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The Daily Bee.
Saturday Morning , June 16 ,
Don't forget the St. Joseph excursion
this afternoon at 4 p , m , Tickets half
One case of disturbance ot the peace
was np yesterday , and the man was dis
charged. ,
Thomas Kuby. a young boy charged
with burglary , U In tha j all awaiting an
The U. F. superintendents are still
working on the new time schedule , and
expect to complete It and [ putltin opera
tion by July 1st.
Ask your grocer for D , Q , Evans &
Co.'s celebrated Anchor roasted ccffeo and
Star Baking Powder. These are the best
and cheapest goods in the market , eodtf
The old firm of F. 0. Festner & son
bos been reorganized , and they will again
make things hum at their spacious and
finely equipped quarters in Creighton
A man WM arrested Thursday on sus
picion of trying to swindle a dealer out of
a suit of clothes , his excuse for not p yln6
boln that bis companion had run off with
his pocket-book.
Deputy U. S , Marshal Allen returned
homo from an official trip yestetday to
find that during his abtocce his little ciVht
year old bor had fallen and broken his col
lar bone. The doctor reports the child aa
doing very well.
H , P. Morse & Co. call attention to
ono small lot of ladles' summur gnuro vests
at 15s. each , worth Joe. , and one case ot 40
dozen men's netted summer undershirts at
40c. , worth at regular prices 70s. Our
readers are but consulting their own interest -
. est when they call at Morse's to make AIJ ,
their purchases ,
The well known and popular Mr , A.
H. Ay Ion worth , late olerk of the Grand
PacICo and formerly of the Puxton Hotel ,
haa entered into a partnership with T , J.
Salsman , of the Grand Pacific. These two
gentlemen belnij both experienced hotel
men and well known to the traveling pub-
11- , are a strong team and will undoubtedly
mak * the Grand Poiflo one of the leading
hotels of the west.
Tha suits of A. 8. Patrick and M. T ,
Patrick of this city against Erwln Davlsol
New York , were called for trial in U. S.
court Thursday morning , Counsel fcr de
fendant , moved for o > continuance , which
the court overruled , and an adjournment
was taken until 2 o'clock. Then the trial
was adjourned tok0 oclock yosterdaj
when the taking of evidence began ,
The bargains on Morso'n counters an
as plentiful as ever and customers as nu
merous. They have made some addition !
to their lace * , and are offering 1,500 plccoi
Torchon , Cream and Black Spanlsl
French Point Valenciennes , and all variety
oty of cotton laces at less than coat of 1m
portntlon ; so large Imi Morse's tr&de h
theee laces become that they have devotee
the entire counter in roar of the malt
stalroieo , making over fifty feet of coun
tor-room to the sale and dliplay of thesi
good * aloco.
The music for the commencement ex-
trotses at the state university , \Vodnes
day , was furnlibed by the Omaha Muslca
Union srcbestrb , under the nanagemen
of Mr. Julius Meyer , and The Uncoil
Journal says : "The playing of the orohes
tra was beyond criticism and WM hlghi ]
enjoyed by the audience , The "Nebraska
University March , " composed express ! ]
for the occasion by Prof. 8. Hot man , thi
leader of the orchestra , li deserving of eipe
clal mention. It was a fine production
and does credit to the musical talent ol
the composer , "
L. O. Gandy , of Humboldt , Neb. ,
formerly connected with the Fanners
Advocate of that city , WM In Omaha yes
tgrday , en route to Chicago to attend thi
railroad exposition , irlr , Gandy Is the In
ventor of a railroad grading machine foi
nse In prairie country , or where the lane
passed over is not too rough. It is agooc
deal llko ii culky plow , and Is run by i
traction engine. The inventor U confi dtnl
of Us'nlerlls , anil will push It for all it li
wpiib. , Jt looks like a practical anc
Work-saving piece of machinery.
A tnyeterloui cue is reported of thi
effects of whitky or of drugs put In i
mafiV cup , wnjoh-may yet prove fatal t <
him , . Mr. H. Welser , U the baker at thi
MUl&rd hotel , and at 3 o'clock Thursda ]
morning he was taken to Jail lu a state o :
helpless Insensibility , lie WM put In i
' * cell where he remained in a souni
A i sleep until S p. m. , when bo wa
. "removed in tha same condition ti
.v the hotel , Here the best of care WM takei
, i rf-hlm and medical aid summbned , but ui
totnoon Friday ibowed no signs of oomfrj
'cot of tU tupor , which bad then lutot
'rtwenty-o'n ' hours. It was feared that h
ehad oen drugged , and the results of th
tioM may yet prove serious.
' B&al , Eatate ITanarern.
Thejojkwlng deoda were filed to
rd ta hq county olerk'i ' offio
ooo Ifyrfroportei for THE BKK b ;
OB' ioa'l efltate wr.oncy :
Andrew J , Hanscom and wife t
Henry Baldwlq , ' w d lot 1 , blk 1 (
Haosootn'fl PJaco , ( GOO.
II. Vlach andSrlfe BO Joa. Vojer , '
d n A lot 27vblk 9 , Kountze'u 3d odd
RoBwell Smith and wlfo to A ,
Paddock , * d undlv f J lot 1 and 2 , bl
11 , Smith's odd , ? 375.
GrjHtav Enjzelko to Matilda Engel
ker , B 4 of o J , lot 11 Koantzo'a 2
r Edward D. and Laura A. Titus 1
* John S. Oollloa , w d , a 44 feet of
i lot 4 , block 194-$3,700.
John Trnnncr and wife to Wm. C
Fracher. w d , lot 11 , block 0 , Wlloox
lat add-1200.
Augustus K nnttB and wife I
Toseph Baieoka , w d. a J lot 20 , bl
9 , Kountze1B Third add. $125.
Pan. 0. Rogera and wife to Ilanda
McDonald , n J of lota 1 and 2 , blo <
CO , Credit Fonder add. $400.
Geo. H. Boggi and wife and Lai
W. Hill to John N. Dannb , w d , 1 <
10 , block S.Bogipi A fflll'i BMOE
A Stable Burned in a Dangerous
Locality ,
Narrow Escape from a Eerioas
Abont 10 o'clock last ovonlng a fire
broke out In John Frank's aaablo , near
hla property , the California homo , on
Eleventh and Douglas ,
The Drat alarm waa given by the
blowing of the water worka whlatlo ,
and aa the flatnos ahot higher a itam-
podo waa made for the spot by the
crowd , and an alarm waa aent In from
No 2 engine honao , which was promt *
ly responded to by the department.
In the stable wore several head of
horaos and throe cows , all of which
wore gotten out before thofiro spread ,
aa it shortly did , over the whole build
The junk store next door to the
stable had a narrower escape , and in
fact bat for the water works the
whole block would probably have
gone. As it was the water waa gotten
on quickly ) and jtho fire soon put out ,
The stable was entirely ruined , and
considerable damage done to the con
tents of the junk store , the latter be
ing Insured to cover all lose OB.
The Latent Orders from Headquarters -
* tors of the Department of
the PJotto.
Private Eagono Lyon , ro-onllstod at
Fort Sidney , Nebraska , is assigned to
company A , Seventh infantry , and
will bo sent to the station of his com
pany on the first favorable oppor
Recruit Christian W. Jacobson en
listed at Fort Dooglas , Utah , is as
signed to company II , Sixth infantry.
Recruit David Williams , enlisted at
Fort Omaha , Nob. , is assigned to the
Fourth Infantry.
The quartermaster's depsrtmonl
will furnish transportation from Omahi
Nob. , to Fort Ribinson , Neb. , foi
Trumpeter Edmund H. Olseke , trooj
M , Fifth cavalry , on furlough withoul
moans to return to hla station , Hii
; roop commander will bo notified b ]
ho quartermaster furnishing thi
ranaportatlon that the coat of thi
aamo may be properly charged agalnsl
' ; he soldier.
To carry out the provisions of gen-
ral orders No. 53 , headquarters o :
ho army , series 1882 , commanding
iflioors of posts'and troops serving it
; ho field will ( consulting the targe
record for June ) select the five bos
ihots in each band , company and troop
Including only those of good charno
; er and habits ) and Institute a compotl
Ivo contest to commence July 5 , or BI
loon thereafter as practicable ; "no or
dlnary exigency of the BOI vice , field 01
> thor duty will bo allowed to Inter
ore. " Tho'compotltlon will bo In ao
tordanoo with instructions anuonncec
n said order , and each competitor wll
ro two (2) ( ) scores of five (5) ( ) shots caol
ay at 200 , 300 and GOO yarda ranges ,
Tho' ranges should bo properlj
: qnlppcd , and the scoring and mark
net done under the supervision of t
ommlsaloned officer designated by thi
est or detachment commander.
The record of oaoh competition wll
bo sent so as to roach these hoadqnar
> rs not later than July 25th , ant
rom these records competitors will bi
leleoted by the department com
mander and brought together a
Omaha early in August.
As iklnmihlnc ; matohca in oonnoo-
ion with the team contests are con-
omplatod by the governing orders
'skirmish firing" and "estimating dls
anoo drill" will bo included In thi
rolloilnary practice cf competitors a
heir poata.
These are Solid Facts.
The best blood puriher and system reg
ulator ever placed within the reach of auf
'erlng humanity , truly is Electric Bitters
'nactlvlty of the Liver , Biliousness , Jann
Hoe , Constipation , Weak Kidneys , or an ]
llsease of the urinary organs , or whoevei
requires an appetizer , tonlo or mild atimu
'ant , will always find Electric Bitten thi
) est and only certain cure known. The ]
ot surely and quickly , every bottle guar
nteed to give entire satisfaction or mone ;
funded. Sold at fifty cents a bottle b ]
0. F. Goodman
Homeopaths Successful.
The regenta of the state university
n compliance with the request of thi
itatn homeopathic oonvontlon hold i
few days ago , have made the folloTlh |
ippolntmonta :
Dr. Hart , Omaha , professor of mo
.orla modloaand therapeutics.
Dr. Paine , of Lincoln , professor o
hoory and practice of medicine.
Dr , Wrighter , of Lincoln , profosso :
f obstetrics and diseases of womei
, nd children.
yTho following will bo appointed a
aboard of censors :
0. JL. Dinsmoor , A. M. , M. D.
Omaha , chairman.
Q. H. Panel ! , M. D. , Omaha.
R. Oarsoaddo'n ; JJ..D. , York.
H. B. Lashlee , ' Mr D. , Gram
A. R. YanBlcklc , M. D. , Hasting.
deliver twenty lectures upon electro
thorapbu.lica during the term.
' Oeatn Record.
The funeral of the late John 1
Olark , who died at Lincoln Thnrada
morning , tdok place at 2:30 : p , m. yet
ttrday from NKC03 South Fifteen !
street , Rev. Dr. atolllng officiating
and the attendance Bfrfc" very large
Mr , Olark waa engaged In f rolghl
Ing in the early days , and made h !
headquarters at Council Bluffs. Six
'eon years ago ho crossed to this clt
and OsULllihud a livery stable , battc
than any that the city had had , cot
ducting It until about three yeai
ago. He waa a moat public -spirits
citizens , manly and generous , an
number * of the friends whom he mad
in those daya remained ateadfait t
him. Six ; yean ago last winter I
WM stricken with apoplexy and h
health was seriously Impaired , but
WM not until hit- received the secon
stroke a yaarago ttt hla health alti
gt&tr fare way asft h w at to Ui
coin fur treatment. Tha third stroke
occurred on Tuesday and , combined
with softening of the brain , soon re
sulted in his death.
Mrs. Olark , who has been residing
Chicago for some past , waa tolepraphed
and immediately upon receiving the
dispatch , started for Lincoln , but
could not roach there until after her
hnsband bad breathed his last ,
Friends had kindly attended to all
that was neoesiary to bo done , and
Mrs. Olark came to the city
with the remains last evening. Her
little daughter May , who was attend
ing school at Datrolt , was telegraphed
of her father's Illness , and came at
once , but could not aoe him before ho
died. Mr. Olark has R mother resid
ing in New Carlisle , Indiana , and o
sister , Mn. Jack , living ten miles
east of Council Binds. Ho wai about
fifty jean of ago.
A Violent Storm of Wind and
B uniting Balls of Fire A Flood
and Hurricane.
Considerable damage is reported
from various parts cf the city , but
nothing of an extremely serious na
ture. The storm was worst in the
west and south limits of the city , and
trees were blown down , honeos pros
trated , cellars flooded , and so on.
The cellar of Brawn's now building
opposite the Paxton was filled with
water and a portion of the walle
caved in. Hcllman'a collar waa agalc
flooded , and the old steamer No. 4
was bniy to-day pumping it out. The
sidewalks and crosswalks woio covered
with sand and mud , and the atrootc
an vtith water llko rlvora.
The worst cfLct of the storm \vai
eon on Douglas street , whore the pav
ng work is going on. Dawn thlastroo
.ho torrents pcurod with a mass o
"obrla and a force irreslstablo. Froti
ho corner of Thirteenth and Dong-
las for a distance of nearly twc
locks east the "cushion coat" onlj
had been put on of asphalt and thi
' 'knuckles" at the crossings , the lotto ;
ontalnlng 5,500 pounds oaoh o
isphalt , and believed to be Ormlj
fixed in place , although the wearlnj
coat had not yet been put on. Thesi
were torn from their place by thi
flood and twisted clear around , si
hat they had to be partially out am
dragged into place by teams thi
morning. A atone roller welgbln )
3,200 pounds waa washed down thi
itreot for quite a distance an <
nothing withstood the water
"orco except the huge steam rollers
The atream In some way forced Itaol
under the cushion ooat of aaphalt anc
'Ifted it aa the wind would a curtain
washing sticks , corks , atone and de
brio generally under It for two blocks
BO that both ( ides of the street have ti
bo ant out , at a loss of several bun
drod dollars to the contractors.
The wind was quite atrong. It blev
down a now frame house on St
Mary's avenue , and demolished twi
or throe other email buildings. Sev-
3rnl families took rofnpo in thel
collars , the suddenness of the utorm'
pproaoh not allowing them time t
dress themselves.
The storm extended as far west a
North Platte and lasted until about '
, n. Jasperson , Syracuse ; N , K. Fai
singer , Central City ; O. W. Merrill , Lir
coin ; W. W. Lowe , Syracuse ; W. E
White , Tekamah ; H. H. Robinson , At
tclope ; N , S , WycclT , Norfolk ; ate amen
the guesta at the MUlard.
F. 0. Rogers , of Lodge Pole , a brothe
1 Dr. Rogers , of the MUlard pharmao ]
Is at the MUlard.
R. I , Fellowr , of Aubarn , and Hut
Herbert , of Oakland , are guests of th
Metropolitan ,
William M. Shaw , of the Indlanapolli
nioomlngton & Western railway , Is at th
J. W , Halse , special agent of R , G
Dun & Co. , is a gueit at the MUlard.
M. Lawrence and Ed. Tlerney , c
Fierce , D , T , , ii at the Paxton.
O , O , Bates , city attorney of Beatrix
was in the city yesterday.
W. \\ellerand 11. 0. Keller , of L r.
onln , are at the MUlard.
W. 0. Orman , of the B. & M force , t
Denver , Is in the city ,
V. G. Langtrv , of Blair , registered o
tha Paxton last night.
O , M. Berry , of Uennison , Col. , li t
the Metropolitan.
A. R. Flanders , of Albion , is a pnest (
the Metropolitan.
S. A. Adams , of Salt L ka City , Is i
the Metropolitan ,
Alex. Bentley , of Red Cloud , Is a gxa
ot thel'axton.
James McSpaden , of Denver , b at tt
H. H. MtUer , of Halley , Idaho. Is i
tht Paxton.
B. L. J. Grant , of Silt Lake City , 1s i
the Paxton.
J. F.Pagleyof Riverton , Ii at the Me
ropollta ? .
Chas. Slvalle , agent for Cola's cirouX
in town.
Col. Allbrlght , of Madison , Is at tl
W , B. Balrd , of Lincoln , Is at the Pa :
Mark Morton , of Chicago , Ii in town ,
Vie Blerbower registered at the Mlllai
L , R , Lancaster , of St. Joe , li at tl
U. Dakln , ot Pells , Iowa , is at tl
Mrs. Frank Plant , ot Marshaltown , Is
gneit at the MUlard.
Thos. Niblook and family , of Denre
are at the Paxton.
James Walling , of Hasting * , register *
at the MllUrd yesterday ,
F. U. PoweUof the U. P. force at Che
enne , U at the MUlard ,
Mr. Thos. Cotter returned Thursdi
from GhlwgG , whtre he had a moat no
able visit , takittf In tha railroad txpoi
Uoa and othtr plaoti. Ha also parciuM
BOW atw aad Improved
hi ) job office , of which we will have more
to say on Its arrival here.
J , H. Hunter , the life Insurance man ,
has returned to the city.
0. A. Sleeper , of Brownidate , Mich. ,
Is at the Metropolitan yesterday ,
Geo. H , Daniels , commissioner of the
Colorado pool , is in the city ,
George 0. Burgstrim , of Nccuah , Wis. ,
Is a guest at the Metropolitan.
J.W. Barohntt and J. G , Miller , of
Lincoln , are guests of the Paxton ,
John W , Young" , superintendent of the
Utah Central railway , Is at the Paxton ,
A. Hi Bowen , O , Oliver and James
Walding , of Hastings , registered at the
Paxton yesterday.
Mr . W. W. Cronyn , of Allegheny , Pa ,
Is in town visiting her sister , Mn. M. 8.
Seth Cole , of Omaha , and J , 8. Bvm-
fortb , of New York , woio among the ar
rivals from the east Friday. The latter
will probably locate In the city.
MIii Minnie Kennedy lott Wednesday
for Ltrtmio to take part In a concert given
he IS'.b , accompanied by Mrs. Bailey ,
who Las completed a two weeks' engage.
ment at Mr. Vicker'a , of Chicago , in
ipera. She will fce gone some weeks.
St.Pliilomona's ' Church of Omaha
The Nebraska Telephone Com
The S widish Llbrar .Association
Several Important documents were
filed with the coanty olork Friday bj
rerions association , among others bo
ng the articles of "S : . Phllomona'i
Church of Omaha. " These artlclei
are filed under the now law whict
wont into effect Juno 1st , 1883 , and 1
or the incorporation of "Ohnrchc
and Religions Societies. " The incor
poratora are Rt. Rnv. James O'Oon
nor , vicar apostolic of 'the dloceau c :
Nebratka ; Rev. Wm. Kelly , vicai
general ; Rev. John E. English
pastor of St , Phllomoua , M. Donovat
and Wm. A. L Gibbon , lay members
The highest indebtedness to bo Incur
red at any one time la $30,000 and thi
affairs of the Incorporation are to b
managed by a president , treasurer au <
secretary , the Bishop or vicar apes
tollo being ox-officio president.
Articles of incorporation of thi
Swedish Library association were filei
Friday , the object of the association
as indicated by the name , being to es
tablish and maintain a library for thi
nso of the members. The trustee
chosen are Gnstave Andreen , Ang
fionzon , J , F. Ligergren , G. A. am
E. A , L'nqucat. ' E. M. Stonberg 1
chosen clerk , Charles Johnson presi
dent , and G. Haneen clerk.
The Nebraska telephone company
organized in July , 1882 , baa filoi
amended articles of incorporation
The amount of capital stock is In
creased to $500,000 with the prlvllog
of doubling that sum , A president
vice president , secretary and treat
nrer , and a board of nine director
111 , manage the business of the con
pany. The signers are Col. J. J
Dickey , vlco president and L. B
Korty , secretary.
A Startling Discovery.
Physicians are often startled by remarl
able discoveries. The fact that Dr. King
New Discovery for Consumption and a
Throat and Lung diseases is dally curie
patients that they have given np to die ,
stirtl'ng them to realize their sense <
duty , and examine into the merits of th
wonderful dU'cov.-ry , resulting inhundrec
of our best Physicians using it in the !
yractice. Trial bottles free at O. F.Goo <
man's Drag Store. Regular site $1.00.
Made from the wild flowem of tb
It is the moat fragrant of perfnmi
Manufactured by H. B. Slaven , 8a
Francisco , Jfor sale In Omaha by
J. Whitchonae and Kennard Bi
How to Decorate and Furnleh Boon
fne Latest lu Iloutiuhoia
Philadelphia rrosa.
Bedroom hangings may bo In or
color. .Soft blues or plnka or dollcai
creams , bright withal , but not gaud ]
and hinges of the same color , wit
cords and tassels , will be anffialci
ornamentation. Eao omiol , cffe
tire and tasteful material can casll
bo found in the largo varieties of en
tonnes and Madras.
Madras muslins are now printc
with copies from cathedral window
where geometrical figures and plotui
osqo patterns are produced lu full red
purple , various shades of Olive greet
blue and yellow and somber brew
and gray. The resemblance toatalne
glass when this muslin la tight !
stretched across the window frame
The Williamson tile , a metal subst
Into for the encaustic tiling which hi
for BO many years monopolized ma :
tel facings and kindred ornament :
tlon , Is really ono of the most beaut
ful of recent decorative Innovation
The tile is either etched or in b >
relief , and the tubjtc'.a chosen a
from floralfern and anemone growth
offering a wldo choice and fasolnath
The current number of The Bulldi
and Woodworker , published in No
York , by Oharloa D. Likey , IB p i
tlcnlarly i-rollfio in cottage piano ,
dcr n or more of which are givoi
Some beautifully . oared baso-boari
from the Cincinnati hcuie of JBtt-PJ
man , the phonographor and 't'eaohi
of wood carving , are among the illn
tratlons , as well as a carved fin
place and mantel executed by h
pupils , A design for a book-case
also presented.
A firm In Beaten la making a woe
decoration that haa many of the at
rantagei of carving , and can bo sold i
about one-tenth the figure that la d
minded for the ordinary carve
work. The proceas b a mechanic
atamping of rarlou form * upon tl
work , M that , after stamping , tl
deilgn ha T ry mach the appctuani
of Uta | hud oarrtd. The exUat
which thoao carvings can bo mod is
almost unlimited , Not only can
f urnltnro beboaatlCed and embellished
at n slight cost , bat ulsu n areat vari
ety of papering nnd thn like , which
tbo expense cf dtCTntltgiu anyway
has heretofore kept pitta. Tables
and oaaola and framed and plaques are
treated to the process , and it , ls often
silvered or gilded or bronzed.
Jflat frames for mirrors are made
with very handsome effect. They
may bo covered with plush or velvet ,
or stained to imitate woods. If cov
ered the material may bo worked with
such designs as may occur to the fancy
of the amateur , flowers of brilliant
and showy colors , birds with lone ,
richly colored plumage , and a diversi
ty of other Ideas , blossoms , vines ,
turfs , etcIt the wood IB atalnod , It
offers an opporrnnity fcr the employ
ment of a painting skill , and the
frame may be elaborated with painted
pUqaes or oven landscape sketches , a
tall tree upon the side spreading its
branches over the top of the mirror ,
and Its root sinking into the grass
shown at the oottom of the ghos.
[ Decorator and Furnisher
Japanese ( roods , sifs a London cor
respondent , are going out of fashion ,
excepting when genuinely ancient.
This is accounted for by the dologa wo
' ave had of cheap Juiyaneto toys and
lurcolalns. Still good old crloutlal
hlaa keeps its price and in as much
u vogao as over. Another very love-
7 Ituiu of decoration la the porcelain
motato dado slid f < i < z3 work , which
greatly nted in omntiy bouses ,
whore , by the way , the old fashioned
Dutch tiles are extremely popular ,
they are clean uud cheer-
nl. I eoo many people are already
beginning to ornament the extnriur ol
heir houses with thoao bright and
iltrnn , quaint and plcturetque tiles
which are qtill ao common ia Spain ,
"ortugal and Mexico. I need not saj
, hat flowers cro moro in fashion thiu
ver , and that no room la conalilorcc
omplote without thorn , and also t
quantity of growing large loafed PX
jtloa , palms and ferns , in marble 01
brass vases on podcatala.
A London letter-writer gosnlplog o !
styles In furniture ovur there says
' 'Early English" furniture now ou-
irdly out of fashion. ' Qaoen Anno'
has also been shelved , and the Itallar
Renaissance is the thing. "Earlj
English" waa an absurd style cf dec
oration. .It belonged to no period ,
and was In reality only a poor , modi
fied copy of the Japanese. The goth
la has also entirely disappeared , anc
Is now confined to ecclesiastical build
ngs. The idea of gothlo chalra anc
tables IB as ridiculous aa were thi
gothlo cottages and villas whlor
fifteen years ago were
all the vogue , The Renais
sance , on the other hand , permlti
great latitude , and , while deooratlvi
and elegant , is also convenient in an
extreme degree , because It adapts it
self to all the exigencies of modorr
life. The rich wood carving of thi
period , so beautifully reproduced by
the modern Italians especially It
Florence and Milan , and the eqnall ]
rich and glowing hangings of silk anc
tapoatry now employed to cover tht
walla , as well as drape the windowi
and doors , are at once pioturecqnoanc
The ball of Jay Gould's house , sayi
the Now York Journal , Is lighted bj
Oriental lamps , in glassjjmosalc. Thi
floor is of marble. Oa the left of the
hall the reception r ooin is placed
The walls are hung in embossed volve
of on old-gold shade. Yellow sill
curtains give the chamber a softened
agreeable tint. Upon a red velve
carpet is extended a huge tiger rob
trimmed with bear skin. The mantel
pleco support a two curious Japanes
statuettes In braes , and between then
a curious French clock of hart. <
mored bronze , surmounted by ;
mythical figure , also of bronze. Ii
each corner Is a bronza ntatuet restln
upon a black marble pedestal. Th
mirror , some six feet In height , is o
gold , Inlaid with Ivory. There ar
only four paintings In this cosy nes
of elegance. The articles In thla rooc
ooat about $20,000. The parlor doe
not contain a single chair the upholstery
holstory of which is not ombrotderei
by hand in the moat brilliant contrasti
In the corner nearest the window
facing Fifth avenue atanda a marbl
atatue of II Ponaooaa. Each aide c
the Fifth avenue windows sapor
Seyres vases fit Into niches made t
receive them. Midway betnoen th
door and the entrance to the llbrarj
into which this apartment opom
stands a magnificent cmlnot of Ivnrj
Inlaid with gold , that cost $5OU (
Tie marvelous frescoes cost $10CO (
In the library tboro are pictures the
cost about $75.OCO' The dining root
Is richly uphoiatered ia emboose
leather. A Build mahogany extenolo
tabla fills np the entire canter tpncc
nt which thirty people can alt com
Omaha , Nebraska.
This hotel contains 100 roomi
all outside rooms , and 30 room
on the first floor , especially ndnpl
ed for sample men. A cuisiu
of superior excellence. Ileac
quarters for the state trndi
Special inducements to the the :
trical profession. Hotel situate
five blocks from depots. lion
cars pass the door both vray
every Jive minutes.
. * * >
uro AIL TRAJOAonojii ocxraoti
Pay TaxM , Boat , Houw , XW.
for Infants and Children.
Cnstorfa promotes PiprcHtion
and overcoinuH 1'liituleiicy , ( Jonstipa-
tion , Sour Stomach , Diarrhoea , mid
Fcvcrishncsfl. It insures health nnd
uuturul sleep , without morphine.
" Castorla In BO wellaimptcd to ChlMrcn that
I recommend It ns superior to any prescription
known to me. " II. A. ARCIIEII , 21.1) . ,
83 rortland Avc. , Brooklyn , N. Y.
VHmt RlvM our Chll Jr n rosy cb * kV
What euros their fevers , mafcen Utatn rfeop ;
'Tin Cintxrln.
Wlicn linblon fret nml cry liy turns ,
What cures their colic , klllu their WOTTOS ,
lint Caotorln.
\VT nt quickly cures Constipation ,
Sour Stomach , Colds , Indigestion , _
Fart-well then to Morphine Syrups ,
Cnstor Oil mill Paregoric , audItallCantorint
CENTAUR LINIMENT-an absolute cure for Blioumtv
tlsm , Sprains , Burns , Galls , &c. The most Powerful and Pene
trating Paiu-reliovinj ? ami Healing Kcinedy Jcnown to man.
Houraska Loan & Trust Oompany
- $250,000 =
I Capital , - - - ,
JAS.I ) . I1EAHTWELL , PrcaldtDl.
A. L. CLAHXE , Vlco-PrcsUont.
K. O. WV.BSTER. Trciwurei
O.'P. WEBSTEU , Caihler.
flamuol Alexander Oswald'Oltviij.
A. L. CUrkc , K. \Veli9tcf1
Ooo. H Fmtt , Joa. 11. Henttwcl ! ,
P. M.McEl Uluuer.
First Mortfjagp Loans a Spooialt )
Thin Ccmpiny f'lrnlflhM ? ctra nont , homt
nctltutloi v.'bare School Urn > l coi > d other leifallj
MUf'l Municipal uecLTitle to N'cbr.Aska can hi
bo tuotlittu an the most fi\orable terms
Loin * undo on Imnrovpd ( arm In all well eettl ° < l
coU'ittn" of the stare throiun roironalhle local
1617 Dodge Street.
Tobphono N9. 14t.
OlBco Honre : From 0 to 10 a. m.
and 2 to 5 p. m.
wl'l ' POSITIVELY not bain
terted unless paid In advanca.
TiTONEY TO LOAN The Om-h savings oanlt
1.VJL Is row prtpared tom&ke loans on Omnha
city or Touelaa county real estate at current
rates o Interest. NJ ccmm'kslon cba'gtd. SSjtf
| /j O.SKY TO LOAN The towist lUtta ol In-
l l tercet. 13errls' Loan Ageccy,15th & Douclas
234-1 f
I'.Y LOANED f n chattel mortgages ,
lorn 7 Union Block. 535 ImoJ
LOAN On chattel mortgages
"KUWAlWS , 1109 Fainam St. 73)-lmf
N Call at Law otllce of D. L.
"I , Creltfhton Block.
r\n ONBV canfd on chat cl property , by J.
JjJWM&tffc No. 213 South Mtns'rctt.
7404 nit
CJOAH TOLovirea1. estate , s'curl'y it ftu-
nMl/U. rent ritts. Ballon liroi. U21 Karram
St. 1)1210
ANTED Ocod girl ; Gorman pref-trcd.
W 2410 Dodg' , Sll-lll
WANTED A c'rl ' ( or Keni > ra < hoiiitwrlt and
cooking , Oldrr girl or widow prefcnee.
Oed wages pilJ , oddreai P. W , , IKK offlre
AN1 KU-Glrl for hcute work. Ap ly 2115
Calliornlaitreet. 020-ld
ANTED THO aiprentlcei to learn clrcsa-
W miking 1016 Capitol avenue. 914-619
WANTKD-Twj good girls at 110J Davenport
St. fc03-it |
A boy IS or 16 J cars old The
WANTED Ncwa Company 215.H. 14th .St.
- steady man who epeats German
WANTED-A to tend bar , none but n 1 h
goo 1 references nee I apply Chirlts Joseph Co hi
deer garden 10th and Cajtelar ft)7-15t
Girl far gintral house-work at
WANTED houie6 6 S. loth St. 910 03.
ANTED A go' d order cook , good wages to
W the rl/ht one at tht llarney Be. Kestautant.
910-15 :
ANTFD T o gills at Elavenhauso 10th St.
W tear U. P. Depot. Gjcd wages. OS-i& !
WANTED Light Ing rod silesman. Apply
to or ttd 1rn-s LaOr n oiCo. Avoca Km.
A ulduiu arf-u urjiaan lo'lli'ht
WANfED , wagts 84 00 rcr week 912
DjuglasSt 83 16
"ITIT" ANTED A tfocd compete * t girl to dnie"-
VV tral houao-wort , good wajcs given. W.
W. corner 18-h and Dnvm.port. iSA-'l
WAITED goo I reliable tinsmith. Call oa
or iiddrtea fowl e& Vandeihouf , r-tw ard ,
Nebraska. 877-tf
Bran oxperonccd Scotch hep-
herd a rltuaUrn of truit on aoma thetp
ranch , llasch eia cf-a ranch at presout. C n
give good referenei ahomier abrcal. Apply
at BKK office. 822-1I1-5
ddlo aged Englfh woman detlres a situa
tion as nurse or to d < i lluht housiwork In a
Itooi family , best of references given Addtesa
E. II. 1418 llaroer St. SOMbt
A poahl n as-driver for delivery
WANTED grcceis p/releireti. Call or ad-
drets 1801 .umlug st , EDIUKO GWITTIL.
TTTUIl KENT One 6 and ono 7 room honsi.
1 } Intjulie Western Corulce Wcika , 1110 Doug-
fas street. 827 21t
riOH UENT One good furn'ahed room. Inquire -
! quire 11 IS 17th btroet 929-18
BENT Three room cotttge for rent on
California stieet , between ilth and 25th st.
TJOit KENT Five rx > m furnUhed
J2 with barn , to a family without children for
lummer rae tha. Aittcu with rclercnucs G
III F. 2321 St. Miry'j avenue. 921-16-t
011 KNT .Homo o' 6 room' , c Ihr , tll ,
cittern all In gcod repair. 1191. North
ISKhsToet. 023-21
lOIl RENT House with SroorrsS. lOlh St.
Just oS St. Mary's ave. Apply on preml'tn.
TTtOR RE\T Two ar three unfurnished room * .
J } Apply 1410 J kson Si , 005-K.J
HHNT-Houie 7 rooms KS.
FOIl " 4 " $12.
" 2 " S 7.
" 10 " JJ8.
" 7 " HO.
Store n w on 10th St. $ i5. UALLOU BROS.
Hit Farnam St. 013-16
TtVO Nlcily fainUlel roomi fcr rent with or
without ooard atJlli California Ht. B14-20'
11 > O LEf A nice cottage of ilx rooms In good
JL condition Jchnsn Ml. tttween 2Sd and 21th
St. off 8t. k t't avenue. Heferencta required.
XQR RENT Ilriue of 3 rcoms aad batement
of a rooms. Apply Bt office. 894-18) )
TjWR BENT CotUg. ot six rooms wither * I th-
J * out tainllnr * , MIS Ollfftrula St. 8C3-164
mo IJCT-KOOM aad bond , 01 tonlshtd
X kouw ( oi luamtr. Ut CaW r U St
OH HENT Largo furnlttud roui at 1318
Jackiar a tect 742-lmt
1710R RENT Two ccttaio ( < , cxcellu-t repair.
jj Ltavtnwtrth audSonlh a o uo 82' ntiac2j.
_ 610-tl npi-naito 1' > i.
FOR KKNT Corner f IBtlnndDav-
( nport. Inquire 1010 Davenport ttrcct.
TJII'UNiaHEI ) rooms mil board. Modern con-
JQ tcutbuvvb 1S10 Dodge street 1000ual7t ]
TmOR PALE A peed ililn ? pony. Address A.
C B. Bun Office ,
POR SALE Stock ot d > u < 8 nnd ( fruztl'ta
BUi-drlcs , in pool condition , nt n barga'n.
Will ln\olcc $1,0.0 or 81,203 Satisfactory rca-
rousforaelllLg. Address IV K Coulter. Waterloo
lee , heb. 9255f
TpOR SALE Drug store , bBl pftylnif a , d we'l
JL ) iBtabllthcdtraua In Iowa , ( .to K clean , and
Kood reason gUcn fr elUnc. Stock will In *
> olce about fifteen or olghto > ri hundred dollars.
Addrcta D. II. Dean , JlitchclvHIe , lena
03 18-t
. Lot on H n Francisco B'rcct ' about
'our rods from ake St. mrsCblctyi III. will
tell cheap for c-sh or trade for stock 1 1 goods.
E L MORSS&GO. lC22.Capl.ol avenue
' A lot of Canarjs&Cjgos cheap.
_ Apply 10IQiCaptil ! avenue _ P0015I
TGR SALE 100 he d ofmulciand 6'lheidol
R ho cs and ponlrs at E. Ectob-rcok's Stock
YarOs between Capitol avinne-and Douglas St.
on 10th Si. 80-E-1SI
IVOR SALE CHEAP A black belt.7y : ars eld
J ItqulreatC. II. thl < oBlce. BM19t
I70U S ILE 600 h ( ad yearli helf n.
9UO head 2 Mats eld helf. rai
453 " 3t nd6 je r "
300 " land 2 yer old steers
4CO " Sand * " "
300 " mixed cilvcs.
Caltleco tricto-s. Hide , Wool , and'Tallow ' d lets l-
ets Slom Clt } Iowa. _ SailTa- !
fTlOR SALE The Smy mill will cell cr ex-
JL ? chan.e for R > al estate. Addrers-Jihn Roealnk
Sinilejeattot Paplllljn. P.O. sddruSJ Omuhx
Oil SALE A thoruugnbrtd cow. Inquire at
EJhclmdt.Erl < ksot.'ri. 87913
10R SALE Hotel In good tow- , near Om h
rajlogwell In exco'ltnt otdtr. Gjorl hair *
well furnished , will bear Invoitlra'.lon AMK ,
687-tf 1505 Furuam.
TTI USALK Houioaniilct within ono block of
L the High t-choln.u t oesold this noek. In-
qiilroatthiaodlcn. 8 3 t
pot ) SALE OR EXOHANOI-Full lot ami 3
IJ ( IweHlnss ccrner ot tltll and Pac'flo c'iccn. !
Klro lots in south Omaha. AlRO 100 acr.sof
land ne < tr Stanto , Nebraska , and bulltlin ; and
stock of clotting No. a 1 Tenth etto't. Wld exchange -
change ftr Nf brifka f r.ii lard > . Further p r-
tcularaat Gco. II. I' ttnon's Clothlug Store ,
01 Tenthetrsst. 845 sitmonh 4w
I7OR REST Hou < os three end four roirrs > In-
JD quIroCOTN. 13lh i. SJO-lSf
T710R.SALK A new Hall's fc ( suitable for of-
JL1 flc or house. V n Cott. at ilnr-Mcj er's.
758 tf
T7UR SALE Old newipapers In large and small
JD quantities at this otttce. tf
SALE Flax mill machinery consisting ot
brake , 2 duttors , beater , picker , prena , &c.
Can work either retted or green etnck , alto ahafc.-
Ing , pulllca , and bclllnit for dtivlng thoxlio tr ,
abe ooo 36 II. P. engine with bn'Ior , smoke.
> t cl tii'l U fix ureco i p'ota. Addrow WI'V.-
e OHy 'otva. ' t9o-Smll
IOR SALE A flnt-claissooond band top : ) IIL-
JD gy. Call at 1319 Hainey stroot. 397-tt
LOST A rc'l bill book , containing txpenao
b'lliof Ueyrr&Raapkeand-Jt C. Collln.
Liberal reward will be paid If leftato offloo.
TnORPOPLIO USE-A Jer ey rBull , took ftrat
P premium tt l 8tf.l5IS DaoaturSt. bet-
wee.i 25lh an 1 SO h St. orlh Omaha. tOMOj
rpAKEV UP A amillinryinaroahou11. 1'i years
JL old , blazed lace , both i u s-spll * . Owner can
have earao by c * Unit on N. n. porn 8.W csincr
20 ! h abd 15culcd , and jajlnu clur 'm ,
" "
1IRST-CHS3 - ? . weeh. at
1004 1'cdge ' street 8lM8t !
1 j couctiy to UKO nice 1 ght and rleacant work
at their hornet ; JJti 85 o day caallr and quietly
made ; work seui by mall ; no carvaisnv : r > o
ttainp for it ply. Plcaao addre.B 1U1UI lu Mauu.
factuilng Cu. , Phllidoiphla , Fa , drawer TT
749 Junt2 TueThuSatlZt
flAAKKN UP Ono hnrte and one mare colt.
J with Irlt hind f t white Mare ha white
star on forehial. Owner can recover rame by
proving ownership on appUcntioa to R. Price ,
Saratoga precinct. 566-Ct oew {
TIONALIST , 468 Tenth street , between Faraasa
and Uarney. Will , with tbaikld ot rnudlan
spirits , obtain for any one a gUae * ot the past
and present , and nn certain conditions In tbt fa-
ture. Boots and 8ho made to order. Ptrfocl
Absolutely Pure *
This powder never TailM. A Barrel of piliHT
strength and wholeaoiMntM. Mere ec u lca )
tha > tha orplnary Ui4s. Nad cannot b sold 1st
oonMtUion with U multitude of Uw tot skor
* lgbt.alnmot konh > t p w < ir
ejMTB2.TAl.IUUM * * * C *