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Three Slats CorolioDs Yesterday or
Ohio for Tariff for Eovonuo Only ,
Except on Whisky and Wool ,
Also " So as to Encourage Pro
ductive Industries at Homo , "
Pondletonism Eooognizod in the
Bosolutions-Ignorod Otherwise ,
A Eadioal Free-Trade Eesolution
Voted Down Overwhelmingly ,
A Eesolutionto Vote for 'Ex-
President' Tilden , Dead or Alive ,
Thurman , Durbin Ward , McLean
' for Delegates , with a Hoop-La ,
The Indiana Democrats Name
Isaac P , Gray for Governor ,
And Indorse Her "Favorite Son"
for the Presidency ,
Missouri Democrats Vote Down In
structions for rilclon with a
CoLUMBCH.Omo , Juno 25. The democratic
Btato convention was called to order in the
opera house at 10:30 : this morning , with mea
gre attendance as compared with any Btato
convention in many years. K , B. Piuloy was
electoil chairman. Ho spoke at length of the
Importance of the campaign , predicting the
democrats would carry Ohio in October , and
reviewed the history of the party in this coun
try. The platform was adopted reaffirming
the platform of 1833 , and embodies the views
of the party upun the tariff and wool
in the following language :
The democracy of Ohio fuvors a tarilt for
revenue limited to the necessities of the
government , economically administered , nnd
80 adjusted in its application as to prevent
unequal burdens , encourage pjoductivo indus
tries at home , and afford a just compensation
to labor , but not to foster or create monop
olies. The just demands of the wool growers
of Ohio and the country for an equitable ad
justment of duties on wool ( unjustly reduced
by n republican congress ) so that this industry
shall bo fully and equally favored with other
industries ought to bo complied with , nnd wo
'endorse the action of the democratic members
of Ohio in their efforts to accomplish this
result. "
The platform also declares for the regulation
of the liquor traffic by a properly graded
license system.
It declares for civil service reform , nnd de
clares that the republican party having violated
lated every pledge given foMhis demand , a
change of the executive administration of the
government , itself a reform , is first of all neces
to the platform , offered by llussell , of Cleve
land , was voted down overwhelmingly.
Congressman Converse offered the following
which was adopted with great enthusiasm and
no dissenting voice :
Resolved , That it is the sense of this conven
tion that Samuel J , Tilden , who was once legally
and fairly elected president of the United
States , but defranded of his office , should
receive a unanimous nomination at the hands
of the democratic convention which meets in
Chicago .Tidy Cth.
A motion to have tbo delegation vote aa a
unit was tabled.
The names of John It. McLean , Lieutenant
Governor Warwick and T. K. llowell wire ;
presented as delegates-at-large , with long
speeches ,
A motion was hero made to nominate Gen.
Durbin Ward as ono of the delesrates-at-lnrgo
by acclamation. This was carried by a call of
counties amid great confusion. The same mo
tion was made in thu case of McLean. Gun.
A. J. "Warner moved to substitute the name
of Allan G. Thurman. The convention went
wild over the name of Thunnan. A friend of
McLean moved that Thurman and McLean
both bo chosen , and both were declared elected
by a vote of DOO to 208 , amidst great confu
sion.Jacob Mueller was named as the fourth
The state ticket was named a ? follows :
Secretary of state , Jas. AV. Newman , of
Portsmouth ; renominated ; supreme judge ,
C. D. Martin , of Lancaster ; member of the
board of publio works , John II. Benfer , of
Tuscarawas , Adjourned ,
Developments after the convention show
that it w < s intended to make a stiff fight
against McLean , tha opposition onteiing
against him , as I'ayne's friend , nnd as the
man who opposed I'eudlcton , Thurman and
Ward "sinl crust jn the recent senatorial con
tent. Before going east Governor lloailly left
a list of men tor delegates , including ( ' < " > 1
Morgan , Adjutant ] < 'inley , nnd T. K. Powell ,
and agreed to accept McLean as a com pi i. . . . u
for the fourth place , lu thu districts llosd-
ley controlled by a largo majority the whole
delegation. Thn success of McLean Is attrib
uted to the unswerving support of Hamilton
county , which gave him all Its 63 votes.
The election of McLean is causing qultu a
sensation. Many of the older politicians are
nmared and noino disgusted at the success of
the man who boa been denounced all over the
Btutc for hit audacity and outlawry in politics.
Me L"an enja ho Is for Hoadloy , and this is
regarded as a plain indication that there is
in the Ohio delegation to Chicago. The
utampedo started with the election of Ward
wns to conclude with Tliunnan , I'endleton
and Congressman Warner. The plan was nr-
retted and the ncxtmovomont was to nominate
by acclamation , to Mulch motion Thunnan
was attached , and then McLean and Thur-
man elected by ono vote , after which Lieutea-
ant-Governor Mueller , a prominent Gorman ,
nnd a personal friend of 1'ayue , was elected ,
Tbo delegation is strongly '
for president , although unable to agrea on an
Ohio man , and solid against any reduction in
the tariff , the delegation stands -18 for cither
1'aynoor IfondleytoS against either ono of
'them , and will probably never vote M a unit.
LITTLE ROCK , Junu 25 , The deraocMtic
state convention , with a full delegation from
every county , met nt noon and effected ft torn-
l > or ry organization.
iNDUNOroLis , Juno ; 23. Tha democratic
state convention was called to order nt 10:30
a.m. by Joseph K. McDonald , who was
loudly cheered. Daniel W. Voorhees was
innilo permanent chairman.
Tbo platform endorsed McDonald for the
Isano P. Gray , M. I ) . Mnnson nnd David
Turpiu were placed in nomination. Governor
Grny was nominated on the first ballot.
Mnnson wns nominated for lioutennnt gov >
enior by acclamation ; W. 11. Meyer , for tocro
tary of state , and John J. Cooper , for trcas
THE rr.ATFonst
adopted condemns the corrupt and extravagant
expenditures which have been made at Wash-
ineton , and declares that such expenditures of
publio money may bo removed from the tax
payers. It demands thnt the federal taxes bo
reduced to the lowest point cons'atent with ef
ficiency in the publio service , nnd demands the
revision and reform of the prusant unjust tar
iff. Jt favors n tariff which will relieve , ns fnr
ns possible , the necessaries of lifo from taxa
tion , nnd that any surplus of rovcnuo shall bu
faithfully applied to the payment of the pub
lie dobt. It favors the enforcement of the na
tional eight hour labor law , m nlson reduction
of the number of hours in a day's labor upon
nil public works , state nud municipal. It fa
vors the establishment of buroMia of labor sta
tistics , utsto nnd national. It favors , ns fnr as
practical , the use of prison and reformatory
labor BO ns not to comxlo | with the Inbor of
the honest citizens on the outside.
ST. Louis , Juno 23. The democratic con
vention elected John O'Dny , Morrison Muni-
ford , D. 11. Francis and Charles IF , Mnnsccr
delegates nt largu.
The platform declares for a tariff for rev
cnuo only , A resolution to vote ns a unit nnd
ono to vote for Tilden were howled down.
Adjourned eino die.
The following ia the platform as reported
by the committee on resolutions :
The democracy of Missouri , in convention
assembled nt the city of St. Louis , reaffirm
the time-honored doctrines of tbo democratic
party ns enumerated in its series of platforms
and affirmed nnd emphasized in positive
terms in the platforms adopted at St. Louis
In convention in 1STU , and at Cincinnati In
1880. That wo especially declare in favor of
a tariff for thu purposes of revenue , and that
the taxing power of the government should
Ijo thus limited ; and wo are opposed to all
policies intended or calculated to foster mon
opolies at the oxpcnso of thu people.
The resolutions were unanimously adopted.
LEWISTON , Juno 23. James G. Blnino ar
rived hero this evening and received nn ova
tion from the crowds assembled at the railway
station. Ho at once drove to the _ residence of
Colonel Drew , whoso guest ho is during his
stay hero.
After tea n , procession composed of local
military orgaizatiuns and a reception commit
, eu , in carnages , went to the Draw mansion ,
where they received Blalnu nnd escorted him
U ) the hall , which wasdousely packed. When
Blaine stopped on the platform ho was greeted
with tutnultous cheers ,
A. It. Savage , on the behalf of the committee -
too on arrangements , delivered an address of
welcome. Blaine replied in a brief speech of
thanks , and nt the conclusion iof , his _ remarks
held an informal 'reception , nt which many
took opportunity to take him by the hand.
To-morrow Blaine will attend the exercises of
Bates college.
INDIANAPOLIH , Juno 25. Austin H. Brown ,
of this city , chairman of tha press committee
of the democratic national convention , has
already received and registered several bun
drcd applications for press privileges. Those
from daily papers alone will equal double the
space allowed for special reporting. Many
who expect dusk privileges will have to bu
satisfied with seats in tbo auditorium.
Brown reports that at the meeting of the
sub-committee hold in Chicago last week , It
was decided that no club or association bo
admitted ns such , nnd that members of such
organizations must look to delegates for
Special Dispatch to THE BEIT.
WASHINGTON , Juno 23 , It is stated hero
to-day that Itnndall , Morrison and Tucker
tfo engaged In framing a tariff bill , making
reductions in the tariff on which all can ngrco ,
and cutting down the revenues nbout50.-
300,000. The plan in to pass it through the
liouso under n suspension of the rults , should
they agree upon something satisfactory to
Liotu wings of the democratic party. It is not
improbable that they may ba successful , for
theru is a strong feeling among the republi
cans of thu north west in favor of u reduction.
Michigan Olllclalu Save n "vVlfc-Mur-
DETROIT , Juno 21. Andrew Long , the
wifo-murderer , was taken from jail at lena
this moruing nnd tnken to Muir for prelimin
ary examination. Hero n mob took him from
the officers and got a rope around his nock
whun tha officers , by n desperate struggle ,
rescued him and got him to the hotel , wheru
lia is nt present. The bheriff has telegraphed
the governor for the assistance of troops.
A \Yoonsockct Washout.
WOONSOCKET , It. I. , Juno 23 , A thunder
storm of unusual severity burst upon thu city
to-day , with a delugu of rain , Many streets
are badly washed , a bojo beinir made in ono
avenue 100 ftet long and thirty feet wide , and
from twenty to fifty feet deep. The fires in
the gas works wore twicu put out by thu Hood ,
Damage about 810,000 ,
Tlio Cliolura.
TOULON , Junu 23. Ten now cases of cholera
wcru taken to the hospital yesterday , The
alarm ii abating. The government jibysiclun
confmns the spora Jio character uf thu main-
1'ostiiinntor Biim'l A. Hewitt ,
Of Monterey , Mich , , delivers himself in this
wlso : " 'J'/iomas' electric Oil cannot bo beaten.
I say keep it up to the standard , and it will
satisfy the people , I shall send for a now
supply BOOH. "
A IMttalJiirK OH Failure ,
I'lTTHBURO , Juno 23. Thomas J , Watson ,
a heavy oil operator , who has bftcn pro
nounced n "boar , " failed to-day , causing gieat
excitement on thu oil oxchaugu ,
Miiiloll Iloiol AH lKimiont.
BT , LOUIH , Juno 26. The Lindell Hotel
usociation 1ms made an assignment for thu
lenetit of thu creditors' ,
A Puffin 1'cniiBj'lvanln ,
I'ITTHIIURO , Juno 21. A storm in western
L'enntylvnula Sunday morning killed a num-
- > er of persoiu and greatly injured grain ,
Special from " \Vnltlmni. MASH.
1'iftoen hundred watches nru now tnadu daily
atWaltlmm , and they ar better inqualityund
lower in price timu ever before , w-m-e
The Chief of Police at Fremont Shoots
DeaflaLiyerymaD ,
The Latter Frenzied Drunk and
About to Axe an Officer ,
A San Francisco Dano" Kills His
Inamorata and Suicides ,
The Glasgow Court Finds the State
of Florida's ' Captain Guilty ,
A Soyenty-Tear-Old Iowa Farmer
Killed by a Eunawayi
Tlio ( Mexican 1'rcmdcnt'H Sou the
Oauso nr n Double ? liwlcr
In a Street Oar.
lloiulcUlo nt Frouumt ,
Special Dispatch to THE BEE.
li"REMONT , Nob. , Juno 23. At tovcn o'clock
this evening Pat Jordan , a livery man , was
shot dead by thu chief of rolico nnd a police
officer. Jordan wns drunk nnd resisted nr
icst. Hnving nn n\o in his hand when the
policemen approached him , ho struck thu
policeman twicu with it , chasing him ncroca
thu Btroct , the policeman falling down with
Jordan standing ever him with the uplifted
weapon when hu was shot threa times , dying
in twelve minutes. Great excitement pre
vails. _ _ _ _ _ _
Two Dcnllis lr Ijovc.
SAN FRANCISCO , Juno 23. Albertlnn An.
dorsou was shot dead this morning bv AVilliam
C. Milton , who then blow his own braius out.
Cause , her refusal to marry him. Inn letter
left Milton says Miss Anderson was known as
Mrs. Brockmann , having onu child by Air.
Brockmnnn , clerk to the Danish consulate nt
Now York. Milton , who was n widower , left
three young children confided to the care of
the Danish consul of this city. Death iu both
cases u as almost instantaneous.
Seduction Near BiouxClty.
Sioux Cur June 25 Adolph Dills , n Ger
man farmer living In Wolf Creek township , this
county , seduced n 13-yoar-old girl , the daugh
ter of a neighbor nnm > d Group. The girl ,
becoming enceinte , Dills endeavored to have
lier married to his 12-year-old son. l''njllug in
this , ho took the girl nnd left , nlso talcing his
uoy along. Warrants have boon sworn out ,
and officers will attempt to capture the ruun-
ways , but there is in cluu to their where
abouts. Dills is an old resident , nnd has a
[ rown u ] > family , There is much indignation
in the neighborhood.
The Stnto of Florida Collision.
GLASGOW , June 25. lu the matter of the
collision of tliu steamer Statu of Florida , and
the bark Poneinn , the court funnel that Thorn *
son , the chief officer of thu Statu of .Florida ,
was to blame for the calamity , Tlio court
advised the suspension of Thompson's certificate -
cato aa master for six months , he , meanwhile ,
to bo allowed a mnto'g certificate.
Murder In a Mexican Street Gar.
MKXICO , Juno25. 1
.10 ( President's . -.20-yei
treet wuTwith'Cnptaii
nor In a military school , quarreled with Con- !
oral Major's son , who , with a servant , was
was shot dead by Gnnzn.
A yiolcnt Death at Seventy.
TOLEDO , T.ima Co. , la , , Jnno'25. A farmer
named Fcltor , seventy years of nge , was
killed to-day by a runaway team.
Secreted In the Seductive Ice Cream ,
It Proves More Deadly
tlian Dynamite ,
COAL BLUFF , P . , Juno 25. A party of 11
persons ate Ice cream in Conlin's saloon Satur
day evening , nnd within two hours all were at
tacked with vomiting and violent pain in
the stomach , Thu party consisted of William
Conlin , wife and child , JOB. Conlln. Mrs. Wil
son and three children , Thos. Williams , Rob
ert Cook and a colored man. One of tbo Wil
son children died yesterday. To-night onu
man died. Cook and Air. and Mm. Conlln
nro not expected to live , and the children are
vtry low. Vanilla flavoring is supposed to bo
the cause. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
WASHINGTON , Juno 25 , The consideration
of thu legislative bill wan resumed.
Air. Bock opposed thu amendment proposed
by the senate committee on appropriations ,
striking out thu clause consolidating and roor-
ani/lng the customs collections districts. Thu
coping up of districts that did nut pay ex
penses was merely to support a lot of election
bummers ; that was the meaning of it. The
employes wore kf pt because they contributed
to the success of the party in power , I In had
not wished to Hay this on the floor ( if the Ben-
ate , but ho felt obliged tn say it. Tbo secre
tary of the treasury , Iteck added , Admitted
that fact.
Messrs. Slater , Hawley , Half , Dawos , Sow
clJono3 ] ( Fin. ) , and Lapham euppoited the
committee's proposition.
Air. Ingajls remarked thut if the houen of
representatives should pass a sonatu appropri
ation bill with n clause limiting the number of
post offices in thu United Status to Ctho ( | case
would be parallel with that under ditcusslon
After further debate thucommltteo'd amend
ment was agreed to , striking out the clautu
directing thu consolidation yeas -11 , nays 13.
The eenato committee on appropriations
having proposed to strlka out thu clause per
mitting tmall dlstllloricH to bu run without
storokeencrH , Vtinco and Deck oppoied thoru-
commendation and , Allison defended It.
Thu debate continued until six o'clock , when
the senate adjourned.
Mr. Hewitt , from the committee on wnys
nnd means , reported a bill to modify existing
laws relating to duties on Imports and thu coi
tion of revenue , Jteferred to the committee
of the whole.
Tlio bill passed authorizing the establish
ment o" branch soldiers'homes in Arkansas.
Colorado , Kansau Iowa. Minnesota , Missouri
Mid Nebraska , the location to bo determined
> y th board of manager * of thu Soldiers'
Home * .
Thu bill panned authorizing the construction
if a horse railway on thu island of Itock Is-
and , 111. , and the bridges leading thereto.
Thu Ctialmurs-Mannlng contested election
: aso 1ms been taken up. The majority reso
lutions were adopted , Chalmers appeared at
the bar of the housu and took the oath of of-
ice. The house rcaumfd coniideration of thu
Backbone railroad company
All Serene on Imlco Superior UnslncHB
WabnHli Oillolulu Go to ( ho
Missouri 1'uclllo.
CHICAGO , Juno 25. Thu differences In thn
Northwestern Trnffic association on Laku
Superior businesi , which at onu timu throat-
iined to disrupt the jiool anil endanger the
integrity of other western pools , wan aulcalby
adjusted to-day , ftt n mcetintr of the general
manager * , by mutual eoncessloin.
It Is nnnorcd in railroad circle ! ) hero that
H. M. HO.TIO , third vico-preMdent ) Gom-ml
.Manager It. S. Ifnyos , \icc-prosldrnt ,
JUKI GcorgflOIdt. tmlho manager , nil of thu
WnbnMi ro d , will noon retire from connection
\\i\A\ \ that rend , going to tlio Mltsouri 1'acillc.
A Itoportthnt It will Blniut Off Its
Employes for this aionth'n AVnjjcs.
SAX riiANCisco , Juno 23. The Itnllothi
publishes the following , this evening ) "It
Is semi olllclnlly announced that the Control
1'nclfio railroad company will postpone for a
time payment f.ilaries duo employes this
month , in order to nccmmiUlo funds tu meet
mom prosiing domfttads , in the nnturu of cur
rent expenses. Theprossnt cramped condi
tion of the company nri. es from the falling oft
of traffic nnd the consequent tlecren'etif profits
caused by disaster'eipocially to thu Southern
1'ncific and its briwlies.
Timothy Hopkins , treasurer , wns the only
iromlnont ollicial nt , present in the city , Ho
declined to make any statement.
Gonernl Maii'cor Towne , visiting Monte-
n > y , was tolcgrnplicd on the subject. Ho re-
phot ) , "Thero is but Jittlo foimdntion , in fact ,
for the statement thnt the company will post
pone thn payment of the salaries of employes.
It Is pos < ibli' , howovcr , tlmt the pay car nnv
not l > u aont out over the entire system until
nfler the first proximo , The o.umngs hold up
romaikably well nnd operating expenses compare -
pare favorably with those of lost year. "
Charles Crocker , president of thu Southern
1'ncHic , and secoutl vice president of the Con-
lial I'ncllic , nt present attending thn Col ton
irlal at' 'anU liosn , VvasI ntorvlcd , Ho said ,
"Tho Bulletin statement was quito tmo. lln
liai nsked the employes thirty days credit"
IIu said also : "i'vo hoard no grumbling.
This is the first time such doformunt h s oc-
citrred. Wu'vogot 1)01110 ) pressing demands
to moot nnd money ,1 no tight Imrdor than
droning tcoth to tot any. Wo can't get
moro than twenty-nvo cents on Southern
1'nclfio bonds. Ify tryinu hard to borrow
lomo monuy , and thifik I shall bo nblu to got
it , but all thu moneybags In the country nru
just now drawn very'tiit. "
Crocker , in a telegram to the associated
[ tress , nays ! "Tho limort of the Bulletin N
substantially tmo , although wo have not yet
fully determined the matter. Should thu
money market ease , ivo will pay as usual , "
Exorcises of the Convent
School of the Holy Child JCSUN.
Special Dispatch to Tin : BKK.
LINCOLN , Juno 25. The convent of tlio So
ciety of the Holy Child Jesus closed its first
season's session this afternoon , nnd it was the
most Interesting event of the kind , especially
to the Catholics , thntkio\or took place here ,
Everything passed offoiii n most satisfactory
manner , thu young Indies ngreonbly surprising
their friends. Tills grand Institution Is in
charge of the reverend Mother Superior Sister
Agatha , and nix teachers nnd two assistants.
Upwards of 100 yourof ladles havu boon In nt-
tcndanca during the season. This convent
> wes its oxlatenco to the public spirit of John
i'itzgerald , who purchased and fitted up in a
princely style for the sisters thu old university
dormitory building , erected by the late Chan
cellor Fulrlleld. What was 1'ftlrfield's folly
has become I'ltzgoraVJ'a Jamo.
A Buyer Oanll6l' si ) If'15 per cent
'l1 ' "
„ * , ,
NEW YonK , Juno 25. The produce ox
chaugo has adopted a now nile by which the
purchaser of cheese , If ho finds moro than 15
pur cent , is sour or dnmnfed , may at his op
tion rcfuso to receive the remainder without
prejudice or penalty to the seller ; but should
the damage to thochouio bo not In oxccsa ol
1C per cent. , the purchaser is bound by his
contract to reculvo what Is sound ,
The Dciilson Hand at Council BluflV ) ,
Special dispatch to Tim BIE. :
COUNO L BLUFFS , Juno 20 , At 12 o'clock
last night thu Donlsou band serenaded several
of the citizens , including ox-AInyor Thomas
Bowman , Mayor Yaughan , Henry EiBcm
the Nonpareil and THE BKK olfices , where
speeches were made by Spencer Smith and
Air. Hubbard , of the Nonpareil , Mayor
Vauglmn , Mayor Ledwich , of llarlan , and
John W , Hosier , nf TUB JlKii , on behalf ol
the Council Bluffs manager. At Tine BKI ,
ulllcu n vote of thanks was voted to thu band.
Ilorofonlw from lllnfjhuid.
Special Dispatch to Tim BICI : ,
Nonroi.K , Neb. , June 23. John Borland
has arrived atStanton , via "S. 0. & l'"wHI
two cars of full-blooded Hereford cattlo. IIu
left Hereford , Ilngland , April 1st , and nrrivci !
hero yesterday. The cattle nro valued al
twelve Jmudred each , said to bu thu ( incut lot
uverlmported to this country.
To the Kditor of TUB BKK :
Vonr OALHOUN , Juno 2U , ricaso inform
the readers of your paper that thu Horxeuhoo
Lake will bo spoiled frco forall kinds of boats ,
arid the picnic grounds will bo free for n bus-
bet picum on the Fourth of July , under prop-
01 regulations. Cool drinks will bu furnished
on the grounds , and boat racing will bo In
The Oregon IiiHuranoo Bwliullo ,
1'OUTI.ANI ) , Oregon/ Juno 25 , Lewis Kack
ley , recently from Iowa , suspected of tutting
liru to his house nt Hillsbuig , Oregon , and of
burning a hlcoleton Intcuded _ to represent his
own remains , BO tliat his wife could recover
thu life Insurance , wan arrested U > - < lny In Ash
land. Ho feigned insanity ,
Pleasant , healthy grins are BOOH only mi the
faces of healthy persuns. The dysptptta nnd
dobllltatod can smllo only In a hulf-heartod
way. Purify the blood , tone the stomachand
strengthen the tissues with JlunlocJ JIlvoJ Jilt
fri , If you wish to laugh wetland Ho on ,
A llnIIrond Man Captures an Actress.
COUNCIL BLUKKH , ; Juno 21 , Miss Katu L.
James of this city , well known onlhuoporatio
stage as Kathorlnu Von Arnulm was married
to-Juy tu Win. A. Strong , a Chicuro mllroivd
A Quadruple Killing.
\VAUSAU , Win. , iTniiu 2C , A bollur in
Smith's jilanin ? mill exploded thu morning ,
filling four peMuni and wuundiiig suvurai
Dthers ,
A Gcor ltt J''ttHurc ,
HQ.MB , Ga. , Juno25-H. T , nnd 0 , H , Hur-
grovu , bankers , failed to-day ; liabilities 800.-
OOOj uuminall assets $76,000 ,
Itallwny Ulvldcndu
NEW YOIIK , June 25 , The Alichigan Cen
tral uijd Canada Southern huvu agreed to pass
their dividend.
NKW YoitK , Juno 2rt.- Morgan & Sons have
rnadu au assignment to Win. Ji , Jicknon ,
Thunder it Dmvii the
Tlut for Umontwa , jor rheumatism , for aches ,
for palnoi , and for Ipralnos Z r , 7'Aowuj" hclec-
trio Otl Is a positive and rollublu remedy ,
Dr. Tkamai , lclcrli ( Oil cau bo purchauod of
any diugglst. " '
Tammany's ' Chieftain Names the Terms
of His Snprl.
Ho Must Bo Allowed to Name Now
York's ' Next Mayori
And thus Ooutrol tlio $30,000,000 , ,
Patronneo of Gotham ,
And this is What Cleveland Must
Pay for the Boss's ' Backing ,
Kelly Now Doolaros Hiuisolf First
for Bayard for President ,
Hut Iieixvos a tioop-IIolo to Crmvl
Through nnd Hnppnrt
Now York Dispatch to Philadelphia IVs * .
Thu position of Tammany towards ( iovcrnor
31ovelnnd's candidacy was put In n new light
to-day by n gentleman who for a number
of has stood in conlldontial relations to
Tohn Kelly.
"Tho patronage of Now York City , " ho
said , "Is worth 8i0,000,000 ! n year. The pat-
ouago of a national ailmil.V.tratliiii Is n baga-
olio in comparison , no fnr an it can benefit ,
L'nmmnny Hull. Thu candidacy of Ifoawell
. ' . Flower wnsu mere inaik , so fnr us AU but
limself and a few of his intimate' , such ai
[ josterll. Fnulknor , were concerned , mul thnt
uask has already fallen nwny. Tnnnnany
lees not coiileinplatu Air , 1'lowor as iv roat
candidate , nnd nuvor did. It mipportcd him
slmplyns nn opptniontof Cleveland , ( imply tu
: orco nn issuu which would bring the governor
, d terms , AH soon ns Air , Cleveland rualizos
, hat ho cannot bu nominated without the uni
ted vote of Now York , nnd thnt IM matters
now stand , ho cannot nn\u that united vote ,
10 will como to terms.
"But ihisundorstnndlng must bo arrived at
before thu delegation loaves this city. Alnny
lelogntos who did not support Cleveland nt
3nrntopn bcliuvo him to lm n pura man , but
they seu no pro-eminent ability In him. It is
notorious that ho winks when David Dudley
Kiold nods , and thnt the tmpport of Field will
nnss nuy mens\iru and his opposition kill any
bill which uomos before Clovolnnd. Still
Tummnny will exhibit no public antipathy to ,
Clovpland , It will support him In the con
vention nnd assist in casting fnr him the un-
Llru vote'of Nuw York on the first and every
t > nllot , on uno and only condition , that the
Tammany bo allowed to name the next mayor
of Now Yoik city.
"Air. Kelly ( foes not want this honor him-
Keif. IIu has not retired from politics , as he
desired to do long since , however , that hu
inl ht finally nchiovo a complutu tiluinjih ,
Thin triumph would bo sscured by his naming
the mayor of Now York , and at the samu
timu electing thu president of the United
States. If ho may do the former , hu will elect
Cleveland president.
_ "On n simple aldermanio uloction in this
city Tammany polled ever 40,000 votes , Thu
democratic majority In the stnto and city o
Now York cannot bo reckoned greater thai
COJOGO under the molt favorable' , circum
stancca. This majority is Tnmmany and I
Tamnmny'ri terms bo not acceded to there
will bo no majority. If Tammany has any
personal choice for thu presidential noinlu-
tlon. it is Bnvard. Flower was simply n
cloak to Bayard. At tlio xamo titno it was
and is desirable to havu Flower in thu cam
paign because ho has money and is not afraid
to spend it.
"Looking on the Tammany delegation ,
which , by the way , can control one of the
delegates elected as n representative of the
county democracy , and at least half of the
Irving Hull delegate * , it Is evident tliat they
can prevent , If they choose , the enforcement
of the unit rule in the Nuw York delegation.
It Is equally evident that It is to tbu interest
of Bayard's friends that this rule should not
bo enforced in any delegation , an the Doln-
ware senator will got many scattering votes ,
but no slnglo solid delegation. But if Tam
many's terms bu acceded to Clovelnnd will be
ihunuxt democratic profilduiitinl nomlneo , mul
nn old time majority will bu rolled up in Nuw
York ami Brooklyn ,
"Otherwise Cleveland is dead. Hu woo
elected by republican votes , and. although
governor , has never buon anything but mayor
of Buffalo , Why , Cleveland's entire ! demo
cratic vote was within twelvu hundred thu
highest vote for a Hancock elector. "
NKW YOIIK. Juno 25,101111 Kelly maduthu
foil ) wing statement to-day , In rcgnid to thu
piusidential nominees : "I am opposed to
( jovcrmir Cleveland , but only because I believe -
lievo them nro other men better fitted to nt-
ceivo tlio nomination , I have boon brouhgt in
contact with many men , both republicans ami
democrats , throughout this city. All ox-
presied thu wish that Bayard ulionld reculvu
thu nomination , 1 hope so myself , nnd bu-
llovo that if nominated ho will bu nice ted.
The opposition to Bayard bcuausa of his HO-
rallied secession , is fcbsnrd , "In fact , 1 think
thu 'bloody shirt' buslnots is played out , "
AToxnu Outr jo.
DAF.I.AH , Jnnu 2S. A number of smnll bur-
ghtrlos und other outragon nro of nightly oc
currence Inln'.y. Toward daylight this morn
ing , the residence of W , JI. i'lippcr , a banker.
was entered by a negro through thu nocom.
stoiy window , Airs. J''llpi or woke , and dls-
eovurod the negro going through thu buroai
drawers. Two email childrmi wcru In hot
with the mother , Flipper being in Kuropo.
Airs. Flipper HCI earned , the negro grabbed her
neck , chocked her uavoroly anil otherwise mal
treated thu lady , and then made his escape.
Town IJiidart/ikors.
AfAiiHnAi.i.TOW.v. Juno 25. Tlio State Un
dertakers association co ! celltn imninl session
to-duv , to iiirut mxtycnr in C < lnr Jlapiiln.
The Hovslontlll liu devoted to private iixpusi-
HOIIH of embalming nnd other matters of pin-
fessionnl Interest. ( ! . V. Arnold , of Alnrshnll-
town , was elected piesldont ; W , llohonucbuli ,
of Inwa City , vlco preiidcntj nndK.- * . Day ,
of Alusentlnn ; Hcxs/otary and treasurer , Uel-i-
gates to notional convention , 0 , 1' , Arnold , W ,
Holieiischuli and J , L. Krebs ,
Will It really Ouro Uhouuiatlum ?
Wo answer , honor brlftht , at will euro rhoii-
mutism , and the sovoriat cases too. Dr.
'J'liotiutr Xclcctric Otl wan upoclally propnrod
for tlio rhouinatla and lamo. Nntlco letters
from the people rolatlvo to Its merit ] in nearly
every paper In the country.
KaimiiH Woman
Toi'KKA , Kan , , Juno 25 , The statu conven
tion of woman tulfraglstu met hero to-day.
There was a small attendance. Addrosius
weru mailo by Airs , Helen M. Qouger , of La
fayette , Ind , , und others ,
A HoiiK-Wrliur'0 Had Knd.
CINCINNATI , Juno 2fi. James K. Stownit
thu well-known songwriter , died in thu work
housu to-day , Jlo wan committed n few days
ago for Belling bogus tickets tu publiu outer
Yale Uufrco8 ,
NEW HAVEN , Juuu 25. Yale has conferred
thu dogruu of Lh D. upon ( Jovernor Hoadloy
of Ohio , nnd KI1U 11. Uobeits , the editor o :
thu UtlcaN.Y. ( ) Herald.
'JClio Woiuiior To-Uay.
WASIIINUION , Juno 25. For the Allsaouri
Vnlley t TAK \ rhnwrrs , partly cloudy
thcr , cnilcrlv In nonthoriy win , nii'l nearly
stationary . . _ tomperninre. . .
l. * AI. tt ; tf- *
For the Upper Altaiwtpp ! Vnlloy ! Fair
wonther In northern porllonn , light rains , fol <
lowed by clearing wonthnr in the southcrr
portlomj easterly winds in thn northern portion
tion , north to cuit winds tn the southern portion
tion , nnd slight changes in temprrntutv.
Scuniul Dnj'H rrocccdlnRs Election
nnd luRtnlliucnt The Flniuicce.
IttN'COiXi Juno 2Thn proceedings of the
matonio convocation of the grand ledge were
unusually Interesting to-day. G. M. Lin
inger , of Omaha , presented the grand ledge
with a ixirlriu't of 1 * . G. M. llobort C. Jonlnu.
The following olllcorn were elected :
M. W. Grand MnHter f. \\VmiiK
11. W. DonutvGinwl Master M. H Ueese.
K. W. ( J. A W.-Charlos 1C. CouUut.
18. W. G. Hoctvtnry-W. H. Hotten.
It. W. G. Treasurer Chri < . llartman.
The olllceraoiii named mtbsccpiontly , nnd
the Installation took plnco this evening. It
was decided to perform the cnrcmony ot lay
ing the corner-Ktouu of the new unplto ) , July
Ifith , 18SI.
TliisV B lho2Uh ( minimi convocation. The
treasurer's report showed receipts to the
amount of $10,130.07 , illabun < emeuliill2.lll. ( ;
anil n balance on hand of $11.885.00.
_ DiKiteiiJatiniH weiv granted for the forma
tion of new lodges nt Brnlnard , Almn , Hardy ,
Doivhestor , Missouri Bond , Wnyue , Superior ,
[ ) iloll , Indlaiioln , Auburn , Geneva , Htorms-
burg , Mliuk'n , Guidu Kock , Bluehill ami
Tlio following grand lodges hnd accrodlto3
reprp.Hontationa : Arkansas , Cnllforuln , Con
necticut , Unorgln , Idaho , Manitobt , Novndn.
Pennsylvania ; Vonnoiit , Nuw Mexico nnd
Nuw Hampshire.
sritiNQ sroiiTS.
NKW VOHK , iluiiu 23. The 'l\irf. Field nnd
Vnrm snys : On Wudnesdny , the 2otli , a chock
cnme to this olllco ilrAwn by J. I. Case to thu
order of Hamilton Bushly for § 5.000 , which
wo nro authorized to hold as a forfeit. The
proposition forwarded from Cleveland \\ll\\ \
the eheck U this : "Mr. Cnso Is willing to
natch .Iny-Uyo-Seo for a rnco or nn exhibition
lent against any horse for $10 000 n side , halt
orfoit , to bo trotted , cither nt Hartford ,
L'ruvlilonca or Chicago , as may bu mutually
ngrcod Uononch | ; _ purty tochooso ono jiulgo ,
mil they a third , the Turf , Field nnd Karm to
. ) the stakeholder. " The exhibition heat
elnuia ix put In to meet any objection that
Ynnderbllt may raise to trotting n throe In
ivu tnco nccotding to the rulo. Cllng tonu
and Inud S. nro thu horses tlmt Jny-lOyo-Seu
anxious to meet.
Unno Hall.
At Clovclnnd Clovolnndrt 1-1 , I'lilladol.
ihlns 1.
At Detroit DetroltH 0 , rrovldondcos 3.
At Chicago 1o\guu : gamu postiionud on ao.
count of ruin.
At Minneapolis Minneapolis 3 , I'corins8.
At Bay City-Bay CitynllO , TerraHautox1 ! .
At , Saginnw Suginnws C , Musko-
Jans 4
At Ht Vnul-Stillwalors 0 , St. 1'nul G.
At Buffnlo Gnmo postponed.
I'cdcstrlnnlsm ,
OlIIUAlK ) , Juiui 25. Twonty-two entries
hnvu been n'colvud for Dan O'Lcary's llvo
days g0-as-you-ploMo > pedestrian match Ii
tlifu city ( luring tlio weuk of the national
democratic convention * Among thoiu nro
Frank Htttt-"of " Boston ! "Geo > l.lUNonnftc
and Fro ID. Krohne , of Now York ; Peter J.
1'anchott , of Hnstlngn , Minn. ; Chaa. Doylu.
of Cairo. Ills. ; Wm , J' . llockbud , of Council
Bluffs ; Wm. Nolan , of Brnldwood , Ills. , and
John Gilllgan , of Joliot.
The Oar.
NKW LONDON , June 25. The Hnrvnrd-
Columbia frushman racu has boon postponed ,
Twenty-five thousand brick a day nro being
mndu nt West 1'oint.
Al us worth precinct hnsf. prpulntlonof 1,4B3 ,
and jiropurty aBsessed nt ? liOOC8. ( ,
The valuation of Long 1'iifo nrccinct , asro-
tarned by thu assessor , foots up S25OOD.
Two boys woru rccuntly drownud on the
L'laltu , near Kenesaw , whilu bathing.
The aksossmnnt of the town of I'onca , just
completed , gives the total valuation of $132-
An unknown man was drowned in the
L'lnttu nt Kearney on Sunday , Hu was
walking along the bank when It owed in ,
Three burglarious raids wore mailu inl'latts-
mouth , Saturday night. Thu plunder gocurcil
wan tiilllng , but nuvornl smoothbores have
boon replenished with load for emergencies.
Thu bad houses of Fremont woru pulled Insi
Snturdny evening , and the hmil numboioc :
twenty-seven persons cloven women nnd six
teen men ,
Thn population of Holt county cm the 1st of
March , 1H8I , was 11,250 , The assessment Is
now about 81,000,000 , almoit threu tlmus an
much us last year.
The noted horse "IVrfcction , " owned by
Otto Slnnton , wns fatally In lured by breaking
through thn Moor of tlio iHkhorn bridge. Thu
horse was worth $009.
Persona ! property in Wnynu county in ns
pessed at $ U-MittO.M : ; real estate , SMt,883.CO ( :
There are 1'WU acres of land under wheat nnc
7,1,11 under corn ,
Jock Alexander , colored , of Blair , xhbt Wil
H. Pnltner , alno colored , found buggy riding
with Alexander's wife , Pnlmor.H wound it
in thu left leg , deup but not dangeroui.
The boom In the Second congressional dla
triet for S. W. Wood as asuccesjorof Hon.
miK Lnhil has been knocked in the head by
Air. Woods declining to bu a candidate ,
J. Fred Johnson has entered suit In thu din
trict couitat Nebraska City against the K , O
road for $23,000. Fred struck a mlsplncui
switch while mull ageiitlon the road , collide !
with n freight train and broke u log whlcl
makes him n cripple for life.
Itov. Thus. Harrison , thu boy preacher , in
compelled to postporiu Ills visit to Lincoln
owing to rbyiical uxhaiistlon cuusud by ban
work , Tbo tank was too much for him and thu
thought of It laid him out.
Thu now Arusoiilo tumplo nt Lincoln was
dedicated last Monday , Thu euremonie were
witneHsoil by u largu niimbor of prominent
maionu f i oin different parts of the utato. The
iirlnclpal address was made by Hon. J. Al ,
August Sober has acquired an unenviable
reputation in Hurt county , for a variety ol
deeds not sanctioned by law or murals , nnd a
temper the OHHOUCU of vfndlctlvenesH. llecont-
ly the Jtoblnson family gave a paity to which
tlio Sober family weio not invited. They
went to the Robinson house , however , anil
were Informed that their room was batter than
their company , drunk or sober , Thuy were
bounced. This led to a shooting match thu
next day , in which August wns sobered up
with a bullet in his aide.
Thu Fremont Herald reports thnt nt noon
Monday , a young woman named Nellie Booth ,
working nt tlin section house kept by Air.
Darter , nt Timbervillo , was hoi n bly burned
by the uxploiion of it kerouenu can , which slu
was lining tu assist in starting a lira to pruparo
dinner. Mho wns at once enveloped lu Haul's ,
und in her agony ran out doors , hug fanning
thu breeze , JUr clothes weru neailv burnoi
elf by the time help arrived , Thu Ilesh wa :
nearly burned oil one arm , and her facu am
hulr were nl o badly burned. It U foarei
that ihu must have brouthed. BOIIIU of thu
( lama lulu hvr lunge ,
the Cliicap Markets ,
Lifjht Stocks and ProspootivoWofr
Bulls the Prioo of Wheat ,
Oats Quiet , Steady and Sparingly * .
Traded In ,
PorkDrops offHoavily ii * vfe tares
with a Sharp Dooll
Oattlo Dull and Slow :
off 10 to 16o ,
Ilo r , nn the Contrary , ISO *
Higher , bitt Iioso t ft,3r\
Special Dispatch to THK BEE.
CIIICAOO , Juno 25. The markets on'change ?
io-day were moro or Icnn unsottloJ , the Uis
turbing causes being the retorted fatlura-
of a prominent Now York bank and the
posting of two lots of "hot" com in that city.
ipened linn and higher for wheat nnd through-
nit tha day trading in that cereal was on o >
noru extended realo than has been seen in ,
nnny weeks. July at ono time sold at B7a
nnd August nt S ° ic , and the feeling generally
vns bullish In view of the light Plucks and the
ears of n wet harvest. Toward the clcno of
hu regulnr board prices fell elf , July closing
nt SMc , August 8Sjjc. On the nftornoon board
ho fooling wns npain iniito firm , July closing-
nt &y , August 88J , and Soptombor8&
ippned notlvo nnd firm , best prices of the day
icing current nt tlmt time. Thu market
iroku nearly n cent on the report of ' 'hot"
corn in Now York , closing heavy at the de-
illno. Cn this afternoon board prices acrnin
ell off , Juno closing filj } ; July , o4 ; August
and September , 854 ,
iponcd quiet nnd about steady , but very spar-
ugly traded in. On the nftcrnoon board
jirices dropped J@lc , Juno ; and cold closing
it 31 c Mid August nt " 7lo.
Pork displayed little moro life , distant fu
tures dropping elf heavily. On the afternoon
board another f harp decline for August nnd
Suptcmbor occurred. Thu latest figures were
H ) 00 for Juno nnd July , 18 CO for August ,
and 17 75 for September.
Lard lower , closing nt 7 27 } for Juno and
July , 8 421 f"c August , and 8 65 for Septem
Thu cattle market wns dull nnd slow anil
quoted 10 to 15o lower on big conrso cattle ,
either grassers or corn fed ; but neat little
cattle , especially corn fed , nru about holding
their own. Butcher's stock of all descriptions
IB nicotine1 strong competition with Tcxnns on
sale ; it is elow nnd hard to sell imlcss at
prices considerably under the Toxans. Good
to. chuico shipping , 1,200 to 1,350 pounds , C 00
to 0 35 ; common tn medium , 1,000 to 1,200
pounds , 5 20 to 51)0 ) ; feeders 4 25 to 4 75 ;
grass Toxansi700 to 850 pounds-a 00 v to .0 CO.
The market gonoinlly opened with a fair
demand nnd Gg)10 ( ) cents higher on nil best
heavy , but sales on light allowed no great
change. Most of tha Halcsmon reported the
ndvanco of the mornlngcntlrely lost , the mar
kct than ruling dull with a largo number loft
ovor. Sales weru at 4 00@4 00 tor skips and
light light , 41)0@5.15 ) for assorted light , and
bOO@o 05 for packers nnd shippers ; light , 180
© 210 pounds , ! 80@5 CO.
NEW YORK , Juno 25. Isnpootor-in-chie oE
grain , on a roinspootion of thu Commorciil
Warehousing company's stores , found about
27.000 bushels of No. 2 corn out of condition ,
being "musty and sticky. " Thu corn was
posted on the produce exchange.
The Oholorn.
WASHINOTON , Juno 25 Secretary l-'roling-
huyeon received to-night the following telegram -
gram from Frank A. Mason , United States
Consul at Marseilles , with regard to the recent -
cent outbreak of cholera iu Toulon.
MARHKILLES , Juno 25 State dopartmen ,
Washington : The cholera nt Toulon was
kept secret until yesterday. On thu 1'lth
thcro wns ono duith , on thu 10th one , ou the
20th two , on the 21st three , on the
22d thhteon , on the 23d five , nnd .yoatcnlay
twelve. The cases aru of a mild character.
Thoru has boon only onu death at the navy
hospital. The deaths nro equally divided be
tween civilians nnd military , and nro chiefly
among ogod or young. Thu ( uicstlon whether
it is Asiutlq or sporadic is still undecided , but
the former is jirobablo , There are hopes of
checking the emdomloby sanitary precautions.
Thu condition of Marseilles is excellent , and
thu death rate below thu average.
Tlio Ohio Second Amendment
CoLUtiDUs , O , , June 25. The second
amendment advocates bold a utatu convention
to-day , formed a voters' union , and adopted
a constitution. It provides a regular Hit of
officers to bu elected the second Wednesday
in Juno of each year , with coinmitteemaii
from each congressional district. Hon. MilU
Gardner was made president till the next reg
ular convention.
A Child Murdered by a Drunkard.
DunuquK , Juno 25 , John Burnoj , aged 13 ,
while playing thisoyening with n number of
comrades near the resilience of Michael Hhotl-
zen , was datigeiously shot through the groin
by llhotizun , who was drunk , and for a trilling
offense IIrod threa times at the boys.
' "i * * - _
jj - | & i *
S1QOO Given , ,
ICnlnm or impnjurlous substances can bo found !
In Andrews1 Pearl Baking Powder. J pos-
lively PURE , liclnt ; endorsed. unatckttmonlaU
reccfvedTroiu ucli chemUU naB , I > aua llayu. Boston -
ton ; M. Welafontalno , of Chicago ! anil UuaUwa
llodo , Milwaukee. Novcrsolil In bulk.
2ST. i J & 291 U. Watt * St. '