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    . . . , i , . . - . / i i n t I . V 14 W' '
Li'-I ! '
- 'PI I ! . > lA V IYYX'TO no
TJlJb ;
Saturday MornintTi Juno 28 ,
Jom ) Green , the qiiarrrrnnn , has just re
ceived now rock-crusher , weighing elgh
tons ,
-Tho Omnha market wns never bolter Blip
with fralts , nnd Iho prices nro n ]
very reasonable.
Chili. B rb , employed at the Omall
smelling workR , had n log broken Wednesday
evening by getting It caught Inn cable.
The funeral of the late 8. 8. Galdwoll
will takoplaco from the family residence , No
1022 Davenport street , nt 10 o'clock Saturday
morning ,
Tlio old Bottlers nro requested to moot nl
0 o'clock this morning nt the board ol
trade rooms to Attend the funeral of Hon. S.S.
Oal dwell.
A train of sixteen coaches , Imv
Ing on boud 500 Mormon converts , passed
through the city Thursday evening for Salt
The Unllod Stales Naltoiml bank will bo
closed this morning during the funeral
of Hon. S. S. Caldwell , \lco-prostdontof
that institution.
There will bo n regular meollng of the
llutli Kobokah Degree , Ledge No , 1 , In Odd
Fellow's hall , nl 8 o'clock Saturday evening ,
Juno 23lb , 1881. A full ntlondanco IB doairod.
Policeman Nlghlltigalo ha * recovered the
three clocks that wore stolen from the Dodge
street school house last week. Ho found
them nt n pawn chop.
The directors of Iho stale horticultural
society will moot with the managers of the
etato agricultural board nt the 1'axton hotel ,
In this city , next Tuesday nt S. p. in.
At four o'clock this afternoon Ihn Union
Pacific * nnd the Dolmonlco club , of Atchlson , >
will play a n-atno ntlho grounds on St. Mary's
nvonuo , No Sunday gatno will-bo played , .
Mllo. llhoa , the nctrcs * , left nt Max
Moynr k Bros' , jewelry store , n beautiful all
vor laurel wreath to bo engraved. It was [
presented to lior by Iho citizens of Los An
There will ho n discustion on the subject
ot "Citizenship" at the Baptist church on
Sunday evening , participated in by the Kov.
T. W. Harris nnd
< three or four prominent gen )
tlemen of the city.
A line of So
having been Imposed upon o
the manager of the Consolidated Tank Line
company for keeping oil In quantities larger
than permitted by Iho city ordinance , ho lias
taken nn appeal to the district court.
Bishop John M. Bowen , D. D , , of Wash aid
ington , D. 0. , has informed Elder BIrl iourt ny
Mitchell lhat the Kansas conference of the
A. M. li ! ,
church will convene in the city of nt's
Omaha October 1,1884. > cd
The Irish national loigua of this city has
elected the following officers : President , M , mit
B , Gearon ; vlco-prosldont , Miss M. O'Brien ; this
treasurer , Miss L. McCartney ; financial secre of
tary , E , F. Morlarlty ; corresponding secretary would other
ry , Moses O'Brien ,
> oint
The Cnnfiold house Is being thoroughly aso
overhauled nnd repaired in good ehapo , by nid
Mr. S. II. II. Clark , who recently purchased \Ir. \
the property. The house Is to bo ro-oponod o
by George Canfiold , who Intends also to build
and run n hotel at the Union atoclcynrds. aso ivo
As it mny bo rather Inconvenient for la ; rhoro
dles 1 } drive up to Morso'a dry goods otoro for
their shopping tlio suggestion is made that
they drive up to Fourteenth street , south of or
Fanum ; all packages will bo delivered In would
their carriage. Visit the solo of laces nt S. J ? . win
Moroo & Co's. PJio
Married at the A. M. Ii church , Wodncs' > o
> vor
day evening Juno 2Glh Mr. James Washing aw
ton nod Mist ; Annie L , IlIs ! ) of Carrolton , was ,
Ho , , Elder B. Mitchell officiating. There on
will bo a recaption given by the Washington with
floclal club , of wldch Mr. Jnmca Washington nd
Is president , aomo tlmo In July. marshal
Acting-Mayor Murphy nnd City Clerk
Jowett nro engaged In signing
8170,000 worth tourt
of sewer nnd paving bonds. 35ach bond Las
10 coupons , nil of which bavo to bo signed. s
This makes 41 signatures for each official on Ity
each bond , There are 170 bonds , requiring n
total ot C970 signatures from each of the above Mr.
officials , quash
John Mulligan was found do d In bed nt
the residence of his sister , near Casslday ing
comolory , Thursday morning * . IIo had boon arc
111 for a week previous at St. Joxeph hospital. allow now
IIo was fifty yoarH of ago , nnd had many than
friends In Omaha among wlmn ho was to
known as the "Irish Prince. " Tha doeo.isod Baldwin
was n member of the Plasterers' union. otun
Kov. J'dward G. Fowler , of the Metho people
dist church , and Miss Adolla Andrews , who quashing
for iovon years has boon nn clhclent tcnchor in are
tlio Omaha public schools first
, were married on
Woduosduy evening ut the First Mathodist After
church , by Kov. J. 15 Maxfiold , in the pres About
ence of n largo number of friends. Miss Laura waa
Mono nnd Miss Lena Hill , nnd Mr. Frank wont
Hill nnd Kov. 0 , W. Savidgo wora the attend- how
auta upon the bridal couple during the cere marshal
mony. The church was handsomely decorated payment
for the occasion , ment
A special dispatch from Dubuque to tha marshal
Chicago Tribune , says : Several of the whole a drop
sale liquor dealers of Dunuquo , have boon no told ing largt
tified by the Omaha
dlsllllcry that after July Mr.
1 , no pooils will bo shipped to them unless un soon
der apermit from the county supervisors to each ,
tlioio parties to deal in liquors , The Omaha longed
firm claim to bo acting under Instructions iu aomo
from Iho railroads. The attorneys nf tha Il in the
linois Qhutral road are preparing nu opinion Ho
nti to the legal responsibility of the road to to open
jcirry 1'quors after the prohibitory Jaw ROCS was paid
11 to effect. vocation
I'olloo court : Gordon Johnson , who closed.
walked off with u bolt of cloth from Merion , ngnin
cou'd tailor shop , claimed lhat it was done In running
fun , IIo was sent up for 'J5 djys on bread or himself
nud water for his funuy limitless. Pat. Jioclt- weeks
bud , who was toutoucod lo Ihroo months for conversations
vvlfo boating , nnd his sontoiico suspended - alvraya
ou the petition of his wife , repeated the performance - did not
formanco Wednesday ovonlap , IIo was ro- defendant.
wrested , and now ha Is serving out his sen
tence. Mr. KocldmJ ought to bo run through Ho
n rock-crusher. Wil.lam White , n tramp wuo city for
didn't Joive ] town wlun tin opportunity ww had been
offered Win , WAS sent up for 1C daju. The ao lar oa
tuuauf LiMreucs Casey for stabbing Tom saino na
Connelly Is on trial this oftardoon. see Branch
Acid ' until
A valuali'o ' I'liosplmto , but the
llemody fur
PiT. . II. to keep
. NinviAMJ , Jr. , St. Louis ,
Mo , , tnjn : "I have uaeil it in diseases of the
the iidiwy euuh had hid :
organs , as yravol , and
purihuljrJy apennatonlicwj , with mayor
K < ioil rcj uh , cud tlifiik it vei-y valuable very asked the
Kluedy in barn and
ho Baid
- him a
Ifyu-lb nf
Firrcr/wilferi , TvrpDdi , Duckot Lanterns , cuuh mayor if
.lv % , tt Mnx Mover & Co. and the B
ho drcvo
The Case ofilic Slaic ys , Ei-Cify Mar
shal Gulbrie for Bribery ,
Higgins , a Boss Gambler , Makes
Some Startling Statements.
Mayor Ohaso's ' Demand for a Team
of Horses ,
Okarloy Branch Tolls an Inter
esting Story ,
Dist , Atty , Godwin and Law
yer Baldwin Have a Lively Eow ,
Gauging Considerable Excitement
and a Great Deal of Comment ,
Sconce nncl Incidents or the Irlnl.
All preliminary skirmishing , in the
hapo of dilatory motions , having boon
lispoacd of , the trial of the case of the
to vs. Roger 0. Guthrie , city marshal ,
ndictod for bribery , was begun yes-
osday in the district court , before
udgo Novilio.
The court-room wasHed
Hod vrith interested spectator * , among
vhom were the proprietors of the various
rambling houses , who were there na wit
nesses , and other members of the sport- '
ng fraternity. The space wiihin the
ail was tikon up by members of the
jar , who no doubt were attracted there
y curiosity and the expected sensational
oaturos of the trial.
The jury is composed of the following :
P. Manning , constable , Alexander
utkinsjn , merchant , T. II. Taylor , farmer ,
nines Donnelly , farmer , J. B. French ,
rocor , 0. B. Sharploss , railway man ,
Villiam Pitch , ico-doalor , Jacob Williams ,
ommiaaion merchant , Dennis Andrews ,
apitaliat , Patrick MoArdlo , farmer , BT.
Krum , roai estate man , and W. P.
Volsh , carpenter.
Shortly after court convened 'yoatordny
istrict Attorney Godwin TVRB df-
octod by Judge Neville to state his case
the jury. During the progress of this
tntcmont , 0. J. Green , ono of the do- '
ondant Guthrio'a counsel , objected to
omothing said by Mr. Godwin. The
istrict attorney turned to the judge and ir
, "I hope I know enough to state
case properly nnd I hope to God the
will intervene between mo and , wo
liosa cavilers , " referring to vho dofond- Ho
' counsellors. The court hero rap-
upon the desk nnd stated to Mr. Ho
jodwin that ho wwuld not permit or sub
to any more such rcilections upon Ho
tribunal , and if , during the progress
this trial here , ho should make an ho
remark of that kind to the court ho
dismiss him from the caao and ap-
aorao ono who would conduct the ipon
properly. "Proceed at once , "
Judge Neville , and .083
Godwin concluded his statement
the jury without interruption. The , t
istrict attorney elated very minutely his lira
to the jury , oven going s far as to ipon.
the time of day and the exact place lie
the amount was paid over to the .
lofondant , a alleged in the indictment. lim
Mr. Baldwin then made the statement
the defense to the jury nnd said ho i'ifty
show the tale as told by'Mr. God
was simply n aowing society rumor. ment
men by whom the defendant was to ment
convicted had indictments hanging
them for continually violating the
while Guthrie , who when this oflico in
tendered him was found in the Un- id
Pacific shops with his hands covered 'mo
the grim and sweat of honest toil mid
who had always boon a good city torn
was to bo made their victim. 'hero '
When Mr. Baldwin had completed his aylnc
tatomont to the jury ho requested the o
to order all subpoenaed for the state , nd
leave the court room and six gamblers o do
their names were called paid the pen-
of being witnesses by absenting olloct
homsolvos from the trial. ow
. Godwinthon | asked the court to "ICO
all indictments pending against the
ropriotoro and heads of the vnriouHgnmb- est ,
houses , in which indictments they o
charged with bribery in ordot to
thorn to give evidence in the case hat
bcforo tlio court. Judge Neville
called ' for tlio trial docket in order ii the
make 'tho proper entry when Attorney jluthrio
nroaa and in his moat ool- , vant
nmnnor said , "In the naino of the ihargo.
of Doualas county I object to the ivas
of thcsp indictments , " "They ho
quashed , " said Iho court , "call the im.
witness , " and Mr. 0. S. Jliggins ist
the stand.
stating hia buainesa ho continued : ury
ono year ago hia gambling place 'getting
closed by order of city oflicials. Ho old
to the oflico of the marshal to BOO .11 .
they could bo opened. IIo told thu 'mith
the boys did not objoot to the ave
of ono fifty dollars , but tlio pay 'uthria
of the second wui too much. The ould
replied thai that amount waa not ot to
in the bucket , n they were mak "Do
) sums every day , TJio defendant what
tno witness ho would have to BOO ends
Branch. Afterward Mr. Brunch was
and three of the houses raised $100 "I
but the JIOUBO to which Branch be
having paid its amount before , or
other way , did not have a aharo laid
pool. iaid
paid the money to Branch to got lie
their homes ngnin. This money On
to Branch nftor ho had the con mt ho
with Guthrio. A talk wns had iack
the mayor before the houses were itli
In pusuanco of thia payment ho u da
opened his houao nnd ban been Guthrie
over tinea without being closed rep
nrrooted , until about three
ngo. IIo had had Bovornl abort and ho
with the defendant who BO , IIo
referred him to Mr , Branch , IIo money
BOO Branch pay tlio money to the next
OU088 KXAMlNAnOX. sent
had kept n gambling houao in this gamblers
nearly twelve years and his houao up or
run in tha last administration $300 on
being open war concerned , the in the
ut all other times. IIo did not stroots.
made Guthrio'a n ont. lie with G
had u conversation with Guthrie amount
after the liousu hail boon closed , rio told
matter of payment to bo allowed paid
open had been talked of among building
gamblers aomo time before , but lie
a conversation with the from
who had mot him and boon
witnoa.i to to '
go over Iloman'a jury room.
look nt a tcuru of horses which found
the ' 'bojn" were about to make had
prciont of. Witness naked the indictments '
ho vus fool enough to accept I also conn
present , The mayor ailted "why ? " J quefctiun
witness told him that whonoreriwith Qul
down street , tlio gamblers I session ,
would say , "Thoro goes the mayor be
hind the gamblers' horses. " Mr. Chose
then said lie would have to have a pros-
cnt nnd something "not very small
either. " The team wna worth 8100 nnd
the mnyor gave a suranco that if that
amount were paid him all would bo well.
Bruckor's house refused to pay its part ,
SlOD.and the schema fell through nnd the
houses were closed ,
came between the middle nnd twentieth
of Juno. The order was gven by n
policeman. Two wcoka were consumed
making negotiations for keeping open.
Witness never talked with nny official
bcforo the closing up , except Mayor
Cluiso , and Branch. There was a con
stant talking about " "
"putting up" or
"shutting up" during the two weeks bo
fore closing up. Ho did not make
Branch a go-between , but ho cimo to
witness. If o wont to see Chase , who was
the head , nnd find out why ho had shut
thorn up. Ohnso told him to go and BOO
the marshal. Ho told Guthrie ho had
como to sea him about opening up. Defendant -
fondant refused to converse with wit
ness , who wns referred to Branch.
were soon tnndo with liranch by witness
nnd ono hundred dollars was paid him in
front of MoNmnarn & Duncnn'o. IIo
waa told by Branch thnt ho might go and
open up. Upon being asked the ques
tion witness utntod ho had boon indicted
on three different charges , but the com-
[ > laints had boon quashed upon an un-
loratanding with the district attorney.
[ Jo did not think ho was guilty under the
aw aa charged in the indictment. "You
> aid the money , " nskod Godwin , "bo-
cause they had their hands nt your throat ;
you paid it to bo allowed to run your of
louse in violation of law ? " Hero Colonel
Smytho , who had so far said nothing , ob-
'octod. "I only naked the question , "
aid Godwin , "so that every _ attorney in
could have n chance. " "I insist hero-
after , " said the colonel , "that the dis-
rict attorney shall call thia dofondont
Guthrio,1 and not 'Goothrie. ' " The
lourt made no order and the trial pro-
was next called , Higgiua , who had tea-
ifiod , took bis sent beside Godwin.
Baldwin objected to his being in the
room. " I will allow him to remain , "
laid Judao Novillo. " Take '
your oxcop- .
" '
ion. How do you know I want one , " in
aid Mr. Baldwin.
Witness Branch then stated ho knovr win over
Guthrie over since ho had boon city mar- '
hal. Ho was told ing _
by Godwin to go on in
nd toll all ho know about closing up.
'lie witness stated tli ay were closed bemuse -
muse the marshal was in want of funds ,
who said a fund would have to bo raised
they must closo. A hundred dollars
or month was wanted by Guthrie from
inch houso. This conversation took place win
or three days before they were closed. "
mot Guthrie aomo time before , and "tako
not § 100 from Higgins , § 100 from
Goodly Bruckor , and $100 from Kennedy. to
received this money on July 15th or "
tith , 1883 , on ono of which days ho saw
marshal on Twelfth and Dodge "
troots , at which time nnd place ho gave
Guthrie the $300 , who snid "All right ,
up , " nnd ho wont back and told the you
ithcr houses , which opened than. Wit-
said ho did not pay his share , bo- district were
auso bo did not have much to give away been
that timo. Witness had never paid
money bpforo that time to keep
. Guthrie came to witness and said Connell
money would have to bo raised or the Baldwin
.puses would have to cloao. Witness told brother
ho could not raiao that amount , but
would go and BOO the other houses ,
dollars per month was agreed to go
liould bo paid afterward. This agree
was made nt the time of the pay this
of the $300 to Guthrie and sheriff
that basis until state fair timo. Ho these
not pay any money until nftor fair thia
, when § 100 was given him to bo court.
Guthrie , which witness received "I
Kennedy , Bruokor and Higgins. row
was no talk about some ono else it must
; Guthrie but ho stopped because on. "
was taken before the last grand jury
ho said ho would have nothing inoro
with it. Ho was never referred by
uthrio to nny third party who wns to surface
it. Ho bad paid the $300 to al at first
the gnmbling houses to run , and the
waa paid for the same. Ho had had short
conversation with Guthria since his or- tions
four weeks ngo , who told him that sivcly
bill nould bo found against him , if ho
oclinod to answer , for the reason moro
ho contain
charge of bribery ; bo went to see only
nnd told him that ho did not matter
to go "over the road" on this nctivo
. Guthrie told witness when Smith akin.
arrested that if ho would stand "pat" by all
grand jury would do nothing with
Ho had a conversation with Guthrie Lange
before ho wont into the the
grand iury
, Guthrie naked witness what the
was doing. Witness told him it wns
quite warm up thoro. " Guthrie NEBUA
him to hurry out nnd ho wonld bo IUESS
right. Witness told the marshal that 18o4 ,
had told everything nnd ho would hnr
to do something to protect himself ,
said to lung out and Smith
bo impeached , Guthrie nskod him
testify and snvo him from disgrace.
you know , " said Mr. Godwin ,
the marshal did toward getting
for Smith ? "
Baldwin objected.
only wanted to
the District Attorney. That's right' '
Smytho , "tho monkey always starts
show. "
croaa-oxaminntion witness stated
wns first introduced to Guthrie
of the court-house. Ho bad n talk
him , wbo oaid the gamblers ought
something nnd open up.
snid if the houses wanted to
open they would
JIAVK TO rnr ur
told Iiimtho ( witness ) to toll them
so told them , Guthrie said the
would have to bo put up by the
Monday or Tuesday night or they
have to shut up , No ono waa pre
when this matter was talked of. The
, Guthrie said , would have to put
Btny shut up. Witness gave him
the 10th or 16th of July. 1883 ,
drug store on Dodge and Twelfth -
Witness said ho shook bands
uthrio there and told him the itronirtn Tbli powder
would bo found nil right. Guth the > rdlniry
him to go and open up. Ho with the inu
him § 100 afterwards in the city Jihooplmto !
after dark ono night.
Brucker and Htgqins. Ho had
aakcd these facts in the the grand larnpociai
uui s palM
Three indictments had boon
against witness , district attorney
promised him if ho would testify the
should bo quashed , Ho had M7"ANTKl-An
cpuaultcd bis attorney this city
, . upon lulnuUs Will
IIo had
bad a conversation this otllce.
Guthrie while the grand jury was in '
Ho told Guthrie ho had refuted 'ANTKD-A
to testify who told Ihlm to stand "pat"
nnd all would bo well. Wftnets first
ctimo | to Umaha three years ago , had boon
married onco. When ho paid Guthrie
$300 ,
UB HAD $1,000
which ho got neither from Texas or Kan
_ Baldwin said that the witness wns
living in notorious nnd open adultery
with a woman not his wife , which foot in
itself weakened the credibility of the
testimony of the witness on the stand ,
This , Mr. Baldwin stated , was his reason
for putting the question.
ESSaid Mr. Godwin , "If these charges
which you recount , and nllcgo this man
is guilty of of being a married man , of
living with a woman not his wife if this
crime you mention were good cause for
disbarring an attorney practising at this
bar , you could have been disbarred long
ngo , and
The court room , which hnd boon al
most noisy a minute bcforo , became
so quiet a whisper could bo heard. The
spectators on the rear seats stood up
firat to aoo what might bo done by Mr.
Baldwin , and in a moment all were on
their foot , n few even standing on the
seats. Judge Neville looked the picture
of contempt at auch proceedings , and
seemed stunned nt the charges made by
Mr. Godwin ngninot Mr. Baldwin.
t During the utterance of these asper
sions upon Mr. Baldwin , ho remained J
speechless , not oven rising from his seat.
When Goodwin had finished , Mr. Bald li
win arose , and drawing himself up to his
full height , denounced the notion of the
District Attorney , called upon the court
for protection , nnd finally ended his de
nunciation by calling the representative
the State
Jv - - JIAIt ,
nnd shaking hia closed raanunl extremity
his faco. Smytho moved up to Mr.
Baldwin nnd tried to quiet him , but Mr.
Baldwin wns excited nnd would not bo
still. Finally Judfto Neville , to avoid
any disturbance in his tribunal dismissed
the jury , , but stated to the irate attorneys '
that court wns not adjourned nnd any
violation of its rules of decorum would bo
summarily ' punished as contempt. FO
Mr. Godwin then took his hat nnd May
started for the door of the court room to
gain which ho was compelled to pass im
mediately ] by Mr. Baldwin , who was sit- F
in a chair.Vhon \ ho was directly
front of his opuncnt Godwin stooped FOR
nnd spoke in n whisper to Mr. Bald
who jumped up from his seat , shov-
up his coat sleeves , again broke out JL1
into nn execration calling the district TOU
attorney n liar. Mr. Godwin Jt ?
moved on out of the court room. "Mr.
Sheriff , " snid the court , FOR
"If your honor please , " said Mr. Bald ' ,
, -
"Mr. Sheriff , " again said the court , FOK
Mr. Baldwin into custody. "
Doput ; Sheriff Crowoll had by this FOR
crossed the room to where Mr. Imly
Baldwin waa standing , nnd wns trying Co. ,
quiet the i enraged nttornoy.
"If your honor please , " eaid Mr. FOU
Baldwin , "I -
"I warned you gentlemen of the consequence - JL1
sequence , " snid Judge Neville , and now
must suffer it. " TjlOU
Mr. Connell nnd Mr. Ambrose , who
sitting near Mr. Baldwin when the FOR
attorney whispered to him , had
nil this I time trying to engage the FOR
attention of the court. At length the
of tlio "judgo was obtained by Mr.
, who stated in behalf of Mr. FOR
thnt Godwin in passing by hia " 0. X"
nttornoy TmOR
out and fight. Mr. Ambrose corroborated FOR
roboratec Council's statement. Upon
explanation the court ordered the -
to release Mr. Baldwin from cus FOR
. Court was Ihen adjourned nftor Supplied
judge hnd said that n settlement of steam.
difficulties would have to bo effected
morning upon the convening of FOR
. first-class
"Inm content with that until to-mor per Fourteen
morning , " said Mr. Baldwin , "but per
bo Gfl87-t
settled before this trial goes
Ladies should reflect before using any
preparation that isnpplied tosodelicatoa FOR
as the skin. Any cosmetic will son's.
impart a beautifying effect and not FOK
apparent ] injure the skin , but in a very
tim little blotches and discolora- JU iriim oor.
nppoar on the face which conclu Houso.
show the poisonous drugs in theis
compositi It can bo safely said tl.jt
than two thirds of the face powders
these ! injurious ingredients. Poz-
medicated complexion power is not
absuluaoly frco from all delotoriour F
, but its principal ingredient is nn
curative for all diseases of the
It has stood the test of years. Sold F
druggists. me-oodyl
it Foitick Are headquarters for
celebrated vapor stoves , 318 , and 320
st. jO-ood-tf.
DIRECTORY to bo issued in July , ico-it
price S-t 50. J. M. WOUK , pub- R. " Bee
120 S. 14th St. . Omaha.
1'rico $ ,
Bauett ,
Barker &
kcr & iltym
ir > OK
JL1 0(500 (
host oa
JL luqulre
Ital of near
JJ dldbusl
17th St.
Rent $20.
F °
-Absolutely Pure.
JL1 Holaiui'
ne\rr varies. A marvel of purcncM , uer for fiouc
and uholescmeiiesa. iloie eoocomlcal thau or address
l > Indand cannot be s > ld In oomputltloi
multitude ol low test , kliott Height alum or
I1 pouderg. i WIlfcK CO Hold only in caiu. ROYAL 1took
$15,000 per
for two week
nlaro at
will poalttvolynot be lunoitea 1515 Vartiauj
paid lu advance , nWR bALE
J.1 oonslstl
WANTS. shiar about about diO
drcHI Jay
) - oUht to nine room house , with SM Iwp
Mater , gat U iwulble.tlthlu titn
; of ike iioitolllco. 1'Icno aJJto j "d,1 F ORSALE
US tf \1cstrrn
uw will lea
- tow fiat-cilia table Ueaidcrcat 1718 oilcml. Midi
S53 Sf 93980
I TV , . . . . . . . To t ch aermin In prlrtti snmlly
the ' ' by yoansm ; n who hM Utign In th schools ol ,
old country. Address "F. WB o oflloo.
\XTK offer In loU to suit purchaser , eight hundred
t T choice Iowa
steers. One hair rear old , balance
two and . three years old , and a good smooth huneh.
219.1m STRANGE BRO'S , Sioux Cltv , Iowa.
TV A fKD Four day boarders at 2009 Cans St ,
W'/Ji ED orders to know the St. Ch rle Ho.
telb. JUrn St. , between 12th nd 13th will
t up the b _ UMd * > o td for tl 00 per * cok of mny
linn'o In th di Ot 0 irrMponrtlr" nrlMi. SJS-tf
Kn v uonaon ana tots.
OK IlF.NT 5 room btlck cottigc. Inquire John
Siccl , tth and Hickory. 215-Mp
TjlOIl 11ENT A 0 room liousa with city water nd
JL' K , neirKt. M ry' e. I'osscsslon given July
1st. Mr ; . JI. CUlkson. 233 28p
OR UK.NT-Furnished looms 2200Dodgo Street
FOR KENT Two front room ) nowlj ( urnUbcd No
817 18th St. , between Chicago and Paicnport.
Z49 3p
li uii UKMMVlth Ijonril.lirRO front room with bay
JU window , ga ? and Hth room , 1718 Dodge St.
212 Sp
FOH RENT-Furnljhod rooms 105 N. lEth ttrcot.
00 3p
FOR RENT A five room cottage Twcnty-llfth nnd
Capitol avenue. City water. Inquire 2110 Cap-
to )
225 31p
FOR HUNT Furnished room 101 OFarnam Ft.
233-SOi )
FOR RENT-FumUhod room 1417 Howard St.
TjlOK RENT Two furnished or unfurnished rooms
? with hoard , centrally located , peed references ,
reference required. Call or address 424 Content St. ,
blocks from St. Mary'savo. 240 Sp
-Kurnlshcd room 1410 Howard St.
FOR REST Lareo front room with first class
board 1613 Howard.
FOR RENT A suite ot rooms nicely furnished. In-
qulro at 1816 Cass street. 217-2p
FOR RKNT A cott.iffo 26th street , ono square
north St. JIary's o\e , 3 rootrH and summer
kitchen 512.60 a month. Warren Snltzlcr. 14Mf
FOR RENT Furnished , a largo comfortable room
322 a leth St. , corner of t 07-p
niuii RENT IIOU33 G rooms In ( rood repair. Mice to
orkNVl'u cistern water. Rent 523 permmth Hit
'arkWidea > o , ApnlyloJno.W liollDrusglstlOth
Street. 185 tf
KENT Houco G rooms , corner Topplctonand
Snerldan Sts , $18,50 ptr month. Barker and
no , ISth and Fainam. IS7.U
FOR RENT With board , an elegant furnished
parlor bed room. ZOOOCass St.
' FurnUbctl rooms with board , 1812
RENT 8 rooma , 3 closets , city waternt 60S
N. i:3th : Street. 101-27 ,
fjlOK JlENi Furnished front rooms with Doard ,
815 South 10th St. 171-27p
KENT FuinUhcd room ) for Jiouao-Kccping
003 north 17th St. 177 27p
HENT-Houso corner of 10th nd Padflc ,
ono block from B. & M. Depot. 0. Who'nn.
,1011 RENT A ( urnlshcd room at IBIS Jactaon St ,
r154 SOp
KENT Furnished rooms 1810 Dodge Street.
RENT Until September 1st. A nlco 5 room
cottage 2212 Capitol mo. Furnlabed to a tarn
without children. Inquire atO. S. Goodrich &
HID Farnatn St. 1C3 tf
RENT Nicely furnished rooms without
board 1814 Davenport St. lOi-'JOp
RENT Parlor bed room. Inquire northwest
corner 8th and Ilonard. 11027l )
RENT Ono store In Crounso' Block. O. M
Illtchco BOOtI R.
RENT 4 good rooms south-east corner 20th
and Cuminp. 070 tf
RENT Furnished rooms , \\ith or ulthout
board , Iflil Dodee street. 017-27p
RENT Six room houco on street car line and
comcnlc to business. Address Immediately ,
" Bee office. 768 tf
REN A first class store in good locality.
Inquire at Kdholm and Erlckson. 601-tf
RENT Flrst-eliM 6 room cottage S.
Peterson , south east corner 15tD and Douglas.
RENT Rooms In Nebraska National Bank
butldlne Most duslrabls olflces la the city.
with hydraulic elevator and heated by
Apply at Bank. 628 tf
RENT Elegant residence ) 10 rooma , turnaco
and cold water , bath rooms A.O , riultiblo LAR
boarding homo or private residence $70
room i houao new , 14th St. near Jono 750
month. BARKER illAYNE ,
( 13th and Farnara.
RB *
' . 3
avc >
) T'S
pe : \
.It's .
) <
iU :
: [
I d ,
Price's ' Cream Baking Powder
Does not contain Ammonia , Limo Potash.
, Tlmfc it is
n ruitE ,
C&EAN nnd
WHOLESOMI : Powder for
raising light and digestible bread. Thnt
to it is i
pcnor tholloyal IN EVIMIYJIESPECT. su
Thnt tlio Royal contains Ammonia.
Thnt Ammoain is
the food. Ihnt Ammonia is retained in
injurious. The
deny it. Royal Company dare not
Nntionnl Board of Health , Washington , D. C.
of Health
Di Price's Cream Bulletin , Supplement No. G , page 83.
Baking Powder
the entire
strength. list for purity and
Prof. York. R. Ogden Doromus , M. D. LL. D. , College of the City of New-
Prof , R. C. JCedzie , Michigan Stnto
Prof. H. M. Schcfibr , SI. Louis , Mo. , Lansing : , Mich.
Prof. Charles C. Boyntou , Brandon , Vr.
Prof. James P. Babcock , State Assnyor , Boston
, Mass.
Dr Elias II. Bartloy , B. S. , Board of Health , Brooklyn
N Y.
Prof. Curtis C. Howard , M. Sc-JStarliug Medical ,
Ohio. - College , Columbus' ,
Prof. M. Dolnfontaiuo , Chicago , 111.
Prof. G. A. Mariner , Chicago , 111.
Prof. . John M. Ordwny , Muss. lush , of
Technology , Boston.
A Prof. , R , A. Witthnus , A. M.M. D. , University of Buffalo , N. Y.
: families
that have
used it for
n qiurter of n century.
Itie an old trick of the Co. to
Royal throw dirt ,
crying lirao and
posing dates , parading black lines , and alleged Government potash , trans
detract public notice from the Chemists , in order
know that Dr. Prico'a does nut contain disgusting ammonia drug , lirao ammonia or potash. in their powder. They
Not Take Our Word for It , Let Every Housekeeper Prove It.
R. TRACK ] ,
And is now in Use by the United States Government.
ItEPAIR SHOPS Scales of all kinds repaired mid sealed by U. S
"Write for Estimates.
ciical Painters & Decorators ,
1515 Douglas Street. Omalia.
SAIiU llrlnk , on noutli 16th St , noir tha
works by Hulloy and I'roako 101-lji
ALE A nice cottJRO and full lot , half block
i nt Milton Rogo's' rcsldouco , on 13tn street ,
of II. Leo , Grocer , 2M and Lcavenworth.
AI E At a bargain , a first class Zither. Ad
is "X. Z. Q" Bee oUlco. 878-tf
KLE The Omaha Bakery , established 1874
atns a good stock of Fancy Goods and other
wagon , etc. Location Ural-class. Cheap for
pply 510 10th street , bet. Jackson and How.
AL1J ' Two BcoonJ hand 'pUnog , at Kdholm
Icksoa'a Muslo Store on lOtli St 90 tf
IALE The coziest and roost dcelrnblo rej
on Capitol Hill. IIouso contains 0 room
closets mid btoro rooma , good cellar , city
all modern Imnrovmuentfl. Good bam
lUlldiiiKS. liiorjthluff lu first class ehapo.
InqulroofT , F. loan ou premises , 2420
.icnuo. 812-t (
FSTATK-A great bargain In
In Reese's Place , on St. llarj'u avenue
line , nt vtry low prlco for Sodaxs. Apply
if. home , m South 14th Htreot , |
BALE Th good nlll and fixtures nf the
bton IIouso. Eaay terms. 63S-tf
IALE Two cpan ecoud-naud Lugs lea and
ollvery wagon , cheap , t 1S10 Karney St.
ALE Cheapest house and lot In Omaha , In
addition , 8 rooms , well , 300 barrel els
- lot . ) , 1(0 ( ' feet front by 130 ( oet deep , for
'JoBB. 1615 Fariiam St , 6 tl
\LK Cheap lots lu bblnn'd 2nd addition
toad * nd Plilntlew. I'OTTKR & COBB
street < 2B tf
ALK Twenty acres of the drlffen farm , S |
from the 1'ostoHlco , and tnly two blocks
' sub division. Will be sold in 2) ) , C or
lots. Inquire Omaha Carpet Co. , 1511
trect S70tf
Farm S miles from city , near Union
jards. Inquire at MM. Uoycr , over Itoo
ttoro , JCth and Webster. Kit-
June Sl f , ioricl mare with write strip
two white fiet and one partially so. Ilex ,
on kit hind Ic-r , buih of tall cut off , full
distemper uneielait seen. Flcdrr , or
ormatlouttUlbe suitably rewarded. Harris
Ul' On 2ith Intt at Pries Lalo nrar Flo-
Hjiht bay marc , nhlto en face and legs ,
lightly shod , branded oa lelt quarter.
rccottr bypajlng thliadteitltvincntaud
and pro\injf OHUcrshlp , I'rln Broa.
, " . . . j -
Betnctn Crulnbton Collrgeai 'U > rd'iOpi.
, a lady's blue % civet jacket Hnilcr will
tlio at tiuv's Diuir btore aud confer a
. J41-S81'
Are prepared to do work
In nny branch ,
On Short Notice
ono largo red
cow , horns
, white
head star on fore
, brush
on tall
cutoff. Finder ulll bo
returning or bringing information
South loth St. to SIS
no Op
STRAYED On Juno 24th , black pony white face ,
on halter.
V. Manannah. reward , 20i4 Fierce St.
pray with left
Oooout , and baymare with colt two
, weeks old ,
with u bite
star In
returned will bo gn en if
13th aud Nicholas. or Informatlea brought to lira. J. Kcgler ,
rpAKEN UP-Onohoy pany , with saddle marks.
J. brought to my stable , City 1'ound. C-28p
STRAYED Oil STOLEN-Last Monday evening
Juno 23d , from camp on north 18th street , ono ,
black horuf , v > elgl t about 1100 pounds ; white spot ill
forehead and tno hind feet white , with email
on left nostril. Liberal rennrditt bo given for lump the
return ol horse to the camp.
NOTICK-A man ultli ( overs ! joars ciucrlencu In
the grain buslntsi , uanta A petition In
L-ocd grain point In tl is state come email
N , can keep the books and
fully capable of managing an olllco and elevator.
Energetic and full of business Can furnish
1 eat
references. Addresj
further partlculam " "
Bee olllce. care
16ld7t w2t
rpAKEN JL rorrcl UP-May color 24th , 1831 , at my place ono horfo
brand mark on hip. and ono Onnorian pony mare hmo bay , black tall ,
snjo by
ing property and prov
pajlng charges. Phillip Cassldy.
003 6woe r
TO EXOHANOB-A grain and itock builncss
ted at 6cj oral stations In Western -
farm lor a stock
or ( rood lands btilUWa
offur will bear strictest stock purposes. Thia
tlculara. Address " VV " . Write for par-
Inchell , care Omaba Bee.
Tor Business ,
Traveling ,
Dress and
tiTXeek JUretsUigs. Nevr Summer ft c reltlos