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    IIK n\IIY UttR-HM MIA M\1MV ( ) .HT\U IS.
PTT U. "
i $ " . . . v - HE OMAHA DAILY BEE
TWELFTH YJ3AK. , * IP" OMAHA" " NEB SATU11DAV MORNING JQNfc , 16 , 1883 - 309
S , P. Morse and Co.
The unprecedented success of
this department has been
due solely to the fact that pur
chasers in it have.been sold at the
cost to manufacturer the
with custom duties added ; the
depressing effects of the new tar
iff law which goes into effect
July 1st , has induced
to * slaughter their goods , and we
have consequently resolved to
sell SILKS at prices lower than
for the past 20 YEARS.
We still present an unbroken
line of Black Silks from cele
brated Lyons makers.
25 pieces Lyons Black Silk
21 inches wide , manufac-
i'acturo of Alex. Giraml &
Co. , cost in Lyons 3 francs ,
about (50 ( cts. , add duties
GO ; y , 3Gc , total cost 96c ,
usual retail price 1.15 ,
but we'are selling this lot
at. . . . . 871
15 pieces "Cachmere Prin-
cesso" Black Silks , rich ,
deep lustrous goods , that
are usually sold at 2.00 a
yd. , is lot we will offer
at. ! 1.37i
18 pieces An/oine / Guinet's
"Oaahmere Sublime" Black
Silks 22 inches wide , heavy
cord and superb finish , reg
ular 2.75 quality , we will
sell during this sale at. . . 1.90
14 pieces Alexander Girauds
"Cashmere Princess"Black
Silksbeing the finest qual
ity made by this "King of
Silk manufacturers. " full
24 inches wide , and never
offered less than 3.50 , our
price 2 4:0
Intend ing purchasers will con
sult their own interests by exam-
ing these bargains in Black Silks
for the are
60 pieces heavy cord colored
gros grain Silk , manufac
tured by Crochard , LeMar-
chand & Fils , Lyons , and
ever offered at wholesale
less than 1,00 a yard , will
be sold by us during this
sale at 75c , usual price. . . 1.25
21 pieces all we have left of
our celebrated 'Metropolis1
Colored Silks , and will be
closed at 1.17 * , thev are
worth every cent of 1.75 ,
being full 21 inches wide ,
heavy ribbed and very lus
trous ; warp and filling of
these Silks contain the
same number of threads
consequently they will not
cut or slip or warp.
60 pieces elegant designs in
fancy pencil stripes , checks , < jri-
solle. etc. , all at oOc worth 75c.
50 pieces very choice high col
ored checks , fancy , grey stripes
and bronze , navy , myrtle , wino
colored silks at G5c , worth at reg
ular prics 85c.
15 pieces 24-inch Summer
Foullard silks , navy , bronze , ca
det , seal brown and black , with
white figures , at 50c a yard
worth 75c.
As a great bargain we offer a
small lot about 300 Ladies sum
mer gauze short sleeve Merino
undervests at 15c worth 40c.
We have just received a ship
ment , our direct importation
of Paris cut and made Ladies'
Jerseys ; they are beautifully
shaped in the back and over
the hips , but have come late ;
have turn over collar and
sleeves trimmed with cuffs and
.buttons ; they cost 3.00 apiece
to import , but wo have placed
them to the manufacturers or
der and he telegraphs us to sell
i them
At $2.50 Each
llhey are a very great bargain.
; S , P , Moree & Go ,
- w Morse & Co ,
For the pur
pose of mtroda-
: ing this make
if Collars more
ailly to the gen
tlemen of this
state , we will
D-soll them during
[ jour great sale at
a dozen ; usually
sold at 3.00.
They coiubiue
he advantages
> C durability
without being
thick and cum
bersome , are
uade of the
very finest Irish
Linen , and are
perfect in lit ;
we have a num
ber of new styles
in addition to
those illustrated ,
those who once
use them will
' 'lwe no others.
i ! Eight different
ityles of finest
quality Men's
Ouffs , during
his sale at
3 50 a dozen ,
usual price 4.60
These Cuffs are
made of the
very best Linen
mown to the
rade ; the work-
inanshp and cut
is perfection it-
iolf. and if you
paid 75 cts. a
? pair for Cull's
"they could not
be finer or bet
for Collars and
nfl's will be
filled promptly.
'os.t . of mailing
lialf do/.en Col
lars 7c half doz-
211 Cnffs 17c , re
gistration , lOc
The caution which we gave to
those who purchase for hotels ,
restaurants and all prudent house
wives , at the beginning of this
sale , to ant'cipate their future
wants even for two years to come
has not been unheeded , and our
sales have been enormous. Those
who have not yet purchased ,
need have no fear that they can
not obtain as good values now as
earlier , bpcause we have our
to draw from , and you will find
that the fortunate possessor of
any of our hnou goods , at present
prices , owns GOLD DOLLARS ,
or their equivalent for 50c.
40 pieces Loom Dire Damask ,
5G inches wide at ioc a yard ;
regular price 3Uc.
25 p eces Loom Dice Damask ,
5G inches wide at 25c a yard ;
regular price 37 c.
20 pieces J arnsley cream Dam
ask 58 inches wide , in plain or
Turkey-red border 45c cts per
yard , regular price 75c.
20 pieces Scotch bleached dam
ask at 37 } c a yard , would be
cheap at GOc.
18 pieces G4-inch Irish Cream
Damask , made by Richardson's
Sons & Owden , Belfast , at GOc a
yard ; regular retail price 90c.
32 pieces white Scotch Damask
64 : inches wide at G2 cts per yd.
3G pieces white Scotch Damask
64 and GG inches wide at 75 cts
per yard.
8 pieces white Scotch Damask
GO inches wide at 90c per yard.
20 pieces hand-woven German
double-damask , full two yards
wide , the finest goods imported ,
at 1 25 a yard ; worth every cent
of 2.50.
Our sales of these goods have
reached Mich magnitude that wo
have devoted a counter to them
exclusively ; ever a hundred styles
of Children's Straw Hats at less
than small dealers pay for them
at the jobbers ; we buy by the
case from manufacturers and
have made four prices.
Boys Straw Hats 10
Boys and Misses Straw Hats. 15
" " " " .25
11 " " " .35
usually sold at double.
S. F. Morse & Go.
ONL LOT utility Men's un-
lauudried Shirts , made from
Fruit Loom Muslin , 2,100Linou
with Cull's or bands , an Al shirr ,
at 75 cts. each ; would bo cheap
at 1 01) each.
75 dozen of the finest quality
unlaundried Shirts made , hand
made buttonholes , very choice
Linen , Now York mills or Wam-
sutta Muslin , sleeves assorted
lengths , with "Cast Iron band"
in back ; would bo cheap at 1.25.
OUR PRICE , with bands . 95
" k Cuffs. . . 1.00
This shirt cannot be purchased
in Omaha except from us ; being
made of extra materials , this
shirt is too heavy to mail , express
rates being much chejiper ; per
half dozen , by express , 50c.
GO dozens Men's Gauze Under
shirts , extra fine quality , and
worth 40c , will be sold dur
ing this sale at 25c.
48 do/.sn open mesh netted Lisle
Summer Undershirts that sold
at wholesale in April at 50c ,
our present retail price 45c ,
these are very cheap
4:8 : dozen finished seam , silk
front Summer Gauze Under
shirts , an extra good quality
undershirts , usually sold at 75
our price now 50c.
1.00 each for French Balbriggan
Undershirts and Drawers , with
French waistband , that usual-
lysell for 1.50.
1.50 each for French Balbriggan
Undershirts and Drawers , that
usually retail for 2.00.
1.90 each for the finest number
of C. & G. French Balbriggan
Undershirts and Drawers that
is imported ; the usual retail
price of this quality is from
5.00 to 7.00 a suit.
75 dozen , all we will have this
seasoh , of Men's pure Lisle
Thread Undershirts , will be
sold at the very low price of
85c each ; never offered in'the
cheapest times for lesj than
3.00 a suit.
Anticipating a backward seas
on , we waited to purchase these
goods until they were very cheap
and we now oiler at
LOT No. 1. 120 dozen Ladies
three threaded Lisle Gloves ,
ten button length Jersey wrist
at45c , worth 75c.
65 dozen Ladies best quality
three thread Lisle Gloves ten
button length , now shades ,
Mosquotairo style at 45o worth
90 dozen pure Silk Jersey Mitts ,
new colors , that cost 624c to
import and have never retailed
under 75c ; our price for these
35c a pair.
8. F , Morse & Co.
We have replenished our
stock from our wholesale reserve ,
and added many new bargains.
40 nieces 4'2 inch "Bon jour"
.French black Cashmere during
this sale at 60 cts. a yard wortli
75 cts.
20 pieces of 32 inch all wool
fine lfAlbatross" cloth , will bo
sold at 37i cts , previous retail
price 60 cts.
18 pieces 46 inch finest quality
black Nuns Neiliug , during this
sale 55 cts a yard , would be cheap
at,90 cts.
22 pieces very finest quality 46
inch all wool biack French Gren
adines or Lace Bunting , all now
goods , 90 cts a yard , usual retail
price $1.25.
12 pieces extra fine summer
weight , silk finish , 42 inch Blnck
Taniiso will bo sold at 85 ots ;
worth usually ? 125.
28 pieces line all wool Black
Nuns' iling will bo sold at
ct usual price double as
mucraipi GOODS.
5 jiicces English Silk warp
Henrietta , during this sale at
$1 > .20 , usual pried 1.50.
4 "Jpieccs Silk Ilouriolta at
$1.5o , worth and usual price
2 00 a yard.
4 pieces finest Silk warp Hen
rietta imported , will be sold now
at $1.82i cts. , imported to sell at
6 pieces French Black Etam-
ine Cloth , 52 inches wide at
$2.90 very rich for Spring and
Summer wraps and worth 4.00
a yard.
5 pieces real Camels Hair at
1.50 a yard , suitable for Dresses
or Wraps and being made from
finest Camels Hair , is worth 2.50
to 3.00 a yard.
Summer liiite Goods
We have six qualities of these
beautiful sheer White Lawns.
India lawn , 15 c , usual price 20c
" 25 c , " 35e
" " 30 c , " 40c
" " 40 c , " 50c
75 pieces very fine stripe Nain
seek , fully equal to any ever sold
at 35c , will bo sold at 25c.
Wo open to-day from our
wholesale reserve 250 pieces ex
tra fine , fast color printed Cotton
Lawns nt
4 Cts. Per Yd.
150 pieces best quality Cotton
Lawns 32 inches wide elegant
designs at 8 1-3 cents , wholesale
price 15 cts.
Nearly every retail store shows
its customers very inferior quali
ties of print at a low price , and
asks 8c < \ for choice htylcs ; we
never buy any but the very best ,
and undcr no circumstance's arc
wo induced to buy or sell poor
prints At present \vc oiler our
entire stock of
ALLEN , Yard.
S. F. Morse and Go *
S , P , Morse &O ,
Wo opened for sale this inoru-
ing the ualance of our stock of
tint )
being goods that usuallp soil for
1.25 to 1.50 a pair , ami all new
and fresh ; for the purpose of
closing them out , we will offer
them at 65 cts. a pair.
BLACK , KHireadltoso
DERBY Hinur.i ) , I GScnimir.
Laces at merely nominal prices
to close oul the lot immediately.
In view of the largo demand for
these goods , we have _ devoted a
special counter for their sale.
These goods cannot be import
ed to-day at the price \vo offer
Linen Torchon , 24c , worth 5c
5 c , " 8Ac
10c , " 25c
MADRAS , worth
DUTC11ESS , to
Cream Spnnish Lace 15
Black " 15
4-inch " 25
( J-inch " 40
Cordonne u 55
Nancj ; " 75
Esourial Chantilly Spanish
Lace 90
Hard Run Spanish 95
Spanish Flouncing 1.00
Spanish Guipure Flouncing 1,50
10 pieces neat fipure , elegant
Black Brocades , will bo sold at
60c. No one can sell these goods
less than 1.00.
20 pieces' rich black Brocade
Silternt 75ca yaidcoshjit whole
sale 1.05. l
18 pieces hand woven rich
black Brocade Silks at 1.25 a
yard , during this sale only ; regu
lar 2.00 quality.
12 piece ? Bonet and Guinet
black Brocade silks at 2.00 and
2.25 a yard , that have positively
never been shown less than 3.00
and 3.50.
All our finest black French
Brocade silks , in superb patterns ,
all beautiful texture , the finest
goods imported , at 2.50 and 2.75
a yard , worth 3.50 and 4.00.
10 cases full size Honey Comb
bed spreads , suitable for hotels ,
&c. , at 95o each , usually sold at
15 cases best quality 12-4
Honey Comb spreads , during this
sale at $1.20 , usually sold at
5 cases of the heaviest knotted
fringe "Bridal Quilt" spread ,
weight and quality of the highest
standard , will be sold at 1.00
each worth all of $2.00.
6 cases 12-4 imported Mar
seilles spreads , a purchase from a
failed manufacturer , at $1.60
each. They cost $2.00 to make.
3 cases 12-4 extra qualityMar-
seilles spreads , are offered at
$2.00 each. Same quality was
considered cheap last season at
Handkerchief !
1 case Ladies' pure hemstitched
Hdkfs , lOc each , usual 15c
500 dozen Ladies' hemstitched
Linen Lawn Hdkfs , and 2-inch
hems very fine , at 15c each ,
worth 25c.
10 dozen Ladies' very sheer
Linen Jiomstitclied Ildkfs , and
hemstitched , with blocks set
in eacli corner , during this sale
nt 25c , cannot be purchased
less than 50c.
8 , F. MOWB and Go.
S. F. Morse & Co. j
50 pieces double warp soft finish
Cheviot Shirting atlOcayd. ,
reduced from 15e.
50 pieces heavy Amoskeag twil
led Cheviot Shirting , at lOc ,
jisual price 15c.
25 pieces Genuine Scotch Cheviot
Shirting , 29 inches wide , Avill
bo sold at 0c , usual price 30c.
150 pieces Manchester , Oriental
Mcrrimac Furniture Cretonnes
at 16c ; all now , desirable pat
terns , and the very best qual
ity , our former price 25c ; oth
ers ask 30c io u5c for them.
200 pieces of striped and figured
Swisses , suitable for Curtains ,
marked down to 15c , usual
price 30c to 50c. t
150 pieces wide fine quality Dot
ted Swisses , reduced to 25c a
yard , these cost 30c to import.
We have still a full line of Am - \
erican printed Satines which
wo sell at 15c : usually sold for
30c to 45c.
50 best quality Cashmcro Em
broidered Robes reduced to
13.50. were imported to sell I
for $25.00.
220 braided and Embroidered
Summer Rober , 1-t yard pat
terns , with 9 ynrds of Lm-
bmidcr , will bo sold at 5.00'
7.50 , 10.00 , $12.00 , orig
inally cost to import , double
the price.
Wo have jusl purchased a mull-
facturors' stock of
at 55o on the dollar and now wo
oiler a parasol that sold in April
for' *
$ 5.00 present price . $3.00
6.00 " . 4.00
8.50 " . G.50
12.00 " . 7.50
Wo take pleasure in affording
those residing at a distance the
superior facilities of our
Assuring them of faithful and
prompt service.
Its organization ia such that
every advantage to bo derived {
from u personal visit Is secured
to the customers whoso wants
and wishes are clearly expressed.
Intended to bo of practical
service to non-residents of Oma
ha it invites correspondence concerning -
corning all wants , largo and '
small. i
Please bo particular to STATE 1
f XPLlOlTiiJ whether goods
are to bo sent by mail or express |
as wo forward all goods by express - "
press unless otherwise directed.
vVhen desired by mail remit suffi
cient to cover postage. No C. 0.
D , can bo sent by mail , and pre
payment in full is required on
all mail matter.
Parcels weighing 41b or less
can be sent by mail at once cent
per oz. , articles such as Table
Linen , Sheeting , Ginghams , &c. ,
often weigh over 4 Ib ,
In making selections from
samples please make No. 1 and
No. 2 in case first choice ii sold
when order arrives.
As the rush during this sale ia
without precedent , wo caution
patrons that many lines of goods
advertised will bo sold quickly
and wo advise that they either
have some friend make selections
or entrust us to do so ; we war
rant everything as represented ,
and wiH use the same care in so- ' .j
looting that you would yourself. ' *
If in want of any goods not ad
vertised here , you can depend on
getting them at the lowest price
atwhich they can bo sold.
are especially invited to our
housekeeping department , as the
goods in it are 20 to 50 per cent
less than they have sola for ia ?
8. F. Morse andCo.
. . | . i VI