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Important Improvements.
Hate now been Inlihed In our itore , mailing It the targeii nj most complete
In the west. An additional story has boci ; buill , and the five floors all
connected with two *
Ono exclusively for the use of passengers. These iinincnso yare oems , throd
stores , arc CO feet wide , are filled withtho grandoiit'display of all kinds of Household
and Oflico Furniture ever shown.
All are invited to call , take tlio elevator on the first iloor and go through the
building and inspect the stock.
1206 , 1208 and 1210 Farnam Street/ / Omaha Neb.
V. V * ' IN OMAHA. S
Visitors can hero find all the novelties
The Latest , Host Artistic , Mid Choicest
Scloctiona in
Aa is compatible with honorable dealers.
Call and see our elegant new store ,
Ik Tower Building ,
I1- * * " * - * v- * * *
vA largo stock always on hand.
Out of the many hundred manufac
turers .of this lino'of goods , wo lay claim
to representing the leading makers , and
can snow a more- complete and larger line
of Pianos and Organs than can bo found
in an6 ONE House in the west. Our
NINE LEADER are the following well-
known and celebrated instruments.
Wo want' everybody desiring a Piano
or Organ to call or writesto us for information
mation and GET POSTEp. Wo can sell
you the best instrument made for the
least money , if ypu will give us a trial
and want to buy. All wo ask is to show
you , as wo know wo can satisfy everybody
from our Nine Leaders , which are racog-
nized by those posted , as thV best made.
Send fpr catalogue and price list. t > CS-r
Cor , 11th & Farnam Sis , , Omaha.
JUNE 6th , ISSJ.
In order to protect the publle Ofalnit the Imposition of Mountebanks In our lint , we bare concluded to offer r
2J Best Zonlbar Irorj DllUard Balls , per > et , . . , . , , . . , I2JOO
Especially and solely manufactured ( or Iran Slnuthos le Fih'at Venrlen , ,
No. 1 , 74 tncheawlde , perjord , . . . . , J6.60 | No. 2 , 74 Inches ide , per yard Belgium . . .i. .15.00
No. 3,74 inches wide , per > ard , , . . . . , . .t5.00.
Be t French Billiard Chalk , per cross $ 60 ( Heat French Cue Tips , 100 In a box tl CO
POCKET NETTINGS Fringes , Leather * , ne t worsted , per set (6)r. ( . ' . * 3 00.
Orders must invariably bo accompanied by remittance , and be
ories. same directed to our principal manufact
jtyOouh * office , (09 South 10th itreet. ' od m&e
My Repotltory U coiutantly filled with a Mlect itock. Ilett Wotkmaiuhlp jruarant d.
Office and Factory W. Corner 16th and Capitol Avenue , Qmaha
Carpenters' Materials ,
'Sash , Doors , BlindsStairs , , Stair Railings , BalnstorsWiiiuOW , & Door Frames , &c ,
Flnt-clau factlltlci tar Uie manufacture of all Until of Moulding , '
> Orden from thu country will be promptly executed. ; and Hatching a ipeclalty.
, Addreii all communication * to A. MOVER , Proprietor.
Hall's Safe and Lock Comp'y.
Missouri and Mississippi Still usflt
ing anl Rayaging-the Country ,
and KnnimH City Monauiul
liy the Flood No Iininodlntu
I'rospect of llcllof.
Ujxclal D ! patclio uto.TiiX BIIK.
KANSAS Guv , Juno 25. The river
allows 23 foot 4 inches on the signal service -
vice guago and rising steadily. It has
risen six .inches since last midnight. Inhabitants -
habitants of West Kansas City arc pie-
oaring 16 IcaVo , 0150 or two families Imv-
iig chaiiged quarters to-day. There is
intch apprehension regarding ice houses
'nd otltCp property ulpng the river in tlmt
'ioinity. * Tliq'Kntor is now considerably
. iglioHlmn any : .L liimVtinco. iOtlt
ST. Loun , Juno-25. The river is still
ising slowly but tho1 situation. l > olh heio
ind in East St. Lnuis , is "practically mi-
ihaiiged. Bowman dyke still stantU the
iressuio and that mid ether weak points
ro constantly being ntiTiigtlioncd.
I'hrcats wcro made last night to cut what
s known as the Madison county dyke ,
vhich is it high onibaiiknumt running
ostwardly from the river a milo and n
inlf , about 'midway between Ihooklyn
, nd Venice , but after a long and
, ngrywrangle between n number
if inhabitants of the former place and
, ml some people living north of the dyke ,
t wosj decided nothing should bo done ,
a the cutting of the dyke would let more
rater into Brooklyn , and inundate that
> .irt of the town not now submerged ,
i'ho people were very determined , and
guarded all night with shot guns and
ther weapons.
A largo volume of water is still flowing
, hrotigh the breaks made yesterday in the
Chicago & Acton and ether railroad tracks
and is spreading out and covering more
of the bottom toward the blutls find
along the Vand lia railroad , but no dam
age to the latter is yet reported. Re
ports from points along the Missouri
rafy considerably. At. some places the
water is still rising , while at others it has
fallen from five inches to two foot. It ii
safe to say , hovovor , that there is con
siderable more water to como down from
this side 'of St. Joseph , and the rise
here may bo a foot higher.
A dispatch from Bismarck says _ the
Yellowstone river is already a high as
laet year and the Missouri is rising at that
point. Telegrams from ether places high
up the Missouri indiqato that the _ Usual
Juno rise has commenced , and iiuall
likelillOod some part of it will reach hero
before the present flood recedes to Inny
great extent. Should this bo the case ,
the situation will become alarming , and
the destruction of property along both
upper and lower rivers will bo appalling.
The river rose another throe inches to
day and still coming up slowly. No par
ticular change in the situation on this
side of the river. The whole of the lovco
is now submerged and in the lowest
places the first floors of stores are flooded
from a few inches to a couple of foot
deep. Business in houses von , the -river
front is BTiBpendod.eicopt ( < ln1lw/or"thh5(3 ( (
doggeries , where scaffolds Imyo boon built.
A little excitement was occasioned in
East St. Louis this afternoon by the
threatened overflow of the Cairo Short
Line track by backwater , blli the dam of
earth find 'sand-bags liastily thrown up
on the water side of the track chocked
the flow of water and averted the danger.
The Chicago and Alton , in connection
with the St. Louis and Wabash , are driv
ing piles in the break in their track
above Venice , and it is expected they
will liavo a good trestle across the gup by
Wednesday , and their trains bo runniii"
again. A largo number of farmers and
land ow nors on the American bottom and
residents of Venice and other towns be
tween East St. Louis and Mitchell , hold
a mooting at Venice this afternoon , and
after exchanging views on the situation ,
adopted the following :
Jtcsolvcd , That inasmuch as many of
our people have boon sullerors by floods
for the past three years , and the present
general overflow has rendered destitute a
largo number of people who , without as
sistance , will bo unable to put in crops
during the coming year , wo doom it
our duty to appeal to all who are able to
assist those thus situated ; that n descrip
tion of the misery entailed upon our sec
tion of the country would seem like ex
aggeration , so fearful in its nature is the
truth , and that it will bo at least thirteen
months before another crop will bo raised
and in the meantime destitution in all its
forms confronts the sufferers. In view
of these facts , wo fool justified in appeal
ing for assistance , and-roquost that all
contributions bo sent to Henry Robin
son , president of the board of trustees of
Venice , 111. , for distribution.
A largo number of the sufferers re
ferred to in this resolution are either
camped in tents on ridges , surrounded
by water , or are in the open air on the
bluffs beyond. Many are also housed in
box cars on railroad tracks , and n good
many of them will bo obliged to bo fod.
Their crops are totally destroyed , and
they are destitute of money or any of the
necessaries of life.
The national stock yards of East St.
Louis are > in no danger of being flooded ,
an has boon reported. They can easily
stand a rise of three foot and it would
require four foot to stop business. The
Union yards on this side of the river are
also well protected and in no danger.
The situation in East Carondolot and
Cahokia glows worse daily. The water
covers that whole section of country and
some flooded out families ) are beginning
to suffer. Their wants will probably bo
supplied to-morrow. The railroads which
have lost their trucks have abandoned
the ferrying system between hojo and
Alton and have arranged with the Van-
dalia road to run their pusongor : trains.
The Indianapolis and St. Louis will send
their trains to Efliugliani and thence to
The Wabash will use the Vandalia to
Allamont where it will take its own trackt
and the Chicago & Alton and 0. , B. &
Q. will run to Smithlwro wlieru they will
connect with their own roads. All other
castoni lines are using their own tracks ,
and all western roads are getting trains
through in pretty good shape. The Van-
drdia track about which
, there was eomo
apprehension yesterday , is still two feet
above the water and can readily be made
to resist four or five feet.
ALTON , Juno 25. The magnitude of
Mio disaster from the floods below this
city is just beginning to ber disclosed.
The break of the dyke below this city has
caused destruction covering a wide area.
The Suy Carte bottoms nro ruined for the
year. Thousands1 of families , between ,
Louisiana and Crofton nro homeless and
llooing before the floods. Stock to the
number , of six thousand head is already
drowned in the f American bottoms
Telegraph communication is seriously in
terrupted. _
The Seyentietu Anriiyersary of Brook
lyn's ' Great Preacher Celebrated ,
The Academy i * ckcil , with Admirers
of Henry
tlonH niul Dispatch to TUHiIttk.
IS'EW YOUK , JuitOji5. ! Every seat and
every foot of standing room in the Brook *
lyn Academy of Music was filled this
evening by friends mid admirers of Hov.
Henry Ward Beecher , iuu > emhled to cole-
bratd his 70th birthdtty. The Academy
wflB tastefully decorated with lings and
streamers , hanging babkctn of flower * and
vines circled the lowcr'g.illery and n line
of living plants took the place of the foot
lights on the stage mul rose in the center
to a bank of flowersIn ono of the
boxes was seated Mrs. Beocher , Mrs.
Hal riot Beecher Stowu and other mem
bers of Boucher's family. The entrance
of' Bceehor himsolfpn t o stage was
greeted with the warmest enthusiasm ,
the audience rising and ladies waiving
their handkerchiefs , \\hilo the men
loudly cheered. * T\ \
I'rofessur Charles E , West said they
had como to honor the , philosopher , the
poor man's friend , the lover of nature , of
flowers and children ; to honor ono whoso
name will stand for cohturics like Mont
Blanc alone in his > fame. Ex-Ohio
Judge Noill proposed Rov. Dr. Charles
H. Hall as presiding oflicor. Dr. Hall
on taking the chair said Mr. Beocher , al
though ho had boon thd most abused man
in Brooklyn * and'in1 * the country , was
never known to utter bn unkind word o
any tnon. He differed from him in th
belief that" hahud never soon
man who lores God and his fellow-mat :
as deeply. , > Ho then , introduced Ror.Dr ,
J. O : Pock. * Rer. Pr | Ingorsoll read i
number of telegranis and letters of rcgro
at their inability lo bo 'present. Resolu
tions of respect , estoonrnnd affection , together
gothor with congratulations on the life s-
useful and honored , vero adopted by
rising rote. Rev. Dr.Qotthiel , rabbi c
the Brooklyn temple" , Brooklyn , road a :
oddrcAo and presented on behalf of hi
follow , , _ Hebrews , I /n A * 1 ft handsome silve
nitchur. 'it % .
_ _ '
T\ rtrx 1vi S
Dr. Collyor , Dr. 'Fufion , Maym1 Ltitf
cess and genius. Boocher then rose , and
was greeted with the warmest applause ,
the audience again rising for several
minutes. When permitted to speak , ho
said if ho were susceptible of believing
one-tenth which hadf bVcn said about
him , the colobration'-ff.hjld bo that of the
birthday of ft .rfcp'c1' . ' ' ? ° ° a' ' When
h9l U l , lw& rAivtjH yitk.r8i'jHrl ! ' >
it scorned to him nothing bad then
been 'done. Almost everything great
that has boon drtno in science has neon
Accomplished since then. Power , lias
sect ! itself obliged to consult the multi
tude. lUlv b s gained its unity , Greece
hits raised lier hCftd , Hungary has forced
itself from oppressioit. > YjJrkingmon
have been enfranchised in England. He
expected yet to see every man 21 yars of
ace ill England receive the franchise.
Then ho expected to see some other
changes thore. The world has boon mov
ing and ho , us one of God's passengers ,
could not bo left behind. The steps of
progress made are the footsteps of God.
Looking down at the future ho was hope
ful because God lives. Whatever
faults have marred the symmetry
of his life , ho said , wcro his alono. What
ever of service bo has rendered is God's.
Ho accepted the love which prompted the
exaggerated praise given to him because
ho loves mon , but yob ho could do with
out their love. Ho owed more to'hjs
father and mother than to any otlicr
human being. Concluding , ho said : It
is to stand alone if
oisy you know you are
right. After returning thanks for the
honois paid him , the audience were re
quested to rise , and Beecher pronounced
the benediction.
Now OrlonriH1 lionanxa.
Special Dlipatrli to Tim HEX.
NKW OIUKANH , Juno 25. Judge Par-
dco , of the United States circuit court ,
handed down a decree in the case of New
Orleans vs. John A. Norris ot. al. , by
which the city recovers 4 , 1(44 shares of
stock in the water works company , which
have boon seized and sold by various
parties , who are now ordered to restore
the stock to the
city. The supreme
court of the United States decided the
stock was held in trust by the city and
not liable to seizure and salo. Fourteen
judgment creditors , stock dealers and
brokers , who sold and purchased stock
are ordered to restore the bonds to the
city , which , together with the dividends
since 1870 , amounts to nearly half a
half million dollars.
Yellow .Tiiok ut Vern Crux.
Nierial | ItUjiatrh to Till ! ItitK.
GAIVKHTON , Tex , , Juno 25 It now
transpires that the private advices of the
terrible mortality at Vera Cruis from yel
low fever wore received in Galveston by
cable. The best information gleaned
from an entirely reliable party in con
stant tclcgiaplno communication with
Vera Cru/fis to the effect that the first
and worst ropoit of Saturday uro
correct. Further communication ' from
Galveston quatantino stations held
that the ship Haytion , recently from
Veni Cruz , wd no communication with
any vessels in that port , besides lighters.
This takes away the foundation from the
reports contradicting the existence of the
plague , besides the Ifaytion's oflicors. for
quarantine reasons , it is said , would bo
directly interested in suppressing news of >
such an alarming nature.
Day KxorulnoH nt Yulo.
Special DUpatch to TUB llii.
NBW HAVEN , Juno 25. This was pro-
ontation day and class day at Yale with
the usual poem and orations in the foro-
noon. This afternoon the senior class
assembled on the campus , where the
class histories and prophecies wore read.
Long pipes were vmokcd , class songs
sung , etc. This was followed by a farewell -
well to and cheering of college buildings ,
and the planting of ivy.
The Agency Indians Significantly Silent
at the Jnlcc ,
The DntoliorltiK d l Tolk to the
Pets of the UoHcrro Agent
Wllcox ntt the Warpath
Crook'n OrdcrH ,
SAN CAiir.o.s , Am. , Juno 25. Bytirdei'
of Gen , Crook thu Indians on the Sun
'arlos ' reservation were called by the
commanding officer of the post to moot
the returned Chiricahuos and give ex
pression to their \iows ii rogurd to their
romhininjt on the reservation. The meet
ing was presided over by the command
ing officer , nmlfM nddrwued by Ixico ,
chief of the Warm Springs Indians ; Boa-
ito , leader of the party who killed Jl\dgo \
McComas ftnd wife and captured their sou
Charlie ; Menage , nub-chief ; Nairn , chief
of the remnant of Victoria's old band.
The Biilnfanco of the remarks were that
they w cro glad to got back to the agency
'o po under the protection of Oon. Crook ,
o settle down , and bopod { Indians , ns
jhoy liavo ' promised the gwioml , They
said th'oy had no friends at Snn Carlos ,
and wanted to go tn the Apachu country
to bo with friends. The tone of the
speeches of the captive chiefs showed
that they realised the hostility of the
agency Indians , whoso silence at thu
meeting was significant.
WAHAINOTON , Juno 25 , The following
dispatch was received at the department
of the interior to-day :
WILCOX , A. T. , June 24. Renegade
Indians were forced on the reservation.
Shall arrive at San Carlos Tuesday.
( Signed ) WILOOX , Agent.
Upon receipt of this telegram , Acting
Secretary Joslyn immediately brought it
, to the attention of Secretary Lincoln ,
who Assured him the agent must be in
error , as ho h d giren positive orders to
General Crook to keep the renegades
apart from other Indians. Hoadded , ho
would reiterate the orders to General
Crook. As Wilcot is distant nearly 100
miles from San Carlos , it is believed at
the Indian office the agent has been mis
Pauper Immigration.
f pedal 119i < a h to lui j.'c .
NEW YOHK , Juno 25. The immigra
lion commissioners hold a special mooting
to consider mrasuros to prevent p mpor
immigration from Great Britain. This
notion is called for in view of a largo ar
rlVrtl of pauper immigrants yesterday ,
Coiiimissionur Stephenson snid ho hai :
Jnrocurdd nflldiwits from so * oral immi
grants , sJitfw'iilg that thwy had boon in
mates of sovcnd poor houses in Irolant
and induced to iX" > io to this country
by workhouse masiiTBj. from whom
they had received passagd tickpti nml
small sums of money. ThocommtssiCnoi
considers the .landing of paupers largely
duo to the laxity bf the management ol
< 7 Ho Gardutt idf recommends , insp6c-
toraj After further 'ditcuasiun itXvus re
solved to instruct the secretary of the
bo'ard to detain all immigrants proved
to _ be sent here by funds
furnished by the British government and
to appoint a committee of the board to
await on the collector and present afll-
davits taken in regard to such cases and
ask the steamship companies which
brought such immigrants hero to bo corn-
polled to return thorn to the port from
whence they came at their own expense.
While .the mooting was in progress -
gross the commissioners were in
formed that the steamer Anchoria
had just arrived with immigrants
Whoso passaged typro paid by the British
government , and wn ? were paupers. It
was roiiolvcd riot trf alloV the Anchorin's
passengers to laud until tuP inspector
made , a thorough investigation. The
commissioners express themselves de
termined to jnit a stop ( o the landing of
pauper immigrants' ' Jffan. foreign coun
tries. \ _
The comtnittou la'id , the- matter before
Collector Robertson , who promised to take
decisive action at once. '
A Cyclone tit Georgia.
Hpcchl Dlipatch to Tua Dm.
ATLANTA , ' Ga. , Juno 25 , A .special
dispatch to The Constitution from Elbor-
ton says n oyulpno passed over that place
Sunday evening , Killing Bynum Boll ,
colored , Mail blowing down sixteen build
ings , including- three churches.
Tlio KdltorW BliiKKcrH.
Special Dlipatch to Tim flrr/
RICHMOND , Va. , Juno 25. Captain
Page McCarty and William L. Royall ,
friends of Bierno , and Colonel A , W.
Jones and J. W. Minitrco , friends of
Elam , had n long conference to-day , the
result of which is not known , but it is
believing arrangements for a meeting is
nearly completed. It is positively as
sorted that Elam has beoii in Richmond
since yesterday , and left the city to-night ,
probably on route for a now place of
mooting , McCarty and Royal weru seen
on the streets to-day , and this has given
rise to the impression when the fight
comes off Boirno will bo seconded by other
LAI KH It is now pretty certain a fight
will take place to-morrow out of the
state. Dr. If ugh M. Taylor , who attend
ed Elam in his affair with Col. Thomas
Smith , two years ago , is out.of town.
"Wrecked liy It
tl Dlipatrli to TIIK HCK.
NKW OUI.KANH , Juno 25 , The Plant-
01 s' cotton Hood oil works , in Algiers , was
struck by lightning during u thunder
storm this u veiling and entirely destroyed.
This was the largest cotton seed oil mill
in existence. Loss roughly estimated at
$1,000,000 , including building , stock and
machinery ; said to bo fully insured , most
ly in local companies. Several cottages
adjoining the oil mill werodostroyod. Five
firemen were slightly scalded by thu ex
plosion of a tank.
A Now York Millionaire Drowned.
SAHATOUA , Juno 25. John I * Strykor ,
n well know Now York millionaire , was
drowned at Saratoga lakes whilu bathing.
Ho leaves a bride ofjwo months.
Boutli Aniorlunii NotcH.
Special ItapnU-h toTuM lira.
PANAMA , Juno 25. The Star and Her-
aid says : Quarantine regulations en
forced at Now Orleans against vessels
from Aspinwoll , ere effectually killing
trade between the two places , which was
rapidly ] assuming largo and promising
Gonipcro , Bolivian president , punished
Traizos , editor of LA I'ntria , who wrote
articloa ] 4111 behalf of pvoc . Traizon was
seized by the police , had Jiis oars liorod ,
and was then drevtod 'in n suit of thu
coarsest clothoa worn by Indians ,
The President Proclaims a Reduction of
Forty-four Districts ,
XcbrAnkn nntl Dakota Ttltchrti totli
Pont Other Onpltal KvcntH.
Dl i tcli to TIIK 111 *
WAMIIINHTOX , Juno 25. The president
ssued an executive order this afternoon
'romulgating ' elmrjjoa umtlo in the inter- ,
ial rovenuu collection districts. The or-1
of Is to tnko effect the first of July next , '
jr as soon thereafter as practicable. The
lumber of districts is reduced from 120
; o 82. The changes in part nro an fol-
ows :
Alabama -Two districts of this state
ire consolidated and Arthur Bingham is
.lesignatod collector. This is a now ap-
> i6inimont. .Tho district will bo known
its the first district ,
California First and fourth districts
f this state are consolidated into one
listrict , to which Is also attached the dis-
; rict of Nevada , all to bo know/n as the
'ourth district of California. Amos L.
rest , of Sacramento , is designated col
lector of the now district ,
Nebraska and Dakota Thosu districts
ire consolidated into one district and
George W. * Post is designated as col-
Colorado and Wyoming Thosu dis-
ricts are consolidated into one , with
James Wolfe collector.
Arizona and New Mexico These two
districts are consolidated in one with
Silas W. Fisher collector.
Ponnsyluania The present First dis
trict is enlarged so as to include the
counties of Berks , Lohigh and Schuyl-
kill of the present Eighth district , nil of
which territory is to bo known as the
First district. Win. J. Polled collector.
Now York No change made in the
collection districts of the city of Now
York , and on Long Island the Eleventh
district' and county of Rocklwid in the
Twelfth district are consolidated with the
Fourteenth district , and Jnaios W. Bentley -
loy designated collector. This district
will bo known as the Tontln district , und
the collector will probably have head
quarters at Albany.
Oregon and Washington Those two
districts are consolidated , and John 0.
Cartwright designated collector. Ho is
the present collector for Oregon.
Montana , Idaho and Utah These dis
tricts arc consolidated , and O. J , Ilvkllin-
tor , Salt Lake , collector.
for thg B 7osl.antL.lmprJsonln8rflHf Kil-
VouhTn fP&Wr't'l'QdiA ' ' * Vis bopkir
before tlm/uiiiftilUu f of laVoiUgation of
the roal'Vstuto pool wa"9 called 'in ourt
to-day and after argument postponed un
til October 29th.
WASHINGTON , Juno 25. Gen. Crook
has btien ordered hero by the secretary
of warYor consultation an to the final dis
position of the captured Apaches. The
war department lias received no official
information of tile arrival of the captives
nt San Carlos and no instructions to send
them there have been sent to Gen.Crook.
It is reported hero tlmt Boinio and
Elam , the Richmond editors , fought a
' duel this morning and that Elam was
killed. No confirmation ,
The issue of standard silver dollar *
from the mints for the week ending ! title ?
2.rd ) , was 9211,000 , and the correspond
ing period last year $ (05,4110 ( ,
i-dal DNpatrli ti > TIIK H . .
NKW YORK , Juno 25. Arrived An-
choria from Glasgow.
QUKKNHTOWN , Juiiti 25. Arrived out
Baltic from Now York.
LONDON , Juno 24. Ilammoiiia and
DoRuytor from Now York , Parisian and
Quebec from Montreal , Iowa from Bos
ton and Prince from Philadelphia hnvo
arrived out.
NKW YOIIK , Juno 21. Arrived The
Ari/nnia and Furnossia from Liverpool.
Hjwrlal DUpatcli to Tim Dm.
FOUT WORTH , Tor. , Juno 25. Mrs.
Bay Singleton made a third attempt at
suicide. She took twenty grains of mor
phine , and was found yesterday in a
comatose state , but physicians restored
her to consciousness. She stated shohad
nothing to live for , and would kill her
self soon , She is a cousin of Frank t and
Jesse JuineHwho were presontat her wed
ding in Kansas City. Singleton wan a
notorious fugitive from justice , and had
assumed the name of Walter Witty , the
name of a wealthy banker. When she
discovered this she compelled him at the
point of a rovohor to marry her again in
his right name of Singleton. Her hus
band was killed by "Canada Bill. " She
was a celebrated pistol shot and served
as u spy for Quantiell's notorious band
during thu war.
The I'ollco Called Out on a liintK
Hun loi-Notliliitf.
Last o veiling u telephone moesago was
sent to police headquarters , calling for
oflicors to como out on St. Mary's avenue.
Captain Jack O'Donohoe and a couple of
oflicors responded to the call , going clear
out to the head of thu avenue , when
they fouml there was no occasion for
there services , and that thu party who
was supposed to have created the distur
bance had disappeared.
The night was an unusually quiet one ,
n pistol shot in the neighborhood of
Fourteenth and Hnrnoy being the only
thing which broke the monotony of
tilings , and the man who fired it disap
pearing HO quickly thai all search failed
to discover his identity.
H. O. Uoatty , .editor of The Saundem
County Tribune , Wnhou , was In the city yea
tenlay aud called at TUB BKK ofBco.
Disastrous Rainfall to One ot tte
Richest Nebraska Taltefs ,
Three Hundred ThoM Wti Dollars
WortU of Property DC8troyc < l
Two * 'ori > onH Knicd by
Hrla1 | tUp Uh to Till nun.
LINCOLN , Nob. , Juno 25. A special
from Tccumsoli , forly-elglil miles /olltli ,
01 11 the Tli5 NotnaJm river , reports the
tl mt the heaviest mill" oyof known fell
. lore Friday night. The stroSJJM # ere
ftltl ready overflowed , and this addition to
tlci 10 floods made a raging torrent of every
ci reek. Fifty thousand dollars' ' worth of
b ridges were washed out , and thousands
pl f lu/gi / and hundreds of cattle drowned.
m 'ho ' crops are b.ully damaged on the bot-
mi land. The total loss in the county
ill exceed § 300,000. Eight inches of
ater fell Friday night , and six-inches
.ad fallen in the previous week * Houses
roro washed away and the families loft.
estituto , No ono drowned. Two pco-
ilo were killed by lightning.
Tecumseh , a town of two thousand ,
icoplo , is out of groceries and Hour. .
Somalia valley , , 100 miles long , is entire-
cut off from the railroad ,
A Now Canadian llnltrond.
Ipcrtal Diipatchcf to Tin IIin.
MONTIIKJIL , Juno 25. The contract
, ivon to L. M. Shuto , of Philadelphia ,
o build a now line of railway from Corn-
n-all to Saalt St. Marie , some seven bun-
red miles , whore the promoters were ox-
icctcd to connect with the Northern Pn-
iflc , claim to have power to erect n >
ridge over the St. Lawrence in order to
ibtain eastern connection.
The Turl.
p tl l DUpttch to Til * Bn.
CHICAGO , Juno 25. Extra day , sum
mer races , club purse , (5 ( furlongs , Sadie
McNairy won , llena B second , Mollie
Moore third , time , 1:31. :
Club'purso , all ages , milo and a quar
ter , Apollo won , Ascender second , Mon-
ticollo third ; time 2:12J. :
Club purse , all ages , milo boats , April
Fool won , Basset second , others ruled
out ; time , 1:48,1:40 : : , 1-.40J.
Purse for maiden two year olds , five
furlongs , Yiolu won by a head 'after ft
driving race with J. L. Cooper , the latter
put back for foul riding , and Carrie 0.
j/ivou second placoj time , 1:05. :
Brighton purse , three-quarters of a
niilOi King Fan won , Lena second , Plunger -
gor third" ! itnlo lio. :
Tlirog-quartors of n inllo , Hick6ry JIni
won , OafSflld Bccwd , Tennyson third ;
* , MuX.'Nuvano , . won , Boc6k''dsecond" ,
itdn B. third ; time l:43Jrrv'\ : ; - - .
. . Mile and a quarter , Monk won , Capias-
second , Bonair third ; time 2.-11J. "
Hurdle race , milo and a quarter , Bust *
or won , Camillus second , Proud Dick
third ; time 2:21 : J.
The Diamond.
Hpeelal Dlipatchci ta The lice.
PHOVIDENCE , Juno 25. Providence 12 ,
Now Yorks 3 ,
BurrAto , Juiio" 25' . Buffalo 12 , Do-
troitaO , '
BOSTON , Juno 2G. Bostons 15 Phila-
delphias 7.
OLRVKIANI , Juno 26. Posrponed OH
account of raid.
H | tcUl DlgpaUli to Tut OEK.
CHIOAOO , Juno 25. Arrangements
were completed here to-day with Hanlan ,
I'laisted , Hosmor , Lee , Ililey and Teenier
to take part in the international regatta
ou1 Lake Minnesota , Minnctonka , August
1 ana 2.
CiuuAtiO , Juno 25. Edward Hanlon ,
the champion oarsman , declares his in
tention to become a resident of this city.
Ho expresses a hope of boating all
records this summer and then stop row
Wosson'w IJOHNOH at Poker ,
G ALVE TON , Juno. 15 , The subject of
Major Wasion's losses is still a general
topic of conversation. Wasson divulged
the names of all the gentlemen who had
played cards with him in Galveston , and
it is alleged that Chief Paymaster Torril
addressed a communication to each ono ,
threatening exposure unless their win
nings were returned. Ono gentleman ,
who had only won about $200 , was in
duced to give up 81,000 for fear of his
[ laying cards becoming known to the
[ lublic. Some few refused to give back
my that they had won , and others claim
ed that they wcro losers iii the game.
However , the necessary amount of nionov
was raised , but there is a general con
demnation of the method used to induce
the gentlemen to make good Wasson'a
deficit. It now appears that most of the
games were playou in Wassail's room , and
several of the gentlemen who took part
went to the at his
room request , and as
none of them won a largo amount , the
opinion is expressed that Major Wasson
lost < mly a portion of the money ho was
shoit at gambling , and that the greater
pnit was spent in fast living.
i'ritlu Dltuhcd Near Valentine.
Kjxxilal DUpatcli to TIIK I Jet.
VALENTINE , Nun. , Juno 24. At 7:15 :
thu western bound passenger train went
into the ditch at a point two miles west
of Timelier station. The engine loft the
track and run about three hundred feet
before stopping. No person was injured ,
and but very httlo delay in transferring
passoiigors , mail and express to an extra
run out of this station. Sand washed on
the truck .by a heavy storm was the
cause. Regular trains will run on time ,
as the gang at work Will liavo everything
cleaned up in time for the eastern express
A Coloro d Cadet.
Special Plipatch to Tu Bne.
NEW YOUK , June 25. John H. Alex *
nnder , colored , applicant for admission to
West Point Academy , passed an excellent
examination and was admitted.