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TiB Fog-Horn of Anti-Monopoly Blow *
iDefopBnller ,
The Second Savior of Democracy
Doming to the Front in Person ,
The Massachusetts Mastadou will
bo Present at Ohioago ,
Programme of "Anti-Monopo
lists" to Secure His Nomination !
Snoker State Democrats Gather
To-Day at Peoria ,
All Indications Point to Garter
Harrison forGovenor ,
Morrison Will Wet Seek Instruc
tions for the Presidency ,
But Will Make Our Garter Strad
dle a Free Trade Platform ,
Tlower's Blooming Boom Arrives
Officially at Ohioago ,
Congress Yesterday
-it Several Important Measures
Special dispatch to THE BEE. . " " *
CHICAGO , July 1. There is a growing be
lief , as the democratic convention draws near ,
that Ben Butler's chances
are not by any
moans the most hopoloss. The General will
bo hero in person and with the two nomina Is
tions ho has already received his candidacy
will not bo in doubt , B. F. Shively , secretary of
the recent anti-monopoly convention which
.nominated him for its presidential candidate ,
has been at the Briggs house since the repub
lican convention adjourned. His duties have correspond with loaders of the antimonopoly -
monopoly movement with a view to perfect
ing organization in the various states and C.
preparing the party for an active campaign. and
All of his effort ? have had ono object , can
the nomination by the democrats of will
Mr. Shively gave an outline of the policy
which the anti-monopolists propose to adopt
in the presidential contest. On the 7th of the
July , a day before the democratic convention ,
100 representative of Gov
mon the party will as
semble hero , froii. all parts of the country plec
They will take up their headquarters nt the non
Brings House , nnd fling a number of banners Aci
. to the breezes. Then they will take off their and
.coats and go into the work for Butlor. Shive agai
ly says that , having nominated Butler , the
anti-inonopolUU will have no other candidate ,
f ho is not selected by the democrats for their isu
idard-boarer - - * . - " '
-i- mei
HE WILL is nuN ANr now ; says
land with the greenback and anti-monopoly and
leuppcrthe will poll a million and a half of
rates. "There la no doubt" aid Shivoly , The
'that ho will hold the balance of power in the upo
electoral college. It Is not our wish to put thin
t " the election of president into the hands of r > on CMt
, gross , but the possibility exists that the olccto-
iral vote may be divided between throe candidates -
' -dates that neither can secure the necessary to-n
.majority nnd congress will hnvo to elect. " Tan
"Having declared for Butler for president , tion
would you accept nnd vote for Cleveland and noli
"Butler if that ticket were nominated by the conl
" '
democrats ? 'lo
"Under no circumstances would antl-mo- '
nopolists have Cleveland at any price. Such . . .oil
a tiqket would bo ,
all the weight In the tall. It is impossibl o
to find a man who is lens acceptable to the
anti-monopolists than Cleveland. Ho was
elected governor of Novr York partly on nnti-
monopoly pledges which ho has not fulfilled. Itiict
Every official act of his during his term ns ocra
governor has shown that ho is playing into the gate
hands of our enemies. If Butler la nominated tion
by the democrats ho can carry Now York and Sntt
Now Jersey , beyond doubt , and place Illinois , SnttIi
Michigan , Massachusetts , lowafand Nebraska ovid
"If Butler nhould bo nominated by the are
democrats might they not adopt a platform com
which would not give satisfaction to your poo-
" ahaj
pie ?
"Butler would bo platform enough. Bo- 3rand
eldos the democrats are moro politic than to canii :
nominate Butler nnd adopt nu unsatisfactory
platform. That is not possible. They could
take a lefsou from republicans , who , recog is ox
nizing thu hold which Butler has of the nnti- of la
monopolists , boldly inserted an anti-monopoly porfi
plnnk In their platform as a bid for our votes.
But they will got very f o w anti-monopoly votes
if liutlerls nominated , because he -vill divorce
thousands of republican worklngmen. The W
independent republicans are not favorable to
Hutor ! , but if democrats permit a few dis- mblio
'contented purist * and self constituted nrch Jum
angels , who never go to the polls if It rains , to ury ,
uhapo their policy , they will bo dolnc'roino- eilve
thing they never did before. As between
Independent republicans and the anti-mono § ; 2'JO
polists and greonbackors I think the demo
crats have tense enough BOO that tha two 440. curri :
latter organizations are moro offacious at the 440.Tl
SAN FRANCISCO , July 1. A party numbering - greoi
[ ing thirty , representing the friends in this ordc
state of Judge Field , left this afternoon in a
lepi'ciid car t-i attend the democratic national It
( convention at Chicago. is not
f WASHINGTON , July 1. Fifteen or twenty of tl
[ democratic fouators intend to leave by special caucus
I train for Chicago Saturday morning , thould be c
congress not adjourn br Friday night. Thn dow
absentees , being paired with i opubllcans. will roac
l break the quorum nnd make the transaction of the :
L nil but "unobjectod" business , of which there
[ is very llttlo left , impossible. COI1H :
in m
LouiantiE , July 1. Blaine in expected and not
Aliens in tight or ten days to visit General mcceed
Blaine , ami they \\111 certainly come. Mr.
Blaine will on'y ' bo hero a day and night , and
will bo hanJsotucly entertained ,
AUOCSTA , Mo. . July 1. James O. Blaine
delivered tlio diplomat to the graduating
class at llnlloiiell clawical nnd dclentilic
academy thi 'aftonioon , accompanying the
ceremony with n brief review of the history
and progress of the institution. Blaine is
ono of iti founders and for many years wns
president of the boanl of trustees , llo goes
to Watorvillo to-morrow to atUnd the com
mencement exercises of Colby university ,
Special l ) ! pntch to TUB BKK ,
CUIOAQO , July 1 , A lim young man ,
beardless and wearing well fitting clothes and
eye glasses , opened Mr. IlosencllP. Flower's
boom at the (3 rand Pacific liotol this morning ,
It Is said of Flower ho never docs things by
halves. Ho hosi certainly observed this good
rule in the selection of his advance guard , for ,
though young ho is by no mentis n novice in
the intricate ) art of politics His name is 1) .
L Gibbons , nnd his position nt homo is that
of private secretary to Flower. This young
gentleman arrived at thu Pacific this morning
nnd at once engaged
where ho will bo found until after the conven
tion. To a News reporter ho said that though
ie had been in Chicago ouly a few hours , ho
lad discovered , tu his surprise thtt the people
> ut hero thought Cleveland had the New York
delegation nearly BO id. This Impression was
( in error. As n matter of fact , < lovcland had
anly 33 of the delegates , whllo Flower had
0 ; the remaining ton were divided between
laynrd and Botno other candidate ? , but were
"Asa matter of fact , " Gibboni was asked ,
'who will John Ko'ly support ? "
"Kelly , " ho replied , "iwrBonnlly prefers
Bayard , but ho and hU friends will support
Honor first , last , and all time , whtn it comes
; o n New York man. Statements have been
[ en out by Cleveland's friends which go to
how that ho is the choice of New York dele-
; ates. ' So many conflicting reports have in fact
icen circulated , that it Is difficult to tell
yhich ono to believe. This much I am juati-
fiei in saying , however , that when New Yotk
lele ntes meet to Uko n vote , Cleveland will
ha' ' thirty-two and Flower nil the rest of the
Now York delegation. That doea not show ire
hat Cleveland is the choice of Now York ,
Iocs it ? And ho can never bo.
too strong. Thcro is no doubt that New
York. has the naming of the candidate , nnd
thattho candidate will bo Flower unless pome cng
unforseen accident occurs. The New York
delegates . hold their caucus next Saturday has
night and then the true situation will bo di oftl
vulged. " d-O'i
' who are the men who will manage coui
Flower's candidacy ? " "Tho leaders of it are '
General Lester B. Faulkner nnd Senator John
. Jacobs. Both of these men are delegates ,
will bo hero at the end of tills rcok. I Kefr
cannot say definitely now whether Mr. Flower
be hero during the convention or not , but Illln
is my impression that ho will not be. " inuel
NEW YORK , July 1. Keprescntativcs of beiui
labor organlzitions to-night passed resolu gatei
tion protesting against the nomination of on
Governor Cleveland for the presidem-y , and bout
pledging themselves to oppose his election , if field
nominated , by every inoatn In their power. musi
committee was npppoiiited to viait Chicago W.
protest to the domncratio convention steal
against the nomination of Cleveland. risoc
NEW YORK , July 2.-The county democracy
unanimous for Cleveland junco the rctlru-
rnent' P2 U r' Ono
( prominent member
: "It's the -whole field against Cleveland ,
should ho be knocked out , then Judge greR
Field of California gets eomo of his votes. " men
same persons say of forcing nomination hand
uponTilden , that no friend of Tildcn has any and
thing to do with it ; that it is thu work of a what
crank , aided by lesser cranks.
At n meeting of the Tammany committee haVe
to-night it was stated that about six hundrond thor
rammanys would go to the Chicago conven rpocl
. John Kelly made a speech urging the eider
nomination of n man for the presidency who credi
onld carry with him the massof of the peo- wasi
, the laboring elapses , and the conservative matt
'joment of the republican party. If u pure sons
was the nominee , ho predicted it demo- COIlili
ratic victory , [
It is
CHICAGO , July 1 The situation hero Is very
in view of the near approach of the dem of Bl
ocratic national convention. Very few delegates The
have arrived and no entire stnto delega has
are expected to arrive before Friday or crs
Saturday , risen
Ii the convention hall , however , thcro nro numl
evidences of great activity. Under thodirec- thug
of Mr. Adler , the architect who planned to i
hall : for the republican convention , changes May [
being 1 made to suit the desires nf thu sub- und
ommittda. : The hall will bo in complete for
ibapoby : Monday. were
Headquarters were thrown open nt the arrivi
Pacific by these In thu Interest of the toth i
andidacy of Mr. Flower. wase
: jiectod to arrivu Saturday , and a
labor organisation ! ) to welcome him is being iu
lorfected. for (
WASHINGTON , July -Uecroaso of the iu i vif
! during June , § 9,219,250 ; decreased einco umle ject ,
30th , 1883 , $10,010,971 ; cash iu tlio treas- or , JI
391,085,928 ; gold certificatos$98,392GGO ; rtf ,
certificati-H , $119,811,091 : certificates on consi
, 812,385,000 ; refunding certificates , state
290OOJ ; legal tender , 83-10,081,010 ; fractional are ii
urreucy , § 11,980,001 ; available coin , 8139,887- thuo will
The conference report on the naval bill lias Th
agreed to to-day in the house , the ilira- largn
freoinont insisted upon nnd n now conference ) John
irdcrod.'I Gene
Is evident th t the ixmUl telegraph bill irtilu
to bo called up in the senate. A friend comb
the inoisuru nays it is truu thu republican
ha ) put it on thu list of bills that aru to
consldori-d , but it has been placed BO far
that it in very certain that it cunuot bo
oached Several times friendii have been on Dr.
point ] of bringing it up , and ax mun > times '
monents luvo suggested that it could bo of tin
oiiHidercd hter , and that it should nut ho put med
antagonism just at that time uitli oth r hnnd
neasiires , So It happens that Bhrowd benatun , n largo
in thu artx of delay , who may or may turd
be opposed to the telcjrruph bill nt heart , spoin
friendly to the existing monopoly , will of : tl
undoubtedly in preventing a vote were
upon this measure , nnd they have practically
called to their nid the innchlucry of thecaucui
lo aisist In the delay.
Conflrmntlon : For postmaster , Win. J ,
Uronnan , of Sidney , Neb.
_ The Iirivjideiit haa approu'il the joint rwolu-
tion to pro\ldu ti'iiiorarily | for the eipcnrii-
tures of the government.
FIT ? JOHN TOUT * ! ! .
It h expected the rrcstdcnt will tnko final
'action on the Fitz John Porter bill to-mor-
10 P.M. A rumor is quite general lo-nleht
that the president has determined toeto the
FHz John 1'ortcr bill.
Special Dljpatch to TUB BKK.
PEOHIA , III. , July 1. The morning trains
brought in largo numbers tu the democratic
Btalo convention which moots to-morrow. W.
It. Morrisoa , of Monroe , and General J , C.
Black , of Danville were the most prominent.
Tlio former seems to have road thu hand
writing on the wall , nnd is not peeking the in
dorsement of Illinos as n presidential candi
date. Hu found that if ho pushed his claims
he would only cause the convention to instruct
Tor Tildeii aud Houdrlcks , and hu is now the
nest earnest advocate of an uninstructed del
egation on this ground. This change of front
bus caused a good deal of surprise among Mor
rison's advocates , but they admit ho had no
chance of securing tlio delegation and hii pres
ent position envoj him from open defeat ,
ia now working for is n tariff for rovonno
platform. Ho ' 'gave It out cold , " ns soon ns
ho arrived , that ho would insist upon n pint-
form of that kind. His declaration cre.itcd
some alarm iu the Harrison camp. Carter
doeu not go to the extent on tariff reduction
that Morrison does , and his managers at once
concluded that he ought to bo hurt ) to help nr-
rangp the platform. Hp wns telegraphed for
anil H expected to arrive tu-uight with the ?
Cook county club. ?
arrived , he said ho did not think hjs name
would go before the comuutlon. His with
drawal lfa\os a clear field for Harrison's
nomination for governor. it
Altcady the number of strangers hero is
very ; large. IS very train is bringing in him-
ilreds ! , and to-morrow , when 1,100 delegates
and 1,000 or moro camp-followers will bo in
town , the hotels will hnvo a benefit. They
mnkiug hay whllo the BUII sliima at the
rate of 10 degreed in shade , BIH ! ns may they
ju\er hnvu another convention , they will raku
all they can while it lasts. >
A " "
Amongthoi"di8tinguislied"poi-8ons whohavo
ingagod special accommodations "regardless of cent
ixpciitu" is Mike McDonald , of Chicago , who mon
a parlor and bedroom on thu second iloor
thu National hotu , for winch ho pays S80 a
' , not Including etceteras. The Mug of our
lountry Is draped over the entrance , and thu
'McDonald" iu largo letters tllines on the that
door oftl f
Regular Press Dispatches. phcr
1'KOHIA. July 1. The delegate * to the nrou
lllnois democratic convention , which will the
hero to-morrow , has been arriving on CCS
iicoming trains nil day , the evening trains whlc
eiug loaded. The muin bjdy of the dele- men'
ates from Chicago arrived to-niffht. Trains tloii
the \Vnbash nnd Alton roads arrived Wlllll
the same time as thoeo from Spring- thesi
and Sangamon came in with band of hous
msic. Most of the delei/ntei from the Hon. trust
It. ] Morrison's district came up river on a ftret'
tcamcr. They nil were bodges labelled "Mor- side.M :
ison's district ;
The stato'central committee hold several turo
RSioi3 ! to-day and considered the matter , of worl
coutesta ln the First an'd Second con-
rcfl.'ional districts of Conk county and those erne
Kane and Wood ford counties. Stato- ornoM
icnts ! as to results reached conflict ; on ono sorte
andt it Is ttatcd , that in the First and Sec- mom
districts i the committee decided that depj
are now known as the istra
prima facie right to seats ; while * on the priat
and it was claimed no decision was Th
cached and that the matter will not bo con- from
dcrcd till taken up by the committee on Th
odimtlals. At ten o'clock thu committee hole
in session again and still considering the uholiMr
latter na nearly as can bo judged by the per mlno
called in for consultation. The central bll 1
nnmittoo decided to name Major Connelly , pieop
Hack Island , for temporary chairman , The Mr
lincideuco is noted that ho bears thu wamo had
military title ns the man who was temporary this
lairman of the republican state convention , bate
j. H. ject.
Bloomiiigton , will bo permanent chairman , try
question of nominations of state ollicers Penn
been extensively mooted among the lead Mr
to-day. This morning Congressman Mor- dofcn
mtivcd and bud n consultation with a Uniti i
iinber of political friends , and it was soon FII
general talk that a determined effort was long
hi mndu to pie\ent thu nomination of that
ayer i Haniaon , of Chicago , for governor , nnd
that General J. C. Block would bo pushed end
that I honor. Mayor Harrison's friends nntio
inclined to buhovo that a crisU had iuuigi
rived , and bagan talegrahliig ] im to comu anne '
thu Bceno of notion , filter in tbu day it let ns
stated that General Black declined to stimu
ukothu fight for the nomlimton , and to- every
the general impression to hu that iloatc
fjovernor } , with little or no opposition , and ] ta
jsaiuly by acclamation , though it is said his irity
ipouenli propose to try and BOCUIU a free it was
plank in the platform , in the belief that portc
view of his expressed opinions on the sub- to-nu
Hnrriiiuii will not accept n nomination
such conditions. For lioutcnant govern-
Henry Suiter , of Belleville , and for trea-
Alfred Orcudorlf , of Springfield , lire
msidered fairly sure of notiilnntiou , Thu Ifo
attditorshfp nnd attoruey-guaerulBhip
for si
in doubt between sovenil candidates , nnd
depend largely on the nominations fcr The
other places. la fai
probability to-night for delegates nt P.Tin
to thu national convention nro General Tin
M. Palmer , lion , W. K. Morrlsou , has b
enerul John C. Black and J , W. Doan , vied
the last name is not considered at all Go
, and is Hablu to change with any new Now
imbluntlon iu Cook county.
000 ; nTh
DKCATUII , 111. , July 1. The camp-meeting the h
National Prohibition association con- The
at thu fair ground ) this afternoon , A dress
nmlrcd tents have been erected , nnd there la I.-K . - tl
attendance. Doctor David , uf Deca- intost
delivered the aildress uf wolcamo. Ko- rosull
by Hoverond J , W. Ifatioy. president I land
the national arsuclatloii. Other orator/i I horet
, Francis Murphy and Doctor John this i
P. Newman. The officer * ilt-clnro the meetIng -
Ing nim-pniittcal , Imt the M > oDchc itrongly
favor the formation of n third party.
WASIIINQTON , July 1. Mr. Uarri on , fnmi
the committee on military affairs , w ported the
house bill providing for the ratablishmcnt of n
branch soldiers1 homo wont , of the Mitstappl.
It was amended by substituting the m-nnto bill
font the satno purpose , already pissed and na
amended , passed.
Mr. Cockroll ( dem. , Mo. ) , from the com
mittee on military affaire , retried f\ornbly
wltliainondmnnU the IIOUPU bill relieving from
the charge of desertion soldiers who nerved
until the expiration of their term , and nro Im
properly charged with desertion. The bill ,
after amendment , pawed , As pinsed , It re
quires thtt applications for the relief pnnidnd
lei slmll bo made within five years from tlio
pa [ < mlng of the net.
The house bill \vaa passed granting n | x > n-
plon of $50 n month to the widow of General
, Tames B. Stcedman ,
The joint resolution introduced yesterday by
Cameron ( Pa. ) , directing the secretary ol the
treasury to roiloom ten million dollar * worth
of trade dollars nt fact ) valuer was laid before
the senate.
Mr. Merrill moved to refer the resolution
tu the committee on finance. Agreed to
yeas HO nay * ' . ' < ) .
Mr. Butler called up his resolution directing
nn investigation into the condition of the Now
York banks.
Mr. Moirill moved a reference of the ro o-
hi tion to the committcu on finance. Agreed
UV yens 89 , nays 10.
The consideration of the rlvor and harbor
uri wai resumed.
Mr Gcorgu renewed bis cfforti of yesterday
to increase the appropriation f.r continuing
theme improvements of the Mississippi river , an
moved the amount bo increased Irom $ ! , ' . ' JO ,
000a "motion wns not ngroed to. t'
After u long debntc , tlio bill passed as origi
nally ixwcd by the lum-e. It appropriated
J12u70-00. The Bcnutn committee added
l'JG8,000nnd the ecnato itself made n further
ndditiun of 5230,500 making1' the amount of
the bill ns it now utands 813,68 1,700. n
Mr , Allison ( rep.- Iowa ) , from the com-
mttteo on appropriations , rojiorted thu sundry
civil bill , aud gave notice that ho would call
tip early to-morrow , and added that If con-
TTOKS ; was to adjourn this \vcek , which W.IB
losirablo , the bill would have to bo completed
to-morrow , There would then only bo .the
fortification bill to bo considered.
After executive session adjourned.
Mr. Kami nil ( dem. Pa. , ) Bubmittcd the re- 2d.
port of the conference comirittco on the na-
hi apjiropriations bill announcing nn innblli-
ytongroo. The chief items of disagreement -
wen the appropriation for now cruisers und
ontlnuation of work upon thodoublo-turretod
uonitors. ft i
Mr. Knndall Raid that nil nothing but an in-
truction from the house would thu house con-
LTCO yield on thueo two points [ applause on
democratic i side ] , becnuu they had not yi-nt ;
confidence in tha manner of construction in
these : cruisers that warranted the further ' '
xpendituro of public money in order to du-
ilicnto them. Besides , there was not thrown furlc
round these propositions that tufa guard in wullHi
expenditure which the present circnmstan
, known to the country , warranted , nnd G
liich ehonld bo thrown a ound the depnrt-
lent which wns now thu subject of invoitign- two
; ns lie entd before thcro wns nothing tlmt Gait ! '
iniid induce the picsent conferees to yield on
leao two paint * except a direct vote of the wnn .
OUBO , nnd when the vote was given , ho Brio
rusted the housu would Bolccttomo other con-
TCO ' tlutn him. [ Applausu on the democratic Maji
. ] , _
Mr. : Calkins paid the question 'was a whether
building of the navy should b ? delayed nn-
thor year , mid whctho" , ufter , fie ? oxpoadi-
of millions of dollar 'on ' ii/onltorx , thn Vnl
shftuld close , The investigation in the day
department had nothing to do withlcruis- lot
or monitors. club
Mr. : Itandall admitted that was BO , but no- assoi
jrted that it should have its effect upon the clubi
lumbers in the appropriation of money for a latei
epjrtuiont where there had been maladmin- Chic
itratlon , * Was
Mr. ' Townshond ( dem. , Ills. ) , from the com- eenti
ilttqo of conference on the postolllco appro-
riution bill , reported a failnro to agree. A
The house , on motion of Mr , Ilerr , receded
its disagreements.
The hoiiho then went into committee of the
on the foitificatlon appropriation bill. ) At as
Hewitt ( dem. , N. Y. ) preferred the AtAt
Inority : report. Ho thought thu majority AtAt
unnecessarily i liberal for the wants of the oils
eople. polls At
. KlHo advocated the majority bill. Ho
hoard 1 moro errors stated in the course of 10.At
discussion than ho had over before in do-
, who had had
Many epoken proved pollt
utter and absolute ignorance of the sub-
The liufonceiesii condition of the connjvne
was conceded. Did the gentleman from 'tic At
Dimsylvanin ( Randall ) deny it ? At
. .Randall. - There IB but one thing moro
ifeiiceles' ' ? , and that In the treasury of thu
ted States.
lillin. The treasury is mnply defended _ BO
ns thu gentleman f roml'unnsylvnuia innisU At
taxation I xhall not bo leiliced at ono end ,
t Unit nothing shall bo rnent ut thu other nawAt
Ono fourth thu entire wealth of the
: is absolutely nt the mercy of OHV llttlo At
significant that to have
power happened an lleuo
'inored vestal. If wo would preserve iinaco ,
bu prepared for war. If wo would ru-
thu spirit of the forefathers , let us mnko lleuoT
city by the BOH and every harbor which T
atod cur commerce , safe nnd sound.
cleric then proceeded to rood the bill
paragraphs. . Tli
Kamlall offered n bill reported by tlio ml- espr
; as n nubitltuto for the majority billand moil
agreed thu substitute ( mould bo re- eoiii
to tha lioiiBu and a vote bo taken on it Is tl
morrow morning. Adjourned. tlVt'l
\ \ \lilcli
Horry S , Neal , of Oldo.has boon nominated took
solicitor of the treasury. lilCl'J
weather In Kngland and the continent Impi
favorable to growing crops ,
Wnlsh k Co , flour dealers , Peoria , have
rilrnod. Liabilities 815,000 ; assets @ 5,000.
Mnrth Binder Co , , of Sycamore , III. , Hi
beau cornered by creditors , and the works hrco
on for ? 15,000. remi
Goorpo H. Kronso & Co. , wocl dealers , proc
York , hnvo assigned , Liabilities 805 , '
ashota.312,000.q trc
docrcafiQ of the jiublla debt for Junu Bom
about $9,000,000 ; reduction for fmoal year "I
Juno 30 , nnont SlOl.000,000 ; reduction w . ,
lost fiscal year $137,023,253 , Jti'll ;
London Standard Bays influential Irish " '
moiicans huvu urged Parnoll to Issue nn nd- In wi
to the Irish voters of America , request- 1U01
them to mipport Blnlno In the prosldoncial 1U01I
, in thu hope that his election would I
In fomenting dillicultioi between Bold
and tha United States. Parnell lias I OI1j ,
iretoforo declined to accede to a request ofl *
nature. Ill
The Cleyelaufl Mm Parfc Offers a
Bait for Jay-Eyc-Scc anil Clingstone.
A Purse of $4,000 to bo Trotted
for by Them on July 31st ,
* To bo Milo Heats , Best Throe in
Five , in Harness
Mooting of the Union Base Ball
Association nt Baltimore ,
A Dozen Pool Sellers and Book
Makers Indicted at Brooklyn ,
The Dully Ilccoril of Uncos , llnso Unll
nnil Other , ) ulv Jollity.
SntldlrlmsH nnil Sulky ,
Cl.KVKi.ANI ( ) , Ohio , July 1-Tho Clovclnnil
driving ti.-uk compnny olftrs n pur oof c 51,000
to Jnyvhjo-Soo . anil Clingstone , buth to cntrr pr
and atari Thursday , .luly Hint The race will
bo mile heat * in harness , best three lit five ,
mul the winner to Uko thu whole purso. Kn-
tries close July 8th , niul must bo nccomp nlt > d
t'u n forfeit of $1,000 for nou-nppcnrutico nt -
the jxwt to bo paid to the horeo appearing
ready for the start. If both her ea svart the
forfeit inonoy will bo refunded ; iMch patty to
tulcct nno jnilgo niul they to Hclcct n third. .
Tin usuitl woathci cluso condition regarding \ .
postponement. is
CHICAGO , July 1. Thu wonthor Inrnnn had
and tha nttondnnco largo ; thu track in peed ,
First ' rncu piiwu nil ngm miloatul one-
ilxtcenth , Admiral won , Harding SM , Tempo- ! how
boll 3d ; time , 1:02.
.Kenwood stakes two-year-old colta five Biign
furlongs Inane Murphy won , Voranu ld ! , hug
Troubadour 3d ; tlmo , 1:1 : < IJ. was
Oakwood handicapBwccpatakos all ngea
mill nnd n furlong Postornl won , Ada Glen
2d.I1 Rnptnro : idt time , IsWl.
1'urao milo lioats nil iigos ( iloanorwon , later
Bonnie Australian 2d , LizzieS. . lid ; tiino , hero.
lMSI } ,
SUcplo chase full ciiurno Mayor Picket and
yon , Ohio Hey 5M , Miss Moulsoy 3d ; time , have
minutes. 1'atli '
SiiKKrsiiKAi ) ] ) AV , July 1. Thu Rnwt two thoc
inr old celling Bwei'jwtakes , thrcu-fourtlia 1'arh
niln Kruhnu won , Cricket "d , hittlu Savage Kion '
diltinip , 1:17. : of f
Handicap swoppstnkej , ono inilp nnd thrrn
iirloiigs Kamblcr won , Ihidymion 2d , Vitro- crow
M : time , 2:24J. :
Hauilicap sweepstakea , niilo Gonfalon won , tha
Iliostad : , Mlttco 11 d ; tlmo , lli'Jf. ! : ' thorn
Stirrup cup , free handicap. awocpsUknti , KM-1 {
and ono-ulglit miles Lyvaut.woii , Drake
mter2d , Chanticleer ltd ; time , 'il'J. : '
'Selling Swcepstakei it-yenr-olds and up- from
arils mili' and fit limit Hilarity won ,
Iriozo second , Lytton third. Time , 1:5G1. : To
Steeplechase I'lill coupe Wouster won , from
lajor second , Captain third. 'limit , 0:27. : 11(1011
BUBO liiill. , vJ
Uionu , July 1. The directors of the bnttf
ofsociation of brwo bull clubn mot to- Iso
, The Kansas City club was ndmittod in-
the ! union , to tnko the place of the Altuonn cc throi
. Action wan taken to oxpcl from the "Tin
sfwiation all pluyora who Htgaud with novornl burn
nt tha boginaing of the foasoii , and vio- uatio
tlitlr contract ! ) . St. Louis. Cinclnimtl ,
Ihicnpo , JiiiHlinoro. Bunion , Kansas City , An
Vashington , and 1'liUadclplila wcro ropro-
At ( Washington ( Unions ) NatioualH , 3 ; St.
iiuis , 0. , hero
At Cincinnati Cincinnati , 'VI ; bed |
, . ' . . ' , ' _ botwi
Chicago Chicngon , II ; Philadelphia , 0. The
Toledo Tolodooa. 8 ; Alleghenys , a.
Minneapolis Stilhvateru , 2 ; Mlniica-
, 1. BE
Cleveland Clovolnnd , 2 ; Providences , i
Buffalo Buffaloes 1 ; BostonB , 2 , and
Columbus , Ohio Oolumbm ; Metro-
tans , 3.
Indianapolis Indianapolis , 0 ; Brook-
, , 0.
Detroit Now Yorks , 12 ; Detroit * , C. r <
St. Paul Milwaukee ! * , H ! St. Pauls , n. much
Bay City , Mich. Muskegous , 9 ; Bay the
K'vu ' >
Terre Haute Torru Hnuten , 12 ; Fort
Grand llapidn Grand Itaplds , ( ) ; Sngi-
Louisville LouiHvllIo 18 ; Atlihitics 1. Ait
St. Louis BttHlmores fi ; St. Louis 11. Cloud
Hock iBland Jtock Inlands 11 , Chicago to con
1 ! ) . Hnndi
iy nbs
That Tired i-peak
Feeling had la
her B
The warm weather has a debilitating effect , she be
specially upon those v > lie nrullliln doors perfcc
noftof tliollmc. The peculiar , yet common , jihysi
omplalnt ] known us "Unit tired feeling , " l" "
thu rusult. Tills JuclliiB can bo entirely "lmrr
iveic'oine by taking JIooil's rj.trnapnrllln , and si
Rives new life niul btrcngth to all chlori
function i ; ) of Ihobody.
1 roiild not sleep ; had no appetite. I
Hood's Hurtmparllla tind noon begun to ST.
soundly ; could fet uplthutlt that IM H.
nnd nnd , his hi
languid feeling ; my appetite
niprovcd , " II. A , SANi'oiii ) , Kent , Olilo , Is Stu
the Homo
fttrcnythen System
Hood's Bar/iaparllla Is characterl7cd hy
peculiarities i 1st , the tamblnaUon of Sio
unicdlal agents ; 2d , Iho proportion ; 3d , tlio Hole rer
iroccss ot accurlui ! the itcllvo medicinal
liialltlcs. The result In a modlclno of unusual I'ool
itrcnuth ; , effecting cures hitherto unknown.
for book containing additional ovlilcnco. .
"Hood's Harantiarllla tonrs up my Byslcin. NKW
n my Mood , sharpens my nm > c'llonnU ( " id '
. . „ to maku mo over. " J. r. THOMl'HoN , I lan
tejlKter ut luctl , Lowell , M.IMH. lyi'i ' i
Ifood'M 1 Hardaparllla brats nil ntlien. nnd trial.
worth UK witlKlit In n.ol.1 , " I. II. in Jlr
Dank tjtruvt , New Vork City , un bu
Hood's Sarsaparilla buT
by nil druggists. 8J | six for 5. Made "Vn
oiilybyO. I.JIOOI ) & CO. , Lowell , Mass. Welll
IOO ° DooosOno _ Dollar. other
Death of Allan I'liikorton tlio Cole
Jrrntcil Dolcotlvc ,
CIIICAIIO , Julj'l. Allan rinkrrtwt , tlio fit-
moui detective , b7-atlii > d h ! ) a t nt 3slO this
afternoon , llo hiw Ix-en gnMluolly ninlttuff
from the i-ffi > cts of iinvl.trlal fever contracted
mme wookn ngo while on a vilt toiitli. The
physicians virtually abandoned hope late List
night. I'ho diceaitdva imoomcious wlwn
he expired , llo wnsborrulo 1811) ) n * ( Ua'tfoM- .
bcotlftiulhoruhis futhi-r was n Brrgoant of
| Kllco ! wn aipii | < ntieiHl to a cooin-r and 2' , '
yearn ngo ntt iiii-d promlm-iiftr in tlio Clmrtiot
ngitntlon , connection \\lth which forced him
trtlonvol.rvnt Ilritnlii , At Dundee , Illinois ,
Piukorton esUbli-'linl n paylng-coonerngo bus
iness , and later
Iiaidentally ongagetl in nma-
tour iletectiMi work. HU RUCCOM nt the lat
ter drcidcHl his fututt ) cnnn'r. The utory of
the csUlili hment t > f the 1'inkertiui dot6ctlvu
agolioy , his active nMsistancu to the nbolltlon
movement , the prominent prt ho took In the
secret service during Lincoln's administration ,
as well a his Itatr-lircndtli r caoa | nnd won.
ilorful sagacity , nro ns famllar ns household
w onls ,
Cuban AITalrH.
MAniltl ) , July 1. In the doputlos Vnldos-
aery Intrnducod n bill for improvement of af
fairs In Cuba. Tlio principal clauses propuflu
reduction of export niul increase of Import
duties on sugar nnd directs Spain to negotl.
ate now treat 10.1 of commorcn In Cuba's Inter-
ost' ' foreign mtlona The other clauses
effect the ooommilcs In the Cuban budget and
imivldo for conversion of the Cuban debt.
Ii thn Bonnto lirlmn mlnistor Castillo stated
3paln had ubaoliitoly no intention of selling
Cub , There was nn important interview
rostordny between the American minister ,
I'Vwtor , nnd Castillo nnd Senor JUduayor , mln- {
htot of foreign nffnira. Tno Spanish minister in
ihowoda doalro to arrive nt an equitable com-
ucrclal nrrangomcnt. Foster n&Riirod thm
that America la animated with amicable
lows regarding trade with Cuba , and ns far
possible would feel Inclined to moot the > lows
Spain and Cuba , Ho declared America ,
no doslru to annex Cuba now nor nt
iituro time. America Imd nn with to assume
urthor political roapoalbllltlos. Ho thought the
inwover that something must be done fur
Cub ; quickly. Moxicnis nlrondy Importing
into America free. Unless Oubn and
Cuglith West Indies tocurod equal terms Iras I Oct )
evident their best market wns hut.
Tlio Cliolcrn.
CAIIIO , July 1. Pntwensrers leaving I'ranco closi
itor than Monday will not bo allowed to land Am
ero. Don
ero.PAIUH. . July 1. The news from Marseilles ' . '
Toulon ia ngnin nlormlng. Arrangements
ave been made to fumigatu travellers nt the
'nrlu railway stations ,
BKIIUN , July 1. Ur. Koch , chairman of optii
cholera commission , It nhout to start for wen
jaris and Toulon to offer his services to the 2UJI L > j
'lonch authorities to dotcriiilno ho character tend
Hie opldomis.
TOUI.ON , July 1. The captain nnd oullio
ow , , including the sick man , of the steamer lMf ! I
llnstrol , abandoned the M'ssel and took to 17 i
woods , The gendarmes aru searching for
imn. bean
MALTA , July 1. All VCHHO'H arriving from
onion uro mibjectu'l to 2L ilnyH ( jiiarantine , 7
MA119KIU.U.M , July 1 Vi'HsolH arriving
infected pnits nru prohibited landing ,
TOUI.ON , Julj ; 1. There were BIX deaths amoi
cholera hoi o between six lost night nnd man
I'lio IXorltiiKo < > L * Unto , ( JOIN
Nr.wnv.July ' 1. The Orangemen hero to l.OOi
celebrated the It ) Ith ntmlverslty of the . . '
itttlo of JJoyno. On the hills bonfires blnf.ed , Texi
In various parts of tha town. A pro-
axiun honilt'd by brass bjnJn iiinrchod
ironth : the streets carryintr an clllgy marked docl
The Troltor l uiiday'J which wasnfterivards totl
inicd. i The pullua dispersed n crowd of snloi
itloaalistH atoning the pioceualon. lynl
AotrcHH FlcoH from Oliolcra Bo- they
t\vaon tlio Acts. rulei
1. Duthior thu prop
, July , Parisian
whllo taking part in n play In ntheatro dual
to-iilght. I heard Unit n spectator had boon and
( with oliok'W , and abiuptly lied to Paris latoi
itwoon tlio Hcencs in her theatrical costume , and
money was returned to the audience , "stn
The Two KmpcrorH. mem
HKIIUN- : , July 1. A residence linn lioou on- ! le ;
ed for KmpiTor William , in Yvatoln , Aus- 'BHf
llo is oxjicctod to nrrho there July Ifith , m'dei
will probably meet the Jimperor Francis nnd
t Tschu or Halnburg. wont
Fourdi of July. skips ;
ONDOK , July 2. Minister Lowell IM HO light
better hu has decided not to abandon
Fourth of July dinner ho intended to
gra |
clfljc ;
Htilcldo by HiarviUIon. dOO ;
A.iL'iilHON | < riily 1. Lizzlo Oroaby , of Whlto of ov
, Jonlpliim county , ICansas vho started the
commit Bidcldo by utarvnllon , Hiiccoedcd with
nday morning nt three o'clock , Klio whol-
nbetalnad from food for n period of Ml days ,
which time alia Ntubbornly refused to
. lioforo beginning pelf Btnrvntlon aha
lain seven woolen on n bed of'Bicknosu und
RjHtom therefore wns much reduced when
began , An autopsy showed her organs nil
rfcctly healthy. The formal verdict of the
lysiulans wns death by starvation. Pruvloim
taking thlH strange freak she had been
arrelllng with her father , The loss of a
whom ho had roared discouraged her
dshorosolvod upon sulcldo. Hho first tried
and that falling xho quit eating.
A St. 1'niil Hulclilo ,
PADI/ , July ] , A man whu rvgiitonid
. K. Hoyt ul thu Ht , ThomnH hotel bluw
brains out this afternoon. From letterx
in his room it is hellovod his real name
iStoiio , and that hu has a wifu and family In
pluca In HHiioix.
A Sioux City Hululdo ,
.Sioux CITV , July 1. William ( tiles , a plan-
, aged -10 , suicided to-day by laudanuiu.
leaven n family , No canto unsigned.
ool-SollorH uiul | lIookOfa1cora Ar-
rcuted ,
Vonir , July 1. Twelve pool Hollers
book-makorH of HhoojiHliead hay , Coney
, Inillctrd by thu grand Jury of liroolc-
giivu bail for their future appiaranca for
Two book-linker * uernniic'Htod to-day
Jlrixjklyn for rcgixtoring bet , and ri'loasod falum
ball. hi A
' .tvc-l
Two DO/.OII Killed hy KxplOHion , rece !
VIOTOIIIA , U. 0. , July 1 The explosion in , ton lode
rellliiKlon colliery at Nnptdmo yratoiday
twenty-four and wounded n number of
, 91
ThcFteJinClileaso Hartals Show
SOBO Varied Changes , er
A Heavy Dbolino in Wheat on
Account cf the Deliveries ,
Horn rand Oat ? Likewise Show'
Fractionary Shaded Taluosi
Export Oattlo in ( food Demand afc
Higher Prices
The New Bulos on Shrinkaeo and.
Dookngo of Hags.
They KO Into fifT.'ct yostffraay
Content Thereon IlcRiilts In n
Victory. .
alch to TUB BEE.
CmoAfio , July 1. Trailing on 'chnnsa to
day was marked by another heavy decline in
priccH , In wheat the feeling was very unsettled
tloi , i-'ricoi fell off rapidly , inllnonced by the
liberal deliveries on July contracts , the fine
rowing weather for crop * , and the weakness
Now York and other wheat markets. Thu
isibla supply showed a decronnu of a round
nlllion. bushels. _ The market opond > ery
wale and from J@j3 lowrr , declined Jo moro ,
allied go , ilccliniil lo , again rallied la lluctu-
ted and closed Ija lower for July , Ijjc lower
August nnd 1 Jo lower for September tlinu *
latest figures yesterday. On the after'
biard prices rose jj@lc. duo to the , nd-
nnto in stocks ; August , which Bold nt ono
iimuitSlJe , clewed at 81 Jc , September , SOJc ,
ctober , 87jic.
Vctivo , tmnottled nnd lower , ono trade in July
leiiig made at 50c. on thu regular board ;
losing prlcw wi > ro 1 to fie uniier yesterday
mlv m-oof j to 3o occurred on the nftur-
board ; July closed nt f > OJo , August at
'Jo , September at 62jjc.
lindcd off for near deliverieH , but moro distant
ptioiin wcro steadier. Thu latent nnotatioiiH
ere Htt-adier. The latest quotations were
) for July , 2(1 ( j for August , and 2 ( > for Sop-
Poik thawed llttln chnugo ; July closed at
dOr , AugUHt at IK 7Ctf , and September nt
7Sc. .
7.L.i wns a Blind o lower on the regular
ard , hut rallied on the afternoon board ,
using nt 7 K > o for July , 7 35ofor August , and
COc ior September.
, ,
riicro wcrn about fifty loads of Texans
inong the arrivals. Theru was an active de-
lancl for thu bust Bhipping nnd dresned beef
iris , and HOIIIU Inquiry foroxurt | lots. Toxann
roro in good demand and bold n shade higher ,
lood nnd chulco Bhipping , 1,200 to 1,300
lOundB , $0 00 to 0 CO ; common to medium ,
,000 tol.'OO | > ounds , 85 IB tu 5)0 ! ) ; ffmf
'exnnBk720ito , 800 pounds , ? 3 03 to fi 25.
The now rules relating to slirinkngo nnd
ocltnge wont into effectto-day. Owing to
the radical changes proposed on the part of
ilotmcii , bnyorti and Hellers stood apart near-
nil thu forenoon. The big packing firms
many of the big chipping drum declared
would not ptirchaao nnlesx under the old
, nnd thu bulk of the unlcxmen who hail
ropuity to sell woru pledged to stand by the
rule , and HO both Bides stood out ; but
nally thu buyers , or , at least , thu shippcm
ono or two packers nnd onu or two specu-
ttora , concluded to go In under the new rulex
thu bulk of the Bales nmilu were Bolil
strnltflit" that Is. no Bhrlnkagu after thu '
initials had been weighed. Practically the
leinbors of the oxchaugo won the first stnig-
; yet they were by no moans entirely BUC-
Hsfnl , OH there were n largo number of out-
, wboowednoallogiiiicotothooxcliaiigv ,
bunco 1 did ns they pjeascd 1'rices utidor-
little or nn change as compared with ycs-
rday , nnd Hales were nt 3 76@4 ( J2J for ,
ami throw-out H , fi 00@CIO ! for assorted
; D GO'S510 } for clioicu heavy packers and
i ; light , 180 to 210 pounds , -1 70@5 30.
Visible Supply of Grain.
CiilCAdo , July 1. The vltiblo Niipply oC
, .luno 28 , was : Wheat , l.fiiltH.OOO limh-
corn , 0r)05,000 ; oats , 3,453,000 ; rye , -141-
barley I , 207.000. Wheat ehowti a decrease
over a million liushola the paatwoott and
supply Is six millions less as compared
thoHupply at the same data a. year ago.
S1QOO. Given
oriiiiyTiiliirlons nibbtimecscuii bei ronna
Androws' Ponrl Dnklnff Powder. 1 * -
ivc-lyPURE. Hemsi'iidori.cdandtejtlmon aU
ucelvedYrom such cliunililsns8. VaiinHaysllos-
It. Dulafuntalnc , of UhliMio ; and UUBUIVIIB
, Sflhvuiikeo. .K \erMld In.bulk.
jUte J . MT. W > & 201 U. Wllta ? 84. ,
- j jT |
fo 5eeafer )
i. receive