ious to give him a parting look or shako
before the train left. Ho was sitting in
the car by the window and shaking the
liauda of those on the platform ouUido ,
when among others , a very pretty Vir
ginia girl came up. Blalnu seized her
uand with his hearty grip. Almost in
stinctively and at almost the same mo
ment , an old frioud of hla engaged him
In conversation. Ho began to talk hold
ing to the girl's hand , aud not noticing , I
supposq. that It was not the hand of the
man to whom ho was speaking. After
about a minute the affair began to attract
attention. The girl attempted to pull
lior hand away gently , but Blaine , who
was engaged in an animated conversation
only tightened his grip and talked faster.
Attliigtho young girl's lover , who , with
lot face , hail boon standing back in the
crowd , came up and twitching Blaino'a
iloovo , pointed out to him what ho was
doing , Ho let go the girl's hand at once
with a word of apology and the bluahij
maiden was led awny Into the crowd.
The MadtsOn bank has been Incorporate
wlthn paid up capital of 950,000.
A stock company has been formed nt Pule
wann , with n capital of 815,000 , to erect am
operate n custom roller grist mill.
A petition for the appointment of lion
Geo. II , Ilnnd M judge of the new Fifth judl
clal circuit is belngclrculntod among the members
bors of tlio Qrant county bar ,
The board of education of Sioux Falls hoi
ordered n special election on Iho question o :
Issuing 810,000 in 7 per cent , bonds for the
purpose of bulldlnp n now school house , The
date of tha election is not yet named.
1'omblnn county people ar < > agitating the
fact that the county ia too largo and cumber
some nnd that division is wanted , The western
orn portion seeks division ss a matter of eel
interest , nnd the eastern portion will opposi
it pretty much on the same ground.
The Journal says thnt the Immigrants who
have passed through Rapid City thopreson
season looking for homos , nro mainly from
Missouri and Iowa , nnd have como well sup
piled with stock and agricultural Implements
prepared to settle upon the first good lam
found , nnd commcnco at once doing a part to
ward the development of the country.
The tax lovlod In Ohoyonno for the coming
year foots up $18,003
The residents of the unorganized Crook
county are preparing to organize.
Ths city council of Laramlo has approprlat
od $10.000 to bo expended in sidewalks.
A republican weekly paper , the llawlln. .
Tribune , will noon bo launched In that citj
with § 2400 in the treasury. ,
The camps ou Ilunnlng Water nro growing
and prospering. The now smelter commence !
running on the 1st. Iown ) two hundred foe
In the mines sorao very fine silver-bearing
quartz , which it is said ill yield § 500 , has
been struck.
The body of an unknown man , with bullci
holoa in hla hcail and neck , was louml on the
22d"on tha pralrlo ton miles fiom Fronrcn'g
ranch , on Powder river. The body was dressed
od in an ordinary suit of clothing. The fea
tures are not recognizable.
The assessment of Liramto county this year
Is estimated nt ? 8GOO,000 , which Is about
81,000,000 moro than the assessment of 1883.
The assessment on cattle Is made up on the
basis of 814 on Texas nnd § 15 on native , per
head. This is much lower than in some coun
ties , particularly In Carbon , where the rate is
$20 per head , Irrespective of class or age.
Loadvillo'a daily ere production averages
070 tons.
The Hopkins system of telephoning is bo
Ing introduced In Denver.
During the east winter , the Denver & Rio
Grande expended in snow shoveling $100,000
Trinidad has organized a $100,000 company
to develop tha natural resources in the
The last session of the criminal court ol
Denver sent cloven com lets to the pen , mostly
for robbery.
The floods in the rivers of the state have
caused a vast amount of damage to ininlnf
and other property. Georgetown lost S50,00 (
worth of property iu ono overflow.
Fourteen years ngo the 24th of June , the
first locomotive entered Denver. The track
was laid by the Denver Pacific company nnd
connected .Denver with the oasteru world ,
Uheyeuno being the eastern terminus of the
The ladles of the Denver unUorslty have
decided on n plan for raising an endowment
fund of § 30,009 with which to endow a pro
fessorship to bo held in perpotuo by women ,
as a supplement to the gifts of Mrs. Bishop
On the Arkansas river , In the neighborhood
of Buon.i Vista , above nnd below , will bo fat-
tcnod on nlfalfn a thousnnd hogs the present
season. The ex perhnent has been tried and
demonstrated a success. Loadvillo affords do-
slrablo market.
The largest ginlnfield in any country whore
Irrigation is a necessity , is that of Bon Katou ,
near Grooloy , in northern Colorado. Sixteen
hundred acres of waving grain , watered by
fifty miles of running utroatns , nro nowhere
else to bo seen.
The Denver & Now Orleans Is paying
wages , taxes nnd repairs on the co-operative
system. Every man who works for the road
Is working for himself. This makes every
braltemau fool as big as a director , nnd wear
high heels to his boots.
The Denver & Hlo Grande is ngain opened
to nil points , and if'there , are no washouts by
jvaterspoula the company will ba able to keep
the road open all season , as the water in the
streams has reached its highest point , nnd no
moro Eorious trouble is apprehended from that
An item is going the rounds of tha Eastern
proas to the effect that the Grand canon of
the Colorado is tha greatest whispering gallery
In the world. A train of cars crossing the
bridges at the Needless can bo plainly heard
at Cottomvood island , eighty-four miles dib-
tant. Tbo fifo nnd drum at Fort Mo Java can
bo hoard an equal distance , while the tunriso
gun at tha tnmo fort can bo heard nt a dlstanco
of ninety-six miles. A train of cars , fifes
and drums nud big guns are pretty able-bodied
Up to the present'tima about ona fourth of
the wool clip of the state , or 1,250,000 pounds
hiiSboon sheared and prepared for shipment.
The wool is in excellent condition , bettor than
was before known , us ono result , the nVces
welch from two to three pounds loss than in
former years , when dirt was a common iagrO'
diont. The whole clip of the state la now OH
tlmated nt 5,000,001) pounds , worth , nt If )
cents per pound a fair average price § 700 ,
Pueblo furnishes n text for n sermon on the
beneficial results of boor drinking. The worV.
men engaged In Iiilldlugtli3 | large brick smoke
ttack fur th > Colorado & Now Knglaud smeltIng -
Ing works had reached tha last course of the
etructm-o ou the "Glh. The foreman decided
to "set "om up" for the boys ' nnd sent for n
kogofbeor. The last hod of mortar nud the
last brick had boon drawn up , when ono of the
hands proposed to go down and tup tha beer.
All agreed and tha five workmen decoudod
and , uccoinpnnlcd by the ground hands ; on-
toroil a small building near by nud wore mak
ing merry with the foaming glassoj , when lo ,
nnd boholtll it crn'h rout the air , the boya
jazod upon nn Ill-jhap 'demoko stack , nnd a
very untlattcrlng result of nearly two months
liard litbor. The stack wai M5 feet high aud
contained 305,000 bricks , The loss is ostl-
runted at $3,500.
Helena claims a population of 10,000
Conductor Frank Edwards was killed on
Lho Utah k Northern recently , near Glen Sta
tion. Thirteen curs were dlched.
Bullion shipment from Butte for the week
ending June 21 , was $97,000. During the
tame time 203 car loads of ore and matte were
shipped from tbo Butte depot.
It cost Mr , Cole $ n,000 to got his circus fa-
clrs out of jail In Montana. They robbed
lot wisely but to well , and the money chang-
ng acrobats were pulled in every town.
The total lands sold by the Northern Pacific
n Montana to data amount to 130,000 nnros ,
Of this quantity 73,000 luve I'eoij sold at the
ninlmum price of ? 2.CO , n d 67,000 at nn nv-
rage prlco of 31.76 , the avaraja prioa par acra
of the whole quantity sold being § 3.00.
Money Is tight and hard to got in Ban Fran ,
ctsco , owing to the demands of the wheat
[ rowers ,
The police In Sail FranpUco have declared
var on the toy pintols nnd ether Fourth of
luly explosives.
Grasshoppers [ attacked a vineyard near
. 'rUco last week. The army numbered several
ullllous but they were successfully fought by
nail of young turkey gobblers that routed
hem in two days.
In sinking an nrtonlan well on the Insane
kaylutu grounds , nt Stockiton , a gut well has
> eon struck and the probabilities are that the
pai will bo usud for lighting purponoa ou the
; rouiids.
1) , 1 * . Commadlch , of Los Angeles , has
> ocn troubled with niusea for tome months
and last \ \ cok ho expelled from his stomach a
stranga creatuio about three inches long ,
shaped like nucelvlth a mouth like that of
mucker. The head had a smooth crown on ,
wh'ch ' were darkened Hncr , n perfect facM
slmlla of h Ir on the human head , M it Ap
pears whan a person emerges from a bath ,
with huir matted down with heavy * a water.
Ths creature is n'curiodlty. especially In its
half human , half fish like head.
The British Ooliimbh ( nlmon pack this sea
son Hill not exceed 00,000 cases.
The lied Kock country , cast of Verde ,
Arizona , Is fast settling up with farmers and
stock men ,
At a recent llzwln dance nt San Carlos , two
Indians were killed In a general free fight
among the Apaches.
A roillary exploring expedition tlmllar t * .
that under command of Lieutenant Schwatka ,
Is being organized at Vancouver , nnd will
start north shortly. The expedition will bo
under the command of Lieutenant Aborcrom-
A Clifton ( A , T. ) Clarion says : "Of the
C500 Indians belonging to the San Carlo1 * res
ervation the agent says there nro not moro
than n ecoro nbnont nt present. So mnny In
dians have not been on the reservation at ono
time for years.
The receipts of bullion and ere In Salt Lake
City for the week ending Juno 25th , Inclu
slvo , woio 5121,738.00 , of which SI 10.888OC
was bullion , nnd 84,830 oro. The locelpts o
the week previous were § 140,102.63 in bullion
nnd 55,001) in oro.
In Pincho , Utah , on the 10th , n slight shod
of earthquake , nt 8:10 : a. in. , shook up tin
town , moving from the west or southwest
Many ran out of their houses , but no ouo was
hurt. A sovcro shock occurred the next morn
ing at fctC , moving from the south nnd lasting
three or four seconds. It was sharp and wcl *
A Big Speculation.
Chicago News.
"Havo the express wagons como , my
dear ? " asked a board of trade man enter
ing his domicile.
"What express wagons ? "
"Why , I sent up four loads of presents
for you. "
"For "
mo ?
"Yes , for you. Forty-six new silk
dresses , twenty-seven boxes of gloves
eighteen bonnets , three cases of shoes , ,
two barrels of ice-cream , nnd oh , slathers
and slathers of nice things. "
"Why hubby , what dreadful , dreadfa
extravagance. "
"No ? xtravaganco nt all , my door. We
are rich fairly rolling in wealth. Well
that is , I moan wo are just going to
bo. "
"Why , what have you done ? "
"Bought jugs. "
"Jugs ? "
"Yes , jngg. Little scheme o1 my own.
Figured it all out myself. Great head ,
mine , my dear , oh ? Hadn't I better have
the band como up and serenade me ? "
"Jugs ? "
"Yaas , jugs j-u-double-g-s , jugs
jugs brown , jugs yellow , juga with han
dles , jugs without handles jugity jug ,
jug , jug , " and the joyous man grabbed
his amazed little wifu about the waisl
waltzed her around the room as ho sang.
"But , my darling , how can you make
money on jugs ! "
'How can I ? Strange you can't see.
But , then , you're a woman , ain't ye'
Well , you see , the prohibition law goes
into effect in Iowa at midnight , July 3 ,
and ah-h-hl Hero comes Alloyman , IJ
ho hoard mo speak the moro word 'jugs'
he'd see through the whole scheme. "
JJords of Industry.
San Louis Obispo Talisman.
The lumber market of the Pacific coast
is ruled by the California lumber ex
change , which is controlled by throe or
lour powerful firms. The prices of red
wood are ruled by the redwood manu
facturers' association , and those of pine
by the pine manufacturers' association.
The retail dealers have to sign contracts
with these associations to buy and sell
only'nt prices fixed by them. This is in
Imitation of the special contract system
of the Central pacific. Last July , Vanderbilt -
derbilt , Sloan , and ono or two others ,
owners of coal lands and coal railroadsmet
at Saratoga to make binding arrange
ments for the control of the coal trade ,
[ t was agreed to fix prices and to prevent
the proouictlpnof/too much coal by the
compbrary Suspension of-mining. These
are the means this combination used to
keep down wages , the price
of men , and keep up the price of coal ,
; ho wages of capital. There has been
since 1872 a national combination of the
manufacturers of stoves , and its effect ,
said the founder in his speech at the an
nual banquet at Cleveland last Fedruary ,
was to piaco balances on the right side of
the lodger. The match manufacturers
iormod a combination to fix prices , and
also the coal oil men. It was truly said
that the matches lighted the fire of com
bination coal in combination stoves , and
it is combination oil which the cook con
trary to orders puts on the fires to innko
them burn faster. The American Paper
Association aims to control the prices and
production of paper for newspapers nnd
sooka. The Western Woodwaro
Association dsscovorod last Decora-
aor that there were to many
; ub3 , paila nnd bowls , and
ordered its members to manufacture but
ono fifth of their capacity. The v/all-
paper raanufusturors have nn oath-bound
combination. Lost November the Nail
association ordered n suspension of the
nail machines for five * weeks , to the great
distress of uight thousand workmen , and
raised the prlco of nails ten cents per
keg. The Vulcan mill at St. Louis stood
idle for years , its owners receiving a
subsidy of § 100,000 yearly from the other
mills of iho combination for not making
n&ils with , however , no payment to the
men who were turned off. In April the
Cotton Manufacturers' association mot to
consider the evil of too much cotton
cloth. There nro combinations of man
ufacturers of sower-pipe , lamps , pottery ,
; lass , hoop-iron , shot , rivets , chains ,
screws , chairs , harvesting machinery ,
IV. I-1. Btoroj's Uoino.
Oath : I noticed In Chicago the caatlo
of Storey , the editor of The Timeswho ia
off in an asylum , they say , Bomowhoro
oast. As I "was riding out in the South
mrk yesterday I say this marble house
itandmg up within a few rods of the
> ark , and I asked : "What Institution is
hat ? " It had high towers running up
ive stories and waa apparently 200 foot
"That's noinstitution"said my Chicago
riond. "It's Storey's house. Ho proba-
) ly got the ground In pursuance of a job
o put through his park , jnd his mind
> oing already weak ho started to build ,
and with the tenacity of his whole char-
aeterho is determined to finish the house.
It is eaid that the profits of the Chicago
Times , which are again good , nro mainly
put into this mansion. "
Satdl ; "What in the name of God ia
t good for after it Is done ? "
"Why , " said my friend , "it is good for
nothing at all. Considering its history ,
nobody who could afford it would live in
t ; it is not fit for an Institution. "
As wo returned into Chicago my atten-
ion was called to a ladj hardly thirty-
ivo yearn old , who was sitting in a car-
lago behind two fine horses. "That Is
ilrs. Storey , " eaid the driver.
Dominion Dajr.
Tono.VTO , July . To-day , dominion day ,
Is observed thronglrut Canada as a luuld y.
you ftro botllorod n ° rly to
death with rheumatic twinges
or the pangs of neuralgia la no roasoD
why you should continue to suffer. Ex
periment with a good medicine. Try
Thomas' Ecloctrlo Oil. Recollect it is
otJAiUNTKED by every druggist. .Neural
gia and .Rheumatism never stood before-
us a man ° r
can , afflicted with toothache ,
earache , headache , backache , any ache ,
that has sought relief In Dr. Thomoa *
Eclectrio Oil to no advantage , and in re
turn wo will refer yon to thousands
similiarly affected whom this medicine
has restored and cured completely.
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la all their forms.
YOUNG MEN. who are euHorlnic from tha effects
of Youthful Indiscretions , would do well ta a\ail
themselves of this , the greatest boon over Ifttcl at the
altar of sutlcrlnz hununlty. Dr. Tanner uil auar-
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ness or Frlvata Disease , of any kind or character ,
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MIDDLE AGED MEN Muny men between the
aijeaotSOnno 00 , are troubled wlih a too frequent
desire to evacuate the bladder , olten accompanied
by atllsrht smaitlng and burning eongatlor , and a
weakening of the system in R manner that the pa
tient cannot account lor. On examining the urinary
deposits a ropy tcditncnt will often bo found , and
sometimes si all ] nrtlclcs of altumnn will appear ,
or tbo color will bo of a thin , mlUish hue , again
changing to a daik and torpid appearance. There are
many mm who dlo of this dlfflculy , Ignorant of the
cause. It Is the second stage of tcminal weakness.
Dr. Tanner will cuaranteo a pcnoct euro In a'l ' such ,
case , and a healthy restoration of the Oenlto urinary
Organs. Call or address ts above , Dr. Tanner.
The Steck is a Durable Piano.
19 Summer Resort
Of the Northwest , Detroit , Minn.
A country of WOODS AND LAKES , 100 miles west
ol St. Paul. Toree trains dally on the N. I' . R. 11. ,
with SO Day Excursion. Tickets at about one-half
An elegant house with accommodations for 200
guests. R. R. COLBURN , Proprietor.
All contestants for the 25 premiums aggregat
ing above amount , offered uy Ulacku clPs Dur
ham Tobacco Co. , must observe the following
conditions onwlilcU tlio premiums are to bo
awarded : All bncs must bear our original
Hull Durham label , U , 8 , Kevenuo Stamp , and
Caution Notice. The liacs must bo done up
securely In a pacVngo wliu name and address
of Bender , and number of bacs contained plain
ly marked on tlio outside. Charges must bo
prepaid. CbnleitcloieitfovtmbcrSOtn. Allpack-
nges should be forwarded December 1st , ana
must reacn us nt Durham not later ( Aon Decem
ber Ulh. No matter where you reside , tend
your pacXago , advise us by mall that you have
done so , and state the number of bags tent.
Names of successful contestants , with number
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JtORton , Herald : New York , IltraM ; Mil'adcl- '
phla , 3\men Durham , N. C. , * ; f * > " *
Cincinnati. .Eh-
New Orleans , Ttmti-Dcmocrat ;
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Chronicle. Address , . .
' TOBACCO .n * .
DuniuM , N. C.
Every genuine package ha picture of Hull.
* > -Eee our next announccmenU-SDft
THIS BELTorltegenra-e
tor Is nuula expressly for
the cure of derangement *
lot the generative organi.
iTh're U nomUtalie about
I this Instrument , the con
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' through the parti must res
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NEWB , , ,
trCa h paid for Rasi ol sJ
A victim ol early It > nOTTOQ
rramatara decay , eta/lTavlnV tric u In
ilneTenrkn rorordr , , leans - ul < lft , < , lB'.12
eans of wlf-cnru i , whlcl. : he ulll * end 1UUK to
rildre. * .