Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, June 17, 1884, Page 2, Image 4

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For Neuralgia
For Ncurnlgin
For Ncurnlgin
For Nournlgin
For Rheumatism
For Rheumatism
For Rheumatism
For Rhoumntism
For n Lnrao Back
For n Lnmo Back
For n Lnmo Back
For n Lame Back
Doctor Thomns1 Eclcctric Oil
Doctor Thomas' Eclectric Oil
Doctor Thomas' Eolectric Oil
Doctor Thomas' Ecloctric Oil
To the SMOKERS of
BlackwelPs Genuine
Bull Durham Smok
ing Tobacco.
The genuine has picture of
BULXr on every package.
For particulars see our next
Chartered by UieStateof 1111
nols for theexprcaipurpoio
! ofclvlnelmmedlate relfetlQ
all chronic , urinary and pri
vate diseases. Qonorrhcca ,
/Gleet ondSyrihills In oil tbelr
complicated forms , also all
dlueases of ths Skin and
Blood promptly relieved and
permanently-cured by reme-
. diestestedina.Z''orft/rctr
, _ _ _ tipcctall'ractlce. Seminal
Weakness. NTnht Losses by Dreams , Pimples on
the FaceLoot Manhood , < ojlMt'cft/nrf era
into experimenting * The appropriate rerr.edy
13 at once used In each case. Consultations , per *
Bonal or by letter , sacredly confidential , Med.
clnes Bent by Matt and Express. No marks on
package to indicate contents or sender. Address
DnJAMES.rjo. 204WajhFnfllon S .
Ts warranted ( o wr r longer. Ill
tha form neater , ami ( rTu t > cltc *
F a < factlon tliaii any other Corw :
In tb nmrkdt , or | > rleo paid vrll.
b refunded. Tbolmlonumentiui
C'Iilc tro' ! ' physician ) , tccov.
Price , IlrstHBlecn Jean , I'oiCitrt
_ . .ik Tourruerrlijintforthciii.
UATItSOIIILD. JOSia-ll A 00. ,
nacturers , 8tO A ilta ItaudolpU Be. , Unicaeo.
IP *
.T. H. P. LEHMA.NN & 00.
When 1 s r euro 1 tlr nut raein to .loptEim R
Ulmoand Incn bare them rsturn a Ui. I raein a radi
cal euro. I hare tbo dliotia at V1T8 , KrlLBrar
T HALUNO SICKNESS * lire long ; uay. Iwamniny
lemed * to enra tha worst cuts. U < auso other * bar *
( ailed I' no nason for not now receiving enr . MulM
oiu mr a tr U and a Xr.o llullle of rar InnuauM
. Ulro Kipress and 1'oit Offlce. U COM * jrwa
ir for atrlftl , and I will cum TfcS.
Iddreu llr , U. ( ) . HOOT , lit fo l fit. .
A > ictUn of eaTIr IraprudencoTcanilnglieiToas
' '
Ubllltyi prematare'decay ? b'aTlnR *
( , etc. -ilnir trinj In
am orery Jcnpwn rurocdr , b.ts dlMore slrnplo
ana.of MU-ouro , vhl bo xlll send I'llltli V >
, mRU NewVnr-
J1EI.T and other J'.LCOTKIO
i ArriJivcn nro sent on si ) Pars' Trial TO
lIES ONLY. T.OUNO OH OLD , who ftro nutlcr-
[ mi from Kitnvous Demurr. IBT > YrmJTr.
WJSTIIG WtAKNKSSES , nml all these disrates of a
I'EMosit , NATUUK. rt'sultlnic from Ancsu and
Oruzn Ciosiia. Bricedy ri-llrt and complete
e toratlou to HEALTH , Vtaou mid MANHOOD
UoiiuKTKro. Bend at once for Illuitratod
Pamphlet free. Adoreoa
HKI.V CO. . MaTalinll. Mleh.
those sudf rlna from tno
JTo ot youthful errors ,
irtulnal woakaeu , tatlr u ° -
caj , lost uanhood , etc. , Ivrlllund jrou ( itrtlculanota
alinpla aud certain means of R 1f euro , free ot charge.
Bend TOUT addreu to V. V , li'UWLliR. Mooduj. Oooi.
The Steck is a Durable Piano
. -or
Pure Breed Short-Horn
Aberdeen-Angus Cattle
From the Turlington Herds ,
Will be hold at the farm near lurllngtou 8ti
Uou , OtoeConnty , n
Ainnoff tba Bbtrt-Uorni to be cattbirucd are Hod
ROM f riaccuci , lUnlck Hoot d BhSffut , ( loaudlny
oaje of tb foppy branck ) Uazurkai , JJowi Llutcli
MUt , EiiUrd j , llo Qiond , Voimr Uu/1 ! 0 % .
(43.Tne At > erd eD-AiiKUi will ewtnce Ericas , Byllli ,
J114f , K'ttft. Durhewt * of Uarroa , PuchM * s o ;
ysroylUlt , Fyvlt Floweri , Paumlo Lucyi , eli Bali
wUIatartatlla. to. B nd lot catalogue. AddrcwT
W , IJABViEY , r , O. Turlloiftoa , Nebranka.
Col , L. P. Mtiw , l.AMjinn , . , . .
Its Ijivst "StrlnR. " nncl How "Ilio
Boys" W lclic l Over Ills Do *
dining Hours.
Jncoln .TournM Topics.
Boh Burdotto toll * how the old printer
pnsacd nway in that awootly palhotto atylo
< hia thnt stirs the heart to ita profound-
st depths. Thcso veteran printers arc n
queer and interesting sot. They * ro walk ,
ing encyclopedias of recent history , and
current events. They comprehend ovory-
.hinc from Gladstone's foreign policy to
.ho intrigues of a Kansas congressional
district. They nro true Bohemians , and
ore acquainted with every city In the Uni
ted States. They hnvo soon every public
man in the country , and flock to national
conventions and other notabio gatherings
with the unerring certainty of delegates.
They want but llttlo of this world's
goods , and generally want it wot. In
the summer a plank makes thorn a bed
\nd the sky a roof , In winter they hib-
arnato in nome town , only to start out
.recuperated in the spring for a tour.
But wp digress , ' An old printer walked
Into Lincoln a few days ago. Luck had
boon against htm. lie was tailored of
raiment' feeble of stop and unanpoosod
of nppotito. Too proud to sollclto aid ,
ho wont to work on a frame placed at his
disposal by n follow craftsman' in the
Journal newsroom. Ho sot silently
about his task , drawing with trembling
hand a pair of ancient spectacles from
their hiding place in his bosom. Ho
toiled on quietly and patiently until past
midnight , when ho told the foreman ho
was played out and would likp to rest.
Ho sat on the foreman's chair till the
night's work was done and the dupes
posted. The boys crowded around him ,
but ho said ho did not fool able to talk.
Would somebody cash his stringj It was
done and the poor old man tottered oil'
to a tenement house where ho could got
cheap lodging. IIo did not coma around
next day , and onoof the boys who wanted
a sub wont to look him up. Ho found
the old man lying on the lloor of a bare
ittlo attio room in which ono could
icarcoly stand oroot utterly devoid of
urnituro. Ho wan sick and worn out
could not work. The compositor
came back to his associates and told the
tory the chapel relief committee bestir1
od themselves and a collection was token
up. Printers are proverbial for their
kindness to the distressed pf their guild ,
nd In an hour the poor docropid old
man was lying upon a comfortable bed ,
his wardrobe replenished , a nurse pro-
turod , a bath administered , his raiment
ihangcd and a snug Bum of cash rososod
n tno now pantaloons that hung over
.ho . foot of the bedstead. Chairs and tale -
lo were added to his comforts and his
oem rent was paid a week in advance.
The old man softly murmured his thanks
us the boys retired the poor old fallow's
"God bless you" rang sweetly in their
tars. Next morning ono of thorn wont
to the room to BOO how the object of
; heir whole-souled kindness was getting
ilong , and to minister to his furlhor
locds. Ho paused at the door , ntruok <
iy a eonso of silence and loneliness , and >
i presentment locked in his heart that all
was not well , IIo bent and listened a
moment , but not oven the sound of
iroathlng could bo hoard. Ho turned
.ho latch and ontorad. In the silent
watches of the night the old printer had
passed away. 80 had the bed and the
bedding and the furniture and the now
clothes and the money and the nurse.
And so , too , 'had ' the sweat spirit of
iharity ,
JIorsford'H Acid Phosphate ,
As an Appetizer.
Dr. Morris Glbbs , Howard City , Mich ,
aya : I am greatly pleased with It as a tonlo
t is an agreeably and a good npotlzor. "
A Good AVoIL
Arlconsaw Traveller. .
Sovorol days ago a northern gentleman
came to Little Rook and announced hia
ntontipn of buying a homo. "I am not
BO particular with regard to the house and
ground , " Bald ho , "ns I am about the
water. Tlioro must bo a well of cold
water. "
"Think I'vo ' got the very placo"ropllod
an old follow whoso shirt bosom was
streaked with tobacco opit.
1'Finest in the land. "
"Cold "
"Coldest you over saw. I wouldn't
Boll , but I'vo ' got another ploco which I'm
tired of routing. Suppose you como up
to-morrow nnd look at it. "
' All right. Moot mo horo. "
The next day the old follow came down
and conducted the Northern gentleman to
Ilia promises.
"Houso is not very good , " said the
Northern gentleman.
"No , norhin' extra. "
"Grounds nro not very pleasing , "
* 'No great shakos. Lot's try the
water. '
'IIo drew a bucket of water from the
well , and when the northern man drank
1iis tooth chnttorod ,
"Why , that B the coldest water I over
drank , " said he.
"Coldest in the land , I toll you. So
cold that it killed all the flowers when I
watered 'em with it , "
The northern gentleman was so much
pleased that ho bouuht the place without
further questioning , seeing that the old
follow was not anxious to soil , and fear1
inu that ho might change lib mind.
Several days afterwards the northern
gentlemen sought the old follow and
said ;
"I ought to take a gun and shoot you ,
you swindling scoundrel , "
"What's the matter , " looking up in
"Matter ) why that water is so warm I
can't drink it. I bought it with the un
derstanding that it was cold. "
"It " was cold when you bought it , part
ner ,
"But it's "
warm now ,
"Yos , for you BOO the ice has molted.
No trouble to make that water cold ,
podnor. All you've pot'.to do is to throw
In a car load of ico. No well is any ac
count unless you take care of it. I'm in
the ice business ; would like to have your
trade. "
"Wlmt Can't Bo Cured Miut IIo
Eatlurcd , "
This old adage does not signify that wo
tnuat aulTor tha mUorlou ot dyspepsia , whan n
medicine with the turutlva properties of Itur-
dotk Mood Jlitttr * \ available' It It one ol
the inont BulwUncIal and reliable remedies
told to-day ,
To IIo Abu nod l > yn Unite.
Chicago Herald ( Independent ) .
It is positively stated that George Wil
Ham Curtis nnd his indecent "Journal o.
Civilization" will onposo Blaino'editorial
ly and plotorially. " Anybody who has
taken the trouble to watch the course of
Harper's Weekly in political campaigns
since the war will know who that means ,
It moans s graceful and dignified opposi
tion to the Maine chloftaiu on the page
presided over by Mr. Curtis , and a fiend.
Ish warfero waged in the same direction
on the pages conducted by iho caricaturist
Nast.No decent ] man , whether opposed to
Mr. ' Blaine or not , will bo pleased to
know that this fellow's pencil is to bo re-
employed in American politics , Ho has
libeled many of the best men this count
ry has over produced. Ho drove poor
old Ilornoo Grooly broken-hearted to his
grave. Ho has pictorially slandered
every ' man who chanced to encounter his
narrow contemptible opposition. Ho has
ontragcously abused every Democratic
loader since the days of Douglas. Sav
agery run mad could not have invented
and the barbarians of the jungle would
not have published , had the faciltios , the
miserable travesties on humanity which
his malignant brain has conjured up , and
which his publishers have printed eager
ly for gain.
Probably when this infernal warfare
on Mr. Ulnino shall begin wo will hear
an outcry in some quarters which once
were silent when this follow was busily
engaged in their interest. But ho will
bo neither better nor worse this summer
than ho wafl in 1872 , when ho assisted
Grocly , or in 1870 , when ho slandered
Tildon. Ho will bo the same dog at his
old tricks , with novr victims , Demo
crats who may bo pleased with his veno
mous shots at Blaine will not bo able to
forgot that the same pencil has villiflod
them and all that they hold dear politi
cally. Republicans who writhe under
his newest exhibitions of savagery and
malice may perhaps recall the time when
they encouraged him by were and purse
in that very business. Both would hon
or their manhood and tbo country is they
would frown upon him and his works ,
ank cast him and thorn out as unworthy
of the attention of decent men. There
ought to bo no glace in our politics for
the brutish Nast.
Die proof M the pudding is not m chowjng |
the string , but In having an opportunity to
test the article direct. Bchrotpr & Bocht , the ,
Drupglsta , hnvo a free trial bottle of Dr. lio-
sanko s Cough and Lung Syrup for each and
every ono who IB aflllcted with Coughs , Colds
Asthma , Consumption or any Lung Alfoctlon
Eight Rnthcr Frightened Boys tied
.Blindfolded Into LaSlncorito
Iiodgo. !
Now York Sun.
The ceremony of Masonic baptism and
adoption of children was performed last
night in the Grand Ledge room of Ma
sonic Temple , Twonty-third etreot , by
the French Ledge LaSincorito. This
ceremony has rarely boon performed in
public In this country , and the proat hall
was crowded with invited guests of the
ledge , including many ladies and gentle
men in evening dross.
The members of the ledge formed open
rank in the center aisle , with crossed
swords hold high , while at a given signal
eight boys were brought in blindfolded ,
led by their parents , their ages ranging
from three years to ton. Some of the
boys looked'a little friphtonedand grasp
ed their parents' hands rather tightly.
Brother Hordot received them at the top
if the stops , and at a given signal the
bandages woto removed from the young
sters' eyesevidently much to their relief.
They looked about in a dazed way , and
timidly walked upon the platform. The
youngest , to the great amusement of the
audience , stoutly resisted being put iii
the place where no wds expected to stand.
His mother was obliged to go upon the
platform and assist in the ceremonies.
The sponsors of the ohiiuron took the
solemn obligation to aid tbo children to
the utmost in performing the duties or.
Masonry. Than the children were in
turn taken to the font and baptized by
washing of their hands , and thence to
the altar , whereon was a blazing fire , and
where they kholt. The youngest of the
eight kept up his reputation , and con
tinued to amuse the audience by stoutly
resisting , and his mother was obliged to
join the circle at the altar. Next the
members of La Sincorito Ledge took the
solemn vow binding them to accept the
children , which was duly confirmed , the
members of the ledge rising and chapping
their hands In unison at a signal.
The children were them Invested with
aprons and jewels of Masonryall of them
but the youngoso being highly pleased
with their regalia. The youngest , how
ever , was again obstreperous and had to
bo persuaded by his mother , and possibly
by surreptitious candy. Finally the youngsters
stors were all settled. Then they were
consecrated , and the orator of the lodge ,
Brother Lannonrand , made an address ,
Brother Oharlos T McClenachou ex
plained in English that Ln Sincorito
ledge had pledged itself to guard and pro
tect these little children and BOO that they
were educated in Froomasonryto restrain
them from vice and keep thorn from the
snares that surround the young. The
ceremony of the washing of
hands was not intended to in
terfere in the slightest degree with ony
religious faith , but was symbolic of ap
preaching the throne of divine gracowlth
pure hearts.
"Spout Filly Dollars
In doctoring for rliomnntlim before I trlod
Thomas' Xcltctric Oil , Used n 60-cout battle
of this niodlclno , and got out in ono weak.
For burns and spralna it U excellent,1' Jan ,
Durham , Kast 1'ombroko , N. Y.
Praying for the Knoiny ,
Arkansaw Traveler ,
Just before a famous battle a confeder
ate soldier dlioovorod an old man knee
ling by a log praying.
"Oh , Lord , " said the old man , "havo
mercy on the federals this doy "
"Got up from there , " exclaimed Iho
soldiers , "Got no better sense than to
come around hero praying fur the d-
Yankees ? "
The old man looked up and requested
to bo lot alone , The soldier demanded
that the prayer should bo discontinued
Just then on oiUoor called the soldier and
said :
"Why in the thunder don't yon let tha
man alono. Don.t you know him ? "
"No ; who is hef1
"Stonewall Jackson. "
"What causes tha rrroat ruilint Bchrotar&
15ocht' Drug StoroT' ' The free distribution
of uainple bottles of Dr. Uaaanko'u Cough and
Lung Syrup , the moat popular remedy foi
Coughs , Colds , Consumption nud lirunchltl
now on tho. market , llcgular nUo CO oouts ani
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
Danlol W. Dales was standing in his
atoro door , -when a lady wearing an im
memo hat passed up Austin avenue.
"Did ydu over see anything morn ridi
culons ? " asked Bates of old Colonel Gibson -
son Tyler , who wai present.
"I think that big hat very appropriate
It preserves the unities. "
"How so11
"Well , you BOO , she has to have some
thing on iior shoulders. The head dou'l
amount to onythitng , so what is lacking i
made up in the big hat. " Texas Sif tings
Some Old Connubial Ventures by Ab
normal Htunanltv.
Uuffnlo Timen.
"Yos , sir ; the freaks have hearts just
like the rest of us , and loose them , too , "
said Prof. Ryder , the custodian of Bun-
nel's cash-box , its ho added $827 to .tho
profit column in the museum lodger and
closed the books for the day.
"You remember Maj. LllllofinRor , "
don't you ? Well , ho's living with his
second wife now , and the first Mrs Lit-
tlofingor , a dwarf like her husband , is
fast osloop under the dasies.
"Whilo the Jiiilus who were hero a
few weeks ago were in Now York , at
Broadway musovm , a pretty French girl
came to BOO thorn ono day. It was no
ticed that olio lingered about the bar
barians , for a long time , apparently un
mindful of the other curiosities. She
came again and again , and ono day Mr.
Bunnoll was amazed when Charlie , the
larger of the two Zulus , stopped him and
said they were engaged to bo married.
And the match came off despite our ef
forts to prevent it , bat it proved unhap
py and a separation Boon followed.
"Beauty No. CO , at our Now York contest -
test of beauty , married the living skele
ton. The wedding took place at the
museum , and was talked of all over the
country. They afterward took a tri
umphal bridal tour through the whole
museum chain , and were received by'vast
crowds everywhere. Ai far as I know ,
they are still living together.
' 'Miss Louisa Colton , of Brooklyn , fell
in love with ChoMah , the Chinese dwarf ,
while ho was on exhibition in the 'City
of Churches , ' and her affections were
warmly reciprocated , aho followed him
to Chicago , and while there they wont tea
a priest to have the marriage ceremony
performed , but as aho was a Catholic and
her ] ( abbreviated lever a pagan , the priest
very properly refused to perform the
"A daughter , of John O'Brien , the
circus man , married Walter Stuart , the
armless and legless troak. They have
two children , both perfectly formed , and
find much happiness in their connubial
relations , ]
"Jessie Waldontho giantess , who died
irm this city a abort time ago , married a
man of ordinary BI'ZO and each thought
the world of the other.
"Walter Payne , the armless wonder ,
married a Now York lady in good stand
ing. She accompanies him on his tours ,
nd they frequently drive out together in
.ho moraine.
"Col. Goshen , the b'g ' giant , gave his
heart and hand and half , his fortune to a
woman who was below the average stature.
"Mdllo. Christine , the two-headed
ightlngalo , has had four or five good of-
'era. She Is a colored woman , but has a
_ reference for white men. She says she
will marry some day , when she receives
n offer she believes to bo inspired by a
deeper fooling than the love for lucre. I
wonder if the courts will call it a case of
bigamy I
"Baron Llttlofingortho Italian midget ,
uccumbod to the fascinations of a woman
nearly six foot in height. Ho has three
children , each larger than himself. His
wife spanks the babies. His brother ,
Count Roaobud , tried to make a match
between the Baron and ono of the Adams
Bisters , but it was no go. Ho had his
heart sot on a largo woman , and would
have no other.
"Col. Bates and Pat O'Brien , the
lants both married giantesses. Neither
couple have any children , BO the prospects
for a race of giants are very slim.
' A well-known long-haired
- lady was
'mashed on Copt. Constantine , the tatoo
ed Greek , and wrote him several loiters ,
but her affections were not returned.
"As for our tatooed ladies , snake
charmers , Circassian women ; boarded
woman , etc. , they are all the while hav-
'ng their romances , und aoonor or later
nearly all of them succumb to souio mat
rimonial temptation , and 01 change the
latform for tha hearth.
"Ono of the most inexplicable love af-
'airs that I over learned of in all my
museum experiences , however , happened
right hero during the past winter. You
remember Xio Iho 'what-is-it ? ' Not ex
actly the kind of a man to captivate
woman's fancy , in ray ostimacjon. Well ,
do you believe it , a little sixteen-year-
old school girl became so fascinated with
something about him thut aho visited the
museum a dozen times a day in succoa
sion. She would sit on the platform and
talk with him while the atago ahow was
going on , and acted so peculiarity that
linally word was sent to her family very
estimable people living on West avenue.
I do not know what they did , out she
never came again. Zip soumod quite
despondent for two or three days , and
kept an anxious watch of the door but
ho watched in vain.
"Lucia Zatalo , pur 4 pound midget ,
is engaged to a distinguished Chinamen
whom she first mot while on exhibition
in Paris. No date hnaboon fixed for their
marriage , but both consider the compact
binding. Lucia is very fond of her Ce
lestial lever and , unlike many larger
girls , regards any encouragement extended
od to other admirers as perfidy to her
plighted troth , She is of ago and 1 sup
pose is entitled by law to select her owr
husband ,
A Gniney Fowl ,
nttsburg Coimnorclal-Qazetta ,
John Franklin , a noted chicken fanoior
up in Elk county , tells this story , which
ho avers to bo as true as preaching
"Thorn was a largo hawk that inudo its
his business to coma and take oil ono o'
my small chickens each day , andon hoar' '
ing my chickens givn the well-known
alarm a few days ago , I ran out only to
see the hawk ily up with n chick in his
clawsclosely , pursued by my gamoroosto
which , when the hawk had lit , fell upon
him , tearing out and making the feathers
Ily i.t such a rate that I could BOO neither
hawk nor chicken , when a moment late
the hawk foil to the ground dead , being
spurred through the heart. When th
chanticleer's triumphant notes were heard
ho was crowing over the body of his fal
Ion victim , at least 125 foot from thi
ground , in the top of n yellow plno , from
which ho flow to .ho ground , Happed hi . I
wings , crowed , and walked off with til
air of perfect satisfaction. "
AVol do Rioyor.
It It now undisputed that Wlo Hie Mcy
or'a OttlnrrliCuro U tha only treatment
that will absolutely euro Catarrh fresh 01
Chronic. "Very olficucloiu. Baml Gould ,
Weeping Water , Neb. " One box cured me ,
Mrs , Mary Kenyou , Bismarck , Dakota , " "II
roHtcroil ino to the pulpit , Itev , CJooruo U ,
Hols , Coblevlllo , N. Y. " "Onn box radical ! '
cured we. Kov , O , H. Tfthlor , 140 Kobl'
street , Brooklyn' " "A perfect cure after 3D
yeani sulTertiicr , J. D , McDonald , 710 Itroail
way , N. Y. , 4a , 4o , Thousands of Uwtluio.
nloli ere received from all unrta of the worlill
Delivered , 81.00. Dr. Wol Do Muyor'a Ib ;
luitrntud l'roatlc , " with itatementu o
the cured , mailed free. D. 11. Dewer & Co.
112 I'ultou Street , N. Y
tuo-t.hura & aat-mJcSoin
The finest mayonaiso dressing for al
kinds of salads , cold meats , raw tomatoes
pickled salmon , cabbage , etc. , is Durkoo'i
Salad Dressing. It is , besid&i , wor
economical than homo-made.
TRADEMARK miUMUT& . , „ , , , ) _ MARK
usnRxxiDT. An
unfailing can for
Seminal Weak
ness , Spo rmatorr.
htm , , iicpotenoy ,
and all Diseases
that follow as a
sequence of Dclf <
Alnue ; as lorn of'
n the Back , Dimness ot Vision , Trema Age
ind jinny other dlseatea that lead to Ins on.
umptlon and a Premature Grave.
BEWARI of adrtrtlMments to refund miney , when
niRjrlstii from whom the medicine Is boil do not
tfunl , but refer you to the manufacturers , and the
.equlrcmonts are rich that thuy arc leldom , if ever
compiled with , fee their written guarantee. Atria
> f ono single package of Gray's SnedOo wUI convince
> h most skeptical of ltd real Ks riu.
On amount o foountoi/elten , we hare adopted the
'ellow Wrapper ; the only genuine.
fVFull particular * In our pamphlet , which wede-
.Ira to Bend free by mall to ever ; one.aThe Spe-
clflo Modi Ine is sold by all druifglste ) at tl per pack
age , or six packages for ? 5 , or will be Rent frco by
all on the receipt of the money , by addressing
TOK OKAY MEDICINE CO. , uuDalo . , N. T. .
" " - -
old n Omaha )
Science ot Life , Only $1.00 ,
Eibauitcd Vitality , Korvous and Phyotoal Debility ,
Premature Decline In Man , Errors ot Youth , an the
onlold miseries csultlng from Indiscretions or ex *
OOMCS. A book for every man , young , middlo-agod ,
and old , It contains 126 prescriptions for all acute
and chronic diseases each ono of which Is IntaluabTe
Bo found by the Author , whose experience for 23
yean Is such aa probably never before fell to the Ute
o I any physic an SOO pages , bound In bcautlfa
French mnslln moosscdcovers , full giltguaranteed
to bo ft Oner worn every sense , mechanical , lit.
irary and professional , thin any other work sold In
Ibis country for 92.50 , or the money will be refunded
In every Instance. Price only $1.00 by mall , post
paid. Illustrative sample 6 cents. Send now. Qo d
medal awarded the author by the National Mcdlo-l
Association , to tha officers ol which he refers.
Tha Bclonso of Lit o should bo road by the young
Instruction , and by the afflicted for relief. It
will beatfll alL London Lancet.
There Is no member ot society to whom The Bel-
nco of Life -111 not bo tueful , whether youth , par *
int , guardian , Instructor or clergyman. Argonaut
Address the Peabody Medical Institute , or Dr. W.
H. Parker , No. 1 DulOnch Street , Boston Mass. , who
may be consulted on all diseases requiring skill and
experience , Onronloandobstlnatodlseasestbat have
baffled the skill of all other phys-lltfl I clans
a spooialtyi Uucn treated Bnooceo-flCHI , fully
without an Instano lUu a , TUvQCJ t
\Vc beff to Inform tha pnbllo and smokers genet *
.llf. that wo h Te secured a Inrge stock of the Torj
holce't grades of thorou hl/ cured
) btccos , which vre are using In the manufacture of oru
lelebrutcd brands of cigarette * and molting to.
JUCCOB. And hareadde < rtnour stock a larce shipment
if tha I'lnrit Imported French ICIeo I'npcr.
fiuch stock made up br the hlsheil class of skillful
ibor. ire feel confident , cannot Tall to satlsf/ the tastes
fall good judges. .
lapnral Caporal } f Sweet Capornl St. James ) ( . Kln >
ley Bros. Straight Cut In Full Drew Packages , etc. , etc.
uoaufucturcd by * | ieclal request. . < i
H Kitnrjzr xoitAcco co. ,
1 Buccossors to Klnncy Uros. , Now York.
A\lll euro Nerrounnofs.
LumbacrodlheunmtlMii , I'ar.
oJT ls , MlMliolelu , Sciatica.
Kidney , Hplno anil Mver
„ cIlM-n ( . < , Gout.Asthma.llcort
y , ) } > ipi'la , Conpfl-
1'nllon. iiffpela : ) * , Cntarrn ,
Piles. ErlU'iti-r , linnotc-iicy ,
Dumb AinuI'lolnptm Uteri , eU1. Only rclintltlo Dec *
Inc licit In Amcriciitlmt i-cmls the Electricity nml nun ?
ivtlmn through ( lie body , and can lie recharged In an in-
ittmt by the imtlvnt.
SI.OOO Would Not Bu It.
Da. noRNn I was afflicted with rheumatism and
cured by using a belt To any ono afflicted with
' .hat disease , I would say , buy Homo's Electric Belt ,
Any one can confer with mo by writing calling
at my store , 1120 Douglas street. Omaha , Neb.
UAIN OFFICE Opposite postoffloe , room t Fron-
ter block.
OTFor sale at 0. F. Goodman's Drugstore1 1110
Aarnam at , Omaha.
Orders filled C. O D.
Agents wanted for authentic
BLAINE edition of his life. Published
at Augusta , his homo. Larg *
_ > _ _ _ _ _ _ _ est , handsomest , cheapest ,
. By the renowned historian and biographer ,
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IDC largo prospectus book , and saro > aluable time ,
joll'-lw ALLEN b CO. , Augusta , Me.
Notice to Cattle Men ,
130 Head of Steers Three Years Old
200 Two "
20J " " Heifers , Two "
ISC " Btoers , Ono "
210 " " Heifers , One "
Tbo above described cattle are all well bred lena
cattle , straight and smooth. Tlicso cattle will be
sold In lots to suit purchasers , and at reasonable
prices. For further particulars , call on or oddrces
M. F. PATTOtf ,
Waver ! ) ' , BremsrCo. , Iowa.
THIS BKLTorRogenra-e
tor Is made expressly foi
the euro of derangement
of the genoratUo organs ,
Thro U no mlotake aboul
this Instrument , the can
tlnuoui ) stream of KLEC-
TKIOITY pcrraeatii
through the parts must restore
toro them to healthy action
Do not confound this with
_ _ Electric Belts advertised t
euro all alls from head tnjtoe. H Is for the ONK spec
Illo purpo&o. For circulars giving full Information.
addrcsjOaee\cr Klcctrlo Belt Co. , 163 Washington
St. , Chicago , III ,
The steamslilpg of thli uell-biown line are built o
Iron , In water-tight compartments , and are furnish
cdnltb. every requisite ta make the pawage both
safe and agreeable. They carry the United States
and European malli , and leave New York ) Tlmrv
dajs aud oatiir Jays for Plyrnoutb ( LONDON ) Cher
bourg , ( PAU13) ) and IIJVUBUMG.
Kttcs : First Cabin , 165 , f70andSO. Steerage , $20 ,
Henry Pundt , Mark Hanson , F. E. Moorosli. Toft
agentsln Omaha , Gronewlcg & Schwntgen , agents Ir
Council BluRs. 0. B : UIOUAUD ft CO. , Gen. Paoa
Agts. , fll Broadway , N. Y , Cbos. Koimlnskl & Co-
General Weetein Ag uti , 107 Washington St. , Chlca
jo , 111.
or Wormy Velna " ' " " txtotum. vnm ( * \ . . -
f * & w" . " ° { , L9at Wllnll09 < OpbliUVt * ° - >
quickly an * i > a ( Irii7y oirnl ty ( lit ElOBtlo Cradle *
SirPJVt5So/j.0f.i'j2U-i { V . . , Cu ul rrej .
° f the Qeneratho Orgaoi
'quickly cu'vd by tb
. Adopted In all the HOSPITALS
OFFRANUK. Prompt rtturn of VI001L , Simpl
00901 , f3 to M. Severe ones , { 3 to $12. Pamph
Kr > . Ctvlalo lUimedlal Agouo , 16C Fulton bt. ,
600 Cows and Heifers , lee One-year Steers
The above described cattle are all uelllbred , na
the Nebraska ai d loua.
Tlic4o cattl * * U1 bo soil m bts to suit purchaser ,
For further particular * call on or addrew ,
Albion , Nob.
< t ru-lurn ta ni with TIN
CI S. 4 yuu'U BV by nUIl
C AootDtH eaioroBOD *
rMij MONT AuaiuteCerUlutr. to on Momb.
-umLiNaTON ; IOWA ,
rue IWBCT mow vrohxs
pjtiiff * Com 3litjfe { $ ,
Growers of Live Stock and Others ,
Our Ground Oil Cake .
It Is the best and cheapest food tor stock of any kind. One pound la e < ; aal to three pounds of corn
.lock tea with Ground Oil Cake In the Fall ana tTlnter , Instead of running down , will Increase In weight
ind be In good marketable ooid.tlon In the spring. Dairymen , as .roll m others , who use It can teitlfy t
its merits. Try It and Judg * fur youriwlvcp. Prior p r tin * tin charge for sacks. Address .
FIne Havana , Key West and Domestic Cigars. All Standard Brands Tobaccos.
Triai Orders Solicited , Satisfaction Gnaranteefl , { "O
Hall's Safe and .Lock
' .BO. JBItr-oot. C3
Near Union Pacific Depot , - Omaha , Neb , .
, CO. ,
Wholesale Grocers
H. B. LOCKWOOD ( formerly of Lockwood & Draper ) Chicago , Man
ager of the Tea , Cigar and Tobacco Departments. A full line of
all grades of above ; also pipes and smokers' articles carried in
stock. Prices and samples furnished on application. Open
orders intrusted to us shall receive our careful attention *
Satisfaction Guaranteed.
Heating and Baking
IB only attained by asing
Stoves and Ranges ,
Fct ale by
Office and Yard , 6tti and Douglas ts. , 0 RIB lie ?
100 aud 108 South lith Street , Omaha , Nebraska. "Correspondence Solicited. "
Wholesale Druggists
PaintsOils. . Brushes
Milwaukee , Wis.
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