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The Horrors of Theatrical Death Trans
Eclipsed in England ,
Nearly Two Hundred Children
Crushed , Suffocated , or Tram
pled to Death ,
The Joyous Light of Many a Homo
in Sunderland Gone Out
Forever ,
Some Vnnilllrs Men-It of l < ' ! vi- ttlo
Oni'b A Plight Till
l DNpatih to Tin Kn
LO.VIION , Juno 17. The toiiiblo calam
ity at Sundoiland , Dtuhain count ) , Sat-
uul.iy ov oning , is the subject of univer
sal unhappy comment. The hall has
boon smioundcd to-day by distiessed
and excited u uvula. It appeals theio
was an cnteitainmeiit in Victoiia hall by
a conjuior , attended almost altogether by
ehildien , being in at
tendance. The body of the hall had
been entirely cleaicd of occupants , when
some 1,200 of the little ones came itish-
ing down the stuns fiom the galloiy. At
the top of the fust tlight of stahs was a
door w Inch opened only tw enty inches ,
and thus but ono child was poimitted to
pass tluough at a time. At this point ,
while a mass of childien were pushing
forwaid , one of them fell and was unable
to tiso , owing to the others crowding.
The result was that a gieat number were
pushed dow n , trampled on and suffocat
ed. The scene was tenible. No effort
could stop the mad rush of the amighted
childien. They came on , pell-mell ,
though stiangely without much shouting ,
and soon 178 w ere knocked down and
by othei s trampling upon them. The
greater number of the bodies , which w ere
badly mangled from the trampling , laid
sov en or eight feet deep. Many of the
victims , and others w ho w ore not killed ,
had their clothing torn fiom their bodies ,
and this , together with the bleeding
bodies of the unfoitunates , shows the
tenible natuio of the stiugglo. The ex
citement in tow n w hen the new s of the
disaster spread w as tori ifie , G reat crow ds
uuhcd to the scene , until tw enty thou
sand poisons smiounded the hall. The
feeling was so intense that the authoiitios
01 del lid out the Sixty-eighth infantry to
piescivo oidei. The vunk of getting out
bodies begin immediatelj. They weio
lai'J out in the hall , and the patents of
the killed w 010 admitted to identify the
bodies of their childien. A most heait-
lendmg scone tianspited while identifica
tion was in piogiess. Motheis of the
dead chilli on constantly utteied piercing
sluieks , and many fainted on discoveiy
of the bodies of their little ones.
\ ITho stall way fiom the galleiy at the
top the landing on which occuued the
pressmo which led to the accident , was
fiom five to six foot wide and the galleiy
door through which the children were
allow j"M < i. mss , r > uo at r Mum , jp'hioh oir
nciimst jo is regarded as the direct cause
of the calamity , was fitted with a bolt
which lodged in a hole in the floor , thus
nan owing the p.issageway for the pur-
poge of facilitating ticket taking when
the audien/e was enteiingtho hall. The
janitor says the scene behind the galloiy
door Mas foaiful. Some childien weio
fixed upiight in the heap and actually
so gieat was the piessmoof the ciovul behind -
hind them. The majoiityof the childien
in the hall were under Kijeais of age.
"When the disaster happened the janitor
and wife , and soveial otheis , hastily
summoned the by-standcis and wont to
woik immediately to give the sullen ers
lolicf. They fust sent out of the build
ing by other exits the little ones still in
the hall , by this way aveiting the feats of
a f uither ciush. Those who went to the
lescuo of the sufleiers found the work of
removing the heap of biuisod , crushed
and suflocated no easy task. Twohun-
died childien weio
who weio piactically uninjuied. Many
others weie found in an unconscious con
dition , but of these a number vvotoio-
stored and at once sent to their homes.
Those who woie dead , with a nunibei
whoso wounds weio legarded as fatal ,
wcie laid out in the main hall , when
local doctors were in attendance , win
used every efFoit to lestoro those in when :
a spaik of life could be discovoied. Ai :
eye witness says ho saw lying on the Hag.
stones , a shoit distance fiom the button
of thu stairs , seven dead bodies of children
Many of those who came to assist in 10
mov ing the dead and rescuing thohviin
weio utteily oveicome by the distiessint
sight of so many dead and dying childien
TUB Fvrvi , usr.
A number of deaths have occmiei
since the first repoit , and the total list i1
now placed at 18 ( . Ono of the pel soni
who lespondcd quickly to the call foi
help , sajs , many who volunteeied to as
sist in lescuing the childien , sickenei
at the spectacle and fled homfied fion
* ho distiessmg scene. The lescuei-s' efforts
forts weio dnected tow aids i caching tin
childien who woie , appaiently , alive
So tightly weio the victims jammed to
gcthoi it was legal ded dangeiotts to dui ;
them out of the hoploss mass less the of
foit would lesnlt in milling oil tin
limbs of living cluldion as wel
as mutilating the dead ; they theiefon
jnoceeded sjstcmatically to lift oil tin
topmost. A few of those beneath hai
survived , and their inoamngaiid low cue
of pain could bo distinctly l"Mid amid thi
excitement and cries of thebeieaved pai
cuts and fi lends , who weio thronging th
adjacent sticets.
The disaster was lefei ted to in all th
clufrchcs of Simdeiland to-day , and b ;
many preachets of London. Ptajor
weio olleied for the patents andfneud
and v ictims.
from the galleiy w as a w hiding one. Hot !
the audience alid ofhcials weie in the hai
at the time of the disaster , and w ere mi
a ware for some time of the toinblo Iragc
cly being enacted at the door. They wer
not iufouncd until Graham , hall keepoi
tvlio , strolling near by the scene of th
calamity , vras attracted by the gronns an
gave the alarm , Mi ; Fay , who gave th
entertainment , was busy packing up hi
" lepart , when a man lushed
up i < . ! f informed him of the disaster
ter andThi. vdiately foil down speechless
in a fit. Some of the families whose
home's weio so suddenly daikcncd
lovr OVKU iHUKKi'iiii.nHi-.N.
Ono man and wife pushed their way
into the hall , in which lav the hndics of
the victims , and without beta av ing any
emotion began to scan the faces of the
dead. Uecogni/mg the face of ono of
his childten. the fathoi , pointing with his
finger , exclaimed , "That's one. " Passing
on again he iecogiii/cd anothei , and then
a thud. St.uigoiIIUJ in a fit of agony , ho
cried , "My God' all my family gone , "
and ov01 whelmed with gnef ho sank to
the floor. In some homes there aie live
childien dead.
Queen Viotoiia sent a telegram to the
maym of Sundeiland , e\i > iessing her
gtief at the disaster. The childien of
v ai ions Sunday Schools also sent tele-
giams of sjmpathv Flags weio at half
mast. One Sunday school loses thntj
schulais by the eatastiopho. Many stn-
vivois had" then aims broken in the
ciush , othois aio sufleung fiom luokon
libs or luptuio of the inteinal oigans
Graham tlio the child-
, hull-keeper , sajs -
ion , not twenty j'.uds from the door ,
came piessing foi ward unawiuo of the
ti.igetly , thus making mattoia ten times
woiso than they loallj weie.
during the identification baflles doseup-
tion. It was painful in the cstiomo.
The faces of the dead cluldion in almost
eveiy case weio black , swollen fiom suf
focation , of which many died. Many
lips weioeiackedand bleeding. Patents ,
rushing wildly about , would fall upon tliu
bodies of their dead children , w ith loud
wailing and weeping , and clasp the un
conscious forms in their aims , vainly 011-
deavoiing to note any sign of life. Many
poor motheis Bwooned awaj-at the lirst
sight of the dead , while otheis werowild ,
almost violent , ill their hysteiical gtief.
The-act of loiuoving thcdcadfiomthohall
to-day was the ocoasionforaieiiowalof la
mentation and confusion. Many patents
rushed thiough the police coidon ap
pointed for the pieseivation of oidei and
there was a scene of gloat confusion.
Ono of the witnesses of the calanutj
stated to-daj-that for the iiist five min
utes there was a great lack of assistance ,
and from this cause alone there were cot-
tainlj' ono hundred lives lost. The
weather was warm and the passageway
v or'close , so that in a shoit time aftei
the catastiopho a humble sickening
stench came fiom the main outlet of the
tonight figme up 188 dead. The giavest
feais aio felt the number will jet be
shown to have i cached at least 200. The
eagerness of the ehildien to dopait fiom
the hall was caused by their desno to 10-
ceivo pii/es piomised them. Graham
thiows the blame for the calamity upon
the man connected with the entoitam-
meiit , who , it appeals , fastened the dooi
hilf open , in older that the pii/es might
bo given the childien , ono at a tune1 ,
while leaving the hall.
Ono sad incident was witnessed in the
vicinity of the hall. A lad was sitting on
the tailing nuarMutton stieet , cij'ing. A
passer-by inquiied the cause of Jus giiof.
"Whj' , sii , " said ho , "I was in the place
theio , and when I was coming out a boy
that w as dj ing bit my hands , and that's
him"ho added , iminthu ; to thocoi _ ] > Rjj i f
* " " * " " " * * * * "
ho kJiilu lyif0' nlU'"by. \
bpcclal li iiltclic t 1 lir Bn' .
BF.ULIN , Juno 17. The arrest of Kr.i-
i-owiski , the Polish author , has caused a
decided sensation in political ciicles.
The discovoiy of a i evolutional y docu
ment in Kr.wowiski's house in Dresden
has led to the airest of a piomineiit telo-
giaph official , who was foimorly a captain
in the Prussian ainiy. Ho was aiiested
at Scha-beig , a few miles east of this citj' ,
and charged with high tieason. For the
present his name has been suppiessed
fiom publication.
LONDON , Juno 17. The piinco of
Wales has nominated P. Loiillard's five-
year-old brown hoise "hoquois" for the
lace for the Stockbiidge cup , to bo inn
at Stockbiidgo , 21st hist.
Mvnmn , Juno 17. It is stated that a
patty of natives in Boinco killed the stall
of the Biitish Noith Boinco company.
LONDON , Juno 17. AdvicesfiomSieiia
Leone state that ohief Gybpow o has again
in.ulo a laid on the Biitish settlement in
Sheibio ; that a Biitish expedition was
sent out against him in consequence ,
which succeeded in capturing and limn
ing font nidi u of Ins stockaded towns ,
including one gaiiisoned by 1,500 war-
liors. The Biitish sustained no loss of
men owing to the oflectivo use of the
batterj' on boaul her majesty's gun boat
Rocket. The Cj'bpow ! o fled and a 10-
w aid was of lei ed for his captuio , which
is expected to occur shortly.
KINGSTON , Juno 17. A tolegiam an
nounces the sinking of the piopellci
Canada near Uockpoit , bound up , loaded
with general moichandiso. The vucck-
ing steamer Hastings has gone to the
MAUSKII.UN , Juno 17. An aeronaut
mimed Jams , accompanied by an acties *
and a moichant , dopaitcd fiom hoio in i !
balloon last evening tocioss a pait of the
Meditoiranean. The balloon and occu
pants weio picked up at sea.
BhYKhrm , Juno 17 The Tilth- him
expelled fiom the distant of Maiacl
many Ameiican families , whom thej
tieated with the gieatest inhumanity.
LONDON , Juno 17. Painell will visil
Anienca in the autumn.
Anl-.Mi ( > ii ( > i > olj Con v rut lo n.
special IlNpatch to Tut tttr
KhVUNKNeb. . , Juno 17. An anti
monopoly convention was held jestoidaj
afteinoon to elect ten delegates to tin
distiict convention to bo held at C'oliim
bus ne < t week. Senatoi A. U. Conno
and Itopicscntativcs .Stedwell and Havei
aio on the delegation.
A mass meeting to make airangoment
for the foiuth of , ) uly colobiation wa
held List i
niow n up.
jM.tlal Ii > i ateh to 1 IIK Hi r
BEHNOMKOOD , Wis. , Juno 17. Th
saw mill of Yoik A ; Co. was blown t
atoms yesteiday by a boiler explosion
George Ha/en was killed.
The JUIlo Team.
b | > celal to TIIK DKK
| INhvv YOUK , Juno 17. Thodhectorai.
the National Kiilo association report th
actual amount needed i § 7,500. Thu
far ? 3,987 liavo been subscribed , ain
jilothjc * have been made which woul
raise that sum to ? 1SOO. TJio directoi
icpoit that .lames Gordon Bennett has
guaranteed the expenses of the team to
the extent of SU.MK ) , and state that if it
had not bei-n fin Hennelt'a hbeiality , the
team would ha\e to lomain at'homo , as
the general public had thus far failed to
do anything.
TinUiiKtnj ; Missouri ,
* > pirlal llihtttli | tiiTmc Urn.
IVVNSVS Cm , June 17 The liver
heie is UH ( feet above' lovt water nmik at
midnight. A laigo portion of the bottom
lands aio ON eilowed ( , and senoiis damage
has been done , which will bo M-iy greatly
incicased by a ftnthor use. The Juno
liso is about duo. If it comes now , with
the piosent stage of water , the loss will
be very heavy. The water now en-
cicaches upon llatlem , opposite this city
A Lost ScltooniM' .
sjn-clnl Hi < iutcli | to 'lilt Hn-
MII.WM Ki'i : , June 17 The schooner
T. C Wilson , tlmtj-fno tons , which left
Kacine , May 17 , the daj bofoio.tho
cyclone theio , has not been heaid fiom
since. It is now thought almost ceitain
she his gone down with Captain Moss
and two men , who composed hei ciow.
The imputation of I'liliu Clock liiis Incic.wcil
diliinjf the ji ust jeu iW pe'r cent
Auiueta o of 10,000 ] ) iniils mtaj of local
ft eight is ii-Loiu'il at Weeping Water.
A iimnbei of cattle Ime recently dioil in
Bullet county fiom thu bite of inttlcin.iktM.
The liiiirulo ( .ouiit ) comnii > " < ionertt lm\oilo-
culcil not to plaeo the U. 1" . lands on the tii\
Tlicro IIIM lioen hitilud , fed anil icloaded for
hhipniunt at Illaii , in ono month , 14.1 c.irs of
The miU-inunopolists of Hivlino count }
deelnied in fiiMir of tnwiiNhip orgiim/ation.
Tlio mictionrci of the O too land H ilu S JH
that lie soli ! an 80 aero tract , on an axur.igo , m
about three inimilex.
DoWitt ckuniH thu fu\\u t iillu men of any
town in Xcbi. ka.
Doano College iecci\ed ln t weckaclicck
for ? lr > 00 from un estuto in Miussachuictt < .
St.iutiin is to hr.xo : i nuw lintel.
It is uiulenitoud tint thu U. 1' . propose to
niaku Beatrice n division utition , andha\o
contrictcil for grounds near th it town upon
which to erect m.ichino hluipi , round housus ,
Tlio state in tlitia w ill loc.ite their cncaiiii-
incut in Crete in August.
The school for Inditn pujiiU in Ciunoa is to
accommoil.tto 50'l children.
Sixteen hundred feet of now hewei pipolmo
been l.ud at the penitentiary , .uulthodr.uniigo
is now % eij tine
Tlio Masonic grand loilgo meets nt lio.itiico
this week.
Xcatlj all of the iiidiiiancc < > \\hichlu\o been
pii-cil by the fathers of Onl foi two jeaio ate
declared to bo Aoid.
Kii'inont rejoice oxci the prospects of the
en ction of -10,000 Im-hel cip icitj cle\ator at
th it plnce.
I'leniont is to bo the headquarters of tlio
organ/ition ! of Second Dij Ad\ontints in Nu-
briiska ,
Xickersou expects to bo the r.iilwivy centio
of Doilgo comity wlicn the now Omali.i road is
W. L. Mav , of rrctnont , has received his
coininis ion foi ieaip ] ( > intincnt its lust coin-
missioiiLr , fiom ( ! oDavves , for the tenn of
tin eo je.iic.
An excntxion to the \\hito mount lins of
Xow liigl.ind ! , inulci the atiNpices of the No-
lira.ska St ito Tcachcis' associ.ition , is now at
tracting much attention among the classes
wliobo hununei vac.ition is now commenced.
Tlio glanders arc spieading badly in 1'latto
county. }
k 1i ' 'n. * ' > > uwuiiUo'iiun liuuiivccn in
thu Matte river near .Silver creek. It is de
scribed as hcing as long as a telegraph polo , u *
l.irgo around as a b.urel and walking on eight
leg" .
Nc.u Grant ! Island the other day an in
dulgent mother allowed her tw o-j eat -old h iby
to fall out of thu window of a car on the Un
ion Pacific. The train was run b ick and the
joungntur picked up , not much the worse of
the tumble.
John B , , the apostle of piohihitioti ,
ha-s agiin continued operations in this state.
McC'iNik , the now town on thu liurlington &
Misnouri road , near the Coloiado line , h.'ui 11
daily papci.
Libetty anticipates a boom now that the
rcscivatlon is hold. They have four lumber
Jarils theio now.
An offoit was undo to cxtahliiih a Kaloon in
lirock , but ajxtition with ! J40 cigners put n
stop to the Hclicmo.
Ai-couling to the new law whicli took effect
Juno 1 , 'U pounds of o.its novm.iKu a bushel.
Ihutings ho.s begun woik on hei now col
lleidhtones foi all the graves of thn Holdieiti
buiied in tlio Hastings tenieteryaru lieing i in ) '
11.u I'd foi tin no not already mippliuil uitl
monunients. This is being domi liy StiicKl mil
Tlio ( ! . A. It. of the Fust congicsiional ilix-
drict will hold n leunion nt Weeping Watei
.Inlj it , i and 5 Thu citizens uro making
pieiarations | for thu accommodation of aboui
8,000 people.
In many fields in I'lattu bottom the con
htandu in i inds of Water.
Tlio old cipitol building at Lincoln Willsooi
Ito a thing of the past. Parties aru now at
Woik tearing it down.
Tlio members of the Nebraska bar will tin
an evulsion to the mount dim this Minnnei.
Theio am no\v in Nebraska just 1I7 ! Piesby
teri.m chinches and lO.t minUtcr * . 5,110" ) mem
hen and 5,571) ) chililtun in thu Sabbatli
schoolx ,
Thn internal revenue collections in Nebranki
foi the month of May Weio ? 1ML' , IUO 8r , liein ( .
the 1 irgest of any ono month jut recoidud it
Six biiMiirsH hoiispri , 51 hotel , livery Htablo ,
ul.icksmith shoi.inilt\vodwellngHaruincoursi | !
if lonstruction in tliu now town of Crab ( ) i
chai il.
The York Democrat is naid to bo iirintiMl 01
the first printing ptess u\or brought to tlii
There aio riimorH that Scrilnier is to have
'I'lie cattln diivo , MI fat this KCIISOU , exceed
all expectations.
A ( ! . A. It. post was uittahlUhed at Lowe ]
Lust week.
Knch business liloek in I'aiihcld has bee
supplied with a ladder , to bo used in cao n
Mi. CvttiH McCormick , of Chicago , ha
donated sK)0 | ) to the now colkgo at Hactingr
\ land and asKoeiation has been organ
i/ud at Central City.
Whcelei county h w oxer 0,000 he id of cat
tin within its liinltH.
It is said that ceitain patties are makin
i ( Foils to ascertain thu names of tlio "Invinci
lilo ! U" who hung the Millet niutdeiurs n
Thu Miccuxxfnl vuiikiiig'nf tliu Ki'arno } cam
liiw induced capitalists in thu east to write t
Kearney official * us Hoards the | > rii pi > ct i
I'reituig vviNilen , hominy ami other milU .
th it | il.ico.
The fitht c-ar load of crockery fiom the l.ouli
villopiittfty w.w shipped west hwtwock , an
the utUcns of LouUvilIu feel Honiuthing prou
iner tlio fact. The iiottery now wotks H |
men , and will boon incie.ixu lU force.
A public meeting was held in thoKoveri
mcnt hchool liiililiii ( , ' on the Otoe reuervatioi
anil a ngninst the ile ecraton ! of India
graven drawn up and forwarded to Wiuhii ! |
IS ton , and the land office wax asked to net ajia
10 acres of land for an Indian cemetery.
Mem'ck county iiapcr * are crj Ing for n Ulttl
lug machine ,
4 _
The Busy Life of James Washington
Shcahan , the Noted Journalist ,
At An End ,
The Founder of the OhicngoTmios ,
and Oo-Lrtboier of Douglas ,
Diesiof Overwork
Dcatlt ol Albou C ,
| ntchos to Tin 1U >
CHIOUIO , June 17 .liiuii's Washington
.Slieahan , olio bf the must widely known
jumnaliBts in the west , and for many
jeais the leading e-ditmtal w liter on The
Chicago Ttibune , died at half-past fi
I'clock this inoiniiig , aftir hngonng at
le.ith's door for mail } weeks His ail-
nient was extreme ncivons ] iiostiation.
md u general giving w.ij of the \ital
'unctions. Mr. Shcahan was widely
nown in the west , both fiom his inti
mate association with Judge' Douglas and
eng conncctiuh with the1 now spaperintor-
osts of Chicago. Ho was bmn in Halti-
iioio Fein nary 22 , 18.'Ht , and iccoivc'd a
iboml education at the Jesuit school at
Fi edei ick , Jld. _ For sev end j e.n s ho i e-
xnted congiosiiniml . ] itiue < i > dingH fm
: lie Associated J'less While he was
: hus employed ho became acquainted
w ith Senator Douglas , and at his instance
came to Chicago for the pmposo of pub-
ishiug a democnitic newspapui. Ho
came hero in 1851 and founded The
Chicago Times , and made it a local power
mil tlio organ of the domooiaoy in the
un thu ust. Frqju 18ol to 'dO ho was the
nest prominent , of the leading men of
; ho demociacy of the noithwest. In
1800 his comprehensive biogiaphy of
Stephen A. Douglas was published.
Dining the sameycar * lie sold The Chica
go Times to Cyrtis II. McCornuek. The
Following Dccdmber , with his former
staff of writers,1 lip began the publication
of The Post , which in turn ho sold to
1'ho Republican' in 1805. Ho lomained
in the olllcc , lie over , during the admin-
istration of MrJ jDaiia. When thatgen-
tleman left tin jiaper in 1800 , Slieahan
accepted an e itoiial position on The
Ttibuno which 1 u tetaincd to the time of
Ins death. S. '
UOSTO.V , Jnn l7. Albert n. Ihad-
stioet died at IV&lroso highlands Satur-
d.iy night , agC-if 7 ! > yeaia. Dining the
war ho was appointed dooi Keeper of the
hoiibo of roprfcsentativ es , Washington ,
which oflico he bccupied neaily twelve
yeais. Ho waafa lineal descendent of
of Samuel Bradatrcot.
AstiLAM ) , Ky. , Juno 17. Di. llieh.ud
Pioctor was inbtantly killed atjAIciiiam
colheiy this mon'iing by a falling timber.
The deceased was well Knonn tlnoughout
this section of the state.
Jlnvorly'8 J'fnii Ol' .SottlciniMit.
* < 1 DUj ntch to TliR'n/f.
Cmc'Aoo , .Tttnolo. A Now Yoik spec-
nil saj-s , tconceining Ilaveilys allaiis.
As far aB.tovpalod thu plain of settlement
is that MeConno.ll shall assume Haveily's
liabilities , aniluceivo in coiiMilciation
theieof llavcily * . intdiest in his thcaties
in Chicago an < Tc .pklyn , Whatllavorly's
estimated by poisons directly intoiostcd
n their settlement at § 70,000. What
vill bo done with the throe thcaties
ncntioned is not yet known , as McCon-
lell is not a theatiical manager and has
10 c\peiicnco in the amusement business
o wariant his taking the management
indcr his own pcisonal dnection.
An UnniliDeal. .
idal UNpitdi to'I in : llrv.
LO.MIO.N , Juno 1C. The national lifle
association have decided not to allow the
Vmeiican team to use the sciowwind
_ uigo in coniietitions ] at Wimdlodon ex
cept in the mtoi national match. The
a/otto legiets this decision and thinks
hat if the Ameiicans ate beaten they
vill be able to claim that they weio
landicappcd because not allowed like
'nglish iiflemen to use in pieliminnrjr
contests e.x.ictly thesamu appliances they
ised in a match. However , says The
ja/otte , theio aio not wanting signs that
ho Amciicans may give the Engligh a
sound buatni" .
A Ili-avy Pnlltii'o.
Clin Af.o , Juno 10. A Reason of e\-
laoidmaiy excitement pievailed on
change immediately after the opening
his nun mug , by a luinoi fieolj' bandied
about that the fnm of MeGcoch , Evei-
ngliam it Co. , who have for a long time
) ast been looked upon as the heaviest
lealeis in lard and other piovisions on
the Chicago boaid , had failed. This was
vonfied in a measino soon aftcrvnud by
v member of the firm circulating about
in the floor of the 'change and notifying
with whom they weie inteiested
in piovision deals to close them
out. Something in the natuio of a panic
appealed to sei/u the piovision corner ,
and for a time the inteiest in othei trad
ing was lost. The effect was ROCII at
once in quotations of lard and July op
tion , which yesterday lan up to § ll.f)7X
and closed steady at § 11.50. It sold
Ij down to v-lO.da as the initial diop and
then kept on descending the scale until
fll.'O was i cached , which would be equal
in point of compaiison to a diop of tOi
per bushel in wheat. Othoi options fell
_ the elloct in , i like milliner , but all wen
'in a measnio somewhat locovoied in torn
and at 11 o'clock the July option hai
gone back to § ! ( Hr > , butsubsetpiontlj'agaii
declined to § ! ) W ) . The edbit to ascot tan
the extent to which McGeoch had booi
npe'iutnij , ' failed , both upon applicatioi
to the linn and membeis of the boaul o
The liabilities of McGeoch , Kveuny
ham it Co , will bo veij * heavy. 'I'll
failling ni.itket bionght in its tiaii
] ilenty of Illinois of other inipondin
failuies , but up to lliO : ! thoto vvi :
nothing definite to topoit.
the biokon liimdcckiied to the Associate
I'u'.ss that the ) would make no statomoii
of any kind befoio to-moirow. 1'ote
McCcoch , the head of the tun
is a lemdunt of Milwaukee
and , and is staled "Tho Miluunkc !
milkman. " Hois reputed to have bee
the loader in the number of bull mou
iiie-iits on both the Chicago and Mtlwai
kco matkets , and failed heio two yeai
ago , His film came prominently befoi
the ] iublic two weeks ago by their tofiisi
to icceivo n large consignment of lar
from Chicago on the ground that it vu
tainted , and over which disputed fact a
investigation un the boanl u now in pn
gloss. The fu in his since accepted the
lard in question under piotcst.
Tin * CollapM1 In Kuril.
iQUh tuTnr UKK
io , Juno 17 The cleiks weio
busy in the oflicos of all firms which wont
to the wall yesterday in the bursting of
the lard coiner , trjiug to biing older out
of chaos. None of the piopiiotom , however -
over , wet o willing to talk , and nothing
will bo known till tn-iuoirou , possibly
not till Tuesday 01 latoi The statement
is made , on what is clamu'd to be good
authoiity , that on Fndaj night McGeoch
went to 1'lnl. Armour and explained
the situation , sijing § 1,000,000 would
c.v.ry him successfully tluough the deal Aimour agreeA to let him have
§ 250,000 , that two other largo operators
hoio uudeitook to advance like amounts ,
making tin oo-iuai tors of a million , and
that thc'ii 7\lcieoch \ toli-gi-aplied AU'\an
der Mitchell , of Milwaukee , for the 10-
miiming § 250,000 , that Mitchell leplied
that ho vvna willing to advance § 1,000 , 000
if it would cany the deal tluough HIIC-
eoshfulh , butdio had looked the gioiiml
over and was suio sovoial millions would
bo ri'ipmed to complete it , so ho de
clined to enter the sj ndicato ,
Il'lUM'sOII . - .
spiclM Dliitiittcli tnl ill MlK.
W vsniMiTov , Juno 17 - Major Xickor-
son's Moeond v\ifo did not leave the citj
with him , as was lopoiicd , but htus been
luno foi the past tluee weeks , and has no
idia , she sajs , where the major is. As
soon as she was advised of the action of
the Philadelphia conit , xho iiifoimod the
maoi | that she could not live with him ,
anil thoj Hopciatcd. She has not soon
him since.
t ( lioAVnshon Coin t
S | ii l Dtipitcli to Tin. liir.
SANTOMO , Texas , Juno 17. It is
unnoted that the finding in the couit
imiitml in the Wiisson case was dismissal
fiom ( hoaimy , with a toim of yoais of
penitentiaiy semtudo , with recommend
ation to piesidontial clemeiicv.
hpcolal Dujmtcli tiiTiiK UKR.
LO.MION , Juno 10. The Bolivia and
City of Homo , fiom Now Yoik , have ai-
rived out.
NhW YOIIK , Juno li. ( Anived , the
Helvetia from Lucipool , Jason fiom
Amsterdam , and Normandie fiom Havic.
Crook anil Ills t'npllv cs.
spochl | ) Nvttili | tii Tun H > K
Tuoso.v , Aii/ona , June 17. Col. Bid-
die ai lived with live Mexican women
taken fiom the Apaches. Ciook is at
Tlio Tow Icslim-.v Alms House.
piclal DlipnUh tnl in Ilu'
BOSTON Juno l-Tho ( !
, - govoinoi , eon-
. * to his foimor has
ti.uj assinances , up-
pioved the wattantfl , salanes and expens
es of the state alms house at Towkslnuj' ,
for Fein tun j' , Match , Apul and Maj ,
amounting to $110,000
Tlio Contest on tln > Part nt'thc Doinl-
The olloi toonattliuluvul vvomenfiom _
"tho territory lying wilhin two blocks of
the Third wind school house is being mot
bj1 the victims with detoimined opposi
tion and by the residents of thu mine
austociatie poitions of the city with a
stoini of indignation.
Driving them oil of then old staniinng
ground , it is claimed , onlj' scattorn them
bioadcast thionghont the citj' , and they
ate now to bo found in numbeiH on Tlur-
tooth , Sixteenth .md othoi stioots , whoio
they weio never befoio tolerated , and
wheio they ollbnd the eyes of their more
faultless sistcis , who gathoi their skirts
about them , like the Phaiisoo , and thank
God that they aio not like other women
ai e.
e.It will bo lomcmhotc'd that thiiteen
women , in all , weio uttested and taken
bofoio Judge Boneko as inmates of
houses of ill-fame on Ninth and
Eleventh stieots and a juty tnal was de
manded in each ease. Thoj'weio atiaigneil
on Sitinday afteinonn , and the tnal of
the lust case postponed to next Satur
day. The juiy in the case is composed
of M. Goldsmith , I ) . Iveniston , John S.
Collins , S. Moitonson , Geoigo Duncan ,
and 1) . S. Mitchell. Thodofc'iidnnts have
engaged four attoineysand will make a
determined tight. The aiithontios talk
of pioeeeding also against the paitics
who rent houses to women , some of
whom are clmigcd outrageous louts by
their landloids. It is said that one
woman has paid as high as 7 < > per
month foi a house that was not woith
§ 20 per month.
No plan has as yet been pioposed foi
solving this serious social pioblem.
A Caul In llrplj.
Til till ! lilltor ot 'III ! IlKK
In The Watchman of last week there
is a diiinkon maudlin aiticlu which con
tains an infamous pcisonal attack , s <
pointedly diiected to a gentleman n
this city , that theio is no doubting win
is meant thoioby. To notice anjthni'
that appeals in that slandcious am
icadoiless sheet , is as a usual thing con
sidcic'd beneath the dignity of a peihoi
of icapcctahility. But as has boeiilinl ;
said , "theio aio occasions when the sigm
lieaiiee of the accuser is lost in the mag
iiitndo of the accusation. " What th
animus of that wouiidioly and groiindlci
attack can bo it is haul to imagine , union
it be that the poison assailed is an liisli
man who has taken an active put tun
deep mtoiost ill advancing the wolfaio e
his eoiintiyinen , or because of pin
devilish maliciousness. Itut lot that b
as it maj it is a Initially innpiitoii
assault upon a charactoi that challenge !
thu ilosest sciutiny , and is inentnukcoi
ing with the natuio of the disioimtabl
and contaminating sheet in which it a ]
pea is I am aiithon/cd by the geiith
maniefeiied to in the aiticlo , to pn
j , notinco that pait of it chaiging him wit
u Iniving sent auiionj minis letteis to eei I
in tain omploj os about some one , as a mis
jerahlo , contemptible ) ho , "made out i
i- whole cloth , " and to demand the piodin
rs turn of the letters in question foi exam
10 nation and comparison , by well-know
d anil honoiable gentlemen , w ith the ham
vv nting of the accused. To these w h
w are personally acquainted with the goi
n tlomon whoso rowrtatton ia sought to 1 ' ;
blackened , Urn denial b unnccimary. J
is made for the beiielit of the many who
know him only by name.
If the above rc'quest be not complied
with , or the charge retracted , the author
of the aiticlo must stand before this com
munity branded , as ho is already , a liar
and slanderer. ( ! B. T.
Oliver N. l.nekn } , a retired nimlmnt from
llnrnellsville , New York , nnil Chief Clerk
Xowninn .Iiunlson , of tlio I'nllinnn licmlimivr-
teis nt .leinoy City , are logintcrud at the Pax-
tdii. They nro on a IOIIK tiip , I'liinliinlng busl
noMHwith pleainre , and pniK | o Hieing mitnc-
tiling of Km , Mexico , Arl/nnu and Colorado
liefoio tluij return wwt.
Mi. A C. livcnKirt ) | forincily with Tilt
HH , and nnw with , ! . .1. Hrnvvii , IILS pine In
Itluuii , N. Y. , nnil will not ictitin
alone. Mr. Davenport Is one of tlio ) < mn
nienwhodn tliu went invvell IIH themselves
tjood by eoiniii ( ? out him to iniiku nuw IIOIIII-H
for tliom clvc < s ,
Jlon. ilolm. A. Cteiyhton mid v\ife hnvo re-
tmnod from a months vMt to Ohio ntid will
bowaiinl ) w eleoined li ick home , w hei e their
nhxcMien is alwiijs felt. I'rof. and Mrn.
Sehenck and daiithtei | , of Diijton , ikwmpnti }
them and will upend tlio mimmcr in tiiin cit > ,
O. Wheeler.I. M. l.nj ton , ( teorgo I'errin ,
C. ( J. McN'ell and wife , W. ! ' . Campbell and
Ms ! ltd ! , of Chicago ; It. J Scott , of Den
Mniiics ; 1 * . K. Learyand mother , 1M. Lomj ,
.1. K. Convis and John W. Henry , of Chicago ,
are Kiieits at tlio ( < rand I'aiitic.
Seiinlor Ciinlield Ictvcs this inornin for the
South I'lntte conntiy , vxhein ho will invent In
a few nioro tracts of land. Tlio Nenutot Is ox
busy ns ever , and , likn Midas , tnin.s nil ho
toiuhes into gold.
( ! . W. linrnlmrt , Duncan ; A , H. lilewin ,
Hastings ; C. Iv. llnntington and H. ( > . ( ! r-
rett , Xorth Uenil , were at the 1'axton jextei-
Chief Clerk Montmorency , of the geneinl
htipeiintenilent'H otlleu It. iV M rnll\\ay , has
gonu to Utah , to bo nlvcnt nhnut three weekn.
ll . 1' . VanUnren , of Now York , linn ar
rived in the city to vinit her HOIIH , S. S. mid 1 * .
YnnHinen , forneveral weekH.
VA. OMlrien is now located in this city
as u-portcr raid convoxKer for thu mercantile
tigenej of It. ( ! . Dun iV. Co.
Miss dura Drown ictnrned Satin day fiom
Chicago , whciu HIO hiw been attending Mrx.
( ir.utt'H 1 ulies aciidcniy ,
Dt. Clurlos Abort and wifn rotnined ji'Htei-
day from a visit , to Minneapolis and legixlcrci !
at tliu ( tiund 1'acific.
Kev. Williutl Hcott , v\eiil toCieto Saturday
to ailibe s tho.Y. M. C. A. , of that place hi" '
li. K. Kittridge , Into of Loekpott , N. Y.
his been engigud OH night clitk at thu 1'nxton
W. C. Klielby , of Menoinoneo , Win , , legi
teied at thu Metromlt.m ] ! jiHteulay.
1'liH J. I.oliurgm , of Itonlder , Colo. , tig
Intelul at tliu 1'axton joitenla ) .
C' C. Spcnj , of the Yankton iigeney , ii'gif
leii'il at the Mlllnid jeritculiiy.
M'IH. Alf. 1) . Moriis Is veiling hei nirttci
Mrs. ho KJU , in Ninth I'hitto.
Hon. Low May , the ftah commUnloner , * n
turncil to Fremont jestcnlay ,
Oeorgo X. TJoel , of KinMlt , win a gitrnt i
the ( ii.unl Pacific } entutilay.
I ) . I ! . Tlioinpnon , of Ja'ncoln , was at U
( ! i md Pacific jesterdny.
C. ( ! . Wooilworth , of Itnffalo , ipgixteiod i
the Mlllnid } i'U nluy.
( ! en. 1'iteher , IT. H. A , was a west liomi
pussengei vi'Hteiilay.
A. and ( ! . ( ! . Ilallnin , of Mnrra > , la. , at
at the Mettopolitnn ,
Klierilf Dave Millet left for Cedar Itnpii
jehterilny afteinoon.
( ! eo. Shledloy , of Kans.u * City , was at tl
Paxton jesteidiiy.
T. J1' Palniet , of I'lattNiiinuth , was nt tl
Paxton jesterdny.
.fumi'i O'Kiien , of .St. I'niil , in a gncst i
tliu Motiopolitnn.
Mm. ( ! . W. CnmingH , of Ueiivei , In a gnet
of thu I'n\ton.
ClniH. II. Shaw , of Chcvennu , in at tl
Alex. .Senforth , of Konrnny , is a guest of tl
II. II. Iliet-Htand , of HiiKtingri , is at tl
Metro politnn.
.Tolin 1 ( . Hnttlett , of Minneip < ilis , in at th
J. PngKluy , of Hivuiton , Is nt the Metn
Hon. Win. A. Paxton hnHiutmncil from tli
w ertt.
Hon. John II. HarncH , Poncn , is at the Mi
A , H , liinhop , of Denver , in nt tlio Paxtot
IMw IMily , of Denver , is at thu Millard.
Congiehxinnn Laird in hi town.
A tliiKlu ili o ( sanfunlii Itaillral Curu lnst.ui
rillutui tliu iiuiiit tlnluit Sncc/int , ' nr llcail C'ul
TH tllU lie 111 US llIIKlJjIe , HtllM | UlltCTJ
( rointliu iiiiiunnil vvun , pruMiilM lUngl ! ! , ; NnUm
10 the lltail , iiirts Niruiiis hc'iuladiu , unit .
I lillNniul I u\er In ( lironlu C'uturrli It rlc-uiws I
m n iwil | nil IKCS uf foul IIIIICIH , retorts thu M.MH.H
H Kinill , tixstoanil luarlnirhtn uir < .t.tul , ( rots t
liciul , thrnit anil lininclil il tnliti ol iillcimltu nut
nHciiciii nnil jinrllluH tliu Invatli tnp' tliu con
le nnil urruktH tliu prnKKui "I catarrh touuanlt ci
line imttlo lladleal Ciiru , onu Imx Catanhal h
ji tint mill Stnfunl'x InliaUr , till In onu pickaxe ,
i- li\ nil ilnu' l < U fur il Auk fur HANHIUKH ItAi
ih et'ui : I'OTTIIII Hum AMiCiiKu , cu. ,
I'or tlio rclltl nnil pruvcntli
.fU tliu INh CAM' 11' IS AlTUr
U- nl Itlieiiniatlkin , N'uurol la , Stl
U1 Ic-a , L'oniihs , CiiUN , Weak ll.i
1II htnniacli anil IluiitU , hhout
II 1'ulns , Nuiuljiicss , lljatcria ,
1- main I'alni , I'aliiltatloii , IJ p
110 ih , I.hcr Complaint , Illlllouj
10 \ y / o vtr . Malaria and eiililenilca ,
* ' v > t'OLUNb1 I'l\SThliafan ELI
'u r . ' IH\\ _
wt | | , 8 porous riaktiranillai
It at pain. "Jc. siwhvro ,
A Kentucky School Exhibition Suddenly
Closed with a Fnueral ,
A Jealous Hibernian , in Chicago ,
Displays His Prowess as
a Cutthroat ,
TinHoillcHof Tvvo Women ItoducctI
to DiiHt Sundry Salilmth
A School i\1iluitlnn. :
SHdal | 1
GUKKNIIUIUI. Kv. , Juno 17. Dining a
school exhibition at Sulphur Well , Met-
calfo county , Marshal Henry Bcauclianip
asked J B. Winfioy and J. Piii'o to < lo-
sist fiom making a disturbance. Wm-
fioy and Piico opened file and Beau-
champ loluined it. Mr. Finland , a by-
standei , was shot dead , Beauehaiup was
nun tally wounded. A laily , Miss Philli-
pot , was sttuck on the cheek , The
ncgio has not been heaid fiom since. Ho
is supposed to bo dead in the bushes ,
wheio ho hid Winfiey escaped injury ;
Piico was badly wounded. No aircsta-
A Ha/or Out.
Sp tot Dispatch to Tin. UMU
Cnii'AOo , Juno 17.On Ninth avenue
to-night , Thomas McQniic , a dock labor
er , met Mis. Maty Little , piopriutor of a
laundiy , and cut her tfhiat with a rax-or ,
which lie then tin tied upon himself. Tlio
w oman died in a few minutes and tlio
man will piobably iccover. Jealousy
was the cause.
A M\cly
Sjiiclftl IH p ti li to Tllf HPK.
Nivv : HAVII.V , Juno 17. Asoiiousfight
occuned at the steamboat landing to-duy.
Ollicois atteniited ] to attest a drunken
passenger of the Grand Republic. They
woto lesisted by the ciowd , and several
ollieers and others severely beaten.
Stnlilicd With n IMn.
Sici | ! ul UUpntiU to 1 UK ! ! . ,
BOSTON , June 1(1. ( Bornaid J. M altan ,
IJ joais of age , was fatally stabbed in
the neck , Saturday night , with a shawl-
pin , in the hands of a dissolute woman
named LU. Finnegan. Mahan hail re
fused to drink in her company.
Tin ; lli'llivitiIliaIn .
'Jliidnl ttiintch | to Tills III n.
CINOIN.NAII , Juno 18. The Bellovua
house , a well-known lull top losort ivt
the head of Elm stieet , is on the since
midnight and still burning at 1:110 : a. m.
The house is valued at ! ? ; iO,000.
A Iltiiittnn Parly.
SpuUl lllsuikli | to Tin llrf
Sr. Louis , Juno 17. The shoiift'of
Dunklin county , Mo. , with a posne of
fifty men , is hunting for a man naiueil
1 lav den , who hist Wednesday killed
Cajit. C. L. .lohnson , who tesided near
Kellott , by shooting him.
Kriiin Turun till.
S | > ulul lll ) iutcli to'Liu lifl. .
ST. Lotus , Juno 17. Judge Cheutur-
Iviuiu , wlioso .absence .caused no much -4
comment for suvoral weeks past , lotunied
totlio city to-night. Ho held n , long-
confeionco with his father and HOIIIO
fi iends. Noai ly all the statements which
have been published about him weio
news ( o him and excited surprise. Ho
would not bo intoiviewed. Ho said ho
would prepate a statement for publica
tion in a day or two.
Tvvo Hoilli'h Cremated.
Hpulnl Dispatch t 1 III Htr.
WASHINGTON , Pa. , Juno 17. The re
mains of Mrs. Beit ha Blechorwho died in
Now York on the UOtfi , weio put in tho-
letort at the LoMoyno fmnaco at 91
o'clock last night , and thu ashes lomovcd
: at midnight. She was a Goiman , mill a
member of the United States ciemntion
of company. The ashes will bo sent to- *
Cailsihue , Germany. The body of Mrs.
Coinolia Wolboig , wife of Simon Wol-
berg , a mining bioker , of Now York ,
airived at 11 o clock this moining , and
was taken immediately to the crematory
and placed in the totort. When the >
ashes ate lifted they will bo sent toiler-
late lesidonco and put in an inn iuid'
placed on the pallor mantel.
A Ilriol' lint Dcf'lHlvc I'rUf
nilal UnpuUli to'1 lit III * .
SIKUIIKNVILLI : , Juno 17. A pi i/o fight ,
shoit but totiilic , was fought yesterday
afteinodn in Colliery township , fifteen
miles ft out heio , between Tom Duffy ,
superintendent of the Chcrij * Hill mines ,
and Peter Murphy , a minor. Both art
young men and weigh about 175 poinula
each. Onlylivo i omuls were fought , but
Murphy was whipped and touibly pun
ished. Theio wore 300 spectators. The
aflatr wound up in a riot.
Works tliroiiKli tlio Mood , regulating , tonltiR.
anil Invigorating all the functions of tlio
Ringworm Humor and Sail-Rheum.
ItAYKItAM , MASS. , Aug. 12 , 1878.\j
C. I. IIoo Co. : Gentlemen * -
I have liadiliiRvvorm humor and salt-rhenm
so badly that my body was covered with raw
soics ; so , also , my head and ( ace. I have
had any number o ( doctotslntho last sev en
v ears , anil none of tlie-in could cure me. Ono
day my mother was lu the city of Tatinton ,
and found one of > our cook books , and la
icailhiRlt I found many people tcstlfvliiBto-
cure.s from the use of yom harsaparllla and
Olive Ointment. I tclt forced to try U.
although 1 had seen ninny things advertised
that nuvcr did mo any Bood. I have now
Bl taken two small bottles and one large ono ol
baisatiarlll. ! , and used tlneo boxes of Oint
ment. 1 now call myself cured. Nothing
ran bo seen of the humor but the dim out
lines of the goics. I shall take two more
bottles , and then the cure will be complete.
thuof Biliousness , Sick Headache.
thu rnrsrir.u ) , MASS.
ttr M I'ssns , C. I. HOOD & Co. : C ents-1'leaso
Bend mo by express twobottles Hoot ) H SAU-
HAPAiiu.LAaiidafevv Cook Hooks for dis
tribution. Your preparation has worked
wonders In the case of my wife , who has
M been troubled with sick headache and bil
III iousness for years , bho only tookonehalt
ON teasi'oonfiilnt ailoso , ami has not been so >
\vellforflvo years as now. She found that
vvltliln a week after taking U she felt very
much better , and Is now entirely free front
on , those seveio headaches. She has not taken
: D , any of any account since last bprlug. and
lat- what little she hail Is lent to i V some others.
tck , some good , and wo must have it lu the house.
KO. IssoM by all druggists. Itlco St , or six
KU laruo bottles for | b. Prepared pulybyO. J *
IIOOD & CO , Apothecaries. Lowell , Ha
I Or" US9 UOOD'3