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\ Some More fl Races at the DM
j * Park.
To-Day's Programmo the Best
Ever Offered in Iowa.
Ycstordny'8 "Winner.
The weather TTM fnvorablo to the racoa
yeatordoy. Tno track was dry , there
being but ono soft spot in its entire
length , and that not of any consequence.
The attendance was very good and there
was the largest number of carriages over
aeon on any day of any meeting hold
Another noticeable feature was that
nearly all complSmontarios wore tossed
aside , these who had boon thus favored
with these bits of pasteboard paying their
shining halves for admittance in accord *
anco with the suggestion made that in
view of the heavy losses that had fallen
on the association , everybody should do
what they could to swell the receipts.
Directors , oflkials , all , with but few ex
ceptions , instead of using their compli-
inentarios paid the hard cash.
The first race of the afternoon waa the
threo-minuto class. There wore thirteen
entries , but only six starters , which drew
places aa follows : Star W. , Nuggotf
Annie T. , Texas Jack , Ned Powell , Mark
There was a good deal of trouble get
ting the start , Texas Jack acting out of
humor , and considerable time being
given up to scoring , on account of his
monkeying. In the pools Hark Time
sold aa first choice and Star W. as
On the first quarter there waa a regu
lar corn-popping , every horse going off hia
foot. Star W. caught herself quickly ,
however , and then steadily kept down
to business , leading so easily and with so
much daylight between her and the rest
that she could easily huvo distanced them
all , but hold up so that all skipped the
flag , except Annie T , , who was distanced.
Nugget came in second , Hark Time
third , Texas Jack fourth , Nod Powell
fifth. Time , 2:31. :
Tne next heat caused a flurry among
the drivers. On the first quarter Texas
Jack was crowded out of his place by an
evident foul and canio near to cutting
down Nod Powell The tangle was soon
cleared away and from the half to the
finish it was a pretty race between Hark
Time , Star W. audg Texas Jack. The
heat waa won by Mark .Time , Star W.
gaining second by a spurt at the finish ,
Texas Jack third , Nugget fourth and Nod
Powell distanced. Time 2:35 : | . In this
heat Texas Jack showed very steady
work , ho being the only ono who trotted
from wire to wire without a break , and
though the whip was applied pretty liber
ally ho stood it well.
In the third boat the horses broke
badly. Texas Jack doing the most
steady work. Hark Time led from the
start. Texas Jack did good work to the
half and kept second place , Star "W. then
speeding past him. Mark Time won the
heat easily. Star W. second and Nuegot
and Texas Jack coming in close together ,
Nugget getting third place , and Texas
Jack fourth. Time , 2:33 : | .
Before the starting of the third heat
the judges announced that they had boon
informed that the driver of Star W. had
been urged to pull her , and that they
would let Kirby drive her this heat , and
that if she was not driven fair the heat
would bo declared off , and a now driver
put in the sulky. This evidently reflect
ed the sentiments of the crowd , most of
whom had boon convinced by the
previous heats that Star W. could have
easily won , especially the first heat ,
where it seemed she could have distanced
the field.
This little lecture of Hancock's seemed
to have the desired effect , a pretty start
was had and Star W went to the front
and stayed there. To the half Mark
Timefollowod , with thotwoothors chang
ing off third and fourth positions. At the
finiah Star W passed under the wro sev
eral lengths the winner , Nugget uecond ,
Hark Time third , end Texas Jack despite
the whip and a run , got shut out. Time
2:30. :
The pools at the beginning of the next
heat wore about even on Star W. as
against the field.
On the start off Nuggott got Into a
pocket , Mark Time cutting in ahead and
taking the polo. On the next quarter
Star \V. went to the front , while Mark
broke up. Star \V. kept the lead to the
finish , winning the heat and the race in
2:32 : , Hark Time second , Nugget third.
3:00 : CLASH , ruiiHE ? GOO ,
Thomns & Kirby , Jer eyvlllo ,
III. , Star W. , b ni 12211
M. H. McIIonry , Odnoaeo , 111. ,
Mark Time , b. s 31131
S L. Caton , Cleveland. O. ,
Nufc'cet , ch. a 2-1323
ICatou W Parson , Martinsvllle ,
Intl. , Texnn Jack , p. K 4 3 4 din.
Fayette Smith , Maryvilie , Mo.
Nod , Powell , br , g 5 dis.
Taniiipsan liros , , Atlantic , la , ,
AnulriT. , B. in din.
Timo-SS1 ! : , 2:351 : , H:334 : , 2:30 : , 2:32 : ,
The next event was the 2:29 : class , with
Eevon starters placed aa follows : Jc
D&vis , Harry Pulling , Coupon , Mollic
Belle , Maggie H , , Freestone , and Urbana -
bana Belle. Jo Davis was the favorite in
tbo pool.
There waa necessarily nome delay ii :
getting a send-off with such a sea ol
horses. On the first quarter there was t
general breaking up , but soon they gel
down to business. Jo Davis took the
lead , wont oil his feet , foil back , and thur
came to the front again and kept them
winning the heat in 2:201 : , Urbana Bclh
second , Molllo Bellu third , Froestom
fourth , Coupon fifth , Harry Pulling
sixth , and Maggie II. , distanced.
In scoring for this heat , Joe Davis , b }
n sudden whirl , sprung the wheels of hii
aulky , and in making the heat there wai
an anxious watching , fearing that tin
sulky would como down , but it pulloi
through all right.
In the second heat there was the prettiest
tiost start of the whole meeting. Joi
Davis kept to the front to the half , tin
second place being hotly contested be
tweou Urbana Hello and Coupon. T hoi
Belle puahod ahead , and gave Joe Davi
a close push for winning , the lace bcin
a snug ono down tbo stretch , but Jo
Davis passing under the wire the winnoi
Urbana Belle lapping him by bein
pushed , while the winner was movin
cae'ly ' , Freestone came in thir , Coup *
fourth , and Mollie Belle and llarry Pull
ing distanced. Time , 2:24J. :
The third heat was , as expected , the
finishing ono , and was won easily bj
Tno. Davis , who could , as in the othoi
lioat , have shut out the whole of the
party had ho desired. There was n , litth
brush for second place botTf eon Urbant
Hello and Freestone , on the third quar
; cr , while Coupon hadto run to got in ,
Urbona Belle came in second , Freestone
third , and Coupon distanced for running ,
Time , 2:27. :
2:2'J : CLASS ruiisK $ COO.
Gco. Gtimcs , Uock\illo , Iml < Joe
Da\i9 , br g . Ill
JohnW. Itron , Urbarm , 0. Urbftna
Bello. bin . 2 3 2
Andrew Bros. South Bend , Ind. 1'roo-
atone , b g . > . ' 3 . r
: . 13. Kckcr , KnusM CltjMo. . Con-
pon.dg . 5 4 il
C. Lelawl , jr. , Troy , Kansas , Mollie
Hellobrm . 3 ll
V. S. Olnoy , MinnontioliB , Minn.
llarry Pulling. b . . . 0 u
Time , 1:251 ! : , 2'J4J : , 2:27. : , „
The next event was the race for the
2:38 : class , in which there were cloven
ntrios , but six starters , placed as fol-
owa : Kittio Strador , Theodore , General
Lee , Frank H. , Dutch Girl , Rowloy'a
lattlo. , _
The race was conceded to General L.OO
before the start. Frank II. being named
a the favorite with the general barred.
There was considerable delay in scor-
ng , Theodore especially acting badly.
The first heat was a surprise party.
The horsca started off in a snug bunch ,
hen General Lee wont to the front , but
> oforo the half was reached Little Dutch
Girl crept steadily up , and as she wont to
10 front the crowd cheered. It was
upposod that as usual she would lot
own , but although she did somewhat ,
ot not so badly but what she passed un-
or the wire the winner , with Frank H ,
lose upon her. General Lee who broke
> adlycamo in third , Rowley's Rattier ,
ourth ; Kittio Strador , fifth ; Theodore ,
ixth. Time , 2:31 : ,
In the next heat the horses started off
n a snug bunch. Dutch Girl got to the
rent and kept there to the half , while
3enoral Lee , getting up from third to
ocond place , commenced to crowd her.
? ho little mare began to weaken , and
enoral Lee just before the turn ,
roko , then caught , broke again , and got
nto his foot again , and passed her on
10 homo stretch. Dutch Girl evidently
id not have staying qualities sufficient ,
> ut she made her milo without a skip or
break. Frank H. , as she lot down on
10 homo stretch , passed into second
lace , leaving her third , Theodore fourth ,
iittio Strador fifth and Rattler sixth.
imo 2:28. :
On the start off of the third heat Dutch
irl got badly off her foot , the first ttmo
n the race , and came nearly to & stand-
ill before getting down again. She
len showed good mettle and speed and
cept creeping up , but could not make up
10 loss. Her driver claimed that Frank
[ . by running crowded her over and
irow her off her foot. General Lee
lushed up well from third to second
lace on the third quarter but wont off
lis feet several times , catching himself
asily though. Frank H. came under
10 wire first , but a free-for-all run of
alk was had at the judges stand , and
11 told their stories. The judges then
; ave their decision in accordance with
10 vray the horsea came in , Frank H ,
irat ; General Leo , second ; Rowloy'a
Rattler , third ; Kittio Strader , fourth ;
Theodore , fifth ; Dutch Girl , sixth. Time
The fourth heat was ono of the _ nicest
ttlo racoa of the whole mooting , it being
nock and neck , nip and tuck contuse
otwoen Frank H and General Leo ,
rom the start to the finish , the General
winning , with Frank H lapping him ,
Rowley's Rattler , third ; Theodore ,
ourth : Dutch Girl , fifth , and Kittio
trader , sixth. Time 2:31. :
It was nearly dark when the fifth heat
waa trotted. It proved the deciding
no. Frank H. pressed General Leo
> retty snugly , it being nock and nock o
i good share of the tray around. It was
laimed that General Lao made by run-
ng , but the heat and race was given
lim. Frank H. second , Dutch Girl
lird , Theodore fourth , Rowley's Rattler
fth , and Kittio Strador sixth. Time ,
:31 : | .
2:38 : CI.AHH , riwiK § 000 ,
Win. Russell , Spencer , Iowa ,
General Leo , H. s . 31211
13. K Eckor , Columbus , kan. ,
Frank IF. b. s . 22122
15. W. Paxaon , Martinsvillo ,
Ind. , Dutch Girl . 13003
Foyetto Smith , Muryvllle. Mo.
Theodore , b. R . 04544
C. Rowley , Atlantic , Iowa ,
Uowley's Hattler , . 4G336
GIcldings&McCoy.DesMomcs ,
Kittio Strader , . 0 5 4 GJ >
Time 2:31 : , 2:28 , 2:31 : , 2:31 : , 2:31J. :
To-day's programme promisea even
more sport than was given yesterday. In
ace the programme is 'the beat over pro-
onted in Iowa , and considering the field
ast and noted horses , it would bo hard
o present a hotter programme any whoro.
The races are the 2:33 : class , the froo-for-
11 pacing , the 2-18 : class and the free-
or-all trotting , the purno in each class
oing § 000. The ontiioa are :
2:23 CLASS $ ( > 00 PUBSE.
Groy Henry ; g , g. 11. 0. 1'adfield , lU-ck
tilaml. 111.
Nellie Grant , ch. in. , M. 15. Molfenry ,
" , 111.
Flora H. , ch. m. , Ilobert Porter , Davcn-
ort , la.
Prichnnl. ch. g. , II. S. Slmltr , Mobile , Ala.
Bertha Clay , blk. in. , P. V. Johniwn ,
Trai > ozo , ch. in. , 1'uyetto Smith , Maryvillo ,
Mo ,
Secret , b m. , S. L. Canton , Cleveland , O.
Princeton , b , g , , N. Ilelland. KvanHtou , 111.
Nellie K. , b. in. , Will IJodford , Kvansvillo ,
Laura 0 , , ch. in. , W. K.Wiley , Carbontlalo ,
lUack Tom , blk. g. , Win. Laws , Boulder ,
Chan. G , JIayns , br. B. , Colby & Brown ,
, la.
Frank W. b g. W. J. Wlngert , Dixon , III. ,
Lorono , blk in , Wada Gary , Council ItlnirB ,
TCh rley K , b K , O. N. Kiucry , Beatrice ,
Limber Jack , b p , B. N. Montrose , Sarinnw ,
Midi. _ ,
.Sailor Boy , r g , A I. Cmnmlngs , Hams
{ " , Kt B. J. Johnson , Crcston.Ia
Clicstnit .Star , ch , Isaao Mime , Noblea
Vliclio"l ! > , B g , Will Bedford , ] 5vaimille ,
Winder , ch g , Perry Johiwra , Leadvillo
Nellie Shaw , d in , T. A. Shaw , Ft. Scott
St. Nicholas , b. h. , A. Uobor , Omalu , Neb
Jack , . g. 15. W. Paxtoti , Maitins
ville , Indiana. ,
Hex , b. | f. , J , O. Igon , Uurbana , Ohio.
Dora G.l'r. in , , 11. H. ShuU , Mobile , Ala
aqoscarilla , b. m. , 8. D. Caton , Ck-veland
Ringloton' * llambletonian , br. e , , li < T n
Wilcnxen , Luwiston , Illhmi * .
Nellie L. b. in. 1' . V. Johnson , Chlcagc
Gecl j'owo'.l , br. g. , Fayotto Smith , Mary
villo , Miuouri. _ ,
NmOuau , ch. g , KlUlm IJawson , Troj
Old , ,
f 'Famous , b. g. , P , I'Unnigun , St. Loui
Missouri , . , ,
DrnUl Poblo , b. g. Jnmos A. Bell , Denver
Star W. , b. m. Thompson k Kitky , Jersey
Ullc , Illinois.
Don , g p , A. K. Scott , Lcatlvillo , Col.
Kulng , b g , J. F. Studebaker , South Bend ,
Kittio Van , b m , P. V. Johnston , Chtcago ,
Wlllia Woods , bg , J. L Owens Green-
c-vtlc , Ind. ,
UlgSoap , bg , Uw Glenn , Mt. Pleasant ,
"wostmont , b s , Mat Cohln , Kauiai City ,
' Will Cody , b g , W. II. Homer , Knights-
tonin , Ind. _ . . .
Handy Cap , g g , A. J. Coldron , Bradford ,
LongtollowWhip , bin , J.D. Spoon , 111.
Soinothinc for Nothing.
Until further nollco wo glvo to each
twentieth cuatomor hia purchase , whatever -
over the price or value of the same may
bo. Our cashier will keep an accurate
record of every transaction , and wlion
, ho twentieth sale of any amount is made
; ho purchaser will bo presented with the
sumo. Wo have adopted for the present
Jiis system of advertising because it
gives our patrons instead of the news-
inpora the five per cent , which it coat
is. Clothing retailed at wholesale
> ricos. Hata retailed at case prices ,
'urntfthing goods , trunks , bags , umbrol-
as , etc. , oto. Every twentieth customer
irosoutcd with his purchase.
Donrt Olvo Awny.
The tirchlu to thq niill-pond goes.
And llko a i > orooi o swims and blows
llo's happy there beyond n doubt ;
Ho homeward sneaks at cltwo ol day
And blindly gives the thing away
Because his shirt Is wrong-siilo out.
The Barrel ,
Of all the campaign Bongs nnd chants ,
Which hopoa of candidates enhance ,
There is no sweeter carol ,
Nor any melody moro dear
Unto the hungry heeler's oar ,
Than the ballad of the barrel.
Lawyer Aid on was not a success , In the
uancial aspect ; infaot , ho waa n most
omploto and sorrowful failure. But for
11 that ho was a gentleman and ho lived
n a country whore gentle manners and a
; oed strain of blood count for all they
ro worth , and aomotimca for moro than
hey are worth. Ho was a Virginian ,
lia fortunoa woro'not equal to hia hospi-
able inclination or ho would have made
merry world of it for all of us. Ho had
ot boon "ruined by the wah" like moat
f the impecunious southerners.his ; down-
all had como slowly through bis inclina-
ono for the cup.
Some little property they atill hold bo-
, woon thorn , ho and hia daughter Polly
> roperty wisely secured beyond the power
if alienation by either of them , through
, ho dead wife who loved and waa beloved
> ut yet had enough of the old Virginia
> ride in her to worry herself into an early
; rave over the misfortunes of her family.
She know both father and daughte
veil enough to perceive that neither
ould deny the other anything and ao to
ceop a homo for them , she , on her dcath-
) cd , placed her own scant inheritance in
, tust for their use and in fco to their
loirs. The property consiated mostly of
unconsidered wild landa and the Httlo
ilaco near Winchester called Daisy
It was a pleasant fashion they once had
n Virginia of giving fanciful nnd senti
mental names like the above to their
lomos. That was in the old lazy days of
lavory , before the war , when life had
till about it the picturesque t'ngo ' of ro
Polly Alden waa a child when Win-
hosier was the center of the great Btrug-
lo between the forces for the possession
f the Shenandoah valley , and when jtho
ity in the fortunes of war exchanged
maters twice in a single day. But these
were times when children matured early
ndcr the terrible experiences to which
lioy were exposed. Now Polly wna a
woman , very sensible , very soft-hearted
oward her father and quite sub-rosa
ory well up in some departments of edu-
Lawyer Alden waa ajbrokon-down man ,
with all self confidence gene and moat of
lis self-respect cloao behind it : but in his
own poor homo nothing of thia waa vial-
> lo. His daughter , and an old noqro
ouplo , husband and wife , who lived in
quarters in the lane , having formerly
> eon slaves , the property of the wife ,
roatcd him with aa much respect as if
10 had boon governor of the common
In his youth ho had received a college
education nnd waa a man of line tastes.
The child who lovoU him and of whom
10 made a companion got the benefit of
his at a time when there wcro no schools
ipen in Virginia.
She was taught the classics nnd French
and music , and n littlu mathematics ( aa
nuch of the last as a Virginia gentleman
thought it desirable for a lady to know ) ,
and 1 believe the old man limbered hia
own rheumatic joints to practice with her
rather than see his own beloved Polly
como up totally ignorant of dancing.
WhutoN or may bo said of the humbug
n Virginia character on the subject of
'ainily pride , and their pretensions to
) cd ) > roe , that they always valued fine
Breeding and fine education is not to bo
And though Polly's inheritance was
meugor , she could hold her head up
among ladies and gentlemen anywhere ;
3ut among the Virginians no ono waa
ever denied social poaitioii on account of
lack of wealth.
She and her father had the , 'ontroo of
the boat circles in Winchester , and lot it
bo said there waa not on the Amorcan
continent at that time a moro elegant
and exclusive society.
Now , Polly had a second cousin whoso
lifo was by no moans restricted for want
of moans , ono of these lucky women who
marry the right man at the right lime
and have him die and 'cave ' thorn in n
delightful widowhood , while their
beauty is yet froah and their ambition
atill keen.
Such waa the lot of second-cousin Ma.
rion. Mrs. Colonel Ilolden , She had
bearded the conqueror in his tent , in oth
er words she had captivated tlio heart ol
Colonel lloldon while hia regiment wa
camped on hia father's farm. Her daili ,
her freshness , her courage , her fine rid
ing brought the Colonel to his knees ant
she married him out of hand and prompt
ly. Aa the Colonel waa a union ollicer
of course oho could expect no quarter ii
Virginia society after such u going ovoi
to the enemy.
She wont north and did not communicate
municato with her relative * for aovera
Meanwhile the color ol had died Inav
ing her the full poaaebioa of hit ampli
fortune and uuincurnbercd with chil
She vra : a .roman f jracd to ccj : y tu : !
freedom , being a natural born coquette
nnd she soon made overtures to her f m
ily , who nothing loth to receive a littl
help on their mortgages , welcomed lie
with open arms and endeavored to giv
as much eclat ns possible to her return
turn to the scones of her wild ant
wayward girlhood. Scones now forovot
hallowed by the blood of the brave
who foil in that fratracidnl struggle.
She lavished her money in having the
old homestead restored and kept in the
finest order. She liked to bo apokon of
as a Virginian , and hat\ the shrewdness
to take vouchers for every cent expended
as well as also to retain her house In the
north. She must have company , as aho
was not A rording woman what coquette
over was ? ao she made un to second
cousin Polly Alden , who had the singular
merit for n poor relation of being in abettor
better position socially than horaolf.
She laid poor old Lawyer Aldin under
pecuniary obligations to herself , and then
look his daughter awny from him. She
was not n stinpy woman- but she wanted
the value of her money , and she gener
ally got it. If iiho bought her pretty lit-
lo cousin Polly dresses , she expected
icr in return to fill the homo with the
air and the bravo of Winchester , and
make her summer on the old homestead
a continuous round of gaiety. It was n
quid pro quo that Polly could render
without trouble. She was to toll the
ruth , very happy with Mrs. lloldon for
time. Every day she waa able to drive
vor to Daisy Dell and lookjjiftor her
athor , and being young , she was by no
moans averse to nay society herself.
Now Polly had on admirer , a bravo and
youthful rebel who owned a fine estate ,
indoratood to bo heavily encumbered , in
ho adjoinincr county of Clark , and vrho ,
laving received no other pay for hia aor-
ices in the Confederate army , won the
itlo of Brigadlcr-Gonoral at the grand
distribution of honors that took place
ust previous to the surrender.
General Dplaplano , at the conclusion
f the war , like a sensible man , settled
down to thonraotico of lawat Winchester
nd wisely laid himself out to make all
lint was to bo made off the horde of
Yankee landaharka that ruahod to Vir
ginia on the cessations of hostilities.
5y solf-douial and prudence ho had
Icared oil' some of the heaviest mort-
ages that had encumbered his patri-
tony already.
Ho aold the overhasty speculators largo
rncta of these 'blue slnto lands just to
tie east of Winchester without compeu-
Ho put old Alden in the way of mak-
ng a little money which waa exceedingly
orvicablo just at that time. Indeed ,
rom the time that Dolaplano found that
Melon had an interesting daughter , the
Id man uover lacked the moans of sup-
tlying his little family with comforts.
) olaplaino had too much nice fooling , of
ourao , to offer money without a conaid-
ration. . Alden , though broken , had too
nuch spirit loft to accept aid in that way ,
mt ho found himself associated in a
; raot many small casca as advisory coun-
10 ! with the handsome young brigadier ,
vhonho wasproudtoobEorvOihad a fond-
OBS for his darling Polly , and ho either
was or appeared to bo entirely unconclous
liat ho received all the fco while the
> rigadior did all the work.
Dolaplaiuo waa much older than pretty
'oily Alden ton years , Ho had in his
allow days boon a gallant to Polly's DOC-
nd cousin , Marion , before she deserted
otho enemy. Waa anything in the
vorld moro natural then than that ho
hould bo ono of the first and constant
visitors at Mrs. Colonel Holdou'a when
ho came to the old homestead , especially
inco Polly vraa never to bo found nny-
where but at her cousin's ?
Dolaplano , two years before , had taken
? olly with him ono Saturday afternoon
when ho drove homo to spend the Sunday
rith his mother , and oven as long ago aa
hat occasion ho had begun to slip his
rm around pretty Polly's waist. Old
Mrs. Dolaplano was delighted to observe
hat her dashing young brigadier , of
whom she was both fond and proud ,
laving no ether child , had got his
flections anchored at last , and to
uch a completely unobjectionable girl
to such on entirely loveable girl as
Once she had , while in the garden , said
, o Polly , "When you take my place hero ,
ly dear , I wont you to still look after
ny roaoa ; thia rose walk has been my
are and my consolation over since I
amo to Grape Orchard. Why , the Yan-
coca planted cannon right hero in this
; ardcn four years ago and trampled all
ny bushca down , but I raitod them and
lurscd them , and BOO how fine they are
gain. "
"Polly had blushed very prettily at the
uggcstion of her being ti'iatrcss ' of Grape
Orchard , and exclaimed , "Oh , Mrs. Dola-
daunt'1 with such pretty confusion that
ho old lady put her arms around the girl
and kissed her. And thnro were tears
n the oyca of both when they looked
inch other in the face , and the old lady
twisted , "Yes , my dour , that is what 1
lope for. "
She waa a little ahead of her bravo
> rigadicr , however , for though ho had
iut his arm around Polly in tlio carriage
oo had not proposed to hor. However ,
our pnttty girl waa satisfied of his iuton-
ions and never put his arm away any
noro. She lot her sweet directions take
lioir course , feeling herself safe in the
eve of a bravo and chivalroua man. She
waa no coqnetto , our dear Polly waa not ,
and wo should not love her any better if
she had been shrewd and calculating
enough to fetch her lover to the point of
i formal propotal before aho showed her
ovo. That might have rendered her
nero prudent , but could wo have loved
icr any hotter could wo have loved her
aa well ) Ah , these awoot daya to Polly ,
.liouo proud and happy days to Hugh.
Did not everybody in Winchester admit
, lmt the handsomest , bravest , and most
Brilliant young bachelor in Virginia had
secured the dearest and sweetest oi
But all was changed now. The ( loot
of her love hatl como to the rock oi
which so many hearts are broken rival
" ip.
Everybody said that it was a shame
that Hugh Delaphono should trillu witl
Polly and make love to her rich secant
cousin ,
Some said ho was avaricious , aomo suit
fickle , some uaid ho waa crazy to bo governor
ornor of Virgniaund ! wanted the widow'
inonpy to help him thia last by hia dua
political friends.
It was clear that the widow was vor ;
far gene on the liandsomo nnd distin
guislicd brigadier. If ebo know anything
of poor Polly she did not rogad it. Sh
told our dour girl all tlio chivalrous ant
confidential nothings that Hugh suid tc
her and alas far moro than oil ; Bhooftin
lied ii3 women like her will. There wa
ono thing Polly could no. do , ulio oouh
never learn to ridu well. Now most Vir
ginia girls do ride well , and Polly was
Uiorefoio , at a disadvantage. It waa tli
ono thing that couain Marion did vritl
peculiar excellence. Very few even o
the many dashing cavalry officers \vh (
lived about Winchester could hold thai
own with her. Moreover elio had th
finest lioreo in the country , an ariima
mount. So it transpired that in nil thcl
excursions and picnica during the summer
mor , the widow managed to arrange fo
saddles instead of carriages , and tlui
she had our little pusa of n Poll at a dis
mlvnnlni'o , Hugh always rode by hot
side , and our little dear wna lef
to aomo of the boys who could no
rlclo woll.
Ah. thoywuro a handaomo pair , am
nobody ndmirod them moro than Polly ,
for demon of jealousy had notyotontorcc
her breast.
Indeed , Hugh's mother took the alarm
long before anybody oleo. A mother la
ao quick in such things. There is a
tradition among the servants at Urapo
Orchard , former family slaves , nnd
therefore admitted to a familiarity
tow Northern people can conceive , of a
storm niul a coolness between mother and
son.Sho had boon hoard to any , "My son ,
rou must not oxpoot mo to receive that
woniAn , who married a Yankee , aa a
laughter. I cannot do it , I should have
o go away , rather than oiuluro such a
nortitlcation. The whole county ia talk
ing of your infatuation. My eon , 1 have
endured the sacrifice of the war without
a murmur , because I could still hold up
ny head na a proud wife and mother any-
vhoro ; but I cannot endure thia , it is dis-
; raco. I ahnll go away. "
"What is disgrace ? " demanded the son ,
coloring hotly to the temples. .
"Your treatment of that sweet cliilds
Iiigh , everybody is saying , the servant
oil mo , that if her father liad n grain of
pirit ho would bo perfectly justified in
calling you out. "
Polly had at last nwakonon to the
Linger of losing her lover. Her eyes
nice opened olio saw a great deal.
Though her heart was breaking , cho had
oo much spirit to cry out.
Her couain waa simply treacherous , but
hat did not compromia Polly. She
enow her couain , and neither undor-vnl.
uod nor over-valued her , but took her as
ho was , a selfish woman , who cared only
o gratify horsolf. _ But Hugh was a
raitor , a deserter in the face of the
nomy. She had meant to control hor-
elf and hide her pain.
She succeeded , aa what Virginln girl
rould not succeed when her pride waa
nvolvod , but at the laat moment aho
) roko down and apollod her plan of hid-
ng her chegriu , her hoartncho.
It waa the iiifjht of the laat dauno ; the
vrldow was leaving , to spend the autumn
t Newport.
Polly assured horaolf it would noon bo
vor , and aho bhould have her lever all to
icrsclf again.
So she drcsaod that evening with os-
> ccial care , and indeed was sweater than
ivor. Shu would not spoil the party by
ppoaring to notice Hugh's neglect.
The widow was radiont , Hugh was
laiidsomo , Polly was Bwoot and pretty ,
nd all were gay.
It was perhaps eleven o'clock , and
Iioro waa n cessation of dancing and a
; onoral atampcdo of dancers to the vor-
npaha for a moment's rest.
Polly and ono of the younger boys had
un out to the roao qardon , and now with
inndfula of fresh ilowora tlioy were com-
ig into the hall by the back way.
'hoy heard voices an the stairs. The
mil was dark , and for mischief , they
tolo in on tiptoe.
"No man carca to have a girl thruat
tor allectiona upon him. " It wua Hugh'
olco. Polly equpcxod the arm of her
ttcndant to indicate silunco , and aha
teed frozen to the opot. '
"Oh , but you will not break the heart
f my little cousin now when I am gene
'ou will not do that General. She ia
luch an affectionate little pusa and she
adores you. "
"Marion" how 'tender his voice
loomed 1 shall marry , when I marry for
pvc , 'or some other rational conaidora-
, ion. I shall never have any ono thruat
pen mo. "
The widow's appeal for her cousin had
comod the ahorcat mockery. Hugh's
oico was bitter.
Poor crushed Polly drew back , fol.
owed by her boy gallant , who understood
11 , and , nothing loath to comfort her ,
aid , very tenderly , "I would not euro a
tr.iw , Polly , there are ether followo that
eve you. "
Ho would have indicated moro particu-
arly who ono of the "other follows" waa
f aho had given him time , but she put
lim back nnd stole away among the trees ,
lolding her dear soft hand to her dearer
nd softer heart , and vainly trying to
uppross her sobs.
A half hour later old Aldino , who won
mokiny hia pipe at that Into hour on his
jorch and enjoying the moonlight , saw a
, nm and dr.ngglod figure wet with dew ,
coming up the path.
"Wny , bless my noul , Polly what is
t ?
"Oh , papal" aho cried and fell upon
lis bosom , nobbing.
She had como acrcna the fields , and
icr gauzy drcus was in tattora from the
> ri\rH. The old man waa startled , but
10 soon bocumo indignant. LI in pride
vauup. "Hia dear Polly thrusting her
affections on any maul"
When the guests at Mrs. Col. Holdon'a
were called together far refreshments
and Polly waa missed tliero was alarm.
But Polly's companion took a malicious
delight in increasing their fours , by do.
ailing before the whole company what
md occurred to her. " It's my opinion
hat if she haa not gene homo to her
athor'o you will find her in the bottom
of the pond. "
" You dunce , " exclaimed Hugh , an
grily , rising with great haste to begin the
carcli , "do you moan to say you loft a
ady to go out into the night without
escort , that you did not odor to protocl
lor ? "
" I don't moan to explain my conduct
at all to you , General Dolaplano , but i
will Bond a frlonct of mine to you tomorrow
row , " replied the lad , with great haught-
inoaa , which quite deified him in the eyoe
of the ladies , who nevertheless exclaimed
with ono accord : "Oh , inorcy , an an
affair , " and prepared to faint.
"Forgive mo my dear boy ; I bog your
pardon , " said the Brigadier , offering hia
hand , which the other quickly accepted ,
at the same time admitting that ho had
followed Polly at a little dfstanco till ho
saw her in her father's arum.
There was a murmur of approva
from among the girla , who regarded tin
boy aa a here , the General aaabrulo , am
poor , dear and pretty Polly aa a martyr
"thrust her affections upon him , in
deed I the conceited man I" They all ro
aentcd the idea ; they thought Polly the
most modest and reserved girl in Virgin
ia. It waa a perfect slmmo tlioy thought
the way Blio had boon treated. "Thoj
wouldn't stand half as much. " Blcs
them , of course they wouldn't ; over ;
young man knows that.
Hugh's position was certainly painful
The widow nlono laughed and made ligh
of it. There was but ono courao for i
Virginia gentleman to pursue ; it ia i
place whcro any. slight to a lady ia ro
aoniod aa an insult to society. 'J'lii '
handaomo follow who had often faced tli
cannon without flinching , waa in n coiuli
tlon approaching tears when ho sprati ;
from the taddlo and knocked at lawyo
Aldon's door.
"rfir , " Haul the injured futher.whfm lu
saw who stood before him , "I havi
como , " said Hugh quickly , nnd doprccat
ing with a motion of the hand the apiri
in which the old man received him , "Sir
1 have como ( pray cxcnso the hour ) t <
beg your permission to offer my hand t <
your daughter , and ask her formally tc
become my wifo. "
The old man swung tho'doorwiclo opoi
and with characteristic delicacy sUjppcc
out on the path saying , na ho pointed tc
his little , crushed , tear-stained darling ,
" 1 accept your proposition as honorable ,
and 1 w ill make myself no obstacle to r
reconciliation , if my daughter desires it.1
"Papa , do not Inavo me , " cried Polly ,
springing to her foot with a surprlainc
amount of spirit , and Hinging her head
proudly back , "General Dolaplnno , pray
do not nllliot mo with any formalities
what are formalities besides earnestness
and truth ? Do you think I respect my.
self so little ? 1 toll you if you were the
last man in Virginia 1 could not marry
fou , for my confidence ia gone and my
heart no , sir , my heart is not broken. "
She looked very much as if it were ,
though , and Hugh stood apooohloss and
stretched hia arma out toward hor. Ho
could not nttor a word. Her eye flashed
proudly ; she looked strong in her purpoao
nnd scornful.
The old man took the lever by the hand
kindly and said : "Not now , Hugh ; no
moro to-night ; that ia the Alden pride.
You two will apoil your livoa if you do
not go away at wonco. "
Ho waa half way to the gate when a
wild exclamation Trom the old man turn-
3d htm. "Doadl" She lay prone upon
the floor. Poor little Polly's spurt of
pride had nearly killed hor. Hugh pick-
Jtl her up tcndorlyand carried her to the
'rosh air ho oven carried her clear clown
o the old spring , for the old man was
oo much flustered to find any water
iliout the house. Hugh dipped up water
n hia hand and bathed her fnco , "Only
a swoon , " ho said , as ho aaw signs of re
viving. "Ah , I had nonrly killed my
ittlo Polly. " Her head fell on hia
> rooat , her plump white arm banning
over hia shoulder. Her hair , so simply
illod with roaoa , hung in confusion about
tor and mingled with his board.
The old man went away to tlio houno.
Ah , who shall toll thoawootncaa and com-
ilotoness of that reconciliation ? Lot us
eave thorn. Ho is sitting by tlio big ina-
ilo that ovorhnngs the spring. Ho ia
aiming her with hia hat. Her arm ia
ightoning aroundhia nock aa aho revives ,
mt does not recover consciousness ; she ia
linging , clinging to lifo that noonts slip-
tiiiR away from her ns her breath comoa
n long gasps. Big tears are falling on
icr awoot face from somewhere lot ua
eave them.
"Mother , " aaid Hugh , when ho drove
lomo the next afternoon , "put the house
n ordnr at once ; I am going to marry
'oily in October. "
A. ClrouR Man AVlio linn
n Western Minor ami a Blx
! ntto 1 nterMountain. .
Just before the Cole ciroua perform
ance opened , n few days ago , an old
ninor , who looked ns though ho might
mvo como here in the spring of 'GO , ap-
> reached the lightning ticket seller and
, hrow down a twenty dollar gold piece.
Cho ticket seller looked at him , put him
up for a chump and pasted him n ticket
and novon dollara. The minor counted
, ho money and than said :
"Sou here , stranger , you'vo made a
mistake. "
"Go off. I'm in " the
n hurry , waa re
"Well , I ain't in no hurry , " said the
old prospector , as a dangerous gleam ap
peared in his oyo. "It's my gun , not mo
that'll go ofT. "
As ho jpoko ho pulled his navy and
ovolod it at the ticket man , who quickly
counted out § 1 ! ) and handed it over.
"Novor mind that. Givu mo my
wcnty back and keep your ticket , " said
.ho old chap'I ; don't patronize robbers. "
L'aking hia money and shoving his gun in
iis pocket , ho quietly walked away , to
ho uroat relief of the ticket man who
iroathod a sigh of relief that Bounded
iko a young hurricane.
" 100 Doses One Dollar" ia true only
of Hood's Sarsopurilla , and it ia an un
answerable argument aa to strength and
How Gladstone -mm Hissed ,
ijVom a London Loiter.
Gladstone ia too honoat a man to pro.
'caa indillorenco. Ho looked surpriaci ]
and. chagrined ; nnd , aa the hoatilo ntti <
tudo of the majority bocumo atill more
manifcat , hn appealed to bo thorough ! ;
scared. "Gordon ! Gordonl" wna yelled
in his onra i ; ain und again. liappllj
tliKBO are tiinen of pence , and the sight-
sccn-a wcro content to lot their cngor and
indignation subnido , although , after the
ceremony of opening had been perform
ed for the Prince of Walua by the Duke
of Cambridge , thcro waa another out
Gladstone's nanio , whenever it is men
tioned in public , ia unfavorably rocolvud.
There waa an instance at Guildhall ; CB <
tor-Jay , when a largo mooting of the
oloctoru of London waa held in the
Guildhall to consider the London gov <
eminent bill. Thia particular gathering
waa ono , and perhaps the largest , of r
series which have boon hold in the different
ont wards of the city to condemn the
propoaala of the measure. The historii
Bulldhull was crammed with councilors
aldermen and deputies who had unitce
together to protest againat their dlaaolu
tion. Gog and Magog the giants-
from their lofty pedestals in two of UK
four corners , never looked down upon i
moro unanimoua crowd , banded by thi
ties of common interest , Tlio opposi
tlon could not gain n hearing , and thol
representatives apoko in dumb-show
Ono of thorn lot out that powerful influ
encca had boon brought to bear upon i
gentleman on the platform who had vol
untcprcd to make an appointment , bu
had withdrawn. On being prctaod fo
the name ho stated that it waa ono o
the ahoriiui.
As a spectator I noticed that prior t <
this incident the Lord Mayor had had i
very heated altercation with the ahoril
in question and that ho lost command o
himself to an extent that , at noluy time
during the meeting , bo delegated hi
chairtnan'u duty of keeping order to * i
colleague. Lord Mayor Fowler hai
coma armed with a hugo stick , but _ In
found no uao for it , although an oxcitoi
gentleman , who shouted out "It's Ho/
was ttumiuurily ejected.
To Hrtwk till ) Solid Soutli ,
Cincinnati Commercial ( Hop , )
It is the temper of the IJluino army ti
t" try to carry the solid South by utorm
and end the shotgun sovorignty once am
forever , or innlco it manifest for the hat
red und horror of allciyilii'.ed _ men.
oi' N , 0. Tobacoo fir o : fin tli
We vuiuantco the euro of the following named dlic
wsftwa , or no pay ) Ilhoumdtlsm , Scrofula. Ulcers ,
C t rrh , all nfood and ikln dlwatfs , Drtpepal * , Liter
Complaint , Kidney ami Dladdcr Diseases. Gout , Nert
alffla ami Adhma , Thcsu Sprlnjrt are the faTOtlta
ctott Of the tlroil an.l debilitated , and are the
Oood hotel , livery and bathing accomodatlon both
winter and lummcr. Locality highly nlcturemuo
and healthy. Aocewtblo hy WaDMh railway. a >
KTonaprC.a& Q. , at Albany. Corretpondeno.
solicited , IlEV. U. II. THOU I'SON.
Albany , Slloam Springs , [ Gentry Co. , Mo.
Sped Ho Gravity i.ocrt
Hofictlon . , , . . . . . . .Neutra
Carbonto Acid Oas SB In. nor gallon
Carbonftto Calcium . . . . , , . . .35,021 Grain
Carbonate Iron 7,041 1 <
Sulphate Magnesia. . . 8S8fl "
Sulphate Calcium 1,140 "I
ChlorldoSodluin , , . .7,500 *
siuica uco ;
Alumina . . . . ,0,018
Organic and Volatllamatter and loss. . . . . 1,469 "
klolldi per gallon. , . 07,174 "
Justice of the Peace.
Commission Merchant
Ni > .89 1'oail Strcot Council Illuds , Iowa ,
Justice of tlie Peace ,
Omaha and Council BlnlCr.
teal estate collection gency , OJJ Follows llloct
o\er Suvlngs Biink.
Connell Blufli
Established 1858
Dealers In Foreign nd omcstlo Exchange n
Ilrnw Bccurltl
An tlioro are many
So-Oalled Veterinary Surgeons
In this city , ulio nro practicing their quickcty on
our pcnplo , I ilocm It but Justice to lay that I doly
any o ( them to prcdocoa diploma , or crcdontla'a ,
lullcnttng tlmttliey ara Riailuatoa of any \ otorlnarjt
netltuto , and I do hereby caution the publljagalnt )
moll quacki , a ]
I am the Only Known Gtaduaie
Office & 125 '
Pharmacy , B'dway ,
AT 111AJE 11AHN.
At the well-known Establishment
20 ? ) Upper Broaawny , the
Ot Council Dlufls. Notloo our reduced Price Lint.
Wo gtvo
16 pound * Kitra 0 Buffar ( or SI 00
11 pounda Granulated Huirar. 1 00
25 poumla Cholco Oatmeal 100
26 pounds Navy Deans , , 1 00
20 pounds lli > it Ilullt Btarch 1 00
12 poundn Carolina lllco 1 00
12 jioundu Clioico I'ruiuu 1 00
2D ban Uuflalo Soap 100
Kxtra Lalco ' 1'rout , per pound i . . . 09
Lorrllianl'u I'liitf per Ib 40
1 dozen Mackerel IS
Colorado Flour , Winter , per cwt 2 DO
10 pounda dinner Onaps 1 00
40 pounda h mloy 100
fipallon keg Uyiup 1 70
Wlilto Fish , per kit 60
ilnckorel , per kit. . , . . B&
Dc.tea , pur pound 10
10 R pound cans Stindard Toinatocn ,1 00
All klnda California Kriilti ! <
pound LnuU'u .Standard t for 1 00
All trades , according to quality , IBo to SOo per
Wa al90 carry n full line ot Ston'n , Ladles' and
Jhllilren's line tihocn and llcn't Fine lloota at very
uw prlcai. Also K full line oi Tlawaro and goni-ral
merchandise. Call on na and bo convinced thai you
can nave monny ky doallni ; with ua. Clooda delivered
fruo In any partoi tlio city ,
In word , wa are bound to tell and challenge all
audaulo competition lu thia county.
J. 1' . FIMIKHT !
201 u .or Broidwav
Railway Time Table.
The following are the times of the arrlrnl and departure <
parturo of trains by central standard time , at the
local depots , Tratnw leave transfer depot ten iuln < earlier and arrive ton minutes later ,
6:55 : pin Chicago Exproea' 0.00am
0:40 : m Fast Hall. 7:00pn : >
6:46 : a m I'Mall and Express , 7pin :
12:30 pin Accommodation.
At local depot only.
KAxiiaciTT.BT. ; o AND council , nurrre.
10:06 : ft in .Hall and Express , J7.-05 p m
8:06 pro 1'aolflo Express , 6:60 : pm
6:26 : p m Express , 0:06 : a ra
0:16 : a m Express , 0 6 p m
6SO : p ro Atlantla Express , 0.-06 a m
a:26nm : W y Express , 8:61 : p ra
7M : u m I'Dos Uolnes Aooommodatloa. 0.06 p m
At local depot only.-
0:60 : n m Mall , 4:46 : p m
4:00 : pu > Cannon U 'l ' 11:15 : a in
At Transfer enl
6:30 : p m Express , 0:60 : pm
9:23 : a m Taclllo Express , 0:06 : a m
7:49 : p U > bt. 1'nul Express , 8:60 : a m
7:20 : a ni Day Express 0:60 : u in
'UNION ricirio.
8:00 : pro Wenteru Exprets , 8:36 : a , m
11:00 : urn 1'aclflo Kxpress , 4:43 : p u
7:40 : a m Local ExprCBS , 0:54 : ru
12:10 : a m Lincoln Kiprueu ,
At Tranifer ouly.
tavo-7:23-3:80-0:30-10:3a-ll:10a. : : : : : m , 1:30-2:3 : :
8:30-4:80-6:30-6:30.11:06 : : : : p. m Bundoy OiSO-lllio
a.m. l'JO : 8:30-6:3Ml:30-llc5 : : ( : : p. m. AnUo 10 mlu
to bcioro Iodine t line
, His ouo ol the largest and finest usortmetit of
I Sprlug and Summer Goods for Bultlopi and Trowaor.
I lius. All g rm nU tuaiuntcxd to nt and trimmed
, Jwllh the lUntTrlrnmlnox MVI'HIOBI AHf I/ > WEll
i ttiwt.