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And They Shine With Brazen
Brightness as Freedom
Dawns Upon Them ,
'The Jury in tha Star Route
Trial Unloose the Bonds
of the Conspirators.
The Verdict Greeted With
Teare , Oheera and Hearty
Hand Shaking.
'The Government Lawyers Sur
prised at an Agreement
of Any Kind ,
While Ingersoll Opens His
Doors for a Geueal Ju
The Authorities Viciously De
nounced Between Drinks
Scenes and Incidents.
A Largo Variety of Capital News.
Special Dispatch to Tm Un.
WASHINGTON , Jane 14. The jury
in the titar route caao this morning
brought In u vordiot of not guilty.
"You can ask the jury whether
they have any communication to
make to the court , " said Jadgo
Wyllo to the crier when the criminal
court , bearing the star route case ,
re-assembled this morning , The
crier soon returned with a message
that the jury desired to communicate
with the court. They filed Into the
court room not apparently any werao
for their confinement. When they
were seated the judgn said ; "Gen
tlemen of the jury , the court has sent
ior you for the pniposo of Inquiring
whether you have any communication
to make. "
The foreman , In reply , stated that
the jury had agreed upon a verdict ,
and a painful alienee fell upon the
court room , only to bo broken by wild
shouts of applause when , In clear
tones , the voice of the foreman stated
that the verdict was "not guilty. "
Immediately the decorum of the
conrt of justice waa forgotten , and
cheora resounded from all quarters uf
the crowded room. Mrs. 8. A. Dor-
aoy sprang to her fo3t clapping her
handu , while tears streamed down her
cheeks , and there weio many ladles In
the court room who were silently
weeping , Djvidgo Baked to have the
verdiof recorded , which waa done ,
while1deputy marshals were
. vainly endeavoring to quell
the \ ' tumult. 8. W. Doraej
andBrady were the recipients ol
worm congratulations , and as they left
the court room they were greeted
wlth'iuaowed cheora by the crowd h
front ot tbe r- * < - 'LJ , Wh v * udM
was oomewhat restored by reason ol
the defendants and friends leaviuj
the room , the judge , with a fen
words , discharged the jury. In tbi
ante-room and nails the jury was be-
eet by a throng of interested persons
prominent among them bolnj
defendants , and Mrs. S. W ,
Dareey and Mrs. Feck , wh (
thanked them for their vordlo " will
tears in their eyes. As the foremat
reached the sidewalk a large crowc
assembled there burst into cheers ,
which were renewed as each juroi
made his way out of the court house
The foreman stated to a ropreaenta
tlve of the Assoplatod Press that fivi
ballots were taken by thi
jury. The first ballot w
upon the question of the oxlatonci
of a conspiracy , and the ballot reaultei
In 3 for and 9 apalnat conspiracy. Oi
the second ballot 9 waa Increased ti
10 , although thu vote was than upoi
the Inuojtmca or guilt of defondanta
This vote remained unchanged nntl
about 3 o'clock thb morning irhon ui
acquittal waa agreed upon.
Bpe tal Dispatch to Tni BII.
WASHINGTON , June 14 Mr. Bliss
when asked to-night what he though
of the verdict , said It had been a BU :
prise to him as well ns to hla nasociati
counsel. He oald ho would not h v
been surprised at a disagreement c
the jury ; that , in fact , ho had been o
the opinion that the jury wonld stam
about nine for conviction and thro
for acquittal. The very men , how
ever , whom ho depended on as oertali
to vote for conviction voted the othe
way. He did not think the honoatj
of the jury shamld be Impugned because
cause of the verdict. When 12 met
united in a verdict , no lawyer wonli
care to say they had been influenced
Ho believed the members of the jnr ;
to be mistaken , but that was til
Their opinions must be accepted a
Speaking of further proceeding
against the defendants who had jnn
been acquitted , ho said ho thoughtth
cases against Kollcg ? , Brady , am
others Indicted with Brady , wonld gi
over till fall , as Judge Wyllo propose *
to hour cases of local Importance ba
fore again taking up the star ronti
casoo. Against the Djraeya , Valloani
Minor there wore practically no mor
criminal cases , One indictment wa
on record , but It waa one which hat
boon laid aside bacauso of the fact tha
Bordell's initials and Yallo'a nam
wore improperly sot down In It , am
moreover , It did not differ from th
one on which the jury had just rendered
dored a verdict of acquittal. As t
the proposed civil suits agalna
the defendants , ho could say little
Be did not think civil proceeding
could be successfully malntalno
against Brady , as ho had not receive
.money from the government for lei
vloes In carrying the malli. The prc
in civil eolta wonld be foi th
ooovory of money paid the contract-
irs Improperly ; money for which no
ervlcca baa been rendered ; ' for money
aid illegally for expedited services.
Bo said ho did not know whether 'ho
wonld have oharga of the civil suits or
ot , but know ho would not take the
management of them If they wore to
'to prosecuted In Washington or at any
onsidorablo distance from Now York
Ity. Ho did not think the eovorn-
mout wonld want to begin any civil
nils In Washington.
WASHINGTON , Juno 14. The news
f the vordiot in the Star route trial
'cached ' the department of jnstloo
, horty ] after 10 o clojk this morning ,
At the time the attorney general was
consultation with George Bliss.
iVheu the news was announced ho
iad ( to Bliss :
"What do you think of thai ? "
"I am aatoulshod , " waa the reply ,
'I thought sorno of the jurors might
; ot muddled on the conspiracy qnea-
loubnt I did not anticipate acquittal. "
"Well , " said the attorney general ,
'that settles 1 * . When twelve men
groo the matter la settled. I feel
attaticd the government has present-
d the caao in tha beat , possible man-
icr. "
jtmon UARRIOAN ,
: ield out nlono for conviction for tong
eng time , ho says : "I finally came
; o the conclusion that eleven headc
were batter than one , especially when
orao of thu others wore educated and
mart gentlomun. A few minutes be-
'oro wo cimo Into court I wont over ,
because I didn't feel llko opposing
lovcn men. I gave the defendant !
ho benefit of the doubt and voted foi
ays the jury voted first on the qnoa-
ion as to whether there was any con-
piracy. Is was then proposed , aftoi
omo discussion , to vote upon the guilt
3r Innocence of the Individuals , which ,
> f course , wonld carry conspiracy with
t. "John W. Djrsey , " said Orane ,
'headed ' the list , and wo acquitted
Im the first night. Then wo o mo to
Vallo , and acquitted him. Then , 1
, It stood ten to two on Stephen
iV . Dorsoy , ten to two on Brady , and
line to three on Minor. That is the
way the jury stood up to this morn-
'ng , though I believe there was a
shange of one vote on Stephen W.
Dorsoy last night , making it stand
lovon to one in hla case. "
will Monday next bo called upon tc
plead to the indictments in their cases ,
It la not probable the ttlal of the
eases will take plaoa before next an
umn , as precedence will bo giver
cjsoa cf local Importance.
There waa a largo gathering ol
rlends of the star route defendant !
at Chi. Ingersoll'a house to-night. In
doora the acquitted men , their counao
and a large number of their moro In
imato friends , many of them women ,
met to exchange mutual cangratula
tlons. Out in the street , a orowi
numbering two ortfa ee hundred per
sons had gathered , partly out o ! ouri
oalty and partly to express eympath ]
with defendants. They cheered In-
geraoll and o'thpr counsel , as well a
' ' '
od for Bpoechos. Ool. Ingersoll an
Jndpoa Wilson and Oarponter spok
briefly , denouncing the governmen
for its tactics 'n the star route trlah
eulogizing the jury which acqulttei
the defendants and congratulating th
latter and their friends.
The crowd Indoors and out was d
full sympathy with the speakers. Ii
side the house women waved thel
handkerchiefs and clapped their hand
in applause , and the crowd outside became
came hoarse In Its enthusiasm. Gan
Brady , J. W. Doraoy , Minor ani
Yalle mingled with the groups In GJ !
Ingeraoll'a parlors , and received th
congratulations of their friends. Mra
J. VV. Doraey , Mra. Pock , and half
dczjn other women , near relatives c
the defendants , moved about , ohattln
and laughing with acquaintances. Al
the men who have been prominent a
sympathizers with the defendants wor
pruaont in the house , and the crow
ontaldo was made op of people whoa
faces wore conspicuous In tha coui
room during the trial.
At the conolnilon of the spoec !
making Colonel Ingorsoll Invited th
crowd Into the house whore llqnl
refreshments were spread. One c
those who cauio into the house we
Juror Eyaao. Ho was selzad by th
hand by Mra. Dorsey and Mrs. Pool
who linking armo with him , onthuslai
tloally escorted him through the pai
lor , presenting htm to every one cone
ono of the twelve honest men. Aftc
n hour or so of hand shaking th
crowd dispersed.
Oolonol Ingereoll. when naked if h
had anything to say about the verdict
replied , "the vordiot Is the only revenge
vongo I want. I think it is the moc
popular verdict that hu bson give
In this country for many years. "
BpecliI Dispatch to Tni Bi .
WASHINGTON , Jane 14. Informa
tlon WM received to-d y that Ohlc
Moiofl , with an Interpreter and tw
chiefs , Is on the way to Washington t
confer with Secretary Teller about th
reservation In Washington terrltorj
h 1f of which wta recently throw
open to sattloment.
This morning Judge James , in th
c&in of J. Q. Blgelow against Buttl
E MtHon to restrain payment of th
"Bottlo and the b by'r ' fund and for
decree maklnp Blgolow an allowanc
for bin BCrvicoQ as counsel , signed a
order discharging the restraining 01
der and dismissing the bill on condl
tlon of payment of $400 to Blgolo
for his expenses In def ending Sargeat
Mason on his trial for shooting i
| [ Judge William Lllloy of rhonmatlsi
In the head.
Shipping News i
BpwUl DUpatch to Tni BII.
Niw YOBK , Jnna , 14. Arrlvei
Waosland , from Amsterdam ; 8ta <
of Alabama.
iniontown Unanimously Agree
That it Was Well Dosorvoil.
Congratulations and Tenders of
Aid Pouring in Upon
the Nutt Family.
ublio Bubscriptiono Started
to Defend the Young
'he ' Barrett Gang Fortify
Themselves Against the
Kentucky Authorities.
The Coming Trial of Frank Jurat ;
Other Crime * and Conrt
7he Uiilontown Trngody.
pectkl Uli < | iatrh to Tui Ilni.
UNIONTOWN , Pa. , Juno 14 The
hooting of N. S Dakcs last evening ,
ho slayer of Ojtpt. A. 0 Nutt , by the
ion of the lattur. was the nil absorbing
iop'c ' to day , Tno excitement hae
omparatlvoly subaldad , however , nnd
ivoryotio apparently Is breathing n
Igh of relief , now that the last ohup-
or hni been added to the tragedy.
The coronor'o jury rcsninud Invcatlgiv-
lon this morning. Only ono witness
ostlQod last night. Polioamau
" 'ogg toatlfisd that ho was ntand-
ng on the Tromont corner when
o heard a shot fired. Witncos looked
round and saw Dakos ] leaving the
ornor ot Plttsburg street , as the first
hot was fired. As he looked into the
ostoffico door Nutt shot again. There
wore a few shots fired before Oflisei
egg made an arrest. Jno. R. Wll-
on testified as to Baiding ( In front o !
.ho poaioffloo after the shots had boon
Irod. WltnosM saw a man come
round the corner and another aftoi
1m. Ho went to the pootefflss door
, nd saw Dnkos lying on the floor.
The testimony of Laclns Martin was
lorroborativo of the above.
After hearing several moro wit-
esses the jury retired and In a fen
minutes returned with the following
erdlo * : "Wo find that said Nicholas
! . Dakes came to his death from
wonnds received from a revolver fired
n the hands of Jamns Nntt on the
ornor of Main and Pittoburg street !
n Unloutown on tha 13th day of Juno ,
bout the houo of 7:15 : o'clock p. m '
A vile rumor became ourrunt hen
o-dny , through the instrumentality ol
Dakoa' friends , that Mra. Nutt ,
widow of Captain No it , had encourAged
Aged her aon to attack and slay Dakes
It is stated upon good authority tha
Dakes met young Nntt on the etreol
and laughed in his face in a uneerlnf
manner , and thus himself preolpltatot
he tragedy.
The excitement over the Dukes
Nntt tragedy is subsiding , and every
thing is quiet hero to-ulght. Yonni
afternoon hacFa/vcry affecting Inter
view with his mother In the parlor o
Sheriff Hoover. Mrs. Nutt waa ac
oompanied by her two brothers. Th
son was assured by his uncle that th
sympathy of the public was with him
As stated this afternoon , Dukes' re
mains were taken to bii mother'
homo. The latter takes the death c
her son very hard , and says she frc
qnontly warned him to stay away fror
Unlontown , and ho replied ho was no
afraid. The funeral will take plaa
Saturday , but no arrangements for i
have yat boon completed.
This evening a brans band nppearei
on the street and plaved several tune
jait opposite where Dukes was shot
When { nterrogtted as to whether the
were jubilating over the death o
Dakcs , they replied it was the uaur
summer night cjncort , and shortl
after returned to their rooms. Pabll
sentiment Is strongly in favor of Null
There are a few exceptions , howevot
to bo found among a cjrtaln ollqno o
politicians who are afraid to oxpree
themselves. Messages have bee
pouring In all day from a
see Ions , tendering sympathy t
the NuttJ family , and offering peci
nlaiy asslstanoa to be used for the do
fence In Pittaburg a public ant
sorlption has been started for th
sauio purpose.
The trial , it la thought , will tak
place at the September term of'aourl
and as bis offento is not bailable h
will have to remain In prloon nnt
that tlmo. Ia an Interview to-nlghi
Mrs , Nntt said she h d entreated he
son over and over again to promts
that ho wonld never assail Dukes , ba
while listening patiently never slgnl
fit o what he intended doing.
A Negro Lynched.
Special Dlgpsitch to Tui Dn.
ENTERPRISE , Miss. , Juno 14 Lai
night twenty men , friends of Edwar
McLinehlln , on Irish peddler , cam
from Meridian , disguised , ovorpovt
ored the guard , ] broke down the c la
booeo door , took tbo negro , Aaro
Ilarrlf , out and hanged him from th
railway bridge.
Kentucky Criminals.
Special Dltpatcb to Tui DM.
CINCINKATI , June 11 , The News
Journal's ' Monnt Sterling ( Ivy. ) specie
nays : This haa boon the mst eveutfr
day of the trial of Barrett and his as
socbtoa. The otrcot wa ) cruwdoi
this morning to BOO Capt , Puroh an
ton Boldlen start to arrest Jnme
Morrison , Bwrett's son-ln-Iaw , an
John Profit , as accessories. The *
men have fortified themselves In
< nvo In Monlfoe county , with six wel !
armed friends , and say they will nc
be taken alive. The cases of Wa
Hedge and Wm. Profit were continue
till to-morrow. Barnott's brother hi
bean released as Innocent. Wn
Oartwrlght and James Btllari
charged with the murder of Holtoi
wore brought In by a deputy shorll
The Oommerotal-Gacotte's Oattlett
burg ( Ky. ) special says : The sherl
has been ordered by the judge to pn
.Ino a Kuardsnfllotont to protect Wm.
Dlrely Irom the violence of > mob , at
'Utnors were current that he would bo
ikon from j ll and lynched. Dlroly
rill bo well defended at tke preliml-
. Ills
laiy elimination to-motroir.
ibaenco from Ashland after the mnr-
ler was not the cause of ny snspl.
ilon , aud ho returned ad worked
tome tlmo for a bricklayer there. lie
lays ho did not know the nataro of hli
irrcst until his arrival hotcn It Is said
Dannie Gibbons had no bMoalot , nor
lid thu other girl , and thls'breaksono
if Iho strongest links In the chain ol
ilrcnuistancos rolld on to prove Dlro
ly's guilt. .
Civil night *
tcUl Dlir tch to Tin llu , ( .
QALVESTON , Juno 14.- The News'
-lUstta special says : Iu > the Halted
States district conrt to-day , an opln-
un was rendered In the criminal pros
out Ion under the civil act of congress
.if Muroh , 1875 , for th4 , penalty of
$500 for excluding LauriTrEtana from
the ladles' car ou tho' Houston &
Texas Central. Nlnoto n similar
ancs were also disposed pf , and the
ourt hold the lair nn onotltutlounl
, nd tl'at ' the thing * alleiv d were COR-
I'ztblo ' by otato trlbunalrunly. Also
hut the act was an Infringement on
ho rights of several states ,
The Trial of Frank' Jnmtm.
11H DUB.
It1-Vltu Lfnt'l > VVjl VW *
KAKSVS CITY , Juno 141Tho Times
> jkllatlu ( ! ttj ) jptclal sayl : The cjaa
Cftlnut Fr < tnk J < imen will bo called on
londay next. SubcuU\a have been
ssuod fur about ono hundred wit-
OSBCP. It Is admlttod that no case
an bo ratdo agalnat tho'prlsoucr for
llllug Sheets In the GUUatin bank
obbery. The ptiaouorJ ooniH coufi
lent of being able to prove an alibi lu
ho Winston train robbery , whllo thu
irosooatlon Is cald to h&Vo good ovl *
lonoo of his complicity. 'f (
1 "
Tha IiAke Front of Chicago.
I peclil Dltpatch to Tn iiis. '
OUIOAQO , Juno 14 , Judge Harlan ,
if the federal court , delivered a nnm-
tor ot opinions to-day among them
mo brought by the attorney general
jf the state of Illinois' , in behalf of
the people , to restrain the Illinois
Central railroad company from further
encroaching on the bder { harbor of
Oalcngo , the suit Involving the long-
mooted tltlo to many million dollars'
worth of property. Ti o suit was
brought In a state OJHrtVand came be
fore J ndgo Harlan oh an application
if the railroad company for Its truna-
. 'or to the United States conrt , The
decision la a victory for the company ,
he court refusing to remand the case
: o the state court oa tba ground thai
constitutional questions are Involved.
Special Ulepatchcs to Tni Uu.
OHICAOO , June 14 The general
passenger agents of th railways north
of the Ohio liver nnd rtst of the Mls <
slsslppl , cnutlnuod In passion to-day.
It was decided to pool t o'busluosa re
ceived from western ll&os and restore
and maintain rates between Ohlojc
and Si. Louis and thu western torml
rtus of the trunk Unoj which have
somewhat of Xjdcinorallzei
" "
conference was hold with westers
lilies on the irregularities In , Oillfornii
business , especially the payment o
street commissions at San Francisco
No agreement could bo reached anc
the mooting adjourned.
The railway telegraph superintendents
onts continued in cession to-day , n <
adjourned this evening to meet li
Boston In 1884.
DENVBB , June 14. The convontloi
of yardmutors of the United State
and Canada concluded its labors thl
afternoon , The rffioors for the cnminj
year are no follows : John 0. Gimp
bell , of Pennsylvania , president ; W
J. Konuoy , of Chicago , vloo president
John 0. Robinson , of Uoaton , sooonc
vice president ; Joiaph Sanger , of In
dlanapolls , secretary and treasurer ; E
H. Hastings , of Manchoator , cor
responding nocretary , Atlanta , Ga
was ( selected as the next place o
mooting. The banquet and ball to-
ulfjbt was & most brilliant sffilr.
CihcAOo , Juno 13. The railwa ;
telegraph snpurlntoudents' assoolatloi
of the United States met hero to-da ;
and considered matters ohkfly of In
torort to Ihomtolvos. Aciong the matters
tors dooldod on was infliction of fin
on operators for leaving their key
open. lu the evening they vlaltei
the railway exposition ,
Too master cor builders assoolatloi
continued in soulon to-day , dlscnaso
iron freight cars , standard whoc
cntgo , grinding cast Iron wheels , stoc
tired wheels , refrigerator oars , stoat
for heating passenger coaches , and a
the evening soulon rules for inter
change of freight cars.
M. D. Welch , I/ncolnj W. B. Etgei
West Point ; H. R. Wodehousa nnd F. a
Kinaom , Nebraska City and It , A. llei
too , Western , registered at the Pazton lai
0. W. Tuokor , of Tokain&h , Is n tuoi
of the Mlllard.
JOB. 13. Bartlett , of the Thomas orchci
tro , registered at tha MlllarJ Uat alfiht.
Hon. K. M. Ojrroll , 0. B Coon and A
F , demon ? , of Ilobron , were at the Mi
lard last night.
Mrs , Pattern of New York , and Mn
Brown uf I'hiladolphla , are guosta at th
Grand Pacific.
Ambrose Illcbardji has returned from
buslntsi trip to Don Moines and la at th
Grand Pacific ,
James N. Simmons and H. A. Miller , <
Denver , are at tha Metropolitan.
James R. Smith , of Blair , la at U
John Beatty , Jr. , of O den , Is at U
Mlllard ,
A. D. Duckworth , of North FUtte , Is i
tha Pax ton.
Mile * Zentmeyer , ot BchnyUr , b a gm
of th Futon.
Four of the Dynamiters Oon-
Yiclod and Sentenood ta
Lifo Imprisonmont/
Progroaa of tbo Religious Re
formation in Germany
The Vatican Pleased.
A Vari tjr of Conor- ! foreign NAVI
IK > clil Dtipttch to Tin lint.
LONDON , JnueU14 , The trial of
Dr. Gallagher , Burnard QalUghor ,
'VhUoho d , Ourtln , Wi'son ' and Aus-
utt < h WAS eoutinnud this morning ,
'ho'oonrt eiatod that It considered
lie evidence against Bernard Uilla-
hur nnd Aneb.irgti Waa anfllolont tea
a rnbtnlttcd to the jury. Jus'loo '
rove concurred in the doolilon , but
lihcus oxproeslug an opinion i to
ho u ttaiato result. It Is thought
Intro woru gtitvo doubts as to the
ufllcloucy of the evidence
gainst Aucbnrgh. Clarke , of
ho cunnsul for the defense ,
h Uenpod the crown to point to a sin-
Jo tjllnblu of orldono1) ( ; lvou at the
rlp.l outsldo of tlmt of the Informer
ijcch which showed Hint the intcn-
on cf thu ptiioneis was to Dsaall the
nthorlty ot tho"oroarn i.r to ovornwo
irllamotit. Ho declared that Bor-
nd Q iltaghor's stAtement contained
o evidence against anybody but him-
olf. Whltuhoad cxpronsod n dcnlro to
ddross tin jury hlmanlf , and hla
ouusel thorefuru rotroatcd ,
Mr. MrUhlnBou , on behalf of Bor-
iard Qillaghur , orcued that there wns
10 oaao against his client , Barnard
Gallagher , nsho acted whllo under the
"nflaonoo uf liquor , There was noth-
ng autpiolons In the older brother ,
mo waa hotter eft than the younger
mo , seeding money to the latter. Ho
onfidontly asked for a discharge
t the prisoner. Mr. Mithlnson ad
mitted that Bernard had a
onoral knowledge of the
lOitilo designs of the dynamiters ,
nt said Itmntit bo remembered that
o was a resident of Brooklyn , and
iould not bo judged by the same
taudard as an Englishman was. It
was a matter of common knowledge
hat plots oxlsvod lu America for the
manufacture of dyuamlto for use
igalnat England , almost with the con-
ilvanco of the American government.
Clarke ana Rowlands protentod agalnsl
this language , und doolarod thatthorc
was no proof that ouch wat
.ho caca Justice Brett declared
counsel had no right to make
ach n rutnark. IIu nuld tboro wni no
'roof ' of the cxlatonco in Annrion ol
ilotc or coiniivancothoroit ou the par I
f th'o govornruont of that oountry ,
usllco O.ilorldgo also rebuked Math-
naou. QoBold : "I think It only due
; oour friendly rolitlono with thatgroal
government that you uarotorvodlj
irlthdraw your statomcut " Mathln
ion cald hewould gladly accede to thief
of tbo court ,
fur the dofonrn ? closed , an <
tBiJhul , Loiloitor' general
replied on the part of the prosecution
Upon conclusion of hla remark
Justice Oolorldgo began hit charge ti
the jnry.
LONDON , unno 14 The jury In th
dynamlto caeo returned a verdict o
nnilty against Dr. Gallagher , Wilson
Whltohoad and Oartln , and a vordlo
of not guilty In the caao of Anabargl
and Bernard Gallagher. The fen ;
men found guilty wore sentenced ti
lifo-long psnal servitude. Dr. Gnlla
ghor klssud and shook hands with hi
brother , and Ansburgh , Whltohoad
Wilson and Oartln each shook hand
with Bernard Gallagher and klsaoc
Ansburgh fraternally. The convict ;
were convoyed to Mllbank prison
A mob hissed the police and the mill
ary guard at the prison has buei
It Is stated that Lord Granvlllo of
crotl to medlato between Franco ant
adDguscar. M. Toasot , French mln
attr to England , who contemplate :
.cavingLoudononaccountof ill health
hus postponed his deptrtnro onowo ° l
for important diplomatic reasons. H
haa recently had long lutorviawd will
Lord Gnnvllle.j
LONDOK , Juno 14 Lird Oarllng-
foid , minister uf agriculture , recelvoc
yesterday an Influential depn'atloi '
roprosentlog towns In England claim
Ing ten millions of pnoplo , the objro
of which was to "protest against re
strlotlons of the food supply. " C r
llugford stated that the decrease In th
Importation of American cattle we
due to the fact that bettor prices wor
obtained lu America , and not to
system of oomnuleory slaughter a
British ports. Ho said the government
mont will 03ntlnno to act up to th
spirit of the present laws , and nc
strain them In the direction of furthc
prohibition as urged by the opponent
of importation of American cittlo.
Special Dispatch to Till ! ! .
BEULIN , Juno 14 The commlttc
of the lower house of tha landtag , sol
ting during rcoesj , adopted the fire
three olr.nsea of the oh or oh bill. Th
third clauao was amended no aa I
transfer tlio right of raising objootlor
to chnrch appointment from the coi
trol of the government to the govoi
nors of province * . 0 auao four , plv
lug power to the Kovernmont to rojc <
nominees on civil , religious or oduc :
tloual grounds , waa rejaoted. It
thought probable the oluuso will t
allowed to drop.
It Is reported dlfloroncaa have arise
between Von Bcuttloher , secretary <
state and Interior , and Saholz , mlnli
tor of finance. It Is also rumored D
Maybaoh , " minister of public works ,
about to resign.
The government has resolved I
purchase six railways , Including tl
Upper Blleslan and Berlin & Han
burg roads. The estimated cost
326,000.000 marks , oxoludlnt ? the Be
Un & Hamburg road , for which spool
arrangements will be made. Tl
possession of theM roads will enab
the government to control the ontho
system of railways lu the kingdom ,
BpttlalDdpatchM to Tni Ilia.
ROUK , Juno 14 The action of
Germany respecting the May laws and
ecclesiastical legislation has occasioned
much difference of opinion at the
Vatican , and there Is a grooving tend
ency lu the highest quarters in favor
ot accepting the concessions offered
by Germany and of not opposing the
intended legislation.
PARIS , Juno 14 , A dispatch from
Shanghai says : "L. Ilnug Ohang ,
Ohluoso commander , Informed the
French minister that China had no
Intention of war agMutt Franco. The
French minister replied that Chinese
soldiers captured In Tiuqnln will bo
conoldurod pillagers and nutntuatlly
PARIS , Juno 14. The village of
Vftlolrea la the Department of Sivoy
has bntundi The Inhabitant * barely
escaped with their lives. A.11 the live
stock , Including over 1.000 head of
oxou , porlthod.
PANAMA , Juno 14. An earthquake
occurred lu Ecuador ou the 10th of
May. There WAS qront nlarut at
Quito. People camped on the streets
fearing n otfaalylsui , In KiUulugn
the shook was very severe , throwing
several houses. Thnno romsialng
threaten to fell. Villages In the
vicinity were almost destroyed.
TORONTO , Juno 14. An order was
obtained In chambers dis
missing the action brought by Honty
Allen alias Lard Contyro against Mr.
lUohards , guardian of the heiress
whom ho DO badly duped. The action
was for fatso arrest , and was dis
missed because Allen failed to furnish
socdrlty for'tho coats.
8jwcl l DlipfttotM to Tui Bat.
A car with 1,000,000 young shad ,
tent by Prof. Buird , of thi United States
ilih commission , for distribution lu Loud-
ana wnteiR , has arrived la New Ocle na.
'The general man Rer ot the Grand
Trunk railway states that the relations of
that company with the Now York Central
nro perfectly tmtUfaotory. There Is no
OIUSB far any ddturbnnae through pai-
songorcftra are being run and tratBo ex
changed aa heretofore.
llubon H. I'los' , capitalist , llftnnatohel
oontnlulng Bccutltics value 1 at $80,000 In
the Brooklyn ferryboat. The Uolico sub-
rcquently captured Owen Qulun and
JimeaCullen with the property ia their
Jirooka lliblnaon , n negro lioy at Col
umbia , H. 0. , waa contoucod to state
prison for flttoen yoara for nttomptoil ns-
Hnult o i Mra. Simoon 1'hylor , of Bedford
townnhlp. Troopn wore cnlled out Mou-
day nitjht to provout lynohlug ,
llnmpililra RcjinbUoaiis >
SpoclAl lls ) tcli to Tun U .
OOKU3RU , N. H. , Juno 14 , The
republican senatorial caucus nomina
ted Ed-vard H. Rollins for United
States eonator. The caucus adopted
a resolution that the legislature should
also ohooio a senator for the Ung term
Henry W , Blair wai selected on ihc
fiat ballot. The" Entire wpttbiioat
vote In the legislature la 200 and Rol
tins must obtain 70 moro votes that
ho .received In the caucus and 48 abovi
tbo total number participating ( o In
sure his return. Sjvcnty-slx member *
absented themselves from the caucus ,
The democratic caucus unanimous
ly nominated Hon. Harry Blngham ,
of Littleton , for senator and voted to
oppose the election of moro than one
senator this cession.
The Oaao In a Nutanoll.
Pioneer Pess.
There is ono thing to bo demonstrated
stratod , If possible , In Iowa this fall
and that Is that the republican part ]
can hold Us own at the palla a ulnol
the entanglement of the prohibition
question. It h very doubtful if II
can bo done. The great fltrongholi
of the parly , where at each preside ! )
tlal election mej jrltius were rolled ii |
to 40,000 and 50,000 , Is breaking U [
Into weak and dluorganliod factious
Last fall but five out of olovuu din
trlots were carried for the republi
cans , and these five districts had an
aggregate majority of but 11,200 , ,
whllo the fix opposition districts had
10,032 majority over the republican *
or a majority In the atato of 4,742
During the winter , with the discus
slon of Iho prohibition question , tin
opposition has gained steadily. Thni
it Is that GJU. Weaver has hopes f J
the successful o/ganlz tlou next yea
of an anti-monopoly party which cai
elect a United States senator.
Commencement Exorcises of the No
brae It ft Conference Seminary a
York , Nebraska.
Examinations begin Friday , th
22nd , and oloao on Wednesday , th
27th. Sunday morning (24) ( ) the b !
onntal sermon Trill bo preached b
Rev. Geo. S. Alexander , of Syn
case , On the evening of the sum
day the biennial Icotnro will bo d (
llvorod by Iluv. Stephen Boworo , Pi
D. , of IMlaOlty.
Monday , 25 Entertainment c
music department
Tuodday , 20 Phllophonlan soclot
Wednesday , 27 Contest bet wee
Zdtrunathlans nnd Aniogoans ,
Thursday , 28 Commoncemonl
Graduating ndtlroMOB and biocalat
The Tciitlmoiiy of a Phyiiolan-
James Beashcr , M. I ) , , of Slgournej
Iowa , soya for nuvornl years I hnve bee
using UOUKU Bnl ain , called UK.
and In almost every caaa throughout m
practioo I have had entire sucoom. I ha\
uiod and prescribed hundred * of bottle
ever ituco the days of my army practli
(1803) ( ) , when I wai surgeon of lloiplt
l < No. 7 , Louisville , Ky.
Henry' * Oarbollo Balva-
It li the bent iklre for onti , bruito
iore , niton , salt rbeotn , tott r. ohanpt
baadJ , chilblains , oprni and _ aJl kinds i
skla smptfoM , frwfclw sosl pimplti. ,
The Disposition of the ApaoliQ
Prisoners Worrying the
Lincoln and Teller Pondering
Over tbo Hair-Lifting
The Latter Beady to Show
the Youthful Idea How
Not to Qhoot.
Gonornl Orook Break * Camp and
BUrti for tba
BpocUl Dlupitct M to Tux HBI.
WASUINQTOK , Juno 11. No com
munication has boon received nt the
war department fioni General Oroolc ,
nsklng lot Instrnotlotid aa to thn dispo
sition of his Indian prisoners , nor
have any luotiustlons yet been sent
him. Sccrotaiy Lincoln has on ap
propriation for the subsistence of 500
Indlaus , which Is available for the
care of those Indiana until eomo ar >
nuiRoinout shall have boon made with
the interior department for their
final disposition. Tht-y will , there
fore , bo held M prisoners of wnr until
such tiruo as the Interior department
la prepared to take charge of ( hem.
Two considerations will have to bo
Weighed In determining whrro to put
thorn first , the Importance of locat
ing them at such a dlstanco from the
Moilcft" border that they will bo unable -
able to repeat their periodical raids ;
nd second , to avoid wringing them In
ontact with other tribes , who are now
oil disposed and peaceable , but upon
horn they might exert an evil in-
nenoo. Secretary Teller's views upon
ho subject ore expressed In the fol
lowing circular :
iNTKllton DKl'illTMRNT , 1
WASHINOTOM , Juno 14 , 1883. j
on. K T. Lincoln , UscrtUij of War :
SIB : I understand Gen. Orook will
eon return to the vicinity of San Gar-
os Qonoy ( ; with a largo number of rene -
o Indians , who are guilty of mur-
er , theft aud other crimes. I do not
hlnk theio Indians ought to bo al-
owcd to rotnrn to the agency , Such
know has been the practice. There
an bo no permanent peace if these
Indians are allowed to mnrdnr people ,
.teal . their stock , and then surrender
homstlvrn and return to the phoney
obo onpported by the government. I
hlnk thu criminals should bo held as
irlsonora and punished for their
irlinos. The children shonldbe taken
rom their parents and put to school.
think wo can accept aud care for
ihlldren of eohool ago. I shall bo
iloaacdto honrfrom you as to the num-
ior uf children , ns soon nn yon receive
Gon. Crook's report. Very respect-
Juno 14. Gan. Orook
eft Stiver Greek yesterday morning ,
und after several hours match camped
at , a place called Joyces , To-morrow
hevexpecla to reach numirpcinton th *
Southern Pjclfio , which will plane
him In telegraphic communication
with the military authorities and per
mit him to send b ok Mexican women
and children to their homes. Among
bo articles captured with the Indiana
was an album recognized as belonging
, o Judge McOomas.
Tlio Boun * Lard Inqalry.
Dispatch to TUB Un.
OUIUAOO , June 14. The board of
rndo committee Investlqatlntt the
illogod Adulteration of lard by Fowler
Bros. , heard a number of witnesses
his afternoon. Two of them , formerly
employed by that firm , testified aa to
ociot pipes leading to the lard tanks
and that they carrl. d quantities of
allow nnd cotton seud oil into the
room from which those pipes ran.
Reviling tha Prlocn
'poclal Dispatch to Tim ll .
PiTTSBUKO , Juno 14 The eastern
ron manufactures bavo oilled all man
ufacturers of bam , rods , band hoops ,
ovaln , platen , shoots and other shapes
of extra Iron , to bo hold nt the rooms
of the American iron and stool asso
ciation , Philadelphia , the third Thnrs-
dpy In Jnno , for Iho pnrpnso of ar
ranging if pouelblo a now schedule of
prlreo to conform with the changes
made in the now UrllTlaw.
A O. Jordan died near Chattanooga
yodterdny , ngrdlG ? jears.
marvellous results ot HOOD'S
BAi-Aitii.i.A upon nil humors and lo\v
conditions of tlio blood ( ns prov-
en by tlio cures cHectcd ) Vy provo
it the best 111.001) Mill ) ICINB.
Such has been the sue CeSS Ot
this article at homely that near-
ly every family In \\holonclgu-
borhoods have been taking It at
the same time , eradicates
scrofula , \ital and CHrlch-
cs the blood thercby rcstsrlng
and ling the whole sjs-
tcm. llood'ao /SAIIBAI-ARILLA puri
fies tlio / /blood. Hood's SAR3A-
I'ARti.LAfW f /cures dyspepsia. Hood's ,
SAKHA- / rSj/1'ARiu.v cures bilious
ness. / oA peculiar point In Hood's
BAUBAFARILLA is tliat it builds
up and strengthens thu system , \\lillu It
eradicates disease , and as nature's jrcat
assistant proves Itself linaluable as a pro
tection Irom diseases that orluln.ito in
changes ol the seasons , of climate and ol
I.OWIXL , MAbS . Jail. IT. I
.C. I. llooi ) & Co. : Gentlemen
I ba\o used HOOD'B bARSArARiLLA In my
family for scrofulous humor with wonderful
success , aud am Imppy to tell you that it la
the best medicine uu OUT used. I do sin
cerely udvlito any ono who Is troubled will *
scrofula to clvo this valuable remedy a trial ,
and assure them they will not bo disappoint-
( Cobura Ghuttuf V > y ° C0riCKEBINQ. \ .
ncd/s BABaAPAWLLA Is sold by an Drug-
fUts. PrUe ft ptf bottle ; six for ( S. Fre >
LDOODOOaLr nlU3s. .