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The Colored Troops Trot Out
Their Band and Serenade
Sb , St-plion : ,
The Immnculute Meteor Adda
Els Voice to ' the Concord
ol' Bwcet t-'ounde , "
The Qcverumont Viciously Da-
uouaced und the Jury
Important Acoeislons to < hu Dim-
coratio Ruuks-
Special Ul patch to Tin DIB.
D rioy wttj suronnded late this oven-
Irg by the colored republican club of
this olty. Ho made a brief speech In
acknowledgement of the conrtocy , in
which ho said : "I thank yon for the
heart you have ithown iu calling here
this evening. I thank yon , not only
for myself , bnt for all the defendants ;
I thuul : you , not only for all the do
fendunls , bnt thur families , for the
courage you have shown In the pros-
euco of all the dishonor that the gov
ernment has tried to put npon mo in
plastering the graves of mothers and
the cradlea of babies with infamy by
unjust power. You are bravo and
strong enough to ralso np your voice
and yonr right hand cg\lnit thia at
tempted injustice. I tuank you for
the pluck , men l.ko you can ahem lu
looking in the face of power. But
over aud above nil that , thla verdict
has told the Btory In whoso presence
huni nlty will bow down. Possibly
not this year or next , bat the tlmo
will c'ino when 11 will be pointed teat
at Mauiuloy pointed to the trial of
Warrou Hastings , ' 'Tao trombllui ;
wires of intelligence that bore
the message of acquittal to
B&rllu , Moscow and Dunlin , told
the poor , lowly and hopo'osc
that thetre were yet twelve mon to be
foaad who would deal j utly by them ;
that tharo waa not a government
largo enough , there wivi not B public
tre&utty frultfnl enough , there were
uot lords of gold thick enough , there
wan not executive power great nnongh
to eeduce the judgment of twelve hon
eet man. " Tnia trial aud thla vcrdlcl
boa placed npon Iho books of justice
splendid record of the mauni'od oi
men. The jury was mvlo uj
of detaooraia nr.d republicans
colored mon. white men ,
Protestanta , Cithollc ? , Atheiatt
all ngrocd that the mon charged wen
not guilty. S3 itturua out that it
the DiBtriot of Columbia , where thi
cloud of power oista its nhadow ovoi
every Individual , twelve mon could bi
found who 'would uot bond the pregnant
nant hinges of the knee that thrlf
might foltow fawning. ' The halk
of glory and trath will hang abou
them aaloug aa they live ; it will decc
rate every thatched cottage that ha
been built , or will be built in the uex
thousand years , Good bye , I than
you. "
A Lunin rusu D-ESKY.
Ex-Sonr.tor Djisoy hau written th
following letter to the uewiy-electo
Bocretary cf the r publtcau nations
committee. Gen. Jno. A. Hariin , c
Atohiaou , Kio i
DEAIS Sir : At the time when I WE
confined in a dark room , unable to BE
the walls , I received 5 letter from 501
I euppoiod an anawor wea sent yet
utir it turna out the Btonographl
notca vrcro never trantcjlbad I regret
grot thla. When I waa appointed oe <
rotary of the republican national coir
mittoe , at the request of Uau. Gil
field , and nocapted the place at th
earneat solicitation of Gen Arthu :
roproaentlnp ; the Grant aide of th
tonne , and Wm. E. Chandler , repr <
seullog the Bl&inu aide , I made tb
aanio wqaest of GJV. MoOormlcl
who wao my predecesaor , that yo
have made of mo. I had at that tin :
A fanciful notion that a rccor
iiad been kept of tha republican part
that showed its life and pnrpoai
that would leave a permanent hiatoi
1 of an honorable existence , and shn
what had transpired In toG , -CO , 'G '
and 72 ; that that record belonged i
| the repbcbHcau national cominittei
and that the secretory was the propc
custodian of It. Chandler gave Mi
Oormlckno reco'rds. Mr. McCormlt
told me he had no records to give ,
bave nothing moro to give you tha
they have given me. I have a gro.
mags of papers relating to the can
palgn. Taeynre chiefly letters ad
drescei to me , and letters written t
me , In which no ono could have tl
slightest ( nter st , except to obta
cnrloua information.
When I accepted the seer o tar yah !
I made a condition that not a pent
of money subscribed for political pc
poses should come into my bane
There never waa a dollar of enbscrjb
fnnda reoelvod by mo or paid out 1
mo personally. The money was nnd
my direction , but all my personal e
pnnsoe , and the expense * of the clcr
serving with ma , were paid from r
cwn pocket , amounting to over 1,3C
The only records I have are the p
chocks of my own contributions
The bank book showing the char
of my own folly I think best to ike
( ID a reminder of the splendid gra
tndo of dishonest power. In t
midst of the storm brought about
the efforts I had pul. forth under
dlruolton and in Its behalf , a bru
atBaaltwas made upon mo as leader
the committee , when I was not pr
ent to defend myself , and uot o
among the forty numbeis had t
resent t
courage or manhood to
mlaoraUe cowardice cf an ambitlc
hypocrlto. But boar in mind tl
justice will some time bo written
the hand of honor. So far aa I i
personally concerned , If there ia n
paper in my postesslon , or any supg
tlon I can make , I will bo gratified
reapond to your call.
Sincerely yours ,
Tlin Pennsylvania Rnilroad.
cial Dupitclcs ta Tna lsi. !
PiiiLADELPUii , Jane 15. 1
Ponnsylvanla railroad atockholdc
privilege of subscribing to the ti
stock of the company , expired this
ternoon. Although the aotnal all
rnpnti of fiubtcrlptions cinnot
Jeamed DDlU computationa are mi
whloh will take ton days , olliaors r'
the company aay there la no doutn
thi * . the entire allotment , amounting
tu 100 000 shares , will ba taken. For
some t tins.'ho rumor has boou ctarronl
that the Pennsylvania railroad com-
tiany intended leasing the lines of the
Ljhl 'h railroad company. The stock
hits not bcondltturbsd In nayporoopt-
lbo ! way until to-d y , when ic took a
l ip 3f t'ouly five doilurj a share.
This nudden aotlvlly and enormous
rise cotnos of the fact that on Third
street to-day the rumored IC&BO wns
given high color by asiuranoca that en
agreement had been perfected aud
that the Pennsylvania sallroad com
pany had taken the road and guaran
teed a dividend from 10 to 15 per
cent on the Lehigh Volley road'a CAP-
Itnl stock.
Joe Saongerfoit-
Special Dispatch to Tni B
ST. JOE , Mo. , Juno 15. The sacn-
perfect opened with every prospect of
anccoaa. The city la finely decorated.
The Omaha Maonnorohor ia in the beat
of spirits , and the Fourth Infantry
band ia prlmo. They excel. Bic'i
crcboatra arrived thla morning. The
grand conoerta are an aaaurod HUCCOSB.
Spoclil Dispatch to Tni Um.
LIMA , Jnno 15. The following par
tlculara relative to the terms of peace
are published here , taken from letters
atolen from a optclal courier on route
to G < m. Igleslaa : Onlli not to forfeit
dosreca about guano and saltpeter , fa-
sued February 9 and March 20 1882 ;
that the not prodt of 1,000 000 tuns ,
dodcctinc ; expense , be equally divided
batwoxn the Cailiau and Pernvlnn
bondholders. Those profi'a ara only
toojtno out ef thoitlandu notr worked ,
aa tbo future mlnen found In iho an
nexed territories belong exclusively to
Chill , who can dispose of ruoh newly
discovered mines nt v.ill. Oalll does
not hold horaulf rojponslblo far any
iudcb'oducBs of Peru. Chili holds
sovereignty of the Lobos l landa until
aniliclent gaftrautoe to fulfill the aulo
of 1.000 000 ton.Wnan the treaty
n rnt fid 0 till turns over to Peru
51 p r cent of the not proceeds from
iho Liboj ialitndd. Liatly , cummer *
olul rol-itiona and Indemnity to the
Oaillim cUzsna will bo dlaauasad
Special Dlspitcbcs ta Tus USB.
BEKLIN , Juno 15 The committee
of the lower hbujo of the landtag , ot
the church bill , has approved cianec
fie of thu mc&aurovitli an amend
ment allotting blshopa racognlzod bj
tbo data to oxorslBo their function !
outside their dioceses. All amoud
monta to the sixth clause , whloh ro
pcaln the provisions of the May lawi
inconsistent with the bill , ware ro
jictod. Tne first' reading of the bll
wax conceded by the cuntnlttco.
Harr Windthorat , Ultrauioutcm
t loider , and the centre party , are un
decided whether to votn for the BCO
oiid readlrjt ; of the church bill.
Tao Emperor will hnvo an inter
vlotv with the King of Denmark a
Wiepbadou Saturday. This will b
their firat interview aluca 1870. It 1
probably intended to make farther
arrangements for strengthening th
relations between Denmark and Gar
PARIS , Juno 15 Admiral Pierre
commander i f the Francli Osot c
_ isear , in a report of thu bos
bardment of Majung < \ , My 1C it
imjo ho demanded thu bnrrandor c
the place , but received u evasive n
ply. Five vceaeln opened Gro ou th
town , und three f jrts , mounting tbict
guns quickly silenced. The Hov
quarter of the town waa duotrojoc
bat the French factory and most c
the American honatm vacapod Injnrj
Tao garrison of 3,000 men retre < ttec
The French anstainod no loos. The
occupied the town and are collectln
customs. ,
LONDOV , Jane 15. John Brlghi
responding to a speech of Lord Gran
vilu > , at n bdnquot given the former c
Birmingham luat night , dwelt on tt
necessity of extending the freedom <
trade and franchise , and rediatrlbi
butlon of Boats In the coouaona. RE
forrlng to India , he aald he hoped tl
Mai quia of Rlpon , viceroy , wonld t
supported in carrying out his policy <
wiadom and justice. He reprobate
the courae ot the obstructionists j
the commons , who , ho aald , nllk
with the Irish rebel party , wore doit
their utmost to make It Impossible fi
the house to do any work ,
. Jane 15 The Times sa ;
that the sentences of the dynamll
conspirators , Gallagher , Whltehea
Wilson and Oartlu , are severe , bi
r- oonalderlngthehelnoutnoaa of thojc
rB. . fonse , they received no more than the
) B.d deserts. All the London journals a
prove of tbo eentenco.
er DUBLIN , Jono 15 The Freomac
x- Jonrual approves the sentence of D
xka Thos. Gillagher , Henry Wilson , Jol
ay Ourtin and Alfred Whltehoad.
Id LONDON , June 15. The oommo
laat night paaand a bill providing f
pranta to Admiral Seymour ai
ep Wolsoley for services rendered darli
tlho the war in England.
by Tito Tempfirnnoo People ,
its Special Dltpatch to Tin lli .
tal HALIFAX June 15. The Grni
of Lodto ; of Good Templara of the wor
jane adopted the reports of the commltt
ne on the color quonttou , rejoicing in t
ho vindication of the fundamental pri
ho ciplea of the order by the iuatltnti
of the order in fourteen out of fi'co
lat of the southern states of Amerli
by The secslon then closed.
ny Railroad Mcttora.
08to Special DUpatch to THI Uii
to GALVESTON , June 15 It In rumi
ed that the Gilvrstuu ttcckholdo
who hold a controlling intoreot { n i
Santa Fo railway , have agreed to pi
their earnings and stock lor five ye ;
and vote against any sale of the roi
'he HIgU liiotnie in Illinois.
IK' Special Dispatch to Tui Mil.
ow Si-aiNdPiKLD , III. , Juno 15 , T
af- Ilarpor high lcens ( > ] bill pawed t
otbe lanate this afternoon by a vote .of
be to 20 , the republicans supporting a
the democrats opposing the m'enin
Hamilton nlcuod the bill a few
moments after Its piasago. The now
law fixes the whisky license at $500
and beer at $160 annually , over the
entire B'nto , ii.chidlng all cities nnd
towoB The nqw lar goes into effect
the first di\y cf Jaly uuxt.
St > OHTlNa.
Special IXftpatrhoii to Timbmt ,
CoviNdTON , Jnno 15 The LUonla
Jookoj club : Club pnrao , mile and
ono furloug , Drake Carter won , Emma
Maulov Bosond , Cdutorvllle third ;
tlmo , 2C2i. :
Club put'ao , mile and a quarter , LU-
tie Buttercup won , Metropolis soc-
oid. Major Hughes third ; tlmot
2:14 : ] stakoi , for thrao year-old ) ,
mile and three furlongs , Loolatns
won , Referee second , Aztec third ;
time , 2:27j :
Club puiao , mile boats , Lirdlliylan
won , Ballnit snccnd. Odklcaf third ;
ilme , 1:401,1:40 : : , l:4i
Island racuc Threu-quarters of a mile
daab , Little Mlnch won , llirrlot BOO-
end , Uostatjo third ; time , 1:15 :
Mile dash , Ciata B won , Little
Katlo second , OontouLial third ; tlmo ,
1:44 :
Mlle and a quarter , Hilarity won ,
Binarotta second , Mont third ; tlmo ,
2:11 :
Fourth race , one mile , F ir Water
won , G en Allen second , Doubtful
third ; time , l:45j. :
Ste.'plo chase , Moscow won , Oiptaln
Yorkoecond , Banger third ; tlmo , 2:44 :
COLUMBUS , 0 , Juno 15 Free-for-
all pace Flora Bdlle won In three
straight heats , Sillor Boy second ,
Lincoln Jack third ; tlmo , 2:18& : ,
2:22 : , 2:21 |
Oiaea 2U5 , : Blanche H. won in
straight heats , Moodlo H. second ,
Kitty Woods third , Nettle R. fourth ;
best time : 2.00 ]
UARTFJKD , July 15 List day of
Chnrtor Oek park meetlt g. Class
2:25 : , Ezra L won , Nickel second ;
TAlley B iy trilrd Fronk fourth ; time ,
2.21 , 2:21J : , 2:22J : , 2:23. :
Class 2:42.Judge : DAVIS won in
straight heat ) , H. 0. Winahlpapoond ,
McOuro third ; tlmo , 2:22 : , 2:25J : ,
2:25 : * .
PHILADELPHIA , Juno 15. Buffalos ,
22 ; Phllndolphiaa , 4
BOSTON , Juno 15. Ohlcatjoa , 8
PROVIDENCE , Juno 15 Providence ,
5 ] Dotrolts , 2
NEW Youi ? ! Juno 15. Olevolands
G ; NOTYorka , 3.
A Talk Witli Bishop Snauldlnc-
Special Dlapttcb to Tni C .
PnnniA , Juno 15 , In an interview
v/lth Blahop Spanldlng thia morning
the dlatlngnlahed prelate corroborate
the Rtatemont that the archbishop ] o
the United States have been command
ed to assoni'oio nt Rome next October
to a pragramma 1'or a plonarj
council to be held in America Tbi
1 buelnors of the council will only par
tain to osoloalaitical oflioua lu thi
country , not Involving Irlah nffalra
It ia throe months alnco Bishoi
Spauldlng lott Roaio , nnd the hbov
was the ponltficiil intentions at th
tlmo of hia departure. The pUua fo
t the oatabliehmont of a Oatholia mil
9 varsity In thla country are iinuiulurc
9r 9a
r Anotlier Oil "WolJ.
Special Dispatch to TUB lim.
TiToaviLLis , Juno 15 ThoGrandi
well , No 9 , near Balltovrn , was drille
into band thla ufturnoon , and prove
to bo a big w&H. It yielded 25 bj :
rcla the first liour und 55 the nuoutu
r.nd will do from 310 to 500 bjrre
thu lirjt 24 hours.
Bucklon'a Arnica i
Tbo greatest medical wonder of t' :
world , Wnrr.mtetl to speedily cure Uiuu
Bruise ? , Cuts , Ulcers , Salt llhoam , Jevi
Sorco , Cancers , Pile * , Chilblains , Corn
Tetter , Chapped Hands , and all akin eru ]
tionf , guaranteed to cure in every inntnnc
or money refunded. 25 cents par box ,
For anlo by O. F. Ooodmun.
Trndo EmlmrrnstraontB-
' Ecprttd hy liiadetreet-
8 There wore 148 failures in the Unite
States reported ta Bredstroot's dork
the past week , 12 less than the pri
coding wesk , 18 more than the oorro
pending week of 1882 , and 06 cao :
than the aame week of 1881. Cot
pared with the previous week thomli
die states had 37 , an increase of .
New England states 28 , aa increase <
10 3 ; southern states 27 , an Increase <
2 ; western states 40 , a doorcase of'
\ Pacific coast btatos and terriU
n rlea , 1C , a decrease of 4 ; Cint
' 17 , The fa'llures generally were n
° important. TJO Grafton Iron cop
pany , of Pittsburgh , Pa. , and Lei
tonia , Ohio , asked an extension , ar
A. 0. Tlnstmant Co. , coke mam
factnreraof Pittsburgh , assigned. ]
the principal trades they were aa fc
lows : Grocers , 23 ; general trader
20 ; liquors , 11 ; shoos , 9 ; alothieg , :
dry goods , G ; millinery , 5 ; hardwar
5 ; manufacturers , 5 ; furniture ,
tobacco and clgari , 3 ; produce ai
provisions , 3 ; lumber , 3 ; iljur. gral
etc. , 3 ; hotels and restaurants ,
jewelry , 3 ; brokers 2 ; drugs , 2
id Iioss of Appetite , Dowels costive
Id Fain in the lload , with a dull uen
Ration in the back part , Pain undo
00 the Shoulder blade , fullness afte
tie eutlng' , with a disinclination to ex
ertion of bodr or mind , Irrltablllt ;
lion of temper , Low spirits , with a feoi
on In IT of havinir neglected eomeduty
en Wenriness , Dizziness , Fluttering a
the heart , Dots before the oyee , Yol
sa. tow Skin Headache
, generally ovc
the right pyo , HestlessnoES , with fit
fal dreamo , niRhly ooloreu Urine
( Ulnpttil lo aiich ( iisen.nne dole ct
rcctn micli a cimiiue fir fcelliiec BI (
? ' OAtimUlt Ilio attnvrer.
heel 'li'y | tiicrfnsothe Ai > i > rtltc , ndcanF
> ol tte tody toTaUe ou J'lesli , tlm Hitny
torn U noiirUlicil , and l > y tliclr Tout
, I'llroijccut
ulnsr bloiiU nroprtKlucfil
, d ; t.t Murray St. , N. Y.
oiuTllAn ! \ymeKKiis changot
DUCK Ly a lnKH > npipllcotlon of thl BrK. I
ho ImparUan&turulcolor. Aclilnstantaneoui
80 rcei > to..j. .
nd Oi'FJCU , 5 JIDltltAY HT. , N.
Witli Whloli a Kansas Man Eased
the Trobbing of a Do-
ceitinl Bosom.
He Bores His Faithless Wife
with Lend tvnd BangH the
Whole Shebang.
The Developments in the Fa
mous ABbland Tragedy
A Black Flnnd in Alabama. Hurl
ed HollwBtd Without Prayoi .
A FAithlon Wlfo Killed.
Spe-lal Ulsputib to llli Uii.
KANSAB GUY , Jnno 15. Johnlliy-
Bor , a mechanic ngod 21 , this after
noon shot and killed Ada Thorno ,
aged 13 , an Inuinto ol a bagnio on
West Trilrd ntreot. Ilayaor married
the girl about a year ago at Laavon-
north. She afterward left htoa , and
aovornl weeks ago entered a life ( f
shama In this olty. R ysor , while
nndor the aonoa of liquor ,
visited her this afternoon , and
attempted to porauado her to
return. Falling in this ho drew a re
volver and fired Dvo limes , three bnlls
entering the woman's head , ono her
shoulder and last through her heart.
Unloading , ho fired twice at the other
inmates aud twice at An officer who
attempted to arrest him , bnt without
effect. Ho WAS then overpowered and
taken to the station.
O.-th Stein was Indicted to-day by
the grand jury for the murder of Goo.
Judge Krum's I
Special Dispatch to Tin Uii.
ST. Louis , Juno 15. Application
was made thla afternoon in the pro
bate court , by an attorney for Mia
Mary Mauntng , ono of the hoira ol
the Ford estate , of whloh the mUalnjj
ex-Judge Chester H , Ktutn was ad <
minlstrator , for the appointment ol
another person to take charge of the
estate. The attorney stated that from
an examination of the records It WAI
found false statements had boon filoc
In the court. Mca. Manning , in en In
terview , stated that Krum had fron
$40,000 to § 50,000 which was duo her
that he had failed to mnko any settle
ment with her f > r three yoire ; that hli
replies to her inquiries wore all uva
alvo , etc.
Glaroaoo Nowoomb , of Thiol's deteo
tivo bureau , returned to-day and eon
firmed hia previous statement tha
Krarn had traveled with him fron
San Francisco to O don. Krum wa
rogluterod at the Palace hotel , Sai
Francicoo , under the unmo of Jxme
Uglily , and traveled nndor thnt name
His ticket wna for Salt Like Olty , bu
at Ogden he suddenly changed hi
mind , und eaylng ho wonld go to Par !
City , a mining town in Utah , ho gav
him the slip. Nothing has boon hunri
of Kram's whereabouts since.
The Anhlnnd. Criminal ! .
Special Uljpatib to Tin tin
OATLLTrsiinno , Ky. , Juno 15. Th
preliminary hbai'tnp of the case i :
Wm. Dlrcly ( soloruo ) , the uowly ar
rested ptriuoner charged with commit
ting , with t.wo other ncgrooi , th6 oni
lago on the Glbbona fitrl , and th
brother ut Aahlnnd , Kj. , continue
to Monday at thorcqaaatnf detective !
Kllli , Nual aud woi
tried , fouuk guilty and ordure
to bf > hanged for the mnrderi
On the contention of Ellis , who wi
M'wcrda lynched , Neal and Gra
have been ajtiteatiug the csao in tl
higher courts for Iho past Elcrnonthi
and wuro recently refused a now triu
The arroat of Dlroly on newly dlsoov
orod evidence puts an entirely no
phase ou thooo calobratcd murder ;
There ia great excitement in KOI
tutky over the arrest of Dlroly i
Ohio. Including Ellis und the vlciitr
of the outrages , sixteen lives h&vo a
ready baen forfeited.
A Blnok Brut * Ziynohed.
Special Dlipatch to TUB BXK. '
WKTUMPKA , Ala , Jane 15. Jordc
Oorbon , who mnrdorod BJUJ , Oirde
and serloualy wounded hla wife BE
son , for the purpose * of raping C
den's daughter , near OooBaooo , Moi
day night , was captured by oltleat
and put In jill Wednesday. Thi
night ho was taken from jail by
crowd of COO and hung. The crlrr
was the moat deliberate , horrible an
exasperating conceivable , Corbln sta ;
ng around the house an hour. It wi
barricaded by the wounded wlfo wll
a bed on whloh lay her dead hnabam
shot in the head while asleep by a gc
pushed through the window. Tl
daughter escaped to the woods In tl
night. She was since found almo
dead from fright and Is not expeotc
o to live , The mother and son are voi
M seriously Injured , but will recover.
SidetraoBed In Mexiou.
„ BpecUl D ! p tcte3 to Till Bu.
' GALVEBTION , Jnno 15 , A Bast
men to special eayc Nijht before la
the down train from Monterey ri
over the body of a Mexican ly lot ; (
the track. An armed force of Mox
cans arrested and jillod all the ham
of the next train that puse
Another train reached the station tb
morning and was sidetracked. It h
not yet been released. The affair w
probably receive diplomatic notlo
It is thought American capitalists w
nee the case aa a teat of the Moxlci
law for the protection of properly.
Another Lynching Forty-
8pacUl Dispatch to Tin IIn.
DUOUOIT , June 10 A man nami
Warren , bolloved to bu the persi
who outraged end stabbnd little Noti
Lyona at ' Olwboyjjan , Sunday nig !
last , was'takon from the jail at th
plnoa Inet night by a mob of 500 ai
l.uae The girl iduutifhd him as h1
atsnilant but ha mtlntuinsd his ium
cenco after being ouca lut down , 1
confession ooulu be extorted from hli
Berne * Arqatttod.
Special Dtipitch to lui U .
LOUIHVILLK , Juno 15. Dr. Barnc
for killing nla brother-in-law , Olaron
15 > yd , waa before the city court tl
morning , nnd after argument fur 01
against tflo motion to disaiias , the ca
was discharged. "
85.0DO Short-
SpecUl Dispatch to Tu Uu. l
CHICAGO , Juno 15. Dipt. Clint
Spencer , postmaster at Ypillantl , hns
ooen smpundcd fcr a deficit of $5COO
In his account * . Ho is highly re
spected , Icsl lit leg at ddttyabnrg ,
and wa ? supporting some hulploas rol-
n 1 ffrta
Qcncrnl SUormnn'H Partlnn Adaroso
to the Weal Point Uiulots.
No York Tints.
While Mr. L'ncoln ' and Admiral
Hodgcrs and General Terry were
i peak lug more than ono of the cadets
in the graduating class looked moist
about the eyes , and wonld undoubted
ly have shod tears had they not been
young soldiers with a thousand eyes
upon them. The band played "Yan-
koo Doodle , " and then General Shor-
mon catno up smiling. Ha looked AS
hearty as over , and , aa usual , made
the speech of the day , though It was
impromptu. It was full ot fun and
pathos , and the people cried half the
time , aud then laauphed nw y their
"Yonug gentlemen , " natd the vet
eran commander-iuohlof , "after the
beautiful and oxhanstlvn speech of
General Gallntn , ( which I heard yes.
terday , and I hope you hoard , too ,
though I do not know whether you
could hoar It or not , ) and of General
Terry , whom I thank for hla address ,
officially , and of Admiral llodgors ,
there is not muah loft for me to say ,
for Admiral Rodpors covered almost
the very ground I should hnvo cov
ered had ho not usurped it. General
Terry came In 18GL with a big
heart and an educated mind
to strengthen us id the
croat work then before us. I am glad
I ordered him here , and glad hocnmo ,
though ho had some notion of raising
a constitutional question of authority.
As to 11 ) dRors , 1 know him when ho
was a midshipman ; when ho were n
blue jacket , with losa tall to It oven
thau yon have to your coats ; and when
ho carried the little sword wo called n
frog-sticker. ' lu Florida ho CMUC
aohoro lu the EsrorgladoB , und gave tu
valuable assistance. The ertny and
navy are brothers. Bo brotherly witli
the navy. I don't Intend to takomanj
minutes , as I don't usually. In look' '
Ing at this fine graduating class , cvoi
from this distance "
The general paused , and iho grad
uates pricked up tholr oaro , oxpoctinj
a compliment.
" you look exactly , " ho con
tinned , "like the class last year , am
the ouo before that , and the ouo o
every year slnoa the olnss that I graduated
uatod In. [ Laughter. ] I can BOO mj
self and my old classmates , almost i
yonr features. I can see moro of
and , and , " mentioning
dozen of his own classmates. "I 01
BOO old Joe Blankstor. In the sprln
of 183G there came hero great , blf
atont fellow , from Ohio , too , [ laugl
tor ] , li foot 5 Inches in his Blocking
n vurd across hla shonldorr , wolghiii
2CO pouuda.wlthhandahard with toll c
his father's farm. Ho had hard !
over BCOU the Inside of an arlthmotl
bnt bo had an houont , manly face , ar
were No. 1G shops , so big the sin
nukora used to charge him daub
( irlco for making them. IIIn paron
were poor farmers In thoBonthwoatei
part of Ohio. In the spring of 184
just before wo were graauxted , Joe
tather took ill and ho had to go horn
Ho waa too poor to have two nnlta
olothca , BO ho traveled all that dl
tar.03 In hia cadet , unifori
with the short tall , it WAB
prutidtmtlal oampnl u year , nnd , '
attended n great mrto muc.ttti
atill clad in hla fr < > y uniform.
tha npcakore talked about the tyrant
of the govGrnmant , the proaldun
at white pal&co , the golden spoo
ho nto out of , nnd the soft carpoto
tralkcd on. Ho epoko of that arlat
cratlo class on the North river , who
" 'wasp waUted wnmfiroa" were pa
$30 a month and found for doing not
"I'm ono of 'om , " Bild JOP , turuli
to a man who stood by him ; * 'I'm o
of the wairp-walatod wampiroa. "
"Hia remark was overheard , and !
was boasted up to the stand. The
was a shout aa Boon aa ho waa aoo
The orator waa silenced and the crov
shouted : 'If that'a a aamplo , glvo
moro. ' The academy was on i
verge of dissolution in 1840. I belles
that that Incident carried It throuj
tbo crisis. "
To illustrate the fact that graduatli
from West Point did not noooassrl
make n good man , the general oo
tinned : 'Bryan P. Tildon waa
member of my c'aas ; ho came from tl
beat schoola of Boston , and at once 1
of the class. Wo were all afraid
him ho know too much. At the 01
of the four years ho waa about tl
middle of the claes. Ho had an ho
orablo record till ho went with f
troopa to the Olty of Mexico , ai
there ho wanted to got rich. Ho out
mltted robbery , and waa condemn
for murder , and the scaffold w
orooted to hang him on. Just In t
nloh of tlmo the treaty was signed "ai
ho escaped. Bat he lost hU comm
slon , wont back to Boston , and fou
olonty of lawyers to whitewash hli
[ Laughter ] Joe Blankstor eec
lake uny ot us and butt our heads t
gothor , and could make
behave onrsolvor. Ho was strlc
on by lightening while
performance of duty , and now 1
buried , I believe , In the sands cf Fled
d . Tildon eventually died , aud t
a costly monument , I bollovo at lei
ho ought to have. When those in
approach the gates ono will stand aj
but the other , 1 think , will bo chic
I love every cadet that looks II
Blankstor , even to this day. I lo
to see yon strong and manly. If y
don't love your profeciion , go aw
id quick. You may , ouo and all , boooi
heroes , as others have before yon.
in bog yon , ono arid all , to look upon i
to kindly , for this may bo the last tlrai
ehall over comn to Weat Point , at a
id at rate. In an cfliolal capacity. In t
idr short months I shall cheerfully a
) r willingly resign my oommlselou.
\ will surely comn back from tiun
time If I can. I hops you will aoc <
n this beautiful day as the smllo
Provldonco Good-bye ono aud al
I have hoard General Shorm
speak on a great many occaslonn , 1
uevor saw him eo deeply affected as
Jo ce waa to-day , when ho bade his oflic
id farewell to West Point. Nearly oyi
l&dy iu the assemblage was in tea
and half the cadels were trying
ooucoal tholr faces. The bind app
prlntoly played "Auld L ng Byn
and the oommoncomont oxerclies wi
over. "
Mrs. A. T. Stownrt'a Isolation in Her
Kirch Avenue Palaco.
N , Y. Jjuraal.
Alone in her marble palace lives the
widow of A. T , Stewart. Ills re
mains , whloh are supposed tu be rest
ing beneath the magnificent mauso
leum of Garden Olty , are scarcely
moro secluded than is the pcrsonalUy
of Mr. Stewart.
The greater portion of the Stewart
mansion Is closed , dust gathers npon
Its painting and furniture , its blinds
of white and gold shut out the exterior
view , and , save a small suite of rooms
on the western corner , the mansion
Is practically descried. There Is
something touching In her splendid
Isolation within call of the fashion ,
care , elegance and bustling activity of
a restless social world.
A lady with silvery gray halrwhoeo
features ore still clearly cut and boar
the evidence of refinement , Is Mrs.
Stewart. Her oyea ore yet nndlmmcd.
She stoop ) slightly. Sao Is of kindly
presence , although her features bear
the traces of much Buffering , and a
habitual aternnots ot expression soi-
tlos npon her features when in repose.
llor ftou , when lit up with Interest of
a passing topic , affords the observer a
fair Idea of what Mrs. Stewart was iu
her prltnr. With the aid of a allvor
crutch-handled oano aho can got about
fairly. H it there are times when the
sorvicoa of her personal attendant are
much In rcqnoat.
Mrs. Stewart ia a woman of method.
When able , she rises by 10 o'clock ,
and breakfasts usually alone. Her
tasks are few and modest , and her
rich bnt simple breakfast equipage
contains the old-fashioned meal of
tea , dry toast , and aomo light , easily
digested food , na chicken or full.
Wlnoa aho rarely touches , save toward
evening , preparatory to retirement ,
between ! ) and 10 o'clock , when n
glass of purt aotn as A gentle , stlmn <
lant to a night of peaceful repose. 4
But detpito her long yoara ol
monrnlng , life has certain duties to be
performed , and n business tact , In
liorltod probably from her husband , li
still characteristic of Mrs. Stewart' )
domestic habits.
There MO certain pensioners to b (
looked cfor , accounts of personal ox
ponditurrs to too Investigated , Istton
to bo answered , aud old Irlotida to bi
received. Bjuldos nil thrao , her aig
nature lir.s to bo obtained to onndrj
1 business fornnlltloa that are India-
t pjiin-xblo. All thla takes up mon
tlmi thnn would at first appear ,
Ono of her favorite pastimes , pci
cullar to memy people , Is to indulge li
the luxury of having her hair brushed
Her silver bralda are long and line
and though lucroaaln ; ; yoara may hav
told upon her strength , time has added
od to rnthot than detracted from th
glory of her hair. This operatic
B usually laota for on hour or mon
n while her companion aouiotlmua it
y a relative -roada from the nownpapoi
B ; or from a religions book , as her fane
, d may incline.
10 Her tnnods are various aud oapr
lo cious. Ever-changing fancies arecoi
ts tiuually occurring to.hor mind. Oi
: n diiyoho may ba bright , sanguine , ar
0 , exceedingly pleimut ; the next at
i'a may bo plunged into utter denpon
o. cncy , and will rufuno comfort fro
o.of her most attached frlomla. Whi
s- laboring nndor theau morbid reflo
ttona aho hi boon known to Ho f
lionrs upon lu < r oouoh utterly ulono
lO Hnr hUDband'H p irirnit hatiga in h
bedroom , protected by n Mini ! ci
Of tain. Sin will lock at It for an he
'F ' at iv thuo , and than aitn the curtn
L's wlU rumaiu Uglily drawna for days.
US Under nomu conditions her vitall
tie Is nnrprlslng , and her lioiUli , upon t
o- whole , lo good , considering the meul
re tuffuring aho has undorgona. n
id palaoa la watchud night nnd day , ute
h- to tot to nco Mrs. Stewart ia ono of t
Inipueaibllitloa to thoao who are i :
Included among her warmest friem
Ilio Trail o Tribunal.
Special Dispatch to TIIK UBB.
10 Pirrsituno , Juno 15. The tro
ro tribunal , appointed to settle the wag
n.rd of railroad coal minors , mot this aft
rd noon , bnt did not transact any bu
aa nosa , ai Eoonczsr Oliver , ono of t
10 miners' representative ? , who olali
ro ho waa ( Uncharged on account of 1
connection with the trlbun
declined to soivo longer. T
inn vacancy will bo filled by the court'
rmurow , aud the miners' officers i
n- still hopofnl of aottlomont. Oih (
na think Oliver's roalgnatlon la a sign
10 trouble , and believe another Btrl
will bo inaugurated ,
CUTICUIIA TllKATilENT , hr tha c
as TIIK ikln , 80 lp , and biood dlietiji , com
lie In the Internal uia ol Ciitlcura llesolvont ,
id now blood puilOer , and the external uas ol Ci
curaand Cutlcura Hoip , the K' t ikln cuiw
Will McDonald , KW Pell born St. , Chlci
D.Id Krittfully acknowlodc acureol , Salt llheuca
Id biad neck , armt , and Irgiilor > Tentecn j'c
not iblt to walk except on birds tnd knees
ono yeirj not able to tulphlmie
UBk tried bundrcdi nl remidlet ; doctori pronoun
k- his ca bopelcBf ptrmanoKtljr curtd by Ci
kIn rura Keiolrent ( b > ocd pur I tit r ) Internally , |
UullcurA and Cullcuia Heap ( the great ikln c\
I OS exteinilljr.
PeOn'A8IB '
n. E. Carpenter , Ei'i , Henderson , K ,
cured o ( I'jotlatli or Lvprovy ot twenty yi
en Btacdli g by Cutlcura llc'olvont ( blood pun
Internally , aid Cnt cur * and Cu lima Soap (
great t kin cures ) externally. Tn racit wont
lull me on record , Cure certified to bcloi
ko JiMtlco cf the ptaca a-d prml'eut clt't IDS
fllic' < d with lloalrtr and ncalr dlstnoi the
vo snU to us for Hits trttlinonlal In full. .
none r. II. Ir > ku , Kii | , , Dutrol' , Mich , tuffered
I jwiuail d acrlpthii Irom a iklndiscati wh
no appctrel on till hind > , h al and fico acd n
ly dfstroj elklaeyxi. Themoit varefil docl
,1 , ln < filled tihulpi Im , and a tir all cad lallid
ay uuid thi Cu kma lUaolvint ( ilood pur Ilir )
ternallv , Ont'cura and Cutlcura Sotp ( Ihu ft
ffO ikln itiror ) cxicrDally. and wm curid , * tA
ud remained ptrlnctly well to th'a day.
1 6K M HUMOnO.
to ITra. 8. K. Whlpplo. Dcoitur , Mich , , wr
; pt tlut hoi IJU.D , ho d , ud inmu pattioi her bi
ire wtro almost law. ll d covcrod with i i
aid nofia , tuflired feardlly and tried
1. " erylLlnjr. I'erm nanlly cmeil liy Cutleurt
an olvont ( blood purifier ) and Cutluamand Cull
la Heap , the grtat skin curta
mt CutlouraRfim-ilUnarofor saleby
he drugK ! ti , fr..eol Cuilcura , small boxes , I
Ul large lioxoi 91. Cutlcura Uiaolrdif , tfl pot I
tlo , Outlcura Soap , J5c ; Cutlcura Bharliig B
iry 160 ,
For Hough , Chapprd or Or
ro- 8liIn , Dlackhoadi , I' mpla , 6
DIem'ihe , and Inlantllo Humor' , uio Cullc
! ra 8o . ixfulilto Skin lieautiUcr , and To
B t h : * nd hurncry Stnatlvo , * cl >
The Reservation Apaches Protest
Against the Eeception of
Crook's ' Oaptives ,
The Methods of Architect Hill
Pretty Thoroughly Vtn-
the RoTcnne
trlott Uthor Bffatteri-
Sprclal Dlipatch to Till tin
WASHINOTON , Jnno 15 Tha com-
mltteo appointed to InvnstluKte the
allegations of fraud ngalnofcSaporvh'
Ing Architect 11111 , rosuaiod it ef.ting
this forenoon , 'ilio oomtrti'.uo do-
cldcd to reoutuo the examination of
Stlncmotz in conticoluu with
the charges of fraud and cOrrnp'lon
In the oonstrnotioa of the 1'niUilel.
phlft postofilce , WltncBshad oonoludod
hu calculations , and waa prop \rovl to
show the dlir ronoB between the ptiao
paid by the government to contractors
for dressing stone for the entire
building and the aotual cost of the
work , based npon a liberal oa'.imato
tor labor. The total amount paid by
the povornmont to contractors waa
5818,700 ; cost to contractors , allow
ing a liberate estimate , at leait 30
per cont. for profit , wan $413 700 ,
habing $375,00) unnecessarily paid
by the government. The basement
and a portion of the aaoond story hav
ing been begun under a 15 pr cent
contract , those portions could not bo
Included In hia calculation , although
the estimated difference in the two
pricoj would add about $100,000 to
the previous totals.
This concluded Stluenut r.'o Icoll-
monyand the question arose whether
the commlttos ntid the dof-icse would
admit that the same exeats relatively
existed In the ooat of other public
buildings erected under Bill , or wheth
er the prosecution would bo required
to repent their prooi with expert tes
timony aa to each , Alexander , of the
committee , suggested as the same
principle wonld extend to all buildings
It would scorn to davolvo upon the
prosecution to convict Hill with fraud ,
as charged in tK > alleged oxtruva-
ganco in the erection of the Philadel
phia building. Colcman replied that
It might bo as bad in principle to otoal
50,000 aa $2,000,000 , but the do
enso might say "of ono building wo
admit extravagance , but you have not
connected Hill with any fraud. " The
prosecution were able and proposed to
jrovo the same extravagance , mls-
Ttanngoment or fraud were shown In
connection with all buildings , and that
contracts continued to bo mr.dc after
bho turporvlalnp architect had boon
ropoutcdly warned and udvlsod of their
unfairness to the r.ovornrnont. A
long dlsonsalon onuued flmired with
several nuarp posnugoa between coun
i10 sel The point , however , WDB not do-
10 oldnd aud the oonnnlttoo adjourned
id until to-morrow , whun Stluomutz will
10 ba crcua-rxnmlncd.
m WABIUKOTOK , Juvi 15.Tl > fol-
m ttloerem wna ructNuf. io-day
by Siorotnry Vellur :
or "SAN OAULOI , Ar ZJCG , Jan1 15.
A largo number of lojdlug Indiana
or Taey sent for
mot in osuiitll to-day
irnr mo , und oirnostly protected ngtlcst
nr the return of the Uhlraofthniu' men
in troubla Is euro
and boyr. They say
to f jllow f uoh a course. They want
the ohlofa nnd heul men purijhed )
i\nd the other nion tout where they
ul onnnot lo'tur > . They do not o j'ct
or to womim Mid chlldruu earning here ,
nd and Aak mo to makn kuovn their
ho viowo to yon and Ganornl Crook
ot and nr .o their adoption. All bands
la. unite in this rcqueot. They eay they
icnlrn to ruuiatu ut peace with thur
whlto neighbors , bnt CluraoihuuB will
does return to the warpith us ooon as they
grow strong again and the reservation
es Indians will then bo charged vtith hav
sr- si- ing aided and encouraged them. As
siho suring them of my confidence In the wis
dom of the authorities who would have
ils us to decide the matter , I promised them
to present the petition us an evidence
' of the justness of tholr position.
[ Signed ] WIMXMC , Agent.
Secretary Teller telegraphed Wilcox
directing him to rcoolvo uouo of the
ira Ohlrioahuas except the children. The
secretary saya the bucks must take
ore of themselves and the women.
koI The secretary of the , treasury gives
notice that exchanges of , continued
3J per cent bonds Into throe
I cents will not be made during
Ser next , the books of these two
S loans being then closed for prepara
tion of the August lit dividend. Con-
lull tinned bonds received ( or exchange
tbo during July will bo exchanged npon
II- the rooponlntr of the books August 1 ,
Interest at 3J per cent remaining to
that date.
in , v'Tho president has. appointed Wm.
( erin : K , Brown , of Kansas , register of the
ceU land cflho at Lirnod , Kansas , vies 0.
itlmd A. Morris , term of office expired ,
It Is understood general order for
redaction o ! internal revenue districts
Y.r . has been determined npon , and the
r will bo of
Dor question finally disposed
the next week.
All Secretary Lincoln will noc decide at
present what dlspotltlon will be made
of the captured Apaches. Ho will
wait until ho receives moro definite
bo. information from Gen. Orook.
iar. Shipping ; Newii
orho Spoo al Dlepitchca to Tin llli.
: Inat LONDON , Jnno 15. Arrived out :
has Abysainnlsi , Now York.
NEW YOKK , Juno 15. Arrived :
Thingvallu , Hulllu.
) dy CAl'SUEl ) .
kbey. . Tnov , Jnno 15. The yaoht Ilebo
Ra opaized in a squall on Lake Chnra-
cu.all plnin. The oaytjla and mate were
all drowned , .
Oc ;
ot Builnais Failure * .
Dap Special Dispatch to Tus DIB.
tan N W VOUK , June 15 , Bualnois
( alluua for the laat Bovoa.dayu ISO , an
kin igaltnt 173 laat week. New Eng-\
jra ) hiad 24' middle states 20 , weaterri'53 ,
lltt , lon'hura 35 , Pacifip states 18Newd !
.3 York city 11 , and Canada 10. Y