Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, June 27, 1884, Page 5, Image 5

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wlllnsr fifty dilly. Agents Are muklnR fottunw All
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H&EpCmada by a lidyafent thefir tilay. Terms
most beral f'mttlculars free. Iktter wind S5 centu
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F , X * P * Pctus book , and iu e Aalttablo time.
J80- ! * AU.KN ft tXl. . A nitn , Me.
Boo Cows and elfers. oo One-year Btoots.
The above described c Ulo are all w oil bred , na-
tlvo Nebraska aid Ion a.
ThcsocaUlswlllbotoninlots to suit purchaser.
For further particulars call on or addrew.
. Albion , Neb
. 017 St. Chnrlcs St. . St. LonN. Mo.
A rrtftlir tribute of two Mc4 ! i Collect , hit lief n lonnr
OffftfMlB theipteltUrtBtment of Cntontc , Nikvoun. flictv
' * ° ' '
NeTtvouV'prost ratlon , 'oebiiHyr'Mental and
Physical Weakness ; Mercurial and other Artec-
lions ol Throat , Skin or Bones , Blood Poisoning ,
old Sores and Ulcers , trr tt4 iih nnr.r.iitioJ <
tuKMionltlrilicl UB < | .rlaelflci. P.flrl-ri | , | ; . " * '
Diseases Arising trom Intllscrellon. Excess. '
Exposure or Indulgence , kltk rroJo KK , or
tollowloc cfTKtu bervoDiDoi , dtbllltr , dimoo , of , |
! n
A Positive Written Guarantee
rtttm Ifl ll OMll
Graham Paper Co. ,
S17 nd 219 North Main St. , St. Ionia.
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& ' 1S 1h
f. TU < h oald tor IUg of al * d
i ; ; BRUNSWICK & co , b k
| i ; ( j , DBlrJ3C.X-,9u3R.3DE3' w
Billiard Ball Pool Carom tl
, , , tlC
18 South 3d Street , St. Louis , 4H Deiawito Street tvhi
Kansas City , llo. , 1821 thj-ijlii st. Omaha , Neh. hiY
Agent. piai
Write for Catalogues and Prlco Lists. aiol
tSUCCESSOKS TO THE J. M. B. & , B. 00. ] t <
The molt extensive manufacturers ot
t09 S. Tenth Street OMAHA , NEB.
] TPrlces of BIHIrd and Pool Tables and nutoriaU
urnlshcd on application.
fficago , ; S1 ,
The now extciulon of this line from Wakcflcld up
through Concord nnd Coleridge
Ileoohcs the lost partlon c > ( the Hlata. Rpeclal ex *
curelon r&ioa for lanil lonlcors over Ihlri line to yc
Wayni ) , Koifolk and Hartlugton , and vU Blair to all ycE. !
-prlndpil point son the
TrMua otor thl C. , Bt. P. It. ft O. lUllKiy tt Cav W
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yor Frouaont , Oakda o , NolU'h , andtiiroujh to Val
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jfJTFor rates arid all Information call en fo
_ _ P V. V/H1THKY , Oeiicral Agent. few
Tlio sto innhltw of thli woll-known line are built ol 01U
Iron , In jrfttcr-tlght compaitmeiiti" , and are furnmt- U
cd wltU OTOTV rcouiMto to tnik tlio pawsge both
safe an j jtecable. They carry the Unltea States in
nd Kt ; nHsiU mails , an I Itavo New Vork Tlittti" . ino :
< Jaie < rBatitrdajafor I'ljnioiith ( LONDON ) Clilr-
lo.Vr /l'AU ! > ) autlIIAMnUJIO. T
Ji' Its : n t CaWn.WS , $70nndSO. 6McrttZe. :0. Iu
" tnryrundt , Mark Ilaueen , K. K. irooru8ll. Tolt , Iuai
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00 ancil BInffd. O. II : HICIIAHD SCO , O < m. I * * * ) aitt
A rti , 1 Ilroadwav , N. Y. ClJM. Koinilnskl li Co- tt
< kucnlWctrtciu Agsnts , 107 WmhlnKton St. , Chloa tth
' .o , in. ttc
JTIS NOT c as a :
CURE AIJ. , but M tonlo and health renewer , Ca
A and lorlllxidand Hkin OUeAen , and troubles a
l < peiuent ! on Imnuro T lmpo\crltliod blood , Hvillt's
tipeclffc U without rival.
"Mr l > i'"y > 'x ' months old broke out vtlth enroe
Utid of kl humor , and after lieliiK trettnd ; hi >
month * by my family ph > tlelan , wan uhcn up toillc ,
liio dtufcvlit iccomrnended Hwlft'i Hixilflr , anil Iht
result M M gratify Ing ni U waa miracubiw. JIj
clilldioonKot well , all tiaccdol the diioWH ciiu ,
jud ho le M fat as a fit , " J. J. KIUKI.AS'I ) ,
Ulndcu , llujk Count } , 'i'oxuj.
"I u ed S Ill's HioMflnrn my tittle ilai'ghter , who
WM fllllttid wlthaorno Illood I'rleon which hkd le-
Uted nil > ort > ot tn.utra nt. The B [ tclllo rchc/fd
b r permanently , auil I uliall tifi'iit In ni > pruct'c .n
W. E. UUOhTF , M. V. , Oppress U Jg , Ark.
Our Trnlloe on lilood and bLIn DUewes mailed free
Ihtvct a , Atlanta , Oa.
V. r. | ! ! " . Hn W. 2"il 8L , bet Bill and 7th Mvnuci ,
Hfo. 1 > I Ch > ftimt t-t
-a. TO AOtlx
A Courtship by Mail that Eodci in
Brineine a Bride from California ,
A Former Oniahn Girl the Heroine
or n Ilonmncc ,
I'rom Iho Fhilulol : | > lii.i TIme .
WooD-SNow-On May 21,1S3J , nt SanU
VarbAnt , CnlifornU , Mr.V. . Clifford Wood ,
of Philadelphia , to Miia Minnie J. W. Snow ,
of Santa linrbnrn.
The nbovo notice , which appeared in a
morning paper of this city n ( on days
since , is the solo announcement thus far
made of a young Philadolphiau's extremely -
tromoly romantic marriage.
Mr. Wood , the groom , is between 25
and 30 years of ago , living with his wid
owed mother , Mrs. Ann Wood , n brother ,
and unmarried sister , at Ho. 1,818 North
Eighth street , and employed as a clerk in
the Third National bank , at 1,428 Market
stroot. There is nothing in the appear
ance of the well-dressed , quiot-mannorod ,
rod-mustnchod youug bank clerk to indicate -
dicato that ho has moro romance in hia
imposition than the prosaic nature of
m business might lead ono to suppose ,
nit the circumstances of his marriage
proclaim him aa possessed of some attrib
utes that befit a nero of fiction.
In 1873 Mr. Wood was ono of the
many young mon who left the panic-
stricken east for now pasturosboyond the
Mississippi , llo settled in Omaha , Nob. ,
and there made the acquaintance of a
pretty and modest-mannered girl who
had , fguncl employment in n aloW. A
year's residence in Omaha was enough
tor young Wood , and at the end of that
limo ho returned to the oast. What ho
may have said to Miss Snow before
leaving Omaha nobody but himself and
the young lady knows , but it does not 8
Boom to have entitled him to correspond
ar with her , and it was some time after his .
return cast that , finding vain all efforts ;
to banish the pretty shop girl from his ;
mind , ho addressed her a letter. The
apistlo , after some week's delay , was re
turned to him from the dead letter oflico. '
rhisjonly seemed to whet his interest and
do wrote to Omaha inquiring of Miss
Snow's whereabouts. The answers -wore
JiscouragiiiR. She hod gone , no ono ;
mow whither , aavo that her journey had "
seen westward.
Though temporarily bafllod , Mr. Wood
vas not discouraged , and , while attend-
ng to his business and enjoying , lifo like
ithor mon , ho still steadily kept in view
ho idea of finding the woman who had
nado so deep an impression upon his
loart. At last success reworded his pa- A
ionco nnd faithfulness. A few months
inco , and fully ton year ? from his part *
: g with Mita Snow at Omaha , holeornod
hat aho was living at Santa Barbara ,
Jal. , still unmarried. Mr. Wood's forCl
unes had improved in that decade , but co
lis heart had remained unchanged. Ho al
rroto , without hesitation , to Miss Snow. , . , '
ho : replied , saying that she remembered A
iloasintly their acquaintance in Omaha , I sa
ud very noon the mail brought her an oo
ffer of murriago from Mr. Wood.
"It's ' that Wood takes his
queer vaca- nr
ion so early this year , " said the young co
ion's fellows at the bank
on hearing not nn
eng ainco that ho waa away on a three all
Book's leave. ta
But Wood had whispered a word into deco
n's mother's ear , and unknown to the
rorld hovas hastening westward to claim co
ho bride for whom ho had waited over coCo
on 3 years. When the two stood iaco to Coi
ace at Santa Barbara neither recognized
ho other , but the acquaintance of 1873
ros soon renewed and the marriage im
mediately followed. The young couple
tonco came to Philadelphia and the
room's homo , with his mother , at 1818
forth Eighth street.
"You , it's rather romantic , " eaid the PII
Idor Mrs. AVood , with a smile , and the PIC
room , poorinpr from behind the receiving C
sllor's wickut at the Third National bank ,
onfossed that his marriage was a little
ut of the common run. Ni
i-Marshal GntberiG Now on Trial
Before JniWeYillc , 1Nt Nti 1
M Motions Overruled , by tlio Court >
Tlio Testimony
Morning ,
At the opening of the district court
csterday , Ex-Marshal Guthrie , with
. P. Sniythoaud C. A. Baldwin ,
nco Wednesday had been culled
352 an ai.aistant couusol , w ro preuunt.
Outline's case waa called his
ounsol prcaontod and filed , -a motion for '
continuance to the next term -of court
ar the reason that mruorial TWtnessea ,
rhoao ! tostimoiiy covbo prosWod for
ho October torrf > were now .tjbfclMt and
heir whcroabo\4ta unknown.
Thia raoKori was nupportod by two affl-
lavita B OTU to bGuthrio. . The firat be
ino aTtoKOQ that John M. Turner travel- f
infftnan : from Pitteburg , Pcim. , was [
May last in this city visiting with thu dt
ix-marshal. That ono morning when dtpt
burner nnd Guthrie were alone in the pt
aUcr'fl office , Charles TJranc-h c.unu in
md atatod to the marohal that ho hid
icon arrested for obtaining money under
'also pretoneoa. The aflbut adogca that
10 told him to consult un attorney a bo
ould not advise him in the matter and ,
onld do nothing for him. Branch h
iay wont out very nngry and shortly
iftur Cap. Smith came in , whoao convor-
lation ; wai < nearly the same an Branch's. ,
Suthrin alleges that hia reply was nub-
stuncially the aamo as to Branch.
The ex-marshal further alleges that n
these men , Branch and Smitli , did actu
ally obtain monty from the pro [ > riotora of
thoflombling houses but squandered it
at the faro Ublo. The ofliaut canlinues
that ho ia a man of limited means , and
ignorant of what ia necessary to bo done
in thu prumiaoa and gives thia aa the reason [
son foi Iho delaya in the caao.
In the second affidavit he alleges that
ono , T. Price , whoso whereabouts ii un
known , collected from the several eport-
ing houses $50 in money , in May , t'
" fjuaro .themselves with the town. ' [
Tfiis noney , ho says , was paid over t <
Charlie Branch , who on thosamo daylos
it at faro. To whom thia money waa to
bo puid the affidavit doca not allege ,
The court after hearing the argument
in the caao overruled tlio motion for in
sufficiency of the affidavits supporting it
A motion for a change { of venue wad
then fildd. Thia motion was also aup I
ported by a volumnous affidavit of th
ox-marahal. To this affidavit won
also attached all the newspaper article
which in way any concerned the case am
derogatory to tlio ex-marshal ,
Mr. Baldwin who opened thn argu
rnent on the question proceeded to reac
.ho t-fllilikvit KI liio court aud after cou
suming nn hour passed it to Judge Neville -
villo to peruse at his leisure. Guthrio's
affidavit was aupplomontod by about n
dozen others among which were these of
Tom Dillon , Frncis Dollono , Alfred
Burley and Ferdinand Wirth. The
grounds for the change are the bias and
prejudice of the citizens of the county
against the dofondont to such n degree
that ho cannot have a fair and impartial
When court convened yesterday afternoon -
noon , W. _ J. Council , attorney for Chase
apponrod in the case and stated to Judge
Neville that ho was interested in tito
ruling of the court upon these motions
and made an argument in favor of a
change. Upon the conclusion of this ar
gument the court stated that none waa
necessary on the prt of the state and
overruled the motion for n change of
venue , pormlsing his decision with the
statement that the same objections would
bo applicable to the jurors in Washing
ton , Hurt and Sarny counties on alleged
in the motion applied to these in Doug
A demurrer was then filed to the in
dictment , aatting up that it did not statn
facts sufliciont to constitute an oflonso
under the law. Arguments were made
upon the demurrer which was overruled
by the court without argument on the
part of the stato.
The category of dilatory motions being
exhausted , the court called the case of
The at-ato of Nebraska against Roger 0.
Guthrie , charged with bribery , for trial.
The news soon spread upon Iho street ,
and in n few minutes the court room was
Oiled and the seating capacity iusido the
rail all tnkdll up ,
YIlon the whole panel consisting of
twenty-two jurors had boon exhausted ,
the jury-box had boon filled , the jury hav
ing boon passed for cause , with ono per
emptory challenge exorcised. Judge
Neville then ordered the clerk to issue a
ipocial ] venire for twenty additional jur-
ra , Iho court ; under the statute gave
.ho defendant eight peremptory challong-
s and the state throo. The state pxor-
isod thorn all and the defendant , six of
ho eight.
At B p. m. a jury was secured. The
'allowing are the namoa of the jurors : J.
\ Manning , constable , Alexander Atkin-
cinson , merchant , T. H. Taylor , farmer ,
lames Donnelly , farmer , J , B. French ,
rocor , 0. B. Sharplcss , railway man ,
"acob Williams , commission merchant ,
) onnia Andrews , capitalist , Patrick
iIoArdlo , farmer , H. C. Krutn , real os-
ate man , and W. P. Welsh , carpenter.
in Evening of Sport at tlio Oporn
House During the July Tour-
Mr. E. Chandler , of Chicago , writes to
hief Engineer Butler stating that a
aupling contest can bo announced for
iiy ] ovaning during the State Firemen's )
'ournamont in this city in July. IIc
ya ; the Gamowoll Fire Alarm Telegraph
jnipnny will glvo to the winners a badge
alued at $40. Also that the winners ;
ro to have fifty per cent of the gata te
mpts ; the second best thirty per cent ,
ad the third beat twenty per cent , after
II expenses are paid. The contest will
tko plnco in the opera houao and will
oubtlcsa bo a very spirited ono.
Following are the rules governing
Dupling contests :
oupllng To bo a standard service screw
coupling i , oiflit (8) ( ) threads to the Inch , three
(3) ( i ) full turns to break and three (3) ( ) full
turns to mnlco coupllmr. Coupling must bo
up water tight before brouung und nftor
toso The hose attaclied to forn.ilo coupling
must i not bo lusa than eight (8) ( ) foot long. On
mala i coupling any length ,
hio The plpo to bo not loss than two (2) ( )
feet I lopg und weigh not loss than flvo ( flj ;
pounds. 1'ipo to bo carried from the street ,
ontost The contestant or contestant ! wliall
run i fifty ( CO ) foot , break ami make coupling
by 1I 1 hand. No straps , springs or other arti
ficial I dovlco allowed.
fumbor of TrlaI'lvo0) ! { ) trials will bo nl
lowed. The nverngo of tbo Q\o (5) ( ) trials to
decide tlio con tost.
tart Start will bo made from the second tap
of gong. '
idgos nnd Timo-koopois No judge or time
keeper 1t 1 shall bo allowed from anmo city OH
any t of the contestant ) ; . Judges docla ! ti to
bo final ,
umber Any 6no or ivta tnou may outer for
contostjjnit If n elnglo man outers ho ehill
carry pipe from the stnrt , and do all the
work unnidod.
liolr Decision of Guilty A Ral not Kcv.
Slinc Adlrinca
The judicial confaionrtittf. the Method-
Episcopal church failed to meet nt ,
imalia by Bishop Iforrill , of Chicago , to
presided ov < * by Bishop Cyrus D
'oaa , of Minneapolis , concluded ita ;
ibora yo&tdrday. This body waa com-
osed of oldcrs , ooven of whom were
rom th * northwest Iowa conference ,
jveii from the Nebraska conference , and
jveu from the north Nebraska confer-
nco. . The caao of G. VV. Brand having
ooh disposed of on Wednesday , the caoo
RoW C. A. Stino , of the < nuthuTnt
ana conference , via taken up ycator-
ay forenoon.
The Rov. Stino , whoso case wan dis-
lOecd of yoatorday , waa charged with dia-
ximsty and faltohnod. The case came
leforo this judicial conference on appeal
roui the select members of hia own con-
uroncu , by whom ho was found guilty of
ho charges and spocificationa preferred
galnat him. which decision of this lower
uurfc waa affirmed by the body in session
lore yesterday. The cfioct of , thia do-
laion is to expel him from the ministry
nd the membership of the church.
Thu appellant , Mr. Stino , although ho I [
iad porfootcd hin appeal , did not appear
person , and Rev , Bonnet Mitchell , of
ho Korthwciit lovra conference , was ap
minted by tlut body aa defendant's conn
el , who conducted the defoiuo for the
Tho" , particular acts with which this
ovurond waa charged consisted of frauds
rowing out of business transaction * .
U ono time ho owned a farm near
Douglas , Kansas , whinh ho traded for a
itoro in that town , While ho was doing
justness as a merchant ho transferred the
itoro and its contents to his wife , bul
jotur dropped from liirasolf the signs < /i
awnctrship. llo continued to ilo buatueaa
for lilmtolf as bufont , and when hia
creditors clamoied for their pay they
learned to their QHtoniflhmont that ho
ownefl tiolhiu . Chargoa were preferred
againat him by some of hia brethren , ant
ho WM found guilty for a noconU tirno
yeatorday by this judiciul church tri
bunal ,
The tribunal which sat hnro ycstoiday
and day bcforo is the highest judicia
tribunal known in that church organisa
tion and ia called the appellant jurors or
the court of last resort.
Yesterday afternoon it completed the
work assigned for it to do and adjournc' dli ) .
Death ofHonS , S , CalW-Onc of
Omaha's ' Prominent Citizens ,
AUrlof Sketch of Ills Curcor In This
City ,
At G o'clock n.m. yestordayllon. S. S.
Caldwell died at his residence No. 1022
Davenport street , at the ngo of fifty
years. Mr. Oaldwoll was born in Marion -
rion , Wayne county , N. T. , September
4th , 1831. 11 o was educated at Union
college , SchnonooUidy , N. Y. , of which
institution ho waa a graduate.
In the spring of 1850 , Mr. Caldwollnt ,
the ago of 25 years , came west and locat
ed in Omaha. Hero ho became con
nected with the banking firm of 15arroff ,
Millard & Co. , which firm waa soon suc
ceeded by Caldwell , Hamilton & Co. A
fovr mouths ago the linn of Caldwell ,
Hamilton & Co. waa organized into a
national bank under Iho name of the
United States National , Mr. Culdwcll becoming -
coming the vice president.
During his residence in Omaha Mr.
Caldwcll took a loading part in mmrly all
the enterprises that luwo aided in devel
oping and bulldlmr up this city. Ho nai
ono of the builders of C.Udwoll block ,
which was oracled in 1800 , nnd which remains -
mains ono of the largest nnd best busi
ness blocks in Omaha. It was his per
sonal efforts that induced the
property owners to unite and erect
the _ blook nt ono Umo. In those :
days it was regarded as n great enterprise ,
nnd gave a great boom to Douglas stroot.
It had the effect of inducing property
owners on the south itido of Farnam
street , between Thirteenth and Four
teenthto put up a similar structure , called
Central block. The idea of giying to \
the people of Omaha a auitnbjo place of
amusement originated with Mr. Caldwell , .
and ho accordingly bnilt > the Academy'of
Music in Oaldwoll block , which in ita day
was regarded us a little gem of a theatre.
Mr. Calduull waa ono of the prime
movers in the organization and building
of the Omaha it Southwestern railnxtd ,
now an important link in the B. t M.
system , and which proved of incalculable
benefit to this city , llo was ono of ( ho
loading spirits in the Grand Central
lintel scheme , and at ono time owned a
large Interest in the hotel , which burned
Ipwn in 1877 , the site now being occu
pied by Iho Paxtou. In the bridqo nnd
ranufcr lights ho waa amomburnf the com-
nittoc , to negotiate terms with the Union
L'iicific , and , to his credit , ho was alnays
fa lees compromising turn. p { miinj ;
han any other man m protecting the
nt oroats of Omaha. In every onturprisn
hat ho engaged in ho soemcd in regard
lis personal Interest leas than the public
ood. Had ho lived it waa hia intuit 0
ion to have erected for the United
States National bank n magnificent DCr
milding that would liuvo been on orna- r
nunt to the city. Ho1 Traa always ono c
if Omaha'u most prominent citizoiis , nrul lih
ras ono of our shrowdostHmu most-ldVol- h
tended business men.
Mr. Caldvroll novcr took much pait in. Icu
olltici. The only public oflieo of any u
mportanco that ho over hold jn this city tu
traa that of mayor , to which' ho was
sleeted by the republicans in 1871. Ho w
illcd this office for ouo term. bn
Mr. Caldwell was n fiiio echolar , an n '
iituneivo and constant reader , and a
cady writer. Ho poBsess'eu ' a J rgO 'and '
roll-selected library , in which no spent a
rcat deal of hid time , Her was well
orsod on every important subject of lit- wi
iraturo and science , and was ono of the
tout posted men ia Oinaha. Ho accumu-
nted a , handsome fortune estimated at
ivcr $300,000 in the course
if his business career. Ho loaves a wif
rhose nmidun naino VIM Henrietta M. , r
Josh , to whom ho was married in Tloga , wln
'onngylvuniii , in 18G3 , and two sons , , n
r'ictor Bu h Caldwell and Smith Sumuol
Jaldwoll. h
il'mt in Oftin Wl
Yashington Special to the St. Louts Olobu
Sovornl inombero of the national re- ot
jiiblican committee afo on the commit-
oe to notify the itoiTsitu'ea of the result '
f the convention , and while they wwn
it Augusta they had a conference with
fr. Bliiuo. Jib propones to takoan ac-
ivo part in Ihn irmn'igojncn of the cam-
laign , nnd IMS prepared n brief of u plan L
vhicli will bo submitted to the national
omniiilco at ita mooting in Now York
m Thuruday by Mr. Klkina. Mr. It. W.
Fonoa , a wealthy iron manufacturer of ,
I'lltaburg , is to bo chairman ofjtho untion-
il cominltteo. Ho in Mr. Vlainu's per-
icnal Gcloction. Mr. Blaine has also so < >
loctcd the executive cnmuilttuty naming
rcntluinon whom ho l.ii'jwn und in wlioue
political ability ho haa conlidenco. It
will bo composed of l lkinH , Clarkson of -
Iowa , Church Howe of NulmixkH , Itol-
litiM of Now IIuntpHhiro , D.ivU ot Cali '
fornia , Hooker of Vermont , Conger of
Ohio , Luwson of Now York , and two .
slhora. Mr. Blaine has not decided to
Lake the etump , but will do so if his per ; character iu attacked. In that >
jvcnt he will muko speeches in several oj ,
Lho larger citlea of the country. Ho Is
receiving a great many Idtteru ( suggesting i
topics to be considered in his letter oi
iceoptanco , nnd some of them from men
wlw are said to bo opposed to-lilin.
! y a I'liyaiclcn ,
Slcop in a well-ventilated bedroom , il
you wish to spend healthful happy days.
L'ho bed and thu bedclothes have a deal
to do with the amount of sleep ono ob' '
tains , Jt would bo impossible to lay
down rules that would suit the coses of
ill my readers , but I may just say that
people in good health ought to sloop or
not-ton-soft mattress. The feather beci
la not by any means a healthy onu , noi
unless it bo put under thu nuttross , ii it
ono that is conducive to sloop. Thu bed
clothes uhould nuvor "no heavy , but they
ought to bu warm. An eider-down tjuil
in u capital thing , but it h too hot for the
summer months , Paper ijuiltrf can now
bo had , and they uru wry excellent ii
their way , Thu pillow on a bud ehouk
bo particularly well arranged for comfort.
Ono ought to bu very largo , so aa to quilo
support the shoulders , nnd it ahould bo
elaatio and not too yielding , it in an un >
comfortable feeling that of tinging in i
pillow , Hot water bottles or hot uant
La s do good in many cases , while in oth-
era they do injury by inducing a nervous ,
lidjjoly , fevorinh condition of body ,
Young healthy girls and boya have no
buuiiioBH with any suoh luxuries. Our I
tains around beds are objectionable , they
Keep away the air.
\ alid BlldlltO COlldllCU
Unhappily , the latter is not always ob-
tAtnable , although , if ono docs not sit up
late , sleep will bo got during the stiller
hours of the night , and there really Is
some truth in the old proverb about ono
hour's loop before midnight being worth
two after. Night-lights should only bo
used in sick rooms , and they ought to bo
so placed that while the rays do not fall
in the sloopor's eyes , neither do they
innko ghostly shadows on the walls or
coiling. A dark-cdlorcd blind should
bo used on the window , but ciro
should bo taken that the ventilator has
full play.
A warm bath , or a tepid , or oven a
Turkish bath taken before going to bed ,
is an excellent ami very safe moans of
procuring sloop. Both the former act by
determining the blood from the brain
towards the skin , and also by calming the
nervous system.
The mind should bo as calm as possible
before lying down to rest , therefore ono
should undress leisurely , wash the foot
and hands and face , the latter with cola
water , then road and contemplate for
some Umo before lying down. The light
ought to bo put out immediately after if
not before lying down.
Ono or Iho SndcloBt of Castle Gimlon
Now Yoik Journal , Juno 22il.
John West and his wife Sarah were
born in Sweden. Their only son and
riiild , Thomna West , loft homo seven
yours ngo bound for this country to niako
liis fortune. Ho settled in Itono , No-
rada , llo engaged in business there and
in time became quito wealthy. A few
ircoka a o he aunt money to his parents
opay their expenses to this country.
The old folks , trembling with ago ,
attdod at the Garden on Tuesday last ,
L'hcy atoppod at a boarding-houso in the
vicinity until next day , when they loft ,
is every ono supposed , for the grand con-
ral depot to take the train for the west.
\Ir. Manager , the agent of the Now
fork Central railroad , had previously
.olographod to young Mr. West that his
inrcnts had arrived and would go on im-
nod lately. Ho had an order to supply
ho old couple with railroad tickets.
Yesterday afternoon two policemen en-
orod Castle Garden carrying between
horn a gray-hairod old woman , who
tru glod desperately and gave vent to
orriblo screams. SIio was a raving ma-
liao. The policeman satd that slio was
ound wandering about the streets at an
arly hour yesterday morning. Suporin-
ondent Jaokaon at once recognized her
n Mrs. West. Ho tried to make her
oil where aho had boon and what had
ocomo of her husband , but the poor
woman's reason had become completely
ethroned. She finally became no vio-
nt tlwt Pr , .Sclwllaw compelled to
Iaco hci * In A strait-jacket.
The case is ono ot the atnuigoat that
as occurred at the Garden for a long
imo. Old Mr. West had In hto poasceH-
m ! a quantity of valuable jewelry , nlso
considerable sum of money that had
eon Bout to him by hia non. The police
ro now searching for him. Supormton-
ont Jackson telegraphed to the son at
luno asking if his father had reached
A Journal reporter wont down to Oan-
o Garden at 0 o'clock last night to in-
uiro whether Superintendent Jaokaon
ad received nn answer to his telegram.
A fat watchman stood at the gnto
rith ! bucr in his eye , and every now and
lion ordered a poor immigrant , utaggor-
ig under a heavy pack , in u grufl tone ,
'to hurry up and got out. "
"la Superintendent Jackson or his rep-
csontutivo here ? "
"No ; what do you want ? " replied the
atchman ,
"Do you know whether Superintend-
nt Jackson has received any telegram in
jgard to Mrs , West , the crazy woman ? "
"What cruzy woman ? "
"Tho crauy woman , Mrs. West , who
rrivod Tuesday with hoi- husband , and
'ho was found mad on the street to-day
ad placed in a straight-jacket. "
"Oh , ono of them Immliiranta , " aaid
iio officer , with a anoor. "You'll have
go to the day people for that. Weight
ight mon don t pay uny attention to
uch trilloa as crazy women or nmrdurod
romon or any such kind of tiuck.
Vo'vo got bettor thingo to uttond to , '
nd the watchman exemplified ono of the
oltor things by curoing an old inimi-
rant woman for not moving on fast
A Vrrbnl IToinlhO iv Oontruci.
'hll.'idclpliK TlintH , Juno 21' .
Jud u JJatinu , of the Orphan's court
eaterduy IHed an adjudication in the US-
ate of Joseph A. ncutlicfito , rlocoasod.
cltvim WHS put in against the cstato by
lira. Aniiio Walls on u vorba ! contract. by I
hn tcututor. 'Iho ol.tinmnt was Mr.
Icothcoto'n nieco. She came with him
iul his wife to thia countiy from Eng-
and when 12 yearn old. She waa to bo
rcated , it waa averred , as the decedent's
Mii daughter , Mrs. lloathcote waa cx-
icting and puniahod her Eovoroly. On
mo occasion the girl's in other protcated ,
ind the testator to pc.ufy her naiil tbut
-hu child ahoulu have a good homo while
10 lived , and that it would also provide
'or her in his will , Ho lcthorhowuvor [ ,
it liin heath only $250. The court livid
.hat the promise madu a valid contract
nul that the bequest waa n simple gru-
uityand not a compliance with the tomiH
f the ogreement. The judge awarded
ho claimant 95,000. Tito balance for
listribution wim only $3,002. The court
warded all the creditors a dividend of
it ) . ( JO per centum ,
Smoke the Diniiig Car Cigar , 3 for 25o.
it BAXK'S only. Guaranteed to bo the
lest dime cigar over sold In Omaha ,
J21-t. ! ) _ . . _ .
tTotico to Cattle Mon ,
1M Hobl of fitters Throe Yours Old ,
{ do Two "
SW ' " Helfera , Two '
HO " ' btoetf , Ouo "
SZO " " , Ouo "
Tbo abuvo dtacrlkcil out tl are all well broil lena
nttle , ttraUlit and ouinutli. Tlaru cattle will hr
told Jn IbU lo tult piifchuwn , unit at reatotwbli )
For f urth i parliaiUrH , ill on iiraddem
M. K. I'A'I'ION ,
Waverlv , Iliftnir ( M . l o
111 1 iHoglu Bt OmiU , Not.
Qalvamzoa Iron Cornices ]
InrPonnrr Wludowe , KlntaX lln , Iron autl Blato
lloulluir , b | > eclit' I'atont Uetalllo UkyllKht , faUiut
adjuatud Hatctiet liar and Ilrncliut hhcUluit. I am
nrvrirral mrcrit for tlio i lmvo l"o | rf icvvl * /r / n
f , luiu ti d > > < , /.ritidi. , tiou t" J
i -a
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UON. KDWAIID RUSSELL , Pootmastor , Davonjiort , sayB : ' 'Physiciano !
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ni&o Omnliu , Nob.
U19 ftod 1820 lUrnay titroel and 403 8 ,