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    NO. 313
Tfe Progress of Laud GralDE Coming
to a Terminus ,
Ooncrossional Legislation Put
ting a Stop to the Business ,
Many Railroad Grants Forfeited
for Non-Earning ,
Democracy Turning Yory "Bitterly
Against Mr , Tildon ,
'They Claim He Should Have De
clined a Pew Months Sooner ,
ProcccodliiRS ofConRrcns Vitiniiola
Troubles , Etc.
Special Dispatch to TUB BEE.
MILWAUKEE , June 10. Humors of the fail
ures of several laiga IIDUSCS have been
freely circulated to-day , but members of the
firms implicated most emphatically deny these
reports. It is very likely , notwithstanding
these denials , that ouo or two old houses will
go to the wall within the next day _ or so. It is
.ilso reported that ono of the city banks will
clo < o its doors to-morrow. The vice president
when asked about the matter simply said :
"We cannot say anything about the matter
until to-morrow. Wo may close or wo may
not. " I'roni other sources it has bson asccr-
tained that the president of the bank is raising
funds to pay oil dollar for dollar on demand ,
and if ho succeeds will quietly suspend , when
the affairs of the institution will bo wound up.
Special Dispatch to THE BEE.
WASHINGTON , Juno 10. The members of
the public lands committee wear a very satis
fied look. They set to work at the beginning
of the session to forfeit all the laud grants in
the country , and they have pretty nearly suc
ceeded in doing so. Indeed , it wai understood
v that the committee was created for this spec
ial puipose. Cobb , of Indiana , was very
active in the last congress In his war upon
land grant railroads , and insisting that un
earned prants bo forfeited. Paysok , of Illi'
i nois , devoted his t\n\f during ; the recess bo'
f tween the last congress and this to invostigat
f ing the subject. The work of the committee
lias been well don" . It has promptly brought
in bills forfeiting everything unearned.
which were claimed by railroads as having been
earned , have been included in the foifeituro
bills. Of these but two or three have been
passed by the house. The week of the repub
lican convention was devoted to this subject ,
and quite successfully. "Wo have forfeited , "
eaid Cobb , talking to your correspondent ou
this question , "more tlian 75,000,001) ) acres al-
iewly in th > house , and I think wo shall get
the remainder of the work off our hands with
in the next two or tluee weeks" .
bills are now remaining for aetion.Mr. Cobb ? '
"Tho Northern Pacific and the 'Backbone'
land grants are the most important now ro
maimng. "
"And do you expect to bo able to pass
thofio ? '
"I think we shall , though I look for n pretty
hard fight on both of them. "
Special Dispatch to THE BEE.
WASHINGTON , Juno 10. There have been
many pi etty compliments said about Tilden
during thu past few months. The chief of
which was that the party could only hope for
success through his leadership. Just now ,
however , there ate being said some uncompli
mentary things. The leaders are complaining
that ha allowed the party to drift along with
in almost a fortnight of the convention before
givingit even an intimation that he would
' , not ba a candidate. The result is that they
.ire now all at sea.
The Cleveland boom is assuming magnifi
cent proportions. There is more talk of
Cleveland than anj-other man. It is urged
that he would bo moie likely to carry Now
York than any other democrat ; that the people >
plo there are showing their affection and on < for him by their instructions to del
egates and that he is tha direct legatee of
WASHINGTON , Juno 1 ( ! A good deal of in
terest is felt among lowj , Minnesota , Wiscon
sin nnd Nebraska people hero regatding to
morrows action on the bill authori/'ng thu
construction of a road fiom Sioux City , Iowa ,
to connect with tlio Union Pacific road west of
tliu 100th meridian , which bill was pending
when the house a journed Saturday. It is
understood that the opponents of thu bill will
fight it with various. _ special orders now
pending and may defeat it. Should the bill
become a law it is understood that a coinpiny
-f- stands ready to at once begin the construction
- of the nnd , which will place Sioux City , St.
Paul and Minneapolis " 00 miles nenier the
Pacific coast than now.
PoiiTU\Nl ) , Me. , Juno 1C. Logan passed
through the city nt noon.
AUGUSTA , Mo. , Juno 10. Logan will prolia-
ably addiebs the soldiers to-moirow ( Memorial -
ial Day ) at the soldier's home.
_ AUGUSTA , Juno IB. John A. Logan and
Senator HJO ! arrived heia at 3:15 : p , in , by
fast express. They weio cheered at all kta-
tions plong the line. They remain with JJlaino
to-night , to morrow they go to JJllsworth , re-
taming to Washington Wednesday. JSIainu
vvill bo invited to accompany the party to
Kllsuorth. On alighting from the train here
the distinguished party wore received -with
rounds of cheeres. THey were met by Walker
Ulaina and drlvui to Blainu's residence ,
Mr. Blaine was In readlnois at his homo to
igive his associates on the ticket a hearty wel-
come. General Logan comes here at his ug-
tMtion , so thiit they may confer together ou
.ho work of the campaign , and iirinclpally on
.ho letters of the nccoiitance , before the com-
nlttee , which Is to convey the olficial Infonna-
.ionottlicir r.ominittlon , arrives horo. This
committco is vc\pectcd TriJay novt. Mr ,
llhlno's U all written , but phraseology may bo
dterered in one or two pluces before It Is
juoii out. It is undoistood It will bo of con *
dderablo length.
( IKSKIUt. 1.0H VN'sf 1.CTTKR
it i * thought will bo brief. At H o'cloek thii
evening a procesiimi formed in which there
were over 100 Mterau soldiers and marched to
Ulalne'M ie idence. The strteti were thronged
with people. General Connor , in a few elo
quent lemarks , introduced General Logan.
The latter stepping forward to the porch of
llliine's mansion ] > eke a' follows !
Lidles , gentlemen anil comrades , 1 most
fully appreciate this kind compliment to
night. I am truly glad to meet s < many citi
zens of Ausuita. 1 mitot coufcis that I feel
umbarra'snd in attempting to say anything
after listening to what hai been said by Gene
ral Connor. It Is tiuo that the oldiom of
Maine In the same contest stood side by side
with tlio- from alt other pirts of the country ,
and did their iluty for tlio pr ervation of this
great nation. .It was proved by
their enerpy , their patr'otismBind prowcs .
Dohind them stood the loyal utizcni of this
grand republic giving them their suppett and
piayers , with their heat ts full of hope for their
success. And as liberty lint found birth on
the Atlantic slope , well may it luvo found
true hearts for the preservation , not only of
this country but of tn.\t liberty which God intended -
tended for nil men. Let that which follouod
as a result of its pi enervation not now bo lost.
Tills can only bo done by keeping the con nil
of the institutions of this country in the hamh
of tluiM- who sought to maintain thorn. This
peopli ) be'ia\es In fundamental principles of
republican government. Toe same iide
nHo applies to their selection of agents
for the administration of governments. The
voicoof the majority of republicans ol
thU mighty nation , has chosen us standard
bearerj of that great paity in the coming con
test for the presidency of the United btatcs ,
your fellow citizen James G.lHaino ( applauiu )
and you need have no fear of the rciidt of the
contest. It will bo
fall nnd complete. Illinois in 1SGO gave this
country its first republican president , Maine
wai then nsMiciated with Illinois. In 1831
Maine will give , as the gallant president ol
his republic , n man who has been elected by
his people. Citl/eu.s of Maine : 1 fool honored
nnd complimented by being associated ou the
tikot with the man worthy of the confidence
of the people , and in every way capable ol
filling the hJKh boner to himself and to the
country. [ Tremendous applausa and chcen
for Logan. )
was called for and responded briefly. At the
close of his remarks loud calls were maJo for
Mr. Jilnine , who appeared at the door and
gave a invitation to all those present ,
or as many as could do so , to enter the housu
ami take General Logan by tuo hand.
The reception lasted until a late hour , j
WASHINGTON , Juno 10. Tlio following reso
lutiou ottered by Mr. 'Van Wyck was laid ovoi
till to-morrow :
llosolved , That the committee on juJiciarj
ba directed to enquire whether the Union -jr
Central 1'acitic Hailroad companies have be
come responsible for orgnMuteed the interest
on any bonds otlier than these specifically au
thorized by congress or outstanding at tilt
date of the passage of thu act making appro
piiati > ns for the legislative , executivu and ja
dicial t'Xpcimes of the government for thu year
cndiog iliiuo 3i ) , 1874 , and if so , to what ox1
tent and under what actual or alleged author !
ty ; also whether any new stock has beea _ is
sued by either of said companies in violatioi
of said act.
Mr. Plumb , from the committee on appro
priations , reported tlio aimy appropriation bil
as agreed upon by the committee. It appro
priatss SaoD.OOO more than the house bill.
Accusation was created in the senate to-da ;
by Ingalls , who intimated that Seiutor Hiou'i
had inserted in the report of the debat (
words not Bpoken by Ingalls , thus committing
a forgers' upon the records of the senate.
The chair called Inpalls to order , and after
considerable- excited talk the inattor went over
till to-morrow.
Butler called up his resolution providing for
the examination of New York banks liy a
committee of the senate. Merrill moved it be
referred to thu committco on finance. A slier
debate ensued and the matter went over unti
to morrow.
The senate concurred in the action uf the
houseon the senate amendment approprJatinf ,
$180.000 for necessary and special facilities 01
trunk lines. The house increased the amount
to $230OUO in which the senate now concurs
The senate unanimously insisted upon its
tlneo remaining amendments ,
Tlio consideration of the Utah bill was resumed
sumed , Brown haying the lloor replying ti :
Hoar. Brown mid tlio senator fiom Ma < sa-
clmsctti had charged him ( lirown ) with having
for a great part of his life sustained institu
tions which pi ohibited legal marrl.ixcs amoii ) .
part of the people of Georgia. The system ol
slavery to which the senator from Massachu
setts liad called attention to originated ii :
MasmchuHettM and the south derived much ol
its slaveiy from that state ,
Mr. Uiowu read fiomUlliottVi History ol
New Kngland to show that of these Massa
chusetts bought held as slaves wore
Scuthmen , Jiishmen , Indians , Negroo ? anil
mulattocj , and that they sent cargoda of mm
to Africa , exchanging rum for slaves , some of
whom thav sold ; tint they kidnapped Indians
and sold them Into slavoiy ; that gomopiohih-
ited baptism to their slaves ; that the marriage
( elation w.isdisrogardoJ ; that they sold iiegto
men , women and chi dren in open market , and
advcrti'ul a woman with child six
months old to be uod ! "together
or separate , to euit the purchaser ; "
That they ijused slaves for mniket and when
they found it unprofitable to raixo them in the
climate of Massachusetts , they gave away the
negro childien like puppies , to any ono who
would take them. The charter of Georgia ,
llrowii coiitinutd , originally forbade slavery ,
and while Mrtwachubctts was impoi ting slaves
and selling them for profit. Georgia was 10-
fusing to hold them , Finally Georgia adopted
slavery , purchasing part f her slaves fiom
Massachusetts' ' . The senator from AIns < aehu-
actts had said theio was a largo nimmbur of
mulattoes to be accounted for In the bouth. Ho
did nU claim the south was guiltless in this
particular. Ilia effort bad bun to show
no section WUB guiltless. Jle lead from his
torical woiks to show that Surge numbemof
mulatto1 s weru always found in Alassachusettt
during the time that slavery prevailed tliore ,
and when , in 1788 , Massachusetts jiassed an
qct expelling from the stute all negioes , the
eftmits held the act applied to mnlatloes. Is
may Imvo been very natural to expel negroes
from Massachusetts , but it seemed a little un
natural to uxj > el mulattoes. Not that they
were akin to the people of MaBsnchtiHetts , but
pojsibly bccauM climatic influences had
changed their color until they vseru more in
tha likcnt-HS of the good people of M
ettK. The cold bleaching wiudsof Ma'sachu-
etts , ( ir some other cau < , had
uodified the natural ebony color of
Vfric.t in that state , nnd had iufu ed n com-
i und of yellow , fo that they arc no longer
ailed negroes but mulattoes. A'ter the o
milattovs , whether naturally or unnaturally ,
lad been expelled from Majsaohuiitts they
loubtli'M took refuge in the southein statei
aultliDir , de.iceiid.ints kavc been multiplied ,
till trAiismitting the modified color inherited
rom the etiumtic Inlhteuces of Majs ccu etts.
Irown , lu the course of his ii'iuaiks , regretted
he absence ot Senator Hoar.
As ho concluded Hoar entered and slid it
vas hardly necessary to reply to what the lion-
irable gentleman had said , ns looking into the
clumber during his ( Hrown's ) rcmarLs he had
noticed that scarcely a human being was Us-
.oiling to the speech.
lirown retoried by faying the country would
Hiton to it.
llrown's amemliuent peimittiiig a divorce
'or only ouo cause in places where the United
States lias executive control , wai rejected
yeas , I llitiwu , Duller , George and A'ati
Wyck-nayK , 12.
itiiar submitted , in order to have it printed ,
in amendment intended to be proposed to the
li'dl providing that no building shall bo for
feited that is held and occupied exclusively s
a housfl of religious worship ,
Mr : Vest oneied an amendment providing
that in no case hi i ill tha husband or wife be n
oompeteiit witness except as to the fact of law
ful inarriagii having been contracted be
tween the witness and the patty defendant.
After a shin t debate the nenate , without
action , went into executive action , and soon
WAHIIINOTOX , Juno 10. Secretary Teller
has not yet decided to give out tlio report of
the government oxpeits who examined thu
books of the Union Pacific railway company ,
He said the olliiials raised a protest ngainst it
ns incomplete , incoi reel and unfair. Under
the circumstances liu feels inclined not to re
poit for the present at least , and may con
elude to order a i-e-oxnmlnatum of the ac
counts ,
A bill was introduced and referied by ] > 'ol
lett , granting ICO acres of the public domain
to every honorably-discharged Union wildiei
or sailor of tlio late war.
Mr. Lovvry , from the committco on elcc
lions , submitted thu repent on the contested
case of Catiybill vs. Morey , declaring the con
testant entitled to the seat. Laid over.
Mr. Handall moved the house go into committee
mitteo of the whole on the deficiency appro
priatiou bill.
Mr. Aikon , though favoring an early ad
journment , did not think the appropriation
committee should monopolize the day.
Mr. Kumlnll paid thu house had fixed June
30 as the dale fur final adjournment , 2:30 :
p. in. , and ho understood the senate was likely
to fix July 3. If cither of these dates wen
determined ou the consideration of the appro
priation bills must bo pressed. .Randall's
motion was agreed to 10i ( to 5 ami tlio house
went into committee as indicated , Dunn in thu
Cannon moved to strike out the paragrapl
relating to compensation of fourth class post
masters , confining it to box rents and commis
sion on sale of uasto paper , postage btamps
etc. , not to exceed 51,000 a year.
After a long discussion the motion , whicl in the interest of postmasters , was adopt
ed.81 to 01.
The house took recess till 8 , having disposei
of 38 pages of bills.
At tlio nvening session tlio house resumei
the consideration of th < > deficiency bill. Ac
tion was taken on a number of minor amend
incuts. Adjoin ned.
THE t ouxn.
Special Dispatch to TIIK Una
CHICAGO , Juno 10. Two delegates from the
far Houth tu the democratic national conven
tion are in the city at the Grand Pacific hotel
They nra Capt. C. A. Johnston , of Columbus
ultd N. D. Barker , uf Macon , Mississippi
They are heio for tlio purpose of bottling th
headquarters of the delegates from Mississipp
to the convention. They say the delegate ,
from Mississippi have been elected and tha _
they will come to Chicago unpledged. Unti
the publication of Tildeu's letter they were a
unit for "the sage. " Sinca he has declined
however , they are all at sea , and Captaii
Johnson gave it as his belief that they vvouh
not know who they intended to Hupport unti
they got here ,
" '
"ISN'T iiAVAnn
the choice of the southern democrats ? " Capt
Johnson was usked.
"Bayard , " ho answered , "is veiy favorabl ;
regarded by the southern democrats , but h
has no stronger hold upon tliem than Mo
Donald has. McDonald is v ery well regarded
but I do not believe the South will come her
with a candidate at all. Tlio southern dele
gates will come tn Chicago unpledged and prepared
pared to vote for tha Iran who Is most accept
nbla to thu party. Who that man will be wo
cannot now say. "
"What have you , as a eoulhcni democrat
to say to tha republican bo.ibt that the state
can bo carried for IJIaino nnd Logan ? "
"I can answer tlui question , " Mr. liarke
interposed ; "they cannot cairy any ono o
those htates. I'lorida Is the most doubtful o
the throe , yet it will ho carried by the demo
crats th's ' yoai ; and North Cniolinn and West
Vjiginift ruei certain. The 15,000 majority ii
West Vhginia cannot bo overcome by any
candidate the republicans can put up , ]
don't care who they uio. Any democrat nom
inee is us
this year as I am tlio mm is now bhlning. '
"Tho negroes , " Captain .Min on said , "would
not vote. They weio not comced , intimated
or driven from the polls. In tlio municipa.
elections it was the mojt difficult thing t'i ' get
them to go to the polls. They had simply
quit voting. "
IJosro.v , Juno Hi. The 'independent com"
inittoo of ono bundled , appointed at thomeot-
ing last Friday night , orgMiiral to-night by
choosing Colonel Charles II. Cmlman as prcsfj
Montana UnljhurB Ciijilurcd ,
MONTANA , Juni 10. Tha possu of deputy
sheriffs have retiiined from pursuit of the
jangof horse thiiives vvho stele fifty horses
near Helena , The thieves were overtaken
ibout midniuht in houses near Hlckerville ,
r < Uho. The posse stood guard till the gang
vero at breakfast when a rush was made upon
liem. A hliarp fight en ncd and Geoigo
Muuiiivax killed ; the others , O'Neal , Mur-
) hy , and John and Henry JCdinunson , sur-
dimerod on piomise that thuy would not be
ynchnd. ' , They are in jail at Virginia City ,
L'ho I'MmundHotiu mo supposed to be the men
who lobbed the Jienton coach May 11 ,
To\nn GainlilorH Hinlrato.
DAIMH , Texas , June li. ( Thu war ngainst
ho gamblers terminated to ( Iny in one of tlio
ndicted gamblers paying a fine of § 1,000 in
comproinlso and agreeing novurj ngain to
ramble in Dallas county. All the others have
oft rather than pay the largo compioinlso.
The Encampment at Dnbiip Opens
Militia and Regulars from all
Parts of the Country ,
Jem Geode and Jack Killian to
Bos at Chicago ,
Joe Aoton Wins the Wrestling
Matoh With the Jap ,
Result of the Various Horse Ocii-
tests Throughout the Country ,
The Dully KM oh of Huso Null llocortV
jtncr HiiortlnjrNotcN.
Unso Mall ,
( IAMK3rSTEIlllAY. .
iH Washington Indianapolis , 0 ; Washing
ton \ .
At Cincinnati Unions St. Louis ; Cn !
cimiatl , 1.
At Philadelpliia.-Ciuclun.itts , lii ; Athlo-
tics. I ) .
At (5rand IJspids. Grand Itapids , llj ! Terre -
ro Haute , 0.
At Now York , Columbus , 7j Metropoil
tans , L' .
At Nullah ) , Buffalo , L'Oj Chicago , U.
AT I'lTrsmiitu.
Prrrsnuiio. Juno lO.-TVoyearoldsfi year
ling * . Tnlla lieim won , Tomntu 2d , Tenfellowi
3d : time , 1:07. :
Second race , 1J aid ou II year olds miloj I'o
tor Li. won , Ghana 2d , Major 3 , tiuiol:51. :
Milu nnd quartfcr Ascondo won. llruns
wick 2d , time 2:114- :
Pittsburg cup sweepstakes , inllu and quarter
tor Walunseo won , llino 4:11 : ; } .
All ages , Uireo-qnarter mile llaronclli
won ; Tabltha 2d. tilne 1:18J. :
Sixth race KIKir won , Callao 2d. time
2:01. :
RmailTON IJiuoir , Juno 10. Tlirt'o quarter
milo Shobby Barnes won , Glen Alluu 2d
Ghoast 3d ; time , l:10f. :
Seven furlongs Vnnderer won , It.iska 2d. .
Black Jack 3d ; time , 1:30J. :
Seven furlongs Hunger won , Hickory Jin
2d , Lord Edward 3 < 1 ; timo. 1:20 : ? .
Three quarter mtle. maidens all ages Aspa
sia colt won , Huby 2U , Leroy 3d ; time Il7f ;
All ages , five furlongs Little Minch
Korfan 2d , Craftio 3d ; time 1:02 : $ .
ST. Louis , Mo. , Juno 10. Track very mud
dy ; Powcts & Son's colt , "Volo , " struck hi
leg in "inovo" and IB thought to bo brokui
First race Turcnulhcrar won , Boulovari
second , JOD Starks third. Time 'J:51 : J ,
Homebred stakes. two-yeor-olds , tlireo
quarter mile , Koouuk won , Lew Clarke
Hccnnd , Khadamaiitha third. Time , 1:25.
Merchants exchange stakes thrco-year-ok
fillioaono and ono-oltjlitli miles. Mona won
Hannah second , ICastei third. Time , 2:01 :
Threu-quartcr nrilui heats , Nimblcfoot won
Manltou second , llydrobnth third , l-0i. :
Jem Geode Taken aGlinllongr.
CuioAao , Juno 10W "Paraou" Pavres to
night , on behalf of Join Uocjdo , the Kll lix
pugilist , telegraphed the acceptance of tli
ohalloncro by Jack Kilrnin , of Boston , for
prizo-fightot'fiva i minds. ( Jucensbury mien
to ba fought at Chicago July 3.
PltlLADKLi'lllA , Jnno 10.Tlio wrestlini
match between .Too Acton , "Champion uf th
World , " nnd Matzada .lorakiech , the Jopa
ncso wrestler , for a pursu of ? 500 , was won by
Corroepondeiicd of TUB BEE.
TUKAMAH , Neb. , Junu II. The republican
of Tekamah and vicinity met ; hero Saturpay
ovoniog , as per notice , to ratify the late nom
illations at Chicago and form a Blainu am
Logan club. The gathering was in the open
air upon the park , and wax enlivened will
music , bonfires and fireworks. The meetini
was called to order by our woithy mayor , M
It. llopewcll , who nmili ! a very stirring speed
to the largo and enthusiastic crowd , ] ' . L
Itork , a farmer of Arizona precinct , watt next
calllcd upon , His reniarka weru pointed aiu
were well luceivcd. Hu being nil old noldier
of course could not help heaping imcnniums
upon Oen. Logan , who no dohbt adds greyi
strength to the ticket.
having heard of Tukimah'u well kopl hotel
and quiet H.thhath manneni , came all the way
from ( inrml Island to enjoy our comforts am
hospitalities over Sunday and BOOH as the
fuel of liia presence in the city was known
Uioio wen ) loud cries for "Tli.weiA com
mltteo was appointed to Hcarch for the genera
and piuvail upon him for a speech. The gen
Linn in wan soon found , hut would not eonscn
io Hpeak until tlio committee gave him fid
assuianco th.'it whatever he Haul upun thij
occasion would , in no wine , bo consliuod tut it
the IntereHt of any particular candidate for
Tlio a'uuranco Ijeiug voncliHaftd , the Nonatnr
wan introduced and made a very good Hpcech ,
meeting with ficquont apjilauru ,
The contest for coneiexsionid lionciM prom-
ICCH to 1)9 ( julto njiiiited in tlio 3d IJormiy
leading , Tlmyer coining next , and an innuiii-
Tftlilo host follnwiiiK with only hope buoyiug
-licin on. After tlio npeaklnu tlio oinolnetit
if noiiiCH to tli' ) "Tekainali lilajno and Logan
Jlul > " WHS proceeded with , which luiultul in
lipniag of 10' ) or moio name * .
Tlio demociutHaio very much confuted mid
livided an to their Htandmd beater mnco the
ludinutlun of "Sammy. "
Tlio Dyiiiuiille.rH.
LONDON. June 10. In the commoiiH , the
indor foreign necrot.iiy Htatud iiuiuoiieitpond-
mnco with the Amoricniigoveininoiit on the
uljjcct of ( lyiKiiniti'i-a , uubHeipiont to that
already bofora pniliaincnl WUH leMiimed May
Otli and had been continued over Nince. Jlo
ould not enter into detalln nor fjivo dated.
LONDON , Juno 10. Jack Williamn , an Kn-
; lisli tight wright , mid JohnniA lla\eliu , rham-
lion llnlit weight of Xinv r.nuland , fought ? i\
\ Mindtitli ooft Rlo\et to-night , John Sulli-
an , roforee. linri'liu defeated the l uuioiu r ,
vho wan quite Kiilly U'-ixl up.
rho Horrllilr , Jlaniuir In "NVtilot * Slio
Trontcil Her ] luslniil'H
Dispatch U TIIK HHK.
CIIICARO , JIIIIP 111.Tho ollin > r of tlm Hu-
nauosocloty , of this city , ha\a ju < t irturned
rom Moree , Mill county , this htato , audbilng
n story of tire moot dreadful cruelty. Hei man
1 in tor , a railroad Inboicr of Moroelio Is at
umioonly once a month , Ism niiHl to hi
second wlfo ( Sophia ) , and lias two chlldiou
'apedllvo and two ) by a fnnniT lfi .
The present Mti. llinter also has two chil-
Iron by a former huahind. Slip , it BCIHU' < ,
conceived nu nlmosl iimano Imlreil of her step
children , and in the ab cnco of her limlmud
; roi\ted them with ( ivtremo cruellv. The
eldiut WRH driven fiinu the houxn witti blown ,
and wandoicd about the town and wai only
navod from starvstion by the chanty of the
; owuspoople. Tliin led to nu ItnotUcrntioii ,
ho otlicoijt found thci two year old bubo
locked up in n f\u\\ \ \ in the mint pitiable con-
lition imagiiinhlp. Thew werainidvacos that
n iU ia\enoim hungi'r it hud eaton bitn of
-rajs wliioli grew through the cuioks in iU
| > ri < on and li.ul dovunn-il diiwl innmiro of
animth ulii h had < foimeily t > ccuptcd the
sheds. lUi-iucl tieatmeut had roudorcd it
I'hysiuiannBay it can never tocovoritn n.lnd ,
lt little body was covered with wounds and
Kcars from hand to foot , some pf them ( loop
enoiiRh to Iny oiiy'M linger In , and to mid to
thn brutal atrocity of the hoartlccs mother.
sholmd iutlictod on tlio little fellow ether
nauioleHA niniigllngg. When auvstcd ho sub-
rtantially iidmlttod her lioinoiw crimes , but
assoi ttxl that her husband abetted her in them ,
and mlvisod lior to innko away with the child.
She is held for ttiivl. The hutb.uul denied ali
knouledgoof horciuelty till within a few
days. _ _
The Union I'nclllo Collnpuc.
Special Dispatch to TIIK ] ) RK.
CHIOAOO , Juno ll > . l > rlvatoad\icea received
by broken ) here , pay the Union 1'acilio la goIng -
Ing into the hands of a receiver , It la naitl
the forthcoming report of the RUN eminent di
rectors ia most unfavorable. An important
mooting of the directors la now in session In
Boston. _
Tlis Knuninpmoiit. at DuhiKiiio. B
_ lunuarJK. la. , Juno Hi. About 1,000 nol
diern are on the giounds heio t ) nttend the
tend the national military encampment
and about HH many morn nio oo the way. The
follouinjj companies have nlieudy arrived :
Ford XouaNCii. of Chicago , witli dnini corjjiH ;
Onngu , lovra. band ; 10 compinicH , numbermu
300 men , Third Missouri regiment ; Co , "IV
legiment of St. I'luljWaBhuiL'tonlight guards ,
of wow Orleans : Waukin. wihcoattin , guards.
The natjonal guanln of Miehigiimvill not fir-
mo until Wednesday. The city In Imnd-
Homcly decorated with llngn and bunting ;
Among the many notables pretoutaroouoral !
Kirby Smith , Adjutant Goiu-ral Wwldell , of
Missouri , Gov. Jtusk , of Wiscoiiein , and stair.
Gov. Sherman and Htaff , of IOWA , and Genera ;
Chatham , of Tennessee.
An American Uonoul Shot At.
] ! oimnAU.\ , Juno 15 A balloon aurauslon
took plnco at Quincano yesterday. Gcorgo
W. Koosevolt , United States Consul , and wllo
were pruJOnt. A Trench soldier fired a plato
at the AmorlcauB , the bullet iiaiRcd througl
lUoso\olt'H ) hot. contused Ida hoadnnd knock
cd him over. The wounded mun pointed ait
IhiBold'or ' , but , lho luttor with two compau
It Is supposed the soldier mistook the con
mil for an olllcor in civllllau'a drtwa , agalns
whom ho had a grudgo. The commundor o
lionloatix has ordered an liupdry.
Tlio McAlcnii I'ciitilon Bill.
WAHHINdTON , Juno 10. The ropubllcai
senators hold a caucus this morning upon the
Mexican ponelon bill. Ingalls' amondmnn
proposing to remove limitations to the aroars
of poneioiin V'.M so modified ! w to oxtoud the
arrears act only to casoa fdod before the firs
of next January and in this shape it was an
proved by a majority of the caucui. The Hub
juctof final adjoiirnrnontwaa not alluded to
Anotlior Uynninltcr ,
LONDON , Juno 10. An explosion occurroi
thla morning In n private honso In South Lon
don , which the pollco have boon watching fo
a long timo. The pollco found the occupan
mixing chomlcala , and had ono of Iiln liaiulrt
blown otf , The pollco believe they have made
a discovery which will load to important ro
Tlio AVoatlmr To-day.
WAfiiiiNfiro.N , Juno 11) ) . l 'or the Uppo ;
Mi niHKlpl Valley : Generally fair , followe <
by local Hhower < < ; southerly winds , xtatiotmij
Icnijii.Tatnio , evcapt for the extreme noithori
poitloiiH , Hliuhtfall of tiiiniH'i.ilnrc , For the
Migfunn Valley : Looul HhowerH , piitly
cloiiilyHllKlitthango3 in tumpeiutura , vaiiable
A Slave Hhiil Wreulcod
advices by tlioMtcumorZoalaml , which arrivoi'
thh afternoon , Htitto that the lritl ! h Iron shl ]
Syria for Calcutta and I' ' lgt , hiving on bourn
180 Cimllr.H , ran on Nasull Iteuf. Suvonty
Coo ] I OH drowned. All the cntv but tlireo are
NKW Yaw : , Juno 10. I'roMdont Arthur
and Secretary Lincoln are out Hilling to-day
lit tiinall Oyster bay , Long Island.
An Indiana Ilia AC ,
TKI.II OITV. I nil. , Juno 115. A I ! 10 hint night
mined tliij Toll city fuinitiiio factory , LOHH ,
IX,000 ( ; iiwured , Si 2,000.
On lu Jiiliiiic. |
OAIHO , III , . Juno 10. The Afuhllo rlllos
ian nd throiigli hero last night ontholr way to
he Dubiiqnu reunion.
TI-OV'H Knlnliifr IMlllH.
Tuoy , ilimi ) 111. The movement for a gen
ial tfliul nowu in tlio knitting milltfhiM failed.
Al'alrof'Kin ,
UOHTON. May Ifi. Logan and family loft
icro for Augtuta this morning.
Tlio KnlKlitH < > t Honor ,
LOUIHVH.I.V. Juno 10. Judge Slim-all
; ianted an injunction in the viuu chuncelloiu
: ouitto-d y agahmt the reiinival of thu ollicen
of lipadquarloii ) of the ICnighUof Honor out
if Keiittnky. Genural Frank J ) , Hloat , of
S'ow Haven , Conn. , dictator , who in now
icrc. h.n issued a notlco Ihat nlthough trin-
orai i'y lujoined from n'imuing the ollicex tn
U lioiil ; mrasurtK are being taken to carry
ut the will of the mipromo lodge , and thu
lemlwrxldp need not bo alntmed ; warrants on
10 treanury for death benefits are paid HIHHI
ireseiitatiou , nor will the decision cnu'o nny
Miousontfiuglement in the IIURIICM | winking
' tlie ordi r. '
IdNCOliS'S hli'IONll VIUK.
ol tlio Kro ) lu tlio Iilnvoln
LINCOLN , Xeb. , Juno 10. William A.
\ker \eteiitiary mirgeon of doubtful repute
esidiiig here , was aie tcd to-day , nn the
hatgo of seltinp tire tti the Checkered barn
arly this morning. Ho was held to await
lie Action of the grand jury , thn oudenco bo-
\eryKtroug against him. Akerw ban Just
i en tiled for diKiHuing ( if mortgaged prop-
ity If ho In guilty ho should milfor the
o\oiol t penally of the Uwj an the llro endau-
ijored the safety of n thickly Fettled portion
if the city and the Arlington and 1'eoria
lotelg ,
A named Milton Vauco was arrested heio
his afternoon , clmrgeit with fcigery , and
.aken to Nebraska City.
A Mllxvnultoo Itniik
MlMVAUKKK , Juno 10. Itl tumoivdthal
ha Manufacturer bank In in trouble. It is a
inal I concc in , not n member of the clearing
lou-H ) , and IIAH b ou ugarded with distrust In
InnucUl rlrcloH for mmin timo. Mr. COIIH ) ,
lit ) president , has ( ilferod to furnish security
.nil see that u\ery debt is paid , no that the
lejunitom lose nothing. Cashier Cando ayi
ho trouble IK owing to a cnutlnuous run on
ho bank over since thu trouble in Now York.
I'o-day a rumor was current that they had
old and they were forced to p.iy fonr-llftlm of
heir deposits out , The rumor tva.s false , The
Milk in likely to clo o out its htnincr.ii.
ItuicH ami Locnl
ClllUAdo , Junu 10. There is tnmhlo be-
, ween the membern of the Western Trunk
, i o nssociatieti and the ICastoin Trunk lines
rogsrdi.ig the lates on wool from thu Mnssip-
| ii river to tlio seaboanl. The western trunk
lues demanded the light to nmVo through
nxtes. This hat * been refused by thu eastern
iuefl , through their their joint agent here.
ho western linen ansoi t that the through rate
linnlil be 15 | ier cent morn than the rate from
2hlcoKo , and assorts that they will demand
their full pro ratn ou that basit.
nilnncfiotn'H Member of tlio Xntioiinl
XA , Jumil ( ! . M. G. Norton , of thin
city , elected at Chicago n member ofi the na-
.ioual republican committee for Minnesota.
ias Hcut bin lesignatiou to the xtato central
committeo.owlng to oxteusivo piivato inter-
ests. It IB thought the committu will appoint
HyGo\enuir Davis , who neconded the tiomiu-
tit ion of Itlaine.
A Half llrnrtoa Strike.
I'lTTSiiuiui , June 10. A genera strike of the
ivercoal mineis , onlered for to-day , indicates
ack of unanimity. Work ban H\i \ pended in
Hevoral iniiiei but tlio majority are Htill in
oieration. | Tliern in 'no enthusiasm among thu
miners , and one man seenm to bo waiting on
mother to take thu initiation.
TIlO SIOOplCHH MllltllBt.
ST. I'KTKUMiiujui , Junu 10. On the entry of
Drake Serghw into the city Saturday , house-
luiUlcm weio foi bidden to admit Htrangere
into tlieirhouses. and wained that disobedi
ence would entail veilnus conBequenoes.
A Now York IlroUoi-B' SuHpcnsloii ,
Ni\v ; YQ IIK , Ounu 1(1. ( JudgmcnU to th
amount of jiibont 125,000 woia entered u
to-tlay xni'l(1t ( O. > l. Uottart & _ Co. , bunker
and hiokoiH , wiio recently failed. Amont
tlio larger 'cioditom are Mary S. Stickwoll
? I2,000 , nnd Mary II. liuriihaiii , ? 50,000.
Ttiuilccr Hill Day in BoRlnn.
UOSTON , Juno 10. TJio IJunker Hill daj
celebiatiou waH opened in Charleston to
night with a grand torch light pnmcHxion tin
der the auspices of the Myntio Older of Owlx
1'ublio nnd neatly all private buildings wen
decorated and illuminated.
to Turlcoy.
LONDON , Juno 10. The 1'all J\Iall \ Ga/ottc
yH : Knglaud on Juno 12th withdrew the
proposal to Tuikoy to send troops to Soudan
and informed Ttirlcey that If nliu lefused tin
invitation to bo piesentattlie conference Ihvy
would meut without her.
I'AIIIH , 111' , Junu 10. Tn a quarrel at an
amateur minntrol cnterlainuient at n country
school honue near heie , on Saturdny niglit ,
Albert Metcaif , aged 17 yearn , fatally stabbed
Aithur McAllister , who died before moining ,
.MotcuU in in jail heio.
Fatal Quariel on Hoard n Slounior.
GAMNA : , Iiln. Juno 10. August Lmi and
T. Hclehau ( piairelled on boaul an oxciirHion
lioat between Galena and Savanna. The
formrr tlnew the latter ovvrboiud , and lie
WIIH drownpil ,
r O.itnnh Is u very prevalent dlscaso , with
illstiesaliiR iniil olTcnslvo ( iympteniH. liooil'3
KarNUirliia ] glvcD loaily lellot nnd speedy
eiuc.fiom the fact U acts tinough tlio blood ,
and tlin.H leaclic ! ) cveiy part of lliu syttcni.
' " 1 Buffered \vllliealarrh fifteen years. Took
Hood'H HurH.iparllla and 1 am not troubled any
with c.ntarrli , iind my general health IH much
better. " I. W. I/IM.IH , 1'ostul C'lcrk Chicago
& HI. I-oulH Kullroail.
"iHUlfercilwIlhcntarrhOorB yearsj tried
many womlerful ciirun , Inlialers , etc. , spend-
iiiKiiearly one hundred dollaru without benellt.
I tried Ifooil'H H.irgaimrllln , nnd was greatly
Improved. " M , A. Aiini'.y"V7orccstcr , Mass.
Ilnod'H Barflaparllla la cbaracterlzed by
tlireo pcciillarltlcM : l t , Urn combination ot
remcillnl ngents ; Sd , thu projmrtloni 30 , the
jmicaa ol securing the active medicinal
qualities Thu result IH a medicine of unusual
titnnntli , ciTcctlng cnrca liltlicrlo unknown.
Hunil for book cotnlulng additional evlilcncu.
"Ilooil'H Harsanarllla tones up my ovalcm.
liurltlex my bloud , nliarpeiii ) my appetite , and
Hi-eniH to nialio mo over. " .1 , r. TIIOMI-HUK ,
JteglHlurol Deeds , Lowell , Mass ,
"Hooil'H Hnrsapaillla beats all otliern , nnd
In worlll Its VU'lKlltlllgolil. " I. JIAKJIINU'ION ,
130 Jianlc Htiect , Now Yorlc City.
Hood's % Sarsaparilla
Hold by all druggists. $1 ; six for $5. Made
only by O , I. HOOD Si CO. , Lowell , Mass.
I IOO ° Do8os Ono Dollar.
Spnlation Slapant Among the Chicago
cage Scramblers for WcallL
No Features of Interest The
Visible Supply Dd os.
_ _ \ w-J
Oats Steady , but Value y Little
tlo Ohan rod\ \ \
Oorn Dull and Showing \ v" Little
tlo Ohaugo in Vail
Trade in Pork Eoported , Almost
at a Standstill.
Iiowi-o Qtiolnllons Otlicr
Mnrkct Afattcrn ,
Special Disp.itch to TIIK HKIS.
CuiCAoo , Juno 10. Speculation was at the
point of stagnation to-day. There were no
features of interest in tlui trading on 'change.
It win reported that the \isiblo supply ot II ;
w heat would show a Inrgo decrease , but tliia
was offset by fine weather for growing crops ,
and rumors of trouhlo in the grain trade at
Milwaukee. Wheat ranged at 87jj to 87J for
.Inly , closing at S7. ( ou the tegular board ; and
87(5 ( on the afternoon board ; tlio latest figures
for August were 894 ; for September 80S.
was dull and showed very little change. The
latest quotations wuro 65J for July , COS for
August , 50j ( for September.
were nte.idy and ( inn , closing at 32 Juno and
July , 1 ! J for August.
Cash i yo advanced to 05.
Trading lu pork was almost at n stand still.
Thu latest figures w ore 11) ) CO for Juno and
July , ID 50 for August.
lower , 7 80 for .June , 7 00 for July , 8 0"i for
\ugust. *
The best grades were linn and lOo higher.
The best sales to-day wcru a couple of lots of
native corn fed , and ono or two lots of stillcrs ,
at 0 70 to 0 70 , with a lot or two of Indian
teiritory corn fed , making ( > 00 to ! ) 2o. Grass
cattle sold at 5 Vi ( to 5 75. Good to choice
shipping , l.L'OO to 1,350 llw. , 0 15 to 0 CO ;
common to medium , 1,000 to 1,200 Ibs. , H 25 to
0 00 ; grans Texaus , 750 to 875 Ibs. , 3 0 to
450 ; corn feil Tcxans , 800 to 1,100 Ibs. , 475
to li l5. !
- The nun kut wai rather slow to open on ac
count of thu ] big run ; thu talcs men hardly
know w hero to place their property and buy
ers were slack to make offers. J'iimlly thn
first sales of good nveti packing hogs were
made ut about $5 50 ; and iv strong 10 cents
lower than Saturday. About then thu name
quality dropped to 5 30 to 5 45 , fully 15 cents
< lower than Satmday. and at about that decline -
| cline thu lulk | of the hogs were sold. A few
fancy 1'its imipu at 5 CO to 5 DO , Thu range on
packing and shipping was 500 to 0 05 ; bulk
at 5 40 to D 50 : atsortcd light ruled dull and
extremely weak at 5 00 to 5 50 ; shippers and
light-light were entirely neglected at 4 CO to
U 40 ; light , 1 80 to 2 10 Ibs , 4 85 to 5 45.
Failed After it ( ) Years.
NKW Yonic , Juno 10. S. Simmerich& Co. ,
wholesale milliners , have made nn assign
ment. They Imvo beau In bniinoss over 30
yeurp. They failed in 18G1 and compromised
ot25jipr cent , and failed again in 1875 with
liabilities of $80,000 , mid compromised 35 per
, Another Powder HOHHO Calamity. )
AlCHONi O. , Juno 10. Thin evening a boy
named Woods recklessly throw a light into a
deserted powder magazine , northwest of the
city , causing an explosion which instantly
killed Tory Peck , aged 14 , and slightly in-
juicd Bovcral other Imln ,
A Johnstown , lu. , SUHitoiiBlon.
JoiiNHT9WN , Pa. , ' , Juno Ifi. The Woodvalo
woolen mill suspeuded _ operation to-day for
an indefinite period on account of a lack of
older * . 300 employuiiuuldle In consequence of
the Kuspanslon. _
Now Whoftt $1 per
Sr. LOUIH , Juno 10. Tlio first new of
tile ceaHon iinived heio to-day fiom NowMud-
lid , Mo. , and sold at auction for one dollar p r
F - M * v m
iralum or any Injurious tubsliiuccscau bo round
In Andrews' Pearl Baking Powdor. Is po * .
lively PU RE. Jlelng endorsed , anil testimonials
received I rom suoli chemists asS. Dana Huys , llos-
ton ; II. Dcliifontalne , of Chicago ; and Uiutavui
llodo , .Milwaukee. Naverbolil tn bulk.